Rob Parker & Skip Bayless

Rob Parker (born 5 September 1981) is an English professional rugby league footballer for Leigh Centurions, signing from Super League neighbours Salford City Reds in time for the 2012 season. Skip Bayless (born John Bayless II on December 4, 1951) is a sports journalist and television personality. 5.0/5

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Is Rob Parker saving Skip Bayless' show or nah?
Rob Parker spoke the truth on ESPN and they fired him, Skip Bayless speaks his mind and tv stations offer him millions. (Rinse and repeat)✌🏽
Skip Bayless is officially done at ESPN. Who will he team with at FS1? Free Rob Parker!
I can't WAIT to see how angry Skip Bayless will be tomorrow morning. He'll probably go the Rob Parker route and call Steph a cornball
Infinity. Fully support SI having one. Wish we did. Of course, we've also never hired Skip Bayless, Rob Parker and Craig James.
remember you work for espn. You have people like Stephen a and Skip Bayless, Jemele Hill. Oh and Rob Parker.
I can just see the First Take debate tomorrow, “is the new Pope old enough?” featuring Skip Bayless and Rob Parker.
I heard Skip Bayless asked to see Sherman's black card. Parker.
I wonder if I'm the only sports fan who is looking forward to FOX's new attempt to take down "the World-Wide Leader"? ESPN seems to relish foisting the most obnoxious gas bag commentators that have ever held a microphone on the sporting public, because they have no competition! Skip Bayless, Woody Paige, Stephen A. Smith, Rob Parker, Mitch Albom, Rush Limbaugh, Tony Kornheiser, and yes, even Chris Berman! These guys, and many others, have made my ears bleed for years! Go FSC-1, I hope you can make it fly this time!
I hate white people. Only white people would pay dudes like Stephen A Smith, Rob Parker or Skip Bayless.
They employ Rob Parker and Skip Bayless and you question how he keeps his job?
Lmao! Should have fired Stephen A and/or Skip Bayless along with Rob Parker when they had the chance.
Skip Bayless seriously said that juniors in HIGH SCHOOL should be allowed to play in the NFL... thats more outrageous than Rob Parker's suit
This is truly incredible. Skip Bayless, Rob Parker, Darren Rovell...can we just put ESPN out of its misery?:
Rob Parker & Skip Bayless' debates give me life
SKip Bayless has called Samoan people stupid on this show all week pleaase please somebody Rob Parker this dude
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Lmao Rob Parker is a cornball human. Dude is the black Skip Bayless.
ESPN apologizes when Brent Musberger says a woman is beautiful, but hardly says a word when Rob Parker says RG3 isn't black enough? There's a reason I don't watch ESPN unless I absolutely have to. I'd worry more about Skip Bayless and Rob Parker than Hall of Fame announcer Brent Musberger.
Let's see... Skip Bayless can say anything about anything, no matter how offensive and ignorant. Rob Parker makes a tongue in cheek comment about RGIII, HE'S FIRED! ESPN seems more racially wrong than the comment...
Rob Parker... smh. Lost my respect for First Take. Skip Bayless is terrible too. Trying to say RGIII isn't black enough?
finally fired Rob Parker but Skip Bayless should be right there with him from that horrible bit that day.
Looks like that "cornball brother" Rob Parker is out of a job at ESPN! Finally a good move by ESPN. Now time to clear out some fake and annoying "analysts."
Why did Musberger have to apologize You force Rob Parker, Skip Bayless, Dan Dakich & Bob Knight on us. THAT deserves an apology.
but I'd rather hear Rob Parker tell it than Skip Bayless *** He tries sounding non racist and defeats his cause every time
Also, if you're going to part ways with Rob Parker for what he said about RGIII, shouldn't you also part ways with Skip Bayless?
I can't cheer that Rob Parker was dismissed from ESPN when Skip Bayless continues to pull a paycheck.
ESPN has officially fired sports journalist & on air personality Rob Parker who co hosted ESPN's First Take Show alongside Skip Bayless & Stephen A.Smith for the "Cornball Brother" comment he made about RG3 a few weeks ago & was suspended for it but was confirmed earlier today Parker was terminated by ESPN.I guess no more of seeing Parker's 1980 suits All the best Rob & good luck finding a new gig better than ESPN.
Rob Parker's time with ESPN is officially over.
DETROIT, MI - ESPN has reportedly fired Detroit sports personality Rob Parker less than a month after his on-air, racially-charged rant about Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. News of the firing surfaced Tuesday on NBC's Pro Football Talk website, and prompted ESPN to issue a publi...
Rob Parker, the commentator who created controversy when he questioned whether Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is a “cornball brother” because he has a white fiancee, has been fired by ESPN. “Rob Parker’s contract expired at year end. Evaluating our needs and his work, including his recent R...
Congrats to espn for doing the right thing and finally dumping the *** Rob Parker in response to his RG3 comments.
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So ESPN fired Rob Parker. Yay, now if they can just get rid of Skip Bayless, First Take for that matter, Around the Horn, Stuart Scott, Merri Hoge, Steve Young, Dan LaBatard, come to mention, I haven't seen him anywhere, thank god, Stephen A. Smith..tell you what, here's a list of the people you should keep, Scott Van Pelt, Neil Everett, Jon Gruden, Trent Dilfer, Bill Simmons, Keith and Dan. Do that ESPN, and then maybe I'll consider you guys to know something about sports. Whew, felt good to get that off my chest. Any more suggestions, feel free to add...
ESPN commentators may be more careful in discussing race moving forward. After being suspended by ESPN for 30 days following comments on First Take about Robert Griffin III, commentator Rob Parker ...
ESPN will not renew its contract with commentator Rob Parker, who was suspended last month following remarks he made on ESPN2's First Take in which he questioned Robert Griffin III's blackness.
Rob Parker gets fired, yet Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd still have their jobs...alright then.
Vegas already setting odds on who among Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Rob Parker will be first to get stabbed on air by Ray Lewis.
man I ain't no Skip Bayless...I'd rather be Rob Parker and call ppl "cornball brothas" LMFAO
Better than ESPN's "all-star" cast of Rob Parker, Skip Bayless, and Lomas Brown.
No Stephen A. or Skip Bayless or Rob Parker on That a huge first step in the right direction.
Jason witlock leave Stephen A Smith, Skip Bayless and Rob Parker alone they're doing a *** of a job get you a show stop hating .BROTHER!
Rob Parker is trying to stay relevant among more relevant (black) talking heads and wants that Skip Bayless contract $
ESPNs Rob Parker makes blatant racial comment - 30 days suspension. Not sure if that fits the "crime".If Skip Bayless said it he'd be gone
As a fellow race-baiter, I honestly wonder what Skip Bayless thinks about his cohost Rob Parker's comments on (one of) his man-crushes, RG3.
ESPN's Rob Parker will get a 30-day suspension for his comments about RGIII. Do you agree with the punishment?
Rob Parker apologized for his comments about RGIII today...should he be brought back to ESPN TV?
"I blew it and I’m sincerely sorry. I completely understand how the issue of race in sports is a sensitive one and needs to be handled with great care. This past Thursday I failed to do that." -ESPN's Rob Parker
Reports say Tim Tebow is demanding a trade from the Jets. Skip Bayless has offered Rob Parker, Stephen A. Smith and cash.
I liked a video from Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith & Rob Parker on RG3 "CORNBALL
Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate a series of daily topics. Rob Parker also stops by the debate desk and offers up a few highly controversial remarks ...
I wish Skip Bayless had been suspended by ESPN instead of Rob Parker.
Please ask Rob Parker what a "corn ball brother" is and what is his opinion on Skip Bayless? *** or Honkie?
Before I give you my thoughts, watch the above video. Then for the entire transcript, click this link. Rob Parker decided to dig deep into his mind and wonder why Robert Griffin III isn’t bla...
Anyone that expects ESPN to fire Rob Parker is misguided. This is the same network that handsomely pays Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith
Rob Parker is a joke just like Skip Bayless and SAS. Unfortunately the joke is on the viewing public.
Stephen A. Smith, Rob Parker, Christian Fauria and Skip Bayless discuss Jeremy Lin's comments about race and how he is treated on the court.
I'd expect someone like Skip Bayless or Rob Parker to troll NIU, not Kirk Herbstreit.
And speaking of bluster, Skip Bayless, Rob Parker and Stephen A. Smith are currently on ESPN2.
ESPN Video: Skip Bayless and Rob Parker discuss the comments Phil Simms made about Eli Manning not being an elite quarterback.
Only Rob Parker can make me root for Skip Bayless
Rob Parker makes Skip Bayless look like a genius.
If I have no idea what *** is like, but it can't be any worse than Skip Bayless and Rob Parker on television today.
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I liked a video from Skip Bayless, Rob Parker & Herm Edwards on Justin Tuck Fires
Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, Rob Parker and Eric Mangini debate if Eli Manning should be the front-runner for MVP.
Great First Take this morning between Skip Bayless, Rob Parker, and Christian Furia.
Rob Parker, Eric Mangini, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Rob's claim that Tom Brady will never play in another Super Bowl.
Here watching Espn Firsttake and at first I thought Skip Bayless was the biggest hater but Rob Parker has become that hater. How the heck u going to say Aaron Rodgers is a better clutch player than Eli are u crazy. Eli for MVP IJS
Met Rob Parker real cool dude. Told him he better go off on Skip Bayless next debate n he laughed it off lol
I liked a video from Skip Bayless & Rob Parker on Will Wildcat Work For The Jets? |
to look at the game clips and listen to the best football analysts in the world, not including Skip Bayless, Rob Parker nd others
Rob Parker, Christian Fauria and Skip Bayless discuss what Tim Tebow getting no snaps at practice means for his future with the Jets.
to Rob Parker and Skip Bayless for doubting the Tigers thins morning!
Allowing Skip Bayless and Rob Parker to anchor that First Take desk is about as responsible as letting Obama & Biden run the country.
You'd almost think Rob Parker and Skip Bayless were *** for each other with the way they pander and kiss *** across that First Take table.
I may hate Rob Parker more than Skip Bayless on First Take. Guys a complete ***
Rob Parker is officially The black Skip Bayless. smh Listening to this *** fool
Skip Bayless and Rob Parker actually sound somewhat intelligent in this video...
Skip Bayless and Rob Parker debate which big three has the edge. If CP3 signs with NY
Rob Parker and Skip Bayless discuss Charles Barkley's comments that LeBron James can be better than Michael Jordan.
Ok ill have to say i have been one that has not truley had faith that the Giants and A's were on a collision course to meet in the World Series. (Remembering the 89' earthquake) But im watching ESPN's First Take this morning and they are doing the "Who will win the World Series in 2012?" Debate. And in a suprise set of picks to me Skip Bayless picked the Oakland A's and Rob Parker picked the San Francisco Giants. Not that these men are prophets but if that is not a sign then i must be blind!! I am now hoping for and looking forward to a A's/Giants World Series lets go Bay Area lets show the baseball world there are good teams on the West Coast as well.oh and GO A'S!
It's official now, Skip Bayless just said the Oakland A's are going to win the World Series. He's the first person in the sports media to jump on the A's bandwagon. There's plenty of room if you want to jump on too. On a side note, Rob Parker went with the Giants so it could be the Bay Bridge Bash 2 (without a earthquake). How cool would that be.
Skip Bayless picked the Oakland A's to win it all, Rob Parker picks the Giants. Go Bay Area!
Thank you Skip Bayless and Rob Parker for exposing Dwight Howard on First Take this morning.
Skip Bayless: the steelers defense will stimy the eagles offense Rob Parker: the same steelers defense that lost to Tim Tebow in the playoffs Skip: y... y. yea... but that was Tim Tebow... the force of competitive nature The hole panel: ha ha ha hah ha ha hah Skip all confused but im not. Go Eagles
Christian Fauria, Rob Parker and Skip Bayless discuss Woody Johnson pushing for Tim Tebow to start.
Never thought I say this, but I agree with Rob Parker and Skip Bayless on the fact that sports nowadays has lost an edge because athletes are friends with other players on rival teams. I wish sports would go back to the days where players hated other players just because the jersey they wore. That's what sports need to get back to. I mean, the Sox Yanks rivalry (ignoring the fact that the Sox sucked) suffered because the hate is gone. I mean that classic series in 04 was classic because of the bad blood. Save sports, hate players on other teams for just that reason. Sorry for this being so long.
Do you know who Rob Parker is? You probably don't because there's really nothing special about Rob Parker. He currently exists as a member of ESPN's stable of chuckleheads who are periodically rotated into duty on First Take, where their main job is to sit there and let Skip Bayless do his...
I see Rob Parker's quest to take over for Skip Bayless is up and running.
Rob Parker is the most irritating person on First Take. he's worse than Skip Bayless.
Public Service Announcement: if you fall asleep with ESPN on, Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, and Rob Parker will be incorporated into your dreams in horrifying ways.
Commentators (L-R) Cindy Brunson, Skip Bayless and Rob Parker with NBA player Austin Rivers, of the New Orleans Hornets, on the set of First Take.
If you could replace Marcellus Wiley, Rob Parker or Skip Bayless cause they all suck especially in analyzing football
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Jay Feely, Rob Parker and Skip Bayless debate if Eli Manning is an elite QB. Watch more videos like this at
I need to get high af and have a debate with Skip Bayless and Rob Parker on First Take I'll rip them *** up
Skip Bayless argues for Crest, Rob Parker for Colgate, next on First Take.
Skip Bayless and Rob Parker where talking about Tim Tebow's birthday on First Take this morning for 25 minutes!
4) Skip Bayless was actually saying that Cal was going to be a game changer at UK immediately. Rob Parker was playing the antogonist in that debate for once.
Listening to Skip Bayless and Rob Parker "debate" about sports (Tebow) is completely ridiculous. ESPN should be ashamed of it
Rob Parker is an uneducated racist who is oblivious to the world around him. Skip Bayless is a liar. Twisting the truth, to me, is lying
Supreme Knight says: I love that show First Take, but for some reason, I can't get into Rob Parker. He's a cool guy and all, but I think the chemistry between Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith is so good that putting anyone else in for either of them is DISRESPECTFUL!!!
I must say I was proud of Detroit's sports writer Rob Parker as he called out Espn's Skip Bayless on First Take today. As they were yet again debating a Tim Tebow topic on his 25th birthday. Rob Parker pointed out that there has been many black QB's that had the same or better skill sets as Tebow but was not afforted the same opportunities. What do you all think?
How dare skip Bayless say that Tim Tebow has been discriminated against. I wish Stephen A Smith was on First Take and not Rob Parker cuz he really need to be educated about Tebow and most definitely the word discrimination. That is a word that should be used wisely and very carefully,it is not a word that should be used as a joke or just for someone to get on your side about a subject. Skip need to look up the word discrimination and go watch,Malcolm X,the Martin Luther king story,panther,glory,red tails,Tuskegee airmen,rosewood,glory road,Rosa park story etc. and then tell me that Tebow and the word discrimination should be used in the same sentence.
Rob Parker and Skip Bayless discuss Michael Jordan and David Stern showing public support for President Obama.
Video: Biggest impact WR on new team: Christian Fauria, Rob Parker and Skip Bayless discuss whether Chad Johnso...
Rob Parker and Skip Bayless discuss Usain Bolt's performance in the 100-meter dash.
As a sports fan nothing pains me more than seeing Skip Bayless and Rob Parker put together on ESPN. Talk about 2 guys who stir the pot just to make some noise...
Rob Parker and Skip Bayless discuss how Tim Tebow responded to Boomer Esiason's comments that the Jets should cut Tebow.
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Rob Parker be sounding dumb as *** sometime. He tries to go against the grain like Skip Bayless but just sounds retarted.
I think was Jemele Hill, Vieira was Skip Bayless, I was Stephen A Smith, and was Rob Parker lol
Rob Parker is such a *** that even Skip Bayless makes fun of him.
Rob Parker rips on Jeremy Lin for not playing while injured, then rips on Favre for playing while injured.. Umm.. Rip him apart Skip Bayless
I like ESPN First Take way better with Skip Bayless and Rob Parker. I feel like the whole Bayless-Stephen A. Smith show is just fake now.
Skip Bayless and Rob Parker are pretty much the same people.
U look like u came from the school of Skip Bayless mixed wit Rob Parker.where do they get these guys reallyv???
Rob Parker is a complete and utter JOKE. If anyone actually thinks he is still credible a a journalist, your logic is completely flawed. He is even worse than Skip Bayless...
Rob Parker and Bomani Jones need to get off ESPN's First Take. Where's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless?
Rob Parker is being a clown right along with Skip Bayless tonight
no he's not that's between Tim Leger, Rob Parker, Skip Bayless, Jemele Hill, and Rob Parker
What is the title of this list? 1. Merrill Hoge 2. Mark Schlereth 3. Skip Bayless 4. Rob Parker 5. Mark May
Rob Parker (born January 18, 1964) is an American sports columnist for and Parker is also a regular on ESPN's First Take, where he debates Skip Bayless on the 1st and 10 segment. Rob Parker is a regular on WDIV Local 4 Sports Final Edition.
Steven A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Rob Parker all on the same show?!? WHO is watching that? Why?!
What up StevenA. Why does Skip Bayless & Rob Parker can't listen to Professional baller when the never played the game
i cant watch when stephen a isnt on. Rob Parker is the black Skip Bayless with a softer voice. the 2 Stews are 1 ***
Hugh Douglas, Rob Parker and Skip Bayless debate if it is good move for the Jets to use Tim Tebow on special teams as a punt protector.
watching the rerun with and my man knows his stuff. He makes Rob Parker and Skip Bayless look like amateurs.
Coming up on First Take: Skip Bayless and Rob Parker argue why Tim Tebow should take penalties for Barcelona.
“Rob Parker is the worst employee at ESPN.” besides skip Bayless
ESPN Video: Rob Parker, Wale and Skip Bayless debate which team will win the Western Conference.
Steelers safety Ryan Clark talks to Rob Parker and Skip Bayless about their reaction to his comments about the Saints bounty scandal. Watch more videos like ...
Skip Bayless, Ryan Clark, Rob Parker, and Charissa Thompson talk about media criticism & reactions from athletes. 4/16/12
I really wish they would get Rob Parker off of ESPN First Take, Skip Bayless is bad enough we don't need two *** on the show.
Ryan Clark is GOING IN on Skip Bayless and Rob Parker right now. He's putting a real dent in ESPN's idiotic analysis right now.
Skip Bayless, Ryan Clark, and Rob Parker missed ONE MAJOR point on the Lakers' win streak: Matt Barnes.
Kurt Rambis, Rob Parker, Ryan Clark, and Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take today? Who knew the show could get any worse.
ESPN Video: Skip Bayless, Rob Parker and Israel Gutierrez debate if the Jets should do Hard Knocks for a second time.
Watching ESPN's First Take... And I'm kind of disgusted at how Skip Bayless, Rob Parker and other 'journalists' are defending their 'right' to call an athlete whatever they feel just as long as it correctly depicts their performance in-game. Yet, if an athlete (someone that would have first-hand experience on the receiving end of such criticisms) says it's not right, it falls under some 'athlete defending athlete' BS.
Dan Patrick, Skip Bayless, and Rob Parker have Marlins getting to World Series, one in that list has them making WS.
Rob Parker, Skip Bayless and Dan Patrick have picked to reach World Series. Bayless has them winning (NYY). Not sure on DP (LAA)
Rob Parker and Skip Bayless actually just found a way to debate the friendship of two grown men. I&amazed and appalled all in one.
So glad the yelling and screaming of Skip Bayless, Kordell Stewart, and Rob Parker can put the Super Bowl in proper perspective.
"Tom Brady is just another guy who&won multiple Super Bowls." Rob Parker has officially passed Skip Bayless in utter foolishness.
ESPN2 has gone from the brilliance of Nadal and Federer to Rob Parker and Skip Bayless debating LeBron James.
Skip Bayless and Rob Parker are now debating Rob Gronkowski-Bibi Jones. Next up:Tunisia&first-ever free elections:
*** just called me. They said Rob Parker and Skip Bayless would be debating sports today.
Watching Rob Parker and Skip Bayless debate is like watching two deaf kids play marco polo...
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