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Rob Parker

Rob Parker (born 5 September 1981) is an English professional rugby league footballer for Leigh Centurions, signing from Super League neighbours Salford City Reds in time for the 2012 season.

Jesus Christ Aaron Rodgers Skip Bayless Tom Brady Russell Wilson Missy Hyatt

I know, I know, we ALL want to know what the *** is happening next! So tune in tomorrow nite
I'll never forget rob Parker called RGIII a cornball brother
lmao Rob Parker on undisputed every day
boy... was Rob Parker right or what
I can't wait for tomorrow episode of I love this show!!
Rob Parker might have the worst sports opinions ever
Rob Parker could pimp his podcast tomorrow on Undisputed & half a day of FS1 commercials. First ep ain't breaking 100 DLs
Don't need to hear anything from Rob Parker.
Im so addicted to the show Imposters!
Just finished watching the latest episode of & I loved it!
I hated Rob Parker on first take but knew he was a real one when he called out RG3 and said he was a Uncle Tom .
Rob Parker needs to get his own show or podcast
In this book, Rob Parker offers a paradigm shift from fundraising to partnership. Learn more:…
How does rob Parker still have a job? Serious question
Jabari Parker courtside at Carver Arena, not the Pekin Holiday Tournament.
Current Spring TV standings. currently in the lead with , ,…
Clip from the all new episode. of starring &…
Shocking that 'Striking Distance' with Sarah Jessica Parker was not a contender! 😬
Ha! You'd be the best looking couple on TV, but isn't (just) about how smoldering hot you both are. πŸ˜‚
yeah Parker kept requesting that to the writers but I vetoed it
Every time I watch I kinda want your characters to just run off together. I mean, they won't, but still.
Episode 6 of is definitely the best so far. Can't even imagine what's about to happen next.
Shannon Sharpe and Rob Parker have the packers in the super bowl. Smh *** no!! They won't even win the division
Nothing better than seeing Adam jones rob machado last night, what are the odds
Rob Smith has not won a title without a NBA top 3 pick... Rose and Parker
The *best* session at is Wed 4:15 Lagoon B led by Rob Parker and yours truly. .
terrific work finding that story & elaborating on it Rob.Hope all is well & please stay in touch!
Think The Haven will have some happy ,healthy guests on Monday ... Ellie Waugh. Carolyn Bacon . Sarah Parker. Rob Boot
Thanks to our hosts today. Best of luck in the rest of the tournament. Here's our DoR Mark Croston w…
not unless you last name is Shaughnessy, Thomase, Hubbuch or that ginormous moronic fool Rob Parker.
Shaughnessy AKA Napoleon Dynamite is as bad as Rob Parker
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
. Undisputed,. Rob Parker. Tie & pocket square are they in Purple color family?. Lavender or is that a fine pattern of blue?
Logan, gabe, rob, Parker, and Ethan signing in brother,
Rob Parker runs the wrong way then the loop to finish a well worked try for entry
Rob parker shooting that jumper lol
Rob Parker hates Pats so much he is blinded with rage. He picked Jets to win division! Comical.
it just keeps getting better and better! Mind blown!
Rob Parker just said that the Patriots aren't making the playoffs next year...
Is Rob Parker saving Skip Bayless' show or nah?
Is anyone else loving this fake breakup? Its sad & touching & real all at the same ti…
Rob Parker, the man who never gets anything correct πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rob Parker said the patriots won't make the playoffs next year. .Guy really needs his brain checked lmao
Rob Parker saying the pats aren't making the playoffs next year is the most absurd thing I have ever heard.
If Rob Parker says something and no one is around to hear it, was it truly said and/or relevant?
Wait, people still listen to Rob Parker? 😭😭😭
Did Rob Parker really say patriots were missing the playoffs AND said the bengals would win the super bowl?
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Next Rob Parker will say Tom Brady will never win a single game under Belichick again
Max Kellerman starts crying and whining and sounds salty, while Rob Parker just makes idiotic comments that make you question his sanity
If Tom Brady wins the super next year,Rob Parker should have to wear a Brady jersey when he comes on your show for a year
Rob Parker isn't even bias at this point, he's just a flat out crack smokin ***
The ignorance of Rob Parker really amazes!
Also, I'm already shipping Ezra and Richie, Loving this bromance. πŸ˜† And that Chris Martin joke. πŸ˜‚
Finally getting around to watching and it's pretty good. πŸ‘πŸΌ Yay, ❀ And heyyy,
Rob Parker a friend and valued business associate. Listen to what he says. The guy knows his stuff and that is...
Rob Parker said he hates the NBA currently misses the 80s, 90s, and even 2000s.
you are horrible on Can you please let rob parker take over
Rob is in school so I'm taking a day off a week to be with Parker because we don't have childcare and it's awesome.
What Rob Parker said about the NBA is so true
Rob Parker on Undisputed saying exactly what I said. If you're not a Cavs or Warriors fan, it's no point of you watching the NBA
the same *** moron rob parker who picked the Cincinnati Bengals to win the super bowl?? they didn't even make a wild card
I remember when Rob Parker used to dress like a 3rd string temptation
Here's your answer about Rob Parker meeting Tom Hardy, also featured on pod
Rob Parker sucked and said something stupid, what should Dan be fired for?
When Rob Parker said RG3 wanted to be white they kicked him of ESPN. Same should happen here!
How can Rob Parker not give Lebron James any credit as to why players want to come to Cleveland?
PARK LIFE πŸƒ. Try of the Month entry from Rob Parker ⚑️
you catch how Rob Parker just self edited to not refer to Jayson Williams as guy who killed someone? You know the Nets guy
I literally lose brain cells listing to Rob Parker
Ahh this is the herd and I love it. It’s more than official rob Parker is a Fox sports 1 analyst.
Who is Rob Parker and why is he talking about how bad college basketball is? This year has been fantastic.
Rob Parker on The Herd "it's not LeBron," on why Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut are joining the Cavs... get off TV dude, you're washed.
FA1 has a real chance to unseat ESPN. But they're going to have to bring in better analysts than Rob Parker to be on their shows
Rob Parker got fired for calling RG3 a cornball brother but JaVale still gets to play for the GS warriors after his cooning comments on Shaq
"I'm Miss Bonnie Parker & this here is Mr Clyde Barrow. We rob banks! ... and the winning best Picture, apparently" line frm Bonnie & Clyde
"Duncan had a better team". His best teammates in 2003:. D Rob = 37 year od. Parker = 14 PPG on 38%. Manu = 8.7 PPG on 37%. *Kobe never had this
Talking about the zoo from Metro Zoo Miami at 130 pm et on with & Rob Parker
is it me or is the Pats cheating angle getting old. *** Rob Parker, Marshall Faulk, Bettis et all really need to get over it
Rob Parker went off on the Patriots in a bizarre rant about cults, Lance Armstrong and the Boston Tea Party.…
Rob Parker (yes that Rob Parker) is preaching right now about Bonds & Clemens not being in the Hall of Fame.
Rob Parker's ballot will be (or is it still I'll have it for you in a while.
Rob Parker literally just called Aaron Rodgers is Jesus literally. And we wonder why he was kicked off TV before?
I can't believe Rob Parker compared Aaron Rodgers to Jesus Christ. Yeah he definitely loss all creditability with any of his statements.
Skip is so embarrassed right now with Rob Parker comparing Aaron Rodgers to Jesus Christ.
Same Raiders team, Rob Parker said was going to end the pats dynasty
. Who is Rob Parker?. Why didnt you ask Tracey Morgan's opinion on Brady-Belichek?
Rob Parker (on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick: They will never be considered the greatest of all-time.
100% looking forward to the Col. Rob Parker vs. Dirty Dutch Mantel feud coming to
The Issue of Stewardship - Rob Parker. Very important message!!
It's D-Rob Day!. 5β˜… Savannah WR Demetris Robertson to announce sometime within the next two hours at CFB HOF in ATL. h…
Hey now we don't talk bad about Col. Rob Parker.
making too easy to hide to expose him and make him defend
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski congratulates his younger brother Glenn on signing with the Buffalo Bills.
Although i like carroo better than miller in terms of we already have a really good slot n needed an outside guy with Parker
Poppa Rob and I are going to get Parker a new car seat today😊😊 bout time bc he's too tall for the one he has now πŸ˜‚
I just saw Parker posey buying fruit
I heard him and Kirk cousins were involved in some shady stuff. Rob Parker told me
RF Jarrett Parker with a spectacular catch to rob Angel Rosa of the game winning hit in the bottom of the 9th. Going to extras 5-5
RJ Thompson with the incredible grab to rob Parker Lamm of a hit. ECU and Cinnci no score Top 3
Coach Parker too real for letting us play Views in class. What a time
ROB PARKER: Lions' pick not flashy, but needed
Today is the day! Show 'em how it's done! Good luck to Evan, Rob, Noah, Tanner, Michael and Parker!
My third favorite Colonel behind Sanders and Rob Parker.
Love how Rob Parker blocked me after calling him out for his TB12 comments. Debate you anytime, anywhere. Man up, you're a joke
nah man, it's a hard Parker meet. I'll be in my brothers camaro at the 142 & 8th meet
Reds pitcher was the little kid in the Benchwarmers that gave up 7 dingers to Rob πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Is it just me or did just tell to let go of his inner Rob Parker
watch out for Rob Parker to become a regular on Skip's new show. Jamie loves him, use to be on all the time pre SAS
ESPN’s Rob Parker says ridiculous things about RG3 - And ESPN fires Schilling - are you joking?
I think You'll like this Rob Parker sent me this
fat Katz you're listening to the wrong station, we have Rob Parker over here
Really? Rob Parker on the air. Keep trying to listen but each time I turn the dial it's worse than before.
Rob Parker spoke the truth on ESPN and they fired him, Skip Bayless speaks his mind and tv stations offer him millions. (Rinse and repeat)✌🏽
To the defence of the divorce lawyer by Rob Parker Thanks:
Skip Bayless is officially done at ESPN. Who will he team with at FS1? Free Rob Parker!
I have this weird feeling about ESPN. So much talent leaving or vanished. What happened to Rob Parker anyway?
So happy that Rob Parker from joins He reviews and cares about the
lmao son Rob Parker use to have me geek they were like cartoon characters
amazing that Rob parker despite his racist comments getting fired from 2 networks in Detroit has a job
Skip should call up Rob Parker and start a new show on FS1. I would watch.
ESPN need to bring back Rob Parker. The only man who spoke his mind. "RG3 is a corn ball brother" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I added a video to a playlist Glenn Louis Parker speaks with Treb - Aridif channeled by Rob Gauthier,
What did Rudy Gobert do to you, Jabari Parker? .
Happy birthday lovely Rob Parker, you sure know how to throw a party! Top night with fab friends :)
Sean Parker to destroy movies with the same innovative ideas he used on music
It's amazing how much they're letting Parker and Mills get away with on Curry
Parker: Warriors should not be judged on short-term success
Rob just said, "We're missing a seat for River." All of a sudden, I feel like I'm going to cry.
totally get it. I traded Parker DGB and Langford for A Rob. But there's always a chance they don't pan out & U get the stud
no protesting allowed. just like Communist china.
Nowhere but will you see Col Rob Parker interrupt wedding on the same show as and
Goal 12-4 Rob Parker scores his second of the match.
3-1 to the hosts now, Rob Parker the scorer.
Rest in peace grandpa. I know you will be watching over me and forever. Thank…
.Colnel Rob Parker showed up to interrupt Missy Hyatt's wedding.
Col. Rob Parker just crashed the Duck Justice/Missy Hyatt wedding. God ***
this just had me imagining Rob Parker introducing New Day and I'm still laughing.
Col. Rob Parker is manhandling Madusa and this show is rated PG on the network.
it's not like putting on Rob Parker on nights or anything along those lines right? Maybe try for the .6 rating?
we got a Warby Parker & a Chrome store since you both left DC? It's between the compass coffees. We're cool now?
Nice to see Todd Lee hard at work at Business Technology Association event in New Orleans. No Rob Parker? A great ev…
Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney still fancy each other in exclusive Catastrophe trailer
in pretty sure it's literally called best friend πŸ˜‚ idk though look on YouTube rob and big theme song.
are you talking about the one that used to play on the show rob and big? In the beginning
If you didn't see me on tv last night with Rob Parker I said that IU was my sleeper team.
I really don't like giving my own political views on FB but I feel I need to share this. I've made a decision on...
Zach is going to be here actually, but cam and Josh are gone
SPORTS: Barbershop Sports has Ian Kinsler and more from ABC7
Rest in peace, Parker Berman. You will forever be a part of the Pace family.
*** they really got my mans Rob Parker off every ESPN channel for calling RG3 a cornball brother lmao
Even Ben Carson as VP couldnt stop this.. The black lives matters say Carson is white just like how Rob Parker called RG3 white & a cornball
Just in: Rob Parker, American sports columnist with and a regular commentator…
Beautiful sunset shot taken by Fiona Parker on the Prestwick shoreline in Scotland yesterday. Jo
The Island of Kawhi: Leonard gives second wind to Spurs' dynasty
and I grew up to have a rob and not a Parker. ..see sad face πŸ˜’πŸ˜ƒ
and coach Rob, the lead recruiter for Parker
SPORTS: Rob talks with Tigers manager Brad Ausmus from ABC7
Darden is Rob parker before rob parker
I probable don't understand all that is going on in the USA but what a fabulous speech from Marco Rubio how can...
then I better see that white bronco pull into the driveway in the next hour
Rob Parker and Justin Verlander talk Tigers in the media and a healthy pitching staff
I was blocked by Rob Parker. I get it.
Burns with a diving catch to rob Jarrett Parker. Saves a run and ends T1st. That's a candidate for top Cactus League highlight.
That might be what they told him, but it's more likely because he was a rubbish Peter Parker.
" I can not give Paul his just reward, his work is still bearing fruit" - Rob Parker International House of Prayer
don't lose your job or get blackballed like Rob Parker... We hear ya tho.
2018 Wr Montel Parker has committed to the University of Texas A&M
1st game(s) ever (twilight DH remember?), saw him rob Luzinski of an HR at Three Rivers. Schmidt, Parker, Stargell HRs.
Wr Montel Parker has just been Offered by the University of Texas A&M
Bradford v leigh today, match drawn, Rob Parker with stefan, Joel monaghan with stefan,
And I can't be the only one who sees that and heard him taking in full "Col. Rob Parker" mode about his junk
I heart you, Rob, but the next time I visit, I'm stealing your phone to put reminders on it! 😝 ;)
We should be careful as we read the gospels not to rob Jesus of his personality; and therefore his personhood.
She was outside watering dirt and we never noticed...or cared πŸ˜‚ hey Mrs.Parker
Happy birthday or Radical Rob as I shall now call you X
One of the Arnold teams but can never remember what they're called! Think it's Rob Clayton's team.
Parker’s like Finnegan’s Wake to me tho. My failing not his clearly
I mean white people already rob black people of everything... their cultures, their lives... so yeah it'd be racist.
Try for Tyne Pitch Length break away and kiock ahead by Rob Parker Tynedale 11 Luctonians 16
no, they didn't event go to the one Blazin Rob works at! Smh πŸ˜’
I'll never forget that day Rob Parker committed career suicide on First Take.Stephen A peeped it early and bowed out the convo so smooth
Will My Son Be Black Enough for Rob Parker? via So, what *does* it means to be "down with the cause?"
how about your buddy Rob Parker Re: Kirk Cousins. Journalism at its finest.
"Giving is a necessity for God's people." The Fully Funded Missionary by Rob Parker. Rob may have written it but my dad lives it!
I'm still super upset Ben Carson pulled a Rob Parker and called my President a cornball brotha...during BHM of all times 😭
Tasa+Rob play tonite from 7 - 11 p.m. Great evening to sit, sip and nibble to great music from this amazing couple. ht…
for Power? Rob parker giving me a shout out tonight at 1045 on channel 20news
*hugs* I'm sorry you're feeling anxious, Rob.
you just shouldn't do certain things in life like kick puppies , rob blind people and spelling it Dillon is one of them
SPORTS: Is Calvin Johnson waiting to retire? from ABC7
.Missy got her hands on your pal Col. Rob Parker at our last show
Concord Rechon Black to Alon Parker has been good tandem tonight
This reminds me of Rob Parker's "cornball brother" rant against RGIII a few years back. Not a good thing.
There is no difference between what Wilmore & his guests did & Rob Parker calling a Cornball Brother.
reminds me when Rob Parker was fired from for his comments.
Been speaking to Marc Green and Rob Parker this afternoon and both are confident of attracting a five figure crowd to Odsal at the weekend.
Have we not learned from Rob Parker?
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Gronk declares his party cruise the "most turnt up event ever."
I sat down with of to talk Peter Parker, race, Russell Wilson, media, and more for
Rob Broadfield: The real scandal of the West End Deli food review.
the only thing Parker has over Dirk is titles which by that logic Rob Horry is better than Michael Jordan
It's a surprise why 7 hired Rob Parker to do sports at 10PM?
I have NO idea, but if you do get it valued and have a price let ME know first! Lot of polishing for Rob mind...
by Miss Lantern take-over! πŸ˜„. Photo by Rob John Parker Miss Lantern take-over! πŸ˜„. Photo by Rob John Pa…
Great job Parker Simington! It has truly been a pleasure watching you become the champion you are.
Todd White Rob Winks, was ya roastin weenies on yer boat.and NOT inviting ME
Some would say that, but you won't hear it on ESPN because Rob Parker got fired for it.
Col Rob Parker & Bunkhouse Buck still look the part, but that tag match was a chore to get through. Slow and plodding
Bernie, Rob Parker is an *** Don't waste your time with him. He's a top 3 QB ever.
loool I'm gonna try do Rob Parker today
Rob Parker: Matthew Stafford was supposed to be Cam Newton
Rob Parker got fired from ESPN for calling RGIII a cornball brother. ESPN owes him an apology and his job back with a raise.
SPORTS: Parker: Stafford was supposed to be Cam Newton from ABC7
.before Matthew Stafford was supposed to be Cam Newton.
Where is Rob Parker when you need him for commentary
I'm wondering 1) when has to return Rob Parker's red corduroy suit and 2) when Jalen became Michigan's masc…
My inquires reveal he is really Steven Parker from Pontefract & Eddie flies out to see him next week!
Rob MacCachren just qualified 3rd at Parker, now he is off to King of The Hammers, then Back to Parker!...
Congrats on the Gold Glove! Question: More fights tonight or amount of HRs you and rob this year?
They gotta bring Rob Parker back now, after what Deion & Stephen A. said lol
He's already turned it down by the looks of it! He's being called out by Parker
FYI: My debut on Action News at 10pm is Monday. Tune in to TV20 Detroit to watch. Rob Parker with Barbershop Sports.
Stephen A really might be Teflon...he's basically doing the same thing that got rob Parker fired
Can someone tell me how First Take is getting away with rephrasing the "cornball brother" argument that got Rob Parker fired?
Is RG3 a "Brother?" Is Russell Wilson a "Brother?" Heck am I a "Brother?" In this what rob parker got fired for?
Rob parker got fired for what Stephen a just did
Stephen a Just basically said the exact same thing Rob Parker said that got him fired about RG3.
Electronic Device Insurance
Can't wait to learn from Rob Parker at
.- says Hey A-Rob, what are your plans for the offseason?
ISIS are still wrong but Mary Berry makes us forget that
S/o to that *** Rob Parker for calling out Russell Wilson for the cornball brotha that he is .
Rob Parker calling RGIII a cornball brother is still top 3 moments ever 😭😭
You don't think he'll be able to crouch over like Col. Rob Parker to not look larger than his wrestlers?
Lol Rob Parker isn't good enough for the real news, so he goes on fake news. Anything for a paycheck.
But then again Russell Wilson is a cornball brother (in my Rob Parker voice) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
CONGRATULATIONS to one of the original Detroit Sports Freaks, Rob Parker, for getting the CH-20 ABC 10:00 PM...
Mizzou coach Rob Fulford headed to see Parker Stewart, a 6’4 combo guard from Union City, TN
I think Rob Parker would call them "Cornball hermanos"
Congrats to my big homie Rob Parker on his new gig
Rob in England and Parker in Florida y'all *** living it up!!
LIVE on Safety Rob Sanders signing day with Texas A&M Commerce.
Congrats to on his new role.We spoke to him a few weeks ago about the offseason.Check it out!
ur name is Rob Parker ,that translates to u suck
Congrats to Rob Parker on the new gig. He definitely deserves it. Good luck, Rob!
No way, this can't be true. I know he's in a battle with Rob Parker for Detroit's Biggest Media Troll, but come on
Rob Parker's HOF ballot was so Rob Trammel, no Raines..but yes Lee Smith..hoping the voter eligibility issue is addressed
It is really great having Ian and Paulune Cole with us at Christ Church this weekend, such a challenging and...
Hey Rob you may be interested in this new petition!
Might be worth going to if you like jazz :) Rob Garcia 4 is at ShapeShifter Lab Dec. 1 at 9:30 p.m.
So we need to rob a bank or how you think this is gonna work sweets? I don't get you sweets... you are crazy.
December 18th - The Greatest Promoter on the Face of the Earth Col Rob Parker & Bunkhouse Buck come to
Col. Rob Parker & Buckhouse Buck, one of them was the snazziest dresser here at
back when I used to watch first take a lot he was by far one of the most annoying. He and Rob Parker scum lol
Dolph said Phil Parker and Rob Brooks couldn't talk because they were crying and hugging each other.
I really want to play CP3 tonight but there's so many PG's. Jackson, Mudiay, Ish, and Parker all cheaper good plays IMO
Shout out to my man Rob Parker for appearing on our DVD. "Pound for pound one of the best scorers I've ever saw."
I would even say rodgers worship is more annoying than manning. Espn guys like Stephen A & formerly Rob Parker are brutal
By Ryan Parker "25 years later, to get another crack at it ... is a cool thing in its own way," says Rob
Got a report from Ford Field that Rob Parker & Bill Keenist hugged it out prior to the game. Unfortunately, neither was wearing suicide vest
Remember when that dude Rob Parker called RG3 a "cornball brother" and we haven't seen him since? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rob Johnson says some people have gone home because the House adjourned and the bells rang.
Everyone standing around wondering what's going on as Rob Johnson mutters he's never seen anything like it in 23 years.
Kim Hames did the *** hand gesture as Rob Johnson was criticising FSH commissioning. Johnson didn't like it. Hames apologised.
I'm miss Bonnie Parker and this is Mr. Clyde Barrow. We rob banks.
Rob Johnson tells 6PR that he has no intention of retiring. He's facing a challenge from Peter Katsambanis for Liberal preselection.
Definitely my favourite cosplay I have done. Photo taken by Rob Parker.
Few shots of my Harley Quinn cosplay taken by Rob Parker
Maybe wants to make sure some in the sports media like Rob Parker dosen't say he's not black enough
Karma is catching up to Rob for criminalising & getting tough on ppl for growing a few 'pot' plants. No victim, not tough.
BREAKING. Peter Katsambanis to challenge Rob Johnson in Hillarys, won't seek Lib nomination in Upper House:
Rob Wilkinson talks farm management roles at Strutt & Parker and his career progression
Agree, but *** in Illinois got rid of death penalty. Make it federal? featured in NBC s Science of Love
once upon a time a girlfriend nicknamed me peter parker and i fell SO HARD.
If a vid of Rob Gronkowski drunk at a party on his bye-week surfaced, people would praise him for being himself. Johnny Manz…
Thanks to Rob Parker for North Hants Collaborative POD social tonight
Holly Parker is a goddess. She's like my total crush
But then I thought, to live without gratitude would only be to rob the world of the joy that I was made to bring into it.
Should i trade Rob Covington for Eric Gordon and Jabari Parker. Standard 9 catagories
Cameron Stills n Parker r the guys they have who can get open down field. So wit all the 3rd n longs theyre in youd think
Can't wait to welcome Matthew Horsfall Tom Parker and Rob Geldeard on Wednesday!
See Rob Jackson and Grow Yourself. Grow Your Practice at the Parker Experience Las Vegas, Jan. 14-16, 2016...
Monday Morning Dolphins: Time to look at the future with players like Bobby McCain and DeVante Parker
Nice to meet you last night. Cant believe I live so close without having found you. Heres to a beer-fueled Christmas!
Jaime states that we know Rob Parker. I don't, however, what do you expect from a Blonde who knows very little about sports.
I just want Col. Rob Parker to win a squash match with a hammer lock.
Yep. Offense needs to work through Parker, then Landry, then Cameron, then Matthews in the passing game.
its jus frustrating that hes not even gettin chance to show himself. Coachin for job or not Parker offers mores to team
Parker offers more than any wr on the team. He can offer Ryan throws that arent open, a big body with a catch radius. Jus sayn
He's coaching for his job. Trusts Jennings more than Parker, probably
for me it started to go downhill when Jay Crawford left and when they threw Rob Parker under the bus over that RG3 thing
Yep. Rob Parker wrote that piece of crap, then said a bunch of other dumb stuff and got fired from
Bruh I only made this account because Rob Parker blocked me
what is it with you your friends moms? First Brayden then Parker who's next Choco? Kenny? Vik? Mitch? Rob?
Oscar has got the Scott Parker turning circle down to a tee. Excellent form.
should apologize to Rob Parker. He was right about
Washington fears our 2016 President Trump - Register and Vote Trump
He just aint producing and he kinda wack as Rob Parker so elequently stated
Seriously, doesn't owe Rob Parker an apology. He spoke truth about the man they wanted to make a star and is now a dumpster fire
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