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Rob Manfred

Robert D. Manfred Jr. is an American lawyer and business executive. He currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Major League Baseball.

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MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred meets with Indians to discuss Chief Wahoo logo
Why should young athletes choose to play baseball. Rob Manfred: Bc Homer Bailey made over $100MM. Do you know Homer Bailey? Exactly.
Wire: Rob Manfred addresses pace of play issues in Major League Baseball
From Commissioner Rob Manfred: The latest on the time of game, the WBC and games in Europe.
Report: Rob Manfred proposes moving 'Mother's Day' to July to make room for 'Derek Jeter Day'.
The *** Bremer/Rob Manfred interview was creepy on a Jim Nantz/chairman of Augusta National level!
Player safety is what led Rob Manfred to tell the and to end all the nonsense: .
Despite best intentions, Rob Manfred is ruining MLB
Rob Manfred says he’s spoken privately to Derek Jeter, who’s looking to buy Marlins, about owning an MLB team…
Don't know why, but I found comical Rob Manfred using Molina as an example, hearing how it sounded, then clarifying…
I would like to thank Rob Manfred, for trying his best to destroy the game of baseball. By implementing little league rules!
They're thinking about having some baseball games played in London. How much more is Rob Manfred going to copy the NFL.
Rob Manfred is ruining baseball. So many players have already publicly stated they don't like the policies he is putti…
Rob Manfred has a vision to improve baseball and it's more radical than you think
"Congressman Brisbee, your thoughts on the creeping rise of fascism in the West?". "We need to stop Ro…
Rob Manfred is seriously triggered by this game
.Rob Manfred thinks young people don't watch baseball because it took four a…
Tune in. I may or may not threaten to kill Rob Manfred.
I will be willing to not totally hate Rob Manfred if he gets rid of CB Bucknor
Baseball “is more about the mind, and the soul, than the body. Rob Manfred wants to save baseball. 1/2
Amir Garrett may be Rob Manfred's favorite pitcher
Does this mean when I talk about MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred I’m praying?
Rob Manfred says he wants millennials to watch but he's doing everything he can to chase them away.
Breaking: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred approves "mound outs" for the upcoming 2017 season.
Rob Manfred: MLB could limit number of pitchers in an inning
Rob Manfred to start fining teams that pull pitchers during a "no-hit bid." Hurts the game's integrity & they have to finish what they start
team no-hitters just another thing Rob Manfred has done to ruin what a fraud this guy is. I miss Bud Selig.
Rob Manfred should worry about implementing integrity in the game rather than implementing a "pitch clock" to haste…
And Rob Manfred will get right on that once he's eliminated second base and mandated replays on all called strikes.
Man without that IBB rule this game would be the same length. THANKS ROB MANFRED
Rob Manfred is about to ban hot dogs at the ballpark.
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"Hard hit ground ball to third, Machado checks out Rob Manfred's signature & throws onto first & there are two out." An Uncle Marty go-to.
The Yankees lost in a 2 hour 16 min game. That is crazy. I've never seen a game that short. Rob Manfred is probably turned on from it.
Everyone calls Roger Goodell or NHLs commissioner the worst, but Rob Manfred is by far the worst commissioner
At Bat has crashed on me twice in the last hour. I think Rob Manfred is trying some new stupid pace-of-play gimmick.
Rob Manfred would be so happy with the pace of this game. 9pm and we're in the 9th inning.
Rob Manfred would be obsessed with this WSox-Yankees game. In the 9th inning under 2 hours
This Rob Manfred era will pass and the next commish will undo all the NFL-ification…
Yankees and White Sox have played 4 1/2 innings in less than an hour. Let's go live to Rob Manfred:
You want to fix baseball, Rob Manfred. Fix this.
Rob Manfred: I'm open to it, we're listening, we're talking but its defintitely something we're open to
Interesting article - seems externally that baseball is fine... Message should be don't tinker unnecessarily.
Please read. Worked pretty *** this: . Despite best intentions, Rob Manfred is ruining MLB
Wow, just saw a no-pitch intentional walk. Now this game is flying by! Thanks, Rob Manfred! Moron.
I listen to Rob Manfred in interviews and it's literally dumbfounding that Roger Goodell still has his job.
I really, really hope Rob Manfred resigns by choice. He is a terrible commissioner and is actively ruining baseball day by day.
yep. Let's all thank the great commissioner, Rob Manfred.
Wire: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred denies this could be the final World Baseball…
Rob Manfred may have finally said something intelligent regarding pace of play. Kind of. The latest from
Rob Manfred's stern message: MLB will modernize, no matter what players want -…
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred: "Mike Ilitch was far more than a model owner of the Tigers franchise ... he was a fierce be…
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred makes it official. The 2019 MLB All-Star Game is coming to Cleveland.
"Rob Manfred says and leading candidates for expansion."
Manfred: There has to be "end game" in Rays stadium bid or ...: Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has been saying…
Rob Manfred says MLB is in the "final 10 yards" of its investigation/deciding punishment re: Cardinals hacking case.
Honored to represent at a great event w/ Commish Rob Manfred, &
"I think Tony did a really good job of following his constituents desires on the most important issues."--Commissioner Rob Manfred
"I think we made a really fair agreement within the structure that was existing. They got some stuff. We got some stuff."--Rob Manfred
.Greg Amsinger, CEO Kevin Plank, Commissioner Rob Manfred discuss the new partnership.…
Exciting night as officially announces new role as On-field Uniform Supplier for - Kevin Plank &…
Under Armour's Kevin Plank and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred discuss the new deal
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Helping hand from great friends today at QandA w/ commish Rob Manfred. Tha…
Thanks for hosting, Happy for to hear from the person at the top of their sport - MLB Commissione…
"I'm thrilled about the early returns on the World Baseball Classic." -- Commissioner Rob Manfred on
Commissioner Rob Manfred joins and LIVE on at the
Rob Manfred joins us right NOW on set at Winter Meetings
GM Meetings Notebook: Commissioner Rob Manfred optimistic new CBA will be reached.
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred optimistic a new CBA will be completed by Dec. 1 deadline, via
The first question MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred took at his press conference just now was what impact Trump will have on baseb…
Just out: Bud Selig, Rob Manfred adviser said, “Adam Wainwright's 2017 outlook is depressing.” I think Waino is inspiring!
Rob Manfred, n u really want2make baseball gr8 again..pls think again bout putting Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn on mound for 1st pitch
wonder what Rob Manfred was thinking
Are you talking about Rob Manfred or Darren Rovell?
Rob Manfred picks a good day to tout the Rangers' proposed $1 billion climate-controlled ballpark. It's 99 degrees in Arlington right now.
"We want greatness at 25 pitching at 35"- Scott Boras on Rob Manfred's use of relievers idea. .
Rob Manfred likes idea to get Madison Bumgarner in home run derby
I want to wish Hall of Famer and icon Lou Brock a very happy birthday. He truly is The Franchise – Rob Manfred.
Dave O'Brien and Steven Wright's last knuckleball: "You could read Rob Manfred signature all the way to home on that one.…
Hall of Famer John Smoltz & commish Rob Manfred unveil tour Starts in QC
MLB commish Rob Manfred, HOFer John Smoltz visit "Field of Dreams," announce Davenport as 1st site of mobile Hall:
It's time for Rob Manfred to pull an Adam Silver and force a sale of the This is embarrassing the game.
Rob Manfred best not take on Peter Angelos, because that's one battle he will lose.
Rob Manfred talks Bryce Harper and more via
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says Bryce Harper is "a spokesman for this generation"
Rob Manfred drops a hint that when expansion comes, MLB would go to four-team divisions:
Rob Manfred speaks positively about Montreal, but don't get your hopes up for a fast Expos revival.
Rob Manfred says MLB expansion coming 'in the longer term'
Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred on meaning of Jackie Robinson Day -
Manfred looks ahead to 70th anniversary of Jackie's debut -
Since Rob Manfred took over as Commissioner for Major League Baseball in 2015 one thing has been clear; he wants...
Rob Manfred doesn't want you to hear call a game. It's a conspiracy.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Gotta get Rob Manfred to allow the Braves to wear for the rest of the season.
tell rob manfred to fix the team lol, and stop going to games till loria dies off I guess
It's time Rob Manfred invest in robot umpire.
Rob Manfred has a pleasant voice. A nice change of pace for a sports commissioner.
Aw man Rob Manfred in the booth and Jay Buhner nowhere to be found.
I never realized Rob Manfred was a hobbit till that establishing shot in the booth.
Interesting point from Rob Manfred about recent prospect lists being 20% African-American potentially as a result of urban baseball programs
Glad to hear Rob Manfred correcting Kay about the false notion that MLB doesn't have a diverse player population.
PENALTY BOX! How is Rob Manfred at Yankees Stadium to talk about Jackie Robinson day and NOT at Dodger Stadium?! A lil weird
Commissioner Rob Manfred in on hand tonight, talking to the Yankees' broadcast booth right now.
Is Rob Manfred a tiny man or just surrounded by tall guys?
Going into the bottom of the 2nd in the Bronx...Commissioner of MLB Rob Manfred joins the YES booth
Commissioner Rob Manfred visits in the home 3d inning at YS.
Rob Manfred is the right man to lead baseball going forward, the lack of college scholarships is hurting among other things.
Rob Manfred is here at Yankee Stadium for
They literally profited off of 9/11. I'm not sure how Rob Manfred allows them to continue to embarrass
A letter from Rob Manfred on Jackie Robinson day.
A huge thanks to Commissioner Rob Manfred who was our featured guest at the Cal Ramsey Lecture.
I like for Rob Manfred to tell Roger Goodell to kiss his *** It's baseball season.
Rob Manfred's gotta call a Braves-Twins game immediately. Make em play one more game than everyone else. But we need to see this
"nice" -Commissioner Rob Manfred upon awarding the trophy
Great photo of last night's Cal Ramsey lecture with Commissioner Rob Manfred and
What do you think of the Job Rob Manfred has done as MLB Commissioner? Can the White Sox Continue Playing Winning Baseball-Season
Thank you Commissioner Rob Manfred and for this year's Cal Ramsey Lecture
.says he believes Jose Reyes will get a minimum 1 month suspension per his conversation with Rob Manfred.
Rob Manfred: MLB needs more kids to play ball
Interesting discussion with Commish Rob Manfred about https…
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says MLB aims to increase youth participation in baseball. .
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred speaks with .about challenges as of .
.Associate Dean and Moderator Arthur R. Miller had Rob Manfred as a student at Harvard Law.
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I was supposed to go to NYU tonight to hear Rob Manfred speak. After seeing the crowd for Bernie @ Wash Sq Pk, I’m glad I decided not to go
Getting the chance to listen to Rob Manfred( MLB commissioner) speak at NYU tonight!
you're like the only person to disagree with it. Is your dad Rob Manfred or something?
:( Hector Olivera arrested in domestic violence incident: Rob Manfred an...
This year's Ramsey Lecture with Commissioner Rob Manfred is today; doors open at 6:30 at NYU Kimmel Center
Tonight's the night! & Commissioner Rob Manfred discuss the game of baseball beyond the dugout!
“I am not convinced that this is a problem that needs an answer,” Commissioner Rob Manfred said
"I also do not want, nor will I accept, any offer of supplanting Rob Manfred as Commissioner."
Legendary journalist and lifetime baseball fan sits down with Commissioner Rob Manfred at 10 p.m.
Rob Manfred is the current commissioner of ...not sure if complaining to Bud Selig is going to do fans much good lol
Rob Manfred to rule soon on suspension for Jose Reyes
Rob Manfred is the polar opposite of Bud Selig as commissioner and that's a good thing.
Rob Manfred visited CBS This Morning to touch on all major topics regarding the MLB.
Let's get weird and imagine what every team would look like if Rob Manfred banned trades.
30 games Aroldis Chapman. Can't appeal. And he didn't even get charged. Rob Manfred is quickly getting into Gary Bettman territory.
The comments of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball does not care
what do u & Dan think of Rob Manfred's proposed idea about the beginning in 2017.
Rules 6.01 will be cursed forever and so will Rob Manfred your welcome
Come to L.A. Live 3/9 to see MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred discuss the state of the game. .
what is with Rob Manfred's obsession with cutting down time during games? I mean mound visits? Between innings? Sick of it
will fix their TV mess before Rob Manfred makes a freaking decision.
Commissioner Manfred and Major League Baseball mourn the passing of Vice Chairman Eddie Einhorn.
I, for one, approve of the Rob Manfred Era.
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on the death of Chicago White Sox Vice Chairman Eddie Einhorn: 'He was a sports telev…
Paid leave for Jose Reyes right first step as MLB puts domestic violence policy into actio...
He's not there again? This has to be a meeting w/ Rob Manfred or related to the case.
Column: Factors that Commissioner Rob Manfred should consider in his first domestic-violence decisions.
Commissioner Rob Manfred will leave stadium issue to A’s, city via Soon we will bring our "A" game(npi)!
Detroit Tigers links: Expansion could be in MLB's future
Re: ballpark search, Rob Manfred only says he wants team to stay in Oak. Re: Coliseum site or downtown, he …
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just started, but there’s already plenty going on for each club in Arizona:
Rob Manfred must be vastly cautious in being the sole decision maker in these domestic violence cases. We know how that wound up for Goodell
Rob Manfred - could have regular season games in London by 2017. Full Story Here:
In his latest Wind Up, urges Commissioner Rob Manfred to come to a decision:.
Jose Reyes sitting until a decision is reached is the right move for everyone.
Rob Manfred needs to take a hard line when it comes to domestic abuse
And the MLB gets right what the NHL couldn't figure out with Kane. . via
Commissioner Rob Manfred on possibility of international draft: via
Smart Ripken youth baseball ideas. In short: "Most players have 3-6 plays in 90+ mins that matter. Create more."
Rob Manfred’s suspension of Jose Reyes is not a decisive enough action (via
MLB telling Jose Reyes to have a seat gets it right where the NHL got it wrong with Patrick Kane.
WhileComm. Rob Manfred is to rule Chapman’s situation sometime thisweek, C restated his plan to file ifhe is suspended.
I'm back at it for Rob Manfred won't intervene in local politics. This one's up to you, Oakland.
Henry says Commissioner Rob Manfred has greatly improved transparency and communication. Says process with CBA is "terrific."
Facts vs perception: on why Rob Manfred must protect the accountability of his domestic-violence policy http…
Update your maps at Navteq
Rob Manfred had busy first year, but DH in NL won’t be happening soon (by Tom Verducci)
Yovani Gallardo and Rob Manfred highlight Wind Up this week:.
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says expansion is not 'an immediate issue'
.joined me last night to discuss his Q & A with MLB commish Rob Manfred -
Rob Manfred: No DH in NL for "foreseeable future.'' Says "vast majority'' of NL clubs like status quo.
Listen to BOXTOROW w/ exclusive interview with Commissioner Rob Manfred
I asked Rob Manfred how baseball benefits from blacking out Iowa and Las Vegas. "It doesn’t. It just plain doesn’t." https:…
Rob Manfred after first year as Commissioner
Just caught this Q&A between and Commissioner Rob Manfred. Very good read! via
Columnist Commissioner Rob Manfred is DH for looming labor war
Commissioner Rob Manfred joins on BOXTOROW this week on a radio station near you
[MASN] A look at MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred one year into the job - Steve Melewski
Ernie Johnson moderating. NBA commish Adam Silver and MLB commish Rob Manfred on stage with him
Rob Manfred, you as commissioner makes justice, the perfect game Armando Galarraga.
New post: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred right to uphold Pete Rose&
Access Denied: Commissioner Rob Manfred reportedly decides not to reinstate Pete Rose.
Rob Manfred, the commissioner of Major League Baseball, has decided not to lift the permanent ban imposed on Pete Rose more t…
will the Commissioner Rob Manfred attend the ceremony when is inducted in to the Hall of Fame?
If Big Papi becomes a Hall of Famer before Pete Rose, then Rob Manfred should sit on a spiked bat and rotate
I have zero issue with Rob Manfred choosing not to reinstate Pete Rose. I might not do that either. But he should be in the…
In his well-reasoned denial of Pete Rose’s request for reinstatement on Monday, Commissioner Rob Manfred took...
Pete Rose told Rob Manfred that he still bets on baseball, other sports via
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred decides not to lift lifetime ban on Pete Rose, but don't forget to sign up for DraftKings.
New Commissioner Rob Manfred has big ideas for how to make games quicker and more action-packed. 1. Meet Rob...
I asked Rob Manfred why MLB doesn’t like free publicity from GIFs and Vines.
It's Commissioner Day on Rob Manfred of MLB at 7:30, Adam Silver of the NBA at 8:30, and Roger Goodell at 9:30..
It's commissioner Tuesday on Rob Manfred at 7:30 ET, Adam Silver at 8:30 ET and at 9:30 ET. Stay tuned!
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says Astros, Cubs have added to playoffs
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred addresses media in Kan... |
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred talks about roof at MM... |
Get your iPhone insurance today!
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred talks about roof at MMP (w/video) .
>> MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred talks about to roof at MMP (w/video)
"They had some tough years," MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said of the "They had a plan."
"I think the Astros are what keeps fans in all of our markets interested in the game," MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said.
Calvinball. Rob Manfred is the commissioner of Calvinball.
And in the Commissioner's office Rob Manfred just popped champagne after that Bautista home run.
Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred visits with Houston owner Jim Crane before the start of the game
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred with owner Jim Crane in Kansas City.
Rob Manfred tells it would be up to the Hall of Fame to change their eligibility rules if Rose remains on the ineligible list.
Rob Manfred tells that Pete Rose is NOT eligible for the Hall of Fame list as long as he's on the permanently eligible list.
THIS JUST IN: Pete Rose met w/ Commissioner Rob Manfred today. Manfred said he will render...
ICYMI: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on possibility of reinstating Pete Rose
Very exciting- Rob Manfred: Pete Rose decision by end of year!
If Matt Duffy doesnt win NL ROY something is wrong with the MLB and Rob Manfred!
Someone tell me again why Rob Manfred won't allow Shoeless Joe to be eligible for the Hall of Fame!
Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has denied a request to reinstate Shoeless Joe Jackson, so the player banned for the 1919
Rob Manfred does not Close the Door to an Expansion
Rob Manfred: Expect Pete Rose decision 'before the end of this year' -
"We'd love to see a second team in Canada." MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred in Philadelphia last night.
I really get the sense Rob Manfred is going about this carefully with that in mind. This won't be just a PR move
Fan hurt at Phils game after Manfred talks safety
Just posted: Fan safety is at the top of Rob Manfred's priority list. But protecting fans is a complicated matter!
.on MLB commisioner Rob Manfred and fan safety on a day a foul ball hurts a woman at CBP:
.MLB commissioner talks Andy MacPhail, fan safety, and pace-of-play rules:
Fan at Philadelphia Phillies game hurt shortly after ...
If I were Rob Manfred, I'd DFA the entire organization and let a few of them play on other teams. You gotta do what's right, Rob.
.discusses Commissioner Rob Manfred reviewing his status & when he met him at the All-Star Game.
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred talks safety at CBP, just hour before fan is hit in forehead with foul ball |
Pete Rose, Rob Manfred: Commissioner says he'll rule on reinstatement by end of the year via Greg Noble
Frank and Rob Manfred were in town Wednesday for clinics as part of effort to get more inner city kid...
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MLB commissioner Manfred talks MacPhail, fan safety, and pace-of ...
Fan at Phils game hurt soon after Manfred talks about safety: Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred t...
Fan at Phillies game hurt shortly after Rob Manfred addresses safety
A woman was hit in the head by a foul ball at a Philadelphia Phillies game Thursday night, . | FOX Sports
Pete Rose discusses first meeting with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred & when he might meet with him again. .
Phillies: Fan hit in head by foul ball at same game Manfred talks up safety: A woman was injure...
Manfred on Philly, technology - 8/27/15: Commissioner Rob Manfred discusses Philadelphia and new technolog...
Rob Manfred: MLB is looking to address fan safety with more netting in 2016.
Woman five rows up hit in forehead in 2nd inning, club says she was evaluated but not hospitalized
| | Manfred: 'Amazing day' at 1st inductions as Commissioner: Rob Manfred became the 10th…
Great guests from Cincinnati with Mike and Mike this morning. Giants manager Bruce Bochy at 8:45a. Rob Manfred MLB Commish at 9a.
Rob Manfred has said that the trade deadline may eventually be moved back to give teams more time to evaluate their roster needs. ⚾️
Rome native and Commissioner Rob Manfred introduced. Nice round of applause.
Pedro tells Commissioner Rob Manfred that MLB should work harder to bring more Dominicans to the
Pedro is the greatest. He just referred to Commissioner Rob Manfred as "my amigo."
My amigo Rob Manfred,we got a lot job to do,to bring more Dominicans here.
"I want to welcome my amigo, Commissioner Rob Manfred. We have a lot of work to do in the Dominican." - Pedro
Rob Manfred took off his sunglasses for DA GAWD, Pedro Martinez's speech.
Replay screws the Rangers. Apparently they need some evidence of blackmail against Rob Manfred to get a fair shake.
Rob Manfred Mann, Blinded by the Light with those sunglasses on all day.
Did Rob Manfred just have Lasik? What is with those huge sunglasses?
MLB 'very close' to new domestic violence policy, Rob Manfred says
Rob Manfred's got the Michael Strahan tooth gap
Polite applause for Rob Manfred at ceremony. Bud Selig usually got the business here in Cooperstown.
Rob Manfred, for the love of God you HAVE to do something about these umpires! They're ruining baseball!
Commissioner Rob Manfred doing a great rendition of Weekend at Bernie's with those shades on
Rob Manfred keeping up the super villain look.
Why is Rob Manfred wearing his sunglasses during the HOF Ceremony? Selig would never have done that. Looks like a fool.
Good thing the Pro Football HOF ceremony is at night so won't have to wear sunglasses like Rob Manfred is today
Rob Manfred looks like time-traveling Rick Reilly from the future.
Someone is going to need to induct Rob Manfred's sunglasses into the Hall of Fame after this is done.
Rob Manfred looks like a Blues Brother rn
Rob Manfred did not get booed. No reason to boo him yet. But he mentioned Bud Selig and there were tons of boos. Love it.
Rob Manfred has a plan. They are reinvesting in inner city baseball and youth leagues, following the soccer model
Rob Manfred, youth playin baseball was greater when baseball cards weren't a business.
Is Rob Manfred the only current sports commissioner to not get booed?
Rob Manfred rocking the shades in his speech. Lol
MLB Commish Rob Manfred back near hometown of Rome NY. At Induction
Rob Manfred is putting Cooperstown in a coma. Stop talking and let's get to new inductees.
Rob Manfred, I got one question for you. WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!?
Rob Manfred keeps on worrying about the future of the game. Is he happy with what he has done so far?
Wow, Rob Manfred kept it short. Good thing. It's like a million degrees right now.
"Rob Manfred going Harry Reid with those sunglasses?" - The Judge
Rob Manfred rocking the shades at his first speech. Bold move sir. Your future must be bright
Rob Manfred is doing a great Weekend at Bernie's impersonation.
Pedro's suit has more charisma than Rob Manfred.
No other commissioner was cool enough to do a Hall of Fame speech in sunglasses. Rob Manfred's modernization of baseball …
Baseball's future is so bright Commissioner Rob Manfred has to wear shades
Rob Manfred Mann. He must be blinded by the light to be wearing those shades while speaking.
Rob Manfred has talked for more than two minutes and thirty seconds. Get him off of there.
Now addressing the crowd is the new Commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred. This is his first as acting commissioner.
Rob Manfred rocking the giant Ray Charles sunglasses for his speech.
TBN Sports Inside Baseball: MLB fixed the HR Derby, so what other issues should Rob Manfred tackle?
Rob Manfred wants to understand all the facts before meeting with Pete Rose | 41
GIF: Rob Manfred accidentally tickles Erin Andrews with the MVP bat (h/t
Rob Manfred on 20-second pitch clock in Arizona Fall League: "Encouraged by results" and testing might soon be done in AA and AAA.
Thom Brennaman just made a statement that Rob Manfred doesn't duck a question. He sure is ducking today.
Just sent some TTM requests to Will Clark, Richard Petty and Cale Yarborough today. Sending one to Rob Manfred tomorrow.
good follow today 1st up Rob Manfred & Chris Stone
MLB commish Rob Manfred showing his own style: Transparency has become the new key word in the Man...
I'm starting to think Rob Manfred is trying to top Gary Bettman as most hated sports commissioner
I wonder if baseball commish Rob Manfred is a fan of Manfred Mann
Rob Manfred would like Barry Bonds to be 'engaged with the game'
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says temptation for athletes to use PEDs is great
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred pushes for pre-draft me
Rob Manfred hopes for MLB exhibition games in Cuba next spring
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred pushes for pre-draft medical info following Brady Aiken case
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says Pete Rose will be allowed a role at the All-Star Game.
Madden: Time for Pete Rose to be put on Hall of Fame ballot: Even before Rob Manfred is able to sit down for a...
...And they don't walk either. I think they're at the bottom of Rob Manfred's in that category early on.
Rob Manfred, Stan Kasten, Rachel Robinson and Magic Johnson talk about Jackie Robinson's impact on Major League...
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