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Rob Ford

Robert Bruce Rob Ford (born May 28, 1969) is a Canadian politician and businessman.

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You would have loved her contrasting reactions to the passing of Scalia and Rob Ford ^___^
Rob Ford did not have the nuclear codes
You were probably dreaming of Toronto ex-mayor Rob Ford. Pretty much the same person with different hair stylists.
Many Rob Ford events there. The rooms named after arts people and patrons had some level on irony. B…
Another Rob Ford moment checked off the list for Trump: knocking over a colleague!…
Well, the world laughed at Toronto for having Rob Ford as Mayor. Now it's the world laughing at th…
We're trying. I had crackhead Rob Ford as mayor, I feel your pain.
I think Rob Ford was less embarrassing as mayor of Toronto
America's Rob Ford... but he only disgraced Toronto
Only if he gets elected... which he will... see Marion Barry & Rob Ford...
Never in my life have I seen such a jack*** mayor!! Rob Ford was and still is the man!! Tory is just a story!
A new Fiesta R5 to garage, alonside Mcrae's Focus and Toivonen's Escort.
It isn't the employer who pays the wages. Employers handle money. The customer pays the wages. Henry Ford
He's some fat loser who got into bunch of trouble in New Zealand out of all places. He's like late Ro…
Americans laughed at Rob Ford and then they did this.
Hey Daniel is one of our great reporters. He's done extensive work on Trump; got…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Something Rob Ford never would have said" is basically the lowest possible bar to expect from a mayor
Cocaine is rich people crack. Although, Rob Ford, my idol, was rich but did crack i…
Feel free argue about whether it's backed up with action & $, but quote here is something Rob Ford would…
It's amazing the things voters will turn a blind eye to. Obvious exam…
Reality: Rob Ford, former Mayor of Toronto on video w/crack
There's more double down in this video than in rob ford's autopsy report.
Since we were going to name something after Ford, can we name the trash fire after him?. The Rob Ford Memorial Garbage Inferno.
RIP Rob Ford condoleances to the family
Now where is Rob Ford when you have a bunch of Apple mugs but don't drink coffee
Cllr Layton says "we didn't make enough of a fuss" when Rob Ford cancelled Transit City, a "very, very destructive decision."
Yeah, this reminded me of Rob Ford lying and being forced to retract
Probing the Existence of an Alleged Toronto Gang with Rob Ford Ties
Or resurrect Toronto Mayor Rob Ford? I miss that guy. He was a gong show personally but a good, responsible mayor.
I dont know who that is but i sure do miss rob ford 👍
I could see Rob Ford body slamming a reporter. Or anyone really.
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: Is Trump on crack like Toronto's Canada mayor Rob Ford?
Rob Ford to Miami cop: 'Take me to jail' How did Toronto end up with his petty criminal man as mayor? Same as Trump?
Actually, there's a Canadian precedent: Rob Ford. He was mayor of Toronto...but they quarantined him, right?
Just a reminder that we in Toronto thought this about Rob Ford, and when it did arrive the effect was not immediate or e…
is the Jimmy Savile, Ferdinand Marcos, Vidkun Quisling and Rob Ford of American politics. May he meet the same fate.
It kinda makes the Rob Ford beat a... (forgive me) walk in the park.
Interestingly, I just read this from Rob Ford
Lol! The people of Toronto lived through 4 agonizing years of Rob Ford as mayor. Luckily…
well FRM Toronto Mayor the late Rob Ford called the press "Maggots" so.
Reminiscent of Fords saying late Rob Ford was "greatest" Toronto Mayor of all time. Connection to reality isn't ten…
Remember that time I made this comic about electing Anne of Green Gables for mayor instead of Rob Ford
Rob Ford was People's Mayor, I hope tries to be like that, at least even like a show. I fed up with out of touch nothing gets done
Donald Trump makes the deceased Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, look like he was a great administrator.
I'm from Toronto. We learned the hard way with Rob Ford, the crack smoking mayor. His supporters still b…
One year ago taxpayers lost their best friend and advocate, Rob Ford.
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Tell that to the late great Rob Ford, Torontos craziest mayor..
I sympathize. I had Rob Ford for mayor. Not on the level of Trump, admittedly, but at the time he was setting a new low.
You mean like Torontos last mayor Rob Ford? 😂😂😂
Top 5 greatest crackhead of all time has to be former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
I'd like to nominate former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for
former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was another high profile user. He's at least top 10 and in the hall of fame
If u say Marion Barry, u have to say Rob Ford, Toronto Mayor 😂
Like me who voted 4 Rob Ford as mayor of Toronto. Cuz I thot IT wud b funny. It was a train wreck.
Why is Trump in jail with the late mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford?
The mayor, the late great Rob Ford, called him a pedophile.
Rob Ford's tenure as mayor was 43% less chaotic than the current Trump administration
Rob Ford-inspired 'Filth City' has gunplay, bumbling gangs and an almost mythical crack video - but it's not a doc…
I've been saying this for years. First in terms of Rob Ford, and now in the context of Donald Trump.
scenes from the front row of Rob Ford's funeral. there's Adam >> 13:28
Great article on Rob Ford, he was by far Toronto's greatest and proudest mayor
. too bad all TO politicians dont love TO as much as Rob Ford did !!!
Rob Ford: "I take photos with lots of people." *cut to Ford embracing Pol Pot in the Killing Fields*
Journalist, Kevin Donovan says if you were to put together the allegations of Jian Ghomeshi & Rob Ford you end up with Donald Trump.
Rob Ford - past Toronto Mayor we shared with you .Now you share Donald Trump with us. Great for entertainment.
Daniel Dale not only cut his teeth covering crack mayor Rob Ford but also forced him to publicly apologize for libeling him.
Rob Ford and John Tory underestimated the power of NDP on council! Not good news for residents as the city changes dramatically
Family plans 'party' March 22 to remember Rob Ford year after death. Via
Obviously way small potatoes compared to Trump, but Rob Ford did this to us when I was at the Star. 1/2
Really cool Southern Ontario mod for Hegemony III, just needs Hazel McCallion and Rob Ford as generals
. If CBC and others fan the flames hard enough who knows ?. Rob Ford. Good his brother hasn't got the charm
I was just mistaken for Rob Ford's nephew Michael Ford by a lady in Scarborough looking for a lawyer .
Rob Ford bracing for fallout over U.S. drug and alcohol charges revealed via Trump Favors Drug Abuse
Rob Ford: Get my grandparents on Reddit - Traverse City Record Eagle
We saw it in Toronto with Rob Ford. And remember, in the aftermath of crackgate, Doug Ford still finished ahead of Olivia Chow.
.had a past peripheral involvement w Toronto City Hall - he was at 2013 Garrison Ball where Rob Ford arrived incoherent
we shall see. I just remember with Rob Ford after all that scandal he was still polling AHEAD of Olivia Chow, That was teflon
At least Rob Ford, Nancy Reagan and Tim LaHaye all died in 2016 too.
Remember when the Rob Ford story broke & non-Torontonians were laughing, and we were like "Its not funny"? Welcome, Americ…
it was kinda Chris Christie+Rob Ford...but totally unique and disturbing for a US President-elect
Mary Walsh is a vile person who hounded & bullied Rob Ford. She's not funny & has a drinlking problem, not a mental health problem
Mary Walsh is a vile person who hounded and bullied Rob Ford in his own property. She is not funny in the least!
10 times former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford made headlines
I remember when Americans laughed at the city of Toronto for electing Rob Ford mayor. Well, we just elected one of his ilk President.
Reminder: This guy worked to get Rob Ford elected Mayor of and served as his Chief of Staff.
don cherry is an *** for multiple reasons but he once said that Rob Ford would be the greatest mayor toronto would ever have, so i mean.
so reminds me of how I felt after voting Rob Ford mayor of Toronto
the guy in the gif is ex mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford who died due to cancer. I knw it's unintentional but yeah... 😐
Sunday Read Pt 1b “He started off kind of with the Rob Ford agenda,” via
Toronto elected Rob Ford as mayor. Just saying.
Widow of late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford charged with impaired driving via
We in Toronto know about gullible voters...we elected. Rob Ford as mayor.
I'm certain you're right; "he's a *** but a plain-speaking *** is how Rob Ford became mayor of Toronto,
Unfortunately, Toronto's Rob Ford found out about the Mayor Clinic Diet too late.
No problem with "40 of the funniest cracks about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford" weight by Global News?
Postmedia who once endorsed Rob Ford on crack, is now endorsing Kevin O'Leary.
Suddenly I am wistful for the Rob Ford-fridge-magnet style of shameless self-promotion.
Now that is a straight up Rob Ford claim.
Just like Chris Farley was taken from us before he could fulfil his destiny of playing Rob Ford in the movie of it all.
Did you see that new poll? Only 37% of Scarborough residents want your strange money-wasting one-stop subway. Rob Ford's legacy.
The biggest twist in Westworld is that Anthony Hopkins is playing a character named Rob Ford.
In Toronto, remembering when we used to think it was funny that people here elected Rob Ford
I'm really not comfortable with the fact that I look exactly like someone who would vote for Trump, Steven Harper, Rob Ford, Mike Harris...
Reminder, Canadians elected Rob Ford and Steven Harper. This is not the time for anyone to be smug. Help
This is America's karma for laughing at Rob Ford
lets not forget the most "open" city in the country voted Rob Ford as it's Mayor. Taps into the same feelings.
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I keep remembering how none of us in Toronto believed it was possible for Rob Ford to be elected right up until he was.
dumb things former Mayors say about Rob Ford - Barbara Hall dispenses cliched poetry in place of any semblence of l…
During my first summer internship at the Globe, I spent the summer at City Hall covering Rob Ford. This ain't no co…
Guys. I'm ready to say it. Bill Mitchell is my new Rob Ford.
We Went to Rob Ford’s Post-Funeral Party to Hear the Best and Worst Ford Stories
the crack thing is funny tho. a younger and still-alive Rob Ford
Even America's Rob Ford is ten times bigger and better than ours was.
And Americans were making fun of rob ford.
Now that's the story that will sink him. Did it for Rob Ford here in Canada.
voted Trump who cloned Rob Ford & made him Vice President, see you in rehab...
On page 146 of 320 of Stories I Only Tell My, by Rob Lowe: That Francis Ford Coppola is ...
hey, any use in using the Rob Ford vote splitting that happened in Toronto to sway the undecided? -xoxo gossipgirl
Rob Ford you worse than piece of garbage Bret Hart
Rob Ford and Donald Trump were in the back smoking crack before the debate.
This has to be the weirdest group of people in one picture & not the good kind of weird. And is that Rob Ford?
TBH I'm more about the Rob Ford in the back
Rob Ford wasn't 70 years old. He died at the ripe old age of 46.
Trump's alleged (really, who doubts it) n-word Apprentice footage is Rob Ford's crack tape. Except stakes and ransom higher.
is it true you're running for mayor of Toronto with the backing of the recently departed Honorable Rob Ford?
@ America, remember when yall were making fun of Canadians because of Rob Ford ? Well ...
Was trying to not have his brains eaten by zombie Rob Ford last night
I added a video to a playlist Ezra Levant's exclusive interview with former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Ken Bone is actually Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in disguise.
I remember us wondering how Toronto elected Rob Ford. It's not so crazy now.
Who will history judge as the more ludicrous politician: Rob Ford or Donald Trump? or
"Let the people decide, in making up their allegiance, whether they will follow the Builders or those who seek to tear down". — Henry Ford.
{Am I t ONLY one making comparison of Debate-SNIFFIN' Trump to Rob FORD, t CRACK-SMOKIN' M…
Rob Riggle as Col Sanders is like a Ford Festiva trying to pass as a Corvette.
you befriended Rob Ford. You can be an honorary Canadian. 🇨🇦
Remember Marvin Berry and Rob Ford? 2016 doesn't have the monopoly on crazy candidates
Trying to discern the endgame of the mysterious man pulling 's strings... Is it the return of Rob Ford???…
I thought Rob Ford died. What's he doing there?
I saw same pile on in Rob Ford deal.He needed help but they went 4 jugular. *** democracy. were all in on it
You forgot - The election of crack-user-spoiled-man-child, Rob Ford, as Mayor. I know he's dead but he was still a reprobate.
So, much like Rob Ford, our healthcare system is not perfect.
Rob Ford is back and was at the debate last night
The guy just to the right of Hillary at 0:21 looks almost like Rob Ford.
Hey America, remember how you laughed at Rob Ford? You laughed and you laughed
in my early 20s i lived with a guy who suffered from that. I saw them in Rob Ford, and knew what his wife was going through
smaller pond but ex Toronto Mayor Rob Ford comes to mind.
One thing D Trump has done is make the late Rob Ford look good.
This is from July 25, 2015. Ivor, who wrote a book on Rob Ford, said we just entered Stage 5.
This is the Rob Ford crack video all over again.
Rob Ford certainly wasn't a likable character, but at least he wasn't a fascist like Trump.
He had a relationship with an underage girl, got arrested a bunch of other times, and is now leading an election:
Rob Ford back from the dead and in debate audience.
These comments from Morrissey camp are shocking & offensive. They reflect a history of divisive behavior.
The ghost of Rob Ford was there, too, apparently.
My reading:The same kind of vexatious lawsuit used to try to bring down Rob Ford (for which his adversaries never apologized!)
MSM and Clinton News Network very upset that Trump did well in last night's debate. Does relentless persecution rem…
“Trump’s sniffles ‘ABSOLUTELY’ a sign of cocaine use” Are we sure ghost of Rob Ford hasn’t just taken over Trump?
Rob says one of biggest regrets of series finale was not having Ford and Dipper properly say goodbye to each other
Ward 2 Councillor Michael Ford speaks at his first Toronto Council meeting since replacing his late uncle Rob Ford.
Danny McBride & Jody Hill need to drop this Vice Principal crap and take on the Rob Ford story.
Send alert to Daniel Dale...maybe he can sleuth it down like he did with Rob Ford! he blocked me, thus I am unable.
Rob Ford smoked crack in a Canadian-designed chair by designer Tom Deacon cc
Now you can finally watch the infamous Rob Ford crack tape
ROY GREEN | Doug Ford reacts to the release of the Rob Ford "Crack" Video
What is the point of releasing the Rob Ford video now? The man is already dead. Let him - and his demons - rest.
let Rob Ford rest In peace, why are they slandering my father's name with this crack video again like we didn't let it die 2 yrs ago
Robyn Doolittle - who first broke the story - on the release of the Rob Ford crack video
Unm. So "headline news" today is the release of a video of Rob Ford smoking crack. But THIS barely...
So. Rob Ford is dead. Now they release a video of him smoking crack. The man is dead why can't they let him rest in peace.
Finally here is the infamous video Release of Rob Ford crack video closes 'tumultuous chapter' in Toronto’s history
with all the news in Canada like meteor show like the hear wave like the OLYMPICS what do the morons do the play the Rob Ford video.
conservatives when media reported on conservative rob ford crack smoking tape. "Lies" "show it" Conservaties when it's rele…
Vancouver trends now: Phelps, Rob Ford, pennyoleksiak, Burnaby and MiracleTreatDay.
Video has finally been released of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack.
.believes that Rob Ford must have frequented one *** of a **quote** "Posh crack den" 🙄
good ole rob ford. I picked him up death pool
The Rob Ford video ultimately adds to our understanding, but it sadly comes too late:
Is this video of Rob Ford necessary? The guy is dead. Have some respect.
thinks it's ok to show a dead man (Rob Ford) smoking crack. I would rather a high Ford running this province than a sober Wynne.
Rob Ford crack video let loose flurry of heated warnings and frantic phone calls among may…
I was not a Rob Ford fan. It's disrespectful to release this as he has passed away. Think of his family. taste
Rob Ford Knows a phat badass that trips jugs
Trump, RNC Plan 'Come to Jesus' Meeting Wonder if this will be anything like Rob and Doug Ford's "CTJ" moment?
Forget the crack video. This is the video you need to see:
to me, what was graphic and offensive in the late Rob Ford crack smoking video, was the Justin Trudeau slander
Releasing that Rob Ford crack video now is a really low life move. What purpose does it have now.
Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dead of cancer at 46
U are messed up, dragging a dead man's name in the mud. Let Rob Ford R.I.P. How quickly ppl forget about all the good someone does.
Why does the media not let Rob Ford rest in peace? Leave him alone, focus on some real news for once😡
Video of Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine can finally be made public. .
Look here's how to track and field this Rob Ford posthumous "revelation" vid thing. Does it make Gawker at large happy? (Y/N) If Y, then cry
I worked a couple doors down from Rob Ford when he was a Councillor. The man was homophobic. I saw it. Let's not get into revisionism, folks
Me, the Rob Ford crack video, and my one regret via
I liked Rob Ford. Hope his family is doing ok. It's been sad for them. He was loved by a lot of people.
Is there societal gain in releasing the video of Rob Ford smoking crack? Tabloid journalism at best. Classless. Let the man rest peace.
No I will not watch Rob Ford's crack video. Was never a supporter of his, but the man is dead. Let it be.
CBC showing shockingly poor taste showing video of Rob Ford smoking and ranting profanities, during Olympic Games Broadcast.
"That infamous video of the late Rob Ford smocking crack has finally been made public" I love CBC
Rob Ford has passed and toronto's major media outlets have decided to honour his passing by releasing the vid of him smoking Crack
Hunter Tootoo is liberal so he gets privacy unlike Rob Ford. MSM seems to target Christians & Republicans imo.
CBC of course going nuts hyping the just released Rob Ford smoking crack video because smearing a dead person's memory is…
Gawker's and (then) Star's lied about what Ford had said
Authorities release infamous video of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack
why would you show that Rob Ford video?
I disliked Rob Ford greatly. His opinions were so against mine, but what is the point of this? No need to walk on his grave.
The public is now allowed to see the video of late former mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine.
Who cares if Rob Ford was smoking crack? His life is not for our consumption. (
remeber when Scott Brison joked about Rob Ford potentially being shot by *** Cheney? You have a blog on it right? Link pls?
It's becoming clear that Rob Ford, a man who was terribly addicted to booze & drugs, could stay on message better than…
I'm sure media will offer more consideration than Rob Ford was given.
I did enjoy the Trump booster telling to basically "shut up because Rob Ford", that was high comedy all things considered
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Just in..Mikey Ford vcty. in late uncle Rob Ford riding now being invest.; new Wiki-Leaks show Debbie Wasserman-Schultz w/him!
Rex Murphy: What do Rob Ford, the Brexit and Donald Trump have in common? via
Rob Ford was a drug addict...these two are psychotics!
This is literally just in response to Rob Ford posting updated polls
Justin Trudeau is doing the same thing that Rob Ford did after I prophesied his death. Ignorance is bliss.
one word. HILARIOUS. this happens to politicians all the time. Rob Ford, Stephen Harper! No one cared then. Why now?
ATTENTION AMERICA: our city elected Rob Ford as mayor after people got fed up with "left-wing" David Miller. It did not go great for us!
My memories page today is full of Rob Ford crack movie memories. Three years later he is dead and Doug Ford may...
No, I don't think she ever did. Just the unholy trinity of Rob Ford, Doug Ford and Trustee Sam.
In our latest doc, we investigate an alleged Toronto gang linked to former-mayor Rob Ford:
Kathleen sure treated elected mayor Rob Ford well. Ignored him. But did go 2his funeral.
Rob Ford,the embattled Former Toronto Mayor would have been 47 today.
I'm just glad dabbing wasn't cool when Rob Ford was in office as mayor. Imagine how much he woulda dabbed. Actually imagine.
Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford would have been 47 today.
In Linwood Barclay's excellent FAR FROM TRUE, mayor Randall Finley reminded me strongly of the late Rob Ford. Wonder if it…
Current Toronto Mayor John Tory shares the exact same birthday today as previous Toronto Mayor, the late Rob Ford
People thought there was no way Rob Ford could be elected mayor of Toronto. Most people thought Trump couldn't get the Rep nod.
I liked a video TorCon 2014 - Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins Panel (Ft. Little Girl and Rob Ford)
I believe that if Rob Ford was still mayor he'd hire hunters to get those High Park crappy-bears because tax payers.
Well if Rob Ford were still mayor...
I’m being followed on IG by the biggest dbag real estate agent. He has pics w/ Doug & Rob Ford and someone who looks like Snow
He's the world's worst mayor since Marion Barry, Rob Ford, & Buddy Cianci are dead.
Donald Trump is like former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. He got the job & then realized he was incompetent ,took 2 drugs 2 escape
I have doubled my collection of stress balls. Rob Ford, meet Apple. Apple, Mayor Ford.
No different than Rob Ford's cleaning graffiti. This stunt wouldn't be needed if Mayor better funded Urban Forestry.
I still shed manly tears for Rob Ford aka North America's Mayor.
I've no idea what kind of offices they have in Canadia. I thought Canadia had a Mayor named Rob Ford until recently.
BREAKING: Rob Ford, Former Toronto mayor has died, his chief of staff confirmed this morning.
Say what you want about Rob Ford but the man had a backbone...he never bowed down to public pressure like the joke Mayor we have now.
it's official. Mayor John Tory lost the respect of about half the city. We voted this guy over Rob Ford.
Rob Ford is dead 46. Stephen Harper is retiring at 57. Dog Ford lost the election. Jason Kenney is still menacing us. God is working.
Rob Ford plowing into lady at Toronto City Hall knocking her over didn't get as much MSM attention compared to PMJT already . . Gee..
Instead they think this is worse than that time Rob Ford knocked over Cllr. Mary McConnell.
The one good thing about Donald Trump is that Americans have stopped making fun of Toronto for electing Rob Ford as Mayor.
*** I miss Rob Ford as mayor. He kept his promises and did so much for the city! R.I.P 😞😞
People knew about Toronto when Rob Ford was mayor... Just sayin'
How is it possible the mayor of Toronto after Rob Ford is even more interesting? Probably less fun to party with.
John Tory, Norm Kelly, Rob Ford, Mel Lastman. Maybe the problem is voting in a mayor with 3 or less syllables in their entire name.
Then again, Rob Ford was their mayor for how long?
LMFAO. This probably a lot better than if Rob Ford was still mayor (RIP).
To all those who say they'll move to Canada if Trump is elected: their biggest city elected Rob Ford as mayor.
mayor is an *** . to think he thinks he is any better than Rob Ford? My *** Even on Crack Rob was aware!!
... if people really cared what a mayor said, they woulda listened to Toronto's Rob Ford ...
my God, that's Toronto's mayor Rob Ford. He's not dead, they lied to me.
Some guy from Toronto is trolling me about how we elected Trump as President. Not President & Toronto elected Rob Ford as mayor
Also the scene in the credits with Rob Ford's Deputy Mayor is hilarious
Trump is going to reanimate Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and make him his running mate. Trump/Zombie Rob Ford 2016!
If you don't think it's possible that Donald Trump might get elected just remember Rob Ford got elected to be mayor of Canada's biggest city
As so often the case, a weird parallel in the Rob Ford saga:
Rob Ford said he was Ian from Etobicoke. . Donald Trump said he was John Miller!. Insecurity?.
. Cda has similar proportion *** to U.S.'s and. Trawna elected Rob Ford as MAYOR, hm?
. Sadly. That Pantomime worked for Rob Ford who was elected Mayor of Toronto
I liked a video The Death of a Mayor: The Tragic End of Rob Ford
Member of BBC Election Night Team Writes Crude Anti-Sturgeon Slogan and Graphic - "Professor" Rob Ford of the
"Tomorrow, we'll have Norman Y. Mineta, the corpse of Rob Ford, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and the Tooth Fairy. Tune in!"
American friends: six years ago we refused to believe Rob Ford could become our mayor. Don't think it can't happen. Mak…
I think would make a great mayor for Toronto. He is well know, Canadian and is very Rob Ford-ish.
You have to remember, we had Rob Ford. He was an incredible mayor.
My initial reaction to a giphy search for Mayor McCheese that only turns up Rob Ford gifs.
Anyone who followed the electoral saga of Toronto's Mayor, Rob Ford will love this show.Art imitates life!!
All purpose parts banner
Rob Ford, Former Toronto mayor, dead at 46. Read the full obituary
Remember how Rob Ford's 2010 lead started off as a rumour spread for fun by Mayor Miller's Office?
My sister looked an awful lot like ex mayor Rob Ford...
I do now. No, dude no ⚡️ Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has died.
FYI, Rob Ford was mayor or Toronto, Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister of Canada. U.S COULD have a Trudeau but you would
reminds me of the former mayor of Toronto, the late Rob Ford who used irrational campaigning.
it's actually kinda sad to watch another version of Rob Ford staring up in your country Marc. Sad, but funny.
Rob Ford: Same Game, Same a Rules. Sounds like a plan to me.
remember when Rob Ford was at the dew
Making things harder for car drivers in Toronto got Rob Ford elected as Mayor. 2/2
cp24 baiting u wake up-Same fait as Rob ford!why do u think your special!usra Khogali: "Plz Allah give me strength not to kill
Only thing that disappoints about is the lack of Rob Ford references. Thought this album was about Toronto?
Sure, you may own a Rob Ford bobble head but I doubt you have smelled a fart that the man dealt. I have both.
go rams! Lol you look like the late rob ford
Salt Lake CF Shane Robinson with one of the greatest catches I have ever seen to rob Darren Ford of an extra base hit here in SLC featured in NBC s Science of Love
this shows how Rob Ford Must Go bums and dweebs didn't have a clue, and still don't. Caple is a prime example
he dropped that policy when he lost to Rob Ford
I took them out for chicken and then back to my apartment to drink. Rob Ford would have done no differently.
sounds like the leafs, the only thing they should be grateful for is not having Rob Ford as an owner Kappa
I could think of several other words too.."So you think, no way, can't win? Two words for you: Rob For…
It's not that I think Kanye is superhuman. It's that he does. I have no empathy with him. He's the Rob Ford of music. With a little talent.
why? They were filming Hannibal in Canada when the Rob Ford thing was going on.
so us non Jamaican black kids,can understand it,break out in it.It's literally all around. Rob Ford has videos talking patois
Not one resident has come up to me and said they agree with the Mayor's office. Rob Ford had more support.
This is almost precisely what Rob Ford said when Tyson endorsed him.
"By the way, there’s no such thing as a gang called the Dixon Bloods in my area." -
Don't delude yourselves fellow Canadians, these same issues are what got mayor Rob Ford elected...(imo)
And a petition, with far more signatures, that nothing should be named after Rob Ford.
Heard they doing Tokyo but hey..there's always DLC. I'm sure the PC heads will mod up Rob Ford though.
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