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Rob Delaney

Robert Delaney (born September 8, 1984 in Westwood, New Jersey) is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Miami Marlins organization.

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I've moved onto Rob Delaney's stand-up now.
Had no idea about Rob Delaney's past. What an incredible guy
“Am I the only one that doesn't find Rob Delaney funny?”
Can anyone explain how Rob Delaney isn't the president yet?
I bet rob delaney took pictures of his mangina
NEW gets candid about his new memoir & fame w/
if I can't have Rob Delaney I'll take his protege
Rob Delaney on the symptoms of depression. Accurate, heartbreaking, eye-opening.
I asked the lady at the bookstore if they had your book. She replied with "Who the *** is Rob Delaney?"
Pretty sure Rob Delaney and Todd Glass are the same person.
is this the video with Brian baumgartner and rob Delaney because this is already looking like it will be all kinds of perfect.
I never get through a whole episode, PC is unfunny. Rob Delaney on the other hand holds it together when he's on!
Rob Delaney is one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen. He's also one of the most intelligent people. More Rob Delaneys should exist.
I'm so glad rob delaney is in touch with his dreads
I nominate for a Shorty Award in because he makes Rob Delaney look like Dane Cook.
I wonder how many people have bought Rob Delaney's book just so they could take a picture of it and get a RT
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
You know who isn't funny? Patton Oswalt. He's not as unfunny as Rob Delaney or Family Guy, but he's highly overrated. HIGHLY. Time for bed.
I wanna say rob delaney may have invented it. Notorious for it. Would make sense. King of tw
I stopped trusting you when you followed Rob Delaney.
Rob Delaney, do these sneakers look familiar??
Rob Delaney: It's probably not love if you don't press your face to the toilet seat after they've used it to feel their warmth.
I-vibrator Egg -Strawberry ( 4 Pack ). Find out more: Egg -Strawberry ( 4 Pack ), I can barely take care of myself: tales from a happy life without kids Bad monkey I never metaphor i didn't like: a comprehensive compilation of history's greatest analogies, metaphors, and similes The de-textbook: the stuff you didn't know about the stuff you thought you knew Still foolin' 'em: where i've been, where i'm going, and where the *** are my keys? Mistress The training: the submissive trilogy Bringing up bébé: one american mother discovers the wisdom of french parenting Dune Usa today jumbo puzzle book 2: 400 brain games for every day After the affair: healing the pain and rebuilding trust when a partner has been unfaithful, 2nd edition Healthy sleep habits, happy child Atlas shrugged The submissive: the submissive trilogy Expatriates: a novel of the coming global collapse The interestings: a novel Complete me (stark) You might be a zombie and other bad news: shocking but utterly true facts Rob del ...
The Adam Carolla Show is brand new with special guests Dr. Spaz and Rob Delaney! was once called "A fat Jon Hamm" Have you ever been compared to a celebrity with a 'flaw'? We wanna hear about it in the comments.
Rob Delaney is playin Philly in March and I am elated.
Get tickets to Rob Delaney at Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA on 03/28/14
Today's podcast with TV Guide's Michael Schneider, Rob Delaney, Adam Carolla, Sara McMann, Daniel Cormier and more is now available to download.
I'm a Runner: Rob Delaney I'm a Runner: Rob Delaney The comedian talks about what running means to him, and why he doesn't talk about it in his act. I'm A Runner: Drew Carey
Rob Delaney: Rob Delaney is a writer/stand up originally from Boston and graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Much of Delaney’s success can be attributed to his massive following of over 650,000 followers that grows every day. In 2012, he won the award for “Funniest Person...
Watch the video I Was in Jail in a Wheelchair on Yahoo News . Comedian Rob Delaney opens up about his struggle with addiction and mental health issues.
Rob Delaney...never complain about the kitties again. This could be Games or the land shark. Lol
“Running is special. We’ve all done it: well, poorly, focused, in fear, being pursued, toward a goal. It’s just elemental. Running is like fire.” -- Rob Delaney
Kissing your sons is vital to their emotional development. Doug Zeigler tells us why. I have two sons that I kiss every day I’m with them. They’re not babies, either. My oldest son is 9 and my youngest son is 6. I give them kisses regardless of whether it be in public or private. I’m proud of the fact that they aren’t worried about how it looks to strangers or who sees them puckering up to lay one on their dad’s scruffy face. I like when both of them grab the patch of hair on my face that passes for a beard and tell me I need to shave because it’s scratchy when I give them a kiss good night. Being a very affectionate human myself, I don’t see this as anything but showing my boys that I love them. But when I look at, and I mean REALLY look at, fathers and how they interact with their sons when I’m in public, I feel like I’m in the minority. Comedian Rob Delaney recently posted something on his Tumblr account that was printed in an Australian magazine named Smith Journal about men kissing ...
Oh, that Rob Delaney. What a sillypants he is!
Hello there, The UK. Rob Delaney here, overweight author and drinker of Monmouth Coffee whenever I’m in town. I know I shouldn’t open with an advert, but Christ’s Scimitar, have you tried that stuff?...
Heads up! Another contest coming this afternoon... right here on fb! Winner gets Rob Delaney tix, RSC comedy albums, and a prize from Ticketstorm!
8 mile run in the rain this morning with my sweet hubby Rob Delaney.that is how we start 2014
'Another reason to not have kids is that you will ROUTINELY look at their filthy little feet & think “This is better than a sunset.” Madness' Rob Delaney. 2014 is yours for the taking. Count your blessings everyday and it will be a beautiful year :)
Shouldn't there have been ONE scene in The Karate Kid where Daniel's mom was like "Why are you constantly in that old man's shed?" -Rob Delaney
The only thing I miss about being a is my friends asking me to smell their fingers. My adult bros always hog that nectar. - Rob Delaney Dec 30 2013
When I was a kid I wanted a pet giraffe & swinging saloon doors for my bedroom, but then I found out about boobs. -Rob Delaney
"I'll practically *** to photographs of abandoned and dilapidated buildings. And old mental hospitals? Don't get me started." - Rob Delaney
"Here’s just one reason the way I raise my sons matters to the world at large: my sons will one day wander out into the world and meet your daughters." Preach, Rob Delaney:
With this extra Christmas money I may end up getting a record player and Rob Delaney and Keith Richard's books. Solid choices if you ask me..
"This Christmas is bittersweet, for as a Straight White Male Christian Patriot, I am now persecuted & disrespected by local teens 24/7." - Rob Delaney
Christmas reading list: Rob Delaney (title to long to type), Patti Smith "Just Kids" and Dave Eggers "The Circle."
Now on sale! Rob Delaney tickets: the Buffalo tickets: tickets:
For a holiday treat, we give you these great new shows & more! On sale now are Rob Delaney (3/28), Gary Numan Official (3/23), Memphis May Fire (3/04) and Slaughterhouse (4/25). For tickets and more information head to and grab the perfect last minute gift for the people on your list!
rob delaney: .Sarah Palin Ted Cruz Please share my video in support of hero's 1st & 2nd amendment rights:
Eric Andre, Rob Delaney & The Birthday Boys (so hopefully Bob Odenkirk). Seriously, this line up is stacked! Who's coming with me? Bueller? Bueller?
Not sure if stand-up is your thing, but Rob Delaney, Moshe Kasher, Marc Maron, Todd Glass all have very good new(ish) specials.
ICYMI ROB deputy editor Rob Delaney and presentation editor Liza Sardi leave Globe as part of company management cuts
Book Review: Rob Delaney: Rob Delaney is a comedian. I don’t know if I even know who he is. But books by comed...
Come on news outlets. We simply don't have enough stories on Russell Brand and Rob Delaney!
Hurricane Sandy is a reminder of why Medicaid is so important | Rob Delaney | The Guardian
Rob Delaney should have a few good jokes as well.
So has written a brilliant piece on how men should defend a woman's right to abortion:
Starting the Rob Delaney stand up special. Bet it ***
Please redirect all Rob Delaney complaints to
not watching the rest of the Rob Delaney standup we started yesterday?
indeed. Followed it up with Detropia...and now a Rob Delaney stand up
Pregnant women are beautiful. And they fart a lot, so double bonus. -- rob delaney (...or burp
Rob Delaney is going to be at the Wilbur Theater July 26th! Stay with us after the show!
aha yes, ninja. I enjoyed it, fwiw. And that was before your big rob delaney RT. I only remember all this cause it was all>
rob delaney just referred to a comedy show as a jokes concert. I am dying.
got favorited by rob delaney so I guess things are ok
Sweet, 350 followers. I'm statistically 1/2559th as funny as Rob Delaney.
Listening to Rob Delaney. He failed to mention that the Asians in the national parks are all working as surveyors.
I'm going to miss Rob Delaney in Boston by three days...
I rap harder than Rob Delaney. When he realizes that it will get rainy. In his butt he will get a painy.
*Person follows me*. First three things on TL: Ricky Gervais, "Ted" and Rob Delaney RT's. Yeah uh, no follow back for you. Yes, you.
I made my dad watch Rob Delaney and he cried of laughter
Bucket List. -Play horse with Michael Jordan. -Sing with Norah Jones. -Put an almond in my butt with Rob Delaney. -Pray with his holiness the Da
If anyone wants to get tickets to see Rob Delaney in Boston I'M TOTALLY DOWN
I watched the Rob Delaney comedy special on Netflix. It was beautiful
Rob Delaney: Simultaneously horrifying my mother and increasing my confidence each and every day
Hey, Rob Delaney and Margaret Atwood: Get a room! -
Update your maps at Navteq
the real rob delaney is scarier than the fake one and frankly I am not sure if I can handle this podcast.
Rob Delaney is great. I don't care what anyone says.
Wasn't Rob Delaney the one who ripped off Norm Macdonald? The van/sandwich bit.
If I can't marry Mark Ruffalo or Marcus Ziegler I choose Rob Delaney
By the way! We just watched your Wits show with Rob Delaney and Kelly Hogan and we hate you now bc you're also so funny ;)
Orioles Insider: Orioles acquire catcher Chris Snyder from Angels for RHP Rob Delaney why do we need a sing…
Rob Delaney: I so love my kids, I can be envious of my wife for carrying them when pregnant. But I care about her right to choose just as much
I'm a loser for missing Rob Delaney
Recommend me some American comedians who are not Doug Stanhope, Louis CK, Rob Delaney or Sarah Silverman.
I do not understand the appeal of Rob Delaney. He's as funny as wet socks in 43 degree weather.
Sub-Par What do you get when you cross Caddyshack with Christopher Guest? Maybe something like this country club-set mockumentary starring Marc Evan Jackson,...
"If something is funny to a group of men and it isn’t funny to a group of women, it isn’t funny." - Rob Delaney
Just saw the hilarious Jim Norton and Hannibal Burress crush at The Comedy Cellar...Oh, Aziz Ansari and Rob Delaney dropped in as well. Wotevs.
Comment your name and who likes the comment thinks your Cute/pretty
Alright my friends.i need you help. What is that one song that when it comes on u cant help but shake it to the beat?? I need new music for Buti!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
LA-based comedian Rob Delaney caught up with his friend, the Mountain Goats' frontman John Darnielle, at home in Durham, North Carolina; the two discussed suicide, fatherhood, adoption, dance, improvising, and digital high-fives.
Flights booked.. Visa approved.. this day next week ill be heading for Australia!! Goodbye Ireland :)
"You can go out every friday night to party... but partying while broke and struggling paycheck to paycheck seems illogical to me. A better idea - bust your butt for 18months, save your drinking money, your party money, put it to builder packs and travel expenses. In 2 years we can rent out an entire club in Vegas and party like a boss...but 2$ calls buying drinks on a credit card at the local bar for girls you will never see again is cool too. You can play video games for 6 hours straight. A better idea - spend that same time on skypes and conference calls learning how to build a monster business. You probably sucked at halo and fifa the first time you played it... but after the 1742hrs you spent playing, you are freakin God. Spend 1742hrs doing Vemma and educating yourself and I bet you will be able to play halo on the times square big screen if you want to. You can complain and moan about how your first 4 sign-ups are not juggernauts yet...What makes you think that 4 phone calls should produce a $10,00 ...
Loveing he way June is shaping Telford with Roger Swift the Neath with Paul James and Gary Delaney ..Joxers big good by with Neil Reading and Rob Halden its gonna be great
Review and photographs by Rudy Lu The blues is a musical genre spawned by spirituals, work songs and field hollers from the South. But it's also the forefather of so many more contemporary American...
There are some things that can't be celebrated enough. One of those things is cheese.
We are proud to honor the Lincoln Middle School Students of the Month at our luncheons at Gladish View Room. Honored recently for May 2013 were, for GRADE 6: Alan Ndambuki, whose parents are Mercy Ndambuki and Rob Mutisya; GRADE 7: Kaden Hildenbrand, whose parents are Kasee and Kyle Hildenbrand; and GRADE 8: Delaney Williams, whose parent is Rosiland Williams. Honored as fine citizens of LMS. Congratulations!
The office of Defence Minister Peter MacKay requested an investigation by the military’s elite investigative arm last year after an Ottawa Citizen journalist published information contained in a press release.
Eddard Stark, now Rob Stark! George RR Martin is the real kingslayer. Stop murdering my fantasy heroes and role models.
rob delaney (3:26 PM Game of Thrones? Not on my watch! This is a King of Queens household, thank you very much!
These podcasts are great, with guests like, David Mitchell, Graham Linehan, Charlie Brooker and Rob Delaney and Rich's silliness, I guess that's not surprising!
Mommy/Daddy friends: Did anyone's little ones have side effects for shots for more than 48 hours? Delaney had them Friday morning and still is having a rough time :(. Did your kiddos have more difficulty with one series more than another? (Like 4 month shots more difficult than 2 month). We're just trying to figure out if its still the shots giving her a rough time or if something else is up...
For each and every one of you on my friends list, I catch myself looking at your pictures, sharing jokes and news, as well as support during good and bad times. I am also happy to have you among my friends. We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end. If you appreciate your friends from all over the world, go ahead and copy this into your status too, even if just for a minute. I'm going to be watching to see who takes care of the friendship, just like me. Thank you all for being a part of my life. Copy and paste, don't share
So close to school being out for summer! Hang in there guys! Alison is already in Munich and Friday Delaney is off to Italy!
Does anyone know what the two most noble words are in the world?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Good having mates to watch your back Ryan Delaney Luke Dempsey Alex Pepper Eric Hook Man Phelan Benny Lukoki :)
Hey everyone, turtleman is back with new episodes at 9 on a animal planet! If you have never seen him his old shows have been all day , and he rescues stranded animals and relocates them to safer places! Once you watch him one time you won't want to miss him! The show is actually called "Call of the Wildman"
"When a guy calls a woman a 'feminazi,' it would be a funny joke for her to work him to death and then cook him in an oven." -Rob Delaney
Who wants to go see Rob Delaney next week?
X rays have confirmed Danny McGuire has suffered a break to his fibula bone in his leg, he will have further scans on Monday Kallum Watkins will have scans early next week on ligament injury
The Rhinos trail 12-0 after 20 minutes at KC Stadium with Ben Crooks scoring the home side's second try after a break by Lineham, who out jumped Ryan Hall to take a Sinfield cross field kick and race clear. Hull had a try disallowed for Kirk Yeaman after the replay showed he had knocked on but the Rhinos have been dealt with another blow with Kallum Watkins helped from the field with a leg injury midway through the half
Very proud of my son Robbie Delaney on his great report from school lv ya x
My hour special, "Rob Delaney Live at the Bowery Ballroom" is available at
A very hot day + 4 hours walking around at Jersey Garden + my 4 year old nephew in uncomfortable shoes = the BEST birth control ever!!
First attempt at mustache wax seems to be more of a moisturizer - fail. Seeing Dimitri Martin for free tonight in just a few - win.
Darwin Trial Perspective! Today Zoocheck representatives attended the first day of the trial to determine custody of Darwin the IKEA monkey. On the stand for the entire day was Yasmin Nakhuda, Darwin’s former “owner.” She initiated the lawsuit in an attempt to regain custody of Darwin. In many respects, today’s proceedings were disturbing and provided clear evidence as to why monkeys should never be kept as pets. The day also provided a glimpse into the uncontrolled, largely hidden, trade in exotic animals. No matter the outcome of this particular case, the body of material it has generated should prove invaluable to anyone working to stem the exotic animal pet trade. Day 2 of the trial is tomorrow.
Congratulations to Marlon Williams and Delaney Davidson - winners of the APRA Best Country Song of the Year 2013 with their song 'Bloodletter'. A big thank you to the finalists - Rob Joass and Jess Shanks for travelling down to the awards in Gore and the Mataura Licensing Trust for organising another exceptional awards night.
What is the ugliest word in the English language?
A night of deep house and classics with the original Ibiza party boy... BRANDON BLOCK!!! The whole night is being broadcast live on OTB Radio ! ( Also confirmed are Luke "nukem" Delaney, Rich "Guru" F and Pure Resident Rob Deluxe... £5 Before Midnight, £7 after... Arrive early! This is gonna be massive
Only one more sleep! Can't wait to hit the decks after the blockster! DJ line up 10pm -11pm Luke 'Nukem' Delaney 11pm - midnight Rich Guru Fletcher Midnight - 2am "BRANDON BLOCK" 2am - 3am Rob Deluxe 3am - 4am Rich F & Rob D Back 2 Back! 4am - 5am Lets see how smashed we are!
The homie right here. This girl was one of the main factors that lead me to come to Oakwood. everytime I come home we get up. Just one of those things. She's moving to MI so I wil def be coming to check you out and execute judgement on anyone who needs to get dealt with. I.Love.You my sister in Christ! Jerrica DeLaney by the way we dont have any pics together, that need to be remedied!
Some people just needed to flip out ,, and they don't even know it .
We are going to paint the rock on June 6th. Who wants to join us?
“I will not talk to someone who has less than 10 toes. I am LACK TOES INTOLERANT.” — Gilbert Gottfried “I know I’m not mentally qualified to own a gun, because at least five times a day I think, ‘I wish I had a gun right now.’ ” — Jim Norton “The story of the Titanic speaks to me, because I once tripped over a bag of ice at a party and then killed over 1,500 people.” — Rob Delaney “If you ever get stuck talking to a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, punch them in the face. Then spend the next half hour explaining how that punch actually came from inside their own head so they can know how annoying it is.” — David Kinney “When I see someone smoking an electronic cigarette, I know that person used to be cool.” — Josh Comers “Everyone thinks I’m a weirdo for carrying a canned ham everywhere — until someone wants a sandwich.” — Jim Gaffigan
The Alternative Line Up has arrived and the odds on favourite, Russell Kane, does indeed take on headline duties.
Russell Kane, Rob Delaney, Mark Thomas and more announced for Reading and Leeds Alternative Stage
Rob Delaney and Shappi Khorsandi at Reading festival?! Oh my god, this evening has been wonderful
People u got any plumbers numbers please?
Worth pointing out I fancy them COS they're funny, & I don't fancy Rob Delaney or Shappi Khorsandi and they're well good
Comedians, Novelty Dance Offs, Rebel Bingo, music and more for the Alternative Stage at Reading!
Trip Advisor review of a hotel I once stayed at: '"I echo the sentiments of the previous reviewer. The ambience is lacking to be sure, but the food is like angels copulating on your tongue."
What a great day with family and friends in the park! Delaney was over the moon!!! And the weather was better than expected! Kirstan Carroll Beatty, Tiffanie Pierce Salach, Rob Salach, Jessica Bottorff, Cathy Carroll-Metcalf
Bridal shower bachelorette extravaganza day!!! First with Tess Wymore and then Andrea Reese... Thanks to Katie DeLaney Seifert for being my partner in crime for this crazy day :-) . Rob Munn, Justin Seifert D C, and Brock Faulhaber... We miss you, hope you're having a great time, because we're going to!!! Love you all :-)
Well a wonderful graduation party ends quickly with a trip to the ER -_- diagnosis...hubby has a kidney stone!
"I'm the cool parent" I yell at my family till were all shaking and crying - rob Delaney
Rob Doyle Conor Carberry Darren Delaney yous might like this...
' rob delaney Heart-wrenching scene in new Fast & Furious when Vin Diesel docks with Paul Walker & *** blasts him out of the flaming wreckage of a Viper. '
Finally getting somewhere with this remix. I think the levels might be nearly there but anyone out there with some decent monitors could let me kno...
surprise, surprise - the video about Mayor Rob Ford can't be found - shame on Toronto media for the handling of this issue and how badly the mayor has been treated. I am disgusted with the Star, CTV - in particular Austin Delaney and many other media outlets.
Hi everyone we are holding a chairty boxing night in the Urlingford Arms Hotel on saturday the 15th of june. Tickets are 15 euro each its in aid of a good charity all are welcome Entertainment after all the fights. The main event of the evening will be Taffy farrell of farrells pub freshford VS Rob delaney of delaneys pub barna IT will be a great night not to be missed hope to see all there Music after all the fights
Hannibal Burress and Rob Delaney within 10 days of each other? Welcome to Birmingham, Comedy Mecca.
Bummer. Just found out Rob Delaney, Tig Notaro, Kristen Schaal, Wyatt Cenac, and Aasif Mandvi performed this weekend at Bottlerock in Napa. I would've liked to see them. Wah wah.
Kristen Schaal, Anthony Jeselnik, Nick Kroll, Rob Delaney and Cecily Strong talk comedy for an hour with
Nick Kroll, Anthony Jeselnik, Rob Delaney, Kristen Schaal and Cecily Strong talk at the Comedy Roundtable
they sure b, Rob Delaney. They sure b.
not sure why I wrote it to rob delaney but you know, hey
Comedian sang the National Anthem at last night's Dodgers game like a hairy, middle-aged, angel. (VIDEO)
After Well's 80th pitch, and fourth walk in two innings, the yank him in favor of Rob Delaney. Two on, no outs for Tuscon.
I'm in SD waiting for Rob Delaney and I just saw a girl who looks like she has *** Foley in a headlock. Robs gonna cream!!
I don't hate Rob Delaney, but hating him makes me laugh.
When I think of Rob Delaney, I think of ***
I guess you forgot about me now that you found Rob Delaney eh?
For some reason Rob Delaney hate makes me laugh a lot.
Rob Delaney faved me. Farewell friends, ADIOS SUCKERS *levitates three feet high, drops back to earth, breaks ankle* please help, friends
I won Tickets to go see Rob Delaney!
Rob Delaney kinda looks like a regular Peter Dinklage.
“My final 2 shows TONIGHT. Tickets: are you dying? :(
This is difficult to watch. Why do people like Rob Delaney?
I don't wanna brag, but I've got like 4 or 5 rob Delaney favs under my belt (ok I do wanna brag)
'There once was a man from nantucket, w/ a...' ~Rob Delaney original thought
your boy Rob Delaney was in Woburn & you missed him
OMG based on this, could play Jean Valjean. So good. via
Rob delaney goes hard in the comedic paint
"How are you?" "I'm doing good." "Um ROB DELANEY DOES GOOD UR DOING WELL"
I thought I was Rob Delaney earlier this week too. Very scary. Almost hurt someone.
Tokyo Rose was pardoned the day Rob Delaney, they have something in common both liars.
I actually don't have a problem with that combo, I just think Rob Delaney is hilarious...
Angels trade Chris Snyder to Baltimore Orioles for Rob Delaney.Posted on April 28, 2013 by J.P. HoornstraThe Angels acquired another relief pitcher Sunday, trading minor-league catcher Chris Snyder to the Baltimore Orioles for right-hander Rob Delaney.Delaney, 28, has five games of major-league expe...
Rob Delaney isnt good enuff to be Jerry Sanduski's butthole hair, Jerry Sanduski's butthole hair has more value on earth then rob
Nothing worse then stealing another persons jokes, & Rob Delaney does it, he should be in comedy jail w/ Dane Cook & Carlos Mencia
You guys, I'm old enough to remember when following Rob Delaney was cool
He's like a cross between Rob Delaney and one of those weird monsters from Pan's Labyrinth.
.I'm no Rob Delaney but I'll be in your fine city on 7/3 & would like to sing your national anthem. I'll settle for 4 tickets though.
I don't think I've ever gotten sick of someone as fast as I did Rob Delaney.
Hey pervs, celebrate your anniversaries the way we do: with
On this evening, our Storytellers shared tales on the theme of Ch Ch Ch Changes - Stories of Transformation, Metamorphosis & That Awkward In-Between Stage
NEW podcast available for free on iTunes. THEME: Ch Ch Ch Changes featuring Katie Ward, Rob Delaney, Brian...
Preview and download the podcast Five Truths and a Lie » Featured Podcasts on iTunes. Read episode descriptions and customer reviews.
She raises stalking to an art form, and I know I'm not the only fotc fan who worries that...
The comedian Gary Delaney is here next Saturday, 11th May. Check him out on this clip from Dave's One Night Stand.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Be the first on your neighborhood to have the Rob Delaney board game!
This family is such an inspiration with what they have gone through. But every time I see them and talk to them they are always smiling. Rob, Jo, Bridgette and Delaney this video is a fantastic tribute to a wonderful young man taken to soon. And you also need owe me a new box of tissues as I can't stop crying after watching the video. Love you guys. xxx ooo
I found this series this morning and have watched him, Galifianakis, Nick Kroll, Nat Faxon, Rob Delaney, and Alison Brie
Oh my god, Rob Delaney's in Burning Down the House. Like this show needed to get any better:
Fans of Comedy! Tig Notaro is coming! Rob Delaney is coming! Check our calendar for dates and get tickets in...
The funniest thing about Kristen Schaal is that she looks like my friend Ryan. Now I need to find something funny about Rob Delaney...
I'll look into those. I like Rob Delaney, Hannibal Burress, and Chelsea Peretti currently.
did you know the CEO of McDobalds is also named Rob Delaney? Can u get him to *** me on linked in?
Rob Delaney is the Ben Affleck of stand up comedians.
TGIF, An in depth look at one of Katy Perry's classics.
Just got a star from Rob Delaney. I had better quit while I'm ahead.
Lmaooo I am in tears!! Rob Delaney got these clowns in my mentions Mel Gibson mad
If you take the 'yodel' out of Rob Delaney, you're left with baren, as in 'my murdered *** is barren', but with one r.
lol "Folks, here I present to you, Mr.Rob Delaney: Destroyer of *** and the leading cause of blue waffles around the globe."
Rob Delaney and Michael Ian Black are the 2 funniest people I follow
I heard Rob Delaney's Kimmell set is going to take over for Fallon in 2014.
Mike Van Diest AND *** Delaney in the same room? We just need Rob Ash for the Trifecta!
I just unfollowed rob delaney because he's not really funny as ppl who have 1/1000 as many followers.
Check out Rainn Wilson trying to be Rob Delaney
Rob Delaney interviewed by Vice magazine editor in chief about becoming a comedian, living on the beach, other things
I like how everyone is like "No way, I don't follow Rob Delaney!" Uhh... Clearly some of you are or he wouldn't have 800k followers.
hey I wonder if I indirect Rob Delaney will he favourite it... HEY ROB
Illustration I made for interview w/
Rob Delaney criticizing is like me telling a Calvin Klein underwear model he needs to work on his abs
Rob Delaney acknowledged my existence. You guys don't understand.
I don't think I want to follow Rob Delaney anymore. That's allowed, right?
Rob Delaney? More like Rob DELAYME for wortk with your hilarious
First Daniel Tosh, now Rob Delaney. Two of my favourite comedians who are doing shows the day after a leave...
ALERT ALERT, our own John Moe shares some tickety advice: "Potential Wits audience members: if you want to catch either the Kristen Schaal / Rufus Wainwright show on 4/19 or the Rob Delaney / Neko Case / Kelly Hogan show on 5/10, call the Fitz right now. Tickets will be sold out any second now." Dial: (651) 290-1200
I happen to like Gaffigan, Oswalt, Rock, Gervais, among others. Have heard great things about Tig Notaro and Rob Delaney
Killer line up at UCB including Paul F. Tompkins doing Cake Boss. Next up is Friday at the Largo w/ Rob Delaney and friends. Best friends.
Megan Amram is actually run by Rob Delaney. Rob Delaney is actually Ben Elton in a crotch-wig.
The line-up for this year is killer - KILLER! Neko Case, Paula Poundstone, Metric, Rob Delaney, Patton Oswalt, AC Newman, Tog Notaro
I want to switch things to pair Patton Oswalt up with Neko Case cause I don't care about Rob Delaney.
Here it is! March 15th: Paula Poundstone with Robyn Hitchcock March 29th: W. Kamau Bell with Brendan Benson April 12th: Kristen Schaal with Rufus Wainwright April 19th: Tig Notaro with Kathleen Edwards April 25th: Michael Ian Black with A.C. Newman May 3rd: Patton Oswalt with Ben Lee May 10th: Rob Delaney with Neko Case and Kelly Hogan May 31st: Colin Hanks with Jason Isbell June 7th: Hannibal Buress with Open Mike Eagle June 14th: David Koechner with Metric Join us tomorrow when Season Packages go on sale IN PERSON only starting at 4pm here at The Fitz with Barb Abney, John Moe and John Munson!
This Valentine's Day, settle down with my favourite Rob Delaney stand up youtube clip:
if you could only combine Beyonce and Rubio's water gaff, you'd be almost as fun as Rob Delaney.
I can no longer hold my tongue. This is seriously why KATY PERRY IS AWFUL. RT
rob delaney's rejected candy heart messages have been good for a laugh. I'm sorry about your step mom. Really. Thinking of you.
If Rob Delaney's car broke down, I bet he'd ask AAA, you know, how this will affect his personal brand. Rob Delaney, comedian. Yeah.
finally! Rob Delaney's been getting on my nerves ALL NIGHT. Who does he think he is, being so funny and handsome.
HomeDamn The Trend1 fanBecome a Fan Share BiographyFormed early in 2012, *** The Trend are a dedicated and energetic group of musicians that are among a burgeoning wave of young metal artists participating in the return to vintage, melodic, heavy metal. The bands skilled instrumental abilities are…
Just found this picture on my phone of me and my best girlfriend in the audience to see my guy, Rob Delaney. Lovely!
Someone ask Rob Delaney how much all of his followers cost.
Last time I unfollowed Rob Delaney i swore I'd never follow him again but I finally cracked he's been on his game lately
Ok I'm 95% sure that's Rob Delaney in the McCains' fries commercial...awesome!!!
Rob Delaney piece on depression was incredibly powerful. So, thanks for that. And go me for being egotistical.
There are no words to express a heartbreaking tragedy like this. Heaven has another angel today. The Pio/Delaney families and all who knew her are in my prayers tonight. And for many to come. Please keep these families in your prayers. And hug your children extra tight tonight.
first the Blitz bombs London, now Rob Delaney?
. My phone just auto corrected rob delaney to the penetration station
"I bet if a Lumineer got mad at a Mumford he’d tell him to folk off"- Rob Delaney
the pic for rob delaney looks a lot like Mr. Strogen
I forgot that I didn't have Rob Delaney blocked
I'm going to cry Lauren Delaney Jodie Harrison Niamh Bradshaw this is so me
I thought you were rob delaney for a second
Rob Delaney made an Ash Wednesday joke... man that guy is edgy! Is there anything he won't make a non-funny joke about???
Rob Delaney gives me hope that I can suck a big fat *** and still make something out of myself one day.
Two for one Track Preview today - what's happening with LIVE PERFORMANCES? Friday has our Cocktail Party at 7pm, followed by our Opening Ceremonies at 8pm, both in Greenspring. The Cocktail Party is open to everyone; there will be a cash bar available. If you wish to partake of the yummy food during the party, you will need to purchase a ticket wristband. There will be a limited number available at the door. The Opening Ceremonies include presentation of this year's Volker/McChesney Award and performances from Insane Ian, Jonah Knight and Prometheus Radio Theatre. Guest stars with Prometheus will include Felicia Day, Lee Arenberg, Rob Paulsen, Bonita Friedericy and John Billingsley. The Boogie Knights will perform Saturday at 11am in Greenspring, featuring songs from their new CD, which will also debut for sale at the convention. Sunday features the return from detention, er. sabbatical, of The Usual Suspects performing in "And Then Schwarma After"! Come see The Avengers (or at least our facsimile of) ...
I envision a world one day without constant Rob Delaney RTs
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If you say "Rob Delaney" five times in the mirror, your dad will appear behind you and ask why you're wearing his green speedo
"Non-Catholics: jokes about Ash Wednesday are in poor taste. Also, please look away while we harbor pedophiles for centuries." -Rob Delaney
When someone RTs Rob Delaney into my TL, I almost always want to unfollow them.
Great night at the The Roxy Night Club Cork with James Delaney, Rob O'Neill and Chippy Drummond, pictures will be up soon! Don't forget to finish out your RAG Week with us at Valentines TRAMP BALL - SAVOY - END OF R&G WEEK - ELECTRIC CIRCUS SPECIAL, with Mike Bruen playing mainstage and Rourke MacMonagle on Foyer!
Find it stupid that the legend johnny whiteley has had his pics took down at the kc but even worse they have put pics up of that no good *** artist dean windass he hasn't done anything historic wasn't even that good at football just typical example of these over paid set of girls thinking there sport is superior
it's okay. Rob Delaney is usually pretty good, but that show does not have one of his better characters he portrays.
Team news for Friday night's game at home to Salford. Brett Delaney, Jamie Peacock and Ryan Bailey are injured. Joe Vickery is still recovering and Ben Jones Bishop is also still sidelined. The 19 man squad to face Salford is as follows: 1. Zak Hardaker 3. Kallum Watkins 4. Joel Moon 5. Ryan Hall 6. Danny McGuire 7. Rob Burrow 8. Kylie Leuluai 9. Paul McShane 11. Jamie Jones-Buchanan 12. Carl Ablett 13. Kevin Sinfield (c) 14. Stevie Ward 17. Ian Kirke 18. Chris Clarkson 19. Mitch Achurch 20. Darrell Griffin 21. Richard Moore 22. Jimmy Keinhorst 24. Liam Hood Reminder to all Pudsey Town Rhinos Supporters Members to meet in the Long Bar after the game. Phone Jordan or Paul if you haven't got your passes yet.
Well, when I was a little boy, my mom asked me to put my toys away and I didn't. So she cut off some of my...
Caitlin, You have turned into a amazing Mother , Wife, Woman. I know you have a hard time understanding peoples actions or words sometimes and it really bothers you , the best you can do is for you and Travis to raise Delaney with the believes that Family and Friends are among the most important things that one can have and I will ensure you that there never be any regrets. Sometimes people can mistake kindness as weakness , anyone who knows you will agree that you have a big heart. But sometimes you can't help those who are in denial. Please don't let the actions of one person change you, just put that person out and move on. We Love you, Dad Y
Cong. Rob Wittman (R-VA) and Cong. John Delaney (D-MD) join us live at 9am for more reax.
Yes. lol Thanks to Rob Delaney and others. Too funny, especially after that speech tonight.
I hate that I don't know Rob Delaney
Well, 181 Delaney Court is only a memory for me now. The house is sold, closing is @ 9:30 on 2-13-13. Thankful it sold in such a short amount of time, will be anxious to maybe go back and see what the new owners are going to do to my childhood home. :-)
Hobby Lobby?!? Really?!? Scariest moment ever!! Guy was beside me at the register and starts flipping out at the lady...yelling n hit her grabbed money and took off! Next thing u know "code...police department" is being yelled over the intercoms n employees r running out the door to get him. Crazy! At a craft store?!?
RAG WEEK SESSION :P DJing tonight at the The Roxy Night Club Cork alongside James Delaney and Rob O'Neill, pop in for some choons :P Raise and Give Wk @ The Roxy. Doors all wk!
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Pink Floyd met at an architect school. They got kicked out cause they could only build a WALL! - rob delaney
Couples at the gym that's cool props to you but DO NOT hold hands walking to each machine c'mon man!
Who are the friends you've had unforgettable nights out with? (Tag them if you can...)
Is almost 3 too young for Disney World? We have an argument in our family.
Lol everytime I watch a movie with Rob that's not Twilight related and he's with someone besides Bell or Kristen I'm like "NO THAT'S NOT RIGHT!!" xD
Alright Bieber ur Horrible at Music so lets see if your funny... Timberlake lives down the street can replace you in 10 minutes
Patrick Swayz is a roide!!! tis only his overcoat in the ground as Edie would say!! seriously he was a mean dancer. love him in the Toto video!! cigarettes are killers!!!
Buttocks, African worm parasites, operating large cranes. Y'know, things we all have to address.
In 1998 my girlfriend went out to get us ice cream & was eaten by a wolf (or a guy dressed as a wolf). Regardless, I didn’t get ice cream :(- Rob Delaney
Peacock set for landmark appearance Posted 8th February Leeds Rhinos star Jamie Peacock MBE is set for a landmark appearance for the club this Sunday when they travel to the Wish Communications Stadium to face Castleford Tigers in what will be Peacock’s 200th appearance for the club. Peacock moved to Headingley Carnegie in 2006 from rivals Bradford Bulls and has now made 199 appearances for the Rhinos including 13 as a replacement. At the other end of the scale is German international Jimmy Keinhorst who has been recalled into the squad following a successful debut for Hunslet Hawks last week in the Championship, when he scored two tries in the win over Barrow. The Leeds Met student made six appearances last season for the Rhinos including the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley. Leeds have won their last six meetings with Castleford, with the Tigers' last victory coming 24-10 at Headingley on February 5, 2010. The Rhinos have also won on their last four visits to the Tigers, who last tasted home victory aga ...
Not saying the enchiladas I ate for dinner are disagreeing with me, but FEMA’s on their way to my underpants right now. - rob delaney
A low key day and now a quiet night in. All in all, a nice birthday. Thank you for all your beautiful words. I am both humbled and grateful... and a little taken aback too. Hugs to you all :)
I’m way more annoyed by cars' horns than I am happy about any lives they may have saved. ~ rob delaney
Jobs to go immediately - All employment contracts at IBRC will be immediately terminated once the company is liquidated, says Michael Noonan. However he says much of the staff will be re-hired to help the transition of the bank's assets to NAMA.
tis date 29 yrs ago i was in alot of pain.yea tats rite,our son stevan was born.i can b still in pain 29 yrs later luking at funny ting is tat my boys always tot i was imature at times??ok tonite i just dyed my hair purple??well its better den de way it was,fken blondes bit trying to come tru on de top of my hair,ok im coloured blind it wasnt blonde it was grey.i no im a granny but ders no way im geting a blue RINSE.happy brthday stevan,hope yur not shocked wen u c mammy.omg im more afraid wen my mammy sees it and im nearly 50.XX
now dis is wat u call a MIKEY toilet Joanne Bates Delaney im so havin dis installed in me mansion pha x x x x
"The first rule of Fight Club is that it's a reasonably good film worshipped by weirdos and losers." -Rob Delaney
Brandon Gutermuth is a comedy writer that lives in Connecticut. He is deeply in love with his wonderful girlfriend and himself. Watch Brandon chat with Rob Delaney about buttocks, operating large...
So do you think people are ready for this crew at the V-day dance Saturday? It has been awhile since all of us have been in one room together :))
When Life hands you lemons, listen to Fugazi.
Do you know how much Google earns? Google generates $691.27 per second! Isn't it crazy? And the annual revenue is $21,800,000,000. If you have taken 5 seconds to read this post then Google would have already made around $3456.34 in between. *** Facts
H.B. 98 being introduced by Rep. Mark Neuman, from up in the Valley. As I read this bill, it seems to prevent the BOF from lowering the escapement goal after it has been established, for 2 years. In other words, preventing what we are hoping the King Salmon Task Force will show the BOF needs to be done for this coming season. And preventing the BOF from doing it. We need to ask our local legislators to oppose this. Next is H.B. 18, I think it's from the same person, and it makes personal use become the priority in times of low abundance, over any other user groups. We need to contact all our legislators, and ask that they work against the passage of both of these bills. Now we come to the Kenai River Classic. As you know, KRSA has changed the date of the Kenai River Classic to August 19-21. Their website describes the Kenai River Classic as a invitation only fishing tournament for "King salmon". However, in their announcement of the date change, also published on their website, they state they will be fis ...
Happy Monday Robert, FREE Pulled Pork Sandwich today for you at Snyder's BBQ & Meat Market.
If I murdered people, I'd feel guilty and cry too
Proof that you should work your *** off and never give up! :) Well Done Rob Damiani, Simon Delaney, Matt Donnelly and Tom Doyle!
My father went home to be with the lord this morning. I rejoice in the certainly that I will see my dad again some day. Please pray for my family.
LIVE | AUSvWI | AUS 4/148 | Bailey brings up his half-century and along with Faulkner is leading Australia to a respectable total. Well batted George!
"Don't judge a book by its cover. Unless its cover says *** Party" because that's probably an awesome book." (Rob Delaney)
Listening to Rob Delaney on Pete Holmes's podcast makes me want to get married and have a child. With him.
Anybody wanna go see Rob Delaney March 1st at the Largo w/ me? I'll put out.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
My personal *** is me in a room with Megan Amram, Rob Delaney, Lisa Lampanelli & Carlos Mencia doing stand up on 4 stages at the same time.
( NASTY IS AS NASTY DO ) On monday i put a letter at the at the wrong house, yea me can you belive it, well anyway one tuesday the lady put it back out for me to get.And on the same letter she wrote this. Dear mr. mailman if you dont know what your doing then maybe you should try something else. this is not my letter,and if you think im going to deliver it for you, you are saddly mistaken, so do yourself a favor PAY ATTENTION to what you are doing and put mail at the right house. P.S thank-you very much. F/B PEEPS i was like woe!! she really ripping into my sh# but ckeck this out thats not kicker, the kicker is the letter belong to the house right next door to her,and its an attach houses,and their mail boxes are 2 inches from each other, can you belive it. NOW!! heres the bonus today i go to her house and she has letter in her box to be mail, AND guess whaaat yall!! there is no stamp on it, OH MY! OH MY! did i just get an ERECTION oh yes i did,and after that i got out my pen,and on that letter that she . ...
100 percent of funds raised through your participation in the 9/11 Memorial Run/Walk and Family Day will go to supporting the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.
The best way to get rid of an enemy is to turn him into a friend! The 2nd best way is to drop an old stove on him from a helicopter. ~ rob delaney
Watching True Life: I Hate The Government. It's all about conservative young people. And they're frikkin' crazy.
This picture would be better if this guy was "wearing" a Big Gulp.
well first course completed as of yesterday, got a total score of 98.67% highest in class, I'm focused man! Onto the next course which started today! Cuz I'm on 1!
From Margaret Strelow Mayor of Rocky: The Capricorn Highway is closed between Rockhampton and Gracemere. The Bruce Highway is open to the South. There is some water on the roundabout at Yeppen but traffic is flowing. Police have committed to 2 hours notice should they need to close the Bruce Highway at Yeppen. - Rob
Heads up friends.. In March myself and the other guys will be putting on a CHICABOOM residents reunion hehe. Venue and date TBC. It is most likely going to be Sat 23rd ;) With Neil Brown Paul Delaney & Deep Shizzol
Tissue box disclaimer. Its been a year since the pups went to their good homes...Here is an update on junior and how well his adopted family is doing. MacKenzie is kicking *** in life with her trusty sidekick!:) - Hi Everyone, Today is my little niece's one year remission anniversary date from brain cancer. I just wanted to forward this message from my sister, brother in law and Mackenzie. You have all played an important role in Mackenzie's recovery and there are not enough words to thank each and everyone one of you. My deepest thanks, Echelle "It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year since the doctor’s told us they can’t detect anymore cancer. It was one year ago today Mackenzie received her bone marrow transplant and was given a new chance at life. We look at today as one of the many milestones Mackenzie will reach and we are so thankful to all the people who helped her stay strong, prayed, and showed so much kindness. Today is a celebration of Mackenzie, of life, faith and lov ...
"Obviously you *want* your kids to wake up every morning, but when they do, it’s the worst thing that could ever possibly happen." - Rob Delaney
yesss! If I had to be white I wanna be the Rob delaney white.
It took me a second to fully comprehend that got mentioned by Rob Delaney...
My life is complete rob Delaney acknowledged me
Jay Leno Winter Olympics Sochi Olympics Sochi Winter Olympics Victoria Nuland Philip Seymour Hoffman West Ham Joe Biden Opening Ceremony Woody Allen Winter Olympic Seymour Hoffman Leonard Nimoy Jose Mourinho Star Trek Andy Carroll Dylan Farrow Miley Cyrus David Cameron Ralph Kiner Amanda Knox South African Ashton Kutcher Rand Paul Assistant Secretary Manuel Pellegrini Barack Obama Amy Adams Daft Punk Russell Brand Wes Anderson Premier League Supreme Court Pope Francis Super Bowl Silicon Valley White House Kim Kardashian Russian President Vladimir Putin Olympic Charter Justin Bieber Harry Potter Bill Nye Biggest Loser Labor Department Environment Agency Walking Dead Cate Blanchett Flappy Bird Monuments Men Manchester United Winter Games Chicago Auto Show Dallas Buyers Club President Obama Swimming Pool Gift Guide Taylor Swift Regina George Fashion Week Olympic Park Dave Lee Travis Long Island David Beckham Nemanja Vidic Daily News Martin Luther King Jr Black History Month Billy Crystal Jimmy Kimmel John Boehner Pitch Perfect East Coast Bill Roache Old Trafford Ireland Baldwin Michelle Williams Jake Gyllenhaal Zhang Yimou Home Page Nick Gillespie Vice President Biden George Clooney Live Blog Winter Olympic Games City Hall Fifty Shades Chris Christie Red Hot Chili Peppers Middle East Man United Steve Jobs Olympic Games Edward Snowden North Carolina Bill Clinton Star Wars Sandra Bullock Google Inc Google Glass

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