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Road Warrior Animal

Joseph Michael Joe Laurinaitis (born January 26, 1960) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring names, Road Warrior Animal and Road Warrior.

John Laurinaitis James Laurinaitis Road Warrior Hawk Road Warriors Heath Slater Roddy Piper Johnny Ace Shane Douglas Ken Shamrock Paul Ellering Shawn Michaels Psycho Sid Diamond Dallas Page John Cena Dusty Rhodes Tully Blanchard

I added a video to a playlist Road Warrior Animal on Bruiser Brody
Contact me today to book Road Warrior Animal!
Why do Vince's son and Road Warrior Animal's nephew-by-marriage let Eddie Guerrero's son-in-law sing on
Respectable Road Warrior Animal is one of my heroes from my childhood. Great memory I will never forget. Oh... What a Ru…
Road Warrior Animal has hit hard times.
Road Warrior Animal and Vader have fell on very hard times. 😂😂
It's pretty cool that Road Warrior Animal thinks that every team doing a scary big dudes gimmick is copying the Road Warriors.
Road Warrior Animal will be appearing in face paint and pads at upcoming
Time for an edgy joke. What does Jeff Jarrett and Road Warrior Animal have in common? . Their tag partners fell from high places
7 sleeps to the pictures with trophies Road Warrior Animal lots of great auto guests Hanson's & Hull Brothers check it out!
An in-depth look at how I feel being the first 3-Time ROH World Champion w/
I forgot Road Warrior Animal and John Laurenitis are brothers. So Animal is the Bellas' stepuncle.
Road Warrior Animal says trying to make The Ascension like the Road Warriors is stupid, comments on The New Da…
Former linebacker James Laurinatis is the son of former pro wrestler Joe Laurinaitis better known in as Road Warrior Animal.
Hello Road warrior Animal want up this is Antwon From Augusta GA I'm your Biggs Fan gave me a call at this number (706)-522-2314 Antwon
So gutted we didn't see Road Warrior Animal on Total Bellas 😔
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Half the country is about to be named Road Warrior Animal.
Road Warrior Animal really let himself go after Hawk's death...
The real question is: which Road Warrior, Hawk or Animal?
The Road Warrior's/ Animal and Hawk are the toughest tag team of all time.
Kiss of death turning face, then joining the DoD with his Road Warrior Animal haircut!
How was today the first time I saw these commercials with Road Warrior Animal?!
what does Road Warrior Animal think of this?
Summer '17 i'm cutting my hair like Road Warrior Animal in '97
// get to meet Jimmy Hart, Road Warrior Animal and Terry Funk in October. 😁
If you're a fan of Road Warrior Animal.. or Goof Off.. you'll love this commercial!
Road Warrior Animal... If Vince called u up & sed do 1 more last Mania against anyone 2 day on roster, who would u pick?
this appears to be one Road Warrior Animal shilling Goof Off. Correct?
Goof Off is my go to paint remover. Makes perfect sense that Road Warrior Animal would be the spokesperson.
Any last minute questions for Road Warrior Animal for my recorded convo w/ him tonight? . Use
great podcast with Road Warrior Animal. Loved the flight attendant with the make up on story!
is animal still doing the road warrior workout? How did they come up with it? -- huge fan of both from Australia
Talking with Road Warrior Animal tonight for a future, Ross Report. . Questions? Use
Road Warrior Animal is promoting I GUESS he wants it to be this decade's
The son of Road Warrior Animal just had a fumble recovery!
ICYMI, a new commercial featuring Road Warrior Animal.
Sonnen says Road Warrior Animal accompanying Ken Shamrock to the cage was what made him want to go to Bellator. Perfect.
Sonnen said Ken Shamrock coming out with Road Warrior Animal was his initial motivation to come to Bellator
Sonnen says when Road Warrior Animal walked out Ken Shamrock he was jealous and said he wanted that experience.
Roman Fritz. “Road Warrior”, an Animal exclusive vid series showing how athletes eat when on the road. NO EXCUSES:
What happens when 2 of the ILLEST podcasters join forces to interview Lex Luger, Tully Blanchard, & Road Warrior Animal?
Road Warrior Animal now in stupid FB commercial
I forget all the names but he's on there, Sabu, Jimmy Snuka, Road Warrior Animal, Demolition Ax and Smash
- Road Warrior Animal on Steiner Brothers,Demolition,Hulk Hogan,Roddy Piper and more
You're perfect for the Road Warrior Animal power slam and Double A spinebuster to lead into the What do you think?
just gotta give Road Warrior Animal a cut of the proceeds
I may have said this before, but Zubaz is proper wrestling wear. Just ask Road Warrior Animal.
T Fantasy Camp Sunday May 7. Warrior Animal too! what a rush!
Road Warrior Animal about to be named Raw GM and blow the roof off the place.
Happy Siblings Day to my sisters Emma, Nell, & Charlotte, and my brother Road Warrior Animal!.
Road Warrior Animal is the uncle of Bryan Danielson and John Cena
Road Warrior Animal 's son is now a New Orleans Saint!!! . WHO DAT!
James Laurinaitis or however the *** you spell it is the son of one the former WWE tag team, Road Warriors. His dad is Road Warrior Animal
Who did it better!?. Road Warrior Hawk - Road Warrior Animal. The Legion of Doom!.
Dbry, Johnny, Road Warrior Animal, and Cena will all be related soon
Road Warrior Animal did 16.5 in 3 minutes and that includes the 45 seconds it took for him to…
Can i expect that the Road Warrior Animal and John Laurinaitis to be at Saints games now ;)
Laurinaitis said his dad, Road Warrior Animal, taught him about work ethic, not skipping any days. "I'm thankful for that."
BREAKING NEWS: Road Warrior Animal is coming to FPW. Get a chance to meet the WWE Hall of Famer at our event,...
I mean I am not sure if I can sit through Scotty and his incoherent speaking, but yes. Road Warrior Animal, absolutely, but they...
Totes forgot there's a couple of cameo characters based off of Road Warrior Hawk and Animal
Shout out to Road Warrior Animal, not only coming out and helping us draw such a great crowd,…
Watch "PWR March to Mania - Road Warrior Animal talks Wrestlemania" on YouTube -
Orndorff, Steamboat, Road Warrior Animal, Jake Roberts, are def on that "future interview" list.
Road Warrior Animal interferes and the referee is oblivious to Stevie Ray being attacked by Animal, terrible win for Sting & Luger
Wait.when did the saints sign road warrior animal's kid?
James Laurinaitis is now a Saint! I can't wait to see Road Warrior Animal & Uncle Johnny at the games next season!
Good luck to you and Road Warrior Animal. Hope it goes great at you event.
You know, just hangin out with Road Warrior Animal! Oo what a rush!!!
is going to be Road Warrior Animal, Rickey Steamboat & Good Ol' breaking down TEXAS.
we had Road Warrior Animal on this week's
My image of and talking to Road Warrior Animal.
On the latest podcast, we talked with Road Warrior Animal! Check it out:
If you haven't yet, be sure to check out our incredibly fun conversation with Road Warrior Animal! .
I liked a video from Road Warrior Animal on the Ascension, Four Horsemen, Harlem Heat
Ooh what a rush! Welcome WWE Hall of Famer. One half if the Legion of Doom, Road Warrior Animal!
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New episode of podcast is up! This week, we get a rush with special guest Road Warrior Animal.
Episode 5 is here! This week, we discuss the glory days of tag team wrestling with Road Warrior Animal! .
Road Warrior Animal and Jerry "The King" Lawler are scheduled for FLORIDA SUPERCON July 1-4 at the Miami Beach...
Road Warrior Animal coming in for free food.
For Ohio State, you have Road Warrior Animal, father of former OSU linebacker James Laurinaitis
Road Warrior Animal and 3 x First Order Stormtroopers have been added to Cardiff Comic Com.
I added a video to a playlist Mean Mark Vs Road Warrior Animal
Shane Douglas begging Road Warrior Animal to pitch his Classic Wrestling promotion to Animal’s son and his NFL buddies is so hilarious.
So not only Al Snow will turn up but Road Warrior Animal is coming to the cardiff comic con
Excited to help out with the gnw show coming up in April. Road Warrior Animal will be at the Napanee show.
We obviously need to counter Ric Flair with Road Warrior Animal
You know that old dream you have about Road Warrior Animal lecturing you about Tom Petty and Fox News? Yeah, just had that one.
. I would like to invite you to attended NWA Circle City Wrestling at German Park. 01/10/16 Road Warrior Animal will be there.
In the ring with Road Warrior Animal. That's a hall of fame ring of his on my finger and it fit.
PWA announced last night they are returning to NAIT in March for a show featuring Road Warrior Animal
Road Warrior Animal was just announced for March 26th with PWA in E Town Thought I just heard you squeal like a little girl :)
Barbarian is here looking like Road Warrior Animal, his Manager Paul Jones cuts a promo saying Barbarian is stronger than Ron Bass.
Road Warrior Animal joined us on the show and HE KEPT IT 100! Take a listen to this awesome segment. Remember the...
German Park here in Indianapolis will feature Meet and Greets with & Road Warrior ANIMAL at 530! Wrestling starts at 730
Remember all Autograph meet and greets will begin around 5:30pm today at German Park with Road Warrior Animal and Chyna
This could be called the Battle for Chicago. Road Warrior Animal vs D'Lo Brown. Triple Crown Worlds title.
Road Warrior Animal defeated John Morrison, MVP, & Scotty 2 Hotty to advance to the finals.
D'Lo Brown defeats Raven in 7:05 to advance to the finals against Road Warrior Animal.
In the Main Event of the Semi Finals D'Lo Brown faces Raven. Winner meets Road Warrior Animal in the finals.
Road Warrior Animal defeats Scotty 2 Hotty via pinfall at 5:43. He will go on to the finals. .
The 1st Semi Final match from the Land of the Rising Sun. Scotty 2 Hotty vs Road Warrior Animal.
Road Warrior Animal defeats MVP in 7:23 to advance to the Semi Finals. He will face Scotty 2 Hotty.
Road Warrior Animal defeats Morrison in a 4:23 awesome match. Animal maybe the favorite to win it all.
Next first round match up Road Warrior Animal vs John Morrison
Road Warrior Animal must love this movie, everyone's wearing Zumbas.
Tomorrow in FishKill NY!!! Come meet me and Road Warrior Animal! This should be fun!!! 😜👍
LIVE interview w/ Road Warrior Animal TODAY at 4:15 about Streaming Worldwide HERE
James Laurinaitis is the son of Road Warrior Animal, so Blind Mike is correct
Fun fact: James Laurinaitis on the Rams is the son of Road Warrior Animal, from the Legion of Doom
My road warrior Animal and I headed for FPW!.
Looks like a cross between Jim Duggan, Road Warrior Animal, Ric Flair and Dump Matsumoto and still not at all unattractive.
I don't know if you've heard that Medallion Publishing is bringing in Booker T & Road Warrior Animal on Sat
I'm bringing a sawed-off stop sign into the pit in memory of road warrior animal
Honored to have just made lunch for the man, the myth, the legend road warrior animal
SHOW RESULTS - 8/14 Great North Wrestling in Brockville, Canada: Honky Tonk Man in elimination match, "Road Warrior" Animal involved in Han…
Animal : folk fishing guide: Help your kids discover the classic road trip and tra
Big Time Wrestling is bringing Road Warrior Animal to FanFest 2015! Tix at
Fantastic interview w/ Road Warrior Animal re: legacy, Hawk, state of tag team wrestling, good 'ole days.
.presents 'Stars of the Squared Circle' 11/10, with & Road Warrior Animal
Road Warrior Animal is said to have pressed 500 Pounds.
All purpose parts banner
So announc road warrior animal n wrestling 'legend' for there super show...who's next,
From Chi-town one half of the greatest tag teams every. Road Warrior Animal. Bay City Sept 26.
& Road Warrior Animal confirmed for Stars of the Squared Circle at 11/10/15
My interview with one half of one of the greatest wrestling tag teams ever, Joe Laurinitis, Road Warrior Animal .
WWL confirm Road Warrior Animal for Colchester debut in October: The Wardust Wrestling League in Essex ha...
Speaking of Hawk, why did you decide to do your hair like Road Warrior Animal instead of Hawk?
Why is Rick Rude looking to fight a clean-shaven Road Warrior Animal? XD
Ken Shamrock is in the ring as Road Warrior Animal brings him out. Live RbR @
1st Time In saw Dusty Rhodes American Dream wrestle it was suppose too be Dusty,Road Warrior Animal vs Arn Anderson,Tully Blanchard
Road Warrior Animal (Joe Laurinaitis) is working on a part in a bar he thought her butt was too small and next thing you know...
The Aug. 14 2015 event at will feature Hall of Famer ''Road Warrior Animal!'':
I go to bed knowing that James Laurintaitis is the son of Road Warrior Animal.
See, that open wound on LBJ's head looks like Road Warrior Animal got him w/a shoulder pad spike.
Note to Road Warrior Animal, the Midnight Express, Rock N Roll Express, and Tully Blanchard. You're not allowed to die.
Honoring Dusty by having Road Warrior Animal pretend to gouge my eye out after my boss explicitly told me not to.
Animal - I don't know if you heard sir sad news I went to many Road warrior and Dusty Rhodes matches
Road Warrior Animal invades Mid Week Mayhem this week! Pauly Thomaselli takes on Marshe Rockett to fight for a...
Hadn't realised John Laurinaitis is the younger brother of Road Warrior Animal. Interdasting.
James Laurinaitis on ESPN...he looks more like his uncle John then is father Road Warrior Animal
Road Warrior Animal and John Laurinaitis are brothers didn't know that at all
Ricky Steamboat talking with Road Warrior Animal at the show!
How cool is it that Tre Mason of the Rams is DJ Maseo's (De La Soul) son? Even cooler that he & Road Warrior Animal's son are both together
I want to draw Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal, The Legion Of Doom.
What an exciting day. Road Warrior Animal came into the store at Churchill Downs and shopped around for a minute. Rachel Harpe is my witness. Sadly, I can't even jokingly say that he'll be at IWA Mid-South tonight, but seeing him in the store?! What a rush!
Can the St. Louis Rams be anymore awesome? They drafted Tre Mason, DJ Maseo's (from De La Soul) son and the first openly *** player in the NFL, Michael Sam. They get to join Road Warrior Animal's son, James Laurinaitis on the gridiron.
28 YEARS AGO TODAY: JCP @ Philadelphia, PA - Civic Center - April 18, 1986 (7,000) NWA Tag Team Champions Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey defeated the Road Warriors via reverse decision; the challengers originally won the match and titles at 10:35 when Road Warrior Hawk pinned Eaton after hitting him with Jim Cornette's tennis racquet but Earl Hebner, the original referee, changed the call since Road Warrior Animal shoved him to the floor moments before the pinfall and he saw Hawk use the weapon to get the fall; after the match, the Road Warriors cleared the champions and Cornette from the ring (Wrestling Rarities: The Midnight Express) NWA World Champion Ric Flair, NWA TV Champion Arn Anderson, & NWA National Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard defeated Dusty Rhodes, Ron Garvin, & Wahoo Mcdaniel
There is a pecking order. You must establish respect or everyone will take advantage of you - Road Warrior- Animal
Wanna get a Road Warrior haircut? I'll be Animal and you can be Hawk
Wow! I just won this for free, 2006 toppsroad warrior animal-wrestling card-restricted
LIVE RESCUE: Ti Map headed off to quarantine:   10% Off
Awesome. Can't wait to see how it measures to the Curt Henning/Road Warrior Animal dump story
Moving forward with the WPW GOAT Tourney... After admin votes, we have the following four winners: Juventud Guerrera, Bruiser Brody, Giant Baba, and Road Warrior Animal. Next bouts coming up soon...
one time at Walgreens I stood in line between the franchise Shane Douglas and road warrior animal so that's cook
Road Warrior Animal is my spirit animal!
Ahh the Road Warrior Animal Mohawk of 95 Fall Camp. Some pictures just live forever. Eat your heart out
Seriously, why would you bring in Road Warrior Animal, put him in full on gear, and NOT use him as an actual participant?!
The Score Television Network had a chance to speak to Joe 'Road Warrior Animal' Laurinaitis. Highlights:. On...
Hey Everybody, I was off the computer yesterday and I hope everybody had a pleasant Tuesday. Anyway some tids reprinted from Additional comments by YT. Road Warrior Animal and Andrew Wright's book on the Road Warriors will be released on paperback in April of next year. (Any Road Warrior book is good, but with Mr. Laurinaitis aka Animal, makes it so much more special. A must for anybody who was a fan of the 80's, the ending of the glory days of the Territories, NWA Georgia, AWA, Japan, Paul Ellering, the late great Michael Hegstrand aka Road Warrior Hawk, or a budding historian who wants the facts from the man himself, not from a know it all, and not from wikipedia! Then it should be a treat for all.) Fozzy will play a gig at BB Kings in New York City on Friday. (oh crap it's Jericho's band, no offense to his music fans, but when I see Fozzy, I think first of a stand up comedy act with the Muppets Fozzy Bear- Waka! Waka!) Jerry Lynn is set for a seminar in Brooklyn, New York at the Ludus ...
Classic TNA match, Rick Steiner brings in Road Warrior Animal against Team 3D -
Hey what do you think of Road Warrior...Animal?
I am ready for something new. Different place different people.
Pulling into Chicago- the site of my first WrestleMania -eliminated from the battle royal by Road Warrior Animal that ni…
fun fact.. I told Road Warrior Animal the day after Wrestlemania 27 WWE is releasing a War Games DVD.. he marked out
OH WHAT A RUSH! Joe Laurinaitis, aka Road Warrior Animal dropped by on No Wrestling Limitations Now you should follow Animal, Homicide, Johnny Gargano, Colt Cabana, El Generico, Vin Gerard, Samuray Del Sol and do the same ;)
when I saw Legion of Boom trending, I was wondering since when did Road Warrior Animal and Kofi Kingston form a tag team?
Might sign Road Warrior Animal and have him get beat up by a different tag team every week. "WHERE IN GOD'S NAME WAS HAWK, BY GOD?"
David Michael Bautista was born on January 18, 1969. He is a former bouncer that met Curt Hennig and Road Warrior Animal in Minneapolis. He went to the WCW Power Plant for a tryout, and in another bad decision, WCW decided that he would never make it as a wrestler. He was trained by Wild Samoan Afa...
WCW, wCw Fall Brawl 1993: War Games took place on September 19, 1993 from the Astro Arena in Houston, Texas. Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes and The Shockmaster (with Road Warrior Animal) defeated Sid Vicious, Vader and Harlem Heat (Kole and Kane) (with Harley Race and Col. Robert Parker) in a WarGames match (16:39) Shockmaster forced Kole to submit with a Bear hug. Shockmaster replaced Road Warrior Hawk, who was advertised but was injured.
Interesting stat about James Laurinaitis is that he decided not to follow father Road Warrior Animal or uncle John to WWE, but to the NFL.
"John Laurinaitis is the brother of Road Warrior Animal from the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom.
Nine Years Ago today, on November 1, 2003, I took part in my first professional wrestling event, shooting video for Legend's Entertainment's Tribute to Road Warrior Hawk. The Show featured WWE Hall of Famer's Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Road Warrior Animal, The Mouth of The South Jimmy Hart, & Greg The Hammer Valentine as well as legends like The Brooklyn Brawler, Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson), Gangrel, Malia Hosaka, Luna Vachon, Balls Mahoney, The Powers of Pain (Warlord & Barbarian), The Honky Tonk Man, and Brutus The Barber Beefcake. Big thanks to Mark Bujan for responding to an e-mail I had sent event promoter Steve Rau, asking if I could videotape the event for my own video collection, for taking a chance on me and letting me videotape the event. He was instrumental in getting my foot in the door and setting me on the path to what's become a tremendous run as a ring announcer. I'm forever grateful.
oh ok I was about to guess road warrior animal but punk works to!
I think Devon ranks up there with Road Warrior Animal joining Flair's stable in 2001-era WCW. At least in terms of initial impact.
last time i seen UNITY FACEPAINT road warrior animal turned on hendreich (spell check)
I know Road Warrior Animal has a son playing LB for the Rams but I'm down right impressed that at his age, the Hacksaw is playing for Texans.never mind, the commentator said Brooks Reed, not Butch Reed.
What I've learned: British Bill Hader hosts, Isaac=Road Warrior Animal and and I are pulling for
goofiest wrestling attack: Road Warrior Animal sticks spike in Dusty Rhodes eye...uh, wouldnt that put your eye out???
don't get me wrong, i want the Lions to win. but i gotta admit, i am a James Laurinaitis fan. i know, he plays for the Rams, & i know, he went to Ohio State. but the fact that his father is Road Warrior Animal, trumps both of those facts.
1st team in the is Road Warrior Animal, Curt Hennig, & Dusty Rhodes
Road Warrior Animal blamed his brother (John Laurinaitis) for booking this...
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The Schlegdaddy from the Off The Ropes Show caught up with Joe Laurinaitis, known to wrestling fans around the world as Road Warrior Animal. He was at the Da...
I uploaded a video Interview with Road Warrior Animal at Dan Gable Museum
just watching some vids from raw 1000, APA and Lita!? DX!? Road Warrior Animal!? i wanna start watching wwe again lol
he is so is Psycho Syd, Rakishi, all of DX, JBL, John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, road warrior Animal, Kane & Rey Mysterio lol
Road Warrior Animal returns to SmackDown and becomes the latest WWE Legend to face Heath Slater.
yeah man, u got all thr good ones! Road warrior animal and DDP even replied!
Haven't watched WWE RAW in years now, just happened to watch the 1000th episode this week and saw Psycho Sid and Road Warrior Animal. That was awesome. Brings me back.
Smackdown! 07.13.12: QUICK RESULTS - Hunico, Camacho and The Prime Time Players (O'Neil and Young) defeated Epico, Primo, R Truth and Kofi Kingston @ 12:00 via pin [**¾] - Damien Sandow defeated Zack Ryder @ 2:00 via pin [NR] - Kane defeated Daniel Bryan @ 5:00 via DQ [**] - Road Warrior Animal defeated Heath Slater @ 1:00 via pin [NR] - Sheamus and Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler @ 13:00 via DQ [***] Reminder: I do not rate matches under three minutes long THE RIGHT: THE OPENING PROMO: As much as I do get sick of the show opening promo, I enjoyed this one because it made sense and it led to something, which is all I really ask. Rey Mysterio kicked off the show, in his hometown and discussed his return. He elaborated on why he came back Monday, and that he wanted revenge on Alberto Del Rio, the man that injured him. That brought out Del Rio, and we had some great continuity, which I always appreciate. They had some back and forth, and as Del Rio proclaimed that he would be the nex ...
I uploaded a video Legion of Doom Road Warrior Animal Private Signing for Amerc
Are you a Road Warrior Hawk or Road Warrior Animal kinda guy?
Any wrestling fans out there? Where was Bill Goldberg on Monday night's 1000th episode of RAW. Great seeing in the one time ring appearance of Road Warrior Animal, Doink the Clown, Diamond Dallas Page, Rakeeshi and Sid Vicious.
was awesome but the only problem was that Road Warrior Animal didn't actually wrestle Please fix it.
Road warrior animal was on smackdown.
1000th episode of RAW was awesome!!! Lots of old school wrestlers were on to celebrate...The Rock, Bret the Hitman Hart, Psycho Sid, Vader, Seargant Slaughter, Dude Love, APA (Bradshaw and Simmons), Lita, Doink the Clown, Road Warrior Animal, Rowdy Roddy Piper, all of Degeneration X (TripleH, Shawn Michaels, Billy Gunn, Road-dog, Xpac), especially the reuniting of the Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker and Kane)EPIC
Road warrior animal on smackdown now !!! 😃
Since when did the get replaced by road warrior animal?
"Baam yo its me its me its DDP" *** I never get tired of that just like "Rrruuussshhh" (Road Warrior animal)
Why's there spikes on Taker's coat? We just had Road Warrior Animal on the show...
Good to see Road Warrior Animal in the ring again..LOD...What A Rush!
road warrior/legion of doom Animal was epic last night
I liked a video Aftermath - Arda Ocal with Road Warrior Animal
Still can't believe i seen APA,Lita,Rikishi, Road Warrior Animal nd the other legends back on RAW.BEST RAW EVER.SO FAR
The legends is in the Buildin doink the clown bam bam Sid rowdy sgt slaughter road warrior animal
Well RAW's 1000th episode was very good. You seen good legends like Trish Stratus, Lita, Psycho Sid, Vader, Road Warrior Animal, The Rock and even Undertaker. But why in the *** was there no Stone Cold Steve Austin *** WWE
Mooney looked great! And Road Warrior Animal was blowing up.
What a kick *** RAW 1000. Until Big Show f***ed up on what would've been a great WWE Championship Match between John Cena & CM Punk. From beginning with the reunion of D-Generation X to special appearances from WWE Legends and Hall Of Famers such as Bret "The Hitman" Hart, *** Foley as Dude Love, Vader, Sycho Sid, the APA, Good Ol' Jim Ross, Road Warrior Animal, Doink the Clown, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter, Bob Backlund, Diamond Dallas Page, and one of my favorite WWE Divas, Lita embarassing Heath Slater to an EPIC in-ring segment featuring The Rock and his quest to another WWE Championship and an EPIC segment featuring Triple H, Paul Heyman, & Stephanie McMahon which led to a brawl between Triple H and Brock Lesnar. And the best part of RAW 1000 (in my opinion), the return of The Undertaker.B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e.
it was pretty sweet, Road Warrior Animal & DDP were there...also much easier to watch when it starts @ 5 not 8
Nice to see Rikishi, Pyshco Sid, A.P.A. Lita, Bob Backlund, DDP, Road Warrior Animal, Vader and the rest on Raw 1000th.
Anyone remember when Road Warrior Animal teamed up with Heidenreich? Better yet when Heidenreich kidnapped Michael Cole?
I'm sorry but no one can out quote the Rock."You look like a lumberjack banged an oompa-loompa" and my personal favorite..."oompa-loompa deedeede, you look look a troll from Lord Of The Rings." Bringing back memories of DX, Brothers Of Destruction, Brock Lesnar, Bret Hart and some of the legends...Psycho Sid, Vader, DDP, Road Warrior Animal, Rikishi, Doink, Dude Love ect. I'm loving it.
Mr. McMahon! Degeneration X! Lita! Stephanie! Road Warrior Animal! AJ in a wedding dress! THE ROCK! And best of all THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION! Ok! I admit it! That 1000th episode of RAW didn't let me down.
I can't tell who rocks a better mohawk...Road warrior animal or The Undertaker??? :-/
Road Warrior Animal gets two segments? Wait, that was Taker with the Animal hairdo.
Photos of Road Warrior Animal vs. Heath Slater from the July 20, 2012 edition of SmackDown.
It's nice to see that the person that made Road Warrior Animal's Spiked pads still has a job...
lol. No but the king is here along with road warrior Animal
Apa lita rakishi Sgt. Slaughter ddp Bob blackland big Vader road warrior animal doink the clown...dis is awesome
Diamond Dallas Page was in the ring. Road Warrior Animal. Srg. slaughter. Etc
9 days ago I was hanging out with Jim Ross, JBL and Road Warrior Animal, and now they are showing up on RAW... Life is Good.. LOL
and a Sean Mooney and a Mean Gene sighting as well. Nice to Road Warrior Animal there too.
It made me sad tonight to see Road Warrior Animal without Hawk.
Road Warrior Animal looked sick on episode 1K, being in the ring without Hawk.
Road Warrior Animal is. better than their regular teams
Road Warrior Animal still looks like a bad ***
*** Road Warrior Animal on Raw.used to be my favs
Dont know how many people out there actually still watch wrestling talking about WWE use to be WWF, but for those of you who use to watch it when it was really popular you might want to watch tonights Raw. It starts at 8 eastern time and they are bringing back a lot of the older guys to celebrate the 1,000 episode. Pretty darn good for a fake *** wrestling as people like to call it I would say. So far i know for sure The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels, Roddy Piper, Road Warrior Animal, and many others are going to be there. Before anyone judges me for watching wrestling and being 28 realize that wrestling is something that I grew up watching and in a way shape of form was like a hobby for me and helped me through some rough areas in my childhood. Kind of like my escape from reality. It is fake I know that but other then most sports on television what isnt. I will say this i am quick to defend the art of pro wrestling because a lot of people say oh its fake well they are right but tell the wr ...
Rikishi on Raw, Road Warrior Animal on Smackdown this week of WWE was brill !
Ultimate-Catch :: Exclusive: Road Warrior Animal talks about his return to SmackDown
The brother of John Laurinaitis - Road Warrior Animal returns at WWE SmackDown 7/20/12 to beat the legendary Jobber Heath Slater.
Whoaaah What a Russshh h.Road Warrior Animal! Poor Heath not really but it was fun to see!
Fun fact: Road Warrior Animal is the brother of John Laurinaitis
It does my heart as a wrestling fan to see Road Warrior Animal back, even if just for a 30 second squash match.
Just saw Road Warrior Animal last Friday night in Waterloo and now see him on WWE Smackdown!!! Yeah baby!!!
I would be terrified of road warrior animal danggg
true story; Road Warrior Animal is John Laurinaitis' brother.
Road Warrior Animal is on Smackdown right now. Straight legend!! RIP Hawk!
Road warrior animal what a legend and a wrestler
For those of you who missed out this year, you missed a great time and wonderful experience at the Dan Gable Museum's 2012 George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame Weekend here in Waterloo Iowa. JBL, Road Warrior Animal, Dan Se...
July 24, 2005: MNM defends Smackdown's tag team gold against Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich, the modern incarnation of the Legion of Doom. Check out www...
I totally forgot that The Road Warrior Animal, is the older brother of The Former Excutive Vice President of Talent Relations in WWE, John Lauranitus.
Update your maps at Navteq
Will be in Waterloo, IA on Friday night July 13th for Impact Pro Wrestling and The Dan Gable Wrestling Museum Hall of Fame Show. Doors open at 5:30p.m. Wrestling at 7. Kurt Angle, JBL, Road Warrior Animal, Baron Von Raschke and many more. A big night of wrestling For the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area. Don't Miss it Its sure to melt your FACE OFF DADDY-O!
Hall of Fame: Road Warrior Animal & Paul Ellering's induction speech at the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2011 induction ceremony
is a role model, so was Road Warrior Animal in 2001, Shane Douglas his whole life, and Billy Jack Haynes
Finally stepped on a weight scale yesterday. I'm at 248lbs, down from 263lb. I'm thinking 10-15lb and I should be in visible ab territory. Which would make me a beast to have abs at 235lbs. Too bad it's not 1975 and I could buy some Deca, I'd be walking around looking like Road Warrior Animal. With Sebastian looking like Johnny Ace.
This used to be the WWF House Show Experience! WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - December 27, 1998 (16,282; sell out) Edge pinned Headbanger Mosh by reversing a powerbomb into a sunset flip Goldust pinned Tiger Ali Singh with a spinebuster Al Snow & Scorpio fought the DOA to a no contest when the Brood interfered The Acolytes defeated Road Warrior Animal & Droz when Farooq pinned Animal with an inside cradle after Droz tripped up his partner; after the match, Animal and Droz had to be seperated by officials Vince McMahon defeated Mankind in an arm wrestling match with Sable acting as the special referee; the stipulation said that the winner would receive a kiss from Sable WWF World Champion the Rock pinned Triple H with the Corporate Elbow after Test interfered and hit the challenger with the title belt; Triple H 'won' the title earlier in the bout after using the title belt as a weapon but the match was forced to continue by Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson after they sent Chyna backstage ...
Collectors and WWE fans alike can rekindle their love and passion for some of the most famous superstars in WWE history with the Legends assortment, this figure is Road Warrior Animal. The figure stands 6.5" tall.
Road Warrior Animal describes his emotions after his WWE Hall of Fame Induction speech
Classic Superstars Road Warrior Animal & Hawk: These are the Tag Team Champions 'Legion of Doom'. Animal is deck...
John Laurinaitis. He's the brother of Road Warrior Animal and wrestled in All Japan Pro Wrestling and NWA/WCW.
Got to meet Vader, Hillbilly Jim, Koko B. Ware, and Road Warrior Animal as they walked into Frank and Sons. Biding our time now
Heading over to Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Vader, Road Warrior Animal, Marty Jannetty, Hillbilly Jim, & more are there!
I kinda hope Road Warrior Animal and are Johnny Ace's back-up
IDK about y'all, but I think Johnny Ace dreamed he had the career his brother, Road Warrior Animal, had. As I remember, he had better publicity as a member of the Dynamic Dudes. Which n fact, his partner Shane Douglas had a better career than poor Johnny.
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