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The Riverside Church in the City of New York is an interdenominational American Baptist and United Church of Christ church in New York City, famous for its elaborate Neo-Gothic architecture and its history of social justice. New York (locally ) is a state in the Northeastern region of the United States. New York is the 27th-most extensive, the 3rd-most populous, and the 7th-most densely populated of the 50 United States. 5.0/5

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Amy Butler, pastor of The Riverside Church of New York, speaking.
at @ The Riverside Church in the City of New York
I hate I missed at the Riverside Church in New York!
today at 7pm EST 7 Last words service on last words by blacks killed by cops is on livestream at Riverside Church in New York.
Video: And the November 15 Dialogue between Cornel West and Bob Avakian at Riverside Church in New York...
On April 4, 1967, at Riverside Church in New York, the Rev Martin Luther King Jr delivered an explosive speech...
Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick" (May 24, 1878 – Oct 5, 1969) American pastor. Fosdick became a central figure in the "Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy" within American Protestantism in the 1920's and 1930's and was one of the most prominent liberal ministers of the early 20th Century. Although a Baptist, he was guest preacher in New York City at First Presbyterian Church on West Twelfth Street, Manhattan and then at the historic, inter-denominational Riverside Church, founded by philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr. Fosdick was born in Buffalo, New York. He graduated from Colgate University in 1900 and Union Theological Seminary in 1904. While attending Colgate University he joined the Delta Upsilon Fraternity. He was ordained a Baptist minister in 1903 at the Madison Avenue Baptist Church at 31st Street. While at First Presbyterian Church, on May 21, 1922, he delivered his famous sermon “Shall the Fundamentalists Win?”, in which he defended the modernist position. In that sermon, he presented th . ...
Did you know that in more than 3 million mostly Black and brown workers don't earn a living wage? These are hardworking folks that cook our meals, take care of our seniors and children and provide us with other essential services. These workers need us to raise our voices in order to compel state legislative leaders to give New Yorkers the raise they deserves. If you live or work in NYC -- on Wednesday, May 7th at 7p.m. -- join organizers, faith leaders, and hard working New Yorkers at a rally -- at the Riverside Church (90 Riverside Drive, New York, NY) -- demanding Albany and ensure that all New Yorkers are able to earn a living wage. Leave us a comment to let us know you'll be there.
Most of my children are away in school, but I still have my 4 years old daughter with me. We enjoyed a very beautiful service at the Riverside Church in New York City where Rev. Dr. James Forbes talked about "The Angel's Message: Do Not Fear." My favorite part was when he referenced women as the ones who God decided to use to declare the Easter message that "Christ is Alive." I could preach an entire sermon myself from just that statement. The church erupted in cheers and applause... it was awesome! We later visited my good friend's home to have an Easter family gathering since they are my NYC Family. I have never been to an Easter egg hunt quite like what they organized for my four years old daughter--24 chocolate covered goods hidden around the house for just one lone child to find. With every step of the way, her teenaged play cousin snapped pictures, and she laughed and giggled with excitement all through. I am very thankful to God for loving friends and family. It is my prayer as we continue the ce . ...
Go listen to MY preacher for social justice if you are in the New York area: Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President of the NC NAACP and Architect of the Forward Together Moral Movement, to Preach Palm Sunday Service at Historic Riverside Church Palm Sunday Service April 13, 2014 at 10:45 am The Riverside Church 490 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10027
The first two sessions of Coming Home Spring 2014 were wonderful! Thanks to Nanette Bourne, Lesley Eringer, Monica Wiggins, Fall 2013 graduates, members of Alpha Phi Omega, and The Latinos Ministry of the Riverside Church of New York for preparing and serving the meals for the first week!
After 46 years of love and commitment, Lewis Duckett and Billy Jones publicly tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony at New York's Riverside Church.
The a Riverside Church in the City of New York: a prayerful celebration of Mandela's birthday ...
Today in 1998 In the US, a memorial service for Linda McCartney is held at the Riverside Church in New York
"Don't believe everything you hear. Real eyes realize real lies." -Tupac Shakur Assata Shakur is now a Muslim. Well, she didn't actually convert to Islam. But in the eyes of the United States government where "terrorism" and threats to the state have become synonymous with Islam and Muslims, the recent placement of Assata Shakur on the FBI's "Most Wanted Terrorist List", has for all intents and purposes, made her one. While her being named to the list shocked many, is it really that surprising, especially when one considers how the "war on terror" has been used as a logic of control to systematically target, undermine and destroy any challenge to the domestic and global realms of US power? Welcome to the Terrordome Recently while in New York, I was on a panel at the Riverside Church that explored the links between the "war on crime" and the "war on terror". I joined an incredible group of mostly black and Muslim activists, individuals (including Yusef Salaam, one of the "Central Park Five"), and family me ...
May 24 Harry Emerson Fosdick was born at Buffalo, New York on this day in 1878. He graduated from Colgate University in 1900, then entered Union Theological Seminary. He went to seminary as a fundamentalist, he left as a liberal. He served his first congregation from 1903 to 1915 when he returned to UTS to teach. In 1918 he was called to a Presbyterian church in midtown New York City but his powerful preaching aroused the attention of the national church and he was forced from that pulpit. John D. Rockefeller asked Fosdick to serve as pastor of Park Avenue Baptist Church but was rebuffed based on some narrow policies and the fact that the church was in too rich and comfortable an area, so the policies were changed and Fosdick hired. Rockefeller funded Riverside Church at Morningside Heights, where Fosdick served until his retirement. Fosdick claimed to need a pen in his hand to think and wrote countless sermons, over thirty books, at least one great hymn, and these quotes. Bitterness imprisons life; love ...
I'm in a New York state of mind. Thinking about the beautiful young ladies / professional speakers of Figure Skating in Harlem. Look at these pictures of some of my Beauties as they deliver their speeches to 500 people at Riverside Church in New York City. I mean - how beautiful are these young poets / speakers. They are the apples of my eye! And they give their speeches WITHOUT NOTES!! Listen up adult speakers!
WHAT: NYC Mayoral Candidates Forum on Community Safety WHEN: Thursday, May 9th at 5:00pm WHERE: Riverside Church — South Hall, 490 Riverside Drive, New York, NY, 10027 New York's next mayor will face a host of issues that implicate community safety and New Yorkers' civil rights and liberties. Under the Bloomberg administration, more than 5 million New Yorkers have been subjected to deeply humiliating stops by the NYPD — most of whom were Black or Latino and stopped without any suspicion of wrongdoing. Black and brown New Yorkers need to know that our next mayor is committed to instituting a higher standard of policing that does not include harassment, abuse or discriminatory tactics.
By 1967, King had become the country's most prominent opponent of the Vietnam War, and a staunch critic of overall U.S. foreign policy, which he deemed militaristic. In his "Beyond Vietnam" speech delivered at New York's Riverside Church on April 4, 1967 -- a year to the day before he was murdered.
Hey SSDP and Columbia Community! Now is your chance to view the Sundance -award winning documentary THE HOUSE I LIVE IN at Riverside Church this Saturday at 1pm. Executive Producers include DANNY GLOVER, JOHN LEGEND, BRAD PITT & RUSSELL SIMMONS. The screening will be hosted at Riverside Church, presented by the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow and Drug Policy Alliance. It is free and open to the public! After the film, the director Eugene Jarecki and special guests will discuss ending the war on drugs and mass incarceration in New York. See you there!
I had such and incredible and amazing week at the 2012 American Guild of Organists National Convention. I saw so many people I knew and had heard play over the years. I worked closely with concert organist Cherry Rhodes which was a wonderful treat. I also met and really enjoyed my time talking to Carolyn Hamlin, organist and composer/arranger from Easley, SC. I was able to speak to Frederick Swann, retired organist/choirmaster from the famed Riverside Church in New York and Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA and was able to tell him how much I loved his recording of Larry King's piece "Fanfares to the Tongues of Fire", which was written in 1978 to dedicate the Trompeta Majestatis at Riverside Church and also commented to John Walker about how much I love his recording (on the same CD) with Frederick Swann, the Ronald Arnatt "Piece de Resistance" and John Weaver's setting of "For All the Saints". What a great week it was! This is a week that I will surely never forget. All of the new friends made ...
New Gig announced in New York, NY at Riverside Church 120th street and Riverside Drive on 6/21/2012
RIP to former Riverside Church AAU Program in New York founder Ernie Lorch who set the wave for alot of great players from the program such as Walter Berry, Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson, Kenny Smith, and other NYC greats who played in the NBA.
r.ip. Ernie Lorch. Its a sad day for New York City basketball to lose a coach, a mentor, and a leader to so many. It was an honor to play for the Riverside Church program which help me develop my skills. Shout out to all the Riverside legends I grew up watching. Eric Barkley, Ron Artest, and Omar cook just to name a few.
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