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River Monsters

River Monsters is a documentary television series that airs on Animal Planet, hosted by Jeremy Wade and produced by Icon Films of Bristol, UK.

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River monsters is amazing television
We can smoke out the pound and watch River Monsters
I gotta stop watching river monsters if I'm Tryna have a good time at the river
I wish my nose wasn't varying between the sahara desert and an episode of river monsters
I've been in my bed watching River Monsters since 9am .
Being sick isn't fun but watching river monsters all day sure makes it better
I was watching River Monsters, this happened to a kid while he was playing in th water..
Bareng & the River Monsters catcher himself, Jeremy Wade!
I would love to be in the room when they were pitching River Monsters:. So, it's a fishing show?. No, the host is BRITISH. Inteโ€ฆ
just chilling and watching River Monsters on Netflix with my best friend (:
River monsters is by far one of my favorite shows just makes me think twice about fish
River monsters host Jeremy Wade came up close and personal to a 200-pound anaconda in Brazil.
I'm starting to think that River Monsters is just a fishing show. You tricked me with exotic locals and a crafty British accโ€ฆ
Ok wow. "River Monsters" posted about that fish that washed up on the obx! its legit now. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
I could use a little River Monsters to prep me up
When your 3 1/2 old son would rather watch river monsters over anything else ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽฃ
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Who says river monsters only have fins and gills? Monster Week begins with an all-new River Monsters, starting TONIGHT at 9PM EP.
We're gonna catch our own river monsters!! FISH ON!!! XD
i gotta stop watching river monsters ima be scared to jump in the Quarries this summer Lol
I gotta get my fishing license ... im watching "river monsters" and im getting that itch to get out fishing!!!
Are you a fan of Discovery Channel's River Monsters? Come on down to Sunway Pyramid blue zone concourse on 24th May at 1pm to meet extreme angler, Jeremy Wade as he recounts some of the most exciting and dangerous moments from his adventures. The event is open to public
Me: yes! Golden girls! Tim: I can't watch river monsters but we are watching this? On the hallmark channel? What are we, 80 year old women?
I feel like I've been watching River Monsters for months... Have I ??? *** is going on ???
River monsters is probably the best show out there!
Sittin here watchin River Monsters. This show always freakin tempts me to get my *** outta bed and go throw some lines. *** it Jeremy Wade
Oh river monsters, why must you keep me awake when I should be asleep!
Don't tell my wife, but I may be addicted to River Monsters!
Can't beat watching Jeremy Wade being a bad *** on River Monsters! LOVE this show!
River Monsters all week on Animal Planet. I'm hooked, literally. If you need me I'll be admiring Jeremy Wade catch catfish the size of a horse.
I have a confession: I CANNOT stop watching River Monsters.
I'll be darn. transformer just blew at the end of the street. So much for River Monsters. Monster Week.
Little Giant Ladders
Watching River Monsters with Sadi and they show a Bull shark attack in Lake Michigan near Grand Rapids!! They are swimming north during flood times and are able to live in our lakes. I was shocked! Those bad boys could swim north, go under the big mac and be in our boat harbor for all we know!!
The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago ..."it was interesting River Monsters there and stuff! Lol it was just nice to be with Tony T-Dub Wallace
Beautiful red sky shining through my window watching river monsters on telly eating pizza and garlic bread now that's what I call living
River monsters is one of my favourite tv programmes of all time
After watching river monsters all week, getting in the ocean, and something touching my leg, about had a walk on water moment!!
There are still river monsters waiting to be found! We are happy to share that River Monsters will return for a seventh season in 2015! Listen to the announcement from Jeremy Wade himself. Monster Week continues TONIGHT at 8PM EP, concluding with the River Monsters season finale MONDAY, May 26 at 9PM EP!
So.what do I want for my birthday this year? A clean kitchen, cleaned off dining room table and all paperwork magically completed and filed where it can be found again, cleaned out computer cabinet, both kids room cleaned out, my room cleaned out, basement cleaned out, garage cleaned out, a new washing machine, pool opened and pump fixed, laundry put away, no homework to make sure everyone gets done, no stress about the 10 performances my kids need to do in the next month.doesn't sound unrealistic, does it? I think I will settle for coming home a little early from work today before picking up Anika from her after school program and watch River Monsters with Logan before I leave for my PTO meeting -- assuming he doesn't have too much homework --.could be worse :) .at least some WILL watch River Monsters with me in my messy house :)
River Monster's intrepid host Jeremy Wade faced down his greatest fear when he came face-to-face with a deadly 200 pound anaconda on the latest edition of his hit show, River Monsters.
If you people out there haven't seen the show River Monsters on Discovery. Watch it
The more I watch river monsters, the less likely I will be taking any trips to the amazon river
I don't think its a good idea to watch River Monsters for a whole week before a lake trip!
Who else is obsessed with River Monsters?
Hello all! I'm Jake from Gloversville, NY. I'm going to be a bio major and I'm planning on playing for the soccer team next fall. My favorite tv shows are River Monsters and Ancient Aliens (bc I think it's super funny). I'm super excited to get done with my senior year and start fresh in Albany!
The river monsters are real fish on
I don't know what is with me and this show River Monsters. But I LOVE IT! I know. im a 33 year old mother of 3
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Catfish started trying to eat people's legs on this episode of River Monsters. I will never get in Lake James again.
I probably shouldn't be watching River Monsters when I'm going to a lake party tomorrow.๐Ÿ˜
Never swimming in a lake again after watching River Monsters ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Well after watching River Monsters for the past 2 days, I've come to the conclusion I'll never get back in a lake or ocean ever again
some of the fish the dude catches on River Monsters makes me never want to step foot in a lake again
The show River Monsters freaks me out and keeps me from wanting to step foot near Percy Priest lake...but I'm gonna keep watching it.
Lake Of the Ozarks is featured on this episode of River Monsters that I'm watching rn. bagnell dam is a no go. ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ณ
I think Jeremy Wade should hire me as a fishing partner on "River Monsters". Yup new job sounds good.
I love River Monsters, and Jeremy Wade is a bad as
I just want to be Jeremy Wade from River Monsters.
River Monsters makes me terrified to swim in the lake.
will you ever get Jeremy Wade of River Monsters on your podcast?
Okay, so this is where my spam comes to an end. Sorry everyone. I'm usually active at night. Time to watch River Monsters w/ Jeremy Wade :D
The Amazon is filled with some of the biggest predators around. Which ones will Jeremy Wade get his hook into? Find out when Monster Week begins TOMORROW at 9PM EP with an all-new River Monsters.
I aspire to be like Jeremy Wade on River Monsters.
Fell asleep on the floor, had a dream about Jeff accidentally letting a couple snakes, a couple geckos, & a fancy rat loose in the house. The 2nd snake was an Anaconda. Jeremy Wade, of River Monsters, was narrating my dream & wrestled the Anaconda in our living room. Then I woke up. Just in time to see Jeremy Wade go swimming in search of man eating Anacondas. He came across a 12' & a 20' one. I may not sleep again tonight.
Nothing like new episodes of River Monsters: Unhooked with Jeremy Wade.
River Monsters should really be named "Jeremy Wade Debunks Local Legends And Tells Them It's Just A Catfish"
The May 3rd Continental Indoor Football League tilt featuring the visiting River Monsters of Northern Kentucky battling the Dayton Sharks is now available On-Demand! Check below to listen or download the game!
Elizabeth watching her favorite show. River Monsters!!
Why does Bar Rescue and River Monsters both have to be on at 9 on a Sunday night?? Like when you were younger and you got home from school and Saved by the Bell and Family Matters would both be on at 4:00. *** you America.
The NKY River Monsters would like to thank Corwyn Thomas and the Dayton Sharks for their hospitality last night...
Can I compare The Old Man and the Sea to the show River Monsters? The similar theme is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Just a guy fishing for monsters.
About to watch our buddy Ricardo and the River Monsters beat up on the Dayton Sharks! football.
It's GAMEDAY! River Monsters vs Sharks at Hara Arena in Dayton.. Kickoff 7:30pm.. Hit me up if your coming...
A crowning achievement as a father... got my daughters addicted to "River Monsters". way better than "Peppy Pig".
Bout Bout to watch river monsters or top gear till its over
Watching river monsters, I love this show
I learn so much from watching River Monsters.
Watching river monsters munching on snax with my tita and uncle ๐Ÿ‘Œโ˜บ
I can't sleep so I'm watching River Monsters.
Hey, we did the best to help you to watch River Monsters Season 06 Episode 04 (S06 E04) . Directly in this page...
This guy on river monsters is crazy!
Another episode of River Monsters to go along with tea... I think yes.
I want to go fishing with the river monsters dude.
Why do I always catch myself watching this ridiculous show River Monsters?
makes watching River Monsters more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
Is it weird that one of my favorite shows is River Monsters. Idk why I don't ever fish. Lol
River monsters all night, every night ๐Ÿ˜Š
My crazy son is telling me how cute this African tiger fish is on river monsters is lmao he saw the guy holding it & was like "Aww cute mommy I wna hug it" ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚ no baby you don't
Watching River Monsters makes me never wanna go in any of body water again.
Teen mom, 16 & pregnant and river monsters are my shows lol
River Monsters is a big part of why I hate water.
River Monsters on Netflix is my new addiction...Matt Wallace it's time to gas up the boat again
I would recommend watching River Monsters if you're afraid of the water
Got another free month trial of Netflix. Log on, instantly rejoice by watching an episode of River Monsters.
River monsters, Dog the Bounty Hunter, open Bally stuntin, this a southern Cali summer
Fun night catching river monsters with
Slumber party with ma gurls just us snacks and netflix!! And they choose river monsters lol # lovemyseeds
Pizza , beer and new episodes of river monsters with Daniele Hinds! Great night!
So I caught a glimpse of this show that my dad and brother (George and Aaron) were watching (I think it was river monsters or something like that) and on the show were these so called "hunting experts" Now, let me tell you why that is b.s. These so called "hunting experts" decided to build a trap for a "fire breathing river Dragon", problem? The trap they used, was built of wood. If you're the "expert" you claim to be, shouldn't you know that wood.burns? I mean im no expert at hunting monsters as they claim to be, but even someone the likes of me with 2/3 of a brain and 3 mental disabilities knows that a trap made of nothing but wood, is not the best type of trap for A FIRE BREATHING DRAGON. Needless to say (to their surprise) it didn't work. Ya...experts.
River Monsters needs to change it's name to Amazon Momsters
I've been watching river monsters for way to long lol
It's 10pm on a Friday and I'm in bed watching river monsters... Wth?
Sitting at home watching river monsters
I was looking for a Mario Golf / Hearthstone break. I think I'll just go to bed and watch River Monsters instead tho :-p
River monsters marathon. Gunna be a sweet night!
He's so close. (don't mind my river monsters in the back ground)
Got so much done today an it was worth it started raining up here about 45 mins ago. man that rain smells good.relaxing with papa kevin now watching our show river monsters.. have a great night everyone an be safe on the roads tonight
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I couldn't decide between a doc on Mark Cuban or Princess Diaries 2... So I compromised and put on River Monsters...
I don't care what anyone says... River Monsters is one of the best shows out there.
Spending my night watching River Monsters. I am 100% ok with this.
Atleast my school doesn't have river monsters { Leann Smith}
I've been at hunters creek catching river monsters ;b
Friday night and I just ate 4 popsicles, and am watching River Monsters.
I watch River Monsters to feel validated in my fear of marine life.
The idea of having to work the next 6 out of 7 daysโ€ฆ. makes me want to get my jamies on and watch useless TV like Hoarders or River Monstersโ€ฆ. and maybe have a GINORMOUS margarita or wiskey coke or a summer shandyโ€ฆ.. hmmmโ€ฆ. :)
Madi is really into river monsters rn
River Monsters, S06ES7 - โ€œUnhooked: Demon Fishโ€ is about to air on Animal Planet for 1 hour.
They're talking about *** getting bit off on river monsters ๐Ÿ™ˆ
I could watch River Monsters all day ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽฃ
Jeremy Wade from "River Monsters" is the most interesting man in the world.
I mean wow ...does anyone know how to deal with the show river monsters like emotionally really its just not right
River Monsters making me wanna become a world wide fisherman. –  10% Off
Idk why but I really like watching river monsters
I liked S06E02 - Jungle Terminator of River Monsters! . via
You've not known true horror until you've watched River Monsters with me. Why do I do this to myself?
I think after river monsters I'll go to 24 season three. Oh wait!? The pens are on. Oh wait, they are flat footed and playing poorly.
Time for a bit of River Monsters with Jeremy Wade.
While everyone is having fun at Oaks, I'm here eating honey nut Cheerios reading my POH & watching river monsters.
Cleaning up the tackle boxes and the fishing poles. The kids and me are gonna try our luck at catch in sum river dosent get much better for sum quality time whit my boys.
Watching these episodes of river monsters is really making me want to take a fishing trip!!!
Watching River Monsters with my girls, waiting for Smackdown to start. Making yellow rice, green beans and corn for Piper and myself. Hope tonight picks up a bit ...
Its one of my life goals to go fishing with the dude from river monsters.
Ok watching river monsters and my husband isn't even home yet lol oh the shows he gets me hooked on lol
I realize my inner nerd still lives within me when I catch myself watching back to back episodes of River Monsters on Animal Planet
Time for river monsters with jeremy :) :) love this program
River Monsters Live with yung shoota and darian
So on my day off I went fishin, watched river monsters, and get to work on Ellie Mae.I'd say it's a good day
im tryin to be Jeremy Wade today and play river Monsters but Raven wont act as my film crew ***
Hmu if you're trying to fish, going to nail some mutant river monsters at 4:30
Love my little Macie, everyone is out, an she's excited an wants to put river monsters on :-)
So true. River Monsters and Squidbillies. Guilty as charged.
I might be addicted to the show River Monsters and I'm pretty sure I'm never visiting a river again
Hobbies include "OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT"-ing to River Monsters and whining about fashion during Mad Men
This morning while tayler was gone I put the tv show I was watching on pause, and made breakfast . He comes home and in a very concerned tone asked if I truly like to fish, or if I only do it to make him happy. I walk into the living room and un pause the tv show I was watching. River monsters!!! Lol enough said!
Just watching the new River monsters
Does anyone else enjoy the program on Animal Planet 'River Monsters'
At 9pm this Sunday on Episode 4 of the 6th Season of River Monsters, Jeremy Wade travels to Guyana to see what has led to many disappearances and men found swallowed whole inside of fish (see image). My guess is the Piraiba will be the top suspect, which is a cross between a catfish and shark that roams South American rivers and grows to over 8 feet long, 700 lbs.
Thanks to netflix I can finally see season one of Once upon a time. Thinking of watching Merlin and I might take a look at Dr.Who. though got to catch up with River Monsters first :)
Time to catch up on my DVR river monsters !!!
This evening's episode of River Monsters has host, Jeremy Wade fishing for eels in New Zealand. Such beautiful scenery, I really would like to visit someday!
I threw together some clips from a go pro of skim boarding & a lil bit of surfing, but I wasn't in surf shape :/ .I bite it once in a while...i put some personal music demos on soundtrack. love it or hate it is...;P its like river monsters without all that biology & fish lol
eating nachos and watching river monsters. I live a pretty glamorous life.
When the dude off river monsters dies im takeing his spot
watchn jungle hooks Jeremy Wade from river monsters catch the worlds biggest freshwaterfish the arapima looks like the great great great grandad of a barramundi
"Mom can you remind me when it's May 8th? The new River Monsters comes on." is his
Anyone trying to come out to the NKY River Monsters game Saturday night 7:30 vs Dayton Sharks at Hara Arena in Dayton.. Hit me up
River monsters and pizza with my 4 favorite girls and a dude ;)
River monsters has me paranoid. Tori! Get your hand out that water!
River Monsters...I can never get enough of you!!!
Kai had a great time at the nature center... The first picture is him putting on a puppet show for us ... he also made a beautiful picture on the wall...and then he watched the birds and played with the snake skin... there were lots of woodpeckers outside today which he absolutely loves! :-) ( he also said he found something from River Monsters... Lol! :-) )
RIVER MONSTERS GUESS WHO: Can you name this river monster? Part of my name comes from an iconic Asian land mammal. I have 32 razor sharp teeth that are similar in size to that of the great white sharks. These help me to maintain my reputation of being one of the most fearsome and deadly freshwater fish in the world.
Jus don't start thinkin that yal TOO CUTE this weekend, cuz I can see me now pouring my whole cup of liquor on one of u wet river monsters that call ya self a Lady for lookin ALRIGHT for this weekend only.. So fly on off vulture bird!
Ashli and Sarah, ya know how you guys have the strange attraction to... oh shoot... what's his name... Adam Richman (the man vs food guy). I think I found my strange attraction... I like the guy that does River Monsters. Jeremy Wade. lol
I love River Monsters. It's a really good show.
I liked a video Face to Face with an Electric Eel | River Monsters
just found a whole new series of River Monsters to watch.
All the tv personalities and celebrities kids see everyday and who does my son, Romeo, want to meet? Jeremy Wade, marine biologist and extreme angler from River Monsters. We must be doing something right!
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"Nurse quick! We're going to loose him! I need 1000cc of Band of Brothers, Black Hawk Down, Young Frankenstein, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Raiders of the Lost Ark, River Monsters, Duck Dynasty, anything stat!" "Doctor, what's wrong?" "The patient is watching Little Women. Hang in there man! Hang in there! Not on my watch, not on my watch!"
First came Storage wars then Bear Grylls, now River Monsters. You can call me Victor.
Game of Thrones coming back and Silicon Valley debuting are pretty exciting, but the new season of River Monsters might be even better. I have a strange obsession with that show. Must be that British silver fox, Jeremy Wade.
There are some tv shows that I really enjoy watching. America Unearthed, Ghost Mine, Finding Bigfoot, Ancient Aliens, Close Encounters, Hangar 1, Monsters & Mysteries in America, Survivorman, Gator Boys, River Monsters, Flashpoint, Criminal Minds. Anyway ... just recently I started to watch Naked & Afraid. I had thought I would not like the show. But I do like it. Yet, one of the shows ... the guy drove me nuts! He complained and whined, and really didn't do much for the survival part of it all ... and then accused the woman of complaining. Jeesh! He is lucky I wasn't there ... I would have slapped him around with a poison ivy bouquet. :D
Casanova's favorite shows: (in order). The Barefoot Contessa. Kathy Lee and Hoda . Sex and the City. River Monsters. DDD
"River Monsters" reaffirms my new decision to never visit South America ever.
I don't need to watch River Monsters. I am the river monster!
If I don't make it back in time for the River Monsters season premiere hands will be thrown
If you don't like watching River Monsters, there's something wrong with you
These reality shows today are hilarious, River Monsters, Cryptid, Mountain Monsters, etc. At least Duck Dynasty is real. Ain't no Roogaroo gonna get me, OR IS HE?
Watch out! 'River Monsters' returns for 6th season
Watch out! 'River Monsters' returns for 6th season: NEW YORK (AP) โ€” Often television stars travel with assista...
I'm surprisingly addicted to the show "River Monsters" and I don't even fish.
There are sting rays on River Monsters right now. Gonna have nightmares
This man on River Monsters is crazy
You mean team? โ€œShabazz Napier watched 'River Monsters' instead of Tourny last year
UConn's Shabazz Napier watched 'River Monsters' instead of the NCAA Tournament last year
They've put 3 series of ''River Monsters`` on Netflix man, gunna watch some of that after I've read a bit of HP Lovecraft. Might start reading my Jules Verne omnibus instead, I've never read any of his for some reason. I used to have a cartoon/film version of ''Journey to the centre of the earth`` but that's it. Wish I had extra eyes man or ultra-fast reading powers like Johnny 5 is alive. I've got about a thousand Kindle books to get through.
โ€œRiver monsters tonight "The Atomic Assassin" sounds thrilling Not sure I can handle it mate,will probably be a catfish
River Monsters on Netflix and my bed ๐Ÿ™Œ
$10 general admission for the NKY River Monsters game on 2/9/14 at 2pm.
I love that he's on a team called the river monsters
Watchin river monsters cos I'm a mans man!
Watching river monsters I like how gripping it is there was a abandoned country last week with a nuclear spill
Remember Jared Lorenzen from Kentucky? He still plays quarterback..for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters weighs 320 lbs
Hour long new river monsters were hes at chenoble on itv 4 at 9pm buzzin
Jared Lorenzen: Still playing football, still enormous, still an American hero via
Jeremy Wade reveals how he managed to capture the gigantic Greenland Shark. | For more River Monsters visit ...
We are we going fishing I've been watching river monsters
River Monsters all over ESPN! Get some of that Nike swag on your flash store and you will be look n good 24-7.
Admit it fans. . You want Jared Lorenzen back after watching those River Monsters highlights. .
Former New York Giants backup quarterback Jared Lorenzen continues to play football and is now the starting quarterback of the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of the Continental Indoor Football League. Check out some footage from the team's first game.
Ex-Giants QB Jared Lorenzen weighs 320 pounds, but he's still got it via
After watching river monsters im never swimming in lakes or rivers again.
Well, got my day off tomorrow. Can't wait going to do a whole lot of nothing. Can anyone say River Monsters!
Video of Jared Lorenzen playing quarterback for the River Monsters proves he's still got it via
Bro glad to see U are still slinging it. I assume River Monsters don't ask u to run 10 half-gassers B4 camp! LOL
Jeremy Wade's investigation reveals how the legendary lake got its name. | For more River Monsters visit
Ever wondered what a typical River Monsters' camp looks like? Here is a Behind the Scenes clip from Season 2. It's not glamorous.
A little about me... Born at McDonald Hospital, Ft Eustis, VA while my father was stationed at Camp Perry. So that makes me a military brat, which in this area isn't all that unique, but what it really means, we moved alot. Every few years a new place, new schools, and sometimes whole new cultures. Not a bad way to grow up, it gives you a much broader view of the world, it teaches you to learn and adapt. But what it doesn't do is give you solid roots to an area, to this day, it still blows my mind that many people have lived in the same area their whole lives! Me, I've lived in Williamsburg VA, Glass VA, Okinawa Japan, Augusta GA, Weaver AL, Grafenwohr Germany, Tallahasee FL, Richmond VA, Mons Belgium, back to Richmond VA, and finally Gloucester VA. I got to fish in many of these places. I don't remember any fishing trips in Okinawa, but I do remember crystal clear waters filled with many colorful bait sized fish and stern warnings when, wading in the water, of a fish that resembles a rock and is highly p ...
That's the Ebro booked and confirmed for septmember.. Chasing River monsters on the float tube on the fly... Bring it
Jared Lorenzen does not care what you think... Videos are hilarious...remember he gets paid
Going to slay some river monsters.. Trout snook redfish..!!
hes at 320. Playing for N. Kentucky River monsters of an indoor league just starting up. Continental indoor league I think
โ€œJared Lorenzen is somehow still playing football and OMG HE IS HUGE! /
Work done for the day time for a beer and last night's river monsters on catch up :)
The big news on social media is former UK quarterback Jared Lorenzen who still plays quarterback for the Northern Ky. River Monsters of the continental indoor football league, he's a whopping 320 pounds or better *** just when I thought I've seen it all in sports! I'll bet his cadence call is "Down...Set...4 Double Cheeseburgers... Hike!" LMAO!!
One of the funniest things I've read recently
Any talk about sliding him over to QB, prepping him for a possible career with the River Monsters?
Amazing profile on the career of 320 lb quarterback Jared Lorenzen - he is now tearing up arena football.
Watch Alan Titchmarsh Show ITV Thurs 6 Feb 3pm to see Jeremy Wade and see him in the flesh Mon 17 Mar here
Check out Eli Mannings former backup weighing over 300lbs playing QB
I want to see the River Monsters in action
30 minutes to kill on your lunch break? Watch the extreme anglers on try to catch Nessie:
Jared Lorenzen has somehow gotten bigger, and is still playing football: Pic via
Sitting back enjoying an episode of River Monsters
Watching River Monsters, yet more proof you should never get in the water.
Jeremy Wade's river monsters is such a good show
You mean the BATTLESHIP. (But yes, that's a nice riff on those unfortunate uniforms. River Monsters. Ugh.)
Paling suka nonton chanel Discovery about : River Monsters
My boy Jared Lorenzen from Ft Thomas KY. He may not be playing QB for my NY Giants any more, but at a soft 320 lbs looks pretty nimble playing for the River Monsters.
Good morning. A titanic tribute to Jared Lorenzen:
If you missed the River Monsters TV programme on you may be able to catch up with it here. .
Jesus anyone watching River Monsters? I'm never stepping into a river again!
Dear ABC, I'm only human, how am I supposed to pick between QI and Best of river monsters?
The best of river monsters the guys just a legend.
If you like River Monsters set your box to record 3pm Thursday 6th on ITV . was a long day . Would just like to say Mr wade is very down to earth and it was great chatting in the green room .
Thanks to River Monsters I will probably never swim in anything other than a pool :/ And I definitely don't plan to go swimming or fishing near the Amazon!
Jared Lorenzen got a Super Bowl ring as Eli Manningโ€™s backup in Super Bowl XLII, and the former University of Kentucky quarterback is now playing for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of the CIFL. Heโ€™s also, uh, not quite in the shap...
Time to sit back, crack a cold one, watch river monsters, and take pride in what I've acomplished today.
2 of the most popular news stories in the country today center on events in Northern Kentucky, within 15 miles of my house. Bill Nye's debate at the infamous Creation Museum and Jared Lorenzen's return(?) to football as quarterback of the River Monsters indoor team. Both stories feature talented people fulfilling their vocations well, but seem to be treated with less full measures of respect.
So Lorenzen is QB for The River Monsters?.Looks like he.
Eva and I are loving the interior design show every night - lots of ideas to make this house gawjus :-)! Loving her creativity :-)! Zak still sulking because he missed river monsters - not finding it so inspiring :-/ x
Just saw NKY River Monsters mentioned on Dan Lebatard highly questionable. That is my aunt Jill 's football team getting national press. Crazy
Well that river monsters was a bit pants to say the least.
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Mark Johnson watching river monsters again what's a girl 2 do ๐Ÿ˜‰
whose just wasted half an hour of their lifes watchin Jez, River Monsters? 4 him to catch a couple of bootlaces he didnt even try. epic fail jez!!!
That time again "river monsters". Problys Only to find out it's a cat fish or an eel... But I just can't help myself. I pray ๐Ÿ™ for the day Jeremy Wade amazes me and actually catches a monster of the river... ๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿšฃ๐ŸŽฃ
Am I really watching river monsters on my own in bed :/ god help me
River monsters Loch Ness monster is on itv +1
Man river monsters is on the tv, and it's in Scotland the Loch Ness monster
River Monsters.on now.I've got news for this guy, there is no Loch Ness monster.
I'm sat with a glass if red wine (which I usually hate) searching for contents insurance watching a programme on river monsters(and enjoying it) someone remind me I'm 23!
The makers of River Monsters are really starting to run out of ideas he's fishing for the Loch Ness monster to night
Lucky me. fitst river monsters was on, looked on the guide n now its robson green extream fishing time.
Watching river monsters Loch Ness. A few if us swam that 2 years ago
Just watching river monsters about the Loch Ness monster. All these daft jocks that reckon they have seen it. I bet most of them av been drinking Buckfast and there hallucinating the daft *** .
To the gadgie from river monsters that at Loch Ness looking for nessie the only monster you will find around Loch Ness is the steak i get at Dores Inn it really is a monster !
That was the worst river monsters ever and it's only half the episode
Just watched river monsters what a complete waste of 30mins of my life
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Programme on itv now called river monsters where he is searching for the Loch Ness monster :/ He wants to give his head a shake wonder if next weeks is where he is looking for Sponge Bob
God so boaed laid in bed watchin river monsters *** lol
River Monsters... What a load of old Pony. Obviously faked.. Scotland and it's not pissing down.. Pah! Rubbish
Jeremy Wade's River Monsters , great viewing, he's just so serious!
Aye I'm nee telly critic like but when Jeremy Wade on river monsters normally travels all over the world catching big old *** fish and this week he's in jochland tryin to catch the Loch Ness monster . I think he's aboot exhausted the concept of "river monsters"
Watching river monsters... I love it but Is the Loch Ness real?? I'm so confused
Tonight on River Monsters, oxygen thief Jeremy Wade goes in search of the Loch Ness monster. No prizes for guessing the outcome of tonight's programme. A loch is not a river either Jeremy.
Nobody's more surprised than me to find I'm watching river monsters but, my favourite place in the world Loch Ness :-)
River monsters shud be a good n neet
Jeremy Wade on itv what can I say River monsters !! I've got to give him his due he is a brilliant presenter and a good angler but please stop it now .the lock ness monster oh my god
This should be amusing , River monsters and he is trying to catch Nessie
River Monsters on ITV, hunting for Nessie! Cmon ti fek, get a grip!!!
I don't know why but I love river monsters :L
No wonder Scottish folk have a bad name, are Itv serious? River monsters, tonight's topic is the Lochness monster, interviewing the people that have really saw it. It's not how we imagine it, oh no it's more like a overturned boat! Funny that, Away! No prouder scot than me but these mugs need a night in Andrew Duncan's โœ‹!
Watching River monsters on ITV trying to find out about the Loch Ness monster :) Mon eh nessie
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The River Monsters man is hunting for Nessie the noo!
Dan Hardaker River Monsters tonight may have over stretched itself. He's claiming to be fishing for the Loch Ness monster.
River monsters on channel 3.he's trying to catch the Loch Ness monster!!!
River monsters on the Loch Ness monster let's just hope my training to Jeremy Wade helps him
River monsters or eastenders, not much difference
River monsters looking for Nessie, doesn't exist!!!
Me and Chris Delahunty posted River monsters related
Watching river monsters this week he is looking for the Loch Ness monster I bet he finds it
Jeremy Wade lock Ness on itv 3 river monsters get in
River monsters are on Mr Mystry I know your missing it lol ;-)
RIVER MONSTERS.don't fancy his chances much.Loch Ness...
Finally! Sat around all evening waiting 'River Monsters' is finally on ๐Ÿ˜ I love Tuesday evenings ๐Ÿ˜Š
Ooh, River Monsters should be good tonight, he's after Nessie!
River monsters, doing Loch Ness monster!! Sik love it!!! Got beer an chocky for it :)
Mark Lawrence reet is Jeremy Wade taking the *** new river monsters (Loch Ness) pretty sure thats not a river! DC!
River monsters on the now :) and it's him trying to get the Loch Ness monster!! Boom
What a joke river monsters to night jerremy wade is going after the lockness monster
Much as I dislike Jeremy Wade, River Monsters just starting about the Loch Ness Monster could be interesting.
So tonights episode of River Monsters is about Loch Ness. Its going to go one of two ways, a ground breaking and totally myth busting show. Or in reality its just going to be some grey hairs chap stood at the side of Loch Ness with nothing on his fishing line.
I`m going to watch River Monsters with Jeremy Wade on Itv at 7.30pm.This week the first part of a two part special on Loch Ness!! yay!! :)
River monsters ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ‘ if anyone can find old nessy he's ya man I'm telling ya ๐Ÿณ lol x
River monsters yeah with strongbow ov course
River monsters Loch Ness. May aswell give this a wee watch
River monsters on soon, I'm so excited
Fast out..river monsters...then Hawaii five o.then Ross kemp on the blue house pub.wicked.
As if me and Gem get excited when river monsters comes on, we both hate fishing!
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