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Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa is a fictional character from the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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I'm just imagining some hipster getting it right and Adolf rises up from the ground like Rita Repulsa
Dear when will we get a Mighty Morphin Rita Repulsa Funko?
Could Rita Repulsa not be who she says she is?
"We're only going to say this one last time Rita Repulsa...PARTY'S OVER HERRRE!!!"
will there be a Rita Repulsa pop eventually and not just a dorbz?
Is Rita Repulsa actually the green ranger?
Rita repulsa decides on the thing with her attack of the day the same way an eight-year-old decides what his favorite sandwiche is...
Monday feel : I want to be Rita Repulsa and be completely evil so no one complains if I destroy things because I am evil.
What up wit Rita Repulsa thing on his hand
All he needs is Rita Repulsa as his ring valet
Rita Repulsa in the flesh. Yes, I was a Power Rangers kid!
The alien sorceress found a brand new way to strike out against her teenage foes.
What Alpha 5 and Rita Repulsa Reveal about the Power Rangers Movie! (Ner... via
I am overly excited and ready to see Rita Repulsa grab Trini and throw her on the ceiling
I'm still so excited to see Becky get her *** handed to her by Rita Repulsa!
New image of as Rita Repulsa in the
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
How does it feel to be playing Rita Repulsa? Many people's worst enemy in their early childhood.
It's perfectly fine if Rita Repulsa decides to take over the world and take over the galaxy 😅
Thanks to the Internet, the alien sorceress found a new way to torment her teenage foes.
Rita Repulsa was my absolute favorite character growing up
Just to test your reactions, would you have been fine with THIS Rita design?
Alpha 5 will have a VERY new look in the new movie
Could Rita Repulsa not be who she really says she is?
Felt like sketching out Rita Repulsa from the new Movie coming up March 24th.
I'm a little concerned that Rita Repulsa is actually getting votes. She lives on the moon, where's her agriculture?
Movie idea Peter Daou, Neera Tanden, Joan Walsh, Joy Ann Reid go back in time to smear the Power Rangers as sexist for fighting Rita Repulsa
NEW AT BOOMERANG! . Whether you're battling Rita Repulsa or traffic these Mighty Morphin Power Ranger vinyls will...
whether you're facing off Rita Repulsa or after work traffic these Mighty Morphin Power Ranger blind boxes will...
Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) begins her escape from the glass enclosure that imprisoned her. Saban's Power...
Watching an episode of Power Rangers where Rita Repulsa is, and I quote, "attempting to take control of the park". High-stakes adventure!!!
*** Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa... this is deep 💯
Did it ever occur to Rita Repulsa or Lord Zedd to make their monsters even a LITTLE bigger than the Megazord?
I've watched a good bit of the original Power Rangers episodes and still have no idea why Rita Repulsa wants to only conquer Angel Grove
Grant Mitchell trying to get at Rita Repulsa through a barbed wire fence, then Brian Blessed turns up drunk
This adds to the theory that Rita Repulsa is the former green ranger. I'm weirdly hyped over this.
RE: Power Rangers, look @ the liberty they took with Rita Repulsa, what did u expect? Bet the Megazord will look like Micheal Bay's Gundam.
If she doesn't know who Rita Repulsa is, or Zordon, or Alpha, or Tommy Oliver, etc etc. Shes too young bro
First look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa! What say you, followers? I dig her in anything, so I'm in! -Tony...
See the First Photo of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers via TIME.c…
Looks like Elizabeth Bank needs to takes notes from Phi Phi O'Hara on how to do a Rita Repulsa cosplay.
Rita Repulsa gets a great discount at the Angel Grove Old Navy.
Excited for the Power Rangers movie but Rita Repulsa looks like the love child of Poison Ivy and The Green Goblin.
Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa's agent just called me to change flights. Best. Birthday. Ever.
And they say Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd made some wacky monsters...
God bless Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd for making those monsters grow.
Elizabeth Banks joins the Power Rangers movie as Rita Repulsa
They got Elizabeth Banks playing as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers
Realizing that Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and the rest of the monsters were actually Shaytan
Pandora and The Hidden One are the new Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd and not in a way.
Ben Carson is about to put his support behind Donald Trump. This is almost as bad as when Rita Repulsa married Lord Zedd in Power Rangers.
There's a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movies coming out next year and is playing Rita Repulsa. What?!?!
The Cordova parents are probably Hitler and Rita Repulsa with how horrible these children are.
NEW MINISODE: MMPR4. Well folks, Rita Repulsa's got a plan that's sure to not be pointless.
Morning. It's time to mess with your tl. . *ketawa gaya Rita Repulsa*
Can we please skip straight to the part where Rita Repulsa makes Trump huge?
When u wanna look casual but u gotta let everyone know u gotta fight rita repulsa with the other rangers at 6
Were those pointy things on Rita Repulsa's head supposed to be A) horns, B) hair, or C) part of a Weird Hat
I'm THRILLED I get to hear the shrill voice of Rita Repulsa every AM thanks to crafty alarm creations.
Rita Repulsa was like "I know, evil and all that, but I need my 8 hours."
Kira is my queen and she just Rita Repulsa'd the ground and Samara popped up and took Theo to Japanese mythology *** and YAASSS.
Having 6 writers work on it usually isn't a good sign, but I am BEYOND STOKED! as Rita Repulsa? I'm SO in!
Is the green ranger thirsty for Rita Repulsa?
If it makes Tyler feel any better, Rita Repulsa couldn't beat the Green Ranger either...
What is your leadership style?. Ruthlessly effective Rita Repulsa.
Only just realising that Rita Repulsa was a creepy stalker. Binging on old episodes
The Power Rangers movie just cast the perfect Rita Repulsa
I've thought about the Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa casting every single day since it was announced.
At least Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd were honest and forward about wanting to conquer the Earth.
Elizabeth Banks was born to play Rita Repulsa.
This is what could look like as Rita Repulsa in the
omg cannot wait for next year to see you portray Rita Repulsa. You will do the part justice
The cast of the are all set to take on Rita Repulsa!!. Billy (RJ Cyler) Kimberly (Naomi Scott)...
not Rita Repulsa levels but still noticable
it might reflect all my hate back at me and then I'd become Rita Repulsa I bet
are you anxious to start recording as Rita Repulsa?
For the Power Rangers fan: week one of filming complete; Rita Repulsa has not filmed et
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"Save the trash talk for garbage day" = Rita Repulsa reference?
Take Avengers, increase the humor and wit. Rita Repulsa could literally be a female loki except even hammier.
you must destroy Rita Repulsa or all will have been for naught.
IT'S MORPHIN' TIME ⚡️ Look who was on our flight to Miami. Rita Repulsa is probably up to…
*** Rita Repulsa got FINE in the last 20 years.
Didnt know Elizabeth Banks is going to be the new Rita Repulsa
Screaming because Effie Trinket is gonna play Rita Repulsa in the new Power Rangers movie.
Excited that Elizabeth Banks is playing Rita Repulsa :p
ive seen alot of drag queens doing HIM cosplay but this one takes the cake. That same queen did rita repulsa for halloween. I 💀
Elizabeth Banks cast as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers movie via
Elizabeth Banks (Wildstyle, The LEGO Movie) is apparently Rita Repulsa in the new Power Rangers movie. I can see that working, somehow.
Elizabeth Banks is perfect for role of Rita Repulsa in the upcoming . Great casting move.
Rita Repulsa is coming to the big screen! Find out who'll be playing her!
Wait, they cast a white woman as Rita Repulsa rather than Rinko Kikuchi? They...they realise their audience is millennials, right?
Elizabeth Banks is going to be in the Power Rangers reboot and she's playing Rita Repulsa -*Auditions for Lord Zedd*
I thought Rita Repulsa was ace! It was Lord Zedd that terrified me as a child!
Elizabeth Banks signs on to play Rita Repulsa in 'Power Rangers' movie:
With Cast as Rita Repulsa, I'm waiting for it to be announced that was cast as Lord Zedd. IT'LL BE AWESOME
Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa.excellent. Now who will play Lord Zedd??
That moment when you realize how awesome Rinko Kikuchi would've been as Rita Repulsa after the role has been cast.
I nominate Michael Shannon for the role of Lord Zedd. Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa and Shannon as Zedd.BOOM.
Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. SETH ROGAN as Zordon. and. JAMES FRANCO as Lord Zedd. with. KEVIN SMITH and JASON MEWES as Bulk and Skull
Elizabeth Banks is playing Rita Repulsa. I'm totally on board for that. Now gimmie Lord Zedd.
I wish his opponent was dressed like Rita Repulsa or Lord Zedd. For flavor.
If you say so. Keep an eye out for Rita Repulsa making monsters grow, won't you? :P
I feel like police brutality can be solved if Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and the floop factory are eliminated.
Just like Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, the Wyatts job every week.
Which A-lister would you pick to play Rita Repulsa, Zordon and Lord Zedd in the new Power Rangers movie?
I need someone to teach me how to, "hit the Quan."
I think he deserves to hold up a World Series Trophy.
Greinke, don't forget that the Giants win in even years.
You think stripping isn't a skill until you try it at home for your man and look like a drunk giraffe in heels
I should have specified. Remind me later when I go to the store. lol
hey you need Cholula for the office.
Someone please remind me to buy Cholula for my office. I ran out :-(
People that were in my office left so now I can bump the music at some ignorant levels! LOL!
I didn't think she was serious when she told me this was gonna be her new project!
You know LA traffic, had the city slow. She was sitting down on that big butt. But I was still staring at the titties though
Hands down one of my favorite videos on the innanet RT
I need to have authentic Mexican tacos in Cali that & talk about. Then my life will be complete
oh crikey. Well, not to brag but I felt like Rita Repulsa when she came out of the dumpster. Fresh as a daisy 😂
Lamar Odom update from Las Vegas from Metta's brother... pointed me to the post.
3,5 is me dancing to Rump Shaker, which nobody should ever see.
Was telling the kids just a little while ago, real Californians don't get fazed by any quake below a 5.0!
But y'all get all huffy if we ask you for a tiny little bite of your food, just so we can taste it!
Alec Baldwin looks so different in Beetlejuice!
Those matte black helmets that UCLA has are so nice!
is here and we're . Blackout the Rose Bowl, Thursday & join the . http:/…
Beetlejuice is gonna come on in 10 mins!
ah ok good, although. I honestly don't care all that much about the Dodgers lol
I just remembered that the Dodgers are out of the playoffs!
I need a pair of cute scrappy shoes. My heels on my favorite pair broke last year. 😫
Elena didn't get it, but Ixil started cracking up. And saying, "come on little peach."
Say, peach, in your most Mexican accent and you'll know why I made that face in that last convo.
DUDE! You're fixing the part of the AC that pulls in OUTSIDE air into our building. And you decide to smoke as you're doing this?!?!?!
Went to go out side to check & sure enough, the guy was smoking, while fixing the unit. -_-
He'd been up there for about 30ish minutes when all of a sudden I started smelling cigarette smoke in the office. And I knew!
We have someone working to fix the economizer on our AC in the office. The unit is on the roof of the building.
L.A. residents, if you can at all avoid it, do not get on the 101 north today. Massive back-up due to suicidal dude.
Just realized we started the day with rumors that an NBA player's career is at risk because of his shirley-temple habit
I'm so happy Lamar is doing better and making positive progress. Keep battling brother!…
My hottest take of the MLB playoffs: the team wearing blue is gonna win it all. Bet the house on it.
I should send a monster to destroy Angel Grove - Rita Repulsa, every episode.
Would You Rather - Be a Foot Clan soldier for Shredder? or a putty patroller for Rita Repulsa?
Im here for the reboot movie de Mighty Morphin Power Rangers only if Rita Repulsa is cast.
Rita Repulsa the villain from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is gonna be the villain in Power Rangers 2017 movie
I never understood why Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd couldn’t just attack a city that WASN’T Angel Grove. Attack Miami or something?
Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto.son in law Lord Zedd.grandson Thrax
Goldar will have a huge role in the 2016 MMPR movie and Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa will be in it too!
'not even Rita Repulsa saw it coming…'. My review of the controversial short film Power/Rangers >
Meryl Streep is playing Rita Repulsa in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers film!!
Why did Rita Repulsa only send 4 Putties to test Tommy's fighting skills? Putties are weak, I could take 4 Putties in a fight.
My Rita Repulsa for is done. A has been scheduled. I might cry.
Carla Perez reprise her role as the iconic, Rita Repulsa, on MMPR. Snatched every vilains wigs. Yas!
Original red power ranger respects us, original pink ranger loves us, original green ranger is still banging evil Rita Repulsa and hates us.
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Ofcourse You're are not JonTron, you can't be JonTron and Rita Repulsa at the same time!
I don't remember Rita repulsa being sexy...
Meryl Streep as Rita Repulsa?? what what? xD I cant wait for this movie to be released! Excited!
What if she wakes up and its Rita Repulsa.
I think the lighting is the real Rita Repulsa here, I swear if this ranger put that dress on not much would change in color lol
same. There's a bunch of rumours that Meryl Streep's gonna be Rita Repulsa in the actual one coming out next year.
Let's get back to things that really matter and talk about how Meryl Streep is playing Rita Repulsa
they fought bulk and skull, now the nwo, and soon Ernest. Yes. That Ernest. (In the role of Rita Repulsa.)
If the news of Meryl Streep playing Rita Repulsa in the new movie is true, I may never ask God for anything else ever again.
Things that I didn't like about the recent short fan film: 1. Final fight without costumes.2.Rita Repulsa's design out of tone
Photoset: prgirlsrock: Rita Repulsa through the years
10.000 years. Rita Repulsa is about to be freed. Just in time to conquer Earth! . Quick, get me some teenagers with attitude!
yes but she's not Rita Repulsa it's not the same!
if I watch zyuranger will I see Rita Repulsa?
Chin Li from street fighter or Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers.
Meryl Streep playing as Rita Repulsa is every closeted 90's kid could ever wish for.
Meryl Streep to play Rita Repulsa in movie. Say wha???
Sister Abigail has no power! She can't pull a Rita Repulsa on me this time. I will not fall for this.
The Nanda Parbat security force might as well have been Rita Repulsa's putty patrol.
Meryl Streep to play Rita Repulsa for the new Power Rangers movie 😳 WOAH WOAH WOAH
If these rumours about Meryll Streep playing Rita Repulsa are true then *** A non-white role created in America now given to a white woman!
I'm seeing multiple (not incredibly reliable) sources saying that Meryl Streep is going to play Rita Repulsa in the Power Rangers Movie..
Wait I just read something about Meryl Streep playing Rita Repulsa in a new Power Rangers movie
RUMOR: Rita Repulsa had an affair with Goldar.
Has anyone wondered whose unfortunate job it was to look for Rita Repulsa’s moon staff and bring it back to her after each fight?
I think I’ll need Rita Repulsa to make my calves grow.
SF loves you back! I'm working on a portrait of you in your Rita Repulsa costume!That performance was amazing!
omg Dawson and Kara Thrace as Rangers, "the machines had better meth," plot twist Rita Repulsa = pure YouTube gold.
The prospect of Meryl Streep as Rita Repulsa already has me giggling
Merly Streep as Rita Repulsa, GaGa starring on American Horror Story... just waiting to hear that J.w. Harvey...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
was awesome. Having THE Rita Repulsa, Carla Perez, make an appearance was pure magic.
Meryl Streep as Rita Repulsa?? White instead of Asian. It is getting old
yep. I want Charlize Theron to play her, she was practically Rita repulsa in snow white and the huntsman.
Ten thousand years ago, Zordon, a champion of good from planet Eltar, clashes w/ his nemesis Rita Repulsa on Earth
Like people aren't going to do that already. And Rita Repulsa. And then facemorph them together in to the Ultimate You.
Though last time I checked (which admittedly was 15 years ago) Rita Repulsa didn't work for the Machine Empire
Rita Repulsa looking like a cheap Maleficent kinda made me chuckle.
OMG as an evil Power Ranger is amazing. And I knew Rita Repulsa needed to make an appearance.
Read some Power Ranger US canon lore. Apparently naging mabait si Rita Repulsa later on sa Power Rangers: Mystic Force. Good for her.
If they really do a and keep it in the Kill Bill fashion as it was. HAS to play Rita Repulsa.
So is a new Power Rangers movie really in the works? Will Ivan Ooze and Rita Repulsa be in attendance?
My boys and before Rita Repulsa away.
Would you rather see dress as Alpha 5 or Rita Repulsa for his fight with the Green Ranger in
By jacobroth9 via repostwhiz app:. Updated pic of my collection! In the voice of Rita Repulsa…
omg can you please be the next Rita Repulsa in the next Power Rangers incarnation?
Interference from Rita Repulsa as she throws her staff down and CM Punk grows 50 ft.
Rita repulsa, lol. I'm thinking red ranger. Tommy was evil as green (once) before so it fits.
My dream is that CM Punk accepts and then at the fight he emerges from the tunnel dressed as Rita Repulsa
Power Ranger pickup line: Hey girl, are you Rita Repulsa? Because you make my monster grow.
Does anyone else think Cassandra from Wayne's World sounds like Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers when she sings?
It looks like a monster of Rita Repulsa if she used a blow up doll!
And as many times as the Power Rangers defeat them, Rita Repulsa and her gain of ruffians (The Maloof family) try to bring them down.
Punk can dress as Rita Repulsa or someone
So…Kids React to Not too bad, but the little girl in the green shirt was more over the top than Rita Repulsa
I wish someone could compile a video called Rita Repulsa's pettiness. She's the kind of person who'd make a jay walking monster.
I still can't get over Fleur's reaction face. That was some Rita Repulsa realness right there.
Only if Ronda Rousey v.s. Rita Repulsa is on the same card..
Even Rita Repulsa is looking at anti-going "Whoa, chill. Too petty."
According to this is “Rita Repulsa", according to me, this is the sweetest woman EVER!!:
Leslie Jones' costume right now = Rita Repulsa from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
I want a version where Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers initiates the growth process.
I'm more in love with Rita Repulsa, :P
i should be trapped in a canister and driven into the crust of the moon, Rita Repulsa-style
I am Rita Repulsa in this metaphor.
Overstock and UPS together are like when Mega Dragonzord and Titanus link up at the end of an episode to ruin Rita Repulsa's day.
No no guys, I'm sure that's how Chikorita is spelled. Chiko like chico and Rita like Rita repulsa except not evil and repulsive
With a name like Rita Repulsa, you pretty much know ur daughter is going to grow up to be evil, right?
Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa are adorable together. They're the main reason I continued watching the show.
Street Fighter 5 will feature a new mode where in the final round where Rita Repulsa throws her staff from the moon & the fighters grow huge
This is beginning to make the original Rita Repulsa dub scenes look well executed.
dressed as Rita Repulsa, with rangers, Megazord, Lord Zed, and Divatox! Condragulations, you are the winner o…
The Rita Repulsa of police hate “I imagine you waking from a deep slumber, sitting bolt upright, and screaming this out loud.”
I just want to be Rita Repulsa when I grow up
SCORE 50 Power Rangers SUBMISSIONS FOR A CHANCE TO WIN!. Rita Repulsa is trying to take over the...: . SCORE ...
Having ebooks bots can get annoying, but so I could sound like Rita Repulsa.
and Rita Repulsa played by award-winner Meryl Streep. Whatever the case, this movie better be kickass.
“A good slap on the butt always fixes friendships.” I just found a new gem on
nah don't need to be laying around with Rita repulsa.I'd drink for you boo let you slide my card and use my walmart discount
Zach?. The green ranger?. I don;t know any of their names. Rita Repulsa?
the NEGAinbow, only visible from the moon. friends with Rita Repulsa and father of all acid rain. a terrible entity.
I suppose it could also be Rita Repulsa trying a new tactic for conquering Earth, after the frontal assault failed.
Don't make fun of her! If your parents named you Rita Repulsa, your life choices would be limited too!
Is there a way to say you have a headache without sounding like Rita Repulsa?
Rita Repulsa realness. WERK, Gag on more of our queens on
She resembled Rita Repulsa and locked the toons in a mountain lair. I was one and I escaped somehow
The Mighty, Zordon of Eltar, David Fielding and Rita Repulsa!!! There are no words! Maybe…WOW!!! AWESOME SHOT...
Same. We already have Rita Repulsa "I find this funny"
I wonder why the bad guys in Power Rangers are always dubbed over. Especially the likes of Rita Repulsa.
- Do you still have the Rita Repulsa outfit?
Lark Voorhees went from Bae to Rita Repulsa real quick
Will Lord Zedd, Goldar, Rita Repulsa be in the next movie ?
aww right when u do. Listen closly cos every now and again u can hear bits of Rita Repulsa theme tune
Are you asking me to photoshop your face over Rita Repulsa's face?
i was thinking maybe Walter White.. Or bane... Or possibly Rita repulsa... But joker got it
They gotta get Nicki Minaj to play Rita repulsa for the next Power Rangers movie
I would have to vote for Rita Repulsa.
I going with Rita Repulsa. She is evil in 6 seasons of the Power Rangers. She better than Divatox, Astronema & Trakeena.
Power Rangers Poll: which do you think is more evil: Rita Repulsa or Divatox?
WE LOVE THESE WOMEN!!! Rita Repulsa and her voice, The very talented and beautiful, Barbara Goodson ONLY at this...
No one else noticed that Nicki Minaj looks just like Rita Repulsa from the Power Rangers?
They can all live happily with Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.
no he didn't. He knows the niece of Rita Repulsa
Conversation overheard at SacAnime: *Lady with kid (age 11 or 12) talking to cosplayer dressed as Rita Repulsa...
Rita *Repulsa.* She prefers to have her entire name used.
Lmao has anyone else noticed Nicki Minaj looks just like Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers
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It's my heritage too but that's Rita Repulsa man, it's an honour to be compared to her lol
Real heroes are made, not born. They're made from clay and cooked in a kiln and shot to Earth to fight teens for me, Rita Repulsa.
we love you. we miss you. our Great Man
It's stupid. Wait! The original villain of this franchise was a villaness. Yes.. Rita Repulsa.
Flying bicycles - that's how ET and Rita Repulsa roll.
21 years ago today, five teenagers with attitude were chosen to protect the earth from Rita Repulsa.…
Sometimes you have to whoop a trick *** like she's Rita Repulsa n the bedroom then play ya flute n smoke an el n ride off on ya dragonzord
I feel like Rita Repulsa dealing with CUNYFirst. Waiting 10,000 years for it to load properly and dealing with all these dissapointments
EVIL WOMEN OF Power Rangers!!! WOW!!! Such an AMAZING SHOT of Rita Repulsa, Scorpina, and Divatox only The...
RITA AND RITA?!? RITA REPULSA meets her Voice Barbara Goodson at the 2014 Power Morphicon Convention in Pasadena...
Nooo one can eeever be quite as meaaan Rita Repulsa is my soulmate!
Since druid S16 looks like Rita Repulsa, it’s only fitting that warrior S16 elite looks like Lord Zedd.
I liked Rita Repulsa better than Lord Zedd. I mean, he doesn't even have skin!
um..Lord Zedd? All time emperor of evil and husband of Rita Repulsa??
Happy birthday to Barbara Goodson! What is Lord Zedd's present to Rita Repulsa this year? Were the Rangers finally defeated?
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Myself! :P Hmm... Vickie Guerrero would make a sick Rita Repulsa in the wrestling world but Niya Rivera since she has the pipes!
Shout out to all the people who cracked jokes about my oral and physical hygiene back in middle school through high school though now you look You looked like Janet Jackson and Usher Raymond though now your *** look like the Goatlings off of the Devil May Cry video games! I may not be as handsome like Tyson Beckford though you can never say that Veedan has bad breath and is musty! I'm gonna look forward to meeting you at the high school class reunion in the next two years with your Bowser Koopa/Rita Repulsa looking ***
ok. so if i HAD to "recruit a group of teenagers with attitude" for the new MMPR movie of cute highschool-ish looking ppl would be as followed: Billy: Chris Colfer (Kurt from Glee) Zach: Jaden Smith... or Justin Combs (P. Diddy fine *** son) Kimberly: Ariana Grande (as long as she dont do that stupid "Cat" voice). or even Victoria Justice... Trini: Charice (sorry she's all i could think of lol) or Aisha: Gabby Douglas... cuz Keke Palmer might be too old as for Tommy & Jason, im at a loss. any suggestions? and Rita Repulsa: Nicki Minaj, no shade she would EAT that! lol she would just be a sexy, BEAT Rita!
Don't ask me why, but I'm watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. What I love about this show is that 80% of it is just rehashed shots from the Japanese TV show, and the really, really poor dubbing onto the English version. I'm currently watching a 5-minute (and no, I'm not exaggerating) dance scene after Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd get married. All the while the characters, in all their costume-y glory are just saying things that make absolutely no sense, at least, not in the context of a celebration, least of all a wedding. Oh, and I forgot to mention: all the while, they're dancing to an accordion version of "Hava Nagila." 90's Children TV shows were weird man.
Just watched the first ever episode of The Power Rangers! It is OUTRAGEOUS! Totes remember it as a kid (I fancied Billy!) See you tonight for the Tribeca Bar Quiz, dressed as Rita Repulsa, she's as camp a May Pole!
"How may I serve my empress." - Tommy Oliver, becoming the Green Ranger under the command of Rita Repulsa
In the last five years I have tackled Rogue, She-Ra, Sleeping Beauty, Fluttershy, Sailor Moon, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rita Repulsa, The white witch, Elsa and Pocahantas. Who would you like to see me do next? I have the creative juices flowing!! Let me know??
Zedd was such a frightening and nightmarish character when first introduced that in several episodes after his introduction, parents of younger viewers actually complained that he was "too evil" for the show. This resulted in Zedd's being toned down immensely and soon after making the character (and his plans and monsters) more comedic, such as reversing time and kidnapping Kimberly. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa have a son, Thrax, who appears in Operation Overdrive.
Rita Repulsa (??) (I have to include Goldar, Zedd, etc. in that mix. Ivan Ooze too), General Zod (Ursa, and Zod),
she looks like Rita Repulsa from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's new meth dealing monster is a big hit with Angel Grove. Power Rangers afraid to fight it as that'll be uncool.
after Rita repulsa traps him in duh space dumpster! ;D
FINALLY submitted that grueling query letter with the synopis and first three chapters! Ugh! I'm like Rita Repulsa and "have such a headache!"
5 teens with attitude spared their cultural differences to defeat the Moon witch, Rita Repulsa.
Now I'm off to save humanity from Rita Repulsa, again. No big deal.
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the reals are monster is Lord Zed and Rita repulsa
OK, guys, this may be the most freaking awesomest thing EVER. As luck would have it, Robert Axelrod/Lord Zedd, Barbara Goodson/Rita Repulsa, & Kerrigan Mahan/Goldar & Magna Defender have opened a website called the site, you can pay any of the 3 actors for the following: A live phone-call, an 8x10 autographed glossy or any personal item like an action figure of that nature OR and here's my favorite: You can ask them to say a personalized message to you or your website of choice. The prices are the following: 35 bucks for the phone-call, 20 bucks for the autographed item, and finally 25 bucks for the personalized message. Once I get the money, I'm so asking all 3 to plug EZ, Shades, & Matty would go INSANE.
Mind blown revelation: Naoto is voiced by Barbara known as the voice of...Rita Repulsa!
Which is magical, really. I'd probably go for a Rita Repulsa/Bandora type if given the chance.
I also HATE Rita Repulsa... With a passion! Lord Zedd all the way!
Want a ringtone from Rita Repulsa or Lord Zeddd? Go to and order one today!
Kawai Rita Repulsa ruined by a text from Jude:
HEY! As Rita Repulsa I think I can sing better than anyone here!!
You know you are a child of the 90s when you know who Rita Repulsa and Lord Zed are lol.
Kerrigan Mahan (Goldar), Robert Axelrod (Lord Zedd), and Barbara Goodson (Rita Repulsa) have officially launched a website where you can purchase ringtones, autographs, and even LIVE phone calls from them as either themselves OR their characters from Power Rangers! I strongly suggest you check it out!
Check out for Live Phone Calls, Autographs, and Ringtones from Rita Repulsa, Goldar, and Lord Zedd!
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