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Riot Fest

Riot Fest is a punk, rock and alternative music festival formed in Chicago in 2005. It was expanded in 2011 for Riot Fest East in Philadelphia.

Douglas Park Paul Weller Warped Tour Merle Haggard John Stamos Humboldt Park

Win tickets for Riot Fest - Day 2 at Douglas Park, September 16, 2017 with Do312
Win tickets for Riot Fest - Day 3 at Douglas Park, September 17, 2017 with Do312
Win tickets for Riot Fest at Douglas Park with Do312
Win tickets for Riot Fest - Day 1 at Douglas Park, September 15, 2017 with Do312
An unborn child throwing devil horns in an ultrasound image gets a lifetime pass to Riot Fest and more music news.
well, you met my wife Siobhan at Riot Fest. Just sayin. Also, I'm Irish, and I don't celebrate. I don't need a holiday to drink.
Because of the ABBA will no longer be allowed to perform at Riot Fest. We apologize for the inconvenience.
I wish Riot Fest would come back to Humboldt Park. We (the true residents of HP) miss you and are still fighting to bring y…
Work to clean up Douglas Park after Riot Fest to cost $12,000
The West Loop Art Fair, Lakeview Taco Fest, Riot Fest in Douglas Park, and City Made Fest in the Andersonville...
I went to Denver, but could you fly me out to Chicago to get more riot fest
If anybody has bud at riot fest I don't anymore so!
Two, 3 day GA tickets to Riot Fest $150. Let me know off interested.
if I drive now, I can make it to turnover's set at riot fest
If you live in Chicago I have two Friday tickets to Riot Fest I don't need . DM me!
No tent at Riot Fest, but if you take a sip of porta potty water it's basically the same thing.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Tune in to our live stream now to catch at Chicago!
Finally en route to Riot Fest, I woulda just skipped class today but I know you wouldn't approve .
So upset that I'm not goin to riot fest
Bummed I'm not going to Riot Fest for the first time in three years but stoked to see Basement/Citizen/Turnover tonight w/ my best fran !!!
It took exactly two hours after waking up today for the residual depression of not going to Riot Fest to set in.
We're at riot fest hot as hel because we thought it was gonna be colder and rain today 🙃
Reddit user comin-in-hot better come cop this riot fest ticket.
In lieu of Riot Fest I'm going to see Lonnie Holley perform at Intuit tonight
I just need to go to riot fest to see brand new and cry
When IRB doesn't approve your research and tells you on your way to Riot Fest.
gonna beat up some people at Riot Fest today. NOFX is what's on the agenda.
There's a dude on the train that's probably going to riot fest wearing white cloth vans. You poor soul.
Add us on Snapchat! Username: wonc891 !!! & follow us around all day at riot fest!
RIOT FEST PRESS CREDENTIALS. 100's of bands emails who also holler daily. . . . . . . Ween no interviews. bai yall
Leg Day Done! Time for some fuel and a shower before heading out to Day 1 of Riot Fest. . …
the fact that I'm choosing to go to this football game over RIOT FEST kinda makes me second guess my life choices
Punk dude on the train for Riot Fest bragging about just finding out he had a 21-year old daughter. Middle age rebelli…
Awesome performance by They kicked off Riot Fest as or winners.
Let's go Riot Fest!! I may die multiple times this weekend; But you know, don't worry about it.
|| RIOT FEST || We want to meet you! NR have a stripped set @ StubHub Sound Stage at 3:30 Saturday. Meetup @ 2:55!!👻
Riot fest this weekend con mi best friend and bebe !! Then later today basement after show w my guy !!
Boss just gave me two three day riot fest passes 🤔
2 seconds into Riot Fest and someone already complimented my G.L.O.S.S. shirt :'-) she was so cute i feel a little better shouts out 2 her
i'll pay you to only play songs off Dirty Work at your Riot Fest set tonight
Josh passed out in line at riot fest he a true punk now
What friends are in Chicago for Riot Fest? ✌🏼️
My light saber bandaid and I are going to Riot Fest!
Douglas Park didn't want Riot Fest, because, I mean have you ever met a Morrissey fan?
So - what time are our massages? Happy first day of Riot Fest. Happy first day of 🙌
Eat local at with some of Chicago's best Mexican food.
2 free 3-Day Riot Fest tickets in my pocket. Delightful.
Literally every person at riot fest wearing black clothes and combats. IM HOME
Riot fest weekend, no streams till monday! Later
Yo to everyone going to Riot Fest remember Douglas Park is not an area you should be walking around alone in. Stay safe and…
Today is the first day of riot_fest Chicago! I'm sad I won't be attending this year but all of…
Who needs a riot fest ticket for today? $50!
We give you... the Riot Fest exclusive Mutiny! 10 Year press, available at the Smart Punk Tent! We sign at 2:30!
Selling 2 riot fest Chicago Saturday only GA tickets. $100 for both.
…and now Riot Fest is getting Garbage Pail Kids treatment!. New card series available this weekend at Chicago Fest:
Vote for your favorite band from Riot Fest! Download Fantasy Brackets! It's Free and Fun!
Ugh. Riot Fest hasn't even released set times yet and it already conflicts with the Wicker Park/West Town Lit Fest:
Dead Milkmen...2015 Riot Fest. Never thought I'd see them live..never say never. 🎼
Riot Fest and PunkRockBowling are for fat 40 year olds with mutton chops who wear Flogging Molly tshirts.
Morrissey Is Once Again Headlining Riot Fest: . This is the will-they-or-won't-they romance of ...
."Yes, Morrissey is confirmed to perform at Riot Fest & Carnival in Chicago"
Morrissey confirms that he is playing after bailing on it last week: .
it'll take 3 hours to get to post Riot Fest!
Just so you know, the closest to the Riot Fest office is 162.1 miles away. sigh...
Calm down, everyone. Morrissey will be playing this year:
Denver: The first wave of the Riot Fest lineup is here! September 2, 3, & 4 . ON SALE NOW.
BANDISTRO News: Morrissey IS playing Riot Fest, after all: Oh, Moz, you loveable scamp! Last... BANDISTRO News:
Alright, crisis averted guys. Morrissey is playing Riot Fest again. Everything's coming up roses.
Newswire: Morrissey’s going to play Riot Fest after all
Morrissey will now headline Chicago Riot Fest after initially bailing on the gig
Morrissey finally said that he was kidding, he will finally play at Riot Fest
instead of will-he-wont-he RE Morrissey at Riot Fest maybe just not write pieces about it at all
Morrissey says he's playing after all
Just kidding! Morrissey now says he's playing Riot Fest vía
Just kidding! Morrissey is totally playing Riot Fest:
When you didn't realize brand new is gonna be at riot fest 😍😍😍
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
to partying at last year. I'm returning to Chicago this year with my full band! (📸 Chris Baldesarra)
This year's Riot Fest lineup is one of the best since it started.
Glenn Danzig will play w/ the Misfits for the 1st time in 33 years at Riot Fest. Also Axl Rose is fronting for AC/DC, what a strange year...
I hope the Riot Fest lineup gets released today so I can talk about how it *** and was way better in 2013&2014.
I gotta figure out when LCD is playing SF, deal with an Atlanta festival and figure out if I'm doing Riot Fest in Chicago. Maybe?
at Riot Fest with here in . . I was this close from her :)
Right, will that unity come before, or after your next riot and hate fest, Mr Trump? Just wondering..
thEres going to be no riot fest in Toronto this yEAR.. I gtggg
join the club. Cody is down for riot fest btw
Wearing my tank to get me motivated for this paper because if I can survive Riot Fest, I can survive academically analyzing X-Men.
I'm calling it. The Specials will be at Riot Fest this year. They just announced US dates and there's a nice pocket for Chicago.
We added some pics from last year's Laugh Riot Grrrl Fest. Like our page & submit to this year's fest by April 15! .
Riot Fest can't pretend that Deftones is not on the lineup for 2016. it's obvious
Guys. It's possible. I found myself a date to Riot Fest.
Fun Fact: Bill Stevenson has played Riot Fest more than any other single musician.
Thank you again for coming to the Riot Fest after party we had in Chicago last year! I really appreciate it.
hey you should stream The Last Starfighter and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I'll give you 1 free Riot Fest ticket or something good.
Hey baby, what's your sign? Is it 🍕? It is this week. Check out your cheesy future from horoscopes :::
Maybe they're on something that hasn't announced a line up here yet. Riot Fest?
Pizza Edition. Leo: Your week will be like a mushroom pizza. You’ll meet a really fun-gi. .
Anyone wanna go to Riot Fest with me this year?
Totally stoked for Rock Fest. Promo Friday soundcheck early Saturday and going on before Quiet Riot Saturday and Vixen Sunday, come on out!
oh riot fest there are no stupid tattoos. Only stupid people who make poor tattoo choices
can I expense Riot Fest tickets as a work retreat if I try to sell BPM to bands?
L7 is coming to the Metro in August, they were so good at Riot Fest last year, I'd see that show again.
a porto-potty that's been tagged with "Riot Fest *** that's being swarmed by bees? With stench lines coming out of it.
Thanks for the Riot Fest shout out We love you.
What stupid tattoo should I get to commemorate Riot Fest this year?
Still wanting to throw myself down a flight of stairs for missing at riot fest last year
Omg system of a down was so good at riot fest that I forgot I saw no doubt!!!
ya- v strange people out there who relentlessly defend their weekend at Riot Fest, meanwhile the park is ruined 6+ months.
Going to have to hit Deftones/Refused in Sterling Heights, MI. Still no Chicago date. Not part of Lolla. Riot Fest? (Just my speculation.)
this would b so awesome come Sept for Riot Fest in Chicago!
Lee Scratch Perry interview at Riot Fest in Chicago, 9/11/15 via
In other news. I now have a hotel in Chicago booked for Riot Fest and Cubs game!!! 6 1/2 months to go! :)
He struck me as more of a Riot Fest act.
I miss Riot Fest I can't believe its already been 5 months since then
We need to bring to Riot Fest with and and
I think riot fest was my 5th time seeing them and it was way calmer than their shows usually are tbh
excited to hear it! I remember seeing them at this past riot fest and they were amazing live too
I remember the day after Riot Fest I was on the train to O'Hare next to a guy from TX in a Alk3 shirt & we talked about music for 45 minutes
Mariana's Trench, Twenty One Pilots, Riot Fest, 5SOS... Getting my concert count up this year👌🏻
it's like a Warped Tour or a Riot Fest
You think Riot Fest has that kind of clout?
My mom bought my riot fest 3day pass.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Pitchfork to Riot Fest: We will see your No Doubt and raise you a Carly Rae Jepsen.
I love Riot Fest more than I used to love Warped Tour.
You guys need to get RoseTattoo at Riot Fest this year!
Anti-indy George Sq riot on 19 Sept was a Gers-fest. Can't blame people 4 assuming they r generally anti-indy.
Soon be London international ska fest..last couple have been a riot
Any chance of playing Riot Fest in Denver & Chicago in Sept? A few club dates in between? Swervedriver did that last year.
This one's for Slim. Replacements - Swingin' Party, live @ Riot Fest in Toronto. August 25, 13.
Remember when Modern Baseball played Riot Fest and it was the coolest thing?
LOL last summer I saw Kesha at Riot Fest and I was GONE and tripped in mud in front of her and then said "I love you" as I saw her laugh
Not surprised the Hotelier is playing Pitchfork. You can only play Riot Fest so many times, and they needed a Chicago date SOMEWHERE, right?
Riot fest should host an art exhibit
and will be running riot in the posh cowfield at this years Fest.
I was confused but then I remembered that's like Snoop Dogg at Riot Fest
Riot fest 2015 when that fireball got to you 😭
AFI have never done much for me sadly... saw them at Riot Fest in 2013 and didn't get it.
Order Miche Bag Online!
RIOT FEST!!! . CHICAGO, September 16,17,18. This festival caters to music aficionados of all kinds!. Check the VIDEO...
definitely me the last riot fest I went to. and that was 1 day.
Stoked that is coming to Vegas! Been waiting for this since Riot Fest in Chicago 😊
so have I that is literally What Riot Fest Is but people still help one another it's not rocket science
I'm not sure they can top the Riot Fest show a year and a half ago though. This year has been so rough, we'll see. :/
Love Riot Fest too, no matter the downsides. Great acts, great music.
this will never stop being funny, TBH. cause the band I saw before TAI at Riot Fest…
I liked a video from Primus with Danny Carey - Aenima into My Name is Mud at Riot Fest
Riot Fest / Warped Tour date: Hi I'm a 25 year old white male from Palos Hills looking for a fun girl to go to Riot…
This performance of "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly" is the only thing that outdid Joyce Manor's cover at Riot Fest
Highlights from Riot Fest Chicago 2015 by Joann D. Ball - Grateful Web: Highlights from Rio...
My photos of and others from day 2 at are up now at :.
Reminiscing riot fest when I saw Andrew McMahon perform this live :')
Chicago Riot fest, Mr. Merle Haggard came on right after me. A great supprise. He put some funk in his country!
Riot Fest in Chicago tonight. Long Beach, CA tomorrow. You gotta see me LIVE!!!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Riot Fest in Chicago was crazy last night.
Thanks to For The Love Of Punk for the kind words and sweet pics from our set at riot fest in Chicago! Check em...
last year at Riot Fest, Danzig asked during his set why the stage was covered in blood.
Lee "Scratch" Perry exclusive Island Stage and interview at Riot Fest video by...
When two of your favorite stage managers are also in their own punk country ban…
That's the one he wore to Riot Fest last year, and for the Epiphone interview.
Tarrus Riley LIVE in Chicago Riot Fest video by Xavier LeBlanc. More coverage coming to the next Island Stage...
can u believe Riot Fest was a month ago!? Lovin' my tee! ❤️
headlines tomorrow at 8:45p. Get tix now:
Yo never forget the day I ate an entire deep fried onion in one friggin sitting at riot fest
you didn't look like a clone when I saw you out at riot fest. You could double book shows if you did in fact have clones.
Remember when I ran into evil twin at riot fest
What Riot Fest and the warped your should be.
Check out our coverage from yesterday ft. Wu Tang, Tyler, and more!
9.5 hours from MA to Toronto for riot fest. incredible experience
Spider-man 3 is a goof-fest and I'm having a blast with it! Watch it with a group of pals and have a riot.
Hey, those of you who saw the riot fest tai reunion, who is still with them? Everyone? What's the lineup?
Dude. So sorry.Saw you at Beat Kitchen.Mixing up shows.Loved you guys then,loved u @ Riot Fest couple years back! Apologies!
Im thinking and for next years riot fest!
The best pic I could get of the at Chicago Riot Fest!
We need to organize a grassroots movement to get you out of there:
At 78, Merle Haggard is the oldest act at playing today, but he's also the most badass.
Fans enjoyed a great day of at Riot Fest with Tarrus Riley & the BlakSoil Band. More coverage coming in...
'Tangerine' was a riot fest, full of heart, laughs and sterling improv, the highlight being "You didn't need to Chris Brown her ***
Good morning! It was an awesome day of at Riot Fest last month with - My Day! Big up...
Chicago. Get your tickets NOW! w/ Transit, Somos, Microwave. 10.25.15 at
Can I just please see again.. It was such an amazing time at riot fest seeing them and getting to talk to 💕
I regularly make the reference that riot fest has prepared me for everything I could need to survive.
Here's the story I wrote. Thanks again.
I miss Riot Fest and my girlfriend.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Jehu for Riot Fest tops my list. Saw them at Sled Island, which is the only type of fest I like (multiple venues/days).
My delinquent Riot Fest coverage is finally up at The Big Takeover. Iggy Pop, Merle Haggard, Swervedriver, Echo &...
Riot Fest was a blast and took this photo of me @ Downsview Park
Saint Anthony Hospital and Riot Fest released a joint statement saying the two “have reached an agreement for the festival…
Riot Fest, Lollapalooza, Pride Parade, Blackhawks rally: How do you count a big crowd?
Only 1 arrest vs 34 for Still think Riot Fest is the problem &
Riot Fest? More like Reefer Fest! .Tom Skilling couldn't have predicted the clouds that formed over Douglas Park today.
Theygreatest rock & roll band in the world...the Dwarves! @ Riot Fest
Lollapalooza had dragonflies. Riot Fest has bees. Bees are much more punk rock (@ Riot Fest - Chicago 2015)
Who is at Riot Fest today? We’re stopping for Crazy Good Chicken then ready to rock.
Eating go-gurt on my way to Riot Fest. I'm too punk rock.
The 'big, dumb rock' of Iggy Pop and 'an old country dude' ruled at Riot Fest on Saturday. http:…
Yesterday was Riot Fest, at Douglas Park… today is Couch Fest, in my living room…
I felt weird skipping a day of Riot Fest this year, but I remembered I did the same thing in Colorado last year to go visit Estes Park.
Gwen gave fans more new music hype tonight while chatting with fans on Instagram while backstage at Riot Fest...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Live review of the NYC show at Bowery Ballroom! Thank you. xo. Love from Riot Fest in Chicago!!...
Done with classes and work. The only thing standing between me and Riot Fest tomorrow is a drive during which I may fall asleep at the wheel
'Riot Fest' opening in jeopardy after hospital files lawsuit: A Southwest Side hospital is suing to…
St. Anthony's Hospital sues to stop Riot Fest: A week before Riot Fest is scheduled to open in Douglas Park on the…
Saint Anthony Hospital sues Riot Fest organizers over location of festival in Douglas Park
A hospital is suing to stop Riot Fest from holding its concert across the street from it.
St. Anthony Hospital sues to block Riot Fest from nearby park - Chicago Sun-Times
Last night was the first of three Riot Fest appearances for
Me and B-Real backstage at Riot Fest in Denver tonight
My latest post is live! An Insider's Guide to Riot Fest in Douglas Park, Sept. 11-13
Specifically booking my Riot Fest and Fest trips around it.
Have to say the riot fest line up so far is somewhat disappointing as a whole compared to years past. Still a lot of great b…
go to Riot Fest with Vanessa and I.. You'll feel alive there.
i wish i was back in time, seeing the Front Bottoms at riot fest last year. ***
Whoever is goin 2 Riot Fest in Chicago & wants to go with me hmu on my celly
Every time a song from a riot fest band comes on the excitement is real
I was going through Riot Fest's pictures and I saw omg
Yo friends, who's going to riot fest in chicago? and I need hotel buddies.
Yelawolf and Andrew WK will party at Riot Fest dates in August and September 2015. Wish I was going... :(
Anyone wanna buy my riot fest ticket? Might go to Costa Rica instead
I'm going to at Riot Fest Chicago in Chicago, IL - Sep 12
Anyone and I mean ANYONE wanna go to riot fest for the full 3 days? We can get a group and rent a hotel ☺☺☺
Overheard: "I like wanna go to Riot Fest but it's like in the ghetto but like I wanna see No Doubt"
Man, that get up kids/modern baseball riot fest after show was so cool. Can't wait to see what they have this year.
I think I'm selling my Riot Fest passes.
That time i went to riot fest and saw blink 182 perform was the best day ever.
I met him for like a half a second at Riot Fest last year, but like, that was before I became his biggest fan.
Listening to Rascal Flats on fest special Harper says I'm only hearing 's version because it's SO MUCH BETTER
Would anyone else start a to see in The flesh during CMA Fest week?!
Still can't believe I'm going to riot fest, I'm so EXCITED
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Why are riot fest tix $70 for one day this is why I need a man
Who is trying to go to Riot Fest in September? For all three days?
I need someone to go to Riot Fest with me
Out back drinking wine and listening to The Replacements. Thinking of way to get to Riot Fest. 😛
Friends, here's a chance to join us for free at Riot Fest!
Ok, I figured it out. No to Bassectar in GR. Yes to L7 at Riot Fest. I forgot I still. need my L7 tix.
Can only afford one day of riot fest and can't decide which day to go 😭😭😭
I am very excited about this, LA. Friday.
The orwells, fidlar, and knuckle puck would probably be the greatest riot fest after show ever.
For all of you Denver, Chicago, and Toronto area partiers, Andrew W.K. is coming your way!
Have you gotten your Riot Fest tix in the mail yet?
Riot Fest weekend can't get here soon enough...
Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, Against Me, and Cancer Bats all toured together in 2010...and now 3 of them are playing at Riot Fest..
If anyone wants a riot fest ticket, message me.
Riot managed to make the Pool Party series not bikini fest, they can avoid a schoolgirl.
Uh oh I better put you on a leash at riot fest
My one gripe with Thrice playing Riot Fest was that it was a festival setting with a shorter set...but now I get two sets so it's okay.
I'm totally making my move at Riot Fest
Last year I got incredibly lucky and Glassjaw was booked for a Riot Fest aftershow. This year Thrice has one. Excuse me, I forgot to breathe
I've taken my bf to see Marilyn Manson & PVRIS AND I'm taking him to riot fest & Korn. I deserve all the kisses in the *** world!!!
i know. both L7 and babes in toyland are playing at riot fest :(
All that laughing I did when both Veld and Digital Dreams got rained out is really going to bite me in the *** when Riot Fest starts.
I really want to see No Doubt at riot fest 😭 can you hear me? You're my only hope!
Thinking about breaking my "no fests" rule and going to Riot Fest this year.
Wake me up for Coachella. . Wait jk I'm at Riot Fest in 3 weeks lmfao RIP
let's be honest you love the Chicago riot fest better than Denver and Toronto
Why do these have to be during/after Riot Fest when I cant take more time off work i'm bummed but happy for da boyzz
Ha, I literally just finished listening to Something to Write Home About and remembering their Riot Fest set from last year.
Selling riot fest ticket for 150 bucks flat. Msg me or if you want it !
Just purchased my Riot Fest ticket for System of a Down.
It's been too long! Saturday 8/8 East Nashville, we rock the Tomato Fest Tomato Riot at 6pm! \m/
Just noticed the "Super VIP" option for Riot Fest and literally broke out laughing when I saw the price.
Is nobody else buying a day pass to see Modest Mouse at Riot Fest? Or am I going in alone?
Was watching the news. They were going over the Riot Fest music festival lineup and the anchor called Ice Cube 'Ice Cream'. Oops.
Wow... just saw that is doing a farewell show at Riot Fest in Chicago! What about a farewell tour?!?! (cc
I hear ya! They're playing Riot Fest in Chicago in Sept. w/some other oldies - Thursday, The Used. etc. Brings back memories.
I wish was playing at Riot Fest in Chicago as well.
Going to Lolla or Riot Fest? Here are 12 music fest survival tips:
How can I go see the Dirty Heads at Riot Fest in Chicago?
Definitely going to Riot Fest in Chicago this September. Modest Mouse AND System of a Down will be there 😛😁👍
I might go to Alvvays at Riot Fest in Chicago, IL - Sep 13
If anyone is interested in going to Riot Fest in Chicago and wants to be our traveling partners, hit us up.
So excited got a ride and place to stay in Chicago for Riot Fest this September
been to a few, but Riot Fest has been the only one I care for so far. Looking forward to hitting Chicago again this fall.
I'm seriously considering VIP tickets for Riot Fest in Chicago.
I get to attend Riot Fest in Chicago in less than 2 months omg 😁😁
Be safe, have fun, and please DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. We love you and want to see you at Riot Fest.
Hit level 40 in Final Fantasy XIV, and made the first step towards going to Riot Fest in September. Exciting Friday night indeed.
Reminder: Ald. Scott is hosting a meeting at Douglas Park, new home of Riot Fest, tonight:
well... TAI is playing Riot Fest in the fall and we released a new Cobra song a few months ago... where have you been?
If Fall Out Boy plays at Riot Fest again, I'm gonna scream
Riot Fest took over Humboldt Park last year... and DESTROYED it. We couldn't use huge swaths of the park before or after the fest.
Really excited about Paul McCartney at Lollapolooza, Ernest Borgnine at Just for Laughs, and my great aunt Ethyl at Riot Fest.
John Stamos is the only name I ever put on my personal guest list at Riot Fest.
Photo: tracyvanessa: La Dispute | Riot Fest at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium in Denver, CO |...
2014. What a year! We made it another year around the sun. This year has brought me good fortune and bad, nostalgic memories and exciting new ventures. I lost my beautiful cousin Meg at the start of this year, followed by Chicago photographer and friend, Edd Jacobsen, and last, my friend Ethan Waters on Christmas Eve, with whom I knew him and his twin brother from my hometown. It was a very musical year for me! I went to Summer Camp Music Festival for the first time! My first camping experience in that sense... I literally dreamed about it last night! I also went to Riot Fest!! Got to see my all time favorite band Primus play for the 6th time, and last of 2014. I have genuine hobbies! I started competing in Longboarding competitions, which has truly become one of my favorite things to do ever. I am also now on a pool league! I have played pool for more than 10 years, glad to finally be putting my skills to the test. I started to travel for work! My freelance cinematography life brought me from the West co ...
watching footage of & Dashboard at Riot Fest this fall - he was beaming w/pure joy. *** I hope they'll tour again this year.
that's why i loved Riot Fest when Fall Out Boy was playing.
Here's a photo I got of Dallas Green of City and Colour performing at Riot Fest in Toronto back in…
I have a question about next years Riot Fest, is Red Wing's apparel still banned?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Last day of Riot Fest! Be sure to catch In The Whale at 115 before coming over to the Byers Country Feed stage to see us at 145.
Last year at Riot Fest, they had a butter sculpture of John Stamos. I think it’s Nic Cage’s stunt double in this film.
Dudes and dudettes...dont forget to swing by our merch booth and say hi (and maybe pick up some fresh gear) at Riot Fest by the Rock Stage!
My boyfriend (cough) Paul Weller absolutely killed it at Riot Fest yesterday.
Awesome day at Riot Fest yesterday! Got to see a lot of my record collection come to life with great sets from 7 Seconds, the Buzzcocks, Television, the Afghan Wigs, Paul Weller, and the Flaming Lips! Lots of mud from Friday but yesterday was perfect, bringing the summer music festival season to a fantastic close.
not at all living up to their name. @ Riot Fest
I love when taxis are on strike in the city after riot fest...
Riot Fest Day 1 was amazing!! Failure blew my mind and Mastodon was killer. Bass players were bringing sexy to the muddy muddy muddy park.
My brother just got home from riot fest and he told me he saw someone die today. Could you imagine seeing someone take their last breath?
Riot Fest 2014!! I stand in the middle of these guys during mosh pit for protection... LOL
OH that's right, Riot Fest is this weekend which would explain the thing. THE THING.
Henry Rollins at riot fest I wish I was there so bad 😢
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