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Rio Ferdinand

Rio Gavin Ferdinand (born 7 November 1978) is an English footballer.

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BT and Ferdinand Foundation kick off Northern Ireland scheme
Find a pal on Blabr to get a washboard stomach (like Rio Ferdinand) via
this joke for fans of little-watched early-2000s prank shows starring Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand discusses where Cristiano Ronaldo could fit in at Man United
Teddy Sheringham was like a rio Ferdinand # rolls royce
Rio Ferdinand on Sergio Ramos: "If my son saw me do that... I'd be embarrassed to look my son in the eye."
Rio Ferdinand was NOT happy with Sergio Ramos’ antics
Rio Ferdinand's last minute winner vs. the scousers and 's celebration
How well did the world’s most expensive defenders cope with their price tag?
Six pack abs workout: how to get a washboard stomach (like Rio Ferdinand)
At 12, learned two valuable lessons. This is his journey to the top of the soccer world:
Rio Ferdinand: “Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player on the planet, he will probably win the Ballon d'Or again.”
100%. Had a shocking season apart from 2 Cup games but since being injured he's become Rio Ferdinan…
Rio Ferdinand seen at 'girlfriend' Kate Wright's house -
Rio Ferdinand and his legs, how I love a man with strong muscles down there!!!
Rio Ferdinand warns Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo will not solve their striker problems - Metro…
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Towie star Kate Wright spotted with footballer Rio Ferdinand, rumors say she has an affair with this football…
Its about time Rio Ferdinand and his so called 'Legacy Mafia' call it time on THE DESTRUCTION OF K…
RIO FERDINAND has warned potential suitors that Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't like playing as a No.
Rio Ferdinand: What suitors should know about Cristiano Ronaldo
Rio Ferdinand flashes his abs after he's spotted leaving Kate Wright’s Essex home
- Victor Lindelof can be the next Rio Ferdinand at Man Utd, Manchester United hav...
Cristiano Ronaldo DOESN'T want to play as a No 9, says Former Manchester United team-mate Rio Ferdinand - Daily Mail
Rio Ferdinand on Ronaldo dream return & Jose Mourinho first season at Manchester United
Rio Ferdinand warns potential suitors for Cristiano Ronaldo he won't want to play as a central striker -…
Peak Banter when David Moyes made Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand watch videos of Phil Jagielka in an attempt to improve thei…
Rio Ferdinand has mastered the fidget spinner!. (via
Man. Felt like just yesterday he scored a header over Rio Ferdinand and Edwin Van Der Sar for his first CL win. 😩
Manchester Evening News: Manchester United great Rio Ferdinand sends message to Real Madrid superstar…
Rio Ferdinand urges Man Utd to sign Antoine Griezmann instead of James Rodriguez despite ...
Ferdinand reveals which target he believes Man United are most desperate for.
This clip is absolutely terrifying! Rio Ferdinand gets transposed onto his own face.
Beautifully poignant doc about Rio Ferdinand and his struggles as a widowed single parent
Rio Ferdinand on signing Griezmann or Rodriguez: "For what Manchester United need, I would go for Griezmann."
Ricardo Rodriguez, Mats Hummels, Eliaquim Mangala replacing Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic would be perf…
Controversial choice of no socks from Rio Ferdinand.
Photo: Rio Ferdinand and Edwin van der Sar at the Friends Arena [
Rio Ferdinand on Marouane Fellaini: "There's no denying that he is very effective in what Jose wants him to do. He's nasty…
Rio Ferdinand says Manchester United need to secure Antoine Griezmann signing over James Rodriguez
Rio Ferdinand wondering what he's done to deserve being caught between Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves.
Rio Ferdinand: "Whether you're a blue or a red, you'll want this team (United) to win.". No Rio. No I don't want United to…
Floyd Mayweather dines out at Rio Ferdinand's restaurant while his fleet of supercars are slapped with parking fines https:/…
Jose Mourinho speaks to Rio Ferdinand on Manchester United. "United was a special club an opponent.Never had a prob…
Impartially, Rio Ferdinand was a lot be…
Rio Ferdinand on Jose Mourinho's first season: "If he doesn't win this trophy, you'd have to say it's been a hugely disapp…
Rio Ferdinand has revealed what Robin van Persie thinks about Arsenal. Look away Arsenal fans..!…
Manchester United hero Rio Ferdinand has a cheeky message for Jose Mou
Sir Alex Ferguson's last win as ManUtd manager came against Swansea City - Rio Ferdinand with the winning goal.
Nemanja Vidic talks Fergie, Rio Ferdinand, Moscow, the current state of Man United & more. Our exclusive interview:
42 days ago Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard & Gary Lineker all lost it. Over to you again, Barcelona... h…
Rio Ferdinand on Lionel Messi's pass to Andres Iniesta: "That pass was something from FIFA. You don't see passes like that…
'I've not moved on' - Rio Ferdinand shares his struggle with grief - BBC News
Multi-tasking watching Rio's Ferdinand's Doccie. Dude went through the most. I couldn't imagine that happening to me. I really couldn't.
Not mental health but did you see the Rio Ferdinand documentary the other night on BBC.
Some *** on Rio Ferdinand to make this documentary.
Rio Ferdinand breaks down in front of cameras in tonight's heartbreaking film http…
That rio Ferdinand documentary was extremely sad and heart breaking 💔
The Rio Ferdinand TV programme had a very prominent 'thanks to New Era' in the credits also
Did you see brave documentary last night? Catch up on now.
Rio Ferdinand shows that it's okay, not to be okay. Puts life into perspective. You will cry, but you must watch
Watched the Rio Ferdinand documentary last night. Made me stop, think and appreciate how precious life is. Big respect to 👏🏼
Massive respect to Rio Ferdinand for the courage to share this
Hardest thing I've watched in a while, big respect to Rio Ferdinand. 👏🏼
Massive respect for people like Rio Ferdinand, don't understand how they do it❤️😇
I've got mad respect for rio Ferdinand for doing that documentary...will helps a lot of people facing similar battles to his own 👏🏻
great show last night. Lovely couple and you guys are stars. Except billy lol. Followed that with Rio Ferdinand.Sob fest.
Rio Ferdinand praised as incredible father and warrior after heartbreaking documentary.
As much as I can't stand Rio Ferdinand, that documentary was pure class on his part. Proper heartbreaking stuff 😢
Rio Ferdinand documentary was well sad
Rio Ferdinand has opened up about the death of his wife, Rebecca, in a BBC documentary. . ➡️
My heart genuinely hurts after watching Rio Ferdinand's documentary. 😢
Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand hints at playing in ISL - Sportswallah (blog)
In Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum And Dad, Rio explores how bereaved parents attempt to come to terms with loss. Tuesday. 9pm.
Rio Ferdinand speaks out about men need just as much help. No rules for grieving, every emotion is ok htt…
have so much respect for Rio Ferdinand
So brave of Rio Ferdinand to make this documentary.Heartbreaking for him and his children and anyone else going throug…
Rio Ferdinand cheated on wife with at least 10 women, the High Court is told
'Let them see you cry': Rio Ferdinand on how he coped with telling his kids their mum had died
What a documentary Rio Ferdinand being mum and dad was!
📺 Documentary follows as he tries to come to terms with losing his wife. 'Rio Ferdinand: tonight 9pm…
All these comments about Rio Ferdinand cheating on his wife are disgusting! It doesn't take away how much he clearly lo…
Cancer's impact goes far beyond those who are diagnosed - wonderful documentary
If you've not seen Rio Ferdinand's I really urge you to. Essential viewing if you've ever lost a loved one
From the creators of Ice Age and Rio comes Ferdinand via
Rio, Rio, Rio!!!. Rio, Rio, Rio!!!. Rio, Rio, Rio!!!. Throwback to fans reaction to the news Rio Ferdinand's wife had di…
Rio Ferdinand: My kids would not talk about grief - BBC News
Tremendous respect for Rio Ferdinand after watching last nights documentary and everyone in his position.
Grieving parents have enough to live with, without having to struggle with family finances via…
Just watched this. Very brave of him to open up so much & hope he & his children continue to work through their...
Rio Ferdinand receives outpouring of support after emotional documentary about wife's death
Huge amount of respect for Rio Ferdinand
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Really puts thing into perspective this Rio Ferdinand programme.
My heart literally breaks for Rio Ferdinand and what he's going through 😓
This is soo emotional 😭😭. Rio Ferdinand talking about since he lost his wife to Cancer in 2015 😢🙏🏾 https:/…
Rio Ferdinand still ‘tormented’ he did not open up to wife before her death
Rio Ferdinand on life after his wife’s sudden death – and the poignant ways his three children keep her memory aliv…
Rio Ferdinand on figuring out how to talk to his children after his wife died - unbelievably moving
Rio Ferdinand reveals moving way his children finally opened up about their mum's tragic death…
Rio Ferdinand ( ) has only committee 9 fouls in the Premier League since January 1st 2010.
Let us not confuse Man City's missed tests with Rio Ferdinand's one.
Rio shows it's not a failure to need help or ask for it
Widowed ex-England captain Rio Ferdinand blasts cuts to benefits for grieving parents
'I've not moved on after my wifes death' - Rio Ferdinand shares his struggle with grief.
beauty Kate Wright shows off the insane curves that caught Rio Ferdinand’s eye
Rio Ferdinand picked England 's best young defenders for World Cup qualifier with.
Rio Ferdinand was absolutely spot on about his England prediction in 2015 - Prophet. 🔮
Rio Ferdinand just had to slyly get Mayweather on the United ship and throw under the bus
Former Three Lions captain Rio Ferdinand blasts government over benefits cuts to widowed parents… from UK News on:
Rio Ferdinand opens up about Man United under Jose Mourinho
I was a huge critic of Rio Ferdinand when he missed his drugs test so it's nothing personal against City.
“He’s one you’d want your daughter to bring home.”. Rio Ferdinand: I see myself in him -
Rio Ferdinand on Michael Keane: "He’s from a great family and had a good school upbringing. He’s very mature for his age."…
‘I’ve not moved on’ – Rio Ferdinand shares his struggle with grief
Rio Ferdinand doesn't understand how reading works
Rio Ferdinand to Chris Smalling name a bigger downgrade I will wait. The fact he has captained our team sums up our season…
Who is Rio Ferdinand, when did his wife Rebecca die and how many children did they have together? Here’s all y...
.legend Rio Ferdinand opened up about dealing with the loss of his wife, who passed away from cancer in 2015
Rio Ferdinand reveals 'extreme guilt' over wife's death in BBC documentary - Irish Independent
Rio Ferdinand admits he turned to alcohol after wife's death. 💙💙💙💙
Rebecca Ellison, wife of footballer Rio Ferdinand, dies
This speaks to me as there's still a bunch of adult stuff I've never had to do
Rio Ferdinand admits he turned to alcohol in new BBC doc
Former Manchester United star discusses life after Rebecca in new BBC documentary
• Ferdinand admits he ‘didn’t have a clue’ how to make a doctor’s appointment • Former Manchester United defende...
Rio Ferdinand would 'drink alone in the middle of the night' after the death of his wife -
Rio Ferdinand's tears for his kids as he doesn't know how to help them grieve.
Rio Ferdinand admits he turned to alcohol following his wife's tragic death - Sports :
Rio Ferdinand: "Zidane was beautiful to watch, poetry in motion, so elegant as a footballer, like a ballerina on a foot…
Rio Ferdinand says he turned to alcohol after death of wife -
THE GUARDIAN - Rio Ferdinand talks of pain and helplessness after wife’s death
Rio Ferdinand on life as a footballer: 'You don't lift a finger'
Michael Owen, Rio Ferdinand and Harry Redknapp try to convince Wayne Rooney to join them at BT Sport
Rio Ferdinand: “These are top players and will cost an arm and a leg. I admire Douglas Costa of Bayern Munich."
Rio Ferdinand disguises himself so friend can watch Champions League final in
Even worse in the studio. We've got Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard & Ian Wright
John Terry, Rio Ferdinand & David Luiz post messages of support to Fernando Torres
Rio Ferdinand: Why Man United are impressing me at the moment
Man United are looking like this now under Jose Mourinho - Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand on Radamel Falcao's second goal: "The audacity to chip the goalkeeper when he’s standing up... It’s a joke.…
Remember when John Stones was meant to be the next Rio Ferdinand? Such an awful comparison that was.
Rio Ferdinand on why former star has what it takes to return to club and be a success.
"Times change!" - Rio Ferdinand says he has come to terms with Paul Pogba's penchant for social media posts.
Rio Ferdinand talks about life without wife Rebecca: 'I don't think I've had time to grieve properly'
Rio Ferdinand explores his grief after his wife's death via
Rio Ferdinand opens adult about losing his mother to breast cancer in relocating documentary
Rio Ferdinand to open up about his wife's death and being a single parent in BBC documentary
"When you're 6th in the league & you haven't won anything, you shouldn't be doing that.". - Rio Ferdinand.
(Manchester Evening News):talks about life without wife Rebecca: 'I don't..
Rio Ferdinand opens up about losing his wife to breast cancer in moving documentary -
BBC1’s Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad will show how the Former Manchester United star attempted to mould a new...
Rio Ferdinand 'yet to grieve properly' for late wife: Former footballer Rio Ferdinand will be shown discussing the…
Terry Venables brought him and Rio Ferdinand in to train with the England squad before the European Championship...
Dan Edgar 'still has feelings' for ex Kate Wright – but she is linked to Rio Ferdinand htt…
Paul Scholes with Frank Lampard second. Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Ashley Cole the rest of England's World Class…
Dimitri Payet should respect West Ham and their fans, says Rio Ferdinand...
’40-year-old’s body’: . Rio Ferdinand is not optimistic about Wayne Rooney’s longevity.
Rio Ferdinand: Manchester United should sign these superstars in massive spending spree
"Man Utd have got the money, I’d go get both.". Rio Ferdinand picks out two players Jose Mourinho should si…
Rio Ferdinand believes Wayne Rooney is better appreciated outside of England.
News: Rio Ferdinand: Manchester United should go al... via
Rio Ferdinand: Manchester United should go all out to sign these two players
Rio Ferdinand thinks Wayne Rooney could have been a bigger star than Cristiano Ronaldo but he chose to be a 'team player.'
Rio Ferdinand: "CR7 had an absolute desire to be the best individual in the world. Rooney would say, 'I'll be best by be…
Rio Ferdinand: "Remember Rooney was playing left-wing-half the time when Ronaldo was there for the last couple of yrs to…
Rio Ferdinand's Rosso restaurant reveals stylish new look
that Rio Ferdinand speech last time really helped, only conceded five times this time!
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Rio Ferdinand says former teammate Wayne Rooney has the body of a 40-year-old
Former defender Rio Ferdinand tells us what he would do with Dimitri Payet if he were in Slaven Bilic's positio…
Rio Ferdinand relaunches his Rosso Restaurant in Manchester tonight. Here's how it's looking...
West Ham's Dimitri Payet deserves to "rot" on the bench after his recent behaviour, according to Rio Ferdinand.
Rio Ferdinand has launched a scathing attack on West Ham rebel Dimitri Payet for his refusal to play for the club.
Rio Ferdinand on Wayne Rooney:. "He is surpassing records - landmark records that nobody has been near for 40 years." http…
Rio Ferdinand lecturing Utd youth team after losing 14-1 on aggregate.
Rio Ferdinand: 'This Manchester United star has a body of a 40 year old'!!
Widower Rio Ferdinand 'is spending time with Kate Wright' -
Rio Ferdinand and Kate Wright are apparently 'getting close'
Who is Kate Wright? Towie star spotted out and about with Rio Ferdinand – all you need to know…
SENSATIONAL MOVE! News leaked on social media that this SUPERSTAR could join Man Utd very soon. See…
Rio Ferdinand hints Manchester United legend Patrice Evra is returning to Old Trafford
Rio Ferdinand to Patrice Evra: "I'm hearing through social media you're coming home bro? Talk to me!"
Rio Ferdinand hints at Patrice Evra return: Is he still good enough for Manchester United?
Rio Ferdinand is one of many famous faces who features, discussing Ronaldo's development into one of the world's be…
Rio Ferdinand has suggested Patrice Evra could be on his way back to Man Utd
“You coming home bro?”. Rio Ferdinand fuels rumours of Patrice Evra returning to Man Utd - https:/…
Patrice Evra to Man Utd?. Rio Ferdinand has fuelled speculation
Pa_Ward1: Rio Ferdinand posted this today. What's the word on the street rioferdy5 ?
Photos: Rio Ferdinand's message to Patrice Evra on instagram [rioferdy5]
Rio Ferdinand speaking with the Manchester United youngsters after losing 9-0 to Man City!. Class.
Jose Mourinho has solved his Paul Pogba problem - Rio Ferdinand . Former Manchester United...
Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand believes manager Jose Mourinho has figured out where to play midfielder Paul Pogba.
Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand insists old club are still in title race
Rio Ferdinand speaking with the youngsters after a big defeat to City!
Rio Ferdinand has donated £500,000 worth of toys to kids in Manchester. Plus 11,500 sleeping bags to homeless people in t…
(Video) Paul Pogba & Rio Ferdinand star in the promo to launch Man Utd's latest Via
Throwback to when Rio Ferdinand pranked Wayne Rooney. This will forever be funny!
Manchester United can still finish in top four - Rio Ferdinand Shaka Hislop speaks with Rio Ferdinand in regards t…
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Lucas Perez - Arsenal news: Basel game big for outcasts like Lucas Perez, says Rio Ferdinand
Slaven Bilic has turned down offers from Rio Ferdinand and John Hartson about becoming coaches at West Ham.
Our December issue is now online, featuring interviews with Rio Ferdinand and Bobby Zamora
Rio Ferdinand reveals hilarious prank Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney played on Si...
Rio Ferdinand believes Daniel Levy will hate what he's advised Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane https:/…
Utterly brilliant: Rio Ferdinand has cancelled a re-enactment of the Crimean due to a thousand overjoyed tunas!
Rio Ferdinand, Harry Redknapp and Jake Humphrey are livid that the OG was allowed.
A builder secured Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand figurines the new section of Liverpool's ground 👏🏼. 🔴
Manchester United news: Rio Ferdinand won’t support Man...
Rio Ferdinand unimpressed with Arsenal's attitude after big win in the Champions League:
Wayne Rooney has plenty to offer club and country, say Ferdinand and Hoddle: Rio Ferdinand and Glenn *** ..
Rio Ferdinand and Glenn Hoddle have backed Wayne Rooney to regain his place with Manchester United and England.
Former red Cristiano Ronaldo poking fun at Rio Ferdinand on Instagram!
Gary Neville says his infamous badge-kissing after Rio Ferdinand's late winner v Liverpool in 2006 would have been worth a 1…
Jamie Carragher has been voted better than Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic. Must be some sort of joke that
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Manchester United great Rio Ferdinand's message for Wayne Rooney haters
I liked a video Rio Ferdinand, Gary Lineker & Robbie Savage on Sam Allardyce losing his job as
Never forget when Rio Ferdinand got roasted on New Years Eve...
Rio Ferdinand on Sergio Aguero: "For me he's been the best striker in the Premier League for the past few years."
Rio Ferdinand: What I really think of Man City star Sergio Aguero
Rio Ferdinand: I'm backing this star for the Premier League golden boot
Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri should play it safe in the Champions League, says Rio Ferdinand...
Rio Ferdinand tried to join Manchester United's rivals after contract ex.. Related Articles:
Rio Ferdinand reveals he "reached out" to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger when he left Man United ...: Just stop a...
Rio Ferdinand's revelation that he once reached out to Arsene Wenger's been predictably furious via
Rio Ferdinand reveals how he contacted Arsene Wenger over potential transfer to *** .
Eric Bailly could start the rebuild of Manchester United defence... £30m man stirs memories of Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand: “How have Arsenal not signed a centre-back this summer? Ashley Williams was £10m. I don’t get it…"
Rio Ferdinand on Moreno: 'I don't think I've seen a game with him where he doesn't make a mistake that almost leads to a…
Rio Ferdinand recalls a brilliant Paul Pogba story from his early days at Man Utd -
Rob Holding: "Growing up, I liked to think I modelled my game on Rio Ferdinand, especially when he was with Nemanja Vidic at…
If signed, Paul Pogba would be 19.6% of United's £510m turnover. Putting that in perspective, Rio Ferdinand was 19.9% i…
Rio Ferdinand: "Manchester United got Jose Mourinho at the best time possible. Winners are dangerous when they're wound…
Paul Pogba's exit from Man United left players stunned - Rio Ferdinand
Nuff man like Paul Ince, Sol Campbell, Rio Ferdinand, Jason Roberts just being wasted here when they could be coaches back home
Kyle Bartley names Rio Ferdinand as his idol
These are the worst penalties I've ever seen, *** near as bad as Rio Ferdinand's against Everton a couple years ago in the FA cup semis
Pique is one it that best in the world. Even Rio Ferdinand said that
The Thickest and crappiest has without doubt got to be Rio Ferdinand!
New Leeds signing names Rio Ferdinand as his idol 301
Always mate, ignore the half time photos takers and Rio Ferdinand😅 were all getting by blobbed then
Boateng just did something as bad as Rio Ferdinand would, Shambolic penalty to give.
Bonucci reminds me of Rio Ferdinand at his best. Best CB in the world 🙌🙌🙌
Rio Ferdinand always performed this at his Chiellini is doing it better
Bonucci reminds me of Rio Ferdinand days. Pinpoint long passes from a CB, unreal
How Rio Ferdinand and co reacted to THAT Iceland shock:
Well, the BBC have Rio Ferdinand who IS English, but.
"He sends them Belgian players out of the stadium. Hope they had a ticket to get back in." - Rio Ferdinand on the Hal Ro…
to be fair Rio Ferdinand & Richard Dunne were both towing caravans in that back 3!
David de Gea and Rio Ferdinand lead Ryan Giggs tributes after legend leaves Man United after 29 years
Have you noticed how Thierry Henry's wardrobe has got worse the longer the Euros have gone on?. Rio Ferdinand must be to blame
Rio Ferdinand: Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a great signing for Manchester United via
Hot Video! Man United legend Rio Ferdinand takes on freestyler Sean Garnier in nutmeg...
Rio Ferdinand asks Bale what his favourite goal is, quickly regrets question...
Watch Rio Ferdinand get utterly humiliated by world's best freestyle footballer...
Hot Video! Rio Ferdinand meets his match as camera catches him being nutmegged by former...
Rio Ferdinand has advice for Tottenham and Manchester City duo
as long you know rio Ferdinand the best defender in the world
Watch: Arsenal legend Thierry Henry loses control of his facial muscles in cringeworthy...
Rio Ferdinand: Chris Smalling wants to become England's new defensive leader...
Rio Ferdinand: Arsenal's new signing Granit Xhaka is a good passer but his disciplinary...
Rio Ferdinand reveals why he got the Alex Ferguson hairdryer treatment
Rio Ferdinand is voting REMAIN because he believes in “working with others to get things done”
have you ever heard rio Ferdinand try to talk?
Becks against Brexit: David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand back Britain to remain in EU https:/…
Why is it whenever Ian Wright, dwight yorke or Rio Ferdinand are pundits they look like they've been dressed in a charity shop?
the article is written by Aaron West, not Rio Ferdinand, Gary Lineker or someone who actually knows something bout footy
you're deluded mate, he's the next Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand talking about how superstitious he was as a player. He'd never take a drugs test after a game, for example.
Me: Gareth Bale used to play for Tottenham. . Giorgi: And he now plays for Rio Ferdinand.
That was identical to that one time Suarez pushed Rio Ferdinand into Patrice Evra.
David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand join Kate Moss on the Louis Vuitton front row at Paris…
Leave: I think the UK is sick of experts. *David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand the non-experts chime in*. Leave: Don't listen to…
Manchester United great Ferdinand advises Smalling: . Rio Ferdinand played with Chris Smal... E
Rio Ferdinand, Luis Garcia and Alan Shearer react to West Ham United's Dimitri Payet's performance for France
Rio Ferdinand making it clear he's never seen David Edwards play in his life.
jamie Carragher lacked much of the ability Rio Ferdinand or John Terry had.
Rio Ferdinand: "Karim Benzema is harder to mark than Luis Suarez" 😂 . Ok Mate LOL.
José Mourinho wants Rio Ferdinand in his backroom staff and will bid £10m for West Ham's teenager Reece Oxford. (Source: Sun Sport)
Rio Ferdinand believes Wayne Rooney experience will be crucial
Clarke, Karanka & Holland been that man before, alongside Rui Faria. Now it could be Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neville also linked.
Rio Ferdinand, dressed like Len Goodman, talking like Bruce Forsyth.
Rio Ferdinand there - rocking a velvet bow tie, like he wants Len Goodman's job or be the new Les Dawson.
Rio Ferdinand looks like he's going to a grand ball and not the Champions League final
Rio Ferdinand was worth more than that over 10 years ago. Stones is one of today's best young English defenders.
"Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a bit like Eric Cantona.". "John Stones reminds me of Rio Ferdinand." . "James Rodriguez and Juan Mata are similar."
United legends endorse Jose Mourinho: Read what Rio Ferdinand, Phil Neville, Dwight Yorke and more have said ... https:/…
I think Rio Ferdinand said it would be his biggest challenge yet. But "José Mourinho - Manchester United manager" has a ni…
Rio Ferdinand the legend wekcomes mourinoh,backs mourinoh to shine for united
FA Cup final: Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes criticise Memphis Depay for Wembley no-show after being left out - The…
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Rio Ferdinand: Upton Park holds a special place in my heart...
Rio Ferdinand's turning in to a Bo Selecta character.
Exclusive: Rio Ferdinand added his family tree bladder full of Red Bull.
Man City get Rio Ferdinand analysing. Liverpool get Michael Owen and Steve McManaman. 🙈
Dear Why do City get Rio Ferdinand, and liverpool get Steve McManaman and Michael Owen, who is paid by as an ambassador?
Two liverpool legends as pundits on BT Sport tonight covering the match. City get Rio Ferdinand and Steve McManaman
Likes of Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright and Jermaine Jenas have their say on QSF: .
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