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Ringo Star

Richard Starkey, MBE (born 7 July 1940), better known by his stage name Ringo Starr, is an English musician and actor who gained worldwide fame as the drummer for the Beatles.

Ringo Starr Paul McCartney George Harrison John Lennon Star Wars Carrie Fisher Tank Engine Jimi Hendrix Jack Bruce Harry Nilsson

That star squids episode of courage is on so i had to change that channel quick
any chance you could draw a tin of peaches being ate by Ringo star it's a life long dream...aye I'm mental 😂
Peter and Ringo Star, a young orphan southern white rhino calf. Photo by taken at
I,m a Big Fan of Ringo Star, I took my best friend to see him in Concert, Starlite theater.
ALERT: Source close to / star confirms to me 'neck & back issues' likely to lead to retirem…
Most may know her from Star Wars, but look how adorable Carrie Fisher is in Ringo Starr's music video...awesome!
In case you missed it - here's Rolling Stone's recap of the star-studded Kennedy Center Honors earlier this month.
Top story: El desconocido video musical de Carrie Fisher con Ringo Starr - Info… see more
Curious where Ringo Star got his fountain of youth cuz he has not aged at all, still looks the same when he was in The Beatles.
How come Ringo Star looks way younger than Paul?
ALSO Ringo Star and Joe Walsh being brother in laws is almost as good as and TB12
is it bad that i want to hear Ringo Starr sing The Shooting Star is coming through?
Yesterday, we boarded the Phenomenal 3 boat ride event hosted by radio personality, Ringo Star. The event took...
people to protect for the rest of 2016:. Tim Curry. Ozzy. the rest of the OG Star Wars cast. Betty White. The Queen. Paul McCartney. Ringo Starr
A very young Carrie Fisher in the video for Ringo Star's "Your Sixteen" via
"Ringo star always looks like he is about to ***
domain names
Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Star and that fourth guy
Great Ringo the word has lost a star
Drummer Zac Starkey joined Oasis for a tour in 2005. He is the son of Beatles drummer Ringo Star, and was working with The Who
Larry Leauge is a overrated rap group BUT ringo star is a bop by them
I was a PBS kid. I used to watch Thomas the Tank Engine. I had a crush on Ringo Star. He had a beard and earring and wore a nice blue suit.
If you had a choice between satellite, cable or Ringo Star for entertainment, which one would you choose?. Century...
Saddened by today's news: RIP George Michael - the iconic 80' star who brought us dies on his last
George Carlin and Ringo Star give us a really good example of Rules Based Service in Quantum
What's with Ringo Star and songs about water
This Christmas brought to you by Ringo star!! He's gone a little heavy metal maybe? Kick it!…
I hope *** Cavett, Michelle Phillips, Ringo Star, Paul McCartney, Miriam McDonald, and KLS are safe from final week of 2016.
the older stuff was better. It's not the same without Ringo star narrating
I just realized how much I sound like a drunk Ringo Star
Michael Fassbender could have been part of a galaxy far, far away! 😯
Ringo Star, former drummer for The Beatles, known for his terrible singing and song writing.
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La. We four Beatles of Liverpool are,. Paul in a taxi, John in a car,. George on a scooter, beeping his hooter,. Following Ringo Star.
"Everything a government touches turns to crap" - Ringo Star.
Here's your Bully's now feck off Ringo Star and Matthew Corbett
So Ringo only became a drummer becuase he caught TB and Dave Grohl never practices...the secrets of star drummers:
"What separates the great from the good? Perhaps the ability to listen. It’s the most underrated virtue" Lars Ulrich https:/…
How ALMOST joined the Fall + other secrets of star drummers, from to
This is a great feature by about drummers and their experiences drumming. I certainly miss playing.
Challenging our inner Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, George Harrison and John Lennon. My inst…
For those drummers gearing up for our new semester in Paris next week, here's some great inspiration, courtesy of...
A relaxed *** is in the realm of those secrets... ; )
Paul McCartney has recounted the exact moment The Beatles quit touring -
Thanks to for sending me this article... Such a good read for all drummers!
Really enjoying watching the old Thomas the Tank Engine with Ringo Star on YouTube with Jeane 😄
From Dave Grohl to Ringo Starr: the secrets of star drummers | Music | The Guardian
I can play drums (although haven't since the mid 80s) - it's like learning to ride a bike: you never forget how...
I really like this piece. Drummers get their moment in the sun.
A nice set of interviews with drummers:
I've got the so as a treat for you, here's my top notch Ringo Star impression.
'Got Rhythm: meet the world's best drummers'. Excited to be sharing today's feature about the...
"Sean Moore from the Manic Street Preachers is very good. Also Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth."
From today's Guardian: Dave Grohl to Ringo Starr: star drummers
From Dave Grohl to Ringo: the secrets of star drummers | The Guardian. Vía .
Interesting piece on the finer points of drumming from the main key players.
Warning for those of a Larry disposition, this article contains unexpected Mullen
“so that all limbs can move freely and independently, one must have a “relaxed *** –Nick Cave's drummer is right
The secret lives of drummers. "The most addictive thing to me in music is spontaneity, chaos and honesty –...
Awesome article on the secrets of star drummers
What's it like to be the Deirdre O'Callaghan talks to the biggest names to find out (superb pics too!)
You gotta try one of We recommend breaking your fast with a Ringo Star
So anyways I found out ringo star paints things online and sells them which is fine do whatever u want
Meet Black Singles 300x250
What's Ringo holding? It has STAR with a C in the middle printed on it v
I was just shushed in the middle of a Ringo Star concert. Guess old people are even cranky at concerts.
Alex's summer cut, Go see her band Ringo Death Star July 3rd at Hotel Vegas 🌹 @ Mint for Beauty
"There's probably people [in Glasgow] who think a Michelin Star is Ringo's wife"
considering people r dumb enough to cause drama but comparing ash and josh well okay lets compare them with ringo star now? Or keith moon?
Ringo’s star birthday treat now up for grabs at auction
Always will twinkle,. my star I'm your Ringo,. Play some old people bingo you beautiful girl.
The sad story of Jimmie Nicol: The guy who replaced Ringo Star and lived as a Beatle for…
Ringo Starr and his All Star Band at the Ryman!
► you were OUR Ringo Star!. Thank you for years of inspiration and for your love and support! ♥♫
after a long weekend of work.The boss invited wife &I out to eat after Ringo Star last night. Got home at 3 am. I was up at 7 am.
Well either Moyles has been going on about this stupid Ringo Star video for 30 mins or I've gone utterly insane
is Ringo Star not asking for peace and love for the anniversary of the july 7 bombings?
Ringo Starr and His All Star Band was perfectly in sync the entire time it couldn't have been better
Had a guy tell me last night that Ringo star was a better drummer than john bottom and I'm still salty about it.
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I have to admit that seeing Ringo and his All Star Band in Cincinnati on Wed. was better than seeing Jimmy Buffett on Thr. in Noblesville.
Picture of the parents on pages just realised my Dad was Ringo Star !!
Jesse McCartney, John Legend, Harrison Ford, and Ringo Star are all in a band called the Rollipollies!
Ringo star in a sketchers advert is just plain wrong
"What's your first name so we can put it on your ride pass" . Dad: "Ringo like Ringo star" . Me: "Beyoncé but you can call me queen B"
Perhaps we can find origins of the twerk.. in the movie . Cave Man with ringo star - shelly long dennis quad and more
A born star must be related to Ringo/ or related to Larry, Regina, Martin Luther, Rodney, Stephens cuz I'm a king yo
*** I forget Ringo Starr was the star of this movie.
What possessed Ringo Star to ever do a country song? He certainly was NOT Acting Naturally...
🎭 Congrats to Kinley Jones and Dylan Ringo; OAP Bi-District All-Star cast and Hannah Torres Honorable Mention.
Ringo Won’t Be A Star: With B.J. Raji temporarily retired and Mike Pennel suspended for the first fou...
Je Suis Un Rock Star reminds me of 'No No No No' by Ringo Starr
A briliant piece of art that even Ringo Star himself, master of MS Paint, would be awe struck at!
You, Always will twinkle. My star, I'm your Ringo. Play old people bingo. You beautiful girl
For the love of Harry Nilsson. The History of Ringo Star and Harry Nilsson's Lost Film 'Son of Dracula.
Wow. is a shooting star during her encore performance of "Diamonds."
Beatle property mania! Snap up the childhood home of Ringo Star
"Make something as simple as possible but there are striking and memorable by people." - Ringo Star
Janis Joplin and Ringo Star take a stroll at the Montreal Botanical Gardens
Wakko in the Animaniacs sounds like a less British Ringo Star. Trips me out every now and then.
A man who looks like Ringo Star is sitting across from me at Gotham Cafe.
Just watched by and got to say the star of the show is ringo the beautiful black lab, what a way to end on a high!
I also have areosmith greatest hits, a bunch of George Harrison and Ringo star one Lennon, some joan jett, rush, ACDC,
...let's not forget about the Ringo Star "I don't tip" story!
Looking forward to another great show via Survivors' Voices. You are a star Matthew!
I know I'm late but Ringo Star married Barbara Bach! Jesus! How did he swing that at the time? Being a must of had its perks!
Ringo Star did a commercial for Sketchers and I've never been so sad for someone's career.
Feel like Ringo Star or smet answering to all my birthday fan mail
Ringo star 🐶 this is his fav spot right up high next to the tanks, fluffy man. -.
I'm just...i'm just gonna stick with Ringo, I like Ringo Star :3 Ringo Starr...Ringo
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Ringo star is that you I recognize the ms paint
Tribute Concert on AMC in USA Saturday night w/ all star cast & mssgs from Paul & Ringo
Imagine if Ringo Starr's "Caveman" had been more popular than Star Wars! We'd still be talking about it literally all the time.
I'd rather wear potato sacks on my feet than wear because you think ringo star is actually a drummer.
Ringo Star isn't the best drummer alive simply because he was in an iconic band. There. I said it.
ringo star is in a sketchers commercial ¿??
Excuse me, I believe finals tomorrow should be canceled due a sickness being passed around called "Star War…
Ringo star 💙 this is exactly how I feel this morning too .. 😂🐶. -.
Guess who's seeing Star Wars 5 hours earlier than the rest of the world? . *gif zooming in on Ringo Starr saying "me"*
It makes me sad that Ringo Star is doing skecher commercials...
The many faces of cuteness .. Ringo Star . -.
RINGO NEEDS FOSTER or RESCUE!!!. Ringo is a Star! This 11 month old male Redbone hound mix is stocky and gorgeous...
I would mute the term "Star Wars" but then I'd miss out hearing if Ringo signed up to go and fight ISIS.
Good morning! Always makes it a good day when you start with this face : Ringo Star 💜🐶. -.
Few people realize that Thomas the Tank Engine is actually Ringo Star's autobiography about the 20 years he was a locomotive.
All purpose parts banner
I keep forgetting that Ringo was an actual film star(r) in the 70s omg
I put a picture of ringo on the star of my tree last year. And my dad was amused and it took my mom a week to notice it.
Doug Camilli: May the spoon be with you for Star Wars ice cream: More cool news: Madonna rants at fans; Taylor…
after two really good ultimate weapons were destroyed the Empire's new planet killer is named the Ringo Star!
I added a video to a playlist Ringo Starr and his All Star Band "Kyrie" (Mister Mister) featuring
Ringo star looks like Rodger from American dad
A young choice for a young star. So pretty!
1966, Jimi Hendrix in the apartment he was subleasing from Ringo Star. He wrote 'The Wind Cries Mary' living here
he's now touring Europe as a Ringo Star impersonator!!!
Congratulations Billy Joel! 😎🌟✌💖 . Ringo Star you're one of my favorite music of all times! Huge fan both 💕
Prepare for 'The Force Awakens' by watching all Six Star Wars movies simultaneously
Christmas tree at 45 degree angle. I spent the evening in the presence of Ringo Star and Phillip Green and enough champagne to sink a ship..
Loving Muslm comedy night Distractingly there's a deadringer for George Michael / Ringo Star in front row.
The same people who's favorite Star Wars character is C-3PO also thinks Ringo is the best member of The Beatles
:"Someone paid $2.2 mill for a Ringo Star drum kit.". Ron:"I don't think I'd pay $2.2 mill -for- Ringo Star."-from .
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saw this crazy cool guy with and His All Star Band... It was a night I STILL talk about!!
Ringo Starr's first Ludwig drum kit sells at auction for $2.2 million via
Phil Lesh is so much better at bass than Paul McCartney. and Bill Kruetzmann could drum circles around Ringo Star
Title A ringo star hey,of classic rock hey,by *** Angels hey
A ringo star of classic rock hey,the all rock an roll band for a all band hey
It's ringo hey,a classic rock star hey,the all rock an roll ink star hey.A vocol artist hey,of a rock an roll song hey a ringo star for an
Get tix to see famous Fab 4, Ringo Starr & the All Star Band at the Vina Robles Amphitheater Friday, October 2! Rock!
Always will twinkle my star I'm your ringo
Beatles Store Blog Ringo Starr tickets - Tickets available to the Ringo Starr and his all-star band concert on Oct...
Nah nigguh I'm Ringo star the underdog
Pretty cool that my great great grandma from England used to babysit Paul McCartney and Ringo Star from The Beatles 😆
CoffeeTalk JAZZ Magazine hit the road to meet super star Ringo Starr (Beetle) with photographer/gallery co-owner...
or ride their coat tails.ask Ringo Star!! Apparently pays the same!
"Today, Feb 8, in 2010 a star for Ringo was added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame."
Me gustó un video de Ringo Starr and his All Star Band "Broken Wings" (Mister, Mister) Ft. Richard
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Please Paul McCartney and Ringo Star whatever you do, do NOT perform with ts. I'm looking at you Paul. Don't do that ever again. 👿
I hate that Nissan commercial with that *** nozzle that has the Ringo Star haircut and is the best man. I want to punch him in the temple
Another dog puppet I built for "The Singalong Show" at Mesner Puppets. His name is Ringo...he's the star!
Someone gave my dad a 8x10 headshot of herself. Which is bizarre & will prob be tossed like Ringo Star fan mail.
Ringo star you should be ashamed of yourself that solo is pathetic
Just read that is coming to Oct 12 to play with Ringo Starr's All-Star Band. So cool!
lady gaga ringo star Madonna usher and a lot of others I believe
Ringo star plays tonight and I'm missing it yay work
Friday so it's time for All Star Postbag, thanks for the letters Putin, Louis Walsh and Ringo Starr
I just entered to win: Win pair of tickets to Ringo Star & his All Star Band
RINGO is seriously a star! See Ringo and all of the amazing horses and acts tonight at
Was Ringo Starr the earliest selfie star?
Ringo Star is 75 today...Keith Richards is still alive too. Huh, maybe Rock N Roll is good for you after all!
Ringo Star & John Lennon spreading some and tonight @ winchester…
and scream RIDE ON SHOOTING STAR at the same time. also turn into a shiina ringo nurse and shoot guns
The new Southmead Hospital Atrium looks great with Halo fittings, check out our Ringo here...
Esther Mcvey sounds like Ringo star on Thomas the Tank Engine.
Poor Ringo Star no one acknowledges him
Hilarious chat with Wolfgang, the Ringo Star of the electronic world
whenever I put my hair down I look like Ringo Star
If you could name a star in the galaxy what would you name it? — Ringo. So its full name will be Ringo Star.
Joe Biden is the Ringo Star of the Democratic Party.
Working on pre-production for a song about a bender involving Harry Nilsson, Ringo Star and moi...
to everyone who doesn't know: Ringo Star is the drummer for the Beatles
I could reach out to Paul McCartney and Ringo Star. and have the beatles have a beatoff on my egg beating channel? . sigh. maybe some day.
Sometimes @ the gym I don't realize I'm playing the imaginary drums on my treadmill. 👐 Ringo Star over here just trying to get thru cardio!
how about Paul McCartney and Ringo Star..."all we need is love" and "I wanna hold your hand"?
Anne Nelson and I both favor ringo star over the other Beatles. Like mother like daughter.
Ringo Star kept better time than you chumps.
Almost right G you may not be Ringo but you are a star :)
They got ringo star on the tannoy at anfield i think
Ringo Star use to play the conductor on Thomas the Train when my kids were little! Lol
Ringo Star invented...well, actually, the other Beatles invented all his stuff.
Ringo Star was my fav rolling stone.
.and Ringo is the star. Well done Ringo, you are officially the M&W cat out of the bag. Let's hope it does for...
On this day, 10 years ago I met Paul McCartney and Ringo Star backstage at a Third Eye Blind concert
It feels so good to be as good at drums as Ringo Star even if he was terrible
If I were a crazier man I would make a Gaim Jinba combo of Ringo (Apple) and Starfruit to make Ringo Star(r) Arms
And so the day turns into night..:). Alfred Hitchcock impersonating Ringo Star; 1964
Ringo star on board most likely one day blanket Jackson
I just saw a shooting star and I wished to meet paul and ringo I hope it comes true
Julian Lennon, Paul McCartney, Dhani Harrison and Ringo Star please do music together for at least one song, I'm begging you four, PLEASE
Ringo Star is my favorite non musician in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame
1968 Press photo of Beatles members George Harrison and Ringo Star via eBay We love Bonnie...Bonnie McKee that is!!!
hello Pickle :) this is my cool girl Laila and boy Ringo Star! Pleased to meet you!
Ringo was double clear again today in the Foxhunter at / Dan is defiantly not steeling him any time soon!
A presale for Ringo Starr & his All-Star Band is underway until 10 p.m. on Thursday. Password: PEACE.
Using drum sticks to explore patterns in FDK. Ringo Star watch out!
I told my mom that my dad looked like Ringo Star when he was younger, my mom said she found him attractive.
Ringo Star and his All Star Band. 10 marzo 2015 BMX 20-21 nov.
remember when you didn't know there was a difference between Django and Ringo Star?
Ringo star is the new spokesperson for my work .
So we kinda have a James Gang member / Eagle to thank for Jimmy Page's Led Zeppelin sound -- who knew?!? Joe...
When are John Lennon, ringo star, gene simmons, and paul harrison gonna reunite the beatles?? I miss rock and roll music
Ringo star and Kevin Jonas got that one thing in common...ohh yeaaa🎤
Ricky Rubio reminds me of Ringo Star. does anyone else see that orr…?
A crazy mix from Starship's 'We Built this City' to Ringo Star's ... 'Help from my Friends' to Lorde's 'Team'
I want Ringo star tickets for my mom and dad.
hook me up with some Ringo Star tickets
Ringo Starr All Star band does songs from All Star members. Steve Lukather of Toto is in his band and they'll do a Toto song.
I want Ringo Star Tickets. I am not interested in Dingo Starr
I want Ringo Star tix with the all star band
I'd love to have those Ringo star tickets
please please I want the Ringo Star tickets!'
In 1961, when Montreal Canadiens were last 7-1, Ringo Star joined the Beatles. The Supremes signed with Motown records. I was a teenager.
*ringo star voice* but PJ, what about the country life video?
Ringo Starr in Skechers ad campaign
Star like ringo. War like a green berret
Ringo Star be bashin them twilighterz
So sad. Cream; West Bruce & Laing are 2 of my all-time fav's. I saw Bruce when he played in Ringo's All Star Band.
Liz and I saw Jack Bruce here with Ringo Starr & his All Star Band 103 degrees HOT
Ringo Starr to star in new ad campaign
and the pizzas are delicious! Try the Ringo Star if you are eat meat!
The Ringo Star = out of this world. perfect setting + no wind!
This reminds me of the 1981 flick, Caveman with Ringo Star and Randy Quaid. "Atuk!.. Lar??". Going way back.. .
Ringo Starr to Star in Skechers Ad Campaign >>>
My first concert was Jack Bruce when he was playing with Ringo Starr’s All Star band. has always been a favorite.
Just bought a caveman outfit to Match we're going to be cooler than Ringo Star and his tribe from CaveMan
When ChuckD followed me, I was badass. When Ringo Star followed me, I cried like a child.
wow that's awesome. The only time I got to c him was with the ringo star all star band.kept hopes up for more cream
Yrs ago I saw Jack Bruce live with Ringo Starr and his All Star Band. Jack turned the White Room guitar solo into bass. Unreal talent. RIP.
RIP Beady Eye, you should have been this generations Wings. Or at least Ringo Starr's All Star Band.
RIP Jack Bruce. He was playing bass in Ringo's All-Star Band at one of the first concerts I saw as a kid.
Playing a DnD 5th edition game where we are 5 bards in a rock star band!! My name: Ringo Moon-and-Star the guitarist.
Ringo Star print of Starr one of by
[Fav4] Ringo Starr to Star in 2015 Skechers Ads Ex Beatles drummer will star in a series of comedic televi Starr wi…
[Ringo] Ringo Starr - " Photograph " CMAC 6-7-14 Ringo Starr and his All Star Band at CMAC - Canand…
""You never hear about Ringo Star flipping bricks." 😂
"You never hear about Ringo Star flipping bricks" 😂😂😂
"You never hear about Ringo Star flipping bricks."
Funk Syndicate opening up for Ringo Star tonight @ The Starlight Theatre! Show starts at 7pm!
Begging Marc for a friend request is like asking the Pope, the President, the Dalai Lama, Joel Olsteen & Ringo Star.
Sad to hear of the passing of Ringo, a great star bull.
Somethig very nostalgic, euphoric and a sense of awe to see Paul McCartney and Ringo Star on stage again together
Grim the way decades of The Beatles music and influence has lead to Paul playing bass while Ringo does star jumps and sings badly
best looking Beatle.Bloody *** at 74 Ringo star is looking fantastic.
If anyone is Watching itv 3 you can see ringo star making a fool out of himself. It's lol. Yoko and a few other weirdos are there aswell.
So Katy Perry is who they picked to sing 'yesterday' to Ringo Star and Sir Paul? Probably the best song ever written and she murdered it.
George Harrison to be Honored at Star-Studded George Fest via including Brian Wilson, Ringo Starr.
Ringo Star wife totally out of he's depth,show's what money can do for you.(Stevie Wonder singing We Can Work It Out,my fav Beatles tune)
I'd trade in Paul McCartney and Ringo Star for John Lennon and George Harrison every day of the week!
This actor playing ringo star, his accent is bloody cringe
The amazement on Siobhans face that Ringo star was Thomas the Tank Engine
we've just had his fringe cut today, he looks like Ringo Star!. He is 1 on Wednesday!
2/3 it to you ride, now turn to your left // wicker..Mpschorr..Paul macartney, John Lennon, George, Ringo star, universe is 13.7 billion ...
So, did you know Detroit has its own Ringo Starr tribute artist? He's world famous, and I got an interview with...
Ringo is my fav Japanese rock star...
Paul's my favourite musically, but Ringo was always the star in the films (see what I did there? *wink wink nudge nudge*)
I'm told Paul McCartney and Ringo Star were watching from the side of stage tonight.
Tickets are on sale for Ringo Starr & His All Star Band – October 10 at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.
I'm breathing air that Queen Elizabeth, Jesus and Ringo Star have breathed.
Isn't it weird that all star trek characters can be replaced with 80s pop singers?. Spock- Paul McCartney. Kirk- Ringo star. Nyota- Tina turner
Check out what's up for auction on - become an star, meet Ringo backstage and more:
Drummers: Don't play like Ringo Star. Ringo Star *** Who was the guy from The Who? Play like that guy.
You're my Star I'm your Ringo, I promise you'll never be single
me girls Antie was Ringo Star best mate, she and her husband were invited to his wedding, and he paid for the to fly over
Bid now and become an star or meet backstage! All proceeds support
Check out the ever-so popular Ringo Star product, suits a wide variety of environments
Ringo Starr and his all star band are playing Kansas City. What they playing? Bingo?
Ringo Starr has two tattoos on his arms: a shooting star crossing the moon on his left arm and a cross set against a volcano on his right.
Selfiesss with Ringo Star c: by xxmegzrxx
Ringo Star is walking around town looking good! He's searching for that special someone to call his own. If you...
so sad.. Reality TV star Jonathan McNally hanged himself over worries that he was too short | Mail Online
Paul Rudd as John Lennon . Jack Black as Paul McCartney . Justin Long as George Harrison . Jason Schwartzman as Ringo Star. Is great
Tonite on The Bombeck Show 5:00 pm Dr Jason Lisle will discuss Evolution vs Creation 6;00 Brian Foltz - Natural ways to heal your body 6:30 Bernie Dresel - former Stray Cats drummer and Sharon Native ...Bernie has played on TV shows like Dallas & The Simpsons ... Movies: Transformers , Jersey Boys and has played with Ringo Star & The Talking Heads and more.
I'll see your Paul McCartney and raise you Will Ferrell in Bend last week (again) AND Ringo Star in town Thursday. :-)
He was featured on an album called Shankar family and friends. Ringo Star was also on the album with Phil Spector.
Going to go get a bite to eat, then heading to the Ringo Star concert, tired, but looking forward to it!!
After such a great concert by Ringo Starr and his All-Star Band, here's a top 10 favorites of mine of Ringo...Enjoy :)
Ringo Starr, who launches a tour with his All Starr Band on Friday, is stretching the trek with a batch of dates in October. He's also prepping a new exhibit of his artwork. And he's calling on peaceniks around the globe to help him celebrate his birthday on July 7.
I'd like to send a GREAT BIG THANKS to Doreen Billings (who just celebrated a monumental birthday) for inviting me to see Ringo Star. Great weekend - two amazing concerts (also saw Tommy James & the Shondells). Thanks for sharing your birthday with me (and thanks for all the food vouchers). To Laureen and Dave, Note: I cannot do two nights in a row again! - Thanks for putting up with me.
Getting ready for a fun night.Ichaban's hibachi and Ringo Star with my honey, John & Patricia A Mitchell
Ringo Starr and his All-Star Band performed at the 2014 Grammys.
This is from the Ringo Starr and His All Star Band concert last night cx
Ringo Starr and his 12th All Star Band will perform this summer at the Community Arts Center. Tickets go on sale Friday, February 14 at 9:00am at the Box Office located at 220 West Fourth Street in downtown Williamsport starting at $85. Phone and web orders will follow at 10:00am. Legendary member o…
Ringo Star is in Williamsport oh god!! This is like the coolest thing that has ever happened in Williamsport!
So... Maybe putting a snap of me ringo star around snapchat to the lads wasn't a good idea... Bare screenies
Would love to go, but bought tickets a while ago to go see Ringo Star that evening.
Ringo Starr is MEGA! He is a generous, big hearted performer who clearly loves what he's doing. He performed all the Ringo hits, going all the way back to 'Boys' (remember that one from one of the 1st Beatle albums); and every other Ringo song you can think of. He ended the show with 'A Little Help From My Friends' and then the band launched into 'Give Peace a Chance' and got the entire audience singing it. He makes age 72 look pretty darn good, too. His voice is in as fine form as ever and he moves like he's 40 years younger. His All Star Band is awesome too, and he was ever gracious in praising them throughout the show. They include Todd Rengrun, a guy from Santana, the guy who sang "Take These Broken Wings", and other stars whose names I don't know. Just an awesome show and beautiful night, and so much fun to share it with Elizabeth and Dennis!
[Ringo] Ringo Starr and the All Star Band at CMAC June 7, 2014 via YouTube Capture.
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