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Ring Cycle

Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) is a cycle of four epic operas (or dramas to use the composer's preferred term) by the German composer Richard Wagner (1813–83).

Das Rheingold Richard Wagner Metropolitan Opera Royal Opera House Robert Lepage Great Performances Met Opera Covent Garden Opera Australia Metropolitan Opera House Magic Flute

for the Ring Cycle, and it almost felt like a kind of lost society, only emerging for 3 months a year! 8-)
Brussels also doing main rd cycle routes. Took 1 lane out of 3 lane ring rd for protected lane
lol. Different and better wording by you. The extra letters give it a nice ring! xD
you should join us next time as we cycle round the ring road. Use your position to help not criticise
Would you prefer Tannhauser, The Flying Dutchman, or the part of The Ring Cycle?
Fave operas are Wagner's Ring cycle and most of Rossini's. Also "I Paggliaci" by whoever :)
Well no worries now they are not doing the Ring Cycle for a bunch of years now. Good luck making up all that lost revenue.
The best part of the machine that they spent an insane amount on for the Ring Cycle is that it is terrible and the singers hate it
Ach du lieber!. Houston Grand Opera goes for the gold with the 'Ring' cycle
Coming to a megaplex near you: La Boheme, the Magic Flute, the Ring Cycle. How opera has become a genre of the masses.
I wear a Cell Cycle ring—it comes in metals as well as nylon. The design-your-own app is a lot of fun
my favourites so far have been Wagner's Ring Cycle at the Coliseum in London and Fidelio at Vienna's Royal Opera House.
.asks you'd like to hear before death? I'll take concluding Ring Cycle:
the three guys from the ring cycle who run time, descended from Norse mythology.
standing is often more comfortable than sitting.. stood through proms Ring Cycle no problem :)
The Ride of the Valkyries from Wagner's Ring Cycle at the Met: via
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Every time I tell myself I'm going to hit shuffle on my iPod and not skip a single track, here comes with his Ring Cycle.
Mabary : Take the time in your life to watch Wagner's The Ring Cycle. It's a must. : Does The Lord of the Rings count?
The section of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande rehearsing Wagner's Ring Cycle.
What a way to ring in daylight savings' departure! Evening cycle and a dinner 👌
Can't wait to do the Ring of Kerry Charity cycle in the summer 😃
Great find at the record store! I got a 24 disc set of The Ring Cycle as performed by The Dave Matthews Band
In training for the ring of Kerry cycle or upcoming marathon? Check out our sports products and supplements. .
Registered for the Ring of Kerry cycle in July. Hey hey let's go!
God, I just remembered - I was supposed to be working my way through Wagner Ring Cycle, wasn't I?
Opera honcho celebrates special birthday in high style with arias, admirers and Ring Cycle cake
Being on a sleep cycle where you wake up earlier than expected on a Sunday Morning, bleh.
Oh, the joys of condo living! Wagner's Ring Cycle at 3am, more like. Go on ;)
I was livid that she was unapposed last cycle. Why the *** not! has a nice
Well my Wagner washing machine has a Ring cycle
It also allows you to ring fence money for investment in cycle infrastructure
Wagner's masterpiece, the Ring Cycle, gets tough love in Wotan's Dilemma-
Plus already it makes me want to go to the Wagner festival in Bayreuth to see their Ring Cycle because YES.
Need a band name? Cycle through some CAPTCHAs. e7eelW Wub5tn has a nice ring to it.
. Like a sprinkling of magic all across Yorkshire.
well that could equip 10 major North American cities with mad cycle tracks or we could have 1/4 of a ring road
Marek Janowski opens his Ring Cycle with a concert performance of Das Rheingold with NHK Symphony Orchestra today
I think you should dive in wherever you like. Just don’t try to listen to the whole Ring cycle in one sitting!
ya come over to Ireland and cycle the ring of Kerry 👣
They live in Louisiana, but they love Houston Grand Opera. Read about two of the major sponsors of HGO's Ring Cycle.
I sense a viewing of Wagner's Ring cycle coming on, the next four days I can spare.
This has got to be the strangest production of The Ring Cycle in existence.
Instead of SW ring road, we could get SE/N LRT, new arena, all flood mitigation, cycle track & 800 mil tax rebate.
Is it too late to trade SW ring road for cycle track, LRT line, flood mitigation & arena?
Perhaps your 'hold' music should be changed to Wagner's Ring Cycle. 'A little night music' is too sodding short!
[SOUTH Korean Gang]. Sex trafficking victims tried 2 get them out of cycle of captivity, poverty & abuse.
Yup! And we've got to know the Ring Cycle after popped it on their playlist for us.
"The basis of school violence is a vicious cycle that never ends. There is no exit in this crowded ring..."
This election cycle, GOP hopefuls only had to kiss Shel Adelson's ring. Next time, it's his ***
A short animation, with appropriately rousing musical accompaniment, which manages to condense Wagner's magnificent 15-hour epic, Ring Cycle – complete with gods, heroes, dragons, a castle in the sky, love triangles, magic swords and Valkyries – into a succinct, coffee-break friendly two and a half…
The Lyric Opera Will Do the Ring Cycle, and It Will Take Five Years: Somewhere in the world, someone is puttin...
Wagner's "Ring Cycle" is coming to the Lyric Opera, so here's the story of the 15-hour epic in 2.5 minutes:
Lyric Opera of Chicago press conference right now on Lyric's website...NEW Ring Cycle announcement. Very exciting, including christine Goerke as Brunnhilde and Eric Owens making his role debut as Wotan. Great production team too.
See Wagner’s Ring Cycle with Valery Gergiev’s world-famous Mariinsky Opera at the Birmingham Hippodrome
For me a performance of Wagner's Ring Cycle should feature cabin crew, hot towels, meals and BJ's.
So I seem to be suffering from Ring of the Nibelung hangover this morning. I'm not sure if it is the narcotic effect of Wagner's work that Brecht complained about, or if I just don't have the stamina. I think you need to go into training to survive a Ring Cycle (Tough Mudder who?) and they should give you T-shirts. I did enjoy Siegfried last night: some interesting directorial choices, some really beautiful detail in the physical actions, glorious music and all without the aid of surtitles. All power to those who complete the cycle. It is a definitely on my bucket list :)
in Ring Cycle opera at Dance Theater, Nariman Point,Spellbinding grandeur :)
Our Wagner Week has begun! Right now, hear the entire Ring Cycle performed by The Metropolitan Opera with James...
The latest "Lone Ranger" rehash reminds me of the right way to make westerns. Fritz Lang called the genre America's Ring Cycle, or national epic. Arguably, these are the best of the lot: 1. "Shane" starring Alan Ladd and Jack Palance, directed by George Stevens 2. "The Searchers" starring John Wayne & Ward Bond, directed by John Ford 3. "Ride the High Country" starring Joel McRae & Randolph Scott, directed by Sam Peckinpah 4. "High Noon" starring Oscar winner Gary Cooper & Grace Kelly, directed by Frank Zinneman
Marie Bashir gives Peter Bassett’s Ring Cycle lectures on Decca Eloquence the Royal seal of approval.
Patrice Chereau’s 1976 Ring Cycle on Barbican screen this w/end Gwyneth Jones (Brunnhilde) in audience. We cheered her as the credits rolled
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A unique and exclusive package, on multi-set DVD and Blu-Ray, of the most successful Ring Cycle production of the 21th century.
Wagner's 100th Anniversary. Born in May 22, 1813. One of his famous works is the Ring Cycle, which is based on Greek mythology.
Proms tickets sorted : Nigel Kennedy, Ring Cycle, Urban Classic prom.. best programme in years!
Wagner's Ring Cycle -- that garguantuan series of four operas, chroniciing the fall of the gods and the rise of men -- is in the process of wrapping up at the Metropolitan Opera. I had occassion to attend the whole thing, and let me tell you: it was SO. MUCH. OPERA. 20 hours in a week.
Wagner's Ring Cycle is to other operas as college football is to other athletic programs. Vastly more money is spent on Ring cycles than...
rehearsals underway for Richard 16hr Ring Cycle. Neil Armfield on
Amazing, . Wagner's Ring Cycle simplified in a comic strip! Check out 'Opera Strip'.
That was the first installment of Wagner's Ring Cycle: Das Rheingold. Looking forward to next week. Die Walküre ~
Robert Lepage's Ring Cycle returns to the Metropolitan Opera, April 6 to May 11
Wagner's Ring Cycle is returning to the Met. WorldStage is supporting Robert Lepage's NEW Das Rheingold.
Dear Yeshua, YHWH, I say my prayer unto you before I sleep tonight, send down my Guardian Angel? She could put on an appearance of Dakota Fanning, besides she and I have the same Guardian Angel protecting us from dark forces who looms over Persia. I get the fact that it will be difficult because of the War in Heaven right now, your angels are trying to get through but it's difficult because of what's holding ya'll back. But i'll be waiting and Dakota will be waiting, Prophet Daniel waited for 21 days, until Gabriel reaches him and told Daniel that they were in trouble, the fallen ones were around and kept them from coming. Michael finally came and said we can now talk. I will be asleep with my headphones on, listening to neo-soul or Wagner's Ring Cycle until you arrive tonight. The chair at the study table is always accepted for her when she arrives. :)
Besides reading a mountain of books and learning a mountain of skills, research for my ride across America entails watching a lot of stuff, spanning from an old TV show (Northern Exposure) to Wagner's Ring Cycle. And then of course I have my classes and my teaching assistantship and a girl's gotta eat and do laundry. Time! I need more time! And friends to watch things with.
Lots of opera companies are trying brand new productions of old classics (i.e. The Met's new Ring Cycle). What do you think about new vs. old when it comes to the operatic standards?
I'm glad to finally realize that Wagner's Ring Cycle is the foundation that The Lord of the Rings trilogy is based off of. This is nice. Life is nice.
I just read a review of Richard Wagner by The Star's William Littler (Sat. Jan. 26, 2013, p. E7). Littler quotes a Viennese musical critic, Eduard Hanslick, who wrote in 1868 that "the Prelude to 'Tristan und Isolde' reminds me of the old Italian painting of a martyr whose intestines are slowly unwound from his body on a reel." My sentiments precisely! Or rather. my objection to Wagner is that he was a frightful anti-Semite; hence, his music was beloved of the Nazis. I cannot listen to the "Ring Cycle" without imagining SS officers jack-booting through the countryside. So today, let's celebrate Mozart, the 'gift of God': truly 'Amadeus.'
Remember when the music teacher rolled her cart into your classroom? She exposed me to Vienna waltzes, the William Tell overture and to Peter and the Wolf. Last night I saw 1/2 of Act 1; all of Act 3 and 4 of Wagner's Ring Cycle. I love Education!
I see everyone really liked Les Mis... I wonder if people would be interested in a film version of the Ring Cycle. That's something I would be excited for. until Hollywood found a way to screw that up too.
Django Unchained features music of Verdi to Rick Ross and a story from the Ring Cycle. Go see that movie.
Despite some of the less-than-positive helps that even Anthony Lane likes it... "Ring Cycle: The Hobbit"
“I really don’t think that people who make $255,000 a year, a family of four, $255,000 a year of annual income or even adjusted gross income is rich,” the former Republican National Committee Chairman told Hardball’s Chris Matthews on Monday night.
Discuss Opera on BBC1 at production meeting, Wagner's Ring Cycle with Sir Chris Hoy presenting?
I know that if I find someone who wants to see Wagner's Ring Cycle at the Met Opera at the movie theater with me, I'll have found the one.
Today's cycle: Do some tax returns, look at my ring. Repeat every 10 min.
Are you a fanatical Wagner fan or couldn't think of anything worse? What is it about the Ring Cycle which is so compelling? 2/3
Until and I moved in together, I hardly *ever* listened to Wagner. (Our record: listening to eight hours of the Ring Cycle).
Wordoid says I should use the name "Daviderung" for something. Personal blog? Bike? Ring Cycle-themed cafe/bar?
Brocks spin cycle for the washing machine *** i had to ring out every article of clothing
Lets take the boat to pulau ubin , cycle , watch the sunset and you shall put on the wedding ring I'm giving you , and lets travel the world
I think you just named my first mobile food cart. The Vicious Coffee Cycle has a nice ring to it.
On The Ring Cycle: (another charming piece of writing from
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Saw that 'The Ring' was trending, and I thought 'Ring Cycle'. I live in a musical bubble.
that road from Yate to the A4174 is scary to cycle because of the chavs heading to the ring road
Tickets for the Ring Cycle (2013) at the Seattle Opera go on sale next week. Prices go from $450 to $1500 (for 4 operas). Is it worth it?
The cd player turned itself listening to Wagner's Ring Cycle or if you prefer Der Ring des Nibelungen
unsure what to make of this. I don't use the scheme. Cost is still low and IF the money is ring fenced for improvements
Speaking of the Ring, I got a letter this week confirming my seat for Ring in Nov 2013 (Cycle 1)!! Hooray!!
looks interesting, but I hate Wagner. Would rather pull out my eyes with a fork that sit through the Ring cycle again
I feel bad for anyone who doesn't know the wonderful feeling of hearing the bell ring on the last Friday of an academic cycle
Now that the polls have closed, my landline is not likely to ring for another 2 years until the mid cycle elections.
Wow, Solti Ring Cycle tuned up. Gorgeous. I know what I'm doing in my break this December...
Longest half hour of the electoral cycle ...come on, Virginia, let that youth vote ring!
Just spend $1200 on tickets for 15+ hours of opera. Going to see the Ring Cycle next year!
Ring the frigging bell if you wanna cycle here mate
You like classic opera? The Ring Cycle and such? Then watch this: "The Ring Cycle In Less Than 10 Minutes" Hilarious!
the way forward. banned from Freiburg in Breisgau, returning its streets to pedestrians; ring road cycle path with bike parks
Update your maps at Navteq
Brass Masterclass: Wagner's Ring Cycle at Royal Academy of Music - 10:00 at Royal Academy Of Music -
I just purchased cycles 1&2. Already have cycle 3. Have extra ticket for 2nd. Getting READY.
watched the first 3 hours of the MET's Ring Cycle tonight - Wow. Wow. Beauty.
The Times blog is currently running ads for the Met Ring cycle. Resisting urge to make bad Gotterdammerung joke.
WB’s “What’s Opera,Doc?” w/ Bugs Bunny in a parody of Wagner’s Ring cycle; one of the top cartoons of all time
I found my wedding ring in the washing machine a week after my toddler took it. It was very shiny after its cotton cycle!
Hear 's condensed arrangement of the Ring Cycle, "The Ring w/o Words" on Performance Today this morning!
Ooh, mammoth drinking session on no sleep after 4 nights & then a cycle ride home ring any bells? Puh
Emeli Sande celebrates wedded bliss after MOBO triple triumph
Grad school is leaving me no time for opera. This makes me so sad! Come winter break, I will have a full ring cycle in a day marathon.
Opera Australia has allocated me tickets to the Melbourne Ring. Not the seats nor the cycle I wanted, but who's complaining! Sweet!
Introducing the Boy to Wagner's ring cycle and speculating what it would be like if the dwarf was a Swedish gangster.
What's the lowdown on the Ring cycle of paedophelia currently enveloping the ring of saturine behaviour within the BBC?Whippy
Love Last chance to complete set of Wagner's The Ring cycle on DVD/blueray. The prize Listen up!
Dr Phillip Stavish? name ring a bell? please help me raise money for huntingtons as I run/cycle 2650 miles for him.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
World Records. Last week in Arte there was a film about the conductor Sir Georg Solti, born in Hungary in 1912, as a Jew fled to Switzerland and is best known for having been the conductor and music director for 12 yrs. of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Solti , according to London Decca Records, holds the World Record for having recieived more Grammys than any other recording artist, Classical, Pop or whatever. 31 Grammys all together. But hold on to your hats. The 1 recording that holds the World Record for having been sold more than any other, is Solti's recording, begun in the fifties, of the 4 operas or music dramas of Wagner's "Ring Cycle" with the Vienna State Opera, also on Decca. Folks, that blew my socks off, and I still can't get them back on. By the way, it is still the best recording of the "Ring." and still selling like hotcakes.
I have just listed: 'Ring of the Nibelung: Companion Volume (Ring Cycle)', for £38.00 via
That's 10 weeks of nights finally over @ Royal Opera House for the ring cycle. Looking forward to the BAFTA's in Feb '13 now.
IMHO listening/ understanding/ feeling/ gaining insight from the Ring Cycle is a lifework journey w/ no destination. So much here.
If I was on I'd do Wagner's Ring Cycle and make them sit through the lot with their mouths shut.
I just cycle from West Yorkshire in the big ring.
Looking for a Wagner buddy - RSB are doing the ring cycle Nov 22 & 24, then Mar 1 & 15. €116 the lot!
Spent Halloween at Royal Opera House watching Pt 3 of the Ring Cycle: Siegfried. Spookiest part: the singing decapitated head of the giant.
Wagner & myth. Fun night in. Honest. Did you know Michael Portillo has sat thru the Ring Cycle at least 20 times?
Thank you to all who sent me birthday greetings. I had a great day in spite of getting to bed Monday at 1.30 am after a 5 day school trip to Malaga. I'm definitely getting to old to cope with 23 teenage girls, even though they were very well behaved. It's the endless chatting and screeching. Looking forward to a week in London in order to go to Wagner's Ring Cycle at Covent Garden. Can't wait.
Wagner's gargantuan Ring Cycle -- the celebrated, critically-acclaimed production at the Royal Danish Opera, come to be known as the Copenhagen Ring. Now ava...
"Download the first of our guides to Wagner's Ring Cycle" - The original Incest is the New Black...
Opera Lovers, do not miss this opp to the entire box set of Ring Cycle from w/ our
Uh oh. I think my analyst might be going to the same Ring Cycle as me. TOO WEIRD.
Ooh, I do love the Ring cycle.would it be wrong to eat popcorn whilst listening to it?
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8 years after moving to London I’ve got my first ever Wagner Ring cycle. A bit excited and/or apprehensive now.
Rheingold about 2 start: BBC to broadcast ROH Ring Cycle live
At Royal Opera House - waited a year for this - ring cycle starts in half an hour, live on radio 3
Tuning in nice and early for the first part of Wagner's Ring cycle on
No, seriously. There's a framed Bob Marsden Ring Cycle for our 1000th follower! we don't know about advertising...
The Ring Cycle as a political analogy - listen to highlights from our recent session ^C
As over early tonite to make way for Wagner Ring Cycle, having another blast of The Jim Jones Revue new album The Savage Heart.
Can't decide which three words fill me with greater dread: 'Wagner's Ring Cycle' or 'British Light Music'.
Prize!! FREE framed Bob Marsden Ring Cycle to our 1000th follower!! Only 997 to go. …
How about Wagner's Ring Cycle. Dense, most interesting melody is in orchestra, not vocals, and yet BIG, BOLD, timeless!
The Opera Novice takes on If our current production was your first Cycle, what did you think? ^C
To tonight for Das Rheingold, 'preliminary' evening of the Ring Cycle. Less than 3 hours until E flat major ..
Off to see Rheingold at - that amazing feeling as you begin another Ring cycle - the gate to Valhalla is ajar.
Take a trip to Nibelheim this evening - Das Rheingold will be on from 7pm. Who'll be tuning in? ^C
Horned helmets at the ready, guys! Am v excited at R3 broadcasting COMPLETE Wagner Ring cycle. Starts 2nite: live with Das Rheingold.
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is back! The first performance of the complete Ring cycle took place at a specially built theatre in what Bavarian town?
The cycle starts tonight Wagner's Ring live from opening with Das Rheingold. Coverage from 7pm
During lunch, relax and listen to our to be in to an entire box-set of The Ring Cycle
Find out about on our board to the Ring Cycle box set
Back to Nibelheim! Das Rheingold returns tonight. If you haven't got a ticket, it'll be on from 7pm ^C
Here's the trailer for the all-star complete Ring Cycle DVD which you can in our
Huge EMI promotion now on! Many titles half price including Bernard Haitink's complete Ring Cycle for £30
They're starting a cycle of Wagner's The Ring tonight at (15 hours!). I really want to go!
satanic black metal, witch house, Wagner's Ring Cycle. that's what I'm offering. what's your counter-proposal? Let's haggle!
Helen’s diamond fell off her ring into the washer. I ran a rinse cycle and drained the water into a bucket and then —
I read that you were in 's Ring Cycle. Turns out I saw you there too! As soon as I heard you sing, I thought of Fricka. :)
The further we get into the Ring Cycle, the more I'm sure we're getting the wrong takeaway. Wotan isn't actually an emo pinup. (
A guy walks into a pet store wanting a parrot. The store clerk shows him two beautiful ones out on the floor. "This one's $5,000 and the other is $10,000." the clerk said. "Wow! What does the $5,000 one do?" "This parrot can sing every aria Mozart ever wrote." "And the other?" said the customer. "This one can sing Wagner's entire Ring cycle. There's another one in the back room for $30,000." "Holy Moly! What does that one do?" "Nothing that I can tell, but the other two parrots call him 'Maestro'."
I'm going to Milan for the opera (Rigoletto). La Scala is doing the Ring Cycle later on this year.
I'm watching Wagner's Ring Cycle- The Valkyrie. Once you get past the incessant vibrato it's actually pretty cool. Who knew I'd like opera?
Finally listening to Wagner's Ring Cycle, after having the CD set for 15yrs. Wow. No idea what this is about, but it sounds epic.
Covent Garden Ring Cycle 3 live broadcasts start Tuesday on London BBC Radio 3. Das Rheingold begins at 2pmET. Walküre on Thur at 11.45am.
Very excited about seeing the first part of my first Ring Cycle tomorrow
Reading fic and came across this gem: "The Ring Cycle is offensive. That is not how it happened. And the music is boring."-Thor
I saw my first Ring Cycle when I was 6!
“R. is very sad, says he wishes he could die!” Cosima Wagner wrote in her diary
lol - i recommend PBS on your next sick day. last time i was sick i learned about Wagner's "Ring Cycle" at the Met
Another great day of rehearsals and so glad to have the gorgeous and back! Tomorrow=RING CYCLE! Ahhh
Radio 3 are broadcasting the ROH's performance of Ring Cycle from 16th Oct and repeating it at Christmas.
History of Ring Cycle productions, Or: Whatever Became of the Breastplates? The Wagnerian via
personally I'm waiting for the Lego version of The Ring Cycle
Can't sleep. Very stressed. Going through *** But I am on the sofa snuggled up with my book my iPad doing some writing and listening to my new purchase of Wagner's 'Ring Cycle'. I hate these nights you end up insane by the end of it. I need daylight.
Stuck for something to do tomorrow evening? Take a trip to Nibelheim with Rheingold broadcast> ^C
We are proud to be screening encore performances of Wagner's Ring Cycle. For more information and to book tickets see our website
While channel surfing I came across a production Wagner's 'Ring Cycle', for a moment I thought it was Jason Kenney on 'Question Period'.
I am a REAL music geek. I want a certain type of "feel", to relax before I go to bed. ... My problem is that I have two things on my DVR that will take care of that, and I'm not sure which one to pick. The choices are: a) Wagner's "Ring Cycle" operas (I have all four ... not planning on watching all 4 tonight); and b) Iron Maiden's live concert in Rio de Janeiro (once again, not planning on watching it all tonight). ... The dilemma is, within their genres, we are talking about music that "goes" to the same places, in many of the same ways. ... I'm not sure if I want to "head bang" like it's 1985, or 1875. ... That can be a struggle, if you are a "music geek".
still awake...i think i need a third shift job...or just maybe get hired for something dealing with the Ring cycle...
just watched Vertigo, a classic old Hitchcock movie with my aunt. Very musical movie Jimmy Stewart follows Kim Novak while lots of Bernard Herrmann music plays. Some it reminds me of the Ring Cycle and other parts sounds like "Verklarte Nachte" by Schoenberg. well, sort of. It's creepy but not very realistic.
It is always my intention to not only make a live action/animation hybrid that, like 1988's Who Framed Roger Rabbit, will mix live action footage with traditional 2D hand drawn cartoon character animation elements (albeit this time in the Genndy Tartakovsky style, since I'll also pay homage to Genndy Tartakovsky and his TV animation work on Samurai Jack and Dexter's Lab and the original 2D hand drawn Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon especially in ways best suited to his talents), but also tell an epic tale with the personification of humans and animated cartoons, from a vast canvas on the scale and even scope of especially Wagner's Ring Cycle of operas; one that might require no more or less than a dozen live action/animated movies to tell in full. And besides being very unique and wonderfully innovative and in many ways ahead of its time, my live action/animation hybrid movie project will also be bigger, longer, brainier, grander, and far more epic, complex, ambitious and serious than even Who Framed Roger R ...
Just watched an awesome documentary about the Met's new Ring cycle... and now I'm going to bed way later than I meant to.
I am EXTREMELY moody today... Though I'd NEVER attack anyone for no reason, don't try your luck, because, as a perfectionist and an idealist, I'll go after what I consider to be inferior and flaws, especially things I like less, dislike, abhor or hate; and, to make matters worse, I am exhaustive. As I am thoroughly articulate (i.e. I've swallowed the biggest library editions of dictionaries of many languages), you'll not be able to suffer me. I can go on like Wagner's Ring cycle, plus Bruckner's and Mahler's symphonies; and, I'll be able to hold your attention against your will. I know just how to do it without sweat (with all the know-hows of a dynamic conductor). Believe me, when I am purposefully pompous and acerbic, I am the fartherest thing from my most charming self - and, much to your fright and consternation, I can be the most charming person in the world at the same time... I wish Wagner was able to complete all his projects, in addition to the 13 stage works he completed. I wouldn't mind if he f ...
My female cat, Chloe, has taken to sitting in the tub after I've taken my shower...and she "sings!" Today, it was definitely opera-I suspect Wagner's Ring Cycle, because she really got loud! Of course, then she tracks her wet kitty prints all over the house. Sigh.
Just saw the last part of the Ring cycle at the ROH. Quite a marathon of an experience. Approaching 20 hours of Wagner madness spread of 4 separate days. Gods up to all sort of no good and plenty of incest in the world down below - all ending in a nice big cleansing funeral pyre of the heroes and Valhalla comes crashing down in flames. Sweet dreams!
A three-part story inspired by Wagner's classic opera The Ring of the Nibelung! Siegfried, born of the love between a mortal man and a Valkyrie, is a young orphan being raised by Mime, one of the last of the dwarf-goblin Nibelungs, in a dark forest with only wolves for friends and family. While h...
German opera at the movies! Robert Lepage's Ring Cycle by Wagner staged by New York Metropolitan Opera
Actually made a bit of progress yesterday. Even watched most of Siegfried - DVR'd from last week. It's my favorite of the Ring cycle. Still have the 3rd act to go.
Obama is in town. I just watched part of Wagner's Ring Cycle on a PBS station... . will this go away in favor of "a strong" America? A fear so big that it refuses to face reality? Will higher education be only available to the wealthy or the poor willing to march head long into their death? "Western civilization" is a good idea... if it is about peace and kindness. Will Obama visit the Self Realization Lake Shrine on Sunset Boulevard in Pacific Palisades? Gandhi's ashes are there. Obama might want to take a quiet walk around the lake. and then go to the nearby beach... step to the edge of the continent... feel the ocean breezes of the Pacific... pivot a little south and think of Hawaii...
'The Ring Cycle' is concluding. NYC 2011 production shown on PBS.
I surprised myself in the last 2 weeks, after 70 years I suddenly found out I can like Wagner. The 4 operas of the Ring Cycle no less. New production from the Met. Fascinating!
On this Radiolab/WNYC Special, we explore the impact and influence of Wagner's Ring Cycle on the Metropolitan Opera's 2004 Presentation.
There's a Dolphin game on, a Heat game on, AND a replay of Wagner's Ring Cycle on tv right now?? How ever is a girl to choose?
Watching the PBS production of The Ring Cycle... i think this is about to be 16 hours of pure awesomeness :)
It's sad so little of my generation seems to know the value of classical music. I listened to a bunch of tracks of Movie Adagios this morning, and a bunch from Solti's Thunder and Lightning album. And I have been happy all day and mentally going through my life and job today to the tunes of Beethoven's ninth, Wagner's Ring Cycle, and especially Dies Irae from Verdi's Requiem. So wonder I have so much energy. (also, as much as i like Il Trovatore's Anvil Chorus, I can't listen to it without breaking into laughter thanks to the Marx Brothers). That's the value of art; it enhances life and helps drive it.
Now completed half of Wagner's Ring Cycle at Covent Garden - stunning singing, but a plot that would have Social Services on the doorstep within minutes ...
Soon big bird's goose will be cooked and I will be miserable. PBS is the only television worth watching! Great Performances, American Masters, Masterpiece Theater, NOVA, Just started Up Stairs Down Stairs again (40 years later), Downton Abbey!, Call the Midwife is a fabulous new show this season. The entire Ring Cycle by Wagner was on two weeks ago on the Met. A tour de force for the Met!All 4 operas were on in one week! I was blown away!!!. Heck, Even David H Koch, on of the Koch brothers supports PBS programing!!!
See the trailer for Das Rheingold released on the 30 June 2012 at selected Cineworld Cinemas. Visit for more info and booking. Robert Lepage's visionary Met Opera staging of Wagner's epic Ring Cycle begins - in astounding
Ring Cycle at Royal Opera House, I will miss you. See you in a decade. Thank you, Orchestra!
All the best of luck to the gorgeous Suri Sumatra who's opening in the Ring Cycle at the Royal Opera House tonight! So exciting!
Finished Cycle with on Small Ring route, time 1:38:51, 34.50 km, see average 20.94.
Gutted I've only just found out about the Ring Cycle at the Obviously it's all sold out now. Standby tickets? Yes please!
Opera; Clare Colvin on first two productions in Wagner's Ring Cycle and Magic Flute:
Football or opera? The Sunday morning dilemma of an SF 49er/RING CYCLE fan whose DVR is @ 87%. Maybe I'll stiff 'em both & take a bike ride.
How many operas are in the ring cycle? FOUR! Thank you, classical music background, for helping me to answer the caribou coffee trivia question and get a discounted cup of coffee. TOTALLY worth the thousands spent my freshman year at NEC ;).
Amazon currently has the MP3 version of a complete Ring Cycle (Swarowsky) for $8. Don't know why that seems funny to me but it does.
After many decades of wanting to do this I finally got to see a Wagner opera performed on TV. "Great Performances" apparently started airing "The Ring" Cycle 2 weeks ago. Missed the first part outright, but managed to start recording the second part "Das Walkure", missing less than 20 minutes, with the next two parts airing tomorrow and next week. And, wow, what a story about gods, passion, love, honor, anguish, and incest. The sheer complexities and intrigues of just the second part alone had more depth than even "The Lord Of The Rings" which was obviously inspired by this opera. And hearing the actual singing to "The Ride Of The Valkyries" was way too stirring. If you ever have 4 hours to spare, do find some way of viewing "Das Walkure" and then find another 12 hours for the rest.
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Back home. Fairly exhausted... Did I mention that we have standing tickets for the Ring Cycle. That's right we've been STANDING.
17-3 win over Vicious Cycle to win Pool B. Semifinals versus Ring of Fire next.
Funky urban up cycle ring set 2 for 1 by koshenn via
Die Walkure is on CPTV4U at 8PM. PBS is broadcasting the new Ring Cycle at the Met every Saturday night. Last week was Das Rhiengold and it was very good! It's rare to see opera at all on TV, so this is a good chance to see Wagner's "big deal"
- - Frig whoever judge ya , trick whoever love ya .. Can't expect a ring if ya married to the " Hustle" (8)
Once again I'm stuffed into a packed coach with loud babies & freezeing aircon on my way to London for yet another opera in the endless Ring cycle. Tonight its Siegfried, who like a proper hero, makes his own magical weapon, kills the dragon & gets the girl (Brunnhilde), hurrah!
It's actually beautiful today! Ring Cycle next week and, b/c I have no other shows between, it's my quietest week for ages!
'Folk who have missed out on tickets for Opera Australia's Ring Cycle extravaganza might like instead to catch 'The Four Accordionists of the Apocalypse'. This irreverent romp through Norse mythology is available for a fraction of the price, comes in at an audience-friendly 90 minutes and contrives a much more satisfactory ending than Wagner's version.' Josephine Giles
Playlist for my nasty hill run: Wagner's Ring Cycle.
I can't decide whether to watch Teen Wolf, Friday the 13th part 3 or start the Met's Wagner Ring Cycle.
watched "Wagner's dream" on pbs. Its about Robert Lepage's interpretation of the ring cycle. GREAT documentary and Lepage is an absolute GENIUS! so jealous that i can't get up to the met to catch one of the operas. I am not a big opera fan but his staging was amazing! truly innovative.
aw man! Ill be back soon, it's a vicious cycle to ring them you need to have credit but to get credit you need to ring them :(
true. Though the Ring cycle goes on a bit.
Ring time: attending - Wagner - Politics & Power / ahead of our first cycle next week!
You can download this and the rest of the album for free at: 'Ring Cycle' by Dextro. Released as part of the Zero Circle 12" EP, o...
While we wait for the event to kick off, director Keith Warner tells about ^C
I could do a pint or two, just about to cycle home. I'll give you a ring in a bit.
Sumptuous orchestral playing + remarkable vocalists = a good introduction to the Met's impressive Ring cycle.
Max: 'Think of it like losing your finest recording of the Ring Cycle.' Morse: 'Yes, but I've still got it on cassette!'
Music from Wagner's Ring Cycle - It's dramatic, it's grand, it will help upsell those onion rings to go with the lush burgers
Got spare (standing..!) tickets to Ring Cycle at RoH. Part 3 tomorrow, part 4 on Monday. Anyone interested?
shame on u! lol Was down ur way early august on way to cycle ring of kerry. Off to check my diary...
fantastic Rheingold started its Ring Cycle this week, sea of awesome sounds surging from the orchestra, what a noise
Marriage is a 3 ring cycle. You get the engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering ..
Charlyn Signorile liked The Machine at the End of the World: Robert Lepage's "Ring" cycle succeeds despite its hard…
Wagner's Dream is an engrossing look behind the scenes of Robert Lepage's technologically challenging Met Opera production of Wagner's Ring Cycle. 4/5
Watching the wonderful documentary, 'Wagner's Dream', about the making of the Ring cycle - absolutely brilliant...
I have a 64Gb iPhone. I do not have the Ring Cycle on my iPhone. I need to fix that.
It has been a while! Looking forward to Cycle 2 of Der Ring des Nibelungen ?
Super convenient that someone is practicing the Ride of the Valkyries while I begin my research proposal on the Ring Cycle
And because I've resolved not to book a show between bits of Ring Cycle, I KNOW I won't be tempted to fill the gap, either
I'm reading a book called Ring Resounding about the 1st ever complete Ring cycle recordings. If you haven't read it, you should!!!
I listened to a bit of 'The Ring Cycle' on PBS. I think Mark Twain was being kind when he said "Wagner's music isn't really as bad as it sounds".
“Keith Warner on his Royal Opera House Ring Cycle via Excited, very excited.
talking cycle jerseys, some guests of mine who did ride of falling rain, said they were waiting on some jerseys? Ring any bells?
I'd be planning to see it again then if I weren't determined not to interrupt my Ring cycle...
Even though 5 days to go I am getting very excited in anticipation of the Ring Cycle at Covent Garden.
A lovely, v seductive piece by on Wagner's Ring cycle as theatrical experience Though my experience of the
Anyone else still catching up on sleep after watching the entire Ring Cycle a few weeks ago?
Just stumbled on my first ever opera review (warning: contains "spoilers" for anyone doing Ring Cycle)
see link for the whole story. Wagner performed by Warner, irony of names ;) ☀
With Wagner operas, says director Keith Warner, there can be no true success, only degrees of failure. So much in them.
When I win Euromillions tomorrow I am going to blow it all on a vanity Ring Cycle.
In Buenos Aires, every opera in Wagner's Ring cycle to be played in one day - but versions are shortened
Watch another video from the spectacular production of Wagner's Ring cycle. It's available now!
Was off Wagner for twenty years and only rediscovered my love about four years back. My first Ring cycle since days of Gwyneth J
My daughters have been completely enamored with the Met DVDs of Wagner's Ring Cycle.
Downside of traveling in N America this month is missing the Royal Opera's 'Ring Cycle' but glad friends have gone along without me to enjoy
Plowing through the complete Metropolitan Opera Wagner Ring Cycle on DVD while installing Linux (Mint13) on the laptop. Double nerd points to start the new year.
At 16 hours of music across four operas, Wagner's Ring Cycle requires serious stamina. So here are some reduced versions of the epic, including one that comes in at a single second
a men's group wants a speech on the business of sports on Halloween from me? I said you want the 16 hours as I once did a speech without notes although I cheated by bringing about 20 minutes of audio interviews. The guy said, nope just a 40 minute version, I said I barely can say hello in 40 minutes. Anyway they get a truncated version of the 16 hour Ithaca College 2005 talk, 16 hours cut to 40 minutes, like Wagner's Ring Cycle becoming What's Up Doc? although what is better than "Kill the Wabbit?"
Just finished the Richmond Ring Cycle last night with a great performance of Gotterdamerung. An amazing, complex icon of 19th century European culture-and not without it's detractors because of Wagner's antisemitism. Sometimes people with unpleasant views create great work.
An amazing Introduction to the world of symbols in Richard Wagner's "The Ring of the Nibelung". Also, the documentary breaks down and reveals all the Leitmot...
Watching the third installment of Wagner's Ring Cycle from the Met. Such an endeavour! And that "machine" can pretty much do anything! Awesomeness!
I applaud PBS for their showing of The Mets opera of The Ring Cycle. I have enjoyed it immensely. Thank you PBS.
In this 1987 studio recording, James Levine conducts the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. James Morris performs as Wotan. Magic Fire Music is taken from an oper...
Toitoitoi to my wonderful Team Ring Cycle tonight... Miss you all a lot and will be there in spirit!
i must be crazy, but over the next 8 days I'll be seeing all of the Ring Cycle in London, starting today with Das Rhiengold, ah the glory of Wagner!
Robert Lepage's acclaimed new production of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen, will air on Great Performances at the Met, September 11-14 in primetime each ni...
Me and Anais are watching the Metropolitan Operas production of "The Ring Cycle" on PBS, and she still won't take a nap! Lol...
The world's largest beer festival opened Saturday in Germany as Munich's mayor tapped the first keg to kick off the 16-day Oktoberfest, known for its oompah music and traditional costumes.
anybody watch Wagner's Ring Cycle on Ch l3? awe inspiring
"We're going to sing Wagner's ring cycle"
An excerpt from Robert Lepage's new production of Wagner's "Siegfried"--the third part of the Met's new "Ring Cycle." Buy tickets: "Siegfried" live in HD in movie
Beginning the epic journey that is watching the complete Wagner Ring Cycle. 2010 Met productions on KQED... Das Rheingold!
Having Tibetan food and discussing the Met's new Ring Cycle production with my parents. So happy they are here! Enjoy your weekend friends!
Anna Russell did many wonderful parodies, but her best one was surely the thorough synopsis of Wagner's Ring Cycle. Presented here is the first part of this ...
Das Rheingold (help·info) ('The Rhine Gold') is the first of the four operas that constitute Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen ('The Ring of the Nibelung'). It was originally written as an introduction to the tripartite Ring, but the cycle is now generally regarded as consisting of four indi...
Looked up the meaning of the name ( Richard ) on Google found this here..Richard has always been a very popular name throughout the English-speaking world. It was first imported to England by the Normans, though it is derived from the Germanic elements "ric" (power) and "hard" (strong, hardy). The original form was probably pronounced with a hard C (RICK hart). Richard was the name of three English kings. A famous bearer is US President Richard Nixon - who resigned due to the Watergate scandal. Richard Dawkins is an outspoken atheist, who wrote the recent book 'The God Delusion'. Richard Branson is a British entrepreneur, the founder of the 'Virgin' group. The name is borne by several composers such as Richard Wagner - responsible for the 'Ring Cycle', German Romantic Richard Strauss and Richard Rodgers - one half of Rodgers and Hammerstein. Actors bearing the name Richard include Richard Gere, Richard Pryor and Richard Burton. Just saying.
When Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano Stephanie Blythe steps onto the Symphony Hall stage Saturday to sing the music of Kate Smith , she has two challenges.
Did anyone else catch the Great Performances PBS showing of Das Rheingold /Wagner Ring Cycle a few days ago, and the (making of the operas) film along with it? It was amazing and inspiring, I am singing through my classical songs again. I have great respect for Opera productions, looking forward to the next show
Last week, the local PBS station ran 4 nites of programming - Wagner's Ring Cycle, as performed at Lincoln Center's Metropolitan Opera House in 2011 and 2012. I find most opera to be silly, but Wagner's Ring Cycle has musical passages of such exquisite beauty that there are simply no words sufficient to describe. The Met's production was stunning. Below is just the barest taste. Hope you enjoy.
Just got the new MET Ring Cycle on DVD in the mail. So Awesome. OMG I love Bryn Terfel and Jonas Kaufmann.
After having watched Wagner's Ring Cycle operas on PBS i was prompted to go back and view Looney Tunes' magnificent cartoon 'What's Opera Doc', a hilarious spoof of Wagnerian operas. The cartoon introduced me, as a child, to the wonderful music of Richard Wagner, music that is always circulating in my head, music that occasionally wells up as a whistle, a hum, or outright song (always with my lyrics, sorry RW).
Geeking out with the kids, grandparents and devoting the day to hamburgers, shakes, fries and watching The Metropolitan Opera's entire Ring Cycle. Maybe we will live dangerously and eat lots of chocolate chip cookies.
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Roots ofDer Ring des Nibelungen Watching this week's PBS broadcasts ? Looking forward to the Met Opera performances of the Ring Cycle in the 2012-3 season ?? Ready to take advantage of online social media tools to take a deeper dive into Richard Wagner's masterpiece ?? Make Oevure'd your collabor...
Crap! Wagner's Ring Cycle was on PBS Great Performances this week & I missed it. A rare event for this opera. Why didn't I know this? :(
After watching the entire Ring Cycle by Richard Wagner it is easy to see that J. R. R. Tolkien The Lord of the Rings is no more than a plagiaristic piece of garbage
Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle was on the PBS Station [9.2] from tuesday to friday, almost 16 hours of music. Know the score well, good to see and hear it in context. The film Excalibur uses the Cycle as its score. Seen this film at least 100 times, my favorite, perhaps because of the Wagner score.
just watched the best thing ever on PBS this week Great Performances at the Met just finished showing Wagner's Ring Cycle and the set was AMAZING! as were the cast members. I can hardly wait to see what they will do next.
Last night was a great night for music: First, there was the Lexington Philharmonic concert where they performed Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a theme by Paginini" with a great guest pianist. Then they performed Stravinsky's "Firebird Suite." Good performance of that, as well. Got home a few minutes after 10:00 pm. I turned on the TV to find that KET was running a Metropolitan Opera performance of "Gotterdammerung," the fourth opera in Wagner's Ring Cycle. Seems they had previously shown the other three operas, all of which were performed at the Met. I caught part of "Seigfried"--the third opera on Thursday night. Well, I watched all six hours of it, and enjoyed it greatly. This is the 3rd time a Ring Cycle has been telecast on KET.
Steve an I have watched Wagner's Ring Cycle on PBS Great Performances, for the last FOUR NIGHTS... Tonight was the last 5 hours of it. It was STUNNING!, BEAUTIFUL, and MOVING. But I think that is enough Opera for me, for at least the next year or so LOL :)
Dang! DVR'd Wagner's Ring Cycle on but got the documentary instead of Das Rheingold.
Last night of the PBS showing of Wagner's Ring Cycle. I've made it through Das Rheingold, Die Wakure, Sigfried, and tonight it's all wrapped up with Gotterdammerung (what I wouldn't give for an umlaut key on my keyboard). Earl's thrilled! He's been avoiding me and the tv while this has been on. Opera is not his thing at all. Especially long German operas (actually 4 separate operas) that run over 4 days. I keep telling him he has no fetchin' up.
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