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Ring Cycle

Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) is a cycle of four epic operas (or dramas to use the composer's preferred term) by the German composer Richard Wagner (1813–83).

Opera North Das Rheingold Charlie Parker Peter Allen New York

tfw you realize the majority of your Norse pantheon knowledge comes from the freakin Ring Cycle 😑
Is it just me or has today's football game consumed more time than the entire Ring Cycle performed back to back?
. March again & again & again until we effect the change we want. Ring phones off the hook. Primary the GOP out next cycle.
I could be tempted by a trip over but doing full ring cycle in July & NYC is pricey
“We're speeding up the game by replacing the seventh inning with the 'Ring' cycle.”
Granfondo Hibernia will now be known as the Ring of Clare Cycle. Why? Clare is a top class cycling destination with great r…
I have tickets for Wagner ring cycle shall we meet in the pub before?
Once had an amazing moment w lovely Hilary Benn when I mentioned Wagner's crap performance on Sat night & he talked…
Apparently, Wagner liked wearing pink underwear. May never listen to The Ring Cycle in the same way again.
so good for me I don't get to sleep at all tonight and am also privy to the sinus wheezing equivalent of the ring cycle
Have you heard about latest Metrobus glitch? Footpath to bus stop crosses ring-road cy…
Next in our occasional series of 'Ring' books is Jean Shinoda Bolen's "Ring of Power". A Jungian understanding of W…
Hardly can waite to see this - Wagner The Ring Cycle | Opera North | Award Winning National Opera Company
Hear the latest installment in the much buzzed-about Ring cycle from Jaap van Zweden &
I'm certain that women that cheat with a married man has somehow seen the wife's ring or how they living. MF be materialistic AF.
Brilliant 58 second trailer for Opera North's Ring Cycle on BBC 12 Feb
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This is like a WWE episode where one person comes out to the ring and talks and you hear another mans entrance musi…
BBC Arts and The Space present Richard Wagner’s monumental Ring cycle by - more
.Ring cycle to be broadcast on from 12 February
Lorna of many talents!. PS: interesting Christian connections of fish/ikhthýs and the ring cycle. Lucky they weren't…
Thanks. Add a rubber back side to the product next dev cycle and tje waterproofness will be solved 👍 Look at Yale Doorman for example!
We now have blessedpoppy's Cycle of Abuse ring in solid sterling silver!! ::: Nous avons…
Watch the world end... the complete Ring Cycle from is coming to BBC Arts on 12 February.
Dwayne Johnson is a registered republican that Never Trump people tried to get in the ring this cycle...
A chance to relive the end of the world!.
Pretty cool since there's no evidence of an 11-year cycle in the whole modern tree-ring network 👉
Got good news from *** and Cathy informing me they're going to attend the last Ring cycle in Bayreuth. Be ready.
Ring Criterium Series Sunday 15 January - Gnangara. MCC are looking for volunteers to cover these spots:. 2 x...
programming announced, including our Ring Cycle collaboration on & BBC arts online
The Ring cycle, coming to BBC Arts on 12.02.17. Watch the trailler here:
How about "unabridged" version - Broadway tracks plus all cut sh** in intended order? Would be your version of the 'Ring cycle.'
Extreme pollution (171) at 7PM. High for Now’s not the moment to cycle in the Ring roads
Clear your diary, get the chocoloates & make space on the sofa 12th Feb Ring Cycle is coming https:…
'Freia, the fair one' from Wagner's Ring Cycle: The Rhinegold, illustrated by Arthur Rackham…
OK, so we couldn't get the Ring Cycle down to 2mins (that's very impressive Sydney Symphony Orchestra) but we did...
Reminder about Bookings for Tickets to the Ring Cycle in Conversation -
A groundbreaking live 5.1/HD broadcast of the entire Ring Cycle by Wagner
stocked up a bit in July. Bottom bracket, pads, discs, callipers, cassette, chain ring and lube.
Is that an article in about the cycle of Ring films, from the Japanese to the remakes?
"Teleology, Providence & the ‘Death of God’ in Wagner’s Ring cycle: A Study in the Composer’s Debt to G.W.F. Hegel.…
Incessant was the pace. The ring of her phone. The beat of her heart. The cycle of her thoughts. The frenzied madness refused to end.
Get your tickets for Das Barbecu, a fun romp through Wagner's Ring Cycle in Texas and under 2 & half hours.
The Ring of Kerry - a spectacular place to drive or cycle
Originally from Die Walküre which was the second of four operas that comprised the Ring Cycle. 💍💍💍
A friend wanted me to do the Ring Cycle with her next year but I don't have the funds right now, otherwise...
Funny how cost of road repairs is rarely mentioned, but cost of cycle infra always is.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Jokes and goofy subfunctional glasses, the ring cycle night starts off right.
2017 Ring of Beara Cycle Kenmare sold out, 200 extra charity spots to be released in 2 weeks
Exercising at ring road this morning and a bunch of expats cycle past - with a security escort with blinkers on in tow.
Would it comfort your daughters if you threw your hat in the ring in a future election cycle?
Ah, Chéreau-Boulez, my first (televised) Ring Cycle. My first Wagner recording. Where it all started.…
Can anyone help with the Swindon ring cycle?
I'll definitely try! Will I need to be familiar with the complete Ring Cycle, or can this be enjoyed on its own too?
loved this, "Maya Angelou’s words could not ring more true than with this election cycle."
Ring Cycle goes live for historic broadcasts
Registration is open for the Ring of Beara Cycle - May 27th. Do it, it's beautiful.
As far as I know, major news outlets are largely ignoring it. D brought this election cycle to a new low. Why not ring the death bell now?
What happens when you cross Wagner's Ring cycle with a Texas barbecue? You get a heckuva play...
Bereft of reason boxing ring and in passage to stage fascicle cycle of indiction polyhistor jobs: xiR
Ring of Beara Cycle Kenmare 2017 - Registration is opening today. See you all in Kenmare next May 2017 -...
Are these driverless? Will they hear my cyclist bell when I ring it to deal with the problems of blind spots on cycle paths?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
That closer song sound like an alarm ring I hear in depths of my rem cycle right as I'm about to sweetly die
bike the ring road cycle tracks and visit the Volksgarten and Stephansplatz. Breakfast was amazing too. Enjoy!
You also can dump and chase and ring the puck around the boards. Those are very good for setting up a cycle.
End of cycle hyperbolic GOP fundraising emails ring a little more true these days
It's gonna be a fool's errand to a) afford and b) book tickets to the Melbourne Ring Cycle, right?
quite frankly I think its just a strange cycle... I had to ring customer support, they ask for the new password and then you should
Ring of Beara Cycle registration opens this Wed @ 9am
My favorite job, to up-cycle Aunt Susie's old ring into a wearable matt finished yellow gold…
Even enjoy a mid-cycle refresh every couple of years. Here's the 2017 Aventador blasting the 'ring…
In conversation with Brad Daley on the role of Siegmund in the Melbourne Ring Cycle
Lyric Opera of Chicago’s Black-Comedy Take on Wagner: The new Lyric Opera of Chicago “Ring” cycle, which bega...
Thrilled to be interviewed by for Classic Melbourne about rehearsing Ring Cycle.
the ring of Kerry you can cycle around the coast.
.Listen to Peter Allen's Ring Cycle radio docs, courtesy of the starting here:
We are very proud & equally excited to let you know that €1,737,700 was raised on the 2016 Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle…
Further to the passing of Peter Allen: In Met Opera Guild podcast series are 3 of his lectures on the Ring Cycle.
*** really 😩 I haven't a cycle in months and no gain weight I heard the Nuva ring isn't bad
Lyric embarks on new Ring Cycle with eye-popping ‘Das Rheingold’: There is something about the operas of Richard……
toi toi toi to as it opens Das Rheingold tonight and launches its new Ring Cycle!
Ride in & watch the beginning of Wagner's epic Ring Cycle with Das Rheingold, opening tomorrow at
Please rise while the San Diego Symphony and Opera Company perform the entire Ring Cycle!
Tynegold, Tynegold! Listen to the entire Ring Cycle for free on our Green Hill via live audio relay
Victory lap - David Cunningham reviews the first part of Ring Cycle -
Finding it difficult to concentrate,simply can't wait for Das Rheingold tonight-actually the whole Ring Cycle this week!
Following ON phenomenal Ring Cycle anticipating Opera North are a real asset to Leeds and the…
Start of Opera North's Ring Cycle at Leeds Town Hall. Foray into the 19th century
Opera North take on the tricky task of Richard Wagner’s mammoth Ring Cycle...
Tickets for Ring Cycle have sold out so we're hosting this live screening.
Lyric 2016-17 season to range from new 'Ring Cycle' to 'Charlie Parker
I met an opera fanatic at the 2012 Ring Cycle who told me some of the patrons like to sing along to certain Verdi arias.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
what about a doom-metal concept album based on the Ring cycle
I liked a video The Ride of the Valkyries from Wagner's Ring Cycle at the Met
Best part of the Ring cycle: Wotan’s wife complains he traded her sister for a castle; the gods chime in to praise the castle’s brickwork.
The subtitle of the Ring Cycle should be "Wotan, No."
Listening to Wagner's Ring Cycle & drinking a single malt. About to get in my Jag and solve murders in Oxford. (Robbie can get the beers in)
can't beat ring cycle while being beaten LOL
Carmen see La Traviesta of the Ring Cycle (of austerity) but the English did give us Gilbert & Sullivan so be grateful.
What you need to know about Asia's answer to "The Ring Cycle" — Somtow's forthcoming operatic dekalogy about the...
Ever since watching Star Wars the other night, I can't stop humming tunes from Wagner's Ring Cycle (another favorite)
:) It is great for the town. What with that and a Ring cycle !
Not so sure about the bug, but the rest ring true 😊 🚲
What kind of mine? Coal or gold or ? That's horrible and starting to ring a bell, but dropped out of the news cycle
Very good article - the frustrating cycle of coming up against a "gas lighter" in a relationship is so deme ring 😬
And for Wagner, that toughest nut2crack, don't forget the film, *Sing Faster: Stagehands' Guide to the Ring Cycle*
I can't tell if the secondary theme of the Ring Cycle is "treat women like people" or "why women gotta ruin everything by being people?"
787. A form of 6 week cycle. I think this is just for old time sake. A: Just to ring out the new year!
Planning this years cycle holiday ? Why not try the Sustrans Radnor Ring cycle route which passes the National...
🎉 Weekend SALE! 🎉. Our princess ring is on sale for $12.99! Get one while they last!. Shop: http…
not yet. But will obviously be there over the season. Just listening to the Ring cycle. And the wring cycle too!
Don’t miss seeing the epic majesty of Wagner’s Ring Cycle in onstage Jan 23 – Feb 14!
The "Ring" cycle with HK philharmonic orchestra we did at the HK international airport!
Finally watched Robert LePage's stunning Met production of THE RING CYCLE on HD Blu-ray. I now have a greater understanding of Stephen Fry.
Strangely, I been think about the Ring Cycle all month and wondering where to start with it…
I would love that. Houston Opera is doing the Ring cycle. Hope to see all of it. Very cool, innovative.
Wagner crowds--especially Ring Cycle crowds--are always entertaining. IIRC, Tuesday night used to be penguin night.
I know Amano did production design for the Ring Cycle at the Met at some point, which, *drool*
I vaguely remember a P. Craig Russell comic of the Ring Cycle. It was gorgeous!
ugh god I REALLY want to write comics explaining the Ring Cycle and comparing productions and just being a huge opera nerd.
I'm going between Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 and productions of Wagner's Ring Cycle, which are both the kind of thing...
Downloaded the Ring cycle. Must be night.
*bangs a gong, lets off a fire *** sits on a whoopee cushion and turns up Wagner's Ring Cycle*
Natalie Dormer in the 2013 short film, The RIng Cycle.
The countdown has begun. A new cycle for the UK
On the first day, the cycle formed its ring. On the second, the ring became a formless eternity. And on the third, it started its rotation.
That commercial break was so long, I had time to make dinner and listen to the Ring Cycle.
Unforgettable week of Wagner at RCH: Opera North’s The Ring Cycle comes to Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall in June.
Looks like the cover of his seminal Ring Cycle recording.
And it was the Siegfried Idyll, which we'll hear tonight! Siegfried=hero of the Ring Cycle, so he named his son Siegfried too.
I am processing and learning so much new information in my Wagner/Ring Cycle class.The sheer logic behind every note he wrote is fascinating
"most intriguing of all collaboration with the Harris where it will stage "Charlie Parker’s Yardbird"
Back this time for cycle. Shorter than Wagner's Ring right?
Long live So happy to see it being performed at in 2017!
'Ode to Joy' from Beethoven's Ninth? 'Ride of the Valkyries' from Wagner's Ring Cycle? Nah! Kraftwerk's 'Autobahn'.
Can't wait for the election cycle to end so that I can consider answering the phone again. let it ring let it ring let it ring
I'd see The Ring Cycle if Julie Andrews was in it!
.Mary Ann Ring - start and stop cycle of providing public resources is incredibly costly
You definitely can! I'll hear nothing against Wagner's Ring Cycle, though!
I am enjoying Wagner's Ring Cycle way too much right now. Must be my ancient Nordic ancestors calling out from Valhalla.
Also I think just about everybody in the Ring Cycle is somehow related to Wotan. Opera is weird that way.
432 has a good ring to it. 216 "cycle" sounds like one of those Earthquake-cycle theories that flew around a few years back
Did you mean you're picking up the Ring Cycle deck?
A4174, literally the cycle path along side the ring road. Just passed the Holiday Inn and the golf range
The Ring Cycle. Thanks to Tom Toles for use of his image
A1. A day without is like a Cycle without Ring
Will Nathara fall in love with Albert? From the Ulster-Scots Ring Cycle for Translation Day.
yes - it's the second opera (of four) in Wagner's Ring Cycle. And I am writing the first chapter of my PhD.
May your wedding ring represent a long never ending cycle of love and prosperity . Wedding of Andrew…
we did a whole two week segment on the ring cycle. Quite the work
The Ring Cycle is just hard to read score wise. Wagner was a *** and decided that order of instrumentation was too poor for his music.
Forcing myself to listen to the Ring Cycle bit by bit as much as I hate Wagner.
Yes Opera n classical were not on my radar as a teen but did get into Wagner Ring Cycle after Apocalypse Now
15 minutes down. I did the whole Ring Cycle in a day once.
yeah, I have to compress Wagner's Ring Cycle down to 12kbs mono for my morning fix ;)
I'm a Puccini geek, but I "get" German opera (though not enough to endure the Ring cycle at Bayreuth)
The worst feeling is when u see all ur best frnd can do it except u. And that made me the weakness ring at any cycle يآ رب 😢
Short play No. 17. At a party, man turns with two glasses of wine. "Weren't we in the same Ring Cycle?"The other man doesn't faint with joy.
Gustavo Dudamel's Wagner album is reaaly slow. If he actually did a Ring Cycle it would last for weeks.
Hiya, could you please give me a ring at about the cycle path plans? 01245 616066, thanks, Julia
Ring Cycle with Opera North | Southbank Centre: Can you help? One of our clients wants a best price seat to see it.
The kindness of strangers - last volume in the Butcher Ring Cycle (with apologies to JR Tolkien)
Just think of it as Wagner's Ring Cycle, but they're keeping score.
I don't want to cycle anywhere near our ring road but I'm not banned from doing so
My first attempt at a cycle event, the Coventry SkyRide. Rather fun to be able to experience the ring…
Or atleast play more than one ring cycle over and over
So excited that Coventry City Centre is closed to traffic today so we can all cycle around the ring road.
is well worth a view. Classy band on now Q14 .lovely show on the Ring of Kerry Cycle
High rote as for lurch mulching cycle ring powering mowers: IsaXgkqlk
Help! I'm a VW dirty diesel owner, what should I do? Petrol car. Electric car. Walk. Cycle. Ring your lawyer. Wheeze.
I think we settled on Die Valkyrie but haven't bought tickets yet. Whole Ring cycle coming here.
I got to see ring cycle and Parsifal at met under levine's baton
On flight to NYC discovered short film The Ring Cycle on inflight ent starring Natalie Dormer & music by
Perhaps you should come and see Wagner's Ring Cycle in Leeds next year.
Ferrari that cut in front of me earlier was pulling into a bldg that houses Saban Capital Group. Name ring a bell?
Take off ring upturn despite thine primer cycle of indiction: kDmichIJ
can I join you secret society... Best wishes David
the libretto of the Ring Cycle, surely, that's much more appropriate.
I liked a video Wagner's 15-hour Ring two and a half minutes
Carlos is back to his old roots after being educated- stealing a woman's diamond ring. This cycle keeps repeating
Which of the Ring Cycle of operas is that from again?
He is going to see his first Ring Cycle and it will change his life.
Senior citizen Trump should be so proud ~ he has turned this election cycle into a three-ring circus!
"Murder She Wrote" was my ring tone for years, I could play it & cycle past, she'd definitely love that!
new EP, "Ring Cycle", is finally here! Feat. tracks with and Leah Edwards ✨
1874: completes his epic 4-opera cycle, The Ring of the Nebelung.
The Washington National Opera is performing the Ring Cycle next April and May. Who's joining me?
"Wanna go to a 3 day showing of the Ring Cycle by Wagner?" . Travis: omigod is it like coachella?
She is a big opera fan. Has been known to compare the housing crisis to Wagner's Ring Cycle.
while you were asleep, your album was compared to Wagner's Ring Cycle operas and Citizen Kane by the way, high art vapor
occurs in Wagner's Ring Cycle through singing sirens who only appear and sing at the beginning and end of the work.
You know OVERGROWTH's narrative reminds me of Wagner's Ring Cycle where paradise is interrupted and abused by the hands...
Never watched Wagner's Ring Cycle here's the last 20mins of it! 😃👍. Anne Evans Brunnhilde's Immolation Scene
Wagner's masterpiece, the Ring Cycle, gets tough love in Wotan's Dilemma -
Ali said she was on on first cycle but was told any problems/ symptoms ring hospital. I wish you loads of luck
My brother Joe and I watched Nicholas Nickleby and Wagner's Ring Cycle in our watch cool things on PBS together phase.
"Like the sundial, my paint box counts no hours but sunny ones.". -Arthur Rackham
Order Miche Bag Online!
RBG analysing the Ring Cycle from a contract law perspective.
So, hows about ring fencing the sales taxes on cycling goods and calling it "cycle road tax"?
*ATTENTION SPECIAL NOTICE*. Our set from The Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle will be replayed on Irish TV...
Read the full review in the July 2015 issue of Cycle World Malaysia.
For my birthday I'm going to buy myself the Ring Cycle DVDs.
While biking home I had to ring my bell to alert a pedestrian to my presence, who was walking in the clearly marked cycle lane.
sure do just ring 641747 on Monday to book 😀
Here is the full feature done on the ROK on Irish TV. . DS Kerry feature from 27 minutes in to about the 30 min...
I'd love a weekend break after tough ring of kerry cycle and an even tougher week at work after it!
I can't afford a lawyer as I spent up on next years Ring cycle
100 Alpine kilometres on the new XT single ring. How many chain drops? Read on: http…
Ring of Kerry ride done and dusted. 11500 riders. Biggest charity cycle event of the year on the Ring. 180 k. Beara Peninsula beckons!
Welcome home the 200 Irish Diaspora for the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle
That performance was well worth celebrating. Stunning. I am already SO excited about the Ring cycle. Can't wait.
Thing I hate - when an idea is bigger than your available material for it. Ideas that you need a whole Ring Cycle to bring to life
Play down class ring blintz in agreement with yours principles cycle: ZOxIlfeD
(obviously if a Yankees game make it a complete Wagner Ring Cycle stretch!)
A controversial ending to an otherwise enjoyable Ring Cycle
ring networks remind me of wagner's ring cycle so i'm assigning each node a leitmotif instead of a UID
it's like Wagner's Ring cycle, except for provincial derp generalizations
Completing the 2015 180km Ring of Kerry Cycle for Charity with 11,000 others that's why
You'll be dragged into the ring and forced to play the game whether you like it or not.
I love Ring Resounding, by John Culshaw (recording the Ring Cycle in Vienna), & Beatles bio Tune In. https:/…
Check out performing on stage at the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle on Irish TV
I am willing to pay $4.99 to hear you get through Mahler's 3rd on a kazoo. Next month I would like the Ring Cycle.
So in "Music to Die For" Hathaway quips that listening to The Ring Cycle would be "just the thing for a good night's sleep". We learned in
Der Ring des Derp, a Wagnerian cycle set in Menlo Park, performed by Andreessen and The Sycophant Chorus
Outer cycle ring would be to the right of this photo? Is the cycle paste as regular as the motorist phase?
I want them to do the classics. Wuthering Heights, vanity fair, Edwin Drood and opera - the Ring Cycle ( scenes from)
ciaran did you not know the doctor had just completed the Ring of Kerry cycle
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Wow I get sick of the stud and go to the nose ring and the cycle repeats.
Ring of Kerry charity cycle described as the best ever
Watched heroism on the Ring of Kerry yesterday. A member of our Slaney Valley cycling club finished the 180k cycle at 80 y…
But seriously, I have to go see 's Ring Cycle next year. Who else wants to join me? I can't leave DC until I see it all
Congratulations to our chairperson Jerh O Donoghue on completing his 13th Ring of Kerry Cycle on the eve of his...
Congrats to all cyclists on the Dunboyne Pedal Pushers team on. completing the Ring of Kerry cycle at the weekend.
If you're doing the Ring of Kerry Cycle Race or you know someone who is, could you give a shout please?
Check out some photos from the Ring of Kerry cycle 2015.
The 5th Annual Ring of North Kerry Cycle will take palce August 8th there is an 85kn amd 135km route to chose from.
Smh they need to mail my ring before the next billing cycle
Prism Ring - How nice to have only one unplayable lucky charm uncommon instead of a full cycle of 5!
My inspiration at Ring of Kerry cycle was this Kerry native doing the whole 180km on…
They're parodying Wagner's 'Ring' cycle and the character Brunnhilde! Good stuff :3
They _finally_ collapsed the Throne of Bone cycle for the set into a single card. Prism Ring is simple and beautiful.
Another great Ring of Kerry Cycle...super organisation by the volunteers for fantastic charities
Even simple designs require the utmost care and expertise. Watch the life cycle of this beautiful solitaire ring:
How did the Ring of Kerry Cycle go for you Ken?
On tonight's program: celebrating first complete performance of Richard epic Ring Cycle in 2016.
The most famous, the most performed, the most thrilling, and the most recorded opera cycle in music history. A unique and exclusive package, on multi-Blu-Ray set, of the most successful Ring Cycle production of the 21th century. Filmed at the world-famous Metropolitan Opera House in New York, in high definition the award winning Robert Lepage production. Featuring Bryn Terfel as Wotan universally recognized as the finest Bass-Baritone and Wotan of his generation. Also starring Deborah Voigt as Brunnhilde, and Star Tenor Jonas Kaufmann as Siegmund. The ultimate product to launch Universal Classics significant and substantial celebration of the Wagner Anniversary Year (1813 to 2013). This award-winning and ground-breaking production has been seen by over 150,000 people at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and subsequently by a remarkable 800,000 people in cinemas and movie-theatres around the globe. Screenings have taken place in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Estonia, Finland, Fran ...
Opera Australia's Ring Cycle swept the Helpmann Awards last night. Read Peter Conrad on Wagner's masterpiece
"Which touched not so much a chord but more a Ring Cycle of memories". Richard Coles being brilliant on
What's longer, four Red Sox games or Wagner's Ring Cycle?
Just spent over the odds for a special edition boxed set of Wagner's Ring cycle on vinyl. Do I regret it? Not in the slightest...
Psyching myself up for 400+ miles of driving in just over 24 hours. Must dig out that memory card with Wagner’s ring cycle on it.
New post (Der Ring Des Nibelungen - Highlights from Wagner Ring Cycle [Blu-ray]) has been published on MP3 Download
Getting psyched for this year's Ring Cycle from Bayreuth -- coming in July! What does this mean? Listening to various excerpts from various orchestras and conductors. Up now is the recent Met Opera production -- a so-so production with some outstanding moments; however, the orchestra is magnificent (what a shock!) and the cast is consistent and, in many roles, stellar.
Wow did make a mess out of Beowulf and the Ring Cycle. Didn't see the last season until now.
"I survived all 15 hours of the Ring Cycle with my sanity mostly intact!" A great design for lovers of Wagner operas, and orchestra musicians who've played the mighty Ring Cycle in its entirety!
Heard about the Ring Cycle that won't use live musicians, but a 'digital orchestra'. Object? Tell them!
Maestro James Levine is one of the most accomplished, sophisticated, and versatile classical musicians of our time. For decades, he's been a virtuoso pianist, conductor, and opera music director, with many recordings to his credit. I for one hold special admiration for his 4-album, 12 or so CD set of Wagner's Ring Cycle from mid-1990's. Here's his interview with Charlie Rose, 10.17.2013, ca. 55 mins.
A New American Ring Begins Written By The Wagnerian on Monday, 2 June 2014 | 8:22:00 pm A bold new project is about to start in Hartford, CT this summer as Hartford Wagner Festival launches the first part of what it says will eventually be annual Ring cycles. Beginning, logically enough, with Rheingold. While fully staged the production will attempt to reduce the usual high costs involved in producing a Ring cycle with the use of a "digital orchestra" In order to understand what this means we spoke to the festival's President/Artistic Director Charles M. Goldstein today to explain:have been developing the Digital Orchestra now for about 15 years and it is now “ready for prime time” as they say. My digital instruments come from the Vienna Symphonic Library and are basically from the players of the Vienna Philharmonic and other Viennese orchestras. The project begins with Sibelius Notation program in which I entered, by hand, all 137,000 measures of “Das Rheingold” note by note. Then the progr ...
Theft of motor cycle on Weston Street, occured on 6th June overnight. Bike is a BMW R2100 Vs Venture in white - if sighted please ring 101.
ring of Kerry cycle today 4 weeks! 180km, will have a pint & an ambulance waiting at molls for me lol
I was starting to feel like this is all a bit of a witch-hunt, so I thought it'd be interesting to look back through time and see how something like this Wagner Festival could have come into being. Mr. Goldstein has spent considerable efforts establishing his niche in ‘virtual opera’ over the years. For some time he ‘conducted’ the Sansvoix Digital Orchestra in a series of CDs of opera-minus-voices, marketed as “great for rehearsals or learning or just listening to the score.” remember coming across a Gilbert and Sullivan karaoke CD (though recorded with a real orchestra) years ago, and these kinds of things can be fun and useful for sing-a-longs, or preparing your part for performance in the absence of a full orchestra in your living room. According to an online profile Goldstein eventually mounted a fully staged production of Hansel and Gretel at a local school, using his Digital Orchestra (the newest version of which was again misleadingly described as “the glorious sounds of the Vienna S ...
And your argument could be used against every shoddy Ring cycle - in large houses - I have heard
Charles Goldstein: "The result is the ability to produce a “Ring” cycle at a fraction of the cost with a full live orchestra."
I'm too broke to afford a ring. Because I can't work in America. It's a vicious cycle, you see.
The other night I had a dream that Jerry Saltz and I were traveling in upstate New York in his car. He was taking me to an undisclosed location where he was going to pull out one of my teeth. He was going to do this as a favor to me. We stopped for coffee and he bought me a book of Paul Strand photographs. Later we were at a junk store and he was so excited because he purchased a set of Harley Davidson foot pegs that had an emblem of Wagner's The Ring Cycle stamped into them. Where is Freud when you need him? Today Jerry unfriended me on FB me for calling out his WWII D-Day thread as a glorification of war. At least I have my teeth.
My Senior Executive Vice Chairman PROMOTION & My $2,000,000 RING was both achieved on today's cycle! I feel blessed to have an Amazing team!
Daniel Barenboim wins the Royal Philharmonic Societys conductor award for his Wagner Ring cycle at last years BBC Proms.
Actually I don't...don't get me wrong as these are - in the main - stupendous recordings as Karajan's asethetic proclivities are a perfect match to the composer's. Here, however, is the problem...DG want's you to shell out over 100 dollars for 11 CD's that have all been reissued separately on regular rez compact disc that were down converted from 24 bit transfers of the original analogue tapes - and budget priced ones at that. If you are a Karajan/Richard Strauss fan, chances are you have them. The extra item is a single Blu Ray disc with 90% of the contents of all the preceding CDs onto a single BluRay and encoded at 24 bit 96khz...full high rez. Why would you re buy those low rez CDs or even mess with them when you can have it all on in full rez on a single BluRay? Effectively, they want you to shell out over a hundred bucks then for a single Blu Ray disc. Oh yes...there is a picture book replete I'm sure painfully posed and calculated photos of the maestro (he tried hard to look cool in every shot) an ...
Carly LOVED the pearl necklace...thank you again to the wonderful Dawn!! Also sporting the cycle ring!😜
life update for this past week: Thanks to my history professor I had the rare opportunity this past Tuesday to sit-in on a dress rehearsal for a world premiere of a piece that's over 100 years old and (it premiered Thursday! and I might get a recording of it!); Wednesday I also saw a quintet comprising of a violin, accordion, cello, and bass perform pieces by Wolf, Wagner and a few others one night this week!; Just last night I was able to get standing room tickets to Siegfried - one of Wagners Ring Cycle operas! I didn't know anything walking into it until a friend told me it was 5 hours yes I stood for 5 hours and it was worth every second; today I just had my second lesson at the state opera and I still can't get over the fact that I've walked through the stage door twice within one week! After my lesson I had to book it to a train to Budapest with a few people and we made it with time to spare! So with that my friends and family, I am off to spend a weekend in Budapest! Auf Wiedersehen!
Boom! First Ring Cycle reference in my timeline. Have a free Valkyrie as a prize.
That brings a whole new meaning to the Ring Cycle.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I hear she's contacted opera companies to see if she can get a hold of some costumes from Wagner's Ring Cycle... ;-)
Prepped and ready for the Ring Cycle 2014! First venue -
Ring of Kerry Cycle Ride in aid of HUG - Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds will take place on 5th July. Please...
It's a cycle. There's ring posts, then people bash the ring posts, then people bash the people bashing the ring posts
.Is she 'cycle'-ing back from a 'group' who were playing 'ring'-a-roses in a 'field'.
In November the Mariinsky Ring cycle will be performed on tour in Birmingham, UK.
Doing a Ring Cycle with a digital orchestra is unacceptable. In fact, doing any music with digital orchestr…
it's all over konigsforst for a start... Plenty of lifts from the ring cycle
He is pitching like he wants a Cycle young and another ring...
Maybe I'll listen to the whole ring cycle on my way to AZ.
*** no, but didn't know how deeply weird he was. You should listen to it. Four selections from The Ring cycle, for a start.
This is seriously some of the worst crap I've ever heard of. Who has the audacity to use in essence a midi playback for the Ring Cycle???
Someone wants to perform Wagner's Ring Cycle with a digital orchestra! Leave your opinions as a review on FB
THE ring cycle with a digital orchestra?!
Congrats to rising star Sean Patterson on getting his 100k ring after tomorrow's pay cycle. Proud of you!
What Tito Muñoz says. . "Friends of music: this company is planning to stage the Ring cycle in Hartford, CT with...
Die Walküre, the second opera in Wagner’s Ring cycle, will be performed at the new Mariinsky Theatre tonight:
Ah, a common belief in mine lands, that our world is in a cycle as never ending as a ring.
1876 Tchaikovsky completes Swan Lake. It opens in 1877 at Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre. Wagner's The Ring Cycle is performed in full at the Bayreuth Festival. The opera house was built to accomodate Wagner's works. Johannes Brahms completes his First Symphony. Twenty years in the making, the symphony received mixed reviews but would become one of the most popular ever written.
Langel cycle lane. Polite ring & thank you as lady & push chair kindly move aside, receives: F's sake, you own the f'in path etc.
Thanks. I'm trying to get my puppet Ring Cycle planned. I know that sounds like a joke, but isn't.
for the Ring Cycle, and it almost felt like a kind of lost society, only emerging for 3 months a year! 8-)
Brussels also doing main rd cycle routes. Took 1 lane out of 3 lane ring rd for protected lane
lol. Different and better wording by you. The extra letters give it a nice ring! xD
you should join us next time as we cycle round the ring road. Use your position to help not criticise
Would you prefer Tannhauser, The Flying Dutchman, or the part of The Ring Cycle?
Fave operas are Wagner's Ring cycle and most of Rossini's. Also "I Paggliaci" by whoever :)
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