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Rikers Island

Rikers Island is New York City's main jail complex, as well as the name of the island on which it sits, in the East River between Queens and the mainland Bronx, adjacent to the runways of LaGuardia Airport.

New York City Public Enemy Robert Vineberg Coast Guard Plaxico Burress

Mentally ill homeless vet 'baked to death' in scorching 100+°F NYC jail cell: According to four unnamed city officials, 56-year-old James Murdough reportedly did not open a vent in his cell that would’ve allowed for cool air to flow in and lower the temperature, something most inmates did. The officials also stated that no one checked on Murdough’s condition for hours, which constitutes a violation of standard procedure. Originally placed on Rikers Island for observation purposes, Murdough reportedly took anti-psychotic and anti-seizure medicine. He was previously charged with trespassing, and was located in the prison unit responsible for handling those with mental illnesses. The officials stated that Murdough’s medication potentially made him more susceptible to heat, while early reports from the autopsy conducted suggest he died of extreme dehydration or heat stroke. The medical examiner’s office, however, officially stated that further tests were necessary in order to pinpoint the cause of de ...
New from Alberta: Inmate ‘baked to death’ in overheated cell at Rikers Island (Calgary Herald)
The inmate was 56-year-old Jerome Murdough and he was a prisoner in the observation unit of Rikers Island due to his mental illness. He had been charged with trespassing and arrested which led to his being placed in the observation ward.
Via Associated Press: A mentally ill inmate of New York City's Rikers Island jail 'basically baked to death' last month in his cell.
At Rikers Island, the use of force by correction officers has risen dramatically even though inmate populations have decreased during the same period. 40% of Rikers' inmates are mentally ill. Read more: Via The New York Times
How did this happen? A homeless veteran "baked" to death inside his cell at Rikers Island last month. The details:
The tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman is still under investigation… Which is prompting one of the alleged heroin dealers who was arrested following the actor's passing to speak out. Robert Vineberg, reaching press from Rikers Island where he is currently being held on felony drug possession...
In a jailhouse interview on Rikers Island, Robert Vineberg, a jazz musician and fellow junkie, denied selling Hoffman the drugs that killed him but said the pair were friends.
Did a 45 mins Rikers Island Bathroom Workout w the Wife. A little 3 sets Pull Ups in Boxers to Cap it off - sho!
So last night I was watching The Conan O'Brien show and his guest was John Leguizamo and Conan wanted to talk about the show that John did at Rikers Island for the inmates, Conan mentioned that the jail was for hard core criminals. John stated "Yeah, I like to give a little back." So my question is in what universe is doing a free show for criminals "giving back"? You want to give back come to Las Vegas do a show and give the proceeds to charity. Criminals already get, free food, electricity, cable, internet, and to top if off they don't have to work or pay taxes. So yeah lets make jail less of a punishment.
Rikers inmates costing the Bronx dearly: what happens on Rikers Island doesn’t necessarily stay on Rikers Isla...
This is going to be Fun!! What do you get when you mix 3 members of Rikers Island with 5 members of Inner Monologue? and the answer is.Otter Knockers!! Appearing at Joe's Irish Pub in Beacon THIS SATURDAY at 9:00! Come on out and enjoy a great mix of Classic Rock and see if you can figure out where the heck the name Otter Knockers came from...
Never been to Rikers but I take trips to the island
One Year on Rikers Island: an illustrated op-ed about jail system by Ricardo Cortes (
Gang assaults on Rikers Island increased dramatically this year.
Read article about his art workshops at Rikers Island+mass incarceration problem-the era of
and I'm off to the races cases of Bacardi chasers chasin' me all over town cause he knows I'm wasted Facing time again on rikers Island
"On Rikers Island it is not fruitful to be angry." Portraits from the inside...
Orange is the New Green - love it! Rikers Island prison in NY, perhaps the epicenter of prison gardens.
Seven Days in Solitary [1/12/13] by Lisa Dawson The following roundup features noteworthy news, reports and opinions on solitary confinement from the past week that have not been covered in other Solitary Watch posts. The National Catholic Reporter publishes a piece on the Photo Requests from Solitary project, noting that In 2009, every man in Tamms received an intriguing letter: 'Tamms Year Ten Committee will make a photograph for you.Would you like to request one?' • Politico Magazine publishes a photo essay entitled "This Is What Solitary Confinement Does to Your Face," a collaboration between the The Center for Investigative Reporting and KQED Public Radio with before and after photos of people who have been subjected to prolonged solitary. • The Washington Post reports on the ruling by a federal judge that Virginia's practice of automatically holding prisoners on death row in solitary confinement violates their constitutional right to due process. According to the story, U.S. District Judge Le .. ...
Incredibly moving pencil portraits of inmates at Rikers Island.
Portraits of Rikers Island inmates: Pencil portraits of young men and women incarcerated on Rikers Island by R...
Rikers Island jail run by New York City Department of Corrections
Yes, Portraits of Rikers Island inmates was posted by Jason Kottke.
Pencil-drawn portraits of men and women incarcerated at Rikers Island by
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Today on WNYC in 1952: A plane crashes on Rikers Island.
What a Fabulous Day! I was afforded the opportunity to interview Tony Award winning Performer Melba Moore and the former Warden of Rikers Island- Howard Robertson.
and if that dont work, the yoga at Rikers Island will teach them to.
Jarret Berenstein talks about bailing his friend out of jail. The post Rikers Island (Funny Videos) appeared first on Comedy Time. moving away from here the first chance I get...I know there is trouble all around but the chances of getting into it are slim when you don't know anybody and you can start over fresh ...until then I'm going to have to be patient and remain peaceful because if I don't ...I might be sitting in the county on my way to Rikers Island...people will drive you crazy of you let them !!! can I be real???
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I just gotta say Daniel Bryan's outfit looks like the one of an inmate in Rikers Island when you visit LOL
She had a vibe I can vibe with, while we were flyin. I had to go sit by the pilot, cause she smelled like Rikers Island.
Good luck in Rikers Island prison tho
Plus i heard you was talkin behind my bacc yo you slob im loc i aint think that would be a problem but i will smoke you and ya homies crip originates gangs period youll new york slobs come from rikers island beefing with latin queens cuz they was tryna rape spanish *** youll wak crips were gettin violent money then bloods started hatin sayin we violent and it over nonesense money isnt nonsense nor is a *** ride plus i aint seen u in a while
S/O to my dad finally Retiring after 25 years being a correction officer at Rikers Island
I think I went a little nuts while doing the play I have been banned from several stores hey at least we are not on Rikers island it's progress not perfection .
Hello IM fans. Some of the band members have hooked up with some of Rikers Island band members for a super night at Joe's irish Pub in Beacon on Jan 18th at 9pm. The song list ranges from Allman Bros and Eagles to Aretha Franklin and Cheryl Crow.
TIL Sharon Jones used to be a prison guard at Rikers Island. I think she probably enjoys her new gig a little more though. Check out her killer new record, "Give the People What They Want", here at Sunrise Records!
Wait so I'm on the train just tryin to get my nap on when I see two guys sitting right across from the each other. Now I'm not sure what occurred before I got on but when one of the guys got up the other did a sonic/ superhero/ voohoo move in the others direction. This dude acted like he was pulling roots from the ground, raising his hands up until he looked like he was shooting fire through his hands. I had no clue we had superhero's riding the trains. I do know that if he tries to brings to that epic level of crazy over here or if I see powder or anything being blown my way, I'm going to jail. Call my mother and start sending those newport lights to Rikers Island. I'm so done right now.
when I watch law & order I always think bout rondell 😂 cause he in rikers island! 😂
“sorry man I wanna be a Rapper like you aha”nah man I got bars like rikers island in NY
- Next New Reality Shows In Brooklyn ; 14 &' Pregnant Brooklyn Shore Walking Dead In Brownsville find my father Pretty Little Squallys Teen Thots Brooklyn Mutant HoodRats sidehoes of rikers island 1000 ways to die in bedstuy trapped in the staircase 30 days in the projects randy jacksons : americas best twerk crue are you smarter than a 18 year old 7th grader
Rikers Island is big and cold, they make sure *** don't escape
What kind of terrible life choices do you have to make to end up in Rikers island TWICE by the age of 16
So my dad locked up this kid for robbery.. whose already done 11 months.. at Rikers island... at 16 years old
Rikers Island has about 12G inmates. Who will be next commissioner to oversee officers & inmates via
Mica girl them white people gonna have your *** locked up at Rikers island by 9am u know how they feel about they animals
Cocoa Tea live in Dortmund 2013 - Rikers Island & Love me truly. The legendary Coco Tea at his best spreading the love in a Dortmund
Rikers': Rikers' Island, the infamous correctional facility/holding area for the NYC Metro a...
Free my Buzzin Johnathan my fam on his way to Rikers Island smh
- Juss got off the phone with shaa ` them rikers island kids love calling neeshaa ♥.
RT“I'm your little harlot , scarlet , queen of Rikers island💕 😍😍😍
Lmfaooo Sonn why does the Places on my profile say " playing ring around the rosie on rikers island " *** :'(
Judge Mathis Launches PEER Prison Initiative Judge Greg Mathis is launching a Prisoner Initiative entitled PEER, standing for Prisoner Empowerment Education and Respect. Through the initiative, Judge Mathis will visit jails and prisons throughout the country to encourage inmates to change their lives. Motivated by his own experience as a troubled youth who overcame the challenges of being incarcerated, Judge Mathis will share his personal experiences and offer advice and encouragement to inmates. To date, the Judge has made PEER appearances at the Wayne County Jail in Detroit, where he was previously sentenced to serve nearly one year, the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, GA and the State Correctional Institution at Chester, PA. He also spoke with the youth population at Rikers Island, NY and most recently visited Folsom State Prison in Folsom, CA. The Judge is scheduled to return back to NY to speak with the adult male population at Rikers as well as visit Sing Sing. Judge Mathis is strongly committed to r ...
Thinking of my love who,s on rikers island now and I'm missing her dearly
Ppl say I'm crazy but I would work at a prison it's my dream. Rikers Island in New York would be awesome.
Rikers Island is New York City's main jail complex,[1] as well as the name of the 413.17-acre (1.672 km2) island on which it sits, in the East River between Queens and the mainland Bronx, adjacent to the runways of LaGuardia Airport. The island itself is part of the borough of the Bronx, though it i...
According to this month's Harper's magazine (Jan 2014): 55% of US gun retailers think "it is too easy for criminals to get guns in this country;" 7 out of 10 adolescents in solitary on Rikers Island have been diagnosed with a mental illness; L.A. Sheriff's Dept dogs bit 17 people in the first half of 2013, all of them black or Hispanic.
Ask us why we did it. We did it for 16 year old girls serving adult sentences at Rikers Island. Namaste.
- Smh his next visit is Sunday. Ima try to make it to Rikers Island. Ugh but it's so far away !!
Hopping Chris Christie and his bedfellows go straight to Rikers Island NYNY! To Stay for a spell.
Lmao these people prank called a pizza shop to deliver to rikers island 󾌴󾌴󾌴
I forgot how many females are In Rikers island n I'm not talking bout the inmates
Update o the Jennifer story that I've been reporting on. They've inserted some sort of metal rod into her leg to correct the damage done to it during her domestic abuse beating earlier this week. The rod is going to be in there permanently. The brute that delivered the beating is locked up on Rikers Island where he will stay because he won't be able to raise $10,000 for bail. That's all I know at the moment.
Something I hate : rats Something I love : Rihanna Someplace i been: Rikers Island Some place I'd like to go : Rio de Ginero
New York. City has a new mayor, who has promised change just like his.predecessors before him, but I'm afraid I got some bad news. mos of the laws are still going t be the same for the rest of.your life living here and don't get locked up because right now they're feeding every inmate on rikers island like they have anorexia nervosa
My mom ova hea telln me when she was In Rikers Island With Lil Kim lml smmfh lmaoo
Prior to becoming a Christian my life was in turmoil. In 1992 I was incarcerated in a New York State Correctional Facility known as C.A.S.A.T.  I also spent time at Rikers Island and a few other upsta
Friday Khutbah @ 1:10 PM and Evening Family Halaqa @ 5 PM by Guest Imam Tariq Abdur Rashid Once again, Imam Tariq Abdul Rashid, will be a guest speaker at Tarbiyah and Masjid Isa Ibn-e-Maryam this Friday inshAllah. Please join us for his Friday Khutbah at 1 PM and an Evening Halaqa with him. The Halaqa will be followed by a potluck InshAllah. Family, friends, and community members are welcome to attend. Prior to serving as an Imam at Ar-Rahman Islamic Center located in Atlanta, GA, Imam Tariq Abdul Rashid was known as a Missionary Speaker (Da'i), of Rikers Island located in New York. He has also served as a Khatib in various Masaajids (Mosques) in the New York & Philadelphia area. He took Imam training & basic Arabic grammar classes with Imam Siraj Wahaj. He has been blessed to travel to England, Australia, Trinidad & various universities. Please watch below one of his previous khutbah's at Masjid Isa below.
I know the positive choice ive made today will reflect my life now am surrounded by people that wanna make a change in life and change people live just the way mine was change rather do this then hang out with couple of *** in the street starting troble ending it with death or rikers island i know amma go far in life with my new friends let make it happend
Yeeeah boyyy jacob aka glory back just got released fromm doing 5 months in rikers island
I'm Finally home from that B.S Rikers Island childs play feeling good also hope everyone had a good christmas & New Years But change has is here for 2014 getting on my WildLyfe type of swag so for everyone with negativity please leave me out of it , This year is prosperity & Peace of Mind for me . But Glad to see people was missing your Boy while i was locked up
REPORT: Knicks begin to explore trade options for JR Smith. Rikers Island Correctional Facility is leading candidate to land Smith.
Funny but true; we all have a friend (or friends) that do the "squat down/arms out Rikers Island jail pose" in every other pic: even though they've never been to jail! :)
I gotta SALUTE my homegirl, I ain't gonna blow her up on fb,, but she traveled all the way from NY to Ghana to visit her dude. Mind u they are both from out here but his roots are in Ghana . Most of yall just take the bus to see your man on Rikers Island she takes a international flight.
I love baseball but I'd rather wear a dress, put on blonde wig, and be thrown in the showers at Rikers Island then ever watch football. So with that being said I think I'm the most qualified person to make new rules to spice up the game of football. I think they should get rid of time outs. I think they should get rid of punts, and also I think they should be allowed to play as many guys at once as they like. If you got a play for 40 guys, send them in. If your team gets three successive first downs, they then have the option to run a play with two balls. Just saying, I'd watch that game.
Takin a drive to Rikers Island quick fast
County Visits Today! Don't forget to bring proper State Issued Identification; school id is no-longer accepted! Bundle Up, as you know NYC is notorious for having people wait on lines! Rikers Island Manhattan, New York
Most Amazing... The Lizard lands in jail in 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' viral marketing (CBR) With all the buzz about the various villains headed our way in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", one name has been curiously absent: Curt Connors, alias the Lizard. Rhys Ifans’ reptilian menace was behind bars by the end of 2012′s "The Amazing Spider-Man", but what happens next? Will we learn more about his fate? If the sequel itself doesn’t answer the question, the movie’s viral marketing will. Yet another new Daily Bugle blog post has surfaced, this time informing us of the sad fate of Connors: “The trial of Dr. Curt Connors came to an end as the former geneticist for Oscorp Industries was found guilty on all twenty counts for which he was indicted, including the murder of NYPD Captain George Stacy. “Connors and his attorney, Anne Weying, were unable to convince the jury that he was not responsible for his deadly actions while transformed. His defense that he only injected himself with the serum that changed h ...
Did yall hear about the *** who escaped from Rikers island today? But then went back because it was too cold smh .. lol
Name that movie-"wensday night is taco night at rikers island!"
This is the roughest, most brutal group of passengers I've ever seen. Are we flying to Atlantic City or Rikers Island?
What happens on my bus... lands me in rikers island. Lol i just put my lips on it dad..
NYC CORRECTIONS ENDS SOLITARY CONFINEMENT FOR PEOPLE WHO CARRY A MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSIS Solitary Jailing Curbed The Wall Street Journal; Sean Gardiner, 1/5/2014 The New York City Department of Correction has stopped its controversial use of solitary confinement for mentally ill inmates who break the rules, a shift that jail officials are hailing as groundbreaking. The last of the prisoners being held in the Mental Health Assessment Unit for Infracted Inmates at Rikers Island jail were reassigned Dec. 31, and what is known as the punitive segregation program has been permanently closed, said Correction Commissioner Dora Schriro, an appointee of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The segregation program, started in 1998, has been criticized by advocates for the mentally ill. Before the changes, city jail populations on a given day included about 400 mentally ill inmates in solitary confinement, out of a total population that fluctuates between 12,000 and 13,000. In solitary confinement, prisoners could be alo ...
People incarcerated in New York City with serious mental illnesses will no longer be put in solitary confinement when they break the rules. The announcement from the Department of Correction comes a few months after a report found hundreds of mentally ill persons detained in solitary at Rikers Island. Read the full article by following the link below.
Does anyone know how to send mail to an inmate at Rikers Island in NY? This is confusing as *** I'm not sure what to put exactly for the address or if I put their NYSID or something else. Their housing unit is "CINT" though.. Ugh, HELP!!
ew this niggah just said he wanna go to jail!!! rikers island to be exact *** U *** lml
Deighton is on rikers island hit the inbox for his info
Which movie ? Wednesday nite is taco nite at rikers island .
If there were ever a person who might be able to clue you in on what life in a white-collar—or minimum-security or “country club”—prison was actually like, it was this guy. You know this guy. How many former New York City police commissioners, former overseers of Rikers Island, former consultants fo...
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As many as 50 inmates were involved in an hour-long bloody brawl at Rikers Island.
Rikers Island is the ONLY penitentiary that sits RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HOOD!!! Thats CRAZY yo!!!
So I got internship for school. One is Rikers Island and the another is NYCLIFE Securities, but idk which one to do
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I know the focus been on me..and every thing that I been up..But right now I got my lil Jarin in rikers island for the holidays and the New Years..and I'm praying that ever thing work out for him..may this is showing him in life there a mean..and that you are better then that..God work in crazy ways..
Well Barry, Chumleigh and I made it to the gate. The car service didnt show and thats how the morning started. BTW If you arent careful in posting your status for LaGaurdia you can click on Rikers Island maximum security prison. Now that would cause a few rumours. 󾍁
This early in the day and the devil callin my name. and guess where the *** tryna get me to see him. .. on Rikers Island. .. smfh
Oddles and Noodles wit chocolate milk , dats da best Rikers Island food meal meal !
There's an episode of law and order where they to rikers island prison in New York City! It's weird that we played there lol
Inmate Abuse by Corrections Officers and the Legal Recourse Available New York Post: INMATE ABUSE; Contrary to popular belief, inmate abuse is not a thing of the past. Misconduct and excessive force against inmates still occur today in New York and throughout the country. Correctional facilities such as Rikers Island Prison have recently landed in the news for the egregious inmate abuse occurring within their walls. Rikers Island Inmate Abuse Lloyd Nicholson, a former corrections officer at the Rikers Island Prison Complex, was recently sentenced to six years in prison for a series of assaults that occurred while he worked as a guard. A jury found Nicholson guilty of orchestrating severe beatings of teenage inmates in an organized scheme he referred to as "The Program." Three other prison guards will soon stand trial for their roles as corrupt officials at the Robert N. Davoren Center, a complex within the Rikers Island facility. Michael McKie of Brooklyn and Khalid Nelson of Staten Island face each face ...
Teen Thrown In Violent New York Prison For Years Without Ever Having Been Convicted "I spent three New Year's in there, three birthdays...," Browder, now 20, said in a recent interview with WABC, adding that he was released with "no apology." In October, Browder filed a civil lawsuit against the Bronx District Attorney, City of New York, the New York City Police Department, the New York City Department of Corrections and a number of state-employed individuals. The official complaint states Browder was "physically assaulted and beaten" by officers and other inmates during his time at Rikers Island. The document also maintains the accused was "placed in solitary confinement for more than 400 days" and was "deprived meals." In addition, officers allegedly prevented him from pursuing his education. Browder attempted suicide at least six times.
Here come Peter Gunz dressed like a Rikers Island dinner date with this orange *** button-up.
Facin' time again on Rikers island and I won't get ouut 🎶
yea guy up in New York said they have his girl 5-8 years in Rikers Island
cos he knows im wasted facin time again on rikers island I wont get out. becasue im crazy baby
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Locals eye desolate stretch of land in Astoria for possible community use...
Aint no grown man in 2013 should be having twist in his hair like he just woke up on rikers island
"From Sing Sing to Rikers Island *** be wildin Reality starts to set in, aint No smilin" P.Z - Jazz Room
whatchu think about this fam RIKERS ISLAND (OFFICIAL VIDEO).
I want to visit Rikers Island one day..
Where do you see yourself five years from now? — rikers island
Knicks need to stop wearing those Rikers island orange jerseys. They are bad luck
My brother did 8 months at Rikers Island but it felt like forever!
Did U know mentally ill inmates often spend 1000s of days in solitary?
Did you know mentally ill inmates often spend thousands of days in solitary?
Rikers Island jail criticised for keeping mentally ill inmates in solitary confinement: Review calls for refor...
New York is like an Island a big Rikers Island. The cops be out wildin, all I hear is sirens.
Ben Roethlisberger wants a trade. I propose sending him to the Rikers Island Orangeshirts for a $25,000 bounty.
Teen spent 3 years on Rikers Island because his family can't make $10k bail. He never even went…
homie said these young boys don know. I put my *** up they *** 😱 U *** But when you do 10 years at Rikers island im sure it changes you.
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that's why I said Rikers Lol it's an island and a prison. Tighten up
Rikers Island bus is still packed whats the worddd
Cause he knows I'm wasted, facing time again on Rikers Island and I won't get out.
Boater rescued in water off Rikers Island: The Coast Guard received a distress message from a man on a sinking...
Rikers Island jail criticised for keeping inmates in confinement via
Did you know there are more people with chronic mental illness in US prisons than in hospitals?
Check out this interview on the Today Show w/ Matt Lauer & Bernard Kerik, former director of Rikers Island, NYPD...
NYC: Blind Sheik supporters charged in plot to kill witnesses on Rikers Island
For a decade, Lil Wayne has been hip-hop’s great unstoppable force, a 24-hour-a-day recording machine without an off button. But on February 9th, Lil Wayne will have to stop — for 12 months, when he reports to prison to serve a sentence for gun possession stemming from a 2007 arrest in New York City. Rolling Stone stays up all night with Weezy as he prepares to get locked down in our new issue, which is on sale at newsstands today. Lil Wayne Goes to Jail News Content: Lil Wayne’s World: look back at the rapper’s rise in photos. “I don’t like to stop,” Wayne tells RS‘ Chris Norris. “I believe you stop when you die.” So in the weeks before he reports to Rikers Island, Wayne is keeping busy — recording tracks bound for Tha Carter IV (the album Cash Money staffers call “C4″ because it’ll be the bomb), shooting videos with his Young Money protégés, spending time with his growing family, and deliberately not asking anyone for advice about life on the inside. “This is Lil Wayne go ...
In preparation for visiting Eastern State Penitentiary tonight, I've just finished watching an HBO Documentary Films about Rikers Island. Hey what's a shank?
Today's melange of characters lit up the downtown 6 train. Three self proclaimed ex-crack addicts cracked jokes that made me double over in laughter. One had just returned from the Jerry Springer show as an audience member and was still rocking the tag. Another discussed his 96 past stints at Rikers Island for boosting and selling - yelling the whole time, his normal conversational tone. A mother with her baby strapped to her chest giggled along, openly and lovingly while they praised her gorgeous little girl. Three generations of a Puerto Rican family mixing English and Spanish across the car got directions from the crew and it all ended in laughter - the ex-offender offering his directions with commentary that he is Catholic and used to get his checks off that train stop from Father Ahern. A transgender male-to-female, seven feet tall with a full mouth of gold teeth gently asked when the train stopped at 14th and we all reassured her she hadn't missed it. Days like this my heart soars. The train is such ...
Make me wanna holler The way they do my life -Marvin Gaye It was a chilly January morning when I made my way to Rikers Island for a conversation with Tupac Shakur, what would be his first words to any journalist since being shot last November 30. After passing through a series of checkpoints and metal detectors, I reached a dingy white conference room in the same building where Tupac was being held on $3 million bail. Within weeks, he'd receive a one-and-a-half- to four-and-a-half-year sentence for a sexual abuse conviction in his New York rape case. Tupac strutted into the room without a limp, in spite of having been recently wounded in the leg-among other places. Dressed in a white Adidas sweatshirt and oversized blue jeans, he seemed more alert than he had been in all our interviews and encounters. He looked me in the eyes as we spoke and smoked one Newport after another. "I'm kinda nervous," he admitted at one point. After a brush with death and the barrage of rumor and innuendo that followed, Tupac s ...
Loved criminology. A few years ago someone invited me to teach cookie decorating at Rikers Island. He flaked out on me.
“Oh yes spinach and mustard. I'm in heaven”you in rikers island
and pick up some guys walking off Rikers Island. You Anthony Mason didn't go to college!
I would like to at least see an attempt to hit one to Rikers Island.
There's at least 7 people I know who are in Rikers Island
Why would you sneak back into Rikers Island & pose as a corrections officers?!
Graham won for his coverage of violence on Rikers Island: /
Sex offender broke INTO Riker's Island with fake badge then made inmates strip for him
Knicks or the Rikers Island prison team?
ron artest to NYK...lord smh it's going to look like the Rikers Island Knicks, change the uniforms to just orange
No but seriously this hand soap smells like Rikers Island
Carmine St. pool boasts Keith Haring mural; locals call it the "Rikers Island of pools." My curiosity is piqued. Interested,
My grandma is taking me to Rikers Island tomorrow so I can Sid Viscous' old jail cell. Scariest penitentiary in the world.
Meet the freak show who broke INTO Riker's Island-
Sex offender who broke INTO Riker's Island with fake badge 'assaulted inmate and then made him strip'
sup Unc? I just came home.Redman recorded me thru the phone when I was locked on Rikers island
Given a job application from a psychotherapist on Rikers island. Think I'm gonna have to pump more iron before that one 💪🙈
"Rikers Island. Because we locking everybody down" LOL the confidence of a high school cornerback...LOL
Someone give that ball a boat cause it's on it's way to Rikers Island!!
Rikers Island. Because we locking everybody down
He knows im facein time on rikers island and I he knows im noy getting outt.
the conjugal visits while she was at Rikers Island were dangerous to say the least.
I hear they are marching in Manhattan, but I doubt they'll storm Rikers Island. Bastille Day Karaoke keeping me awake.
Shout out to America,Plaxico Burress did 2 years at Rikers Island for accidentally shooting himself
New like an island a big rikers island
But now him gone a Rikers Island ...him neva waaah guh a Rikers Island
The bus driver said next stop city island ... Then he sad I'm sorry I meant rikers island lol *** we ridin round thru e.tremont lol
Ma brother locked up on Rikers Island as of today smfhh 😔 hold ya head you be out soon..
good.. I just came home.. While I was locked on Rikers Island Redman recorded me through the phone..
Wow! Plaxico Burress shot himself in his own leg and got TWO years.IN RIKERS ISLAND.
FYI that's is how it is in the south in a nutshell!! If that case was In Jersey, they would have taken his *** right to Rikers Island
That's why every state should be like NY. Zimmerman would have been on rikers island building 5 tonight.
If zimmermans skin color was a little darker the *** wouldve been sent to rikers island a year ago.
Lmao “Zimmerman a week into his Rikers island Bid
Zimmerman a week into his Rikers island Bid
Did NYC's Quaker Parrots find refuge on Riker's in the midst of a state eradication campaign in 1973?
on rikers island. Or a private joint
If you cant find love on Rikers Island then something is trully wrong with you. Remember homegirl he aint your man, he's just a sponser just in case you may need acupaladola's. Remember homeboy thats not your girl, its just your turn. CORRUPTION OFFICER get the book...
JUNETEENTH- Wed June 19th- ( see info and flyers for detail) Our friends at CHE Nautical & Enviro Edutainment are hosting this amazing event at The AFRICAN BURIAL GROUNDS NATIONAL MONUMENT and MUSEUM in Lower Manhattan as part of AFBG's National Park Service JUNETEENTH CELEBRATION and AFRICAN AMERICANS in THE NATIONAL PARK's SUMMER CAMPAINGN Among the many educational and cultural enrichment elements is a presentation of the very little known or shared story about three regiments of UNITED STATES COLORED TROOPS that were raised right here in NY Harbor- at Rikers Island and Hart Island; made up of about 4,500 free men of African Heritage who signed up to fight to end slavery in America during its Civil War. These men came from all over the regional African Diaspora of the Caribbean, Canada, Nova Scotia, Europe and Continental Africa. JOIN us!... never know what wonderful surprises might find you.
Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center The Vernon C. Bain Center (VCBC) is an 800-bed jail barge used to hold inmates for New York City as part of the New York City Department of Corrections as part of the vast Rikers Island jail complex. Built in New Orleans for $161 million and brought to New York in 1992 to reduce overcrowding in the island's land-bound buildings for a lower price under a David Dinkins-led crime initiative, it is designed to handle inmates from medium- to maximum-security in 16 dormitories and 100 cells. Due to the facility being on the water, a minimum of three maritime crew is maintained under Coast Guard regulations. It was opened in 1992 and was named for Vernon C. Bain, a warden who died in a car accident. In the same accident Officer Theresa M. Brown and her nine year old daughter Tracy Hope Diaz, were severely injured. It has been used by the city of New York as a prison, but has also temporarily held juvenile inmates.
Earlier today I was involved in a verbal altercation with a Older brother and the 1st thing he decided to tell me was about his rap sheet...You think going to jail makes you Gangster?? This is one of the few reasons I care not to deal with humanity on a whole..We come from a Community where jail is glorified and bad deeds get rewarded. I'm sorry I'm not into jail nor the *** thuggery *** system you degenerates continue to fall into. I blamed the system for years but at this point in time people need to take responsibility for their own actions..To hear this Man speak of his time in jail you would of swore he graduated from Rikers Island with honors.
I haven't followed the Amanda Berry case very closely, but I did hear something that struck me. A journalist reporting on the case stated that Ariel Castro was guilty of operating, and I quote, "a private prison." That's one *** of a statement considering the fact that the Private Prison Industry is one of the fastest growth sectors of the U.S. economy. Mr. Castro was truly operating a private prison according to U.S. standards. There are many innocent people who are kidnapped by the State, locked up, and subjected to torture, sexual assault, and deprived access to their loved one's. Even those who are guilty of crimes or who are antisocial, akin to the wayward young runaway that Castro imprisoned; are subjected to punishments that far outweigh their crimes, many people are convicted of crimes when they should have been diagnosed with a mental illness or addiction and given help. I worked in the Rikers Island infirmary for 2 years and I saw all of the crimes that Castro is accused of committed against ...
.has two sisters, one of whom is reportedly a correctional officer at Rikers Island.
When u get locked up for something not so bad they send u to rikers island,when they really wanna punish u they send u to staten island
JR's recognition reaches out far beyond world - JR Puts Art on Rikers Island via
Time again at Rikers Island And I won't get out Because I'm crazy, baby I need you to come here and…
Photo: JR Puts Art on Rikers Island   French street artist JR used social netork Instagram to share his...
JR Puts Art On Rikers Island Prison: Adamant street artist JR has used Instagram to share his latest endeavor.
Some try to be hard, front n say I'm God don't know ya lessons say ya blessings, cuz ya gonna get scarred. "Rikers Island"
Them Rikers phone calls be getting to me. *** the island aint popping 👎
vinny: have you ever been to Staten Island? lil Wayne: nope, just rikers
Remember when lil Wayne would cry n moan on every song? Lmfao he went to Rikers island and stopped that quick!
The sad tale of the a floating, Buckminster Fuller-esque globe made from recycled umbrella parts...
LOOK WHO'S GOING TO BE AT Big Wow! ComicFest! I've been lucky enough to get my pic with The Man on two occasions - I hope to make it lucky 3! And he's is just one of dozens of really fantastic guests. Roll call! Who's going to Big Wow? Will I meet you there? :)
Prisoners Review Jails on > | Wonder if Yelp'll try to sell prisons advertising and premium listings
oh even's 3 months in jail...3 months on house arrest...aint like their gona send her to Rikers Island general population either
That's crazy tho. These women were held in a basement for 10 years in a cramped up *** neighborhood? Had that slab like Rikers island. smh
Review on Rikers Island Correctional facility (jail in plain English) on .
I absolutely love Rikers Island Proud to have known you! Julz, aint that lil boy no more
YOUR BEST Battle for Riker's Island - Monsters, Mobsters and Heroes (Earth Moon Colony Books): Following the b...
Shoutout to my main braj and our music connection with roots in Rikers Island Redemption 😈
But why the knicks playin like they're in rikers island ?
Amelia and I is gone take a trip to Rikers Island one day and we won't be back lol! Who knows maybe we'll see LiL Wayne
Assata Sharkur wrote this piece in Rikers Island 1978 Ayende Alcala
Assata Shakur wrote this piece in Rikers Island in 1978.
Rikers Island prision. A piece written by Assata Shakur when she was a prisioner there in 1978.
In-your-face and raging. Inspiration for a new project. Oral history of Public Enemy at Rikers Island:
All the more reason to be out on bail.
What do you think of prisoners giving reviews of their conditions on Yelp? Should, the phrase 'Don't do the...
Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY is a critic nowadays...
Another stellar review for the Rikers Island Rabbi:
I feel like I'm goin to Rikers Island tonight
From a glimpse at the work our Education Dept does w/ young inmates at Rikers Island:
Prisoners review their jails on Yelp - declaring the staff at Sing Sing 'rude' and advising inmates to watch out ...
This bowling alley has $2 games on Mondays, and is the first place for an escaped convict to get to from Rikers Island. I'm in!
Prisoners have feelings too, ya know!
Daily Note feature: an oral history of Public Enemy at Rikers Island. this is gave me goosebumps.
"Working out at planet fitness is like working out at rikers island"
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Would 4square mayor incentives increase or decrease recidivism? | Prisoners review their jails on Yelp
Before you commit a crime, you really should check out the local jail ratings on Yelp
Prisoners review their jail on YELP...
Great piece today in The Daily Note on Public Enemy's 1988 show at Rikers Island
Prisoners review their jails on Yelp
Well it isn't suppose 2 b a vacation. Should have thought about that b4 the crime.
Prisoners review their jails on Yelp- you seeing this,
"In 1988, politically charged hip hop legends Public Enemy became the first rap group to play at Rikers Island..."
Prisoners Review Their Jails On Yelp: If the roaches and rats don't mess with you on Rikers Island, the...
If you're planning to go to prison? ... check YELP: Prisoners review their jails via Wow.
Oral History of Public Enemy's concert at Riker's Island from
A sign of the times: Inmates use to rate jails & prisons
Brave new world: Prisoners reviewing their jails on Yelp (and they're tough critics)
Prisoners review their jails on Yelp...
Prisoners review their jails on Yelp:
Inspiring work fr and w young inmates at Rikers Island
Hope in jail: Films from inaugural class of 40 female inmates at NYC's Rikers Island prison complex. By
MT "Inmates now reviewing prisons on Yelp. The chocolate milk on Rikers Island is "chalky." Wow.
Prisoners review their jails on Yelp: The staff at Sing Sing are 'rude' and watch out for the... via
This rikers island process is the blow
if he on rikers island then only grey sweats & white tees gotta be new !! Same with the boat (Bronx) & tombs (manhattan)
New york I'm done. Fri rikers island. Then bk then killed shows in the BX and yonkers today tour the Gospel show up n harlem. N killed ns
I took a couple of those. Rikers island 2011
"I was 16 and was sent to rikers island. An adult facility."
Free my *** just missed his call from rikers island
The city is turn upbody's rocking their rikers island colors
Andrew bought just joined rikers island with Jason terry and Brandon knight!!
Kenyon Martin bring that Rikers Island intimidation to the table!
Woke up watching the News I say send his *** to Rikers island
U was locked up a rikers island bro?
If you get arrested for public urination in NYC you get to check in at Rikers Island on Foursquare.
I say give the bomber a life sentence and throw him in rikers island and have the convicts have their way with him.
They should take him to Rikers island during free time and yell cop!
Mr. white hat, you need a vaca, go to rikers, for a nice island trip, then, to the Guantanamo bay resort. America will flip the bill.
Throw this dude in general pop at rikers island
Just put Strickland in net. This is worse than dropping the soap on rikers island.
I think it's funny that people think rikers island is 1 jail lol
S/O to Rikers Island Inmates,& Entire Staff for allowing me to Perform & Build with Our Youth!!
Peace . I would like to build w u about the April 25th "Unlocked Thoughts" open mic show for the youth at Rikers Island.
The amount of black ratchet girls going to Rikers Island is ridiculous ! xD
I will be joining you at rikers island
Goin see the homie slim gutta I hate rikers island
Upcoming show next Thursday for the youth at Rikers Island coming along well! 2 slots left for any poets, emcees, vocalists, etc to support!
Facin time again in rikers island and i wont get outt
Why would a Brooklyn kidd from Coney Island move to Dallas??? Because I can go a buck forty w/no potholes and stay strapped without Rikers
Your father popped a full split at the 1978 Rikers Island Talent Show.
first game is against the team from Rikers Island.
rikers island is a good place NEVER to visit.
16 year old sent to Rikers Island for a crime he never committed but one made up by and Mayor Koch (Kook). pay up NYC
Woi...: now him gone ah rikers island...
my dad was a corrections officer on Rikers Island EXCUSE ME?
My relly has too much potential to be goin back and forth to Rikers island. When he get out we wobblin up
"They used to sneak him zanax in a mcdonalds cup when he was at rikers island" normal family Easter conversations
Caballo & Conan two of the first dat started 3ni in Rikers Island Prison. Niggaz made history..
"...your a prisoner to my music,like you was on Rikers Island!"
Nas - The Don (Explicit) get this slice of heaven inside your mind. The Rikers Island chorus is talent
*curious* thats an NYC... is that Brooklyn House or Rikers Island?
last easter i spent it on Rikers Island this easter im doing a double at work
You won't b smiling on rikers island!
Just got off da jack wit my young boy smellz locked up on rikers island, free him ,my lil bro Von Harris coming home from the feds soon
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Send Justin Bieber to Rikers Island for a weekend. He'll realize he's not as tough as he pretends to be behind bouncers, by Monday.
I actually cracked up when u said "where I'm from that space is special& can get u 3-5 on Rikers Island without it!" ; )
I wonder what it was in Rikers Island that broke Wayne.
Cypher rhyming, rikers island, spending nights wit the pen, either that, or cyber skyping, wit a *** and her...
He was in Rikers Island, but killed a nurse and guard then escaped after 10 years. Such a good book. Go read it.
They got a old Rikers Island RTwhen I first saw that I thought I was ya mug shot
. was that a Rikers Island reference? Well played.
She def has her tittays on Rikers Island lockdown
My boy Warden Hills retired from Warden on Rikers Island. He broke out of Jail the LEGAL way!
maybe my *** .?? i seen cleaner floors on Rikers Island tho
NY *** get raped on Rikers island every day
The guys I'm traveling with need to write a book about their visits to Rikers Island. That's a part of NYC I have no desire to see.
I was in the box with this nikka.. Pistol Pete "The Puerto Rican Gangsta AKA The King Of Rikers Island via
Turn down? For what?... Still turning up at the condo.. Too bad top flight security got this bit locked down like Rikers island...
The real *** either dead or on Rikers Island playing survivor
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