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Rikers Island

Rikers Island is New York City's main jail complex, as well as the name of the island on which it sits, in the East River between Queens and the mainland Bronx, adjacent to the runways of LaGuardia Airport.

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At the press conference to stand against sexual assault on Rikers Island.
Hey we had an idea for the next big patch. On rikers island you should make it a survival or another incursion on it. Thx
Providing Services to Rikers Island’s HIV and AIDS Population - The Brooklyn Reader
Rikers Island correction officer charged with trying to rape 13-year-old girl.
Unfortunately, it happens all the time -- With -Zero- accountability
go to pelican bay SHU. rikers island is a day care center
'cause he knows I'm wasted,. Facin' time again on Rikers Island and I won't get out
Currently at a friend’s bday party held at a bowling alley next door to Rikers Island, “home of NYC’s boldest.” 😒
Rikers Island teen inmates adopt and tame homeless pit bull
EXCLUSIVE: Bronx woman suing city after spending more than two years ...
I added a video to a playlist Cocoa Tea & Nardo Rankin- Rikers Island
please email me at footworkent.. Anything will help teens on Rikers island
Had a great discussion with Michael Slate of KPFK on Rikers Island and -- have a listen! .
'Cause he knows I'm wasted, facin' time again on rikers Island and I won't get out because I'm crazy baby.
"Rikers is every jail and every jail is "Rikers." My convo w/ https…
Defense lawyer blasts Rikers inmate beat down by guards as "lying stoned retard" in tirade https:/…
Ya man a bird he on rikers island with the gray blanket green cup he walk in with a halal id in obcc 1 damu say YOU BLOOD? he said WHO? Lol
Do u know ths story re SOLITARY 2014 - Kalief Browder, Held at Rikers Island for 3 Years w/ot Trial, Commits Suicide
Cause he knows Im wasted, facing. Time again on Rikers Island and I wont get out
Me me me nah nah like Rikers island.. 🇯🇲
Sid Vicious burned guitar crazy-badass-Hendrix. In an alternate universe. The only thing Sid smoked was *** at Rikers Island.
I'm pleased to say I'll be at at Rikers Island tomorrow, with information about E3MC, our program, and
Rikers Island teens adopt and tame homeless pit bull
8 years ago today, Foxy Brown was released from Rikers Island
You don't even graduate from HS in New York, you just go to rikers island for a semester
The plan is to hit every Island except for Rikers
Violence and human rights aren't the only problems w Riker's jail- it's a dangerous sinking landfill. By
Get involved with campaign to close Rikers Island. Also Every Black Girl campaign. Also just bring your skills!
I got bars enough to build a rikers island 🚶🚶
Partnering with & Island for SMART Wellness Events for this week's
Rikers Island teen inmates adopt and tame homeless
5) Rikers Island … Rikers Island Prison, New York, is home to notorious convicts such as…
Teen inmates at take care of pitbull pets. AM puppy dog fix fix via
spent 3 years on Rikers Island after being ACCUSED of stealing a bookbag. is found guilty of manslaught…
More than halfway to our goal! Please support if you can. Let's get some ppl off island. .
ICYMI: 60 minutes segment on incl video of
Hacking phone is a must-see! Most I knew, yet horrified by this: Not Paid, Rikers Island, Hacking Your Phone
2014, a homeless veteran “baked to death” after being left in an overheated cell at Rikers Island.
Only island your mcm take you to is rikers
Hate going to clubs feeling like im on rikers island u searching all in my nuts no *** checking my socks like *** homie
Rikers Island: reports on why a U.S. attorney is intervening
Behind bars does not mean beyond the Constitution. tonight on SDNY's Rikers Island investigation.
"Yeah I've been to an island ... Rikers island"
Lightfoot spent two years at Rikers Island, accused of theft. Guards tossed him in solitary after beating him.
Taking my juvenile delinquency class on a field trip to Rikers Island.
I was proud to stand up for today with & 58 other groups! & see
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
NYC officials quietly reviewed alternate sites for Rikers via
yeah, it's still probably rough cause county here is Rikers Island, and that place is a mad house.
Shut it Down: Community Calls for Closure of Notorious Jail -
Designers launch a guerilla campaign to put Rikers Island on the NYC subway map
Venida Browder: should be demolished! Give it a name, no island.
Powerful testimony from Venida Browder, mother of Kalief Browder, on horror that is Rikers Island
Tune in to see The Bern drops this criminal where she belongs at Rikers Island
NYC officials quietly reviewed alternate sites for Rikers
A guerrilla campaign to correct an oversight on the subway map by labeling Rikers Island: https:/…
Rikers Island center of New School incarceration exhibit
They already are thinking about Rikers Island.
City now says it looked at Staten Island sites to help replace Rikers
Activists calling for shut down of Rikers Island
Hey would love to hear the candidates address the efforts to close Rikers Island.
Today 100's came to City Hall to launch campaign. Tomorrow we keep up the fight at NYC Criminal Court: http…
Rally at City Hall urges pols to close Rikers Island: As a commission weighing the future of Rikers Island kicks off its work, activi...
How a single sticker on a subway map could force New Yorkers to think about Rikers Island
Rikers Island center of in New School incarceration exhibit - NY Daily News
*Rikers Island collapses in flames*. ICE-T: We didn't need it, man. The real prison industrial complex was inside us all a…
Rikers Island is basically a slaughterhouse for the mentally ill.
Head of Rikers Island anti-violence unit allegedly ordered officers to punt an inmate's face https:/…
Bobby Shmurda gets moved from rikers island
CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE. Thank you Dr. Q, Lydia & Staff for supporting me at Rikers Island!. PHOTO: ( CKKE PUB)
"If 98% of kids at Rikers Island were white, there would not be a Rikers Island." this and other truths at
Nine guards on trial for beating of Rikers Island inmate in N.Y.
if we had 97% white youth (as opposed to Black & Brown) at Rikers Island, there would be no Rikers
Man dies at Rikers Island. & judges below sent him to death for petty theft. https:…
is why I fight for Act. Contact ur reps & don't let tragedies like this happen to others.
Rikers Island Adds More Search Dogs to Sniff Out Contraband: To sniff out contraband, the New Y...
Nine guards are on trial for brutal beating of Rikers Island inmate
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Grist investigates: The environmental disaster that is Rikers Island
Rev. Al Sharpton tours Rikers Island, doubts shutdown of jails by East River
COBA prez Norman Seabrook with an LTE in the Times askin about those "new jails" after Rikers Island
What would it take to close Rikers Island? [in 5 steps]: The movement to reform criminal justice has taken on…
Voguing started on Rikers Island in the 70s. It was called "Presentation" then "Perfomance" and in the 80s "Vogue"
Rikers Island jail opened in 1935 on land that was previously used for breeding pigs and as a landfill. Since its...
COD Leonard testifying FDNY will operate dedicated ambulances for Rikers Island to reduce response times in western
where do they send all the inmates if they happened to shut down RIKERS ISLAND ? Not enough space anywhere else
Rev. Al Sharpton is plunging headlong into the debate over the future of Rikers Island:
Not much consensus on future of but a plea to bring all parties to the table.
Send the 91 remaining detainees to Rikers Island, and house them with the Aryan Brotherhood, just to see what happens.
On this am: addresses Rikers Island reform
The Head Of Delegation plans to form Fact-Finding Committee into the Feasibility of Rikers Island Move and Prison Reform for Safety of ALL
Rikers Island can be fixed with the right leadership... It's been done before via
Little Consensus on the Future of Rikers Island at Sharpton Town Hall
if should be closed so should Rikers Island lol
"There's no sugarcoating it...there's a real crisis at Rikers Island." - Bronx DA Darcel Clark
Norman Seabrook"Rikers Island has become a dumping ground for mentally ill, homeless, and addicted
In NYC, woman to sue city for $3M for failing to protect her from male inmates at Rikers Island
I hope you'll watch this powerful piece following the woes @ Rikers Island jail. has been all over it
Topic: True Colors . "He was trying to rape me." - A transgender former Rikers Island inmate. A transgender...
conviction of 195.00 would be on Rikers Island.
“Rikers Island [jail] has come to represent [US] worst tendencies and biggest failures”-NYC council speaker h…
"The largest psychiatric institutions in the country are Rikers Island in New York and Cook County in Chicago." –Angela Davis
Bronx man acquitted of murder after 3 years at Rikers Island
A Rikers Island corrections officer has been charged with drug smuggling and rape, authorities say
Rikers Island corrections officer Nicole Bartley is charged with raping inmate | Daily Mail Online:
. Robert Penn, the Spanish Steven Seagal. Well I'm up to 83 movie scripts, Rikers Island with Vin Diesel.
Kalief Browder spent ~2 years in solitary confinement on Rikers Island without having been convicted of a crime.
I'm sorry but we don't need to pay McKinsey 7 million to figure out a fix to Rikers Island jail. We know how to reform. Free.
I spent 20 years in the Department of Correction in New York City on Rikers Island. That is why, as I said to Jedediah, I M a NYer
Respect to star alumni Miles Hodges & Carvens Lissaint for doing powerful, transformative work in NYC!
Much respect to star alumni Miles Hodges and Carvens Lissaint for doing powerful, transformative social justice...
DOC teams up with to keep inmates active and teach them life lessons through poetry. Reform
Loved your poets/Rikers Island piece—reminded us of a similar program we have with
Oh yeah, btw, binged on "Making a Murderer" this weekend and now am either going to take the LSAT or volunteer at Rikers Island.
We've brought poetry to an unexpected place: Rikers Island.
You really would be on rikers island if you were poor, old, homeless, with a burned face! You really would be locked up!
Rikers Island correction officer raped female inmate on bus, invited fellow guard to watch: la… via
At most 10% are in Department of Correction facilities outside Rikers Island.
great job today. From Revis island to Rikers island. Because you stole money from the JETS this game.
Check out the grays on the side of my waves/ I grew those on rikers island/ stressed out balled up in the cage
Compelling visual confirmation of Daily News conclusion that Rikers Island is NYC's biggest crime scene:
Waynes light up freestyle over the prison phone from rikers island is better than anything gucci mane dropped from prison.
How brought to an unexpected place: Rikers Island.
I believe it would be but I believe Rikers Island is owned by NYC and not the fed govt
Driver Parallel Lines part 23 ➤ TK Comes for Candy!. TK breaks into Rikers Island for some Candy
On poetry and public space, spoken word and the public library.
EXCLUSIVE: Female inmate accuses Rikers Island guard of rape
2 Rikers Island guards charged with organizing inmate attack -
On March 8, 2010, Lil Wayne was given a one-year sentence, which he served in Rikers Island.
Brooke Astor's son Anthony Marshall left in his own filth while at Rikers Island: lawsuit
Astor son left in own filth at Rikers Island: lawsuit: Socialite Brooke Astor’s son was left sitting in his ow...
Dysfunction is deeply embedded in the jail culture at Rikers Island
We are co-hosting a Summit on Youth Education at Rikers Island with on Friday 12/3.
On I go to Rikers Island with to speak with some younger inmates. https:…
b/d, buses delays due to Department of Corrections activity at Rikers Island. Allow additional travel time.
Listen to rare audio of 2Pac speaking on the Quad Shooting from Rikers Island
Protesters have gathered near the notorious Rikers Island prison in New York City to call attention to brutality...
"Kalief Browder was sent to Rikers Island when he was 16 years old, accused of stealing a backpack. Though he never…
Rikers inmate found dead in cell of apparent drug overdose A Rikers Island inmate was found dead in his cell...
Carmelo visited Rikers Island with VICE Sports: In the upcoming featurette, the third of its kind, Carmelo wil...
In court they treat me like an animal. But what did I see to be except a blossoming flower? -K.K. Rikers Island(inspired by Lucille Clifton)
New York Magazine uncovered everyday life in Rikers Island, in the words of inmates and correction officers:
A group of young adults at Rikers Island, got a visit from LL Cool J & Russel Simmons trying to…
New York City and federal officials announce a deal for sweeping reforms at Rikers Island
Calls to reform Rikers Island after suicide Sad.but things may now change.
Calls to reform Rikers Island after suicide
Calls to reform Rikers Island after Kalief Browder suicide
.Pres Seabrook: Corrections officers not to blame for Kalief Browder’s death after 3 years on Rikers Island
my alma mater bringing outreach to important places. 'Stella Adler Studio of Acting teaches Rikers Island inmates'
City courts have cleared 42% of the long-term cases on Rikers Island in past two months
"mentally, emotionally, you left Rikers Island." -Former inmate on the impact of acting classes.
The has an outpost in an unlikely place: Rikers Island
Stella Adler is the new black: Stella Adler Studio of Acting teaches Rikers Island inmates
The Stella Adler Studio of Acting teaches acting to inmates on Rikers Island via
Carlos Montero, arrested at 17-years-old, has been in Rikers Island without trial since 2008:
RIGHT NOW: Vigil for outside Rikers Island. Join us til 9pm at the corner of 19th Ave. & Hazen St.
Very very sad. Kalief Browder, man held for three years in prison without trial, kills himself
Rikers Island dangers due to city's inaction: DOI: Officials were asle...
Join us Thursday 6-9pm at the gates of Rikers Island for a vigil to mourn the loss of Please RT.
Rikers Island prison guards charged over fatal beating via /r/news
Times take on the heartbreaking death of Kalief Browder and need for reform in NYC Correction Dept
Justice? 400 people have been imprisoned at Rikers for at least 2 yrs w/out being convictd of crime
Mike and Mike back at it, reporting on more failures at Rikers Island:
Rikers Island prison guards charged over fatal beating
Rikers Island guards charged with killing inmate and coverup
So much wrong with this case. The trauma Kalief experienced from the age of 16, being locked in solitary...
I've been inside of every jail on Rikers Island ( Looking at escape possibilities). My favorite movie of ALL TIME...
.reviewed the city's report on Corizon, health care provider at Rikers. Not good.
The New York Times: A report details the repeated failings of Corizon, ... -
Children have no place in adult prisons. Mourning for Kalief Browder.
"Repot notes failings of Corizon, the Rikers Island health provider They handle the Henn Co. ACF too.
Something I wrote in response to Kalief Browder's death Monday: Joseph Ponte's reforms to Rikers Island
Prison guards arrested in connection to beating death of Rikers Island inmate
The inmate killed by guards had end-stage renal disease.?? Rikers Island Officers Are Charged in 2012 Death of Inmate
The jail brutality that pushed to suicide is torture under international law.
21, committed suicide Saturday. He was held in Rikers Island for 3 years without charge.
Man jailed at Rikers Island without charges for 3 years commits suicide
Feds: Rikers Island jail guard killed inmate, conspired with others to lie
Two Rikers Island jail guards arrested for allegedly beating inmate to death
Man jailed in Rikers Island for 3 years without trial kills himself:
CNN's Brian Todd reports on the abuse of Kalief Browder at Rikers Island jail. He spent three years behind bars...
MT This is Y is out of - Teen's Death in Solitary Cell Shows Health Failures at Rikers Island
Yelp! reviews of Rikers Island are strangely entertaining:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Anybody knows where exactly on 149 I have to take the bus that goes to rikers island ?
The Editorial Board also suggests that NY should "seriously consider putting courtrooms on Rikers Island"
Commenter on my Bronx court delays story: Why not bring the judges to Rikers Island?
NEW YORK (AP) — Fixing bureaucratic backlogs in the courts will reduce the number of people locked up in the troubled Rikers Island jail
Rikers island put rat poison on food b/c to the law,he's a "snitch" 4 filming the but not to me …
Cant be... R.I.P ... Am still ua biggest fan
Has anyone seen the U.S. rule of law lately?
About to start visit to Rikers Island detection facility w & Correx cmte. No cells. Report back later.
Hundreds of 16- and 17-year-olds are serving time in New Yorks adult prisons, including Rikers Island
Most people at Rikers in on nonviolent charges, too poor to make bail. Beauty is one of them.
The Island is Ridiculous: Rikers Inside and Out vía
Descending into LGA from Iowa, De Blasio had a prime view of Rikers Island, reminder of his long to-do list back home.
Everything that is wrong with this system
Beauty, in struggle to leave a life of drugs and prostitution, trapped at Rikers. Be sure to read Part 1 first:
Hope my *** on Rikers Island listening to the radio right now 🙏🙏🙏
story about one young women in Rikers. Example of absurdity of the policy of jailing .
War on drugs? it's failing ; moving and disturbing by Beauty almost turned her life around
Rikers Island guard faces prison sentence after inmate “baked to death”: via
A vulnerable black woman and the U.S. penal system. I disagree tho. It isn't 'broken'
This is a deeply depressing tale of how drugs laws in NY are so flawed...
Interesting perspective on interaction between health and justice systems and poverty.
For Mentally Ill Inmates at Rikers Island, a Cycle of Jail and Hospitals
Young people are going to Rikers Island to rot, mostly for nonviolent offenses. The wrenching story of one of them:
My passport needs to hurry up even thou I hate going to rikers island😞.
When visited at Rikers Island for three hours, they spoke about their love for women.
'Throwing charges at us is how them lawyers, police, judges, corrections officers & counselors make their money'
tragic lives, My friend Beauty almost turned her life around. Now she's lost to Rikers
I wrote a really long piece about drugs laws, Bronx, prostitution, addiction, and Rikers. If you bored, read it….
Ramsey Orta filmed Eric Garner's death and is jailed on Rikers Island on TRUMPED UP CHARGES. WHERE IS HIS LEGAL AID?
Ramsey Orta in Rikers Island as why speak, While Daniel Pantaleo is enjoying coffee at his home. Think About That.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Ramsey Orta the witness that filmed Eric Gardner's murder is in danger on Rikers Island
Listen to Norman Seabrook on the Brian Lehrer Show discussing violence on Rikers Island.
This forgotten isle in the East River between Bronx and Rikers Island has quite the
Prisoners rescue female guard from sex assault at Rikers Island jail
Rikers Island inmates helped rescue a female prison guard before she was raped by a convicted sex criminal on...
Sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes bad people do good things.
Rikers Island inmates save prison guard from rape
"Yeah, they got me in protective custody" - Bobby Shmurda:
Rikers Island prisoners stopped an attempted rape of a guard if you need some what the what? news.
Dramatic rescue inside Rikers Island in NYC after female correction officer attacked...
Great story inmates deserve pardon for helping officer at Rikers
Rikers inmates rip open locked watch post to save prison officer from rape: via
Rikers Island inmates broke into a locked room to save a female prison officer from being raped by an inmate:
"In the face of...push to reform Rikers, guards are either being defiant or are indifferent to demands for change."
62 cases where inmates seriously injured by guards in period when officials focused on reining in violence at Rikers
domain names
Great job for keeping focus on Rikers Brutality
Editorial: The Horrors Keep Coming at Rikers: The deadly abuse that continues to unfold at Rikers Island must end.
Read latest Rikers report alongside conditions described in "Slavery By Another Name" & you might just weep. htt…
Rikers Island is still horribly violent:
Take a virtual tour of the new isolation unit at Rikers Island.
There are at least 62 cases from Aug-Jan where inmates were brutalized by guards at Rikers, despite greater scrutiny
Prison guards have seriously injured at least 62 Rikers inmates in last 5 months, AFTER reform …
Rikers Island jail to open new unit for most difficult prisoners
Of the 62 cases examined in which Rikers officers beat inmates, 70% resulted in head injuries:
Violence by guards against inmates persists at Rikers Island:
A difficult job for corrections officers at Rikers Island is compounded by a lack of adequate leadership + oversight.
The New York Times has been examining problems at Rikers Island, as well as the New York City Correction Department, which oversees it. Here’s what you need to know.
Just got done watching vs Marv. Like Rikers Island, you *** can't escape these bars! History in the making
NYC will end solitary confinement for prisoners 21 & under . Background info on Rikers Island
Rikers ending solitary for inmates under 21 y/o by 2016. Also creating ultra-restrictive unit with 250 new beds
The agency charged with overseeing New York City jails has voted to create restrictive Rikers Island housing units for violent inmates and limit the use of solitary confinement.
New York Civil Liberties Union says new rules make Rikers Island a leader in solitary confinement reform
A must read communications Director of Fortune Society speaks about Rikers island and the importance…
"The only way we are going to decrease violence on is to realize violence is caused by rikers island" - BOC mem…
I find this interesting: One cohort took a trip to Rikers Island to work with the sentenced population and brainstor…
Board member Robert (Bobby) Cohen had a two-slide powerpoint on statistics of race in Rikers Island titled "Black and Hispan…
One day, Rikers Island is a cesspool for civil rights violations, the next it's "at the forefront of jail reform."
NYC will end solitary confinement for inmates 21 and under, placing Rikers Island at forefront of jail reform
[1/2] Just a few months ago, it was rumored the NYC would cancel contract with Corizon.
"Violence on Rikers island is caused by conditions on Rikers island" -board member Bobby Cohen
Ending solitary for young adults will put Rikers Island at the forefront of national jail reform efforts.
Cohen's PPT showed stop and frisk statistics by race (85% black and latino) mirrored race statistics of people held on Riker…
read more about the ESH unit here: and here: and here:
Officials adopt plan that would end use of solitary confinement to punish Rikers island inmates 21 yrs old and younger.
What killed Rikers Island inmate Victor Woods? Many questions but no answers via
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Bobby Shmurda stabbed to death in rikers island jail By cell mate
Bobby Shmurda stabbed to death in Rikers Island?! What?
Is it true that Bobby Shmurda got killed in Rikers Island!!??
The DOJ in New York has filed a motion in federal court to join a suit against New York City over brutality and civil rights violations against youth in the Rikers Island prison complex.
DOJ to sue over conditions at Island - WSWS
Man I Couldn't Do it Shout Out to All the brother in 7 upper Tho P.O.P Hold It Down! Island
U.S. to sue NYC over rights violations of teen Rikers Island inmates
Proud to announce the end of punitive segregation of adolescent inmates in New York City.
Next Steps on Brutality at Rikers Island: By suing New York City, federal prosecutors are pushing for faster p...
I would rather be gang raped by the inmates of rikers island than have to talk to my ex wife again.
"Next Steps on Brutality at Rikers Island" by THE EDITORIAL BOARD via NYT The New York Times
Meet the union chief pitted against Rikers Island reform. by
When I see a post about the kids at Rikers Island all i can think of is how many are being Raped?? They are so MANY BAD COPS
Rikers Island prison faces federal lawsuit over 'culture of violence' against teens
Rikers Island prison faces federal lawsuit over ‘culture of violence’ against teens
Feds sue NYC over Rikers Island jail violence
Avast! U.S. sues New York City over treatment of young Rikers Islan
I'll be at Rikers Island tomorrow morning trying to spread light in a dark place...
The Justice Department is planning to sue New York City over the treatment of adolescent inmates on Rikers Island:
Four months after NYW request city releases records detailing applications and partipication at Rikers Island nursery http:…
US Department of Justice to sue New York City over conditions at Rikers Island jail: The D...
US sues NYC over teen treatment at Rikers Island Jail | Al Jazeera America
DOJ Takes Legal Action to Address Pattern or Practice of Excessive Force and Violence at NYC Jails on Rikers Island. http:…
The Justice Dept. to sue Rikers Island for abuses at the jail detailed last August.
De Blasio, on Rikers Island visit, announces end of...
You won't be smiling on Rikers Island...
Feds sue over 'deep-seated culture of violence' in youth lockups at Rikers Island jail
A great prank by would be to lure the City Hall press corps to Rikers Island and then leave them there.
Thoughts About Us ! I read an interesting post from Martha Hunter about a few grown men riding on the subway bragging about their incarceration experiences. Unfortunately this is not that unusual as many people claim and hold on to their experiences regarding street and thug life. So unfortunate that those guys and so many others have little to remember or share that would be considered positive experiences. This brings me back to over 12 years ago when I sadly was held in a jail cell overnight on a false charge and experienced the communications between 3 younger men on their way to Rikers Island, which is a NYC holding jail with thousands on inmates awaiting sentencing or court cases before in many cases being turned over to New York State Corrections for incarceration at a upstate prison facility. The young men were actually bragging and drooling over what they would do when the bus took them to Rikers. One said he would go straight to the gym to work out. The 2nd said he was going to get some of that ...
Rikers Island guard arrested in death of inmate in hot cell .
Rikers Island guard arrested over death of inmate in 101-degree cell
He died in an overheated prison cell on Rikers Island. She’s charged with lying about having checked on him
Rikers Island guard arrested in death over inmate who ‘baked to death’
New York City mayor Bill De Blasio wants to pledge $130 million over four years to overhaul how the city deals with mentally ill and drug-addicted suspects, hoping to divert more to treatment instead of New York’s troubled Rikers Island jail complex. De Blasio’s plans, to be announced Tuesday, are based on the recommendations of a task force he appointed following a series of reports by The Associated Press detailing problems at Rikers, including the deaths of two inmates suffering from serious mental illness. The reforms are aimed largely at inmates with mental health and substance abuse problems who repeatedly end up in jail on minor offenses because there is nowhere else for them to go. The changes, which do not require city council approval, include offering stepped-up training for police to identify such suspects, using drop-off treatment centers for low-level offenders, and allowing more leeway for judges to order supervised release and treatment instead of jail. They draw on reforms already tri ...
The lawyer for the accused "subway shover" says his client, Kevin Darden," a human being, he is not a monster." The public defender asked,"...the public and the media to refrain from jumping to any conclusions." The prosecution has already concluded that Darden, "Acted without provocation," pushing 61-year old Wai Kuen Kwok onto the tracks at a Bronx subway station where Kwok was crushed by a D-train. Darden who was released from Rikers Island last Friday has been arrested 50-times since 1993 on such charges as attempted arson, assault and a knife-point robbery.
You were the first time offender at Incoming on Rikers Island, I was the guy who did your rectal exam 😍😛😛
Lmao when said was laying on the couch posing to b a model for rikers island on
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