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Rikers Island

Rikers Island is New York City's main jail complex, as well as the name of the island on which it sits, in the East River between Queens and the mainland Bronx, adjacent to the runways of LaGuardia Airport.

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Sexual assault by staff at Rikers Island doubled in 2016. Not a single officer was fired. No accountability.
I was a bit skeptical still. But then I met this woman named Cecily McMillan, former political prisoner at Rikers Island.
Plan to close Rikers Island requires major shift on how accused violent criminals are treated:
City to open "diversion centers" in effort to keep mentally ill off Rikers Island:
Rikers Island has become so dangerous that it can no longer accept inmate transfers from outside NYC
Hi Rosie, "locked up for life at Rikers Island." You are so original!!
The Island "Rikers" should be the only taxpayer funded refuse for a treasonous tr…
Corruption probe into City Jails deepens. DOC's own investigation unit now in the crosshairs. .
watching "Rikers Island An American Jail" what a documentary. Watching with teenagers...good lesson for them.
What everyone who has ever been on Rikers already knew:
ya man a bird the goons was at your barbercue starting trouble and you said MEL NOT HERE THIS AIN'T RIKERS ISLAND your man s…
NYC has a little over one year to start moving 16 & 17 year-olds off Rikers Island and they haven't identified a site for…
photo work at Rikers Island on Thursday..
"They don't play in the county jail" Jackie please go to Rikers island they'll eat your *** up
Rikers Island will look really amazing with the TRUMP logo on it, lit for everyone driving on the RFK to see.
An official at Rikers Island is accused of overseeing a spying campaign against city investigators
"Justice too long delayed is justice denied." quoting MLK Jr. . People on Rikers Island can't wait 10 years…
DOI accuses Rikers Island official of spying
So what time is macramé class, you guys ?. Me, trying to make friends my first day at Rikers Island
This is why the entire country should be paying attention to Rikers Island via
John Legend joins push to close Rikers Island - Musician John Legend weighed in on the city’s push to close Rik...
Finally got that call from Rikers Island . FREE *** ♥️ Gangstas don't DIE!
▶Rikers Island Has To Be Shut Down Now - “When we said we would convince the mayor to close Ri...
Rikers Island was named after a judge who was eager to uphold slavery
NYC investigators accuse Rikers Island official of spying
John Legend joins push to close Rikers Island
LOCKED UP FOR LIFE AT RIKERS ISLAND . after its closed . and not repaired . just them . https:…
We must prioritize bail reform to and end
Hey another NYC counterpart! Yes. But as u know Rikers Island is out of the mix if Bil…
Ex-inmates hail plan to close Rikers Island prison
Where are we going to put this piece of 💩, once he's caught,. If they close Rikers Island?!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So, they shutting down Rikers Island for good.. I wonder where they gon house all the inmates. . Cardell Collins...
Rikers Island has been a symbol of the problems created by mass incarceration & its effect on communities of color:
Jay Z and John Legend say awareness spread by Kalief Browder story is to thank for plan to close Rikers Island.
.Letitia James wants Rikers Island renamed for if notorious jail is shuttered
"we most close Rikers Island and end once and for all the despair and damage it causes"
Judge Lippmann is the mans for leading this commission, and just an incredibly pleasant human to work with.
New York mayor says violence-torn jail complex Rikers Island will be closed
This is huge. Rikers Island is such a symbol of criminal justice in NYC. Spent time there myself (as a reporter only, th…
Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced he wants to shut the city's notorious Rikers Island jail complex
De Blasio wants to spend $10.6B to close Rikers Island and move inmates to ‘borough-based jails’
Deadly New York City jail one step closer to shutting down for good by
They're finally going to close Rikers Island, America's monument to jail cruelty
& many other Black people's lives were taken because of the trauma they endured at Rikers Island
Mayor de Blasio vows to close Rikers Island
Let's hope this happens, we can't forget what happened to Kalief Browder.
Check out this post in the Breaking news vibe:. NYC mayor wants to close Rikers Island jail over next decade.
RIP Kalief Browder. Thank you Hov for bringing his story to the masses. . NYC will close Rikers Island within ten years. P…
Reversing course, Mayor Bill de Blasio is said to now support a plan to eventually close Rikers Island.
INFILTRATED! . When someone is visibly sharia-compliant, they are a Jihadi not a "Correctional Officer"at Rikers Island.
Too many women are incarcerated at We're working to change that.
Statement of Bill de Blasio on closure of Rikers Island:
Looks like NYC's infamous Rikers Island jail will actually be closing. It's been a long time coming.
Mayor de Blasio announces closure of Rikers Island Prison.
Typical corrupt LIB like will build even MORE prisons & staff them with the same abusive Democrat staff working at Ri…
The time has come to close Rikers Island
NY Mayor Bill de Blasio vows to close the Rikers Island jail complex: "It will take many years...but it will happen"
New York City will close the Rikers Island jail facility. It will take many years. It will take many tough decisions. But it…
How can we celebrate when the outcome is more prisons? —
Mass incarceration didn't begin in New York City, but it will end here. We're closing the jail on Rikers Island once and…
Rikers Island is an expression of a national problem. The mass incarceration era did not begin in New York City but it’s goin…
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Bill de Blasio just announced the city will close Rikers Island.
Rikers Island was named after a white supremacist name Richard Riker who labeled free Blacks in NY as "fugitives" & sent…
“Rikers Island in NYC is the largest penal colony in the world. Why is there not one book about that?”
PROUD of OUR MTA*PD* This perp with 31 priors should not be on my streets, Known Bloods gangbanger. Welcome to Rikers Island
Everybody should watch the Kalief Browder documentary on Spike TV...he was arrested at 16 years old and spent 3 years on Ri…
Fmr Asst Principal of school continues to help struggling youth make the transition to grad https:/…
This video footage of rikers crazy!
- Chasin' me all over town 'cause he knows I'm wasted. Facin' time again on Rikers Island and I won't get out -
When will City Hall hear us? Medical staff afraid to treat Rikers Island’s worst inmates
Rikers Island captain resigns after she's caught on video kissing an inmate.
I liked a video from Rikers Island Captain Caught Kissing Inmate
I fully believe Rikers Island is kept open to help perpetuate the stereotypes of "violent, unruly" black people.
I added a video to a playlist Rikers Island Captain Caught Kissing Inmate
Cuomo knocks de Blasio for Rikers Island staying open
- Phat Buddha under fire with 'Rikers Island' leggings, Activewear label Phat Buddha is selling the leggi...
Kalief Browder spent 340 days on/in Rikers Island for allegedly stealing a backpack. 183 of those days was in...
ALL DAY: A Year of Love and Survival Teaching Incarcerated Kids at Riker’s Island
FOR MY NEW FACE BOOK FRIENDS. WHO IS ROBIN K MILLER ? . . It's seriously like going to *** The minute you cross...
Juan Williams should have laid him out. If it was reversed Juan Williams wld B live @ 5 from Rikers Island.
• Ny : 39yo blood slashed all over head & body by 4-5 other bloods on rikers island: Rikers…
What do we do with the inmates who commit these crimes behind bars?
The NYPL Correctional Services Program collects books for detainees at Rikers Island. They have a wishlist:
Glad as able to book us a room at Rikers Island. Really wanted to experience prison life on the trip.
Rikers Island inmate slashed in bloody gang attack when is going to change the mana…
No Distractions! Rikers Open or close! What do we do with inmates who commit violent crimes in jail?
Cuomo's first words on end to de Blasio probes includes mention of record homelessness and issues at Rikers Island
new york state : Shut Down Rikers Island ! via
new york state : Shut Down Rikers Island ! - Sign the Petition! via
[Another person on] Rikers Island slashed in bloody gang attack
Rikers Island inmate slashed in bloody gang attack
This former inmate wants to close Rikers Island, and he has the mayor's attention via
Rikers Island is Homan Square is what is likely happens at Cook County
I spent a year at Rikers Island and hated every second
Rikers Island is definitely one of the worst places to ever be
At 16, Kalief Browder was held in solitary at Rikers Island for 3 years without a trial. At 22, he committed suicide. http:…
A series about Kalief Browder, who spent 3 years on Rikers Island without a trial, premieres tonight on
In 2010, Kalief Browder was accused of taking a backpack. He was held on Rikers Island for 3 years without a trial:
In 2013, Kalief Browder was released from Rikers Island. In June 2015, he committed suicide:
With all the respect Kalief Browder is due, he should turn the key to Sessions' cell on Rikers Island.
Rikers Island is for animals... this documentary is so intense.. jst so sad
Rikers Island is a gulag where black and brown men and boys are beaten and raped by corrections officers and other priso…
85% at Rikers Island not convicted? How big a scandal is that? Is there something called Justice in…
A teenager at Rikers Island that was starved, beaten, and tortured is sad. He wasn't himself anymore after that.
This American traitor...maybe pay more attention to dead babies all over your city..CPS fails..also Rikers Island r…
She's fixing to experience REAL hate at RIKERS Island when real thug girls get hold of her.
Mozart in the Jungle S03e07 is a breathtakingly beautiful piece of television
Why doesn't have a specials is beyond me! Even at Rikers Island we had tuesdays
Every opportunity counts! Kudos to for creating job opportunities for reentry citizens.
Season 3 of showcases Messiaen and the power that music has on community.…
People talk about New York. This is what it looked like from the perspective of Rikers Island.…
79% of detainees at the notorious Rikers Island are stuck merely for being too poor to make bail. now!
I was in juvenile detention center, and I was in Rikers Island. An...
NY Times features CEO Work Progress Program's work with helping formerly incarcerated with re-entry
This week I got to volunteer with at their business coaching day at Rikers Island. Incredible program with a big vision.
Rikers residents deserve more of this. Nice one
How ‘in the Jungle’ Brought an Obscure, Avant-Garde Piece of to Island Flavorwire
Getting Out and Staying Out is a great program that helps formerly incarcerated individuals obtain employment!
wouldn't work if not for the hard work, resilience of our participants. So proud of what we've built!
Yes, NYC is a bubble. So is MIT, Rikers Island. Problem is the resistance to saying "my bubble is just *better*"
An Organization Paves a Path Out of Rikers Island and Into the Job Market, via
a series of photographs from the bus to Rikers Island and a speech on humanizing the incarcerated. congrats sal. htt…
How ‘Mozart in the Jungle’ brought an obscure, avant-garde piece of classical music to Rikers Island
In the year since the movement went mainstream, little has changed – go inside our latest cover story http…
41-year-old Aitabdel Salem served 5 months in Rikers Island Prison because no one told him his bail was only $2.00.
But that aside, the correct Final Jeopardy question is, "What is Martha's Vineyard?" not "What is Rikers Island?" you ***
Sharon Jones once worked as a correction officer at Rikers Island. She was 40 when she released her debut single.
Rikers Island in New York City has a congressional representative? Cli…
Legal Aid Society lands $5.74 million on behalf of a mentally ill man who died at Rikers Island - Our Time Pres...
The three largest mental facilities in our country are LA County jail, Cook County jail, and Rikers Island. Not hospitals.
LA County, Cook County & Rikers Island are the 3 largest mental health institutions in US
They getting shipped to rikers island for about a week
Human remains found on NYC beach ID'd as missing Queens woman: The human skull and bones that washed up on Rikers Island have been id...
Human skull, bones found on Rikers Island identified as missing Queens flight attendant
One of my coworkers has been missing for months. They just found her remains by Rikers Island. I'm sick.
Rather do a 4-year bid on Rikers island than go to Oklahoma for four years
Six former Rikers Island officers were sentenced to prison for the 2012 beating of an inmate
Former Rikers officers get prison time for badly beating inmate
Sad update on Sierra Shields, missing flight attendant from Astoria; her remains were found on shore near Rikers Island, according to NYPD
Six Rikers Island guards sentenced to prison over inmate beating |
BREAKING: Remains of missing flight attendant Sierra Shields found near Rikers Island.
Human remains found near Rikers Island identified as missing flight attendant
Quite cause you hate me you know,. What it did to me hundred,. Percent real with,. Them down in uh clinton,. Lockdown rikers island
THEIR TURN BEHIND BARS: Six ex-Rikers Island officers get time for inmate's brutal beating https:/…
Guards at New York's Rikers Island get prison for inmate beating.
Former Rikers Island officers sentenced to prison for beating inmate
Judge orders 6 Rikers Island guards to prison for beating inmate
6 Ex-Rikers Guards Sentenced to Prison in Attack on Inmate: The penalties were delivered three months after t...
Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday announced new security measures for Rikers Island
BX PARK EAST..friend stabbed in back,friend shot in the head,assault on a teacher,Rikers island visit,arson…
NYC officials are authorizing the use of new equipment on Rikers Island
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
For the first time, some supervisors at Rikers Island will be allowed to carry Tasers 🔓
The mayor visited Rikers Island to unveil new initiatives aimed at keeping violence down:
Rikers Island inmate indicted after attacking 3 officers
According to the guards who work on Rikers Island, the prison is actually full of rare Pokémon.
Doubling down on violence makes no sense. So sad for New York.
Cause he knows I'm wasted facin time at rikers island
*** in there feelings on my tl pay them no mind to get it off my mind no what a time I'll be at rikers island
Meet the man who put Galaxy Tab S2s in Rikers Island.
Inmate humiliated after being forced to urinate in a bottle tried to kill himself twice
"Nobody deserves to be treated like that" https:/…
should learn the lessons of rally re the June 22 rally against Rahm Emanual's police brutality
A tragic end to a difficult life for a former Rikers Island inmate who was beaten by guards.
‘Kalief’s Law’ Passed in NYC to Honor Teen Tortured on Rikers Island via
Sunny day in NY, Roosevelt island bound for meeting. Great to move Monday marketing meetings,…
Rikers Island jail need to shut down and pay for this.
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Somebody should wrap her up in toilet paper snd throw her in Rikers Island
Congrats. You two have adjoining rooms at Pelican Bay or Rikers Island... your choice cuz you got it like that.
By locking away alleged HS backpack thieves & refer smokers to Rikers Island for years in pre-trial limbo.
Rikers Island inmate tried to kill self twice after humiliation
Staten Island Rikers inmate sues city for broken nose
So apparently, Rikers Island isn't mentioned on train & subway maps. Why not?
Just sent 20 y/o to rikers island for stealing baby food.
Today in 1981 84 Rikers Island inmates are freed early under new program to ease overcrowding
Last night Grace and I took out the garbage and Jenn remanded us to Rikers Island she was so mad
Meanwhile, is same state, teenager waits 3 years in jail to be tried.
and the sickest part? Your just happy they don't arrest u and drag u off to Riker's Island. All women goto Rikers for holding.
Man spends five months in prison because 'no one told him his bail was $2'
(New York Post) inmate sues to get his nose fixed after attack : A Staten Island..
OMG This man spent 5 months at not knowing his bail was only $2. How does t... http…
New York authorities announce indictment of 17 people in Rikers Island smuggling operation via
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Behind the Bars at Rikers Island on Its Culture of Violence and Proposed Reforms:
.‘Hidden America: Inside Rikers Island' reports on culture of violence + proposed reforms:
if these samsung TV deals are legit, i better not see ANYONE watching playoff bball or football like they in rikers island anymore
Can't wait for the world to hear the story of Alexis Henry, ASC alumni who was wrongfully detained in Rikers Island this year.
At the press conference to stand against sexual assault on Rikers Island.
Hey we had an idea for the next big patch. On rikers island you should make it a survival or another incursion on it. Thx
Providing Services to Rikers Island’s HIV and AIDS Population - The Brooklyn Reader
Rikers Island correction officer charged with trying to rape 13-year-old girl.
Unfortunately, it happens all the time -- With -Zero- accountability
go to pelican bay SHU. rikers island is a day care center
Currently at a friend’s bday party held at a bowling alley next door to Rikers Island, “home of NYC’s boldest.” 😒
Rikers Island teen inmates adopt and tame homeless pit bull
EXCLUSIVE: Bronx woman suing city after spending more than two years ...
I added a video to a playlist Cocoa Tea & Nardo Rankin- Rikers Island
please email me at footworkent.. Anything will help teens on Rikers island
All purpose parts banner
Had a great discussion with Michael Slate of KPFK on Rikers Island and -- have a listen! .
'Cause he knows I'm wasted, facin' time again on rikers Island and I won't get out because I'm crazy baby.
"Rikers is every jail and every jail is "Rikers." My convo w/ https…
Defense lawyer blasts Rikers inmate beat down by guards as "lying stoned retard" in tirade https:/…
Ya man a bird he on rikers island with the gray blanket green cup he walk in with a halal id in obcc 1 damu say YOU BLOOD? he said WHO? Lol
Do u know ths story re SOLITARY 2014 - Kalief Browder, Held at Rikers Island for 3 Years w/ot Trial, Commits Suicide
Cause he knows Im wasted, facing. Time again on Rikers Island and I wont get out
Me me me nah nah like Rikers island.. 🇯🇲
Sid Vicious burned guitar crazy-badass-Hendrix. In an alternate universe. The only thing Sid smoked was *** at Rikers Island.
I'm pleased to say I'll be at at Rikers Island tomorrow, with information about E3MC, our program, and
Rikers Island teens adopt and tame homeless pit bull
8 years ago today, Foxy Brown was released from Rikers Island
You don't even graduate from HS in New York, you just go to rikers island for a semester
The plan is to hit every Island except for Rikers
Violence and human rights aren't the only problems w Riker's jail- it's a dangerous sinking landfill. By
Get involved with campaign to close Rikers Island. Also Every Black Girl campaign. Also just bring your skills!
I got bars enough to build a rikers island 🚶🚶
Partnering with & Island for SMART Wellness Events for this week's
Rikers Island teen inmates adopt and tame homeless
5) Rikers Island … Rikers Island Prison, New York, is home to notorious convicts such as…
Teen inmates at take care of pitbull pets. AM puppy dog fix fix via
spent 3 years on Rikers Island after being ACCUSED of stealing a bookbag. is found guilty of manslaught…
More than halfway to our goal! Please support if you can. Let's get some ppl off island. .
ICYMI: 60 minutes segment on incl video of
Hacking phone is a must-see! Most I knew, yet horrified by this: Not Paid, Rikers Island, Hacking Your Phone
2014, a homeless veteran “baked to death” after being left in an overheated cell at Rikers Island.
Only island your mcm take you to is rikers
Hate going to clubs feeling like im on rikers island u searching all in my nuts no *** checking my socks like *** homie
Rikers Island: reports on why a U.S. attorney is intervening
Behind bars does not mean beyond the Constitution. tonight on SDNY's Rikers Island investigation.
"Yeah I've been to an island ... Rikers island"
Lightfoot spent two years at Rikers Island, accused of theft. Guards tossed him in solitary after beating him.
Taking my juvenile delinquency class on a field trip to Rikers Island.
I was proud to stand up for today with & 58 other groups! & see
NYC officials quietly reviewed alternate sites for Rikers via
yeah, it's still probably rough cause county here is Rikers Island, and that place is a mad house.
Shut it Down: Community Calls for Closure of Notorious Jail -
Designers launch a guerilla campaign to put Rikers Island on the NYC subway map
Venida Browder: should be demolished! Give it a name, no island.
Powerful testimony from Venida Browder, mother of Kalief Browder, on horror that is Rikers Island
Tune in to see The Bern drops this criminal where she belongs at Rikers Island
NYC officials quietly reviewed alternate sites for Rikers
A guerrilla campaign to correct an oversight on the subway map by labeling Rikers Island: https:/…
Rikers Island center of New School incarceration exhibit
They already are thinking about Rikers Island.
City now says it looked at Staten Island sites to help replace Rikers
Activists calling for shut down of Rikers Island
Hey would love to hear the candidates address the efforts to close Rikers Island.
Today 100's came to City Hall to launch campaign. Tomorrow we keep up the fight at NYC Criminal Court: http…
Rally at City Hall urges pols to close Rikers Island: As a commission weighing the future of Rikers Island kicks off its work, activi...
How a single sticker on a subway map could force New Yorkers to think about Rikers Island
Rikers Island center of in New School incarceration exhibit - NY Daily News
*Rikers Island collapses in flames*. ICE-T: We didn't need it, man. The real prison industrial complex was inside us all a…
Rikers Island is basically a slaughterhouse for the mentally ill.
Head of Rikers Island anti-violence unit allegedly ordered officers to punt an inmate's face https:/…
Bobby shmurda gets moved from rikers island
CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE. Thank you Dr. Q, Lydia & Staff for supporting me at Rikers Island!. PHOTO: ( CKKE PUB)
"If 98% of kids at Rikers Island were white, there would not be a Rikers Island." this and other truths at
Nine guards on trial for beating of Rikers Island inmate in N.Y.
if we had 97% white youth (as opposed to Black & Brown) at Rikers Island, there would be no Rikers
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Man dies at Rikers Island. & judges below sent him to death for petty theft. https:…
is why I fight for Act. Contact ur reps & don't let tragedies like this happen to others.
Rikers Island Adds More Search Dogs to Sniff Out Contraband: To sniff out contraband, the New Y...
Nine guards are on trial for brutal beating of Rikers Island inmate
Grist investigates: The environmental disaster that is Rikers Island
Rev. Al Sharpton tours Rikers Island, doubts shutdown of jails by East River
COBA prez Norman Seabrook with an LTE in the Times askin about those "new jails" after Rikers Island
What would it take to close Rikers Island? [in 5 steps]: The movement to reform criminal justice has taken on…
Voguing started on Rikers Island in the 70s. It was called "Presentation" then "Perfomance" and in the 80s "Vogue"
Rikers Island jail opened in 1935 on land that was previously used for breeding pigs and as a landfill. Since its...
COD Leonard testifying FDNY will operate dedicated ambulances for Rikers Island to reduce response times in western
where do they send all the inmates if they happened to shut down RIKERS ISLAND ? Not enough space anywhere else
Rev. Al Sharpton is plunging headlong into the debate over the future of Rikers Island:
Not much consensus on future of but a plea to bring all parties to the table.
Send the 91 remaining detainees to Rikers Island, and house them with the Aryan Brotherhood, just to see what happens.
On this am: addresses Rikers Island reform
The Head Of Delegation plans to form Fact-Finding Committee into the Feasibility of Rikers Island Move and Prison Reform for Safety of ALL
Rikers Island can be fixed with the right leadership... It's been done before via
Little Consensus on the Future of Rikers Island at Sharpton Town Hall
if should be closed so should Rikers Island lol
"There's no sugarcoating it...there's a real crisis at Rikers Island." - Bronx DA Darcel Clark
Norman Seabrook"Rikers Island has become a dumping ground for mentally ill, homeless, and addicted
In NYC, woman to sue city for $3M for failing to protect her from male inmates at Rikers Island
I hope you'll watch this powerful piece following the woes @ Rikers Island jail. has been all over it
Topic: True Colors . "He was trying to rape me." - A transgender former Rikers Island inmate. A transgender...
conviction of 195.00 would be on Rikers Island.
“Rikers Island [jail] has come to represent [US] worst tendencies and biggest failures”-NYC council speaker h…
"The largest psychiatric institutions in the country are Rikers Island in New York and Cook County in Chicago." –Angela Davis
Bronx man acquitted of murder after 3 years at Rikers Island
A Rikers Island corrections officer has been charged with drug smuggling and rape, authorities say
Rikers Island corrections officer Nicole Bartley is charged with raping inmate | Daily Mail Online:
. Robert Penn, the Spanish Steven Seagal. Well I'm up to 83 movie scripts, Rikers Island with Vin Diesel.
Kalief Browder spent ~2 years in solitary confinement on Rikers Island without having been convicted of a crime.
I'm sorry but we don't need to pay McKinsey 7 million to figure out a fix to Rikers Island jail. We know how to reform. Free.
I spent 20 years in the Department of Correction in New York City on Rikers Island. That is why, as I said to Jedediah, I M a NYer
Respect to star alumni Miles Hodges & Carvens Lissaint for doing powerful, transformative work in NYC!
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