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Riker Lynch

Riker Anthony Lynch (born November 8, 1991) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, actor, dancer, and is the singer and bassist of the band R5 with his brothers Ross Lynch and Rocky Lynch, sister Rydel Lynch, and best friend Ellington Ratliff.

Ross Lynch Rocky Lynch Rydel Lynch Ryland Lynch Ellington Ratliff Josh Hutcherson Niall Horan Austin Moon Ross Shor Lynch

Set de fotos: laurmaries: people i love: riker lynch
My first thought about Riker is how sweet and funny he is. He's super talented and special. I like to think of him as my brother, because I'm in the and best 22 year old ever. I love Riker Lynch!!!
I have an obsession with Riker Lynch
Being home always makes me so nostalgic
Can someone tag me for I have not been tagged and I can use some positvity
Btw don't forget about my follow spree tonight
Your smile. I like it. You should smile more :)
There is a guy in my year... No joke he is Riker Lynch with blue eyes 😍😍
R5 is moving on a new house with security and all... I NEED MY RIKER LYNCH NUDES BEFORE THIS HAPPENS!
I just found out that another one of my friends likes the same band as me r5 of course and she likes riker lynch and Ross Lynch just like I
Who are some people you would want to get drunk with? — Riker lynch
Ross rocky riker Ryland Lynch and Ellington Ratliff
I showered with Riker Lynch because he asked for it😎
Riker lynch is cute . He is very kool. Riker is very good at singing he is hot. :-)
lynch come on . # letsBeCops fan, get loud, se need you now ; )
Sometimes I watch glee just to see Riker Lynch.
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LIVING for the Ariana Grande video for Break Free - fun, fresh, playful, she looks INCREDIBLE and the song slays. Perfect …
Derrick tells Nicole that he promises he will tell her how the votes are going to end up before the live vote on Thursd…
Also, Zedd is looking DANG GOOD in the Ariana Grande video for Break Free, ugh I have such a crush on him. Sigh.
Who had the most positive influence on you? — Selena Gomez, Riker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Ross Lynch, Demi Lovato, M...
Ratliff Lynch has no definition. That's good
Ross Lynch: Ridiculously adorable actor who plays Austin on Di...
riker lynch: And awesome talented guy who is blonde and wear...
What do you say during awkward silences? — I say "riker lynch is sexy" that tends to get everyone talking
riker I really want you and the the others to come to Philadelphia please I never ever seen a show
Riker lynch looks really emo sometimes n I love it
if your a Riker girl. I love Riker Lynch
and riker Anthony lynch, ugh rossians
I only met Ryland burn the rest in concert
Your so lucky! I've seen them in concert but I've never met them!
Mr. Lynch.interesting do you see me if I'll draw you in the role of captain Riker?
Nope but I fixed it :) Have you ever met R5 or been to a concert?
Poster down! Poster down! I hate it when my posters fall off the walls :(
I love heart made up on you that song is awesome
Ok I'm freaking out because that song just came on now! Ah!
Lol...hey stay with me just came on!
cool lol I no a lot of people that age lol
lol so how old r u?and sorry if I keep asking all these questions
These r so cute lol and I made them lol
Same its hard sometimes lol to make a choice
I love that one too...I love all of them! Lol I am horrible at making decisions! I can't even pick my favorite song!
Same here but my favorite one is stay with me! Lol
Your welcome! I'm listening to easy love right now! I love this song!
Ha ha Rocky's face is like it's my time to shine lol he's funny
Awesome I'm listen to R5 talking about R5 and with me friends awesome
nope there doing Icarly but she will after the web show most liklu featured in NBC s Science of Love
he's lucky lol and is Sam eating . ( like always ) lol
Gibby was in a tub of ice how lovely
watching icarly I haven't seen it in like years
sorry but where I'm from I can't spell sorry
so I think we should just talk right here lol
Ummm whichever you want. Doesn't really matter to me.
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I remember when I loved Justin bieber but now I hate him I only like his music but nothing else
Riker I love u always and forever . ( I hope ) lol
Is there one person in your life that can always make... — riker lynch, kian lawley, ashton irwin and many many ...
at In N Out acting like he works here 😂😂😂
On the beach... Rt- late night walk with just Matt. Fav- Bon fire with all the boys
Who interacts with their fans the most?. Rt- Cam. Fav- Jacob
"We're excited because Ryland is finally able to put words together so he can tell us when hes hungry or needs to be changed" -Riker Lynch
Derrick: "I get speeding tickets all of the time." Nicole: "Don't you know the cops where you live?" Derrick: "No."
He is so cute because when he flips his hair MOMMA LIKE
How would you describe your perfect sandwich? — riker lynch and Ross Lynch with a side of Ellington Ratliff and ...
Do people realize this is Riker. Anthony. Lynch.? It's not Luke Hemmings for the millionth time
go Germany! I luv Germany they r going to win I just have this feeling
hey.can u following me please if u r the real Riker Lynch
Don't spoil it for us Riker Anthony Lynch
“There's nothing more awesome than being yourself.” -Riker Lynch
“Life is short. Be happy. Smile. And remember that the glass is half full.” -Riker Lynch
“You love who you love. It doesn't matter.” -Riker Lynch
if they vote out Caleb I'm never watching this season of bb again and I'm dropping a boulder on my tv
Riker Lynch play the BASS Connor Ball play the BASS
do u ship riker lynch and bethany mota? — Sort of
You make my heart be broken, more and more and more in each video. . For Riker Lynch
"No matter how much you love someone you can't make them fall in love with you" - Riker Lynch
"You love who you love, it doesn't matter" - Riker Lynch
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Riker with a fan in Puerto Rico. Credit to owner
Rocky & Riker with a fan in Puerto Rico 2 days ago. Credit to owner
Riker & Ellington with a fan in Puerto Rico a couple of days ago. Credit to umkian
Riker & Rydel with a fan at the airport in LA a few days ago (or Puerto Rico😁). Credit to hershey_r5
R5 are amazing... I love you Riker Lynch :D
*brb jumping off a cliff because Riker Lynch*
Rocky Lynch and Riker Lynch in the Wedding Band [HD]. . I don't even want to know.
I just don't think anyone fully understands how important Riker Lynch is to me
read it bc it's short i'll pay. Read "First Loves. A Riker Lynch/R5 Fanfiction - The finding."
hi 200+ mutals I'm becca and I love food, music, nutella, cimorelli, rydel and riker lynch👽🌙
read my last chapter bc you're awesome. Meet me over here part 2"
the big Riker Lynch Sing along in the hallway
Hi Riker Anthony Lynch , You Can Send a Greeting in spanish to the girls in chile? I love you
Plot twist; Riker announces that Raura is official and then reveals he was the biggest Raura shipper all along.
Yes. He does like "Ross Lynch ft. r5" but he doesn't have the choice. It's the marketing team who choose
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R5 says they hate it when it's 'R5 ft Ross Lynch' but the EP cover is basically giant Ross head with the rest of R5 in the b…
ll Riker Lynch white border icon ll Credit me if your using ll
Riker Lynch, you re gonna be the death of me.❤😍
People say angel doesn't exist... But they just don't know Riker Lynch
Me when I see Riker Lynch in all his sexiness
Riker lynch isn't just a person. He is a way of life
When you and your friend are trying to convice somebody you're dating Riker Lynch:
"Riker lynch everybody. Queen of the coconut bras. find this unbelievably adorable
Your daughter: mommy who was your idol ?. You: Riker Lynch :). Your daughter: daddy was your idol ? . Riker: http:…
Riker lynch is my favorite person from R5 and his the hottest guy from R5:)
"Once again Riker spilling things before he's supposed to lmao Everyone: Riker Lynch.
I'm jack sparrow and riker lynch still seems to find no interest in me
Person: OMG. Ross Lynch is so hot. *points to picture of Riker*. Me:
Bad Hair Day based on Ross Lynch and Riker Lynch's life
I'll never meet Ross Lynch. I'll never meet Riker Lynch. I'll never meet Rocky Lynch.
Who is your celebrity crushes? — Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch, Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch (>>>>) I'm gonna go so out he...
I was watching the old Disney music videos and saw that Ross and Riker Lynch were in a Hannah Montana music video.
well my siblings are Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch, and Ryland Lynch. Rydel, Rocky, Riker, and I are in a band(c)
New stuff on R5 Closet. My shirt worn the in Without You video ha
Please'm your number one fan like all I ask please follow me riker lynch
. Riker lynch you came a long way and know you are 22 is it fun being older in the family and I love you .
He´s a total JERK, NERD, and yeah, a total WERDO. He says his R5 Album or something is bomb, but seriously, when is it going to EXPLODE???!lol P.S, don't you dare steal this joke or else u´ll pay, and I watch everything. want PROOF? Can see many o you guys are in a room, kitchen, and eeww, who plays a laptop after taking a shower?! and more.
can you do Riker lynch or Ross Lynch?
nice to meet u what girl do u like ? Of RP so I can be her
I'm sorry, Britain's Got Talent is just giving me a lot of feels.
Listen: gives some details on band's upcoming album:
Ross Lynch's nipple i wanna see how far this goes
Well, you're always there for me, I'm just returning the favor.
Two people I think would be a good couple cx
*Pours you a drink and hands it to you*
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Oh hey guys something weird last night when I was babysitting. The 10 year old boy, kept saying will u date me and I said no. Then he kept saying if he looked like someone I liked would I? And I said maybe Lol. Then he picked up my phone and turned on the screen and saw Riker Lynch 's picture and said u sure like this guy alot. If i looked like him would u date me? I cracked up laughing and I said sure if u looked like Riker I would. I was just joking with him but he said his name all night was Riker Lol!!! It was pretty funny. Love, Payton ♡
Lol finally get to go home yay!!! Hey Riker Lynch did u see those comments from that one girl. Umm the post about the movie u posted. See other fans hate me for no reason!!! I don't get it!!! This is why I want to close ur fanpage
im pretty sure this is you when someone calls you Riker Lynch
Who are your heroes? — 6 awesome people.Named.Rydel Lynch ,Ross Lynch,Rocky Lynch,Riker Lynch,Ellington Ratliff,...
Photoset: rikerspider: Riker Anthony Lynch, you are a work of art.
I had a dream that drove us into a lake and tried to tell Ross and Riker that we went through a puddle looking f…
“My best friends are extremely crazy, but I love them anyway.”
R5 is an American pop rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2009, the band consists of: Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch, and Ellington Ratliff. In March 2010, they self-released an EP, Ready Set Rock. R5's debut EP Loud was released on February 19, 2013, which featured the lead single and title track "Loud". The band's first full-length album, Louder, was released on September 24, 2013 and the album not only includes the four songs from Loud but also seven new songs. The lead single from Louder, "Pass Me By", was released on iTunes on August 20, 2013. The music video premiered on August 29, 2013 on the band's Vevo channel.
if you vote Riker Anthony Lynch will send you nudes
"We just like to write songs about girls in general." -Riker Lynch about writing songs ( )
Let the real picture with you and that you want here: Rydel Lynch, Ross Lynch, elinghton Ratliff, Riker Lynch, Lynch roky just choose for example if you want a picture to eg let-em or roky roky-evo picture and your name if you want to tell color . if something is not clear in the comm :P
Glad I got to see my buddy this weekend! Haven't been able to hang out with him for a while☺️
Here's a backstage from Are you listening to All Access right now on Radio Disney?
Well, it was definitely a good try.
Dear Pringles, I'm no longer a child and cannot fit my hand inside your tubes of deliciousness. Sincerely, Everyone ov…
“That was scary omg, were currently trapped in Nandos” stop crying you little baby this is awesome
One direction and Justin bieber and Ross Lynch feud is on for good according too reports and a source says that Justin hates one direction and Ross Lynch style makes them to goody while one direction and Ross Lynch think Justin new image is to far and dont get this whole feud thing other reports saying that it's a ravliey between them one direction and Ross Lynch are not in a ravliey but Justin seems to think they all are the raviley isn't dating each other's grilfreinds but cloud be over style like hair styles ( like in the past ) clothing music or acting roles some think this feud is over girl's like selena gomez who's been on/off again with Justin bieber while niall has been on a few dates with her and same with riker lynch Ross's older brother and mondel Barbara pavlin (who both niall and Justin dated at the same time ) and some think the feud really started when Ross Lynch and one direction give Justin advice not to spit on your fans but he seem to took the advice the wrong way calling them goody ...
Same. I really want to sleep, but I have to take the kids out today. :/
Gazebo. In a gazebo. Only in my dreams will Riker lynch almost kiss me in a gazebo. :(
Im attempting to say this in the nicest way: THIS ISNT LUKE HEMMINGS. IT'S RIKER LYNCH FROM R5 WITH HIS BROTHER ROCKY
Nice face riker and happy birthday papa lynch.
Thanks! I'm finally married to the love of my life :D
'Riker Lynch' backwards is 'Rekir Hcnyl' which means Perfect... in a language i just made up.
"The day in the life of Riker lynch.. as he's walking through the airport..."
*Lynch is my # & It trended, & tell Rydel that she's my Idol, that Rocky's awesome, That Ratliff's so cute, & that Riker
Riker Lynch when u get online please accept my brother request
Love who you want to love, it doesn't matter. ~ Riker Lynch
Álbum de fotos: make me choose || asked by anon Rocky Lynch or riker lynch?
o but I bought like 500 things i went there with $30 and came home with 3 😂😂😂😂
//I'll dm you some more pics bc ppl like stealing pics and claiming them 😒
Hamilton Collection
a riker lynch is all I need in my life
yes our favourite Riker Lynch in the world!!
if you think Laura Marano is one of the most beautiful girl. . Ignore this if you don't think she is.
Imagine you had one day to spend with Riker Lynch and you got to either Go on roller coasters and then cuddle or have him sing to you all day and cuddle? Love, Payton
Hey guys I'm so sick of people freaking out that I'm not Riker Lynch!!! Get over it please I'm just a 15 year old girl that made a fanpage for my CRUSH Btw it's Riker Lynch! Sooo it says fanpage. Omg most of you took it well but some of you are like jerks!
I love these two pictures Lol!!! Expecially the shower one. Lol Riker is so sexy. The real Riker fill free to comment Riker Lynch Riker Lynch Riker Lynchboy Riker Lynch Riker Anthonÿ Lynch Riker Lynch
that's right...kinda crazy but we made it yeaa!! with Laura Marano, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Riker Lynch and me ;)
Riker Lynch is just Riker . Ross Lynch is just Ross . Rydel Lynch is just Rydel . Rocky Lynch is just Rocky . Ellington Ratliff is just Ell
Which celebrity would you like to meet? — R5 duh!. Riker Lynch. Ellington Ratliff. Rydel Lynch. Rocky Lynch. Ross Lyn...
so is ur favourite lynch boy Riker ?
CHRISTMAS ONE-SHOT! (Riker :d) Riker and you are happily married, and you have been for a (cont)
“Riker Lynch the type of *** to put a smiley sunglasses emoji at the end of a sext” OHDN
“Riker Lynch the type of *** to feel bad when he runs someone over on grand theft auto” KU MYFOD
“Riker Lynch the type of *** to wash his hands after he talks dirty” I CRMEN BREANF
DAYN! I saw a video of R5 singing on stage and Riker got attacked by CRAZY fans! Even Ross Lynch thought it was CRAZY! I could tell he did because he did a cuckoo sign when he looked at Riker! HA! CLASSIC! But no, I don't like neither of them I only like Rydel Lynch! She ROCKS!!!
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I met R5 yesterday... That sentence doesn't sound normal.. I wanna go back to the moment when Riker stepped out of the elevator. Can I please?! ANYDAY AND ANYTIME they come to Georgia, I'm going.. Doesn't matter HOW MANY times I'll meet them. People say I said all the things I said about R5, about 1D to, THIS is real. I'm crying right cause it just hit me that I actually MET RIKER LYNCH. Ellington Ratliff. Rydel Lynch. Rocky Lynch. AND Ross Lynch. Like oh my god. We I was hugging Riker he said they are coming back to Georgia REALLY soon.. I'm going. I love them so much.
aw I was searching for Riker Lynch in Google and this cute pic just appear! Look at your sweety little face
Also, friendly reminder Riker said WE are allowed to kiss them on the cheek, but they can't kiss OUR cheeks. So pucker u…
Riker is the only one who actually tells us what he's doing all the time
If you want that Ross Lynch win in the
can i date a Riker Lynch look alike please?
Riker (I apologize for spelling if I spelled that wrong) Lynch was on Glee and I was like WHERES DANIELLE!
on my friends phone I have been Ashley lynch for a long time
I just posted Chapter 33- London for my story California Love (A Riker Lynch Fan Fiction).
*smiles* Do you know who I am? I am /the/ Riker lynch. You can't just kiss me like that *laughs and tickles you again*
Ross,I wish I was at Summer Off Concert 2014,and so I can meet you Ross,and meet your brother Riker Lynch from the group called R5?
Riker Lynch is one of my favorite people ever😊
riker anthony lynch. i want to cry. cheer me uP?
Riker, can we be your…?: We’re so in love with Riker Lynch, we’ll take any opportunity to be as close to him a... http…
No, I meant who you like more of Lynch to put their last name mean? Woman I'm Riker :3
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Im following your brother Riker lynch
how does one get riker anthony lynch to open her DMs on Instagram?
RIKER LYNCH OR Ellington Ratliff ???. RET: RIKER . FAV: ELLINGTON . But we know that R5'ers love the both ;)
your name in Irish is Riker Lynch which means "Dope *** Pirate" in my language
Photo: Outfit for Riker Lynch by r5superirish featuring converse shoes ❤ liked on Polyvore Converse shoes /...
Photo: RIKER ANTHONY LYNCH:) by r5-girl ❤ liked on Polyvore Photos of Riker Lynch / Riker Lynch / Riker...
Someone drive me to New Haven after class on Thursday so I can make out with Ross Lynch. You have my permission to make out with Riker.
My Riker Lynch. Well actually he's my man crush everyday lol😊💗
I love you Riker Anthony Lynch. You make my world spin around thanks for being you
Riker Lynch of R5 was a warbler on Glee?. Spot the cute blonde!
Well, I love R5, and Glee, and I LOVE Riker Lynch, so I thought I would make this because Riker is just, gah, just too perfect to even describe with words. J...
Ross and his Uncle Shor were born on the same day, which is why his middle name is Shor. Ross believes guitar is the center of R5's music. Ross says he loves how when the guitar is playing then the bass jumps in and he loves how the bass sounds. PopStar's exclusive 2013, "Ross always dreamed of starting his own band and rocking out with his music". He is in a band called R5, with his siblings and close friend. His family tree in order: Mark Lynch, Stormie Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch (himself), and Ryland Lynch. His favorite A&A songs are Illusion, Na, Na, Na (The Summer Song), Double Take, Not a Love Song and A Billion Hits, revealed in one of Disney's "5 Faves". Ross said when he was younger, he and his family would go down to the basement and dance on a checker board and have fun. RoslynRoss Taking a Fun Pic with Pixie! He had never been to Disney World until 2012. According to sources, his favorite animal is a Siberian Tiger. He really wants to go to Africa and the UK. He i ...
Ross Shor Lynch (born December 29,1995) is an American actor, singer, dancer, artist and musician. Ross is also in a band with his three siblings and their best friend. The band is officially named R5. One of his siblings (Eldest brother, Riker Lynch) has a minor role on the FOX hit series "Glee" as Jeff Sterling, one of the Dalton Academy Warblers. He was raised in Littleton, Colorado. He plays Austin Moon on Austin & Ally. He also starred on the DCOM Teen Beach Movie, which aired on July 19, 2013.
Fotoserie: live-love-r5: A never ending list of pretty people: Riker Lynch
I think u r very very sexy and i really want to marry u .But I dont if u want to marry a caramel skined girl that is nine yrs younger than u but I have to say that head over heels 4 u I hope to see u I live DixonsMills, Alabama
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Riker Lynch - R5 got to twerk with One Direction
I got Riker Lynch on "Which R5 Boy and Ryland is Your Match? *With Story*" YEA RIKER!!
Yes you are. You're jealous because I'm more awesome then you are!
HOT EXCLUSIVE: is going to present at the
I am not jealous. You're jealous of me.
Ross & Riker Lynch bring to Western Canada in April! Get your tickets now to see these stars live:
ATTENTION EVERYONE: I am the real riker lynch Idk who this guy is
I hate being tickled and I don't enjoy hugging anyone but my family or Riker lynch
Riker Lynch wearing glasses and a beanie at the same time.
Ok.. mine is "I kissed Riker Lynch because I love him"
The story of our lifes presenta a jeff ( riker lynch)
I was watching 'Sunday School Musical' then i saw Rydel and Riker Lynch :) They Looked so cute!!! ❤️💕💙 x
-down on my knees- Riker Lynch will you follow me from ?
We need a Jeff (Riker Lynch) and a James (Rocky Lynch) in my RPG so we can have all of R5. COME JOIN PLEASE!
the definition of Riker Lynch: perfection❤️
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Wondering if I like Ross Lynch or Riker Lynch ? Lol . Ross ofcourse . But who's your fav ?
I'm actually super happy he's there! I'm hoping and praying that Ross, Riker or Rydel Lynch also go (:
The hottest dude would have to be between Niall Horan, Josh Hutcherson, and Riker Lynch
I think her girlfrnd suck. Riker and Laura should date to make Ross Lynch jealous since he chose Maia Mitchell over Laura Marano! hey, no offense!!! First of all, Riker and Laura Marano make a cute couple, or maybe she´s just 2 perfect for the lynch boys!
My trip to Dunkin Donuts was a total success
R5 (four Lynch siblings: Ross, Riker, Rocky & Ridel, along with Ellington Ratliff) are in the DAILY DOWNLOAD with...
Hav resorted to lookin ah evrytin riker type in riker lynch nd im lk wha do I watch ahh
Ross : You are so sweet!. Riker : What?. Rocky : Why? . Ratliff : Me?. Ross : No,the one who is in the front of the scree…
Am I the only one that's noticed Ross and Riker Lynch is in the class room scene of Hannah Montana- Ordinary girl
“Riker with glasses is super sexy smile is perfect
Today in English class, I had to answer which best band for me, I was really happy and said R5; Ross, Riker, Rocky; Rydel Lynch and Ratliff♡
"“I made this. Find who you're married to Riker Lynch aye" Cody Allen Christian.
Honestly having pizza with Riker Lynch seems like the best date ever
Science Teacher: "What's the hottest thing in the world?". Me: *quickly raises hand & shouts* ROSS & RIKER LYNCH, DUH!! 😱😍
Lee trying to remember stuff about me is like riker lynch trying to spell flappy bird, it doesn't happen.
riker lynch We're trying flabby bird.. 😑
is on a break from filming... Do Ross Lynch and Laura Marano miss each other?!
I don't like how Riker Lynch shares a name with me... gtfo.
I have the same problem as u on falppy bird its such an addicting game am I right?
Yes. I can't get past the first poll. I'm really bad.. 😬. “have you played flappy bird?”
riker freaking anthony lynch you should see this amazing photo I took on New Years
This picture is too adorable though! 💜😘😝
Who's cooler: captain jack sparrow or captain riker lynch? I'd have to say captain 😎
I think there's a pretty good chance he'll see this. RIKER ANTHONY LYNCH LOOK AT THE PICTURE! 😂
Hey Riker, when will come to Monterrey???
Hey Riker, when will come to Monterrey??
Hey Riker, when will come to Monterrey?
Ross Lynch is my number one lol Then Rocky and Riker Lynch. Mm
Ross: can i get a heck yeah?. Ross: can i get Riker Lynch is a sexy, sexy man and I want to make love to him. Riker: O.o. JAJAJAJAJAJA
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Riker Lynch is probably my favorite. He's such a babe.
Overheard: Come on guys blow up my inbox thingy idk - RIKER LYNCH
Swimming with Riker at the Lynch house (For xx).
for riker lynch. Fav for Mitchell musso.
“Riker is so cute in this - unicorns of the sea- Riker Lynch this is the most adorable thing omfg
Riker copying off you during a test. you: Quit!. Ri: But you made a mistake. You: Where?. Ri: Your last Name. It sho…
I need him. I need him. I need him. Riker Anthony Lynch❤. I need you!
Photo: my brothas are cooler than yours :P  rikeralynch-rp
I'm. Gonna. Kill. Riker Lynch for posting that pic of me!!!
Girls!!!say everything what they think that it is Riker Lynch of R5 ;P _Comment ;p _her name, and what they think of
Comment block thanks to my brother Riker Lynch. He's so dead -.- Lol.
Which Celeb do you ship me with? Josh Hutcherson, Alexander Ludwig, Riker Lynch, Louis Tomlinsin, or Tom Felton?
||. I swear to god, Riker Lynch will be the death of me .
SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL! Go behind the scenes with guest stars Riker Lynch (R5) ...
third part of my story : I arrived at the show and was almost touching the stage, R5 started playing after Cali Girl Falling For You and so on . When the show ended I saw an open door next to the stage , took a peek , and my God , was backstage Riker Lynch ! Do not think twice, walked and spoke : _ Hey Riker ! - I talked a little nervous . _ Hey ! - He said coming towards me . _ How did you get in here? - He asked curiously . _ Good .. I saw an open door and entered , 'm kinda curious . - I said laughing . _ You have a beautiful smile ! - He said taking the bangs from my face . _ Brigade ! You are also , after all, is not for nothing that I 'm your fan! - I said smiling . _ Long time I do not get on so well with a girl ! - He said sitting in the dressing room balcony . _ Really? - I said sitting down next to him . _ Seriously ! After my daughter was born I started to dedicate myself to her and the band . - He said eating chocolate and offering me one. _ Brigade , to diet . - I said and he laughed a little ...
i dated a Riker Lynch poser a long time ago, i wonder what happened to him.
I've come to the conclusion that I just love guys in ties. Especially when that guy is Riker Lynch and he paired it with a plaid short-sleeve :)
Is it weird I like Riker Lynch better than Ross Lynch? Personally, I think Riker is better at singing and dancing.and is more attractive. But yenno. Ross is cool too.
Buffering Series - Ep 5 "It s All Part of the Plan" Guest Starring Riker Lynch, Joe Moses, & more
Photo: yayrydelr5: Riker: thanks for always being there for me your more than a brother your...
Diva man . headband man and Jammin' Man ready to fight crime
Ha Ryland and I matched and photobombed guess that's his second career
The obsession I've got with R5, Teen Beach, Ross Lynch and Riker Lynch 🙈there perfection
Chapter 5 of Why Did You Have To Be My Enemy? a Riker Lynch Love story is now up!
Ross Lynch, Mr Riker Lynch,. You know my wishlist really isn't long. All I want for Christmas is a pass. (Just one pass). One pass for VIP
We're saying Merry Christmas to me and my friends? Please WE LOVE RIKER ANTONY LYNCH
I slept with Riker Lynch because I can
1 think i wanna do before im 30:. MARRY RIKER LYNCH
isn't Riker coming too see you Mrs Lynch?
Riker Lynch is my weakness literally I try so hard to be pop punk but he breaks me
Riker Lynch . don't even look at me
he just gives us rikER ANTHONY LYNCH
can I rent Riker Lynch for the day. I think I've been good enough to get that yay
seriously I mean, how could you hate my face?
Good, because I could never hate you, bro!
Who is better Justin bieber or riker lynch?. DEFINITELY ROSSROSS
Unless you're Riker Lynch. Then yes, a lot of girls want you.
This is what I was talking about in my last post. Riker Lynch, Matt Kane and Dan Howell. All hot on their own but...
Ross, what Riker Lynch is going to give you for this Christmas?
Riker Lynch can Riker Lynch his way into my bed.
Spongebob swims in pools in the sea. I say Riker Lynch is my husband, I don't see the difference.
can you give me Ross Lynch and Riker Lynch for christmas please? I've been good this year
I asked for one thing, one thing only, and that was Riker Lynch.
“I blackmailed Ross Lynch because i can I kissed Riker Lynch because he ate my cookie. 🍪
I kissed Riker Lynch because he wanted me too :D
"I slept with Ross Lynch because it was a dare i tickled riker lynch because i can
Er meh gurd. If Riker Lynch from R5 was under my tree just munching on cookies I would probably pass out. Then when I woke up to him kneeling over me I would sit up, tackle him while yelling "ER MEH GURD IT'S JEFF THE WARBBLER!!! JUST ER MEH GURD!" Then I would steal one of his cookies! lol
Whoever puts one or more of these under my tree this year wins my love. Bonus points if they're naked. Andrew lee Potts colin o'donoghue Niall Horan riker lynch Robbie Kay or Paul Wesley.
Rydel Mary Lynch is the only girl in a family of five children. Rydel is a unique blend of beauty, sass and tomboy. Her innocence and sweet heart are her trademarks, but she is also an amazing dancer and actor. She can be seen dancing with her brother, Riker Lynch, in the DVD movie, Sunday School Musical (2008), and on several commercials and dance DVD's, including a recent Sears commercial featuring Vanessa Hudgens and as the lead in a new "Bollywood Dance" video. Rydel also just completed a major dance/video production called "AC Zone: The Musical", soon to be released. She was also just featured in a new Nick Cannon movie called School Gyrls (2009). Rydel plays keyboards, tambourine and sings with the family rock band, "R5".
Fans please understand this message: Fans attention please!!! I will not respond to your messages it will be very rare if i answer the only people i will speak to is thease following people. Rydel Sprouse Ross Lynch Riker lynch Maia mitchell Skai jackson Jessica Chambers Lucy Beckett Peyton list Thanks for understanding FANS PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME AS I WILL NOT REPLY
I am a die-hard Glee fan and there is a group called The Warblers on Glee and a member of that is Jeff the Warbler played by Riker Lynch. He is also in a ban...
"Im the oldest of the group, but don't tell anyone." -Riker Lynch.
Mientras Riker Lynch me ignora. La gripe me quiere dar. F.RikerLover~
My friend painted Riker Lynch for me!
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Guy just tried to talk to me saying he's Riker Lynch. A musician (from the band R5) who lives in california (that is not Dallas) and is on tour right now (or may have just got done with the tour). Lmao what even?
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