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Riker Lynch

Riker Anthony Lynch (born November 8, 1991) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, actor, dancer, and is the singer and bassist of the band R5 with his brothers Ross Lynch and Rocky Lynch, sister Rydel Lynch, and best friend Ellington Ratliff.

Allison Holker Rydel Lynch Ross Lynch Ellington Ratliff Noah Galloway Rumer Willis Rocky Lynch Willow Shields

Riker Lynch lockscreen. Rt, quote, or fav and I will DM it to you (must be following)
I think Trash belonged with RIKER lynch
the best two DWTS freestyle that were not contemporary are probably James Maslow and Peta's and Riker Lynch and Alison's!
Donald trump and riker lynch both belong to the same rare rotten banana looking rats species
Meet the Cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 20 : Riker Lynch via
When and I found Ross Lynch and then tried to ask him where his brother Riker was.
Riker Lynch and Rydel Lynch from R5 talk about Donald Trump using their music outside Fonda Theatre
thanks for sharing riker lynch, have a great Sunday :) (πŸ†“ Insight via >>
OH HAPPY DAY... Riker...Riker...& more Take our quiz to see if u r a Riker girl!
I always say Riker ain't that bad but now, who is a Riker Lynch?
Riker Lynch talks about R5 performing on DWTS at Dancing With The Stars rehearsals: via
Riker Lynch talks about his favorite R5 song at Dancing With The Stars rehearsals: via
Riker and Rocky Lynch talking about R5 and Dancing With The Stars via
"Tips for becoming famous? Don't do it! It's too hard!" - Riker Lynch ☺ Good job, bud. You role model, you. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
"Ross Lynch is my husband, and Rocky Lynch, ohhh and Riker to!" Now it's like " yes Lil sis, Ross and I will be married inπŸ‘‡
I liked a video Dancing with the Stars 20 - Riker Lynch & Allison Holker | LIVE 4-13-15
I'd love to bring back Willow Shields and also Riker Lynch!
My friend is making a sim that is her's and Riker lynch's daughter!. Taliliah Lynch
Riker Lynch and Allison Holker - Disney Night - Week 5 - Paso Doble This is my all time favorite dance
thanks for sharing riker lynch, have a great Friday :) (FREE Automation >>
*** Still no getty approving of me mama Em very very strict as to who my miracle dates. Date Riker Lynch. I approve him
"Life is too short to put up with something that doesn't make you happy"-Riker Lynch πŸ’™ (Vine by
It was so cool cuz you remember everything we did as soon as you see a bit of the footage - riker
"don't feel like you have to be whatever the popular thing is" - Riker Lynch
When you try to make Riker Lynch on sims 3 but...?!...
para vos riker lynch, ahre. I vote for
Riker anoche durante el how en cleveland! . I vote for
the perfect human being that is Riker Anthony Lynch, but that's just my opinion 😏
I love you Riker Anthony Lynch es Awesome and amazing
When puts something on his story it's comes up with . Captain Riker Lynch 🌊
I'm terrible at remembering season but either Meryl Davis' season or Riker Lynch's season. Or Bindi (but just Bindi). :)
πŸ“· Riker Lynch and Ellington Ratliff Icons (Rikellington) Like or reblog if you save/use or give the...
Currently breathing the same air as Kenny Ortega, Riker Lynch, and Paula Abdul. What.
goodnight I love kalin white and riker lynch and scott hoying πŸ’–βœ¨
6. Sorry for the late reply but my all time fave celebrity is from season 20 & that's Riker Anthony Lynch!
If you could hear the scream i did when riker lynch told me hi, he was really scared
Important things are capitalized, Riker Lynch (source: elementary school). You is kind, you is smart, you is important. Capitalize!
What famous people do you share a birthday with? β€” I know of one, riker lynch from R5
Riker Lynch in the crowd of Dancing With The Stars.
Riker: why does ross get 50% of our profits . Ross: because we had a whole tour where the band was introduced as "R5 featu…
Riker Lynch & Allison Holker Dancing With The Stars still one of my favourite ever contemporaries on the showπŸ‘πŸ»
Saw a dude that looked like Riker Lynch today...
Riker Lynch on R5, Easter and How He Met his DWTS Partner via
Happy Birthday to one of our favorite Lynch brothers,
The best bass. the best dancer. the best singer. He is Riker Lynch. Whising I Was 24. http…
Riker Anthony Lynch you will be come back to Paris next year 😏😏
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good night Allison say hi for Riker Lynch for me please
that Austin and ally epicsode call rejection and Rocket ships November 8 it airs on Riker Lynch birthday β€” Ok and
Riker how smile and then go from there Taylor are you okay with that to /y-yeah
I would like to know what everyone has against and Riker Lynch's gf (idk her name) they make people happy❀️
Riker I know but she's our younger sister to so we need to protect her
Riker I know but she quick to learn thing's and i don't like that she's to young
Riker I don't hate her i just don't like that she thinks she's better then me and shooting a bow and arrow Ross
Riker Ross get off of me /come on Rydel leaves with her/Rocky What do have against Taylor Riker
her for take it and go /Riker what's your problem with me, what the *** did i ever do to you for you to hate so bad
I know she wants to spen time with me Ross but I'm not a big fan of shopping /Rydel I'm Taylor /Riker why are you sorry to
Rocky do you think maybe Rydel is forcing her to go so Riker can't be mean and rude to her
Riker and Rocky are so cute together 😭
yes mom I'm sure Riker that's a first /glares at him and goes to my room
Who did it better riker lynch or Peter Andre
I dunno, I thought Peter Andre's dance was good, but Riker Lynch's version was astounding
thanks for sharing riker lynch, have a great Saturday :) (insight by
goes inside not saying a word to Riker but hugs everyone else
I am finding every single way to meet Ross Lynch so, I could date him. Joe Jonas and Riker did it! They met their true love.
nods what about Riker and RYdel do they still hate me
I'm sorry i heard the mean thing's Riker and Rydel where saying mom and dad where kicking me out i'm sorry
I have 4 picks from Riker Lynch, a drum stick from Ellington Ratliff, 3 R5 set lists, and a Nat and Alex Wolff set
"Everyone says that Ross Lynch is the only hot guy in R5 but uhm HELLO LOOK AT HIS BROTHER RIKER LIKE HOT ***
ik ive bagged on Ross Lynch in the past but *** does he have a hot older brother [Riker}
hi Riker it's a 1d fan and I have a question who is the Tallest in the Band is it Ross Lynch Rydel Rock or Ellington bye I love you
"There's nothing better than doing what you love with your best friends". Riker Lynch
I blame riker lynch for taking up most of my phone storage!
Today I saw a guy that looks exactly like Riker Lynch but instead of being blonde.. He was a brunette 😍😭
I'll try my best to update it today so go read it
can you do like this ones but with this names? . Rocky Lynch . Ellington Ratliff . Riker Lynch . Ross Lynch . Tyler Blackburn
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three... β€” Rydel Lynch, Riker Lynch and Allison Holker. . . . . Jus...
i hope you guys like this as much as i do idkπŸ’¬ { riker } (Vine by lynch's bae ❁)
Felt great to get back on the ice today and play some hockey! The Lynch line was on fire! 😝
Sometimes u just gotta say what the . -riker lynch
When Ross Lynch or rocky or riker throw an r5 pick out to the crowd
Ross Lynch or Riker can you please text me
Can somone have Ross Lynch or riker to text me
Riker Lynch is an ABC version of Ross Lynch. Literally. Agreed?
Someone text me riker lynch Ross Lynch
[Hugs you back and starts to cry again.]
I got Yes with Ross on "Do you have a future with either Ross Lynch or riker lynch"
*I pull you into a hug and rest my head on yours, rubbing your back soothingly*
the mating call of the wild riker lynch (Vine by R5 Sessions)
[Walks over to you, some tears falling down my cheeks as I approach you.] Thanks for coming..
*I arrive at the hospital a while later and walk into the room, a frown on my face*
Equally as tiring, but I'm glad you're here.
That's why I want you all to come.. Really, it's to say goodbye, but, she loves you all, so it'd make her happy..
She's been listening to daddy's music.
*I nod once and turn back to Rae to see her smiling up at me. I smile back at her*
No, I'm okay. We were napping but then she woke.
*I turn my head and place a soft kiss on yours* Go get some sleep, babe.
[I yawn as I rub my eyes before sitting back, resting my head on your shoulder.]
Aw, Dels, I'm so sorry.. What news was that..?
-- very ill, and I got the worst news I possibly could receive yesterday..
She had passed out at home and I rushed her here, over the month she's passed out 10 more times at least, then she became --
Ok goodnight peace love Riker lynch
Awe, Thanks, Riker, it means a lot that you both are coming with your loved ones to celebrate us. 😁
Riker Lynch makes me want to kick mySelf in tHe fAcE
2nd cousin :') stop I love riker lynch! he dances, sings, act and is musically inclined aka plays an instrument
Hi Riker!What's Up!What did you have for dinner tonight,Riker Lynch?
How to be Riker. Try to be Michael Jackson
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
thanks for sharing riker lynch, have a great Monday :) (insight by
riker sparrow or jack lynch.. Who knows
Riker Anthony Lynch, See you at the Greek, august 23th!!
How does frontrunner balance the ballroom with his band,
Ross and Riker Lynch tap dancing in the rain
Why do you do this to me, Riker Anthony Lynch?
She's teething and she's in a little bit of pain.
Dancing With The Stars crowns new champ as Rumer Willis, Riker Lynch and Noah Galloway compete in finals
How to be Riker . Be unfit cause that's attractive AF
How to be Riker. Be so sexy that married women with children are all over you
How to be Riker. Grab your brothers butt even though it's really inappropriate
How to be Riker. Look like you have bad cramps
How to be Riker. Look like you just found Rockys condom on the floor
Ross and riker lynch are actually so hot it blows my mind
All I ask for is to hug a shirtless Riker Lynch. πŸ™†
Riker Lynch is in PA and nobody informed of this because why???
Riker Lynch is an angel. How is he so pretty and hawt and sexy WWAHHWBABS
LAYOUT FREE RIKER LYNCH. rt/fav if you want me to dm you this layout . credits:
OH MY GAWD. I never put your Riker Lynch together with the kid who played the blonde Warbler on Glee until tonight.
Hi Riker,What's Up! What that mean It's going down for real,Riker Lynch?
Hey . Riker and Delly dancing that cute ❀
I wonder if Riker's getting acknowledged at events as the DWTS runner-up kinda like Austin & Ally's Ross Lynch's band R5
Hey . Riker and Delly dancing that cute😍
Tempted to swing by canalside just to try and get a glimpse of riker lynch because yes please
My nominee for is Riker Lynch, who crushed it on DWTS πŸ‘πŸ’ƒ
Riker Lynch Ross Lynch please follow me because you two are so cool, and if your band R5 could follow me as well?
Ross Lynch Riker Lynch, Would you ever follow me if I asked
My nominee for is Riker Lynch. Kurwisty spam
'Dancing with the Stars' cliffhanger: Is Riker Lynch at risk of shocking ...
I'll be honest, my favorite dancers are Rydel Lynch, Riker Lynch, Allison Holker, Chloe Lukasiak, and Danielle Peazer. Better than u
. I got You are most like Riker Lynch on "Which R5 Member are you Most Like?(:"
tchau My nominee for is Riker Lynch
My nominee for is Riker Lynch for sure!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I still want to marry Riker Lynch please and thank you
2/3 "we appreciate you all, more than you have any idea..." -Riker Lynch (Vine by
Dancing w/ the Stars made me a Riker Lynch fan. You're a *** good performer & your routines, I'll always remember. Good job, dude.
It would be really cool if they did and maybe on of
Set de fotos: Riker Lynch & Allison Holker dancing on Dancing with the Stars
for a Riker Lynch lockscreen! Must be following so I can Dm it to you πŸ’•
He's grown a little but he's perfect cuddle proportion.
We created a gorgeous daughter too. 😍
Rae's putting her hair bows on the pups. πŸ˜‚
I don't even remember the performances.
Belgium was pretty good, and I must say, Latvia did well too.
I just can't believe I married a woman who's so beautiful. 😍
The song and animation was so good though, he definitely deserved the win!
I swear, if Daryl dies in TWD next season...
i.thought u did awesome..shiw ing everyone u got skills. Hehe. 2nd place isnt bad way to go I was so impressed
I was not happy with the Season 10 finale of Supernatural. The cliffhanger's keep getting bigger and bigger! D:
R5 Family in the Philippines! Riker Lynch has a message for y'all!.
Riker Lynch..I blame YOU for the lack of space remaining in my camera feed.
what did you do on on vacation Riker lynch
You hear that called into to talk about and new album!! >
See the 'DWTS' finale performances ranked
Want to meet Place your bid to benefit the NOW ->
The siblings are kind of our fave. See more pics here >>
R5 ft Ross Lynch. Boy band R5. Riker and his band. When the *** are people gonna announce them just as R5, dear god πŸ˜‚
Allison is forever part of the lynch fam and Riker is forever part of the boss fam and I love itπŸ’•πŸ˜Š
Ross and Riker Lynch please take me to prom❀️
This gif of Riker Lynch licking his lips.
So much foreshadowing of his Pirates of Caribbean dance here! :D - Alyssa Carson Interviews Riker Lynch of R5
So my grandma just discovered Riker Lynch and she's already recording him when he's on Dancing With The Stars. Or was? Still.
Don't forget to vote for Riker Lynch & Allison Holker Monday night on Dancing With The Stars!!…
finale: Did Rumer Willis, Riker Lynch or Noah Galloway win the trophy?
Riker Lynch makes my heart smile. :)
Ima let you finish... But Riker and Allison had one of the best dances of all time. All time!
Riker's bio should say: lol I'm not Ross Lynch . And. Ross' bio should say: lol I'm not Riker Lynch
omfg no lynch as in the surname, Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch & Rydel Lynch... from R5
I am so proud of Riker Lynch too Rydel Lynch
what if on the sln tour instead of the signs saying 'r5 ft Ross Lynch from Austin and Ally' they say 'r5 ft Riker Lynch from DWTS'
Ross and Riker Lynch are so hot I would pounce β€” Is it bad that I don't find Ross cute oops
Okay look I'm just gonna be honest, I don't like R5 but Riker Lynch is hot af
"Riker Lynch can punch me in the face (he's a total sweetheart he would never) and I would still think he's super hot"
Kenny Mayne on Riker Lynch: "He's like if David Lee Roth and one of the Hansen Brothers had a baby." Right???
Riker Lynch Singing in the Car! . I love lion king, so I appreciate this probably a little too much
All purpose parts banner
Who is the most tender ,or both together ? VOTE ‘‘
Mark lynch here- showing you all a pic of ross and rocky after they had some fun with scissors
Guys you can find out Noah's song here and I'm stoked about it. But you will cry. I'm tearful thinking about it.
Riker Lynch and Allison's salsa dance on Dancing With The Stars.
Riker Lynch (has the highest score so far on Check out his awesome dance:
dancing with the Stars had made me low key have a thing for riker Lynch
Watching on has been one of our fave pastimes. Anyone else watching ?
They put pictures of Ross under Riker wow
To say that & killed it on would be an understatement!
Riker Lynch has officially became my favorite on after last night's dance
"I can see your face in the mirror okay" - Riker Lynch when Allison made a face like he was nuts (via...
Riker Lynch - just the way you are. I love Riker
Here's what are dancing to on next week: http:/…
Ross Lynch Makes it to Riker's Second 'DWTS' Performance - See the Pics! via
Guys follow me? Fan network to Riker Lynch here in Brazil
domain names
I was tagged by to post a selfie, it's your turn now,
- isn't taking over right now. But he will be each week for Get all the details here:
Why the heck did you save Rydel as 'Rydel Lynch' and Riker only as 'Riker'?XD . . //
Get a sneak peek at from KTLA interview:
Riker and Rocky Lynch talking about R5 and Dwts:
But on a lighter note, good morning! \o/
*NO USA* Rumer Willis, Val Chmerkovskiy and Riker Lynch rehearse for DWTS Week 3 in Hollywood, CA
Riker Lynch & Allison "Jive" - DWTS Season 20 Week 1: you're my love. You're beautiful 😍😍😍 i love you πŸ’ƒ
So Im watching glee and yes Im bringing glee back and I just realized that Riker Lynch is a worrbler I feel so stupid
Yeah I saw on a commercial for DWTS that Redfoo, Riker Lynch and Noah Galloway were on this season!
congrats riker Lynch Rocky Lynch Rydel Lynch PS your brother Ross Lynch and Laura Marano autograph me
the one on the right looks like Riker Lynch.
Watch what happens when stops by the studios to grill http:/…
"Get to know partner in this exclusive video!
Cody Simpson was 17. Riker Lynch is 23. A different level of maturity and openness. Also, Allison is the perfect match for him
- Have Stormie and Mark catch you making out with Riker . OR . Fav - Lose your bikini top in the Lynch's pool. {creds: a…
why did you put Lynch for Rydel and not for Riker lmao
If you still haven't watched Week 2 performance, you can watch it here: (HD) http…
Watch & Allison Holker's awesome Foxtrot on tonight!
Always! You're totally slaying it every week!
Get to know partner in this exclusive video blog!
I love Ross Lynch and Riker Lynch and Rocky Lynch song Rydel and Ratliff
happy saint Patrick's day Riker Lynch Fans!πŸ€πŸ˜€ And also vote for
'Dancing with the Stars' poll results: Rumer Willis was really the best on Monday: . Rumer Willis stole ...
Riker Lynch Rehearsal with Allison Holker on DWTS | LIVE 3-10-15:
R5 & Family Support Riker Lynch at 'DWTS' Premiere - See the Pics!
Whoa! Riker Lynch from DWTS totally blew me away wow I did not see that coming
Only me will get I slapped Riker Lynch because he told me I was cute and laugh at it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Riker_Lynch - TerritorioScuola Enhanced Wiki Alfa - Enhanced Search with WikiPedia Using Robots to display ... -
Riker Lynch's face reblog if you agree
Update your maps at Navteq
I actually love Riker Lynch on Dancing with the Stars. He's so entertaining and fun to watch. πŸ‘
OMG! I meet Riker Lynch, i love you guy πŸ˜πŸ˜–. My second dream make realized. Thanks
Riker Lynch e Allison Holker no Dancing with the stars I Got You - Cimorelli
If you don't already have a crush on 6 reasons why you soon will http:…
I'm glad to hear that you're doing great.
Full video of Ross teaching and a dance from Teen Beach 2!
This season of is already our fave! See the best styles from the ballroom here:
Riker Lynch from R5 greets fans outside of ABC Studios!
β€œRiker Lynch attends the premiere of
Riker Lynch attends the premiere of
The family showed up to support on Tons of pics here:
I want Riker Lynch and Allison to win cause I'm bias lol
that great your son Riker Lynch dance well tell Riker Lynch Ross Lynch is my biggest fan and tell Ross Lync…
. steals the show last night on We know were our vote is going! .
"My burp just tasted like peanut butter, tasted good actually" - Riker Anthony Lynch
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
you are adorable Riker Lynch Great job last night on
DWTS Riker is Ross Lynch's brother who plays Austin on Disney's Austin & Ally.
"Riker Lynch is an actor and music artist who plays Austin on Austin & Ally" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I wanted to sleep early I said. I wanted to be ready for the morning i said. I didn't want to feel tired I said. Riker lynch …
I'm rooting for Rumer Willis but i have to say Riker Lynch is competion so she has to keep an eye on him
Let the records show: Bruno Tonioli has a total crush on Riker Lynch.
Search Trends (2015-03-17): People are searching for Riker Lynch
You can watch & full premiere performance right here!
An old Hannah Montana song where you can spot a younger Ross and Riker Lynch
Who did you like tonight? Dug Rumer Willis, the guy from Shark Tank, Riker Lynch & Willow Shields.
me too I love riker lynch too omg :)
me too!! I also love Riker Lynch too!! He played Jeff the warbler and he looked like he was a fan of KLAINE.
Riker, Rocky, and Rydel Lynch forgot to invite us along again. The three siblings, along with younger brother ...
And here we have Riker Lynch with his arm around Jesus :,)
riker anthony lynch can you pls say something to ? I promise, if you do it I'll give you some cookies ! So, deal? x1
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πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ . β€œI find myself in need of a ship and crew.. . any volunteers?
If there was a hashtag championships, you would win!
You have no idea!!! So stoked! . β€œRiker! Are you excited to start touring aga…
I woke this morning to find that Rydel had put the twins in bed with us and Brishan was pulling at my curls.
what is in the glass Riker Anthony Lynch
that`s not Luke lol that is Riker Lynch from the band R5
remember riker and Rocky Lynch from R5?. This is them now. Feel old yet?
If you could interview anyone, who would you pick? β€” R5 : Riker Lynch or FIYM: Emery Kelly
Time to change my bio bc ain't no Rocky Lynch under my Christmas tree
"Just gonna leave this here. Okay bye. ayyee its Riker Lynch from R5 πŸ˜‚
Riker Anthony Lynch. Stop growing up, all of you stop growing up!! At least let me catch up😏
hello Riker I give a Brazilian fan and was wondering how you guys react when the delly comessou dating the rat? isadora kisses
β€œ"Ross Lynch is hotter than Evan Peters"”Idk it's hard to choose
u look very handsome RIKER happy birthday πŸŽ‚ to Ross Lynch hope your bro as a good love ya
..Lynch Mansion. "I'm sorry I pulled Rocky outta of practice today" said Laura "It's ok..idk why Ross was so bothered" said Rikerβ–Ί
Website Builder 728x90
Ross Lynch's birthday is in 2 days.
Nah, the minute I saw Riker and Rocky, I was like. 😍😍
Hey where can I get a Riker Anthony Lynch? . I need one in my life😍😍
if I got a Ross cardboard cut out and a teen beach movie brady doll can i say Ross Lynch was underneath my Christmas tree?
I love riker anthony lynch so much I'm gonna cry
Riker Lynch on Zeke and Luther: riker chor azul
Grant Gustin and Riker Lynch interactions I have Warblers feels in my heart
my doctor was like what's the first thing you think of when I say the word happiness and I blurted out Riker lynch I am the deff. of trash
I mean what's the purpose of dating if it's not somebody famous like Riker lynch
hi riker from r5 and can tell yours brother Ross Lynch that I love to watch Austin moon.
can we get Riker and Ross Lynch and Ashton Irwin?
β€œWait. One. Minute. Is joining there's riker too
Is Ross Lynch Joining 'Dancing with the Stars'? . Ross Lynch sits side-by-side with brother Riker in this behind-...
bruh Rocky and Riker Lynch's hair are perfect!
I want something to do with Niall and Ashton and possibly Riker Lynch. hmm
YAYY. And we'll get Riker and Bella to come too for Maia and Ross
Ross and Rydel :)I love Ross Rydel Riker Rocky and Ratliff and Ryland and every Lynch :D. http:/…
Riker lynch can go higher. Still love you doe.
Riker Anthony Lynch is my byfriend β™₯β™₯. I love you Riker β™₯ ☺
Quite possibly the earliest I've ever been heading to bed in NYC but it was an awesome night nonetheless πŸ˜‹
If I think about it... Derek was my first "lynch" crush... way before Riker happens O_O
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