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Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson (born Charles Richard Wilson, 17 January 1978) is the lead singer of English band Kaiser Chiefs, a 5-piece band from Leeds that have become a British cultural institution over the course of the past decade.

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Kaiser Chiefs enjoy number one album: Fresh from The Voice final, judge Ricky Wilson's Kaiser Chiefs top the U...
Yes its official I am just a little bit in love with Ricky Wilson from The Kaiser Chiefs xxx
Having just found out that Ricky Wilson was born in my home town of Keighley, I thought I'd take a look at other 'celebrities' with the same town of origin. Only met two of them: I went to the same secondary school and was in the same year as Eric Pickles. (He had just the one friend, Ian, and was rather odd-ball then, as now - allegedly.) I taught Peter Hartley when he was in Year 9, (English, not cricket). Here they all are: Simon Beaufoy, (1967-), An Oscar, Bafta and Golden Globe award-winning British screenwriter who was born in Keighley Gordon Bottomley, (1874–1948), poet was born and educated in Keighley Asa Briggs, (1921-), renowned historian and academic, born in Keighley Brontë Sisters, lived in the village of Haworth, which is two miles (3 km) south of Keighley Anne. (1820–1849), Novelist Charlotte, (1816–1855), Novelist Emily, (1818–1848), Novelist Alastair Campbell, (1957-), former Labour party spin doctor who was born in Keighley[29] John Tiplady Carrodus, (1836–1895), violinist Ki ...
Ricky Wilson on has restored my faith that there are in fact perfect people out there somewhere.
no! Ricky Wilson all the way, just mute the singing in between!! Then film then motd!!!
One man spag bol Ricky Wilson dance party
[PHOTO] Samantha Womack with Sally Lindsay and Ricky Wilson! Mount Pleasant is coming soon!
Ricky Wilson says he will return to The Voice, but on one condition - find out what it is here:
13:00 Ricky Wilson: Ricky takes us through his life in music and is joined by super producer Stephen Street.
Ricky Wilson: I'm surprised how emotionally attached I've become on The Voice - I really care - SEE MORE:
Jane Wilson, I'm a bit scared. You have Betty`s recipes. Gonna have to pull something major , maybe a bit of Ricky Wilson will calm me down tonight x
The voice is on for two hours aka two hours of Ricky Wilson, praise the lord 🙌
Ricky Wilson talks to Neil McCormick about the Kaiser Chiefs' return and being a judge on the Voice.
BBC Radio 6 Music - 23/3/2014 at 13.00. Ricky Wilson talking to Stephen Street about working with Morrissey
Never been a fan of Kaiser Chiefs but have to admire Ricky Wilson's honesty here:
Why is Ricky Wilson so hot all of a sudden? All he's done is cut his hair and lose a bit of weight. Perplexing.
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Ricky Wilson feels the pressure as Kylie gets nasty.
Kylie Minogue has quit 'THE VOICE' after one series as a coach due to touring commitments. The Australian singer, who is one of the coaches on the BBC singing show alongside, Sir Tom Jones and Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson, admitted her forthcoming tour has to take priority over any TV work.
I'm way too attracted to Ricky Wilson and his personality 😍
Ricky Wilson has revealed that he wants to feature in Attitude this year after winning a *** following.
Atticus Finch and Ricky Wilson, we are nothing if not eclectic.
We have Kaiser Chief Ricky Wilson - on our show RIGHT NOW. Oh yes we do.
.frontman and The Voice UK judge Ricky Wilson heads to BBC Radio 6 this afternoon to host special broadcast.
The Blinds Programme Name: The Voice - TX: n/a - Episode: The Blinds (No. 1) - Embargoed for publication until: 10/01/2014 - Picture Shows: ***EMBARGOED UNTIL 00:01hrs 10th JAN 2014*** Ricky Wilson - (C) Wall To Wall - Photographer: Guy Levy WARNING: Use of this copyright image is subject to the terms of use of BBC Pictures' Digital Picture Service (BBC Pictures) as set out at In particular, this image may only be published by a registered User of BBC Pictures for editorial use for the purpose of publicising the relevant BBC programme, personnel or activity during the Publicity Period which ends three review weeks following the date of transmission and provided the BBC and the copyright holder in the caption are credited. For any other purpose whatsoever, including advertising and commercial, prior written approval from the copyright holder will be required.
Have quite a big crush on Ricky Wilson😏
I have figured out the attraction to Ricky Wilson. A British, indie, not so rich version of Gosling.
yep me but this year mainly for Ricky Wilson lol
A guy on the radio just referred to The Kaiser Chiefs as Ricky Wilson and The Kaiser Chiefs. I can almost hear their management explode with fury now. Lenny Conroy
Ricky Wilson: 'I'm going to be more like Bono' -
10:00 The Matt Edmondson Show: Matt gets Ricky Wilson from The Voice dizzy in his Spinny Chair game!
Why is Ricky Wilson so pretty god dammit
Gary and Lisa chat to Ricky Wilson: via
KYLIE TO QUIT THE VOICE BBC spokesman said they had not given up yet on getting Kylie back for the next series in 2015, despite her comments 'Being on the show is a huge commitment. I have loved it although there have been parts which have been really difficult, too taxing and emotional' Kylie Minogue has dealt a bitter blow to the BBC by sensationally quitting The Voice - on the day the show reaches the live stages. The Aussie singer has told how she is going to be too busy with tour commitments to return to the Saturday night singing contest next year. It will come as a massive blow to the Beeb who brought her in this year to help boost viewing figures and saw her pull in millions of extra fans. Asked about the possibility of coming back, Kylie, 45 - who is on a £500,000 deal - said: “I’m touring this year and the timings wouldn’t work. “We started filming in November last year for the show and this year I’m on tour in September, October and November. “Being on the show is a huge commitment ...
The rebuilding the Tabernacle of David that had fallen has nothing to do with what most of the modern day church calls the restoration of praise and worship... - The michtam of PK to the chief musician...Selah! Daniel J. Musokwa, Carlos Ricky Wilson Kirimbai. Edwin Seleli, Fredrick Mulinda, Christian Criminology, Upendo Benson, Majaliwa Thabit, David Msoru, Joel Msella, Samson Chitalika, Bupe Berrums, Princess Zadora Edward, Peter Mnkande, Claire C. Kway, Cosmas Kisela, kaka Charles Abihudi, kaka Mathew Maduhu, Rogers A. Mahanyu, Mgaya Shikunzi na FBCOAN wote karibuni
My god I love Ricky Wilson so much what an absolutely stunning man
Ricky Wilson they love their bikes. I wish you were here to see it. Trevor got these glasses and beenie so he could look like his uncle ricky. Love you little brother. Miss you more every day.
That's it. I'm getting into bed, cuddling up with Cuddles the bear and watching The Voice because Ricky Wilson's face makes me happy.
why does Ricky Wilson have to be such a gentleman?
Hope your all hung over for todays games wankers! Kia Haukinima Matt Phillips Joel Gordon Rick Short Jimmy Delacruz Jamie Wilson Rawiri Johnson Ricky Wilson
Don't get the hype about kylie but ricky wilson..oh yeah
Goodnight everyone. I was thinking of my dream party and who I would invite other than family and close friends. As follows Elvis Presley Tom Jones Kylie Minogue Wii I am Ricky Wilson Miranda hart Morcambe and wise Paul Grady David beckham Shawn Klush David walliams Who would you invite?
Get rid of Ricky Wilson. Just have The Sandras judging this.
I like her in The Voice (and also Ricky Wilson who is far nicer than I imagined). Will watch this til the Beckham bit.
I think he's lost a bit of weight so maybe the Ricky Wilson effect?
For Ricky Wilson hope ya like it bro
EAST: Kylie Minogue, Ricky Wilson and the first live round – The Voice UK tops the ratings two year...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Hi Ricky :) We're looking forward to The Voice Live tomorrow :D We're enjoying our Ricky Wilson weekends :) Hope all is great xx
10% off ends this Sunday at midnight, so get shopping! New in today, Grenson shoes ala man of the moment Ricky Wilson
Delighted that the Kaiser Chiefs are back!!. Exclusive interview: Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson via
Attitude Magazine Ricky Wilson: 'I want to be one of Attitude's hunkiest men' » Attitude Magazine
Happy Birthday today to Ricky Wilson of B52s & Terry Hall of The Specials
Having lunch with Baci & talking about how Ricky Wilson is from round the corner & she goes 'Billy I am is my fav'. Erm it's 'Will' Baci...
The start date for The Voice UK live shows has been confirmed.New hosts Emma Willis and Marvin Humes will present the first live round of the singing contest on Saturday, March 22.The live show will see the then 12 remaining acts perform for a place in the semi-final.If the competition follows last year’s format, then after all three acts in each team have performed, Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones, and Ricky Wilson will choose one to progress straight through to the next round – leaving the remaining two on each team to go head to head in a public vote.One will then be eliminated in each team to leave 8 acts for the following weekend’s show.The live show is currently scheduled to begin at 7PM on Saturday, March running until 8:40PM.A short 10 minute break for the National Lottery Draw sees the results air from 8:50PM through until 9:25PM.The Kaiser Chiefs and Shakria are both set to perform on The Voice UK live shows this year although it’s not been confirmed who will be the guest star for the ...
I'll start on your Harold and Ricky Wilson infatuation next
Nut. is trying to say Ricky Wilson is more attractive than Jamie Bell.
Adore how Ricky Wilson channels David Brent for his facial expressions!
Ricky Wilson is clearly going for the Gary Barlow image. He looks like David Brent.
New post: "Hardly Wilfred Owen: Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson and actor Bill Nighy combine for poem about occup...
observation: Ricky Wilson is kinda cute, now that he's thin. hi there, Ricardo
Ricky Wilson LUV the way Jessica's been snapped! Nice one x
Oh my think ive got a crush on ricky Wilson and those eyes
I hate The Voice but can't stop watching it for Ricky Wilson!!
Why do i find ricky wilson attractive!?
Officially in love with Ricky Wilson 💓 such a gent!
Think I'm developing a bit of a crush on Ricky Wilson
Ricky Wilson is actually quite yum.xx
Think i'm a little bit in love with ricky wilson on the voice :-)
Just wen I can't fall in love with Ricky Wilson anymore, he announces he's a green day fan! Swoon
wins battle but Jessica Steele gets Ricky Wilson steal!
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ricky Wilson would SO get it.
I think I'm in love with Ricky Wilson for some weird reason lol!
Have to say, I'm a wee bit in luv with Ricky Wilson 😘😘
Ah my love affair continues with Ricky Wilson...! Sorry Mr M but he is on my list and I would leave you for him! I would feel bad about it but... ;) xx
I'm a little bit in love with Ricky Wilson . . . yum!
Luciee closier and Ricky Wilson as if I need to name these to beauty's x
Ricky Wilson is still so attractive!
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Is a little bit in love with Ricky Wilson
Don't know who I fancy more.. Ricky Wilson, Tom Jones or Kylie?!
I have a huge crush on Ricky Wilson
Ricky Wilson would hold a door open for you and then hit your *** on the way out.
Ricky Wilson is looking good these days ...
me too mate! Ghetto bootys ftw ;) okay its official, I am marrying Ricky Wilson! Xxxx
If ricky wilson wants to go on a date then thats cool with me. Just letting you know ricky, that is not a problemo..
Ricky wilson just gets better looking every time I see him on the tv x
Ooosh..sorry Jamie Redknapp step aside, there's sumat about Ricky Wilson I'm in awe of! :-p
Watching the voice purely for Ricky Wilson
Little bit in love with Ricky Wilson
I don't think I'd mind marrying Ricky Wilson.
Slowly falling in love with Ricky Wilson! :/ sorry G Starr!!!
The more I watch The Voice, the more I fancy Ricky Wilson.
What just happened on Ricky Wilson clearly has an eye for the ladies. He completely let Nathan's Talent go to waste!
I think I am in love with Ricky Wilson.
"Wouldn't it have been funny if the girl Ricky Wilson saved in had been called Ruby!!" . Surname of Murray ??
Definitely have a soft spot for Ricky Wilson😍
Ricky Wilson is officially added to my (very long) crush list.
Ricky finally gets his girls as he steals the aptly named Jessica Steele from …
Finished my weekly dose of Ricky Wilson, now for Mr Donnelly and Mr Banjo on Saturday Night Take Away! Hm I would have fun with them too :-D x
Never liked the Kaiser-chiefs but Ricky Wilson top man for steeling Jessica Steele
I am totally in love with Ricky Wilson.not even my cup of tea!!! What the *** !!!
I like Ricky Wilson a little bit too much
I'm in a right quandary. When Kelly jones (stereophonics) and Danny McNamara (embrace) turn up at my house to steal me away from Bern, what do I do if Ricky Wilson turns up too!
How come I haven't noticed Ricky Wilson before now!
Am I too old for a poster on my bedroom wall? Of Ricky Wilson?
Omg Those 2 Nathan & Christina Marie singing on THE VOICE! Phenomenal power of love-Jeez Ricky Wilson tough choice for you sorry
I say this every-single-week.. But when did Ricky Wilson become so attractive!
Developing a bit of crush on Ricky Wilson! Need to stop watching the Voice and watch a bit of Kaiser Chiefs again!!
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I prefer Ricky Wilson on the voice than Danny but also prefer Jessie than Kylie
Ricky Wilson needs to shave that dodgy facial hair, makes him look like a sex offender
Wouldn't mind me a bit of Ricky Wilson
Think everyone should grow a beard like Ricky Wilson 😍👌
Uh oh it's happening again. Ricky Wilson 😍
According to google I'm not the only person trying to find out if Ricky Wilson is single.
What's wrong with Ricky Wilson? He's sexy man!! And funny and kind and.Need i go on? LOL
It was a tour de force. But Ricky Wilson is so pretty to look at, it's the thing that kept me going. And wine. I have wine.
I've got a serious crush on Ricky Wilson!! He's gorgeous!!!
Ricky Wilson has the nicest eyes I have ever seen in a man 👀 best thing that happened to this show!
Has a bit of a crush on Ricky Wilson
Ricky Wilson is the new Gary Barlow for Saturday night tv... Mm
Since when did Ricky Wilson become so bloomin hot!!
Just watched the voice how hot is Ricky Wilson m
Watching 'The Voice' and unashamedly drooling over Ricky Wilson! Yummy!
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How cool is Will.I.Am and gorgeous is Ricky Wilson!
Ricky Wilson is 36 but I find him so hot.
The amount of times Christina says "I love Ricky Wilson!" during the voice is ridiculous
I tell you what. Ricky Wilson could look the wrong way at THIS Police(wo)man. Any day!
There is something attractive about Ricky Wilson
Accidentally caught the final 10 minutes of The Voice. *** !! Most awkward 10 minutes of my life. With subtitles. And judges: if I have to Google you, you shouldn't be on the panel! I'm talking to you Ricky Wilson!
Swear Ricky Wilson gets hotter and hotter each week on the voice🙈
I think I have a massive crush on Ricky Wilson! *** .. wish I was 30 years younger, size 10, pefect teeth, hair, eyes, boobs and worth millions. only way this fantasy is ever gonna become reality! PMSL
Ive just surprised myself.think I've got a little crush on Ricky Wilson 🙈
I really think Ricky Wilson is scrummy x
At first I hated Ricky Wilson now I'm finding I actually quite fancy him
Ricky Wilson has the most amazing come to bed eyes m
Does anyone know who the ginger haired lady is working with Ricky wilson on the voice? She's so familiar!! (Ok yes I'm watching the voice :/ times have changed)
Could be the wine talking but... I totally 💗 Ricky Wilson 🙈
I've decided I now have a huge crush on Ricky Wilson. That will be all.
Oh my god i have a new found love for Ricky Wilson! Phwoooaaar! Sure he hasnt always been this gorgeous 😮 Might have to watch the voice more often!
Loving The a girly crush on Ricky Wilson
Just caught two mins of The Voice...which is total crapola...but why does Ricky Wilson have that permanent constipated look? And believe me in 30 yrs of nursing I've seen many a constipated fellow...I used to like The Kaisers...shame
omg i think i'm in love with Ricky Wilson! i want him!
I want to be stolen by Ricky Wilson.
I want to marry ricky wilson!! I think im in love wi him!!! Just thought id share that with the world!!
I don't think I stand a chance with Ricky Wilson - he only likes people from the north. Gutted. i'll just have to marry instead. Sorted.
A bit in love with Ricky Wilson on the voice!
I know I have odd tastes sometimes but I can't be the only person with a big crush on Ricky Wilson ...
Heads up Malcolm McBride Ricky Wilson new revolution starts tonight at 10pm!!!
Is it just me or is Ricky Wilson a sort now he is skinny?
Is it just me or is anyone else watching The Voice and developing a ridiculous mid-life crisis crush on Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Cheifs?
Ricky Wilson makes staying in on a Saturday night that little bit better :-)
I really don't know whether I'd rather have a date with Ricky Wilson or Sir Tom. Sorry Will.I.Am, you're out of the running.
One Rosie fast asleep two children behaving and im totally glued to ricky Wilson on the voice while jon plays with his toy x ;-)
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Watching the voice for Ricky Wilson who looks gorgeous :)
May have a slight crush on Ricky Wilson !!
Ricky Wilson is definitely the best thing on tv at the moment!
am slightly in love with Ricky Wilson...
Loving The Voice, but loving Ricky Wilson more!!! Be still my heart! Anybody else agree?
I am now harbouring a crush on Ricky Wilson.. Now don't get me wrong I miss seeing Danny O'Donoghue on a Saturday night but Ricky is definitely easy on the eyes! Think I have more crushes now then I did when I was a teenager!
Ah! So Ricky Wilson is lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs. the power of google wins again. lol
Ricky Wilson not my usual type be nice!
Ever so slightly in lust with both Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson ;)
Still can't believe how cute Ricky Wilson is 😍
Love Ricky Wilson nearly as much as I love Gary Morren
Thinking Ricky Wilson is looking hot tonight ;)
Cant believe how fanciable (new word) that Ricky Wilson is ;) never thought that when he was with band xx
Ricky Wilson gets hotter every time, I think I may pass out at T when I see him 😍
I know you are all waiting for my Ricky Wilson well he's looking hot as usual
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Didn't think I'd ever say this... But Ricky Wilson is hot!
Cor! Ricky Wilson. Saturdays are so much fun with him on The Voice! what eye candy!
Watching The Voice, Ricky Wilson can come round and cheer me up.
Feet up, a brew, packet of hob nobs and Ricky Wilson on the telly. what more could I want!
Oh so would. Ricky Wilson is looking mighty fine ;)
Im in love with ricky wilson.. oh la la :-*
And so here it is Ricky Wilson time again . Mm
Thanks to Ricky Wilson made it to Indy in 3 hours!!!
Wee curry and a bit of Ricky Wilson on the cards for my wild Saturday night I think
Add I sit here on this bus headed home from work in this mundane Friday... I am over come with emotion remembering that 2 years have passed since you left our Lil world... I force a smile for you today & everyday that you are on my mind... You are missed! I love you still Ricky Wilson!
|.Whoop,Whoop. The voice is on tomorrow. Ricky Wilson. Omfg.. Perfff.
Once again surprised by how gullible my students are. Since a joke they all fell for before half term (not instigated by me ) which made them believe I'm married to Ricky Wilson, they're now ad -libbing their own details, and the popular belief amongst year 8 is that I'm Mrs I. Am. after eloping to Barbados over Christmas. Kids are nuts...
Turns out Liam Neeson is no Richard Burton and Ricky Wilson is no David Essex
Ricky Wilson looks so hot on the voice advert lol xx
There was me thinking no-one could replace Danny on The Voice, then today I buy a Kaiser Chiefs cd. Ok maybe Ricky Wilson is a fairly good replacement :-)
Please help a friend comp ends today "RICKY WILSON" Please like page and mention I have sent you please.
A big thanks to El Ranchito's staff & restaurant--Maria Howell, Dana Borders, Ashley King, and others for making Maci's birthday special. Also, thanks to Lanie Chism, Susan Parks-moore, Ricky Wilson, and my dad-Johnny Moore for always being there. Last but not least, thanks to Sky Carrier & Ralph Lax Jr. For giving Maci " monies" to spend at Dollar Tree. Maci had a party Saturday, but tonight was her actual birthday and I know she enjoyed it SO much thanks to all of you special people! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!
Ricky Wilson is so amazing eyes in the voice uk 2014.
I'm catching up on The Voice and I'm thinking I really fancy Ricky Wilson??
18 years ago today I lost my best friend and brother Ricky Wilson aka str8 nuts 26 96 I love u bro u gone but not forgotten Rip str8 nuts
I'm done with some episodes of Tom Jones and return with new judges Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson. A lot of amazing blind auditions...
After watching The Voice this year, I've developed a bit of a crush on Ricky Wilson. Mm ❤️
Wow. To think it's been about 7 years since I interviews Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs. Nice bday present.
The Voice contestant Jamie Lovatt has denied that Ricky Wilson chose him just because he used to be signed to the same label as the Kaiser Chiefs. Report by ...
Ricky wilson marry me!!! Completely in love with him and the kaiser cheifs single coming home
I fancied Ricky Wilson when he was fat.
I've got such a thing right now for Ricky Wilson. m :)
Just found out Ricky Wilson was a lecturer sat leeds college of art and design :)
i WANT to see Kaiser Chiefs again this year so bad! ...since Ricky Wilson lost weight, got a hair cut, and got rid of that eye liner, BOOOY he got sexy!!
Ricky Wilson will be the next Ian watkins.
Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway returns to ITV with 6 million Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway returned to ITV to 6.05 million viewers last night (February 22), according to overnight data. 25.9% of the audience share tuned in to the first instalment of the entertainment show's 11th series when it aired at 7pm. In the same timeslot on BBC One, The Voice UK continued to top Saturday night ratings, with 7.25m (31.2%) watching as Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones, and Ricky Wilson completed their teams in the final round of blind auditions. National Lottery: Who Dares Wins quizzed 5.37m (25.5%) at 8.30pm, while Casualty's latest episode attracted 4.83m (23.4%) at 9.20pm. On BBC Two, 1.51m watched the highlights of Sochi 2014's penultimate day on Winter Olympics: Today at the Games at 7.10pm. Top Gear followed at 8pm with 1.15m (5.15%), while The Culture Show pulled in 1.01m (4.85%) at 9pm. Back on ITV, Take Me Out's current series came to an end with 3.67m (17.44%) hoping to find out which couples wo ...
FROM chubby Kaiser Chiefs frontman to the hottest judge on telly – Ricky Wilson is enjoying his sex-god transformation
Well hasn't that Ricky Wilson been a busy young man?! Not only has he been working his little toosh...
Find ricky wilson so weirdly attractive
Hi hot stuff Ricky Wilson from the vois I will like to adduson
Well dear Timmy if that's true about me then why on earth are Ricky Sinz and Mark Wilson devoting so much time to me?
I really wasnt ricky wilson to win cos i love him
So you, Ricky Sinz and Mark Wilson get to decide who is "right" who is "wrong" & who belongs in the industry? Oh I see!
Who is the Kaiser Chiefs ricky wilson dating?
Got such a crush on Ricky Wilson .. a really sexy guy ..those eyes!! .And such a nice guy. Love him on the voice xxx
May I ask why you - a total stranger who's never met or talked with me, Eric Mirshak aka Ricky Sinz, or Mark Wilson - are involved?
THE ROCK N' ROLL DEATH LIST The death of the 37 year-old Australian pop star Michael Hutchence, lead singer of the rock group INXS (pronounced "in excess"), led to the placement of this list on our Web site. The list was mostly borrowed from a Web site which sought to honor the people who "gave their lives for Rock n' Roll." While they gave their lives for R & R, they also fulfilled the passage in Romans 6:23, "The wages of sin is DEATH..." You'll notice the list has 27 "Rockers" who committed suicide and 38 who died of alcohol and drug abuse. Furthermore, only one person died of "old age" while the rest died "before their time" (Ecclesiastes 7:17). Categorized by cause of death First Name Last Name Band Death (yy/mm/dd) Age Cause Dave Rowbotham Durutti Column 92-01-.. 34 Accident Willie Dixon 92-01-29 76 Age Sean Hayes 95-07-12 49 Aids Fela Kuti 97-08-02 58 Aids David Mankaba Bhundu Boys 91-10-.. Aids Freddie Mercury Queen 91-11-24 45 Aids Bill Chase Chase 74-08-12 39 Airplane crash Walter Clark ...
My dad loves the Ricky Wilson look,.
I think Ricky Wilson's even beginning to look more like Gary Barlow.
Ricky Wilson and exchange heated words to win Jai Thompson - Mum-of-one Jai, from Belfast, immediately impressed the judges with her confident and unique rendition of Clown by Emeli Sande. -
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Still can't believe I just met Ricky Wilson :'3
Ricky wilson from Kaiser Chiefs is so *** sexy.
I bet Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs isn't sitting in the same bit of the plane as us scumbags.
needed you here Matt, 2 celeb photo ops with Tamzin Outhwaite and Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs :-)
TALENTED teenager Jazz Bates-Chambers has made it through to the next round of The Voice. The 18-year-old, from Sandiacre, was chosen by judge and Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson to join his...
Think I'm slightly in love with Ricky Wilson 🙈💜
Loving the new Kaiser Chiefs track.I wonder if Ricky Wilson needs to be Re-loved in Idle by Jules.xx
Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs says that what happens backstage on The Voice with Sir Tom Jones and Kylie Minogue would make an incredible TV show. Ricky Wi...
Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs joined the OC for a chat about The Voice & does his best Tom Jones impression:
Ricky Wilson turned into a bit of a ride.
Why did no one tell me Ricky Wilson was on The Voice . I love that guy . He never misses a beat
and omg em I laughed when ricky goes "I'm ashamed in us, jones, wilson, minouge, am"
Don't know why but I find Ricky Wilson (lead singer of Kaiser Chiefs and coach on the voice) unbelievably...
I have a teeny tiny crush on Ricky Wilson
Ricky Wilson reminds me of with some of the expressions he uses and his personality 😂
Yes I do! I basically made it to stalk Ricky Wilson but we'll jeep that one to ourselves...
True motivation comes from within. No one can hand it to you, no one can take it away either.
Has developed a crush on Ricky Wilson, The Voice UK is defo my new fave programme ;) I also love but not in a sexual way - doing some serious perving today me like oi oi
Ricky Wilson hate the school holidays cuz it feels like I'm waiting for ages to see Ricky on the voice :)
Ok my latest crush is Ricky Wilson on the voice totally gorge!
Decided the only man I want is Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Cheifs. 😍😍😍
Can't believe how fit Ricky Wilson is now! 😍😍😍
Really really really fancy Ricky Wilson on The Voice
How babies sleep. Here's what we know...
Ricky Wilson really good ricky really good👍
Ooh fallen a little in love with Ricky Wilson on
Are you and Ricky Wilson, of Kaiser Chief and Voice fame, related? Uncanny resemblance imho ha
I wish Ricky Wilson would go back to his old face. His new one makes me want to punch him. Repeatedly. I don't know why.
Ricky Wilson off The Voice is such a cringe
Someone just give me Ricky Wilson please
Yay just turned on the telly to the voice. Mm Ricky Wilson.
Catching up on last nights Voice. How hot is Ricky Wilson. Swon!!! :)
Tom Hiddleston and Ricky Wilson look so alike 😍
Anyone else think that Ricky Wilson looks like a rapist?!
Is it just me or do others agree that Ricky Wilson on the voice looks a little bit like nick grimshaw from radio 1 hate to think who I look like
I would quite like to marry Ricky Wilson.
My crush on Ricky Wilson just escalates each week 🙈
I'd like to repeat Ricky Wilson is a very very good looking man
Ricky wilson is such a gentleman! He helps the ladies down the steps & always walks his acts off the stage!
As if I forgot that Ricky Wilson used to look like that
Don't know what is freaking me out more on the Voice: seeing a girl I went to Malta with on it or my growing attraction for Ricky Wilson
Ricky Wilson is so gorgeous, he's blonde and perfect
I've got to say I really am liking the Voice this series! Especially with Ricky Wilson in it! Much better than the X factor...
Cant wait for my fix ov ricky wilson on the voice soon! See ya later Chad Jamie Chadwick uve been jibbed! Stay in the pub for as long as you want! Xxxx
So last night was one of the best yet! Touched Ricky Wilson up a bit, discovered I am not made for moshing but joined in anyway, danced on platforms, sang loudly and had an amazing night! Shame I felt like I was dying on the way home but Kaiser Chiefs at Razzmatazz was amazing.
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After hearing a contestant sing a country song, judge Ricky Wilson says:"we used to listen to country music while going on road trips". To which judge Tom Jones says:"when i was growing up, we didn't even have a car, we had to walk!"
What band is Ricky Wilson from the voice is in? It's doin my head in!!
After watching this series of The Voice I have a new found soft spot for Ricky Wilson ;)
thinking is to our life as digesting is to our bodies... Carlos Ricky Wilson Kirimbai
Ricky Wilson Steve Manns what u know bout florida told you smh
Michael Duke Saunders please remind me when i visit Florida to purchase a weapon and go to a gas station. I'm really starting to not like the place. but like my friend Ricky Wilson posted, we've been doing this to ourselves so long that you can't expect the justice system to actually work just because there are two different ethnicities involved.
Omg i seriously have fallen in love with Ricky Wilson oh deary me those blue eyes m
Ricky Wilson has revealed how he was originally offered a spot on The Voice 2014 panel via email. And the Kaiser Chiefs frontman confessed at first he worried that producers... Watch The Voice 2014 judges: Ricky Wilson was offered job by email! Watch Free Online The Voice 2014 judges: Ricky...
Had a fab time on BBC The Voice UK dancing with Kylie Minogue, Ricky Wilson!! Thanks guys
watched the VOICE 2nite for the 1st time this series,,, how hot is ricky Wilson,,, who would have thought that the guy we saw years ago as a support act before they were famous could turn out sooo cute
Is there something about Ricky Wilson or are my standards really beginning to slip?!?
Today I lost one of my uncles Ricky Wilson may he rest in peace now your in heaven with all your family I love you we will never forget you say hi to my mom for me
Used to really believe I would meet/marry Matthew Perry. Tried to track him down in LA, such was my love. Feel same now about Ricky Wilson.
Has to say my crush on Ricky Wilson is growing week by week.
I've recently bought a breadmaker and it just sits in my kitchen. It looks lovely, but I have no idea how to use it. I just didn't want you to be my breadmaker. Ricky Wilson, let me love you.
Am I the only person that thinks ricky wilson from kaiser cheifs is looking hot these days!?
Mm a little bit of Ricky Wilson on a Saturday night - thank you bbc1 and skyplus !!
Is slightly in love with Ricky Wilson off of the Kaiser Chiefs. Just because.
Is it just me but is Ricky Wilson getting more and more good looking each week?? He is mighty fine :-)
Can't believe that I'm having to educate my Hubby Bear in the ways of the "Kaiser Chiefs" . There great . Hun where were u when I was v drunk & in my twenties . Happy memories ! & then there's Ricky Wilson . What can I say . Except I like older men ... Well He is a full day older than me . Lol
Every week, Ricky Wilson behaves more & more like a 1970's DJ
Turns out I have a crush on Ricky Wilson!
Thinking I am a little bit in love with Ricky Wilson
Need to find myself my own Ricky Wilson! He is proper fit!! Musicians are HOT!!!
I think I might love Ricky Wilson. That is all.
Wow Ricky Wilson looks so much better now than he used to! 😍😘
Falling in love with ricky wilson a little bit more every week.
Hi XX I can see you Hannah Armfield on The Voice X congratulations Emily being Chosen by Ricky Wilson XX
Also Ricky Wilson just said he loved her Nottingham accent! Yeah he does :)
Just realised that I've actually seen Ricky Wilson in the flesh in the Nou Camp Stadium Barcelona. How could I have forgotten this?   10% Off
Apparently I look like Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs
Ricky Wilson is definitely growing on me!!
Is it just me or is Ricky Wilson hot.?
Putting Ricky Wilson and Kylie on as replacements on "The Voice", was a 'master stroke' on the part of the BBC.much more entertaining, well done!
Ricky Wilson just did a jig to Footloose! My love for him grows every day!!
I just fell in love with Ricky Wilson a little bit more!!! Is he my new David or Alec ???
Sophie Blakemore re The Voice. Ricky Wilson dancing. Possibly giving me 40 something palpitations. He is LUSH.
I'm a tiny bit in love with Ricky Wilson!
I have to admit I have a new appreciation for this series I the voice !!! It might have something to do with a certain Ricky Wilson ;-) but will have to watch more just to be certain lol
Oh my those crush, Ricky Wilson!!
Is proper loving the voice this year. Both of the new judges are defo an upgrade... Ricky Wilson funny as.. And Kylie is Kylie.. Gone is the lanky wet drip from that crap band I can never remember the name of!!
I think I preferred Ricky Wilson when he was plump. Sometimes when he smiles it reminds me of the bit in Kick *** where Nicholas Cage is melting.
I can't get over Ricky Wilson on 'The Voice'. Wasn't he nothing special in keiser chiefs from what I remember. Amazing transformation!
Watching Ricky Wilson on The Voice is totally making my Saturday night :D
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