First Thoughts

Ricky Smiley

Russ Parr Steve Harvey Friday After Next Da Brat

I only listen to the radio for the Ricky Smiley show in the morning
Ricky Smiley ugly *** was right along with her but we knew he was trash.
Listening to Ricky Smiley show and I'm so disgusted at how Ricky and Da Brat just tried to minimize sexual assault
Ricky Smiley in the morning be GIVING ME ALL THE LIFE
You guys are terribly behaved. Look at that smiley.
Black Tony from the Ricky Smiley morning show, has me in stitches in the mornings, he doesn't cut me, he has me cracking up laughing.
yall have to see this whole roasting session .. Ricky Smiley , Monique , Michael Blackston , Tracy Morgan ..
Da Brat just made some stupid & insensitive remarks about sexual assault accusers coming forward on The Ricky Smiley show.
I mean, I was that kid who had never heard of the blk sororities - cept Ques cuz Shaq &…
Me: What do you want to become in future. Him: I want to become a Smiley!!!
Yes is there a problem Ricky Smiley?
Both of my big toes are aching...if I find them loose in my socks boots like a Ricky Smiley skit later it's cuz I'm old...smh
Issa whole lotta junkies in bmore that look like Ricky Smiley
Alot of dish fans wish porsha would... Dish...some place near Ricky Smiley and…
Several passengers didn't like the Ricky Smiley morning show playing on their commute to work
I️ like morning shows. Like Ricky smiley or breakfast club but regular radio is a no.
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*** you look like Ricky smiley, built like a jump rope boy lmao
Ricky smiley and Steve Harvey are like unto No more than a rich
the king of prank calls is Ricky Smiley..
Got Twerk videos with midgets on the Ricky Smiley morning show, now all of a sudden she can’t move
Lmfao I’m bout to spark your Ricky Smiley looking *** up boy
The Ricky Smiley show was really nice .
We love you here in the 757 It's time to watch Ricky Smiley For Real
Bruh i miss Atlanta radio, the Ricky smiley morning show used to have me rolling
Why am i just now finding out this is Ricky Smiley 😂😂
Ricky smiley and Monique got me crying right now
you know you old when you look forward to Ricky Smiley in the mornin
Crazy how men feel entitled to empathy even when they're the ones harming others . I heard someone on Ricky Smiley PRAYING for Tyrese .
Baby if y'all ain't listening to Ricky smiley this morning yal needs to be hunny!
Ricky smiley we understand what's going on but its how u handle things I feel him but what happen to conduct
I had to turn the station to Ricky Smiley uglass.
Ricky smiley morning show to funny...
Ricky Smiley in the morning be having me dying laughin 🤣🤣 they jus had Tooka in the car weak
From The Ricky Smiley Morning Show, Launches his top 20 count down show on on N…
Man Ricky smiley be having me dead af in the am 😂😂😂😂
Bruh 99jamz kills me with Bernice Jenkins church announcements. Ricky Smiley a fool 😂
Ricky Smiley and Ryan Bartholomew each had two hits for Towanda and Troy Pierce and Brett Crispell had hits.
This Friday The Chaifetz Arena welcomes The Festival of Laughs with Ricky Smiley, Bruce Bruce, Felipe Esparza and M…
"Elizabeth Taylor white diamond perfume i smelled it when i came in" 😂 Ricky Smiley a fool!
yes I listened to Steve Harvey for years. I listen to Russ Parr and Ricky Smiley now.
only show still standing on Dish Nation is Ricky Smiley??? lol
Who tuition finna go up cause of this 👀
Ricky Smiley have you dying laughing in the morning
I have to listen to Ricky Smiley every morning. I be at my desk jamming.
Ricky Smiley show talking mess about your relationship. Gary worry about the D in him mouth
😂😂 black tony who be calling up in the Ricky smiley show is hilarious
this girl said somebody look like Ricky smiley
Ricky Smiley and some of the Wild n Out boys came for hoco week and tonight was the hardest I've laughed since I been here. ❤️ my HBCU
Enjoyed our Comedy show with Ricky smiley and WildnOut crew
This gurl really didn't know who Ricky smiley was I was really ready to kick her out tha car how offensive
naaaw. That's not want I mean by the nice guy. Ricky Smiley turned me into a savage.
FAMU Homecoming comedy show just started & Ricky Smiley is already too funny lol
I used to watch the Ricky Smiley show all the time. I can live another day without seeing him live my grades are suffering 😭🙃
Didn't even know Ricky Smiley was a Que 🤔
Hanging out filming Cedric The Entertainer & Ricky Smiley. with Maurice Falls.This was funny Snoop...
Ricky smiley hosting our show tonight 😂😜🐍
Ricky smiley posted a video of ushers boppin down the aisle to mary mary n ppl r outraged...for no reason imo
yes look forward to hearing you on Ricky Smiley morning shows very encouraging and informative
If J.Bird meets Ricky Smiley before I do. I would be officially done 😬
Whoever laugh that is on the ricky smiley morning show is funny af 😂😂
I love Ricky Smiley Morning Show . They make my morning
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The Ricky Smiley show is annoying af
lmbooo Juicy from Ricky Smiley morning show and Little women:ATL
Ricky smiley always looked like a old lady to me even not dressed up😭😭😭
Lil Darryl was the only funny thing I've ever heard outta Ricky Smiley
People who don't care about what they're going to do to support themselves when they're adults just irritate my soul
I love the Ricky Smiley morning show💙
Lmao bro look like Ricky smiley but that's my brudda 😂💪🏾💯
Bruh why am I just now finding out that the cone Santa from Friday After Next was Ricky Smiley 😂😂😂
I only listen to tha radio for 2 reasons: Tha breakfast club and tha ricky smiley morning show
Black Tony said he got cheese nips and Capri suns for the kids 😂😂😂😂 Ricky smiley be wilding in the morning
Ricky smiley precious video never gets old lmaaao
As you get older you start to pay more attention to people's mindset rather than their looks
Only thing Tennessee gained this week is losing the bandwagon fans. See ya later folks you will never catch me in anything…
Ellen needs to chill with these lmao 😭
When you riding with your mother-in-law and Ricky Smiley topic of discussion is waiting until your married to have sex 😂💀
When your vorticity maps looks like a smiley face...
I don't listen to the radio, but today I did and the Ricky Smiley morning show was funny af.
I missed the Ricky Smiley morning show
Ricky Smiley morning show on the radio be funny af
Black Tony on Ricky Smiley morning show has no chill 😂😂😂
man Jeff Johnson and Ricky Smiley said its Cavs n 6 vs Thunder in the finals...ima take that to the bank
My only regret is wasting time on people who weren't worth my time‼️
Somebody just told me I look like headkrack from the ricky smiley morning show 😲😵
Ricky Smiley...making a difference in our History by keeping it real with the teens.. The next generation...the...
Peyton Manning needs to borrow this pregame speech from Justin Tuck in Super Bowl XLVI
Who can shoot deeper, Tyler Harris or Darrell Brown??
Team manager with Down syndrome makes half-court shot!
BREAKING: Browns trade QB Johnny Manziel to an Alpha Tau Omega beer pong team for a can of Natural Light and a solo cu…
I love driving in the morning and hearing Ricky smiley on the radio . He's funny asf and starts my mornings off right .
Don't let the media define the way you see things.
Everybody have their Ricky Smiley and Lil Duval tickets? You still have time!
MY TWO ULTIMATE BOYS😢😢😢 ((look how smiley Niel was after putting the crown on for Ricky))
These pranks calls on Ricky smiley Pandora gets me through work everyday 😂😂
Jesus died for our sins. God forgives us already.
Me: Bernie come over. Bernie: I can't I'm at a debate. Me: I'm being overcharged for a college education. Bernie:
Ricky smiley is off the chain this am. They killing the beat oh.
Ricky smiley trippin. He need to move this bus
the only good thing about getting up at 8 is listening to Ricky smiley on my way to class
Why does lofton have me printing all these pages 😑😑😑
When your friend brings up something you lied to your parents about
I love you on the Ricky Smiley Show girl keep doing u and let these haters hate
lol tell me he ain't Ricky Smiley off Friday After Next though..
The ricky smiley morning show have me rolling boy! Lmao!
Wait. Juicy from Ricky Smiley on that little people show?
That one stand up from Ricky Smiley will have you crying😂😭
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Thats exactly who that is juicy from ricky smiley morning show.
For all you adolescents and young adults, you really need to listen to Ricky Smiley on this conversation. If you...
I've never liked Miss Juicy's voice. Hate hearing her on Ricky Smiley morning show.
Juicy from Ricky Smiley Show getting down with ring master Zeke!
Ricky smiley hyped Rihanna song so hard this morning I *** near started dancing & had to turn the station 😭
When the teacher going to fast and you can't copy all the notes
Great message from Ricky Smiley to all young kids and teens.
Master P signed Heisman Trophy Winner Ricky Williams after being drafted by Saints to No Limit Sports
Don't wait until the story about your child to wanna get in the fight. . $40 Ricky Smiley tickets, a waist. $50 at...
Ricky smiley had me dying laughing this morning
Enjoyed listening to Kevin Gates on the Ricky Smiley morning show.
Ricky smiley morning show is everything
"Plum sweeter when you pick em off the ground" Ricky Smiley
Ricky Smiley for the comedy and Breakfast Club for the debates and "gossip" lol
Just heard on the Ricky Smiley morning show, let me go cop this album
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Also what happened to the Russ Parr morning show ..???! So much better than Ricky Smiley 😐
Ricky smiley sound so funny on the radio
Not gonna lie… the Ricky smiley show *** a lot more than I thought it would. But at least I can say I gave it a try.
Ricky Smiley be so funny lol. Ignant *** ***
I really cannot stand Gary from Ricky Smiley morning show. I just wanna punch him in his *** mouth. Flamboyant *** Larry The Lobster.
The Ricky Smiley morning show is terrible. I want Russ Parr Morning Show back.
I'm trying to give the Ricky Smiley morning show a chance but put back on man
That *** Ricky Smiley's band on comic view was called who pooted 😂😂😂😂
This trainer on Ricky Smiley for real lol
National championship freestyle. These dudes went off 😳😫
thanks 4 following me. I miss hearing u on the Ricky Smiley MS.
I found 83 people do not follow me back (via
what happened to the Russ Parr show on k97.5 Raleigh why is it now the Ricky Smiley show starting Monday. confused.
- anytime!. Atl is taking the best care of me ! From Ricky smiley n his crew to all the beautiful people !
Buy the steal the show on iTunes by Ricky Dillon and Trevor Moran featured in NBC s Science of Love
Season ended to soon. This time next year, GIANTS will be on the field! We're just getting started!
When Jazz meets lightskin Aunt Viv for the first time 😂
The Ricky Smiley show is hilarious omg
Watched the whole season of the Ricky smiley tv show it's hilarious
Happy birthday hope your day is turnt 🎉🎉🎉 😂😂
A woman on Ricky smiley morning show called in and said she was contemplating on dumping her fiancé because he got beat up in front of her
I really do NOT wanna listen to Ricky Smiley in the mornings. At all.
Starting monday its .. Ricky Smiley and The Morning Crew takes over 6a Monday !!!…
But if you got 4.0 ability and choose to get a 2.0 then you a fool nonetheless
Thank you Ricky Smiley , I needed to hear that. So much love and respect to you and your team!
The Ricky smiley show just spoke to me
Big up brat on the Ricky smiley show
The Ricky smiley morning show has me dieing ever morning
Tune in now to catch me and the phenomenal live on The Ricky Smiley Morning Show
ICYMI: Claudia Jordan Shades the heck outta Andy Cohen and Ricky Smiley! LMAO.
When your neighbor offers to sneak you into his OR gallery to watch a craniotomy ✊🏾💯
am I the only one that thinks the old man in the Walmart holiday commercial looks like Ricky Smiley😂
The Ricky Smiley show is jamming lol. they just played my favorite Xmas song lol
Nothing starts off my morning like the Ricky Smiley morning show!
Ricky smiley show be having me weak
Ricky Smiley- Roaches in my House...I'm crying at this 😭😭😭
Does watching grey's anatomy count as studying for anatomy😅😂
Watching Ricky Smiley stand up comedy and otw back to the school
naw you look more like Ricky smiley
Dr Perry this is a "Ricky Smiley" moment and dnt get upset with me PLEASE... But that's really a White Christmas Lol.
it's too late my boy Ricky Smiley already hooked me up with those
Ricky Smiley shows the difference between black and white churches singing
Ricky smiley morning show got me 3 live
Listening to Ricky Smiley on the way home from work
I need to learn to react to things a whole lot better, I've lost to much by overreacting
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
N.gga just walked by lookin like Ricky Smiley wit a Santa hat wearing a back brace 😕
Gotta be careful who you call your friend folks quick to stab you in the back these days
I was at the Comedy Get Down last weekend and I notice something. The Dude selling the VIP passes looked like Ricky Smiley.
A husband has a new guy at work and named him Ricky Smiley... we found your doppelganger!
We are 19 weeks away from the 2016 NFL draft, shares the top 5 in his first mock draft.
Somebody please come get Ricky smiley son
Michelle Obama discussing resources for college with Ricky Smiley
Ricky smiley is clowning the Alabama councilman & mayor who got to fighting lmaooo
I would LOVE to work on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show.they be tripping EVERY morning lol
Ricky Smiley had some great interviews too
I wouldn't mind listening to the Ricky Smiley show
The Ricky smiley morning show is so annoying
Ricky Smiley use to come to my church down south that *** use to wear all leather suits
Ricky Smiley: "This ain't just on the news in the United States, This on the news all over the country!"
Ricky Smiley For Real is so funny lol
Lmfao bro this Ricky smiley for real show funny asfukkk!!!
Ricky Smiley is the funniest man on the planet.
lololol lololol lolololololol Steve Harvey and Ricky Smiley lol Lord help us !!!;p
I dint know ricky smiley daughter went to FIU?? I was just down there. Lol
I always thought Lebron James had the worst hairline in basketball history and then this happened
Ricky smiley is hilarious to me..dude
The Ricky Smiley show is to funny especially Gary wit the tea
Steve and Ricky Smiley have no sense. These church announcements will have you in tears.
Ricky Smiley just said its ok if folks put a lil brown makeup on their face during Halloween if they are dressing up as Kanye or (1/2)
Mhm. Like I said, I'll wait... I have pride for MY school (in which I've been accepted to...)
lol I thought we were talking about football 😐
And have you even gotten into UT yet? I'll wait... (While you do too)
Thank you Ricky, I miss you. So happy we will be living so close to each other in 2 weeks.
I found 90 people do not follow me back (via
When auto correct changes Bruh to Brush😤😤
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Tuned into the Ricky Smiley morning show this morning 😭😂😭
Ricky Smiley morning show needs to be shut down ASAP
This Ricky smiley show may be the move for next weekend
*** Ricky smiley still got me blocked from 2012 😂😂
😎😅 Ricky Smiley 💀 you funny, and I love how much you love the Lord.
I can't take credit. Ricky smiley said it, but I swear I was thinking it😂
finally ran into Ricky Smiley after 4 months of being in the same building. cool guy. really humble
If talk don't listen to Ricky Smiley morning show y'all messing out . That man is HILARIOUS
I hope oomf listening to ricky smiley morning show..
Dabrat sounds like an *** now that she's hosting in the morning with Ricky smiley
"What is the difference between the Tigers and the Grizzlies?"- 😐😐😐😐
Unless you Ricky Smiley daughter then you might just need a tap on the ***
Then the Ricky Smiley morning show didn’t know the name of one of her biggest hits, ‘Goodies’ :(((
So Da Brat is on Ricky smiley morning show?👌🏾
In the studio early on Wednesday multitasking .,Ricky smiley production hair salon ...whatever it takes that's...
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Ricky Smiley have no chill whatsoever
"wassup yalll this is Nicki minajj" heard this on ricky smiley morning show and got hella excited.
lol I stole that phrase from Ricky Smiley. You ain't seen that?
I jus notice the santa clause on Friday After Nexts is ricky smiley 😂
Craig beat Debo but lost to Ricky Smiley in a Santa clause suit he was beyond washed for that
I wonder if UT will feed me at this zoo meeting Thursday??
was looking@ ricky smiley page, why would they feel what Viola Davis said would hurt her in Hollywood? She spoke the truth
Oh my goodness there goes Ricky making me so smiley again
I remember we used to tell Nikki she look like Ricky smiley
Ricky smiley morning show got me in tears 😭😭😂😂
Ricky is cool and all but then the *** sends me smiley faces and calls me bby and that's when you know I'm out
its all good your putting in good work I sent you our Ricky smiley interview
Ricky smiley said Alabama had the most Ashley Madison account users in the U.S. all that *** adultery in the bible belt smh
Ricky smiley morning show be having me dead 😂
The Ricky Smiley Morning Show be sooo funny 😂😂😂 they is silly
Mike epps and Ricky smiley funny to me
A wish every running partner and opponent:
Words can't describe the rivalry me and had last year over football. We made every Monday practice fun😂😂
😂💀 definitely !!! it's to early now .. Wait a couple more weeks
Ricky Smiley-Fighting Grandma via NEVER gets old. May Lee sounds just like my great aunt who passed in 2004
YAY smiley Stan found his forever home yesterday. Be happy Stan. Here he is saying goodbye.
The original comic view, like when Bruce Bruce & Ricky smiley was hosting
this seriously made me cry so hard I recommend watching it 😥
So much I gotta accomplish before the clock runs out
😂😂😂 I have to stop listening to the Ricky Smiley Show.
Enjoying an old friends 50th Birthday with Ricky Smiley and Iyanla Vanzant
You girls got until September to get it right because once these come out, dudes will not be texting you back 🌚
it's 40 min to write and instead of school/teen related prompts it's world issue prompts. Ex. Pollution, globalization, etc
Ricky Smiley used to make me laugh so hard with his impersonations lol
Class of 2016: read this.👇🏻 The last piece of advice I can offer you as a graduate about to start a new chapter.
😁watching Friday got me feeling like Ricky smiley😆😹
Ricky Smiley got the whole cast on right now, I'm in tears 😂😂😂
watched on Waiting to do Ricky Smiley
apparently I have "Rici Simly" aka Ricky Smiley in my class this wonderful Friday 😂😂
I can't stand the Ricky smiley morning show!
I hate the Ricky Smiley morning show 😂😂
They be tripping on Ricky smiley show 😭😭😭
Just did the Ryan Cameron Morning Show on V-103... Heading over to do Ricky Smiley now!.
We watching Ricky smiley in study hall 😂 I love ms ford.
Hate him almost as much as I hate Ricky Smiley
DaBrat is a perfect fit for the Ricky Smiley Show.
Ricky Smiley morning show not even on nomore😒
Dese folk on the Ricky smiley show *** smh
these nxggaz is funny just like Ricky Smiley they rockin fake jewelry we testing them diamonds!!!
And I didn't spell his name correctly on purpose cause Ricky Smiley can eat a ***
why did I think that was Ricky Smiley on the flyer. LOL
I tried switching between power 98 and the Ricky Smiley show but I just couldn't do it
What happened to the Russ Parr morning show? Do they have Ricky Smiley on there because he's about to come her soon?
Whenever I need a good laugh I watch Ricky Smiley's Casket Sharp stand up 😂 that thing is foolish 😂😂😂
Good morning Fred from Pastor William Enoch McCoy. Jesus be a fence on the Ricky Smiley morning show.
Ricky Smiley morning show turning up! lol
The midget on Ricky Smiley morning show going *** this freestyle.
when Ricky Smiley morning show don't be hitting on anything , but it's funny too them old folks . 😊😊😊😊
hype that the Ricky Smiley morning show is coming in clear on the radio at work here in york this morning
Ricky Smiley really preached on his show this morning I really hope a lot of people was listening. Spitting straight facts.
Now this is a very emotional Ricky Smiley morning show, but what he is saying is the WHOLE truth...
Nothing like starting off your morning with the Ricky Smiley morning show
Sitting n the car listening to the Ricky smiley show
Ricky Smiley got me rollin bruh aw man
The ricky smiley morning show just made my day
Ricky Smiley Needs to give at least an hour with the & stop playing with my music Emotions!!!
is the Ricky Smiley Show on tour or something?!
The Ricky Smiley show on 92.3 be funny as *** omw to work 😂😭
"It costs $0.00 to thank God for the little things in life, like being alive. 😎
Africans can't come out the closet 😂
If you blocked me I got to you lol. I remember Ricky Smiley blocked me lmao
70s Smiley Face, Ricky Renteria and Joe Maddon walk into a bar. By night's end, everyone has diabetes.
wilder trainer sounds like Ricky smiley
Y'all please get out of his feelings
Sprint past dehydration with carbs to compete and electrolytes to replenish.
Happy birthday to my volleyball amigo hope you have a great day 🔄⬆️ 🎉🎉
Yo.. 😳 this video is the definition of real
When you catch the spirit, but you're from the 6 (Vine by
Before you pray: BELIEVE. Before you speak: LISTEN. Before you spend: EARN. Before you write: THINK. Before you quit: TRY. …
Good luck to all the SEN16RS taking their ACT today!
How many fights did the fresh Prince of bel air get into before his mom got scared? . 1) 4. 2) 7. 3) 1 lil
We remember and we fight for. Christopher Alder. Smiley Culture. Jimmy Mubenga. Michael Powell. Leon Briggs. Ricky... http:…
I be laughing so hard at the Ricky Smiley morning show 😂
Ricky Smiley is hilarious in the morning!
When your daughters boyfriend makes a joke at the dinner table 😂😂😂
LeBron's dad is probably so upset that he left his son lol
Hearing the TV and Ricky Smiley show getting on my nerves.I don't know which one to listen too
Ricky Smiley morning show is hilarious. He's talking to the devil right now. Lmao
How can I win the ATM game on the Ricky Smiley morning show?! 😩 it seems like everyone that calls, wins some money.
Ricky Smiley in the morning is the perfect show to listen on your way to work, school, or wherever you going
Ricky Smiley is not all jokes, he spoke from his heart this morning and the truth! S/O to The Ricky Smiley Morning Show!
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