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Ricky Horror

Ricky Horror Olson (born 1 September 1988) is an American musician. He is the rhythm guitarist, backup vocalist and studio multi-instrumentalist of the American metal band Motionless In White.

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Ricky has amazing eyes and is extremely hot.
I may become well acquainted with the floor, or the couch.
I do like to spread out over the bed though.
as far as I know that is the only time I've gotten violent in my sleep
one time I punched my wall in my sleep when I was dreaming
you are not. At least you don't wake up from a heart attack. 😑
Isn't Chris Motionless and Ricky Horror to die for?💀❤💀
I'm gonna fall asleep listening to HIM, so good night
When Josh is the big spoon I fall asleep in like 5 seconds :(
Don't let Josh hear that you're calling yourself my daddy. It's weird
"I am daddy to everyone I follow. Yes." Why did you ruin it
I am daddy to everyone I follow. Yes.
It's fine. I understand that you're one of my children of the night.
Pappah. Rick you're suppose to be sleeping.
I read that as "pappi" like an old grandma when I meant POPPI like Spanish girl calling for daddy.
accurate representation of my friendship with Chris
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I don't know I just feel like I overdo things
It's been a long time since I've shed tears after busting a nut, however I'm like 2 seconds away from crying rn
literal bae😍 I honestly thought I was the only one that's seen ricky horror like 1099 times
I just lost my aunt last week and it was because she was an alcoholic.
I've always hated it. I'm not fond of alcohol either.
yes I've never smelled it and I don't ever want to. Weed is not my thing.
you've obviously never smelled k2 then. Makes weed smell like a flower.
I hate the word "mate" omfg. That's your girlfriend, you're not an animal
Don't miss part 2 of tonight! Ricky will be in on the action on the last 2 episodes of the series :)
Petition for jc Kian and Ricky to make a horror movie
I think I had a couple extra shifts on this paycheck because I started halfway through a work week
I know omg I don't think my next check will be as much though
Ricky Horror Picture show is something I've actually seen . The above statement reminded me of it lol
Today I've had the urge to cut my hair again 😒
sorry I'm used to calling you boyfriend ):
All purpose parts banner
I'm looking at old DMs from over a year ago and wanna cry because Josh and I were so happy :(
I with my iPod still worked right :(
Butt grabbing is too vanilla for Matty
(So my little sister told me that Harry Styles is perfect so I said excuse me but I'm 99% Ricky Horror is much better :)
gonna cry over Josh and sleep . BYE
I know this gif is small but can we take a look at how skinny I was in 2012 :(
I want the same piercings as Ricky Horror
give me a second I'll see if I can find it
Trying to find my account that I first followed and on but I can't find it. I found the back up but...yea.
I seriously think and are the best. I've been following them for a year or two (I think) and I really love them.
when they came to my state I only met Ricky horror and he signed my poster
“Sorry I don't kiss your *** like every other person on the internet does.” @ she who shall not be named
I still want to talk to the person because I just want them to take the post and comments down. But I can't contact them
right. If someone asks me to give them credit, I do.
right? It's not that hard to give someone gif credit and not be a *** about it.
like seriously I am just trying to get the whole thing resolved because I don't want either of us to get hate ugh
I saw a notification at the top of my phone that said something like "next time you tell your stupid litt..." And I'm assuming-
;( I told people on tumblr to report them so
what did you saw because I can't see it
alrighty I'm just waiting for them to flip out on me for defending you.
I can see their account anymore so if they do anything else tell me
-several times that I said something.
I didn't even call them a single name or ANYTHING. All I wanted was for them to give me credit but they chose to ignore me the-
oh you drink lots of coffee? Please tell me about how shaky your hands are even though I do not care at all.
oh you drink coffee at a fast rate? Looks like you'll just have to pee sooner than the rest of us congratulations
“rickyxhorror: This light in our walkway makes me feel like I'm in HIM's "heartkiller" video omfg
James Arthur is just and unkempt Ricky Gervais wannabe: the horror, the horror.
It's getting very hard to keep my eyes open
I want everyone to zoom in and take a look at Josh's sunglasses
Josh have you ever given me a massage before I don't think so, well I'd love one rn pls
I've never tried to tan but I'm naturally brown so
I used to be able to tan a lot as a kid but now I just burn every time
yeah I know but look at ricky lol he's still so pale he's reflective
Ur face belongs in the horror section
I'm a good person if you don't like me you STINK xoxo - GloZell
listen I've been throwing up and my stomach is empty
i think i just kinda died TROYLER KISSED
I agree! Lagano needs taken out in a blaze of horror!
same:( I had nothing other than alcohol in my stomach and I threw up blood
I got a migraine the other night and it lasted all day yesterday and this morning I woke up hella early and puked 5 times
When I get my own house I'm gonna have a huge bathtub because baths are great and I don't get to take a bath very often or ever
someone phoned an ambulance because I was paralytic am I cool yet?
I had a good time when I passed out beside the toilet😌
I'm also dying in bed today wow ironic
I see Ricky Horror on my dashboard on Tumblr. . aahh.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
aaww hello ricky☺️ hte *** boy has a hangover and is dying in bed. How are you?
Just let people be. Everyone deserves happiness.
It really makes me mad when people are *** to my friends like
Ricky_Horror you are one of my best friends now and wow thank you so much for being here for me 💕 Ricky Dicky 😂
I'm sick I don't have time for this
I took a nap yesterday and it made me feel so spaced out and sad when I woke up
I took a lil nap but I still feel gross
"Someone's name is emo king who are u" obviously not me. I'm Goth Daddy
Someone's name is emo king who are u
I don't know it kinda feels like the flu.
Why must I have to feel sick and nauseous at 6:30 in the morning
Just got told I look like a girl version of Ricky Horror. Thank You
I think of Ricky Horror as Chris Motionless and Andy Biersack's child. Is that weird?
Oh the days(sigh)...Slammin' Pearl Stubbies at the Mars Bar in Bellaire after Ricky Horror w/ Caminiti. .
I knew what this was and I still opened it
“If you laugh at your own jokes, then you're probably not funny.” ***
yeah I don't really take them out too often unless i'm changing them or cleaning them.
I just think really tiny ones are cute. So it's okay to sleep in them and shower.
yeah I'm my sure how much bigger ill go because I don't really want droopy earlobes.
wait overnight and try pushing it through the rest of the way tomorrow. That's what I've done because I don't want to risk blowouts
I have one like halfway in, how long should I wait before pushing it in more? Or just do it when it doesn't hurt as much?
neither was I. My goal size was a 2 and I'm at 1/2" now
I wasn't planning on making them big.
okay, small sizes do hurt a lot more. Still be careful. My ears bled a few times when I was at smaller sizes without even knowing
be cautious if it hurts that bad. When was the last time you stretched
A sharp. It's like throbbing but not that bad.
We should so it on timeline so Rick can watch.
one time I rolled off my bed while sleeping and my head landed inbetween my bed and my dresser
you can actually get infections (ew gross I know) if you hold in your pee for a rly long time so go peE
I'm also know for my world famous cereal, *** ios. (And ugly girls.)
The best thing I've heard today is snoop dogg using the term "poot"
When the dark of the night comes around that's the time that the animal comes alive
“Wanna out my fingers through your hair and wrap me up in your legs. Imma put you to bed.” This song tho 👌
I love it, you love it. Every time we're touching
Started sneezing when BOTDF played on my kindle. Guess I'm allergic
Imma Kiss your body from the tip top all the way down to your knees
Take off those heels lay on my bed whisper dirty secrets while I'm pulling on your hair. Poison in our veins but we don't…
Somebody come here and tend to my sore nipples
I wanna wrap you up, wanna kiss your lips, I wanna make you feel wanted. I wanna call you mine, wanna hold your hand forever…
I look like a retarded bug and I'm pretty sure Jess is blinking wow we are swaggy
Pretty sure I've been horny every day this whole week.
I don't like Justin Bieber but it's you singing there's a difference
wow thank you Jess this serenade is beautiful
Ricky Horror, Joshua Balz, Chris Motionless & Marilyn Manson need to teach me how to do my makeup ~
My name is Ally I love music My favorite bands are Stone Sour, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, and Nickelback My favorite band member(s) are Christian Coma, Ricky Horror, Corey Taylor, Tyler Gloyd and Brandon Kile!! If you want to know more just ask Ally featured in NBC s Science of Love
So I want to know who is your top five mines is -ben bruce -oil Sykes -James cassells -Kurt Cobain -Ricky horror ~Zombified_ben
Oooft! I'm going home always brings tears to my eyes in Ricky Horror so sad ... Dr Scott Douglas
We are opening tonight! A big S/O to the amazing crew, orchestra & prob's the most prettiest cast I have ever worked with on what would be an awesome Brisvegas Season and a kick *** tour! Thank you to the ATG crew for handing down the batten and we promise to make it look & sound better than the UK tour. Cheers to my Dep Stuart Johnston for the the ongoing support and crankiness erm kindness!!! The wise words of Troy Mackriell "Lets Take This Rocket Ship To The Moon" Chookas to all you crazy Ricky Horror Show peeps...
Having a productive day clearing out and cleaning the pantry whilst listening to the Ricky Horror soundtrack, like you do.
Just watched Ricky horror picture show great film
Hey guys, fun fact: Ricky Horror and Harry Styles are in love. Just ask Lexi Taylor. Isn't that right Lexi ;)?
I just wanted to say a Happy New Years to my family and friends and to those who are friends and we seem more like family, can't wait to see what crazy things the new year will bring :3 much loves.. Andrew Egleston Eric Light Eric MoonDoggy Pope Eric Cartman Ricky Horror OlsonMotionless In White Magel Mira Dyzaster JohnsonAllyshia Leeanne Dillon Perry Derek A. WilloughbyChris MotionlessVann BrownMaxx Imurfather Brown
Ricky Horror tho. That man has become one of my favourites mmm.
Guys like Kuza,Balz,Ricky Horror, Chris Motionless,Devin Sola, Angelo Sorrento and Sid Hilton make me wanna cry because their make up looks better than mine. .-.
On June 11, 2013, Motionless In White released the Deluxe Edition of Infamous, featuring remixed and remastered versions of all the original tracks, alongside two new songs, remixes by Celldweller, Combichrist and Ricky Horror, and re-recorded drums by Richter. Motionless In White did their first full UK tour in September 2013 with The Defiled and Glamour of the Kill Motionless In White will be opening for In This Moment on the HELLPOP Tour in the U.S starting in Q4 of 2013 Motionless In White will be doing a short tour with All That Remains in December of 2013 On the 23rd of December 2013 Chris Motionless announced via Instagram that the band would be releasing a new album in the upcoming year.
Hey hey Ricky Horror fans. My Elk lodge is having a dinner and Rocky event in Feb. I'll put morer info layer if anyone is interested
A- Available: nope, im marrying cheyennes hair. B- Birthday: 2/19 C- Crushing On: someoneee D- Drink Youu Last Had: water E- Easiest Person to Talk to: Sabrina Hampton, Grant Isaac Basham, and Kyle Pederson. F- Favorite Song: king for a day or when you cant sleep at night G- Greatest memory: idek H- Hometown: fake whorion I- In love with: ricky horror J- Jealous of: ^his gf K- Killed someone: in my mind, yes. L- Longest friendship: Olivia Sherman M- Middle Name: Aliyah N- Number of siblings: 6 O- One wish: To be with my crush tbh.. P- Person who called you last: my momma Q- Question you’re always asked: idek R- Reason to smile: idek tbh S- Song you last sang: yeah boy and doll face T- Time you woke up: like 9:45ish U- Underwear Color: teal! V- Violent moment you had: too many W- Worst habit: biting my nails X- X-rays you had: knees, feet, wrists like 6 times, and knuckles. Y- Your last kiss: whoever the *** my last boyfriend was that I actually kissed. bc I don't like people. Z- Zodiac sign: aquarius
Why Are you so perfect Ricky Horror? ;-;
Right now I'm just really obsessed with Ricky Olsen aka Ricky Horror
Ricky Horror of Motionless in White live at Club Nokia in Los Angeles!
5 likes 1) I'm Eddy 2) I'm bi and I'm proud 3) My middle name is awesome (Ariel) 4) I like kiking people ._. 5) I'm can be annoying a lot 6) I'm a male 7) I do stuff when I see a picture of a band member especially Oli 8) instead of parting with the devil, I party with myself 9) Buy me merch and I'll love you forever 10) I really can't wait until August 1st if I can survive SBSW 11) I like watching Sam and Cat 12) I'm from Dallas, Tx 13) Fronz and Ricky Horror also Kellin Quinn are sexxayy 14) I'm somebody's *** c: 15) I really want to talk to the new admins ~Besitos Alive
My throat feels like I swallowed shards of glass, it hurts so bad.
this is exactly what my face looks like when josh and I have sex I swear
I'm literally wondering if I'm okay
I don't care that you look a little chubby you're so god *** adorable
Literally stop because my heart is about to explode
"How many times?" take a wild guess because I bet it will be much less than my answer
I met Ricky Horror & Brandon Richter from Motionless In White it was
I just might if I get drunk enough off this expensive wine I'm drinking on our date right now woo
neither, I just need a massage, although sex after the massage would be great.
Derek with ricky gervais is suppose to be a good show. Its a netflix original. American Horror Story is a good one.
You could make a horror movie out of Ricky road
My friends and I with Ricky Horror of Motionless In White.
So my brother scored two baskets and threw up
Im sure that watch American horror story, is it so?
Ricky Horror and Chris Motionless are honestly too perfect. Okay? Ok
I don't want to go to classes today
I get tired of looking at the same photo all the time I am sorry
I still think we should Remain Motionless In White
Google Dell City, TX and you'll see how small it is where I live.
There's 76 in my whole school and other than me there's only two other seniors. It's me and two guys.
Yeah because school is dumb. Like. I'm a senior. Why can't I just have my iPod.
I actually wear my headphones like that all the time because it hides them in school
Barack was swaggin on another level
Me: I'm not as cute as Ricky Horror tho. Friend: Really? I'd choose you over Oli Sykes. Me: *crying* :'D
Motionless in White are an American metalcore band from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Formed in 2005, the band consists of Chris "Motionless" Cerulli (lead vocals, studio multi-instrumentalist), Ricky "Horror" Olson (rhythm guitar, backing vocals, studio multi-instumentalist), Devin "Ghost" Sola (bass), Ryan Sitkowski (lead guitar), Joshua Balz (keyboards) and Brandon Richter (drums, percussion) . The band has stated that their band name derived from the Eighteen Visions song, "Motionless and White".[1] Motionless In White is known for their dark, horror themed lyrics, heavy, ominous sound, Goth styled physical appearances, and their energetic and demanding live shows. All of the bands material is entirely composed by both Chris Motionless and Ricky Horror, with both members taking on each instrumental role for the writing and recording process. Motionless in White is currently signed to Fearless Records and have released two EPs and two full-length albums. Their debut full length, Creatures, reached on the Bil ...
I swear, Ricky Horror's eyes were glowing the dark in that Immaculate Misconception video. \m/
I love my guitar players; Tony Perry,Jack Fowler,Phil Manansala,Brandon Hoover,and Ricky Horror
Ricky Horror has a girlfriend? :c oh my gosh this is almost as bad as when I found out Kellin Quinn is married and has a :( -Mousy
Justin Bieber Fans : OMGZZZ Justin Bieber iz a musical genius! Austin Carlile: lol Michael Jackson : lol Tom DeLonge : lol Mark Hoppus : lol Alex Gaskarth : lol Vic Fuentes: lol Travis Baker : lol Kurt Cobain : lol Mike Shinoda: lol Bob Marley : lol Patrick Stump : lol Matt Tuck : lol Mitch Lucker : lol Gerard Way : lol Frank Iero : lol Ray Toro : lol Mikey Way : lol Oliver Sykes : lol Jared Leto : lol Billie Joe Armstrong : lol Mike Dirnt : lol Tré Cool : lol Dave Grohl : lol Chester Bennington : lol Paul McCartney : lol George Harrison : lol John Lennon : lol Ringo Starr : lol Brendon Urie : lol Ryan Ross : lol Damon Albran : lol The Rev : lol Zacky Vengeance : lol Johnny Christ : lol Synyster Gates : lol M. Shadows : lol Andy Biersack : lol Jake Pitts: lol Chris Motionless: lol Ricky Horror: lol Joshua Balz: lol Cliff Burton: lol Kellin Quinn: lol Pierre Bouvier: lol Freddie Mercury: lol Ashley Purdy : lol Christian Coma : lol Jeremy Ferguson : lol Mike Fuentes : lol Tony Perry : lol Jaime Preciado : ...
9) is the Ricky Horror to my Jacky Vincent
I think I have an obsession issue with Chris Motionless, Josh Balz, Ricky Horror and Austin Carlile. O_O
Hai, my name is Carlin, some people call me C or CDAWG! Call me what ever you want, unless it's mean! I am 13, I love to party, but not the kind of little girly girl party, more like, fist pumping, to headbanging:) I love metal, rap, and stuff, I mainly listen to Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, Dope, Slipknot, Hollywood Undead, Suicide Silence, Atreyu, Children Of Bodom, and others related in that type of music, I love Tyga, Wiz, Travis Porter, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and others:) I do like to cheer people up! I'm very good at it:) So yeah my name is RandyHorrsack:) and it's that because if you put Andy Biersack and Ricky Horror you hey Randy Horrsack! Alright:) Help us get more likes:) RandyHorrsack:)
its ok man..i only know Chris Motionless, Ricky Horror and their ex member :TJ Bell
IN THE HANDS OF A FANGIRL(stolen) Me: mom I'm having company over so don't come into my room! *closes door* Ronnie Radke: for the love of god! Why am I tied to you bed?! Austin Carlile: Oh lord! Why'd you have to tie the rope so tight? Danny Warsnop: dang this is some sexy *** Do what your worst! Kellin Quinn: I have a I'm not single for all this Jackie Vincent:. Vic Fuentes: why under the bed? You must had switch the lyrics to Disasterology Matty Mullins: dang my beard itches Andy Beirsack: I'm bored to death in this closet. Is this your h.w.? *noms* Ricky Horror: oops. I spilled you make-up on me...on purpose Beau bokan: HELP IM BLI-Nope. Just my hair.
Not gonna lie , but no one is As attractive as Ronnie Radke, Beau Bokan,Ricky Horror , Fronz,and Austin Carlile ^.^
Ricky Horror , Eric Lambert , Jacky Vincent , Ben Bruce , Zack Hansen . These are the people who inspire me to play Guitar .
Ricky Horror fact: He originally played bass in Motionless In White and switched to guitar when TJ left the band. - ...
omg did the Andy Biersack and Ricky Horror ones get posted
or Vic Fuentes, or Jonny Craig, or Justin Hills, or Chris Motionless, or Ricky Horror, or Andy Biersack, or Matt Good, or Ashley Purdy?
Is it Just me or does Ricky Horror from miw look a little like a mix between Andy Biersack(before the hair cut) and Tony Perry from ptv?
Guitarists are always the hottest in bands (Jacky Vincent, Jake Pitts, Ricky Horror, Synster Gates, Jack Barakat...etc.)
My love for Ricky Horror is impossible to express in a limited amount of characters..
me with Vic and David Schmitt and T. Mills and Ricky Horror tho omg
Just realized. I have no Jake spam on my ipod. Just Ben Bruce and Ricky Horror. .hiya google.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Ricky Horror kind of looks like Andy Sixx tbh
“Omg idk why keeps saying when Ricky Horror sings he sounds like Kellin Quinn xD”Its truth!
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