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Ricky Horror

Ricky Horror Olson (born 1 September 1988) is an American musician. He is the rhythm guitarist, backup vocalist and studio multi-instrumentalist of the American metal band Motionless In White.

Chris Motionless Andy Biersack

Try Me 🌙🍃. .: Ricky Horror . // gonna start making . more chill edits :) \\ (Vine by
When I get a new phone I try to keep the number of photos down. But a week later it all turns into a meme horror show of photo collections.
Like a British 'The Walking Dead' One of my 5* reviews on Hellspawn h…
American horror story needs to come back already
Mum says she's gonna take me to see Ricky horror finally
I think I'm good on the cigarette, but I was thinking we could watch some low budget horror movie that *** [Ricky »
You see this yet? MSNBC discussing Trump's coming tactics with horror and defeated faces.
OMG, he must be a racist, fascist, misogynist sociopath! The horror!
US Muslim Invasion Horror: "73 employees at nearly 40 airports across this country were flagged for ties to terror." http…
there is only one Ricky Horror and this isn’t it.
Ricky horror guitar of MIW. My fav person ever my idol. Love you thank u for being you. 🍪 hope u c tis
Nothing like exposing someone to The Ricky Horror Picture Show for the first time. Hehehe
YuLin Dog meat horror. That's what it looks like - without their cruel punishing death.
when I first saw that film, horror filled me. ever since then, the horror grows...
[2/9] Meet Motionless in White - Ricky Horror and also tysm guys for 100+ followers (Vine by
character on Ricky Horror is not reinforcing stereotypes. She is bringing back to life a classic movie character!
Me and Ricky Horror are the same height
So Fox are remaking The Ricky Horror Picture Show with a woman as Frankenfurter. Um .
someone send me pictures of ricky horror and I will love you forever
never been to a Ricky horror showing but there's one going on downtown in an hr so im finally gonna get it in.
ugh I'm sorry for this rant...I'm just in a horrible mood...back to bgc and ice cream...maybe Ricky Horror
Now I understand - it is not a daring new fashion - the Ricky Horror Show is on at the Playhouse!
I'd let Ricky Horror stomp on my face
Why do me and my girlfriend always talk about sucking Ricky Horror's ***
"Would you rather..." with Ricky Horror and Ryan Sitkowski.
I want to smoke weed with Ricky Horror and then cry myself to sleep
On the good side. Now Ricky and Alycia are free from the horror of BURY TROPES NOT US
I would pay ricky to kick me in the face 😐.
I will always go with for no other reason than The Ricky Horror Picture Show
📷 creature4life: Ricky Horror Motionless in white
Another movie idea: horror movie where sink comes alive and starts attacking people. I'll call it "Monster Sink"
Anyone have any HQ pictures of Chris Motionless or Ricky Horror that fit iPhone dimensions of a lockscreen?
I fail to understand how a human being with an existence could not love Ricky Horror.
Spamming with the Ricky horror edits
Wait out the Days | cover ❤Background Wait out the days cover |Ricky "Horror" Olson" ❤ Originally by Rocky Votolato.
Same DC Media feigning horror over NEW LOWS from Trump-Cruz, allowed Obama to accuse Romney of murder & not paying taxes.
Happy Birthday to the talented Ricky Horror! //~Maddie💕 (Vine by Final Dictvm)
When Ricky had this horror mission on RB2. A broadcast accident happened. He even cried because he was too scared. htt…
A guy who has only ten followers after three years and two months says goodbye. The horror!
Wishing the best for the people of Paris. The horror these terrorist cowards can cause is terrible. Stay strong. Stay safe.
France under attack from terrorists right now. Multiple incidents + absolute horror. Situation ongoing involving hostages.
The newest horror on the Streets of Paris is showing us the increasing of insecurity in our Europe! Stop the muslim invasion N…
Disney worker Leo Perrero at our press conf describing Dig Your Own Grave horror story: "Felt I was betrayin…
Ricky G. I won't kill you, so stop shaking. Here's my video invitation for you. Press play: …
. Uhm, okay. StarWars original trilogy, Ricky Horror Picture Show, Dirty Dancing. Oh, and we should watch TV series. Like +
Ricky from TPB is in the horror movie I'm watching and I can't watch it without Rickyisms running through my head
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
When you accidentally type Ricky horror instead of Rocky horror
I added a video to a playlist Bordello of Horror - Ricky Dean Logan interview
American Horror Story renewed for another season, why though? They literally get worse and worse, every time.
Ricky Horror. Dedicated to the winner of the phone part of the contest! Tagged below. (Vine by
Breaking - Nazi Sam Hyde had 50 black students locked up for 10 yrs in house of horror.
Ricky horror and banana malt loaf to remind things are okay
NOT at all, that's ridiculous & the horror stories of ppl paying 4 that is thru the roof
I follow like 4 Ricky horror fakes ay
This is my favorite picture of Ricky Horror. 💙 . What is your favorite picture of Ricky?
Last night GQ boy and I dressed up for Ricky Horror, hand lots of hot amazing kinky sex, ate some midnight Poutine, and then slept over.
Meet author Ricky Cooper of DESIGNATED QUARANTINED on blog tour w/
Ricky Cooper is on Winter of Zombie 2015BlognTour via
I want to perform in a midnight screening of Ricky horror picture show !
Ricky Horror was a blast last night!!
Rest in peace, Gunnar Hansen. I really wish I had the pleasure to meet THE GREATEST icon in horror. Your presence...
I know I've posted a lot today but here's Ricky horror 💀 (Vine by Bands? I Think Yes)
Sad that we lost another horror icon R.IP Gunnar Hansen. Thank you for the memories. One of the nicest people I ever met
Out of all the pictures of ricky horror this is may favorite of all time.Because he looks so happy like a sunshine❤️
{smiles}. -. +I love the audio for this. +. +dt: Jamilla bc she's Ricky Horror trash . + (Vine by
bring him back sometime - we can watch the vampire, horror, supernatural, Sci Fi films. And some Ricky Gervais.
I think you spelled it wrong, it's W-H-O-R-E, not horror
Designated Quarantined: check it out! via
Winter of Zombie spotlight on Ricky Cooper, author of Designated Quarantined.
Ricky Horror is so cute I don't know how to handle it
wow Ricky horror picture show is gonna be lit
if they're considering a sequel. I'd love a VR horror game made by Super Massive.
Fine is you get Gerard Way, I get Ricky Horror
Who do you think should be the next president? — Marilyn Manson, Chris Motionless, Ricky Horror or Andy Biersack
have never been more excited for Ricky horror show!!!
“I think that music is one of those things that when you don’t really have anything else to connect with it’s always there”-Ricky Horror
Álbum de fotos: lock-screenss: Requested Ricky Horror Like or reblog if you’re gonna keep -Erin
Editing time for the first of my Zombie Apocalypse novels, follow me at Author Ricky Fleet on FB
guys don't talk to me when I'm fangirling over ricky horror pls
What is art to you? — oliver scott sykes, ricky horror olson, and this other person
everyone has real people as their crush & here i am like there's 69 days 2 hours 35 minutes and 30 seconds till I see ricky horror in person
so yesterday i tried going to the radio shack in glendale and ended up at horror nights LMFAO
I think I'm watching a Mickey Mouse clubhouse version of the Ricky horror picture show
Haven't done an edit for this cutie in awhile 💘 || ricky horror, requested by Ashley Valdes
obsession as of late- . Icon For Hire. Markiplier. Ricky Horror. Tool
hi again. I have one more question do you like the movie Ricky horror picture show if so u r bae :)))
The brain that wouldn't die, thank you for this gem. Feel free to keep airing the classics
We are all with you Ricky. This horror must stop if humanity is to claim that it is civilised!. …
the scariest scene from last nights episode of American Horror Story
It can't do any more damage to me than dreaming the entirety of the Ricky Horror Show recast with Marvel characters
can someone send in photos of Ricky horror please
Ricky Dillon is filming a Halloween horror short film
Omg so ricky won tickets at horror nights saturday & we were like *** who are these ppl. Then he looked it up & it's snoop dog, the game
Ricky Horror transformation A lot of people don't know about me so should I ... (Vine by
Me when American Horror Story comes back tonight
Take me to see Motionless In White so I can oogle over Ricky Horror, then take me home & Make me scream louder than I did at the concert.
Norman Reedus as Yes please RTDaryl, Rick and Carol in the RICKY Horror Picture Show!
Hello boobs!😋. Ricky is me in this pic almost everyday {(
'Goodnight Mommy' is the best horror film of 2015, and a nightmare for kids with mommy issues: http:…
Ricky Vitus dishes about working with the horror master Tom Savini
Remembering the precious victims of the cruel horror of 'THEY MUST GET ANOTHER CHANCE >
In other words.I'm coming for you Ricky Horror.
. Wanting the majority population to be gainfully employed. The horror.
Ricky Horror can smash my toes with a sledgehammer and I'd still look at him like this 😍
I was screaming "ricky horror's *** at the top of my lungs at the exact moment my mom came home so um RIP will be missed 😂
I almost bit through my lip once! But it's okay, Ricky Horror came to check on me.
Update your maps at Navteq
I will be at Halloween Horror Nights this year idc
"This is Ricky, he likes to be called horror but idk why, he plays guitar, he never wears socks , showers every 3 months, not a raccoon"
A date to Halloween Horror Nights would also be solid
convinced them to play the Ricky Horror soundtrack at work 😆
I just want to meet Ricky Horror tbh
well I know it's perks of being a wallflower because only 2 films have ricky horror featured in them 😁
I feel like watching American horror story or at least something else Evan peters was in bc of Ricky 😂
that's a weird thing to say *cough cough*I mean, under the impression they maybe enjoy Ricky Horror and like the characters
God forbid whites unite and fight for their own interests like every other race. Oh the horror!
Tomorrow I'll try to look like Ricky Horror
Bargian time . Horror/and Films extremes . Film clearout time all in mint condition scan the pics all 5.00 free...
I hope this is also the moment our nation wake up to the horror of those asylum seekers under our care.
saw this earlier Helen, just heard the full horror! Moyes, Vaughan, Kay & Ricky Wilson!?! That's me done with radio... . :(
So far today we've learned about the amityville horror, the OG Ricky Ross freeway man, 1 good movie, 1 terrible movie, and lots about aliens
This well not end well. Someone English guy made a video about this on YouTube starts with a childs B'day party then horror
Order Miche Bag Online!
ok cool. Will record as still in London next Sat. Have tix for Ricky Horror :D
Just met Barry Bostwick!! My Rocky Horror heart is so happy right now. Too bad Ricky's never seen it.…
to like three years ago when I tried to be Ricky Horror. I'm not even sorry.…
Black Culture of South Africa: Toddler raped by teen whilst mother can only watch in horror http:/…
Ben Bruce, Jacky Vincent, and Ricky Horror are some of the hottest men out there.
Oooo it's a very scary horror anime.
Ricky horror picture show is without a doubt my favourite movie
*blackout in a horror movie*. Ricky: do you need some light?? *about to turn on his phone flashlight*
Post a picture of your favorite celebrity! — Ricky horror from miw
Ashley purdy, ricky horror, jack Barakat, Joe trohman, andy hurley, and any other band people that you know I love but my +
I'm watching a horror movie with and Ricky from and that's not even the scary part!
I had a dream last night and Nikki misery and Ricky horror were in it
I was thinking a kiss mark on my butt. . Or something from Ricky Horror Picture Show
Foto: erinsyn: Ricky Horror looking all sorts of good… Credit to NewMetalDiscs
"Ricky Horror making me all dirty with his black paint while we have wild sex in the backstage!". Olha as coisa q tem nas minhas dm's 😂😂👌
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
"Having wild sex with Ricky Horror while Chris Motionless watch and writes a song about it". Continua sendo minha fantasia sexual + sexy
Waiting in line to go inside the American Horror Story Hotel😄 Yay!
If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who would it be? — ricky horror, i guess.
All horror movies should include a blooper section to help people relax before bed
sexual orientation: Ricky Horror licking his guitar
VIDEO: Footage reveals bloody reality of fox-hunting horror as MPs vote on law change
Ging is a *** Must abide by the rules of grammar. ;~; EW. I WAS A FOOT AWAY FROM FREAKING RICKY …
Remember when Taryn made Ricky horror a coffee blend
It may be July but any night is a good night to watch Ricky horror picture show 👍
WATCH: Fitness Blogger Reveals Domestic Violence Horror: 'This is never ok!'
the consumer is always right. We as consumers want a ricky horror pro model guita…
I just wanna bury my head in ricky horror's chest while he holds me tight::(
Chris Motionless approves...Ricky Horror & Patrick Star be like "You lucky *** cuz they didn't.
what did Chris Motionless say to someone who said they don't ship him and Ricky Horror?
Is it me or does her like work look a little uneven and like roughed up?
Yes sure of course get in the chair I'll even braid your hair
do you do color correction I wanna go blonde all the way
Welcome to Sydney's Rachet Salon. I'll dye your hair.
Please notice I have not colored my hair in like a month and a half
I stopped seeing him way before the thing.
the only other remotely active miw fake was Josh 😒😒😒
You're not wrong. I was wondering the same thing honestly. A lot of fakes have gone poof.
I see no devin fakes anymore or really anyone idk it's very saddening
Where the *** did all the miw fakes go though. I feel like I'm the only one left who is active everyday
same, it was such a great time. And you guys rocked it every night man
I was wondering when I got so popular to be followed by him.
It's the makeup. I wear a mask of deceit.
You guys were definitely awesome to watch. Wish we could do it again tbh
I know my face is is Ricky's
I thought you were actually Rick for a second. I was very confused.
to last year when MIW took the Defiled on tour. Selfie with is still a favorite 👯
I've been a Green Day fan since I was 9
I'm so desperate to get laid, I apologize that I'm so horny all the time. I haven't done anything sexual besides kissing since like October.
I don't know how the wifi will be. So I could be on and off
two hours south, into the mountains. My aunt has a time share "family time" gags
I'll miss you too. Where are you going again?
I've yet to see it from you, unless I'm not paying enough attention.
Ricky has amazing eyes and is extremely hot.
I may become well acquainted with the floor, or the couch.
I do like to spread out over the bed though.
as far as I know that is the only time I've gotten violent in my sleep
one time I punched my wall in my sleep when I was dreaming
you are not. At least you don't wake up from a heart attack. 😑
Isn't Chris Motionless and Ricky Horror to die for?💀❤💀
I'm gonna fall asleep listening to HIM, so good night
When Josh is the big spoon I fall asleep in like 5 seconds :(
Don't let Josh hear that you're calling yourself my daddy. It's weird
"I am daddy to everyone I follow. Yes." Why did you ruin it
I am daddy to everyone I follow. Yes.
It's fine. I understand that you're one of my children of the night.
Pappah. Rick you're suppose to be sleeping.
I read that as "pappi" like an old grandma when I meant POPPI like Spanish girl calling for daddy.
accurate representation of my friendship with Chris
I don't know I just feel like I overdo things
It's been a long time since I've shed tears after busting a nut, however I'm like 2 seconds away from crying rn
literal bae😍 I honestly thought I was the only one that's seen ricky horror like 1099 times
I just lost my aunt last week and it was because she was an alcoholic.
I've always hated it. I'm not fond of alcohol either.
yes I've never smelled it and I don't ever want to. Weed is not my thing.
you've obviously never smelled k2 then. Makes weed smell like a flower.
I hate the word "mate" omfg. That's your girlfriend, you're not an animal
Don't miss part 2 of tonight! Ricky will be in on the action on the last 2 episodes of the series :)
Petition for jc Kian and Ricky to make a horror movie
I think I had a couple extra shifts on this paycheck because I started halfway through a work week
I know omg I don't think my next check will be as much though
Ricky Horror Picture show is something I've actually seen . The above statement reminded me of it lol
Today I've had the urge to cut my hair again 😒
sorry I'm used to calling you boyfriend ):
I'm looking at old DMs from over a year ago and wanna cry because Josh and I were so happy :(
I with my iPod still worked right :(
Butt grabbing is too vanilla for Matty
(So my little sister told me that Harry Styles is perfect so I said excuse me but I'm 99% Ricky Horror is much better :)
gonna cry over Josh and sleep . BYE
I know this gif is small but can we take a look at how skinny I was in 2012 :(
I want the same piercings as Ricky Horror
give me a second I'll see if I can find it
Trying to find my account that I first followed and on but I can't find it. I found the back up but...yea.
I seriously think and are the best. I've been following them for a year or two (I think) and I really love them.
when they came to my state I only met Ricky horror and he signed my poster
“Sorry I don't kiss your *** like every other person on the internet does.” @ she who shall not be named
I still want to talk to the person because I just want them to take the post and comments down. But I can't contact them
right. If someone asks me to give them credit, I do.
right? It's not that hard to give someone gif credit and not be a *** about it.
like seriously I am just trying to get the whole thing resolved because I don't want either of us to get hate ugh
I saw a notification at the top of my phone that said something like "next time you tell your stupid litt..." And I'm assuming-
;( I told people on tumblr to report them so
what did you saw because I can't see it
alrighty I'm just waiting for them to flip out on me for defending you.
I can see their account anymore so if they do anything else tell me
-several times that I said something.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I didn't even call them a single name or ANYTHING. All I wanted was for them to give me credit but they chose to ignore me the-
oh you drink lots of coffee? Please tell me about how shaky your hands are even though I do not care at all.
oh you drink coffee at a fast rate? Looks like you'll just have to pee sooner than the rest of us congratulations
“rickyxhorror: This light in our walkway makes me feel like I'm in HIM's "heartkiller" video omfg
James Arthur is just and unkempt Ricky Gervais wannabe: the horror, the horror.
It's getting very hard to keep my eyes open
I want everyone to zoom in and take a look at Josh's sunglasses
Josh have you ever given me a massage before I don't think so, well I'd love one rn pls
I've never tried to tan but I'm naturally brown so
I used to be able to tan a lot as a kid but now I just burn every time
yeah I know but look at ricky lol he's still so pale he's reflective
Ur face belongs in the horror section
I'm a good person if you don't like me you STINK xoxo - GloZell
listen I've been throwing up and my stomach is empty
i think i just kinda died TROYLER KISSED
I agree! Lagano needs taken out in a blaze of horror!
same:( I had nothing other than alcohol in my stomach and I threw up blood
I got a migraine the other night and it lasted all day yesterday and this morning I woke up hella early and puked 5 times
When I get my own house I'm gonna have a huge bathtub because baths are great and I don't get to take a bath very often or ever
someone phoned an ambulance because I was paralytic am I cool yet?
I had a good time when I passed out beside the toilet😌
I'm also dying in bed today wow ironic
I see Ricky Horror on my dashboard on Tumblr. . aahh.
aaww hello ricky☺️ hte *** boy has a hangover and is dying in bed. How are you?
Just let people be. Everyone deserves happiness.
It really makes me mad when people are *** to my friends like
Ricky_Horror you are one of my best friends now and wow thank you so much for being here for me 💕 Ricky Dicky 😂
I'm sick I don't have time for this
I took a nap yesterday and it made me feel so spaced out and sad when I woke up
I took a lil nap but I still feel gross
Electronic Device Insurance
"Someone's name is emo king who are u" obviously not me. I'm Goth Daddy
Someone's name is emo king who are u
I don't know it kinda feels like the flu.
Why must I have to feel sick and nauseous at 6:30 in the morning
Just got told I look like a girl version of Ricky Horror. Thank You
I think of Ricky Horror as Chris Motionless and Andy Biersack's child. Is that weird?
Oh the days(sigh)...Slammin' Pearl Stubbies at the Mars Bar in Bellaire after Ricky Horror w/ Caminiti. .
I knew what this was and I still opened it
“If you laugh at your own jokes, then you're probably not funny.” ***
yeah I don't really take them out too often unless i'm changing them or cleaning them.
I just think really tiny ones are cute. So it's okay to sleep in them and shower.
yeah I'm my sure how much bigger ill go because I don't really want droopy earlobes.
wait overnight and try pushing it through the rest of the way tomorrow. That's what I've done because I don't want to risk blowouts
I have one like halfway in, how long should I wait before pushing it in more? Or just do it when it doesn't hurt as much?
neither was I. My goal size was a 2 and I'm at 1/2" now
All purpose parts banner
I wasn't planning on making them big.
okay, small sizes do hurt a lot more. Still be careful. My ears bled a few times when I was at smaller sizes without even knowing
be cautious if it hurts that bad. When was the last time you stretched
A sharp. It's like throbbing but not that bad.
We should so it on timeline so Rick can watch.
one time I rolled off my bed while sleeping and my head landed inbetween my bed and my dresser
you can actually get infections (ew gross I know) if you hold in your pee for a rly long time so go peE
I'm also know for my world famous cereal, *** ios. (And ugly girls.)
The best thing I've heard today is snoop dogg using the term "poot"
When the dark of the night comes around that's the time that the animal comes alive
“Wanna out my fingers through your hair and wrap me up in your legs. Imma put you to bed.” This song tho 👌
I love it, you love it. Every time we're touching
Started sneezing when BOTDF played on my kindle. Guess I'm allergic
Imma Kiss your body from the tip top all the way down to your knees
Take off those heels lay on my bed whisper dirty secrets while I'm pulling on your hair. Poison in our veins but we don't…
Somebody come here and tend to my sore nipples
I wanna wrap you up, wanna kiss your lips, I wanna make you feel wanted. I wanna call you mine, wanna hold your hand forever…
I look like a retarded bug and I'm pretty sure Jess is blinking wow we are swaggy
Pretty sure I've been horny every day this whole week.
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