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Ricky Gervais

Ricky Dene Gervais (born 25 June 1961) is an English comedian, actor, director, producer, musician, writer, and former radio presenter.

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Day 04 - My favourite show of all time. The Office - Creators: Greg Daniels, Ricky Gervais, & Stephen Merchant
All of my comic idols have variations of 'Rick' in their names (Rik Mayall, Ricky Gervais, Larry Rickard) is that a coincidence??
Patrice ONeal, Bill Burr, Ricky Gervais, Jim Norton all with great recent specials
"Big Bang Theory" is immeasurably improved by replacing the laugh track with Ricky Gervais cackling:
Portsmouth Guildhall have thrown down a second date for Ricky Gervais — the first old sold out! Get booking:…
Ricky Gervais calls out 2016 Academy Awards for all-'white nominees'
Meanwhile, Ricky Gervais offered his services to Tinie Tempah as a taxidermy model.
"What’s on TV Friday: Ricky Gervais on Netflix and Revisiting Anna Nicole Smith" by JOSHUA BARONE via NYT
Breaking news: Ricky Gervais revives 'The Office' role in Netflix movie
Ricky Gervais and Ben Bailey Smith on their new movie David Brent: LIFE ...
In “David Brent: Life on the Road,” Ricky Gervais revisits his tactless and overbearing sitcom character.
Oh let's mimic Greg Daniels and Ricky Gervais! Call it our own... Garbage, like Gotham
A Brief History of Ricky Gervais as an 1980s Pop Sensation in the Philippines - TIME
I added a video to a playlist Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington - Steve Meets
I've been back under an hour and I'm stuck with tech dudes talking about how Ricky Gervais deserves a Nobel economics prize for…
Looks like Ricky Gervais can't handle a presta valve LOL. The response comments are pretty funny
Here's what Ricky Gervais says about fox hunters, who could disagree?
Ricky Gervais, Elton John and more stars lead tributes to the late George Michael
Sting, Jamie Oliver, Jack Whitehall and Ricky Gervais are all on tonight's Michael MacIntyre show.
Alex Brooker is quite funny but Josh Widdecombe is about as funny as paint or Ricky Gervais
Josh Widdecombe is like Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant had a baby.
no your not the only one, father Ted mocked Catholics and was awarded Ricky Gervais mocked Christianity and was rewarded!!
.are honouring Samuel L Jackson, Felicity Jones, Ang Lee, Ewan McGregor, Ricky Gervais & Jodie Foster at the
I liked a video from The Complete Diary of Karl Pilkington with Ricky Gervais, Stephen
I coped by imagining who I'd cast to play him in a sitcom. Toss up betw Ricky Gervais & Rob Brydon
Ang Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Ricky Gervais and Jodie Foster are among the list of honorees
A Ricky Gervais mockumentary about the beloved fictional buffoon is headed to the streaming-video service this Feb…
David Brent of 'The Office' is headed to Netflix - CNET A Ricky Gervais mockumentary about the beloved fictional...
Please rate my Hill Street Blues fanfic where Ricky Gervais's Derek is bi.
Off on the duck tour- this tour guide is like a poor version of Ricky Gervais!!!
Mel Brooks, Ricky Gervais, and More Celebrities React to Gene Wilder's Death: In wake of the widely beloved a...
This shout-out is a month early, but don't forget The Magnificent Seven is coming out. Starring Anna Faris, Ricky Gervais, and Martin Short.
Ricky Gervais has the last laugh with trolls
VOICES INCLUDE Ricky Gervais, Rachel McAdams, & Paul Rudd as the grown-up Prince who is a stressed-out office cleaner
Track by track lowdown of Ricky Gervais's Life on The Road album
Behind the scenes with Ricky Gervais on the set of the new David Brent movie
the Ricky gervais show is the most amazing thing ever created
whatever happened to a 4th series of The Ricky Gervais Show? I need this in my life!
and by Ricky Gervais I presume you mean this guy?.
I think he'd be okay with it.We could say that we're parodying the Ricky Gervais Show but, ya know, Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais' new £10.8 million house show he likes to flex more than his comedy muscle
Love him or hate him, there is no middle ground on Ricky Gervais
Rocky Gervais' gym equipment includes a punchbag as house shift shows he's on the move .
Ricky Gervais returns to the character that made him a star in Recorded with
oh yeah, I agree. it's like, we get it - you've seen one Ricky Gervais special and have internalized that opinion - COL MAN
why didn't you tell me Ricky Gervais was over
This, ladies and gentlemen (and Ricky Gervais), is a PROPER JOKE. So rare these days.
Just got home from seeing Ricky Gervais in Edinburgh. . is fantastic! . You'll laugh, you'll cry & you'll…
Great weekend so far. POA for the remainder: spa, mocktails, food, gossip, Hotel Chocolat, Charlotte Tilbury and finally Ricky Gervais. ❤️
I'm giving away something for you on GHOST TOWN BLU RAY ( RICKY GERVAIS, TEA L. Get it here -
Ricky Gervais if your offensive jokes are misunderstood it's mostly cos you're older.
“It’s not enough for people not to like something. They don’t want other people to like it.” -- Ricky Gervais
Why won't Ricky Gervais just take his unfunny "comedy" and live as a hermit so we never have to face it again?
It doesn't quite fit with the mockumentary style but I'd watch a lot more of Ricky Gervais and Ben Bailey Smith's Eric and Ern schtick.
The winner of our David Brent contest is Your prize is a album and songbook signed by Ricky Gervais. :)
Local Hampster Ricky Gervais not giving much away about his new film in this trailer...
"Gervais is becoming a caricature of Brent. No awareness of what people think of him."
Cannot believe ive had a like from ricky gervais!
David Brent, easily the best film I've seen for a few years, so funny! Ricky Gervais is a comedy genius👏👏
Funnyman Ricky Gervais returns to with his alter ego David Brent
I know you're a critic, but why see the film if you hate Ricky Gervais?
Ricky Gervais interview: 'David Brent is all about white, middle-class male angst'
can't wait to see the new ricky gervais on Tuesday, shame it's not with and
Don't know what was worse that Ricky Gervais film I watched last night or that last min winner for forest ..both savage
Ricky Gervais is obviously running out of money, why else would he do a David Brent film?
Ricky Gervais new film surely has to bang?
I liked a video Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant - Steven Hawking
I never got in to The Office, can't stand Ricky Gervais 😤 but it might have to do.
Ricky Gervais on fame, trolls and David Brent via
Met the interchangeable Ricky Gervais / David Brent in December. Feature finally up with film out today >
Ricky Gervais plays anti-hero David Brent in new film 'Life On The Road' in UK cinemas today, complete with Guitar.
Went 2 C David Brent the movie Ricky Gervais is a Genius he can make you hate & love his character in 1 breath, he's also got a good voice.
actually I think Ricky Gervais has become more like David Brent than what Ricky G might originally have been
Ricky Gervais denies intentionally making an attempt to offend individuals with new David…
Is Ricky Gervais deliberately trying to offend people with new David Brent movie? .
David Brent: LIFE ON THE ROAD is excruciatingly funny and then just excruciating as Ricky Gervais' contrary instincts take hold. Opens 25/8
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
"How much is Netflix if you don't include Ricky Gervais? Can I get a price on that?"-Andy Kindler
Andy Kindler taking the *** out of Ricky Gervais is one of the special joys in my life.
Ricky Gervais ‘rocks the s***’ out of Leicester Square as David Brent ahead of Life on the Road premiere…
Ricky Gervais follows up Golden Globes Caitlyn Jenner driving joke with another
"The Office's David Brent is back Ricky Gervais hits the red carpet in London for the world premiere of "The Offic…
ricky gervais and Stephen Merchant are comical GENIUSES
This waiter looks like Ricky Gervais I'm alive
Ricky Gervais denies courting controversy in David Brent film
News Update Ricky Gervais on bringing back David Brent - Ricky Gervais attended the premiere of David Brent: Li...
Starting him young.💁🏼 This reminds me of Ricky Gervais' (Ian) Marvel collection on Special Correspondents 😂
Ricky Gervais with wife Jane Fallon at London premiere of David Brent: Life On The Road - Da...
Mixed reviews for Ricky Gervais' 'patchy' Office movie Life on the Road
MPs going all Ricky Gervais. We knew it'd happen but it's no less depressing when it does
In this belated celluloid spin-off from TV classic The Office, Ricky Gervais again plays ..
'David Brent: Life on the Road': Film Review - Ricky Gervais revives his most infamous comic character in a moc...
How have I only just found out that Ricky Gervais used to manage Suede
David Brent: Life on the Road review – Ricky Gervais's bad cover version
David Brent: Life On the Road review: Ricky Gervais at his toe-twistingly funny and poignant best
Ricky Gervais defends Christopher Biggins after removal from CBB house
Ricky Gervais defends Christopher Biggins after he’s removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house
Ricky Gervais would have you believe otherwise, but Sacha Baron Cohen is the most successful
Barbara Eden and Ricky Gervais are sworn enemies, but their geckos are best friends. Somehow it all turns out for the best.
Goodbye, Ricky Gervais. Jimmy Fallon will be the next Golden Globe Awards host.
Other than a boxing match with Ricky Gervais, what else has G Bo done?
I catch so much jokes from the ricky gervais show
Is he the guy who boxed Ricky Gervais?
Last night I dreamt that my pants fell down in front of a group of people and I started doing Ricky Gervais impressions, this is a portent
*Ricky Gervais at a date*. Lady: How are you doing?. Gervais: I'm fin- you know what? I'd like to state that religion is…
I finally came up with this: it's like Ricky Gervais' celebrated mockumentary style, but not made by a nasty sneering ***
Really need to stop watching the Ricky Gervais show 😭😭😭
I'm an atheist but I'm not an internet atheist. You can tell bc I think Richard Dawkins & Ricky Gervais just sit and circle jerk together.
...or, getting beat up in the boxing ring by Ricky Gervais.
Jimmy Walker with a beard looks like Ricky Gervais playing golf.
Ricky gervais lookin better these days
makes me laff so much that me n my mum are genuine Ricky Gervais fangirls
Fling Ricky Gervais & Boris Johnston is the big brother house and let the chaos commence
he married anthea turner,ate snow flake chocs in hello mag and was beaten up by Ricky Gervais in a celeb boxing match
Lol is that ricky gervais at the end of season 2 of bojack horseman?
Being beaten by Ricky Gervais in a boxing match is like losing to me in a modelling contest!
Please rate my The Beach Boys fanfic where Ricky Gervais's Derek is cishet.
"He was once beaten by Ricky gervais in a charity boxing match" 😂😂😂
I remember the boxing match he did with Ricky Gervais. It was great. Should show it again.
I would love to see Ricky Gervais on cbb
famous for being married to 80's Saturday morning TV presenter. Once got beaten in the ring by Ricky Gervais .
Didnt Ricky Gervais beat him up once.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Was thinking about the time Grant Bovey and Ricky Gervais had a real boxing match just the other day.
Think that's the new Ricky Gervais show "Stuntmen"
They need to throw Ricky Gervais or Karl Pilkington or someone like that in that would be amazing
The Ricky Gervais show for me was TV gold. Something out of nothing !!
I'm deeply hurt and insulted by this FALSE statement made by Ricky Gervais. With that I'd like to publicly deny it. ht…
Join us tomorrow when Ricky Gervais' dance teacher tells us how they created THAT iconic dance
i loved serial. I'll try Ricky Gervais... Thanks!!
Ricky Gervais is brilliant in Derek, on Netflix. Laughing and crying. Just brilliant 😀
The David Brent trailer shows the film is clearly fattist. I wonder how else Ricky Gervais will offend. What a sellout talentless ***
My dad hates that I love The Office UK because he literally can't stand Ricky Gervais 😌
When you walk in the room to watch and see "Ricky Gervais creator of the office" and think he's going in. . Bloody advert wasn't it 😩💔💔
Anyone else not find Ricky gervais at all funny
I really hate Ricky Gervais. Irritating pain in the neck. As funny as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
10 reasons why David Brent is punk as f**k:
this book cover I found in Portland that unmistakably features Ricky Gervais as Bilbo
By the of Greyskull, Ricky Gervais has to maul Swamp Thing's lips!
ctor and Comedian Ricky Gervais's pet 'Ollie' operated
I liked a video Word Sneak with Ricky Gervais
"Written and directed by Ricky Gervais". No Stephen Merchant, no sale.
You have Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright who make fantastic pieces of entertainment.
Did Pint Of Milk interview with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington a while back. Love this exchange.
Ricky Gervais, Neil deGrasse Tyson & John Fugelsang walk in a bar. The bartender tells the same Atheist joke over & over. The bar is in ***
Is it just me or is Jamie Oliver gradually turning into Ricky Gervais?
Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock, Seth McFarlane and insert-politician-here all in a blender...and Jon Cena still leaves me more uncomfortable.
Ricky Gervais and Andy Burrows formerly of The Razorlights is putting out an album and um well
I looked at Ricky Gervais' page and it recommended I follow Jimmy Fallon, Seth MacFarlane and Russell Brand 😐
I've done nothing but watch the Ricky gervais show (aside from my exams) for the last 2 days and I'm on season 2 episode 3
Hot Video! Maya & Marty : Broadway for Orlando Performs - Plus: Best and Worst Sketches...
OHMG so happy Jiminy Glick is back! "Maya & Marty - Jiminy Glick with Ricky Gervais: Extended Cut"
“I can't believe it took a referendum for Britain's youth to find out that old people hate them.” Ricky Gervais
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I usually walk with old XFM podcasts ( The Ricky Gervais Show) in my headphones whilst I walk. Downloaded two today for some reason. So glad
Making comedies is therapy for Ricky Gervais
Ive been listening to a bit of the ricky gervais radio show and im really liking it so far
Hot Video! Ricky Gervais Stars in Trailer for David Brent: Life on the Road
Ricky Gervais and Jiminy Glick hilariously trade insults on 😂
'The Office' creator Ricky Gervais explains why he stopped believing in Jesus...
Ricky Gervais in first full David Brent: Life on the Road trailer – video
David Brent Life on the Road, looking forward to to it Ricky Gervais
Hot Video! Ben Affleck, Ricky Gervais and other great tipsy TV moments
Ricky Gervais and Jiminy Glick trade insults on Maya & Marty
Brits are v touchy about Americans opining on their politics yet John Oliver, Ricky Gervais, and Russel Brand have lampoon…
Viral video: Ricky Gervais mimics the stars, and Ronaldo loses his cool
Oh my god Ricky Gervais, you're a genius
Hugh Laurie, and more of Hollywood's UK community shocked by
Lindsay Lohan, Ricky Gervais, other celebs weigh in on 'Brexit' vote
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
In 2 hours Ricky Gervais will be celebrating his 55th birthday. What a legend. What a man.
Watched this on Tuesday and laughed SO HARD! Jiminy Glick with Ricky Gervais: Extended Cut
IIFA gives the Golden Globes a run for its money when it comes to vanity... or in Ricky Gervais's words 'its cheapness à la Kim Kardashian'
Yulin has begun & many people, including are speaking out.
[Ricky Gervais reading the Zeppelin news about Stairway] . Heaven doesn't exist.
I've never liked Ricky Gervais and I never will.
Just realised every episode of the Ricky Gervais show is on YouTube 🙌
I follow Ricky Gervais, not you, and you have spent your entire day on this weird quest for vengeance
Watching "life's too short".either Warwick Davis is the best sport on earth.or Ricky Gervais is genuinely...
Check out what I found. Classic/Cult British Comedy DVD Bundle Peter Kay, Bill Bailey, Ricky Gervais via
'David Brent: Life on the Road' Trailer: Ricky Gervais Is Just a Man with a Dream
Hot Video! Ricky Gervais says Netflix will stream his David Brent movie...
Watch the First Official Trailer for 'The Office' Movie Spinoff About David Brent: Ricky Gervais returns as D...
OnlyOnAOL: Ricky Gervais' David Brent is 'cumin' for you, guys
Ricky Gervais’ Office character is back in trailer for David Brent: Life on the Road:
DigitalTrends: Ricky Gervais revisits ‘The Office’ in first trailer for ‘David Brent: Life on the Road’ …
More cringe comedy from Ricky Gervais as new David Brent trailer released: The age of Brent reckoning is nigh
Ricky Gervais returns to The Office in David Brent: Life on the Road trailer — watch
'Life on the Road': Watch the First Trailer for Ricky Gervais' Return as David Brent...
Ricky Gervais returns to his 'Office' persona in 'David Brent: Life on the Road' trailer:
Ricky Gervais' Film About David Brent's Music Career Coming to Netflix: Netflix has grabbed the U.S. and sele...
Isn't Grant Bovey the fellow Ricky Gervais beat in a charity boxing match?
Ricky Gervais just shared this scathing first review of The Office ... via
Kaley Cuoco and Ricky Gervais slam zoo officials over gorilla killing
Ricky Gervais: This is the difference between American and British humour via
Remember when I had an induction to a job and was shown Ricky Gervais' "Equality Street" as a deadly serious "introduction to diversity" 💀
Her machinations would be more logical in a 19th C melodrama. Kelly MacDonald has nothing to do expect silently crush on Ricky Gervais.
any movie with these actors i wouldn't hesitate to watch... *Dwayne johnson. *Kevin Hart. *Sacha baron cohen. *Ryan Reynolds. *Ricky Gervais
"The best advice I’ve ever received: ‘no one else knows what they are doing either.'" - Ricky Gervais
try to find the Ricky Gervais show on a podcast. It's hilarious
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A lot of naughty toddlers are getting their hands on guns. We must arm ALL toddlers now to make it safer. . -Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais on Atheism .this is funny via
Ricky Gervais is my favourite person ever
I liked a video Ricky Gervais interview on Live! With Kelly and Michael April 27, 2016 - Special
Ben Affleck was not upset by Ricky Gervais' 'unfaithful' gag at the Golden Globes
When ure watching Ricky Gervais standups which always involves a fat joke and there is a rotund fat *** drooping his fat bits onto ur seat
Ricky Gervais slams 'disgusting' dog fights as tragic ... via
"Interesting debate! I'd be interested to hear what Ricky Gervais thinks about it." -- Nobody at any point in human history
City news: Car manufacturing, Entertainment one, Kingfisher, Wheelies -
They'll get Ricky Gervais on you if you carry on
Why are Noel Gallagher, Ricky Gervais and Jamie Oliver struggling to sell their houses?
Ricky Gervais said Australia is NEXT on his bucket list!!!
Our NEW Fitness @ Work programme: > It doesn't look much like this . . . via
City news: Car manufacturing, Entertainment one, Kingfisher, Wheelies: INCREASED overseas demand for British-...
Is there a benefit for celebrities selling in today’s pr... via
UK national newspaper The Daily Mail from 2015 re Yulin Part 7
I started thinking about it and asking more questions, and within an hour, I was an atheist. -Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais defends teasing celebrities at Golden Globes liar, gets paid to be contraversial to hide scandals
Ricky Gervais defends going after celebrities at the Golden Globes on KIIS FM - Daily Mail
💔🐾🐾. Not many. Get this sort of luck. …
Dog fights slammed by as pooch with teeth smashed in rescued from illegal ring https…
'One beautiful creature, some f* ugly ones' Ricky Gervais' fury at sick dog slaughter
Cant wait for Ricky Gervais to release Equality Street as an EP again
I liked a video Liam Neeson improv with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Warwick Davis on Lifes
Leaky presenter joins Jon Holmes in the Talk Radio studio to talk Ricky Gervais, gigs, and, oh, The Leak
Ricky Gervais on the return of David Brent and more
Would love to see Ricky Gervais as David Brent representing GB in
I would see it if the image was Eric Bana savagely beating Ricky Gervais
Wait...Eric Bana has a show on Netflix with Ricky Gervais?! Watching. It.
Watching special correspondents with Eric Bana and Ricky Gervais. It's not a great movie by any…
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I feel like I have really seen enough advertising now for that Ricky Gervais / Eric Bana Netflix movie that I will never, never watch
Ricky Gervais says David Brent is musically inspired by Simon & Garfunkel and 'Braveheart'
This *** probably says Ricky Gervais is a great film actor cos the first series of the Office was funny.
There are two people who make me switch off my tv. Keith Lemmon and Ricky Gervais. Can't take them at all.
Desert Island Discs, Ricky Gervais just revisited this, great listen
Former Inbetweeners star, Emily Atack shares her love of Ricky Gervais in My Peccadillo.
Ricky Gervais is funnier than Steve Carrell but it’s a different type of funny. They’re both hilarious..
I owe Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant 83% of my general happiness
As much as I love Ricky Gervais, Special Correspondents is the worst thing he's done. Hoping Brent without Stephen Merchant isn't a flop too
Beginning to think Stephen Merchant's contribution is what made Ricky Gervais' stuff good Oof...
makes me realise that Ricky Gervais needs Stephen Merchant as a writing partner
idk whether to call this kind of person a Richard Dawkins or a Ricky Gervais. What is it with Ricks
Ricky Gervais' is so painfully dull, it makes me wonder if Stephen Merchant is the funny one.
Seriously...Rebel Wilson, Ricky Gervais...with a dollop of some American guy :P
Can't believe any surprise that Ricky Gervais' 'Special Correspondents' is crap. Without Stephen Merchant he's like Clough without Taylor.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Can somebody make an actual real life 'Celebrity' death match involving James Corden, Ricky Gervais, John Bishop and Nick Grimshaw etc :)
He's in my top three immediate tv turn offs. Keith Lemmon, Ricky Gervais and Rylan. It rotates as to who annoys me more.
Comedians are not always driven by purpose/vision. Thankfully Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais are authentic.
David Blaine pierce a huge needle through his arm in front of Ricky Gervais
Did you do Extras with Ricky Gervais? Or Episodes with Stephen Mangan and Matt Le Blanc? Both comedies. And actually did you
Ricky was a true Speedy Gonzales back in the day! "It's from my jail days!" - Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais was a very close with Bowie, and even he was surprised
Jennifer Saunders and Ricky Gervais lead tributes to late comedian Victoria Wood
Showbiz news day with on at 1.30pm today talking Ricky Gervais, Steve Davis & Richard Wilson
Dear England, can you please, pretty please, take Ricky Gervais back? Thanks, America
I liked a video Ricky Gervais, Jordan Peele and more doing bad impressions
Ricky Gervais: ‘Just because people are offended doesn't mean they're right'
Ricky Gervais on outrage culture: 'Offence is the collateral damage of freedom of speech'
I swear,he goes from Ricky Gervais to Ricky villa no in between
Ricky Gervais has defended his controversial jokes: "Some people are f**king stupid.".
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Sweet watching other guests inc Helen Mirren, Ricky Gervais helping Kevin Costner as he looked so awkward on Graham Norton Show
Ricky Gervais and Steven Fry need to get capped
omg the office christmas special now completed too cheers Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais teases new David Brent clip on The Graham Norton Show. Watch here:
is Chris Bowen doing the Ricky Gervais look so that we know to laugh whenever he speaks?
Ricky Gervais releasing the trailer for his David Brent movie on the same day as New Star Wars Trailer Day is such a David…
David Brent is back! Ricky Gervais's Life on the Road teaser trailer will crack you up.
Listening to the genius Ricky Gervais, guitar with Brent. That is one clever avenue to show your skills# lonely cowboy
New blog post up over how Ricky Gervais misunderstands the 10 Commandments in a recent article he wrote.
EXCLUSIVE: Kelly MacDonald hooks up with Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana for Netflix movie
Some of my favorite shows are Ricky Gervais' 'Extras' and 'Curb Your Enthus...
Helen Mirren, Kevin Costner and Ricky Gervais are heading to Graham Norton's red couch
Today is the day, Team Ricky G! Ricky Gervais (the cat) is competing in his 2nd round in Petplan Pet Insurance -...
Verizon | A better network as explained by Ricky Gervais 1 via
Just like Ricky Gervais..I mean David Brent would say.."They're not mutually exclusive."
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I can't decide who I love more... Ricky Gervais or Karl Pilkington. They are both perfect humans in their own unique right.
Hate Ricky Gervais but thought the UK Office was comedy genius. Problem with US for me is that it's not believable as a real office.
.means business in the first official posters for the David Brent movie
I didn't watch one because it had Ricky Gervais in it and didn't watch the other because the other one had Ricky Gervais in it.
As always. It should have been Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais, Verizon torch Sprint (and KC) in new TV ad
I liked a video 5 Second Rule Rematch with Ricky Gervais
I liked a video 5 Second Rule with Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais to attend for his Netflix original film:
Ah, Bisto! Ricky Gervais has crunched Taylor with the climate of Vietnam!
April 22nd Ricky Gervais will be at the John Zuccotti Theater Tribeca Performing Arts Center for Netflix film
The trailer for Ricky Gervais' drops today at 4pm (GMT). See worldwide April 29th on Netflix
Remember when Russian criminal Kermit tap danced at 200 bpm on Ricky Gervais' hair nonchalantly
You generally only get lots of followers if you follow back (which I won't do) or you're Ricky Gervais.
43. What can I hear right now? My mom is watching a rerun of The Ricky Gervais show. They're talking about using oranges as contraceptives.
'Special Correspondents' is coming to this spring!
Follow the top Ricky Gervais stories for Mar 23 on our topical page:
Ricky Gervais is now doing American commercials for Verizon. . Please kill me.
Ricky Gervais Must Fall: Representative weighs in on SOAS's statue dispute
Verizon *** They think just because they have Ricky Gervais, dosnt mean they can talk crap about Other incs. Seeing there stuff makes
Ricky Gervais is a government scientist who develops a toxin that renders people physically incapable of laughter
Nathan figured it out, it's Ricky Gervais
Be happy. It really annoys negative people. ~Ricky Gervais RT
Can they make a British house of cards with Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais, David Brent and the Destruction of a Comedy Legacy...
Okay, presence of Ricky Gervais is made up for by presence Rutger Hauer and Anthony Head
Yes..he lends volume to the voice for humane treatment of animals. As too Ricky Gervais and Olivia Hussey..
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