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Rick Stein

Christopher Richard Rick Stein OBE (born 4 January 1947) is an English chef, restaurateur and television presenter.

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Fire rips through Rick Stein's restaurant in Porthleven
Rick Stein's Porthleven restaurant caught fire while he celebrated his 70th birthday - again - Cornwall Live
Belated Happy Birthday R! Didn't realise all 3 of us were Gemini - mine's on June 19 - champagne for everyone!!! 😎
Rick Stein restaurant may have been burned down on purpose, firefighters say after blaze in Cornish village.
No better cycle route than this?. Wadebridge to Padstow camel trail. Lovely day!. I even saw !…
Made it to Padstow having a brilliant weekend. Managed to have my book signed a…
The beautiful city of thank you for the recommendation!
You can enjoy prawn caldine, a light curry from Goa, on our set lunch menu this month: https:/…
how was the curry, looks lovely. Xx
is making me so nostalgic, I HAVE to go to India again soon
Pretty much sums up my terrible experience at Marlborough
Fabulous Easter lunch at the new Yummy food, lovely service, dangerously walkable from home.. h…
Only 9 days to go before my dad takes me on holiday I promise I will be very g…
Made rick_stein Indian curry, pork and vinegar curry and eggs curry so yummy
Had dinner in Marlborough yesterday, very goodstaff
Brilliant, will definitely look forward to it. Mexico is such an exquisite country. Try the Tacos al Pastor in Mexico City 😋
No plans at the moment though would love to - we're filming in Mexico.
Ah Rick - I really appreciate your reply. I'll pass on your good wishes to Shelley - she'll be chuffed. Thank You.
Yes, the book is already out. Thanks - we loved it too!
Sorry I won't be there but Happy Birthday Shelley and hope you all have a great time.
Great team cafe Padstow! Cignet even ate his first whole fish;)
Me: *stirs extra tablespoon of butter into finished packet pasta because Rick Stein said "unctuous" when he put butter in pasta one time
Easter lunch London style with .Thanks so much for spoiling with langoustine…
Looks like a very cosy spot to have dinner. Will be a lovely stroll home after a beautiful meal.
enjoy you deserve it, love watching your Mediterranean travels :-D x
“The Birthday Boy drinking a glass of his own wine at the day Bob
Hi spotted your He's also an amazing
A quick thank you to the amazing team @ St Petroc's Our waitress went above & beyond to organise a lovely veggie pasta dish.
when are you next heading to Romania?
Excellent show right now on in conversation with one of my favourite chefs,
Is there a book coming out with Venice to Istanbul ? Loved this .
. Your Jack could be a big star like 's dear Chalkie. 2 People. 2 Terriers. 4 Stars.
Coming down to the restaurant on Saturday 22nd. My dear friend Shelley's 50th. Pop by and say…
I can recommend at this time of year. There's a place at that's a good sp…
Another great addition to my collection . Just brilliant . Fave epi.
Congratulations and everyone involved, it's a wonderful neighbourhood restaurant. loved that it's a 15 mins walk…
Currently in Padstow & had to visit Rick Stein Restaurant
BIG FISH! We interview ahead of the launch of his new in
finally me old mucka I tried it and ei voila
Join me Easter Sunday night at 9pm for another chance to hear an audience with in
rick_stein Little Lady Harro helping with the this
where to go for Easter Sunday brunch??
Just one of the fab looking plates today @ Rick Stein, Marlborough
Now that's what I call an Easter dessert . Chocolate fondant with cherry ripe ice cream -perfection
On our way to lunch seafood restaurant in
in Bologna thanks to you. Absolutely loving it.
Fish and chips at Rick Stein's place in Padstow on the agenda?
have you ever eaten a Spanish tapa called Figetell typically of Oliva Valencia region.
Punching above ur weight there Rick😜
Restaurant Crew Member - Rick Stein Fistral - Newquay - OtherJob Description - Serving customers at the till and...
I want to be able to say that the Yorkshire dales, Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver r my comrades and tell the world I'm immensely proud of it.
Lets see Rick Stein come up with a recipe for that😂
I wonder if Rick Stein has ever hired a magician.. You just can't tell from his recipes.. Very frustrating
I have in 2006 It's called Rick Stein and the Japanese ambassador
"See what Rick Stein, Peter Jones and others have to say about
This ex Cottesloe beach fish monger is loving Rick Stein tonight - this man is talking my language, seafood "holiday food"
also Danny Dyer's WDYTYA is v funny. Watched People's history of pop and Rick Stein over the weekend both great
Finished our delicious 120 recipe odyssey - now we're going to visit the source!
In research phase for my new book. I'll spend a month in Africa in Feb. Getting EXCITED!
Hey , which artichoke thing at The Whole Enchilada??
Anyone for Red Mullet ? Love this fish . Come and try it at
fancy joining me for lunch? Got my hands on some lovely baby Octopus!
A incredible sunset 🌅 over Padstow today. Photo: Rick Stein and Jill Stein - The Seafood Restaurant
so sorry for Rick Stein he did his best but it wasnt the best he shows
Usually never watch Saturday Kitchen but was so delighted to see presenting! Absolutely love his natural and personable style.
amazing job on today! Loved watching it and haters gonna hate coz they cant cook!
Tasting dish for sw chef of the year @ Rick Stein and Jill Stein - The Seafood Restaurant
tried your stuffed peppers from Saturday Kitchen, went down very well! Thanks for the recipe!
loved Saturday Kitchen. It's a tough gig and you nailed it. Very relaxing and enjoyable.
I'm now distracted from cooking watching distracted from cooking whilst chatting to 😊
Rick Stein, Porthleven via Fantastic meal to celebrate my beautiful wife's 40th!
It's safe to say this fantastic dish from is a winner, going by the rehearsals!
brilliant Saturday Kitchen live today Rick, loved it!
God I love I could listen to his soothing voice ALL DAY LONG and watch him eat and cook, endlessly
oh here he comes Red Rick Stein with his 2p's worth
great show, Rick's a great presenter he must do more
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
In other countries said to be sheep but with Ricks love of fish .
Thanks! I had no idea that was a cloud formation
I love watching my Rick Stein DVDs, usually select "play all" on menu and stay in the kitchen cooking all day
I'm pretty sure the host on never eats the food on camera. Absolutely loved that you were digging in! Fantastic
Have a brilliant show today what a treat with hosting!
I'm such a huge fan. He is one of my idols
if you think is a racist or nazi, take it up with him! I do not troll. Tata
that's a shame I like rick stein but Saturday Kitchen isn't good now without james martin
Love ❤️ ppl need to get off his back think he did an amazing job!
Yeah it's heaven choice for . cooking Prawns & Clams . Great show
Great photo with a Mackerel Sky which now always make me think of
2/2 crawl up a guests backside as the flog their latest CD/Book.
1/2 All the negative comments on I don't actually want to hear KM, it's good to see a presenter not
Rick Stein is awesome but he really did make a mess of it this morning. Awkward.
"I've priced it up.100 grand and we sell seaweed to eat.Serious profit margins". Listen closely and you can hear Rick Stein bricking it..
we loved La Tupina and everything about
If you can't resist Chicken Piri-Piri you've got to try out this recipe from new book
Thank you to all our viewers for their comments, and to our hero we love you!
I like Rick Stein but can we just make the new permanent presenter of
No, Rick Stein is the guy who created him. You're talking about Rick Stein's Monster.
great stuff Rick gonna do the stuffed peppers later
God bless Rick Stein. Loving his natural presenting style on He just loves and cares about food and it…
Just told that we are going to take her next year for her holiday staying again at
Rick Stein’s Katie Melua talk slammed by Saturday Kitchen viewers as he keeps butting in
Saturday Kitchen viewers really weren't loving 'woeful' Rick Stein today
Joining Paul Hollywood in my pantheon of Creepy TV Cooks is Rick Stein. And of course Gregg Wallace is a founder member.
WIN a trip for 2 to Margaret River plus dinner with chef Rick Stein!
I have succumbed to country life, having already recorded 6x Rick Stein tv progs, and 3x Ray Mears Bushcraft.
. very poor experience at Sandbanks tonight left without eating
top Haddock and chips from your fish shop Rick - not a morsel was left for the seagulls... (Or for me)
very glad to be being hugged by Rick Stein 😉
Help plse. When cooking moules and one is slightly open, if you can get a mussel shell in to open it, good to eat?
Visited Padstow today. Your rosemary & garlic foccacia + tarts: salted caramel, treacle & chocolate dome -all really delicious!
Fantastic time with Mrs B at Rick Stein's St Edmund's House in Padstow. Weather good too and food is amazing
Gary Johnson & Jill Stein have been asked to go in Glenn Beck NO RESPONSE. Rick Wilson is the 1 pushing the new candidate
Happy National Book Lover's Day... A chef's library of knowledge is critical and we love what genius Rick Stein...
"The popularity of alternative options outside the Republican and Democratic parties increases the possibility...
The kotopita chicken pie from your trip to Greece is one of our household favourites! 😄
Amazing the things you learn. Just discovered that and I went to the same school... The Wells House, in Malvern. Funny old world
Brush up your dinner party skills at Cornwall cookery school
Outstanding meal Sea food restaurant last night, Food, Service & Staff absolutely top class. Thank you.
Great to see the by featured in this guide from
Fantastic seafood dinner tonight at Paphos harbour. you'd love it here!
Just had the most wonderful family lunch in sandbanks food was superb an the staff equally amazing x
After waiting 6 years finally booked to eat in Padstow. Never been so excited about dinner
Update your maps at Navteq
Sunday lunch Sandbanks, happy holidays t'all
we've launched hung chicken with same techniques as our turkeys. Fancy trying one? Can drop in padstow this w/e?
Now THAT is what you call a salad: thanks
a simple recipe for monkfish. Nothing overdone to let the monkfish shine through please,Rick.
Rick Stein is looking for staff for his new Marlborough restaurant via
Sorry to hear that. Please could you email feedbackwith the details so that we can look into it?. Thank you
Look forward to seeing you there Fingers crossed for some Mediterranean sunshine too.. h…
very poor experience at St Pedrocs bistro tonight.
Is rick stein still alive . i love that mans cooking . the Mediterranean dishes 😭👌
a lovely day in Padstow spoilt by our experience at St Pedrocs never again.
If the machine wasn't worried, they wouldn't waste their time slandering Dr. Stein, & Baraka https…
that's why I said so called Bernie people. It's just like the "debate" between Jill Stein and Ben Jealous.
it's sad to see so called Bernie people Bully Stein and people voting for her.
Jimmy Dore interviews Jill Stein in the streets of.Philly outside of the Democratic National Convention
Despite their seemingly close friendship, TV chef Rick Stein revealed that he and pioneer Keith Floyd were locked in a decade-long feud
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Food monthly: From the classic Bibendum to Rick Stein's new place
Rick - eat here tonight and food outstanding.
Trout with spinach & toasted almonds from Venice to Istanbul book.. Elegant for a Monday!
Team Hillary: . Voting for Jill Stein will destroy democracy. . Now sit tight while we convince Henry Kissinger to endorse…
Rick Stein, because I've actually been to Padstow
All the food inspiration you need this month
going to rick stein at banisters for my birthday in couple weeks I'm so excited I could burst
I don't agree with all of Jill Stein's policies but now I'm definitely voting for her:
and try 's restaurant in Padstow. Best fish around!
Croquet and Pimms, bbqed butterflied lamb and claret, and Sauternes. Bliss.
doesn't Rick Stein only do organic, though? Might be an issue.
Michael Phelps is about two medals away from appearing on a Rick Stein menu
Popped in to with last night and enjoyed fish&chips sat outside all washed down with a bottle of chalky 🍺😀
Rick Stein , Jamie Oliver. Summer holidays is not the best time to go. Go Gower.
Iain Dale and Rick they share vocal chords? Funny you never see them together.
Rick Stein, Sarah Newton MP and Eden Project founder Tim Smit say Cornwall is better off in the EU
Thanks to Rick Stein, the English celebrity chef, who gave Emerson, Lake & Palmer a mention from Bologna on his...
The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Emmerson, Lake and Palmer! When was the last time Rick Stein watched Jools Holland??
If I could invite 4 people to dinner dead or alive 1) 2)3)Stanley Kubrick 4) Miriam Makeba
I hear from mates in Cadiz that you are going there soon. It's brilliant and we've been keeping it a secret for decades!! Enjoy!
Watching Rick Stein on holiday makes me hugely happy.
I Wish I could be as happy as Rick Stein talking about food
So much going on tonight football wise.Brilliant game at Upton park, Falkirk 1-0 up...Gulp! Have cancelled watching Rick Stein for all this
Just watched last Friday's - this is one of my favourite series ever. Love the mix of culture and food.
we're eating at your restaurant on 18/6 will you be there to sign my dads fav cookbook? Best Father's Day present ever!
is in Berlin discovering some of their top seasonal What are some of your favourite seasonal dishes?
Watching Rick Stein's Long Weekend in Berlin to get the lowdown before my trip!
Am loving the Long Weekend's series. Just settling down to Berlin. Ace.
Rick Stein in 'it's cold in Iceland' shocker. FFS
I dont understand why people prefer Masterchef to Rick Stein's Long Weekends? Its the best of Europe served on a platter with glass of wine!
.and nearly 20yrs since I was last in Berlin. Already can't wait to go back.
do you accommodate mature students who can't cook. I might just have a good candidate Namely Me!
Have loved watching Long Weekends. Catching up on Berlin tonight. Such a great series and magical to watch.
in between my online business, washing, family made ur cod gratin and first Bernaise Sauce attempt ever!
having a fantastic time. Great recipes
there is no other chef or cooking show that is as inspirational, warm and beautifully filmed! Bon appetite!
Glad u've tracked Rick down, was wondering where he was! Stayin in England 4 five minutes!
If your not fussed with Rick Stein, you can always watch my lot on Friday night against Brighton. 😎
Watching a Rick Stein wet weekend tv show and he's really quite annoying
The two R's are in the house , organising author events
Once again, thank you for covering German cuisine!Loved Long Weekends in Berlin-my favourite city!Won't be doing the Trabi tour!
when will u do one of these in mollymook Rick. Us Aussies would love it.
I did enjoy the programme very much
New Job: Kitchen Assistant - Rick Stein Fistral - Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Newquay
Not sure about 's new toilet based show
Very much liking this latest series. I enjoy the format of food/travel
One of the perks of the job, lunch at Rick Stein's in Cornwall
The author of this article, actually asked Rick Stein over the phone, who to cook with, when she was in Penang.
I'd love to capture your courses for you. Have a look at what I did for Rick Stein's school.
Sorry meant to say I feel it is an evil cruel part of French culture , even Rick Stein said on a programme it's cruel .
Passing of fame, en route to Agen. Thankfully on a wide section of canal and not on narrow bends!
did you see Rick Stein in Berlin on BBC2 at the weekend? Visited Cookies & Cream
plan to be there for end of the summer, gonna work my way down and round from Barcelona this year.
Looking forward to the legend Long Weekend in Cadiz. via
Brilliant! is coming to to film for his Long Weekend series
really enjoying the Long Weekend series. Great relaxed format and effortless to watch. Can't wait for this week's!
I feel as if we've failed you in some way
Looking forward to my trip to Reykjavik even more thanks to 'Long Weekend'. Great series taking in my favourite cities.
Rick Stein & a the advert he made recently for The Grapes, our fabulous moules frites & a delicious white from
Maybe.everything about seafood. I recommend it.
Good Food Mag or a Rick Stein book, they might make more interesting purchase decisions. And, of course, if...
Not impossible to find Senf mustard in London. Available at . "Rick Stein's Long Weekends"
If you missed Rick Stein's Long Weekends: - see it here via
Enjoy the Schnitzel & looking forward to it ...and my next visit to Padstow!
Thank you. My sis and I are travelling from the West of Ireland and we are looking forward to seeing Cornwall
Glad you enjoyed your stay with us.
Cheers Mark. Sounds just my sort of evening.
We'll look forward to welcoming you to Padstow.
Cheers. Please email infoand we'll let you know. Next stop Vienna.
I'm pleased you enjoyed the Berlin episode. If you email infowe'll let you know. We are in Vienna this Friday.
Rick I think you should take a Long Weekend 2 N.Ireland and visit broighter gold rapeseed
At the risk of sounding aged 40+, I really do enjoy a Rick Stein programme on BBC.
So Ainsley Harriott decided to do a Rick Stein and do his own street food program on ch4 lol
Rick Stein's Long Weekend in Bordeaux is absolutely brilliant TV. Catch up on
Love them all: Slater, Nigella, Rick Stein (A GOD), Rachel Khoo. Secret to good life: ditch news channels, watch Food Channel
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Did you know...six of the country’s leading chefs, Mark Hix, Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Tom Aikens, Stevie Parle and Adam Byatt love our eggs
Michel Roux Jr, John Torode, and Rick Stein confirmed to host after James Martin leaves.
my nephew named his turtles Rick and George just cos he's a fan of Rick Stein and George Clark
CG_Steve published Beer and mussels on the menu at Rick Stein's festival
There's nothing more satisfying than watching Rick Stein sweat through 3 Ralph Lauren shirts every 10mins in Rick Stein's India...
ah thank you, it was Rick Stein's seafood restaurant in Padstow 😋
needed to find the right host? Love the Hairy Bikers, Rick Stein et al but not when they host shows about Asia, usually cringe.
Currently obsessed with Rick Stein and his tour of India. Need more indian food in my life.
Prising eyes open with matchsticks, staying up to reset circadians, but Rick Stein doing India is making me curry-hungry bother it.
Celebrity chef Rick Stein has had plans to open a restaurant in High Street, Marlborough, Wiltshire, approved.
NEWS: Wiltshire Council give planning permission for Rick Stein restaurant in Marlborough High Street
Catch up on an old episode of Rick Stein meeting Chef David Thompson and a visit to
My to be less *** Rick Stein has taken a knock after a friend divulged she too thinks he's an ***
Huge thanks for signing a gold star for - Join us & help support bereaved children:
fabulous steins sandbanks superb food and service. Thanks! http…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
fabulous steins sandbanks superb food and service. Thanks!
Trying to ring Rick Stein Bournemouth on the phone no answer are they all out, answer phone but they do not phone club ad vide!!
Christmas book gift guide 2015: Best of the year's cookbooks from Nigella Lawson to Rick Stein: This year's be...
May we invite ourselves to eat with you as this sounds delish
Rick Stein recipe, cooking method. Pork shoulder will be a winner.
Can't come to the UK and not have fish and chips! @ RICK STEIN Winchester
Is this career for you? Accounts Assistant at The Seafood Restaurant – Rick Stein in
You'd love a trip to Padstow - had a session at Rick's school there once - excellent.
Sounds like an unmissable Gallipoli tour. Rick Stein to do the history, Gary to do the cooking.
I'm actually quite a decent cook. One of my hobbies.
can't wait to see you cooking on TV Prof.
Do you like thai/sri lankan etc food? Rick Stein's eastern one is tremaze. I use it loads and you have great asian mkt in Ox
The 1 take home message: if you use shoulder (which is yummy) it releases a load of fat itself, so use less at the start
I am but we having Rick stein fish n chippies before we leave so suppose I will survive
Always fancied doing a lamb dish, will def. give this a try soon! Thanks for recommendations.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Really nice with home made raita and his Kachumber salad (both on the same page in the book)
A pleasure. Hope Bryson had a great day.
I think I might have a new favourite Lamb with Cardamom & Cloves… so rich & subtle ★★★★★
I've made a booking at Rick Stein Winchester
Plus all the free meals you can eat & wine - you're talking FIFA/IOC level travelling
Sign up for out next Gallipoli battlefield tour!
Not true Anzacs landed at wrong place. Myth has been debunked. Few other details wrong but yes it was moving.
Enjoyed 's last series. Pity he didn't talk 2 military historian before going 2 Gallipoli - I'd have gone w/him 4 small fee :)
there is my bro in plazio hotel gudgaon India as a commi chef. Is there any job for him which may be suitable and permanent
Video: Celebrity chef shares his love of great food + winter in
Another great holiday special is coming your way. Tune into Christmas Odyssey now:
- Different, but i think its great too. 😊
Nice supper with one of my FGD's at Rick Stein, Winchester. Lucky us. X
lunch with frineds and I made Vietnamese duck braised in spiced orange juice by Grt recipe :D
I would loved to have tried it ;) give u my own rating ha ha I'm sure it was top!
The Seafood Restaurant – Rick Stein is looking for an Apprentice Accounts Assistant! Are you a fit for this
So much love for and is empire in Padstow
I made a delicious Aloo Gobi courtesy of Spicy perfection for winter! :-)
- I love it. So different and it's for charity.
The lobster pot Christmas tree on the quay. One I'm sure would appreciate :-)
Croatian Sour Cherry Strudel from is one of our new favourite desserts.
Thank you for raising nearly £2K for the hospice during your 'soft launch' week
I get excited when there's a Rick Stein clip on normally! John Dory dish looked amazing
Slow cooked duck from a Rick Stein recipe with oriental spices, steamed fresh veg. and white and sweet potato...
Rick Stein is the Robbie Savage of celebrity chefs
Not too dissimilar to a hideous Rick Stein / George Osbourne cross then
Rick Stein's restaurant opening in Nov. Wonder if there'll be a launch Why yes, I CAN attend.
Can't talk now mate watching the Rick Stein cooking an awesome fish soup! Speak after the GBBO.
this evening I'm trying it with cocaine while watching Rick Stein cook an aubergine followed by a *** over Janice Joplin
Lovely ladies from setting up their pop up shop for the event
Rick Stein to open restaurant at Fistral, Newquay | Cornish Guardian via
Early birthday present of Rick Stein's Venice to Istanbul is a pleasure :)
Excitement galore yesterday in as wonderful signed copies of his latest book
Recipe: Spaghetti with bottarga As seen on Rick Stein yesterday
you are both clearly loved up. How nice. Rick is the best , new. Keith floyd minus booze. Hairy bikers are good too.
Hi Rick. Bit of a long shot but i don't suppose you are doing any book signings at Padstow 18-25 sept are you ? Thanks.
Today is my first day doing catering at college!! Any chance of a good luck message?
Fried halloumi drizzled with honey. Oh we LOVE you!
It's not an easy relationship to get right!
Little bit of Saturday night wickedness . Love our local
Happy Father's Day to all my Australian friends, thanks for being the best Step Dad to Zach & Olivia xx
In his element demonstrating risotto from .
huge congratulations from and I. Very …
Warm shellfish with Parsley, chill, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice...divine! h…
Sorry won't be in Padstow that day. Hope you have a great time.
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About Café our said 'Quality food inspired from local produce as well as Rick's travels around the world'
Very pleased you had such a good evening.
RE Cornish Arms our said 'We're in a pub with its own personality as well as Rick's'
It was a great evening. Glad you're enjoying the recipes.
Quackerash...layers of potato slices, cold cuts of beef with lots of mixed herbs etc...seafaring recipe?
Thanks for taking the time to listen to 'quackerash ' family recipe query at Bath signing. Quaker Hash?
An extra-special Rice Pudding with a Caramel Topping from Spain.
Rick Stein in Venice: Hemingway, Noel Coward...all loved Bellinis; named after 4th C. Artist. *** Transport me now.
ooh and I used cheddar too ! Maybe you should try with beef? Best I ever had and made thanks Rick.
Need a weekend away? Check out our guide to Mollymook with >
I now know how good simple sea food is done! Amazing evening! The Ray and langoustines we…
From Venice to Istanbul by Rick Stein Review and Giveaway: via
Great night yesterday- Rick Stein Evening. Thanks to the kind Ben and Luke and all staff
Our head chef with Rick Stein at his event here last night
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