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Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield (born Richard Lewis Springthorpe; 23 August 1949) is an Australian singer-songwriter, musician, and actor.

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At an awesome Halloween party tonight at Kurt and Donnas. Scott and I went as Jessie's girl and Rick Springfield.
you and Rick Springfield should come to Montana, he has been here for concerts but don't think you have, come visit
Working Class Dog (w Rick Springfield striking a pose on his album cover)
Lady next to me at Rick Springfield concert has recorded the entire show on her phone. Um ok
Kids these days just want more reality tv rigmarole for their Rick Springfield horsefeathers
Enjoying Richard Marx and Rick Springfield with this lady!!
Rick Springfield wouldn't stand over your bed...unless you were Jessie's girl.
I'm ok, thanks for asking, but why the Rick Springfield profile pic? 😝
"Thirty-five years in the making ..." Rick Springfield & Richard Marx playing first show together. At
Rick Springfield is doing a fine job, but still ...
October 29, 2015, one year ago today, I got to meet Rick Springfield…
Rick Springfield is a *** by the way. His wish came true and I'm alone!
Good Evening Rick springfield Happy Saturday HI I am a huge fan of you how are you doing is it possible you go live tonight
And a special joy washed over her as she realized every Rick Springfield song sounds just like "Jesse's Girl"
Always great to run into old GHer Rick Springfield. Back to…
My verdict on Rick Springfield singing: Essentially the same as every other 80s mainstream "soft rock" guy. Luckily, I like that.
Legit the first time I've heard Rick Springfield sing... Why? Also, why does Jessie's girl sound wrong without Rob and Rich?
My dad- I got us tickets to the rodeo! Plus Rick Springfield is playing . Me- cool... can you bring home burritos for lunch?
So is it intentional to make Rick Springfield look like Alice Cooper?
Catching up on good to see Rick Springfield
Missed Rick Springfield's scenes on Supernatural last night? No worries... they've been added to the Lucifer...
Mark Pellegrino: the character of Lucifer is big enough to hold all of us (referring other actor's tales on it), & wishes Rick Springfield -
Rick Springfield seems like he's having fun, but I miss mark pellegrino as lucifer
I liked a video from Rick Springfield's First Hit Song
Oh goodness, Rick Springfield is the Devil? I guess that’s what happens when you persist in trying to steal Jessie’s Girl.
David Krumholtz is Rick Springfield today? Lemme get my wayback machine plugged in...
spotted in new episode of Supernatural featuring an Alice Cooper-like rockstar-turned-Lucifer played by Ric…
And what was with actors at that time doing songs? Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Don Johnson...Ri…
There was much more to Rick Springfield than just Jesse's Girl. Just gotta dig a bit.…
|| but if Rick Springfield doesn't sing Jessie's Girl on Supernatural is there any point tho
"Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield. They don't write 'em like that any more!
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Once I discovered music, I knew what I wanted to do.
67! I love it when he pops up on TV shows. He was great in Californication playing “Rick Springfield”. 😂
The RICK SPRINGFIELD as "Lucifer" on the CW's Supernatural Gallery is up... pix and clips from Rick's guest...
Sat 10/1- Might still be tickets left for Rick Springfield at the Emerald Queen Casino~
Jessie's Girl is still stuck in my head thanks to on Monday. Also why is Jessie's Girl the only good Rick Springfield song?
Have you got your ticket to Rick Springfield yet? It's not too late! Grab your tickets now:
Deshaun Watson has Clemson feeling like its 1981 again... Only with fewer people rocking out to Rick Springfield.
CASINO NUGGETS: Rick Springfield and Ashanti will perform at Inland casinos - Press-Enterprise
Rick Springfield Is a cold trick that tricks thugs
Rick Springfield Is a farty gangsta that dances slugs
Owned The Stage last night on Awesome performance with his Rockin' Band!!
Rick Springfield Is a straight guy that *** butts
I just used Shazam to discover Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield.
Rick Springfield Does a farty badass that smokes slugs
Rick Springfield will do songs from 18th album at Elgin show: via
Little Giant Ladders
Rick Springfield Knows a phat ride that loves butts
admit it you watched last night and are jammin this morning 2 Kenny Loggins Kim Carnes Rick Springfield & Kool and the gang
"Let Me In" - a new song by Rick Springfield. Celebrate Mix107.7 SUMMERFEST tomorrow, July 2nd with Rick...
I was drawn in by old Rick Springfield!
Rick Springfield Knows a straight badass that farts slugs
Rick Springfield Has a damned cash that rolls butts
‘Jessie’s Girl’ and more summer tunes in store at Summerfest:
Yesss! Rick Springfield! I love him,& I'm pretty sure I have all his records from the 80's😄Jessie's Girl is great, but my fave "Human Touch"
Rick Springfield looks like otacon lol.
Rick Springfield who is Jessie's girl anyway
I want someone to be as obsessed with me as Rick Springfield was about Jessie's girl
Awesome night. Watching the Greatest Hits on ABC and my favorite, Rick Springfield is on and many awesome acts...
What's not to love about Rick Springfield and Reo Speedwagon on ABCs Greatest Hits? 😍
Reo Speedwagon, Rick Springfield, etc. It's like has hacked into my iPod & delivering the songs to me live
Apparently, Rick Springfield has a new album coming out. In related news, Rick Springfield is still alive.
Barry Manilow, Kenny Loggins and Rick Springfield are on my Mt. Rushmore of singers. Who's the 4th? Quite possibly Huey Lewis. Go Bills
Ipod's on shuffle. Oddly seems to know better than me what I want to hear. 80's high school self loving Rick Springfield into Richard Marx!
Hey. It's Rick Springfield. Nice hair. Job-Rob Lowe 'in talks to be Kelly's Ripa's new co-host on Live'
NGL I watched Ricki and the Flash three times this week. Seb Stan is adorable but, like, Rick Springfield and Kevin Kline and god *** Meryl
Congrats to Karen for winning Andover Concert in the Park tickets to see Rick Springfield, Night Ranger, and The...
Need someone to jam with me to Rick Springfield, Hanson, Dean Martin, The Monkees, & Styx. Well..someone other than my dad👌🏻😁
Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Luke Wilson, Rose Byrne, Rick Springfield, and Bill Murray all auditioned for the role of The Janitor on Scrubs.
Don't talk to strangers by Rick Springfield. State Farm Arena. Hidalgo, TX. ...
Rick Springfield with little girl on stage. Rick Springfield Twin River May ...
Yep, pretty good venue. I've seen Rick Springfield, Pat Benetar, Chicago and Earth Wind and fire there
Mix 107.7 SummerFest 18 just announced for Saturday, July 2 at Fraze Pavilion with Rick Springfield, Night Ranger...
my music just went from Rick Springfield to Kanye to Blake Shelton to Zayn
“I opened for Hall & Oates, Tom Petty, and Rick Springfield in the 80's.." I saw you with
Some Looking, Rick Springfield styled, big city slickster Tried to market his GARBAGE VIA DIRECT MESSAGE
I used to cut guitars out of a piece of cardboard to copy the Strat look. I...
NowPlaying Don't talk to strangers - Rick Springfield
Why is Rick Springfield so sexy to me? Am I the only one? 😂
Rick Springfield is old but he sexy AF.😂
Me gustó un video de Rick Springfield Live - Affair of the Heart / Don't talk to strangers
I liked a video from Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield [Sheet Music]
Rick Springfield - Inside Sylvia via really catches the ideals of romance back in the 80s
when Rick Springfield is on our flight
SeanInCypress: I used to hate Rick Springfield, but lately somethin's changed. It ain't hard to define.
It is 9:45 and dad is downstairs jamming to a Rick Springfield performance.
Rick Springfield on meeting Elvis and dressing up like Fred Flintstone:
There's a birthday party at the park and they're playing all of faves! Bon Jovi, Rick Springfield, Pat Benetar...
Rick Springfield - The power of love on Gibraltar Gold Radio
Has anyone seen Rick Springfield and Garth Ennis in the same room?
Backstage at Rick Springfield Concert last week with my good friend Mike and Jeremy Miller from…
Rick Springfield is working hard to promote his new CD via
The night just got better... Jesse's Girl by Rick Springfield just came on at the Bon Vue!
Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield is in South City Publick House, Binghamton. Download it now at
cmon you cant tell me this guy doesnt belt out Rick Springfield tunes during the offseason.
DJ returns to form with Rick Springfield and Arcade Fire.
Rick Springfield is excited to be taking his 18th studio album "Rocket Science" -- out Friday -- on tour.
Rick Springfield joined on stage for Jessie's Girl by Matthew and Gunnar Nelson and Tom Kiefer…
Ya'll are invited even you, Rick Springfield! ;)
Rick Springfield: Rocket Science "if Nashville needed a sound track this would be a good contender"
I wish Gaga would have just sung one Bowie song, like Rick Springfield did for Joe Strummer back in 2003.
Rick Springfield and Mean Girls both made an appearance in my spiritual formation paper.. 🤔
When the Daytime Emmys were still on a network. ;) Rick Springfield 2006 Emmys via
Rick Springfield and Eddie Money On Stage at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort - Dec 28. ► Find Tickets:
Hopefully Paul gets more personal story. How about Rick Springfield comes on as a recasted Steve Williams?
You left out the best Beatles cover ever...Eleanor Rigby by Zoot (with Rick Springfield)
Can someone please cast Jason Thompson & Rick Springfield as father/son again? via
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Rick Springfield moves his Stripped Down show to Saginaw, MI tonight at the Temple Theatre! Have fun everybody! :)
I had the opportunity to interview Rick Springfield. He performs tonight at the Amarillo Civic Center.
2014: Rick Springfield. 2015: Dennis DeYoung. 2056: Miley Cyrus will be playing the Q-Lot of Western Illinois University
Rick Springfield, Loverboy and The Romantics Live in Concert at Cedar Park Center - Oct 22. ► More:
Here's a little insight into my family: my uncle has a Fountains of Wayne/Rick Springfield playlist.
Rick Springfield in concert at Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, October 15th @ 8pm.
25 photos of Rick Springfield, Loverboy and the Romantics at Freedom Hill
Noah didn't sing, Rick Springfield did. Patrick doesn't sing, Jason Thompson does. I love both, but bring back real Patrick please
Rick Springfield with special guests Loverboy & The Romantics at Sands Bethlehem Event Center on...
The perfect man has AJ McLean's icy heart, Stephen Merchant's manners & Rick Springfield's magnetic ankles
Jesse's Girl by Rick Springfield is in Anytime Fitness St Pauls, St Pauls. Download it now at
Rick Springfield concert with the family @ PNC Bank Arts Center
Greg kihn. My brother saw him with Rick Springfield if im not mistaken for a birthday present
Rick Springfield will be at the Beau Rivage on our anniversary weekend. Done, done, and done.
Would u listen to Rick Springfield in a box? Would u listen to Rick Springfield w/ Rick Fox? Couldnt not, wouldnt not in a box, w/ Rick Fox.
Hamilton Collection
You know you've seen it all when Rick Springfield does a Katy Perry cover
Do you still wish you had "Jessie's Girl"? Buy your tickets to see Rick Springfield this Friday at Jacobs Pavilion!
Rick Springfield with Loverboy and The Romantics... September 22 @ 7 p.m. on The Pavilion stage. Get tix!
Throwback Bash this Sunday 2pm with Springfield, at PNCArtsCenter!
Who's catching the Rick Springfield show at PNC Bank Arts Center this Sunday?
Future CPC artists sat down with ABC to share about the craft of acting, wanting to be a rock star
Rick Springfield, Loverboy and The Romantics at on Saturday and AC Seafood Festival.
You know it's going to be a good day when Rick Springfield is playing in the dining center right after your 8am got canceled
Rick Springfield is the cutest little goofball ever
I'm gonna go doesn't suck to be Rick Springfield 😆
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Rick Springfield - Don't talk to strangers "
"Introspection is a great tool for an artist." — Rick Springfield, as told to People magazine
Want to win Two Concert Tickets for Rick Springfield with Special Guests L? I just entered to win and you can too.
We're giving away 5 pairs of tickets for Rick Springfield at on 9/23! Enter here: h…
Win tickets to see LIVE on Wednesday, September 16th at the
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Rick Springfield with special guests Loverboy and The Romantics - Sept. 12th Atlantic City
My son and I hanging with Rick Springfield. Amazing!!
the second one is a young Rick Springfield. The third Leif Garrett. More from my youth.
Drummer/Musician and lead singer of Loverboy is joining talking about the Freedom Hill performance Sept. 18th with Rick Springfield.
Ticket alert: Mod Sun, Rick Springfield, Tori Kelly and the Acacia Strain: Also on the way: Hot Rize, Reckless…
SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) — Rick Springfield was a big hit at the opening day of the 2015 New York State Fair. So was his tush. The singer best
is a great film, Meryl Streep nails it and a great supporting cast in Kevin Kline and Rick Springfield..Put it on your list!
Is it going to rain at the Rick Springfield concert tonight in St.Augustine? I hope not!
TONIGHT Sunday, August 30 Rick Springfield with Loverboy and The Romantics at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre.
Kicking it old school...The Romantics, Loverboy and Rick Springfield tonight!!! — feeling funky at St. Augustine...
Fun fact: Rick Springfield is in True Detective season 2
Look at Sheryl Underwood about to give Rick Springfield the draws LMAO
Random fun: Who was your teen celebrity crush? One of mine, Rick Springfield, just turned 66 yesterday. What the?!?!?! How did THAT happen?
Today, I learned Rick Springfield has 17 Top 40 singles compared to 15 for Tom Petty. But, Petty has 11 Top 10 albums to Springfield's 2.
Ricky and the Flash. The new movie with Meryl Streep and Rick Springfield. It's funny and full of underlying...
ON SALE NOW: Rick Springfield with Loverboy and The Romantics! 9/22 @ 7 p.m. Get your tickets before they're gone!
Rick Springfield on Acting Opposite Meryl Streep in 'Ricki and the Flash' and Why He's a 'Late... via
I love Meryl Streep. I love Rick Springfield. I love Jonathan Demme. So why does the idea of seeing Rikki & The Flash leave me cold?
View this image ›. Rick Springfield and Meryl Streep in Ricki and the Flash. Bob Vergara / Sony Pictures. Ricki R…
Rick Springfield almost said no to Meryl Streep and Ricki and the Flash .. Related Articles:
So is Rick Springfield a legit actor now? This should be a bigger deal. I want a Steve Winwood & Billy Squier
From "Jessie's Girl" to his freaky True Detective makeover, we play Random Roles with Rick Springfield
Actor and musician Rick Springfield, star of RICKI AND THE FLASH, will ring the NYSE Closing Bell today at 3 PM EST. Will you be.
The vinyl is absolutely perfect. It was stuck between a couple of rotting Rick Springfield LPs and a Menudo record.
Dr Pitlor on is played by Rick Springfield??? I cannot believe how many Jesse's Girl joke opportunities I've missed
wow Rick Springfield looks like a combination of Johnny Depp & John Waters in this pic.
TIL Rick Springfield is the creepy plastic surgeon in True Detective. Yes, Rick Springfield of Jessie’s Girl fame.
Joining us in studio: Rick Springfield & Pete Davidson
no but really rick springfield is in that new movie w Meryl Streep and he looks wowZaa
Whoever thought (A) Meryl Streep would play a rockstar and (B) Rick Springfield would be in a Meryl Streep movie.
Update your maps at Navteq
Foto: Mamie Gummer, Rick Springfield and Meryl Streep attend the New York premier of ‘Ricki And The Flash’...
I'm reading a humorous, incredibly well-written book about a dude who finds God's cell number. And it was written by ... Rick Springfield. 😳
If you are a smart feller, you'd play the song Rick Springfield did with Dave Grohl from Sound City.
OK, apparently the guy I thought was Wayne Coyne in the Streep rockstar movie is actually Rick Springfield.
* Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl * was top of the Billboard Hot 100 this week in 1981
I still laugh at the fact that Rick Springfield told my uncle I was hot without knowing that I was his niece
What is song/lyric game! Let's keep it going- I will start. What if Rick Springfield didn't want Jesse's girl?
Rick Springfield at the premiere of 'Ricki and the Flash.'
Fun fact: the guitar Greg plays in is Rick Springfield's real guitar - the one he wrote on! …
Even Rick Springfield is freaked out by his hideously ugly 'True Detective' face
can't believe u got to interview Rick Springfield... Lucky
Rick Springfield talks jammin with Meryl Streep in Ricki and the Flash' via
Rick Springfield, The Moms and Review of Ricki and the Flash
RE today's episode: Rick Springfield - Love Is Alright Tonight. All *** day.
Eating lunch overlooking Central Park before we interview Meryl Streep & Rick Springfield for…
Video: Ronnie Vannucci participated in a sketch on ‘Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!’ with Rick Springfield on the...
Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he will have actress Christina Applegate actor Rick Springfield. Later, Tyler, The...
Tonight is all-new,with Christina Applegate, Rick Springfield & music from Tyler, The Creator
Tonight at 11pm, actress Christina Applegate, Rick Springfield and musical guest Tyler the Creator
Talk: Christina Applegate, Tyler the Creator, Rick Springfield on Kimmel • Amy Sedaris on Fallon • Ed Helms, Fun Home cast on Meyers
Awright who was the better soap opera derived popstar: Jack Wagner, Rick Springfield or Michael Damian? Discuss
Dustin Walker will open for Rick Springfield's new Stripped Down Show
Rick Springfield in True Detective looks like Benedict Cumberbatch after 6 months on the road with The Rolling Stones
How much did you love seeing Rick Springfield as the creepy rehab/plastic surgery guy? I thought it was William Fichtner at first.
Up on : Rick Springfield's cameo as a seedy psychiatrist is NOT the big twist in last night's
And another guy asked me if he could guess my ethinincity. me: sure Him: European. Lmao As Rick Springfield said- don't talk to strangers
OMG - Rick Springfield is in a movie with Meryl Streep. Must see!
Nobody even cares that Rick Springfield was trying to poach Jessie's girl when we all know Jessie was a good friend of his.
Just saw a guy with a mullet, Ray-bans and a Rick Springfield shirt. Yes, I just met the worlds first time traveler.
Who knew Rick Springfield was such a party-guy?!
domain names
My dad is looking at rick springfield tickets if he gets me one I will CRY
I still love listening to music. I like his new and old stuff. But I love his old stuff the best.
I'm 'make fun of my dad's 8track tapes & my kids make fun of my cassette tapes' years old. DON'T TOUCH MY RICK SPRINGFIEL…
I'm listening to Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield on
Rick Springfield had sex wit a groupie after she said her mom had sex with 20 years ago...
I got joke from Californication when Rick Springfield was a guest.
Rick Springfield will forever by my crush
Getting ready for recital number No better way to get the day moving than with Rick Springfield
St Louis Springfield Rick Ankiel mini bobblehead sga new
Are we really listening to Rick Springfield?
Stop the presses...Rick Springfield sighting on
Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield is in Double Gloucester, Gloucester. Download it now at
My "What I Like" playlist ranges from Jessie's Girl Rick Springfield to Speak Now Taylor Swift to My Body Young the Giant lol
Thinking about listening to Rick Springfield and deciding not to listen to Rick Springfield
Listen for the keyword(s) starting Monday morning for your chance to win tickets to see Rick Springfield and...
Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo, and Rick Springfield as little brother Zac in Old School Battlestar: via
Rick Springfield: Stripped Down Tour 2015 at Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland on May 10 (Up to 35% Off)
I'm at Arvest Bank Theatre at for Rick Springfield in Kansas City, MO
Meryl Steep and Rick Springfield to star in "Ricki and the Flash", coming out in August! -
Either Billy Squire, Jon Bon Jovi, or Rick Springfield is very proud of you.
There's a decent Rick Springfield joke there. But why bother?
Win tickets to the Country Rock & Rewind Festival with Rascal Flatts and Rick Springfield this morning with Rick on Red!
Are you ready for this? Rascal Flatts, Rick Springfield, Ashley Monroe and The Romantics are coming to Hershey on...
Why did no one tell me Jonathan Demme had a Diablo Cody-penned movie starring Meryl Streep and Rick Springfield coming out?
Check out Andy Williams Moon River Theatre - Rick Springfield from KY3, Inc. - I just entered here!
CHEVY COURT ANNOUNCEMENT: Rick Springfield returns to the Fair on Aug. 27th at 8pm!
Rick Springfield to hit Chevy Court stage opening night at the New York State Fair -
Blinded by the Light is my favorite Michael Mann cover of a Rick Springfield song.
I remember seeing concerts there when I was a teen, it was nuts...I saw Leif Garrett and Rick Springfield
good morning! Saw my BF Rick Springfield last night!! Amazing, per usual. Bonus: Stephen Clark was there too.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
This Sunday! Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit with Rick Springfield and Detroit's own - The...
Meryl Streep is a band member in Ricki & the Flash w/ 2 loves, Kevin Kline & Rick Springfield.
Tonight on listen after 7pm to win tix to Frankie Valli & Rick Springfield in Concert Be caller 11 and win!
- Rick Springfield joins cast of True Detective
Check it out! WORKING CLASS DOGS: A Tribute to Rick Springfield ('81-'84) at Off Broadway on 3/13/15:
hello Ronn did you meet Rick Springfield when you and Player did General Hospital.
The song Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield will forever be one of my favs
I want to give a big shout out to tears for Fears, men at work, Duran Duran, Rick Springfield, Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, and especially to the Police, synchronicity album! I finally learned how to use YouTube and listen to it on my phone with my ear plugs, pretty cool! Made my 4 hour drive seem like one hour. The synchronicity album reminds me of hanging out with Mike Mixon, Brian Maupin ( Paula Maupin Wynn), Curt Eure, and Scott Morris (RIP MY brother) back in the day heading down to Mike's cousins farm in Sunbury North Carolina messing around with the horses and bulls an all of our good times down in Nags Head before the northerners bought it all up! Now to work. Merry Christmas
Remember when Linda Blair was crucifix raped by a demon, then broom raped by girls, probably Rick James raped, & then gets Rick Springfield?
Singer, actor Rick Springfield coming to El Paso -
Rick Springfield, Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell join the cast of True Detective. I'm also suing True Detective for stealing my idea!
What, was Huey Lewis not available? “Rick Springfield joins True Detective season two
Should we warn them that if you get that gig, your contract will allow for Jack Wagner & Rick Springfield being every 3rd song?
This status is for Cindy Jackson Knull - I feel like if Rick Springfield really had that big of a crush on Jessie’s Girl he would have at...
Kicked off the broadcast of The Time Machine Radio Show with Bruce Springsteen's "Something In The Night" which I wished that something in the night would be a surprise delivery of See's Candies. Just followed up with The Cowsills' "Under The Gun", Blue Ash's "Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?)", Rick Springfield's "American Girls", Pezband's "Baby It's Cold Outside" and The Click Beetles with "Try Girl" (special shout-out to Dan Pavelich). Enjoying myself in the studio with a cool glass of milk but no box of chocolates. It's a Rock 'N' Roll tradeoff. :-) Up next is the classic song "Girl Of My Dreams" from Bram Tchaikovsky and "Starry Eyes" from The Records. Feel free to tune in at the FM's streaming link below.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Anyone want to go see Rick Springfield at Casino Rama at the end of January?
The quiet confusion you may feel when you think seeing Rick Springfield at your local casino is a good idea. Alfred Molina better be there
Meryl Streep and Rick Springfield share a kiss on the set of Ricki And The Flash -…
Amazing listening to Steve Perry and Rick Springfield as special guest performers on
Cheryl Shapiro Gavin, please note that Rick Springfield is in this movie and within 10 minutes of your house.
If I told you Sammy Hagar wrote/played a Rick Springfield hit before Rick...would you believe me? - Crowley.
I really hope that people take a good look at Rick Springfield before seriously considering any form of cosmetic plastic surgery..
Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl: via He was on the, "Rockford Files". It's TRUE
Watch the video «Dave Grohl interviews Rick Springfield on Chelsea Lately 2/4/2013» uploaded by Loudster on Dailymotion.
great !! Just got back from a weekend in baker,mt & got to meet & go see a Rick Springfield concert...:-)
Rick Springfield show goes on after big storm pounds Fallon County Fair. Great video!.
Grammy-winning singer and actor Rick Springfield is the latest star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.
'80s heartthrob Rick Springfield talks about living with depression and his recovery process
Having coffee and listening to Rick Springfield on the radio💖
Rick Springfield for super bowl half time show
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
listening to Rick Springfield cuz i dont do enough of that anymore
I think I may go old school here... Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield...
My Sister said shops at Rick Springfield .Com lol
Rick Springfield rocks for pal and acts with Meryl Streep via
Rick Springfield rained our in Baker. Playing acoustic on the free stage.
I added a video to a playlist Rick Springfield - Affair of the Heart
I should download some Rick Springfield tunes.
Jesse's Girl by Rick Springfield is a sure way to catch me dancing like an *** every time.
Rick Springfield Joins Meryl Streep's Band in 'Ricki and the Flash' via
So excited cause I got a Rick Springfield record today 🎉
all my poems are based vigorously on Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" ..
Ok go one more block and then take a Rick Springfield
I saw Rick Springfield about 10 years ago. Great concert--lots of fun.
I remember I BEGGED my parents for tix and me and my best friend went. Closely followed by Rick Springfield later that year!
Leo's and Rick Springfield come to the front
Breast Cancer Awareness
I'm-a wear my to the Rick Springfield concert. That's just how I roll.
sounds just like Rick Springfield when he sings Jessie's girl lmao
Next up, Rick Springfield -I've Done Everything For You. I wonder if this was before or after he played Dr. Noah Drake on GH?
How can I listen to Rick Springfield and not think of my old friend ?
Jessie's girl by Rick Springfield is that dance around the house in your underwear singing into a hair brush because you're home alone song
I will be at the Rock for Ruben benefit Wed Aug 20 at House of Blues w/Rick Springfield, Bruce Kulick, and many more. info com…
Rick Springfield has joined Meryl Streep in the upcoming Jonathan Demme–directed, Diablo Cody–written film "Ricky...
Meryl Streep/Kevin Kline reunite in a Jonathan Demme film written by Diablo Cody and co-staring Rick Springfield. Life can be too perfect!
Rick Springfield and Meryl Streep? Umm.ok then. Next up: Sissy Spacek and Michael Damian.
“Rick Springfield to Rock Out With Meryl Streep in 'Ricki and the Flash' - - Thx, Diablo Cody
Rick Springfield!!! 2014 Eat to the Beat Concert Lineup Announced for Epcot International Food & Wine Festival
Interviews with Ann Wilson, Rick Springfield and Richard Marx posted too!.
Jon Bon Jovi is going to see Rick Springfield tonight at The Revel Casino in Atlantic City, NJ
I like (in no order) Julia Fordham, GreatBigSea, Rick Springfield, TheSawDoctors, Marshall Crenshaw, Richard Thompson...
i win ticket at work for next Saturday night for Pat Benator & Rick Springfield at Chastain Park
They did not replace "your music with Top Ten" they replaced it with Rap which is proving to be worse for the brain and your generation than The Lettermen, Donny and Marie, Bobby Vinton, The Monkees, Britney Spears, The Archies, Rick Springfield, one Direction, and The Beatles combined! The rest of this statement is really accurate and really important. Put down the Yodels and the bong, shut off your television and Snoop Dog, hang Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmell, and get out on the streets like generations before you did to instigate some meaningful change.
Stevie Nicks is queen, because she's the only on that can refer to Rick Springfield as "Jesse's Girl person". 😂
I wonder if Rick Springfield ever ate his heart out and wonder if Junkyard Dog ever grabbed those cakes..
    If the temperature wasn't hot enough on Saturday night at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort Summer Concert Series, Rick Springfield was there to take it a few degrees! He is one H-O-T ...
FREE CONCERT TICKETS?! We're thrilled to be part of Thunder Valley Casino Resort's Summer Concert Series. This Saturday the series kicks off with Rick Springfield, Loverboy and Eddie Money! We want to give three lucky MoFo fans free tickets! To play tell us which of these artists' song(s) brings back the most fond memories for you. We'll announce the winners here tomorrow night.
New Tin Can Alley posted at "" and "," as well as airing this Saturday afternoon at 1:00 on KAAY. This week, it's an all 1972 show, with Johnny Nash, The Spinners, Melanie, The Addrisi Brothers, 3 Dog Night, The Rolling Stones, Bread, Mouth & McNeal, Arlo Guthrie, Rick Springfield (yes, more than eight years before "Jessie's Girl"), Donnie Elbert, Stevie Wonder, Leon Russell, Todd Rundgren, and Paul Simon. Also, as per usual, lots of fun with old audio, including a '72 ad for an album full of hits from K-Tel!
Here's a little peek at the first day of the Rick Springfield fan getaway at ClubMed in Port St. Lucie, FL
Moby *** s 7 year anniversary party! This Saturday! Yes, its hard to believe 7 years have passed! So many amazing gigs.The Peach Drop, Turner Field, CoolRay Field, Georgia Dome, countless festivals, the best clubs in the southeast!! We've played a vast array of songs from Sheriff to Iron Maiden, Rick Springfield to DIO, A-HA to White Zombie, Journey to Jason Aldean, and had a blast! We invite each and every one of our friends to come out to 37 Main Johns Creek this Saturday night!
Two of my favorite people in one picture! I love pictures like this. I still havn't seen a picture of Rick Springfield and Jon Bon Jovi together. Now that would be the most epic picture to have! Wonder if they have ever met or crossed paths in all these years??
80'S MUSIC QUIZ: 1. What classic rocker sang "Sea of Love" and what was the name of the band he sang it with? 2. In the song "What's on your mind?" by Information Society which Star Trek character's voice was sampled? 3. What soap opera was Rick Springfield on? 4. Who sang "I melt with you"? 5. How many number one hits did the band Chicago have in the 80's and were they with the same lead singer? 6. What movie featured the song "Glory of Love" 7. Who sang "Rhythm of the night"? 8. Name the two hits Men Without Hats had 9. Who sang "What about me?" 10. Who sang "Tarzan Boy"?
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