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Rick Scott

Richard Lynn Rick Scott (born December 1, 1952) is a businessman and the 45th and current Governor of the U.S.

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Rick Scott assumed office in January 2011. At the time, Ellyn Bogdanoff was a member of state Sen…
Gov. Rick Scott on evacuations: "Not tonight, not in an hour. You need to go right now"
Chris Christie, can you help Rick Scott scare people into evacuating? You were actually good at that.
Gov. Rick Scott: Get out now, don't think you can wait this storm out. My parents: Yeah, I think we're gonna wait it out.…
Hey, Rick Scott, maybe it wasn't such a smart idea to put Chris Christie in charge of the evacuation.
"You will not survive the storm surge...if you're in an evacuation zone, leave," Gov. Rick Scott warns Floridians
Rick Scott: Do not ignore evacuation orders . Floridians:
Rick Scott is like every dumb climate-change denying politician in every disaster movie.
Hurricane Irma is now a Category 5 storm & could reach Florida by the end of the weekened. Gov. Rick Scott has declared a stat…
We agree, ! / Fla. Gov. Rick Scott breaks with President Trump on DACA | Miami Herald
Rick Scott is a conservative problem solver. Glad to see him supportive of the RAC Act, a commonsense, conservative solu…
...And that blanket policy is what the Florida Supreme Court seized on when ruling that Rick Scott could capital cases away from her...
BREAKING: Gov. Rick Scott has announced the appointment of Chad Chronister as the new sheriff of Hillsborough County.
The opinion was written by Justice Alan Lawson, who is Rick Scott's first appointee to the Supreme Court.
In a 5-2 decision, Florida Supreme Court says Gov. Rick Scott has the power to reassign death penalty cases from Aramis Ayala.
Gov. Rick Scott to announce pick for interim Hillsborough County Sheriff today
Just in: Gov. Rick Scott to announce appointment of interim Hillsborough County Sheriff today at 4:15 today in Tampa.
Be honest it was an attack put out by Rick Scott via dark probably Koch money - these Pacs are all entwined.
Just imagine if President Obama had made the SecretService Funds Run Dry? . Rick Scott would be screaming on every F…
Just In: Governor Rick Scott issues state of emergency for Tropical Storm Emily. MORE:
In Florida that's reason to get you elected as Governor ... right Rick Scott ?
Rick Scott spokesman John Tupps says governor was at undisclosed location out of state and was "immediately engaged" in response to storm
Marco Rubio does not care about Floridian's financial health - nor does Rick Scott. What do Adam Putnam and Richard…
LGBTQ activists say Rick Scott promised to ban discrimination and never delivered
A sweaty Rick Scott reluctantly admits to President Trump that Lutherans are filling up American prisons. Peggy Noonan quits drinking.
During a press conference, Rick Scott admits to Betsy DeVos that bisexuals are on point. Dennis Miller signs autographs.
I've been noticing the resemblance between Rick Scott and Peter Garrett for a while. I think Rick is Peter's evil doppelganger.
WASHINGTON — Gov. Rick Scott will meet here today with Vice President Mike Pence and others after pledging last...
Call SOS and and tell them not to comply with this request! . Ken Detzner - 850.245.6524 . Rick Scott -…
John Ellis Bush Bush became persona non grata to me as soon that *** canoe Rick Scott came on the scene
Lawyers for Gov. Rick Scott and State Attorney Aramis Ayala will head to the Supreme Court Wednesday to argue...
FL Gov. Rick Scott strikes again. Go home, bud.
Rick Scott, staff are delusional about Florida's low-paying jobs
Orlando has "rising wages" that help families "flourish"? . Rick Scott, staff delusional about Fla's low-paying jobs.
Orlando Weekly: Brutal new ad links GOP healthcare bill with Rick Scott
Correction on this Senator Bill Nelson still funny Rick Scott believes he's going to get elected big Trump supporter
You know Rick Scott ran the largest Medicare fraud in history?
And our state lizard takes the stage. You all remember Rick Scott, the man who oversaw the largest Medicare fraud i…
Updated list of people my grandpa hates: the weatherman, Keanu Reeves, Rick Scott. Wonder who's next?
New post Gary Farmer to Rick Scott: Veto ‘dreadful’ HB 7069 - A new state senator who is also a prominent trial...
Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater sets resignation date of 6/30; his last Cabinet meeting is Wednesday; Gov. Rick Scott picks successor.
Fun story: I worked in the corporate office for Rick Scott at HCA. He made it mandatory for all women to wear skirts. In 19…
Isn't Rick Scott planning to go up against Bill Nelson? Lord help us!
Rick Scott trying to edge Scott Walker, Greg Abbott and Paul LePage for 'worst Governor in America.' But I wouldn'…
Rick Scott picks former aide to become Florida's environmental secretary - Orlando Weekly (blog)
Thursday Facts:. 1.Rick Scott, Gov of Fl is expected to run against Sen Bill Nelson in 2018. Scott is now head of Super PAC to support Trump. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Rick Scott is probably gonna run for the Nelson senate seat in Florida. Like, can we not have him in government anymore? Rick is the worst
Gov. Rick Scott says tonight he's being urged by a lot of ppl - including Trump - to run against Nelson in But has made no decision
Scott Walker isn't alone, Rick Scott in Florida is already leaping at the chance to apply for a waiver
There you have it. And Walker is in the gutter w Rick Scott and many other governors.
That Scott Walker and Rick Scott sure are mental giants though, huh?
What do Scott Walker, and Rick Scott all have in common? They all waged an all-out assault on organi…
Gov. Rick Scott honored CEO Barry Shevlin with a Governor's Business Ambassador Award at today's news confe…
Gov. Rick Scott joins CEO Barry Shevlin to announce 200 coming to Pinellas County in next 2-4 yea…
Republicans get free campaign ad disguised as reporting, Florida media. NRA Rick Scott (R)slams Sen Bill Nelson (D) .
Gov. Rick Scott may run against Sen. Bill Nelson. A look at NRA attacks on Nelson: and
Rick Scott just jumped all over a question about how Richard Corcoran and Joe Negron have handled budget talks like it was a 85 mph fastball
Gov. Rick Scott, Pam Bondi vow to get tough on Florida's opioid epidemic
Rick Scott fully aware refused to help us, refers us back to local law…
Florida prosecutor sues Gov. Rick Scott for taking her off death penalty cases
Johnson has those crazy Christian eyes like Rick Scott... At least he isn't cross-eyed *** like Scott Walker...
Rick Scott has suspended tax collector James A Harris Jr. from office
Rob Bradley, Aaron Bean get facetime with Rick Scott via
Gov.Rick Scott at the annual Republican Party of Palm Beach County's Lincoln Day Dinner on March…
Gov. Rick Scott to Florida Prosecutors: Agree with My Politics or I’ll Take Away Your Power
Rick Scott to Florida prosecutors: Agree with my politics or I’ll take away your power. via
That's ok Ann, FL gov Rick Scott probably still holds the fraud record.
Who would be most likely to propose that for Señor Trumpanzee?. • Lamar Smith. • Steve King. • Rick Scott. • Marsha Bla…
which is why that Rick Scott vs Bill Nelson senate race sounds interesting
Florida Speaker Richard Corcoran takes his fight with Gov. Rick Scott on the road...
in regards to Nelson whether you like him or not I think he's the best chance Rick Scott goes into retirement
Yeah, Rick Scott's in for against Bill Nelson (via
You have got to run against Rick Scott for Nelson's Senate seat. That would be great to see you mop the floor with him.
Rick Scott is a millionaire X 100 - He made his money defrauding Medicare. SHAME!.
Gov. Rick Scott stops in Manatee County to encourage funding for Visit Florida, Enterprise Florida: via
You see - Rick Scott will try to frame himself as a non politician. He will accuse Bill Nelson of being "establishment" B ready
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He wants to beat Sen Bill Nelson in 18. Rick Scott is creating his new skin so he can shed it when he wins. Remembe…
I heard some ads on the radio bashing Nelson on Obamacare, and figured they we from the RNC. Do you think it's Rick Scott?
Turn Medicaid/Medicare over to states? Fla. Gov. Rick Scott's company committed largest Medicare fraud in US history
As a Floridian I would like to see gov Rick Scott defeated Bill Nelson for his senate seat Scott is much like Trump and wou…
. Rick Scott > Papa Smurf > Karl Marx. From each according to his lobbying, to each acc…
. Rick Scott is a criminal of the highest order, stealing from the elderly & Medicare! .
Bravo, Gov. Rick Scott is the Papa Smurf of job talk
Rick Scott led the largest Medicare fraud in history. Only in the US can a con-artist commit fraud…
House votes to kill Gov. Rick Scott\'s job program(Orlando news)
things to know:. Yes, really is the only state to as Gov. Rick Scott said
Gov. Rick Scott on GOP health care bill: Gov. Rick Scott explains what he wants to see in the Republican health car…
Thank you to Mayor for joining us on today! He's running for governor of Florida as Gov. Rick Scott's 2nd term ends.
Gov. Rick Scott has said Obamacare "was invented by liberal academic theorists." That doesn't describe Romney
sabotage by my Medicaid fraud GOV Rick Scott of Florida! Dirt bag that he is! Hope ka…
Gov. Rick Scott has an interesting schedule today: Meetings w/director of National Science Foundation, CRC Chair Carlos Beruff & Adam Putnam
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Benjamin H Bennett Sgt of arms at BREC. At reception for gov. Rick Scott and wife. Very nice. Broward representati…
Have you told Rick Scott to end Florida Enterprise? Florida's biggest crony corporate welfare program?. Office of G…
Will Medicare ripoff king Rick Scott tell everyone how easy it will be to bankrupt it now?
At Trump hotel. Secret Service swarms the place. Trump walks in, sits down next to me w/ Gov. Rick Scott, Nigel Farage, I…
Gov. Rick Scott fumes as House tourism bill moves ahead(Orlando news)
Our governor Rick Scott has brought in companies to employ thousands & get us off of Fed dollars.
Rick Scott is the best Governor in the history of Florida. Obamacare is a total disaster which is bad for the few p…
Rick Scott, current governor of FL, used to own Solantic, which was contracted to do the drug testing. ;-)
Rick Scott oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in the nation’s history. His opinion worthle…
Rick Scott right now: "Can't imagine how this can happen in a state like ours." Oh, I can.
Deondre Francois gets a congratulations from Florida's governor Rick Scott on the Orange Bowl win over…
I am now more anxious to see Rick Scott out of office than Obama. Scott is a terrible out of touch governor.
Rick Scott is one of the most evil, vile, demonic politicians ever
Rick Scott plays politics with Trump, Obama after airport shooting(Orlando news)
Rick Scott is trending! Perfect time to let you all know that he's is INVESTED in Call him & say
Hamilton Collection
Gov. a-hole Rick Scott reaches out to Trump and pence rather than our real president, THEN says "this is not a time to b…
Rick Scott is now claiming he reached out to President Bill Pullman from "Independence Day" after Forte Lauderdale shoo…
It seems like liberals are more upset about Rick Scott calling Trump and Pence than radical Muslim terrorist act in Fort Laude…
received so much disrespect for a sitting president—from Joe Wilson yelling "You Lie!" to Rick Scott calling Trump during a crisis.
.lobbies Rick Scott with hand-written note over vacant Flagler County commission post…
Rick Scott proposes $5.8 million funding for counterterrorism efforts(Orlando news)
Also audio of John Hollins on the Jeffrey Womack trial and Clayton McWhorter on the downfall of Rick Scott at HCA.
Exclusive: Rick Scott talks GOP health care reforms in one-on-one interview:.
and Pence"s Indiana and Rick Scott's Florida look at all the states with a Republican governor
Tallahassee Democrat: With ally in DC, Rick Scott wants more health care flexibility from feds
How much do we hate this sub-human? ... Florida Governor Rick Scott pushes for ObamaCare repeal on 'day one'
In 2010 tea party governors like Chris Christie and Rick Scott rejected tens of millions of $ from the Obama admin to build…
Florida recount suit filed against Trump as well as Gov. Rick Scott & AG Pam Bondi who have close ties to Trump: https:/…
ppl object to it cuz its Trump doing it. If it was Bobby Jindal or Rick Scott would be celebrated
Gov. Rick Scott recognizes Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Channing Taylor in Orlando with the…
FL Gov. Rick Scott on Fidel Castro's death: "Today’s news should usher in an era of freedom, peace and human dignity for e…
Ann Coulter is some kind of protected undead. Rick Scott is an alien. Can't trustem.
After losses & Charlie Crist's to Rick Scott in 2014, FL looking for answers & new leader.…
Charlie Crist vs Rick Scott. I think I may be sick.
A story on the "Latte Liberal." I wonder where she is today. Employed hopefully...
pay for play is Rick Scott and the Florida GOP . They create policy to pad their and their donors pockets. Learn difference
💋 My email to Gov. Rick Scott . feel free to use it 😉 We need to let & all America we expect a fair election 💋
Good thing Scott Turner stayed on. Maybe he should take Rick's job. Look at his eyes on Diggs at Pit.
FL Gov. Rick Scott Gets Run Out of Starbucks by Woman Calling Him an A**hole: WATCH
I just want everyone to know that RSIAA now has "Rick Scott is an *** t-shirts!! And you can buy one at
Florida Gov. Rick Scott is endorsing Donald Trump one day after he won the Florida presidential primary! YUGE! https:/…
Leonardo DiCaprio gets face time with the Pope and President Obama while exposing Florida Govenor Rick Scott and...
Much like when she mentions Rick Scott in Florida, the loudest boos tonight in Arizona came when Clinton invoked Joe Arpa…
at that sample size a few too many calls to Rick Scott supporting Latino GOP homes could skew results compared to whole
Florida, how does this make you feel from your Governor Rick Scott...
All for this as long as the FL Creepy Clowns are packin', too. Might eliminate a few thousand Rick Scott voters.
Trump has spent less of his own money to win White House than Rick Scott did to become gov of FL in '10
Sorry, Rick Scott: A ton of Floridians registered to vote after Hurricane Matthew.
Scott Walker, Rick Scott and Pat McCrory are part of the Clinton conspiracy!
By all current, very real accounts it seems Republican governors like Rick Scott and Mike Pence are the ones doing…
can you fill in the faces? Chris Christie, Ann Coulter, Ben Carson, Giuliani... Rick Scott, Pam Bondi, Marco Rubio
Rick Scott: Stop the Lake Okeechobee discharges into the St Lucie River and Estuaries - Sign the Peti...
Federal judge has affirmed that Republican governor and Trump supporter Rick Scott was trying to take away Floridians' voting r…
Sign, Share!! just like Rick Scott allowed in Governor Chris Christie is allowing in a...
Florida Governor: We're still waiting for...: Rick Scott (R) is accusing federal health officials...
"to FL governor Rick Scott, who used to not permit his staff to use the term climate change in any official documen…
The AD of LSU and the Governor of Louisiana both got Rick Scott involved which in turn got the SEC involved
Rick Snyder, Richard "Mike" Pence, Rick Scott, Rick Perry: A bunch of *** screwing America like never before.
Hillary disses Rick Scott and Marco Rubio 4 being climate deniers. Says please vote for Patrick Murphy. Gore will b her a…
Well, Will, Rick Scott won't be inviting you to his state capital anytime soon. You can come to ours. Just ask Jenn…
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. Rick Scott is now in the lead in the Worst Governor's Race. Rick Snyder and Pat McCrory are tied for 2nd place.
we got to build up our state parties. No reason Rick Scott, Rick Snyder, and Scott Walker all shouldve been reelected.
Rick Scott: this hurricane will kill you. *me after no hurricane*
"Take just the essentials!!"- Gov. Rick Scott *only has Crystal Pepsi and Budweiser*
Rick Scott is horrible trying to make people afraid
"Rick Scott"Hillary spending over 60Million on Weather Channel ads vs sending that $$ to FL to help with dev…
Rick Scott: Hurricane Matthew will kill people via CNN
LOL I think Rick Scott is more worried/busy about this hurricane than the rescheduling of a football game
The Buzz: Gov. Rick Scott on Hurricane Matthew: 'Unfortunately, this is going to kill people'
Florida Governor Rick Scott: "Unfortunately this is going to kill people"
Governor Rick Scott said to evacuate, soon as he tells me where he's going I'll follow right behind him w/ my Xbox & FIFA17
yeah, i don't want to be specific, but pretty sure the bad areas are north of west palm. check rick Scott's last news conference.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott issues a blunt warning to his 1.5 million coastal residents: "This storm will kill you."
Now a brief message from Rick Scott about
Seems like that man Rick Scott wants everyone to die
Floridians when Rick Scott said to evacuate
Rick Scott is short circuiting. They may need to unplug him and plug him back in. That usually works.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott: “Do not surf. Do not go on the beach. This will kill you."
Rick Scott is already begging for cash - he is a Red State Governor who won't allow people to use "Climate Change" https:…
"There are no excuses. You need to leave," said Gov. Rick Scott. "This storm will kill you. Time is running out."
Rick Scott: Florida is in a state of emergency, everyone evacuate and get to safety. . Floridians: So who's throwing a…
Rick Scott somehow can make me hate him even when he's trying to save my life. I want to surf right now just because he's t…
Rick Scott: Evacuate and get to safety. You can rebuild a home, but you can't rebuild a life. . Florida:
Gov. Rick Scott: Hurricane Matthew ‘will be devastating’ NEWS >>
Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Hurricane "Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate... This is going to kill people."
What a sobering story from Gov Rick Scott of Fla...responding to a resident who says he isn't going to evacuate:
Rick Scott: Hurricane Matthew will kill people Check it out here
Rick Scott, Republican Governor of Florida: "I hope the President quickly responds." Was that necessary? ***
Gov. Rick Scott touring plant in Polk Co. after sinkhole caused massive leak of contaminated water. Expect…
Gov. Rick Scott wants President Barack Obama to make a major disaster declaration for Florida following the...
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My hero! (Rick Scott is Voldemort shape shifting. Sometimes he's Ann Coulter...)
I like Rick Scott as much as Dengue Fever. But yes, has shown management ability & leadership in summer horribilis. https:…
Florida Gov. Rick Scott agrees to pay $700,000 to end public records lawsuit
Rick Scott was seen running in the nude like a mad-man yelling the sky is falling in Tallahassee tonight.
Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Rick Perry are men of their word. They are supporting the republican nominee regardless who it is.
Here's the story of two brothers, Rick and Scott..
Gov. Rick Scott on Tropical Storm Hermine: "I did a state of emergency in 51 counties"
Now remember payola was to the anti marriage, Rick Scott yes person AG on her 3rd traditional marriage
So your state is about to get pounded by a hurricane and your governor is Rick Scott. Makes you think.
Fox News Video Gov. Rick Scott warns of 'life-threatening' hurricane
Gov. Rick Scott warns of 'life-threatening' hurricane: Florida Governor explains
He got the 5% "at least he's not Rick Snyder" bump, which used to be the "at least he's not Scott Walker bump."
Birds in the trap sing Rick James dropping? Cokehead Scott bout to bless us with music he stole from other artists🙏🏾
Gov. Rick Scott claimed this Hurricane is "Life-Threatening" but we're still going to school
"..storm strengthened from tropical depression...Gov.Rick Scott closed all state offices in 51 counties on Thursday at noon..."
Guvna Rick Scott just said "Please don't stand in water and touch a power line." Thank you Guvna!
Prayers for Florida with the hurricane looming. Let it just hit Rick Scott, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Lord.
Fla. Gov. Rick Scott announces Miami Beach is getting aerial spraying for
"We haven't been this worried since Jeb was around, did he call Rick Scott to show him the ropes?" my Mother asks me
I was in Fl. at the time.It was a big controversy but rick scott covered it all up for…
I don't want anyone to be harmed by a hurricane, but if Rick Scott is directly in Hermine's path I'm willing to look the other way.
All District offices will be closed on Friday in conjunction with Gov. Rick Scott's order to close state offices in 37 counties .
Rick scott can tell u the weather report faster than Usain Bolt runs
Rick Harrison is not any of these. He is a level 51 Virgin
Well, we tried to warn FL. Don't elect Rick Scott to anything.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott, says Hurricane Hermine will make landfall around 2am local time: 'This is life-threatening' http…
Top Jeb Bush & Rick Scott donor who's contributed millions to the GOP is voting for Clinton: http…
Wow seriously? Safety is first and yet schools arent being closed yet Rick Scott said State of Emergency in your County sad.
Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency for Tropical Storm Hermine. Hear what he told Alachua County...
Rick Scott issued a State of Emergency & closed down Leon County Schools need to quit playing and send this class…
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TD Update - Governor to Hold Press Conference in Alachua County and Storm Update. Governor Rick Scott will... http…
Hurricane Watch Issued for Florida Gulf Coast: Gov. Rick Scott said residents should have three days of food ...
Gov. Rick Scott urges people to get rid of standing water around homes & businesses. Confirms 2nd non-travel related Zika cas…
Why is Rick Scott so adversarial with the over via
Having fun catching up with Rick and Scott!
John Schilling, the original whistleblower on HCA/Columbia and Rick Scott's Medicare fraud, held a press conference…
Florida Governor Rick Scott on Wednesday said the federal government has so far not delivered all of the Zika
If only that jerkwad Rick Scott hadn't slashed mosquito eradication funds...
BREAKING: U.S. Department of Health is investigating five new non-travel related Zika cases - Florida Governor Rick Sco…
Trump asked Florida Gov. Scott to appoint attorney to bench
Florida Governor complains U.S. not doing enough to fight Zika: Florida Governor Rick Scott on Wednesday said...
Florida Gov. Rick Scott's wife has a Zika mosquito spray business. Curious how he slashed mosquito control budget.
This is important - especially for y'all living in Jax / North Florida...please read, sign & share.
would be a good prospect for the organization. Rick Scott's looking for people without ethics as well.
Florida Governor Rick Scott said Wednesday it is safe to travel to the state.
Batboy the Incompetent and Geographically Challenged Schmuck. And he wants to be our senator??  What an...
Study the contrast between the way Dems react to court decisions they dont like and Rs react to lawless decision https:…
Fighting the courts: is doing it wrong. via
In case you're wondering who's behind the pro Trump TV ads in Florida...Rick Scott.
Gov. Rick Scott in Fox News interview repeats that he has asked FEMA for help on Zika but has not gotten it.
Despite Trump's belief that Rick Scott has "under control," # of infected keeps rising
CHICAGO/MIAMI (Reuters) - Florida Governor Rick Scott said on Wednesday the federal government had so far not…
Rick Scott is starting to sound like the mayor in Jaws: it's just one little shark. The water's fine.
Now send Rick Scott the pink slip too.
Rick Scott is doing a fantastic job according to the Donald. In what universe?
We All will be thanks to our Governor Rick Scott!
Florida Gov. Rick Scott has an undisclosed financial interest in a Zika mosquito control company in which his...
Health officials magically able to say when Zika hit Miami Beach, unlike Rick Scott, who pretended it was all secret
Scott believes in the sanctity of Life? Rick Scott is all about self interest.What a Christian.
The CDC is now advising pregnant women not to travel to Miami's South Beach as Florida Gov. Rick Scott says five... http…
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Rick Scott looks like Fire Marshall Bill, but less stable.
Southern Florida is suffering a wild Zika outbreak. Gov. Rick Scott begs the Federal Government for aid. Great, Zika is the next big thing
Rick Scott is being Questioned concerning using FL Taxpayer money/Federal money to fund his Trump SuperPac
Questions are now surfacing that Rick Scott is using FL taxpayer money/Federal money 2 fund Trump SuperPac
FL GOP slashed mosquito prevention by 40% & now want an emergency Fed bailout & are blaming Dem's fo Zika trouble. https:/…
Questions are Now Surfacing about Rick Scott/GOP using Taxpayer money and Federal money to fund Trump superpac
Rick Scott says "Me and Trump have to keep Floridians in poverty"
Rick Scott is causing questions 2 surface about how he is funding his Trump SuperPac
Rick Scott refuses to Keep Elected Official updated on Zika because Scott is playing politics
Thank you to Rick, Scott, Jean, and Ray for weather the monsoon and getting the field cleaned up after the game.
Governor Rick Scott with-held Zika information to score political points via
Rick Scott says "Listen politics are much MORE important then Lives in Florida "
Rick Scott and Pam Bondi are the 2 worst things that ever happened to this state. Spend millions trying to obstruct
Diane Roberts: Nature at war with Florida — thanks, Rick Scott! - Florida Politics
just like Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Sam Brown back, etc.
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Rick Scott's fight against Zika hampered by budget cutting by Rick ...
thk you Judge gonna be crude here .. Gov. Rick scott is a d#
Remember when Rick Scott was elected because he knew a thing about health care
If you like Gov. Rick Scott, you'll love Democrat Al Lawson
Zika crisis escalates in Florida thanks to GOP obstructing zika funding and Rick Scott downplaying the seriousness.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott has undisclosed interest in mosquito control company
Who would've thought that Rick Porcello would be 17-3 w/ 3.22 ERA in mid August? He's got to have some Cy Young consideration right?
Trump’s solution to Rick Scott probably already has it under control. 🤔
Florida Gov. Rick Scott refuses to answer questions about Miami Beach cover-up
Rick Scott says in Miami -Florida will contract w private companies 4 help w mosquito control GUESS who owns one? Hey let…
BREAKING: Florida Gov. Rick Scott confirms five new Zika cases in Miami Beach
JUST IN: Florida Gov. Rick Scott confirms Zika has spread to Miami Beach
UPDATE: Florida Gov. Scott: 5 new cases of Zika believed to be locally-transmitted in new zone in Miami Beach area. htt…
Florida is dying of slow pollution runoffs, thanks to Big Sugar and Rick Scott
Florida Gov Rick Scott briefs the press on Zika preparedness: Officials warn Zika-spreading mosquitos may be ...
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Gov Rick Scott comes from a healthcare mgmt background? Gives the Zika outbreak & his handling of it an odd tinge.
Every day I wake up and have to remember the terrifying and soul-crushing fact that I am governed by Rick Scott
(Governor Says 5 Cases of Zika in Miami Beach: Gov. Rick Scott of Florida s... (Shaquille)
*** Marco Rubio and Rick Scott - your profiteering donors got slammed today. . Get a Happy Meal and save today.
Celeste Thorson: Florida Teen with Microcephaly Meets with Gov. Rick Scott to Talk Zika Prevention: "I'm goin...
Gov. Rick Scott's war on Planned Parenthood is hurting the fight against
FL Gov. Rick Scott wants schools to provide prevention guidance to students, parents, and teachers.
Oh no, Mary Thomas's ad was a retaliation to Neal Dunn's! They're both calling each other liberal and aligning themselves with Rick Scott!
Rick Scott is governor of Florida. The guy Trump would want to talk to is his new lapdog,
Florida needs 2 get rid of ConeHead Rick Scott. The thoughts & prayers governor that is an embarrassment. Blue https:/…
Rick Scott is Florida's Trump. Can't even get his own GOP Party to address Zika. Horrible governor for Florida.
Rick Scott, Florida's governor, understands the serious challenges in front of us. Larry Hogan, not so much.
Florida, we must vote out Rick Scott. He is a very bad governor and a worse human being.
Fighting Zika may now be a top priority for Rick Scott... but his history on public health issues is pretty terrible
Top priority, putting a progressive governor in Florida to keep up after Rick Scott! No not Gwen Graham either!
The first Zika outbreak in the continental U.S. has spread to a third Florida county, Gov. Rick Scott said on Monday
So how many times can Rick Scott cut funding, divert funds, ignore problems and still pass the buck by blaming...
saves me 600 a month and I have Rick Scott as a gov!
God hates Florida because people put that crooked Gov. Rick Scott in office..twice.
What ever they say is a lie. Tom Rooney setting up to get fracking dollars with Rick Scott& friends. Vote him out
.- Rick Scott and Donald Trump are cut from the same wing of the Republican Party...the con-man wing."
Pretty sure they bought Rick Scott's rule book, since he is an expert on fraud.
I was born in Florida and finally left because of the SYGL and because of Rick Scott. He's a bloody mon…
Rick Scott, Newt Gingrich weigh in on Ted Cruz's non-endorsement of Donald Trump - Palm Beach Post (blog)
Rick Scott ran a hospital which had to pay a 600 MILLION fine for defrauding the govt. Lock him up.
FL Gov. Rick Scott really said. We have sent your jobs over seas & Islamic terrorists R real & evil.
Gov. Rick Scott: This election is about the very survival of the American Dream
Gov. Rick Scott: "We need a president who is politically incorrect"
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