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Rick Ross

William Leonard Roberts II (born January 28, 1976), better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper.

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Listening to Santorini Greece by Rick Ross makes so much sense in an art gallery.
I love driving around listining to Rick Ross in my moms Subaru
Rick Ross had his paralyzed friend sneak a gun in. Ricky you clever boy.
Bruh Freeway Ricky the real Rick Ross just followed me 🙏🏿
The real Rick Ross is a guy named Freeway Ricky Ross from Califonia...look into it and…
Been listening to nothing but Rick Ross and Wocka Flocka all morning. It's been an aggressive Monday
26) 50 Cent during his beef with Rick Ross got so petty that he took Ricky's kid to Mayweathers house.
Seek friends like DJ Khaled, not friends like the ones behind Rick Ross. Real friends partake in your life
Rick Ross joins Hovain for 'Best Seat in the House'. Watch here:
Chris Rock speaks on how he built a relationship with Rick Ross.
Ok so Rick Ross baby mama picked Dutchess of all ppl & went all the way to Charlotte, NC for that cover up tatt...🤔
*** dead *** said Rick Ross needs Drake to make hits *** what???
1st show got me thinking of my concerts:. 2011: Mac Miller @ HOB Chi on MTV 2012: Lil Wayne, Rick Ross @ Summerfest (1/2)
I added a video to a playlist Rick Ross - Trap Trap Trap - Choreography by Phil Wright -
Except when rapper Rick Ross's ankle monitor went off in the…
OneMan, Stickz Da Bully & Gichi Dame @ the Rick Ross show @ the Ted Constant Center in Norfolk
"A Young Prince in Miami, son of a Pharoah". - Rick Ross
Rick Ross was at UMES last night but had a concert scheduled at the Ted. Did he show up orrr? 🤔
My bitmoji looks like Royce Da 5'9 with a Rick Ross beard
I liked a video Worst Lyrics of April (Lil Uzi Vert, Papoose, Rick Ross)
Every line hotter than the last. Lil Wayne - John (Explicit) ft. Rick Ross via
Remy Ma, Papoose and Rick Ross with Wale at his Shine Season listening party
We’re in the middle of an extremely strong year for rap albums, cc Migos, Future, Rick Ross, Drake, and Kendrick. https:/…
Rick Ross looking at the hashtag and reading what umes students saying like
I like to talk about Kelly Osbourne and Rick Ross to my best friend like I know them.
Rick Ross is a savage on Snapchat lol
Port of Miami was the best album Rick Ross ever dropped
Tristan Thompson I hate it had to be himm (Rick Ross voice) 😤😤😤
Chicago purchase tickets now to see Rick Ross (in concert at the Chicago theatre…
Rick Ross describing hockey is hilarious
Rick Ross was fat once upon a time.. which meant he liked anything lol.. dry
😂😂😂😂 dude looks like Rick Ross on a south beach diet
Idols Become Rivals might be the best thing Rick Ross did since anything on Port of Miami
This new Rick Ross album brings me Port of Miami vibes. I'm loving it
"In a room full of failures, I feel out of place." The Carmelo Anthony Story narrated by Rick Ross
Just last week it was ok that Rick Ross ain't seen his son since Christmas but homosexuality is "destroying the black fam…
The best Rick Ross project is, and will always be, Rich Forever back in 2012. Flawless from beginning to end.
Nipsey Hussle ft. Rick Ross - Mark My Words on - Download and rate the FREE app for apple and android!
I'm On One - Drake Ft Lil Wayne, Rick Ross (Lyrics) ( The Homie James ... Is one One right now )
Freeway Rick Ross is a real, whole *** human being. . Rick Ross is...a former C.O. turned rapper. . I don't even understand right now.
Honorable mention goes to Drake and Rick Ross both very ugly in their own way but ay talent does a lot. Clap for em 👏
My beard is a FREEWAY not a Rick Ross
Y'all let Fat Joe say *** Y'all let CO Rick Ross steal Freeway Rick Ross's identity. Y'all let Tupac claim the West Coast. Let me go on.
how about Freeway Rick Ross? Would you like more facts or u gonna keep lying? .
Y'all remember when Rick Ross dropped chicken grease on Lira Galore or that's just me?
Drug Lord "Freeway" Rick Ross born 1-26-1960 a year was captured by the LA SWAT Team in Nov of 1989 a y…
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Rick Ross for building his whole catalog Freeway Rick's real life
Paying homage to the Biggest Homie The real Rick Ross, Freeway Ricky that is. Proof that if you…
.I don't like wale or Rick Ross that much but besides that ur music taste is amazing I fw you
Don't let 'More Life' distract you from that fact that Rick Ross blessing us with 'Rather You Than Me'
They don't want me to have a Rick Ross
There should be a Ricky Ross movie from his side of things, directed by Hype Williams or Spike Lee. The real Rick Ross, not the rapper.
Since I came in the game you *** philosophies changed — listening to Black market Album by Rick Ross
. I read this Rick Ross book a few years ago and thought it was excellent.
Rick Ross says he has no respect for Birdman
I can listen to Rick Ross, Lucci, Kevin Gates and Ripp Flamez all day & all night 👌🏾
Ppl keep talkin abt how Rick Ross came for Birdman not discussing tht he said Stacy Dash would have to kiss his fee…
Rick Ross and Gucci Mane are filming a movie together
Gucci Mane & Rick Ross are filming a movie together
Big ups to the four white kids rollin down Main St in pumping Rick Ross in a Hyundai Alondra!! Y'all got the block shook.
Rick Ross & John Legend collabs just make you feel like prospering even more.   10% Off
Rick Ross really just put out an album with multiple joints on it that lack a hook. the epitome of letting the beat brea…
India Love and Rick Ross having sex has to be the most disgusting thing I've ever imagined since this year started
Okay so Rick Ross in Wendell Williams show today and they're talking about Nicki. First, Remy, then Safaree, now this...
Rick Ross: "ain't no mercy, got that purple Lamborghini lurking". Me: "ROSÉ"
When you are having a bad day just think about Rick Ross in a two seater with two women
Supreme the perfect Rick Ross song. Dope beat, nice flow and nothing else
I'm not a Rick Ross fan usually but this new album is by far his best and actually pretty good.
Nothing to see here, just starting DE Chad Thomas casually producing Rick Ross' opening album track 💯
I'm tired of hearing all this Rick Ross love, he's a legend already but I ain't heard nothing better than rich...
Gucci Mane ... Rick Ross & Moss is the Boss; santana Moss. played Jets' they might b Good this Year. ..😁
It looks like Lil Wayne is on Rick Ross' side
Rick Ross should be in the rap hall of fame
Rick Ross along Remy Ma from Love and Hip Hop New York will be popping tonight @ The Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall.…
Rick Ross just invented adult contemporary trap music lmao
Rick Ross dissing Birdman for his treatment of Wayne and DJ Khaled is what the game needed.
Rick Ross got Birdman out of here cuh. Idols Become Rivals is fire "how you touch half a billion and your team starving?"
Jadakiss is still a better liar than Rick Ross tho. Pool in the living room swim to the kitchen!
Rick ross album is everything woe. Instant classic.
Rick Ross talks music, politics and the Trump-Snoop Dogg feud at
I used Shazam to discover Apple Of My Eye (Clean) by Rick Ross. FIRE
Im dying to know who rick ross was talmb in his songs ... sumbdy tell me pls 😭
I just wanna be wealthy and be able to rap Rick Ross luxury lyrics because I'm actually doing it
So according to y'all, Rick Ross catelog is stronger than JAY-Z's.
Watch Rick Ross's new video featuring Young Thug & Wale.
Rick Ross is the most descriptive rapper in my eyes. He has a weird ability to make listeners visualize what he's saying.…
Not the real Rick Ross a phony all the way! Wow 😲just like CNN how ironic is that? LOL 😂
Rick Ross flow so slick you know he lying to you but you don't even care. Just nod your head and vibe to the music
Rick Ross disses Birdman on the song "Idols Become Rivals". The track is on his new album "Rather You Than Me" which drop…
I don't care too much for that Rick Ross album
Rick Ross music make you want to get money 💰
Rick Ross album a vibe ... The boss still undefeated.
Birdman responds to Rick Ross diss: "I’m a man and I stand my ground and I do my thing…
This Rick Ross low key makes me wanna go buy and Audemar just so I can be told I don't have enough in my bank account to purchase an Audemar
Rick Ross my dude and everything but I ain't never known him to have bars like this lol. Ghost writer ? 🤔
This rick Ross is for people who like artist to sound just like they always sounded.
Rick Ross- Aston Martin Music is a classic... gotta listen to that when you riding with your shawty😂😂
Why you keep listening to Rick Ross songs? You trynna give us a lil hinty hint🤔
Call Rick Ross fake or whatever but he makes good music and he's consistent.
Rick Ross . Birdman while listening to Idols become Rivals😂😭:
2017 and ya'll really just now noticing Rick Ross pen game and beat selection nice?
When u listen to rick ross in ur car ... ur car automatically become a maybach
Rick Ross music really it's own genre. it's luxury trap music
Rick Ross campaigning for Lil Wayne to be freed.
Bout to call a uber "black" car just so I can ride around and listen to this Rick Ross album the proper way🔥🔥🔥
Rick Ross hasn't dropped an album in a minute!
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Absolutely not. Rick Ross is a good rapper with Hall of Fame moments, but he's nowhere close to Biggie.
★ Music: Rick Ross - Idols Become Rivals (Birdman Diss) Ft Chris Rock: Rick Ross has come to the defense of Lil’……
listening to Rick Ross has me turnt up lmaoo
Rick Ross made the most gracious peaceful diss ever. It was beautiful..
Chris Rock sounds old on the Rick Ross skits 😔
Chris Rock hip-hop features are individual treasures. See 'Blame Game', and now on Rick Ross's 'Idols Become Rivals…
New to PS Music: Trevor Morris, Rick Ross, Spoon, Smino and more - streaming now on Spotify. Listen here:
Rick Ross is the 🐐 for putting Chris Rock on as a feature 😂
So many quotables in Rick Ross' new Birdman diss
Rick Ross told Meek Mill not to trust Nicki Minaj
Rick Ross has an uncanny ability to make you feel like your house aint big enough. I want 8 bedrooms now
Rick Ross bringing back Chris Rock on the skits reminded me of how great MBDTF really was.
Chris Rock is in Rick Ross's album and he's cracking me up😂💀
Rick Ross - Idols Become Rivals ft. Chris Rock (Birdman Diss) he killed Birdman on this track
Chris Rock is easily the worst part of the new Rick Ross album.
Rick Ross rap like if Uncle Rico had made it...
Miami DE Chad Thomas produced the intro track (Apple of my eye) from Rick Ross' album Rather You Than Me. Congrats to 9 f…
No yal, it really be GROWN MEN talking down on Nicki. . Wendy Williams, Safaree, Draymond Green, Remy Ma, Rick Ross, the l…
Rick Ross goes directly at Birdman on new diss song "Idols Become Rivals"
Quel couplet de Young Thug dans Trap Trap Trap de Rick Ross .. + he is Richer than Tom Cruise yeah !
Stephen Colbert is going to have Neil de Grasse Tyson & Rick Ross on his shot tonight. Can't wait
Gonna be having convos and lunch with Rick Ross, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Kevin Gates,etc
Rick Ross and Louis the Child coming to Row for Phi Delt, Sigma Chi, Kappa Sig, and SAE Row 🔥
Rick Ross new album is gonna be a banger 🤘🏾
a combination of Rick Ross, from 2008-2012, and André 3000
Hot tub outside in 17 degrees. Rick Ross "trap trap trap" the anthem rn
Martha Stewart unveils the cover art for Rick Ross' new album "Rather You Than Me"
Rick Ross featuring all these artists on his new album 🔥
Barry White was the Rick Ross of the 70s. Never changed, always gave you what you expected.
This is for people that see the sun at midnight.. Ya dig? "Free Mason x Rick Ross feat. Jay Z."
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Young Thug, Wale, & Rick Ross, you already know this song bout to be 🔥🔥
I just liked this song "Aston Martin Music" by Rick Ross, Drake, Chrisette Michele
Rick Ross is headlining the held March 11 at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.…
I really could be the product of Rick Ross and Jill Scott
Rick Ross and his thoughts about hockey *extended 😂
On now: That Way (feat. Jeremih, Rick Ross) by Wale , from MMG Presents: Self Made, Vol. 1
Roller Coaster by Luke Bryan featuring Sam Smith by Eminem featuring Rick Ross
Melanie Fiona's 4am and usher and Rick Ross' lemme see
"If a grown man let you give them a *** he's a serial killer" -Rick Ross 😭😭
Rick Ross and Sam Sneak dropped SO many gems on Brilliant ***
Rick Ross announced his ninth album "Rather You Than Me" drops on March 17.
If you're a producer you'll like Mike Dean with Rick Ross
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics,2 Qs in QwaQwa, Q-Tip and Quest-Love. 2 Rs in Rick Ross, Ricki Rick, Ricki Miraj, Rolls Royce,
Rick Ross crooning with Howard Morrison in a viking metal style, produced by Kanye West
"Freeway "Rick Ross . During the height of his drug dealing, Ross was said to have sold "$3…
. play me P_ square Beautiful onyinye ft Rick Ross!!.
Rex Ryan must be on that Rick Ross pear diet
This dude last night was really mad. He said Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross were at Taco Cabana on West Road like they're from here. Lmfao
I got followed by the real kingpin Rick Ross last night . Not Rozay *** I mean Freeway 👌
Freeway about Rick Ross is good too, introduced crack to the states, supplied by the CIA!
This how Rick Ross walk around the VERSACE store.
Rick Ross explains his point of view on Hockey 😂🏒...
Rick Ross gifted brand new Ferrari 488 Spider for birthday - Fremont Tribune
Rick Ross had a Wingstop truck at his mansion party 😳
Power Circle by William Leonard Roberts II aka Rick Ross in memory of Puleng Mpyana. Nothing will make me believe. I will just have to deal.
Rick Ross knows how to throw a party
Rick Ross had a Wingstop truck for his mansion party 😳
. Beautiful onyinye - x Rick Ross. on Sublime Radio, on 94.3mhz 📻📻📻
Wale and Meek Mill squashed their feud at Rick Ross mansion birthday party
Happy 41st birthday to Rick Ross, he just got this for his birthday 🎈
lol it's just those 3. It's basically J Cole, Rick Ross, AKA, Carlos Slim-Helu and Patrice Motsepe
N E W B E A T S! (Producers for Rick Ross, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire and many more)
Whilst in Swansea, Rick Ross has been caught on camera genitalsbutting Scout Association.
Watch Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper and Rick Ross make cameos in Skrillex's new tour doc:
Wale, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, J. Cole and much more visited President Barack Obama today at the White House
If you don't like Rick Ross fight me on the Soulja Boy & Chris Brown undercard‼️
I'm watching Snoop, Rick Ross, Ashley Graham, and Martha Stewart cook lobsters and it's hilarious.
Today in : On this day, 5 years ago, Rick Ross, released his mixtape, "Rich…
I still remember when Rick Ross dropped Rich Forever, I was the first one to have that mixtape at Fort Hayes
Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Nas at the MTV Video Music Awards, held at Radio City Music Hall in New York on August 31, 200…
Today in 2012 Rick Ross drops Rich Forever. How long ago was this? Drake points at his man...
Post Malone, Rick Ross, Sampha, Tyler the Creator, Gucci Mane, Laken Hil, Madeintyo, Tyga, 2 Chainz & more are all drop…
Dale sends me and Jadyn a video every morning singing to Rick Ross talm bout Morning Motivation 😂
"Buy the block and I'm gonna die to pay the mortgage". - William Roberts b/k/a misnomer Rick Ross (rapper)
I added a video to a playlist Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross - John (Clean)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Hustle Hard Remix feat Rick Ross and Lil Wayne [fWE] - Ace Hood on
Gucci and Rick Ross funny af in this lil skit 😩😂💀
Maurette Brown Clark always has the most ABC *** songs, but they're so nice. She's like the Rick Ross of gospel.
Sad to hear Bruce DeHaven passed away. Best meeting you singing Rick Ross "These haters can't hold me back". Good c…
That *** been with Serena Williams, Tahiry, Rick Ross gf, Rihanna, Tatyana Ali and now Jennifer Lopez.. He's the…
Aston Martin Music is one of the best songs by Rick Ross
Aston Martin Music with Rick Ross, Drake and Chrisette Michelle is one of the best songs ever created
One day I will buy an Aston Martin and ride around Buckhead blasting Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross at max volume for m…
Aston Martin Music is my favorite Rick Ross song ever
Ashton Martin by Rick Ross , Drake, and Chrissette Michele will always be goat
Kelly Littlejohn, Amanda Parker, my cousin Brittiany, Rick Ross, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, all kinds of people are caught up in this scheme
looking like wanna be Rick Ross and James Harden's *** love child. Getting lit up for being a sexually assaulter.
I added a video to a playlist Cipha Sounds vs DJ Khaled ! (feat. Rick Ross, Ebro, Rosenberg, and
People who want to were fine with Jay-Z and Rick Ross hanging with Obama. I guess misogyny is OK if it's hip hop artists.
She's talking about the testimony of Rick Ross at GJ. Says his testimony should have resulted in case getting thrown out
James Chambers, Michael Kyser, Puffy, Rick Ross, etc. probably won't ever do business. Fact of life.
Rick Ross looking like Deelishis like she a 30 piece lemon peppered wing special
I think some bosses were really nice people before the Steve Jobs book came out. Well, except Rick Ross.
Listening to Monster (Album Version (Explicit)) [feat. Rick Ross] [Explicit] by Kanye West, on the album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy…
I wouldnt be surprised if Soulja Boy started beef wit Farrakhan, Obama , Gucci Man , Future, Rick Ross, Mike Tyson or WHOEVER by years end
I didn't know that Scott Storch produced Rick Ross and Chris Brown's Sorry🌚🌚 wow
That Ciroc got diddy and Rick Ross tipsy as ***
Y'all keep playing with Rick Ross.. he in the gym everyday moving like Kimbo Slice ...
Now Playing: Nipsey Hussle f. Rick Ross - Mark My Words (Expicit) by on
Rick Ross stars in ad for new streaming service, Brown Sugar, that touts being like "Netflix, but blacker":
Fifth Harmony with DJ Khaled and Rick Ross on the Coca-Cola Red Carpet
Watch Terrell and Rick Ross, Ti, Jaime Foxx, Tom Brady, and Snoop, the game, Logic, busta, Fetty, dre, nas, P Diddy, will smith, and they
I added a video to a playlist Tory Lanez - Super Freaky ft. Rick Ross
i said then why is Rick Ross ringing a bell on my phone right now
Ant no way Rick Ross on a commercial wit some jerry curls 😂😂💀
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Rick Ross lets you know he's throwing that right via telegram. Left overhand hook don't look bad tho tbh
This Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg cooking show has me rollliiinng. Rick Ross is tryna with Martha 😂😂
Rick Ross & Martha Stewart got me dying on this show 😂😂
Rick Ross hitting on Martha Stewart during "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" on VH1 last night
Watch all the usual problem people and Vick, Terrell, Rick Ross, nas, the game, busta, will smith, jaime foxx, JJ, Aaron, Brock, paul wall,
Look at me the way Rick Ross looks at Martha Stewart
Rick Ross beard was glistening like a fresh jerry curl!! 😂😂😂 Is that sparkles I see? 👀
We the best and I told you this back in '05 - Rick Ross (2016). Don't let nobody tell you cannot do.
Don't know who Rick Ross is - But, he needs to be arrested immediately! I suppose that means I'm racist.
Rap singer Rick Ross owes the IRS $5.7 million in unpaid taxes and blames a prior accountant. He has new accountants
Rick Ross is gonna be deported to Sudan!! 😂😂
accurate. I don't need Common, Rick Ross or anybody else on this at all.
Rick Ross: Singer owes $5.7m in unpaid taxes. It has been reported the IRS went through 3 …
Rick Ross put his own spin on Solange Knowles' A Seat at the Table single "Cranes in the Sky." The R&B singer
Clinton Body Count or Left-Wing Conspiracy? Three With Ties to DNC Mysteriously Die- tryna be Rick Ross?
Rick Ross would be the rapper to remix a perfect song like "Cranes in the Sky" and produce a garbage track.
Okay but can people stop acting Rick Ross is a bad rapper because he one of the best in game idc
Name one rapper that picks beats better than Rick Ross. I'll wait.
Oh wow ok Rick Ross is the chosen rapper for the 'Cranes in the Sky' remix... bit shocked thought It would be Kendrick or Cole to be honest
Rick Ross is playing 4 , and on snapchat. Greatest rapper of this generation.
American Rapper, Rick Ross' music video, Hold Me Back was shot in Nigeria in 2012.
When pictures of Rick Ross leaked a Correctional Officer & he denied it until the jig was up after 50 found his record…
Y'all remember that nurse from Brooklyn that went IN on Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Isis? Here she is now 💀😂
The real Rick Ross ain't a rapper, but an Ex Drug dealler...
*** Rick Pizza Hut. That *** is setting up his family for life if they handle it right. *daps*
All I Ever Wanted (feat. Rick Ross) by Teedra Moses 🔥🔥 teedra Moses with the luchini sample ♫
on - Head Shots By Gucci Mane ft. Rick Ross from the album Trap God - Liste…
I just liked this song "Another Summer" by DJ Mustard, Rick Ross, John Legend, James Faunt…
DJ Mustard's COLD SUMMER, feat. Nicki Minaj, Jeremih, YG, Ty Dolla Sign, Rick Ross, John Legend & more, is out now!
Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross will forever be a hit🎯🎤
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Someone started shooting when Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Gucci Mane were shooting a music video 😳
If it wasn't for rapper Rick Ross, i wouldn't get Rick Rubin and Ross Robinson mixed up.
Song of the day: "Aston Martin Music" by Rick Ross featuring Drake and Chrisette Michele.
mood: Listen to Aston Martin Music (feat. Drake & Chrisette Michele) by Rick Ross on
Rick Ross' "looking like Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman I'm wanted" was probably top 10 worst lines ever
You only really need Pony by Genuine but If I ain't got you by Alicia Keys and Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross are also up there
Low key I wanna dress up as Rick Ross for Halloween
Listen to "Street Life (Featuring Lloyd)" from Port of Miami by Rick Ross featuring Lloyd on Apple Music.
We are all Rick Ross trying to get on this horse
Rick Ross – No U-Turns - Rick Ross drops a video for his latest song, directed by Ryan Snyder.
For some reason I still think this Kim Kardashian robbery is as credible as William Roberts' (fat Rick Ross) rap career.
Found a group of people playing chess and blasting Rick Ross in the middle of Harvard Square what a night
the boss of Maybach Music ft Rick Ross
Now playing: Rick Ross featuring Ceelo Green X Tears of Joy one of my favorites by Ross
Look up Oscar Blandòn. CIA gave him a green card and used him to bring cocaine to US, and let Rick Ross take the blame.
At first I didn't understand Rick Ross's lyrics on Ali Bomaye talking about a Robbie Kardashian, Johnnie Cochran & dream team
Amanda tells me a story about Rick Ross, how he's such a great guy...I'm absolutely baffled. At the end she says wait no, I meant Jeff Ross.
I ain't talking about Rick Ross . I'm talking about David genaro. .
I got my drawers on Sam rothstein 44 on my waist, Rick Ross jeans
Welcome to Bradenton Rick Ross. Tom Hanks, Rick Ross wants to share a plate of wings with you
Go hard or Go home by Wiz Khalifa & Iggy Azalea by Guy Sebastian featuring Rick Ross
woah they're sleeping on Paris Morton 👀 no Rick Ross though. Stay scheming is under appreciated
My dude got Rick Ross and Rick Harrison confused LOL
WILL ASTIN: Hey have you heard that new Rick Ross. Me: Which one?. WILL ASTIN: Aston Martin Music. ME: *SIGH*
Actor Clifton Powell, retired ball player Stephen Jackson, Rick Ross, and Jody Breeze were just a handful of...
Chris Brown ft Usher and Rick Ross - Chris Brown ft Usher and Rick Ross
DJ Khaled’s “Do You Mind” music video. Spotted on the set of the video were Chris Brown,. Bryson Tiller, Rick Ross, Jere…
I feel like Rick Ross had aaliyah in mind for singing the chorus in "Aston Martin Music"
Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross shouldn't have to say this is ♫
Listen to Pusha T - "Millions" featuring Rick Ross by Def Jam Recordings on
Y'all seen Rick Ross hooping on snapchat lol
I got about 45 original Trap beats in the style of Rick Ross, Fetty Wap, Kodak Black, Yo Gotti…
Rick Ross is the fakest rapper alive.
Listen to Rick Ross - "Diced Pineapples" (ft. Wale, Drake) by Def Jam Recordings on Ladies listen
Pastor Demo, when did you start listening to worldly Rick Ross music?
📷 murderous-manipulative-angel: Rick Ross, Skrillex, and Jared Leto on set of the “Purple Lamborghini”...
A gang called the Gangster Disciples threatened Rick Ross back in 2012 for using their hand signals & calling himself La…
What are the odds Tobais "Saddam" Thomas' (employee of Rick Ross owned Maybach Music Group) little brother Tyrone Thomas shows up out the
Free enterprise by Rick Ross ft John Legend is still 🔥🔥🔥👏
I still listen to John by Lil Wayne & Rick Ross. 😂 It's gets me hype every time. 😂
I'd enjoy Rick Ross a lot more if he didn't yell that "Rosé" was his favourite type of wine in every song.
How is Rick Ross the Boss aka Rickie Rosè a bigger "problem" when he "clicks" w/ Skrillex? He aint no threat.
Live view of Rick Ross looking for a blue lobster.
I like that one the imagine dragons one the Rick Ross one and the Kevin Gates one
Suicide Squad: The Album, feat. Action Bronson, Kevin Gates, Wiz Khalifa, and Rick Ross, is set to debut at No. 1.
I wish that Rick Ross&Dallas Martin locked in with Tracy T&Fat Trel more
Rick Ross "She got her legs wrapped around my waist" 😦
Rick Ross better than J Cole too but I ain't watch a game of the olympics yet cus Kevin durant on the team
Rick Ross, Kevin Gates, Kehlani, & Skylar Grey made some hot records for the Suicide Squad Soundtrack!
If I were a rapper I'd definitely see myself as Rick Ross or Kevin Gates
Rick Ross signs Isa Muhammad, who rapped for him on the street, to Maybach Music Group.
Rick Ross has officially signed the formerly homeless rapper who spit for him on the street
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