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Rick Ross

William Leonard Roberts II (born January 28, 1976), better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper.

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The secret to how Rick Ross lost weight
Rick Ross nick named me pear a few months ago. Okay bye now
“The secret to how Rick Ross lost weight
What's the difference between Elvis Presley Blvd and all of Rick Ross' other singles?
Ashton Martin Music by Rick Ross feat. Drake on 97.9 The Box. Next up: 97.9 The Box! Listen live at:
All I got out of Rick Ross tonight was "Imma boss," "Elvis Presley Blvd.," and something about "Priscilla" & "vanilla." Rest was gibberish.
Let's give it up for Rick Ross! . Look how much weight he's dropped!!!
I got live when Rick Ross performed Aston Martin Music 😂
Rick Ross losing weight. . Cowboys 5-1. . & gas is below $2.95. . Something bad is going to happen in the next few weeks. Rem…
This *** Rick Ross been pumping iron though lol
This is my jam: Aston Martin Music (Al... by Rick Ross on Young Jeezy Radio ♫
If you think Rick Ross makes garbage you music you are crazy... Even my mom likes Aston Martin Music.
Rick Ross will be releasing his second album of 2014, , on Nov. 24.
Life must be GREAT for MMG LEADER, Rick Ross! Hot off of March's 'Mastermind', Rozay is…
Rick Ross Reveals ‘Hood Billionaire’ Cover Art. When it’s album time, Rick Ross always has a big roll-out. For his 7th album, Hood Billio...
Omar playing Rick Ross in the Gary Webb movie? Guess I'm going to the movies on Friday...
Did anyone else think that the bodyguard with the verse in that one Jonas Brothers video was Rick Ross?
"I'm gonna vote for Mike Ross because he has the same last name as Rick Ross" okay 😂
I can't wait to go to the ski trip with my sisters I'm have a ball February hurry up I can't wait to see Rick Ross and august alsina.!😎
Rick Ross really did lose a lot of weight… he was tied with Albert Haynesworth for me as most likely to stay fat forever.
If it's not the Ace Hood 'hustle hard' flow then it sounds like Rick Ross to me
Rick Ross & French Montana's Marble Floors is the best so to play while punishing another *** s girlfriend.
Former kingpin Rick Ross talks Gary Webb’s death, C.I.A. complicity, and new doc ‘Freeway: Crack in the System’
His Royal Blackness kindly play me "Cross that line" by Akon ft. Rick Ross
I feel bad for Kara but I have no emotions cause I'm a raunchy Rick Ross
The first time I listened to "Lil Wayne ft Rick Ross | JOHN". I actually thought Rick Ross was quitting rap music. He's rap was DOPE..
Rick Ross been the same rapper for the last 5 years , he's John Cena .
Rich Forever by Rick Ross featuring John Legend will always speak to me
If you missed it, see what say about Rick Ross wanting to become part owner
Josh's friend from Arlington last year, "Rick Ross" Mr. Slim Shady lol
Diddy gives Rick Ross his blessing to buy the But is Stephen Ross on board?
Breast Cancer Awareness
But I don't like Rick Ross. Now I would pay to see you do a tribute act. Let's discuss making it happen when I'm back
In an interview with Power 105.1 in New York, rapper Rick Ross has claimed that he has been in discussions with Miami Dolphins ownership for a minority share of the team. "I went and sat down with the Miami Dolphins, we discussed a few things," Ross said...
Rick Ross trying to become part owner of Miami Dolphins:
When Rick Ross stopped by the Power 105.1 studios to sit down with Angie, he revealed that he is in talks with the owners of the Miami Dolphins to become a part-owner of the team. Rick Ross has long made his hometown pride well-known, and now he’s ready to take things to a new level:…
Man, the hate that Rick Ross received today is crazy! Peep why:
Rick Ross wants to own a piece of the Miami Dolphins.
The fact that Rick Ross wants to buy the Miami Dolphins lmao
this just made me think of your Rick Ross 'ughhh'. Just here laughing to myself now
Rick Ross wants to buy part of the Miami Dolphins | For The Win (via
Whenever rappers make wild, unlikely boasts I get anxious for them. No, Rick Ross! 12 Million is too much for a boat!
Rick Ross cozying up to Stephen Ross, Miami Dolphins owner??
Some of you girls never worked a day in your life but you still expect Rick Ross lifestyle from some boys
Why Jim jones trying to be Rick Ross for?
Rick Ross and Christopher Columbus on a track together
Univ of Memphis is having Rick Ross as midnight madness entertainment and Thompson Sq and Pat Green as football pregame. I see a disconnect
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"I used to bully. I'm really was outchea bruh." - Russell Wilson. "I know bruh. Drug Kingpin over here." - Rick Ross
I'm getting 2 tickets for the Rick Ross concert if I go alone I go alone. I'm not missing out on this
This is "Meek Mill Ft. Rick Ross -Believe It (Official Video)" by OnTourLIVE on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
.has a song with the late Bobby Womack on his new album (
Rick Ross shared rare photos of Meek Mill in prison:
Does rick ross have tattoos on the under side of his man boobs?
Elhae - All Away ft Rick Ross, Tory Lanez Like Share Subscribe Here's how we get free Amazon Gift Cards
Greetn me like rick ross and expecting me to stay dare you
Rick Ross always goes on about how is a boss lol.. You ain't the only one u know
Need to make a decision? RT: cczar7303: Rick Ross box Chevy make me thinking about gett...
Rick Ross not you again, your last album didn't even make a million?! DaFuQ you doing another one for?
Hey, if everyone could listen to this version I made to Rick Ross' song that'd be nice. I talk about...
A new favorite: Rick Ross x MMG x Meek Mill Type Beat (Prod. by 808Addicts *2014* by on
"RICK ROSS GRUNT" = Possibly a mating call or lack of oxygen flow in the airways due to clogged arteries.
Caught my dad watching a Rick Ross music video
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Rick Ross talks Meek Mill, Warren Sapp, and new single with R. Kelly on Hot 97 [VIDEO]
"How can I love you baby, first you gotta love yourself." - Rick Ross, 2010
Rick Ross will never make a better verse than the one on devil in a new dress... Ever
What messages did 2pac leave us? And how much progress have we really made. Comments from Freeway Rick Ross WHO ELSE
Dj khaled they dont love you no mory ft jay z, Meek Mill, rick ross, French Montana
Bruh he ain't got no choice. Cuz I'm pretty sure he rather lives with Rick Ross than Dolly Pardon.
By Scooby Wilson (Check out the newest record from Rick Ross featuring R. Kelly…
Kevin Sumlin partying with Rick Ross is not surprising. Now if you had told me Mack Brown was partying with Rick Ross we'd have something.
BREAKING NEWS: Rick Ross will be performing at Memphis Madness on October 18! http:…
new day to be the best in me,what about ya? — listening to Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross - New Flame
"...where Alph the sacred river ran / through caverns measureless to man / down to a sunless sea" - Rick Ross
Not To Late to Make Deposit for WinterFetish HipHop & Carib SkiTrip w/August Alsina, Rick Ross and Surprise...
Rick Ross new look the guy don slim
as reed pointed out Rick Ross sliding is a hilarious image.
“Rick Ross continues to drop pounds. that's crazy.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Rick Ross got gastric bypass. Had to.
Is it just me; or did Rick Ross look like he was 6'4 when he was fat(ter); but looks 5'7" after gastric bypass surgery?
The Zimbabwe Mail published a picture of Rick Ross' house claiming it to be Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa's.
Honestly really like New Flame by Chris Brown feat. Usher and Rick Ross 👌
Watching the bears game with Tracey Kuznicki. Mom: That player needs to shave his beard Me: yea he ain't no rick ross Mom : Yep Me: you don't even know who that is Mom: nope Lolol
This is actually Rick Ross song but The Weeknd killed it! He made this song so much better. Will never get old 😌😌
“I always think about Rick Ross. always.” Shorty asked me my name...Baby I'm tha BOSS
Rick ross Elvis Presley Blvd freestyle on
Can't fall asleep without music playing and the music has to be Rick Ross Radio on Pandora. Just and fyi ladies😉
Not josseline suppose to be pregnant by Rick Ross 😕HUH😂
we dont own any copyrights to this video find more cool music at Rick Ross Ft Gucci Mane Mc Hammer Rick Ross Ft Gucci Mane Mc Hamm...
i remember when people walked passed Jcole and Trinidad James before they was hot and skipped out on a Rick Ross concert
“Ryun wat r u doin is Rick Ross goin to suck himself?¿
Man, Rick Ross, John Legend and Jay Z on one track
So you mean to tell me your dude work for rick Ross & puff and you in Surgery land but you ain't got that nose fixed 😳
I got that *** Yeah Mashup on Deck Ft Rick Ross and Drake DJS Comment your email to get…
The real question is the homecoming concert free cause yall not getting me like yall did for Rick Ross freshman year 😒
Wow ... I thought you just called ya self a GOD in that video wit Rick Ross"...
Also I wish rick Ross was always as good as he is on presidential. God *** that song is good
What makes you think you know what the bawwwse is up to? Did it ever occur to you a lot of ppl are named Rick Ros…
DEAD : Rick Ross' nudes got leaked. too
If Rick Ross doesn't care if he wears a shirt then you shouldn't care if you text first.
Iv been tryin to ignore this tune ay imnandi yaz New Flame - Chris Brown u Usher no Rick Ross greetings gud ppl!!!
I came to the conclusion that, kids are gonna do what they see on tv or hear in music. The control the government has over everyone. Is in the media. I mean, think about it. This may sound like a conspiracy theory... And it is... Why are the positive influences in art, music and movies dying?.(I.e. Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Biggie and Tupac) Why are the negatives still alive? Drake is the Galway mf on the planet... He was raised rich and has been rich yet still he has the audacity to perform a song aptly titled "Started from the bottom"? Lil' Wayne overdosed on oxycoton two maybe three years ago now... And he didn't die because he claims in every lyric that he does drugs and deals guns... That he is "about that life" ... Lies. He has been clean and sober since his oxycoton overdose. And yet when children hear this they get a hold of those drugs and do them because *** like him are on the radio. Rick Ross... Oops... I mean William L. Roberts, a correctional officer from Bumf*** nowhere... Has even ad .. ...
Rick Ross tryna be my older brother
Rick Ross to release new album "HOOD BILLIONAIRE" November 24, his second album of 2014
I hope 2015 has more Project Pat songs and less Rick Ross songs
Will there be a white rapper named George Jung like Rick Ross? Lmao I should plant seeds in the fields sheep graze in.. TJ B…
Collaborations that we love.. Ed Sheeran x Rick Ross & Sam Smith x A$AP Rocky!! Another reason why we love music! It doesn't get any better.
lmao and tell me Rick Ross ain't body it
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Rick Ross' name is William Roberts, II. Meek Mill's name is Robert Williams.
"My real name is William Roberts. -- and I happened to sign an artist,. Meek Mill, whose real name is. Robert Williams!" - Rick Ross
wow. Rick Ross mastermind of the dating world, what a great person that Adam.
I added a video to a playlist Stacy Barthe - *** Yeah! ft. Rick Ross
Rick Ross keep losing weight rapidly he's gonna look like a thugged out version of Al Roker.
Is it just me or does majority of the music Rick Ross puts out sound EXACTLY the same ?
So y'all don't like Iggy because you feel she's "acting" but Correctional officer William Roberts II my bad drug kingpin Rick Ross is cool?
X thinks Jason Derulo is Sam Smith, Ceelo Green is Rick Ross and Wale is Kendrick Lamar.
Once rick Ross loses all his weight which he is already right now he's no longer Rick Ross he's William Roberts to me
I just want someone to rap just once on the Miss America pageant PLEASE. Bobby Shmurda, anyone? Rick Ross?
"Get the thickest chick off in K.O.D to tickle me" -Rick Ross
I stopped taking Rick Ross serious when i heard em say "Reeboks on,i just do it *** "
African English My dear Ghanaians Its church, not 'Chech'. Pastor, not 'pastar'. Doctor, not 'Dactar'. My fellow Nigerians Its bath, not 'baff'. Our currency is called Naira, not 'narrah'. My dear Edo people Its argument, not 'ajument'. My dear Yorubas Its Air, not 'hair'. Eight, not 'hate'. Its Van Persie, not 'Fan Persin'. My dear Ibadan peeps Its not 'sun tissu', its Sean Tizzle! Its not 'siro' but zero! My dear Hausa people Its fifty, not 'pipty'. Its people, not 'fiffle'. Its five, not 'pipe'. Glo, not 'gilo'! Seriously it is 'Tuface weds Annie Macauley', stop saying 'Toothpaste weds Animal calling'. My Egun people Its actually 'MTN' and not 'NTM'! My dear Calabar peeps Kindly note its love and not 'rurf'. My Benue people Its not 'Lick Loss', its 'Rick Ross'. My Igbo people There is nothing like 'thaaasand', it is thousand. It is bed-sheet and not 'bay sheet'. And its thirty, not 'thartie'! Our Lord's prayer is actually 'Our Father, who at in Heaven. Hallowed be your name...', and not 'Our Father, lo ...
Why does Rick Ross think hes big Meech and Larry Hoover?
BMF by Rick Ross is on the radio and I remembered when you used to sing the "I think I'm big meech, Larry Hoover" part 😂😂
Gunplay – Aiight feat. Rick Ross (VIDEO) - Gunplay and Rick Ross in high spending 'Aiight' video. We are still waiting for MMG rapper, Gunplay's debut album titled, "Living Legend" and the only thing we know about the album is the name, nothing else. The video features both rappers jumping on a very high trap beat which we haven't seen from Rozay in a long while. The song is top on my playlist and the video just made it better. Gunplay Aiight feat. Rick Ross (VIDEO)
MC Hammer (feat. Gucci Mane), a song from Teflon Don by Rick Ross on Beats Music
Chris Rock-Rick Ross gonna b the first rapper to die f breast cancer
Bruh he coming for Rick Ross and Action Bronson
Am feeling your show Boss and pls play me New Flames by Chris Brown ft Rick Ross and Usher..
DJ Khaled, Rick Ross & Nick Cannon are the whackest individuals on this earth.
"My man Rick Ross so fly.. *how fly is he* he made a song with nick cannon and it still went platinum" 😂😂
I can't believe what I just witnessed. Rick Ross walked into the studio and shut it down.
Stupid Pandora! Don't you know I only listen to Rick Ross after 7 pm, before you can go from Leona Lewis to Kendrick Lamar.
Tonight I am releasing my remix of Off the Corner, by Meek Mill feat Rick Ross! Very pumped to get this out to you guys…
Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross is one of the greatest slow jams ever.
Cee-Lo Green's recent remarks about rape underscores the need for us to make sure that healthy, informative discussions on sexuality, male-female relations and interaction etc should happen often, happen at young ages and be part of school curriculm. There is far too much misinformation being disseminated and sadly far too many adults who have lofty titles or celebrity attached to their names who are co-signing and green-lighting absolute bullshyt. This ranges from folks vehemently arguing and defending NFL player Ray Rice for knocking out his spouse to folks like Cee-Lo and before him rapper Rick Ross seeing nothing wrong with date rape... The foolishness doesn't began or end with them.. If you recall when the heat was on w/ Rick Ross we had deejays on corporate backed radio stations playing his offensive lyrics back to back in a loop in some sort of show of defiance..Same cats who wanted to step bad about that have been dead silent on issues like police killings in Ferguson.. We had sitting Congressmen ...
Greatest song by Rick Ross to me , till this Day is still Rich Forever . With John Legend 😏
Rick Ross Rich Forever was like an album mixtape so dope
For Rick Ross to find who his true fans are, crowd-surf he must.
Chris Brown ft usher & rick ross "New Flame" everytym i listen to dis song i start thinking of Lindellan ;( O.M.G what have i done.
Shame Rick Ross was only doing crossfit to be in better shape to escape after murdering Suge Knight.
Forgot dat tears of joy song by Rick Ross went dis hard yeeaa
Rick Ross and the MMG team takeover Hot 97.1's annual summer concert, Summer Jam.
K "Most relationships are like Rick Ross, They don't work out."
whomever said rick ross mastermind was average was sucking an average D
Your wife material ll sew Agbada for Rick Ross and still remain ": My *** may not have it all but I'm gonna help him get it all
My iPod just went from Rick Ross to Simon & Garfunkel to Usher to La Dispute and I feel like I'm getting whiplash
I love Rick Ross shem, I c my future kids in him
Prime suspect in the spiking of Wes Welker drink goes to.Rick Ross and U.O.E.N.O
You know your iPod is great when it goes from Lil Wayne and Rick Ross to Huey Lewis to Lion King!!!
Gates slick throwing shots at Rick Ross.. I don't wanna see a Gates x Ross song. stand on yo word bruh.
The only flaw I see on Seen It All is the absence of Rick Ross on Win is a Win.
Whenever I feel bad, I just remember that Rick Ross once tried 1 wing, and then was inspired to own 15 Wingstop restaurants.
Artist this year that dropped albums that I'm really feeling! Young Jeezy, Jennifer Lopez, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Rick Ross, Lana del Rey,
I'm so hyped to see Action Bronson, Cherry Glazerr, Dem Atlas, Murs, Pharrell Williams, and Rick Ross at the carnival 😩🙏🎡
Ce'Cile to release 'Still Running Dancehall diva Ce'Cile will be releasing her upcoming album, Still Running, on October 14. Known for hits Give It To Me, Can You Do Di Wuk, featuring Sean Paul, Hot Like We and When You're Gone, Ce'Cile is already armed with a plethora of singles and albums released in Japan, Europe and North America. Still Running is said to be the album showcasing Ce'Cile's versatility. The first single, Turn It Up, produced by Vinny Venditto, who has worked with Eminem, Rick Ross and 2 Chainz, is receiving rave reviews. Ce'Cile premiered Turn It Up recently on Hot 93.7 (WZMX) with radio personality Nikki Z. Social media buzzed with feedback about the single. "This is a strong single. with the right push, I can hear this being played on mainstream radio," said DJ Buck, Hot 93.7's programme director. "I have elected to release a new album, which ventures into some new musical genres for me, specifically pop, EDM, R&B and hip-hop, and I wanted to share that musical experience with my fans ...
Katt Williams put Rick Ross on the map! Don't forget it.
Judging whether Beyonce or Serena Williams would win in a fight is harder than judging whether Rick Ross or Mark Henry would win in a fight!
This *** Rick Ross bout to tear his ACL just doing this photo shoot
Oupa 'Rick Ross' Manyisa's discipline will come handy to this position (Bafana Captain).
Was really enjoying the song New Flame until Rick Ross' verse came up 😒😩
I don't really like listening to Rick Ross but iLove listening to Usher's part of New Flame ❤👏😊🎧
New Flame my song BRUHH . I just don't like Rick Ross
The song 'Don't Shoot' by The Game, Diddy, & Rick Ross is incredibly hypocritical, However 'New Black' is spot on for
So i'll just turn my Rick Ross up a bit louder
"All my diamonds watching now my watch is getting jealous." Rick Ross 😂😂😂
Let me get my day started. Rick Ross - Magnificent ft. John Legend:
Rick Ross killed it on his verse of John Legend's track.
Ty Dolla $ign got so many great people on SIgn Language. T.I., Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Casey Veggies, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Ed Sheeran
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Hear the Game, Rick Ross, Diddy and More Join Forces for Ferguson on 'Don't Shoot' via
Rick Ross videos be having no kind of substance or meaning bruh...just a reg. old visual
I bet Rick Ross would have been shouting like a woman if he was the one that got shot 6 times like Suge Knight. Fat mofo
“has the most accurate Rick Ross impersonation ever” 😎
Don't nobody else get tired of hearing Nicki, Rick Ross and Drake?
LOOOL DMX said he doesnt really feel Rick Ross lyrically, said the dude just talks about women and eating :')
Love how when the rapping starts you can always tell rick ross's voice.
Girls with beards be looking like premature(d) Rick Ross
here's an inspirational quote from Rick Ross
With the coming of new music look back to
Rick Ross will find out who. his true fans are when he. decides to jump into a crowd.
Myboyfriend friends dat knw am not da main chick ofmy boo&yet call me"our wife"May sumtin as heavy as Rick Ross sit on dia destinies
this verse Rick Ross spit on Devil in a New Dress is *** near his best... at least top 3.
the Don't EP is out right now, it has a remix with Rick Ross, a live song and a brand new song, chekk it -
Woii Rick Ross on Ed's 'Don't' sounds good. Quite authentic.
Rick Ross's bark or whatever he calls it, on sixteen', the track 👏😂
"Look at yourself and now look at me" rick ross
Whys Rick Ross got a tattoo of Abraham Lincoln on his chest ***
Rick Ross' Mastermind has become his 5th # 1 album since 2006. In celebration, here's one of the best songs from the boss' new album. Featuring rappers Big S...
Luke James ft Rick Ross - Options on replay full volume on ma earphones...DAMNN this joint got ma heart racing...we_got_options
Looks like a collaboration between Rick Ross & Issac Hayes(come back from the grave just for this funeral).
Every time I hear Aston Martin Music, by Rick Ross- I feel like the Boss I am corporate rich B*
Just dropped today Ty Dolla $ign releases his Sign Language mixtape. Featuring appearances from Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, and many more. Click HERE to download
“I lost 13 pounds outta nowhere. Fat boy getting little lol you bout to be like Rick Ross lol
He clowned TI, Rick Ross, Game, Young Buck, etc oh the list is long. lol
Why am I receiving Snapchats from Rick Ross though?
I think I'm gonna make a remix of Rick Ross' "Aston Martin Music" and call it "Patty Wagon music"
A Chinese is always a good shout until ye finish it and feel like Rick Ross
I seriously Rick Ross grunt every time I see a Michael Kors purse
Chris Brown New Flame video is 🔥 well minus Rick Ross scene the video is sexy
All purpose parts banner
New Flame music video by Chris Brown ft Usher and Rick Ross
I can jam Meek Mill, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, Rick Ross, Drake, Volcano Choir, & Missy Elliot all in one car trip and my friends are like 👀👀
.this *** Rick Ross payed 1.5 million to have Jay on the track for 60 secs smh
If hip hop was the Godfather movie, Jay Z would be Michael Corleone, 50 would be Sonny, Puffy would be Fredo and Rick Ross would be Clemenza
Rick Ross was just at Wish in lil 5 buying himself and his crew $280 Jordans. All should go and say hello.
Have you ever thought to google Rick Ross without a beard. Cause I just did that
Rick Ross losing weight tho... I wonder how he gon look if he get any smaller making that *** grunt sound...ugh!
Met a guy who has allegedly been mistaken for Kimbo Slice, Rick Ross, Suge Knight... and Luciano Pavarotti.
Big K.R.I.T. has a new LP & tour w/ Two-9 on the way, is on Rick Ross' new "Supreme" remix w/ Fabolous & Mase
New Flame (Explicit Version) by Chris Brown ft. Usher and Rick Ross on for iPhone ♫ fire! 🔥🔥
I Love Love Love the New Flame vid! Chris Brown feat. Usher and Rick Ross
A late start and a flat tire in the middle of nowhere at midnight didn't keep us from arriving to St. Jude! I did miss her 210 minute long psych appointment yesterday. I believe her clinic thinks I planned that (I make it well known that I think those appointments are ridiculous, and pointless!). As for today: To start, no child should know who Rick Ross is. Still, it was nice of him to make an appearance and to give some of the parents a break from routine. Some of the parents were a little too excited! Dahlia has been to dental, eye, and neurology clinic appointments today. No cavities were noted. Her eye situation seems to be the same (they estimate 20/50 & 20/80... atrophy of both optic nerves, astigmatism and far-sighted in both eyes). I advised the neurologist I would be weaning her off Keppra against his recommendation. He stated that it really isn't a science and there's no way to know if she actually needs it. So while their opinion is that keeping her on it is erring on the side of caution, mine ...
hw u doing?see u repping Oupa'Rick Ross 'Manyisa,that Boy is a Bucs soldier
Still don't know how this guy isn't Rick Ross
All I want in life is that tshirt Cody Pollman had of mr ndianguis face on Rick Ross's body
"Why is Rick Ross getting the key to Memphis? lol are you serious.
Rick Ross has a chain of Rick Ross wearing a chain of Rick Ross
Weight. Weight like Boston George, Scarface, Freeway Ricky not my *** Rozay but the real Rick Ross, & the *** from Cocaine Cowboys 2..
Rick Ross followed by Bobby Caldwell. Go home, iTunes shuffle. You're drunk.
Listening to MMG when I thought, "Rick Ross, can you even FIT in a 911? Maybe you ought to stick with 'Burbans or Touregs or something."
The combination of Ryan and Rick Ross is perfection
"God forgives and I don't, only hustlers relate" - Rick Ross
"Pirates - Rick Ross" ". ...praying on u *** sinners full of hate. God forgives and I don't . Only hustlers relate.
“Did people know who Griselda Blanco was before Rick Ross dropped that bar?” Yea from cocaine cowboys 💪
I can just hear Bobby Seale's speech ringing in my head right now... Yeah.. The one on Rick Ross's Tears of Joy...
Paradise Lost by Rick Ross - co-produced and co-written by David Mescon by 1680PR on
New Flame - Chris Brown x Usher x Rick Ross is "turnt"my song as of now🙌😆
yeah I know you like Rick Ross. You and Chris Boston just about drove me crazy.
When I saw there was a Chris Brown tune with Usher and Rick Ross, I was bare excited. But New Flame is actually proper…
“Rich Forever is one of Rick Ross's best mixtapes”
Lil Wayne and Rick Ross on Live on RVI 94.5 Fm or
John Legend on that 'Rich Forever' song by Rick Ross!!!
Ye, day one, John Yoshi aka Rick Ross, doin me slangin scufs out the Miami ports RNS
*** is amazing. Make grilled cheese for you, the best. Major coke figure, I'm the fresh David Koresh." -Rick Ross
Roy jones jr and everyone he trains with shadow box too the beat of a Rick Ross song, boss
Rick Ross saying he's the fresh David Koresh just tells me he's in on the joke. yknow, that he's just character
"Watching the new Rick Ross video for What A Shame & the 1st scene is of him having sex 😪". Fort that was your Hubby? 😭😭
United States Of America vs Republic Of South Africa... They are USA, we are RSA. They have White house, we have Nkandla They have America's got talent, we have SA's got talent They have Snoop, we have Spikiri They have Tom and Jerry, we have Gundi and Mazwi They have Rick Ross, we have Khaphela They have 1st lady, we have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th lady They have Miley Cyrus,we have Kelly Khumaloo They have Denzel Washington, we have Sbusiso Dlomo They YMCMB, we have Kalawa They have Gabriella Union, we have Akhona They twerk, Syayjukutja
Who knew Jerry Jones is the Rick Ross of NFL Owners!!
"I think Rick Ross has bigger boobs than me..."😂😂
| (Video) Rick Ross – Supreme - Rick Ross and Scott Storch seem like the perfect team, but unfortu...
Rick Ross ft the weekend x in vein 👌
If I could choose a theme song for my life it would be defiantly RICK ROSS - EVERYDAY AM HUSTLIN.
Mastermind is Rick Ross best album since Port of Miami, Hands Down.
This Rick Ross gone ride for the night 
Today the judge ruled that Freeway Rick Ross is officially off parole.
I voted for Rick Ross Kicks it on the Beach in Miami in “Supreme” Video
Take it to the Head ( feat. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minja, & Lil Wayne -
Rick Ross Ft. French Montana @ What A Shame (Official Video): Click here to view the embedded video.
"When Rick Ross said “I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it”
Freeway Rick Ross is officially OFF PAROLE and is completely a This date will go down in history as one of the most monumental moments that started a massive revolution for in the communities across the nation. There is no longer a hold on any states or countries that Rick can travel. for those who want to start booking him to come speak to your youth. contact me directly! We are on another level of here!
New videos and songs from Rick Ross, Troy Ave, Young Jeezy and more
Did you know Rick Ross once had a football scholarship to Albany State University?: Many love th...
"They don't know what I been through, don't know what I'm going through, As long as I get through that's what I look forward to..." Thug Cry - Rick Ross ft Lil Wayne
Im feelin that new song by C Breezy trippin *** Usher n Rick Ross..."New Flame"...
Hold Me Back the best Rick Ross song go to debate your drunk uncle
*Rick Ross voice* Look..lemme show yu how to make a boss's 459 for a ten piece add a dollar and yu can get a twenty piece cmon man treat yaself dont cheat yaself
Watch this new music video by Rick Ross - What A Shame ft. French Montana
Jammin the new jam from Chris Brown usher rick ross song called New Flame this song is fire
joe ft rick ross,French Montana&tiara thomas-another day... Sometimes u gotta take it a day at a time...;)
"Born stunner and my baby's stunning" Rick Ross
We Dem Boyz Remix ft. Rick Ross, Schoolboy Q & Nas Produced by RMBjustize & Sledgren See Wiz in your city this summer
Video: Rick Ross – ‘Supreme’ Posted on 7:58 PMby Money Teammag with No comments Video: Rick Ross – ‘Supreme’ Rick Ross adds some sunshine to your Sunday with the summery video for “Supreme.” The Miami kingpin chills poolside with Meek Mill and shows us around South Beach in the feel-good clip, which…
Rick Ross drops the visuals for 'What A Shame' featuring French Montana. Rick Ross' latest album 'Mastermind' is in stores now. Check out the video after the jump.
Check out Rick Ross What A Shame ft. French Montana @ SuperIndyKings striving to bring you the best in hip hop videos from across the globe.
Rick Ross drops the official video for his latest single “Supreme,” off his recent album, Mastermind. Produced by Scott Scorch, check out the video below and let us know what you think! Enjoy.
Whts up my *** ,we are runng down ths world . Coment with ur 5 best singers in HIP HOP myn Rick Ross,50cent,Jah Rule and Akon
We all know that Rick Ross is living the "Supreme" life, but now he definitely wants you to know it. Yesterday (Aug. 3), the Maybach Music boss released a decadent new music video for the Mastermind album track "Supreme," and it's all about lounging on the beach and sipping a little bit of bubbly.
Check out the latest video from Rick Ross "Supreme" .Tell me if you like it? Did Rick Ross lose weight? Watch here:
the illuminati song is Rick Ross feat. Jay Z, "Free Masons."
My hair was abducted by Rick Ross's chest
I’m listening to New Flame - Chris Brown, Usher & Rick Ross on KISS. Download the KISS KUBE app on iOS here
Alex, I love listening to Rick Ross! You can network with the people responsible for his career using
Is the world ready for a skinny Rick Ross? Was Steven A Smith suspension justifiable? Find out on the next episode of Drag…
hey hey rick ross is a boss. G eazy ruined the song not Rick Ross. Now you can blame Montana but not Ross 😑
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Iggy Azalea is the female version of Rick Ross aka she ruins every song she's in
The track and vocals on New Flame by Chris Brown is 🔥. Minus the Rick Ross verse Ofcourse. 🙉
Chris Brown - New Flame ft. Usher and Rick Ross on Hot 21 Radio
Why is Rick Ross even allowed to be in the same song as Chris Brown and Usher 😒
Chris Brown ft Usher and Rick Ross 'New Flame' .👈 seriously that's the name of the song, and yes it's, 🔥🔥
u aint got love 4me my *** ? eva met another *** like me my *** ? Are you sure?? Dj Khaled ft Meek Mill,Rick Ross,French Montana,Jay Z
Rick Ross skinny doesn't look right. He was meant to look like some wedge of a don.
Bawse spoke to about building an empire, mentorship and his 25 htt…
: Here's Pt.2 of the Black Enterprise piece. It reads really well.
Chris Brown fires up latest single 'New Flame' featuring Usher and Rick Ross - Yahoo...
Rick Ross is guna have a six pack soon
Rich Gang ft Young Thug,Rich Homie Quan,Nicki Minaj,Tyga & Rick Ross lifestyl (remix) . . . . . . for the love of hip hop you snooze you loose
Rick Ross got the GD's all across the country after him!
Instrumental does not belong to me. Credit to: Chris Brown, Usher, Rick Ross, © RCA Records Hope you enjoy my version of this song. Thumbs up, Comment & Subs...
I got a big heart, I was told I was to sensitive.?? Well I've never been a thug, I'd rather be me. No I'm not tattooed up, don't have dreads, and I don't have a bunch of baby mommas. I don't walk around with my pants down showing my as. That's what a lot off females won't. To bad. Back In the day woman wonted to bring home guys that looked like TyDiggs, Joe, Maxwell, Blair Underwood, u no. Now they bringing home Wiz and Rick Ross, YG, Rich Homie Baby,, Lord have mercy. We live in a world were if a rapper says it's cool than we run out and do what ever they say. kids r dressing like adults and the adults think it's cool?? What happened to what we were taught? Had a guy say my family only wears Js??? Well?? I guess that means they balling.??Wake up People. Be yourself, and if a person doesn't like u for who u r. Tell them that's cool. Cause u should never sell out who u r ,,to be some one else. Trust me some of use have to remain true. And no I'm not dissing I'm just saying. Some of us have to be different ...
Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography is an intimate look at the day-to-day dealings of a drug kingpin in the heart of the ghetto. It’s also the story of a boy born in poverty Texas who grew up in a single-parent household in the heart of South Central, who was pushed through the sch...
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