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Rick Ross

William Leonard Roberts II (born January 28, 1976), better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper.

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William Leonard Roberts II (born January 28, 1976), better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper.
Rick Ross had a misdemeanor worth of weed, not a big deal he's still a pig
NEW: Mugshot released of rapper Rick Ross after his arrest in Fayette Co.: -- Details at 6:47.
Now playing on the beat94.5fm Myblockradio - Rick Ross - Sanctified (w/ Big Sean & Kanye West) - tune in @
If you ever needed to be hyped up before a big meeting, put on all the Rick Ross you have on a playlist. Then thank me later.
I'm not a big Rick Ross fan so I don't know many of his lyrics
JUST IN: Rap mogul Rick Ross arrested on drug charges in Fayette County.
Check me out in Dj Khaled, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, French Montana "They don't love yo... (Vine by
If you don't like Rick Ross don't talk to me
50 Cent sues Rick Ross for leaking his Baby Mama's sex tape
Owens bought 2 gold chains and he's wearing them round the house rapping to Rick Ross I'm a boss no srsly I can't do this anymore
Oko make ein beard like Rick Ross but
Rick Ross is a mood, you can feel smooth and fancy like a big black God if you want
this *** Rick Ross took all the weight he lost and created another person 😭
I'm on one by Dj Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne
"You're forehead is so big it look like Rick Ross stomach" - lil kids outside rn bar-ing each other up lols
Cuz everybody sayin' Lil Wayne spits raw. I'll start a big brawl, and slam his *** into a brick wall. Have a fat n*gga sit on him, Rick Ross
Hall of Famer Randy Johnson got the key to the city of Phoenix. Meanwhile, Memphis gave key to the city to Rick Ross for owning a Wingstop.
Me- look at how dark i an. Robert- yeah I thought I was walking up on Rick Ross earlier . Ok
Rick Ross is actually a pretty decent rapper
Nate Dogg, Rick Ross “Who is the best Rapper from Mississippi ?”
Rick Ross was the best rapper out from 00-12
Somebody told me yesterday their favourite rapper (of ALL TIME) was Rick Ross. Truly befuddled
Rick Ross is literally the WORST rapper I think I have ever heard
If you haven't seen that Rick Ross in South Africa Vlog yet you slippin'. That *** a real King mane. 100K in South Africa at the show.
Rick Ross might be the best rapper of all time
My favourite rapper is 'Silem' he doesn't shave, u cn ask 'Rick Ross' tht he doesn't luk lke shaymas,I guess that u are a shame.
Just let you all know the real Rick Ross is not a rapper he is a motivational speaker now who used to be a drug kingpin triple og
You gotta judge a man by his principles - Rick Ross
The real Rick Ross follows me and no I'm not talking about the fat fake rapper
Who's gonna be the first rapper to reference Caitlyn Jenner when talking about blow? My money is on Rick Ross.
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Whenever I eat a pear. I think of king Rick Ross
Rick Ross' Maybach Music IV ft Neyo is one of my favourite songs of recent years. It's just one of those tracks.
My uncle went to high school with Rick Ross. He said everyone use to make fun of him saying he will never succeed as a rapper. Now look
Who is going to be the first rapper to drop a Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn Jenner bar? I say Rick Ross
Do you know what I love about u? You are social butterfly. You can hang with anyone, so sweet & loving. I love Rick Ross' music!
Rick Ross's bars on Maybach Music III are 🔥. Along with the instrumentation it's epic.
Rick Ross is a good rapper, kind of
Everyone's invited to come to my grad party today @ Trinity Lutheran Church, 1-4 pm! Live performances from Taylor Swift and Rick Ross!
Rast rfc has a more interesting life than you and that's why he is a better rapper, Rick Ross.
Rick Ross just the most popular rapper out of Florida he not the best.
"4. name a rapper you think is good but everybody else think is wack" Rick Ross
Name a Trap rapper with more Imagery than Pusha T (Rick Ross is excluded)
Lil waye feat Rick Ross - John (lyrics) *** gather around, got gifts for each & all of y'all"
""Better Rapper: Rick Ross vs. French Montana *** Rick Ross now"all french knows is HEA.
Rick Ross turn to an elite rapper for Kanye West,Pusha T,Jay Z,Drake,Lil Wayne,and John Legend.
Rick Ross took his Buick for a ride through that ***
Rick Ross is my favorite rapper. Judge me
And I mean the real Rick Ross not that fat *** rapper
Rick Ross the only rapper to never let me down on a track tbh
Osho!!! Rick Ross: Rapper's lawyer comes for 50 Cent over new legal suit: Ross, who spoke through his...
Only Rapper I can listen to at anytime of the day is Rick Ross. Morning o. Night o. Midnight o
Rick Ross really my favorite rapper
This guys is half repin his bench of 275 screaming God forgives Rick Ross don't ... I'm done
Lol fam your favorite rapper Rick Ross
that Rick Ross and Big Sean remix nice
It's kinda a coincidence that Meek Mill name is Robert Williams & Rick Ross is William Roberts
Lmfao omg at the beginning Kat Williams played "Hustlin" by Rick Ross talkin bout "you can play that song anywhere even in the library😂"
Listen to Rick Ross - International players anthem Feat. Ugk (Hustle Corp. Remix) by ♕Hu$tlecorp. on
Rick Ross is coming to Hattiesburg June 20 th, Scott County turn up with Wesley Patrick And Cameron Supercam...
Easy way to fix the world.Charles,Alwaleed,Oprah, Gayle, Rick Ross,Jay Z.Done.
Got over that hurdle called writer's block...I think I'm Toni Morrison. *Rick Ross voice*
Where's P. Diddy, Khloe Kardashian and Rick Ross? They should help Chinx's family out.
Just found out Jeff Teague, Dwight Howard, Johnny Gomes, Rick Ross, and London the producer for YMCMB all live in the new complex I work at
The day Rick Ross dives into the crowd, is the day we find out who his true fans are
This fatty next door tried to clear her throat and did the Rick Ross grunt 😂
He got Kendrick, Rick Ross, Gwen Stefani, T.I., Charlie Wilson, STEVIE WONDER in it & of course the amazing Pharrell with the awesome beats!
Listen to Dogg - I'm Ya Dogg (feat. Lamar, Rick Ross, Charlie Wilson) by Anoskey on
Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross and Charlie Wilson join Snoop on “I’m Ya Dogg” off
Post to be remix- Omarion ft Dej Loaf, Trey Songz, Ty Dolla Sign and Rick Ross. 😌🎶
Some arl woman's just tried to sell me shaving cream in the street, not like I've got a beard like Rick Ross
Tony just said I was as fat as Rick Ross
Rick Ross is the security guard, Chris Brown is the bully, Magic Johnson is the school nurse.
I feel so luxurious with Rick Ross music in general don't know why
This is my jam: Diced Pineapples by Rick Ross on Rick Ross Radio ♫
Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples aka "I'm sucking the soul of you and riding you like my life depends on this nut"
Little Giant Ladders
Like to go deep but hate to get deeply involved 😏💯. Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples (Explicit) ft. Wale,…:
Meet the three kittens I just saved. Fred, Usher, and Rick Ross. 💯
Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross - New Flame (Explicit Version) MOOD: in love with her, missing her, song
Listen to Rick Ross type beat by ceemajor on
Rick Ross - Everyday I'm Hustlin' via after the news i got on monday and tuesday i had to post
Newest addition to the family ... Grand champion Rick Ross daughter
who is Kevin Gates better than? Not Drake, Kanye, Rick Ross, Meek, J Cole, or Jay Z. Or Kendrick Lamar.
Mac Miller - Insomniak ft. Rick Ross . if you are unaware please get on this now.
alright I'll talk Rick Ross with you
"I'm Rick Ross on the streets but Sandra Bullock in the sheets." Dave Ebert
If you ever want me to do something for you you just gotta play Rick Ross' Ashton Martin music n ima get in a good *** mood immediately. 😂
We are live at Rick Ross community event at Nandi's Knowledge Cafe in HP
2May at Moses Mabhida Stadium will be seing Rick Ross twerking his belly all over the place
Lol,um sure Khune wherever he is ryt nw is stressed bcz Rick Ross is on the way to SA,poor Itu
If you got lira galore on snapchat Rick Ross defo barebacks last night
New Video: Rick Ross Ft. Snoop Dogg – Quintessential - Rick Ross just dropped off the...
I live in downtown Denver and love festivals. I saw Rick Ross yesterday but I'll be damned if I set foot near Civic Center Park today.
"See me at the park on the swings with my niece" lol Rick Ross voice *
when Rick Ross wrote the track Tupac back, he shoulda subbed in Tebow
Adam met Rick Ross in ATL, knocked over their table so he just paid off their tab, ordered a round of tequila, did shots with them and left.
Mr. Richard Rosé aka Rick Ross is performing a free show today at Civic Center Park at 4:20pm. Let me know if you're gonna make it!
Rick Ross and many more at Civic Center Park Sunday April 19th!!
on Rick Ross - Maybach Music 2 ft T Pain, Lil Wayne and Kanye West or
Listen to today's Featured Songs from and Rick Ross
Seeing the King of Ireland whippin in the BMW bumping Rick Ross 👌 keep stylin on em Bredren
Rick Ross remixing Ed Sheeran is just unbelievable
I wonder what made Rick Ross wanna lose all that weight
I'll give you ten. BIG, Jay Z, TI, Jadakiss, Redman, Wayne, Jeezy, Rick Ross, 50, and The Game.
you were in my dream rapping like Rick Ross. You sounded just like him!!
Rick Ross on the radio making me feel some type of way. I love him😍😍😍
I'd do bad things to see Rick Ross perform
he was jealous mayne you should've just made the Rick Ross grunt and walked out and yell "beardgang"
It may be one of my better talents! (Explains a lot about me 😂). But remember IM A BOSS, like RICK ROSS (i…
enying the show. Take it to the head by Dj Khaled ft Rick Ross will make my evng.
love this song, It's got an old soul sound to it. ♫ Sixteen – Rick Ross, André 3000
Ten Jesus Pieces is my favorite Rick Ross song by so cold
This kit is inspired by artists such as Ace Hood, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Kid Ink and producers such as Jahlil ...
Drake and Rick Ross walk in a McDonalds. Rick ross orders a salad. Drake steps close to say "I'm so, I'm so, I'm so, I'm …
So will they also attack Rick Ross when he lands in Durban?
IFYCALEX'S BLOG: Lira Galore5 big booty pictures of Rick Ross' girl...
Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj got engaged? I can't wait to see Rick Ross sing "She's Your Queen To Be" at the wedding.
These *** arguing boutique Birdman and Rick Ross lol
Wanna know why the only thing that has played on my Katy Perry pandora station is Rick Ross, Juicy J, and Bobby Shmurda.
Listen to I Wanna Be With You (Dj Khaled Feat. Nicki Minaj, Future & Rick Ross) by MusicHead4Life on
It's Rick Ross from Delicious Vinyl, not Rick Ross the rapper :)
Rick Ross, Jamie Foxx, Chad Johnson, Bow Wow, Teyana Taylor, Venus and Serena Williams, Dj Khaled and many more celebs its gon be crazy
I breathe like Dj Khaled n Rick Ross after a run up a hill looking at this
Your boyfriend listens to Jhene Aiko and Frank Ocean when he's alone but when he's with you he plays Rick Ross and Drake
Since I got the new Tom Ford shades I gotta new outlook on life. Ever since I got my W-2 back *** -Rick Ross
Best songs to fck to: . . 1. The Zone - The Weeknd . 2. Diced Pineapples - Rick Ross . 3. Touch the sky - Kanye West for when u r about to bust
This so called friendship ya Rick Ross no Minnie Dlamini must be stressing Khune. Now he taking it out on PSL refs
When you go to a Tim Hortons for a ice cap and they call you boss, makes you feel more boss then Rick Ross!!!
I added a video to a playlist Mr Smith- 80 (Letter to Rick Ross & Andre 3000) Music Video
Rick Ross got some songs you can play forever like Aston Martin music
Sign up using my link for a chance to go backstage with Rick Ross in Denver at the 420 Rally!
"Clouds (feat. Rick Ross, Miguel, Pusha T and Curren$y)" by DJ Drama from Quality Street Music
Just dont end up on that boat they'll eventually be on..the meek will inherit the earth..cause that's what the bible says..word to Rick Ross
Curren$y, Rick Ross, and Dom Kennedy got the best luxury rap.
starting a new job tomorrow morning. didn't know what tone to use to wake up, so I'm using Rick Ross.…
"For Rick Ross to find who his true fans are, crowd-surf he must."
Enter to win VIP all access passes for the 420 Rally with Rick Ross! Enter at:
This is how Rick Ross would be if he said something about easter
the only thing RS put out that I didn't care for, recently, was the Rick Ross advice.
Molina must've went on Rick Ross's pear diet to lose that weight.
TV show Joking Off "I'm rick ross in the streets but Sandra bullock in the streets." Bruh! I'm dead. Lmao 😂😂😂😂
I think i ain't listened to a rick Ross song since push it to the limit smh
Home girl you look like one of Rick Ross' fat rolls get out
Rick Ross is headlining the 420 Rally! Did we mention entry is FREE?! See you in Denver on 4/19!
Out of All the new albums that came out I think j Coles is still the best one so far. Followed by Rick Ross and Big Sean
All this talk about keepin it UK , u man diss fings wen u wann be rite ther wat da fck is Rick Ross doin with Fizzer,
VIDEO: Robert Kraft danced on stage with Rick Ross "Ima Boss” after the win
Lloyd banks killed Rick Ross the game killed joe buddens .. Jayz killed game and Cassidy on hot 97
Trilla was def one of Rick Ross best albums
"I'm on a sea food diet I see food I eat it". -Rick Ross
loool but Rick Ross is with Ming Lee
but i will say that Rick Ross is a pig….Ming Lee seems like good ppl
Rick Ross left Ming Lee for lira Gordon
Rick Ross going from Ming Lee to Lira Galore is such a downgrade. He went from a millionaire to an Instagram model.
I still can't get over the fact Rick Ross dumped Ming Lee for Lira Galore
“Rick Ross imported twenty palm trees from California to Atlanta - cc:
Every male at this event looks like either Cedric the Entertainer, Rick Ross, or Big Worm
I added a video to a playlist Jay Sean - Mars ft. Rick Ross
I just used to sing along to Luxury... by Rick Ross feat. Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy & Young Jeezy
Now Playing Chris Brown - New Flame (Clean) Usher, Rick Ross on Focused Radio the Best of Both Worlds
Elijah Blake spent years writing bangers for the likes of Rick Ross & Usher. I’m so pleased to see him getting the recognition he deserves.
I liked a video from Chris Brown and Usher and Rick Ross - New Flame (Karaoke
3 O'Clock Takeover is on Power 95.3 at Who u got luv 4? Chris Brown/Usher /Rick Ross
NowPlaying Take It to the Head (feat. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne) - Dj Khaled
She said she wanna go see Chris Brown's concert at my expense & I said I wanna go see Rick Ross' concert at her expense :)
Just had to make a Rick Ross song completely white to learn the lyrics.. I'm sorry
Logan surber just said his favorite rappers are Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, and Rick Ross
Rick Ross verse on Insominak is so garbage, he didn't deserve to be on s track with an artist as dope as Mac Miller
You heard one Rick Ross verse, you heard them all
I added a video to a playlist Rick Ross - Family Ties (Instrumental)
Rick Ross wanna be Blastoise so badly
As of March 2015. Rick Ross is 39. Wiz Khalifa is 27. The Weeknd is 25. Trey Songz is 30. Action Bronson is 31. Vince Staple…
Most Def gotta be 50. I can think of 10 off the top of my head. Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Jimmy Lovine, Rick Ross, Game, etc...
Just pictured innocent Hannah Montana jamming out w Rick Ross in my head & died a little
Rick Ross is definitely on ONE at the BIG CONGRATS to Texas Southern University for…
has shared the stage with international acts such as Rick Ross, Omarion,Jah Rule just to name a few. http:
Fat Joe, Rick Ross, and Paul Wall aren't even fat anymore who can I trust in this world
How many people you is how you measure - Rick Ross
"seriously though do you have man boobs?" Somewhere between Rick Ross and Asari Dokubo.
Me; I'm getting skinnier. Nae; ik & I'm getting bigger. Me; no. Nae; do you see me I'm getting as big as Rick Ross. 😂💀. This girl kills me
“Rick Ross wanna be Blastoise so badly
Hamilton Collection
John by Lil Wayne and Rick Ross is still one of my favorite song
Meek Mill's real name is Robert Williams and Rick Ross is William Roberts
he can literally write a song for 1D, feature on a Hoodie Allen track, appear at Taylor Swift show, then have Rick Ross remix his song
still trying to figure out how to spell Tim Taylor's sound and Rick Ross's grunt
Wait, what? Bill Murray just turned up at Rick Ross' studio:
Bill Murray and Rick Ross hit studio together via the app
Friday's lunch: sammich made so good you'd think Mary Swanson made it.. And sliced pears straight from Rick Ross' back yard
Listen to Rick Ross ft Kanye West x Big Sean - Sanctified (Chopped) by Charlie Chopman on
Ima boss like big Meech pockets fat like Rick Ross
Lyndon B Johnson, Rick Ross, the dad from that's so raven, Stew Leonard.
Just because you use a picture of the Old Spice guy, doesn't mean we're not gonna argue. Just look at Rick Ross!
"What if Anne Hathaway and Rick Ross hooked up?"
Tehee: Rick Ross (the former drug kingpin, not the rapper) to speak at Fresno City College
Why does Rick Ross have to bark in every song he's featured in? Does he think " hey it would sound really cool if I barked in this part" ??
Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group to open office at Atlanta's Twelve Studios - Atlanta…
Getting ready to Aston Martin music, look in the mirror and grunt like Rick Ross.
This is my jam: Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross on Frenchie Radio ♫
A man said Tim looked like Rick Ross 😂😂😂
freeway Rick Ross book or tim Grover relentless
to the boy Ian skilking my sleeve now he's all famous wit Meek Mill and Rick Ross 😂😂
Listening to Rick Ross mastermind album. Great body of art best rap album of 2014 should of won grammy
Everytime I see Rick Ross 'Devil in a New Dress' starts looping in my head. Cool suit though.
A part of my beard grew way too quicker than other parts so I had to trim it, started to look like a white Rick Ross
Rick Ross, Zendaya, and Rita Ora round up our must-see photos of the day
Like rick ross says life's to short I don't wanna go to court
I refuse to believe this is Rick Ross
You listen to Rick Ross noorr u r a cold-hearted coke dealer who daznt care about anybody else?
Rick Ross - Hold Me Back is appropriate before going to work
Jamal should have added the 'you dig?' to his bio so I know his bio and the Rick Ross line are two lines I'm never 'digging.'
Macklemore has more Grammys than Tupac, The Notorious BIG, Kendrick Lamar, DMX, and Rick Ross combined.
Rick Ross, looking good in blue but the bow tie fallin off
This year is looking prosperous for Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group:
mode 9 :They have Rick Ross,we have.?.
DOPE PICTURE of Chris Brown along with Kanye, Rick Ross, and John Legend at the Grammys tonight.
All that money and Rick Ross got a $3 clip on bowtie off 😂😂
lol Rick Ross clip on slid off, all I see is Hozier looking fahn in the back
Rick Ross looking like james harden
Rick Ross, former ASU Ram, at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards
I'm the fifth row from the stage across from Rick Ross
A not fully obese Rick Ross just doesn't look right 🍐
Rick Ross got one fye as car outside his house look like an green Lamborghini wonder I he home
owner Robert Kraft tore up the dance floor next to Rick Ross after winning
Yo who would wear a Rick Ross tee ??. I'm looking at you Andrew Pepc Burrows , Ben Evans , Billy Kennedy , Amber...
On another note I got to be Rick Ross hype man tonight, and I got to meet Jon Bones Jones. Super Bowl champion lifestyle
Patriots party with Rick Ross, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and more after win
owner Robert Kraft busted out the dance moves next to Rick Ross after winning
Video: Rob Gronkowski parties with rapper Rick Ross and Flo-Rida
Meek Mills real name is Robert Williams and Rick Ross' real name is William Roberts.” Ah
“Birdman is trying so hard lol Bruh 💀 "he tried to be with me, drake, and even Rick Ross" tf?😂
you and mike Ross b2b ft Curtis Ross the boss and Rick Ross and hugo boss and a little bit of floss
Hustlin’ by Rick Ross, as it’s his birthday. Is there a safe radio edit of that available?😂
Vince Wilfork is 33 years old.dude looks like he's Rick Ross' 58 year old brother.
"Everyday is another opportunity please let it go..." - Rick Ross
"Bosses don't say goodnight, they just stop texting..." - Rick Ross
Wow Fred “Love has had me appreciating R&B more. I don't even listen to Rick Ross again”
Rich Forever Mixtape by Rick Ross will forever be one of those tapes.
Yo Gotti just got to Miami and pulled up to the Yacht with Rick Ross and Meek Mill in Miami. Check out some of the … + The post Photos: Yacht Talk With Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, Meek Mill in Miami appeared first on Yo Gotti Music.
~KiDynamic-Productions~ READ PLEASE . hey Guys New Beat uploaded, Rick Ross Feat Yo Gotti Type Beat , Bangers and Hard Trap , Let me know what you think you ...
Wale_Ambition(ft Meek Mill & Rick Ross) "not too many options when you coming from the Projects"
I wanna get up and go to tha gym so bad kuz I'm bored.but then I have church in some hours! Do I sleep or do I push it to tha limit?! *n my rick ross vc lol smh
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Let me say on record Rick Ross is a disgusting looking creature.
Cop some dope street couture: This track just dropped off of the Mastermind album by Rick Ross. As usual, we support Abel's appearan...
lol you worked at a prison I know they jacked off to you plenty of times.. Lol let me see u n Rick Ross in y'all uniforms
Rick Ross wanna be Blastoise so bad.
Now Playing bawse of all bosses Rick Ross ft K.Michelle dope,dope jam
The Dre Films directed visual from Rick Ross' new album, Hood Billionaire.
If Rick Ross got haters in Africa...then am one of them. Infact am the best hater he got!
Kanye at day. Drake at night. Rick Ross at lunch
Peep this song writing clinic with Rick Ross and Mannie Fresh
Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo - Think Like A Man ft. Rick Ross. Act like a woman & think like a man.
you built like pt Cruiser, you built like terio, you smell like Rick Ross beard.
Jim Jones sides with 50 Cent on Rick Ross beef ...
Is it just us or does Rick Ross have a thing for Minnie Dlamini? Okay, it’s not that serious. The American rapper is c
Rick Ross using Minnie Dlamini’s pic to promote his album.see photos. >>>
The Game - Ali Bomaye (Ft 2 Chains and Rick Ross)... This is the only track 2 Chainz killed.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
He calls himself The Boss, but he has never been No. 1 on the Hip-Hop Cash Kings list. After disputing FORBES' estimates for years, Rick Ross finally sits do...
someone photoshop Matt Grants face onto Rick Ross and make "shoutout to all the bears" the caption
Matt Barnes -- I'm With the Boss ... Parties with Rick Ross -
Jemeker Thompson is every thing Rick Ross wanna be. She was a real deal boss.
Happy Birthday to Attorney General of the US Eric Holder, Billy Ocean (Caribbean Queen), Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon (Retired NBA Baller), Rick Ross, Geena Davis, Placido Domingo and to everyone who is celebrating their birthday today. Have A Happy! Tune In:
I want Harold's chicken. It's more prominent today because I've been listening to Rick Ross.
"You can hear the fat in Rick Ross's voice" . -Sarah
Rick Ross started to look like kimbo slice!
Nieman Marcus of Lima, Ohio releases another remix. This time he delivers Rick Ross and Lil Wayne song titled "Thugs Cry."
In-shape Rick Ross is basically James Hardin minus the busted grill, right?
Garrett Fisher is working out w/his BFF Rick Ross watching... thewodapalooza @ Bayfront…
La voix et le feeling de Meek Mill et de French Montana dans ce clip *soft* Rick Ross, Dj Khaled x the don't love you no more
top 5 mc's in the J Cole Kendrick Lamar Nipsey Hustle Drake Ab-Soul . The Game and Rick Ross are already Greats no need to put them in top5
I might have to go to nick concert everybody heir dej loaf Meek Mill trey songs and I think Rick Ross
This is Rick Ross,people when you read stupid articles some one put out talking about William Roberts and refers...
Going hard like John Wall, tearing up tracks like I'm Rick Ross.
MIX - Cashout, Mac John, Rick Ross, Snootie Wild,…: check out my latest mix
I listen to Gucci, Jhene Aiko, Amy Winehouse, Rick Ross, John Mayer, Jill Scott, and PND all in one setting because God ma…
“Just because I'm a white girl doesn't mean I don't know hip hop, I listen to eminem & Mac Miller all day 💁” Rick Ross & gucci*
Mac Miller got Rick Ross on a colab 🙌
Jay Z, Rick Ross, Kendrick, J.Cole (by leaps & bounds) , Drake, Meek, Mac Miller, Em that's 8 ppl off the top of the head
Mac Miller x Rick Ross - Insomniak. . Man.. i swear there's a part where it sounds like Ross is saying "Ke December" on this track 😂
Every once in a while I get those sobering moments where I kinda trip myself out. I've heard Usher, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Juelz, E40, Ludacris, Bun B, Gucci, Too Short, 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, Rocko, Rico Love, Waka Flocka, DJ Paul, Birdman, Ace Hood, Jermaine Dupri, K Camp, Jim Jones, AWax, Twista and more all rap over my beats. I don't know what I did to recieve these blessings but I thank God every day for sending them my way. Even if my career stopped today, I would be more than happy with what I've accomplished. Man… It's really a trip to me sometimes
Rick Ross wants Mitchell to be dunking in his new music video
NYC we are heading your way!!! Jan 13th - 15th "Freeway" Rick Ross will be announcing with World Bookings, the launch of our literacy tour and AL Jazeera America TV debut of the documentary FREEWAY ‘Crack in the System’ directed by Marc Levin. The 18th Annual Rainbow Push Wall Street Project Economic Summit at the Sheraton Times Square in New York, “Where Wall Street, Main Street, and Silicon Valley Converge,” a new era of Hip Hop will commence as members of the Hip Hop Union and Hip Hop TV join forces. The new partnership, along with a host of other organizations will include the announcement of a movement that will usher in a transformation of quality programming and business models structured to stimulate economic growth and civic responsibility within the Hip Hop Community. The Hip Hop Union’s Five Year Anniversary I AM A CITIZEN Celebration will include 3 days of festivities aimed at honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I AM A MAN Campaign with a vision for universal solida ...
omg I know lol my voice was deep af on that track! Remember . Keisha cole feat Rick Ross 😒 lmfao
Sometimes I feel there is something fundamentally wrong and devastatingly ineffective about the black man! I felt he was being maligned and unexposed to opportunities in Africa, but fast forward, the majority of the black Americans (African Americans)- the descendants of the black man with all the privileges, conducive atmosphere for learning, creation, expansion, invention and opportunities, remain excitable, fun-seeking, uninspiring, non-innovative, unenterprising, uneventful, ornate, momentary, unimaginative, thinkers of now and plain! They rule the world of hip hop ranting noise, vile rap and drug deals, ride in flashy cars, wear expensive blings and live in posh houses, but that is where it ends! No novel creation in the world of technology and thought! I feel there is a deliberate disenablement of the black people by white people such that the generation of black youngsters only have the likes of Late Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa to look up to whilst the young w ...
My new sounds: Chris Brown FT Rick Ross - New Flame Explicit on
Ay so Rick Ross goes out with Ming Lee 😨😍😍😍
But really still on Rick Ross and Ming Lee 😭
as Alberto Del Rio would say to Rick Ross, "It's his DESTINY!"
Nicki & Meek Mill, Wale, Rick Ross and his lady Ming Lee.
I'm loving the whole double date vibe that Ming Lee & Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill are giving me.
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