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Rick Ross

William Leonard Roberts II (born January 28, 1976), better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper.

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P diddy, Rick Ross, and Dj khaled are partying on a Monday night in Miami rn and I'm just sitting here watching American dad lol
Previously: Rick Ross finally granted bail and released from jail - Rick Ross' bond hearing in Fayette County,...
Rick Ross's Name is William Roberts. Meek Mill's name is Robert Williams. Well how about that ��
Rick Ross inspired me to buy a chain restaurant that specializes in Wings.or Panda Express...yeah...Ima do that
I added a video to a playlist Rick Ross - God Forgives I Dont Instrumental
Still one of the hardest beats ever is Rick Ross and Waynes song John
Joe Young to release “Gone till November” on December 31st ft Rick Ross, the Game,…
Watch out for new Mixtape dropping December 31st ft Dave East, Rick Ross, Inkmonstarr, the…
new Mixtape dropping 12/31st ft Dave East, Rick Ross, Inkmonstarr,the Game & more https:…
Rick Ross & Cee-lo X Mama Just Smile is a classic. Best song off of Black Market.
I just wanna see my mama smiles (8). Smile Mama , Smile feat... CEE Lo . Rick Ross 🎶
Kanye, Rick Ross, & Ester Dean has said it from their mouth. Idk why ppl even still try to reach but OK boo
Walmart has removed Rick Ross' album "Black Market" from its stores allegedly due to his rhyme about Donald Trump in song "Free Enterprise"
Literally just listened to Rick Ross' new album but now listening to the Avett Brothers.
Rick Ross' 'Black Market' was allegedly pulled from Walmart over this Donald Trump lyric
Rick Ross's name is William Roberts & Meek Mill name is Robert Williams... There both in MMG... How messed up is that 󾌯
Walmart reportedly pulls Rick Ross' album over assassination line about Donald Trump:
Am I the only person who realize that Meek Mill and Rick Ross has the same name? MEEK= Robert Williams & RICK= William Roberts
Drake the type of guy to call Rick Ross thick instead of fat.
Bet you didn't know Rick Ross's real name is William Roberts, and Meek Mill's real name is Robert Williams...😶
Who else has heard the Adele and Rick Ross remix of hello?! 🤘🏼😍😍
We got Rick Ross saying "seen a man get life n never shed a tear" and Meek Mill out here crying in court over probation -__-
I still find it hilarious that Meek real name is Robert Williams and Rick Ross is real name William Roberts
Rick Ross' Black Dollar is outah space. Am not a fan but gotta give credit where its due. Rick Ross is one dope... this story about Rick Ross tryna sign Emtee to MMG true?
"Take off my shirt and show my abs like I'm Tupac." - Rick Ross
DJ Khaled pulled up to Rick Ross' house on a jetski I'm actually dying 😂😂
If DJ Khaled can somehow navigate home on a jet ski in the pitch black Miami ocean night from Rick Ross's house.. you can get…
Blac Chyna *** think she a master chef, all Rick Ross do is brag about his riches,& idk what type of philosopher Dj Khaled *** think he is😭😭
DJ Khaled went to Rick Ross's house on a jet ski I'm dying look at him waving
dj khaled got stopped by cops while jetskiing 2 days in a row, stopped at Rick Ross's for lunch, and got lost at sea in the dark what a life
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
If I could be any fat person I'd be Rick Ross
Rick Ross and dj khaled deserve best snapchats of the year lmao
I can't believe how absurd DJ Khaleds life is... like dude just rolled up to Rick Ross's house on a jet ski for quesidilla…
16) Who would you rather be stuck on an elevator with Rick Ross & DJ Khaled or Jason & Michael Myers?
Jason peters looking like Rick Ross lost brother
Rick Ross is what Christopher Wallace would have dreamt of becoming
Rick Ross was better when he thought he was Christopher Wallace
Rick Ross' "Black Market" is much better than its early sales might indicate. Review:
Would love to know the production cost of Rick Ross' album. Features Future, Mary J, Mariah Carey, John Legend, Chris Brown and Nas.
I'm not a star, somebody lied -Rick Ross. Hey is that the IOS app your looking at? Is that on desktop version?
There's a box of pears on greenspring valley road.. Omg was Rick Ross here? 😍
😂😂😂 have u seen this. This fool said "Rick Ross size, need our size for the winter"
Prob super late.but can someone explain the beef between Rick Ross and 50 Cent? When did it start? What's wit the animosity?
both of you are Rick Ross the Boss with extra sauce or what
I take back wat i said about Rick Ross. I was hungry. CD is mediocre. Dis *** did Aston Martin Music Pt 3 & recycled a…
The Rick Ross Holiday Gift Guide: A holiday gift guide, based on the wise raps of Rick Ross.
I want a Lil Wayne,Rick Ross album.The chemistry they got is crazy.
Rick Ross confirmed he was dissing Birdman on Color Money and doesn't respect how he has been treating Lil Wayne https:/…
Cody has me so addicted to Rick Ross now. Maybe because there is a song with my name in it? Idk I just love it 😻😻
Rick Ross disses Drake and Meek Mill on new leaked track: I am most definitely HERE FOR THIS.
Rick Ross on new album, Meek Mill and 50 Cent beef - Reading Eagle
I've never met anyone who genuinely likes Rick Ross besides the legend Ted Cavus
Rick Ross is smart as *** w this album man. For real. Casual listeners can't even deny. He has hits w legend ceelo and nas
3 kings by dr.dre, jay z, and Rick Ross is probably one of my favorite songs rn
I think I'm going to use Rick Ross's wise words for my senior quote. "Big fat black *** "
AKA has opened for Kanye, Snoop, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Sean and Lamar in SA. But, he said doing a concert with D'banj w…
This year has been great music wise. All the way from January when Various Badmun dropped Toff Ting right through to Rick Ross' Black Market
I said that Rick Ross was hot just to get Carter's reaction.
Rick Ross 'ends engagement to Lira Mercer after big fight' and he's got the ring back | Daily Mail Online
Rick Ross is waiting to see if he'll be on Kanye West's "SWISH"
Bout to light this cigar sit on my balcony and listen to Rick Ross so I feel like a boss
Rick Ross, G-Easy, Kid Cudi, and Curren$y are all dropping albums tomorrow 😴🔥
Rick Ross "in da club" might've been better then the original lol verse wise
Freeway Rick Ross real name is Richard. Rick Ross the rapper real name is William. Rakim real name is William. A$AP Rocky …
Rick Ross speaking on The Breakfast Club on the Drake diss "Color Money" & his relationship with Lil Wayne & Birdman htt…
Rick Ross' ear for beats and knowing who to use as a feature on a track is top tier.
Rick Ross dissed DMX tho. I need you back King
Rick Ross (riffs on the color green in the latest episode of "Over/Under" 🍐
Cee-Lo Green singing the hook on Rick Ross's "Smile, Mama Smile" is a beautiful thing.
Rick Ross is a very wise business man if he markets that Mariah Carey joint right it goes right along with the lira breakup/make up
never said it did, all I was pointing out is Rick Ross is washed, finished and Done mainstream wise.
Keri Hilson - The Way You Love Me ft. Rick Ross. Touch me! Touch me!
Rick Ross' new album 'Black Market' is available now.. go cop!!
Rick Ross giving us wise mature raps 🔥🔥
yo what's the name of the Rick Ross song where he come at Drake
Amanda: "Why does Rick Ross look like Jumba from Lilo and Stitch?"
Rick Ross just got bodied by a Politician *** ..
Rick Ross dissed the *** out of Drake and Lil Wayne, wowsers. Drake just needs to holla 50 Cent and MMG is over with lol. Wale will back it
Teflon Don & Master Mind is Rick Ross's best albums
Rick Ross sends Drake a message on 'Color Money'
Rick Ross on his new song 'Color Money'
Social media reacts to Rick Ross' Drake diss in "Color Money":
Rick Ross going to make Drake take another break from Views lol
DMX on Rick Ross: "He just talk about eatin. How much can a n*gga eat?"
Drake's favorite politician, Norm Kelly, is coming for Rick Ross!
Drake vs Rick Ross would be a great beef cuz they both actors
anything would look great on the white Rick Ross
Rick Ross is dissing Drake like he won't make a 35 slide power point presentation diss song performance for him too. h…
Rick Ross got bodied by a politician ***
Rick Ross takes shots at both Drake & Wayne on his new record "Color Money"
All purpose parts banner
Rick Ross dissed drake and either bird or Wayne, I actually liked Ross music, this me knowing drake about to end him https:/…
Rick Ross's Fiancé is listening to drake in all her snaps and putting drakes titles in her captions. Like?
"Is that a world tour or your girl's tour?" - Drake. "My lil homie made a million on his girl's tour" - Rick Ross. Girl's Tour C…
Taylor gang or lick Rick Ross titty
Rick Ross, Twista, Kid Cudi, Curren$y and G Eazy are all releasing a project on December 4th.
It's funny, when OG's Rick Ross, Nas, Premo, Pete Rock turn up 4 a interview they re there on time. There no list of questions u can't ask
Rick Ross thought he was slick for remixing in da club 💀💀💀
Rick Ross just lit up Wayne and drake 😭😁😭
Hosted by Sicc & Taylor. Blazin Local & International Tunes. Every Tues 6-9pm. keys to the crib by Rick Ross ft Styles P
You won’t believe the body part Rick Ross got his new tattoos: Is it that there is no more sp...
Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross is still the default song to cruise to
Aston Martin Music // Rick Ross ft. Drake and some chick who's name is a little to long. 🎶
Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross ft. Drizzy Drake will always remind me of being in Lawrence, KS! Esp during bball season... *** :)
Tupac wrote the book of rap. Eminem finished it. Lil Wayne couldn't read it. Macklemore bought it for 99 cents. Rick Ross ate it
Allen just said that my buddha statue looked like Rick Ross 😂
Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross relaxes me everytime, It never gets old.
too busy tryna troll Rick Ross, Vivica Foxx, and French Montana to get his mixtape done. C'mon man, put the vodka down & do music
Yeah man *** even the name "Rick Ross" was copied from the real Rick Ross that was in jail and now it's "Ricky Rosé"
Rick Ross is your version of Godwin’s Law.
Rick Ross tell you this on his Album Mastermind
Morning Notes: Maybe Chip Kelly didn't know the NFL is the Not for Long league. Lovie playing Rick Ross at practice too. "Crank it Glen!"
Morning Notes: Yates isn't afraid of Revis & neither is Hopkins. Fitzpatrick thought he was a fullback. Rick Ross it is. "Crank it Glen!"
I got this Rick Ross and Chris Brown song on repeat!😊
Got to meet Carmelo Anthony ,Chris Bosh , Rick Ross and Ty Dolla Sign at work today
Sorry by Chris Brown and Rick Ross is litterly my life in a song
How clay Matthews have a Gillette endorsement with a Rick Ross beard?
for the song she did with Rick Ross
Listen to Self Made by Wale, Meek Mill, Pill, Rick Ross & Teedra Moses on
Watching "I'm sorry" video and I'm Rick Ross and is Chris Brown 😂😅
sorry won't turn back the clock baby ♫ Sorry (feat. Chris Brown) by Rick Ross —
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Listen to "By Any Means" from Self Made, Vol. 1 by Wale, Meek Mill, Pill & Rick Ross on
Somebody on the tl basically just said Rick Ross is realer than Roc Marciano. FOH
Rick Ross will have some very bad verses but when he gets on tracks with legends, his bar skills multiply x 25. Pretty impressive.
I hope Rick Ross gets domed by another football
I think they're leaning towards Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar. The Kevin Mchales haven't had a top hit since like 86
Dawhon acting like Kevin gates and Rick Ross 😂😂
Listen to Rick Ross & Nas - One Of Us (Dirty).mp3 by Robert Hardy 6 on you ain't hear this!
That Nas and Rick Ross joint is flames
Meek Mill not ugly inuh. He's just nt photogenic. He looked cute in Rick Ross' snaps. Then again, it might be my thing for ugly guys talking
Norman Lear & Rick Ross debating the existence of a War on Christmas is one of the more surreal things I've seen on a TV screen
Patiently waiting on that Rick Ross and Kevin Gates album
Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, and Rick Ross collaborate on 'The Explorer’s Guild'
still catching up. Norman Lear taking down Rick Ross
Larry Wilmore w/guests Norman Lear, Bill Engvall, Rick Ross- Anyone else thinking "Christmas is all about the spirit of giving." RR
Ya familiar with Ming Lee? Ex girl of Rick Ross with her own hair salon and brand called Snob Life?
Rick Ross and Norman Lear on the same *** episode
Rick Ross snapchat will have you reevaluating your whole life mane.
Rick Ross held her face like a double quarter pounder with extra cheese. That’s how you know its true love.
Rick Ross is willing to be friends with 50 Cent if it would end racism:
Now dmx that I would believe the game yup *** even Rick Ross but nick cannon gang toting thug 😒😒stop playing with me
Rick Ross has a pear next to his name on snapchat lool
I see why Rick Ross wanted to wife her up now .lol Rashun S Jones
Days like these are the ones where I am so happy I saw Rick Ross in concert
Rick Ross held her face like a Double Quarter Pounder with extra Cheese ... thats how I know this some true *** love http…
And I was Rick Ross and nick roommate looked like tay diggs 😂😂🤔
Teambreezy really good news new music video "SORRY" Rick Ross ft. Chris…
Lil Wayne and robin thicke. Rick Ross and usher make some bomb collabs
Wiz caught a savage beating this week after he was caught banging Rick Ross's fiancé a few weeks ago… Payback is...
"Black Market open for business, from the poorest to the richest" Renzel aka Riky Rubin motherfvcken Rick Ross.
Just two weeks ago Rick Ross and his girl was everyone's relationship goal. Now look at ya. Don't know who you wanna look up t…
Rick Ross and ole girl is not goals
50 Cent beefed with Rick Ross, Meek Mill & Vivica Fox all in the same week. I aint never seen a *** multi-task that much.
I wonder the emotions the female goes thru when they break up with their man and he says give me back my engagement ring. Rick Ross a savage
I know Rick Ross relieved that Vivica A Fox took some of that heat off him.
50 cent stay biddin' last week it was Rick Ross now it's Vivica Fox 😂😂
50 Cent and Rick Ross reignite their beef on social media
Vivica Fox said 50 Cent is a "booty snatcher". Rick Ross sending her a dozen roses as we speak.
Then when Rick Ross does it. You will be angry. SMH
Messy Monday... Rick Ross is probably somewhere with his feet kicked up, laughing, eating giant plate of lemon...
Why is 50cent fighting with everyone? 😔 it was Rick Ross now he's fighting Vivica A. Fox
Everybody who throws shots at 50 first always loses in the end. Ja Rule, Rick Ross, The Game
50 had time to talk about Ja Rule and Rick Ross, he don't have time to talk about this booty snatcher stuff
50 Cent says Rick Ross is dissing him out of "desperation"
Jason Peters looks like the fat Rick Ross
Rick Ross verse on adeles hello track is on point!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I think Rick Scott and Rick Ross should battle to the death over who should be the next governor of florida
For real, because I will put this to rest. 50 Cent is a hip hop legend. Rick Ross has done nothing but talk spicing drinks. The end.
remember Rick Ross is an Aquarius Ja Rule is a Pisces I know everything about them and all of the signs I'm an expert
if Rick Ross keeps putting out all these freestyles he gonna start looking like Ricky Steamboat
Rick Ross invites 50 Cent to pull up on him ... Says he been waiting for years for it to happen.
Really hope asks Rick Ross about Manuel Noriega (the real Noriega) & why he owes him a hundred favors
. I wonder if Wright Thompson will tell Rick Ross some Clarksdale stories.
Rick Ross try's too hard to be Suge Knight
I ain't know Rick Ross had a titty shirt
Dawg 50 so petty.he got Rick Ross shirts selling *** 😭😭😭😭
Meek: *** nah drake, my album just dropped, I got Nikki, Rick Ross lost hella weight.I'm on top of the world"
Rick Ross is just one huge gimmick. Claims to be Blood, Crip, Gangster Disciple, Black Mafia Family...every gang.
Minnie Dlamini was also earmarked by Rick Ross based on an Instagram post she uploaded last year. Ross is a savage
Just last week, Wendy Williams said Rick Ross won't take Lisa Galore to the altar.
😂Rick Ross installed cameras in Liras apartment & caught her smashin Wiz Khalifa😩 The Security Guard is still in him ht…
Rick Ross been remixing everything lately 👀🔥
1D x Luke Bryan x Keith Urban x Rick Ross x Dave Matthews Band prod. by MetroBoomin with Mike Dean on the keys
Wale signs to Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group. Today in 2011, he drops his MMG debut, Ambition.
For some reason now I'm imagining Ben Franklin rhythmically thrusting into a bird of Prey whilst Rick Ross plays in the background.
now that I'm a general manager, I like to feel as if every Rick Ross that mentions being a boss is speaking right to me.
Rick Ross ft Chris Brown- Sorry... this song really dope, and you can tell Chris went in his feelings for this joint
I'm listening to All About The Money (Remix) (Feat. Young Jeezy & Rick Ross) by on
Listen to Fat Trel Ft. Tracy T x Meek Mill x Rick Ross - Shhh (Remix) by Bangers Only on
Roller Coaster by Luke Bryan featuring Sam Smith by 2 Chainz featuring Rick Ross
Lil Reese f/ Rick Ross – Seen or Saw (Remix): Produced by JDOnThaTrack Reese taps Rozay for the of...
Rick Ross done lost over 300 lbs and now Gucci Mane ditched his signature GUT. Being in shape bout 2 b back in style http…
Lil reese X seen or saw Ft. Rick Ross
Adele "Hello (remix) " ft Rick Ross ain't bad but waiting for another remix of "Hello" with Sam Smith
Blac Chyna's mum comes for Wendy Williams after she says Rick Ross shouldn't marry Lira Galore
Hosted by OG Fillmore Slim and Rick Ross - Junior Jonests - Living Legend
.and making their own music video for Rick Ross' Hold Me Back
I always make her nervous, this records perfect! - Rick Ross
Man of the match for the 2s is for being a general Rick Ross in the middle
I added a video to a playlist Christian Rapper Bizzle Disses Jay-z., Rick Ross and Kanye West
Listen to DJ Khaled - I Dont Play About My Paper ft Future & Rick Ross [CDQ] by NewBangers on
Pharrell re-used the background vocals from Rick Ross' "Presidential" for the song "Alright" on Kendrick's To Pimp a B…
JadaKiss x Rick Ross - Eastern Conference Final by therealkiss
MMG BEEF: Rick Ross affirms Wale’s stay at the label is permanent, Meek Mill clowned
I can literally go from Dave Matthews band to Rick Ross in a second.
Rick Ross, Fabulous, Wale, Chrisette Michelle, Migos, Young Joc, and Lil Jon were on campus in the last 24 hours.. It's not even the weekend
Rick Ross won when he found Lira Mercer... sheesh...
S/O Rick Ross for recording his "We Gon Make It" video at Morgan State in the Hill Field House lol 🐻
Meek Mill to Wale: U not MMG NOMORE! Wale and Rick Ross respond
When Meek Mill said "Wale not in MMG anymore and IM making that call" Rick Ross was like
Meek ain't steal Juice from Lil George and Rick Ross fiance ain't smash his mans.…
The Beautiful Celebrity Supermodel Aaleeyah Petty who has hosted parties with Rick Ross, The Game and…
Chris Lilley and Rick Ross. Never thought we'd (be so lucky to) see the day. 🐢
our uber drivers name was Richard so decided to call him Rick Ross
Rick Ross' verse on take it to the head is the real definition of how a boss flows like
That song by Rick Ross ft. Chris Brown, is deeper than the rap.
That Chris Brown & Rick Ross song been on repeat all morning
This Chris Brown and Rick Ross is smooth
This Chris Brown and Rick Ross track is smooth🎼🔥
This fool looks like the love child of Little Richard and Rick Ross.
". Got on my suede shoes, I'm in a great moodAir baggage claim awaiting miss thang outta St. Louis. - Rick Ross"
Rick Ross shouting out all the pears in his interview was one of the
Every autumn I have to recycle the Rick Ross meme cuz it's
Just got on bus to go to the yacht party to see nas and Rick Ross.
Rick Ross talks New Music with Chris Brown, Scott Storch and more: via
"Shout out all the PEAR! - Rick Ross" and shout out to all of you sexy confessors too ;). We're throwing a...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Wassup with all these bald *** having hair now? Rick Ross, Joe Budden, Jadakiss, next Michael Jordan gone have a Caesar again. 😂
I am Rick Ross in any math related course
Listening to the Rickey smiley morning show Rick Ross so in love it's cute😍
Coming up next on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show we got Rick Ross in the building. Tune in now to 105.3 KJamz to...
Here is 50 Cent's response to Rick Ross calling him "broke"
This is how 50 Cent claps back at Rick Ross calling him broke 😂
Rick Ross went and called 50 cent broke now look what this *** doing
Rick Ross and Lira live life man, all they do is eat good, shop and play around all day .. Like where can I sign up ?
They locked Rick Ross up with no bail but a *** shoot up a whole church and it's oh well
Rick Ross' Deeper than rap album was awesome..!! *100 fire flame emojis*
same Rick Ross isn't worthy of all that
you think she would date Rick Ross if he wasn't a rapper. Absolutely not
Rick Ross got fat *** acting a fool. Humble yourself. You not bout to run game on me boy neither of us running anywhere
Nick Jonas, Rick Ross, Meek Mill Added to Tidal Concert: Nick Jonas and rappers Rick Ross, Meek Mill and French Montana have been add...
Rick Ross got some time worthy music.
Update your maps at Navteq
"Bbgs face longer than the time it took for Rick Ross to jump on the Devil in a New Dress "
Rick Rubin and Rick Ross are the Bill Paxton/Pullman of the music world for me.
I find it interesting that Rick Ross bought Holyfield's old mansion and 50 own Tyson's old mansion lol
Rick Ross is coming next month. Let me get my wedding dress ready.
Rick Ross' first tattoo was a dollar sign and now he's rich. My uncle's first tattoo was an anchor and now he lives on a houseboat. Plz RT
Rick Ross need to get lira galore a stylist lol she dress so reg
Best rap verse of all time is Rick Ross on devil in a new dress. No one comes close. Maybe Nicki on monster tho
you could be Rick Ross but don't let her be Taylor Swift cuz then I'll hafta be Mr. StealYoGirl.
You have to see these pups recreating Taylor Swift and Rick Ross covers.
"Not to dwell on the past but to keep it real I gotta represent fro EMMITT TILL!"- Rick Ross
Tarrus Riley thought she was royal worthy of respect Rick Ross took her home n she aint evn know it I call that date rape but hey! He a boss
2pac was a ballerina. Nas never Sold coke. Rick Ross was a Cop, the Only Real *** we got left is Taylor Swift.
My new life goal is to be like Rick Ross
The cover art for Rick Ross' new collabo single "Sorry" feat Chris Brown.
Rick Ross & Chris Brown dropped a single but the best part is the Scott Storch production 🔥🔥. …
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Rick Ross takes a huge shot at 50 Cent: "Get rich or die trying and now you bankrupt."
Not one person can tell me Rick Ross is a real life gangster.. My son Chris Brown turn up more then them..
Rick Ross says Drake is a great artist and Meek Mill is the STREETS.
Rick Ross mixtape that just came out so slept on smh
Rick Ross is on a *** roll. He dropped a super dope mixtape, a couple dope songs afterwards and now got an album coming out in December.
About to check out new music from Lil Wayne, Mobb Deep, Rick Ross, Sam Smith, Disclosure, Avicii, Logic
Rick Ross confirms Meek Mill is making some of the best music of his life!!! DC4 gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rick Ross says "If you think Meek Mill got Bodied by Drake.. U BUGGIN!"
Rick Ross says a lot of words, but he doesn't say anything...
Amp is Rick Ross. His past shows that he’s catfished and was a pastor. He ignores it and pushes so much filth & podcast that we ignore it.
Why do Americans rappers love giving rings to squad beats? I don't get it. Rick Ross just proposed to that 😂
Watch the Music video Rick Ross - Money Dance. Directed by Hype Williams.
Rick Ross should have been nominated for an Oscar for his performance on Deeper Than Rap.
kmt it's like comparing kendrick and Rick Ross. Kendrick/2 Pac better but Ross/Biggie made better tunes
Rick Ross liberates another new video titled 'Geechi Liberace'. Watch it here:
Is it weird that I actually like Rick Ross hes a great rapper lol
Remember when Rick Ross thought he was Mc. Hammer, Big Meech and Larry Hoover?
Love The Way you lie by Katy Perry featuring Rick Ross
That time Rick Ross tried to moonwalk...
Mrs.William Leonard Roberts III 💯👫🔐💗 I'm OD in LOVE with Rick Ross act like Yall know 😌💁🏽
Professor Griff on Jay Z, Rick Ross, Illuminati, and How Chuck D Gave him his name bling now.
Ready for Rick Ross and puffy juice tonight 👌 @ Liberty Theatre Ticket Corp
if someone has a stage them by it lmao u not calling Rick Ross and Meek Mill Robert Williams and William Roberts
that time Rick Ross tried to moonwalk
Check out Stephen Hill Clarifies Rumors on the Rick Ross and Young Jeezy Scuffle
William Roberts shouldn't ever be addressed as Rick Ross again
More responsible for the diffusion of the phrase "thus far": Richard Kiel in Happy Gilmore or Rick Ross?
We got to hear Rick Ross on that Big Rings remix though
Rick Ross mood changed...time for 18
Listen to Cassie | "Numb" ft Rick Ross by Bad Boy Entertainment on
Rick Ross gets engaged to girlfriend Lira Mercer
The new Mac Miller, Chief Keef, Rick Ross, and Migos all gotta get spins
"is this where Rick Ross got his pears?" LMFAO
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