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Rick Ross

William Leonard Roberts II (born January 28, 1976), better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper.

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Rick Ross is a highly questionable man
- \uD83C\uDF82 still fat it's on Rick Ross. htt…
Fitness goal= parkour . Current level= a mix between Rick Ross and Sheldon cooper . Got quite a ways to go, but gotta aim high right?
Rick Ross said he wants to look his killer in the eye. Is Ronald McDonald even alive anymore??
Come and meet the real Rick Ross, notorious drug kingpin. He will speak at STAND UP ARIZONA, An anti- gang, drug,...
If you put MC Ride, Kimbo Slice and Rick Ross in a line, they'd look like a pokemon evolution.
High *** Nick and cocaine ain't got nothing on Rick Ross aka Tim in Akron.
Nick Cannon doin big things with Rick Ross on his show
Our next pick up is Rick Ross record which appeared on
Rick Ross – Rich Is Gangsta - According to the self-made bawse, Ricky Rozay, rich is gangsta.
Meek Mill ft Rick Ross -Rich Porter. Been listening to this song back to back the whole weekend ..
I would die after 3 miles..the two mile loop had me like Rick Ross huffin nd puffin no lie...them *** hills
Teflon Don is Rick Ross's magnum opus and he will never top it.
Rick Ross has the entire Delaware State University crowd hands in the air: via
On graduation day can I get a walk song ? .. Deciding between Rick Ross - "hustlin" or Bill Joel - "Piano Man"
when the REAL Rick Ross is ur Godfather,you're a *** savage! Plus he shot a dude. GM OVER
Update your maps at Navteq
Rick Ross quit Albany State football team after two weeks...
Horrible Rapper Rick Ross all he do is grunt "huh", they gotta blur that *** chest *** gonna be the first rapper…
Ionno who answers a question without answering it at all better, Rick Ross or Nicolas Sarkozy.
OK, so now it's Rick Ross' fault your bills are not paid? Today at 5 pm on FOX 26 news! @ Sam Houston…
Adrien Broner got a tune with Rick Ross lol
Why would Rick Ross do a song with Adrien Broner ?
The Tim Allen grunt os like the white prequel to Rick Ross grunt
Rick Ross is one motivated dude forsure big ups to
I bet your breath smells like Rick Ross's gym shorts you *** eating savage
she looks like Rick Ross with Down syndrome anyways
Rick Ross speaks on Meek Mill's prison sentenced, which was hand down on Friday.
"Rick Ross comments on Meek Mill's jail sentence
Rick Ross comments on Meek Mill's jail sentence
Lil terios in the 'they don't love you no more' video with French, Rick Ross n Meek Mill n Dj Khaled 😭😭 as if
Dj Khaled ft Meek Mill, Rick Ross and Jay z. They don't love you no more video is on point. ..tooo nice. Boss style.
Hold You Down. In the wake of Meek Mill’s current bid, Maybach Music boss Rick Ross, issued a statement to MTV regarding his artist’s incarceration. Dreams Are Worth More Than Money still on the way. “I created MMG years ago, my desire was to create a space where the most talented artists in the wor
Rick Ross asks for support for Meek Mill, gives an update on "Dreams Worth More Than Money."
I will say this again..Young Thug is nice...Meek Mill snaps on everything...Rocko My favorite rapper...Never hearda wack song from Miguel...Never Heard a wack verse from Drake...Rick Ross really is the boss he move like baby used to move back in the day...SD and lil durk are the only ones wit real talent coming out of GBE and that whole 300 movement.T.I.P aint as nice as he used to be.LiL Boosie is todays pac...Andre 3k is the best rapper out and maybe the BEST EVER...if you argure with that you. well you just you i guess...
Produced In Osun by Rauf"Bag of money (REMIX) Pastor E.A adeboye feat. Rick Ross and Bishop Oyedepo"
Chillin with DIRTY RED an old Broward county rapper..Cash Money Record, Rick Ross, Plies, and a few many artists know who I'm talking about
I'm convinced Rick Ross had gastric bypass surgery.
Monique (Nikki Parker) and Rick Ross use to put on for the Fattys. They left yall big *** standing there
I hate when fat celebrities get skinny. Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Fat Joe, Big Boi, & Rick Ross is gettin there. Is' up to DJ Mustard & Khaled
Is how I was rell taking Chris Rock serious and wanted to know what headphones Rick Ross had 😳
Hot chicken dinner with the Rick Ross cover band
Rick Ross looking like Mo Farah these days
Chris Brown ft Usher and Rick Ross- new flame. So inlove with the track
Rick Ross ending the Meek Mill and Wale fight...
Rick Ross ending the Meek Mill and Wale feud...
Meek and Wale bouta be at Rick Ross crib like
Dj Khaled- They Dont Love You No More ft French Montana, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Jay-Z. . . Hova killed it even though he aint in the video
Dj Khaled Ft: French Montana, Jay Z, Meek Mill & Rick Ross - They don't love no more
sing for me Elijah Blake feat Rick Ross
So just quoted Rick Ross out the blue. I said "You think you're cool?" & she said "Larry Hoover".
thugpography, kanye west, yeezy, Rick Ross, Ricky Rozay, Typography, devil in a new dress, my beautiful dark twis...
"Paranoid I'm walking round butt naked with my choppa *** Rick Ross has no chill 😂😂😂
New flame_ChrisBrown ft usher n rick ross [Verse 3: Rick Ross] Homeplate, world series, how a *** sliding in her Baby, I'm a boss, I'm talking George Steinbrenner Panamera, Yogi Berra, my two-seater Derek Jeter Got more stripes than all these *** Babe Ruth balling in a Beamer Collar on my Polo, kisses on my necklace All my diamonds watching, now my watches getting jealous Smoking on a bomb in my autograph LeBron's Yeah, she told me I'm the one, that's when I only hit it once
I wanna ride around with while we listen to Aston Martin Music // Rick Ross
Bumpin' Rick Ross with my driver at 7am, Life is good
Is Ricky Rozay aka Rick Ross aka big Buddha (my name for him) going to replace Stevie J on the next season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?
I really wanna go see Keisha and Rick Ross think ima go gotta go get my ticket
Rick Ross Offers any person utilised this?
have you heard this smooth cover of song Amsterdam If you liked plz follow RT
If your against the illuminatti then you should unfriend Drake Lil wayne Tyga Nicki minaj Chris Brown Bow wow Jay-z Kanye west Ti J Cole Rick ross Meek Mills and all the celebs on your page because thier all with the illuminatti why would you have them on your friend list if your against the illuminatti l dont get it
Sanctified Rick Ross ft Kanye west n big Sean   10% Off
Music video by Rick Ross performing War Ready (Explicit). ©: Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
. My boy Lil B say he look like Rick Ross! 😂😂
helll yes🎉 I'll be inviting rick Ross round for tea 🍼🍼
“The way I was singing along to rick ross and that last night terrible” You might as well propose to him
Hope Ant know I was trying to make the Rick Ross grunt 😂😂😂
Wait I thought there was only one Rick Ross at our church there's two now ***
Rick Ross and Meek Mill been running the game since kids LOL
They are USA, we are RSA They have Kendrick Lamar, We have Rebecca Malope They have Rick Ross, we have Khaphela They had Luther King jnr, we had Tata Madiba They have Tom&Jerry, We have Gundi No Mazwi They Twerk, Siyayi Tjukutja They have YMCMB, we have Kalawa They Have Illuminati, we have Abathakathi They have Buggati, We have Gusheshe They have Rihanna, We have Zahara
This old pic of Rick Ross look just like Xavier Simpson.
“I've released my autobiography! You can purchase your copies now at | RT” THE REAL RICK ROSS
00 They are dropping more names than a $10 Snitch: Nelly, Drake, Kevin Durant, Rick Ross and NBA star James Harden…Read 2 reports below: Reports Wet Paint: Guys, there seems to be trouble in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta paradise for stars Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez. It looks like reliving Stevie’s s…
Rick Ross and Warren Sapp are the same person right?
Am a gangstar.he is made of 8 FIGURES.nd he is d bigest BOSS.I presnt 2 u RICK ROSS
while dissing P. Diddy and Rick Ross, 50 Cent gets possessed by an illuminati demon live on the radio
I'm looking at Rick Ross's new tat...smh! It's gonna be some ugly folk walking around here looking like mildew and they get old. What's wrong with skin?! My god. Keep it tasteful. True...I want one, but to tat up my face...ummm no. I don't get it.
Rapper Rick Ross, who recently lost 100 pounds, is reportedly the father of Joseline Hernandez’s baby. Her being pregnant is not the problem – the fact that she is married to Stevie J is! Ross, worth an estimated $35 million, has allegedly been… [ 156 more words. ]
I wanted to go to Rick Ross's cookout, he describes food so good! He said...I got these lemon pepper wangs on the grill! Ummm! Boss! Pass me a couple of those parmesan sliders! Ummm! Boss! Lol! Rick Ross gotta have 2 cookouts, one for us n one for him! (everything he makes, he taste) beyonce voice he been tasting,he been tasting, cant keep his mouth off lemon pepper wangs! Lol Um Boss!! =)
Say you hate Eminem one more time! you lame Afro Jack, rick Ross, chief keef fan. Δ
UNIVERSE MIAMI'S DJ RADAMAS Legendary Miami DJ CEO and Co Founder of Universe Network Television RADAMAS "SOUTH FLORIDA'S FAVORITE " 954 Magazine "PARTY LIKE THE ANCIENT ROMANS WITH DJ RADAMAS" Miami Sunpost Radamas knows no boundaries and remains spectacularly undefined. Born in the Bronx and raised in Queens, this New Yorker is no stranger to the streets. He followed in the footsteps of his father, a latin jazz musician who along with his mother, encouraged Radamas to pursue that which was in his blood. Although the genre he identifies with is extremely different from his father's, his passion for music is in no means diminished. His family and community instilled a deep pride in the cultural blend of his Puerto Rican and New York City heritage. Transcending beyond race and culture, Radamas finds his diversity and ability to unite the crowd to be instinctive. He doesn't need to work hard at what is as natural to him as breathing. Radamas has become one of the most well rounded DJs to hit the scene. Star ...
LAFF_OUT_LOUD!!! My Dear Ghanaians Its church, not 'Chech'. Pastor, not 'pastar'. Doctor, not 'Dactar'. My fellow Nigerians Its bath, not 'baff'. Our currency is called Naira, not 'narrah'. My dear Edo people, Its argument, not 'ajument'. My dear Yorubas, Its Air, not 'hair'. Eight, not 'hate'. Its Van Persie, not 'Fan Persin'. Its not Yearport, its Airport My dear Ibadan peeps Its not 'sun tissu', its Sean Tizzle! Its not 'siro' but zero! My dear Hausa people Its fifty, not 'pipty'. Its people, not 'fiffle'. Its five, not 'pipe'. Glo, not 'gilo'! Seriously it is 'Tuface weds Annie Macauley', stop saying 'Toothpaste weds Animal calling My Anambra people Its actually 'MTN' and not 'NTM'! Its 'Bread' and not 'Blead' Its 'Floor' and not 'Fror' Its 'Compound' and not 'Yart' Its 'Plenty' not 'Prenty' Its 'Rich' not 'Lich' Its 'Anambra' and not 'Anambla' My dear Calabar peeps Kindly note its love and not 'rurf'. My Benue people Its not 'Lick Loss', its 'Rick Ross'. My Igbo people there is nothing like 'thaaasan ...
Rick ross got yall tryna be a boss... I'm just tryna make it Eastwood
"No Rick Ross, no more dog food for you!" -Dylan
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Big stomach' looking like a broke Rick Ross...need that top hit single to ballance things
"Rick Ross got bars but *** just can't respect him cuz he stole a *** name and his whole lifestyle" -Nelson
Tf. I just heard that Rick Ross got Jocelyn from pregnant. I know Stevie Jay flippen lmao
The sudden use of Rick Ross in the Django Unchained soundtrack really threw me off
Martin had a dream, Kendrick had a dream, Rick Ross has dream!
Nick Cannon has as much business playing Richard Pryor as Rick Ross does starring in a Esther Rolle biopic.
Photoset: mtv2: Rick Ross helped Nick Cannon kick off the new season of ‘Wild ‘N Out.’ You can watch the...
Watched last night. And seems like to me, Nick Cannon was scared last night to go against Rick Ross.
1 Million Views and Counting!!! New Flame (Audio) by Chris Brown ft. Usher and Rick Ross
please sample Rick Ross , John legend Magnificent and also with jay z and John lengend Free mason
Rick Ross is so fly he dissed Nick Cannon ft Nick Cannon lol that was hilarious
He said Rick Ross is so fly (How fly is he) He made a diss record about Nick Cannon.. Featuring Nick Cannon 😂😂
Drakes Verse only RT"Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross still rides"
"Rick Ross is so fly, he made a diss song about Nick Cannon...featuring Nick Cannon." -
Rick Ross has been forced to defend a controversial lyric involving Trayvon Martin found on his upco[...]
Nick Cannon's gonna need a bigger belt for Rick Ross' big ***
They say Rick Ross is so fly how fly is he he made a dis song about Nick Cannon but he still featuring Nick Cannon lol
I wonder if Rick Ross knows that Big Meech is a real gangster? He's gotten many rappers stomped the ef out from his prison cell lol.
How many gotdamn Trayvon Martin lines is Rick Ross gonna make before somebody tells him to shut up?
G-Eazy ft. Remo & Rick Ross – “I Mean It (Remix)” [Listen]: G-Eazy is riding the high of debuting his new albu...
Where else can you get John Boehner, Barack Obama, Rick Ross, Lorde, R, Kelly, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Ray Daniels (VP of...
I am so fed up with Rick Ross and his fat *** grunting
Lana Del Ray is the Rick Ross of hipsterdom and I love it.
Listernin to Ace hood ft Rick Ross n Future awake in a new buggati
Am in a Hippitty-Hoppity mood this week, Rick Ross, Dj Khaled, Drake, Ace Hood, Lil Wayne, etc.takin care of sumthin. Happy Tuesday my Niggaz! lol
Subscribe to my new channel for the newest videos Kevin Hart Clowns On Floyd Mayweather, Rick Ross, 2 chainz Stev...
To be honest the BET Awards could have been better like performances by Kid Ink,Sevyn streeter,Meek Mills,Rick Ross,Tamar Braxton,Rihanna,Justin timberlake and lil boosie
Sad for today's kids getting Rick Ross talking about Maybachs when we had Grace Jones, Adam Ant, Miles Davis & Devo plugging Honda scooters.
you smell like Rick Ross under titty and lemon pepper wing sauce
Brain moving slower than Rick Ross' metabolism.
Salon headline: "Chris Rock mocks Rick Ross" Prof. Henry Higgins suggests you repeat that 20 time a day to get rid of your accent.
Watch Chris Rock riff on Solange, Rick Ross and Donald Sterling at last night’s
New flame - Chris Brown x Usher & Rick Ross. Breezy's back and it feel so *** good. I can't wait his album ! 😍🎶
Hot Or Not??: Chris Brown FT. Usher/Rick Ross - New Flame: New Music from breezy and he brought Usher and Rick...
Chris Brown ft usher & Rick Ross - new flame came out yesterday..don't think I've stopped listening to it since
O. . . . . . M . . . . G . :-O :-O new song ... Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross – New Flame mp3 out now.. :-) Robin Thicke – Paula album ..out now... And and and :-O David Guetta – Lovers on the Sun [EP] album.. Pani out.. :-O :-* :-* :-)
Fresh off the stage at the BET Awards, Chris Brown unleashes his brand new single “New Flame” featuring Usher and Rick Ross. Breezy spots a pretty young thing and decides to make her his new boo. “Baby come and get it / Try a new thing and let’s spark a new flame,” he sings before Ursh lays on the charm. Chris’ album X is also expected to feature appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, and Kelly Rowland. Spark up the fellas’ fiery collabo below.
So class. What did we learn tonight? Pharell thinks it's cool to wear uggs Jhene is a studio artist Red plaid is in for dudes Usher still cool raccoon hat and all JHud though! Lupita don't do EBT awards And neither does Bey and Jay Robin Thicke had a root put on him OR Paula dingy *** got that snapper Nicki don't like Iggy Phylicia Rashad = timeless beauty Yolanda Adams murdered Lionel Richie's song right in front of him Chris Rock has issues August crybaby *** can sing live Trey can't *Add to your notes* Busta needs to ask Rick Ross what he's doing to lose weight. Weezy ignant although I don't think he had anything playin through the ear buds. And his daughter growing up to be a lil ratchett Debra Lee had a better entrance and actually looked like she owns a network. Anything I forgot to cover?
Chris Rock is about to get his *** kicked after this show. And then Rick Ross will sit on him afterwards.
Lol “I'm just waiting to wake up tomorrow to the TMZ headline Rick Ross snuffed Chris Rock at an after party.”
This *** Chris Rock gone get jumped by Rick Ross, T.I and Mike Tyson when he try to leave. 😂
Is it me or has Chris Rock gone in on Rick Ross the entire show?
He been blowing down on Rick Ross fat *** all day
*** .. Rick Ross is gonna wish there was an LA No Fly Zone that would've kept him out of tonight's show.
While hosting the 2014 BET Awards, Chris Rock has taken several shots at Rick Ross throughout the entire show. I wonder if it will continue or not?
That new song with Chris Brown nd usher nd Rick Ross a hit
Yo where is Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, Mike Will Made it, Rick Ross and Drake. would have been exciting
Rick Ross, T.I., Floyd, Mike, etc gonna whoop Chris Rock *** when the show over watch!
*** Rick Ross is going to be the first to die from Breast Cancer.
We use to watch the BET awards with April every year and listen to her talk junk about Rick Ross 😂😂 that's back when she loved us 😭
Outkast, Rick Ross, Redman, Method Man, The Roots and my man Dougie E. Fresh shut the night down. Even…
Celebs and news Rick Ross arrested in North Carolina - New York Daily News: New York Daily NewsRick Ross arres...
BET Experience Concerts at Staples Center June 27-29th Fresh off of EDC and Beachbody's Coaches Summit in Las Vegas last week, Visions not resting on their accomplishments with Lighting, Video and Rigging at this weekends' 3-night star-packed concerts for the BET Experience at the Staples Center with performances by Outkast, Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott, Maxwell, Jennifer Hudson, Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky, Trey Songz. The rig was designed by Todd Roberts with lighting operation by Brandon Dunning and Video led by Jairo Ortiz. Master Electrician was David Molner with Assistant Electricians Shuan Grout and Braedy Benjamins Load in for this massive rig was on the first show day, Friday, so it needed to go in quick for sound checks beginning at 1:00p.m. The entire Visions crew stepped up to make it happen: Rick Prather, Colin Johnson, Rafa Avila, Canin Campbell, Rudy Crabajal, Daniel Baca, Christopher Villegas and Aldo Parenti all on hand to make sure it got up in time. Thank you to our warehouse crew headed up by . ...
Rick Ross arrested in North Carolina for failing to appear in court: Rapper Rick Ross was arrested Friday nigh...
Rick Ross arrested after concert in North Carolina
Can you imagine if I actually took care of all Rick Ross dry cleaning !'
Rick Ross arrested after concert in North Carolina:
Rick Ross was arrested in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Friday night because he allegedly missed a court date...
I'm going to the BET AWARDS Pre-Party with RICK ROSS & MA$E performing live TONIGHT at BELASCO night…
Hitting up Rick Ross party in a few
Lmao that rick Ross moon walking gif is hella funny
Rapper Rick Ross arrested after concert in US because of prior marijuana case
Rapper Rick Ross out on bail following arrest after N.C. concert
Let's all pray 🙏 to the man ⬆️ above that Rick Ross keeps his shirt on
Hope that *** Rick Ross keep his shirt on this time during his performance on the Bet awards
Rick ross is my new favorite rapper
I'm at for A$AP Rocky, Rick Ross, OutKast, K. Michelle and 4 more
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not the time to be listening to Rick Ross.
Me and rick ross have been through so much.
Sanctified x Rick Ross is the stuff
Birdman & Rick Ross Releasing Joint Album “The H” - This has been in the works since 2008, and...
[5] And is that Rick Ross in the corner? No, it's a 25-story furry blue monster that they call "Groverfield!" MmMMM!
Rick Ross arrested, released after U.S. concert: Rapper Rick Ross has been released after his arrest following a...
“Rich Is Gangsta”: Review Of Rick Ross' 'Mastermind' - Somewhere in the 10-gallon...
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Rick Ross mentions it a lot in his songs too
Rick Ross killed it! enjoying this concert with my girl
Rick Ross sound too sweet turnt all the way up
waiting for OutKast to perform! Besides Rick Ross, that's all I care about!
I think Action Bronson and Rick Ross should sumo wrestle
lemme start saving my money, cuz Rick Ross is coming here in August & the show is w|in my birth week.
& Maloney f/ Rick Ross & - Experience the 1st single from Interruption
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Rick Ross good show but u gotta like, say more lyrics. He do like 1 verse per song all back-up vocals. I ain't come 2 hear ur hype man rhyme
had enough rick Ross to last me a lifetime
Rick Ross be like "I'm breathing like I weigh 1000 pounds"
Rick Ross arrested after concert in North Carolina.
Sergio Romo's slider crushed like Rick Ross eating at White Castle. Why do the Reds give us so many fits?
posted by Keith Combs June 29 GREENSBORO, N.C. — Rapper Rick Ross was arrested Friday night after his performance at the SuperJam concert in Greensboro. Ross, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II, 38, faces a charge o…
all of the major rap artist that come through louisville ky and mf's keep puttin money in they pockets... but aint signed one artist lol thats why niggaz like trick trick dont let niggaz like rick ross get ANY money in detroit... gotta give in order to receive
Rick Ross concert at the Staples Center. It's too Hype up in here
So I'm at this party right. I'm playing something by Rick Ross and this girl says "Can you change it?" I change it to Ant Dent song feat Cib Franknitti V.I.P and she was like "I don't know what that is but keep it playing I like it" White chick said this lol
Rick Ross performed, Young Thug, Kid ink, Yo Gotti & some other people I forgot lol
I heard Rick Ross loss 100lbs, damnn I would slick be mad if I lost that much weed brahhh 😩😂😂
Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Allderdice is like Rick Ross' Rich Forever. The album that never was...
Adrian Broner feat Rick Ross-40...Sies this beat is disgusting,what?!!you will def blow your speakers
"Don't lose your soul chasing that pot of gold." - Rick Ross - Paradise Lost
hehe messiah saves only God does the 4givin part Quit being Rick Ross "God forgives...i DONt!"
&this woman gotta voice like Rick Ross but looks like Kelly Rowland
Let kids see Rick Ross combing Maleek’s chest hair & avoiding Fleece Johnson all day. Make REAL CHANGE.
We fuk to Rick Ross while I'm still rock'n my Rick Owens.
Rick Ross looks like the ghetto version of fat *** from Austin powers lol
Who all on the other than Rick Ross and Yung Berg?
Rick Ross suck his word play to basic I feel like his lyrics should had develop
The fact that Rick Ross on crime in the d! 😂😂😂😂 Lol why you though u was gone get away with NOT paying trick trick. So funny stuff! 😂😩💀
if Rick Ross tryna do it in Detroit he gotta check in to Trick Trick first, that's how young berg got caught up
Rick Ross could lose a fist fight to Young Berg and still be >>>> 50 and *** near 95% of rap
Harrison is drinking the magical Rick Ross moob sweat
Rick Ross gon pull a Uncle Iroh on us one summer and get swole as ***
I want John Mayer to sing his own special version of "You The Boss" by Rick Ross and Nicki Manji or w/e on my 34th birthday
All rappers collaborate for one song of nothing but their "hype noises" through the entire track. Lil John: What?. Rick Ross: Boss!. Gucci...
Rick Ross is his own Madame Tussaud's statue
The violence will not stop.Y? Because we crave it..We have allowed it to seep into our fabric as a people... Everyone screams Stop The Violence, but how many of us tolerate or condone violence at every chance we get? Love hearing about it or speaking on it? Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Bad Girls Club, Love & Hip Hop, Maury...The european model of society has turned us all into murderers. So if I kill, our system says I should be killed? Think about that..We can never expect civility when we are following barbarians...
Shaped like 2009 Rick Ross with 2Chainz facial structure, and Yung Berg's wallet, but you talk down to Blk women? You hustlin backwards.
Dj Khaled rounded up the troops to shoot a music video for his latest single, “They Don’t Love You No More”, featuring Jay Z, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and French Montana off his upcoming eighth studio album. After giving us a look on the set with some behind-the-scenes pictures, Khaled follows up today
Rick Ross live in concert Saturday July 5 2014 at the greenville civic event center 1310 cedar lane…
Rick Ross live in concert on Saturday July 5th at the Greenville Civic Event Center 1310 cedar lane rd…
today at the verizon store I changed all the backgrounds on the iphones to Rick Ross just to add some spunky flare 🐩
"Not to dwell on the past but to keep it real i gotta represent for Emmett Till"- Rick Ross. I feel you
I told Lamont Dixon I was gonna put this out there to the group! Need more workout tunes on the playlist top 10 workout tunes?? Mine are Get up(mary mary), Go hard(kanye n t.pain),Never scared( bone crusher),Im the man(Aloe blacc),What what(norega),Across 110st(bobby womack),Cowboy(kid rock),By any means(maybach music),Mercy(kanye n others),Big meets larry hoover(Rick Ross) give me some good ones!
Rick Ross not slick “(415): While we were having sex he asked me if I wanted to get wingstop after. I think I found my future husband
Jennifer Lopez has a teaser to her new single 'Worry No More' featuring Rick Ross ..Check out th
Rick Ross ft. Chrisette Michele and Drake _ Aston Martin Music. This track still goes in hard!
Interesting opinion piece in The Sacramento Bee re politics, and dogma. The writer, Rick Ross,...
Jesus Christ, King Solomon, Brody Jenner, Rick Ross, Scott Disick, and Chris Paul are all somewhat of my idols.
-       Florida rapper to headline concert on Friday 15th August     St. Kitts and Nevis – Tuesday June 10th 2014: The Biggest Party in Sport just got Bigger! The Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) has today confirmed that hip-hop superstar, Rick Ross, will headline one of the biggest concerts ever seen in St. Kitts and Nevis, during CPL Finals Week.   The multi-million selling rapper will top the bill at the concert, to be held at Warner Park Football Stadium on Friday August 15th, the night before the CPL final. The Miami rapper will bring yet more international star quality to the high octane cricket tournament, which boasts some of the most exciting players on the planet, as well as Hollywood shareholders, Mark Wahlberg and Gerard Butler.    “Rozay” has scored five Number 1 albums in the US and collaborated with the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake, and fans will be hoping to see him perform some of his biggest hits, including The Boss, Aston Martin Music, and Nobody, from his ...
Ask a Boss: Rick Ross offers up advice on sex tapes, jerks at work and the finest weed:
WEST COAST MUSIC INDUSTRY HONORS.Freeway Rick Ross Ross attended high school at Susan Miller Dorsey High School in Los Angeles. He played for the tennis team, but was unable to secure a college scholarship due to his illiteracy. The nickname Freeway came from Ross' ownership of several properties along the Los Angeles-area Harbor Freeway as well as the existence of a freeway near his childhood home. According to an Esquire magazine October 2013 article titled "Say Hello to Rick Ross,"
Although he’s currently involved in ongoing legal battles with LMFAO and the original Rick Ross, he’s preparing to launch his new album Mastermind (which is being mixed by Diddy), and continues to build his Maybach Music Group empire, which is home to Meek Mill, Wale, Omarion, Gunplay, Wale, Triple C’s, Masspike Miles, Magazeen, Teedra Moses, Stalley, DJ Scream, French Montana, Fat Trel and Rockie Fresh. Stay tuned.
Play Tears of Joy by Rick Ross at my homegoing celebration.
uhh mehn i love this song die.:)"Pandemonium" (feat. Meek Mill, Wale) 3 passports, 3 first class tickets to the money straight flights [Rick Ross] I live by the cold war drove from round the globe all I need is a kilo, a apron, show me the stove general electric, perfected, cooking them O's no more peanut butter sandwiches, now we looking at loaves *** I need a condom for my toast, busting in these *** standing flat footed, I'm on my toes froze, pandemonium overdose paparazzi in the trees, please curtains closed Armadillo cigars, killers who like to play golf preparing with transactions, with russian shots of the smirnoff playing for keeps I buss in 'em 'fore she get off I run the city just pull up and drop the kid off welcome to organised crime money got me excited, I'm coming four or five times the '45 for you *** with 9 lives Penthouse on college, money long as Ocean drive black Chevy Tahoe's, Hatians up out the ? my place spacious, smoking aces in Lagos Feds get involved, I'm slipping off in t ...
Spurs got shooters out the D League 😂😂😂 "Rick Ross voice"
Mccants just snitching because he finished (in Rick Ross voice)
They Tryna win in my Rick Ross voice "By Any Means"
real talk I would never forget what he taught us when we throw the javelin or shot put 😂 the Rick Ross voice 😂😂😂😂
I bet you if Rick Ross or Kanye a&r'd or executive produced an album for him he'd have a smash on deck
Rick Ross - The Devil Is A Lie (Audio) (Explicit)…: The hatin is flagrant, make your free throws...
I mean Rick Ross has *** like a woman so it was kinda similar
Im a boss like Rick Ross I wanna be rich forever
have your chance to see the beautiful Jhene Aiko & Rick Ross along with other surprise artists 😉…
The song Monster by Kanye would be better if Rick Ross didn't decide to completely butcher it
Why Rick Ross ain't tell nobody he in Houston?
Just ordered some lemon pepper wings. Rick Ross is going to send me a blessing tomorrow.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Rick Ross might have canceled but I'm so glad 3OH!3 could make it!
How come rick ross always talks about food in his songs?
Shadee Doe is part of Rick Ross Music Group... click this link here.
I like MassPikes Miles music ever since I heard him on Rick Ross mixtape and that " Love Drunk " track
I ain't Rick Ross but I love gunplay! *** called it off but I pulled up anyway!
My mom only knows who jayz and Kanye are so talking to about rick Ross makes me ...
I got 6 Rick Ross songs off top for this scene"look like he bout too go sell cocaine in Jamaica..
“Rick Ross be getting on every track” he gettin cold tho fr
I really would've preferred Rick Ross not on this song the weeknd did it by himself 😒
or has a new song out called 'Finals 2'
New Music: feat. most of and 'Finals 2'
listen to devil is a lie by Rick Ross & Jay-Z and listen to Jay-Z part
Khris Jenner hang outs with Rick Ross lmfaoo😭 I love her
Luke James Ft. Rick Ross “Options”. The rising R&B crooner links with MMG honcho Rick Ross for his new single...
My favorite Rick Ross song has to be Magnificent with John Legend.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Kris Jenner hanging our with rick Ross and diddy 😭😭
I just came to the realization that I can only rap on Rick Ross verses.
Feel bad for all the ppl who down there who think they going to see Rick Ross at 9 --__--
I swear all Rick Ross raps about is food and money
I'm starting to like big bellies on dudes. Lol that rick ross
Petair - check out my new garden abs workout !!! song by : Scarface (Rick Ross - Push it to the Limit)
Should Rick Ross be wearing the rap belt?
That moment when you see your high school crush you either like *** what happened or *** you got finer s/o to the girls that liked the dudes from the football team now they look Tracy Morgan an rick Ross while the ugly got sexy lol I no I got sexy a lil bit
work debate, would u rather go to a Nas concert or Rick Ross concert?
"Take your time, invest in yourself as much as possible, build your value UP!" Rick Ross beaming with GOLDEN NUGGETS of wisdom and success!! "You gotta know you a BOSS before you even BLOW, you gotta feel it in your heart, you gotta carry yourself in that manner!" (Watch a few times to get the most value) - Edited by Mario Silva /// More coming soon
Every time I get wings from Smoke Eaters next door, I sing "wing stop fat boy need a ten piece" in my Rick Ross voice.
Young Artist in the Orlando area, haven't put anything out in a while...sorry bout that's a remix the War Ready track by Rick Ross f...
Gerreddi is a Rapper from Washington DC that is currently managed by Freeway Rick Ross.- When DC, Maryland and Virginia natives want to know the latest and greatest they have an expert in their mists.
Nice phone call with Lenny S at DefJam Records. But now I have to make some serious business decision that could change my life. Job, family or go on tour with Rick Ross? What would you do?
Rick Ross's voice has changed significantly over the years
Im sorry can somebody please tell Rick Ross to put a shirt on or either start hitting the gym! I CANT TAKE IT NO MORE!
Sitting in area G at the ER and this 50+ man is blasting his "android" playing Rick Ross and T-Pain..All I do is win!! Over and over again!!! Lmao!! Really!!
...pulled up 2 church blastin "devil is a lie" by rick ross n jay z...smh, i need 2 do betta! Welp, atleast i came. Im still a work in progress...
Do this is what it's come down too to turn up I church next week he'll be quitting rick ross and lil boosie these pastors
Rick Ross gives me chills when I hear his voice... That's what love feels like
All I ever wanted was to make scrilla! Have a recording session wit J DILLA- Rick Ross
I don't want someone who treats me like a Prince or King...I want someone who can accept me..I want someone who treats me like Rick Ross treats His Body...No Matter how Ugly it is..he stil pproudly shows it to the world even when surrounded by Sexy people :)
How pathetic and laughable a pastor brags that if he prays for you .then you will have Financial Breakthrough?. and when you *** his Life, you will discover that he is just in the category of people that live below 2 Dollars per, you will wonder why He cannot just pray for himself to have Financial Breakthrough also!.Dont bring in the issue of ***Pastors are not supposed to follow or Covet Material wealth***.Oyedepo, Adeboye, Okotie, Oyakhilome, Rick Ross. etc.are also Pastors and they are Billionaires!.SMH
I feel like Harold Mac and Pat Walker(Rick Ross voice) lol I wake up feeling like my uncles! God bless y'all brothers for teaching me to be the king I am.
I like Young Jeezy mahn. His voice got so much swag, far better than Rick Ross's own.
*** we made it. Rick Ross voice... so I didn't die from any bears or anything lol
Freeway Rick Ross is currently speaking out against the drug culture to the students at Brown University in Rhode Island. Rick has been on a campaign for the last few years to really get the truth ...
UNPREDICTABLE FUTURE: 1. DJ Sbu once slept at the Yfm studios for his 2am slot cos he had no car. 2. At age 32, Patrice Motsepe was unemployed and had only one suit and was running his business from a brief case. 3. Jacob Zuma learned English in prison. 4. Before BIG BROTHER MZANSI, Mandla Hlatswayo was just a 24year old Spaza Shop owner 5.Ludacris was supposed to be part of Kris Kross but was left out of the crew when Jermaine Dupri signed them. 6. George Bush Sr said the war in Iraq would take 1 week. 7. Russell Simmons told Rick Ross "No one will sign a "fat rapper" 8. Mandisa Nakana had accompanied her sister for the Yotv auditions but when they got there she decided to give it a try herself but they wouldn't let her at first because they felt "she was wasting their time". Moral: NEVER LOOK DOWN ON ANYONE FOR WHATEVER REASON!!
Get work, Hallelujah. One nation...under God *in my Rick Ross voice*
I like Hip Hop like Drake, Kendrick Lemar, J.Cole, Rick Ross, French Montana, etc.. BUT love Hip Hop like Nas, Jay-Z, Outkast, Fugees, Jill Scott, The Lox, The Roots, Wu-Tang, and just a few more...
Everyone prolly knows by now I'm partial to Christian rap and only listen to Christian rap being that I'm a Christian (logical for me and a personal choice, I'm not saying I'm better than anyone because of this because I'm not). But I keep my ears open and browse the rap scene and there's a conclusion I've made, there's a number of rappers out there that if they are even considered in your top three then you're not a real hip hop head 1. Waka Flaka Flame 2. 2 Chainz 3. Rick Ross 4. Chief Keef. Anyone tells me any of these cats are in their top three there's nothin else to discuss. Even if I wasn't listening to Christian hip hop these dudes wouldn't even come close to my speakers. With that said I really believe that hip hop is not just went Christian. Give me time to sit down with someone and I bet you'll be listening to Christian rap by the end of the day. These dudes can really put together bars and 16s that are unmatched. Either way at the end of the day I don't judge I'm just stating how I fee ...
Bout to do these exercises before bed. I'm cool with havin Rick Ross beard this summer, but not his titties!
This paul masson and Rick Ross is all I need! On da porch feeling good! DOLO!
Gotta admit new Rick Ross is.well u c for yourself
is da type of bytch to have Wifi in her cell! (In my Rick Ross voice)
Big Sty is a Rapper from Richmond Virginia and he is back again coming at the industry with more battle raps... This time around its Rick Ross and Meek Mill getting bomb shelled lyrically by the 43...
I need to lose some serious weight. Two reasons: One: I can play a show and jump into the crowd like I've always wanted. Two: The Rick Ross comparisons are old now. Stahp.
So do you think Rick Ross had to get his *** lifted to finish his tats underneath or if he lifts them up they're blank?
Dj Khaled feat Meek Mill,Rick Ross, Jay Z & French Montana - They don't love you no more
This is the head of Nigerian Christians 1. He buys a private jet because he cannot stand at the airport and cannot afford to miss his flight 2 He flaunts his golden chain like rick ross and lil wayne 3. He is barricaded by many body guards 4. He doesn't speak against corruption and a very good friend with Nigerian corrupt politicians 4. He owns businesses, flashy cars, his wife rides a limousine 6. He comes from an underdeveloped country where 60% cannot afford $1 a day. Lastly, he just built his own mega university for his rich friends, and do not need the poor. O LORD, help the Nigeria Church. Save us from d hypocricy of our leaders and give us discerning hearts to know and do d truth that sets free. IJN. Amen
Sometimes you have to rebuke the devil before he's getting started .The devil is a lye devil is a lye lil punk I'm the proof in me jay z and rick ross vc
SNEAK PEEK AT TONIGHT'S EPISODE! If Rick Ross can give out advice then so can we! GarywithDaTea answers a fan's question, watch this to find out his CRAZY response!
So Camille making that beat to Rick Ross.
Khloe Kardashian , Tray Songs, Rick Ross, Marlon Waynes & Miguel are in TOWN (DURBAN) for Mtv Mamas any1 plz fast forward the time untill ksasa senzanjalo
Shooting @ Club Amnesia in Mia for Rick Ross birthday bash... Crazy fun that night.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Damien Woody on First Take looking like Rick Ross lmao
I wonder how Diddy, Rick Ross, Floyd Mayweather & all the rest of his black celebrity friends think of this?? Would you be mad if you was them? It's crazy a mf held on to this tape until now..
Body Count x Rick Ross and Meek Mill “Jim Jones x Ballin "What song would you pick???
Little Brother's forming a mayonnaise men rap collective with Rick Ross, Fat Joe, and Terrio. Laughed instead of comforting him abt his size
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