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Rick Porcello

Frederick Alfred Rick Porcello III (born December 27, 1988) is an American professional baseball pitcher with the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball.

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So if I'm reading this pattern correctly, the Red Sox will now sign Adrian Gonzalez and trade him to the Dodgers wi…
Rick Porcello has been worth $70.2 million dollars to the Red Sox & they've paid…
Rick Porcello was by no means terrible in 2017. . He was much better than the loc…
Matt Moore gave up more earned runs than any other pitch in the sport of baseball last year. Only Rick Porcello had…
Rick Porcello won the Cy Young in 2016. Rick Porcello didn't…
and we have David Price and his unique way of uniting a clubhouse, and Rick (Wayback) "MIke Torr…
Rick Porcello or Chris Sale bobble head, pretty please! :)
What about an autographed ball by Rick Porcello?
my Rick Porcello bobble head on my desk at work sure could use a buddy
My son would love a Rick Porcello photo!
My wish is to have Rick Porcello send me a selfie. I PROMISE to delete his # after he sends it 😂
In just the last 3 years the have... SIGNED (Years/$mil):. - David Price (7/217). - Hanley Ramirez (5/110). -…
T Constantino is on record saying the Yankees pitching.. who just lost big Mike Pineda today to the…
how about a signed NJ native Rick Porcello ball for a 7yr old NJ fan ?
Anything where Rick Porcello's name appears would be the greatest gift I could ask for. I miss him so much…
It’s sad when kids idolize guys like Rick Porcello instead guys like Pedro
There's nothing I'd want to scratch off my wish list more than a Rick Porcello home jersey 🎁
David Price threw at David Ortiz and Rick Porcello threw at Youkilis? Past history doesn't matter whatsoever.
Obviously after this deal, we would need to clear the house with expensive deals like Rick Porcello and anyone else that doesn’t produce.
Then you could lol some more at Rick Porcello 43 mill over the next 2 years and Hanley’s…
If we sign JD, the next move would be to salary dump Rick Porcello and possibly others for young as…
In a perfect world the Red Sox trade that bum Rick Porcello for Kyle Schwarber and a 6 pack of Coronas. Then they s…
Can't wait to watch Rick Porcello and Drew Pomeranz battle through Judge/Stanton/Sanchez/Machado part of the order
In six games at Miller Park this year, Stanton had two singles and zero IBB. A bigger threat to…
The return Chris Sale, David Price, Drew Pomeranz, and Rick Porcello as the backbone of what should be ano…
LOL was that the same night you bet me your life savings that Rick Porcello will be a Hall of Famer?? 😂🤣
Dec. 11, 2014: Tigers trade Rick Porcello to Boston for Yoenis Cespedes, Alex Wilson, and Gabe Speier
3 years ago today, the Red Sox got Rick Porcello from the Tigers for Yoenis Cedpedes. PorCYllo?. Porcel-blow?.
Rick Porcello which will help the Sox dump payroll.
Live look at opposing GM's reacting to dangling Cy Young award winner Rick Porcello on the trade block…
Sources: Red Sox will all listen on Rick Porcello, Brock Holt, Bryce Brentz and Sandy Leon
Rick Porcello making some off season cash modeling hats on Amazon 😂😂
Scott. . Is there a reason you left out the 2016 AL Cy Young winner Rick Porcello from y…
It's time for a little fun. Gentle reminder, 4 of the 5 starting pitchers are left handed (giggle gig…
Lol I covered the 2000 Red Sox for my middle school paper, I'll gladly accept Chris Sale, David Price
Eh, I defend the same things consistently so perhaps you're seeing me use th…
That's what I say about anyone who makes irrational observations about playe…
I understand Porcello negativity is par for the course with the Boston media but in real…
Red Sox need 2015 David Price, Cy Young Rick Porcello, and Chris Sale to stay healthy to have a shot at the AL East
Rick Porcello and all the guys they traded a few years ago
Red Sox fans got David Price, Rick Porcello, Craig Kimbrel, and Chris Sale... yet cry to their management for not g…
Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton & Gary Sanchez struck out nearly 500 times combined last year. Chris Sale, David Pr…
place Rick Porcello on IR for the rest of the year because of whiplash
I hate the Yankees getting Stanton as much as anyone but my team's signed up David Price, Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ra…
Can't wait for Stanton to hit 700 home runs off 2016 Cy Young winner Rick Porcello.
And to be clear, ALL of these homers were let up by Rick Porcello
Again apart fron Severino...they dont scare me. Gray has "ace stu…
Looking forward to Rick Porcello serving up back to back 600 ft homeruns to Judge and Stanton
Just trying to imagine Rick Porcello pitching to Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez 😂😂😂
Judge and Stanton won me a fantasy championship this year, now they're gonna combine for 30 HRs off Rick Porcello next year.
Dave Dombrowski, "Nah, we're good we don't need Stanton we have Hanley Ramirez and Rick Porcello is going to lock him down"
I bet both teams burn out their guys in the stretch run. It's going to be a disappointing Alex Meyer-Rick Porcello match-up.
I mean, it looks good, but probably more Rick Porcello than Pedro!
Lance Lynn's gonna get the Rick Porcello contract, I bet.
Rick Porcello was born two days after me... Mitch Haniger is just 2 years younger, makes me seem like a baby
This ranks right up there with the Andy Pettitte/Joba Chamberlain/Rick Porcello and 2012 Mets rants. Unbelievable.…
Houston Astros pitcher Charlie Morton gets the ball in game 4 against Rick Porcello and the Red Sox at Fenway Park ⚾ h…
VIDEO & RECAP: silenced by Rick Porcello in loss to Red Sox.
[Fox Sports] Kevin Cash thought Rick Porcello was tough on Rays hitters in Saturday's loss
It's albsolutely definitive Rick Porcello is Clay Buccholz. He will never be better than 2016.
Two-run single for Seth Smith,a nd are now ahead 9-2. Rick Porcello is gone, and Joe Kelly in for Tim Beckham.
Rick Porcello pitched seven innings, but he also picked up his 14th loss of the season.
we trade people, they play better and we get prospects. Ex.) Fernando Rodney, Max Scherzer, Andrew Miller, Rick Porcello, Curtis Granderson.
Tomorrow's SP Rick Porcello has pitched 50.1 innings against the AL East this year. The Red Sox have scored 2 runs while he's been pitching.
Rick Porcello delivered an encouraging start Monday night for the Red Sox. .
Rick Porcello has a 6.88 ERA in first innings this year. That's 13 runs in 17 first innings.
Rick Porcello got Carlos Beltran a homer for Father's Day. That's sweet.
Rick Porcello has held Jarrod Dyson to a lifetime record of 2-for-11 (.182).
Cardinals passed on Rick Porcello, Todd Frazier, and Josh Donaldson to draft Pete Kozma.
Rick Porcello strikes out Chris Davis painting a fastball at 94 mph on the black. 4 shutout innings for the righty.
Red Sox manager John Farrell confirmed Sunday that Sandy Leon will now catch only for Rick Porcello and…
will face Rick Porcello, Chris Sale, Drew Pomeranz and Steven Wright this week. Sox
Rick Porcello is the Boston ace. Chris Sale is behind him, Price, and Wright.
Cy Yuck. 8-0 Rays in the 5th and here comes Robbie Ross Jr. First time in his career Rick Porcello has allowed four home runs.
Kevin Young tosses a perfect game against Nutley, the first for SHP since Rick Porcello!
Rick Porcello: "I Thought (Tebow) was a Ballboy" - The former Cy Young pitcher struck out Tim Tebow, and had no...
Tebow's first at bat goes as you might expect: former Cy Young winner Rick Porcello hands him a backwards K.
When you realize Chris Sale, David Price, and Rick Porcello are all present for your first full tea…
Chris Sale, Rick Porcello, Joe Kelly, David Price and Drew Pomeranz set to get to work.
1. Rick Porcello and David Price will never win a playoff game 2. Chris Sale is all hype 3. BILLY BUCKNER
Also, Chris Sale, Rick Porcello and David Price (w/ Chandler Shepherd in foreground) throwing their first bullpens
Seeing Chris Sale, David Price, and Rick Porcello on the Red Sox everyday doesn't get old.
Most of Red Sox's front office watched Chris Sale, Rick Porcello and David Price -- the...
Red Sox - Getting our first look at Red Sox aces Rick Porcello, Chris Sale, David Price - WEEI | John Tomase…
Check out the Draft Guide player profile on Cy Young winner Rick Porcello by
In case we missed it, Mookie Betts & Rick Porcello won Legacy awards from KC's *** Leagues Museum late last month.
I forgot to remind Felger that Rick Porcello won the Cy Young award and to kiss my ***
Rick Porcello of the Red Sox adds the American League Comeback Player of the Year to list of honors for 2016 season https:…
Cy Young winner Rick Porcello, Anthony Rendon named Comeback Players of the Year -
Rick Porcello will win the Cy Young. Mookie Betts will win MVP. And the Red Sox will the World Series. Just watch.
Congrats to Seton Hall Prep graduate and starting Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello, 27, on winning the AL Cy Young Awa…
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Rick Porcello wins the AL Cy Young award after leading the league in wins with 22
This year's Cy Young Award winners, Rick Porcello of the Boston Red Sox and Max Scherzer of the Washington National…
Remember when Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, and Rick Porcello were all on the same pitching staff?
Rick Porcello - Rick Porcello will win the AL Cy Young award, but Justin Verlander was more dominant
Cy Young Awards: Max Scherzer in N.L. and Rick Porcello in a Twist National Leag
Justin Verlander had most first-place votes, but Cy Young went to Rick Porcello, so Kate Upton is...
Rick Porcello, Justin Verlander, and Max Scherzer were all on the same team 3 years ago. 2 Cy Young winners and a second pla…
I don't understand how anyone can think Rick Porcello is more deserving for the Cy Young than JV..
Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello were named the NL and AL Cy Young award winners.
. Just look at the haters , Rick Porcello won 22 Games and made the Playoff…
Rick Porcello led MLB in wins (22) and strikeout-to-walk rate (5.9) this season, the 4th pitcher to do so in the last 20…
Day 14 of offseason. Rick Porcello is the AL Cy Young award winner and I'm good with that. Educated & uneducated stanes matter not!
Someone tell me why Rick Porcello won Cy Young over Verlander. JV had the edge in almost every statistic, and no, wins aren't a stat.
Rick Porcello is the first pitcher to win the Cy Young Award without the most 1st-place votes since Tim Lincecum in 2009…
The best of Cy Young Award winners Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello in 2016.
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Rick Porcello is named the 2016 AL award winner after a major league-leading 22 wins
Was Justin Verlander snubbed? may think so, but explains Rick Porcello's narrow AL Cy Young wi…
Congrats to Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello on winning the Cy Young awards!
She so salty my dawg Rick Porcello won lmao
Yes, and as individual Rick Porcello contributed to his team winning more than the other candidates, Jared.
Max Scherzer couldn't handle it when he heard former teammate Rick Porcello was also named Cy Young winner:
Was Justin Verlander snubbed? on what to take from Rick Porcello’s narrow AL Cy Young win…
Rick Porcello 1st pitcher to win Cy Young since Pedro Martinez in 2000.
Rick Porcello led AL in run support (6.6). JV got 3.97 Tigers scored 3 runs or less 16 times for JV, Red Sox 5 times for RP
Rick Porcello in 41 starts since coming off the DL in 2015: 26-8, 3.15 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, 5.72 K/BB.
Rick Porcello joins some elite Red Sox company.
pitcher Rick Porcello win the Cy Young award.
Correct, but wins are a team stat. Why is Rick Porcello awarded for playing for a great team?
Don't say that about Rick Porcello please Pres. Elect Donald Trump
Congrats to "Slick" Rick Porcello of the on winning his 1st AL Cy Young Award!
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Justin Verlander won the popular vote but Rick Porcello won the electoral college 😂
Congratulations to Rick Porcello '07 on winning the AL Cy Young Award!
Max Scherzer’s reaction to his former teammate, Rick Porcello, winning the AL Cy Young, is priceless.
BREAKING: Rick Porcello wins the AL Cy Young Award. It's the 7th time the have won it. . That's the most in the American…
Another one for the Red Sox!. Rick Porcello wins Boston's 7th Cy Young Award after leading MLB in wins.
What did Rick Porcello think of Kate Upton's outrage over him winning Cy Young?. "I honestly don't care."
Rick Porcello joins the likes of hall of famer Pedro Martinez, and Red Sox Hall of Famer Roger Clemens.
Justin Verlander's fiance, Kate Upton, wasn't happy to hear Rick Porcello edged him out for the AL Cy Young Award.
SportsCenter Video: Max Scherzer and friends scream and shout when hearing former teammate Rick Porcello won Cy Yo…
Ultimate redemption for Rick Porcello who is first Cy Young Award winner since 2000. Incredible season he had,…
The have a chance to defeat my choices for both Cy Young awards in a single postseason: Rick Porcello and Kyle Hendricks!
I think 5 highly underrated players are Adam Jones, Odubel Herrera, Kyle Hendricks, Rick Porcello, and J.A. Happ.
Rick Porcello, right-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, has had the best season of his career, and he may...
Rick Porcello over Kyle Hendricks Scott? I guess to each their own
have Trevor Bauer on full rest. could now go to Rick Porcello. Who benefits more from rain out?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Buckley: Rick Porcello fails to deliver for Red Sox
Cleveland Indians hit 3 homers off Rick Porcello, top Boston Red Sox 5-4 in opener
Rick Porcello fanned Francisco Lindor with this luscious Curveball in the first inning last night (h/t ht…
Yu Darvish just pulled a Rick Porcello. Gave up three solo bombs in one inning.
They did wind up with Rick Porcello, Joe Kelly, and Allen Craig from that trade. I still would rather Lester than Porcello but *shrug*
no worries... We've got Rick porcello! 20 game winner and a huge playoff loser!
Rick Porcello had his shortest outing of the year (4.1 IP) yesterday. David Price had his 2nd shortest outing of the y…
Cespedes has been traded for, in order: Jon Lester, Rick Porcello, Michael Fulmer
Nats Max Scherzer and BoSox Rick Porcello the presumptive Cy Young winners in postseason are 0-2 in the 2016 playoffs.
Clay Buttholz. Eduardo Rodriguez. Rick Porcello. Our next 3 expected starters. If Buttholz and Rodriguez can pull off the wins, we'll advance
Did Corey Kluber clinch the tonight? I know it's for the regular season but wouldn't feel right giving it to Rick Porcello...
rick porcello is up for Cy Young and Steven Wright is also unreal
Boston's Rick Porcello is complaining about the Tribe stealing signs when he gave up those 3 HRs. Big Papi is...
Cleveland Indians rock Rick Porcello with three homers, hold off Boston Red Sox 5-4 in ALDS opener
We face David Price in Game 2 and Clay Bucholz in Game 3...Rick Porcello is nothing special, if we win Game 1 hope everyone has…
I was told Rick Porcello should be the AL Cy Young winner.
If we're going by win loss record, Rick Porcello must be the best pitcher in baseball.
Two pitchers in the ALDS have shown Cy Young stuff this far, and neither are named Rick Porcello.
You best start Rick Porcello Game 3 if this goes 0-2.
Yu Darvish: first pitcher to allow 3 HR in an inning in since... Rick Porcello did it yesterday.
David Price and Rick Porcello earn almost a quarter of a BILLION dollars in salary combined but they both crapped their pants in Cleveland.
Rick Porcello didn't make it out of the 5th. David Price didn't get out of the 4th. So, 3rd for Clay Buchholz then?
Roberto Pérez's game-tying HR was the first allowed to a No. 9 hitter by Rick Porcello this season
in the dugout with David Price and Rick Porcello.
That offense is legit terrifying. Its so good it let Rick Porcello trick ppl into thinking he was a Cy Young candidate.
Rick Porcello and David Price the first two ALDS Games:
Rick Porcello & David Price combined this series in first 2 games against 7.2 IP, 12 H, 10 R, 4 HR.
ALDS Game 1: Rick Porcello gets rocked by the Indians in a 5-4 Red Sox loss.
After Game 1 flop, Rick Porcello can only hope for a shot at redemption via
I see Rick Porcello and wonder what happened to James Simmons.
Justin Verlander clearly deserves the AL Cy Young award but got a feeling he gunna get robbed by Rick Porcello
Rick Porcello was AL Pitcher of the for September. That has to close the deal on the AL Cy Young AWARD
Vote now: Who is the 2016 MVP? Mookie Betts, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, or Rick Porcello
Pedro thinks Price should start Game 1. Dave O'Brien thinks it should be Rick Porcello. Hmmm...wonder who I should listen to???
I remember game 163 in which a young rookie pitcher by the name of Rick Porcello pitched. Might see the same thing on Monday.
He's still better than Rick Porcello wait until u see him in the postseason
Rick Porcello is the first Red Sox pitcher with 5 wins vs. a single opponent in a season since Luis Tiant beat the Yankees 5…
Apparently Manny Machado thinks Rick Porcello was trying to hit him there. Because who wants to throw a perfect game any…
Rick Porcello goes for win No. 21 and looks to improve to 14-0 at Fenway Park Wednesday night vs.
Aaron Sanchez' .867 winning percentage is 2nd highest in trailing only Rick Porcello (.870).
Rick Porcello: 1st pitcher to 20 wins in 2016. Last Red Sox pitcher with 20 wins in a season was Josh Beckett (2007) htt…
A1 C: Marco Estrada starts tonight against Rick Porcello, but what's your thoughts on Aaron Sanchez?
Rick Porcello is officially a serious Cy Young candidate
‘The Lineup’: Olympians take the ballpark, Frank McCourt is back, and it’s time to stop laughing at Rick Porcello.
Could this year's Cy Young winners be Rick Porcello and Kyle Hendricks?!
The three pitchers Yoenis Cespedes has been traded for in his career happen to be 42-12 this year: Rick Porcello, Jon Les…
Tyler Collins on exchange with Rick Porcello: "He was just mad I couldn't go to brunch with him tomorrow."
Who would've thought that Rick Porcello would be 17-3 w/ 3.22 ERA in mid August? He's got to have some Cy Young consideration right?
Rick Porcello continues to win at Fenway, Red Sox hand Rays 5th loss in row - USA TODAY -
If the Red Sox hold this lead, JA Happ and Rick Porcello will lead the AL with matching 15-3 records.
Mariners lineup full of left-handed batters against RHP Rick Porcello:
Byron Buxton bunt grounds out, pitcher Rick Porcello to first baseman Travis Shaw.
Did Gary Thorne just say that Rick Porcello should be getting Cy Young consideration?
Drew Pomeranz, Eduardo Rodriguez, Steven Wright, & Rick Porcello. Guys along with Price I can be confident in down the stretch.
Price, Rick Porcello, Steven Wright, Pomeranz and Eduardo Rodriguez is rotation for next few years which is good enough
David Price, Rick Porcello, Steven Wright, Drew Pomeranz and Eduardo Rodriguez. rotation through '18. Pretty good w/ that lineup.
Rick Porcello should pitch well today, might be a lock for a win as well going against James Shields. Sleeper pick is Kendall Graveman
Rick Porcello bent Saturday against the Mariners, but he definitely didn't break.
[Providence Journal] More than just selection, Rick Porcello aiming to improve pitch execution
Tomas to Boston for Rick Porcello could be a good trade for Arizona, Tomas would be the heir apparent to David Ortiz as Red Sox DH
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[New England Sports Network]Rick Porcello stumbled through his worst start of the 2016 season, K…
Rick Porcello now 1 of 3 pitchers with multiple HBP in a game this season. Also Rich Hill and Alfredo Simon.
Aw. Rajai Davis, did that ball miss you or are you afraid of Rick Porcello? Come on, man up and stay in the box you puss
David Price, Rick Porcello, Steven Wright, Rich Hill, and Wade Miley should have been our rotation.
[Boston Herald] Red Sox starter Rick Porcello perfect no more
Red Sox blog: Red Sox waste good Rick Porcello start as David Ortiz, John Farrell get tossed in Bronx
Some notables for today:. Jacoby Ellsbury is 12-28 (.429) with 4 HR (all solo) vs today's SP Rick Porcello.
Rick Porcello finally playing worthy of his contract last year
Rick Porcello is the greatest pitcher to ever grace the diamond
ICYMI has a newfound love for Jake Lamb, Odubel Herrera, Rick Porcello & Rich Hill -
Never mind the opponent. Rick Porcello gave exactly what they so desperately needed. Story, via
Rick Porcello is the greatest hitter of my generation.
Rick Porcello tops Tampa Bay Rays with strong effort in 7-3 win
The Christian Vazquez Effect is real, and we saw that with Rick Porcello last night:
Red Sox get the innings they need from Rick Porcello to win - ESPN…
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Lastly Joe Kelly in the and Rick Porcello in the spot what do you fellows predict they should get Wins wise?
The curious case of Rick Porcello: COMMENTARY Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford will make $20.75 mi...
Rick Porcello appears to be lined up for the Jays home opener.
The Red Sox had their only off day of spring training. Rick Porcello stayed on.
Red Sox Notes: Rick Porcello continues progress on the mound:
Porcello says command 'best it's felt' this spring - There would be no off-day for Rick Porcello on Wednesday, ...
Rick Porcello a hall of famer on the back field
Porcello says command 'best it's felt' this spring
RHP Rick Porcello made progress today, even if it was a Triple A game: .
It was only a minor-league game, but for Rick Porcello Wednesday’s outing hit the spot via
>> Rick Porcello has his best day of the spring in minor-league game
Porcello on why Wednesday was his best day of the spring:
The Red Sox are paying more to David Price, Hanley Ramirez & Rick Porcello than the Rays will spend on their entire 25-man roster this year.
Rick Porcello threw in a minor league game on Wednesday.
Considering setting (back field, Triple-A game), Rick Porcello locked in for 96 pitches. Said he was...
How's Christian Vazquez's arm strength looking? Rick Porcello: "He was throwing it harder back to me than I was to him."
With idle, Rick Porcello pitching to Christian Vazquez in a Triple-A game on a back field at Fenway South.
Rick Porcello pitching in the AAA game as well
Here is the PawSox lineup for this afternoon's game at JetBlue against Durham. Rick Porcello will make the start.
did you run into Rick Porcello out there?
Dave Dombrowski says Red Sox' contracts won't dictate playing time - Over the Monster
Dave Dombrowski says contracts won't dictate playing time
would u gamble on Bauer, Jimmy Nelson or Rick Porcello?
would u take a chance on Bauer, Jimmy Nelson or Rick Porcello?
but a message to whom you may ask? Hanley Ramirez, Rick Porcello, and Rusney Castillo to name a few,
While the Red Sox are playing in Jupiter Florida , Rick Porcello is on the PLANET Jupiter (in mind and spirit).
For maybe not even Rick Porcello money. It's not even enough to overpay a back-of-the-rotation starter.
Podhoretz must be Rick Porcello's pitching coach.
So our actual No. 5 which is Rick Porcello will be our No. 4 and I think No. 5 should Steven Wright
Ashley said Rick porcello and Nick Castellanos are ugly and I honesty don't know if I can be her friend anymore
Rick Porcello's contract was just the beginning, and Sandoval ***
I'm on instant TILT, putting the rest of my account on a Rick Porcello Cy Young/Pablo Sandoval batting champ parlay
35 HRs/105 RBI in 2015 for Yoenis Céspedes. GM Cherington got Rick Porcello for him and 2 others in December 11, 2014 trade.
"Rick Porcello, Brandon Workman ... aren't they the same guy?"
BOS Herald: Borges: Rick Porcello not on the money so far
Rick Porcello / Borges: Porcello not on the money so far
play Sunday in an away game at 1:05 ET/10:05 PT. Rick Porcello, Roenis Elias, Heath Hembree, Tommy Layne scheduled to appear.
*binge-watching Jane the Virgin! I can't help but think of Rick Porcello whenever I see that Justin Baldoni guy who plays Rafael. 😆🙈🙊 srsly!
If Rick Porcello starts going by *** Porcello he'll reduce his ERA and strikeout more guys
Rick Porcello looks like someone is moonlighting as Rick Porcello
Rick Porcello's first half was so bad, I forgot he was actually pretty good after an August DL trip.
The Cy Young race between Eduardo Rodriguez, David Price, and Rick Porcello is really flying under the radar
rick porcello is not as bad as Brett Connolly.
Sox will not make playoffs with fragile clay, rick "Brett connolly" porcello, and Joe "kevan Millar" Kelly in the rotation
Rick Porcello now pitching for the ? Jesus.
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Only on a day where Rick Porcello is pitching, and the two runs will come from Bogaerts or Betts
From Ft. Myers: It seems Rick Porcello putting struggles in the past via BostonGlobe
Very cool -- and modeled after the trajectory of a Rick Porcello 3-1 fastball leaving Fenway Park
Rick Porcello. Bradford & Cafardo interviews show he is ready to bounce-back this year. I like this kid.
Recommendation by :Rick After signing a long term cont...
Rick Porcello trying to put his struggles in the past via
Happy Birthday, Rick Porcello, Dean Palmer and the late Red Lynn, Jim Tobin, Jackie Tavener and Charlie Carr.
Former P Pat Light addition to 40 man for Red Sox makes him 2nd NJ product on staff joining Seton Hall Prep grad Rick Porcello
"yeah I think we should basically trade Jon Lester for Rick Porcello and use that money we saved on Hanley Ramirez"
Rick Porcello has 50 strikeouts in his 50.1 innings since coming off the disabled list.
So if Rick Porcello is worth $20 mil per year, what is Rich Hill worth for the
Convert Koji Uehara to starter and make Rick Porcello a long reliever so koji can pitch the first and porcello can finish
13 K's by Rick Porcello not enough as come up short 3-1 against Full Recap for
Pinstripe Alley ° Yankees 3, Red Sox 1: Michael Pineda wins the pitchers' duel: Rick Porcello got more strikeo...
Jackie Bradley Jr. on fire. Joe Kelly and Rick Porcello looking dominant. You would have predicted all this a month ago, right?
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about to light up Rick Porcello like Clark Griswold's house.
Eduardo Rodriguez, Rick Porcello and Henry Owens face the in the series thats starts on Monday at Fenway.
just give me a Joe Kelly and Rick Porcello to anchor the rotation
faced Chris Sale twice this year, starting Steven Wright and a fresh-off-the-DL Rick Porcello. They won both games.
With Adam LaRoche batting, wild pitch by Rick Porcello, Jose Abreu to 3rd. Melky Cabrera to 2nd.
Melky Cabrera doubles into RF corner (ground rule) with two outs in fourth for White Sox first knock against Rick Porcello
Melky Cabrera's two-out, ground-rule double gives the their first base runner after Rick Porcello retired the first 11.
Rick Porcello had retired the first 11 White Sox before Melky Cabrera -- who battled him hard in the first inning -- doubled down the line.
haven't had any really good at-bats against Rick Porcello aside from Melky Cabrera in the first. Porcello has retired all 9.
Adam Eaton and Melky Cabrera vs Rick Porcello. Porcello has let up 12 HR and a .403 wOBA vs lefties, and this is his 1st start since July 29
6 years ago today, Kevin Youkilis predicted many fans' current feelings about Rick Porcello.
The Tigers have turned Rick Porcello into 4-months of Cespedes, Alex Wilson, and a few very solid pitching prospects. So far, so good. 💯
received three prospects, new shutdown closer Alex Wilson, and 4.2 WAR from Yoenis Cespedes in exchange for Rick Porcello.
...and Alex Wilson. All for Rick Porcello. That is a federal-level heist.
So got 110 games of Cespedes, Alex Wilson, a good SP prospect in Michael Fulmer, and SP Luis Cessa for Rick Porcello. Not bad.
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so to recap, Rick Porcello brought back Alex Wilson, two pitching prospects, and 4.0 WAR
Tigers turned the last year of Rick Porcello into 4 WAR year from Yo, Alex Wilson, Fulmer, Cessa, and Speier. . Not bad I guess.
Russell Wilson signs a contract with less guaranteed money than Rick Porcello. picked the wrong sport.
So Russell Wilson basically got the same contract extension as Rick Porcello?
Watched Porcello give up run after run, live, in Anaheim. Not new to see again. Managing problems much
Rick Porcello bombs, Red Sox lose: SIGN OF THE TIMES: Rick Porcello lies on the infield dirt in during ...
"Hi, I'm Rick Porcello. Welcome to *** ". *attempts to be a Major League Baseball player
Rick Porcello, what a signing. Wade Miley, what a signing.
USA TODAY Porcello hit hard in Boston's 9-2 loss to the White Sox USA TODAY BOSTON (AP) — Rick Porcello and the…
Rick Porcello's start was one for the ages ... the Dark Ages
Rick Porcello's rough start for Boston Red Sox ends in 9-2 loss to Chicago ...
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