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Rick Moranis

Frederick Allan Rick Moranis (born April 18, 1953) is a retired Canadian comedian, actor, musician, and a magician.

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Rick Moranis vs Gene Hackman? I don't think that's a valid comparison, the latter having a far more illustrious career.
I liked the final Steve scene, though my reaction was colored by Mark Frost showing u…
No...don't you remember the time Rick Moranis was an MSU football coach?
Seth is a 2nd generation operative. The real masterminds are Eugene…
It's pretty obvious. U r like Rick Moranis, Mike Myers, and Peter Jennings all in the same person. It's quite entertaining
CIA has long exploited Canadian comics for spycraft. Just wait till Rick Moranis' VENONA file is declassified...
Feelin something like Rick Moranis blew up the kid, now he doin damage
Yea, the ones Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis turn into before the big battle with zull
How'd they get Rick Moranis on here
"You glare at me, I will rearrange your newly acquired testicals to look like rick moranis droppings!"
I'm now convicted we need a wall to stop this invasion of giant babies. (Instead of a wall, we could alternatively…
Those are some amazing stories, especially all the ladies. I'd believe it more if you said…
Sigourney Weaver & Rick Moranis on the set of Ghostbusters, 1984
Rewatching "Little Giants" as an adult and remembering how cool Rick Moranis is. ❤️
Feeling like if Rick from rick and morty, doc brown and rick moranis from honey i shrunk the kids had a baby, im fe…
Rick Moranis lost his virginity to Taylor Swift
Rick Moranis, quit his acting career to raise his children. What an inspiration.
Just talked to my Uncle Art on the phone. He hasn't changed a bit. But now he sounds like Rick Moranis from Ghostbusters just rambling on 😂
Rick Moranis is a sweet heart and I won't have you drag his esteemed name through the mud like this, even for the sake of Comedy™
He sounds like a real bully. Was it Rick Moranis?
Is it me or when the announcer says "whoa!" does he not sound like Rick Moranis ?
I wanna know where Rick Moranis and Annie Potts are.
Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, and ‘My Blue Heaven’ on Blu-ray
It's rather jarring seeing Rick Moranis cursing like a sailor the same year he was Louis Tully.
Rick Moranis is aging incredibly well. Mercer remains timeless.
I don't think it should be that big a deal to confuse Dustin Hoffman with Rick Moranis.
In 1989 Rick Moranis promised me he would shrink me to an ant's size and then he molested my cousin and I in the back of his '7…
Hi ! Awesome chatting last nite! . Here is the Rick Moranis interview from many g8 intrvus.
John Candy was not apart of Bob and Doug McKenzie. It was Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis.
I thought this was legit Rick Moranis musical performance, but then I saw Eugene Levy and John Candy...
Dave Thomas opens up about reuniting with Rick Moranis as their iconic McKenzie brothers for benefit performance
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I caught up with Dave Thomas, who filled me in on his upcoming McKenzie brothers reunion with Rick Moranis
Happy 73rd Little Shop of Horrors, 1986, directed by Frank Oz. Bill Murray, Steve Martin and Rick Moranis.…
My daughter just told me that in a movie about our family, Allison Williams would play my wife and Rick Moranis would play me. 😳
Ah yes! Like your country's Rick Moranis, or Dan Ackroyd.
Celebs I share my bday with: David Tennant, James Woods, Rick Moranis
what *** called it Kyle Lippert and not Woody Allen and Rick Moranis' love child
It's pretty fun. It has Eric Stoltz, Chris Penn and Rick Moranis.
That time when Bill Murray, Steve Martin and Rick Moranis visited the set of Aliens, as retold by Bill Paxton:
that has to be Rocky Horror. Or anything starring Rick Moranis.
maybe a triple bill and add Little shop of horrors in there (Jack Nicholson not Rick Moranis musical)
Please please please let this happen!
hmm, rick Moranis, or maybe Ben whishaw...
ON THIS DAY in 1985 -- 'The Breakfast Club' premiered in theaters ... Rick Moranis was originally cast as Carl the…
I get more mad than I should every time phone autocorrects "Rick Moranis" to something stupid. Also, why am I always typing Rick Moranis?
There was only one other cameo besides Harold Ramis that was missing from the reboot.Louis aka Ric…
Only fair that you shrink yourself down to his size. Paging Rick Moranis 😉
I cant be the only one who thinks if the troops wanted to they could get together & put out a fire like Rick Moranis at end of STRANGE BREW.
Rick Moranis's twin brother has fallen upon hard times
I got a WHOLE think piece of how Rick Moranis is a national treasure & is the Steve Carell of his time.
Between 1984-1990 there were 14 US states where it was unlawful to not let Rick Moranis have sex with your wife
She earned my respect with the Rick Moranis one.
Rick Moranis is a national treasure, you cretin.
Didn't Rick Moranis and Dan Ayckroyd already make that movie?
Rick moranis wife died and he retired to take care of his kids
However, I am conceding that my eyes are fogged with love of Rick Moranis...I could be compromised.
he didn't call her,now we're all to must have been Rick Moranis as she looks like Janine from the original Ghostbusters
Ha! No, Glen, but only because it was Rick Moranis. Do not try this at home.
Man I miss Rick Moranis... He was one of the best!
There's a guy on that reminds me of Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters.
Rick Moranis and the black boy from Soul Food
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I just want to know Rick Moranis is okay
Bill Pullman, Mel Brooks and Rick Moranis on the set of 'Spaceballs' (1987)
I want to be shrunken down by Rick Moranis and take a trip into head to witness the genius going on
Objection, as Rick Moranis is still with us.
he is more like Rick Moranis in Spaceballs.
we both know that isn't going to happen. Go to bed. You have school in the morning.
There is to be a movie about Jimmy Savile and he will be played by Rick Moranis. It's titled " Honey I Shagged The Kids "
Albert is like an asian Rick Moranis
can we remember to show this to Tina please?
I really hope Rick Moranis is one member of Daft Punk...
Is there a modern Rick Moranis? Cause I don't think there is. Someone who can be both nerdy and sweet and is secretly a comedic genius.
I'm relatively certain that Michael Gove is really a Rick Moranis character.
he reminds me of the Rick Moranis character in orig Ghostbusters. So eager to be liked. So tone deaf. So pathetic. Such a…
he's as useless as Rick Moranis in the year 2003. That comment just irked me though.
Following Obama's presser, John Kerry is upset that no one wants to ask any Qs of him. Just like Rick Moranis at the end of "Ghostbusters".
When I was a little kid, it was not uncommon for a cousin or an unc...
I can't unsee him as Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters, only with less personal charisma or humour.
A great poster! Mel Brooks, John Candy, and Rick Moranis star in the classic 1987 Star Wars parody f
you look like Rick Moranis had sex with one of the Lemmings
Rick Moranis from Battlestar Galactica stars in Across the Universe about an awesome Legal secretary named Kaleen
What we see is what they're trying to sell us. It's not true nostalgic...
Every member of one nation would be outsmarted by Rick Moranis
petition to bring Rick Moranis out of retirement. Pretty sure his kids are grown now.
I've come to the conclusion that I am the lovechild of Matt Bennett and Projared with a pinch of Rick Moranis
When Purdue is up by enough to put in three players who look like Rick Moranis, that's probably not a good thing
The fact that the world never got a biopic starring Rick Moranis saddens me deeply
Matthew Broderick, Steve Martin, Rick Moranis and Martin Short were considered for the role of Stanley Ipkiss in the mask. interesting
Everyone gather 'round. You know him, you love him! It's the new Doctor Who 10.5, Mr. Rick Moranis!…
Why does my middle aged female management professor look like Rick Moranis?
Alt-right people crediting memes w electing Trump remind me of the crowd cheering for Rick Moranis at the end of “Ghostbusters II.'
Michael Gove looks like Rick Moranis' nerdy little brother.
which little shop to show the kids-Rick Moranis 1986 version or Jack Nicholson 1960 version?!
Loved the new ghostbusters but missed cameo from Rick Moranis
nah but did you see his Rick Moranis ranting video? Because it was the best part.
ICYMI: "History has taught me that Rick Moranis is probably to blame here somewhere. ;)
I'm only going to senior prom if Rick Moranis goes with me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
FFS, Rick Moranis comes out of retirement for this!.
Evan Davis: Michael Gove, you do realise you look like a poor Rick Moranis?. Gove: What?. Evan Davis: You do like, it's hilarious.
Keegan's face hearing Rick Moranis sing was priceless
be fair SNL has outstayed its welcome by about 20 years. I miss Rick Moranis.
Rick Moranis voice is a nice touch. Maybe sung to the tune of Suddenly Seymour.
. Steve Martin and Rick Moranis. Its got all the old gangster faces in it. Great film if you can find it
remember when it became a tv series and they replaced Rick Moranis with Peter Scolari?
Fun fact! "My Blue Heaven" (starring Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, and Joan Cusack) is technically a sequel to "Goodfellas"
If you want to do a really great musical live, I'd suggest Little Shop Of Horror. And ask Rick Moranis to get involved. 👍
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just listened to the Rick Moranis episode of it was AMAZING. Big C, , Mr Moranis and best of all no
Above all do not look at a photo of Rick Moranis.
It's got it all-- adventure, laughs, suspense, romance, early 90s fashion, Rick Moranis
I have nine armchairs from which I can be critical.
I'd suggest Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters looking into the restaurant through the window. :)
wow he looks EXACTLY like Rick Moranis without glasses
Say what you will about Rick Moranis.
how ugly do you have to be when Rick moranis is an upgrade?
Almost cried thinking about Rick Moranis today
Rick Moranis: Honey... I shrunk the kids. Diane: Are you sure you didnt make everything else bigger except the kids. Rick: No i. Diane: ***
Rick Moranis stars in the new Lifetime special, Honey I Beat The Kids
i have so many feelings about Rick Moranis Always
That Rick Moranis one is my favourite. Great stuff.
Roses are red. Birds fly south. Show me that sweet sweet. Rick Moranis mouth
This lady at the Atlanta Airport looks like Rick Moranis. Not subtly, either.
Is that a good Rick Moranis or a bad Rick Moraines?
+ FreeLooService DISCLAIMER: this is for demo purposes only and we aren't going to be shrunk Rick Moranis…
. I think he's more of a young Rick Moranis.
Man. How many movies have Rick Moranis and Steve Martin been in together?!
I guess I should give the Loose Moose a pass on the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids humor. Rick Moranis is the Sir Anthony Hopkins of Canada
Ok, Seymour does matter but I cant think of any shlumpy like Rick Moranis. (Although Rick was kinda cute, dont @ me)
Rick Moranis as Elton John. Go and do likewise.
the mini Audrey 2 making kissy lips at Rick Moranis' bloody finger is so great
Just watched the new squad vlog and reminds me of Rick Moranis
The Rick Moranis-headlined version of Little Shop Of Horrors is 30 years old this month. Why is it so special?…
I am wary of sequels. I understand them from the studio's point of vie...
This man is already as the nouveau Rick Moranis. Let him continue the legacy.
Literally nobody will be better than Rick Moranis and Steve Martin, please leave this alone
A Little Shop of Horrors remake is in the works
*** Jagger (73) and gf welcome new baby. In related news, Bill Murray, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver on route…
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Rick Moranis got more out of kids with no talent in Little Giants than Fisher ever has with professionals.
Rick Moranis is an auto mechanic who uses a go kart as his regular car around town.
Rick Moranis is so ballsy he called John Candy an *** and they were good friends.
Another great SCTV sketch, with Rick Moranis as Woody Allen and Dave Thomas as Bob Hope.
C. Quinn. I mean, Who did Jeff Fisher beat out for that job? Craig T Nelson & Rick Moranis, you know?
The Rogue One trailer was great and then right at the end when Rick Moranis showed up… chills.
Yes, the presence of Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, and Rick Moranis should have tipped me off.
That's right! Rick Moranis is coming out of retirement to play "Suspiciously Old Looking Teen
Is it just me or does look like Rick Moranis when he was in Ghostbusters?
to think if Michael Gove was portrayed on film it would be by Rick Moranis. The Absolute wankpuffin.
that the love child of Rick Moranis has taken Bojo from behind?
Rick Moranis called, he wants his... everything back.
They may need to send in Rick Moranis' Audrey 2!
Michael Gove, with your face like a demonic inflatable Rick Moranis.
lol true, got a lot of love for Rick Moranis 👍
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
While amusing, that is a bit of an insult to Rick Moranis, a thoroughly decent and admirable person.
Why am I obsessed with noticing the close resemblance between Gove and Rick Moranis?
I've never called him ugly; just Rick Moranis slippery deformed half brother.
Has anyone seen Gove and Rick moranis in the same room?
Rick Moranis . idk what u think he will always be a fox to me 💓
The avatar for our democracy should not be Rick Moranis with a Haribo skeleton
Is it just me, but has anyone ever seen Michael Gove and Rick Moranis in the same room together? No? Thought not
Happy Canada Day to the best upstairs neighbor a country could ask for. Thanks for the poutine and Rick Moranis.
Rick Moranis, Rick Astley, Where does one end and the other begin?
Props to Rick Moranis who left showbiz to raise his kids after his wife passed. Respect!
Sorry I just can't look at Michael Gove without thinking it's Rick Moranis in GhostBusters
Look I've been pretty quiet on all this but if you keep saying Michael Gove looks like Rick Moranis I will CRY. Thank you.
So you figure the Canadian doctor that will help you kill yourself is Rick Moranis from the 80s lol😂 Good set bud😅
if only the games were more portable. Where's Rick Moranis when you need him?
Rick moranis isn't dead. His career may be but he's not
to think Michael Gove is actually Rick Moranis??
happy Canada day! please remember that Rick Moranis made a very good country album:
Is it just me... Or does Michael Gove remind you of Rick Moranis? 😂😛👍
SCTV and all of its cast ... Rick Moranis, John Candy ...
can't stand that man- what he did to our education system gggr! And he DOES look/ act like Rick moranis
For a second I thought Rick Moranis was running for Tory leader and Prime Minister
So the shaved orangutang with Owen Wilson hair is our. Safe to say I'm not a Rick Moranis supporter
Michael Gove looks like an alien trying on a Rick Moranis outfit.
Michael Gove is like the optical illusion where you stare at the middle of spiral for a minute and then you look at a photo of Rick Moranis.
The Conservative party are planning the next Hollywood blockbuster. Rick Moranis is PM.
Matt Lucas to play Boris and Rick Moranis to play Michael Gove in "Brexit - the Movie!"
ha ha ha thank you for this -- we were just watching him and thought, oh he looks a bit like Rick moranis!
*** they're remaking Ghostbusters with women. How are women meant to experience their sexual awakening without Rick Moranis
Rick Moranis is going to be Prime Minister?
Why is Rick Moranis trying so hard to be the new PM?
Why is Rick Moranis all over the news?
Everytime I look at Gove I think of Rick Moranis???
When I saw "feed me", reminded me of the Venus flytrap in the movie Little Shop of Horrors with Rick Moranis
Rick Moranis in a new film. Honey I Blew Up The Leadership Battle
Michael Gove looks remarkably like Rick Moranis "Honey, I shrunk the economy"
Watching the British news, and it occurred to me - Michael Gove looks like Rick Moranis. People love Rick Moranis. It makes sense now.
"And even though I have no charisma, and look like Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters, I pledge free unicorns and owls for all"
Gove looks like a less friendly, more evil Rick Moranis. 'Honey I shrunk the Economy' perhaps?
There you go everyone, say hello to the love child of Rick Moranis and Pob!
Whenever I see Gove, I picture Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters when he's wearing the brain scanner.
So let me get this straight...Rick Moranis hasn't had a film out in years but now he wants to be Prime Minister? https…
Michael Gove is Rick Moranis - I fear he is playing the part of Dark Helmet though.
. We used to have a skit show like SNL, but better. SCTV. Gave birth to John Candy, Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas
Most days when driving down Parker Road I feel like Rick Moranis in honey I shrunk the kidss!
"Splitting Heirs" is such an underrated movie. My favorite film of Rick Moranis or Catherine Zeta-Jones.
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I just heard someone say "Martin Sheen is a great actor, but Rick Moranis is too."
"catch me in the club looking like young Rick Moranis" thats the ct god
Hey it's why i get twit notifications! Chris is like Annie Potts & Rick Moranis all 2gether! Glad Harold Ramis RIP wrote sum of it
in any case he sure is mouthy for being Rick Moranis's *** child
Steve Martin, Bill Murray, John Candy, Rick Moranis and a man eating plant. What's not to love?
I miss Rick Moranis, Shelley Duvall and Gene Hackman. Thoroughly unique & talented - there are no replacements.
RSVP for on 3/17! We will be showing Little Shop of Horrors starring Steve Martin & Rick Moranis: ht…
Best thing to come out of SCTV, Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas as Bob and Doug McKenzie
Tonight's Movie: "Strange Brew" starring and also directed by Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis.
I love the fact that Dave Thomas from SCTV and half of Bob and Doug McKenzie (he is Doug to Rick Moranis' Bob) is a writer on The Blacklist.
You know what's weird. Seeing 19 year old Diane Lane kiss Rick Moranis in the movie Streets of Fire. Rick Moranis.
Rick Moranis vs Bobcat Goldthwait: fight to the death. Who wins?
I wonder what rick moranis is doing, right now.
Rick Moranis was the quintessential goober.
Eugene Levy and Rick Moranis as loser wannabe ladies men are killing it.
Is Rick Moranis the cabbie who took you and Jay Baruchel to James Franco's party in This is the End, for the split second cameo?
My little day tripping paradise. ❤️🐻❤️. Where are is Rick Moranis with his shrinking laser beam…
I'm not difficult to figure out, I like Rick Moranis, Sigourney Weaver, Disney and writing fanfiction. Got that? Then you understand my life
Watching Ghostbusters II and the one jarring thing I've noticed is how much we've missed Rick Moranis.
Rick Moranis got the sweet end of the deal in Ghostbusters 2!
I think everyone has a cameo except Rick moranis
I hope Rick Moranis is having a nice Valentine's Day~ 💕💘 (It'd be even nicer if I was with him 😝)
If you haven't entered, just a quick reminder last day is tomorrow to enter the Rick Moranis/Ghostbusters print competition.
do you think Jerry looks like Rick Moranis?
"Rick Moranis is Canadian. He can't be mean. They are predisposed to kindness, and cleanliness." on Streets of Fire is fantastic.
I think Murray did not like it because of that.My eh? moment was Slimer driving a bus to help out Rick Moranis,why?
k is back on tumblr like they didn't just whisper "Rick Moranis" at me out of the blue
??? just whispered "Rick Moranis" at me the showed me photos and I have no context or idea what's happening
Ladies and gents, brought to you by Bleacher Nation, it’s Rick Moranis in Spaceballs!
We don't talk enough about how hot Rick Moranis was.
Geddy Lee and I went to the same grade school. He moved away when we were s...
I would've been attacked by a large Rick Moranis.
Rick Moranis has kissed more babes than the rest of us today
Let us never forget that in 1984 Rick Moranis had sex with Sigourney Weaver AND Diane Lane.
Rick Moranis' run out of the building is epic
Ok the guy dancing behind Rick Moranis is the new mvp
Nobody runs as funny as Rick Moranis.
Hey guys, have I mentioned how hot Rick Moranis is?
Rick moranis dancing with Casey Kasems wife.
If you look at my profile photo, you can probably guess that Rick Moranis is one of my comedy heroes.
Rick Moranis in a track suit is my spirit animal.
Rick Moranis just stealing the scene.
As obviously planned this Rick Moranis performance is even more enjoyable right after Billy Fish.
Rick Moranis as Lewis, the best geek role ever!
We're watching the special edition of GHOSTBUSTERS, that features full frontal nudity from Rick Moranis. 👍.
the night is ok when there is some Rick Moranis.
Rick Moranis turned down the lead role in this '90s film -
yeah he's a one dimensional comedian. Time for him to take the Rick moranis route and go hide.
Who'd ever think that in a movie starring Pare, Paxton and Dafoe the biggest balls and testosterone would be Rick Moranis'
So does Cody end up with William Dafoe or Rick Moranis? I can't rake the suspense.
I'd much rather watch a 21 JUMP STREET film with Michael Pare and Rick Moranis as the partners.
And one thing HDTGM got right, the great Rick Moranis does look like he just wandered over from Little Shop.
How has Rick Moranis not been knocked out yet. Looking forward to it.
Rick Moranis absolutely did not need to come with on this trip.
Rick Moranis is definitely doing something in this movie
So... if the movie doesn't have Catherine Mary Stewart in it, it has Rick Moranis? Is there something isn't telling us?
Michael Pare and Rick Moranis did not get along on the set.
Rick Moranis isn't feeding anyone to a giant killer plant in this scene.
Wow. Rick Moranis is kind of hot in this.
STREETS OF FIRE Rick Moranis + GHOSTBUSTERS Rick Moranis = A version of THE NUTTY PROFESSOR I desperately want to see.
This could be said about anything he's in, but Rick Moranis is so great in this, you guys.
Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas get to play net though.
On tonight's panel.. Alan Titchmarsh, Anne Widdecombe's Plumber, one of Tatu, Rick Moranis and an 1988 animated version of the B.F.G.
like a really funny janky big lots store with a mascot that looked like Rick Moranis and free coffee
I hope Chris Hemsworth is the Annie Potts character in the new Ghostbusters. He is NO Rick Moranis.
Back in the day I would have suggested Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis as Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.
Happy Strange-cients Monday! Only a handful of our 'Rick Moranis as Lord Helmet' pins left! If…
agreed! I'd like to see Rick Moranis as an old Peter Parker training a new spidey. Like Batman Beigns
I think Rick Moranis made for a more effective Vader parody in Spaceballs than Adam Driver's whiny emo goofball in Force Awakens.
to me he looks like the love child of Rick Moranis and Patrick Dempsey
In the third movie Rick Moranis' Seymour and the remake Seymour along with Ellen Greene's Audrey and the remake Audrey
that song done that way feels like the musical equivalent of Rick Moranis playing Stanley Kowalski
The perfect man has Kirk Cameron's back, Paul Scheer's uvula & Rick Moranis's phenomenal impatience
The perfect man has Rick Moranis's demeanor, Gary Coleman's cochleas & Ric Ocasek's athletic back
Whenever I hear the word networking, I think of Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters introducing all the guests at his party.
I really enjoyed the whole THR Rick Moranis interview, but it made me particularly happy to learn he actually lives on Central Park West.
Someone tell Fred Armisen to write something worthy of Rick Moranis now that he claims he's open to scripts.
Getting shut down by Rich Hill is like getting mugged by Rick Moranis.
'Ghostbusters' has added another big name cameo. Fingers crossed for Rick Moranis?
It starred Rick Moranis as himself as a substitute teacher for a monster school.
Anytime I see Rick Moranis in another movie all I see is Louis Tully finally got his act together.
Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. The best (especially their impersonations: Woody Allen and Bob Hope? GET OOT, EH???)
Well if I'm Rick Moranis, then BioWare/Bethesda/Obsidian RPGs are that opera singer chick with the white picket fence.
"I'm lookin' for a real classic goof 'em up starring funnyman Rick Moranis" I say into the hole on the side of the Redbox th…
Rick Moranis as John Goodman as Fred Flintstone in the Flintstones
On Embra's royal mile today - Rick Moranis found showboating on ex Rangers owned St Etienne bike!
can you please add the skit from the 80s where Tammy Faye Bakker busts her husband out of jail to the app. It has Rick Moranis in it
Season 3 of will star Rick Moranis, Woody Allen and Martin Short with Joe Pesci as the "Bad Guy".
The perfect man has Rick Moranis's knees, Scott Stevens's mettle & Michael Jackson's first-class dogmatism
I can’t even with this Rick Moranis claptrap.
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Do you still talk to Rick Moranis? You two were so great together in Honey I Shrunk the Audience and Splitting Heirs!
Did anyone else watch and keep hoping Rick Moranis would show up?
if you could say anything to Rick Moranis what would you say?
Packed train. Man who resembles Rick Moranis holding a giant stuffed duck loudly pitching Aflac to his neighbor. His name is Brian.
Channing Tatum is actually a long form art piece by Rick Moranis.
I been the man like Dirk Nowitzki winning 'ships with Mavericks, you're a little man like Rick Moranis at his biggest actin'
my sister and I met Rick Moranis just kidding that's my dad
Er, hello? Is that the Podblast? Is Davey Warner a possessed Rick Moranis? Is Bell real? Does anyone not love Finny?
Wow, Rick Moranis is totally going to take this one.
No. Just that Rick Moranis could make you a giant & then you could become the new "Big 12"
So wait, you're saying you want Rick Moranis to knock you up?
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