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Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner heads MorningStar Ministries (also known as MorningStar Publications and Ministries), which he cofounded with his wife Julie Joyner in 1985. He is also the founder, executive director, and senior pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church based in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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We will never be changed by seeing who we are, but by beholding who He is. - Rick Joyner
"Self-focus and self-centeredness are the nature of the immature." – Rick Joyner, The Path
"We serve a God that does His greatest work when it becomes impossible for us." (Rick Joyner)
Our purpose is to see the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ set the captives free. Rick Joyner
Now, because of redemption, the marred image of God is restored and is revealed even more gloriously in mankind. — Rick Joyner
WATCH! Warning: is Coming to America, Rick Joyner and More to Come P.1
God’s plan for Confirmed by Rick Joyner & Apostle Isaiah Kadiri
"Throughout Scripture, God has demonstrated His greatest power where there was the greatest darkness." -Rick Joyner
In the Baptist faith, "Prophets" seers like David Wilkerson & Rick Joyner saw certain things that made them able to foresee future.
The same freedom that He gives us to disobey is the freedom that He gives us to obey and therefore prove our devotion. Rick Joyner
Guess who's songs were back to back this morning on The Rick Joyner Experience...My Take Me There and this...
The freedom of the kingdom is to walk in faith, and the bondage of this world is through fear. -Rick Joyner
Those who love the truth will discern what is true, and those who are pure will discern what is poor - Rick Joyner.
‘In every trial there is a door into the Kingdom. The door is Jesus!’ Rick Joyner
Where the foundation of repentance is strong, there will be a victory over sin, not just remorse about it .Rick joyner
Faith in God is always singular, but there are a multitude of fears that seek dominion over us. —Rick Joyner
Man is called to rule with God, and there can be no true authority without a corresponding responsibility. -Rick Joyner
"There is nothing more exciting than God, but nothing more boring than religion." Rick Joyner
The Final Quest by Rick Joyner et al. via
Senate Dem Leader Arthenia Joyner notes Gov Rick Scott has been growing two things: government and low-paying jobs
This year, let us resolve to seek Him and His Kingdom more than we ever have before, and it will be our greatest year yet. - Rick Joyner
Day 122 - Bringing the Day of God by Rick Joyner | MorningStar Daily Devotional 2006
The Best Wine for Last- The Greatest Christian Life, Part 1 by Rick Joyner | MorningStar Word for the Week 2015 |
"The greatest Christian life will not be marked so much by what we do, as what we become." Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner says 2015 will be ur best year yet. He should tell that to those overseas right now.
I fully agree with Rick Joyner because the Lord gave me prophetic impressions of what he is talking about. This video has been my confirmation from the Lord. America is in great danger and it will happen within the next three months so suddenly. I beg pastors and church leaders to take the reins before extreme right wing people who do not know Jesus take over to stop the evil of Isis and other left wing radicals becoming more radical than those who we fear today.
Rick Joyner on It's Supernatural with Sid Roth - End Times Prophecy: via
Next to knowing and worshiping God, we should be occupied with assaulting the devil, setting his captives free, and tearing down his evil religions and philosophies through which he keeps mankind in darkness. —Rick Joyner
In this episode of "Prophetic Perspectives," Rick Joyner talks about how evil emerges from wounds and how some serious cultural wounds in America go back to ...
One major difference between achievers and dreamers is that achievers turn the drudgery of practice into a passionate opportunity to grow in excellence. —Rick Joyner
RICK JOYNER - True faith is not an ambiguous confidence in ourselves; it is the result of a living relationship with the God who loves us, has called us, and will empower us to do all that He created us to do.
and determining what we can do about the future. —Rick Joyner
if people are not devoted to a proper worship of the Creator, the will fall to the worship of the creation. Rick Joyner
If people are not devoted to the proper worship of the creator they will fall to worshipping the creation . RICK JOYNER
Rick Joyner and I had a sled race at the MorningStar Christmas party. It was hilarious!
MI Moravian Watch Updates/News - Reinhard Bonkee and Rick Joyner coming to Michigan
Comments from the Right: Rick Joyner Claims African-Americans Have Been Repaid for Slavery by Being Highly…
We must learn not to judge things just by whether they are good or not, but whether they are initiated by God or not. -Rick Joyner. ✊
The answer to every human problem is found at the cross. The answer to every human need is found in Christ. - Rick Joyner
Understanding the truth—the way things really are—will bring us to clarity.We will then find the right road to a brighter future.Rick Joyner
Lies come from the devil who is the father of lies. If we do not want him to have any part in us, we must be committed to truth. Rick Joyner
God can only trust us with supernatural knowledge to the degree that we know His heart. Rick Joyner
If we are to accomplish the purposes of God, we must come to the level of maturity where, "the love of Christ controls us" ~ Rick Joyner
I thought your correction for rick joyner as going to be about how outside the US almost every race of people have been slaves
Those who do not receive what God is doing today will end up reaping that which grows wild - Rick Joyner
if we preach the greatest truth and do not live them, we are but the greatest hypocrites.. Rick Joyner
There is a faith that overcomes the world, nothing less than this can be our goal. —Rick Joyner
there are no greater fools than the once who know the great salvation of the Lord,but then goes on living for themselves Rick Joyner
“As the Lord showed me many years ago, He sent the blacks to our country to help teach us about freedom and...
Rick Joyner: ‘Athletes’ High Salaries are God’s Way of Paying Them Back for Slavery’
Do you have any idea who the NAR movement is? Chuck Pierce, Sid Roth, Rick Joyner to name a few
The conflict between light and darkness ultimately reveals the heart of the man. —Rick Joyner
Today Patricia and I are going to Rick Joyner's church. SO EXCITED!!! I didn't know it was the old Tammy Faye Bakker and Jim Bakker's property!
Not Chris Cole, GOD TV or Rick Joyner. Independents who want to see Christian journos work together not against each other.
Although I said I won't comment on this again... but now I see Rick Joyner and Cindy Jacobs are giving the...
Any of you who listened to Rick Joyner's "Urgent Warning: ISIS Coming to America - The 'Gate of *** that has been opened" You don't have to wonder who else he is referring to besides ISIS, because the Mexican drug cartels have been committing the most vile atrocities against people - murders by the most demented torture - for a long time. Everyone has been talking about how al-Qaeda is competing now with Isis for being the most cruel and bloodthirsty, so don't think that the drug cartels will be immune to that same competition for evil reputation that Isis has. We need to be very concerned about our southern border. This morning there was supposed to be a massive protest at border crossings from Texas to California, but it was called off because of drug cartel threatening a blood bath against the protesters and law enforcement. That is an extremely serious incident. Also, after the Secret Service were asleep at the wheel last night and a man jumped the White House fence, ran across the lawn and actuall .. ...
The church is not here just to defend against the attacks of the devil and establish our own safe havens; we are here on earth to attack and tear down his strongholds, releasing as many souls from his grip as possible. —Rick Joyner
Those who are truly wise and mature in the ways of the kingdom do not just seek blessings—they seek to be the habitation of the manifest presence of the Lord. The Lord blesses many things that He will not inhabit. —Rick Joyner
Every great spiritual awakening, revival, or reformation in history has come because the people were awakened to the truth of the Scriptures. – Rick Joyner
Here is the slick artwork we made for the new album (for the CD's). Thank you Éva and Sándor Petrik, Britt Paul, and Rick Joyner, for your contributions! You can hear it / download it all free via This is strictly an all around good karma album, so no charge for the downloads! CD's are only $5.
There can be no victory without a battle,and the greater the battle the greater the victory.The more victories you experience the more you start to look forward to the battles and rise even higher to the bigger ones.What makes it easy is that the Lord always leads us to victory.If you stay close to Him,you'll never fail.After every battle and test,you'll be much closer to Him and know Him much better. By: Rick Joyner (The call-The Final Quest Series)
Seeking humility is a basic and necessary quest. —Rick Joyner
All the suffering that a believer endures has a redemptive purpose. —Rick Joyner
Discouragement is d beginin of d loss of vision. To accomplish our purposes,we must resist discouragemt in any form. It blinds"- Rick Joyner
"Everyday u must do that which will help to increase ur vision. Stay away from the people&things that make you lose ur vision" - Rick Joyner
"You must keep in mind that your vision is your most valuable possession" - The Call by Rick Joyner
"To have a Christian worldview is to view the world as Christ does." Rick Joyner
Meyer, Joyner Come to know Jesus personally and stop listening to hearsays saying#
Evry great spritual awakning, revival or refrmation in history has come cause th people were awaknd 2 th truth of th Scripturs. –Rick Joyner
"The one who knows when not to speak will speak with more authority when he does speak" Rick Joyner
Pastor Mark Biltz and Rick Joyner will be joining us on the show in September!
Jesus to Rick Joyner in his vision. Go read "The Final Quest." .
" both their deeds and their motives". The Final Quest by Rick Joyner
The bit in the final quest where Rick Joyner meets great men of God in heaven is too real
Those who have truly surrendered to Christ will not be intimidated by challenges or dismayed by rejection- Rick Joyner.
All who achieve power without knowing the love of God are open to paranoia-Rick Joyner.
Labor is cheap. Friends are expensive, but sons (and daughters) are priceless. - Rick Joyner
The High Calling - The Great Commission, Part 33 by Rick Joyner | MorningStar Word for the Week 2014
God created man to be free. We cannot be who we were created to be without freedom. —Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner's books have enlightened me a lot about demons activities. Demons of suicide, they possess your thoughts and lead you to death.
The love of God is not only our greatest treasure, it is also the most powerful force that will ever impact the earth.- Rick Joyner
Pastor thinks is impossible because he's never seen it. Must mean intelligent are impossible
When we point the finger to criticize, we yoke ourselves. —Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner Disproves Evolution: Okay, all you biologists, geneticists, anthropologist...
This from a man that has made claims that people can actually fly across rooms in the power of the Holy Spirit.
An interesting thought from Rick Joyner... "Every Christian is sent out as a knight of the kingdom, to slay the...
Rick Joyner wrote: We cannot love the Truth Himself without loving all truth, especially the truth of the Scriptures and sound doctrine.
Every difficulty that comes upon us now is to help build our lives on the kingdom of God. —Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner wrote: True spiritual authority is found in the Lord’s authority in and through people, not in a system.
Rick Joyner wrote: Every soul that is set free is a victory that conquers more territory for the kingdom of God.
Jesus is the One Who Breaks the Bread - Rick Joyner Video | Prophetic...
“If our life is always easy, it’s because we are called to a lesser – Rick Joyner (
. The perfect example of someone preaching dangerous ignorance, to keep his business going.
The Holy Spirit is called the Helper not the Doer. We have a part to do also. We must accept His grace and then walk in…
The Lord is going to use His church to break the enemy’s financial power over multitudes and set them free. —Rick Joyner
I ended this AMAZING, PHENOMENAL Founders Day Weekend with me singing to Pastor Henry Dixon and Lady Dixon as we celebrated and honored them at Truth Tabernacle. I enjoyed every minute of the service and Jarell Smalls had us shouting up something too! My main man Rick Joyner was even in the building!! This weekend is an experience that I will NEVER forget!!! Thank you Leroy UncleRoylee Harper for EVERYTHING! God is so awesome! Have you tried Him lately? The Rick Joyner Experience James L. Patterson Krystal Dasupremediva Yeadon
August 3, 2014. This is an excerpt from Rick Joyner. Day 116 - The Great Promise. The Lord gave a great promise...
We are called to be both worshippers and warriors, and these two natures do not conflict with each other. Rick Joyner (wow…
Jesus is the whole purpose of God. —Rick Joyner
God’s ultimate will is that His entire creation be in unity and harmony with Him. -Rick Joyner
just spoke and offered Prophetic Insight Into chaos. Read this article
Rick Joyner, prophetic dream, warning to America Jesus is coming ...: via
Rick Joyner, host of The Rick Joyner Experience, is speaking to the Jehovah House of Prayer Family on…
Rick Joyner: There is more power in a single Christian than in all of the armies on the face of the earth. This...
"True faith begins with true repentance for whatever we have been doing that is wrong." - Rick Joyner
We must stop crucifying the Lord again in each other. - Rick Joyner
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Great insight and commentary by Rick Joyner.
The first step toward defeating works of darkness is to understand them. —Rick Joyner
Good seeing my friend and one of my advisors for some time, Rick Joyner! Charlotte, NC
At listening to the insights of Ted Winn, Lady T'mill, Rick Joyner, Neily Dickerson, Melanie…
Wake up, and get going with The Rick Joyner Experience on Now!
repentance is like waking up to a new day, again - Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner wrote: We have His approval because of the cross of Jesus, never because of our own works.
Confusion is one of the most devastating enemies of truth and human achievement. —Rick Joyner
'The Lion that is inside you is greater than any lion.' Rick Joyner
Shawn Bolz, Dave Yarnes and Rick Joyner will be at our next KBA gathering in October. Will you be there? Click...
We do not see in order to believe, but we believe in order to see ~ Rick Joyner
When we become knowledgeable of the devil’s schemes, he can no longer take advantage of us with them. —Rick Joyner
I read something in one of Rick Joyner's books that has stuck with me. When we sin we tend to run and hide from God. We need to run to Him.
Great article by Rick Joyner on current events.
Nothing like some fried fish from Rick lls "I can’t resist good fried fish man. Smh"
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Sometimes the greatest leadership can be to know when to give up the leadership and follow. ~ Rick joyner.
God’s rest is not just for the purposes of rejuvenation; it is for finding God and abiding in Him. Rick Joyner
I liked a video Webinar 38 with Rick Joyner & Paul Keith Davis
Our hope and purpose is to live lives that glorify the ways of the LORD, and prove the power of His goodness over evil. Rick Joyner.
The Sheaf of the First Fruits by Rick Joyner via
The greatest purpose of what will be the last and greatest generation is to prepare the way for the Lord. —Rick Joyner
"The Bible is not just a history book to believe, it is what we will live and the food that will sustain us every day" - Rick Joyner
The greater the move of God, the greater the shaking that will take place. —Rick Joyner
We only have true spiritual authority to the degree that the King lives within us, or to the degree that we abide in Hi…
Rick Joyner wrote: The worst enemy of Christianity is complacency.
This week on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, internationally recognized prophetic voice, Rick Joyner, has received the most serious, alarming, specific and gra...
July 3, 2014. This is taken from Rick Joyner:. He brought forth this glorious creation out of that which was...
"Only experience can keep one from making mistakes, but experience comes from making mistakes."-Rick Joyner
Obedience in d fear of God is d beginning of wisdom, but the fullness of wisdom is to obey bcos of ur love for God~Wisdom to Rick Joyner~
When we believe in our hearts, eternal things become more real than temporary things. – Rick Joyner
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"Knowing the book of the Lord is not our goal; our goal is to know the Lord of the book." ~ Rick Joyner
"Believing God can move mountains, but loving God can move nations." -Rick Joyner . Great Commandment unto Great...
True leadership is always of a new breed because following old paths is not leading, it is following. —Rick Joyner
"Everyone else saw a big giant, King David just saw a big target" Rick Joyner
"The Lord is in the redemption business, and He will use even our mistakes for our good.". Rick Joyner, "The Torch and The Sword"
Rick Joyner talks about how understanding the Tabernacle of David will help us understand the times we are living...
When we abide in the peace of God, it is both a fortress and a weapon that the enemy has . no power against. Overcoming Fear by Rick Joyner
"The same determination and sacrifice that it cost to win this nation will be required to save it." Rick Joyner
The dry places you've been in are about to blossom. ~ Rick Joyner
True faith depends on God, not on you and not even on your own faith. – Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner wrote: True Christian maturity can be measured by how much our love for Him is growing.
As our love increases, let us be even more resolute to not be beguiled and led astray from the simplicity of devotion to Christ. Rick Joyner
We must learn to stand up against evil, injustice, and the unrighteousness that is prevailing over our inheritance. —Rick Joyner
" The kingdom of heaven has authority over the earth and over all natural laws. - Rick Joyner"
The Holy Spirit can lead us to the truth, but we must depend on Him to do it. Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner's inarguable evidence that God created the universe.
I seek to continually share sentences from this Book I just started reading. by Rick Joyner...May we grow together IJN
Someone should point out to Rick Joyner that "light" came illogically 3 days before the light source: stars.
Rick Joyner studies science, so he knows that the Big Bang proves God created the universe with "let there be light":
+ but also reveals the path of light to others who are walking in darkness'' (Rick Joyner)
Rick Joyner. The Lord does not always come to excite us—at times He comes in silence, and demands silence to do a surgery on our hearts.
Rick Joyner wrote: The true church will only be built upon the one foundation, Jesus Christ Himself.
MorningStar Ministries wrote: God has a glorious plan, and you are a part of it. —Rick Joyner
Me and the host of the Gospel Extravaganza/bossman Rick Joyner... Bringing The Rick Joyner Live…
JESUIT TEMPLAR KNIGHTS OF MALTA MEMBER Rick Joyner: Church of altered states and deception
June 29, 2014. The following excerpt is from Rick Joyner:. We often think of great faith as something that...
Rick Joyner is speaking at our 11am Sunday service. Click the link to join us. This...
"If you are going to fulfill your destiny, it will take courage. Surround yourself with courageous people. —Rick Joyner"
"Try to never give up on anyone, because miracles of change do happen. —Rick Joyner"
"Great success usually comes at a great price. What comes cheaply usually has little value. —Rick Joyner"
At the conference led by Terry Bennett, Rick Joyner, and Bobby Conner.
I know today is Flag Day and tomorrow is Father's Day. I narrowed my Christian studies to focus on Kay Arthur and Rick Joyner this past week. Tonight, while I was cleaning out email at an old email address, I saw that I had 34 copies of mail from Unveiled Wife. Now, that will add a third course to study! Marriage is a good thing. After this last one, I thought I was and I may be through, but it will be nice too look at it from someone else's point of view who has faith in God with her marriage! Now, it is time to say good night and God bless you all. I hope the Holeman's from the church where David and I married are enjoying their anniversary weekend, and I hope Missy and her new husband enjoyed their wedding and have an honeymoon. :-)
The true love of God includes the judgment of God. – Rick Joyner
We report you decide if you care watch Americas Prophetic Warning Jonathan Cahn, Rick Joyner, David Wilkerson
[Jer 5:26-31 KJV] 26 For among my people are found wicked [men]: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men. 27 As a cage is full of birds, so [are] their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich. 28 They are waxen fat, they shine: yea, they overpass the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not judge. 29 Shall I not visit for these [things]? saith the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? 30 A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; 31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love [to have it] so: and what will ye do in the end thereof? Exposed: Tim LaHaye, Chuck Missler, Jerry Falwell, Sun Myung Moon, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Benny Hinn, Kathryn Kuhlman, Paul Crouch, Chuck Smith, Hal Lindsey, Rick Joyner, The Pope, TBN, Calvary Chapel, CNP, Knights of Malta & Many Mo ...
Here are sixteen reasons why prophetic people have a difficult time. Many quotes in these areas come from some of the leading teachers in the prophetic such as John Paul Jackson, Jack Deere, Rick Joyner, Graham Cooke and many others. 1. Prophetic people usually think in “concepts” more than in “details”. Prophetic people are more right brain and while most people have been trained to be left brain thinkers. Prophetic people often hear words from God in images and ideas. Rick Joyner says that concept-oriented people and detailed oriented people often clash and sometimes question each other’s motives. 2. A critical spirit is not the gift of prophecy. Prophets too often believe they know what is right and wrong. If you want to prophesize a critical word, it is probably not prophecy, it is criticism. If your prophecy is hurting people, then you are likely being critical and not prophetic. If we find it easy to give negative words, then we have no understanding of the grace and goodness of G ...
Memorial Day Weekend is more than a special and important holiday—it is a key to restoring the Republic. As we have been covering, the crises in virtually every area have grown beyond human remedy. This is not to imply that we must not do all we can to address them, but it is to acknowledge that we need God. Read more of Rick Joyner's Prophetic Bulletin.
mark Driscoll isn't my favorite. David Falls is, and my wife, Rick Joyner, and Mike Bickle
Is it here yet? MT"Rick Joyner: I received a warning from God about how BIG worldwide awakening is going to be Alert”
Incredible Truth - Marxism has been creeping into the fabric of the nations of Western Europe and the Americas for nearly a century. Although it has come in fits and starts, it continues to make inroads. This has been accomplished with a systematic and effective strategy of infiltrating and dominating the central cultural power centers of education, media, entertainment, and the arts. From these, it is an easy jump to government. The “crown jewel” of Marxist takeover is the dominance of the family, whereby fidelity to the state eclipses family loyalty. When this happens, the people are primed for complete subjugation. This is all plainly spelled out in Marxist writings. They have brilliantly followed their plan in America where their takeover has reached the final stages with the systematic erosion and breakup of the traditional family. - Rick Joyner
Maurette Brown-Clark, Rick Joyner and me. Thank God for good friends in the music industry.
God is love, but His love is often very different from human, sentimental love. God’s love cannot be fully understood except in the light of His severity. Likewise, His severity cannot be fully understood apart from His kindness. – Rick Joyner
As the world is growing in fear and depression, those living in the kingdom will be growing in peace and joy. ~Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries wrote: Even though fellow believers can be the source of the enemy's attack on us, we must never run away from the church. We must rather run to it, and work out our problems until they are resolved. – Rick Joyner
The people who become the greatest at great things began by being great at little things. —Rick Joyner
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Rick Joyner teaches on koinonia and the role of deacons in the church and ordains new deacons.
You may feel and be unappreciated for a time, but if you continue to do everything with excellence, in due time your greatness will be known. —Rick Joyner
We must view everyday of our lives as a school that is preparing us for were we are going. Rick Joyner
We must view every day of our lives as a school that is meant to prepare us for where we are heading. —Rick Joyner
Faith is a basic determining force in our lives, and it will be a primary determining factor of whether we succeed or fail. —Rick Joyner
"True unity is found in diversity not conformity." Rick Joyner
Successful leadership is vision combined with the resolve, courage, and endurance that it takes to accomplish the goal, to press the job until it is finished. —Rick Joyner
Those who are coming to the true knowledge of the Lord will be increasingly humbled. The more we discover about the Lord and His ways, the bigger He gets and the smaller we become in our own eyes. – Rick Joyner
True leadership is impossible without creativity, and creativity is released through leadership. —Rick Joyner
Heard this today by Rick Joyner,..."We won't use people to build our church, we'll use our church to build...
"Anything that has stopped growing has started dying!!!" —Rick Joyner
Count Zinzendorf lead a sex cult in the history of the Moravians. False teachers Mike Bickle and Rick Joyner have been very vocal of their adoration of Zinze...
This may be the most important 2 minutes and 46 seconds of your life. Listen carefully as missionary Daniel Scalf exhorts us to truly be a disciple of the Lord and lay down our lives for the Gospel. Morning Star and Rick Joyner have published his harrowing story twice. A man who has visited over 100 nations and has been shot stabbed and imprisoned for Jesus. Oh God give us an a army!...
A successful Christian life will not be based so much work we have done, but rather on how close to the Lord we have become, and how obedient we have been!.by Rick Joyner
4 more days till the Apostolic Kingdom Advance Conference with Rick Joyner & Honored to have them minister here in Red Deer
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4 more days until the Apostolic Kingdom Advance Conference with Rick Joyner and Larry Randolph! Get ready! God loves to do far above and beyond what you could ever hope or dream.
Our Apostolic Kingdom Advance Conference starts this Thursday night! Rick Joyner and Larry Randolph will be with us here in Red Deer from May 1-May 4th. Invite your friends! We will have a leaders luncheon you can sign up for as well as a prophetic presbytery. Gonna be a blast!
It should be our resolution to take an uncompromising stand on the essential doctrines of the faith and extend the right hand of fellowship to all who hold them. – Rick Joyner
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We have come to the time of the greatest. Conflict between light and darkness that the earth has ever witnessed. It is the conflict of the ages. This is not the time to fear for we stand under the banner which has already won. The cross is the power of God, and His power is about to be revealed as never before on this earth. Rick Joyner.
There is nothing in this world that is more contagious than someone who is getting closer to the Lord. –Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner - MorningStarRick Joyner - Koinonia & Eklesia - Church Fellowship & Organization 04.27.14 (1 of 2)MorningStar April 27, 2014Videos filmed and shared by Steve Martin - to give appreciation to and love for those we support, through Love For His People, Inc.
In all things there must be charity. – Rick Joyner
One of the most important things we've got to do is get our discernment from the Lord and get our wisdom & knowledge from Him. -Rick Joyner
"It is at the point that we see our resources running out that we will experience the power of God." Rick Joyner
The Lord desires us to have searching, inquiring hearts with a passion to know God’s ways. – Rick Joyner
Until the whole church comes together in unity, we will not have the whole truth. – Rick Joyner
"You can have love & even genuine forgiveness, but if if you do not have trust, a relationship is not possible."~Rick Joyner
"Infact, many of the torchbearers are quiet young" - Rick Joyner. Good night
Love to listen to Rick Joyner... This was a good program!! ;-)
Our currency is NOT our WEALTH. Currency is just how we keep score. Our real wealth is Industry, People etc. "Rick Joyner" Amen my brother!
God has given each of us a well of living waters, which will never run dry. - Rick Joyner
Grace is the freedom to try, and truth is the realization that the fruit of what we try will be and should be tested. – …
The Bible is a most awesome and wonderful gift. – Rick Joyner
You were created for a purpose, and you will find it by discovering the deepest desire of your heart. —Rick Joyner
If you are going to fulfill your purpose, you must first determine to be a fighter and realize quitting is not an option…
GodTV the last great end time revival from Durban South Africa, confirmed by Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley et al never happened
Rick Joyner, founder of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, will star in a new documentary series about climate change to air on the Showtime network.
The plain text of Scripture itself has limitless intricacies and depths far beyond the capability of a human mind to devise or comprehend without the Holy Spirit. —Rick Joyner
Democracy, free enterprise, and even science have their roots in the discovery, or rediscovery, of biblical truths. —Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner writes- The Lord has had a few Joshuas and Calebs who have been outstanding in their time, full of faith in doing great exploits. But now, at the end of the age, He is raising up a generation with the faith to cross over and possess their inheritance. Sam Jones, Evan Roberts, and William Seymour were great men of faith, but the Lord is about to release ten thousand like them, along with those like WIlliam Booth, Hudson Taylor, John Wesley, George Whitfield, Jonathon Edwards, Count Zinzendorf, John Knox, Luther, Peter and even Paul- all at the same time! Together they will ignite a multitude of Nashville, Welsh, and Azusa Street Revivals, multitudes of Great Awakenings, and many Reformations- all together. A generation is arising that will see all of the things that every prophet and righteous man from the beginning longed to see. For those who love God, there has never been a greater day to be alive. The Lord has saved His best wine for last. this could be anyone the Lord chooses, wake up gian ...
(just a note about the upcoming 4 Blood moons) (as the scriptures say the sun will darken & the moon will not give light ***kind of before the return of Christ - right??? And when these things happen, The Jewish ppl always have something significant happen -some good,some bad - Like in Israel's history; in 1949/1950, the year following Israel’s statehood, and 1967/1968, the year Jerusalem was liberated miraculusly in the Six-Day War! Before that, back to 1493 - four successive lunar eclipses on Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles” (See Prophecy in the news -May 2008 letter). See Perry Stone Jr ministry ( See Billye Brimm ministries.see Rick Joyner ministries, see John Paul Jackson ministries - but most of all SEE JESUS!!! SEE THE WORD of GOD. so much revelation in the old and new testament - God will reveal - ask HIM too. It is HIs delight by His Spirit to do so. :-0 got to Love HIM! He is so wonderful **my mom was really into prophecy and I have heard & read prophecy stuff since I wa .. ...
True Christian community, which is true church life, fills the deepest yearnings of the human heart. —Rick Joyner
Federal Agents Taking Pictures And Doing Videos At Church: Lance Wallnau Ministries' Pastor Kimball is more than friendly with the local Secret Service and FBI agents. Some of the agents are members (sort of) of the church that go watch the people in the sanctuary over video cameras, taking clips, etc. These people know the US Constitution and rule of law was completely shredded when police and government raped, beat and plundered me but was just me and my family and bedsides that not do not care...they approve, along with Rick Joyner and the rest of the associates. Ya, tyrant scum! The world is going apostate and almost no man takes it to heart when those that seek true righteousness and justice are persecuted and plundered. WOW!
Prayer Request: Patty prays for revival to happen in America soon, a great awakening. She prays that God will raise up men and women who will speak the truth like Jim Bakker and Rick Joyner and others.
by Kevin Reeves LTRP Note: The following article by Kevin Reeves describes the background of much of the Word-Faith, River movement, Latter Rain, IHOP, Joel’s Army, Apostles and Prophets movement, etc. taking place today. Mike Bickle, Rick Joyner, John Wimber, and many others rose out of the 1940s L...
When Will Joel's Army Emerge? Part 1 ~ John Crowder   How long have we heard the prophecies about the Lord amassing a mighty army of wonderworkers, seers and revivalists – a supernatural generation that will prepare the way for His second coming? This is not a new concept. From the onset of the present-day prophetic movement, the emergence of this company of forerunners has been a hot topic. Prophetic voices such as Bob Jones, Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Jack Deere and countless others have heralded the advancement of an end-time generation that would demonstrate signs and wonders like never before in history.   In this series of teachings, we want to look briefly at the Lord’s timetable for the emergence of this army. The modern-day resurgence of this prophetic understanding can be traced back to the Voice of Healing revival in the 1940s and ‘50s. Men like Jack Coe and William Branham saw an entire church rising up to operate in healing, prophecy and the fullne ...
I appreciate this vision and latest word by Rick Joyner. True prophets prepare us for what's ahead and tell us how we can position ourselves. Remember: Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).
Walking in the light is more than just knowing and obeying certain truths, it is being true and being free from the compulsion to hide. – Rick Joyner
No man stands alone, and every human failure or victory resonates far beyond our comprehension, even to generations to come. – Rick Joyner
A Prophetic Worldview - The Great Commission Rick Joyner The Great Commission will be fulfilled. This commission is to make disciples of nations, not just individuals. To do this, we must understand the times. One of the most basic revelations of the times is found in Daniel 2. This is when Nebuchadnezzar dreamt of the statue that represented all of man’s kingdoms through the ages. At the end, a stone struck the feet of this statue and it began to collapse. Then the stone grew into a mountain, and it kept growing until it filled the entire earth. As Daniel said of the little stone that struck this statue’s feet: “In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever” (Daniel 2:44 NIV). Understanding this dream and its interpretation is a key to understanding our times. We know through history how accurately this dream has un ...
Bt doing book promotion? Yes. Listen, he was on Rick Joyner's show doing th same thng. Not questioning motive, just th action
“Satan’s first strategy is to keep religion intellectual.” – Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner. It is by the Lord’s stripes that we were healed. In a sense, we too receive the authority for healing...
Rick Joyner:. A Roller Coaster Year. A Vision of a Roller Coaster. When I prayed for this coming year, I was...
Rick Joyner says that he met with ...
could be called cancers in the body of Christ. – Rick Joyner
Cultural sins are passed down from generation to generation until men arise to humble themselves and repent for the sins of their fathers. — Rick Joyner
Here's a paradigm shift for us to ponder: it's not the birth pangs that create the baby, but its the coming baby that creates the birth pangs; & in like manner it's not our prayers that are causing the coming revival, but the coming revival is causing us to pray. (Rick Joyner)
2/2 : but in the future it will be Life or death for those who cannot discern the Spirit of Truth from the spirit of error" Rick Joyner
'Until we live what we say, the world has an excuse not to believe our words' - Rick Joyner
'Intimacy with God is the most contagious power on the face of the earth' - Rick Joyner
Humility is a basic characteristic that enables us to be open to those who are different from us. It also helps others to lower their defenses against us. — Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner will be back at Morningside on February 4th with more prophetic messages!
In this weeks very special webinar, Paul Keith Davis sits down with our great friend, Rick Joyner. They discuss various topics on that are prevalent to where...
The primary reason we are so prone to choose spiritual slavery over following God is our human tendency to put our security in our environment rather than in the Lord. – Rick Joyner
The influence that we gain by our own self-promotion or manipulation will be a stumbling block that keeps us from attaining positions that God would otherwise give to us. — Rick Joyner
Humility comes before authority and position. — Rick Joyner
The Lord gave Rick Joyner a vision of a roller coaster saying this will be a roller coaster year - highs and lows...
Just saw Dr Brown on with Rick Joyner promoting his same book. It just keeps getting worse by th minute.
Why do Prophetic People have a hard time in Relationships? What would a prophetic church look like? Would the church run smoothly because everyone was listening to God? It sounds good in theory but in reality it is very challenging. Like the Corinthian church in the first century, the Apostle Paul faced some difficult problems including disunity among the believers. First Corinthians 13, the chapter on love, was not written for weddings but for the prophetic people at Corinth to get along. Too often people read First Corinthians 12 on spiritual gifts, skip over First Corinthians 13 and jump to First Corinthians 14 on tongues and prophecy. If First Corinthians 13-15 were a sandwich, then First Corinthians 13 is the beef and First Corinthians 12 and 14 are the slices of bread. Too many prophetic ministries have blown up in the past for the lack of love. Prophecy without love is “noise” and “nothing.” (I Cor. 13) The church is too quick to dismiss the prophetic because they believe it is to ...
Instruction given to Rick Joyner in an encounter he had in a vision: "Only a foundation of repentance will keep...
One of the primary issues on which we will be judged will be our oneness with those who are different from us. — Rick Joyner
To the degree that we abide in Him, Jesus will use us to intercede. — Rick Joyner
WATCH "SOUNDING THE ALARM" in Rick Joyner's latest episode on "Prophetic Perspectives."
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It is the nature of the faith walk to not be able to see where you are going, but you should know what you're looking for. - Rick Joyner
A Glistening Train ~ Rick Joyner Trains often speak of training in dreams and visions. We may still be on a rickety old roller coaster, but the vehicle that is going to take us to where we must go will be training. This speaks to me of Ephesians 4 – the equipping of the saints to do the work of the ministry. Even though it may take a while for us to see where we're going (the long, dark tunnel) we will be going up. This is the vehicle that will get us to where we must go.
Those who would walk in the high calling must carry all of God’s people on their hearts. — Rick Joyner
Here is a list of False prophets the Lord has revealed. Morris Cerullo, Rick Joyner, Rodney Howard-Browne, Jaap Dieleman, Richard Roberts, Ashley McGuicken, John Wimber, John Avanzini, Kenneth Copeland. *The Lord said there are many more. Be wise who you are listening to. We are to pray for these people that they repent. This is a small list that God Himself revealed. Bless those who have ear to hear what the Spirit of God is saying. If any of you have a problem with this take it up with the Lord. Blessings to you all, Amen.
If we really have Christ’s Spirit, we will also have His nature. — Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner When we criticize other Christians, we are actually saying that God’s workmanship does not meet up to our standards and that we could do it better. — Rick Joyner
If we are walking in righteousness, we will be walking in increasing light. — Rick Joyner
I think that was why Rick Joyner said God'll use the saved Christians to safe the unsaved. God's not against any
The deeper the cross works in us, the more humble we become, the more secure in His love. — Rick Joyner
"Good can be the worst enemy of best." - Rick Joyner
"We can have the Bible memorized yet still not know the Truth because Truth is a Person.". ~Rick Joyner
Racism empowers the spirit of death, and this spirit has probably killed more churches and movements than any other enem…
The church is the place where men will be unified again, regardless of race, culture, language, etc. —Rick Joyner
By Reading this book "The Final Quest" by Rick Joyner I have learned a lot. One thing I have learned is that this world is nothing but an illusion. The Spiritual is far more real than the human mind can comprehend. It is not what see but what is being done internally to you spiritually that you should turn your focus on. And like Bishop Larry Jackson said everything "good" isn't God. I'm still learning and still progressing but this week has taught me a lot about myself and what I need to change and focus on personally, mentally, and spiritually.
Rick Joyner wrote: Fear and pride tear down the trust that makes relationships possible, therefore creating division. The cross of Christ confronts and overcomes both the pride of man and his insecurity. — Rick Joyner
"Freedom is a Prerequisite for a true relationship." - Rick Joyner
Every human problem in the world is impossible for men to overcome until they embrace the cross. — Rick Joyner
We will never walk in TRUE UNITY until we see each other in the Lord’s eyes, hear each other with His ears, and love each other with His heart. [Rick Joyner]
Order Your Copy Today! THE PATH is Book One in the Series Fire on the Mountain by Rick Joyner. “The lion that is inside of you is greater than any lion.”
Rick Joyner wrote: The trials we experience in our wilderness are meant to deliver us from the ways of the world that continue to dominate our thoughts and actions. – Rick Joyner
The whole creation reflects the Lord’s love for diversity. He makes every snowflake, tree, and person different. — Rick Joyner
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT...NTF will be blessed with a very special speaker this Sunday evening at 6:30 pm. JONI AMES is a prophetic minister, writer, teacher, encourager,mentor, mother and grandma. Joni lived in Charlotte NC for over 20 years, and was a long time member of MorningStar Ministries (Rick Joyner). She has been involved with MorningStar since she was one of their first five employees in 1990. Joni has also been ordained under Jim & Michal Ann Goll's ministry out of Franklin, TN, and Christian International (Bishop Bill Hamon) in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Joni moved to the Charleston, WV area in the spring of 2008. She has also "dipped into the prophetic streams" at Kansas City when she was there from May of 1999 to Aug. of 2000 for the first year of Shiloh and Some of Joni's writing has been featured in the MorningStar Journal and she has often been a featured writer on Steve Shultz' prophetic e-mail newsletter, Elijah List.
The only answer for us and the world is the cross. At the cross, dividing walls are taken down and we are free to come into a true unity. — Rick Joyner
An Amazing Vision of the War against Light and darkness, given to Rick Joyner. Like the Pilgrims ...
Our unity is based on the recognition and appreciation of our differences. — Rick Joyner
Whether we live in a castle or a cave, if we are abiding in the Lord, we abide in the glory. – Rick Joyner
The latest offering from Leonard Jones. After 37 years of Worship Leading at Rick Joyners, Leo is know out sharing his music. Love the new track. Praying that we will see him in Australia in August.
The latest offering by Leonard Jones. Leo spent 37 years as the Worship Leader for Rick Joyner and Morningstar Ministries. Had the opportunity to see Leo perform live at Invercargill Christian Centre for Ian and Dayle Wright and team last year. Outstanding. Enjoy
The place of watchmen is on the wall, looking out into the direction that he is pointing. The can be lonely, discouraging work. Jesus is pleading with his watchmen to stay on the walls, where he needs them to be. Many watchmen are down in the city chatting with friends, because they got lonely. Others are on the conference circuit, where the money is better. Some are busy trolling the internet, but that is not the same as listening to the Lord. Others grew tired and have gone to sleep. Others have given up, because they are weary of their warnings being rejected. The watchman should not be in the city eating and drinking with the town's folk. He should be out on the watchtower looking into the night Jesus urgently needs his watchmen to get back up on the watchtower where he has appointed them. I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest (Is 62:6). Israel's watchmen are blind, they all lack knowledge; they are ...
Jason Crabb - January 29. Condos filling up fast. And, we have dates for Rick Joyner, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (four times confirmed in 2014). And, many more. Call me to book today! Special January rates!
The Lord came to destroy the works of the devil, and He sent us with this same purpose. We are not here to stand and watch, but to stand against darkness and to push it back. — Rick Joyner
I don't know if any of you have read the Final Quest by Rick Joyner. I read that book several years ago and it hit me so hard I bought some and gave them away to a lot of people. It is about at vision Rick had where he went to heaven and saw a street person he had judged on earth as making Christians look bad because of his zeal for the Lord and Jesus showed Rick how he died on the streets keeping one of his fellow street people warm by wrapping himself around him in bitter cold weather. We sometimes judge from a natural or carnal way of seeing things when we should be walking in Love which is walking in the spirit. We are a spirit, we have a soul (mind, will, emotions) and we live in a physical body (earth suit consisting of 5 senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell) used in reasoning. I believe one of the major understandings we as believers need is of our 3 part make up as humans of spirit, soul and body. We sometimes have a mixture of spiritual and natural in trying to discern situations and p ...
Rick Joyner : Happy New Year! If You Follow Your Calling, This Will Be Your Best Year Yet Because we are commanded to "enter His gates with thanksgiving" (see Psalm 100:4), I ask you to take a few minutes to think of all the things that took place in 2013 for which you are thankful, and thank Him. Our thanksgiving to God should include everything that happened, because we are told to give thanks in all things. Everything works together for our good, so we should actually be thankful for everything in our lives. This may be hard for many things and will require even more faith. Since we know that "without faith it is impossible to please Him," the more faith we have in Him the more it pleases Him (see Hebrews 11:6). Your Best Year Yet Don't get your security from the crowd but from the Lord...Now let us resolve that we are going to enter 2014 with a thankful heart that is continually thanking Him. In this way, we will be able to continually dwell in His presence, and 2014 will be our best year yet. Many re ...
"Once you lay a foundation you work on it every day. You don't lay a foundation over and over; you just lay it one time, but there's something you work on every day." Rick Joyner, Sanctification, August 7,2013. Hum...repentance to gain salvation is our foundation; SANCTIFICATION is what we should be building on it every day. Christian life is a pilgrimage, progressive movement. Father prevent us from miring in the confession of the same sins and help us be spiritual eagles. Camille Nana
Our faith must be in Him, not in ourselves and not even in our faith. – Rick Joyner
Our basic lack of faith can often be traced to our care and concern for things of the world. – Rick Joyner
If we are to receive the truth, the Holy Spirit must lead us. – Rick Joyner
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