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Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner heads MorningStar Ministries (also known as MorningStar Publications and Ministries), which he cofounded with his wife Julie Joyner in 1985. He is also the founder, executive director, and senior pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church based in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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I like this! I have never seen Rick Joyner's wife...ever! thats not ok ~ bless you Julie Joyner "Mercy All The Way"
you should have Rick Joyner on your show. He's obsessed with Trump and jumps on any accusations that come along about Cruz
There is great rejoicing at a single sinner that repents, and there is great lamentation when a single one falls away. —Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner is going to be at Azusa Now, are you?
New MSTV Video - Re-Air- Discern the Weather - Rick Joyner compares knowing the signs of the times to discerni...
The Word is made flesh in us when it is changed from just being concepts and principles to being our very nature. —Rick…
Repentance is more than feeling sorry for your sin; it's turning away from your sin (Rick Joyner)
No person is capable of doing what they are called to do without God’s help. —Rick Joyner
"I would rather face a thousand principalities than be against the hand of God." -Rick Joyner.
Ed Narain and Arthenia Joyner achieve "a level of justice" after Rick Scott signs Dozier School for Boys bill
Rick Joyner:. ..."we do not change so we can fellowship with Him, but we are changed by our fellowship with Him.
Our first calling is to fellowship, not works. —Rick Joyner
We must recognize the gift of God in the messenger to receive the gift that God is sending to us. —Rick Joyner
The greater the humility, the greater the grace. —Rick Joyner
Our food is to do the Father’s will, and the joy of the Lord will be our strength. —Rick Joyner
Dwight better die a brutal death, Iike Daryl or Rick need to take a bite out of his carotid artery.
Sharper Than A Two-Edged Sword—The Book of Revelation by Rick Joyner | MorningStar Word for the Week 2016
Sometimes the Lord does not give us a specific word because He wants us to grow in faith and wisdom. -Rick Joyner
The Lord does not always come to excite us—at times He comes in silence, and demands silence to do a surgery on our hea…
To see what the Lord is doing, we may have to go to places that require the death of our flesh and sometimes our reputa…
True revival only comes when the Pillar of Fire, that is the presence of God Himself, picks up and moves. —Rick Joyner
We must get our attention off of how we look to each other and on how we appear before God. —Rick Joyner
Army of the Dawn (Day 3) - Rick Joyner on The Jim Bakker Show
Rick Joyner: The ultimate purpose of God is that all things will be summed up in His Son. If we do not keep the...
"26. What's the title of the last book you read?"the final Quest by Rick joyner
5v31 So don’t be distracted by the revelations of John Schwab and Rick Joyner. B…
"Our goal is not to become perfect people, but to abide in the One who is perfect." - Rick Joyner, Unshakable...
Rick Joyner let us loose in his TV studio! The video came out today. Watch it and let us know if you're interested.
Texas trooper indicted in Sandra Bland case faces dismissal.
Rick Joyner speaks "Once when I felt crushed under the weight of trying to save the world, I had an encounter with the Lord.
WATCH!4 Things to Know about the Rick Joyner says the will “Take on a Military Demeanor”
I see people walking like zombies all the time because they're looking at the phone. I tell DJ to put the phone...
ALL School Systems can learn from this, if you open your eyes and your mind.
Rick Joyner - Insight on Russia, China, Syria in the Middle East - 2016
If we have seen the Lord and then become lukewarm, then we have fallen into the ultimate delusion and deception. –Rick Joyner
Published on Jan 2, 2016. This video is from a service at MorningStar Ministries (founded by Rick Joyner) in Fort...
This guy was literally serenading Aquilla and I on the sub with Pretty Rick and Drake. Everybody was staring it was so embarrassing 😭
You must not be so distracted by those who bring you the words of the Lord that you do not see the Word Himself and follow Him!! Rick Joyner
"The greatest Christian life will be the one most like Christ." Rick Joyner
Join us via live-stream for the New Year 2016 Conference. Rick Joyner is speaking.
2/2 - A primary concern of the Father will be how much of the image of His Son we bear. - Rick Joyner's The Journey B…
Chale, Rick Joyner's Army of the Dawn is filling me with so much hope for my future! More vim!
LIVE on Rick Joyner signing books in the bookstore.📕📕
The motivated are easily led but a higher form of leadership is to inspire "dry bones". ~ Rick Joyner, Army Of The Dawn.
We will follow the Lord to the degree we can hear His voice. It is that simple." -Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner continues his series on being a part of the Army of God.
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Defeats can be stepping stones to an ultimate victory if we learn from them. –Rick Joyner
I added a video to a playlist The Final Quest by Rick Joyner (The Vision , The Call)
Labor is cheap, friendship is expensive. The Lord desires friendship. Rick Joyner. Gearing up for starting tomorrow, 5:30pm
to those who are caught in the shackles of evil and on the path to destruction. Rick Joyner
Those who refuse to acknowledge the reality of the spiritual warfare we are in are inevitably overcome by it. Rick Joyner
It is the Lord’s purpose for our life that we be free from every yoke but one—His yoke. —Rick Joyner
"We will fight for truths more than for the people for whom the truths were given." -Rick Joyner in The Final Quest
We should be so addicted to the lord that if we don't have an encounter with Him by 10am that we get the shakes. -Rick …
You must not trust in appearances for judging success or. failure.- Rick Joyner
Click here to support Save Jon Joyner's Family by Rich Rick Artman
Rick Joyner shares how we have reduced the great commission to the great conversion.
Rick Joyner from MorningStar ministries tells who he is voting for. Please Share:
He addresses 3 pointed questions: What is happening? What is not happening? What can we do about it?
God’s own sacrifice was enough, and He will answer us because of His sacrifice, not ours. -Rick Joyner
"Man is called to rule with God, and there can be no true authority without a corresponding responsibility.". ~ Rick Joyner.
Watched on Chilling with Rick Joyner!! Still at it!!💪🏾
True faith is seeing Him and who He is and where He sits. Our goal is to see Him. -Rick Joyner
"To the degree that the kingdom of God grows in us, we will also grow in peace." - Rick Joyner
"The strength of the foundation will determine the strength and magnitude of what can be built upon it." ~ Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner Issues Urgent Warning: ISIS Coming to America as the 'Gate of *** Has Opened
Our God is truly an awesome God, and a much greater King than any king who has ever reigned on the earth! —Rick Joyner
If we are abiding in the Lord, we will be abiding in His peace as well. —Rick Joyner
This is why we are standing in line right now!
The wise seek everything they can get from God, but they seek God Himself even more. Rick Joyner
We must take a stand against the fear that the enemy is seeking to increase over the whole world to enhance his control. Rick Joyner
Life is found by loving God and loving one another. Rick Joyner
Watch this announcement from Rick Joyner about MorningStar's upcoming New Year 2016 Conference:
There is simply no substitute for spending time with the Lord and hearing His voice for ourselves (Rick Joyner)
Every day we are either taking ground or losing it in the fight.Rick Joyner
It is a battle between life and death, and we are the territory that is being fought over. Rick Joyner
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You only have true strength to the degree that you walk in the grace of God. Rick Joyner
We will not lead successfully unless we know where we are going. —Rick Joyner
at a conference where Rick Joyner and spoke.And I'm the genuine proof that Bob Jones spoke the truth.
Joseph's Tomb site catches fire in spate of Palestinian-Israeli violence.
Rick Joyner says that God uses the humble and "Donald Trump may be one of the most humble" candidates in the race: http…
Most people, we won't know until eternity, we won't know how much harder our lives were because we didn't know...
This jerkwad MUST be off his meds . FWIW
Rick Joyner shares the secret to getting through end times on The Jim Bakker Show. Click the link to watch:...
Rick Joyner and Lt. General (Ret.) Jerry Boykin discuss the Presidential candidates. Part 1 of 2.
"The quality of any relationship is determined by the quality of the communication." Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner believes need to become extinct.
Gas prices as low as when George W. Bush was in his first term as president.
"Those who love the truth will live by the truth even when it is not convenient or seemingly expedient."- Rick Joyner
The entire church age has been one of spiritual warfare and that warfare is increasing as we approach the end of this age. —Rick Joyner
"careless means to care less. Careful means to be full of caring" (Rick Joyner)
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Rick Joyner talks with Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Boykin about his views on the constitutional value of church and state.
I just want people to read The Final Quest by Rick Joyner.
The Lord has never restricted Himself to move by any predetermined formula. ~Rick Joyner
The Power of Pride - Rick Joyner - (Click on image to download audio message) The...
Rick Joyner talks with Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin about the email controversy with Hillary Clinton.
In another special update with Rick Joyner, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W. G. (Jerry) Boykin shares more of his insight on...
There is no courage unless there is real danger. – Rick Joyner
Lt. Gen. W.G. (Jerry) Boykin sits down with Rick Joyner to discuss the 2016 Presidential candidates in this video:
New MSTV Video - Special Update: The Iran Treaty - In this special video, Rick Joyner speaks with Lt. Gen. (Ret.)...
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin shares some insight with Rick Joyner about the Iran Treaty. He says every American...
this from Rick Joyner. Have a fab weekend y'all!
| Rick Joyner: Rick Joyner is Founder and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries and Herit...
We have an extraordinary opportunity that Rick Joyner is presenting for leaders. He and Nicholas Papanicolaou...
God: Rick Joyner’s Bookie: Rick Joyner, self-appointed prophet of God who claims to speak…
Kim Davis is jailed; clerk's office to issue marriage licenses to *** couples.
| Rick Joyner on “Joni” – 09.04.2015: Where is America heading? Rick Joyner shares what God has ...
Sausage patties recall: Metal pieces found in Johnsonville Grillers.
The greatest victory of all would be the repentance and salvation of our enemies. —Rick Joyner
but so we can fight effectively against the powers that are destroying people. —Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner. If we have built our lives primarily on the kingdoms of this world, we will be shaken every time the world shakes.
Rick Joyner reveals that, prior to the start of last season, God told him that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl: h…
EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOR LEADERS!. Rick Joyner and Nicholas Papanicolaou will be presenting things that they...
“Did God really say that?” This remains Satan’s most deadly strategy against mankind—to get us to doubt the clear Word of God. -Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner on It's Supernatural with Sid Roth - Supernatural Life video
"Good is what God calls good, and evil is what He calls evil, not what is politically expedient." -- Rick Joyner
The very first lie of Satan that was used to cause the fall of man was “Did God really say that?” Satan’s most deadly strategy - Rick Joyner
Really great read especially since I said almost every bit of it word for word yesterday . Rick Joyner. as the...
There's been more radical change, in the shortest amt of time, in recent history. Not, especially..or...
a recent post by Rick Joyner. What is Happening?. As the four dissenting justices pointed out, the Supreme...
Love commanded is not love at all. — Rick Joyner"
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"We have done no one a favor by reducing the cost of discipleship" Rick Joyner
God Weighs the Heart- The Greatest Christian Life, Part 28 by Rick Joyner | MorningStar Word for the Week 2015
“Family is the incubator of life, in the natural and spiritual.” ~ Rick Joyner
Economic prosperity is not just about making money—it’s about making progress. —Rick Joyner
Nothing reveals the true character of a person like conflict. —Rick Joyner
Power is in the Word. There is no darkness so dark that His Word cannot penetrate it. — Rick Joyner
The cross is the greatest love that the creation will ever know. — Rick Joyner
it can be a springboard for a new beginning.Rick Joyner
Getting back on the course and continuing after our mistakes sometimes requires the greatest faith of all.Rick Joyner
From the Man that puts it down the AM in my Rick Party voice Tom Joyner on 107-3 JAMZ
The Power of the Boycott - Rick Joyner Video | Prophetic Perspective on Current Events:
Televangelist Rick Joyner says we could see a Civil War if the Supreme Court backs *** marriage
Rick Joyner vows to never "bow to the Beast" of *** marriage, says homosexuality is destroying America
Rick Joyner said .. "Vision is the foundation of faith. Those with vision will be “heavenly-minded.”
And earthly blessed as we go demonstrating the powers of the age to come. Thank you Dr Rick Joyner.
Rick Joyner. "I believe it is important to biblically establish the difference in the mandates given to the civil...
Tom Joyner still a Slick Rick lol.I still don't see how he let Mrs. "Getting Sweaty in the Spirit" go
The answers to all society’s problems are spiritual, not political. —Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner on Same Sex Marriage, the Supreme Court and the Mark of the Beast
TBN Praise the Lord with Tim LaHaye, Irvin Baxter, and Rick Joyner - 2011
Friendship with God - Rick Joyner with Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! by Heaven Visit
I watched this last week and was changed. I hope you can watch it too.
"Our unity is a unity of diversity, not a unity of conformity." - Rick Joyner
New on our website: A free Profile of MorningStar Ministries / Rick & Julie Joyner
To break our word to man is bad, but to break it with God could be the greatest human folly.RICK JOYNER
but also the greater potential for bad when we make the wrong one. —Rick Joyner
We are called to walk in authority and dominion so that evil flees from us wherever we go.RICK JOYNER
because we have built our lives on a kingdom that cannot be shaken.RICK JOYNER
Friends are expensive ... sons are priceless. ~ Dad to Rick Joyner
Labor is cheap, friendship is expensive. ~ Dad to Rick Joyner
I liked a video Aliss Cresswell interviews Rick Joyner
It is obvious that if the enemy is targeting a relationship, it is usually because of the importance of the relationship.r…
He won’t do things on the earth, He gave it to us here, and He won’t do things unless we ask Him. Rick Joyner
Learning to forgive is basic Christianity; whenever we fail to forgive, we are departing from the path of life Joyner!!~~
KINGODOM-SONSHIP. "Friends are expensive, Sons are priceless" Rick Joyner
A main source of confusion comes from our not understanding our purpose and how we relate to others to accomplish it.RICK JOYNER
He remains faithful even if we become unfaithful. —Rick Joyner
The former cabin in south Charlotte where MorningStar (Rick & Julie Joyner) held School of the Spirit Friday...
I'm Where I Am Suppose to Be... Rick Joyner asks if we are in the place we are suppose to be in, or, are we...
If our life is always easy, it is because we are called to a lesser purpose. —Rick Joyner
We must go on to maturity. We must set our vision on the purpose for which we have been made a new creation. - Rick Joyner
Listen and learn what pleases God. Be a friend of God. He desires your friendship. - Marilyn Black -
The issue of faith is not how much we know about God, it is how close we are to Him(Rick Joyner)
Leadership must always look for the way to win. —Rick Joyner
We must realize that the ministries and gifts of the Spirit are for everyday life, not just meetings.Rick Joyner
We will never be free until we become what we were created to be and do what we were created to do. —Rick Joyner
Overcoming Evil in the Last Days. (E-book by Rick Joyner). Overcoming Evil ... Be Prepared in Jesus!. Overcoming...
Want to hear more from my guest Listen to my full radio interview with him:
Now I'm reading Rick Joyner. Guy goes to Heaven, sees Jesus and is told that the secret to eternal joy is seeking 4 the Father to have joy.
Rick Joyner shares two life-changing prophetic experiences he's had that changed his walk with God. via
I liked a video Wanted: A Friend for God | Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner interviews Bart Peacher, founder of "It is Time Israel." Watch this episode by clicking the link:
"The physical universe is a shadow compared to heaven." on It's Supernatural:
“There can be no victory without a battle, and the greater the battle, the greater the victory.” ~ Rick Joyner
If we will examine ourselves, praying for the Lord to send His Holy Spirit to convict us of any evil way and embracing correction as a sign of God’s favor, we will not have to endure the worse judgment when it comes. —Rick Joyner
Happy New Year to our Elijah List readers! This word and "instruction" by Rick Joyner for starting the year off right, is probably one of the most practical words I've read on the subject.
The true measure of Christian maturity is the fruit of the Spirit~ Rick Joyner
"What you see with the eyes of your heart is more real than what you see with your physical eyes." -The Final Quest, Rick Joyner
Let us keep in mind that by seeking first the kingdom, the Lord promises to take care of the things that concern us. - Rick Joyner
We will never be changed by seeing who we are, but by beholding who He is. - Rick Joyner
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"Self-focus and self-centeredness are the nature of the immature." – Rick Joyner, The Path
"We serve a God that does His greatest work when it becomes impossible for us." (Rick Joyner)
Our purpose is to see the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ set the captives free. Rick Joyner
Now, because of redemption, the marred image of God is restored and is revealed even more gloriously in mankind. — Rick Joyner
WATCH! Warning: is Coming to America, Rick Joyner and More to Come P.1
God’s plan for Confirmed by Rick Joyner & Apostle Isaiah Kadiri
"Throughout Scripture, God has demonstrated His greatest power where there was the greatest darkness." -Rick Joyner
In the Baptist faith, "Prophets" seers like David Wilkerson & Rick Joyner saw certain things that made them able to foresee future.
The same freedom that He gives us to disobey is the freedom that He gives us to obey and therefore prove our devotion. Rick Joyner
Guess who's songs were back to back this morning on The Rick Joyner Experience...My Take Me There and this...
The freedom of the kingdom is to walk in faith, and the bondage of this world is through fear. -Rick Joyner
Those who love the truth will discern what is true, and those who are pure will discern what is poor - Rick Joyner.
‘In every trial there is a door into the Kingdom. The door is Jesus!’ Rick Joyner
Where the foundation of repentance is strong, there will be a victory over sin, not just remorse about it .Rick joyner
Faith in God is always singular, but there are a multitude of fears that seek dominion over us. —Rick Joyner
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"There is nothing more exciting than God, but nothing more boring than religion." Rick Joyner
The Final Quest by Rick Joyner et al. via
Senate Dem Leader Arthenia Joyner notes Gov Rick Scott has been growing two things: government and low-paying jobs
This year, let us resolve to seek Him and His Kingdom more than we ever have before, and it will be our greatest year yet. - Rick Joyner
Day 122 - Bringing the Day of God by Rick Joyner | MorningStar Daily Devotional 2006
"The greatest Christian life will not be marked so much by what we do, as what we become." Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner says 2015 will be ur best year yet. He should tell that to those overseas right now.
I fully agree with Rick Joyner because the Lord gave me prophetic impressions of what he is talking about. This video has been my confirmation from the Lord. America is in great danger and it will happen within the next three months so suddenly. I beg pastors and church leaders to take the reins before extreme right wing people who do not know Jesus take over to stop the evil of Isis and other left wing radicals becoming more radical than those who we fear today.
Rick Joyner on It's Supernatural with Sid Roth - End Times Prophecy: via
Next to knowing and worshiping God, we should be occupied with assaulting the devil, setting his captives free, and tearing down his evil religions and philosophies through which he keeps mankind in darkness. —Rick Joyner
In this episode of "Prophetic Perspectives," Rick Joyner talks about how evil emerges from wounds and how some serious cultural wounds in America go back to ...
One major difference between achievers and dreamers is that achievers turn the drudgery of practice into a passionate opportunity to grow in excellence. —Rick Joyner
RICK JOYNER - True faith is not an ambiguous confidence in ourselves; it is the result of a living relationship with the God who loves us, has called us, and will empower us to do all that He created us to do.
and determining what we can do about the future. —Rick Joyner
if people are not devoted to a proper worship of the Creator, the will fall to the worship of the creation. Rick Joyner
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If people are not devoted to the proper worship of the creator they will fall to worshipping the creation . RICK JOYNER
Rick Joyner and I had a sled race at the MorningStar Christmas party. It was hilarious!
MI Moravian Watch Updates/News - Reinhard Bonkee and Rick Joyner coming to Michigan
Comments from the Right: Rick Joyner Claims African-Americans Have Been Repaid for Slavery by Being Highly…
We must learn not to judge things just by whether they are good or not, but whether they are initiated by God or not. -Rick Joyner. ✊
The answer to every human problem is found at the cross. The answer to every human need is found in Christ. - Rick Joyner
Understanding the truth—the way things really are—will bring us to clarity.We will then find the right road to a brighter future.Rick Joyner
Lies come from the devil who is the father of lies. If we do not want him to have any part in us, we must be committed to truth. Rick Joyner
God can only trust us with supernatural knowledge to the degree that we know His heart. Rick Joyner
If we are to accomplish the purposes of God, we must come to the level of maturity where, "the love of Christ controls us" ~ Rick Joyner
I thought your correction for rick joyner as going to be about how outside the US almost every race of people have been slaves
Those who do not receive what God is doing today will end up reaping that which grows wild - Rick Joyner
if we preach the greatest truth and do not live them, we are but the greatest hypocrites.. Rick Joyner
There is a faith that overcomes the world, nothing less than this can be our goal. —Rick Joyner
there are no greater fools than the once who know the great salvation of the Lord,but then goes on living for themselves Rick Joyner
“As the Lord showed me many years ago, He sent the blacks to our country to help teach us about freedom and...
Rick Joyner: ‘Athletes’ High Salaries are God’s Way of Paying Them Back for Slavery’
Do you have any idea who the NAR movement is? Chuck Pierce, Sid Roth, Rick Joyner to name a few
The conflict between light and darkness ultimately reveals the heart of the man. —Rick Joyner
Today Patricia and I are going to Rick Joyner's church. SO EXCITED!!! I didn't know it was the old Tammy Faye Bakker and Jim Bakker's property!
Not Chris Cole, GOD TV or Rick Joyner. Independents who want to see Christian journos work together not against each other.
Although I said I won't comment on this again... but now I see Rick Joyner and Cindy Jacobs are giving the...
Any of you who listened to Rick Joyner's "Urgent Warning: ISIS Coming to America - The 'Gate of *** that has been opened" You don't have to wonder who else he is referring to besides ISIS, because the Mexican drug cartels have been committing the most vile atrocities against people - murders by the most demented torture - for a long time. Everyone has been talking about how al-Qaeda is competing now with Isis for being the most cruel and bloodthirsty, so don't think that the drug cartels will be immune to that same competition for evil reputation that Isis has. We need to be very concerned about our southern border. This morning there was supposed to be a massive protest at border crossings from Texas to California, but it was called off because of drug cartel threatening a blood bath against the protesters and law enforcement. That is an extremely serious incident. Also, after the Secret Service were asleep at the wheel last night and a man jumped the White House fence, ran across the lawn and actuall .. ...
The church is not here just to defend against the attacks of the devil and establish our own safe havens; we are here on earth to attack and tear down his strongholds, releasing as many souls from his grip as possible. —Rick Joyner
Those who are truly wise and mature in the ways of the kingdom do not just seek blessings—they seek to be the habitation of the manifest presence of the Lord. The Lord blesses many things that He will not inhabit. —Rick Joyner
Every great spiritual awakening, revival, or reformation in history has come because the people were awakened to the truth of the Scriptures. – Rick Joyner
Here is the slick artwork we made for the new album (for the CD's). Thank you Éva and Sándor Petrik, Britt Paul, and Rick Joyner, for your contributions! You can hear it / download it all free via This is strictly an all around good karma album, so no charge for the downloads! CD's are only $5.
Seeking humility is a basic and necessary quest. —Rick Joyner
All the suffering that a believer endures has a redemptive purpose. —Rick Joyner
Discouragement is d beginin of d loss of vision. To accomplish our purposes,we must resist discouragemt in any form. It blinds"- Rick Joyner
"Everyday u must do that which will help to increase ur vision. Stay away from the people&things that make you lose ur vision" - Rick Joyner
"You must keep in mind that your vision is your most valuable possession" - The Call by Rick Joyner
"To have a Christian worldview is to view the world as Christ does." Rick Joyner
Meyer, Joyner Come to know Jesus personally and stop listening to hearsays saying#
Evry great spritual awakning, revival or refrmation in history has come cause th people were awaknd 2 th truth of th Scripturs. –Rick Joyner
"The one who knows when not to speak will speak with more authority when he does speak" Rick Joyner
Pastor Mark Biltz and Rick Joyner will be joining us on the show in September!
Jesus to Rick Joyner in his vision. Go read "The Final Quest." .
" both their deeds and their motives". The Final Quest by Rick Joyner
The bit in the final quest where Rick Joyner meets great men of God in heaven is too real
Those who have truly surrendered to Christ will not be intimidated by challenges or dismayed by rejection- Rick Joyner.
All who achieve power without knowing the love of God are open to paranoia-Rick Joyner.
Labor is cheap. Friends are expensive, but sons (and daughters) are priceless. - Rick Joyner
The High Calling - The Great Commission, Part 33 by Rick Joyner | MorningStar Word for the Week 2014
God created man to be free. We cannot be who we were created to be without freedom. —Rick Joyner
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Rick Joyner's books have enlightened me a lot about demons activities. Demons of suicide, they possess your thoughts and lead you to death.
The love of God is not only our greatest treasure, it is also the most powerful force that will ever impact the earth.- Rick Joyner
Pastor thinks is impossible because he's never seen it. Must mean intelligent are impossible
When we point the finger to criticize, we yoke ourselves. —Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner Disproves Evolution: Okay, all you biologists, geneticists, anthropologist...
This from a man that has made claims that people can actually fly across rooms in the power of the Holy Spirit.
An interesting thought from Rick Joyner... "Every Christian is sent out as a knight of the kingdom, to slay the...
Rick Joyner wrote: We cannot love the Truth Himself without loving all truth, especially the truth of the Scriptures and sound doctrine.
Every difficulty that comes upon us now is to help build our lives on the kingdom of God. —Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner wrote: True spiritual authority is found in the Lord’s authority in and through people, not in a system.
Rick Joyner wrote: Every soul that is set free is a victory that conquers more territory for the kingdom of God.
Jesus is the One Who Breaks the Bread - Rick Joyner Video | Prophetic...
. The perfect example of someone preaching dangerous ignorance, to keep his business going.
The Holy Spirit is called the Helper not the Doer. We have a part to do also. We must accept His grace and then walk in…
The Lord is going to use His church to break the enemy’s financial power over multitudes and set them free. —Rick Joyner
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I ended this AMAZING, PHENOMENAL Founders Day Weekend with me singing to Pastor Henry Dixon and Lady Dixon as we celebrated and honored them at Truth Tabernacle. I enjoyed every minute of the service and Jarell Smalls had us shouting up something too! My main man Rick Joyner was even in the building!! This weekend is an experience that I will NEVER forget!!! Thank you Leroy UncleRoylee Harper for EVERYTHING! God is so awesome! Have you tried Him lately? The Rick Joyner Experience James L. Patterson Krystal Dasupremediva Yeadon
August 3, 2014. This is an excerpt from Rick Joyner. Day 116 - The Great Promise. The Lord gave a great promise...
We are called to be both worshippers and warriors, and these two natures do not conflict with each other. Rick Joyner (wow…
Jesus is the whole purpose of God. —Rick Joyner
God’s ultimate will is that His entire creation be in unity and harmony with Him. -Rick Joyner
just spoke and offered Prophetic Insight Into chaos. Read this article
Rick Joyner, prophetic dream, warning to America Jesus is coming ...: via
Rick Joyner, host of The Rick Joyner Experience, is speaking to the Jehovah House of Prayer Family on…
Rick Joyner: There is more power in a single Christian than in all of the armies on the face of the earth. This...
"True faith begins with true repentance for whatever we have been doing that is wrong." - Rick Joyner
We must stop crucifying the Lord again in each other. - Rick Joyner
Great insight and commentary by Rick Joyner.
The first step toward defeating works of darkness is to understand them. —Rick Joyner
Good seeing my friend and one of my advisors for some time, Rick Joyner! Charlotte, NC
At listening to the insights of Ted Winn, Lady T'mill, Rick Joyner, Neily Dickerson, Melanie…
Wake up, and get going with The Rick Joyner Experience on Now!
repentance is like waking up to a new day, again - Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner wrote: We have His approval because of the cross of Jesus, never because of our own works.
Confusion is one of the most devastating enemies of truth and human achievement. —Rick Joyner
'The Lion that is inside you is greater than any lion.' Rick Joyner
Shawn Bolz, Dave Yarnes and Rick Joyner will be at our next KBA gathering in October. Will you be there? Click...
We do not see in order to believe, but we believe in order to see ~ Rick Joyner
When we become knowledgeable of the devil’s schemes, he can no longer take advantage of us with them. —Rick Joyner
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