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Rick James

Rick James (born James Ambrose Johnson, Jr.; February 1, 1948August 6, 2004) was an American singer, songwriter, musician and record producer, best known for being one of the popularizers of funk music in the late 1970s and early 1980s thanks to million-selling hits such as You and I (1978), Give It to Me Baby (1981) and Super Freak (1981), the latter song crossing him over to pop audiences and selling over three million copies, later contributing to the success of rapper MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This (1990), which James sued to be credited for.

Teena Marie Charlie Murphy Eddie Murphy Dave Chappelle Michael Jackson Mary Jane James Brown Paul Pierce Super Freak Ebony Eyes Kevin Durant Dave Chapelle Wayne Brady Whitney Houston Ike Turner Terrence Howard Katt Williams

Hope U (especially U & the soon 2b visible) & James are well. Think of u often, here in Ontario. Merry Christmas 2 all. Rick.
Rick Parfitt: Status Quo star's death devastates and others as '2016 strikes again'…
To paraphrase 2016 can go f. R.I.P Rick Parfitt
Anthony Bourdain: Trump is Going to Make World Look Like Back of Rick James Van | Hinterland Gazette -
.on Trump: "He’s going to make the whole world look like the back of Rick James’ van." πŸ’―great interview:
T-shirt cannon from Rivers to itty bitty Rick James.
The Foo FIghters and Rick James in the ultimate mash-up. There is something for everyone on the internet.
Childish Gambinos new album has so many Prince,Bootsy Collins, and Rick James references 😍
Childish Gambino has been possessed by Rick James, Prince, Bootsie Collins & any other dope *** artist you could muster up from that era. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rick James receives FEF’s top honor and two Trine students receive scholarships -
Rick James, chairman of Metal Technologies Inc. was presented the E.J. Walsh Award in Chicago . via:
Draymond Green has as much leg control as Rick James after Charlie and Eddie Murphy wailed on him for grinding his feet i…
Seeing behind that sound board reminds me of Rick James in that "Party All the Time" Eddie Murphy music video.
First listen review: underwhelmed. Kinda just felt like a gospel knock off of Rick James. Maybe it'll grow on me.
This *** Bruno tapped into James Brown, Rick James, Michael Jackson, Prince and New Jack Swing in one album. KING
Love how Cam is channeling his inner James Brown and Rick James. He's a Super Freak! I love him! πŸ˜‚
If you ever see me down, just play either Michael Jackson or Rick James. I'll go 0 to 100 real quick
From the Wacky Wednesday files. You be the judge: Is he channeling Rick James, Michael Jackson, Both, or...
Oh yeah u didn't know I can sing too? I'm Rick James b* I'm the best singer alive the best…
I pray Dave Chapelle is in a lot of sketches and I hope he does one of his iconic characters. Prince, Rick James, somebody!
In 1998, funk musician and singer Rick James suffered a stroke at his home in Los Angeles.
Paul Pierce is taking in the game as Rick James...πŸ˜‚ (Via
Fire & Desire x Rick James & Teena Marie. Classic. You young joints would know nothing about that.
I love singing along to Rick James and Teena Marie's "Fire and Desire".
am I the only one who hopes someone Rick James' is it!
Paul Pierce won the night dressing up as Rick James.
Paul Pierce is legit sitting on the Clippers bench dressed like Rick James
Paul Pierce is dressed like Rick James so he needed some Chappelle's Show audio
Paul Pierce really out here sitting on the bench dressed as Rick James
Paul Pierce isn't playing tonight due to injury, so he's dressed up on the bench like Rick James. (via
Paul Pierce is being Rick James for Halloween this year...
Durant asked what Rick James song he'd come out to, chooses "Mary Jane." These are your media day updates
lol bruh about to be dancing to Rick James with green lawn mowing shoes tonight.
Live in the morning with now playing : Rick James - Mary Jane
What's your go to shower singing song? Mine is a mega mix of Strawberry Letter 23 by Shuggie Otis and Mary Jane by Rick James
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss Kevin Durant's odd decision to get Rick James tattooed on his... - via App
Could Kevin Durant's Rick James tattoo get him re-curse by Lil B?.
Could Kevin Durant's Rick James tattoo return the curse of Lil B?
Kevin Durant's giant tattoo shout-out to Rick James isn't sitting well ... with Rick James' son.
Just realized Rick James played Spanky Johnson in the movie Life
James Ambrose Johnson, Jr. aka Rick James knows her too. -
Superfreak: Kevin Durant gets huge Rick James tattoo on thigh: Source: The Bucks and Orlando Johnson have agr...
In other news Kevin Durant got a Rick James tattoo on his leg for some reason
Birds in the trap sing Rick James dropping? Cokehead Scott bout to bless us with music he stole from other artistsπŸ™πŸΎ
Singing fire and desire by Rick James.
Rick James got it! His "Come Get It" album was RIAA-certified gold OTD in 1978. Here's with Miss Ray.
fun fact you parody Rick James and Eddie Murphy way before Dave Chappelle did... Fruity... Uncle Ray
Name me a better album that Rick James - street songs, oh that's right one direction - midnight memories. But only just
12 years ago today we lost the legendary Rick James. Playing Street Songs all the way thru…
Classic Bobby. Should have filmed an episode of "come dine with me" with Whitney, Rick James, Keith Richards and Courtney love.
You can be Rick James, I'm The General Lee of this Rap Game. -The Rebel
ummm... What rule book are you reading from?... Better open the Rick James version and enjoy life...
My mama got me out here listening to Rick James 😩
Dave Chappelle's skit's about Rick James one of the most legendary of all time
Coleman was mayor for 16 years. Very helpful for everyone. He sang Give It To Me by Rick James w my band!
Now its time for weird Music Trivia. Did you know Rick James & Neil Young had a band together?
dancing to Rick James in the street like
A sober George Bush at a party hosted by Rick James
This 'Me and Mrs. Jones' dude on is a morph of Rick James and George Benson, if that makes sense. and I like it.
Pimp hard like Rick James and my soul James Brown
Michael, James Brown, Prince, Rick James 😩 Stevie can't perform no more
Feel like Charlie Murphy in the Rick James skit rn
I added a video to a playlist Charlie Murphy true Hollywood stories Rick James
"I've been kicked out of better homes than this.". -- Rick James
I'm expecting brand new features from Tupac, Biggie, Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston and Rick James on this Frank Oce…
Can't get Rick James' song out of my mind: "She's a Super Freak! Super Freak! She's Super Freaky" Funny, but sad.
cause Rick James fire and desire a classic he got Teena Marie on it
I want to see a Rick James biopic try to capture the passion in "Fire & Desire" featuring Teena Marie
Drake's Fire and Desire, then Rick James and Teena Marie's Fire and Desire? Back to back? Max simp levels.
Roger from American Dad dressed like Rick James hitting a rubix cube bong
Luther Vandross, James Brown, Rick James, Whitney Houston, Tina Maria, Ray Charles and Prince are all gone
Rick James, Natalie Cole, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson...I remember all of these people in their prime.
I can't look at Rick James without thinking of him slapping Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy x Rick James episode is on too!! My favorite episode!
Sly Stone, Jimi Hendrix James Brown, and Rick James all in one person PRINCE // sanging, dancing, playing drums,...
ODB, Eminim, Sly Stone, Rick James all bragged about drug use heavy.
The celebrity deaths that bothered me the most have to be Rick James, Brittany Murphy, Amy Winehouse, and DollaπŸ˜ͺ
Girls from Miami and Duval be lookin like Rick James. Central Florida got all the bad ones
Much love to Rick James for throwin' down on this track, which David Ruffin killed by the way.…
Who did Dave Chapelle imitate better , Rick James or Prince ?
Y'all remember on Chappelle Show when Rick James said "they shoulda never gave y'all *** money" yea he was talking about me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rick James, Teena Marie, and now Prince are dead. I don't think I can take Scotty and Walter Scott dying.
it definite ain't Rick James that's a fact. It ain't no Tyrone Biggums either
lmaooo I didn't peep you wrote top 3 my bad son it's good but it ain't no Rick James
.caught me in my glory on the grill with Rick James playing. Stone groove
with a little Bowie/Queen , and Rick James on the front end (fall 81).
Robert Downey Jr. is definitely slept on.. Rick James gotta be somewhere in there
I just watched Chapelle Show Prince & Charlie Murphy now Rick James πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
Cannon kicked me in my chest like when Charlie Murphy kicked Rick James into that mirror and he coughed up blood.
Charlie Murphys true Hollywood stories with Rick James and Prince πŸ˜‚
Tell him Rick James said he has to lose to the Blouses to be worthy
I feel like Dave Chappelle playing Rick James when he got his legs beat by Charlie & Eddie Murphy.
Rick James: dead. Prince: dead. How long before we start talking about a Chappelle Show Sketch Curse? Wayne Brady better watch his ***
Prince , Michael Jackson, Rick James where in their 50s when they died and just think Gerald Levert was just 40...
Rick James, Prince, Marvin Gaye, and Kid Rock (*Don't judge!) and IEP/Conference Summary creation. Yep, it's a party up in here!
Bro Yes! All my heros are passing although their music will live on Rick James ,Gerald Levert MJ, Prince, these...
oh I adamantly disagree on it not being top 3. Rick James, Wayne Brady and Prince are my top 3 followed by the "N* family" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Dave Chappelle has portrayed Prince, Nelson Mandela and Rick James. All of which are dead. It's not looking good for Tiger Woods or Diddy.
shaped a good portion of my childhood musical education. My Teena Marie. My Ebony Eyes - Rick James and Smoky Robinson
I mean she not trash but compared to Mike, Whitney, Rick James, Prince then she trash
black white supremacist is the all-time best, then I'm going with Rick James, player hater's ball, Wayne Brady, racial draft
Anita Baker, Sade, Smokey Robinson & Rick James need to be frozen in a hyperbolic chamber for the rest of the decade
My pick for Timbers back line: Jermaine Taylor, James Taylor, Rick James, & Rick Astley. 😜 (been a non sequitur kind of day)
I feel like Charlie Murphy after he got punched with the unity ring from Rick James " my forehead is bumping " hungover af :b
In the words of Rick James...cocaine is a helluva drug. Paint Lick man arrested after trying to eat motel’s mulch
Scrap Deleon look like a cross between Rick James and Katt Williams! He got the women fighting over him so he must be layin it down
Tommie switched from mad to sad like Rick James' story about Eddie's couch.
I'm guessing "Party All the Time" started as a joke between Rick James and Eddie Murphy, but here we are 30 years later and it still jams.
This looks like when they first met after Rick James messed up Eddie's couch. LOL
They really on Strand's boat like Rick James on Eddie Murphy's couch
"Katt Williams is this generations Rick James" -
Pre workout got me feeling like Rick James.
Gregg Allman and Rick James talk a lot about Jim Morrison in their respective memoirs, but both of them thought the Doors were lame as ***
Super Freak by Rick James is in South City Publick House, Binghamton. Download it now at
Listening to Ebony Eyes by Smokey and Rick James. Underrated jam.
Movie Morsels: talks about a potential
I can't with that Party City Rick James wig.
Mary Jane - Mary Jane is a different name for Marijuana. Also a song from Rick James which really explains it well.
Creepy has a negative connotation. I will take freak, singing Rick James, song... : )
Shout out to the the person that called the radio station and requested they play Rick James
do you think Cat Williams is ripping of Chappelle's famous Rick James character with his recent antics?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Rick and James might have to check out this new saloon
Plus, I killed Teena Marie's part in song "I'm Just A Sucker For Your Love" by Rick James this morning in the car. Woo. All on point.
omg I'd forgotten about this scene. So hilarious! He called her smelly britches! He did a good job as Rick James
ESPN really do be like this though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
for me: just another day, finally rich & Rick James
Is it too early to do the Schmoney dance to, "Mary Jane" by Rick James? No, I'm gonna do it. Ayyye
I added a video to a playlist Rick Astley Never gonna give you up lyrics!!!
There are specific activities you would prefer to be doing now... More for Cancer
A world where people like Rick James and Morris Day don't get frequent shout-outs is NOT a world I want to live in.
WOW readers named the most motivational books & Delivering Happiness topped the list!
"Standing On The Top" like Rick James & The Four Tops. At the top of the Spanish Steps in Spagna…
I liked a video If you don't know who I am I am Rick James!
πŸ—£ what did the 5 fingers say to the face? πŸ‘‹πŸ½ SLAP πŸ‘‹πŸ½ [ rick james taught me ]
it was Maryjane by Rick James lol we didn't even get to hear it I'm still salty
lmao you a Super Freak no Rick James
Is There Trouble Brewing in the Car Loan Market? via "Debt is one *** of a drug..." ~ Rick James
Fire & Desire X Rick James and Teena Marie will forever be one of my favorite jamsπŸ”₯🎢
mr/s reporter u question makes me think that u are Rick James BFF + have been partaking in his fav past time, Smfh
If I had to pick one way to go out, it would be at one of Rick James' parties
am I the only one that sees Terrence Howard dressed as Rick James ? I mean he looks...
They just played Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham! & Super Freak by Rick James πŸ˜… I should have been born a decade earlier =πŸ’™
Listen to You and I by Rick James on My dad put me on to so much old school
Rick James was couch, cocaine, Wesley Snipes, 5 fingers, unity, and darkness.
Terrence Howard dressed up as Rick James will never not be funny to me... I'm dying watching Lip Sync Battle
Betty Wright sung about losing her virginity. Mary Jane by Rick James...
Fukk tyga and ian grills bihh the white Rick James riff raff won
That whip appeal might make you feel like Rick James, but that Bentley will be hot steel i…
*** Rick James was so high, he forgot he smacked Charlie Murphy 5 seconds ago lmao
Rick James squashed the beef with Charlie Murphy just to slap him down in the club the next week and dirty up his couch smh
Taking Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive or Brickhouse by Rick James or Ruff Ryder's Anthem by DMX
Anelaphus piceum is Rick James' second album on Motown sub-label Gordy Records.
Juke box was going off today Iron Maiden, Future, Jimmie Rodgers, Rick James and Yngwie Malmsteen
Nothing says Spring Break like blaring Rick James too and from the disc golf course.
Your feelings are to me as Eddie Murphy's couch is to Rick James.
Rick James - Ebony Eyes ft. Smokey Robinson on the
Wind in your hair, sun on your skin. You're looking good, girl, all over again - Ebony Eyes, Rick James
she came back n the court room and they called her Rick James...and I bet you didn't know that Ebony Eyes!!
Listening to Ebony Eyes by Rick James, on my Echo!
More great music coming up this hour by Badfinger, Rick James, the Hollies, Bob Seger, Boston and much more!
RIP Millard Fillmore, died today in 1874 & buried near Rick James (!) More in my book:
This epidural is making me feel like Rick James on The Chappelle Show. "What am I gonna do about my legs, Charlie Murphy?…
Rick James wrote a song about him, but is Derrick Henry worth big Dynasty capital?
The founding fathers of on dirt are as stated: Rick James, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and Ray Charles
Racial Draft and the Hater's Ball are it, man. Those, the Rick James and the Prince bits.
Happy: Rick James and Teena Marie - NewzBreaker Music Video of the Day .
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Ahhh Bailey likes dogs that means Rick James and Teena Marie soon come
MJ's Dirty Diana is the same chick Rick James sang about in Super Freak. They just had different experiences with her 😩
Ran into Charles Dudley out here. He said he was part of Rick James' Stone City Band. long have I been saying Rick James is the key. 8th grade MySpace music page never forget.
"A Superfreak in the Garden of Love--Rick James." - Dave Thompson sums up the essence of Rick
this reminds me of the security guard in Charlie Murphy vs Rick James
Today in 2004, True Hollywood Stories w/ Rick James airs on Chappelle's Show. Eddie can't stop laughing.
Ok. This Eddie Murphy knock off with the John Travolta moves, Rick James shirt and Billy...
im loving this back in time Urban music. Super Freak van Rick James β™«
Wyatt is jumping on the couch like Dave Chappelle imitating Rick James πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ " Forget Yo couch" all he needs is big white shoes!
Jaden didn't invent androgyny. Prince, Michael Jackson, Rick James an a SLEW of other "STRAIGHT" black MALE artist have DABBLED in it.
Have I had the talk with you about Donna Summers and Rick James being the same person? I think I can prove it.
Alex Turner maybe? Don't think he's at the same status yet though. Rick James fo' sho'... Guns n roses, Aerosmith??
Listen to Fire and Desire by Rick James & Teena Marie on
Bobby Ray is fine but man he kinda look like Rick James
Because you immediately envision someone getting smacked like how Charlie Murphy did Rick James.
Somebody get hologram Rick James in here because that's Cold Blooded.
in the words of Dave Chappell doing Rick James... "The milk's gone bad!"
Shout out to Rick James for inspiring The Macho Man Randy Savage when it came to fashion
Also, today would've been the 52nd birthday of Jani Lane (died 2011), 68th of Rick James (died 2004) & 78th of Sherman He…
Happy Birthday to the late great Clark Gable, Langston Hughes, Sherman Hemsley, Rick James, Brandon Lee and Lee Thompson Young.
This interview sparked the Chappelle skit -> Charlie Murphy Speaks about Rick James
Coming up this hour: Jimmy Buffett, Rick James, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, John Lennon and more of
Fascinating. These gorillas pulled a Rick James and said, "F$&k your traps!"
Watch the new video from and Rick James.
maybe Blake and the equipment mgr have a Charlie Murphy/Rick James relationship where they just punch each other for fun?
why did I picture Rick James punching Charlie Murphy?
Every time I see this pic of Byron, I think of Rick James telling Charlie Murphy, "I hit you tonight?"
. There's so much of it here one would assume Rick James jumped up from his grave and had a party!
Rick James of course, Race Draft, . Wayne Brady, blind black white supremacist, Tron Carter's Law & Order
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Rick James skit. Prince skit. Do you know black people skit. Wayne Brady skit. Black white supremacist skit
Rick James and Bob James. For the love of the throwback.
Rick James, Laura Branigan, Eddie Rabbit & Crystal Gayle will be featured in Rock n Roll Heaven on Tomorrow 10 AM EST
man I thought that dude Davis Bowie was black when I heard that Fame song on next Friday I swear I thought it was Rick James
somebody needs to link to Rick James on Eddie Murphy's couch
OK OK! What you want me to sing? I got a few selections in mind. I'm thinking of starting with Super Freak by Rick James!!
I added a video to a playlist 02.Chilly C the Paperchaserr - Ike Turner, Joe Jackson, Rick James
It's like if Rick James, a soda jerk, and Gerard Depardieu had a test tube baby together.
Jaden not the first dude to be somewhat androgynous. Look at Prince, Rick James, Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury... He just tryna be great.
Dabbling in some modern Motown Funk for tonight's set. Mary Jane Girls, Rick James, Teena Marie,…
Thom Yorke, Rick James and Rage against the machine
I wonder if Rick James, James Brown and Ike Turner were still alive of rape charges would be filled against them too
Gotta re-up to get the buzz. Rick James said cocaine is a helluva drug.
it's Dave Chappelle impersonating Rick James rubbing his dirty boots on Eddie Murphy's couch..Google it if you don't know
I wanna hear stories about you club hoppin back when Rick James was out. All we get is Trinidad James.
. 2013: gangman style . 2014: Rick James superfleek . 2015: return to the gangam
Listening to Mary Jane by Rick James all early in the morning.. on
The Music in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is on point. Bob Dylan, Rick James and RHCP to name a few of the latest tunes.
"When you gunna give Martin Luther King his car back ?" . " when you gunna give Rick James his jacket back " dead asf
Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockette got me like Rick James!
Now you're talking, Ray; Mr. Rick James. "Super Freak, Super Freak" and Party All the Time With Eddie Murphy!
Vince Carter slapped Courtney Lee the way Charlie Murphy did Rick James
Whenever someone like Rick James or Scott Weiland checks out I wonder if they can't outrun it, who am I to try?
wait a minute. Wasn't Rick James alive when he did Behind The Music and the Remastered version?
Snoop Dogg performs as Rick James *** HD Live at Gibson Amphitheatre 3 N... via
When that Eddie Murphy & Rick James came on at the gym I thought about me and my bro turning up on the bus πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sitting here listening to Rick James "Mary Jane" thinking Mann music USED to be so good!
"Rick James is the baddest-looking dude in rock & roll, and don't try to tell him otherwise." -Rolling Stone, 1982
I've always shrugged off Rick James music because of his portrayal on Chappelle show, but his music is great, AND I LOVE RICK JAMESπŸ˜‚
Wait, y'all didn't know Rick James was in the movie "Life" with Eddie & Martin? Rookies.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
All the old Teena Marie & Rick James blasting in my mama kitchen tonight πŸ’ƒπŸ½
I am just in awe of the vocal range and overall soul that these women possess.reminds me of Teena Marie of the Rick James
I'm just a Teena Marie looking for my Rick James y'all. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
Off to watch the Tubby Hayes doc by tonight. This morning I'm listening to Rick James. Music's a broad church.
his uncle died bro, you wouldn't cry??. And he was in love with Mary Jane like Rick James. That is badass!!
Could someone please make a Rick James biopic already??? Who would play my girl Teena Marie?
James Crawford knows how drone imagery is impacting retail. He'll tell us more
Another song from the on Rick James - Glow.
.dad is a multi-instrumentalist who did session work for Death Row Records and Rick James.
Rick James and a man in uniform during the photo shoot for his 1981 album Street Songs
Marketo's Journey: Marketing Calendar: Join Marketo's own Rick Siegfried as he guides you through the epic jou...
The perfect man has Brandon Jones's confidence, Tom Cruise's back & Rick James's quirky blank gaze
Blast from the Rick James past. Good throwback to the China spot with savage_lin behind the camera.…
In the words of Dave Chappelle as Rick James, "I wish I had more hands ..." cause what I just saw.sheesh turrible.
I've been listening to Al Green and Rick James radio on Pandora for the past two days.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I liked a video Rick James and Teena Marie Fire and Desire Live
"Fire & Desire" by Rick James and Teena Marie will always be one of the best songs in music history ❀
Who is this dancing on Soul Train? . 1,Larry Graham . 2,Sly . 3,Geoffrey . 4,Rick James .
Remember when Dave Chapelle played Rick James on the chapelle show? This is him now, feel old yet.
Charlie Murphy Talks Black Jesus, the Comedy Get Down and the Legacy of Rick James via
he hit the wall like Rick James hit that mirror when Charlie Murphy kicked him in the chest
This one dude laughs like Dave Chappelle as Rick James
Bigger than Rick James. More outrageous than Prince. It's the legendary Dave Chappelle, LIVE IN
Ya think Eddie Murphy wrote Party All the Time or was that like all Rick James?
Prince! Restless artist, Rick James feuder, savvy businessman: it's all there in Dirty Mind
Eddie Murphy and Rick James party all the time.
Cook dressed like Rick James' red boot on his album cover
Only in Atlantic city do you see a woman that looks like Rick James and the dude from Ashford & Simpson πŸ™ˆ
Should i be Ike Turner or Rick James for Halloween .
Rick James & Grace Jones were flirting with each other. Rick asked Grace if he could kiss her & they smooched behind Marvin Gaye LOL
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Soul Train Line through the hallway. "You And I" by Rick James from Come Get It! β™«
Dave Chappele in-character as Rick James, but also in white face.
You sure that's not a drawing of Rick James?
Thank you very much for the follow Rick. Cheers, James.🐾🐾
I can already tell your going to need some TLC with Rick aren't you baker boy 😍😍
Fire & Desire by Rick James has to be my wedding song and I'm gonna make a super showcase of it all.
Bio prof: "phospholipids are kinky" *proceeds to play Super Freak by Rick James*
Sepp Blatter is Rick James. "Yeah, I'm going to step down. Nah, TF would I step down?"
Indiana police are on the hunt for a bank robber that looks exactly like Rick James:
A man robbed a bank dressed as Rick James.
Y'all forgot your mom was on stage with Rick James shotgunning weed
On a flight to Buffalo for a gig. Flight attendant just announced the pilot's name is Rick James. Hey, Monday-- I...
Listening to Give It To Me Baby by Rick James, on my
is laying me DOWN with that song Rick James 😍πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😈
Rick James had his fans mesmerized I'm pretty sure that's the only reason he never caught a charge.
Congrats to James and Etta Willis of New Bern, NC! With some assistance from Rick "Mississippi" *** and Marvin...
Man robbed a bank dressed as Rick James (it wasn't
Brandon are you an R&B dude. i think you are, have you heard rick james? My joint not allowed on stage w you son
They're superfreaks: Bandits Rob Bank disguised as Rick James and Youngblood
First secret location revealed! Thursday performance tix now on sale!
They should of never gave yall money "In My Rick James voice"
And they mamas was *** for Rick James, Parliament...Tempts
Police are looking for a suspect who robbed a bank dressed as Rick James:
Man dressed as Rick James robs Indiana bank:
Rick James what kinda Q is that duval?
Thieves dressed like Rick James and Super Fly rob bank.
Armed men dressed as Super Fly and Rick James rob bank.
A man dressed up as Rick James to rob a bank 😐
A man is wanted for robbing a bank while dressed as Rick James
*** Now, who is goin' 'round here robbin' banks, as Rick James?! Dave Chappelle, is dat' u?! Ha
Robbery suspect in Rick James-style wig and his accomplice wanted for second hold-up:
Rick James nd Tina Marie Love them and leave them that's what i use to do my gosh fire Nd desire I was cold as ice # old school music
This is my jam: Fire And Desire by Rick James / Teena Marie Slow Jams β™«
Should've never gave that nxgga pxssy *Rick James voice*. by…
Someone needs to do a Dave Chapelle-Rick James like interview with Fred when he's on Ambien PLEASE
The Rob Ford kind or the Rick James kind?
Rick James once said-. Skye Rose is one *** of a drug. Or something like that.
Lawrence Taylor, Dustin Johnson, Jon Jones , Rick James have hall channeled the power of Cocaine
Doesn't she remind you of Tina Marie the R and B singer with Rick James from the 80s
Yup, and Miley Cyrus, David Bowie, Rick James... It actually sounded awesome & I'd love to know more.
Prince is more appropriately comparable to Rick James, David Bowie or the Talking Heads. MJ more like Stevie or James Brown
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