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Rick Jackson

Richard Kadeem Rick Jackson (born May 26, 1989) is an American professional basketball player, currently with Hapoel Gilboa Galil in Israel.

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|| Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and other series from Rick Riordan. )
turn up the music by Michael Jackson featuring Rick Ross
Lockwood & Co series by Jonathan Stroud, . Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan
At a guitar clinic at West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center back in September, with Rick Jackson, Sonia Clark (direc…
Marc Jackson isn't really a big name, but he did have success in Golden State be…
Not sure who we could get to coach that is better than him? Marc Jackson is stil…
1. The Tetris Theme Song as im being lowered into the grave. 2. Thriller - Michael Jackson, who knows mayb…
"He's down at the 5 yard line he fumbles Nebraska's got the ball!". One of the all-time greats. Rest in peace, Keith Ja…
“Besides saying the wrong things over and over and over again, Keith Jackson is a knockout.”
All of us who do this want to be remembered for something. But ONE man gave us “Grandaddy of Them All,” “Big House”…
The passing of Keith Jackson is the end of an era for College Football fans. His voice was a significant part of th…
If you ask: What does college football sound like? My answer is: Keith Jackson's voice. And that will never change. The bes…
Keith Jackson’s voice was, in my head anyway, broadcasting the play-by-play action during most of my childhood, bac…
Thoughts on Rick ouster, Tyrod Taylor "news," the passing of Keith Jackson, and *** is going on in the…
Every play-by-play announcer in this country should use the expression “Whoa Nellie!” at least once today. Keith Ja…
Mueller’s team is asking for a May 14, 2018 trial date for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.
RIP, Keith Jackson. One of the all-time greats and the true voice of college football. First *** Enberg, now Keith Jackson…
Whoa Nellie! Another broadcasting icon has left us. Keith Jackson was THE VOICE of college football to my...
Awful news this morning. He was the best. THE BEST.
Whoa Nellie - Heaven is getting a great one. . The great Keith Jackson has died. Rest in peace Keith. Thank you for so m…
When Prince was on stage with his asscheeks out, when Rick James had braid wigs and glitter, when Michael wore sequins…
Hi uncle Rick, here in Salvador, Brasil, we're trying to make a little event of Percy Jackson to reunite the fandon…
Madrasapattinam. . A pre independence story in Madras where the daughter of a rick English governor falls in love wi…
Rick Baker known for his work on The Men In Black films as well as The Grinch That Stole Christmas, Gremlins, Michael…
The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. Also made me love learning Greek Mythology
Me when Mark Jackson is going off on Rick Carlisle.
Or the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan if you want something more like Harry Potter.. except it's G…
U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson has issued an order instructing Rick Gates to explain why his comments in a…
Dr Jackson has loosened up over the years. 2016 "I performed and supervised the examination with appropriate specialty. c…
I'm also reading some YA books I've never read before and I'm falling in love. If you like mytholog…
Wilson, Nixon, Jackson would disagree with your characterization of "the first time."
I enjoy reading Teen every now and then. It's refreshing to mix up genres. I even…
4 of 5 stars to Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan
On page 249 of 304 of Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse, by Rick Riordan
Per Rick Tocchet, d-man Niklas Hjalmarsson will return to the lineup tonight for vs. Edmonton. Also
psst. psst.Rick Dennison.former O.C. is available.pass along to Coach Jackson
See Did Rick Carlisle Stan Van Gundy come out in the Media to back Mark Jackson when his coaches t…
Rick Dennison getting fired seems like a perfect chance for the Bills to draft a QB and hire his college offensive…
Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee zeros in on Ryan and McConnell enabling Trump while calling for Trump's impeachment or removal fr…
If Hue Jackson is honestly looking for an OC (I have my doubts). I think Rick Dennison would be a great fit for th…
Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan via
Everybody when Rick said Judith wasn't his
Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth || Rick Riordan
This *** Bruno tapped into James Brown, Rick James, Michael Jackson, Prince and New Jack Swing in one album. KING
My morning playlist. Leonard Cohen Michael Jackson Metallica Johnny Cash and a touch of Rick Springfield. This is normal for me
ICYMI, & discuss the ridiculousness of Russ and much, much more on
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
aye ceno. Will you please do the truth behind prince and rick james beef and prince and michael Jackson story.
George Lucas in the middle, Rick Astley... I see a Michael Jackson too.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. It's super funny and relatable and uses Greek mythology cleverly
If you ever see me down, just play either Michael Jackson or Rick James. I'll go 0 to 100 real quick
How is Louisville’s entire offensive line this bad? If they were playing Alabama tonight Lamar Jackson would already be dea…
Jesse Jackson:keep hope alive or George Michael:you gotta have faith
~80-y-o Christian women may be unlikely terrorist threats, but Susie Jackson was murdered in church by a white…
Houston taking the Heisman away from Lamar Jackson:
I added a video to a playlist Tory Lanez - Super Freaky ft. Rick Ross
ICYMI, & debate ridiculous pace and more on a new
So, was Phil Jackson smart to draft Porzingis or dumb to pay Noah all that money? Or both. Like most things Knicks, this might end badly.
On the latest the fellas talk Westbrook, Porzingis, Lakers, Clippers & more!
Four-year Syracuse big Rick Jackson will factor in a deep Boeheim's Army frontcourt
A three hour tribute to Merle Haggard...on Rick Jackson's Country Classics this Saturday night 7 to 10 pm on Real America…
Listening to Rick Jackson's country classics on and is singing "don't it make my brown e…   10% Off
So Kanye is having Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, Phil Jackson and Louis Farahkann are going to the Kanye listening party?
My next birthday . "Please invite Rick flair hulk hogan and every awesome wrestlers" . "Do you want to invite Phil Jackson?". "No."
That'll be the least of what happens to him. Jackson and Rick Snyder.
Jaden didn't invent androgyny. Prince, Michael Jackson, Rick James an a SLEW of other "STRAIGHT" black MALE artist have DABBLED in it.
every time I read Percy jackson's books, I feel like it's the first time I read them. I love these books. Thanks Rick.
I don't live in the same world as the guys at Barrett-Jackson's Auction in AZ! Although admittedly I'm secretly...
If I see one person post something about Mark Jackson potentially replacing Rick at Louisville I'm gonna perma-unfollow you.
Column on If Phil Jackson doesn't want to coach the Knicks, he ought to let someone else.
At the rate Rick is going, I might be reading brand new Percy Jackson books to my children.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians : New Covers With Poster (Mixed media product): by Riordan, Rick; illustrated ...
The final lot of the 2016 Sale sells to Concealer & Jackson's buyer for $55,000. Thanks Ri…
I'm dreaming but chances of Mark Jackson coming aboard?
Not to humblebrag, but compare the Phil Jackson coaching tree with the Rick Carlisle coaching tree.
Eddie Payton said the chance to follow in the footsteps of Willie Richardson and his family led to him to JSU
Today i was thinking about: "Why uncle Rick don't adapt to a movie Percy Jackson and The Titan's Curse? I'm only asking. 😘😁
Samuel L. Jackson on being black in Hollywood
Just finished reading the Percy Jackson series and it has changed my life. Thank you so much Rick
"It's a lot easier to fire a coach than 15 players." - Phil Jackson
The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1 1st First Edition by Riordan, Rick Published by
LISTEN: Superintendent Rick Jackson briefs Tower on the investigation into the Bury double stabbing
Knick fans need to get out in the snow and start picketing for Walton Jackson Van Gundy or Thibs before they wind up with Rick Fox as HC lol
not better then Rick Carlise though
This trio of "Serial One" Corvettes are headed home with Rick Hendrick for a cool $1.65 million.
Scott Jackson big G Alan mace and there Rick and Richard say it's listerdale
One thing I can absolutely promise you: . Phil Jackson is not hiring Rick Pitino.
Congratulations to the Winkle's who bought their 2015 Kia Optima from Rick Jackson! Welcome to the Premier...
Hey Uncle Rick, how long did it take you to write the first Percy Jackson book? I'm an aspiring writer and im having troubles
Even though I lost my phone and almost lost my job...I still saw pusha, met and kicked it with simon green, rick geez & chris jackson!
Check out this Amazon deal: The Thief (Percy and Ol... by Rick Riordan
Lira Galore admits Meek Mill is one of the reasons why Rick Ross broke up with her
Rick Jackson posted 15 points & 10 rebounds on 7-9 FGs in just 22 mins as a Delaware reserve
102-99 Blue leads Sevens 3:14 4th qtr. Kilpatrick up to 29 pts 6reb. Rick Jackson 15pts 10reb for DEL... Huestis up to 18 for OKL.
Vincennes Rivet gets 17 points from Tanner Thomas, 15 from Jackson Niehaus in 46-44 win over Clay City at Greene County Invitational
News: Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan to be writing new series: Roman Warriors with 1st book being: Alexander
I just need a fresh start, ima move to Virginia and be Rick Jackson. That sounds nice
I think no matter what the outcome is Marvin Lewis steps down and Hue Jackson takes over the Bengals.
I added a video to a playlist 02.Chilly C the Paperchaserr - Ike Turner, Joe Jackson, Rick James
Jackson State announced Chad Germany & John Hendrick will serve as Tony Hughes' offensive and defensive coordinator ht…
On page 298 of 361 of The Battle of the, by Rick Riordan: Percy Jackson series never fail...
On page 121 of 404 of Percy Jackson and the, by Rick Riordan: Aw Hades.
On page 64 of 404 of Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods, by Rick Riordan
The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 4) by Rick Riordan
Tyler Roberson is so much better when he's aggressive on offense. No reason he can't be a double-double guy like Rick Jackson.
Django Unchained: Samuel L Jackson had to tell Leonardo DiCaprio to "man up" when he was having trouble using so many …
this is Rick Riordan, everyone. The brilliant mind behind Percy Jackson and the most author-hating fandom on this planet.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
What do Samuel L. Jackson, Alice Cooper, and Rick Reilly have in common?
Rick Smith's last 8 first rounders:. Brown. Cushing. Jackson. Watt. Mercilus. Hopkins. Clowney. Johnson. No other team has been th…
Learn how to become more Christ-like in this message from Pastor Rick Warren. Listen here:
Today, Pastor Rick gives you four reasons God expects you to show mercy. Listen here:
Join Pastor Rick as he shares 6 practical ways you can work to become a person of integrity. https:/…
Join Pastor Rick for this message as he continues to teach about self-control. Listen here:
Today, Pastor Rick explains how you can find a fresh start after moral failure. Listen here: https:/…
Pastor Rick explains in this message how to deal with unfairness in a way that honors God.
Significant news out of Jackson today. | Rick will stay on as the Hall's historian.
Jaden not the first dude to be somewhat androgynous. Look at Prince, Rick James, Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury... He just tryna be great.
I've started reading The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordan
All-time favorite💖 – Reading The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2) by Rick Riordan —
On page 43 of 172 of Percy Jackson, by Rick Riordan: I've missed Percy and his world, lov...
Percy Jackson: A series of books written by Rick Riordan. T...
80% done with Percy Jackson's Greek, by Rick Riordan: NUNCA me voy a cansar de leer libro...
Website Builder 728x90
I'm sure factoring in Lamar Jackson at the 4 is in Rick's game plan.
Reggie Jackson marvels at Stephen Curry’s skills via
LB D’Qwell Jackson to me on Pagano staying: “I’m sure if it didn’t happen tonight a ton of guys were going 2b at…
Just found out that did a cover to Ms. Jackson by Outkast.. Smh!! 😑😤
Rick Smith in the back ground liking Jackson high stepping. Also Blue’s success on 1st down.
Sun shining and Rick Jackson's classic country just followed up Patsy Cline w George Jones. Gonna be a good day tater
Former player Rick Jackson taken in 1st round of D-League draft.
Former Austin forward Rick Jackson was picked by the Jackson is a Syracuse alum that averaged 10.9 points and 9.5 boards.
The day Rick Ross dives into the crowd, is the day we find out who his true fans are
Review for Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse: The main Book Report Fiction novel, The Titan's Curse by Rick Rior…
Percy Jackson - Battle of Labyrinth by Rick Riordan - 2008 HC - true 1st w/dj
Janet Jackson has announced that she will be releasing a new album and going on a world tour
Audiobook Review - The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olymp...
Happy Birthday wishes from the Jackson Hole Elks to Rick Johnson and James Wilson today.
Live music starting in moments at The Brick. Jan Schoute, James Higgins, Rick and Gailie, Nathan Jackson and now Terry Guiel!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Greek Mythology is LOVE! Just completed the Percy Jackson Series. Waiting for Rick Riordan's new series coming this fall.
I found Rick Riordan books in Booksale before the Percy Jackson era lmao
For some reason, I have a strong urge to read all of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series...
Here's a throwback with Janet Jackson lol ~Rick~
I understand Rick Ashley was a massive success but why wasn't he bigger! Had a better voice than Michael Jackson and Phil Collins combined
Trainer Rick Griffin: "He looked good. He's ready to go." It is unknown how many ABs Jackson will need, expect 2-3 gms though
how about we just rp, Jackson as ricks boy
These are the people who make my day: Michael Jackson, Michael Buble, Lady Gaga, One Direction, and Rick Astley.
If the Bulls let Thibs go, I either want Mark Jackson, Tom Izzo, or heck even Rick Patino.
DMB did little tributes to Jerry Garcia, Rick James and Michael Jackson when they passed. Tonight should be no different.
REQUEST: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Books I-III: Coll... by Rick Riordan -
mark Jackson isn't gettin another HC job. Meet are your teeth so blue?
Who was your prom group? — Jackson Et Ty Sky Iver Rick and Kyle 💃🏼
Michael jackson looks like rick from the original degrassi 😂😂
Bobby McFerrin can't die, Morgan Freeman can't die, Samuel L. Jackson can't die (can't stress that enough) and Slick Rick can't die.
I sweatergod if the take Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill, I'm gonna snap.
stop making fun of Charlie Jackson, he's a human being too
tumblr's resurging my love for percy jackson and rick and now MAGNUS CHASE!
to this super team of super buddies! Basil Gogos, Peter Jackson, Rick Baker, Bob Burns, Forry J, & Paul Davids.
Took lots of flak from ppl who said Rak Christmas would never be as good as Rick Jackson. Feels good to be right sometimes.
I've read all the Percy Jackson series and pjo I'm about to start the red pyramid thanks Rick 😄😊👍🏻
Rick Carlisle and Doc Rivers are the only two coaches to have defeated both Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich in a 7 game …
Samuel Jackson to star in remake of The Blob (Rick Marshall/Digital Trends)
Top New Mexico small biz honoree: 'I didn't think I'd ever get to start my business': (L to R) Rick Jackson, C...
Teacher being investigated for inappropriate texts to student resigns
Lmfaooo I will thanks jermaine Jackson"Yes Rick Rubin, keep up.
Phenomenal series...Gotta root for my boy Rick Nash every time 👏🏽
Christian and Rick together in Army at Ft. Jackson!
Wesley Patrick and Cameron Supercam Jackson of Grind and Flow Records will be opening up for Rick Ross June 20th,...
Think about it Michael Jackson the King of Pop wanted to be lightskin, Sammy Sosa wanna be lightskin, Rick James wanna be lightskin
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Rick Burgess' conversations with Bo Jackson about being on Alabama's Mt. Rushmore right now is amazing radio!
Feeling blessed with an opportunity to coach football at the high school level! Thanks to Rick Jackson for that opportunity.
TnT though still has Richard Howell and RoS Rick Jackson as imports
Hakim Warrick, Eric Devendorf, Rick Jackson, Brandon Reese, and Donte Greene have agreed to play for a SYR team
Eff this weather, and the forecast is not looking any better. On a more positive note Rick Jackson's country Classics is on and Fleet Farm is open today.
I love learning from pro's! Rick Jackson is an expert on investing in homes in ATL's worst neighborhoods. Dude actually has a heart tho
Now I see why Rick Jackson keeps a glock on his hip at all times. Collecting rent from tenants in English Ave can be hazardous to ya health
BENT BUST JAILS THREE ECHO, OR – The Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team and Pendleton SWAT Team served a search warrant on a house at 341 Bridge St. in Echo early Thursday morning. Three people were taken into custody and BENT leader, Sgt. Rick Jackson, says more arrests could follow. He says the investigation into the domicile began a few months ago, thanks to tips from residents in that area. For more details, click here
Had an awesome time last night. Hung out with some amazing people. Love you all! Alisha Marie, Skyler Horejsi, David Sanders, Rick Jackson, Michael Henry, Kirk Thomas, and Hannah Leeds
Outkast//Mrs.Jackson puts me in such a good mood when it comes on
Justin Jackson 5 blocks in half. UC record is 10, shared by Kenyon Martin (2X), Eric Hicks, Jim Ard, and Rick Roberson
Photo: When it came to storytelling in hip-hop, Slick Rick is one of the best at doing it. And Jackson...
it was because of Kobe they won. The Lakers had Robert Horry, Rick Fox, Shaq, Garry Neil, Derek Fisher & Phil Jackson
Oh, I'm mistaken. TLO is part of the Percy Jackson books. There's two series that Rick Riordan wrote, and TLO is part of PJ.
just finished reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians... . Rick Ricordan... dude, you da man! .
"Florida man sentenced to more than 57 years in prison in 2007 slaying of NFL star Sean Taylor”
Rick James on Michael Jackson radio? . That sounds pretty accurate, they're so similar.
Austin Jackson plays CF for the Detroit The Pistons might want to give him a tryout too ->
I can afford the best surgeon there is, we have options & I guarantee, if u do this, we WILL lose Jackson. The stress of >
This year I've hugged Jackson Browne and Paul Stanley, and Rick Springfield pet my dog at a Starbucks in...
I mean, aside from RickRolling, I can't honestly see any use in Rick Astley. lol
It's Austin Jackson the Tigers Centerfielder. I did this when I was younger but there was no video or…
How does Rick Ross know that Michael Jackson "would want us to smoke some"?
Man, Aces vs Sox had a bit of everything!
I regret nothing and I would buy my two harps in a heartbeat
Percy Jackson : The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan . Few chaps to go ..
- alleged rain delay. No one has counted on murphs mustache for shelter.
- BOOSH! Still a Cavs great... When do we get to make a Cavs 'Greats' team?!?
Jackson & Rick better hip me to their signals for this test
- I know what it is - I have one at home... But why would you buy one?? Who wants to hear a bass harp??
Meet Black Singles 300x250
no guitarist has EVER said 'man, I wish I was playing bass...'.
thought I'd drop into Better Music while you guys are at work
So after running numbers for most of the morning... I think I want Perth to sweep and the Sox to split...
Classic rick always comes clutch with the pre school breakfasts❤️
PrimeTime just said Antonio Brown is better than B.Marshall, Fitzgerald, & DeSean Jackson. 😳😳😳
Hey big spender: Rick Hendrick dishes out the dough at http:…
Agreed. I think he can be a poor man's Rick Jackson, who was a poor man's . . . something!
Reading Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan —
Man said Rick Ross and Rihanna are in gta
I personally believe Austin Jackson and Rick Porcello are both poised to have good 2014 seasons.
Rick Jackson though you would like this
I'm sorry Rick Jackson... I am for real
"I wish I still had my Michael Jackson Thriller jacket." - Rick Albuck . "SO DO WE" - A unanimous yell from the CTPG group.
Photo: I used to be a HUGE Percy Jackson/ Rick Riordan fan, but I stopped reading the books for awhile. It...
Congratulations to RICK JACKSOn, JEFFREY OWEN, SABRINA ROCKOFF and STARLING UNDERWOOD for being named to the 2014 North Carolina Rising Stars list released annually by Super Lawyers rating service. The Rising Stars program recognizes top up-and-coming attorneys in North Carolina who are 40 years old or younger, or who have been practicing for ten years or less. Attorneys are nominated by their peers and researched by Super Lawyers before being selected to the Rising Stars list. No more than 2.5 percent of lawyers in the state are included in this listing.
Rick Jackson see... Other people tell punnies too.
Rick Jackson you need to make yours look like this.
Happy birthday to my uncle Rick Jackson hope you enjoy your day
Rick Jackson, CEO of Jackson Healthcare, addresses Georgia business leaders at the Job Creators Network luncheon at the Georgia Aquarium on January 8th.
Whenn Rick Jackson hides an air freshner In the car so Charmaine Jackson cant throw it out lolol. (:
Every Sunday as I was growing up I would hear this loud hot rod or Harley come down the road and pass my house. It would go to the farm drive and turn around. Then I would hear a loud roar and tires screeching. It was Rick Jackson coming to our house around 7-9 am for his Sunday visit.
A great big shout out to my awesome husband Rick Jackson! He ran a 9:45 minute mile last night and it's the first time he has ran in over 20 years! Incredible. And it was on the golf course so it was very hilly :) 143 baby
Calling the ESQUIRES of Monroe High. Rick Jackson, Earl Lockette, Rod McKinney, and Roswell Smith are having a meeting Wednesday at House of Jazz 6:00 pm. All ESQUIRES contact us, 30 year reunion anniversary plan. Esq. For life.
Reminds me of someones highlift rick jackson :)
Thought Rick Jackson might like this one! I'll show Rob too!
The Last Saturday Night Gospel Sing. January the 25th singing with the Northmen and Kathy, as our Guest Group, Hosted byThe Macedonian Call. Rick Jackson is our newest member to Macedonian Call He will sing "So many Reasons Why I Love the Lord." We are thankful to have Rick with us. Dinner at 5, singing at 6, hope for nice weather; and a great time, all are welcome to come, held at the Russiaville Friends Church 230 e main Russiaville, Its always on the last saturday night of the Month, God is So Good !
this morning I'm listening to Rick Jackson on the radio, he plays Dance Little Jean...and I remember you saying it was going to be played at our wedding for Chey to dance and her used to listen to it and dance out in the back yard together...when she was little...I miss you.
Listen to Rick Jackson's Country Classics 7a-10a every Sunday on B100!
Big game tomorrow night. Pats vs colts!!! For everyone at work me and Dianna-Rick Jackson have a bet. So After the pats win rick will be fully clean shaved, baby face style.
Hanging out with Rick Jackson,Lois, James,Rhonda, Delmer at Waffle House drinking coffee
Imaging the Cuse this year with addition of Rick Jackson of recent history.could be interesting
Repost from Rick Jackson . . I just wanted to let the Voice know that Heavy Metal Barbell will be hosting Geelong Weightlifting Club for their Club Olympic Weightlifting Competition on Sunday 12th January at 11am. We'd love for any locals or interested people to come down and take a look at what they do best. Free spectator entry and a kiosk/BBQ will be operating on the day! 17 Marine Parade, Ocean Grove VIC in the Industrial Estate. Thanks
I don't have time to be sick! Have to help Rick Jackson at the Lake Alfred Bluegrass Bash on Saturday.where's the NyQuil?
Announcement from Rick Jackson - Lead Guitarist in Tears of the Dead. To Stuart Gordon, Adam Swift, Gary Hainsworth and Gareth Jones. Gentlemen, I'm like a naughty school child trying desperately to cram all my revision in to the last night before exams. Don't sulk with me at rehearsal tomorrow night!
Excited to go skiing with my wonderful man Rick Jackson today! I'm sure everyone will find my Bridget Jones style entertaining! This could be the day I break a bone! 8-) eek!
Rick Jackson, we need one of these lol
We would like to personally thank Rick Jackson and the Beebe Fire Department, Keith Hillman and the Vilonia Fire Department, Floyd/Romance Volunteer Fire Department, Antioch Fire Department, Tyler Madding and Ward Fire Department, McRae Fire Department, Searcy Fire Department and Tamara Jenkins with WCOEM for your help today on the fire on this cold and windy morning.
Time to recharge after a wonderful weekend of leading worship in the edge with russ freshwater, mark dorsey, mike doogan, rick jackson, and cory sass. Love you guys.
Thank you to our best friend, Rick Jackson for coming to our rescue, helping us get unstuck, and giving us a lift! You rock, bro! We'd have NEVER gotten that thing outta there!
Looks like haveing new eve year night at home PARTY ;) who is up for it... Rick Jackson and Stuart Gordon. Stuart Lucas
Lol is it true lads lol, Gareth Jones, Rick Jackson, Stuart Gordon, Adam Swift, Gary Hainsworth
Did you know though that Scoop and Rick Jackson were HS teammates?
Philly's own Rick Jackson playing summer league for the Jazz...Representing the Catholic League
From the same catholic league that graduated Scoop, Rick Jackson, Brian Wanamaker, Malik Wyans & the late Eddie Griffin.
The Jimmer's chance for number 2 was in 2010. Rautins, Wes, Rick Jackson, Kris Joseph and Arinze. Nasty college team.
He was a bum as a human being, but he could ball...Rick Jackson, Andy Rautins, Hasheem Thabeet, and Stanley Robinson
It's crazy how many SU players are in the d league now. Demetris Nichols, Arinze Onauku, Rick Jackson, Rautins, Kris Joseph, & Fab
Thanks, Rick Jackson for sending this to me. It made my day! Who says Philly fans are heartless? now, a fan tribute: I read and heard comments from frustrated fans during the lockout that they had given up on the game and would not return if and when a new CBA was reached. While comments of this nature were disappointing I totally understand the frustration everyone felt and their need to vent. What I am about to share demonstrates why I believe hockey has the very best fans of any sport in the world. I attended the Philadelphia Flyers' home opener against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday afternoon. I drove into the Wells Fargo Center parking lot two hours prior to game time and found it overflowing with festive 'tailgaters' garbed in their favorite player jersey and celebrating the return of the game. When the doors opened, fans were issued complimentary bright orange T-shirts with a message beneath the black Flyers logo that read LET'S GO! I walked the concourse prior to taking my seat in the press b ...
Robin Davidson's book will be published fall 2013, and 2014 promises new books from Nicholas Samaras, Mark Irwin, & Rick Jackson.
Morning early risers, Rick Jackson sitting in for Steve this morning. Join the "Wide Awake Club" by letting us know why you are up so early on Christmas Eve. Working?
Congrats to my youth club coach Rick Jackson for winning DIII CIF State Championship at Madison High.
Don't forget The X Factor's Matt Cardle will be joining Rick Jackson at Sainsbury's Talbot Heath on Tuesday afternoon from 4pm. Matt's due to arrive at 4.30 and will do signings at 5.30pm!!
Four games were played yesterday in the NBA D-League as aspiring ballers strive for their chance to reach to top. It started with the Springfield Armor who got back on the winning track Sunday afternoon with a 98-89 home win over the LA D-Fenders. The Sioux Falls Skyforce stays undeafted, beating the Maine Red Claws on the road in an afternoon match-up at the Portland Expo 98 to 87. Rick Jackson came off the bench to score 18 points and grab 11 rebounds Sunday as the Austin Toros beat the Idaho Stampede 97-82 for Austin's second win over Idaho in three days. And finally, the Santa Cruz Warriors simply crush the Reno Bighorns on their home court by a rather large margin--95 to 79. Watch all D-League games LIVE on the D-League's Youtube channel and always stay on Slap Dogg Hoops to see aspiring ballers trying to make their NBA hoops dreams come true.
SCORE UPDATE: Toros take a 12 point lead into the fourth quarter, up 74-62. Toros led by Tyler Wilkerson with 13 points. Rick Jackson, has 12 points, and both Cory Joseph and Justin Dentmon have 11 each. LIKE if you want to see the Toros finish the 4th quarter strong!
Enjoyed the Press Club panel discussion at Cleveland State University today with my son Patrick, a journalism major. The panel was moderated by Rick Jackson of WVIZ/PBS, with Henry Gomez of The Plain Dealer, John Arthur Hutchison of The News-Herald and Karen Kasler of the Ohio Statehouse New Bureau participating. Great discussion and insightful comments by all!
Congratulations to Rick Jackson's Racing, for winning the NHRA Big O'tires Nationals, in Las Vegas Top Alcohol Funny car. On October 28th!!! Driver and personal friend, Tony Bartone and team, did it again. He ran in the finals an R-Time at 0.081 and E-Time at 5.546 at a speed of 261.78mph for the win.
Remember recruiting class of '07? Donte Greene, Jonny Flynn, Scoop Jardine, Rick Jackson and Sean Williams? Who's in NBA now?
Not playing tonight for the Warriors: Andris Biedrins, Andrew Bogut, Rick Jackson & Richard Jefferson (right calf strain).
Got to see Dion Waiters & Rick Jackson back on campus this weekend. Terrence Roberts cameo too.
I was talking too Scoop Jardine and Rick Jackson yesterday >>>>>
Listening to Marty Stuart's "Hillbilly Rock" on Rick Jackson's Country Hall of Fame as I travel through Northern Iowa.
Don't forget to tune your radio to Rick Jackson's Country hall of Fame at 7:00 pm on 97.7 or streamline it on your computer. Today's show will be country gospel. Heaven will shine and the stone will be rolled on tonights show. it will be a great show. Me and Janie will be sitting out on the backporch enjoying the music.
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