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Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is a fictional character in the black-and-white comic book series The Walking Dead and its television adaption of the same name.

Andrew Lincoln Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Carl Grimes Walter White John Snow Jon Snow Frank Grimes Darryl Dixon Norman Reedus King County Sheriff Jack Bauer Jack Shephard Kiera Knightly Joe Allen Hershel Greene Cliff Curtis Elizabeth Swann

How Andrew Lincoln realized even Rick Grimes is expendable on "The Walking Dead" via
Dang! Poor Rick Grimes is having a bad day!. Hope everyone is having a better Monday!😀
where *SPOILER ALERT* Eugene stands up to Negan with the "I Believe in Rick Grimes" line is more satisfying to us.
The Roast of Rick Grimes. What is my life... lol
Rick Grimes, simplesmente o dono de the Walking Dead.
Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes was as Exeter v Yeovil today like me.
Andy Garcia could be Rick Grimes long lost father.
I liked a video Carl was almost raped, Rick Grimes going crazy- Best The Walking Dead scene
: The Walking Dead season 7: Mystery group that ambushed Rick Grimes are finally revealed
That negotiation made one thing clear: the old Rick Grimes is back on
+ don't think my current Cosplay wardrobe of Jax Teller (SOA) & Rick Grimes (TWD) perched on Glasgow Sheriff Court roof would work out well!
And then this fellow Rick Grimes had one and the price went up over a grand instantly
//The other few I have are Merle, Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes and Jack Sparrow. Not as much as yours lmfao
I added a video to a playlist Rick Grimes vs Walter White. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.
Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Glenn Rhee, taken by Michonne, 1:42 am
"Be my Daryl Dixon in the world of Rick Grimes" 😊😌
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I fell in love with Daryl Dixon, and Michonne, and Rick Grimes, and Glenn, and Maggy.
did you see Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes, and Martin Freeman. This movie (arguably) made them yo!
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Tom Payne as Paul "Jesus" Monroe, and Merritt Wever... ht…
I'm not familiar enough with TWD so I keep getting Rick Grimes mixed up with Frank Grimes from the Simpsons
I was once arrested for public drunkeness by a Sheriff named Rick Grimes, Sheriff Shane Walsh let me off with a warning
Andrew Lincoln's cue card scene in Love Actually 😭 get em Rick Grimes
[to GMH cops]: I'm Rick Grimes. I was a deputy with the King County Sheriff’s Department. I want to make...…
Why did Rick Grimes go and Michael Scott his buddy's wedding?
Rick Grimes — House Stark. • I picked this based on Ned and how honour-bound the Starks are in general. • horrible decisi…
*The Walking Dead*. Rick Grimes encounters a Taco Bell, and it's still open for business. "Great! Somebody else who's trying to kill us!"
Luke Kuechly had that shook Rick Grimes look. He knows it's devastating.
I dreamt about Benjamin Linus and Rick Grimes fighting godzilla with telekinetic powers, oh and then Ben went super saiyan
He will rise again. "We tell ourselves that we are the Walking Dead.". Rick Grimes.
"Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, is on stage.
Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, is on stage.
Tony Soprano, Walter White, Omar Little, Kara Thrace, Tyrion Lannister, Stringer Bell, Rick Grimes, you name it, NONE get close to Daenerys
We've also established that on Halloween I'm gonna Rick Grimes, Amanda's gonna be Daryl Dixon and Erin's gonna be a walker
I liked a video from Rick Grimes vs Leon S. Kennedy | URBoF
Matter of fact - hate Carl too. Caught all the awful traits from Lori. Rick Grimes has the most patience of any person real or not
What's the difference between Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes? Well, Rick has 2 I's... Sorry that was touching
I really wish Rick Grimes was my dad & Carl was my brother. lmao.
Giving my Rick Grimes this arvo, Walking Dead stylee "Carl!!!"
Lee Smith is out. Rick Grimes coming in for the
↬ never read those. We could still do Sara Lance and Rick Grimes if you want, but then it have to be set in TWD universe ↬
It all started with Rick Grimes and the gas station walker... Relive Season 1 this Sunday.
Idk who I'm more in love with, Jon Snow or Rick Grimes like it's an actual toss up
bro, is it just me or does Neil look like Rick Grimes? And why do you guys have Jeff Gordon listed as Aaron Boone?
Look at this and try to tell me season 3 Jaime Lannister isn't comic book Rick Grimes
Mr. Bean, John Watson, Elizabeth Swann, Rick Grimes, Bryan Mills, Newt, Severus Snape, and others all in one movie? *** 👍🏼
it's gonna be hard to handle Kim Davis' wooden Rick Grimes' impression without Daniel shutting her up.
Character most likely to go Rick Grimes on is Nick.
Rick is a character on the I love named Rick Grimes
The Rick Grimes stan . - has all his speeches memorized . - nuts whenever he kills . - nuts when he wears the murder jacke…
wow! That's so cool I didn't know you wanted to be an actor! Aiming to be the next Rick Grimes are you? 😏
Rick Grimes|TWD. -great father. -mentally ill. -he is so badass. -everything he does is for his group. -kicks your *** https…
I only watched it for Rick Grimes and not-Natalie-Portman
No sure if that's Joe Allen or Rick Grimes that's came on for Liverpool
'The Walking Dead': Rick Grimes will die, says creator
📷 shaolinbynature: Nick Clark and Rick Grimes, two precious men who don’t understand what’s wrong with...
. Who would you like Alicia's uncle/aunt to be on ?. ( Rick Grimes, Lori, Maggie Greene or Daryl Dixon )
Daenerys gets 4 feet away from the iron throne and gets shot by Rick Grimes. Rick becomes King of Westeros and sends Negans h…
The distressing moment you realise Rick Grimes is the guy who was obsessed with Kiera Knightly in Love Actually
*adjusted to the light. He was then rewarded with the beautiful face of Judith, being carried in the arms of Rick Grimes.-
we have to fight , if you don't fight , you die - Rick Grimes ♫ Omen (feat. Sam Smith) by Disclosure —
I would love the opinion from the amazing on my Rick Grimes monologue. "Suicide Kings" (Rick see's Lori)
I am the only son of Rick Grimes and Lori Grimes and half-brother of Judith Grimes and my son is Carl Grimes jr
Rick Grimes: LORI! CARL! JUDITH! *screams everyones names as he cries*
Look who came in the mail today it's Rick Grimes.
Delighted to have Rick Grimes...alias Andrew Lincoln and family today to watch 'Zootropolis' (PG)! ☺️ https:/…
Forgot to post this TWD 611 BTS pic of captain Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes
Machonne is a savage!. "Morgan... Machonne did steal that protein bar" . ~ Rick Grimes
prof Jason Sudeikis better give me an A+++ on my Rick Grimes / Jon Snow essay
*writes on windows* Rick Grimes...Raylan Givens.R.G.,...they both like violence & comically large hats...
Is it just me or does Mike Brown look like Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead?
Rain like this puts me in a deeper coma than Rick Grimes season 1
My mom got me a birthday cake with Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon on it!!! 😍😍😍😍 It's beautiful! 😂
« always glancing back at him and the boy in the car protectively. Daryl Dixon was Rick Grimes' *** guard dog.
Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Glenn Rhee. I think I'll be alright.
Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and the rest of "The Walking Dead" crew!!! YUS!!!
so, what's it like having Daryl Dixon break your arm and watching Rick Grimes punch a walker head? Lol
Who needs Greg Nicotero when you've got Rick Grimes to do the Walker make up
Help me out who is Joe Allen trying 2 look like? Is it Rick Grimes from Walking Dead or Dustin Hoffman from some 70s film?
My boy Rick Grimes can definitely come through! Fix this dude a couple plates!
--- arrivals. Of course the first person to set up and speak to her would be their leader— Rick Grimes. The sheriff ---
"Confrontation's never been something we've had trouble with." -Rick Grimes
The Governor Perry Ellis is going Rick Grimes all over Texas
Every time I hear Rick from Walking Dead, I know who it is. Every time I hear Rick Grimes, I think of Frank Grimes, which is way better.
Lunch guests from *** Angela Landsbury and Rick Grimes. Someone is guaranteed to end up dead.
"Rick Grimes' sheriff backpack. Has a ton of room if you want to go to the beach and pick up shells. Or CORAL." -😂😂
Rick Grimes in the sheriff uniform 🔥
📷 you sexy sheriff Rick such a man in that walkind dead world..m.. the world needs...
Be patient, sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes will help you to survive. .
Just a small obsession with Rick Grimes!!
The whole point is to survive right? Rick Grimes, John Rambo and Kat Everdeen. These three know military...
Who would win between Malcolm Reynolds and Rick Grimes?
Walter White wouldn't last in Rick Grimes world
Jon Bernthal here as The Punisher kinda looks like Rick Grimes at one glance. Gosh I miss Shane on The Walking Dead.
...I wonder if Rick Grimes is related to Lizzie Borden?
Luke is giving off that Rick Grimes vibe for some reason idk man.
Fear The Walking Dead adds Dougray Scott to its cast: Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, the leader of the...
Are there any grind core bands named Rick Grimes? Because there should be.
|| Does anyone know an active SV 18+ Thomas Sharpe, Rick Grimes, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, or Loki?
nah it's cause I'm y'all's Rick Grimes. And I accept
"We are the Walking Dead" -Rick Grimes. Also, Lexington Market
Spencer Reid, Rick Grimes and Phil Dunphy are my ultimate TV heroes 😍
I want Rick Grimes to give me walker battle training.
Brent Musburger is a WALKER someone call Rick Grimes
I love watching it on TV and on my dvd did you know that Norman has a look alike just Rick Grimes?
Yes Hans Gruber, Rick Grimes, Qui Gon Taken, Davy Jones, and half the faculty of Hogwarts!
To be fair, "Rick Grimes tries to steal Elizabeth Swann from Solomon Northup" is my summary of EVERY plotline in Love Actually.
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[WP] Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) replaces Rick Grimes as the leader of the group on the Walking Dead...
Ever seen Daryl Janmaat and Rick Grimes in the same room? All am saying
All hail Walter White and Rick Grimes, the only 2 protagonists in TV history that didn't cheat on their wives!
In an effort to bolster the defense, Saints will be signing:. 1) Holly Holm. 2) R. Lee Ermy. 3) Rick Grimes. 4) Ving Rhames. 5) Wolverine
Savage was definitely my favorite. Might also be that he reminds me of Rick Grimes.
Savage is Rick Grimes. If Rick Grimes played , he would play it just like Andrew Savage.
Looking at vs. Geno Hayes, I can only think to myself.what would Rick Grimes do?
Totally didn't know Phil Lamarr voiced Rick Grimes in an animated version of the comic.
My name is Rick Grimes and I am the fastest man alive.
Same here. Todd McFarlane does a *** of a job! I forget what toy company announced it but a 1/6 scale Rick Grimes is coming.
"George from Of Mice and Men looks like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead help me". - Sophie Merrick 2k15
You are 8-bit Rick Grimes. And you've got a long road ahead of you. [T]
Pam Ewing walks in on Rick Grimes showering with Bobby Ewing & realizes the Zombie Apocalypse was just a dream.
I also have Rick Grimes, and the Doctor, but my third is Phil Dunphy
Great chat with showrunner about zombies, Rick Grimes, and Dave Matthews
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Smokin hot for an English chap. Rick Grimes & Jon Snow-now that's a sandwich. I have a HEART ON for
Rick Grimes is the modern day Marshall Dillon
Rick Grimes: Male Hottie of the Year, 6 Grammies, charity ambassador, millionaire, found the cure to swine flu. Judith: Grimes
. Thanks Uncle Ray! Love me this Rick Grimes pic and you 😘
Fear the Walking Dead's Cliff Curtis wants a crossover at some point: 'I'd like to have a beer with Rick Grimes' -...
Cliff Curtis just called Kim Dickens "Rick James" instead of "Rick Grimes." I can't.
Anyone RP Walking Dead? I'm in need of a Rick Grimes to SL with. I also need a Steve Rogers/Captain America. Contact
Rick Grimes is the Jack Shephard of the zombie apocalypse
I miss Jack Shephard proving he's an amazing leader. Rick Grimes needs to take notes.
Rick Grimes or Rhett Butler. They get business done.
Alright I'm going to bed i love rick grimes
Im about 99% sure rick isn't wearing his ring anymore.
is like the disease in The Walking Dead. . I am Rick Grimes. . I will not die. I will not be bitten. .
These portrait pictures of your favourite Walking Dead characters are pretty rad
I assume everyone in Georgia has an accent like Rick Grimes so I'm never going to Georgia
I need a Rick Grimes character who's not going to waste time sympathizing with walkers. Like seriously *** And Travis is just naive.
"And as we see the Rick Grimes collection…”
but I agree with number 4. Rick Grimes is also needed. it will be number 6.)))
NEW magazine featuring Rick Grimes new elevator portrait.
Rick Grimes has me so whipped that he could saw my arms off and I'd say thank you
Exclusive: See a new season 6 shot of Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes:
Rick Grimes | Nobody can save me now via La saison 6 approche !!
Just catching up on very good so far. Missing a bit of Rick Grimes though
I liked a video from I'M RICK GRIMES - The Escapists: The Walking Dead
I need Rick Grimes in my life to lead the way
it looks to me like needs to be the new Rick Grimes
I'm trying to compare Rick Grimes from TWD and Tom Mason from Falling Skies. Zombie apocolypse. Alien apocolypse. Best two leaders on tv.
Rick Grimes and his head tilt are not to be taken lightly.
season 1 recap: oh, I'm whiny Rick Grimes, does my wife even love me? Carl! You gotta stay close Carl!
Fear TWD : Who will be the new Rick Grimes? Nick Clark?
Noticing a couple of similarities between Nick Clark and Rick Grimes.
Looking for a Rick Grimes that's looking for a Carl. Also a Lori!. Will RP as Young or Teen Carl for Both .
Rick Grimes and Deadpool battle it out in 'The Walking Deadpool'
Rick Grimes takes on Deadpool in 'The Walking Deadpool' parody
Rick Grimes became so savage at the end of season 4 into season 5..
Is this cosplayer Cecil Garner or is it the real Rick Grimes at Tampa Bay Comic Con?. I'll let you decide.
Those of you who have been watching The Walking Dead ... have they ever revealed how Rick Grimes keeps his beard...
When you realize the actor that plays Rick Grimes is British...
Exclusive: See first photo Rick Grimes in season 6 of 'The Walking Dead'
Which was worse? Getting turned into swiss cheese by Debra Morgan? Or Friday the 13th-ed by Rick Grimes?
I need one of these to go with my Rick Grimes bobble head.
Exclusive: First season 6 image of Rick Grimes in
"Andrew Lincoln’s (Rick Grimes), Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) will be saying goodbye to the cast after Season 6 concludes." U K E
Rick Grimes: We *don't* kill the living. . Daryl Dixon: That's funny coming from a man who just put a gun to my head.
If there was ever a zombie apocalypse I'd be like Rick Grimes and Darryl Dixon mixed together 🔫🔫
Jon Snow is almost killed by the White Walkers, but is rescued at the last minute by Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon.
day 26 - its with great modesty I name Rick Grimes as the character I am most like. Gun slinger cowboy, Sheriff :)
Trying to go for a Rick Grimes "Walking Dead" look for my sheriff's costume for the upcoming murder mystery dinner that I'm in!
"I can save lives. That's reason enough to risk mine." -- Hershel Greene to Maggie Greene and Rick Grimes; The Walking Dead S04E03
Yes, this is sheriff Rick Grimes house. @ Rick Grimes House
The only fear i had for my surgery was that I would wake up in a zombie apocalypse like Rick Grimes did in the Walking D…
It really is the age of the anti-hero:. Walter White. Jax Teller . GoT's entire realm . Rick Grimes . Frank Underwood . Me
I'm not sure if Rick Grimes, Darryl Dixon and the entire Expendables team could stop the white walkers. Jesus!
"This is about survival"... when John Snow thinks he's Rick Grimes.
Rick Grimes is married to Ian Anderson's daughter!?! . CAN'T. EVEN. .
Rick Grimes and John Snow would make a cute couple
Rick Grimes is clearly a descendant of John Snow.
The Season Finale of we will see John Snow try to convince Rick Grimes to help fight the white walkers!
Dear John Snow: you might want to give Rick Grimes a call.
Wow.. vs battle sence. Screw John Snow. Where's Rick Grimes when you need him.
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Looks like John Snow could use some help from Rick Grimes
Watching Walking Dead S5. Haven't gotten to the part where Rick Grimes meets up with his brother Frank, or Grimey as he liked to be called
The evolve wings today so Rick Grimes can point up and say, "Luke! Sky Walkers!"
. add to the mix:. Banana Man, Rick Grimes, Raphael, Rambo, Doink the Clown, Rocky, Dennis the Menace & Neil Ruddock & its on.
My boy Rick Grimes is a straight up savage
Did u know Rick Grimes is actually Dennis Reynolds
Absolutely: Fat guys should not be allowed to cosplay Rick Grimes
FAN Update! The latest from has Peter Cetera singing a song about Rick Grimes from
The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) finally got through to Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh) in pro...
Fast 7 spoiler: Rick Grimes pops out and shoots everyone in the face cause he heard there's a dead Walker in the movie.
Watched season 5 finale of last night. A-maz-ing. Rick Grimes is my boy. is an English legend
Did anyone else think (Rick Grimes) turned a bit stalker/crazy. I was waiting for the visions of Lori
Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes in sunny Blackpool few weeks back top bloke.
Maps provided by Crazytown Travel Board and Department of Commerce. Rick Grimes, Mayor.
Rick Grimes going mental reminds me of Heath Ledger's Joker
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
It's time to kill Rick Grimes, as someone is going to get bumped next week. He's gone from hero to just annoying. …
Theon Greyjoy looking at Rick Grimes like, *** at least I got to finish my speech..."
The truth is, we could all see this coming when Rick Grimes lost Kiera Knightly to his best friend in "Love Actually."
Rick Grimes is a savage. But in the best way possible
"If you don't fight, you die!" Rick Grimes is the man. Full blown Shane mode
The Character Assassination of Rick Grimes by the Cowardly Scott Gimple, lol.
“We know what needs to be done and we do it.”. —Rick Grimes
'If you hurt any of my people, I will kill you'. -Rick Grimes, Season 3. He means it...
If today is the end, I'd like to thank Martin Luther King, Elton John, Rick Grimes and Mr Crossan as my biggest influences
Rick Grimes is my dream man... Along with Jax Teller
"Rick Grimes." He extended his only hand, much to Andrea's dismay. "Andrea Harrison." Andrea nodded curtly.
Millions of girls cried out in pain as Rick Grimes shaved his beard …
Watching The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes is so hot oh my god! and this new character ROTC guy.
Be sure to catch Scott Ian attacking Rick Grimes on this Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead!
Tb to when Rick Grimes bit out a mans jugular
Who has had more terrible seasons overall, Rick Barnes or Rick Grimes?
Rick Grimes of TWD is the ultimate savage
Set aside our differences and pull together. Now on we're going to do it his way. That is how we honour Dale. -Rick Grimes
Grammys are on? Sorry, I have an appointment with Rick Grimes and Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill
Characters I'd like to have a drink with: . Peter Griffin. Sawyer. Jack Bauer. Raymond Reddington. Jesse Pinkman . Rick Grimes. Aaron Hotchner
Jack just went full on Rick Grimes in the opener of season 6 of 24. Or did Rick go full on Jack Bauer since Jack did it first?
The revolution of Rick Grimes and his son, Carl Grimes.
Rick Grimes is KING 👑! Thank you Andrew Lincoln for bringing the legendary character to life! 💀
It’s no secret that our favorite zombie apocalypse survivors can’t seem to catch a break after the prison incident, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop fighting to keep on keeping on. AMC has released a new trailer for The Walking Dead season 5’s midseason return where Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)…
Rick Grimes = my life 😂😂😂 I will never stop wishing I was that *** dude.
Working on a sketch of Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead (:
I liked a video Rick Grimes: Stuff and Things Compilation
Hehe true, need to have the Rick Grimes POP figure my co-worker gave me for Xmas 2 years ago on my desk
Set de fotos: Pointless gifs of Rick Grimes looking and being hot [ 4 / ? ] 
Reading and I'm pretty sure this might (but probably isn't) a Rick grimes cameo. featured in NBC s Science of Love
✋raise your hand if Rick grimes needs to cool it.✋
The new world's gonna need Rick Grimes 😎
Hey are you rick grimes??? I think you are. No. You are. You are Rick grimes. OMG RICK GRIMES! ❤️
Picked up S1 & some cool collectibles.. Terminus Map Poster, Rick Grimes Tin!
Just discussed the psychology behind Rick Grimes with my psych professor whose an avid Walking Dead fan. This class just got interesting
The new world's gonna need Rick Grimes
so far I am lol especially since looks like Rick Grimes right now
is looking a lot like a non apocalyptic Rick Grimes tonight.
Rick Grimes: "I promised Maggie that I'd bring you home safe.". Hershel Greene: "Like you promised that little girl?" .
no one tagged me but whatever 😝. 1. Jem Carstairs. 2. Tris Prior. 3. Rick Grimes. 4. Klaus Mikaelson. 5. Cersei Lannister
Who would win Rick Grimes or Walter White
Wuthering Heights with Tom Hardy, and Andrew Lincoln not being Rick Grimes or pining Mark in
Imagine if the ending to The Walking Dead is Rick Grimes waking up from his coma. That would be some Key Stage 1 story telling right there
Micheal Scott and Rick Grimes are people i need in my life
"Love Actually" is nearly over, and the combined body count for Rick Grimes, Hans Gruber and Liam Neeson is zero. Not pleased.
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It is very weird to see Rick Grimes, Solomon Northrup, and, um, the Hobbit pretending to be Londoners in
STOP PRESS! Walking Dead TV series 6 action figures and Walking Dead TV Deluxe Rick Grimes 10" action figure will arrive next week! The McFarlane Toys’ Rick Grimes deluxe figure is inspired by The Walking Dead Season 3 key art, as Rick stands watch, ready to defend his family, friends, and new home. This highly detailed 10-inch figure features the exact likeness of the actor, taken from a full 3D scan of the actor himself, Andrew Lincoln. Figure includes pistol, alternate arm, and rifle.
Can't get used to Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually now that I know him as Rick's just weird
Rick Grimes a.k.a. Andrew Lincoln talks his about his emotions during the mid-season finale via
So weird to watch Andrew Lincoln on "Love Actually" after watching recently "The Walking Dead"! He's no Rick Grimes in this!
I just heard a grown man say "you're the Lori to my Rick Grimes" and I'm not sure what he means by that
Question Joe Harrison, Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln, Hugo Oberstein, and Colonel Valentine Walter for the answer - Anon Tip XD!
Rick Grimes just got payback for Michael Brown.
Evidence humans are more like Shane & the Gov than Rick Grimes or Darryl Dixon: Dead persons name shared, spoilers be damned
Fans of "The Walking Dead" are making their way to Atlanta and small-town Georgia to sniff out traces of Rick Grimes' crew of survivors and the voracious zombies on their trail.
Amy i didnt see that coming Eugene lied (.)_(.) I just hope Rick Grimes or Rick and Carl survived
Rick Grimes is the new sheriff in town. Who should be the deputy? Daryl? Carl? Maggie? Abraham?
Last night's The Walking Dead - TOO good. Won't give any specific spoilers except to say that Rick Grimes & company now do exactly what they have to do to insure the (relative) safety and survival of the group, and they do so without hesitation. In that world - it's completely necessary!
"Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman strikes a killing blow to the head of the theory that the show and series take place inside of Rick Grimes' coma-damaged mind.
THE Walking Dead Is Not A Dream: Is Rick Grimes still in his coma?  Is the zombie apocalypse really just a sym...
should open with Rick Grimes saying "Coorrralll."
PSA: we dont live in a movie. Dustin Hoffman, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Rick Grimes - they aint coming to save ur bacon. YOU WILL
Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus were on set yesterday. Look at Andrews {Rick Grimes} beard!
I once blew Andrew Lincoln's mind by asking him if Rick Grimes knows he looks like Andrew Lincoln.
We honestly CAN'T believe Andrew Lincoln just did this! What does this mean for Rick Grimes?!
Things learned this weekend. . 1) You don't need with Rick Grimes . 2) You don't mess with Matt Kenseth
Rick Grimes: Ima come at you like Matt Kenseth.
" A machete with a red handle on it, that's what I'm going to use to kill you.". - Rick Grimes
10 things i like beginning with an R, thanks to Matthew Kerton for the letter. Like this and I will give you a letter. 1. Rainbows (totally girly I know) 2. Richie Sambora! (oh one light burning or the answer) 3. Rain (you know like that total torrential stuff you don't have to go out in) 4. Resident Evil ( All things zombie) 5. Rick Grimes (m) 6. Radiohead (Naked, fake plastic trees) 7. Red skies (as in the sunset) 8. Robinsons Summer fruits (lol you can tell i'm struggling) 9. Red Velvet Cake. (again, m) 10. Reading (on the game of thrones series)
Rick Grimes is in for the fight of his life at the start of The Walking Dead Season 5, with Andrew Lincoln delivering another great performance and proving, once again, why this is Rick’s show. In just the first episode, there’s enough action, gore, and emotion to fill an entire season and Andrew Li…
Can Ryan Karl get one more season so UT can play Rick Grimes yelling "CARL!" after a big play?
~The Ultimate Rick Grimes Fan Page! ~Rick Grimes is the main character from the TV show, The Walking Dead. ~All about The Walking Dead & Rick Grimes!
[The Grimes' looked at Otis surprised as Rick walked up to Shane] Rick: "You sure you want to do this?" [He asked as --
Andrew Lincoln AKA Rick Grimes is just one of those men that are always sexy...
From the one, the only, Crazy Rick Grimes - DarthGrimes
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In my mind I'm a mixture of Rick Grimes, Cullen Bohannon and Walt Longmire but in reality...probably more like Cory Matthews or something right??
Man I have a hot date on Sunday with Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes. I couldn't be more ready 😍
Gets to a point where I actually get freeked out with myself for being so obsessed over Andrew Lincoln aka rick grimes aka my boyfriend
did you know that Rick Grimes' actor is actually British? OMG, I want to go back home!
Daryl Dixon and Rick grimes coz they both protect everyone I would want them with me
Rick Grimes is my even on a Thursday
Rick grimes is like Dexter morgan.They bought seem nice and bought are BADASSES
Has there ever been a cooler pairing than Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon?
The countdown to The Walking Shine continues... Variant editions of Rick Grimes!
Sci-Fi day for spirit week. I went as Rick Grimes from (season 4)
All I want in life is to be as cool as Rick Grimes
I dunno yet! I need to think up something... Are you gonna go as Rick Grimes?! :p
TIME interview with Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) -The Walking Dead... 3 more days!
guess who's playing Rick Grimes in a skit for theatre? ME!!
Rick grimes because he is a outstanding leader and father and he do things to survive and protect the group from danger.
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I did his makeup.Zombified Rick Grimes htt…
My dream of being like Rick Grimes could be true within a couple of weeks
If there is one thing I cannot do, its watch Rick Grimes cry
We cannot be friends if you don't know who Rick Grimes is. ..bro.
Watch an exclusive interview with Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes on set of
This dude from Z Nation looks like he took his hair and beard tips from Rick Grimes
So my American Sign Language professor does not talk, he only writes on the board and signs but he's really funny. Today he was trying to show us how to do facial expressions when we sign and mouth the words. As an example of the over pronunciation he wrote down "Thay-er zahmbeez, Coral!" (Referencing the way Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead talks) I was cracking up lol
Happy Birthday to my Baby Andrew Lincoln a.k.a. Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead a.k.a. that man from Love Actually whose love was unrequited
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