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Rick Fox

Ulrich Alexander Rick Fox (born July 24, 1969) is a Canadian television actor and retired professional basketball player who last played for the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers in 2004.

Doug Christie Robert Horry John Salley Ron Harper Brent Barry Derek Fisher Kobe Bryant Steve Smith Paul George Kenny Smith Dennis Scott Brian Shaw Lisa Leslie Horace Grant Tasha MacK

It's continually funny that O'Reilly thinks the 'political hitjob' defense passes muster when all his accusers have been Fox N…
My friend’s HPau.There is no reason, All magic potion Morty made tastes like vodka(And Rick Love it LOL)
This is why and should never try to high five. Ever. 😂😂😂 . Via .
From ‘07, a reminder that FOX mogul Murdoch’s fortunes freely defend birds of a feather and
Fox News continues to sugar-coat Dotard's presidency, and make up ridiculous stories about Hillary.
And and have on "conservatives" Rick Wilson, Charlie Sykes, Kristol to give "impartial" vi…
Eric Andre Show & Rick and Morty are the two funniest shows on tv. No debate. If you disagree, you Fox News
Given new info on Bill O’Reilly’s $32 million settlement, worth remembering was investigating Fox News when…
What got Rick Fox giving him shoutouts 👍 u big-time now congrats on making history
Gregg Jarrett: The Clinton cover-up, brought to you by the same guys who are investigating Trump | Fox News
Make sure to watch for us on FOX 12 Oregon October 23rd (9:35am)- where our expert, Rick, will be presenting you...
While watching Fox, Nikki Haley decides not to tell Rick Perry that Chinese officials are free at last. Sean Hannity edits Wikipedia pages.
A pretty compelling reason why should have a place in . Our interview w/ .
@ Houston. 2001. Full court alley-oop from Rick Fox. Could've hit his head on the rim! 🔥🔥
Him getting signed by rick fox and them would be insane... alongside sonic…
O'Reilly: Settled harassment claim for $32 million & Fox renewed contract. Trump: Bragged on tape about sexual assault…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Good guy rick fox supporting other NA teams when his team has failed.
"Female writers are making the best Ricky & Morty season!". "YOU DON'T DESERVE RICK & MORTY!". "This Rick and Morty seaso…
Rick Fox is even finer with gray hair, my gawd!
RICK. FOX. Is finer than Boris to me
I know fox was hoping for a Yankees/Dodgers WS. Market 1 & 2 facing off would've been $
I'd add DMitch, Fox and Fultz to your group as well even if Fultz's shot looks bunk and he m…
Another world class show at the Colonial Fox in Pittsburg with Grammy nominees Trey Hensley & Rick Ickes. Such musi…
Fox & Friends’ mission: convincing viewers that someone else is stupider.
"Rick Fox isn't allowed to participate in any capacity"
G0t dat p1ff rock. 1 hit will have em dancing wit the stars like Rick Fox 💃 🌟
If you come trick or treating to my house dressed as "Pickle Rick" I'm serving you some Jim Jones Kool-aid
Superfilly showing off for fans today during a special event hosted at Taylor Made Farm by Rick Porter's…
Why would Fox News see O’Reilly close a $32M sex harassment suit and then give him a new deal unless sexual harassment is ok at…
Rick Wilson called for my coworkers and I to be curb stomped but he's "never Trump" so everyone loves him. 🙄
I mean part of that is that he had Shaq, Ron Harper, Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, Robert Horry for 3 peat. Had Gasol, Od…
Gotta be my hot single uncle Rick Fox
Feel-good story: Rick Porter of has bought 14 yearlings recently after being declared cancer free. He's great for the sport.
Kimmel tears apart Fox & Friends host Brian calling him "a phony creep" for attacking him on air and sucking up to hi…
Speaking of which...Rick Fox appreciation for no real reason at all
Who's the hottest HOFer? I feel like there weren't any true baddies until Rick Fox came along.
Fox but then again it could be Fangio but I doubt it.
Apparently is Common is a rapper lmfaooo. I thought he was a Rick Fox type *** who hopped and was riding the pine on those Laker teams
returns for what will be the darkest night yet. See you October 2 on FOX.
Great to see David Onley speak about his days at & how proud he is of the impact of Terry Fox & Rick Hans…
Fox analyst Chris Spielman on if brother Rick Spielman has given him any clues on Sam Bradford status. "He’s not going to tell me anything."
Well since its fox news the real fake news I would check other sources & we also don't know what's up wi…
Perhaps Rick is looking for a stint on Fox too.
Fox News complains isn't qualified to talk about politics. Meanwhile:
'Rick & Morty' Rickmobile names its Orlando stop
Danger Rick led the charge at Onondaga on the Flying Fox (affectionately known as Flying Squirrel). Grad retre…
Update your maps at Navteq
And GiGi getting her walls smashed by Rick Fox SMH fornicating outta wedlock
Aww look at Grace and Darius aka Rick Fox (in my Tasha MacK voice) 😂
The fact that they had her on top of Rick Fox sexin’ him like that on this type of show 😳
Merile Dandrige and rick fox would be cute asf in real life if they were a couple 😍😍😍 they giving me all kind of light skin life
We read this touching letter we got in the mail from a listener this morning on [LISTEN]:
You can’t be serious compared to Shaq Kobe Horry Fisher Rick F…
Derrek Fisher. Actually all the role players in that run we went on with Rick fox D fish Devin George etc they all…
Rick Fox at all the shade being thrown
Not feeling Rick Fox as Grace's love interest. And all that yucky kissing.🙄
Rick Fox is doing some horrible acting. All he can do is hold and comfort
Remember Gigi won't spend the night with fine *** Rick Fox cause Sophia doesn't approve of her fornicating
We gon find out something bad about Rick Fox.I will wait😂😂😂
.Rick Fox is a very fine older man. All salt and pepper hair.
I just want to thank for putting Rick Fox on
I mean... I wanna sit on Rick Fox's lap and let him hold me like that. 🙂
But really, how is Rick Fox still fine
Rick Fox is like a fine wine. Getting better with age
Rick Fox transitioned into acting flawlessly.
Lawd, producers must want the saints to Rick Fox all sprawled out looking like a some garlic bread all buttered up!
Me on my deathbed: "Why didn't Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox ever dress like Rick and Morty for Halloween?"
Lakers news: Rick Fox likes that Lonzo Ball living up to the hype
FOX is mainstream media... Have you suffere…
You'll be lucky to survive Fox Midwest in the next 3 years if you continue to partner with Al and Tim! They are pitiful... just sayin.
Watch Rick Astley join Foo Fighters on stage for unlikely duet of Never Gonna Give You Up
Well with a name like Rick Fox, you just kinda gotta be the name lol
How in the *** does Rick Fox act perfectly in every tv show he features in? Lol
Also btw Collider, we are talking abt the Percy Jackson &the Olympians series by Rick Riordan-…
BUT FOX DOESN'T WANT TO BE GREAT. and really i feel for rick.
It is a multi-BILLION franchise if fox just put in time and effort. I feel for Rick because he's just like, eh idc anymore.
Top 3 crushes for me. Next to The Rock and Rick Fox.
All purpose parts banner
Just imagine if President Obama had made the SecretService Funds Run Dry? . Rick Scott would be screaming on every F…
Judge orders IRS to reveal who took part in Tea Party targeting | Fox News
Why is Fox giving panty britches Shepherd Smith the 3 hour gig on the Eclipse instead of Rick? So heads up people, No to Fox.
All three of these sound great but I am so there for writing "Korean fox spirits in space!" :D.
Jackie Christie may be annoying and a messed up mom but she's a great wife 😂. She was willing to hit Rick Fox 😩😩
Kofi Siriboe on Queen Sugar. Omari Harwick on Power. Rick Fox on Greenleaf . 3 BAE's a week!! 😍
A new space adventure series from Seth MacFarlane is coming to FOX this fall. premieres September 10! 🚀 https:/…
Get Rick Fox and Keitaro for top 8 commentary
Lionel lost in his mind as soon as he saw Dro. "look at this tall Rick Fox lookin m..."
Rick Fox lovechild finally got the yams
Trump spends more time watching Fox than reading intelligence briefings. Since he won't do the work, he shouldn't have the job…
Since the Donald mostly watches Fox News, it makes sense that he saw "some of the worst and most dishonest…
You never know what might happen at a Foo Fighters show!
forget about 90's Leo and 90's Jhonny Depop, can we talk about 90's Colby and 90's Rick Fox???
Ur gang of 20 whiny white power friends were taken out of a gazebo when…
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Supercars: Rick Kelly left frustrated by another tyre failure in Race 18 - Fox Sports
So TIL Rick Fox was a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race :D
Say Rick? What was that website during the last few minutes of Fox & Friends that'll show you how much of the eclipse U see?
Bud Madison square garden got bought clg. Rick fox is an owner of echo fox, Shaq owns a part…
Speaking of ageless, we c u Rick Fox Larenz Tate Omari Hardwick
But my best mate, Ginger Rick, is the most cunning Fox 🦊, who would scheme a plan more cunning than a…
if you will not be watching Fox and Friends in the AM
I added a video to a playlist Jackie Christie tries to beat Rick Fox with her bag after he hits her
Yes KKk and white supremacists, white power the whole gang🤯were there.…
Rick Fox looks like a storm trooper with a wet curl.
Rick Fox If you don't recognize his name, you might recognize his face, but we're her...
I believe u bro. Rick fox still on his Smackdown world tour tho lol
I dont know rick fox except he was the pricipal in DOPE and he ysed to do basketball?
Has Rick Fox confused Echo Fox with an NBA team?
Rick Fox consoling Leo about his placing, :')
Yo. Rick fox made a killer team. All his members made top 8 In their games and even won.
The first round put star basketball player and his family up against everyone's f…
Echo Fox is the best sponsor too. Won Tekken and SFV this year. Rick Fox is the man.
Rick Fox must be smiling, knowing that Echo Fox bois took Tekken and Street Fighter V.
Rick fox's commitment to his team is something I admire. Wish other orgs had leaders as passionate as him.
I'm tired of the "but Trump voters don't care about Russia" stories. . People didn't care about Watergate, either. https…
Rick Fox slam dunked eSports just now.
I did see you guys together, but Rick fox ran away. Lol plus I'm a day late.
Rick Fox must be a very happy man today
Rick Fox is an S tier esports owner of an amazing team. Success comes in time and this is such an amazing story.…
Like I said to Rick Fox early, Echo Fox as brand killed it
Rick Fox is getting all of Echo Fox some top flight prostitutes baby, yeah!
Rick Fox looking at his esports kingdom
Rick Fox has a busted roster of players he's making bank!
My man Rick Fox banking with the Echo Fox wins this weekend.
Rick Fox taking 25% of Tokido's winnings like Triforce.
Congratulations on Tokido. He definitely took care of business. Rick Fox is somewhere with the biggest smile on his face
Rick Fox is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
My god Rick Fox is so happy right now. Champions in Tekken and Street Fighter.
Rick wants YOU to hang out with him at the Amazon Studios! . Enter by: . ➡️RT. ➡️Follow the link . ➡️Tag a friend!.
Rick fox in the background laughing like a demon
Rick Fox backstage milly rocking right now
Ran into rick fox lol that was dope
I'm rooting for Punk here BUT seeing Rick Fox show up and support his players so earnestly gives me life
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Fox zepcook.c…
🔥 Trending Now: View 100s of documents and presentations featuring Rick Fox now:
Rick Fox sitting intently courtside at a M2K Game. 2017 is so sick.
Rick Fox can already smell that Capcom money.
*** Rick Fox did Tokido's hair for grand finals
I mean when alot of NBA and MLB teams are putting money into it along with people like Rick Fox…
Rick Fox seems like such a swell chap. Congratulating the people that beat his players all the time.
Lmfao *** said Rick Fox & Horace Grant in 2004 😩 u know Payton&Malone was on they way out... Bron had Wade&Bosh i…
I wouldn't have excuses if my supporting cast were Rick Fox, Steve Kerr, Devean George, tony kuvoc,…
Kobe had a squad. Derek Fisher wasn't no slouch at all. Robert "7 time champ" Horry. Rick Fox.
1) that Laker team also had Glen Rice; big shot Bob; and Derrick Fisher so they had talent there. Not forgetting Rick Fox as well
Rick Fox set to "put several hundred million to work" in esports with new investment fund:. https:/…
Former three-time NBA champion Rick Fox has formed a new private equity firm with an e-sports focus.
Among the loudest ovations when Stu Lantz listed off attendees: Derek Fisher, Robert Horry, Rick Fox and Snoop.
Rick Fox better keep his hands above GiGi's waist. Won't be any funny business tonight!
Y'all remember when Rick Fox and Doug Christie got into a fight? That was a lightskin nigha moment that will live in infamy
tell us the tale of Rick Fox and Doug Christie
Basketball ain't hard. *** don't even bump like Rick Fox and Doug Christie
Rest in peace, Rick Parfitt. . He's now rockin' all over heaven.
I liked a video from Doug Christie Uppercuts Rick Fox (Sportscenter Highlights)
*** I remember them trash *** Lakers with trash *** Rick fox he would get cooked and fisher 😂
Imagine a world where everyone looks like Rick Fox. Even the women.
Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt died at 68 in hospital.
Merry Cringe-mas! Fox News anchor tells Teen Vogue writer to "stick to the thigh-high boots".
[Fox Sports] Rick Carlisle on closing seconds in win over Clippers
He does. A very fat one in fact and I doubt Rick Fox is that dumb to give equity to moe lmao
I swear, a bunch of them on Fox News FB thought Obamacare is going to put microchips in their skin to know…
How can you be so heartless and clueless and think you can manage a team? Look at Jack and Rick Fox. You're no where close.
We’re replaying UFC 206 on Saturday at 8pm ET/PT on FOX! Merry Christmas 😃 If u missed this DON'T MISS IT AGAIN!! One of the…
My wife has her DePaul sweatshirt on and popcorn ready. Her secret crush Rick Carter will be on fox sports 1 shortly! 😍😍😍😘
A new favorite: Memoirs Of A Young Rick Fox | prod. GRAYMATTER by on
There's one photo of Rick Fox actually playing basketball in the first 5 pages of google images. Good indication of his on court talent.
Just had backstage tour @ Fox Theatre! Can't wait to see Nutcracker tonight!
Oscar Fox, Skully, Andre, Bruce and Mac photographed by our friend and photography Rock Star Rick…
Great time last night with Jamal Coleman, Rick Storer, Evan Fox, SHEILA ELIS. Thanks to all that came!
Rick Fox & Lynnette Tatum present an exciting array of holiday gift ideas for visually impaired & blind individuals
Rick fox is a rat in LoL but a hero in CS:GO i'm conflicted. 🤔
Thanks to The ranch, the staff, and Thanks to fox and storer. We had fun. I did about 45 min of comedy.
Enter to four tickets to see the concert on 2/16/17 at the Ends 2/8/17
Are people seriously getting upset that Fox used a Rick Roll for something that should be on a child's watch.
I said "IF Rick Fox" knew what happening & was poaching it was scummy but I always strongly protest Riot for rule application
Ballin like I'm Rick Fox, imma let that 30 pop!! New Music by the GOAT
I'm going to start watching FOX and sue them every time they lie to me.
I hope Rick Fox becomes yours. (Actually I really want this to happen)
Richard Lewis recent video gives great info about the Rick Fox "poaching situation" and shows who the real scumbags are in the scene
more like Rick fox wants to be javaris crittenton... But I see u Matt. EasyMatt😂
So I just found out that this NBA player was Rick Fox..
Again, for as bad as FOX NEWS is, this is what I want you to see. Breitbart used a nativity picture here for a DICKENS PLA…
Looking forward to seeing you at Jamal Coleman, Rick Storer, Evan Fox, SHEILA ELIS tonight!
Rain drop. Drop top. I'm rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop
Join us in January 2017 for our Worship Workshops with Jason Ingram, Rick Muchow & Josh Fox! Visit…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I'm sorry that was Rick fox I'm being told
just say Fox News. See what they say
Next year going to be an amazing year for esports. Former Laker Rick Fox explains why he's betting big on his team
Remember when we featured this illustration of Ranger Rick & Scarlett Fox in our Dec. 1990 issue? (Art by Alton Lan…
.has signed on for a recurring role in Season 2 of
dawgs I'm watching it at work crying, he called Rick Fox the tallybam LMAO "yeah Rick, come on, you and the hair"
Consider Perry's actions at the Federal level? Strange that Fox News would embrace this behavior.…
I might go to at Fox Theatre Detroit in Detroit, MI -...
one of Rick Fox's early point-shaving targets who then went rogue
Tix for Jamal Coleman, Rick Storer, Evan Fox, S on 12/22 are on sale now. Get them while they're hot.
i remember that shirt courtney cox got after friends DIRT, rick foxs character got pegged by his wife. i was like, "well it IS rick fox"
I honestly think Jordan and Kobe would BATTLE, Rick Fox gone slow pippen down lol and Shaq eating anything near him 😭😭😭😭
Where does Rick Fox marrying Vanessa Williams fit into the list? Big moment for Canadian ball.
aren't you from Newton? you were a big fan of Rick Fox in like 97.
Longer. He watched King Rice, Rick Fox & Co. with me in the 90s.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Rick "Sweet Feet" Fox, Bob McAdoo, Sam Perkins, Kenny "the jet" Smith. I could keep going if you'd like lol
Chris Ford had young legs in Reggie, Shaw, Rick Fox, Dee Brown & Kevin Gamble so he decided to have the C's play uptempo basketball again...
Rick Fox & Brent Barry on the Golden State Warriors start to the 201 ...
Looks like Rick Fox isn’t looking to tally any more assists in his retirement 👀 (via
IMMIGRATION. Suspect in Texas double homicide had been deported 3 times to Mexico. Fox News Latino. Published...
are you really bringing up jr and shrumpert. That's like saying rick fox and Derek Fisher had major role for Kobe lmao
bandwagon tbh after Shaq and Rick Fox lots of NBA teams and ex NBA players invested in E-Sports team
Rick Leventhal on Fox News just said he made it out alive!
Fox News reporter Rick Blumenthal dressed like a real reporter--that's a first!
major nba figures and franchises are getting involved with Rick fox owning a team and Shaq being a major investor in another cont.
Yet another all-white Fox News panel concludes that the birther movement is not racist:
He was my favorite English teacher and for some reason no joke he legit was a cross between Mike Piazza and Rick Fox.
The last few seasons Rick Fox started to get really into it. Looks like an advisor started pointing people to the nerd billionz
Name 3 people he's played with besides Shaq fisher and rick fox
Still can’t compare to how Rick Fox is the actual guy on the front lines supporting his team at LCS.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Still blown away by this reading! Listen here: Want messages like this? Join me this Friday! http…
Captain Rick got to throw out the 1st pitch tonight at the Marlins vs. Mets game. Great job Capt! FOX Sports...
The Wrap names Rick Fox one of the top Hollywood disruptors of 2016
The outlet is VOX not FOX ... also, the full headline has Nope at the end. Guess you proved your point? Or did you just rick roll me?
Same here, can't even watch on Fox Sports app like usual, replaying game at 10, listening to audio feed...
Congratulations to our for making 2016 List.
You don't want to get me started about apple martinis and the affect they have on my lovemaking
so if uncle Rick hated blacks he turns on Fox and sees Charlotte and says "see what did i tell u!" Media is justification
.and Echo Fox are on the 2016 Innovators List for !
"Im truly honored and humbled" - CEO reaction to being named on Innovators List for 2016! https…
TheWrap’s 2016 innovators list: 11 change agents who are disrupting Hollywood
ARW, trio of former Yes members, to rock Fox Theatre: When Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman and Trevo...
The same debate as every major news outlet. Even FOX declared Clinton the victor.
lol the fox body mustang is NOT ugly
As Rick Fox was to the Lakers, I think Goff was chosen by the Rams for the same reason
If so, I'll take him on a recruiting trip like Rick Fox in He Got Game.
Lol jealous because the Hawks will never have anyone as cute as Rick Fox.
So now we have Shaq, Rick Fox, Magic Johnson, Jimmy Rollins, and many more. Whose left on your wish list of athletes gettin…
Hayward and Rick Fox are the only celebrities that actually know they stuff, at least for lol
Let me read you some of my poetry. My poetry just takes me to another level.
Basketball players stop buying eSports teams. except you Shaq and Rick Fox keep doing your thing.
Since I left basketball, and my wife, it's been a glorious feast of lovemaking.
I knew this was coming, since rick fox just made a esports team, actually way before that.
Lester Holt should be fired. I will not watch nbc news in the future. Fox News tells the truth
So excited to be named to 2016 Innovators List! Thank you! Congrats to my fellow honourees!
...WAT? Only 2 guys BETTR lookin than ME are The Rock and Rick Fox...and maybe Christiano Ronaldo...MAYBE
Rick Fox and Tony Gonzalez gotta be the same person
No wonder the Dolphins of WU lost their first game in Blue Chips, George Lynch and Rick Fox was the forward tandem on the other team!!
Why is Rick Fox and Lisa Leslie in this in the first place? Might as well throw in Smush Parker and Gren Oden too
LMFAO why are Steve Smith, Lisa Leslie, Rick Fox, Brent Barry, Dennis Scott & Kenny Smith on here???
Kobe Bryant, Paul George and Rick Fox chopping it up
Kobe, Rick Fox, and Paul George joking around before the Road to the Finals Championship
no more than Kermit Washington, Kurt Rambis, Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest...etc
Thanks Andy my bad I should have warned you that hating Rick Fox is a religion in Sacramento
Any time I see Dante(Rick Fox) on One tree hill I think of the time I met him randomly in NYC. 🙈
NBA: GameTime: Spurs-Thunder Game 4 Preview: Rick Fox and Caron Butler take a look at the game 4...
he might wanna get the band back together again: Van Exel, Mark Madsen, Rick Fox. Plus Rodman for that 1 year.
Perks of working a block away from the new arena: Asking Doug Christie if he still has beef with Rick Fox. 😂
One of the first ones I can recall was Ron Harper. Others included ex-Knick Pete Myers, Brian Shaw, Rick Fox, Lamar Odom.
when Doug Christie and Rick Fox got into a fight during preseason
73-9 was achieved but Rick Fox, Adam Morrison, Mike Tirico, and Gordon Hayward are trending. Incredible.
Rick Fox and Ron Harper sightings at Staples Center! Really special night
tunnel and shake the players hand, slapped 5 with Rick Fox, Shaq, Shaw, & then here you came, I said Kobe great game…
i don't think y'all know how explosive and raw Grant Hill & Rick Fox used to be...
GameTime: Breaking Down Stephen Curry - Rex Chapman and Rick Fox break down the greatness of the MV...
Update your maps at Navteq
Rick Fox, Vince Cellini and Rex Chapman preview the match-up between the Celtics and the Warriors.
But their role players is what made those teams so good.. D. Fish, Robert Horry, Brian Shaw, Rick Fox, and so on... Played so well together
Mike is right. All about LoL. Even Gordon Hayward knows that! So does Shaq and Rick Fox and Alex Rodriguez
So I can one up the Mike Gorman sighting. Rick Fox rolled by in his Rover and gave Liz the up down look
Best bball player-actors are Ray Allen, MJ & Rick Fox. John Salley gets honorable mention, but def not Shaq or KD.
John Stamos and Rick Fox are the most bomb old men I swear🔥
Check it out! Rick Fox is interviewing Matt Damon!
Go all Doug Christie vs Rick Fox on em
I forgot Rick Fox was Canadian...but I do remember Doug Christie punching him LoOL
[SB Nation: Silver Screen and Roll] Rick Fox thinks the three-peat Lakers could beat the current Golden Stat
Whenever I see Rick Fox on tv, Tasha MacK comes to mind
What's crazy it Tmac, Chauncey, Rick Fox and Mugsy could still get buckets if they took this serious
Bruh, Rick Fox, Robert Horry and a old Horace Grant > Juwan Howard, Chalmers, and the remants of James Jones
Knick fans need to get out in the snow and start picketing for Walton Jackson Van Gundy or Thibs before they wind up with Rick Fox as HC lol
on god if I see rick fox follow nerdy imma call myself his agent
Little Giant Ladders
Rick Santorum joins most of America in criticizing Fox News for its bias, once he didn't need them anymore.
Fmr. PA Senator Rick Santorum tells FOX News he is dropping out of race & backing Marco Rubio. Tune in 9pm Siriusxm 115.
Rick Santorum ends his presidential bid and endorses for POTUS 2016 tonight on Fox News "On The Record"!
Highly disappointed in Rick. He should know Rubio is a Fox boy w/Amnesty on his mind! Playing the Estab game 4 a job ~RT
Fox was the biggest culprit, deliberately shutting Rick Santorum out. I've lost interest in Fox I listen to Newsman
Big announcement on Fox as Rick Santorum suspends his campaign to endorse for President.
Rick Santorum says he is suspending his campaign on Fox News
Rick Santorum formally announced his withdrawal from race in a Fox interview, and endorsed Marco Rubio.
Rick Santorum endorsing Marco Rubio tells you everything you need to know about Marco Rubio.
Rick Santorum endorses Senator Marco Rubio on Fox News after suspending campaign.
Just now. Rick Santorum tells Fox News he's endorsing the Presidential bid of Marco Rubio.
Rand Paul and Rick Santorum both dropped out of the 2016 race today
Rick Santorum just announced on Fox News he is suspending his presidential campaign.
Just now. Rick Santorum tells Fox News he's dropping out of the GOP Presidential race.
Former PA Sen. Rick Santorum announces on Fox News that he's suspending his presidential race.
domain names
Writing about Santorum and not making a reference to anal sex was my hardest professional challenge to date
Rick Santorum has the best qualities of all of the candidates! It's a shame that Fox News split the debates. .
I'm sum like a Rick Fox Jamie Fox hybrid if you ask me. lol
Rick Sandtorum to suspend campaign and return home to D.C. suburbs and Fox News.
We need to keep the mentally ill from getting guns or appearing on Fox News.
FOX sources say Rick Santorum is ending his presidential campaign tonight. I'll have Details on FOX News Headlines 24/7 115.
Rick Fox and John Salley are/were in front of the camera. But these guys are behind it.
me too, but Brent Barry, Steve Smith, Isiah, Kenny Smith, Dennis Scott and Rick Fox may all have 0
oh and don't forget Doug Christie's wife trying to catch the fade with Rick Fox in the tunnel. Lol. Things escalate quickly
Malik Sealy (R.I.P) was a pretty good actor. Rick Fox & John Salley were the best overall tho...
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