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Rick Flair

Richard Morgan Fliehr (born February 25, 1949) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Ric Flair.

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I said if you look at their whole body of work. Rock had a short career. Cena has the Longevity and the 2nd most tiโ€ฆ
I've the feeling that this bout will be more scripted than an 80's Rick Flair/Rโ€ฆ
too bad former Governor Jesse the Body Ventura doesnt take a run with Rick Flair as VP...
NC also has James Worthy. NC also has Vince McMahon. NC also has Dale Sr. NC also has Dale Jr. NC also has Rick Flairโ€ฆ
Big Tymer getcha roll on, slap A *** with the rick flair robe on hold on! - Take Off
I need Road Warriors, Rick Flair, Superfly Snuka and a better Sabu. Make it happen please
Chael has 7 losses. His Rick Flair routine is getting old. Great commentator though.
Just realized my coworker walks like Rick Flair. I now find myself following her throughout the office. She also looks like Chris Griffin.
I added a video to a playlist RICKY BRIXX x LEVI YT - RICK FLAIR
I had all them action figures ๐Ÿ˜‚ they're all great bro! What got to me was Shawn and Rick Flair retiremโ€ฆ
I'd forgotten Mr Perfect till you mentioned him. But Rick Flair brought the drama. That backhand. LOL
Everyone kept telling me it was fake and then one day I was watching and it was a match with Rick Flair...
As the great WWE legend Rick flair would say... WO! Backpack here we come!
I think every time someone cheers for chops, they're just remembering when Rick Flair did it so they cheer.
Theres a really good Austin 3:16 podcast with Rick Flair ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
I've been trying. I did Rick Flair's "600 dollar lizard shoes" one time. At some point I'll have toโ€ฆ
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you have the four head of Peyton Manning and the jawline of Rick flair. U.G.L.Y.A.F.
How is this dude Rick Flair ain't dead yet?
vado could've been huge if he kept it g with Cam.. rick flair still bangs
No rock, no undertaker, t. Macho man, rick flair, sting?
When you see someone at 7 in the morning that looks just like rick flair.. im not awake enough for this lol
He looks like the fat guy who wanted to be Rick Flair
Just a word about incredible festival. One of my favourite weekends ever. In the words of Rick Flair...WO.
Stunning choice! Been at weddings the last 2 weekends and the best I got was a photographer saying "โ€ฆ
OTP: .slime man and Rick Flair screaming 'WOO!'
Strawberry Shortcake ice cream be having a *** on Rick Flair ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
join the movement and share this post.. Thanks for...
"Let me get 2 claps and a rick flair wo"
Joe has us watching WWE Live. Haven't seen it in years the last time I watch it, it was Rick Flair,Randy Savage...
Rick Flair owning a sports reporter as only he cab
If Erik Hayes is hillbilly Jim for Halloween I'll be Rick flair with a beard
At USC's graduation and "2001" starts playing. I turn to my friend and ask "When does Rick Flair come out?"
WO. We've got Rick flair on board the can't lose!
Gotta be true when Rick Flair says it WO!
Somebody make a Rick Flair wooo Astros shirt
Tfw Rick Flair WOs your mom in public just to embarrass you. . Wo!
This is what rick flair would look like if he was a man. WO
No, Sea Dogs guy is super irritating when he does it, like Rick Flair
I really wish somebody would kick this Rick Flair wanna be out of Suntrust Park
This chick is out here wooo'ing up and down the street like she's Rick Flair
A very wise man named Rick Flair once said the most inspirational thing of all time. "Wo"
That moment when Rick Flair walks by you and gives you a Who
Happy Birthday, Scott! Hope it includes family, good friends, two claps and a Rick Flair ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰
The Rick flair wo all the way through logics new album
But the show is an entertaining combination of Darius Slay, Rick Flair & Donald Trump.
Actually it belongs to Rick Flair, but facts are not important.
I wish the baseball tradition were to do the Rick Flair 'woo!' into the camera after every HR trot.
Is that you Billy ? Seriously? You look like cartoonish Rick Flair wanna be . ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธGet of cโ€ฆ
Rick Flair can't even go out for a nice dinner without being an absolute legend
Top 5 People to Rock the Mic in wrestling Scott Steiner Macho Man The Rock Stone Cold and Rick Flair in no specific order
It's Rick Flair!!! 4 Horseman leader. But Arn Anderson was pretty great too ! Whoo!
will Rick Flair be attending the games again this year? Thanks, Aaron, Lake Chelan
CHATTING Hall of Famers: skip baeless, Steven A smith, Jim Ross, and Rick Flair
for me it is Rick Flair and Park Ji-Sung
Know I had to do the Rick Flair one time ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Is he going to fund a lawsuit from Rick Flair?
No more babies .the squad back together.Rick Flair tell your young cronies at Crawford Long to look out.they are already scheming!
Omg I am so happy to spend bday in cali with Johnny dad and mom. CAN.YOU.DIG.IT? Woo Rick flair ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ
Going to go 100 miles an hour tomorrow so lets get a good nights rest..But before we do..Let me get two claps and a Rick Flair...
The city never fails to disappoint.
Please let out you feelings fans I'm opening up a steph lil nuts hotline
all around it's embarrassing on both side and for the school itself. But yes probably for different reasons
Embarrassed to be a student at DePaul today
I think Rick Flair would make a better VP, he reminds me of
Wow. WWE Manila?? Huhu all those I know are either retired(rick flair), dead(eddie guerrero..or is he?) or in management (Triple H)
Reggie Miller is the Rick Flair of the NBA
Rick flair is definitely my hockey spirit animal
I bet my neighbors think rick flair is at my house tonight,Lets go nailers!!
I feel like you making a deal with speedster rick flair/joker
always figured you more of a Rick Flair kinda guy
Whence differently where so that look out since the elect flair rick: rbeBwp
Rick Flair was there! No Stephanie No Shane No Sasha...BUT Rick was there .
Someone on the river is letting out the Rick flair Woo's like they are gettin paid
Feel like Rick flair,when I walk in with my robe
I looked forward to watching them every day. Sad that you made the old ones private, was my way of listening to Rick Flair lol
Easily the best post game celebration thanks to Zack Strom's Rick Flair promo. Wish I was closer.
Anyone else surprised and super impressed by Rick Flair's ability to cry on cue?
really wanna say something but I'm in no position to be a martyr im almost done with freshman year
Rick flair I respect you unlike your ungrateful daughter Charlotte.
GT apparently has Rick Flair WO guy to Vandyโ€™s Whistler
I'm not a Rick Flair fan but it saddened me how Charlotte treated him. She shouldn't have done it in front of everyone.
okay last one sleepover camp in Nick Saban's backyard with Rick Flair, Hulk Hogan in the Rock
Is it just me or does the Predators radio color commentator sound like a younger Rick Flair?
In what must be a first, Woolwich Crown Court has just been shown a video during a terror trial of WWE legend Rick Flair sโ€ฆ
Rick Flair wouldn't have lasted a single night in the woods
why was Rick Flair the Nature Boy that wasn't hardly his gimmick at all
Lens flares. .. flare guns. I have a feeling we're going to see Rick Flair.
I long for the return of the Rick Flair "wooo" gif. *sings "those were the days" like Edith Bunker.
Will someone explain to me how Andrew Lewis is getting Rick Flair to show up to this tiny town?!
Rick Flair and The Rock are two most entertaining wrestlers of all time. No debate
Rick Flair looks like he bumping rails of white lightning before that cameo
Inviting Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Rick Flair, Hulk Hogan and all the awesome wrestlers, Farrakhan and Twigs to my 30th birthday. ๐ŸŽ‚
So Kanye is having Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, Phil Jackson and Louis Farahkann are going to the Kanye listening party?
You should talk about WWE making Rick Flair look like David Flair.
Wresting only made me emotional when Rick Flair said he was coming to Baltimore Civic Center and he was gonna take my mom away from my dad
lmao I just requested a revamp with a Macho Man Randy Savage or Rick Flair theme. This is gonna be sick
It's a reference to Rick Flair who was there today. What exactly is his connection to the Wolverines?
What if Rick Flair n Ray Lewis had a talk show Lmao
I saw Rick Flair when he was the NWA champ at Memorial Hall in KCKS he wrestled Bruiser Brody
Put yo ah in a leg lock like Rick Flair
This was turnt but if everybody uses "two claps Rick flair "??
I need another drink after that rant! Wo!! (Rick Flair's voice)
Here we are: team 'Rick Flair' working the Imaginary Wars booth at the Edmonton Comic Expo!. Our thanks to everyone...
If the girl wanna fw me, I'll start showboatin like Rick Flair, wo ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€
What is Rick Flair gonna wear when he fights Sting? ๐Ÿ‘€
Every flick greeted with a Rick Flair style "WOOO" today ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Breast Cancer Awareness
She make me go wo like Rick floyer, I mean Rick Flair
So happy for Ms Charlotte.she is gonna make an incredible Diva's champ.she takes after her fada Rick FlAir.
the daughter of Rick Flair got her beating of her lifetime even though she won Divas Championship
And the Oscar Award for best fake wrestling Dad goes to... *drum roll* Rick Flair!!!
Nco this is cute Rick Flair and his Daughter
Watch wrestling after years...who is this ziggler guy? Man Rick Flair still around.Wo!
Listen Rick Flair's daughter could get it jheeeze
I think he'd go all Rick Flair on us
Shout out to the bartender throwing out the Rick Flair WO for fun ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
How is it that Rick Flair doesn't own a Chevrolet dealership?
Two claps then hit me with The Rick Flair gives me chills every time. ๐Ÿˆ๐ŸŠ
Today's sign that the apocalypse is nigh - Rick Flair caught a royal flush. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
give me two claps and a Rick Flair Wo!
*** that was freaking close .. but a win is a win... can I get a Rick Flair. .Wo!
Now is the time to take up doing heroin or else rely on some Rick Flair body slaps to keep me going
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My yell after that touchdown was a mix of Howard Dean and Rick Flair.
Shawn Michaels ๐Ÿ†š Rick Flair n Undertaker ๐Ÿ†š Nick Foley Barry alive grave match,like see some grave matches again
Apparently some people expected Kane to walk out slamming Miller Lites to Rick Flair's theme song, give the guy a break.โ€ฆ
Disturbing Paul. First Dusty Rhodes, now Piper. Rick Flair better see his cardiologist. Hogan's under stress too
Happy 4th y'all. Carl Lewis reminds you to reflect on the Houston Rockets & Rick Flair on this historical day. USA!
I thought Rick Flair and Mike Foley were gonna die in the ring.
'Member the days of Rhodes, Paul Jones, Wahoo McDaniel, Ricky Steamboat, Rick Flair, etc. Sympathies to ALL
Starrcade '83 on Rick Flair vs Harley Race for NWA Heavyweight Championship in a cage match. Awesome.
Gotta make sure you protect ya neck at a Miguel concert. I heard he's still handing out Rick Flair backhand chops and Hogan leg drops.
I always thought Randy Savage was the GOAT but Shawn Michaels and Rick Flair are right there.
Back in the days we had Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rick Flair, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Triple H, Rakishi, Eddy Guerrero, Sting, Batista etc
You talking to the rolex wearing limosine riding wheeling dealing son of a gun nature boy Rick Flair Woo
โ€œThe Rock the greatest wrestler of all time. Then Hulk, Stone Cold, after them it gets blurryโ€umm rick flair? Undertaker?
On this day in January 27, 1994~ It was Clash of Champions 26. Sting & Ric Flair vs. Rick Rude & Vader. Stevan Regal vs Dustin Rhodes.
Give me 2claps and a rick flair Whoa!
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Ok RTG brings at least two new additions to my catalogs. UR Rick Flair and Epic Undertaker. Maybe Sheamus too
love the enthusiasm but Rick flair is a South Carolina gamecock.
Rick flair go an get yaself a goal lad!
I'm sitting next to a guy that looks just like Rick Flair.I have the urge to stand up and strut and go WO!...
Just saw the concept pics for the WOOO! *rick flair voice
I'm going to refer to Diego Costa as 'nature boy' from now on. He's definitely the dirtiest player in the game ala Rick Flair
Diego Costa is like Rick Flair...the dirtiest player on the game
they call me nature boy Rick Flair WO
Rick Flair Returns and Stone cold turns face 2001 HQ: via
Now clap two times and give me a rick flair
Rick "Nature Boy" Flair is not as good as my boy, Stone Cold Steve Austin!
he actually saved Rick Flair's life by finding 2 polyps
My dad saw rick flair today and DIDNT TALK TO HIM. Can't believe him
Happy birthday to Rick Flair himself make it a good one
Shout out passin his CFA, thts what im talkin bout baby!Hard work pays off, proud of you. Now giveme 2 claps & a Rick Flair
Rick Flair had me so live this morning!!!
Sir James of Stirling. The man who's done more styling and profiling than Rick Flair! WO
Flexin like Rick Flair the wrestler then its on to the checks !
Rick Flair was nocked out for the Big show :o
Just came up on some OG 97s.ITS LIT . WHO *Rick Flair Voice*
making cards 4 all the and I can't decide if I should use kid rock + bawitdaba lyrics, nature boy rick flair, or both?
Now give me two claps and a Rick Flair
Can I get 2 claps and a rick flair after that Wingate ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Sometimes you just gotta let out a Rick Flair "who!"
That's actually a pretty good price. Great value for "sports entertainment". I grew up with Sammartino, Rick Flair, Bobo Brazil
Rick Flair talked cash he the white Floyd ๐Ÿ“–
Rick Flair defending the US Title againโ€ฆ.Jim Powers? Who the *** is Jim Powers?
Imagine having one of these guys in your office or home? Reminds me of Rick Flair! Wo!
Just found out Rick Flair my Uncle that's crazy
Lmao this guy on the Patco is making bets on the WWE match ups and debating whether John Cena is better than Rick Flair
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Rick Flair used to talk a lot about Space Mountain, I wonder if this is what he meant!
Halloween this year is a toss up between David Dickinson and Rick Flair
"I ain't been this happy since Ricky Steamboat pinned Rick Flair in Charlotte, NC when I was 18 y/o" -on win
"I'm over 1.8m and can grow a beard. Allah really wanted me to flourish on my haters.". Does a Rick Flair *who* for ya
It's one of my biggest pet hates 'JordAn Ibe'. It's up there with Rick Flair and Brett Hart.
New podcast: AZ Star's stops by to preview UCLA football, talk Allonzo Trier, Rick Flair, & more
New podcast will be up tomorrow morning! Allonzo Trier, Rick Flair, and UCLA preview with Jon Gold.
Who is this John Lester that's trending? I know JON Lester. . It's like Rick Flair trending.
Rick Flair is having his Joe Namath moment.
They might as well put John Cena in the HALL OF FAME now. Since he is about to pass Rick Flair.
Saw a *** receive a Rick Flair slap on his chest and he passed out for a good 15 seconds
thee best hey ๐Ÿ˜‚. Well I used to love it back then, with niggs like Goldberg, Rick Flair, the heartbreak kid, JBL, Kurt Angle
in the words of the immortal Rick Flair, "styling and profiling"
The finalist in the NBA championship has been decided. The defending champions, The Miami Heat from the East against the challengers; The San Antonio Spurs of the west. Should be the making of a classic in NBA playoffs history and this is the way it should be. Back to back defending champion against the best record in the game today. Somebody has got to win and somebody has got to lose. Rick Flair said right, "To be the Best you got to beat the Best." It don't get no better than this. Later fb family.
Thats what the fvck im talking about wo (rick flair voice) . REMATCH MIAMI CRY BABIES
Rick Flair just pointed at Brett and said i remember your mother
Motivation: Rick Flair's speech at the end of "We Ball" by Dom K.
Yes! Wo! ( in my Rick Flair voice ). Just got out the shower. Feeling good. So fresh n so clean...clean! Smelling oh so good. Now I'm gone do exactly what I said I was gone do. RELAX! 4 dayz of glorious relaxation.. Thank you lord in advance.
I love having what I call Rick Flair workouts. After each set you yell, Whew!!!
cool I don't care, my hands are in the air, call me rick flair, I'll hit you if you stare
Lolololol. Mom surprised daddy with Rick Flair tickets ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ and then they sent a selfie. Holy cow I love them ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Gettin ready to watch Rick Flair lay it down in the ring ! WO
Eh versus salt your flair rick: txjpCXVxJ
Conversation I just over heard."I hear Rick Flair is making a comeback" .you must have an amazingly interesting social life.
I want Rick Flair's Wo as my Notification ringtone
To finish him off...Froch should have nailed a Rick Flair 'Figure 4 leg lock' whilst Groves was on the canvas all over the shop
Big Time Wrestling is here.Front row to the the Hardy Boyz and Rick Flair...
Dammit, Rick, have you been hittin' K-Lax again? ...4 bcz her flair is dangerously low
Getting ready to meet Rick Flair and the Hardy boys and watch some wrestling with my 3 boys
Randy House and Rick Flair were out on patrol last night
Dammit, Rick, have you been hittin' the K-Lax again? Made this for because her flair is dangerously low
Actually, met Ric Flair. Somewhere out there, a guy named Rick Flair is very confused by my typo.
Rick Flair was spazzing at the end lol
Charlotte Rick flair daughter and Bret heart nieces Natalia had a great match at NxT take over
Rick Flair kinda reminds me of Dale Earnhardt . You either love him or hate him. The soft side of a Flair in this video. Wo!
Just saw Rick Flair walking in to my gym
The way I wrestle wit the work they call me rick flair
BREAKING - Brian O'Driscoll to face Shawn Michaels and Rick Flair at Wrestlemania 31 in a "Who had the most retirement matches match"
Good morning Face book friends and I thank god for waking me up to another blessed day I would like to wish my little brother James Keith McKnight aka Black and Mild aka Rick Flair (Woo) a Happy Birthday and wish you a many more
dats what its all about ! Rick Flair daughter n my eyes have the tools to b the best women wrestler ever ..
its all about Evolution sham state of the Shield, Rick Flair is coming back too!
wait bros I missed free rasslin tix? Will Rick Flair be there?
Im comin at ya like the Asian Rick Flair
The daughter of Rick Flair fighting a member of the Hart clan, Rick and Brett ringside. Wow.
Which onecof these guys imitates Rick Flair better . Lol
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Walk in the spot tonight ready to give free rick flair chops wo lol
Wicked vibes with Pablo Fox Caha !! Waiting on the recording of that one !! Wo ( rick flair)
Ok I'm just waiting for the so called Spurs or Thunder fans to say ya'll want beat Durant or Parker and guess what I'm going to say. In the words of Rick Flair in order to be the man u got to beat the man.
Marshall now that's how you ride a cabover!!! WHO! (In my Rick Flair voice)
RICK FLAIR'S DAUGHTER CHARLOTTE AND BRAM OF TNA... APPARENTLY WORKOUT BUDDIES. Ric Flair posting pics of him and his daughter, as he's still celebrating her NXT women's title victory. but with Bram tho? Interesting... C. Wade
for all of you waiting for it here it is. Gave him the rick flair chop. Still marked across his chest
Im pretty sure Rick Flair is always drunk.
Me and my boss been walking around screaming like The Nature Boy Rick Flair and Hacksaw Jim Duggan all morning. It's Friday for sure.
Im in to that Rick Flair radio commercial
WWE NXT last night. The other picture is Rick Flair and Brett Hart following a match with their daughters. Rick Flair's daughter won the title. Lot of fun.
Celebrity Wife Swap. Rick Flair swaps with Rowdy Roddy Piper. This is hilarious.
Reality TV almost had me. "Rowdy Roddy Piper" trades wives with Rick the piper
Rick Flair and Roddy Piper on Celebrity Wife Swap lifetime channel! Wth does flair got all this $ he's a pompas ***
Boy this hotel tv has hardly any stations. But it has one which is now showing Celebrity Wife Swap with Roddy Piper and Rick Flair!
Tonight on Celebrity Wife Swap, Roddy Piper and Rick Flair trade wives! This is gonna be Jerry Springer and a soap opera mixed together with the families before SuperNanny comes!!! LoL
Ty loves Rick Flair and Dusty Rhodes. And he's watching them again
what's your problem with Arn Anderson? Is just him or do you also hate Rick Flair, Ole and Tully Blanchard?
The Ultimate Warrior & Sting was my favorite and Rick Flair..Then the Rock
I miss the old WWE. Back when Randy Orton and Rick Flair ((I forgot the others)) were enemies with Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels and others
Good night Ultimate Warrior. Forever better than Hulk Hogan, Jake The Snake, Ravishing Rick Rude, Rick Flair and that joke of a wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage. Rest in Peace Good Sir!
Stone cold is still my fav wrestler.. A long with the rock, Jeff Hardy, Goldberg and Rick Flair
20th floor of Morgan Stanley and I fix their network in a 3rd of the time it takes to pull off my jacket. Tested by a new, high profile client and passed with flying colors! Rick Flair says WOOO!!!
In case you don't who "coloring book Steve Furtick" is, he's the most Charlotte person since Rick Flair:
I downloaded Rick Flair 's voice giving the Wo. Now ever time I get a text I can feel I am part of the Four Horseman...
I have signed that thing as Cuonzo Martin, Rick Flair, Ward Cleaver, Lumpy Rutherford, Weird Jerry, Leaping Lanny Poffo.
Maggie doesn't know who Rick Flair is..I may disown her
So tonight on Monday Night Raw, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, Jimmy Hart, and Shawn Micheals will a be on. Reminds me of how great the WWF in the 90s really was.
I'm watching Rick Flair versus Randy Savage while looking at pictures of wrestlers on my phone because I'm cool and have lots of friends
lol he might be almost as fly as Rick Flair
Exactly. He is Rick Flair. He can sell shutdown corner or window cleaning. Interceptions or tickets to the Science Center.
Because I was asked Top 10 Coolest Dudes Ever. *Jesus is not on the list for the same reason Thriller would not be on my Top 10 list of music videos...just a different level* Anyway, in no particular order: From the Bible-Peter. In recorded history, two people have walked on water. Jesus and Peter. Already discussed Jesus not being on the list, so Peter gets a spot. Also from the Bible-Caleb. Just a cool old dude. How many senior citizens do you know trying to take on giants? He was over 80 telling Joshua he was about that life. lol Muhammad Ali. Rumble young man, rumble! Rick Flair. Who! Hubie Brown. Maybe not stereotypical cool, but he's a brilliant basketball mind, so that's cool to me. Andre 3000. Did you hear The Love Below? Freddy Mercury. Icon. President Barack Obama. If he lost the election, he'd still be pretty high on the list. Zig Zigler. So dedicated to helping others be awesome. Warren Buffett. Dude has stupid amounts of money, but is seemingly more down to earth than some peopl ...
Pete Carroll is the Rick Flair of the NFL.
Because I grew up on wrestling ; bout to watch. March 27th, 1988, Greensboro Coliseum. Sting vs. Rick Flair.
*** Rick Flair on full throttle saloon
If these names ring a bell you alright with me. Dustin Rhodes, Super Fly Sticca, Ultimate Warrior, Hacksaw Jim Dugan, Sargent Slaughter, can't forget Junk yard Dog, the Von Aric's The heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, crazy Percy Pringles and the Undertaker, Jake the Snake, Macho Man Randy Savage ooh yeeaah!! Rick Flair, the Free Birds, WWF in the 80's Tecmo Bowl and an abandoned mattress was all we needed in those days if that didn't get it we could always crumble up a piece of foil and play throw up tackle. Man I needed that laugh today Picturing Macho Man Randy Savage talking bout feel the excitement oh yeeaah! Aye I forgot about Cocoa Beware and The Hit Man Bret Hart who else I leave out?
Watching a classic match. Razor Ramon & Rick Flair ๐Ÿ†šMr. perfect & Macho Man Randy Savage. These guys did the classic promos
Things that I've learned by taking a sick day: 1) The SyFy channel is where 90's actors go to die. Kel Harris (Kenan and Kel) and Nia Peeples in a movie about aliens taking over Los Angeles. Really? How much were they paid for those roles? And did they cash those checks at a check cashing place? 2) Dennis Rodman is a fool. But Vin Baker, Charles Smith and Cliff Robinson are even worse because they sat there while that interview happened and they let that fool channel Rick Flair and bumble off some incoherent nonsense. Absolutely horrible. 3) I like the idea of a He Got Game sequel. Jesus Shuttlesworth can be a retiring NBA Superstar with three rings and a break baby O_o 4) The UPS guy in my neighborhood is reckless. He doesn't even knock on doors to see if people are home. He just rides to the back and THROWS the boxes into people's carports. I might have to drop a dime on 'em.. 5) I sure wish Bob Ross still came on television.
We had a Blast Monday night at the WWE/WWF Old School Raw down the Baltimore Arena. My godson Tylin Hall-Brown is a funny little dude. We saw Rick Flair, Rowdy Piper, Jake the Snake and so many old school wrestlers. When he saw Brock Lesnar and John Cena he almost ran down to the ring. I know his Mom Terri Hall-davis looking down from heaven calling us Geeks. Lol. Special thanks to Captain Steven Ward Eastern District and Sgt Black Dynomite Western District for helping me with him, embracing him, being another positive male figure and showing him how to conduct himself as a young man in public. Also thanks to Detective Christopher Hall from Warrant Task Force for the free food and delivery to our seats. It takes a village to raise a child. What a blessing to have genuine friends. Terri I'm not going say I got this. But damit I'm trying. We miss you. X
Red McCombs, Dennis Rodman and Rick Flair all need a punch in the face today
Wow! I think Rick Flair went to same plastic surgeon as Bruce Jenner!
I'm not sure Charlotte is big enough for Tebow, Cam, Dale Jr, Rick Flair, and Marty Smith though. LOL
Jim explains why he left WCW in 1990. โ€œIn shortโ€ฆthey hired a guy in 1989 to run the company named Jim Hurd. Jim Hurdโ€™s complete wrestling background had been that he was once a station director at KPLR TV in St. Louis when Sam Muchnick did his wrestling program in the 60โ€ฒs. That was back in the days when they didnโ€™t smarten up the TV crews, so he didnโ€™t even know whether wrestling was a work or not. He had been a Pizza Hut executive, but his wife was friends with the wife of the guy that worked for Turner Broadcasting that was in charge of the wrestling company, so they hired him to run it because of his wrestling background. He was the guy who ran Rick Flair off, heโ€™s the guy who ran the Road Warriors off, heโ€™s the guy whoโ€ฆran a lot of top talent off because of his bombastic management approach, his complete lack of understanding of anything about wrestling, and his just basic rudeness and disrespect in the way he treated people involved. We had quit one time before, then we had been br ...
Love it! Real men share their faith, not matter what it is! I happen to be on the same team as the Rock! Growing up in Miami, with my Dad(Adopted by grandpa) being a Pro Boxer, I had pro boxers and pro wrestlers in my home every weekend. I got to meet the Rocks Dad, Rocky Johnson on many ocassions, and he was one of the reasons I became a Pro Wrestler myself! Rocky Johnson, Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Bob Roop, The Brisco Brothers etc...Family friends, and influences. When I entered wrestling, my coaches & mentors were Macho Man Randy Savage, his dad Angelo Poffo, The Great Malenko and his son Dean malenko, and Brett Sawyer, who was the youngest NWA Champ, beating Rick Flair, and the brother of legendary Buzz Sawyer.
Random memories: I'm a Redskins fan because my dad was a Redskins fan. My dad also introduced me to Boxing and his favorite. Mid Atlantic wrassling back when Wahoo Mcdaniels, Rick Flair, Haystack Calhoun were the stars. None of today's fake wrassling. Lol. At least back then I thought it was real.
I have so many favorites its hard to pick the pick the top 10 much less the It also depends on the era! the 50's or 60's or the 2000!!! Of the old-timers Harley Race, Guerilla Monsoon, Bruno Sanmartino, The Sheik, The Interns But of the more recent Bam Bam, Undertaker, Road Warriors, Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, Lex Luther, The Ultimate Warrior and the "Unmatchable" Andre the Giant BUT thats from a females point of view who grew up watching local wrestling.
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- The Revolution now back... missed Batista, and Rick flair ~!! Congrats
Y'all *** ah see tha only ones dat got offended was tha *** rick flair
I like Rick James! Oh and Ric Flair, cool Ricks for sure.
I'm going out on a limb... Rick Flair is going to appear, and scale up the ladders and take both belts!
You know it was a great workout When you finish with the Rick Flair WHO!
Ric Flair Rick Ross Meek Mill French Montana Diddy... Search it... Turn it all the way up.
Did any one see a beaten bangle, not bensgals? I feel like RICK FLAIR "WHEEW" THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT...Ben Bray
about to take the South!!! Win the NFC and become SuperBowl Champs! Chop to the saints and a Rick flair WO!
Lolololol should I tell them about how you were going to rick flair chop me
Bell looked like Rick Flair with that TD celebration
Vic Erby Mario Tra'mmell Erby we welcome you guys to the team now give me two claps and rick flair lol
Man...what an awesome day in the NFL. The Saints LOOSE to the Rams...and our Panthers earn our 10th win of the year...Back tied for 1st. With an NO rematch at HOME next week. All there is to say is...TWO CLAPS AND A RICK FLAIR!
my house. I'm going to do rick flair too.
Jamal Charles just put me in the finals for fantasy football Rick Flair voice WO
Ha I'd love Heel Cena, he should just bring rick flair out and beat him to a pulp. That would be entertaining.
โ€œjealousy is an awful thing Elliotโ€ I know I'm so jealous of you meeting rick flair and cena last night
I really did woo like Rick Flair. IDC IDC IDC.
Callum Morrison shouldn't be allowed out of a weekend after claiming he met rick flair and John Cena last night
Lol. fasho..rick flair in that heaux.
Words can never some up the loss of a loved one. They can though help you share how special that person was to you. I wrote this shortly after learning of my Aunts death. Tribute to Rosalie Rosalie Cianferri beloved Daughter, Sister, Aunt, great Aunt, great great Aunt, and friend. She touched so many lives in her time with us. She was happiest when she was helping friends, neighbors, and family. A truly unselfish person always giving more than she received. 9 nieces and nephews, 14 great nieces and nephews, 3 great great nieces and nephews.. At various points in time she probably babysat us all. Some of our fondest memories from our childhoods were times we spent with her. Friday nights at the movies, walking down to Arby's for dinner or Sears on N Grand. Waking up to bacon and eggs for breakfast. Spam for lunch. Saturday shopping at Krogers and all of the Sunday Pasta dinners. The trips to she made to Arizona, and St. Louis to see her nephews and nieces, and a day at the State Fair will nev ...
Nothing makes me happier than watching Rick Flair's Wooo compilations
Broner got up walking like Rick Flair ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Rick Flair I hope your boys are ready ! Go Browns !
He said he did the rick flair walk lmfao
unlucky last night fought like a warrior, you'll come back stronger. Loved the Rick Flair "who!"
The ish dat run through my head. Wwwwo. Got me feelin like Rick flair
Today I was surrounded by a lot of positive energy and progressive thinking. ShoutOut to Rick Flair and Rush for...
I've been on deaths door since Thursday. Im slowly coming back around, so if you cough on me I might Rick Flair chest chomp you.๓พฎ๓พญš When being OCD isn't good enough take it to the extreme.
โ€ *** legs ain't kno wat was goin onโ€ walkin like how Rick Flair use to come in on his intro lmao
Rick flair is on lizard lick towing didn't he die
Ray Mcmahan, your favorite shows on Lizard Lick Towing on, and Rick Flair is on there
Finally saw the "Great Gatsby" and the error of my ways at the same, *** time. *Rick Flair* Wo!
Should be getting called in soon...OT baby!!! Wo n' like Rick Flair
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