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Rick Barnes

Richard Dale Barnes (born July 17, 1954) is the current head coach of the University of Texas Longhorns men's basketball team.

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Biggest win in 15 years and Tony, you are ripping Rick Barnes.
I like Rick Barnes. I just don't think we have the players yet.
Nothing like a promo of Rick Barnes and the boys to get the crowd rallying
Good thing we have Rick Barnes and Tennessee basketball to take away the pain...
Rick Barnes might get a top 10 class.
He's a solid man and he works hard here. Meanwhile Rick Barnes is a solid man.
That's more than what Rick Barnes does .
Rick Barnes is really struggling with recruiting. Can't say I ever saw this when they hired him
Rick Barnes hasnt gotten a Top 100 player in 540 days . Carry on with your hate for Florida .
lol Teran's just jealous we have da Bruce and he's stuck with old *** Rick Barnes
Hey Coach. Can you confirm or deny that Rick Barnes is a real person? We miss you in Knoxville.
Rush the field Saturday and steal goalposts if they win. Rick Barnes can pay the fine
Meanwhile Rick Barnes is searching local JV teams for talent, hoping to return UT to its former glory under Bruce.
yall remember when Rick Barnes was hired, everybody thought we would be in on big time recruits? too bad he played us and is asleep
Lol if you're freaking out about Rick Barnes' recruiting during Florida week you need to take some deep breaths
Bruce Pearl just landed another 5* & Rick Barnes is nowhere to be found .
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when i think of rick barnes i think of opposing teams sayin WGWTFA
Seriously does Rick Barnes even care anymore ?
Buzz Peterson recruited more than Rick Barnes has.
Man when Vol fans start paying attention to basketball in December & January they'll be mad Rick Barnes still hasn't signed anybody .
Meanwhile Rick Barnes is missing out on recruits left and right.
Pearl is killing it , so is Avery Johnson , and Ben Howland. Meanwhile Rick Barnes has his Golden Parachute & does…
*** already talking about throwing him bread to come to Tennessee when Rick Barnes retires lol
if Rick Barnes was the football coach he would already be run out of town
Just what is Rick Barnes doing in recruiting really now he's down to Jarnell Stokes brother for 2017 & that's it .
I think I'll pull the trigger while at Barnes and Noble and just buy volume 4 of Ms. Marvel already. Also the first…
Get up every day knowing nothing. B like a sponge & learn each day. U never know it all. B a good listener & ask questions. - Rick Barnes
Looks like Rick Barnes has offered another big man in the 2017 class. Not sure that that is a good thing; meaning we've missed on others.
Hearing 7 footer Victor U will not visit UT this weekend as planned.Perhaps Rick Barnes can join us on the hike since he has both to do now?
he needs to go to the Rick Barnes school of how to be real for press conference's, lol
Rick Barnes is stealing from the university.
Is Rick Barnes going to land anyone of notice? It's not even Christmas and when I think of his recruiting I sing Silent Night
wonder what Coaches are saying about Rick Barnes recruiting.?
well there's lots of reasons he may not that don't involve Rick Barnes .
Will Rick Barnes ever sign anybody in the 2017 class
Carlisle will show him the way of the post... The Post Awakens Starring Rick Carlisle and Harrison Barnes Summer 2018..
Here's the latest 4 and 5 star players Rick Barnes has taken a look at!
The last 4 star Rick Barnes landed was the Western Omelette at
side question is Mr. Marcas book sold at Barnes n Noble I have a gift card
10-15 sounds like the 2016-2017 basketball forecast with Geritol Rick Barnes
I'm hearing Coach Rick Barnes is on hand recruiting.
He's a proven winner at a Power 5 school and just now getting his guys in place. Give Rick Barnes a chance.
Impossible.He's with Rick Barnes at Wright's Cafeteria as I type
and he's been getting coaching advice from Rick Barnes
perfect. Somebody get Rick Barnes in there
Spotted a wild Rick Barnes here in the press box at half time
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At least Rick Barnes has the Basketball Vols poised to.
Does this mean Rick Barnes will make an appearance?
Do any of these kids know who Rick Barnes is?
come be a part of everything Rick Barnes is building. Has Tennessee basketball on the rise. You cld be the star of his class
Ben Howland, Bruce Pearl and Rick Barnes all here watching Team Carroll.
Buzz Williams, Rick Barnes, Lenard Hamilton, Mike White, Mark Turgeon,Bob Huggins, Scott Drew all court side today
I got to Texas in 2010 when Mack Brown, Rick Barnes and Augie Garrido were pillars of UT. It's weird to see them gone six years later.
Vols' Rick Barnes says 'fortunate' to have Tubby Smith
Kevin Durant has had the misfortune of playing for Rick Barnes, Scott Brooks, and Billy Donovan. Not the worst coaches but very mediocre.
Reppin at the Big Orange Caravan! Getting ready to interview Butch Jones, Rick Barnes, etc.
Rick Barnes, to the crowd, is joking that Butch Jones told him twice today the Vols would win every football game by 2…
New hoops assistant Mike Schwartz ‘blessed’ to reunite with mentor Rick Barnes:
Add in Kevin Ollie, Rick Barnes, Bruce Pearl, Tony Bennett, Josh Pastner and Jim Larrañega for Ga. Stars/Takeover. Ben Howland too
Butch Jones, Holly Warlick, Rick Barnes & emcee Bob Kesling will make 5 stops in May on the Big Orange Caravan:.
Jim Larranaga and Rick Barnes here watching Anthony Polite have one heckuva game.
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Rick Barnes of Tennesee and Duke's Nolan Smith also court side.
Didn't realize that Frank Haith was on Rick Barnes staff in '04
I mean that's why Rick Barnes and Dean Smith nearly brawled on the court. It's a huge deal. Can't talk to other team's players.
sure, leave out Frank Martin, Kelvin Sampson, Rick Barnes who won in that span..
UT HC Rick Barnes making the rounds today. Went by Charlotte Catholic to watch 6'8 FR BJ Mack
Going from Rick Barnes to Frank Vogel must have been like going to bed in 1956 and waking up in 2016 for Myles Turner...
Johnnie Jones and Leonard Hamilton have to be the two coaches outside of Rick Barnes that wastes talent.
Rick Barnes, Armani Moore and Derek Reese at the podium now. Barnes said this team always had a low margin of error.
Rick Barnes, Armani Moore and Derek Reese up to the podium.
Rick Barnes kept Armani Moore in the game with two early fouls. Johnny Jones put Ben Simmons on the bench with two early …
Will continue to say it, under Rick Barnes, Tennessee basketball will be a team nobody wants to play in 2-3 years.
Rick Barnes should pull a Ray Mears and take the team to the bus and leave.
Rick Barnes takes a timeout. Damian Jones dunk has Vandy on top 59-58 with 2:30 to play.
coach Rick Barnes on SEC Tourney: “If you look at the regular season, I think you have to say it’s pretty wide open."
Rick Barnes, I think, the fifth coach so far on the SEC call to mention Tyler Ulis when asked to name the league's best defenders. He's 5-9.
Rick Barnes is no longer the coach . Let's get that changed faster than you can say
Rick Barnes calls timeout in final minute so Armani Moore can get a standing ovation on final exit. Some fans stayed just for that.
Armani Moore on Rick Barnes: "He spends a lot of time talking about God. That's one of the things I really cherish about him."
UT coach Rick Barnes said today he doesn’t think leading. scorer Kevin Punter will play v. Vanderbilt Tuesday and Robert Hubbs is. day to day
Rick Barnes said he doesn't think Kevin Punter will play at Vanderbilt. Robert Hubbs still on a wait-and-see basis.
Rick Barnes says they won't know anything on Robert Hubbs until tomorrow pregame. Depends on how he's responding to treatment.
Rick Barnes up on SEC teleconference now. Says they need to get Robert Hubbs back in the lineup, which will help them.
Rick Barnes on Robert Hubbs: "I’ve learned not to have any great expectations there.". Notebook by
Rick Barnes on Robert Hubbs not playing tonight. Wow.
Rick Barnes on Robert Hubbs: "I don't know. He said it was his knee ... I've learned to have no great expectations there."
Vols look to sweep season series against South Carolina: Vols' head coach Rick Barnes said Punter is day-to-da...
"I should have went to Maryville College. God Grief!".Rick Barnes
Rick Barnes channels his inner Bill Parcells to say his Vols are what their record says they are (13-14, 6-8)
mos def. Rick Barnes gonna Butch Jones the situation but we still split this year vs y'all sorry *** 😒
oh 100%. Rick Barnes is the only reason this team has the wins they have. Made Punter the player he is.
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Rick Barnes joins us on-site tonight at Calhoun's on the River for Vol Calls. Calling in will be Holly Warlick and Luke Hochevar!
Tennessee head coach Rick Barnes on Tyler Ulis: "I think he's just a big-time competitor." Says his teammates feed off him.
UT goes from Rick Barnes and Mack Brown. To Charlie Strong and Shaka Smart. 😂😂😂
Rick Barnes at podium: "I've always had great respect for the University of Missouri and their fans."
Face off: Murals of Rick Barnes, Holly Warlick replaced at Pratt
It was a great night on the River! Thank you to Ms. 100, Holly Warlick, Jordan Reynolds and Rick Barnes for...
Rick Barnes said he has a lot of respect for Kim Anderson from time in the Big 12, thinks he's doing a good job under tough circumstances.
Razorbacks thump Volunteers, 85-67: So after coach Mike Anderson's Razorbacks and first-year coach Rick Barnes...
Bell scores first 5 points of 2nd half, prompting timeout by Rick Barnes.
good no bet, told ya. 1) we don't lose many at home. 2) Rick Barnes is a terrible coach . Not are Kansas!
well they play at 7, we are at home so we shant lose... Book it. Rick Barnes is a terrible coach, sorry
LSU should've never beaten Texas to make that FF. Daniel Gibson whipped Tiger guards but Rick Barnes is Rick Barnes
We know go live to Rick Barnes at Thompson-Boling Arena.
Butch Jones has nothing on Rick Barnes when it comes to blowing a first half lead.
Rick Barnes opens up on his exit from Texas, his belief that Shaka Smart will do well and his new job at Tennessee. ht…
the Texas head coach was Rick Barnes
Rick Barnes was the coach at Texas last year. He is no longer the coach. And that's probably all the explanation needed.
How Shaka shooka things up from the Rick Barnes era:
Mark Price, Rick Barnes, Mark Fox, Hubert Davis, etc...lined up at 2015 Phenom AAU event. Who sees you this Summer⁉️
the last 3 Big 12 coaches to win there are Ford, Rick Barnes and Billy Gillispie ***
Rick Barnes wants the focus on his players and the university, not him wearing an orange blazer:.
Rick Barnes on Armani Moore not playing: I asked the guys if they knew who Wally Pipp was ... I said to Armani, "Hey Wally, how ya doing?"
Rick Barnes kicking off his Monday press conference.
I hope Dave Hart has learned to compete & win you have to pay up (Rick Barnes, Bob Shoop) its now time to turn that to the
Kyle Alexander takes a charge. Backing up Rick Barnes saying the other day he should have played more against Texas A&M.
Georgia HC Mark Fox on SEC Teleconference says, if not for Frank Martin at SC, Rick Barnes would be "a front runner for coach of the year"
Mar Fox says if it weren't for Frank Martin, Rick Barnes would be SEC coach of the year frontrunner
I've seen two people blame Rick Barnes. This is why I try to never be on here during a basketball game. Mind numbing.
Rick Barnes has resurrected Tennessee basketball in a matter of a few months. Let's have some fun 🏀🍊
Join in Sports to hear from Holly Warlick on the loss to Florida, Rick Barnes talks prep for Aggies, & high school hoops!
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Rick Barnes did a great “Lee Harvey Oswald after getting shot” impersonation tonight.
is Kevin Ollie a lesser Rick Barnes? (Good recruiter, bad in game coach)
Rick Barnes wants Kevin Punter to get in 'attack mode' and stay there for an entire game.
Today's paper: Rick Barnes says Vols are best when Kevin Punter is in attack mode. Need it 40 mins a night.
Those moments when it seems like Kevin Punter is taking over the game? Rick Barnes wants that for 40 minutes
Rick Barnes wants Kevin Punter Jr. to be aggressive
Hoops Beat blog: Transcripts from Rick Barnes and Kevin Punter Jr. press conferences on Monday
NBA TV's Rick Kamla has the latest news from Monday in the NBA, inlcuding Harrison Barnes' status for tonight.
Wednesday night's just another night Rick Barnes doesn't have to worry with wearing orange.
Harrison Barnes says he plans to play tonight. Joked: "Hopefully, the first shot hits the rim."
Steph Curry is questionable, Ezeli, Barnes and Rush are probable, and Barbosa, Looney, McAdoo are out for tonight vs. Ch…
Story: Rick Barnes breaks down Smokey Grey uniforms in about 10 words. But there's more to them than you'd think
(ut) Rick Barnes Press Conference (1.4.16): With the SEC home opener against Florida on the horizon, Tennessee...
I added a video to a playlist Rick Barnes Press Conference - 1.4.16
Rick Barnes says Tennessee will have some new KD shoes with the 'smokey grey' unis. Says they look sharp.
Rick Barnes says he's still not sure who's going to start at the 5 moving forward. Barnes wants more production from all his bigs.
Rick Barnes: "We're still giving away too many possessions. Guys taking shots they shouldn't take."
Rick Barnes talking about getting his team ready for Florida
Rick Barnes is here for his weekly presser. Vols host Florida for SEC home opener on Wednesday after loss at Auburn on Saturday.
Rick Barnes fielded two questions on the SEC teleconference. I doubt he ever answered so few on the Big 12 teleconference while at Texas.
Rick Barnes said Kevin Punter has definitely been the most improved player at Tennessee since he arrived.
(ut) Help Barnes Back Local Kids in Charity Challenge: Tennessee basketball coach Rick Barnes is one of 48 hig...
Great read on Rick Barnes who's been opening the pipeline to the NCAA for Canadian basketball talent
Looks like Clemson Rick Barnes. At least according to the stories I've been told.
Rick Barnes playing no games in 2016 😤
Today's paper: Rick Barnes says losses will continue to pile up for his team until Vols learn why they're losing
hope he can have a good record against John Calipari, Avery Johnson, Bruce Pearl, Rick Barnes, Ben Howland, etc rest of season
Barnes: Vols don't understand why they're losing: AUBURN, Ala. — There was plenty of evidence...
($) Barnes: Vols don't understand why they're losing
Forget learning how to win. Rick Barnes says his team needs to learn while they're losing. Until then, L's pile up.
UT couldn't make a three pointer if life depended on it today against Auburn. Rick Barnes is good coach but needs depth on team.
Do you like Rick Barnes press conference following Auburn loss?:
This video really hit me. Thank you for sharing Les. Praying for everyone back home, especially Rick and Susie!
.VIDEO: UT's Rick Barnes after loss at Auburn: "Guys should know their roles" -
is this the same Rick Barnes who once coached NBA legend Kevin Durant?
Rick Barnes will also be in that cluster.
Rick Barnes talks a lot about importance of having "truth-tellers" in your life. Here's some: "We were just terrible on the offensive end”
Rick Barnes bringing in a pretty good class next year though so those problems should be solved, and Lamonte Turner wil…
Rick Barnes: Kareem Canty "definitely got the green light. Maybe the greenest of the green.".
Tennessee coach Rick Barnes on Auburn shooter Kareem Canty: "He's definitely got the green light… the greenest of the green."
That's a HUGE win for today. Rick Barnes will have Tennessee playing much better later in the year.Great job,
Tennessee coach Rick Barnes: "We were terrible on the offensive end."
Rick Barnes: "We started the first half and took six or seven threes we shouldn't have taken."
that being said and off my chest, I'm still psyched for the Rick Barnes era at
Oh god Rick Barnes coaches at Tennessee how did I forget that
Glad Rick Barnes is on our bench and Bruce Pearl is not.
Can we just watch two hours of Bruce Pearl and Rick Barnes recruiting? I would rather watch that than their teams play against each other
Rick Barnes can flat out coach...Punter's stroke and Schofield's development are proof
Oh, so that's where Rick Barnes ended up.
I hate Rick barnes and Bruce Pearl. Its time
Flipped Tennessee/Auburn on, left the room. Came back to see Rick Barnes on camera - forgot he was around to bless us college hoops viewers
I didn't realize rick barnes was at Tennessee either
Rick Barnes looks like a former senator.
Leave it to Rick Barnes to delay the start of the KU game.
C'mon Rick Barnes, give up so I can watch KU
Rick Barnes tried hard to get between me and my Jayhawks, but CBS knows better
Rick Barnes is doing it just to annoy us
Rick Barnes has been recruiting the state of NC hard. 4/5 2016 commits being from NC. The most highly rated being kwe Park…
Spoken like a man who played for Rick Barnes and Scotty Brooks.
I'll pay Rick Barnes if he takes Derek Reese out of this ballgame
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Vols could use Robert Hubbs III today. Rick Barnes said on Thursday that "hopefully" Hubbs back before Christmas
Story: Rick Barnes says Robert Hubbs III recovery is going well, but he's out Saturday at Butler
Rick Barnes says Robert Hubbs (knee) is "making progress" but won't be available for Saturday's game versus Butler.
Rick Barnes confirms that Robert Hubbs won't play at Butler.
AD Dave Hart: We have an elite basketball coach — not good, but elite — in Rick Barnes. But he doesn’t have a magic…
I guess it's time for Bill Simmons to give Johnny Jones the Rick Barnes treatment.
Dave Hart will be addressing the media at 11:45 am ET on Tuesday. Rick Barnes is scheduled to go before him, Butch Jones after.
ICYMI: After stuffing another staff sheet, Arami Moore and Rick Barnes focused on what Moore didn't do
or that somehow Ben Howland and Rick Barnes are going to be better coaching at lesser schools than their previous stops
coach Rick Barnes discusses his finding a way to get themselves out of a hole, managing the... https:…
The "It was weird seeing Rick Barnes on a different sideline" Postgame Report: So Chris didn't do his us...
HUGE news for Rick Barnes said Robert Hubbs just suffered a leg cramp. Take a deep breath, Tennessee.
Rick Barnes over here asking John Ward questions , Lyle looking to go the Cole Swindell Joe Concert next week
Robert Hubbs likes this Rick Barnes style. Looks like a new player, and the 5* fans expected. 11 at half.
Rick Barnes may be the best thing that ever happened to Robert Hubbs' collegiate career. So glad CRB fell into Dave Harts lap
The first "game" for new Vol head coach Rick Barnes.
Rick Barnes' first seasons as head basketball coach - Infogram, charts & infographics
Today's Big Orange Wake Up Call was Asst Coach Chris Ogden. Thanks to Rick Barnes for the help!
First chance to see Rick Barnes coach them up tonight as the Vols host an Exhibition with Huntsville.
Rick Barnes says Robert Hubbs is day-to-day. Said he'll do some half court stuff in practice today. Not sure for Fri. or season opener.
Anderson: "Ben Howland, Rick Barnes, Avery Johnson, Michael White... new coaches in this league. Big names. Five years in & I'm a veteran."
Sean Miller, Rick Barnes, and Thad Matta are the Great recruiters but average coach
John Calipari, Rick Barnes, Avery Johnson and Bruce Pearl were among the coaches at today (Premium):
Alexander adapts to life with Vols - Tennessee's newest big man finds a home with Rick Barnes a...
What are bye plans? What kind of role does Rick Barnes want Robert Hubbs to play? This week's Gate 21:
Rick Barnes may come across like a Southern Baptist preacher but he gets after it in practice. It's a unique but demanding style.
Rick Barnes from a Texas standpoint.: I decided that to go over to a Texas message board and see how the...
Story is Rick Barnes drove 90 something miles to beat up Derek fisher for dating his engage wife??? If it's true I could just imagine haa
Math: Rick Barnes is to Donnie Tyndall as Bob Stoops is to Butch Jones?
Gregg Marshall is also an elite coach. Rick Barnes, is not.
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hoops fans should be excited with the additions of Avery Johnson, Michael White, Ben Howland, and Rick Barnes.
Do you know if Rick Barnes recruited Kerwin Roach Jr. or was it Shaka Smart?
Tennessee head coach Rick Barnes on Ray Kasongo. Bilingual big man posied for break out season with Vols
Circle the name Toronto, ON's Ray Kasongo (Tennessee) has real shot w/Rick Barnes to make major immediate impact as sophomore out of JUCO.
Barnes comments: From his interview today. . . Rick Barnes said Kevin Punter has stood ...
Rick Barnes said Kevin Punter has stood out this offseason, called him a "coach's dream"
Speaking to the Knoxville media for the 1st time in months Rick Barnes says Kevin Punter has made big strides this summer.
Each new SEC head coach (Michael White, Rick Barnes, Ben Howland, Avery Johnson) will visit Colonial Life this season.
all the programs getting all this Talent & Rick Barnes haven't struck yet . mike anderson hasn't . Calapari hasnt
Rick Barnes on Lamonte' Turner: “We are waiting him to post this last grade that he has, and then we will make a decision from there"
Rick Barnes says Ray Kasongo has a tremendous body, but still needs to learn how to use it. Says Kyle Alexander has high potential.
Rick Barnes' departure had nothing to do with academic issues. - Texas AD Steve Patterson
Today in 2005, in a recruiting coup, Rick Barnes lures Kevin Durant to play for UT
Tennessee: If G Robert Hubbs emerges, Rick Barnes' \"first season could be brighter than expected,\" Myron...
Interview: Rocky Top Insider on Rick Barnes allegations: Reed Carringer and Daniel Lewis from Rocky Top Insider…
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You in the 98% that are head over heels for Rick Barnes might have some explaining to do
Watching Sports's so good to see "Rick Barnes --- University of Tennessee Head Basketball Coach" ✌🏼. Enjoy, Rocky Top fans 😏
that rule has got to change. Also, not Thompson's fault. RICK BARNES DONT TEACH NO FREE THROWS.
I see Rick Barnes did another masterful job at developing his players with this TT free throw shooting form
Rick Barnes would still be if his kids would have stayed 2-3 years. Ex:
This isn't nothing new! Texas AD Patterson has done it twice. Rick Barnes and Mack Brown! Seems to be the business way!
Five home-and-home series hoops should try to schedule under new coach Rick Barnes:
Mack Brown tonight in Nashville: He's (Rick Barnes) already saying he'll get Tenn in the tournament this year and I'm not gonna doubt him."
Watson & I enjoyed catching up with Tenn BBC Rick Barnes and Ala AD Bill Battle. Both great friend!
"You can't coach effort every single day. You can't do it. You can't coach it when guys are concerned with only themselves."- Rick Barnes
Texas basketball fired Rick Barnes. He made the NCAA Tournament 16 times in his 17 years. At a FOOTBALL school. Wow. Bad Dec…
the reason Rick Barnes is gone thank god
Myles Turner is the biggest sleeping giant. Elite rim protector at 7-foot and can stretch the floor. He was misused by Rick Barnes at Texas.
Fred Barnes has been a nitwit for a long, long time ... yet he is well-employed.
Ado talks recruitment - As Rick Barnes looks ahead at the 2016 recruiting class, one big in-state na...
domain names
Rick Barnes thinks Rocky Top is annoying, switching to ISU.
Rick Perry is counting on the USA being ready to elect a C-Student Texas Gov who loves Jesus and executing people. Again.
durant just needs that coach to light a fire under his *** Rick Barnes didn't do it at Texas and brooks didn't do it at okc
Gotta peak at a guy like Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes > Rick Barnes, Barney, Matt Barnes, and Doug McDermott. . (Sorry, I'm still upset about the Bulls.)
"Your lips taste like sangria, I think you got diarrhea" - Rick Barnes, "singing"
Harrison Barnes is in trouble watching bron
Rick Barnes. But that's basketball... (you said off the top of my head)
Blackwell talks Barnes, Vols: Rick Barnes and his staff face any number of ...
Sarah Ballard-Abbott '16 and psychology and environmental studies professor Rick Barnes are spending the summer...
Was that a Rick Barnes cameo on Friday Night Lights?
No, Rick, no. Barnes shouldn't be playing 5-to-6 games a week to provide the Rockies a "voice." Stop. Just stop.
I bet Rick Barnes would have loved staying in the Big12 and having Hilton as a home 🏀🏀🏀🏀
Barnes seeks program, community impact: The quest for Rick Barnes has remai...
Has Rick Barnes met these folks yet? Figured it'd be his first meeting.
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Rick Monday and the skipper Kennedy keep talking about how Barnes keeps setting up too soon thus tipping off the Rocky hitters.
Rick Monday and Kevin Kennedy keep mentioning Austin Barnes setting up early. He needs to stop that.
Rick Monday and Kevin Kennedy are killing Austin Barnes on Dodgers radio for repeatedly setting up early. They think he is tipping location.
Rick Barnes announces that he's not interested in FIFA job, gets raise at Texas even though they have already fired him.
rick Barnes is very happy at UT and has taken his name out of consideration for president of Fifa.
Rick Barnes denies any interest in the FIFA presidency (has anyone done this one yet?)
Syracuse! Steve Featherstone will speak with Rick Moriarty at Barnes and Noble (Erie Bvd). 7pm, this Thursday:
that's Rick Barnes that's removed his name from the FIFA position
Rick Barnes removed himself from consideration for FIFA President.
Rick Barnes has removed himself from consideration for the next FIFA President.
we gotta keep our pace. Thankful 58 pt Rick Barnes not available
And ICYMI: I wrote a story about Lamonte' Turner the center piece of the Rick Barnes era:
THAT SAID, he /was/ playing for rick barnes, so maybe not too much to read into that. but he was very frustrating to root for
I spent 20,000 dollars wit my partnas in Bahamas another 20,000 dollars on rick owens out in barnes
Rick Barnes to we were hired here we knew we wanted to go after (
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coach Rick Barnes to IT: "We're going to go anywhere and everywhere to recruit." More on how
Sean Miller, Rick Barnes, and Steve Alford... It's days like these where life just isn't fair
Only Rick Barnes could casually walk on *** St. with his headphones in going to see a movie by himself. What a great man.
Celebrate a year of at Festival Concert, June 7 cc
My dad said Rick Barnes was 1 of the best college basketball coaches in the country, so I kind of understand what Szczesny is going through.
Rick Barnes said each of his assistants offered to resign so he could remain at Texas. But Barnes didn’t want things to…
Just casually watching Friday Night Lights and Rick Barnes appears.. 😂
If there was any good reporting in Knoxville we would know why Dobbs doesn't have eyebrows and what's up with Rick Barnes' ear.
say hi to Rick Barnes. He's a good man.
Rick Barnes sounds a whole lot like Kermit Davis!
Guys, Rick Barnes made a cameo appearance on Friday Night Lights, and now I'm just like 😦.
STL P-D: Think you've heard all the Marvin Barnes and Spirits of St. Louis stories? Rick...
Rick Barnes has removed his name from consideration at Iowa State.
no dancing in the background. All up in the videos. Just.
Rick's only seems right on this beautiful Thursday in EL
It's 5:58pm and Rick Barnes is still an ***
Thank you and for finally doing something with commas 👌 Rick ross smashed it 👀👌👏
Now let's hear some of those big words and exquisite pronunciation from Barnes...
you want to hire Rick Barnes when Hoiberg leaves, is that what I just heard?
Is Rick Barnes coaching GS? Get a lead and then just play not to lose. Run your offense. Win the game
Still play Rick James' "Cold Blooded" in my head whenever Harrison Barnes does cool things
Good chance to get your 1st glimpse of some of Rick Barnes' new players.
I've seen Rick Barnes run cleaner offensive sets than warriors and rockets this quarter
I've been great! Trying to keep up with all the transfers and coaching news. Glad to have Rick Barnes In Knoxville
Rick Santorum - another straight male republican candidate who's suddenly the AUTHORITY on homosexuality and women's r…
Just saw a couple of coaches here in Destin at peace with themselves, future and happy to be at Tenn. Rick Barnes and Butch Jones.
Why is UT's Rick Barnes in the picture ?
UT basketball coach Rick Barnes' staff having to be efficient in recruiting:
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