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Richard Yap

Richard Yap is a Filipino-Chinese actor and businessman, best known for his role as Papa Chen in My Binondo Girl and in the 2012 Philippine television drama Be Careful With My Heart as Sir Chief .

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"The Sadomasochistic Tales of the Stupid Richard Dawkins" by at
From richennatiques Richard Yap at last night 😊
"As a husband and father, my most important role is to PROTECT MY FAMILY" - Richard Yap.
Tim Yap One breathtaking scene after another. This was where they shot the classic 90’s movie…
Richard Yap is Judy Ann's newest leading man: What's next for actor Richard Yap after the phenomenal success o... http:/…
Congratulations to Mr Richard Yap,nominated for New Movie Actor of the Year at the 31st PMPC Star Awards for Movies! ht…
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My new Philstar column tomorrow: New Year from Quiroga to Richard Yap, Kim Chiu to Xian Lim ht…
Ai-Ai delas Alas taps Aljur Abrenica and JC de Vera to replace Richard Yap in her Valentine concert. Make sure...
CEBUANOS! See you all at the Pacific Grand Ballroom, 8pm with Alex Gonzaga, Xian Lim & Richard Yap!
Celestine Toni Gonzaga with Special Guest Alex Gonzaga, Xian Lim and Richard Yap on January 16 (Friday), 2015 at... ht…
Richard Yap and Coco Martin on MMFF awards night.. @ Philippine…
Vice Ganda, Coco Martin, Richard Yap and more were interviewed by the Kuya...
Richard Yap ready to be seduced by Kris Aquino; Vice Ganda reveals how Kris interfered with Bimby's scenes
Star Music congratulates three of our male prides such as Richard Yap, Enrique Gil, and Daniel Padilla as they reaped Makabata Stars trophy in the recently concluded Anak TV Seal Awards 2014.
Kris to play Richard Yap's 'seductress': Kris Aquino will appear in two Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entr...
JUST IN: Kris Aquino and Richard Yap are the parents of Bimby in
UPDATE: Kris Aquino will be doing a cameo role in the movie with Bimby, Vice Ganda & Richard Yap!
Comment on Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria – ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ Music Video by kadija: i like this mov...
I share your emotions, Olivia. ABS-CBN will certainly want to team up Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap again in...
You are my first romance and i'm willing to… ♫ Please Be Careful With My Heart by Jodi Sta. Maria & Richard Yap —
hi tita! Do you have the link ung article ni Richard Yap? :)
When i started this journey as a Richard Yap Blogger, i never thought i would go this far. I never…
Vice Ganda has Started Shooting his Scenes with New Leading Man Richard Yap for “Praybeyt Benjamin 2.”. Ang...
Photos CTO. Richard Yap’s Chinese bistro now a year old . Check out the complete…
Back to Richard Yap.. I miss being a fan of this sweet, cute and super mabait na daddy!! I miss you papa chen!
Guys,let's wait for Mr.Richard Yap new TVC that will shown today.htt…
Pampawala ng bad trip! . Laundry day, — listening to Don't know what to do by Richard Yap
I liked a video from Secure Your Future TVC Preview with Richard Yap in Manulife
Richard Yap is Bimby's dad in movie!
Mr.Richard Yap and Mr.Lester Pimentel with the some good friends from the press... Happy 1st Anniversary Wangfu...
With Richard Yap after interviewing him for Wang Fu's 1st anniversary yesterday.
Repost from by 307apps. With Richard "Sir Chef" Yap at the first anniversary…
ON BOYFRIENDS My father wrote in his diary a few story of my childhood as with playmates only. He is today, a Manoling Morato adopted son, now using a name of Richard Yap. We call him only Baby before. I was eight and then twelve when we meet with memories now of life. I don't forget him as the boy who kissed my lips said daddy. My age was just four and he was there tallied as a seven year old. I like to shy coz he was my very first lips. And, too I have my first kiss in cheeks. I was age of same. He was all. To Bong or Richard Yap, I know you promised me a wedding but I said, in heaven only. Then, I will talk about a eight year old man at twelve who was my very first suitor. He became a medical student in Manila University of Santo Thomas only.Then, he goes business after winning 220 million pesos in the PCSO lottery or lotto draws. I was never given by him my share of 70 percent coz it was me who picked and buy the ticket although he kept it. His name is Dr. Enrico Navarro. We call him Rick. I was just ...
"THIS JUST IN: Jodi Sta Maria and Richard Yap announced "Be Careful with my heart" ending on November 28 2014." FINALLY!!!
MANILA -- Actor Richard Yap, known for his role as Sir Chief in the hit ABS-CBN daytime series "Be Careful with My Heart," has ventured into the restaurant b...
He is the best filipina actor,pls vote for him for favorite Daytime tv actor
It is better to pretend than to be actually be good in business. Ask richard yap.
Yap, problem banget ""If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem." - Richard Bach"
And of course, i ended the day with a picture of himself, Mr. Richard Yap. 👍👊 tha...
Richard Yap is like the male version of Kristen Stewart. They are both monotonous and monofacial. ✌️
Yap.he was d funny,romantic,stubborn and rude guy...he sure had it all"Exactly, esp wiv dt 'Richard personality'
Dingdong Dantes & Richard Yap...who else are here tonight?.
RICHARD YAP the most favorite daytime actor! Wala ng iba pa! The most deserving! too the rest of d casts of bcwmh!
I'm sitting beside Richard Yap now. If only I can be madaldal on how we fell in love with him during our lungga days. 😍
Kapit Bisig for Sir Chief. ☺️ Let's do this. 👍 Please vote Richard Yap as your Favorite Daytime TV Actor. ✔️
Vice Ganda nominated Coco Martin, Richard Yap and Direk Bobet Vidanes to do the :)
💗Good Morning po Ms O💗 Regards to my faves Richard Yap and Sam Milbs 👍😘😍
Richard yap springboard on his fame! MBG days!
"A meal to Richard Yap is a meal. So continue being creative in the…
Well done the Brewers! Pride of Staffordshire knocking out QPR!!
I let people yap they mouths off bc Idc what they say bout me anymore. I'm about to start pullin a Richard Sherman! IM BETTER THEN YOU 😂😂
Sorry guys, the concert of Mr. Richard Yap cancelled due to technical issues.
Get your tickets!! Don't miss to see RiChard Yap live in concert Europe tour 2014🎤🎤🎶. . By Heart❤️
what's her dream role and if given chance to do a movie with Richard Yap any particular character she would like to do
Good Morning Richens! Don't forget to vote Richard Yap for Favorite Daytime TV Actor pls. click the link
I voted for Richard Yap.Please vote Richard Yap :-) fan Vietnam vote now :)
Don't forget to vote for Mr Richard Yap for Favourite Daytime TV Actor…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Saw James Reid, Brett Jackson, Richard Yap and Gloria Diaz at Power Plant today we
Richard Yap Aug 18. Sorry to inform you guys about this. Hawaii show is cancelled. 😢
Ice Challenge done by for good cause!!! Lmao "Richard Yap!!"
Yes, Richard Yap has 6 sisters and a brother. :-)
Richard Yap prefers “natural ways” to look good: Diet, gym workout, and a visit to aesthetic clinic make up th...
To Ricky & Maya's ever reliable Joma and to Richard Yap's favorite golf buddy - Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day. :-)
MR richard yap is now ready for meet and greet for bench event
Repost from via ig_repostapp its free! Richard Yap' s advice to stay young,…
Repost from pepalerts via igrepost_app, it's free! HAPPENING NOW: Richard Yap arrives here at the…
HAPPENING NOW: Richard Yap arrives here at the Bench Skin Expert Face and Body Center branch in Glorietta. (cto)
Repost from benchtm by 307apps. Bench Skin Expert ambassador Richard Yap (
Repost from by 307apps. Mr. Richard Yap at
Repost from via repostgrampro. Mr. Richard Yap at
Repost from via repostgrampro, Mr. Richard Yap at
Pretty Woman inspired movie will be good for Richard Yap and Angel Locsin.. How I wish they will be paired with each other..
“Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria live at the Pasig Public Market for Maggi Magiclog 😍😍😍
I will be true to you. Just a promise from… ♫ Please Be Careful with My Heart by Richard Yap & Jodi Sta. Maria —
how about a heavy love story movie for our idols Richard Yap n Jodi Sta Mari..
“Be Careful With My Heart” viewers will have a memorable Labor Day this Thursday (May 1) as Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) goes into labor for the much awaited arrival of her and Ser Chief’s (Richard Yap) Baby Kambal. After months of anticipation, Maya and Richard will finally see their twins. What...
Gr.why do people always go crazy everytime they see an artist?duhhh??? Richard Yap and Maja Salvador are human like don't need to panic and display your obssession.After all, they don't care and even mind about you.tsk3x people nga nman.
Richard Yap | Philippine Showbiz Republic richen astig read it all richen
Richard Yap plays sweet music with Kris Aquino
Robert Downey Jr., Richard Yap & Nicholas Cage proves that age is just a number. ❤️
is your Richard Yap coming to 'down under'? Mag lunch out ta sa Marriott hotel with Richard, okay?
thoughts on dale isidto — Wait is this dale nga si sir chief? The guy who looks exactly like Richard Yap? Very f...
We were watching Be Careful of My Heart (filipino drama) she was like "OMG he looks like him (Richard Yap)" Like a younger version of him.
Piolo, Richard Yap and over 40 of the top Kapamilya stars are ready for ASAP Live in Dubai! Watch the live...
Overcame my Shyness while doing this for you: Gwiyomi Para Kay Ser Chief- Richard Yap: via
Kapamilyas in Dubai ASAPFanswap with Richard Yap Click link JOIN now-> …
I am no longer a member/admin of CHENESInfinity guys, I can follow and support RIchard Yap and Jodi Sta Maria even without happy guys
“Richard Sherman get the taste smacked out of his mouth!RT Wow You yap & yap & this might happen!
Uh you needa read this before ya yap sir...
3 days to go Dubai Festival City together with & Mr.Richard " SIR CHIEF" Yap .
I can't wait to hear coach brown tomorrow talk about how big of an *** Richard Sherman is and how your yap should be shut!!!
I'm excited to see up close and personal for Kim Chiu, JLC, Richard Yap, Enrique Gil & Robi. But could have been complete with Xian in it.
Join us in the Chinese New Year Countdown at Lucky Chinatown featuring Richard Yap on Jan 30! See you there!...
Kamags Phoebe in our Kapamilya Float with Richard Yap, Jodi Sta Maria, Maja Salvador and John Lloyd…
I really want to see Peyton jam a huge slice of humble pie down Richard Sherman's big fat yap
People that get butt-hurt about Richard Sherman are the worst kind of people. If he's gonna back it up then let him yap all day!!
Now I have to hear Richard Sherman yap his mouth for another 2 weeks.
Well Seattle certainly like to yap don't they? Richard Sherman is a punk
Richard Sherman, do you not realize America loved the Seahawks until you opened your yap? Good play though good grief the athleticism
Richard SHerman, show some class. U won game, ur going to SB, a little humility would be nice. But no, gotta yap.
Great, now we get to hear Richard Sherman yap for the next two weeks.
Now we have to hear Richard yap the next two weeks...
Richard Yap and Jodi Sta Maria talk about Maya and Ser Chief's Japan honeymoon!
Maria and Richard 'Papa Chen 'Yap will team up for the first time in ABS-CBN's upcoming Prime-Tanghali drama series
Ser Chief and Maya for Sinulog 2014! Ang daming tao! CTO Richard Yap…
Kapamilya stars John Lloyd Cruz, Maja Salvador and the stars of "Be careful with my heart" TV series Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap draw
for the ABS float, I think John Lloyd Cruz, Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap were among those spotted.
Richard Gutierrez will be joining the rest of hosts Maxene Magalona, Georgina Wilson, Tim Yap, Isabelle Daza, Borgy Manotoc
So far the people who noticed my existence are: Simon & Martina, Dan, Danny, that football star from another country and Richard Yap lol
GoodMorning JoChard FanAdik Liker's :). Have a Great Sunday to all :D. Richard Yap and Jodi Sta.Maria same...
OMG in one night i just saw Jodi , Richard Yap , Piolo Pascual , John Lloyd , Maja Salvador ,:) amazzzinng :)
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Mr. Richard Yap want to thank all richennatiques globies, the sponsors who help us.
Be Careful With My Heart is a new teleserye featuring Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap aka Papa Chen.
Salamat with lyrics by Richard Yap aka Ser Chief
Actor Richard Yap believes that he and 'Sir Chief,' the character he plays in the teleserye "Be Careful with my Heart," are really two different persons.
Don't know what to do by richard yap
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1958 to 2013. Richard Yap, lived life, blurred blurred. Wasted so many 'moons'. However, no looking back, will only look FORWARD. 2014 to . REALISTIC and PRACTICAL.
BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART Main Cast[edit] Jodi Sta. Maria as Maya dela Rosa-Lim - At 25, Maya is a simple, idealistic provincial girl who dreams of becoming a flight stewardess but in a twist of events ends up becoming a nanny for a wealthy family in Manila . She took the job in exchange of an educational scholarship from her boss, Richard Lim. She is very family-oriented and will do everything to make her family's life in the province comfortable. She has an innocent charm, yet confident, and has a very positive attitude in life. Richard Yap as Richard "Ser Chief" Lim - He is the owner and president of the famous Lim Aviation Services, an aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul business. Known for being a cold, harsh and strict boss, he has one son and two daughters namely: Luke, Nikki and Abby. A widow of 5 years, losing his wife Alexandra on a plane crash,[6] he hires Maya to take care of his youngest daughter after she rescues Abby from an incident at the airport. Maya endearingly calls him "Ser Chie ...
Remember that Richard yap song? XD I just hope we get back to schedule like we use. Ill take youre word.. good luck & good night
Omg omg omg I actually saw a celebritie in virgin megastore swwet I even took a picture with him his name is Richard yap sooo happy!
Is Richard Yap this year's Best Pinoy Celebrity? Like and share this photo if you think so!
Jodi Sta. Maria spends the holidays in Dubai with son Thirdy; proud of Richard Yap's latest achievement | Read:
To our dearest Richard Yap - we wish u a Merry Merry Merry Christmas! We Love you for who you are and don't change! GODBLESS
Visit and Like Mr Richard Yap Fan page And maki chika about our fav kilig serye BCWMH
Thank you for being so gracious Tita Melody and Richard Yap. Thank you as well Ninang Jill :)…
Fact: Richard Yap aka Ser Chief was a Med Tech student in Velez for 2 years.
Merry Christmas Sir Chief/Richard Yap and to your beautiful family:-)
Dinner with bosses of BCWMH. With richard sir chief yap. ana
Find out what makes our Chinese dishes tick with our Chinese dish loving patrons at CHOPSTIX. Chef Richard Yap...
Team Richard Yap and Team Vice Christmas party later with DTE. Excited much!!!
Hurting James Yap comes up clutch as San Mig nips GlobalPort in thriller. From: Richard Dy. DIMINUTIVE playmaker...
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After a nine-month long survey that covered the breadth and length of the country, the votes of thousands of jurors were further validated by an august group of professionals who screened through the shortlist. The negative votes given to stars who figured in the Ayaw Ko list were subtracted from the plus votes they obtained in the Gusto Ko column and the resultant score was the basis of the ranking and final selection. Anak TV will induct into its annual Roster of Makabata Stars the following TV personalities, who in the estimate of many parents, teachers and NGOs are celebrities who they want their children to model after. They are (for males) Ryan Agoncillo, Kim Atienza, Noli de Castro, Dingdong Dantes, Ted Failon, Coco Martin, Daniel Padilla, Vic Sotto, Anthony Taberna, and Richard Yap. Dantes of GMA and teenage heartthrob Padilla are first-timers in the roster, the same roster that has elevated the likes of Mike Enriquez, Julius Babao, and Gary Valenciano to the Hall of Fame for topping the survey fo ...
Coco Martin, Richard Yap and Marian Rivera lead 27th Star Awards for TV. Marian took home her first Star Awards...
I am overjoyed knowing my most loved daytime show have won the Best Daytime Show! Kudos to all casts.. staff.. crews.. directors and writers especially to Richard Yap and most especially to Miss Jodi Sta Maria whos truly gives life to the show!!! Keep up the Good Work!! Admin Jules
Marian Rivera, Coco Martin and Richard Yap took home the major awards at the PMPC Star Awards
Congratss Sir Richard Yap for winning tha PMPC Best Drama Actor on television!
dapat ang nag tie eh TomDen hindi sina Richard Yap at Coco... PMPC just totally lost their credibility. now Star Awards is a big joke.
Richard Yap, Jodi sing duet in after-wedding party
Latest Showbiz News: Richard Yap wins first best actor award
Good afternoon! Here are some of our latest stories on 1. Senate, House to extend validity of calamity fund - Gov't spent P760-M so far on relief goods - Richard Yap wins first best actor award - Twin towers power Ginebra past Rain or Shine - BRP Alcaraz now in Tacloban for first mission - Comelec: Displacement of voters in Bohol, Zambo a challenge -
what a trash decision made by the PMPC members for choosing richard yap and Coco Martin over as best actors !!! LOL @ PMPC
via PHShowbizNews: Richard Yap wins first best actor award
“Richard Yap wins first best actor award
“Richard Yap wins first best actor award :-)
“Richard Yap wins first best actor award Congrats Sir Chief
"Richard Yap wins first best actor award
Richard Yap wins first best actor award via
Richard Yap wins first best actor award: MANILA - Actor Richard Yap can now add Best Actor to his resume after...
Richard Yap wins first best actor award
congratulation to you mr Richard Yap and to BCWMH family.. :)
I know the Star Awards for TV is just a bit of a popularity contest but there's no way Richard Yap's acting skills is on par with Coco's.
“Thanks to PMPC Star Awards for the honor! God bless you all!”. -Congratulations,u deserve it!Happy for u Sir Richard Yap!
ABS-CBN and GMA tied as Best TV Station in the 27th PMPC Star Awards for Television; Coco Martin, Richard Yap,...
-Congratulations for all the awards! Happy for you Sir Richard Yap! Lot'a love from your avid followers!
Congratulations Mr. Richard Yap for winning 27th PMPC Star Awards Best Drama Actor! We are so proud of you! We love y…
Watch Piolo Pascual, Shaina Magdayao, Enchong Dee, Sir Chief Richard Yap and Pooh in One Kapamilya Go in London! For tickets, call the TFC toll free hotline ...
Joey, I still cannot get over accepting Richard Yap being named Best Drama Actor, instead of Dennis or Tom!
Dennis Trillo should have won the best actor award for I just don't get it why Richard Yap did. He's not t…
Congratulations Mr. Richard Yap for winning in the PMPC Award as Best Drama Actor. God Bless and thanks for the inspiration! :-)
congrats kay richard yap for best actor in 27th PMPC and be careful with my hear for best day time drama series! deserve aman yan e!
Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap has a perfect love team.
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Jodi, Richard say 'Be Careful' honeymoon to watch out for: MANILA – Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria have nothi...
i'm not just a fan of Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria but all cast of bcwmh.. :)
I liked a video Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria: will their reel wedding be the end of "Be Careful
"Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria's characters exchange wedding vows; seal their love with three kisses". posted...
A moment with Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Parking 5, Richard Yap, Young JV. Like us on for more …
Saw Jodi Sta. Maria, Regine Tolentino and Richard Yap earlier today at the Jones Bridge!
A special message from actor Richard Yap! :wink -Mod01
NP: Don't know what to say. BY: Richard Yap
BCWMH taping on going at Jones Bridge. Ahh I want to see Richard Yap 🙊💓
-Proud coz I'm one of those :-) Congrats, happy for you Sir Richard Yap!
Darla now that you've guested Richard Yap... please Miss Jodi Sta. Maria naman... hope that will be soon!
We are happy to share this moment, this fairytale wedding to everyone - Richard Yap
Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria arrive at G Hotel, Pasay City, for Be ...
Kris Aquino endorses Ser Chief/Richard Yap's WANG FU Bistro. So off we went to Timog Ave,QC where its primely located. Expectedly,the place was delightfully filled with customers. Truly,whatever icon Kris endorses she means it. From Michigan, Ernie and I tried their bestsellers like Ser Chief's Cereal Prawns so delectable for lunch with Kailan veggies,Hainese Roasted Chicken and fried rice.We enjoyed and got love in our tummy from the finest place in town WANGFU. Reasonably priced!.
Maybe this sembreak is over but it is the most happy, fun & memorable sembreak! Have seen Anne Curtis, Erwan, Anthony Taberna & Richard Yap♡
Richard Yap looks like the killer in a korean movie The Blind. Sorry for his fans
Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap open up as new characters pose a threat to their budding…
PEPtalk Flash. Richard Yap: what makes this elusive man happy?: via
Not sure if Richard Yap or Jeron Teng but whatever this is hot!!! Oxygen pls huhu
I liked a video from Don't know What To Do -Richard yap (She's The One OST)
theme song is 'Don't Know What To Do' by Richard Yap! Watch the MV here:
Richard Yap talks about upcoming album and the movie version of ‘Be Careful with my Heart’ -
4. MNS: Parang sina Richard Yap at Jodi Sta. Maria sa “Be Careful with My Heart.” They grew up with you.
Latest Showbiz News: "Richard Yap confirms that their planned MMFF movie was withdrawn because of tight schedules" -- Read more at
Join na sa pinaka malaking Kapamilya event! With the powerhouse cast of Richard Yap (Sir Chief) and Jodi Sta. Maria (Yaya Maya), Lea Salonga, Bamboo, Yeng constantino, Sam Milby, Maja Salvador, Cristine Reyes, Gerald Anderson, Vivieka Revanes and Rosario one SULIT event you would not want to miss! For more information, please visit or
Kim Chiu and Xian Lim are super sweet at Peñafrancia Festival 2013 Posted by Myk on September 23, 2013 Kim Chiu and Xian Lim have already mastered the art of making "pakilig" and I was able to witness it live when I went to the ABS-CBN Kapamilya Caravan held yesterday, Sep. 22, at the SM City Naga parking lot. The show was part of the city's Peñafrancia Festival 2013, and was held simultaneously with the Grand Kapuso Fans' Day featuring Marian Rivera, Bettina Carlos and Boobay in another venue, Plaza Quezon. (During last year's Peñafrancia Festival, Kapamilya Caravan was held at the Plaza Quezon with Coco Martin, Maja Salvador, Richard Yap, Joem Bascon as the featured stars, while the Kapuso show, with Mark Herras, Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal, was the one held at SM City Naga Event Center.) KimXi loveteam was the main attraction at yesterday's Kapamilya Caravan as fans eagerly waited for more than 5 hours despite the pouring rain just to see them. With them were Got To Believe's "Bunny Bear" and "Te ...
I liked a video from Salamat by Richard Yap
Richard Yap first-ever recording album under Star Records: Richard Yap who is well identified by TV viewers as...
MY LIFE STORY SUMMARIZED I was then an eleven year old. Ferdinand Marcos, my father fetched me to go home to them. I was there in the waiting shed in school. Daddy said, “Theresa, Are you Theresa?” I said, “Opo”. Then he smiled. He said, I was born to them and my mom is nice. I just smiled. Then I left daddy waving at me to come back coz he said, the plane is waiting in UNC. I am sorry, daddy. I do not know why I do things the way, I do. It is like some powers telling me to do things. I just keep praying and I can feel god is on my side. Again, to the soul of daddy. I am sorry. I wish I can narrate the many times that daddy tried to fetch me but it is just painful in my part coz I will break down again. I love my dad so much. And I love mommy too although, I am closer to daddy. Sorry mom. I know, you are sick now. Sorry. Let me tell you my life here. Please read all in this page coz it tells about my 85 percent life. I had intentionally not included my sex life anymore although I told it here in F ...
MY LIFE My highest offer for sex was one million dollars. I had an offer from my boyfriend who later married me in the American Japanese Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. I told him only that my real worth is a wedding ring. Funny but we got married before sex. I love him. In my life, I will say... I was not a hooker but just an ordinary girl.. I am not your *** I fell in love always with my boys. Thank you. . . MY LOVE FOR DADDY In 1989 to 1995, I was then writing my father. I told him to step down from power in exchange that I will run for Presidency at my age of 53. But he did not succumb. I was turned down by my father. I know, we all paid the price in the family coz I was lonely in life. Sorry but my days now are different. I am turning in a new direction now. I will be truthful to you all. I had been seriously thinking about the Presidency in years 1989 to 1998. But I got sick. Sorry. I cannot be your queen now. I am sorry. My life is now dedicated to god. I am now a full pledged missionary too. I write b .. ...
Thank god. . . for my new work place at Chef Laudico Guevarra's Buffet restaurant. I met Ser Chef (Richard Yap) today about 7pm .
Watch For Upcoming Album of Mr.Richard Yap in all Astroplus and Astrovision Stores Nationwide!
now playing on MOR 101.9: dont know what to do by richard yap. the official themesong of SHE'S THE ONE
Richard Yap album launch at the Skydome this sunday!:)
Richard Yap releases his first solo album under Star Records.
Richard Yap Grand Fans Day and Album Launch on Sept.22.., . to see RY singing his new single.
,.wat a great feeling being inspired...with- Richard Yap (Sir Chief) ng buhay koh
“Be Careful With My Heart” lead actor Richard Yap, who is well known by TV viewers as ‘Ser Chief,’ is thrilled...
My only source of information regarding the First Album Launch of SIR RICHARD YAP is Star Records and ASTRO Vision or ASRTO Plus! Pls check their website to get accurate info and guidance regarding the Launch. Thank you! w/ Chenes Infinity
Watch out for upcoming album of Richard Yap in all and :-)
may I request the new Richard Yap singles please? Thanks!
honestly Luis Manzano not a bad choice but , Richard Yap will be a nice choice too side by side w/ Maya
She's The One Cinema Teaser with the soundtrack "Don't Know What To Do" by Richard Yap . via
Richard Yap. Popularly known as Sir Chief and Papa Chen is visiting SKYDOME, SM City North Edsa on September 22,...
Richard Yap Grand Fans day and album launch on September 22 - 4pm at Skydome! See you on Sunday…
mga fans nya :-) Richard Yap is really a God person inside & out :-)
Catch RICHARD YAP live on Sunday, September 22, 4PM at the SM City North Edsa Sky Dome! Grab a copy of his album...
Mr Richard Yap's Babe and Don't Know What To Do please to kip us company while it's raining!
oh babe and dont know what to do ni Richard Yap!!!
babe and don't know what to do by Richard Yap please please please
Dont know what to say by richard yap on mor right now! :) buksan na ang radyo! :)
Oh Babe by Richard Yap on MOR right now :)
I LIKE TO SHARE MY ANECDOTE ON MY FIRST DATE WITH RICHARD YAP, I WAS A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD GOING FOURTHEEN. OUR FIRST DATE , BONG…The real story. Pasensiya na hindi edited ito. It was July 8, 1980, you invited me to dine with you to a restaurant. You said "Hyatt". I said, 'Graceland' . There was no Hyatt hotel in Naga City even until now. I told you,'I had not been to Hyatt Hotel but I had been to Westin and to Village.' But you did not say anything. I said, 'I have to go out with you in one condition, that I have two chaperones.' 'One for you and one with me'. I have my 'yaya Choy' with me and you have your servant buddy, Lale'. We had spaghetti only and coke. All of us did not eat coz you said 'steak'. I laughed. I said 'mayaman ba tayo, Ate Choy? Steak daw gusto.' What I want is for you to be brave. I want you to be not so sheltered life too. I said 'Sorry. This is not Hyatt Hotel, Bong. I will order spaghetti.' In English. "I love spaghetti ever" not said there. But it's me. Spaghetti is my favorite u ...
The highly anticipated film version of the "kilig-serye" starring Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap is no longer...
That awkward moment when you come home early and catch your mom watching Richard Yap interviews.
I have this really strong feeling that mom's gonna drag me to Richard Yap's concert anytime this year or the next
Yes! September na bukas Sir Chief. Just counting the days to have a copy of your album. Congratulations Mr. Richard Yap!
Yes, I do believe it's Richard Yap himself. I don't care whatever they say. 👍I ❤ Sir Chief! 😉
Excited na me for the launching ng debut album ni Richard Yap!
that's why we love and support Richard Yap, family man talaga:-)
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hello, can you please please message me the contact details of Sir Chief/Richard Yap's handler or manager? Thank you!
hello dear, i am very sorry to contact you here but can you please tell us number of Mr. Richard Yap or his manager?
Hi Nadine. Question lang po - where did you find these comments about Mr. Richard Yap. Ang hirap basahin eh, so tiny. :)
There something with you that make me Smile! Richard Yap…
All star cast ang Sunday ko.xD Saw both Richard Yap and Jodi Sta.Maria last Sunday. and I love it! :D
not into teleseryes except for Be Careful With My Heart once in awhile. Aside from Richard Yap, it's not melodramatic. 😊
Thank you very much, Sir Richard Yap! Love and warm regards from you Family! More years to come!
Hello Sir. : ) Q&A, pleassse. What are the similarities of Mr. Richard Yap & character Richard Lim? Aside from goodlooking.
Hi SC! Thanks for reading ha? More Blogs to come for you po. Certified Richard Yap Blogger na po ako. :-)
Spread the love for Mr. Richard Yap :-)
hello Sir Richard Yap. Your family celebrates its 3rd Monthsary today! Happy Monthsary to us! More 2 come!
hey u want to join our fan club ? CIA .. Chard's international Angel "Richard Yap official fan club " go to our home page
I added a video to a playlist Richard Yap at Zirkoh (1)
I hope almost all of the guys were like Richard Yap
I'm the woman that Bebe Richard Yap wants to spend his life with :">
I'm not really into chinitos but Richard Yap's the only exception 😍 =))) =)
Richard Yap is turning red whilw singging! :)
Come to CHOPSTIX and enjoy authentic chinese dishes with friends and families. Chef Richard Yap will be happy to...
"I need ou to have faith in me..." Trust requires proof Faith doesn't. -Richard Yap
My moms addicted in richard yap its annoying me
I'm sure your dad is watching you and so proud of you up there. God bless
Richard Yap Happy that his Father is Now Proud of him: Kapamilya acting professional Richard Yap considers that his family, particula...
Jgh from terminal 3!! While on our way out from the arrival area. Saw Richard Yap & other casts of bcmh!!
"Family is more important than Money." Richard Yap. admin lms
Richard Yap believes dad now proud of his success
Richard Lim and Richard Yap. directors just dont think
Every time I see that Richard Yap guy on TV, I see my bro in law...
We overheard that Richard Yap wants to have a collaboration with you. What can you say abt it? =)
Richard Yap ur really super handsome.
What do you think of Richard Yap wanting to do a collab with you?
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"Culture of hard work.. Its about persistent of not getting rich very soon" -- Richard Yap on speaking about Chinese
mom's gonna fangirl over Richard yap I swear
I am Rachele Ann Menguito, or just call me SHENG. I'm a certified BLOGGER ni Richard Yap, . Done 25 BLOGS for him already.
So, are you a fan of Richard Yap also?
Richard Yap more comfortable in singing than acting | News | Mobile: The Number 1 Site for Philippine Showbiz
Check out "08.10.13 Richard Yap and Jodi Sta Maria on Showbiz Inside Report" on Vimeo
Is it just me or does Richard Yap have mismatched shoes in the Rebisco commercial...
This Richard Yap Rebisco commercial has one of the most annoying ad jingles ever.
Richard Yap has the most awkward commercials.
happy to be up close to mr.Richard Yap
Richard Yap and the 'Chinoy' invasion in showbiz
Richard Yap and the 'Chinoy' invasion in showbiz via
Does Rebisco's new jingle 'Salamat' by Richard Yap sound too similar to the song 'Rebound' by Silent Sanctuary?
"SIR interview of Richard Yap and Jodi Sta Maria 08/09/13 credit to ate Lorna SIRtified,ikaw na!
Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria present the "Heart" of Be Careful via
Watching Richard Yap interviews for speech tomorrow.. :|
LAUGHING SO MUCH our manager looks so much like Richard Yap btw XD
-hi ms. kate how can I get in touch with you regarding the schedule of richard yap. its for a magazine feature sana po.
Why women can’t seem to get enough of Richard Yap
Do you want to see Richard Yap ang Jodi Sta.Maria? Buy tickets for their concert this August 3, 2013. Bili na! Malapit na maubos! :)
Jodi Sta. Maria describes current love life as "steady lang." Richard Yap talks about his wife . via McTube for YouTube.
Watch out for Richard Yap's first solo album under Star Records. Thanks to everyone who made this…
well, you're looking for Mr. Richard Yap .
People of the week: …are talking about  Richard Yap The former businessman’s showbiz career has soared up high...
why do i adore Richard Yap? -my ans. simply because he is a Good person family oriented & God fearing
Richard Yap poses as he receives his 'Men Who Matter' award from PeopleAsia.
saw this at PCHC office, Richard Yap for photo by
We're only a FANS CLUB of Richard Yap ! :-) ,
ur welcz. Oh we met right at ur work station. Took a photo of u & my teamm8 who's supposed to be richard yap. Lol
Richard Yap aka "Ser/Sir Chief" looks really great (at his age), but I don't think he is when it comes to his commercials - walang buhay.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Richard Yap is into Glee Club. And Luke is into Glee Club, too!
Late post credit to Sir Rico Hizon ..Richard Yap and Jodi Sta Maria
Richard Yap blindfolded for a game cto Nina
Richard Yap serenading someone from the audience with The Way You Look Tonight cto Nina
all out Support,from CHENES Infinity Singapore ! TYSM & CONGRATULATIONS Richard Yap and Team
“Richard Yap blindfolded for a game cto Nina
LIVE in Butuan City on Aug.3,2013, 2GEDER Mr.Richard Yap and Ms.Jodi Sta.Maria with Tart…
What's wrong in this world? Anderson Cooper is *** Jim Caviezel is married as well as Richard Yap and now Adam Levine is engaged!
i have reason to believe that you, my friend, is a clone of Richard Yap, AKA sir chief
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