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Richard Widmark

Richard Weedt Widmark (December 26, 1914March 24, 2008) was an American film, stage and television actor.

Henry Fonda Spencer Tracy James Stewart Burt Lancaster John Wayne Gregory Peck Montgomery Clift Gene Tierney Victor Mature Jules Dassin Karl Malden Stanley Kramer Jack Palance Jim Bowie Gary Cooper Susan Hayward Marlene Dietrich

It's not really Noirvember until Richard Widmark makes an entrance. See him and Gene Tierney this Sunday at 10am...
It's not really withoutl Richard Widmark. Watch NIGHT AND THE CITY ('50) hosted by Sunday…
Richard Widmark: Night and the City- 1950..."You don’t know what you’re walking into."
won't beat the original with albert finny sean connery and Richard widmark
"a solidly entertaining film and this Blu-Ray disc is highly recommended. "
RICHARD WIDMARK. You know I'm there. I can't wait!.
Join us next week for Jules Dassin's NIGHT AND THE CITY ('50) starring Richard Widmark and Gene Tierney hosted by
This Audie Murphy and Dan Duryea western was written with Richard Widmark in mind
Dan Duryea was a faithful husband, Richard Widmark was a gentleman, Robert Ryan supported Civil Rights in the 60s
I just watched Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn, & Richard Widmark ("Kiss of Death")?;
I liked a video Garden of Evil (1954) - Gary Cooper, Susan Hayward and Richard Widmark
Our next Star On Suspense is Richard Widmark. Hear him in two old time radio thrillers Thursday, January 19th!
ALAMO Knife Replica Officially Licensed. Richard Widmark as Jim Bowie in the 1960 Oscar-winning film The Alamo…
Ford used to come to work in a big car with two Admiral's flags, on...
It's so much fun. Richard Widmark supposedly said he made the movie "just to meet the people." I can believe it.
Things I didn't know: Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, Fred MacMurray, Michael Caine...all in The Swarm. I'm ashamed I've not seen it before.
I was never a part of the Actor's Studio, because two friends of...
Nobody does evil *** better than Richard Widmark. He was the best.
"I think performers should do his work then shut up" - Richard Widmark.
There is another John Ford film with Jimmy Stewart & Richard Widmark; Two Rode Together (1961) haven't seen it in ages.
If I'm being honest, I'm mostly watching for Richard Widmark...I do want to see The Big Country though.
Yeah saw that last year and loved it. I think next I want to watch "Yellow Sky"...Gregory Peck AND Richard Widmark! Yes please!
Next week on Hollywood on the Radio, I feature Richard Widmark, who was a prolific radio actor before becoming a movie star.
RIchard Widmark elevated the quality of everything he was in!
Laszlo Szabo as Richard Widmark&Anna Karina as Paula Nelson in Jean-Luc Godard's Thriller,Made in U.S.A. https:/…
I'm giving away something for you on HALLS OF MONTEZUMA (RICHARD WIDMARK) LIKE. Get it here -
Marilyn was terrible to work with. I was fond of her, she was a n...
Gregory Peck and James Stewart and Richard Widmark in How the West Was Won 24x36 Poster by..
Same name as old war movie, with Richard Widmark
The Bedford Incident with Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier is also a good one.
Watching old Richard Widmark TV movie made me think of "Garden of the Gods". - "Brock's Last Case".
I was playing this horrible part. I didn't didn't want to play it...
Building new episodes, pulling example shows to include. Working on an ep featuring Richard Widmark. What others would you like to hear?
Blimey ! Half expecting John Wayne, Richard Widmark and Laurence Harvey to show up in penalty box before too long.
Road House [48]: A great, if atypical, noir with 4 standout performances. Richard Widmark's increasingly unhinged turn is a highlight.
Richard Widmark (1914–2008), seen here with Stanley Kramer & Spencer Tracy on the set of 'Judgment at Nurembe…
Richard Widmark, Spencer Tracy, Montgomery Clift and Burt Lancaster on the set of Stanley Kramer's Judgment at Nure…
I really like NIGHT AND THE CITY from 1950 with Richard Widmark.
When did Crocodile Dundee morph into the late Richard Widmark?
Hoods are good parts because they're always flashy and attract at...
Most movies are made today for teenage boys. Once in a while a go...
Ever see Night and the City with Richard Widmark? Right up your alley...
Oh - an under-sung actress i always think - is this a still from the one in the asylum with Richard Widmark?
"There's something in the world besides cruelty.". -. Richard Widmark-The Cobweb 1955
Thrilled a Richard Widmark film on..not thrilled it's in technicolor😭
Richard Widmark's nasal laughter is such a great tool for his film noir characters!
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Tommy Udo: You know what I do to squealers?. Richard Widmark as Tommy Udo. Kiss of Death 1947. Another brilliant cho…
Gary Cooper was a good friend. He was a great nature lover. He was l...
The film references in this film keep on coming, characters named Richard Widmark and Donald Siegel are merely the most obvious.
The man, the myth, the legend - Richard Widmark - 1971 World Barrel Jumping Champion
I felt pretty comfortable with Westerns, apart from the fact I co...
Kazan was an old friend, I met him in 1938. He picked up radio jo...
I loved Jack Ford. I got him in his later days, and he was a total...
Other actors like to rehearse on film-they like 30 or 40 takes. ...
You have to compromise all the way. The only thing that counts is...
Kiss Of Death 🔫 Victor Mature & Brian Donlevy may have been leads, but Richard Widmark stole 🎞 in his 1st scre…
🔫is here🎬Henry Hathaway's »Kiss of Death« (1947) starring Victor Mature and Richard Widmark📌
"I think a performer should do his work and then shut up." Richard Widmark.
I got confused. I was thinking of The Long Ships, also a Viking saga starring Lionel Jeffries, Sidney Po…
There was something about Marilyn. She couldn't act her way out of...
Many of my friends were blacklisted. America should be ashamed of...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Street with No Name. A sequel to The House on 92nd Street and a real step up. Especially Richard Wi…
A lot of actors said they hated the studio system, but I loved it...
1905 James Stewart, Richard Widmark & Andy Devine, made-up as an Indian squaw, on set of Two Rode…
Richard Widmark said something to the effect (can't find the quote), "Why would I cheat on my wife? She is my best friend."
Richard Widmark. Remember seeing it when first out. Iconic film of bomber taking off from island
Glad Richard Widmark put his drink/marriage problems aside + got in the chopper to rescue Jack Lemmon + Angie Dickinson from the cable car
I didn't love I did, however, love Richard Widmark. No one does better psychopath than Richard Widmark.
Director Otto Preminger with Richard Widmark on the set of Saint Joan, 1957.
I feel like my love for Richard Widmark came out of nowhere. It was just suddenly there one day...
Been a rough day but this video always makes me feel a little bit better. I LOVE RICHARD WIDMARK.
Montgomery Clift and Richard Widmark in a cut scene from Judgment at Nuremberg, 1961
In 1985, a made-for-TV movie, "Blackout," appeared on HBO. Richard Widmark meets a gas station attendant just prior to the film's finale.
I've never seen the original Kiss of Death, but I highly doubt it features a scene where Richard Widmark grief pogo's to 90s techno
BCR: ‘The Law and Jake Wade’: “The Law and Jake Wade,” starring Robert Taylor and Richard Widmark, will be sh...
Join us for in LEGENDS OF THE FALL followed by biography RICHARD WIDMARK: STRENGTH OF CHARACTERS. 6:45 pm
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Vintage photo of A man blows a trumpet while Richard Weedt Widmark pass by, 1968
Panic in the Streets (1950) dir by Elia Kazan. Starring Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas, Zero Mostel and Jack Palance.
35mm Slide of Richard Weedt Widmark (December 26, 1914 – March 24, 2008) was an
Kiss of Death is a good but mostly standard crime noir, until 40 minutes in when Richard Widmark shows up
Richard Widmark is one of my favorite actors. And, oh, Gene Tierney was such a beauty.
is this where the last wagon was filmed with Richard widmark
Watched an oldie flick the other night from 1952. Don't Bother to Knock. With Marilyn Monroe and Richard Widmark.
When you don't have cable or internet but your antenna gets you GetTV and they're showing movies with Richard Widmark.
You heard the mad noise Richard Widmark makes as Jim Bowie in The Alamo getting gored by the Mexicans at the end? Unusual to say the least.
Oh good heavens Richard Widmark. How can you be sexy and a jerk at the same time??.
Why is it we always here about how horrible Ms. Monroe was but we rarely hear of her kindnesses? .
I won't do Richard Widmark. That's not fair.
Telegraph Culture TV. 'Marilyn Monroe was God-awful to work with. Impossible, really'
Has anyone ever seen and 1940's Richard Widmark in the same place? Uncanny resemblance.
He pushed a lady in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs like Richard Widmark in A Kiss of Death.
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Richard Widmark & Gene Tierney starred in Night and The City (1950). Jules Dassin directed. Shot on London streets.
John Ford was so funny that I couldn&wait to go to work in the morning. Richard Widmark. -
Richard Widmark is fantastic in this
Director Actor John Wayne and Richard Widmark having a laugh on the set of The Alamo, 1960.
WIN 20160802 06 10 35 Prowake up call feeling like richard widmark..he h... via
.distractedfilm Richard Widmark sends Mildred Dunnock down the stairs in Kiss of Death (1947)
Richard Widmark in *** and High Water for Van Heusen Sportshirts ad 1954
Night and the City (1950) directed by Jules Dassin. Starring Gene Tierney, Richard Widmark, Hugh Marlowe
Richard Widmark and Anthony Quinn provide superb support, too, particularly Quinn as the perturbed Tom Morgan. It is a mystery to me why...
Richard Widmark is the "artist without an art" in Jules Dassin's smouldering noir
Vintage photo of Still of Richard Widmark and Alex Karras from the television mi
Maybe can show Richard Widmark and Jack Palance in Panic in the Streets sometime. Plague!
Richard Widmark summed it up: "Just for kicks, what was the war all about?"
Kiss of Death (1947) when Richard Widmark pushes the lady down the steps
This is from a movie. The guy rocking his heels with the ciggy is Richard Widmark
Marilyn Monroe In The News: RIchard Widmark interview and working with in Don't Bother to Knock.
Where's Richard Widmark when you really need him?
Richard Widmark is my favourite of the Tezuka inspirations, and his influence on Skunk is VERY evident. He was a great actor
Sidney Poitier and Richard Widmark in the film that scared the living daylights out of me, The Bedford Incident.
Richard Widmark playing anything other than creepy is still creepy.
I watched a Richard Widmark movie last night, and he was kinda hot but also terrifying
Watch Free Movies Halls Of Montezuma: Richard Widmark leads an all-star cast of leather...
Time for some Richard Widmark. That's always a good thing! I haven't see this one before. — watching The Street with No Name
Just watched Marilyn Monroe, Anne Bancroft and the always amazing Richard Widmark in 'Don't Bother to Knock' (1952). Elisha Cook Jr. rules!
My digital painting of Richard Widmark in KISS OF DEATH. Used for the cover of CITY.
Great film debut, see Richard Widmark in "Kiss of Death" (1947). Oscar nomination.
She gets the 1978 Richard Widmark irascible bad *** treatment in COMA.
Vintage photo of Richard Weedt Widmark standing and meeting with Genevieve Page
Break time: Katherine Ross asks a surly Richard Widmark why THE FUTURIST! and guest(s) are watching THE SWARM
No Richard Widmark, but pretty darn good.
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Vintage photo of A candid photo of Richard Widmark and Jean Hazlewood. -
From the Archives: Richard Widmark dies at 93; actor played both heavies, heroes
In 2008, Richard Widmark died in Roxbury, Connecticut at age 93
Robert Taylor and Richard Widmark star in this week's Saddle Up Saturdays film, THE LAW AND JAKE WADE
Good actor in every film I've seen, but it was the sadistic psychopath in *Kiss of Death* that scared the heck...
Richard Widmark died 8 years ago today in Roxbury, CT age 93 …
In 2008, actor Richard Widmark died at his home in Connecticut, at age 93.
TODAY'S DEATHS | In 2008, Richard Widmark died on this date in Roxbury, Connecticut, USA.
Remembering a great character actor who died on this date back in 2008...Richard Widmark!
Richard Widmark and Marilyn Monroe - publicity portrait from the 1952 film Don’t Bother to Knock
Richard Widmark died on this date in 2008.
fan fic: a version of Murder on the Orient Express with Richard Widmark as
.I liked Richard Widmark, Ray Milland, Jimmy Stewart & Henry Fonda. My favorite WWII movie is MIDWAY. Watch over & over
"Richard Widmark... outlaw and killer!" Well, sounds perfect to me!
seen several films where they said the same to Richard Widmark
Was the in-flight movie "Contagion" or did they show the old 1950 classic with Richard Widmark "Panic in the Streets" ?. : )
What TV series did Richard Widmark star in
Vintage photo of Richard Widmark as The Dauphin, later Charles VII and director
BCR: Richard Widmark: A Princeton legend: Jean Hazlewood was so sure she would be going to the junior prom wit...
This Audie Murphy movie was written with Richard Widmark in mind -
up there with Richard Widmark as great rhyming slang names
Just watched Outstanding performance by Johnny Depp as Richard Widmark portraying Whitey Bulger!
A very under rated film... Richard Widmark lends his usual grace to the proceedings...
I added a video to a playlist Backlash (1956) Western Movie | Richard Widmark Movie
Lucy gets trapped in Richard Widmark's house after trying to steal a grapefruit from a tree in his backyard
Slim Pickens and Richard Widmark are having a Fed vs. local thing.
What's that movie where Richard Widmark pushes the senior in a wheelchair down the stairs? Bcs that's what this GSW-SA game is like.
Dennis Hopper in "Red Rock West" reminds me very much of Richard Widmark in "Kiss of Death." Could it have been delibera…
Keep hoping it'll be a remake of the Ida Lupino/Richard Widmark Road House instead of the Swayze Roadhouse
Is there anyone in film noir more sadistic than Richard Widmark?.
Watch out for stairs when Richard Widmark's around .
Richard Widmark at his psychopathic best. What I would call without reservation a gut-wrenching film.
Richard Widmark color movie star picture Argentina 1959
Home alone, watching "Kiss of Death" and practicing my Richard Widmark giggle.
The many faces of Richard Widmark in NIGHT AND THE CITY.
Richard Widmark had a full head of hair, but Fox put a toupee on him to lower his hairline and to make him look evil
Has anyone pointed out the similarities between Richard Widmark's Tommy Udo + Frank Gorshin's Riddler in
Cool factoid re: KISS OF DEATH — originally Harry "The Hipster" Gibson, rather than Richard Widmark, was to play Tommy Udo.
Do you think Frank Gorshin was channeling Richard Widmark from this film for The Riddler?
watching movie My Darling Clementine "where richard widmark" pushes a wheelchair lady down a flight of stairs
Actor is Richard Widmark, character name is Tommy Udo
Richard Widmark is kinda the worst.
Henry Fonda and Richard Widmark both married to Susan Blanchard, step-daughter of Oscar Hammerstein II.
KISS OF DEATH on Two memorable film debuts for two actors with Minnesota ties: Colleen Gray and Richard Widmark.
That laugh is so creepy...big man...big man...Widmark
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Just noticed that Kiss of Death starting in a few minutes on TCM, for, all you Richard Widmark - er, Victor Mature - fans out there
up next! Richard Widmark got an Oscar nomination, but I think Victor Mature gave the better performance.
Kiss of Death,Richard Widmark's film debut as giggling psychopath
Richard Widmark's debut,playing the psycho of all psychos
Richard Widmark at his ruthless best KISS OF DEATH (1947)
TCM is showing Kiss of Death tomorrow night, if you need a cup of crazy Richard Widmark
Vintage of Robert Mitchum and Richard Widmark in the movie
BCR: Richard Widmark: A Princeton legend: The thing that gets me the most when watching Richard Widmark in a m...
That is without doubt the largest Richard Widmark I have ever seen. Absolutely appalling.
He's trying to be Richard Widmark, isn't he?
Is there a Japanese Richard Widmark in this?
It turns out native Minnesotan Richard Widmark is of Swedish ancestry. So "Vidmark" isn't far off!
Richard Widmark insists that you join us for THE STREET WITH NO NAME on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. EST!
Allegedly, the real-life gambler this film's based on wanted Richard Widmark (who was 80 at the time) 2 portray him-
Gene Tierney with Richard Widmark for "Night and the City" (1950)
Richard Widmark & Savary at his ranch in Hidden Valey - California (Google Richard Widmark)
Remember Richard Widmark in Kiss of Death? Pushes the lady in a wheelchair downstairs? Classic stuff 😈
Hope you liked our pic for today. Next wk. is THE STREET WITH NO NAME w/Richard Widmark! has STAR TREK II at 4:30!
I would totally 'anaesthetise' patients with carbon monoxide and sell their organs like Richard Widmark in "Coma".
Only one thing wrong with watching Steve McQueen or Richard Widmark in Black & White. Missing the lovely blue eyes.
Morning! Our weekend starts at 11am with Richard Widmark, Dana Andrews & Robert Wagner in WWII thriller The Frogmen.
Richard Widmark Bio Richard Widmark was born in Minnesota and always had an interes
Superb cast: Sutherland, Redgrave, Richard Widmark, Christopher Lee, Lloyd Bridges + Bruce Greenwood in his first film role as 'Technician'.
I added a video to a playlist Run for the Sun 1956 Richard Widmark
Pickup on South Street with Richard Widmark and Jean Peters-thriller with a message
I figure I'll eventually end up like Richard Widmark in PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET, wily and living under a dock
Have you seen it? Irwin Allen kills Olivia DeHavilland, Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, and even Fred MacMurray!
Richard Widmark and Diana Wynne Jones in my case, but yes. Can we arrange for Nichelle Nichols to be immortal?
Don't Bother To Knock starring Richard Widmark & Marilyn Monroe. Haven't seen this one in a while. Holds up.
The film "'Forrest Gump' is a hymn to stupidity." Richard Widmark (& me)
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
BCR: Richard Widmark: A Princeton legend: Richard Widmark and his wife Jean were back in Princeton on Saturday...
"Tell your old lady I'm shaking down you Reds for 25 grand! Now get goin!" Richard Widmark in Sam Fuller's PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET...
Kicking back and watching and Richard Widmark,in The Alamo. Later on we have The Fastest Gun Alive. Love my classic Western movies.
Kiss Of Death August 27, 1947 Victor Mature Richard Widmark Brian Donl...: i love Victor Mature. this is why.
Have you ever seen this one? One of my fave film noirs. Richard Widmark amazes.
Next up, another man's man Richard Widmark on Movies!
Very cool pic of Richard Widmark, as Jim Bowie, from The Alamo press book (1960).
Richard Widmark was inducted into the Cowboy Museum Hall of Fame in 2002; see more:
Born on December 26 1716 Thomas Gray, English poet. 1792 Charles Babbage, English mathematician who perfected the calculating machine. 1891 Henry Miller, American writer. 1893 Mao Tse-tung, founding father of the People's Republic of China. 1894 Jean Toomer, poet and novelist who figured prominently in the Harlem Renaissance (Cane). 1905 William Loeb III, publisher of the Manchester Union Leader (later The New Hampshire Union Leader), one of the best-known small town newspapers in the US. 1907 Albert Gore Sr., US Senator from Tennessee who was instrumental in sponsoring and pushing through legislation that created America's Interstate Highway System. 1914 Richard Widmark, actor (Kiss of Death); member of Western Performers Hall of Fame. 1921 Steve Allen, radio and TV personality, actor, musician, comedian, writer; hosted The Steve Allen Show and I've Got a Secret; won a Grammy for his jazz composition "The Gravy Waltz" (1963). 1924 Frank Broyles, college football player and coach; memb ...
A "longshot" to sneak into the video collection,but if I hit it right,it will shove in, John Ford's final directing effort features Richard Widmark,James Stewart,Carroll Baker,Edward G. Robinson,and Karl Malden heading a fine cast about a painful exodus over 500 Cheyenne Indians made in 1877 to the native reservation on the Montana/Canada border from a barren reservation they were pinned up in Oklahoma Territory. From Mari Sandoz' book.
24 Oct, 1960, saw the release of The Alamo, dir. by John Wayne & also starred him & Richard Widmark & Laurence Harvey
William Wellman Jr.'s favorite actor on his dad's films: Richard Widmark, who took him out for milkshakes in Lone Pine at end of workday.
Night and the City 1950 British film noir s. Richard Widmark & Herbert Lom. A must see!
Hollywod "Public Health heroes"? how about Richard Widmark in 'Panic in the Streets'
How tall is Richard Widmark ? Who is Richard Widmark dating with ? - see at
maybe the WH should screen with Richard Widmark & Jack Palance
I put you in the same caliber of an actor, as Mr. Brando, Richard Widmark, Yul Brenner, John Wayne .
Watching one of my favorite "pacifier" movies: Them! from 1954. Giant ants. James Arness, Richard Widmark, and Edmund Gwynn. A favorite.
Like Richard Widmark pushing that old lady in the wheelchair down the flight of stairs in Kiss of Death, laughing?
Tonight, has a look at Richard Widmark's collection of movies
recommends Cheyenne Autumn (Richard Widmark, Carroll Baker, 1964) at 18:25 on TCM -
Richard Widmark made a blistering debut as psycho criminal Tommy Udo in the 1947 film noir Review:
Oh I loved Richard Widmark this association is tragic to me...
Mikey is just trying to do his best Richard Widmark impersonation.
Richard Widmark, asked if he voted for Ronald Reagan, replied: "Of course not. . . I've known him a long time."
I tend to go for the noir films, and thus more 30s-40s. Though I will watch anything with Richard Widmark.
Richard Widmark at the wheel of his Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine, the car he drove while making A Prize of
Letter of appreciation from Richard Widmark to Stanley Kubrick on 2001. cc…
Speaking of westerns you should watch Warlock. Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn and Richard Widmark all at there best.
Took delivery of a new DVD for my collection yesterday. "Judgement at Nuremberg" starring Spencer Tracy,Burt Lancaster, Marlene Dietrich, Richard Widmark, Montgomery Clift,Judy Garland and Maximillian Schell. Great, dramatic and thought-provoking flick. It's been so many years since it's been on Australian TV that I NEVER knew it was filmed in B&W. *we got colour tv transmission in 1975 btw
Should combine . the Richard Widmark show Madigan with Art Carney in Lanigan's Rabbi and become Lanigan Madigan.
1 In The Caine Mutiny Bogart played Cap Queeg who first choice Richard Widmark
Seems obvious that Willem Dafoe based his portrayal of Bobby Peru In "Wild at Heart" on Richard Widmark's superb turn in "Kiss of Death".
Watching "How the West Was Won" on TCM. One of my favorites. Read the book a few times years ago, and have seen this movie a few times. My favorite part.Linus says, "I'm going to see the Varmit". I've seen a bunch of Varmits in my life. It's got all of the greats, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, Gregory Peck, Richard Widmark, George Peppard , Debbie Reynolds, Harry Morgan. Hard to beat.
hey Rick the old movies were the best Richard widmark Donna reed ETC john sturges ETC
My fave westerns are The Searchers w/ the Duke and Natalie Wood, Stagecoach w/ John Carradine and like Richard Widmark/Clark Gable to boot.
Mar 24th, 2008, Richard Weedt Widmark, (b.1914) died at 93. Widmark was an American film, stage and
Greetings from a former English major who invites you to brush up your Shakespeare, as we prepare to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the most famous writer...well, possibly ever. On Saturday, April 19, our "Those Were the Days" program presents an afternoon of "The Bard on the Air," with radio productions of "Much Ado About Nothing" (starring Leslie Howard and Rosalind Russell), "The Taming of the Shrew" (starring John Barrymore), and a two-part production of "Othello" starring Richard Widmark in the role of Iago—plus, there may be a surprise or two (and no debate over who wrote what). The play's the thing beginning at 1:00 pm CST on WDCB (90.9 FM in Chicagoland; everywhere). Then on Sunday, our sister show Radio's Golden Age adds a little Bard of its own as James Stewart appears in "Hamlet" (well, sort of) as part of his short-lived western series, "The Six Shooter." We'll also have an Easter-time broadcast of "The Hallmark Playhouse" and comedy with George Burns and Gracie Allen. Join us a ...
Where is Richard Widmark of Film Noir Fame Now? - News - Bubblews
Gregory Peck, Anne Baxter and Richard Widmark star in Yellow Sky (1948), tonight at 7.05pm
Richard Widmark: sweaty anxiety and manic cackle.
Princess Alexandra meets the stars of Who Dares Wins, a film about the Special Air Services Regiment, at the charity premiere in London. (l-r) Lewis Collins, Richard Widmark and Ingrid Pitt. Date: 26/08/1982
February 16, 1977 ... * Sixty-year-old Walter Cronkite has signed a new contract agreeing to anchor the news at CBS until he retires. The contract continues Cronkite's current practice of taking ten weeks off per year... * It's finally over ... but it took the Illinois Senate 186 ballots to elect a president. Democratic Sen. John Knuppel shows his disgust on various ballots by voting for Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland and Big Bird. Later ... Knuppel is accused of throwing hot vegetable soup on two other senators and a reporter. He says he just bumped into them and spilled the soup accidentally. Ladies and gentlemen ... your tax dollars at work... * College basketball ... as Virginia upsets the 18th-ranked Clemson Tigers 71 - 65 in South Carolina... * At the movies ... Walt Disney's "Freaky Friday" plays at Ridge and Cloverleaf ... Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark and Petersburg's own Joseph Cotten star in "Twilight's Last Gleaming" at Willow Lawn and Trans-Lux ... and newcomer Sylvester Stallone cont ...
TONIGHT @ PPL AT 6:30 ~ Widmark Wednesday Movie A group of US Navy weathermen taking measurements in the Gobi desert during World War II, are forced to seek the help of Mongol nomads to regain their ship while under attack from the Japanese air force. The Mongols are rewarded by an airlift of the finest saddles. "This is an interesting movie depicting the clash of cultures between the Mongol nomads and the Americans. Sometimes you are wondering if the nom ads are actually helping the Americans. This is a unique WWII movie that is fast paced and Richard Widmark is great as the leader of a bunch of navy weathermen (who know nothing about sailing) and he turns them into sailors." ~Laurie~
Actress TINA LOUISE is 80 years old today. She is best known for her role as the beautiful movie star Ginger Grant on the situation comedy Gilligan's Island (1964–1967). Louise made her Hollywood film debut in 1958 in God's Little Acre. She became an in-demand leading lady for major stars like Robert Taylor, Richard Widmark and Robert Ryan, often playing somber roles quite unlike the glamorous pinup photographs and Playboy pictorials she had become famous for in the late 1950s. She appeared in a 1962 episode of The Real McCoys, the Walter Brennan sitcom, and in the 1964 beach party film For Those Who Think Young, with Bob Denver, prior to the development of Gilligan's Island. After the series ended in 1967, Louise continued to work in film and made numerous guest appearances in various television series. She appeared in the Matt Helm spy spoof The Wrecking Crew (1969) with Dean Martin. Louise played a doomed suburban housewife in the original The Stepford Wives (1975), and both the film and her performa ...
EVERYBODY LOVES TEXAS MOVIES THE ALAMO (1960 and 2.5 stars out of 5) The Alamo (1960) is the epic Texas historical story, although this film diverges greatly from the facts, of a small band of soldiers who sacrificed their lives in hopeless combat against a massive army in order to prevent a tyrant from smashing the new Republic of Texas. It was produced, directed and starred John Wayne along with a stellar cast that included Richard Widmark, Lawrence Harvey (Travis with a British accent) and Linda Cristal. This is the story of the Alamo and how Jim Bowie, Davy Crocket, and William Travis and their men came to together to try to defend the mission fortress and delay Santa Anna from taking Texas and destroying the bulk of the Texas army under Sam Houston’s command. This film was based on real events and should have been shot as close to the known facts as possible. The truth is a more interesting story than this embellished version. John Wayne was not a good director, nor one of my favorite actors. If th ...
Maxmillian Schell, Oscar winner for his scintillating role as the defense attorney in " Judgement at Nuremberg" is dead. (A star studded, powerful Stanley Kramer movie built on dialogue:-co-stars Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich) He exhibits his complete conquest of the stage, where he had donned the roles of Hamlet, Hitler, and Einstein! His standard could be compared only to the likes of Burton, O' Toole on stage. Brother of Maria Schell, Brothers Karamazov fame; he chose acting as a career. "It is like an award; it does not mean anything in itself. . . . A university degree is just a title. I don't think an artist should have a title." Let me recommend the film, it is an experience.
Maximilian Schell died yesterday. One of the greatest actors of his generation. Costarred alongside Marlon Brando, Dean Martin, and Montgomery Clift in Edward Dmytryk's "The Young Lions" (1958). And in a performance for the ages, he costarred in Stanley Kramer's "Judgment at Nuremberg" (1961) with Burt Lancaster, Spencer Tracy, Richard Widmark, Judy Garland, Montgomery Clift (again), Marlene Dietrich, and William Shatner. The movie was laden with big name actors, but Schell out-shined them all, by no small amount. His sister was the equally talented Maria Schell, star of René Clément's "Gervaise" (1956), and at the end of her life, three years before she died in 2005, Maximilian Schell directed a documentary film about whom he considered the greatest person in the world, called "My Sister Maria" (2002). Hopefully now someone can do the same for him.
ON A GENRE ROLL: Near the end of the popular disaster movie cycle of the 1970s, my husband, the late MCA/Universal Studios features VP Jennings Lang, conceived and produced ROLLERCOASTER (1977), which applied a degree of Hitchcockian, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN-style sensibility and suspense to the by-then highly formulaic genre. Timothy Bottoms stars as a thrill ride saboteur extorting money from the nation's major theme park operators; George Segal, as a safety inspector, gets drawn into the mad bomber's web and brings some wonderful world-weariness and comic relief to the tale. The great cast also includes Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, Harry Guardino, Susan Strasberg and -- in her only teenage big-screen role -- Helen Hunt. This seven-minute clip from the climax of the movie shows a bomb being discovered on the track of a new looping roller coaster that's making its debut as crowds await the first ride and the (still-active!) real-life band Sparks rocks out. At about the 5:40 mark here, I have a very brief w ...
Watching 1977's brilliant Rollercoaster with George Segal, Timothy Bottoms, Richard Widmark (R.I.P.), Henry Fonda (R.I.P.) and Helen Hunt right now on Turner Classic Movies (TCM), love this channel! :-)
New post: Garden of Evil - Garden of Evil—Gary Cooper, Susan Hayward, Richard Widmark, Cameron Mitchell, Hugh Marlowe, Victor Manuel Mendoza (1954; Dir: Henry Hathaway) During the California gold rush (putting this more or less in the 1850s), passengers on a steamship are stranded in Puerto Miguel on Mexico’s Pacific coast. They include Hooker (Gary Cooper), a former sheriff from Texas; []The post Garden of Evil appeared first on Great Western Movies.
So strange. I'm flipping channels, looking for a decent movie when I hit on "The Alamo" (2004) with Dennis Quaid and Billy Bob Thornton. Then I hit the button for the next channel and there's the 1960 version with John Wayne and Richard Widmark. Decisions, decisions. Or not. I know how both versions end.
udgment at Nuremberg is a 1961 American drama film dealing with the Holocaust, with non-combatant war crimes against a civilian population (i.e., crimes committed in violation of the Law of Nations or the Laws of War), and with the post-World War II geo-political complexity of the Nuremberg Trials. The picture was written by Abby Mann and directed by Stanley Kramer, and stars Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Maximilian Schell, Werner Klemperer, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, William Shatner, and Montgomery Clift. An earlier version of the story was broadcast as a television episode of Playhouse 90.[3] Schell and Klemperer played the same roles in this version as well. While the persecution of the Jews is shown (in newsreel footage) and discussed, the incidents and events of the film's plot largely relate to the domestic situation in Germany between the two World Wars, especially before Hitler's rise to power in 1933. The trial depicted in the film was part of the Subsequent Nuremberg Trial ...
Murder on the Orient Express (1974), directed by Sidney Lumet with an incredible cast of super-star actors: Albert Finney, Anthony Perkins, Ingrid Bergman, Jacqueline Bisset, John Gielgud, Lauren Bacall, Martin Balsam, Michael York, Richard Widmark, Sean Connery, and Vanessa Redgrave to name but the movie legends. Such fun to watch.
Vanessa Redgrave and Richard Widmark co-star attempting two of the worst accents (Norweigian and German) I've ever heard in a film.
Ecited...just changed channels and found a Gary Cooper movie! Thank god! Another guilty pleasure...any Gary Cooper movie.Fountainhead, Ten North Frederick, Garden of Evil with Susan Hayward and Richard Widmark!
Directed by Henry Hathaway. With Gary Cooper, Susan Hayward, Richard Widmark, Hugh Marlowe. A trio of American adventurers marooned in rural Mexico are recruited by a beautiful woman to rescue her husband trapped in cave in Apache territory
Barbara Jo Lawrence February 24, 1930 – November 13, 2013 Barbara Lawrence, the stunningly beautiful actress turned business woman and author who appeared in 30 films, 70 television shows and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, passed away peacefully on November 13, 2013 at the age of 83. Lawrence, best known for roles in Oklahoma!, A Letter to Three Wives, Unfaithfully Yours and The Street with No Name, appeared with such stars as Rock Hudson, Jeanne Crain, Bob Mitchum, Ann Miller, Rex Harrison, and Richard Widmark. She was considered a versatile actress by some of the most notable film directors of that era, including Joseph Mankewitz, Preston Sturges, Jules Dassin, and Fred Zinneman who cast her in comedic, noir and musical roles. Her star-turn in the Sci-Fi flick, Kronos has become a collectible. From the early fifties to the mid-sixties, Lawrence appeared in TV shows, including Perry Mason and Bonanza with stars such as James Garner, Michael Landon, Charles Bronson and James Coburn. While ...
Ok Jacquie Lyons Askew gave me number 6 1. I "worked with" Sidney Poitier, Richard Widmark, Gene Wilder, and Gilda Radner. 2. My most favorite job ever was working at The New England Aquarium 3. I met Vinnie while working there in1980 :) 4. I can't swim but love the water 5. I love watching sad movies that make me cry. I love a good cry! It's good for the soul 6. I have two beautiful grandchildren and one on the way! :)
Actor and Producer Burt Lancaster was born on this date (November 2 [died October 1994]] )n 1913 in New York City. Building a career as a man conflicted with his own moral dilemmas in Film Noir’s , Lancaster took on more challenging roles garnering rave reviews and adulation from the public and respect from his peers. As film producer in the 1950 s , Lancaster collaborated with Ben Hecht on the MARTY (Best Picture, 1955), TRAPEZE, an international hit in 1956, the dark and gritty dram SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS in 1959 co-starred an exceptional Tony Curtis, and others. Leading Ladies included Yvonne de Carol, Deborah Kerr , Virginia Mayo, Shirley Booth, Barbara Stanwyck, Katherine Hepburn, Lee Remick and Jean Simmons. Co starring male leads were Clark Gable, Kirk Douglas, Laurence Oliver, Federic March, Richard Widmark, and Edward G. Robinson. Nominated for a prolific number of national and international film awards, Lancaster won 1 AA, 3 NY Film Critics, 1 Golden Globe, the Berlin Silver Bear, The ...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Just re-watched BORN INNOCENT and now watching TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER. Now, Linda Blair, Honor Blackman, Christopher Lee, Denholm Elliot, Natasa Kinski, Kim Hunter, Richard Widmark, Richard Jaeckel and Joanna Miles are superstars. Why aren't there actors like that in movies anymore?
No surprise that NIGHT AND THE CITY is one of the jewels for Noir City Chicago. Richard Widmark's Fabian is the guy we hate to love.
George C Marshall sounded a lot like Richard Widmark.
KISS OF DEATH, a seminal film noir and the debut of actor Richard Widmark, opened on this date in 1947.
Richard Widmark is tremendous in this film as an amoral thug. A star making performance.
This gritty crime drama stars Victor Mature, Brian Donlevy and Richard Widmark in the major roles.
Yes, the Roberts! Also, Sterling Hayden and Richard Widmark. Almost like we need to do a noir guy pinup calendar.
Photoset: Two legends collide: Richard Widmark in the 1970 film version of Elmore Leonard’s The Moonshine...
. Hi,. Nice to meet you. I'm an old movie fan of Glenn Ford & Richard Widmark. So, may I have your this lovely movie. Thanks!
Panic in the Streets starring Richard Widmark and Jack Palance
Can you name the movie that included all these people in the cast: Carroll Baker, James Stewart, Gregory Peck, George Peppard, Debbie Reynolds, John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, Walter Brennan, Lee J. Cobb, Harry Morgan, Karl Malden, Robert Preston, Spencer Tracy, Agnes Moorehead. Pretty amazing that almost every well know actor living was in a single movie. The 1962 picture was one of the last "old-fashioned" epic films made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to enjoy great success. The Academy Award winning picture is, “How the West Was Won.”
Pistol-packing tomboy, and grandfather come to discover band of bank robbing bandits taking refuge in the neighboring ghost town.
Am I the only one missing Charles Bronson ???
Speaking of: just saw him in awesome Richard Widmark movie called "Time Limit" & he's like 20 years old
If you don't like what the Obama administration is doing to prevent terrorism, think about what it will be like in the next Republican administration.
Prize of Gold original film still feat Richard Widmark
Thank God for John Wayne week to ease me off my sports withdrawls.AMC
Saw Time Limit starring Richard Widmark again. Loved this film.
Night and the City: A revisit of the British noir's iconic film locations Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: Andrew Pulver revisits loca...
Mrs. Pat is settled in for the night. She is so happy we found a good movie on TV. "How the West was Won" Staring John Wayne, George Peppard, Debbie Reynolds, James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, Harry Morgan, Gregory Peck, Walter Brennon, Eli Wallach, Lee J. Cobb, Agnes Moorehead, Spencer Tracy, Thema Titter, Andy Devine, Robert Preston, Carolyn Jones, Brigid Bazlev and Karl Malden. This is so many stars in one movie.
OMG! If you've got a moment. Just finished watching a little known classic movie. I've never even heard of this and I can run most war movie buffs into the ground. The movie is "Time Limit", playing on TMC this week. A pair of *** (Richard Widmark & Richard Basehart), June ("Lassie, go find Timmy!") Lockhart, Marty Balsam, a very young Rip Torn, and directed by Karl Malden. Excellent post-Korean War epic about the after effects of North Korean psycho-torture of American POW's, honor, duty, and "The Code". Ripping (pun intended) good story, extremely well acted and directed. This would be my second Korean War favorite movie. The first (Pork Chop Hill) also features Rip Torn (of "Men in Black" fame). The best of the best Korean War flicks ("Steel Helmet") is SO little seen as to be nearly non-exsistant. Scare up a copy of "Time Limit", you'll love it!
Watching a great classic film tonite called Time Limit. Starring richard widmark, Richard Basehart, rip torn, martin balsam and june lockhart and directed by Karl Malden !
More wind, lightning and water spouts this evening and, of course, some stupid fools go out into the worst of it by the Sunshine Skyway and are now awaiting rescue...our tax dollars at work.
For anyone who likes good Armed Forces movies, try to watch this gem called; ''Time Limit''. It is now concluding on TCM, so look for it, in maybe four to six weeks as the channel recycles its movies. It has Richard Widmark and Richard Basehart in it, and directed by Karl Malden. Wonderful movie.
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