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Richard Whiteley

John Richard Whiteley, OBE, DL (28 December 1943 – 26 June 2005) was an English broadcaster and journalist, best known for his twenty-three years as host of the game show Countdown.

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like when Richard Whiteley won the FA cup.
Reminds me of this: Johnny Vaughan searching madly to watch Lions in Spain & ended up at Richard Whi…
Richard Whiteley Award to : truly awful, groan-making genius.
Richard Whiteley... Victor Spinetti... also Quentin Wilson was on but that was depressing just because he's plain awful.
King Richard Prom 2017 ~ Hope you had an amazing prom held at Solent Hotel, Whiteley LIMO HI…
King Richard School Prom 2017 ~ Hope you all enjoyed your prom held at Solent Hotel, Whiteley
It is lovely 😍 but I can't get that image of Richard Whiteley's famous ferret interview out of my head! 😜
Didn't expect to see this poster this morning in Merton Park. Reminds me of the Richard Whiteley ferret interview!…
And I'm seeing Richard Whiteley getting his finger chewed on a chat show all over again...
Aye. The years of Richard Whiteley perving over her have taken their toll!
that Countdown king Richard Whiteley might have been an MI5 spy?!
Yes! Make my day! Please say Richard Whiteley is in too! .
So, was Richard Whiteley a spy? Not according to his wife. And apparently, his old brown Ford Escort is proof.…
Richard Whiteley a spy? Would have been in the remake of 'Dr NOUN' of course.
(Yorkshire Evening Post):Did favourite Richard Whiteley really take part in an plot to jail..
Richard Whiteley was part of MI5 plot to have me jailed, claims Ricky Tomlinson
Ricky Tomlinson: 'Countdown's Richard Whiteley was a spy' - ...
Richard Whiteley was a Government spy says Ricky Tomlinson. (There's a headline you don't see every day). I suspect vowel…
“Richard Whiteley from Countdown was a member of the intelligence services.”
Richard Whiteley, an MI5 agent?. My *** Anyone who ever saw the guy bumbling around in TV in the 70s knows better.
Ricky Tomlinson claims Countdown’s Richard Whiteley was a member of the British Intelligence Services...
Ricky Tomlinson: If I'd known Richard Whiteley was a spy at the time I'd have strangled him
Ricky Tomlinson: 'Richard Whiteley was a member of the intelligence services'.
Former Countdown presenter Richard Whiteley was an MI5 spy, claims Ricky Tomlinson
In case the news hasn't been weird enough for you Ricky Tomlinson says Richard Whiteley was a security service agent
I had hoped that a story about Richard Whiteley working as a spy would be less depressing.
Tomlinson claims the film was "designed, written, made and paid for by the security services".
Or no - wait - maybe this is what Ricky Tomlinson wants so that someone will cast him AS Richard Whiteley
More MAIL on last link. Ricky Tomlinson claims Richard Whiteley was a spy
OMG give me a UK remake of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ABOUT RICHARD WHITELEY
I recommend putting on your best Chris Morris voice to read this headline
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Cc: this is potentially explosive Richard Whiteley news
disgusting porky was overlooked 2 open in Chester but these spy claims so…
Ricky Tomlinson has made a shocking claim about Countdown host Richard Whiteley
'Countdown's Richard Whiteley was a spy' Not a headline you expect every day. Hats off to the Chester Chronicle
Ricky Tomlinson claims Richard Whiteley was a Mi5 spy so was Jimmy Savile, child procurement spe…
And Sam Rockwell could play Richard Whiteley in the movie.
Of course he was, and Carol Vorderman was in the SAS. 😂
Favourite story of the week: Was Richard Whiteley an MI5 spy?
Richard Whiteley a spy? I always thought he was whiter than whiteley.
Ricky Tomlinson claims Richard Whiteley was a spy via
The 77-year-old actor believes the former Countdown presenter - who fronted the show for more than 20 years - wa...
Ricky Tomlinson claims Richard Whiteley was a spy
Actor Ricky Tomlinson claims late Richard Whiteley was an undercover agent for MI5
Unexpected headline of the day/all time. Ricky Tomlinson claims Richard Whiteley was a spy
Ricky Tomlinson claims late star Richard Whiteley was an undercover MI5 AGENT
Ricky Tomlinson tells our reporter that late Countdown host Richard Whiteley was a government spy.
Richard Whiteley will be turning in his grave at the *** that is, Carol Vorderman.
I share my bday with Maggie Smith, Nigel Kennedy and Richard Whiteley so I'm an Oscar-winning violinist who got bitten by a ferret.
I owe my literacy to a combination of Richard Whiteley & David Meek. Mark Hughes complicated transfer to Barça & a vowel please!
It's fair to say Nick Hewer is no Richard Whiteley in terms of presentation of Countdown
Click this link to read our blog on Richard Whiteley! Please leave your comments!
this is reminding me of when Richard Whiteley's microphone obscured the 'O' on his Countdown tie. Leave it with me.
I'd have gone for Richard Whiteley's face.
Fans of the late Richard Whiteley will be happy to see Carol working with *** again…
Oh no, has that tape of you giving Richard Whiteley a 68 (you go down on him & he owes you one) in our loo got out?
I definitely thought that was Richard Whiteley
Not sure how he's in ahead of Richard Whiteley !!!
sad that the Adam Smith Institute still exists. Never trust a man who's suit looks like one richard whiteley would have worn.
16 minutes of chat on before they picked the first letters. Richard Whiteley will be turning in his grave.
Carol Vorderman and Rachel Riley having a fight over a sexy Richard Whiteley - as requested by Dave Sanderson
For years I've told people Richard Whiteley was married to Kim Darby, original True Grit actress. It is, in fact, *** Result of dream?
Indeed - like a young Richard Whiteley in that jacket
Fell asleep with TV on last night & Countdown was on mid-sleep. Dreamt I was a contestant & Richard Whiteley complimented my tie. True story
I used to laugh when the lovely Richard Whiteley used to mention that he was the Mayor of Wetwang. What a great place name :)
It didn't quite seem right having Richard Whiteley on AFTER Look North,anyway.. (Found it whilst trying to find The Avengers..)
In a parallell universe Richard Whiteley presented in Rimini. This was the soundtrack:
Rotten Challenge TV.Replaced Richard Whiteley & Countdown with the crap Chase.Seems TV is just Homes Under The Hammer, Chase or Pointless...
I don't normally do requests, unless I'm asked to. Richard Whiteley
Richard Heald-The Last Octochamp in the Richard Whiteley era of Countdown. GSOH.
Do you like countdown? I was the last octochampion under Richard Whiteley. See that is not an answer to the question!!
At home watching old Countdown with Richard WHITELEY on Challenge TV!
Richard Whiteley was great though. He was the man!
Watching classic Countdown. Came up with a word and Richard Whiteley pointed straight at me and said yeah! Fright of my life
Carol Vorderman has totally transformed since that *** Richard Whiteley died, bet he used to tell her she looked fat on Countdown
That's a Honey Nut Loop-y attempt at punning. For the love of Richard Whiteley, raise your game.
Currently watching vintage countdown on challenge. It was at it's best with you and the late Richard Whiteley.
Countdown repeats on challenge with Richard Whiteley. Blimey.
This is great! on , Richard Whiteley and no - if only could be superimposed on it
Original 'Countdown' on ChallengeTV with the late great Richard Whiteley. Bloody great.
Or one of Richard Whiteley's rejected ties. Idents aside, most of the Pres is OK but am still otherwise unsold.
Thanks to Neil Hudson for his piece on Richard Whiteley's tenth anniversary plan to raise money for YP Fri
I was in next urinal to John Thaw shortly before he died, then the same with Richard Whiteley. Celebs now av…
Watching that episode of when a blind man went around the track faster than Richard Whiteley and Terry Wogan.
Great night with such beautiful, talented, innovative and gracious people | Robert Foster, Gretel Harrison, Richard Whiteley
Which probably means that Richard Whiteley faked his death and that's what he looks like now.
Dear Jim, could you paint that time Richard Whiteley took down a crocodile with his bare hands? -Greg Linwood
Talking Countdown, you actually remind me of a young Richard Whiteley.
Richard Burbage, 41, of Whiteley, Hampshire, then tried to fight an expert in martial arts who attempted to break up the argument in the
Give us a follow & keep us honest! Free ticket to our March 21st show, in Newcastle; you can be our Richard Whiteley.
pretty sure Richard Whiteley was Mayor there.
there is a Richard Whiteley Theatre ! Didn't know that !
right, off to Richard Whiteley Theatre in Gigglewick in a minute to set up for tonight's cartoon gig with
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is Sexy and we have the pics to prove it:
too much last of the summer wine and Richard Whiteley on Calendar sent them daft. We never had that with Bob Greaves & Gordon Burns
Some birthdays: 1987 – Hannah Tointon, English actress who played Katy Fox in Hollyoaks (it says here). She left the show in 2007 to further her career. If The Bill was still going she'd be in that. But it's not, so she's not. In it. 1943 – Richard Whiteley, English journalist who hosted Countdown so that students and old people had something to do weekday afternoons. Some perved at Carol, some actually played along and others (me) admired Susie Dent when she fingered through her hardback OED, looking all coy and that. Tbh I find her rather sexy. Sexicographer. Richard died in 2005 from ferret bites... one large one and five small ones. 1943 – Keith Floyd, English chef and author. Like his brother Pink, he was often Comfortably Numb. 1908 – Lew Ayres, American actor and something you find on public toilets. Eew.
Cheese & onion Pringles dream: I was watching tv and laughing at the music being played in an article about Prince William; 'I just can't wait to be King' from the Lion King. Then Countdown came on and the theme tune was The Final Countdown and it really was the final one and Richard Whiteley had come back from the dead to host it. Then they had a musical interlude (?!) and Carol Vorderman and Rachel Riley were singing (and I am enraged at this) 'These Words' by Natasha bloody Bedingfield. I can't believe (or understand why) this woman has managed to invade my head like this! Anyway, then I was at school and hiding in that little telephone cupboard they used to have near the main archway. The sky went really dark and I could hear a low rumbling, and people were stopping what they were doing and looking at the sky. Then I saw someone I knew, a boy I had a major thing for at school, and I was about to shout to him to come and hide with me, but suddenly he was sucked up by a force of nature befitting the Wiz ...
The first TV programme launched on Channel 4 was the gameshow 'Countdown' in 1982, then hosted by Richard Whiteley & Carol Vorderman.
Lauren Laverne describing Lamarr as "the Richard Whiteley" of the show. Which makes sense as Mark Lamarr's now dead too it seems..
About 5 people have snap chatted me the picture of Richard of inbertweeners and saying its
Funny no matter how many times it gets seen. Richard Whiteley's Gotcha (1999)
I broke my leg & had a dream. Didn't involve the FA Cup but a screaming Richard Whiteley in drag with a leather clad dwarf
Well both presented Countdown, but yes Richard Whiteley is no longer with us, Des very much alive.
I.. erm.. I thought he'd died. I'm SURE Des Lynam was dead. Perhaps I was thinking of Richard Whiteley?
True but strange: Richard Whiteley was Mayor of Wetwang.
hi mate i have spoken to Richard tonight and he is pretty certain that's its only the 5 of us doing it. Hope this ok.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I once met Richard Whiteley.He had a taxi from buttermarket to train station. Moaned my ford wasn't a limo. No tip!
Was it the time Russell Harty was there? He taught Richard Whiteley.
At the Dales Food and Drink Festival; of course the Richard Whiteley Pavilion.
Don't forget today (6 May) is the last day of the Dales Festival of Food & Drink at Leyburn - Richard Whiteley Pavilion. Do check it out!
.What we must know is if the game makers added a dimension of reality by showing an awkwardly blushing CGI Richard Whiteley.
DFL LIVE LOUNGE At London's premier venue at Baku AND YOU'RE ALL INVITED! Hosted by TV Presenter and personality Richard Kays as seen on BBC3 and the Discove...
Countdown is awesome... not the same without Richard Whiteley, Rachel Riley's an improvement though...
Many did - I remember Richard Whiteley saying to me that he preferred Stott's "meaty acting chops."
Bren: I thought you said he looked like Richard Madeley! Jean: I meant Richard Whiteley!
As of tonight, I've heard (on three different occasions) firsthand testimony that the following persons were all cocaine users: Ian Botham (a cricketer), Richard Whiteley (presenter of British Channel 4 Word Game promgramme "Countdown") and J.H. Prynne (British Experimental Poet). (Personally I've never had a single line in my life.)
Watching for the 1st time in ages... Richard Whiteley is hugely missed... Carol Vorderman not so much.
It was quite emotional watching Carol Vorderman talking about the late Richard Whiteley on PM life stories
think you're doing a fine job on Countdown, bringing back the same warmth which the great late Richard Whiteley had.
Piers Morgan: /via or is it Richard Whiteley: Cliff Mitchelmore: ?!!
After an absence of many years I’ve started watching Channel 4’s Countdown show again. I think Richard Whiteley was still the presenter when I last tuned in. The latest presenter is Nick Hewer of The Apprentice. Nick certainly has a different approach to presenting compared to the whimsical style Whiteley used to great effect. A little stern and with the driest of wits, he has taken some getting used to. However, I’ve persisted with the show (a nice change from the endless flow of reality TV and talent shows) and his style has really grown on me. I’m sure he wasn’t the obvious choice for the front man of the show, but well done Channel 4 for daring to be different. . - Quizzical, Rudies Dundee
Haven't watched Countdown since I was a student, ironically I graduated the same week Richard Whiteley died, but if he could see Nick Hewer
Watching Countdown. That host, Nick Hewer, is rubbish. The sooner they bring Richard Whiteley back the better.
Also, he just mixed up Trevor McDonald and Terry Wogan...who he thought was Richard Whiteley from Countdown.
If you phone Yorkshire Television, he's on extension 321. Don't call on Mondays, Richard Whiteley uses the dressing room.
I'm 6'2", Scottish, like milkshakes & Rachel Bilson & once was told off by Countdown's late host Richard Whiteley
The graphic for Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park = Three episodes of Countdown (with Richard Whiteley)
When it comes to Richard Whiteley I think Carol Vorderman sums it up nicely...
This fella Nick Hewer, has ruined Countdown for me. I know he's dead, but Richard Whiteley could still do a better job.
Jeff Stelling? It was always Richard Whiteley for me!
Countdown lost me when the late Richard Whiteley sadly passed away and when Carol Vords left the show! Jeff Stelling was also great!
"Gyles Brandreth Wins At Chester"... Not sure if that's a Tory seat or an arm-wrestling match with Richard Whiteley
Richard Whiteley was incomparable as host. Nick Hewer is still good, though.
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