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Richard Strauss

Richard Georg Strauss (11 June 1864 – 8 September 1949) was a leading German composer of the late Romantic and early modern eras.

Also Sprach Zarathustra Der Rosenkavalier Don Juan Four Last Songs Oscar Wilde Don Quixote

Flight of the Valkyries - Wilhelm Richard Wagner. Mars the Bringer of War - Gustav Holst. The Four Seasons - Antonio…
You've only missed the opening notes by the with Richard Strauss's »Also Sprach Zarathustra«. Tune in now for…
Live from the in Bayerischen Rundfunks & Mariss Jansons plays Mahler…
Blood, sex, violence & incest, but subtlety too: Richard Strauss' Salome at Covent Garden
Jim Levine is playing Richard Strauss — Sonata for Cello & Piano, in F Major, Op 6 —
"He writes that magnificent nature into every single measure of this music.". takes you inside Richard St…
I'm not a Karajan fan, but his Richard Strauss recordings wer…
Paul Hindemith was prolific and fun. The night his "String Quartet in C Major, Opus 16" was premi…
Yesterday I had the luck of meeting Peter, from Switzerland. He's a big Richard Strauss's fan…
Man, I'm so excited for this concert tonight. My brother, Paul, is playing Richard Strauss'…
Be part of Mariss unleashing elementary forces in Heldenleben by Richard [12. Jan,…
Listen to Richard Strauss: An Alpine Symphony (Inside the Music) by Los Angeles Philharmonic on
Just realized that the plot of The Last Jedi more or less parallels Richard Strauss's Till Eulenspiegel.
Related: as a child, I thought that Sprach Zarathustra was a German composer, and that we had a record…
Justin Moss, FGO's Director of Broward Operations and Outreach, take you into the history of Richard Strauss's Salo…
At today’s we’ve got a picture of Richard Strauss at the Berlin premiere of his »Arabella« for y…
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Maestro Metamorphosen by Richard . Have you a favourit…
A delightful little clip of the Woodwind Ensemble playing Serenade by Richard Strauss, conducted by guest...
Composer Richard Strauss and basketball great Dirk Nowitzki are both Bavarian natives
What a great album release performed by the impressive of two orchestral masterpiec…
Jewish Fascism in Chicago with Leo Strauss & David Horowitz & Richard Spencer Exposed!
I was going to say Richard Strauss but I see I’m not the first.
Waltzes on the brain as I prepare to host the 25th Annual Winter Waltz. It's Sunday Evening January…
Free Book Download : The Origins and Roles of Instrumental Music in the Operas of Richard Strauss PDF -…
Richard Strauss : Burleske for Piano and Orchestra in D minor - Rudolf Serkin, Piano - Philadelphia Orchestra, Euge…
Reminiscing about playing Richard Strauss’ Blue Danube on chickens last year. Jam hot!!
On tenor Bruce Sledge, last heard here in 2014's double bill of Mozart's The Impresario and Stravinsky's Le Rossign…
The Beauty is the Beast: Malin Byström sings a chilling Salome
Congratulations to alumna and ex-member Jessica Barlow who made her debut in Richard Straus…
I added a video to a playlist Richard Strauss: Alpensinfonie (Mariss Jansons) [LIVE]
1905 Salome, a Musikdrama by Richard Strauss (41) to words of Oscar Wilde (tr. Lachmann), was performed for th…
I'm Abendrot . (At Sunset). Richard Strauss. Through sorrow and joy we have gone hand in hand. From our wandering we…
ok, this soundtrack just went from Richard Strauss to Johann Strauss
Richard Strauss conducts Also Sprach Zarathustra (in very good sound). Sunday morning wake up tune.…
Ah Richard Strauss. Come for the fiery Nietzscheanism, stay for the sanguine meditations on modern life.
Is the intro from square one somehow related to Richard Strauß' Zarathustra? (Listen on YT Repeat ↺RT❤)
Also Sprach Zarathustra Op.30 - Richard Strauss - I adore this. Great Programme this morning (as usual).
Classical music: Today is the start of Fall. Here is autumnal music by Richard Strauss. Plus, … via
Love Richard Strauss too, going to have to add that to my list of places to visit. :)
I added a video to a playlist Gundula Janowitz - The role of Richard Strauß´s Arabella (Interview)
Here's on what urban "anchors" like Amazon and Google owe their cities.
Happy Birthday JESSYE NORMAN. Here she is in all her glory singing the first song that Richard Strauss every...
Can't bloody stand all those Strauss Waltzes etc. Richard is the only one
“And I like Strauss and Mozart and all that, but the priceless gift that African Americans gave the world when...
Only 2 chances left to see stunning production of ELEKTRA 9/22 & 9/27. Read all about it:…
So thoroughly besotted with Richard Strauss wishing I'd been born in Germany so I could wrap all these delicious wo…
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🎼🎺🎶 "Never look encouragingly at the brass, except a quick glance to give an important cue". –Richard Strauss
Composers at their desks:. Richard Strauss by Rene Fosshag, 1942. Classic!
Delighted to be seeing production of Richard Strauss' Salome in January. Can't wait.
Richard Strauss via asking all the tough questions.
Very glad I got myself to - fresh clean production design and committed cast. Weekday Richard Strauss is the best...
Richard Strauss :(. (except the first bit from Also Sprach Zarathustra). although I acknowledge his prom…
Due to obsession with German lieder by Richard Strauss and listening to Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, have committed to le…
Yep! It was by a Strauss, but Richard (no relation to Johann, who wrote the Blue Da…
Hmm🤨... Try some Tchaikovsky, Richard Strauss or, better still, Wagner key changes and you'll soon change your mind…
Romance is in the air this fall as Arabella, Richard Strauss' love letter to Vienna, hits the Four Seasons Centre:…
I will go there because I never heard this opera before. And it's Richard Strauss.
May 16, 1906 Graz, Austria "Salome" by Richard Strauss based on the work of Oscar Wilde that was banned in London...
Suns coming up ...Richard Strauss is the lieder of the pack this morning
Richard Strauss's father Franz was also a composer.
I find myself thinking about that James Blish short story, “A work of art” or something? The one with the recreation of Richard Strauss.
Richard Strauss: Ein Heldenleben performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall on 7/10 at 12PM -…
"I have enjoyed most particularly reading the correspondence between Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss. The genuine friendship, competiti...
Family Crest and Richard Strauss unplaced and Sweetasever wins Navan 4.10
very poor run and strange ride on the Bolger nag in the last.. I am leaving Bolger's nag in this 4:10 and having an ew on Richard Strauss 7s
Today is the 153rd anniversary of Richard Strauss's birthday. Which is a good excuse to repost this!…
Lyrics of the last song written by Richard Strauss, "Im Abendrot"
The Suite and finale from Richard Strauss' "Cavalier of The Rose." NMF Symphony Orchestra, Saturday, June 10 at...
Harry Potter the musical by Richard Strauss ... the stuff you do is so cool
I added a video to a playlist All Souls Day in Philippines-"ALLERSEELEN" - Richard Strauss/by WiSH in
Trivia: The game of Covfefe was introduced to England by Richard the Lionheart in 1189. It originated in Normandy as “Coeur Féfé”.
"The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is the most difficult to play." . -- Richard Strauss.
Like in your team Leinster. Richard Strauss. He is an old Cheetahs player. Then I'd this happend you must come to SA.
Got a free download of Der Rosenkavalier: Suite Op 59 by Richard Strauss from .! 😀U can get a copy here
Me before: Richard Strauss is a genius. After listening to pieces from Salomé and Der Rosenkavalier: RICHARD STRAUSS IS A FILTHY SWINE
Richard Strauss: Le bourgeois gentilhomme Suite & Couperin Suite - Academy of St. Martin in the Fields & Sir……
The ads during this show are infuriating. Verizon using "Also Sprach Zarathustra" is an insult to both Richard Strauss and Kubrick.
Plans tonight n SALOME at Richard Strauss evolutionary score . and scandalous Oscar Wilde drama:.
Just now after Pittsburgh Opera's production of Richard Strauss's Salome. After this week, I needed that. A little…
we were studying Richard Strauss's Also Sprach Zarathustra Op. 30 in the movie 2001 space odyssey - that might of caused the nightmare
Making new videos on my spare time. Here I am playing Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss from the movie...
Setting up the mood for today's work. Also Sprach Zarathustra - Richard Strauss ♫
"Is Levi and Levi Strauss the same thing?" - Richard 2k16
"Different Dancing Sweets, and Richard Strauss, for Ratmansky’s New Ballet" by MICHAEL COO…
Music by Richard Strauss, Cesar Franck and Antonin Dvorak on today's Midday Concert on
on playing Richard Strauss's "Also Sprach Zarathustra", better known as openig theme of...
4 Letzte Lieder for voice and orchestra (AV.150), Im Abendrot - Richard Strauss beautiful at breakfast
The Ladies' Man of Opera The surprising and touching story of how Richard Strauss' marriage insp...
"Never look at the trombones, it only encourages them"--Richard Strauss
Prof Michael Strauss & J. Richard Gott w/ Neil deGrasse Tyson explain the big bang — and everything else htt…
Very curious about new for spring: Whipped cream, a 2-act ballet set to Richard Strauss. Sounds yummy!
Percussion students of Richard Brown and Matthew Strauss present a concert of chamber music tonight at 8PM in Duncan.
Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I think 'ski'. Dr K thinks 'Richard Strauss's home'. At least we agree we should go.
Curious hearing Kiki Dee choose Richard Strauss' 'Fruhling' as part of her radio show just now
This season of The Met: Live in HD simulcasts closes with the very electric "Elektra" by Richard Strauss. Grab...
Listening to Carlos Kleiber's version of Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss these days. Trio at end of last act is an astonishing beauty.
That's interesting, Saint-Saens and Richard Strauss (particularly Der Rosenkavalier) are two of my late father's favorites.
A concert featuring the works of Richard Strauss and Elliot Carter under the baton of Daniel .
The Renée Fleming guide to singing (and loving) Richard Strauss, like a complete BOSS
that Anna Korondi appeared at the Bavarian State Opera as Zdenka in Arabella by Richard Strauss and in…
Posted a new song: "2001 Theme by Linda L Bennett and Richard Strauss"
Is listening to Richard Strauss and not wanting to truncate or fade it a good excuse for being late?
Beautiful start on Radio3: "And unattendedly the soul. wants to take wings freely.." Hermann Hesse and Richard Strauss, "Beim schlafengehen"
You are lucky. Maybe next time you try the other Strauss: Richard Strauss - Der Rosenkavalier
About your Valzacchi , the review by | Bravo !
About Rosenkavalier from Glyndebourne, the review by |
Richard Strauss hailed Elgar as a progressive.
Richard Strauss your pieces are too long!
and we all know how Richard Strauss felt about trombones.
Richard Strauss is my spirit animal.
And we're off to see this in Frankfurt on the 30th :))). Richard Strauss:. The Rosenkavalier Suite.
Richard Strauss in 1894 at 30 shortly after conducting the premiere of Engelbert Humperdinck' Hänsel und Gretel...
My answer to Have any other composers come near to Wagner for sheer emotionalism - Mahler or Richard Strauss…
This would've been so much cooler synced to some Richard Strauss. But cool anyways!! :)))
I've been exposed to a lot of Richard Strauss's Macbeth recently. It's actually not bad.
Richard Strauss trying to ride a sled.
H. Brian dedicated the work to Richard Strauss, who in a letter of acknowledgement described it as magnificent. +
'Do not look at the trombones - it only encourages them.' (- usually attributed to Richard Strauss)
January 6, 1899: Theodore Thomas leads the in the US premiere of Richard Strauss's Don Quixote.
Now Playing Richard Strauss, Leopold String Trio - Variations on "Deandl is a...
Tonight at 8, soprano joins and for music from the intimate side of Richard Strauss
so Mr. Philsinger just came into stapley when I was playing Richard Strauss and said I have the most beautiful tone 😁👍
Join us in April for a week in Berlin, 5 Richard Strauss Operas at the Deutsche Oper + full programme of sightseeing
Sparing any brass blushes- Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme Suite of Richard Strauss up shortly on https:/…
2016 AT The Donna Anna and the Four Last Songs of Richard Strauss
Richard Strauss' last opera Cappricio conducted by Philippe Bach at Theater Meiningen. Audio Review on BR...
2 suggestions for the tingle factor: Farewell to Stromness by Peter Maxwell Davies and Morgen by Richard Strauss
Richard Strauss, German composer known for 'Der died on this day in 1849.
Interested in Why not check out the streaming music "Der Rosenkavalier" by Richard Strauss:
From the blog archive: Wiener Philharmoniker Fanfare by Richard Strauss
..Not just composers like Richard Strauss, Debussy, Mahler etc. but figures like Nietzsche, Adorno, Bernard Shaw and Thomas Mann.
In a desperate effort to read Oedipus Rex I'm listening to Richard Strauss and I feel so basic.
Countdown to Richard Strauss' Daphne at Avery Fisher Hall! Will call window guy asked me if I'm a singer because he said I look like one 😭
My review of Eric Schulz's great Richard Strauss documentary At the End of the Rainbow:
My old friend Tom is the first composer since Richard Strauss to conduct his own work at the Vienna State Opera.
salon97: More in honor of Richard Strauss! An "Also Sprach Zarathustra" smorgasborg:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Emma Bell does birthday boy Richard Strauss proud with her 'ravishing' 'sumptuous' performance
Happy birthday Richard Strauss! We love this fabulous interpretation of Also Sprach Zarathustra:
That Richard Strauss could turn an entire orchestra into a Sachertorte. Yum, I said.
066) Germany Berlin 1954 - Fifth anniversary of the death of Richard Strauss
Just 1% of the ocean is fully protected. Countries must act to protect marine life on the high seas
is a revolutionary music service. You'll hear bands such as Russian Red Army Choir, Rage against the machine, Richard Strauss!
Jan 25 1909- Richard Strauss's opera Elektra receives its debut performance at the Dresden State Opera
Judge Richard Strauss is presiding over the case. .
. Richard Strauss when he visited London in the late 1940s
We all could be copying the person above but Richard Strauss!
The conductor is Richard Strauss. The sinister looking cove just above his right shoulder is the late Mr Arnold Thritt.
Richard Strauss - Romanze in F for Cello and Orchestra
Review: production of Richard Strauss’ “Bourgeois comedy with musical interludes”, Intermezzo
We've got the slow movement from Richard Strauss's Violin Sonata as this week's free download. Enjoy it!:
Our composer of the week is Richard What are your favourite recordings?
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Just learned Richard Strauss wrote for solo piano - listening to Piano Sonata now. Great piece -how have I not heard this until now?
o ranking da gramophone: Richard Strauss's Salome: which recording is best? |
Our Bible Institute course of the week is Lessons From The Life Of David by Dr. Richard Strauss. Click to learn more!
That was Richard Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra" played by Flames organist in Calgary.
Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra. Not exactly the right soundtrack for
No one wants to quit when he's losing and no one wants to quit when he's winning. -Richard Strauss
Reports it will be installed to the strains of Richard Strauss' 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' remain unconfirmed.
I want this to be a black monolith unveiled with music from Richard Strauss as Ed hits an animal skull with a bone
I plan to see Richard Strauss's ARIADNE AUF NAXOS performed by the on 5/16. :-).
Eine Alpensifonie - Richard Strauss. The more I listen to it, the more I have to add on to the essay I wrote half a year ago.
V good. Love Velkley. MT + the Premises of by Richard L. Velkley
and the Premises of by Richard L. Velkley via
HS kids going to prom, I'm home alone watching Richard Strauss' "Salome"on YouTube.
Music of Richard Strauss played by the United States Marine Band (Custom CD)
35% of all entrepreneurs in USA are Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Richard C. Strauss, Rockfeller . from
so, if his name is Richard Strauss, can I call him *** Strauss?
My dad said he wanted to listen to some music but he didn't know what... So naturally I suggested "An Alpine Symphony" by Richard Strauss.
Tomorrow plays the gorgeous concerto by Richard Strauss with &
It's in the complete edition of Strauss Lieder Vol. I, published by Boosey & Hawkes:
I am struggling to find + buy some sheet music. Anyone know about Richard Strauss Lieder? I'm looking for Opus 32 for High voice and piano.
Brilliant, bonkers and banned: Ken Russell's nuns and nazis 'biopic' of Richard Strauss
Now Playing Richard Strauss, Lauma Skride - Sonata for violin and...
Some gathered today to take part in a performance of Richard Strauss' Serenade in Bb!…
For singy stuff, you cant get much better that Richard Strauss 4 Last Songs
The next piece David Cameron chooses this evening is from Richard Strauss's Four Last Songs:
Soprano Huang Ying stars in The Knight of the Rose: Richard Strauss' opera Der Rosenkavalier, or The Knight of...
You are aware that Clara Schumann liked Richard Strauss, despite her ill-regard for Liszt and Wagner.
Our last concert of the semester is tonight at 8PM in Baldwin Auditorium! We are playing music by Richard Strauss (1864-1949) in commemoration of the 150th anniversary year of his birth. Admission is free and there will be a reception in Biddle Music Building after the performance.
7pm w/The Munich Philharmonic performs Richard Strauss's explosive tone poem based on the legend of Don Juan.
TONIGHT 8pm, Baldwin Aud. Duke Symphony concert of music of Richard Strauss to mark 150th anniversary yr of his birth.
Richard Strauss' “Don Juan,” from a recent concert by the Munich Philharmonic, on at 9:00 on Classical Stations
Richard Strauss: Complete Works for Voice and - $35.66 - -
McGill orchestra heads for the summit: This is a big year for Richard Strauss, a composer born in 1864. It als...
The music of Richard Strauss is simply amazing.
J and I went to the Opera last year. We saw Die Frau one Schatten (Richard Strauss) with Christine Goerke. Anyway, we sat down…
Watching the broadcast of Richard Strauss' "Rosenkavalier" at Glyndebourne Festival. Oh the cliché Viennese I am.
Sadly, I'm allergic to all Strauss other than Richard…
Then in 1942, in his late 70s, Richard Strauss wrote his second horn concerto – in his father's memory
The answer to today's quiz - the relationship was father-son and the composer was Richard Strauss
R Strauss first and second horn concertos but what does Rob mean by familial? Young and old Richard Strauss?
Richard Strauss Eb concerto and other one by his father who was a horn player.
Richard Niles: sex is very serious. . Strauss: remember you heard that here.
the preparation for Strauss starts now!
A new one on me. Richard Strauss meets Eric Coates. Curious? Wed
I mean as oboist you get to play mediocre Schumann, Richard Strauss, Hindemith, and Saint-Saens.
On EXPLORING MUSIC (1000) this week, incidental music, starting with Mozart Thamos, Koenig in Aegypten; Sibelius, Richard Strauss.
I'd love to see a Richard Strauss documentary BBC did in the 80s. I bought it on a dodgy VHS once but it wasn't all on there.
Comenting the charm of the Richard Strauss music thanks
It's on spotify but this link might also work:
Find out more about Richard Strauss' private life in our production of this summer...
"He'd be better off shoveling snow." Richard Strauss on Arnold Schoenberg
Richard Strauss concert with my lovely roommate @ L'Auditori de Barcelona
Rather unsettling to hear of Richard Strauss's friendship with Hitler's lawyer AND his writing a piece dedicated to him as late as 1943
Nov 27-1896 Music: Richard Strauss' first performance of his work, Also Spract Zarathustra, in Frankfurt, Germany
in 1896 Richard Also Sprach Zarathustra premiered. It definitely didn't sound like this
My family, friends, and Tchaikovsky and Strauss. Richard, not Johann. Well, maybe Johann Jr.
Richard Strauss conducted the premiere of his tone poem "Also Sprach Zarathustra" in Frankfurt on this day in 1896.
Richard Herring: the Cornish calm before the storm
"Also Sprach Zarathustra" premiered on this day in 1896. Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 - YouTube
Wow, Richard Strauss was all of 12 when he wrote this sparkling Festmarsch Hope it inspires our pre…
Tomorrow night, the Calder Quartet will perform Brahms with conservatory faculty Michael Strauss and Richard Hawkins! 5:30 pm in Kulas!
Current listening is the Bohm Daphne, part of the obscenely cheap complete Richard Strauss operas I picked up on sale at HMV for just £20.
(2/4) ...piano concerto, "Concerto in D Major for the Left Hand. Moved by his courage and talent, Richard Strauss, Benjamin Britten,...
Richard Strauss, that's the kind of stuff we need!!
Richard Strauss belting out Amhran na bhFiann - that's what I call integration
One Week Exclusive: Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Richard Strauss AMV: I know I really do not own the contents used...
A night at the opera in Budapest. A fine production of Richard Strauss' Die Frau ohne Schatten kept us out of mischief for four hours.
Not v. original but how about: Sprach Zarathustra- Richard Strauss. Old ones are, sometimes, still the best!
When Guy says Strauss everything, he will be assuming you mean Richard and not Johann.
New blog post about how to solve problems in the practice room by digging deeper in multiple ways.
Seems apposite to arrive in Dresden for Richard Strauß turn on and hear closing bars of Richard Wagner's Parsifal.
2001: A Space Odyssey. Richard Strauss, Johann Strauss 2, Khachaturian and Ligeti. Images and Music in perfect harmony.
.Also, as a Richard Strauss fan, you probably like Ronan Keating
celebrates the 150th anniversary of Richard with a programme of late German lieder
Richard Strauss did hike through the Alps and literally weathered a storm. This experience influenced his composing Alpine Symphony.
Breast Cancer Awareness
This evening I've been mostly listening to Richard Strauss's Four Last Songs, with a little Lonnie Holley thrown in. Weird combo.
Dresden still spellbound by Strauss: Richard Strauss had a special bond with the city of Dresden lasting several…
It's Thursday. Elektra (2001) by Richard Strauss. We love this set design!
November 22, 2014 at 7pm Tone Poems of Richard Strauss Great concert!!!
New blog post! "Making sense of a song by Richard Strauss through botany"
of course i can't speak for Richard Strauss but i don't think he's available for comment
"It's great that somebody has composed a symphony about family." Andris Nelsons conducts Richard Strauss on CONCERT HOUR (2000).
Three wonders of humanity in one clip: Georg Solti, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa & Richard Strauss:
Schlichte Weisen, Op. 21 by Richard Strauss for Low Voice. Edited by Matthew Hoch CVR4832 $15.00 (USA only)
Maedchenblumen, Op. 22 by Richard Strauss transposed for Medium Voice. Edited by Matthew Hoch CVR4835 $15.00 (USA...
It's Philip Glass and Strauss (Johann and Richard) and Sibelius. The choice to let the music play through long stretches was admirable.
In the second of her columns on radio drama, also explores whether Richard Strauss was a bit of a ***
Richard Strauss - 'Women always want to thunder'... what a statement
Richard Herring: One thing in life is a dead cert
Can a day start better..Lucia Popp singing 'Morgen' from Richard Strauss! She'd have had her 75. birthday today
Meet Black Singles 300x250
‘He’d be better off shovelling snow than scribbling on manuscript paper.’ German composer Richard Strauss on Austrian Arnold Schoenberg.
forward to Robert Levin tonight,Beethoven's 1st p.c. Richard Strauss after the interval. Prokofiev to start..
Now Playing: "Richard Strauss || Concerto for horn and orchestra No.1 in E flat major, (Op.11)"
I've been playing Mahler, Richard Strauss, and Korngold leid all day someone get me a drink!
Do you know Richard Take the quiz, then come to this wknd's concert
La Chanson de Richard Strauss - a book about a friendship, the holocaust and music. The illustrations are dvivine!
Watch on YouTube - Vasily Petrenko conducts Inger Dam-Jensen & the in Richard Strauss' Four Last Songs
"I may not be a first rate composer, but I am a first-class second-rate composer" Richard Strauss
Also Sprach Zarathustra has got to be one of the best tone poems Richard Strauss ever composed.
First day of classes! I feel like Neo about to get a cartridge installed, except instead of martial arts, I'm getting Richard Strauss.
Die Georgine, Op.10, No.4 with Richard Strauss on Midnight Symphony followed by Notturno (
I think I might give up on Richard Strauss altogether.
Now listening to: Herbert Von Karajan conducts the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, playing the Metamorphosen of Richard Strauss.
“Be a good boy, forget Moses" - Richard Strauss to Stephan Zweig, cited by my talented former neighbor
Richard Strauss's Don Juan is sounding great on BBC Four. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra having fun at the RAH!
Richard Strauss' 150th anniversary of birth with & the Vienna Philharmonic today in Salzburg!
The Salzburg Festival celebrates the 150th anniversary of Richard Strauss's birth with this concert conducted by...
keeps on celebrating Richard Strauss' 150th anniversary of birth! with the Vienna Philharmonic
TwoPianists releases a comprehensive collection of Richard Strauss’ vocal music: Richard Strauss was born on June...
Tremendous performance of Don Juan on this page, conducted by Sir Andrew Davis Richard Strauss
Watch again: Inger Dam-Jensen sings Strauss’s Four Last Songs with Royal Orchestra at the http…
Jane Archibald is as colourful as her coloratura singing of Zerbinetta in Richard Strauss's ARIADNE auf NAXOS - a...
Young, Amsterdam-based pianist from the UK Dominic Marshall; a tone poem written while a youthful Richard Strauss was holidaying in Italy...
Divertimento based on Couperin - Richard Strauss, Wakasugi conducts the Tokyo Metropolitan Symph Orch
Richard Strauss - Johann Strauss. Two composers who perfectly represent the difference between and
On my way here (again) for some Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam shaped fun!...
26 things you may not have known about Richard Strauss:. ^C
I swear, the fact that I have Richard Strauss's METAMORPHOSEN stuck in my head isn't indicative of my general mood at the moment!
Why horn players are terrified of Richard Strauss
To celebrate 150th anniversary of the birth of Richard Strauss, here's 26 things you may not have known about him: http:…
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Our autumn programme of events focuses particularly on two musical giants: & Richard Strauss:
New music collides with Richard Strauss in the Oslo Chamber Music Festival with mixed success in review:
Richard Strauss would never have become a great man without [his wife] Pauline. . Said Manfred Mautner-Markhof.
Lots of Richard Strauss this year - get to know the composer a little better with this from the
The A-Z of Richard Strauss: X is for Xylophone — News — Royal Opera House -
If you cry during the 'climber tragedy'. of the "Also Sprach Zarathustra" by. Richard Strauss. you. will have. earned my. life long devotion.
"Strauss may have found it easy to accommodate changes in power because he didn't take power seriously."
meanwhile richard strauss doesnt seem to have had any issues at all "Strauss's creative process was methodical and angst-free; he compared -
The report: I was delighted to discover that the curtain-raiser was Richard Strauss’ 4 Last Songs
Stories, once written, never die. There is always another breath in them.
Epic stuff in Exeter tonight by the Amadeus Orchestra: Richard Strauss, Elgar and Shostakovich's 10th (with some big contrabassoon moments).
Don't miss reading in the is a very interesting story about Richard Strauss:
The US soldiers who found Richard Strauss at home on the day of Hitler's suicide.
Classical Music's Monument Man. Strauss and the G.I.s via
"He's distraught there... Such a soft wicket" - jab again from Herr Strauss
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Your FAVORITE writer at your FAVORITE magazine mentioning YOUR uncle in an article? Yeah, that's kinda a BIG deal!
Strauss seems keen to praise most Pietersen shots ... Bizarre over compensation
Meeting Strauss on the day Hitler died:
Alex Ross tracks down the American soldiers who encountered Richard Strauss on the day of Hitler's suicide.
When the American GIs met Strauss in occupied Germany via
At 2pm I offer a new release from Berlin Classics featuring the Armonia Ensemble in music by Richard Strauss
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