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Richard Spencer

Captain Sir Richard Spencer KCH (1779–1839) was a sea captain of the Royal Navy who served in a number of battles, particularly against the French.

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If smartphones had been around in 2004 then Piers Morgan getting lamped by Jeremy Clarkson could've been the original Richard Spencer meme.
Richard Nixon, Stephen Miller, and Richard Spencer all attended Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.
What about a person that is literally a cuckold that is also an SJW like the guy that punched Richard Spencer?
Milo & Richard Spencer should be blocked from all Social Media. But YouTube? Its Free Speech
Never be fooled, CPAC kicked the Grand Dragon, Richard Spencer, out as cover for allowing the Imperial Wizard, Steve Bannon, to speak.
Resolved: Richard Spencer is a bad hombre.
In honor of Richard Spencer saying Depeche Mode is "the official band of the alt-right," here he is getting punched to…
So, you kicked out Richard Spencer, but Steve Bannon got to stay??? That makes a lot of sense.
A 2007 email shows Stephen Miller DID have ties at Duke Univ to Richard Spencer - who was kicked out of CPAC today.
Al Sharpton was not on the Obama staff. And defending Bannon? Who else do you idolize? Let me guess, Richard Spencer?
While disavowing Richard Spencer, R's should take time to disavow the Dennis Hastert / Ben Sasse / Evan McMullin wing of the party
Just talked to CPAC organizer Matt Schlapp. Said he didn't endorse Richard Spencer's ideas but won't kick him out of the c…
It is not that Richard Spencer aggressively cherishes his wife's butt, it's that Mike Pence rudely abuses fruitflies during choir.
The rising stars of your conservative party: Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer, and Tomi Lahren. . What could go wrong.
Trump's "still my daddy." And don't forget Milo threw an RNC party also attended by Richard Spencer, Pam Geller, etc
If you are against ostracizing Richard Spencer, but you support "hypothetical Jewish bakers" you're Chamberlain at best and a kapo at worst.
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the "top kek" as they say is that Richard Spencer was a prominent Ron Paul 2008 supporter
Just got tip that Richard Spencer was just thrown out of a Libertarian conference in DC by guy who used to write racist Ron P…
Between Stephen Miller, Richard Spencer, and Mike Posner's new hairstyle, I'm flat out embarrassed to have gone to from 2005-2009
on behalf of Duke, I rescind all claims to Mike Posner, Richard Spencer, and Stephen Miller
Tired: that guy punching Richard Spencer. Wired: Charles Oakley punching James Dolan and the 90s knicks seizing ownership of the team
The quotes attributed to Richard Spencer are not his. Malcolm X, Robert Jensen and Oprah Winfrey. This is trolling. But for why?
Haven't shared anything very positive yet this weekend, so here's a gif of when Richard Spencer got punched in the…
Low key wondering if bum rushing James Dolan is the new punching Richard Spencer. Wouldn't be super mad.
It's like Dolan saw video of Richard Spencer and said "Hmm not bad, but I'll bet can be MORE hated"
Bannon oversaw Breitbart publishing an article calling Richard Spencer an intellectual. RS is an advocate of racial genocide.
Richard Spencer, some people unsure about punching, meanwhile for Jim Dolan, have never seen so much collective support for him getting hit
I will send one to you if you find and take a photo with the Dolan twins wearing a Richard Spencer costume
Trump & Richard Spencer predicted a comeback victory of patriots over blacks during black history month on Trayvon's b…
Richard Spencer says if we keep punching and disrupting them, they will put us in concentration camps. What should we do…
I'm gonna start a gofundme to fly him everywhere Richard Spencer goes.
Email from 2007 directly ties Trump adviser, Stephen Miller to neo-Nazi, Richard Spencer.
Who needs Richard Spencer to assign collective guilt to Jews when we have our own Peter Beinart?
Hold up. Stephen Miller (who co-authored the EO) is old friends with Richard Spencer (noted nazi). They me…
. Richard Spencer, while not condemning, was conciliatory .
Richard Spencer, a leading white nationalist, said he was a “mentor” to Stephen Miller while at Duke.
The White House aide who crafted Trump’s has ties to white supremacist Richard Spencer
So who was the writer of the statement? Was it Stephen Miller, who was mentored by white nationalist Richard Spencer while…
Your daily reminder of what we're dealing with: Trump adviser Stephen Miller was mentored by WN Richard Spencer
I was hoping for a variation of Punch Quest featuring Richard Spencer as every single enemy, tbh
It bugs me that nobody did a Lethal Bizzle "Pow" video edit of Richard Spencer getting punched.
WATCH: Alt-right leader Richard Spencer got punched in the face again and people lost it
that I love watching all the memes where Richard Spencer gets punched? Also... nomination!
Hearing that Richard Spencer keeps getting punched by white people as he tries to spread white supremacy is irony at its finest.
I am a professional comedy writer so I can tell you that Richard Spencer getting punched isn't funny until it happens three…
Sorry I'm late for the mail bag, but how much would you pay to see Anthony Johnson to punch Richard Spencer?
Richard Spencer emerges from a mountaintop cabin. Tranquil solitude lays in all directions. "Ah, what a wond-" *he get…
if you want to see Richard Spencer get punched by a Juggalo
There are serious problems in the world right now, but I'm perfectly fine living in a world where Richard Spencer keeps getting punched.
Richard Spencer getting punched to the stadium rave song that plays on Spongebob Squarepants when the jellyfish are par…
Richard Spencer, the dude some of you don't want to punch, supports a more chill, relaxed kind of ethnic cleansing. http…
Real talk, I've been swapping Richard Spencer's name with Bernie Sanders when I sing along, and it still works.
The creator of Pepe the Frog on how he feels about Richard Spencer, the Nazi who got punched while explaining Nazis' love f…
Actually, no. Richard Spencer is an actual Nazi, complete with the “Sieg heil!” and the ethnic cleansing.
May I suggest, as a happy medium between debating Richard Spencer and sucker-punching him, that people consider ignoring hi…
I for one think it's perfectly ok to punch nazis like Richard Spencer in the face, or communists like Bernie Sanders. Murderous idealogies!
hey actually i don't wanna see you cyber-bullying Barron Trump, happy-slapping Richard Spencer or *** shaming Melania Trump
Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe the Frog, weighs in on Richard Spencer getting clocked while talking about Pepe the Frog htt…
Richard Spencer is 38! If theres one universal law of media its that white men are always misguided kids & black teens…
Someone insert Richard Spencer getting punched into Bernie Sanders America ad. Thank you.
Inferring here, but NYT seems pretty OK with street violence, as long as it's directed at Richard Spencer.
The guy that punched Richard Spencer at the Trump inauguration is litteraly a beta Cuckold
Pay no attention to anything Tomi Lahren, Sean Spicer, Piers Morgan or Richard Spencer says. They're not real people. Do…
I made one of those Richard Spencer videos.
Richard Spencer said this. And some people are upset he got punched in the face.
Imagine having a worldview wherein Bernie Sanders is a wholly unsympathetic traitor but everyone should be nice to Richard Spencer
In case you felt conflicted about enjoying a video of Richard Spencer getting punched, read this and let all that guilt f…
An actual quote from Richard Spencer. If you're liberal cowardice entices you to defend him, you're my enemy. It's tha…
A $2 bounty for whomever does a Richard Spencer edit of the entirety of Stravinskys 'Firebird' suite.
Here, in 2013, Richard Spencer advocating eugenics in the form of forced sterilizations for Black people
I don't think you should punch Richard Spencer in the face the same way you shouldn't punch communist Bernie Sanders in the face.
Nick Spencer, Richard Spencer, and Spencer's Gifts. Put them on a rocket to the sun.
BW: do you like Black ppl. Richard Spencer: sure. BW: would you marry a Black woman. Me .what
The best part of the Richard Spencer video is that he's in the middle of explaining that other nazis think he's a dweeb.
How ironic that Richard Spencer did nazi that one coming.
Richard Spencer is not even a nazi. He advocates for the Same things Mohammed Ali advocated for
White supremacist Richard Spencer was punched by a protester on discussing Pepe. 2017, you're already…
11:05PM CST on January 20th 2017. It's official: I have seen Richard Spencer punched in the face more often than I have e…
Richard Spencer did nazi that coming.
You laugh, but who is making policy? Richard Spencer or Congress? Who is influencing policy?
Richard Spencer is small pickings. If anything, he is a distraction from the destructive policies that Trump will implement.
Richard Spencer getting punched in the face while Blood On The Leaves plays
I can't believe that Bernie Sanders supporters would attack Richard Spencer like that. This is the guy who sucker-p…
Yeah, I'd feel much better about this joke if Richard Spencer and Phil Anselmo didn't share similar worldviews.
So, Richard Spencer, white nationalist, got sucker punched. I guess he did Nazi it coming.
Richard Spencer, a leading white nationalist figure, was punched in the face by a masked protester in D.C. on Friday https…
my favorite part of Richard spencer getting punched in the face is he was taking about pepe when it happened
Richard spencer getting punched in the face cured my depression
Richard Spencer don't read this. . . . . . . . . . Guy who punched Richard Spencer, hello
Richard Spencer referred to the media as "lungenpresse" aka ACTUAL NAZI SPEAK. He's an avowed white supremacist, this isn't…
Here is video of white supremacist "Alt-Right" leader Richard Spencer getting punched in the face.
Richard Spencer trying to improve his nazi aesthetic with a fashy head lump.
White nationalist Richard Spencer punched in the face during interview via
I'm surprised it took this long for Richard Spencer to get punched in the face on camera. I mean, he's a Nazi, and this is America.
AP photos of the Richard Spencer punch are really something.
Richard Spencer got punched for being a white supremacist, but also because he was about to explain a meme.
Me: "violence isn't the answer". *Sees Richard Spencer get punched in the face*. Me: "I'd like to revise my previous stat…
You don't need to punch Nazis like Richard Spencer to knock em out. Just dismantle their weak, pathetic ideology and watch…
Here is the cleanest video of the Richard Spencer punch I could find.
you would not punch Richard Spencer? are you ok with America First? Real question
the Nazis who spent all year threatening to put people in ovens are now extremely triggered by Richard Spencer getting laid…
If the man who punched Richard Spencer is arrested, I will help contribute to him getting bail
If he doesn't shut the F up I'm gonna go all Richard Spencer on him.
Punching Nazis like Richard Spencer in the face to Make America Great Again.
Richard Spencer, white nationalist spokesman, was punched in the face on camera in D.C.
Video surfaces of protestor assaulting alt-right leader Richard Spencer. Follow the latest updates on our live blog:
*sound of fist hitting Richard Spencer's face*. me:
Wait, somebody punched Richard Spencer in the face on TV?? 😂.
Here's video of white nationalist Richard Spencer getting an alt-right to the face:
I made a remix of Richard Spencer getting punched in the face and set it to Disney's Frozen
Richard Spencer got a one piece with a biscuit
It was wrong to punch Richard Spencer but it is right that Richard Spencer was punched
Let's not act like this Richard Spencer situation is the first time the barbaric left has acted like violent animals. It…
Day 1: Richard Spencer getting punched because he's a hate filled - off to a good start!
If this can offer any comfort today, I went to grad school with Richard Spencer, and my one memory is that he was mad no…
Richard Spencer is an altright public figure. Have or realized they're public faces 4 antifa & online leftists?
exclusive video of Richard Spencer getting sucker punched
Can someone superimpose the Richard Spencer punch on the "Vulgar Display of Power" cover? Thx.
someone better at video editing than me needs to make edit the Richard Spencer clip into an old Jerry Lawler vid like King of the Mountain
Life comes at you fast! "Alt-right" leader Richard Spencer gets punched in the face at a Trump protest
Richard Spencer got punched in the face during the protests at Trump's
[New York Daily] White nationalist Richard Spencer punched in face at protest
I wish the clip of Richard Spencer getting punched was Venom Snake's rocket punch POV.
New rule: Richard Spencer gets hit every time he goes outside.
Courtland Milloy knocked on Richard Spencer's door in Alexandria
Richard Spencer and his alt-right buddies launched a new website:
Radix Podcast with Richard Spencer and Kevin MacDonald - The Origins of the White Man.
Radix Podcast with Richard Spencer, John Morgan and Roman Bernard - Enemy of the State.
Lumbersexual poster child Richard Spencer enjoys more lavish mainstream media attention. I refuse to work with MSM. https…
Bruce Wayne vs the other Bill Maher guest Richard Spencer told you is really on our side.
Donald Trump picked Stephen Miller, who has close ties to Richard Spencer, to be a senior advier in the White House.
It's unfortunate that the name "alt-right" was chosen. But then again, no one had really even heard of Richard Spencer, prior.
Paul Joseph Watson and Richard Spencer having a debate online is the closest thing we have to an IRL anime battle.
Paul Joseph Watson is going after Richard Spencer oh man this is going to be great
😂😂😂no he's not! He has Steve Miller, best friend's with white supremacist Richard Spencer, doing it. Don't you read?
Calling Milo a white nationalist won't make him one, no matter how desperately you want it to be true. Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer...
Stephen Miller was a friend of Richard Spencer at Duke.
they will most likely infringe Hitler's many speeches. Steve Miller is besties with white supremacist Richard Spencer
oh you mean Steve Miller who is best buds with white supremacist Richard Spencer? Won't be surprised…
And with his rush to disvow Richard Spencer, a clear pattern of cowardice and starting infighting has emerged.
Stephen Miller who enjoys socializing with white supremacist Richard Spencer will be working on
Watch "White nationalist Richard Spencer talks to Al Jazeera" on YouTube
Or, Richard Spencer's bar mitzvah. (Yes, I know he isn't Jewish.)
Or should we talk about the racist WP backlash against a black santa? The neo nazi Richard Spencer? Carl Paladino? Jaqueline Craig's arrest?
I'm sure Richard Spencer would agree with you, Bill...but he's kind of crazy.
Look at ties between Russia and US white supremacists like Richard Spencer -- the "dapper Nazi" promoted by media https:…
You know, people like Richard Spencer and the alt-right who fought the PR war for Trump online. How would they tackle Sanders?
It's satire. There is no Gary Duncan. There is, however, a Richard Spencer.
Alternative & more plausible theory: Brannon payback for suspending Alt Rightists Milo Y and Richard Spencer
Crazed leftists are attacking Richard Spencer's mom. It's like the Salem Witch Trials in Whitefish, Montana
Trump's newest senior advisor, Stephen Miller, has some deep college ties with white nationalist Richard Spencer: https:…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Bernie Sanders is basically old Richard Spencer according to this white woman.
If we live under "white supremacy," why is Ta-Nehisi Coates a celebrated intellectual while Richard Spencer is demonized as…
Still believe policy will more resemble ("Defeating Jihad"/"Putin is ex-KGB") rather than Richard Spencer(!)
White nationalist leader Richard Spencer's account is back
- Trump's Goebbels, Richard Spencer, "memed" into existence (
Richard Spencer is back and verified.. please act and suspend the account of the neo-nazi…
Can the media please stop using the term "Alt-Right" for people like Richard Spencer. The dude is a WHITE SUPREMACIST. Christ almighty.
Evan McMullin and Richard Spencer are the new face of the GOP for NYT.
This is 100x worse than anything Richard Spencer has ever said. Giving free reign to interracial rape and murder? This is…
The episode where Ice-T tells us what the word on the street is about Richard Spencer.
These protestors/rioters fail to realize that they gave Richard Spencer a whole lot more publicity than he was going to get
There's something Roy Cohn-ish about Richard Spencer. He's overcompensating. My gaydar goes off whenever I see him or hear him speak.
A white nationalist leader now aims to get recruits "while they are young" on college campuses
White nationalist Richard Spencer wrote on the Aggies United wall, "We triggered the world."
Police in riot gear pushing anarchists away right outside the doors where Richard Spencer was speaking. .
Please take the time to watch this. Well done and thank you
While Richard Spencer rails against the lies of equality, hair-hatted black supremacists cry & try to get cops to shut…
Over the past 20 months, both Richard Spencer and Alexander Dugin (via Skype) have spoken at Texas A&M.
If you have a problem with Richard Spencer 's talk tonight, then you have a problem with the USA and free speech. Go somewhe…
But really. Richard Spencer spits hatred. I wish his heart & the hearts of his followers were different. Prayin for em but still blockin em
Story a/b tonight's event at A&M. It's never been more clear that we're on the right side of history and will win.
Everyone complaining about Richard Spencer speech at yet this is taught in same schools that cry racism
Shoutout to Texas A&M & its students for standing up to Richard Spencer's alt-right hate tonight.
White supremacist event featuring Richard Spencer turns violent:
I don't care if Richard Spencer is a professional troll or not. Texas A&M banded together and told the WORLD we don't to…
Richard Spencer literally murdering students at Texas A&M, what a madman
I can't get near enough of pants'ing this *** white supremacist.
I like how Texas A&M handled Richard Spencer's racist garbage. Shine a light on it, but massively outnumber the hate monge…
Sooo are you going to be covering Richard Spencer's excellent le triggering of SJWs?
White supremacist Richard Spencer: "We reached tens of millions of people" through a video filled with Nazi salutes https:…
No Richard Spencer is the result of feral minorities taking advantage of the freedom that white people died to create.…
Richard Spencer praises Donald Trump as an alt-right hero
| Congratulations. You finally described Richard Spencer accurately--he's not "alt right". He's a white nationalis…
If you're more upset about the protesters in the MSC than u are about Richard Spencer's speech taking place there, you n…
For anyone seeing this that doesn't go to TAMU, no student, faculty, or organization invited Richard Spencer to come here.…
ATTENTION Here's Richard Spencer showing you how to avoid being a cuck
Student center at Texas A&M had to be evacuated. SWAT team called in during Richard Spencer's speech.
NYT too busy covering Richard Spencer for this story: Fake US embassy in Ghana shut down after 10 yrs issuing visas- https:…
Literally no one claims Richard Spencer. He's banned in 26 European countries. It's like the whole world saying "Who's m…
Audio from Richard Spencer's speech tonight at Texas A&M University. I think it's time for the mainstream media to stop intervi…
Thousands of students participating in peaceful protests against Richard Spencer and white nationalism.
Richard Spencer is going FULL AGITATION. Rockwellian tactics in the flesh. Give that man a seat & a pipe. RIS…
To be clear, this is riot police there to protect the Nazi Richard Spencer from students incensed that he's on their campus…
Richard Spencer is going to come to my Aggieland, insult my Ags, and not even bother to be familiar with the sayings and…
.your student is making death threats against Richard Spencer. Please investigate. https:…
Richard Spencer destroys man wearing violent shirt calling him a "white coward" while black supremacists try…
"We won. America belongs to white men." - Richard Spencer
This is what happens when you live stream something with a calculator. --- Richard Spencer at Texas A&M University
Remember these names:. Richard Spencer. Jared Taylor. Kevin MacDonald. Andrew Anglin. They are all white supremacists, neo-nazis, racists.
Did you lose respect for Mike Cernovich when he threw Richard Spencer under the bus?
Keith should talk to, er, ah, Richard Spencer! Just kidding, fam
I wonder if NPR ever interviews Keith Ellison, if they'll do a trigger warning like they did with Richard Spencer...or some nationalism OK?
Just learned, Trump's man, Richard Spencer of Alt-Right is speaking at Texas A&M on December 6th. Protest Aggies!
Richard Spencer condemned for white nationalism but I don't see the same reaction to Keith Ellison.who promoted black nationalism
LOL... Keith Ellison called for a black ethnostate and he's being endorsed for DNC chairman. Richard Spencer though ... an…
Richard Spencer and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Twin brothers from different mothers.
Meet Israel's version of Richard Spencer - the appealing face of articulate, intelligent, chilling illiberalism.
Richard Spencer, nazi scum, went to my high school. Now his class is raising $ for refugees to repudiate him.
any chance you can come to Texas A&M as Clayton Bigsby to give Richard Spencer a hard time when he comes on Dec. 6th?
If Americans can't agree that Richard Spencer and Steve Bannon are beyond the pale, what can we agree on?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
White supremacist "Alt-Right" leader Richard Spencer was going to call into my radio show today, but he backed out at the…
Richard Spencer can suck my brown alt-right balls:
The world is full of stupid people and Richard Spencer is at the top of the steaming, nutty-brown heap.
"ALT RIGHT MY *** . How dare Richard Spencer, the white supremacist say, that America was a white country that...
Politico: Petition in support of Michael Hirsch's attempts to discredit new-nazi Richard Spencer - Si...
well, you're wrong. "Alternative right" was coined by Richard Spencer years ago. Be educated.
when condemnations 4 ppl like John McCain & Brandon Dixon are more direct than Richard Spencer, *** its not good
Whoa: editor resigns after publishing home address of Richard Spencer, calling for violence
3. White nationalist Richard Spencer claims the Nazi salutes at his speech ere "ironic"
Douthat: Richard Spencer and the 200 people who crowded into a ballroom are not major players in American politics.
James, I need to know: do you actually believe Richard Spencer is controlled opposition? Idk if we can remain friends if so
So hard to hear Richard Spencer, white supremacist leader say America is a White country always has been. The NATIVES of AMERIC…
While the media is obsessing on Richard Spencer, the DNC is poised to elect an anti-Semitic, anti *** bigot
Don't try to act like MIckey Kaus and Richard Spencer aren't in the same basket, because they are
I was searching up Richard Spencer and my 3 year old cousin came into my room and said that he has "big horns." I am terr…
Let me connect the dots for you... Here is Richard Spencer... the head of the alt-right. You can find alt-right...
.You demand an apology from actors asking you to be inclusive. And stay mum about Richard Spencer? http…
Jim. Did you really ask if it is "worth it for Trump to publicly reject" Richard Spencer's question: "Are Jews Peopl…
St. Mark's headmaster addresses the matter of Richard Spencer, the alumnus who founded the al-right movement:
Richard Spencer leading a "Heil Trump" chant with nazi salutes. There is no "alt-right" they're Neo-Nazis. .
This is Richard Spencer -founder of the Alt-Right Movement. This weekend, he literally spoke German & embraced Nazis. https:/…
. Steve: Jim, did you include Richard Spencer on the "Do NOT reveal we're Nazis until 1/21 memo?. Jim: Oh sh-
If white supremacist Richard Spencer ruins suits and I have to start wearing L.L. Bean again, I'll shove a New Balance shoe up his ***
Richard Spencer event. Spencer is the "alt-right" ideologue Bannon built a "platform" for at Breitbart. Bannon soon enters the…
Richard Spencer turned me off of Ray Bans. I need to re-watch Risky Business to cleanse that stank.
Just watched clip of Glen Beck quoting Richard Spencer to Anderson Cooper. Scary
2. Anderson Cooper then asks Glenn Beck "what is the alt-right?". Glen Beck name drops Richard Spencer and Steve Sa…
I agree with things I've personally seen from Richard Spencer. She can ban him but not his ideas.
I really don't like Richard spencer. I love all characters but Richard just isn't nice:( but I still like him!:);)
Richard Spencer on how Trump separates the wheat from the chaff.
Excerpt from Theresa May's letter to Richard Spencer banning him from the UK ... for his ideas. More here:…
Meet the dapper white nationalist who wins even if Trump loses via
"He is basically using the alt-right to unleash chaos and change the world." - a white nationalist on
Ostlund is a good friend of Richard Spencer. That makes him a big fan of FUSD's Mike Hanson and all school construc…
Richard Spencer was right about James Bond bean da real traditionalist
Another option is to listen to 200+ hours of Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Richard Spencer lectures.
Are you aware of David Duke, Frank Ancona, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer? These are white supremacists endorsing Trump
CNN TV featured Andrew Anglin and Davis Duke and Richard Spencer commenting on it. Alt-Right is a way better way to be relevant
Richard Spencer's day off (He has to evade principal William F Buckley with freinds Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald)
Better known an RNC white supremacist: Richard Spencer. via
Why do people fashion Richard Spencer as pro White anti jew?
What would you refer to the alt-right (Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Kevin MacDonald, Greg Johnson) as if not White Nationalists?
If true Richard Spencer + Colin Freeman gone this removes 2 of last 3 reasons to read Telegraph. (David Blair other)
Star Troopers is on. Casper Van Dien looks like Richard Spencer.
Climate model predicts west Antarctic ice sheet could melt rapidly via Richard Alley is of the GOP.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Hot debate between & Stuart Agnew about Which way will vote?
Spencer joins Rebel Racing: Rebel Racing Limited has announced the appointment of Richard Spencer to take over...
EXCELLENT LISTEN!!. Karen Spencer's interview with Dr. Richard Shames. The three action items I mention at the...
an aggressively bad article. Richard Spencer does not play coy with what he is all about, why didn't you ask him?
Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible - Richard Feynman
Spencer Finch will be in conversation with writer & curator Richard Parry this Saturday 2 April. Email rsvpfor more info.
my favorite guest so far. Pls invite back. Looking forward to Richard Spencer too!
Breitbart article celebrating alt-right praises Richard Spencer as its intellectual architect. More on him:
2/2 Let the Jewish/Greek *** guy name drop Amren, VDARE, Richard Spencer etc on Breitbart. Let him glorify our dank memes. Use the momentum.
(((Mytheos Holt))) Be led by Richard Spencer or you are incurable white trash.
its not that bad. they do mention race realists, amren, vdare, richard spencer & link to TRS.
As Richard Spencer said, their failed model of modernity has lead to a culture that retained a certain vitality and respect
The "altright" is about to splinter again. This time against the Richard Spencer/Jared Taylor big tent softies. Pluto wins.
He indirectly mentioned it with Richard Spencer and Ramzpaul. He is kind of being our "useful *** . As much as I like him
Spencer takes on Rebel role: Rebel Racing has appointed Richard Spencer to take over the reins fr...
John Spencer's first job was on The Patty Duke Show.
Forthcoming report by Spencer Bogart (for Needham & Company values at $655:
I remember her + denis weaver giving west wing anaward-john Spencer sweeping her up for hug.
.lies, Richard Spencer comes from mining town in TN, lives on a traffic circle w/ 8 Guatemalan day laborers
in the coming Trumpenreich, there will be only two haircuts, the and the Richard Spencer Rookie
Katie, have you listened to the new Richard Spencer podcast with Mike Enoch? It's great.
Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch discuss and his All-Gentile foreign-policy team.
PROOF RICHARD SPENCER IS JEWISH. Jews don't believe in god. Atheists are jewish. You belong in Israel
DVR Alert: Orson Welles's ultimate film, F for Fake—the playful tragedy of the man of many ways 9:45 PM (ET)
Just a suggestion: You should have Richard Spencer or Ramzpaul on. Both, I think, would do your show.
Richard Dawkins used the same epistemological con as Spencer: reduce Darwinism to just an empty circular argument.
Great to bump into Richard Spencer from and enjoying
LOL! Progressives will always tell you 'they just know better!' I trust Dr.'s Roy Spencer & Richard Lindzen, not Nye.
Here is great article on what to choose for your beding…
The highest forms of understanding we can achieve are laughter and human compassion. - Richard Feynman
That's amazing, I had no idea. I'd believe Ron Spencer and Richard Kane Ferguson were brothers, though.
This to me is a great app to use if want to keep up with the Jones so to speak . But also if…
Here is an awesome article on how to brighten up your beds in the spring . Whilst keeping it nati…
Here is an awesome article on how to do vertical gardening
Here is a rather moving article that featured in my magazine about how a group of people …
This is a awesome vblog made Leon Kluge on one of his trips around the world. This time He is in …
you ever watched Psych? I think that Shawn Spencer reminds me a little Richard Castle, what do you think?
This is one big question I get often asked now
It's really sad that Richard Spencer is an imperialist. Ah well.
How to control disease in 5 easy steps
I choose this subject in my magazine ( not because i…
Richard Spencer comes across as a total Jew when he pushes pan-European governance.
Richard Spencer has vetted the account. To me that is vindication.
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