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Richard Simmons

Milton Teagle Simmons (born July 12, 1948), known professionally as Richard Simmons, is an American fitness personality who promotes weight-loss programs, most famously through his Sweatin' to the Oldies line of aerobics videos and is known for his eccentric, outgoing and frequently personality.

Ron Simmons Richard Nixon Richard Pryor Jane Fonda Elton John

It's like Richard Simmons calling vets "cowards". Too funny not to mock.
The battle of the bulge with Richard Simmons
Just finished this weeks chopped Canada, is it me ?,or does look more and more like Richard Simmons
Red Astra vehicle reg L452 FPL seen with Muslim men in it taking notes outside several kosher shops in Golders Green.
How come Richard Simmons gets fat & disappears but obese is still around?
saw Richard Simmons 6mths ago at disney in Fla with my 5yr old. He was riding the flying dumbo ride. I'll try2 find pic I took
Richard Simmons' Farewell to Fat Cookbook : Homemade in the U. S. A. by Richard
Use to be ballin now im chilling with Richard Simmons. Spending all his millions, doing yoga with his minions.
"Never again!" The Chief Rabbi arrives at Downing Street for the concluding meeting of the Holocaust Commission.
Pretty sure it's some sort of heterosexual French version of Richard Simmons.
It has been open season on Jews since 9/11
Currently watching a (Richard Simmons) work out vid where a dude named Cotton Eyed Joe shows up to Richard's Bday.
*** .. there went that whole Richard Simmons fantasy we all had of you
Richard simmons mush have a pretty small package to wear those short shorts without any *** slips right?
can i wear my Richard Simmons outfit ?
Girl told me she was a Seahawks fan and said her favorite player was Richard SIMMONS. Smh.
Requesting someone do a VATS layout over the robotic Richard Simmons
If you found and kept the iPod I lost containing a Richard Simmons phone interview I did when I was 25, I'm bummed but I t…
Nice piece about Cody Keenan, the President's fine speechwriter. A regular guy with an extraordinary gift!.
"sweating to the commies" by comrade Richard Simmons. All power to the (fit) Soviet
No words can describe what the 80s exercise craze gave us..Richard Simmons..Susan Somers..Tony Little..& this lady..
It’s Richard Simmons, who never met a big enough intro
Why is everyone worried about Richard Simmons' arm? Oh...Richard *Sherman*. Yeah, that makes more sense.
Montgomery, 1965. From right to left Rabbi Heschel, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. King, Re... http:/…
You can take Richard Simmons out of the gym but you can't take Jim out of Richard Simmons.
Estelle Getty's tracksuit would make Richard Simmons proud
Watch go from Richard Simmons to football player in 2.4 seconds
Bob Sura Popeyes Jones and Richard Simmons references all in one segment
Calvin Klein, Richard Simmons, Lee Pace,Kevin Spacey,Jeremy Renner,Queen Latifha still chose to live in the closet, I'd not root any of them
Lord god! It looks like some guy getting sucked by Richard Simmons.. headband too
This Ron Simmons meets Richard Simmons go google the differences...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Portland, Turd. You watch Richard Simmons with Agnez Mo. William Howard Taft plants George Mashington in sweet serenade.
Loved it. Also, any time he had Richard Simmons or Jack Hanna on.
my mom just started it. Granted, she just referred to Seahawks players "Richard Simmons" and "Marshall Lynch"
Do Leo Sayer, Alan Davies and Richard Simmons realise they're the same person?
I am reminded of Richard Simmons asking david letterman if he would teach him how to smoke cigars...
Richard Simmons after he's not been seen in public for a YEAR:
'He is NOT ok': Richard Simmons' close friends dispute spokesman's claims that fitness guru is not clinically ...
Weight loss guru Richard Simmons has depression, is in hiding after knee…
Richard Simmons is responding to questions about his whereabouts for the past 10 months, saying he’s had a ‘tough time.’ INSIDE EDITION has more.
Friends of famed exercise guru Richard Simmons are worried about him, claiming he has a crippling depression and he's not been seen in almost a year. Known for his peppiness regarding fitness, the...
This is what I was telling everyone earlier. To many pet parents including myself we consider our pets as a very important part of our lives and they are a part of our family. Our pets are our children to us. The death of a beloved pet is nothing to mock or laugh because it can and does cause psychological damage. I grieved and mourned the death of my cat Sahara. I raised her for eighteen years all of her life, she was and still is considered my child. The bond that we have with our pets can be as strong as the bond that parents have with their human children. Here we have Richard Simmons devastated by the passing of his beloved pet. Compassion and empathy needs to be shown towards anyone who loses a pet. The worst thing anyone can do is laugh, mock or make light of another persons grief. And DON'T ever say "Oh you can always get another dog or cat or bird etc." That is most hurtful to a grieving pet parent.. A child can't be replaced and neither can a pet.. A pet is NOT a piece of furniture. Its' a liv . ...
Richard Simmons has reached out to fans and thanked them for their concern after a recent report suggested the fitness guru had sunk into a deep depression and become a virtual recluse. Editors at reported this week (beg10Nov14) that Simmons had disappeared from the public eye due to a cripp…
Richard Simmons speaks out following claim he's depressed
Me and Richard Simmons at one of my first 5ks in 2012!
The death of Richard Simmons' dog played an important part in the depression that has turned him into a shut-in ... a dog he considered his child.TMZ…
Update your maps at Navteq
Richard Simmons has been out of the public eye for nearly a year causing rumors to spiral that he's ill or depressed.
Just had to post this for all of my fellow Star Trek fan friends, especially James Kirk! And my sister Tamara Jarrett who is friends with Richard Simmons! Oh boy!
Richard Simmons is not a recluse: rep ...
I could care less about big butts and I can not lie. This story hits home hard. Big personality suffers from...
Keir Simmons and Richard Engel shouting out local crews and journalists who can shoot footage in the middle of the ISIS fight...
feel the burn richard simmons will kick your butt. You got to burn it to earn it
It seems the celebrities with the most outgoing personalities always have the darkest secrets! -Ashley
did plank barrow a pair of Richard Simmons shorts
Richard Simmons wasn't lost. He was hanging out with me!
Lord Jesus some of the headlines regarding Richard Simmons' reported depression are grotesque.
Richard Simmons speaks out over depression claims
Richard Simmons' rep shoots down rumors that he has become a recluse
Richard Simmons is not a recluse: rep: Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images Richard Simmons attends the 2013 Macy’s Th...
Richard Simmons speaks out after reports claim he is depressed
Something is seriously wrong with Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons touched my boobs after I said no
If you wanna join the committee to murder Richard Simmons DM me
Richard Simmons Reveals Knee Injury as Reason for a Nearly Year-Long Hiatus: Life is hard, and no one is immun...
Richard Simmons is OK! What he revealed about his recent hiatus from the public: Thx to
Wait, what is this about Richard Simmons hasn't been seen in nearly a year?
jeez man. What's up with you today? Butthurt about Richard Simmons earlier and now this...
.offers a message of encouragement to Richard Simmons (WATCH:
"Richard Simmons' rep refutes rumor:'He's not clinically depressed or a shut-in' Not Your Role Model!
Reclusive Richard Simmon's housekeeper says he's 'fine'.
“Richard Simmons' beloved dog died and triggered his emotional crisis 😭
I was late to AND to Kim K's glossy butt. Well, if Richard Simmons throws a carrot cake @ Michael Bay U HE…
Richard Simmons makes everything Fabulous. (someone should tell him the red shirt rule though)
"You're fat." Bill Burr, the new Richard Simmons...Sweating to the Honesty.
Idk- just don't go happily skipping around the yard like Richard Simmons en route to a Ricky Martin concert. That plan failed me.
Gotta get my Richard Simmons outfit on and head to work.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Ray Parker Jr. is joined by Richard Simmons, and more in the anti-machine song MACHINE BUSTERS:
Johnny Carson and Don Rickles, David Letterman and Richard Simmons, Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reily. The format still works.
and now Harris and Sue will gave us and Matt, Rich Ryan P dress as Richard Simmons sweating the oldies down the hatch
concur fully, but makes David Duke look like Richard Simmons
I'm @ bar called Milkies in Buffalo. The DJ looks like the love child of Richard Simmons & Ron Jeremy. Surprising part is he's not that bad.
Todd Graham looked like Richard Simmons teaching a aerobics class with the ear piece and the wrist bands.
On an unrelated note this dude leading the group fitness class in this place is literally the next coming of Richard Simmons...I'm dying
How does Richard Simmons keep from being eaten alive? I mean, he goes to 500 pound people and tells them to eat less and move around more. I can just see one of these ft people going "hey, little man. I'm super hongry and you look like a little rabbit. Come here and give me a hug. Gotcha! Nom Nom Nom!" Oh no! Richard! Don't get too close to the fat person! They don't have much reach and thy can't chase you! Just don't get too close!
Bull, you going to show up to your workout dressed like Richard Simmons?
Your version is missing about a minute and a half at the end. Here's the longer cut.
.on agile lawyering, alternative staffing and Richard Simmons:
My work has officially bent me over and made me their Richard Simmons with this scheduling...
I'm not giving u a ride, I'm in my boxers, best get cha Richard Simmons on and walk fast
When in reality you look like Richard Simmons.
Thaibo, Richard Simmons, jazzercize, crossfit; whatever you want to call it.
I'm an active person! I throw fits and shade on a daily basis. Eat your heart out Richard Simmons.
Richard Simmons dance videos reallly lift my spirits
can I send you some, I got richard Simmons, Richard Burton, Richard Nixon, Richard Dean Anderson. I got tons of *** pics
I wish Richard Simmons would be one of the celebritys hacked.
It may not be Richard Simmons workout but it was intense!
Eating Disorders - Don't suffer alone, be inspired by Richard Simmons' story. Watch some on
is now a K. Michelle fan he'll stan for Richard Simmons if he dissed kim.
wow I heard Richard Simmons is using the purple ones in his new sweating to the oldies video..
It was a mistake to leave him out is was an oversight. Don't know how it happened.
I signed because I recognise a mistake had been made.
Never a dull moment with this fool by my side. "What Used to Be Cool" social, Richard Simmons style…
Of course the doors wont close and the train wont move at 1am.. true_gawd boy Richard Simmons blockin…
oh wow, when your back needs it's own bra it's time to call Richard Simmons!
Forgot Richard Simmons' name for a bit. So "weird fitness guy with high shorts and an afro". Thanks
I liked a video Richard Simmons on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1
All purpose parts banner
Scientific studies have shown that butler bono Stalin and Richard Simmons all have the same blood line
Jon Gruden expert analysis for espn appears to have gained a lot of weight / he could use the assistance it seems of Richard Simmons !!
Passion and intelligence. This guy reminds me of the Seahawks player Richard Sherman.
Choking to death on your Richard Simmons action figure
Event profs, when the stress sets in, youtube Richard Simmons on Whose Line. Watch, laugh, thank me later. Or read Hyperbole and a half.
76 I'm writing a love letter to Richard Simmons.
Hey, aren't you Richard Simmon's best friend, Richard Simmons?
According to will visit two days before Yom Kippur at the White House
Richard Simmons wants YOU to come to YoungLife tonight!! 7:37 @ 13136 N 104th St! Comment with any…
Shadow For Sec Douglas Alexander uses speech to again condemn Cameron's stance on Gaza conflict. Says Labour "stood…
"Do my worst, eh? Smithers, release the robotic Richard Simmons."
If I saw Richard Simmons in public, I'd avoid him at all costs.
Lmao I was talking and meant to say Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons, but I said Richard Nixon
so these Richard Simmons dolphin shorts are a no go?
Famous look alikes Richard Simmons vs Billy Crystal. These men love to smile and do not have facial hair. Richard Simmons and Billy Crystal celebrity twins.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
“Richard Simmons almost ran over my ex-wife.” to Stephanie Miller / Death By Discoballzz?
perhaps more important question, is that David hasslehoff next to Richard Simmons?
I hate the fact that I was ever exposed to such things as Deet, Richard Simmons, Joan Jet and her band of losers and McDonalds special sauce with pickles swirled with mustard from a booger-finger
I went my friend's 80's party!he was also Richard Simmons, Bill Murray in Caddyshack, the Karate Kid & Fragile Rock! Lol
Guys wanna look like Arnold but workout like Richard Simmons?!
Went to yoga tonight with my weight loss support group. Good stretching and son in law made fun of my Richard Simmons "Sweating to the Oldies" DVD. I just did it! It was quite a cardio workout! And yes I'm old and I'm sweating!
I have seen exercise videos from 1980 with Richard Simmons that are better than Juan Carlos (and I am also Colombian)
My new instructor is killer! . Zumba reminds me of the years in my old days of working out w/Richard Simmons. . I still love him!
Move over Richard Simmons.I'm coming out with "Sweating to some Country!" What a workout without feeling it (until morning) lol
*** now! *** was that? Every show this season has sucked more balls than George Michael and Richard Simmons COMBINED!
I can't find my Richard Simmons tape anywhere in my house.. A show choir kid must have broken in and burnt it while I was gone..
I so wish I could have had a Richard Simmons look on my face. that would have been golden!!
may forget it's two men dancing but Richard Simmons can't stop thinking about it.
I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. You look like Richard simmons *** after his lover cummed in it without any lube. Ugly
Shouldn't Richard Simmons look fit by now?
Jim Moore of Biker Battleground Phoenix apparently has gained a new fan! Richard Simmons must think he is HOT for...
“boycott Jewish Film Fest Theatre that's my (frequent)…
first of all, I don't like liberals and she's not our QB or on our team. I bet FSU alum Richard Simmons gets more men than u
This video is why I can't stand Richard Sherman.
How do I get a check mark on my account? I'd like everyone to know I'm the real Richard Simmons.
US and Israel are not member states of the ICC, not surprising really
Richard Simmons left Brad one if his tanks, I see.
This year alone, Hamas has attempted to murder innocent Israeli civilians with over 3,000 rockets.
Dear Jovian thank you for exposing and
Don't forget to.. . Love yourself. Move your body, &. Watch your portions! ~ Richard Simmons
freedom, justice and equality. Are you for real?
help us protest refusal to run anti human shield campaign by nobel peace laureate Elie Wiesel. write to …
what rubbish are you talking? a staunch Zionist? Have you been listening to him the last week?
"The last day I'm gunna put on my USA one piece and do burpees and handstands so I look like Richard Simmons."
WOW!!! Richard Simmons actually responded to a comment I sent him. Unexpected and wonderful! I'm not deleting it from my e-mail. Ever!!!
I'm writing a love letter to Richard Simmons.
Clegg wants to suspend letting Israel have arms to defend itself, and refuses to discipline LibDem MP who says he'd fir…
Hey stop your revolting treatment of the Jewish Film Festival. I hope North London boycotts you forever.
Hi presumably you'll now refuse all UK govt funding, because our army has attacked several Middle East c…
Egypt to Hamas: Airport, seaport, and Rafah aren't open for discussion: RT
Appalled by Tricycle Theatre's refusal to host UK Jewish Film Festival. Will they care if I decide not to go to the Tricycle any…
The US isn't part of the ICC and I wish we were not.
Also worth saying we shouldn't even be part of the ICC let alone have a minister for it. Our own law should be all that b…
When Hamas uses houses in Gaza for terror activity, they may become legitimate military targets.
Word of encouragement from Richard Simmons! Gotta put on that weight I lost
We saw Hamas assemble a rocket and fire it. Our exclusive report breaks on NDTV at 5pm.
thanks:) sometimes I can't tell if it's disco or Richard Simmons
Well -- I gave Richard Simmons amoeba -- b/c I would never live down giving him Chlamydia
I'm seeing a little bit of Richard Simmons in you here.
depends who is involved in the sex tape?. Richard Simmons?. Uh.
workout snaps are the most inspirational videos I have ever watched. Watch out Richard Simmons, there's a new sheriff in town!
.along those sample lines I gave Richard Simmons amoeba (but wanted to give him Chlamydia)
A young, overweight Richard Simmons as an uncredited extra in Fellini's Satyricon (1969)
It is he changes costumes like 5 times last year he was zz top, alf, rocky III, Richard Simmons & something else! It is funny!
you look like Richard Simmons best friend, Richard Simmons.
Here is an exclusive report by on how assembles and fires rockets How did other cha…
SUPERFOODS SUPERFOODS!! OOH LA LA!!! "actually this is more of a marketing ter" SUPERFOODS!!! [Richard Simmons appears] [fireworks]
maybe he could get into some richard Simmons videos. Make some cash and jazzercise that gunt off.
Here's a huge shoutout to an amazing cousin on her birthday! From dancing to Richard Simmons workout…
You can have as many surgeries you want but that Channing Tatum jaw line & Richard Simmons voice aren't fooling me man
Maybe they can get Adam Sandler or Richard Simmons to play the Jessie Ventura part when they make a Movie out of Chris Kyle's Book " American Sniper". Forget that those two Men are to Manly to play this girls part
zombie Richard Simmons creeper hanging out with 1/2 of 😱😥
The biggest little guy in the world! Richard Simmons is also back! Check him out on youtube.and've got to look good!
today I called Ryan Gosling Richard Simmons by accident. It's 3 am o'clock in the morning
Oprah Winfrey is Lola. Richard Simmons is Lola. Ronald McDonald is Lola. Lola is an idea. Lola is star dust. Lola is.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Simmons, Richard - Sweatin' to the Oldies 3: Simmons, Richard - Sweatin' to the Oldies 3 Format: VHS Tape...
it would of been awesome to see the Rock in a Richard Simmons work-out video!!
Jimmy looks a little like Richard Simmons
I'm sorry dude but that was gayer than Richard Simmons singing a duet with Elton John on a rainbow.
I love everything James Bond, but how great would it be if Q were a Richard Simmons-level *** man just sooo excited about new gAAAaadgets?
I put full blame on Richard Simmons
might just be the only person ever to snapchat and run at the same time.I can only imagine if Richard Simmons had an iPhone though
I thought I saw Richard Simmons power walking in my neighborhood, turns out it was just an older lady with a sweet, sweet perm.
Whenever I'm feeling down Richard Simmons always finds a way to put me back on track
*** is the ultimate monument to human freedom." Richard E. Simmons
Richard Simmons played a very important role in building the now-unbreakable alliance between cisgay men and cishet women. Respect.
The dude I shot down after he called Richard Simmons a fruit tried to set up a date and I DID use the words "national treasure" in my reply.
*** like that could turn *** men straight. Even the totally reformed Richard Simmons type
Getting quite bored of this humidity now, sick of ending every day looking like Richard Simmons
He's gayer than Richard Simmons' fanny pack.
Deep conversations with krenee930 about Richard Simmons.
Even Richard Simmons is getting in on the
All I see when I look at the new album cover is Richard Simmons' Reach LP. (CC:
Also a popular onesie for Richard Simmons.
McDonald's is playing some of the old music I remember hearing on favorite Richard SImmons videos lol
Mama made me set up the old VHS so she can do Richard Simmons Workouts 😂 💪 "c'mon Judy!! It's workin your inner Thighs"
I was going for like Richard Simmons or s/t but yeah pretty much
Richard Simmons from his 20th Anniversay release of Sweatin
I remember when I was at daycare we were forced to workout with Richard Simmons lol
Richard Simmons is still closer to what I wish Asdrubal was.
Back when Julia was in her Richard Simmons phase and fronted a Bon Jovi tribute.
I'm trying to find a VHS player so we can do Richard Simmons videos in the living room.
There's a kid who looks like Richard Simmons in the middle of The Ready Set's crowd. Oh.
Steve Simmons back pedals better and quicker than Richard Sherman.
Why are we treating Hamas terrorists in our hospitals?
Richard Simmons is a *** man trapped inside an even gayer man's body trapped inside a unicorn trapped inside Richard Simmons.
hot enough to make Richard Simmons get interested in a *** for more than a decorative floral arrangement in his living room
I would rather watch Richard Simmons sweating to the oldies than watch Obama, Reid, Pelosi , and Clinton !
Wanna see my impersonation of Richard Simmons?
Absolute scum! They're using the images of the murdered Fogel family as though they are from Gaza. Disgusting pigs
who can I contact please regarding some issues I had the other day when purchasing shirts?
IDF strikes 190 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza over past 24 hours
Given the events of yesterday, it’s no surprise that my dreams were of Palm Springs, Richard Simmons, Madonna and
Without starting an argument I am genuinely asking how is one meant to interpret 17:104 in the Quran?
you should do a portrait of Richard Simmons tbh...
I feel like Richard Simmons. Work it, people, work it!!!
Let me try again.. Who was Richard Simmons
"It's really hard to concentrate hearing Richard Simmons 'Gary.'" ~
aggred I need your Richard Simmons *** on me making me work out!💪👏
Nick looks like the love child of Richard Simmons and Dexter
remember when blamed Richard Simmons for Little Big Horn?
this' Ron Simmons meets Richard Simmons, go Google the difference 🔥
Happy birthday today to Bill Cosby, Milton Berle, Topher Grace, Michelle Rodriguez, Cheryl Ladd, Christine McVie and Richard Simmons!!
I'd rather watch Richard Simmons make out with Dan Rather than see Rosie O'Donnell count to 10 using math
your picture looks gayer then Richard Simmons
*** is going on with Richard seriously...?
Little known fact: Richard Simmons, maker of the chart topper "Sweatin to the Oldies" paved the way to today's P90x, Insanity, and Crossfit workouts. So those that use the above mentioned workouts should take a moment to thank Mr. Simmons with his permed out hair, and booty shorts.
I found out today that I am soul brother 3,739,382,290, just below Conan O'Brien, but above Richard Simmons.
And I'm not god damned Richard Simmons. Find the motivation. I'm not prancing in a rhinestone tank top and booty shorts. You have to do it.
Who remembers when Richard Simmons came to UCR to host a workout at the Student Recreation Center? He came in through the main entrance and surprised this woman riding the bike, took hundreds of photos, then had the house rocking with a fitness party.
I predict Richard Simmons will dress a gerbil like Uncle Sam and put him into his *** while playing a John Phillip Sousa march
Richard Simmons replies to so much stuff on his fb page it's hilarious
RIchard Simmons is ready to serve you!
Richard Simmons spends more time on his makeup than I do.
Can you guys imagine what Richard Simmons' closet looks like? Like, his literal closet.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
It's hot as *** today ladies and gents, so be ready to sweat more than john candy in a Richard Simmons video.
if u look closely u can observe that Richard Simmons is wearing fishnet stockings on only one leg
Richard Simmons: Sweatin' to the Oldies. Richard Simmons: Sweatin' to the OldiesRat...
Deep down, I know the difference btwn Richard Simmons & Gene Simmons. But even in a life or death scenario, I gotta pause & think for a sec.
So pageweight is on the rise Where are Richard Simmons + Weight Watchers when you need 'em
The media is like Richard Simmons:. Too much hype, too annoying, and too many bad outfits.
Richard Simmons sweats to the oldies. I keep it a little tamer and sweat to the humidity.
does her best Richard Simmons here:
I walk past the TV and Richard Burton and Jean Simmons are on + realise I don't get the same buzz from seeing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
Was it love at first sight for marketing analyst Richard Simmons, 43, and business developer Akua
Afternoon, folks! We've got an Oscar-winning Biblical epic up next at 1.55pm: The Robe, starring Richard Burton & Jean Simmons.
is it true you once robbed Richard Simmons at a kids restaurant using a bottle of ketchup?
What we need video of people doing at home - . Richard Simmons I love you
Was told by someone that I remind them of Richard Simmons. It must be the hair
Remember when I used to be obsessed with pictures of Richard Simmons? Well my new fav thing is pictures of Drew Carey on The Price is Right
discovered (via ) that Richard Simmons is on instagram. this makes me unfeasibly happy.
K-Fed, Honey Boo-Boo, Richard Simmons, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Dustin Diamond, Eamon and Frankee - your boys took one *** of a beating!
is the end boss of the Richard Simmons video game.
Trying to focus on summer school right now is like Richard SImmons trying to stand still for 5 seconds.
Please tell me y'all carry that Richard Simmons video on DVD
you're so bitter on here you make me look like Richard Simmons.
Ok, I think I saw Richard Simmons in a red, white & blue leotard go for that Home Run ball.
Richard Simmons is an American fitness expert and actor best known for his "Sweatin' to the Oldies" aerobics...
Ha! “Levi is wearing Richard Simmons' baby tee.
Levi is wearing Richard Simmons' baby tee.
Hey On your Huffpo Richard Simmons article, any chance you could make turn our site name into a link? - A fellow Brian
Richard Simmons from his 20th Anniversay release …:
Dear dude at the gym, the 80's called, they want those Richard Simmons dolphin shorts back and they asked you to...
- I can't see Nick as anything but a (very) slightly more macho Richard Simmons. Eeww!! Eeww! Double Eew!
This dude at wawas gayier than Richard Simmons trying to teach Clay Aiken how to do aerobics
Richard Simmons opens up about his eating disorder. Watch the
Richard Simmons is AWESOME! Check him out in his tutu in this candid interview on
“Since when did Beaker the Muppet, Frida Kahlo, and Richard Simmons have a love child?
Why'd that Belgian guy roll his shorts Richard Simmons level high?
Pretty sure I just saw Richard Simmons in the Belgium huddle.
I'm going to be Richard Simmons for Halloween, because he's fabulous and glittery.
What if the bunny is really Richard Simmons
I had no idea Richard Simmons was on Belgium's World Cup team.
I'm more sure than ever that Andy Kaufman is alive and has been Richard Simmons the whole time.
Republicans have Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis & Clint Eastwood. Liberals have Cher, Roseanne Barr and Richard Simmons
0bama workout weaker than Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons workout!
Here are my picks for Doctor Strange: Rip Taylor, Richard Simmons, Yaphet Kotto, and the guy who played The Creeper in Dolemite.
Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, and Richard Simmons walk into a bar... .I have no idea what the punch line to that would be.
Hawks "D" are as tough on opponents in their own crease as Richard Simmons is on geriatrics sweatin' to the oldies. Get a clue boys. They have the killer instinct that you lack.
Round 5 has seen University go down 25-16 to the unbeaten Harlequins at Uni, the visitors scoring a try in the final five minutes to win the match. A late injury to Nigel Chigwida saw Auguie Deplante called up to the wing whilst an under the weather Gareth Gerrard gave way for Richard Simmons at prop. A good crowd was on hand to watch a fantastic game of rugby. Quins came out of the blocks early, establishing an early dominance in the set piece however the Students' forwards composed themselves, led by lineout maestro Riley Burke, and drove into good position for Samuelu Lopa to slot a penalty goal. The visitors fired back with some slick backline moves but Nick Schmidt at fullback and birthday boy lock Aaron Zantuck combined to shut it down. Brutal defence from the Reds forced a loose pass which was snapped up by Sam Henry who raced 50 metres to score under the sticks. This snapped the defending premiers into gear and through strong wide play, scored two quick tries to even the game up. A 40 metre, long- ...
Vladimir Putin, you've done a Vlad Vlad thing. Get off the motorcycle, get off the horse, and put your *** shirt back on. We can see you're *** as Richard Simmons, but enough with the posturing. Russia has problems enough without you playing the ex-KGB tough guy with the West.
Some of the 90's had meaning. But Pauly Shore, Richard Simmons & Wind Breakers also existed & nobody could explain why.
Richard Simmons wanted to ask Gary Bettman why 1 PM playoff games but he couldn't find him.
Very rarely do I see a movie that is as good as the book and Enders Game is one of them. Follows the book as much as you can in 2 hours and has great special effects. Then you have one of my favorite authors Lee Child and his 13 or so books about a former Army MP that is 6'5 and 250lbs named Jack Reacher. So what actor do they use that is that large? 5'4 130lbs Tom Cruise! That's like casting Richard Simmons to play Rocky! One movie from a book done well and one completely ridiculous.
Okay, It's FAR FAR FAR BACK FRIDAY. What is the OLDEST workout you have ever done. Richard Simmons? Older? Jane Fonda? Older? I want to know!
.wins with & presentation referencing Gremlins, Hoarders, Alex P. Keaton, Richard Simmons & more.
what about Richard gere and Richard Nixon, or Richard Pryor, or Richard Simmons?
Not at all. Also can't stand Richard Simmons, Elton John, Jodie Foster, Melissa Etheridge. Ok?
Good lord , how have I gone this long without following Richard Simmons
I'd rather watch Richard Simmons dancing to the Oldies
Id sentence Stirling to a ladder match against lebron shaq and dmx, Stirling can have Richard Simmons on his team if he wants
My son wanted to know if he could have a belly bag like UNCLE GRANDPA. UUHHH NO.Richard Simmons flashback.uugghh
Tuukka Rask is good at doing exactly two things: Stopping pucks and looking like Richard Simmons' cousin
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