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Richard Simmons

Milton Teagle Simmons (born July 12, 1948), known professionally as Richard Simmons, is an American fitness personality who promotes weight-loss programs, most famously through his Sweatin' to the Oldies line of aerobics videos and is known for his eccentric, outgoing and frequently personality.

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Guests I want to see again on Letterman: Brian Williams, Howard Stern, Richard Simmons, Bill Murray, Joaquin Phoenix, JLaw, Ryan Adams...
I'm putting together an itinerary for my sister's visit in mid-May next month. So far we have food trucks, Richard Simmons class, Magic Mountain, Billy Joel concert, Thai massages & beach time. Anything else I should add to the weekend?
Richard Simmons reminds me of Bruce Jenner... a little
I think the US Department of the Treasury should put Richard Simmons' face on the three dollar bill. ...and be run by pirates!
Must be my week or something... first Lenny Kravitz buying my Frappuccino at Starbucks a few days ago and now a daisy Duke wearin' Richard Simmons looking guy who just paid my $137 dollar dry cleaning bill for me!!! . And that was with underwear and Slacks on too! Can you imagine what would happen if I were to go totally Rambo!?! The skies the limit!!! / - :
I dont know whats gayer, Richard Simmons or Delta Kappa Epsilon
Read about my experience at last year, including an interesting encounter with Richard Simmons.
Richard Simmons has more ball's than John Kerry but than again Obama could have sent his staff of muslims instead
Having our first BBQ of the year in the glorious sunshine with Paul Smith, Bethan Hunns, Jeremy Hunns, Richard Simmons, Jack Hunns & Olivia Hunns.
I am glad I have my brothers to beat up on. Richard Simmons and Michael Ortiz. I love you guys.
ah Steve Simmons, the Richard Simmons of hockey journalism and Damien Cox, his best friend.
Congratulations to Patrick Reed who just replaced Richard Simmons as the biggest *** bag in the history of sports! Think before words!!!
David Garcia tipped the scales at 402 lbs, lost 158 lbs after meeting Richard Simmons on the DeGeneres Show.
Accreditation reaffirmed for Auburn University flight school that workout guru Richard Simmons fought to save:
(Jeff) TOP FIVE THINGS TO CONSIDER GIVING UP FOR LENT 1. Observing Lent 2. Working out with Richard Simmons new "Twerking to the Oldies" 3. Carpooling with Justin Bieber 4. The Seattle Mariners (it's never too early) 5. Saying 'Do you know what day it is?' on Wednesdays
At wants to be the next Arnold But when I see him at the gym all I think is Richard Simmons ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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I don't know who Dave Letterman bickers with better: Jack Hanna or Richard Simmons! LOL
This would be like putting Richard Simmons in charge of the boyscouts.They indoctrinate our young to believe this is normal.
Tonight I pop in an old workout videotape from the mid 80's and my friend sez it waz so cheesy and old school :-? Why do think I still have it with me. It gave me a good w/o :-) And no it wasn't Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons! Good night ya'll and happy dreams. Traveling - have a safe trip
Reviewing the list of filed candidates for the upcoming elections - I'll have both Michael Jackson and Richard Simmons on my ballot.
You better send Richard Simmons your *** condolences.
Those with big egos are not my amigos. -Richard Simmons ๐Ÿ˜™
This is almost as cool as my dream to win a work out with Richard Simmons
I miss this show. Richard Simmons as always is hilarious.
I'm sure would be happy 2 know I do Richard Simmons workouts 2-3x weekly w/ my student
It's Gunna be a Great Day ~~ I seen a Robin ! Yeah :) & I started my Sweating to the Oldies / Richard Simmons .. The winter has not been Good to my Waist Line ... I can do it ... Yes I can !!! :)
My 8 am professor throws random pictures of Richard Simmons into her PowerPoints to make sure we're paying attention.
just logged on at Work! I Can't Richard Simmons outfit Cha Cha Cha
One of my best friends just proudly told me she ordered a Richard Simmons workout video ๐Ÿ˜ฉlol
Started 80s workout day right with a Richard Simmons video in Mrs. Hardway's class
PSAs that sent the wrong message: PSAs that sent the wrong message, Richard Simmonsโ€™s spot raised eyebrows, and...
Richard Simmons exercise videos are funny in a disturbing way.
Just worked out with my friend this morning (Richard Simmons), LOL. I got started and didn't want to stop but gotta get ready for work.Also 15 minutes on Bike. I'll have to do the rest of the DVD this evening after work. Workout went well and I feel pretty darn good this morning. Have a wonderful day everyone. Glad to be back!
Richard Simmons reluctantly bares a son Tony Little who uses his frightening hair and oversized legs to capture the throne.
Good Morning! I woke up to a freezing house again. It's 64 degrees in here. This is the third time this winter it has broken down. We plan on purchasing a new furnace and air conditioner unit this summer. I'm hoping Kenny can do his magic until it gets warmer. We have three more months of saving before that can happen so we don't have to go in debt for one. Its time for me to dig out my Richard Simmons DVD out so I can start exercising before work every day. Thanks for all of your encouragement. Have a great day.
You ever just want to give up end eat only junk...then you realize you'd be the next Richard Simmons special-to the oldies
Whose Line is it anyways with Richard Simmons
Wayne sings to Richard Simmons in the form of Disco in Songstyles!
So the *** Linebacker had a bad showing at the Combine? Better call richard Simmons & have him get u back in shape buddy.
No! I will not take a Zumba class. I refuse to think I look like Shakira when it's going to be more Richard Simmons
Things I want to do:. Go to the beach. Learn how to surf. Go mountain biking. Have a LOTR marathon. Go to Richard Simmons gym
remember when I walked in on you beatin it to richard simmons and promised not to tell anyone?
Enjoyed working out with Becca and them Richard Simmons kicked my booty!!!
read this as Richard Simmons at first and now I'm dying
looking for a boost anyway possible, if Richard Simmons can run the pick and roll, they'll take him
Richard Simmons Reports Live from Mardi Gras: via Still one of my favorite Mardi Gras videos! Hilarious!
Ol Richard Simmons was a good piece son
I look gayer than Richard Simmons in that picture
Replace the head with Richard Simmons smiling ear to ear lol
I have more energy right now than Richard Simmons on cocaine but my shorts are longer and he has a nicer tan
you're welcome boo thang. Google Richard Simmons if all else fails.
Feeling down? Here's rock's answer to Richard Simmons to bring a smile to your face & wonder *** was he thinking?
Just did 10 minutes of Richard Simmons' "boogie down the pounds" (my favorite Richard Simmons DVD). I haven't done any of this kind of exercise since injuring my ankle on Nov. 21, but my Physical therapist said it was OK to try it. So I decided to start slowly and see how the ankle reacts. It doesn't hurt but I'm icing it anyway. Big step forward! Tap dancing again soon! woohoo!
Hey remember when we all had to do Richard Simmons in 4th grade gym class?
I really miss the show Whose Line is it Anyways. Especially the episode that Richard Simmons was on.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
I never liked whos line is it anyway but that episode with Richard Simmons had me dying! ๐Ÿ˜‚
So Marissa Taylor I got moms sweatin it to the oldies with Richard Simmons. These things sure do bring back some memories! To bad your not around!
Went to the rec and hit the chesticles pretty hard!! Was gonna do some hip hop abs, but (YAWN) Shaun T im bored with you, I can only bust out sooo many sweet moves. So after work tomorrow im off to the mission mart to purchase a pair of nuthuggers and a vhs player to sweat with The Pioneer of workout videos, the KING, Mr or Mrs Richard Simmons. Sweating To The Oldies, eat your heart out ladies!
If I told you I was scared of Richard Simmons at 16 would you believe me?
Richard Simmons just lost his beloved Hattie. She was his Dalmatian daughter of over 17 years. So very sad.
This guy just thought me how to work out like Richard Simmons.
If I could sport a Richard Simmons 'fro, I'd be all about the rantercizing!
Great job, Jeremy. You make piers look like richard simmons. without the exercise.
My beautiful, sweet daughter, Lisa, posted this for me because I have always admired Richard Simmons for his accomplishments in the fight against obesity. Thank you mija this was hilarious I needed the laugh!
This is the best episode of Who's line is it anyway... I love Richard Simmons.
I'm my sisters motivational guide during this workout ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I like to think of myself as a Richard Simmons in his prime on a good day๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‚
Lost 7 lbs and 6 inches since last month..Thank you Andrea Lewison for being my own lil Richard Simmons lol
Richard Simmons workouts are so fun!!
ha. I much prefer 80s. You know, my mom used to work for Richard Simmons back in the early 80s.
So, the NFL wants to become more politically correct by penalizing *** and racial slurs. Your kidding, right? If mommy didn't teach those 6'6", 350 pound monsters to be the toughest, nastiest *** on the block, they wouldn't be in the NFL. Maybe the NFL should get Richard Simmons to give exercise and sensitivity classes, "Come on girls, slim those tushies down!"
If you don't work out to Richard Simmons you're doing if wrong.
Yo mama is so fat, she makes richard simmons lose his enthusiasm.
tho, who's down to flash mob Richard Simmons workouts to Cyndi Lauper?
Very, very funny. Richard Simmons is a HOOT!
make a workout video like Richard Simmons
This had me crying with laughter! So hard my head hurts. Richard Simmons is too funny! Must WATCH and SHARE the laughs!
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How have I not been following Richard Simmons on instagram?
In his prime, Richard Simmons was, at best, in just okay shape...
Gary Millwood put on yu Richard Simmons shorts & come to da park.
Richard Simmons showing his true self on the greatest show ever
Long awaited debut single off our upcoming E.P. "Trials" Richard Simmons warm up! Lyrics I am a fool nothing but a coward Looking in the mirror to see a hear...
LOL Still laughing! This is one of my favorites with Richard Simmons as a guest player.
You can sleep with any woman you want but it's in a 3 way with Richard Simmons do you take the deal
I'm not afraid to face the fact that I'm literally gonna end up being like Richard Simmons when I'm older.
Just found 5 exercising videos with richard simmons in my house. Please.
I miss this show! I've never seen this episode and I'm laughing so hard right now. Richard Simmons really is a true comedian. Hilarious!
Idk what you guys think, but I say we all dress up like Richard Simmons for our drill team volleyball game. Swag
Richard Simmons' Instagram feed is the only Instagram feed you need to follow.
The man who became Joe Girardi in the deal is the man whose team had me traded from to last season, known to the Waldbaum's on 10th crowd as Skippy at times, he was Boston hater Showalter & he took a deal to become Anna Miskulin's son again knowing that Mary would be his sister & I was told how ironic (back then) because someone broke up the Chris & Gina rally around your sibling perfecta only to get a new one on top. Buck as Ariana got engaged to Miskulin's former cover son Don Trump Jr who is Richard Simmons a requirement from the money he earns to look a bit odd from time to time the way Longoria performs as a girl. This is how you know that none of this was written by a book author or editor. Showalter took the deal on the account that he is singer MARK WILLS.
At we might not have Richard Simmons but we do have a site that's enrolled millions, w/ 0 crashes.
Who needs Richard Simmons when you have a site that works? has enrolled millions, with zero crashes.
When you have no crash history and millions enrolled, you don't need Richard Simmons. it works!
I liked a video Whose Line is it anyway-richard simmons special!!
Today I started a magnesium citrate diet, already lost about 20 pounds and plan to lose more by the end of the day. Eat your heart out Richard Simmons.
Why,. why was I not following Richard Simmons' feed before?!.
OMg professor Easterbrooks brother is Richard Simmons everything makes sense now
I urge you to drop whatever you are doing immediately and follow Richard Simmons on Instagram:
It's that time of year again ladies. Two words: Richard Simmons.
You look like richard simmons just crapped out a hobbit lmfao
Im very Happy Today as the Richard Simmons workout Dvds I ordered finally arrived!!
Carrie is trying to do her Richard Simmons workout lol
Watch the video Failed PSAs on Yahoo News . There have been many headaches for the White House during the Obamacare rollout, but who would have guessed that one of them would be caused by Richard Simmons? In January, the fitness guru appeared in a live Internet web stream urging California residents...
I dont care how sick iam today but i just kicked richard simmons butt lol... ive lost 21 pounds so far... nothing is stopping me not even my stuffy head sinus pressure... now thats determination...
I regret to inform everyone that Richard Simmons is dead, again.
For Bob, Kevin, Gary, know.all the REAL Richard Simmons fans !
FirstNet, Public Safety's worst enemy. do we call Jenny Craig or Richard Simmons? Depends on how you look at it!
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"Obama has to be stern with Putin" like Richard Simmons dealing with Arnold Schwarzenegger ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Umm u know u r out of shape when u only make it half way through 1st Richard Simmons workout video sweatin to the oldies lol
I can't help but love Richard Simmons! Hysterical! They are all awesome!!
The first two pictures shows Robert's new hobby since retiring to Wy. That's right--- it's keeping the path to our house clear of the white stuff. Now I like white, don't get me wrong--isn't it the color of purity? But I will be glad to see some color other than white---oh no, what's that coming over the mountain? More snow all week : ( It Was So Snowy that Hitchhikers were holding up pictures of thumbs! Roosters were rushing into Kentucky Fried Chicken and begging to use the pressure cooker! When I dialed 911, a recorded message said to phone back in the spring! The optician was giving away free snow scrapers with every new pair of eyeglasses! Kids were using a new excuse to stay up late: "But Mom, my pajamas haven't thawed out yet!" Richard Simmons started wearing pants! Pickpockets were sticking their hands in strangers' pockets just to keep them warm! The squirrels in the park were throwing themselves at an electric fence! The dogs were wearing cats! We had to chop up the piano for firewood - but ...
Herbalife, ItWorks, Visalus, and other weight loss fads work. But none of them last. Stop taking the products, stop spending your money, and your results go away. What works and is permanent? Spending your money on a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and exercising. Jack Lelanne (sp) had it right all those years ago. Richard Simmons too. Only putting healthy foods into your body, and staying active. No miracle pills. No fad diets. Just hard work and the discipline to not eat junk food. I've lost weight by watching what I eat, and putting in the work. If it works for me, it will work for you. Turn off the TV, and get physical!!
Do you like Zumba? If so there is a free class put on tonight by RHA in the lower cc at 6. Followed by a free Richard Simmons class at 7. Hope to see you all there!
As much as I dislike Richard Simmons, this is hilarious!
I bet the Looney Tunes would have stood a better chance of winning against the Monstars if their training included more than halfway completing a Richard Simmons work out video.
Good Morning! Time to put on my Richard Simmons workout clothes for the stress test today! Wish me Luck! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
This is for John Champagne and the rest of hypocrites that were making fun of Richard Simmons. Are any of u that shallow to think everyone couldn't see what this was really all about. What wrong with u people? Are ur lives so pathetically miserable that the only way u can feel better about urselves is to criticize other human beings. Yeah that's walking with Jesus. Instead of talking the talk, u need to get off ur pedestals and walk the walk with Jesus. Jesus would never act like any of u. Have a nice day.
Well its time for my Sweatin to the Oldies workout with my man Richard Simmons lol I want to start "dating" Richard Simmons.but trying to figure out a good time.needs to be the same time everyday!! Any suggestions???
Good Morning FB. It may sound funny but I have a vcr so I bought some Richard Simmons exercise videos and can you say I feel the burn and sweat is dripping!!! Have a fabulous day!!!
Ok girls i'm back i think. Dancing to the oldies with Richard Simmons (with his funny self) this morning. And i'm gonna start watching the calories again starting TODAY!.
I just had an avocado for breakfast!! I'm feelin Richard Simmons healthy right now lmao
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"When you're feeling down, sad, lonely, negative, you don't want to take care of yourself - and the weight problem and the diabetic problem and the heart attack and stroke problems and high cholesterol set in". Richard Simmons
*turning to the 'oldies' station and cranking the music up in the gym until it's bouncing off the walls, I mount the treadmill and after a quick warm up, start a pounding run until I become aware of mine brother, Vishous, behind me* โ€œWhatโ€™s doing, sister mine?โ€ *In between measured breaths, I answer* โ€œSweating to the oldies, brother mine.โ€ *I catch his wince and am puzzled at it* โ€œWhat?โ€ He merely shakes his head and replies cryptically. โ€œTwo words, Payne. Richard. Simmons.โ€ *Still not illuminated, but seeing he is unlikely to elaborate, I shrug and go back to mine workout, and mine brother leaves me to exercise without audience. Howeโ€™er, I do mentally file away the name for future investigation into just who or what a Richard Simmons might be*
Three words. Richard Simmons Cardio... Ohh yes!! This is happening. Live and in person. LA!! The city where dreams come true!
Check out the official music video for Richard Simmons' new single, "Hair Do"! Get the single on iTunes here: Subscribe to Ri...
Ok Day before yesterday I started the Richard Simmons Sweating to the oldies. I can only make it through 5 songs then have to stop. but I am loving them so far I have tried 1 and 3, like 1 the best so far.. I think they will go well with my weight watchers diet :)
Was sent to me today by my dear friend & Mentor =) Richard Simmons:" Jeanette, YOU are the best my dear! Much love right backatcha! XXX "
So my mom says I can't beat Richard Simmons in a race lmao he's not even in great shape & neither am I but I know I would win this bet
Wanna c Richard Simmons in the back of a pick up truck with a bottle of Bud
I just finished working out with a video with Richard simmons. I am going to try at least once a day . Need to loose some weight. It is difficult for me as I never had a weight problem till now. I could eat whatever I wanted. Now that is in the past.
Some laughs for your Sunday afternoon with Richard Simmons and the cast of Whos line is it anyway
Breaking: Obama is mobilizing the 1st PajamaBoy Brigade led by Gen Richard Simmons to put bedroom slippers on the ground in Ukraine
For everyone who is sad today, here is Richard Simmons being a cutie pie.
I did the Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies workout today. It was a lot of fun! If any of you have thought about ordering the set before (4 DVDs) - $20 on Amazon.
well, hurt and jones asked Richard simmons to please come and do a little repair at their office, you see how that turned out.
I want to see Sean T of Insanity be in a work out off against Tony Horton of P90X and have Richard Simmons commentate/judge.
The Whose Line Richard Simmons episode is one of the funniest moments to ever happen on tv
Richard Simmons, 29, of Delray Beach, faces a cocaine possession charge after police pulled him over in a Lamborghini on Thursday.
The 1st 31 days into the new nutritional and cleansing system that I am on has given me the following gifts without hitting the gym once. I can not wait to see what happens when I do. This program will benefit anyone whether you are an average joe, fitness trainer, health nut, marathon runner, ncaa or pro athlete it does not matter. I have a Loss of 12lbs, My grocery bill has decreased by $409 dollars last month since I am eating less portions and I am not craving and feeling necessary to snack or eat all day, 6% body fat, 8 inches from midsection, I have more lean muscle, energy is through the roof, increased mental clarity and I feel like a million bucks. Not only that there is some long term health benefits that this nutritional and toxin cleansing system will provide you. THIS IS NOT A DIET. I still eat subs, red meat, pizza, pasta, burgers, carbs and anything else I choose. I do not have to measure or count calories, count points, eat little frozen portions of meals, call Richard Simmons, Go see ...
My grandma was a BIG fan of Richard Simmons. I'm fairly certain he is one of the most caring and non-judgmental people on the planet, which are two qualities my grandma also embodied. As a Zumba instructor, I strive to be like him and create a judgment-free zone where everyone is welcome just as they are. I also strive to have his joy for life and silliness! Fortunately for me, the silliness part runs in my family. :)
Gale is the Richard Simmons of the crystal methamphetamine underworld.
"Top 17 fatal things to say if your wife is pregnant" 17. "I finished the Oreos. " 16. "Not to imply anything, but I don't think the kid weighs 40 pounds. " 15. "Y'know, looking at her, you'd never guess that Pamela Lee had a baby..!! " 14. "I sure hope your thighs aren't gonna stay that flabby forever! " 13. "Well, couldn't they induce labor? The 25th is the Super Bowl! " 12. "Darned if you ain't about five pounds away from a surprise visit from that Richard Simmons fella. " 11. "Fred at the office passed a stone the size of a pea. Boy, that's gotta hurt. " 10. "Whoa! For a minute there, I thought I woke up next to Willard Scott! " 9. "I'm jealous! Why can't men experience the joy of childbirth? " 8. "Are your ankles supposed to look like that? " 7. "Get your "own" ice cream. " 6. "Geez, you're awfully puffy looking today. " 5. "Got milk? " 4. "Maybe we should name the baby after my secretary, Tawney. " 3. "Man! That rose tattoo on your hip is the size of Madagascar! " 2. "Retaining water? Yeah, like the ...
Who said, "Smile, be happy, have fun and enjoy the process"? a) Miss America b) Richard Simmons c) Kim Kardashian d) John Skvarla
FASHION TIP FRIDAY! HIGH SCHOOL IS OVER.So why are you still dressing like a kid? This is our GROWN MAN segment of FTF! If you're not going running why are you wearing running shoes? If you're not 6 yrs old why are you wearing a tank top? If you're not dating Richard Simmons why are your shorts so *** high? These are the burning questions you must ask yourselves. If your feet aren't shaped like Fred Flinstone, why are you wearing square toe dress shoes? Men, theres nothing wrong with picking up a GQ-type mag every now and then to get a fashion hint here or there. Gone are the days when men had no choices in different garment colors or accessories. scarves, hats, casual sneakers in different colors, different types of outer wear befitting of your different moods and occasions are all acceptable and yes MASCULINE! Even your socks can be jazzed up.BROWN AND BLACK ARE NOT YOUR ONLY OPTIONS. A colorful wool sock sends the message that you actually care about what you look like! So toss out those starched jean ...
Fitness guru Richard Simmons may not be into the tuna in real life (ba-dum-bum), but that hasn't kept him from pushing Bumble Bee Foods' line
Richard Simmons calling "Gary" on Howard Stern makes me laugh every single time.
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This is excerpts from the Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM satellite radio. This clip is a prank call using Richard Simmons voice clips. It slays me every time ...
OMG I'm in the most boring seminar ever!!! The teacher looks like Bruce Jenner, but sounds like Richard Simmons!!!
Just got home from the gym, seen a dirty old rat on the lawn, ran from my truck to house like usain bolt, but probably looked like Richard Simmons. man oh man nothing scares me more.
If I was a caped crusader, "Robin" would not be my preference for my nickname, he kinda resembles Peter pan and is dependent on an older man, I'm not going to come out and say it, but ...I did hear he listens to Barbra Streisand and Liza and works out to Richard Simmons.
If I could pick a handful of celebs to be friends with... I'd pick Rob Dyrdek and Big, P!nk and of course Richard Simmons !! Life would be complete
Pres. Obama: 'People don't like me 'cause I'm black.' Richard Simmons: 'People don't like me 'cause I'm *** ' Kim Jong Un: 'People luv me!!'
So you think the Brosurance and the Pajama Boy ads for Obamacare were pretty weird? Well, to paraphrase Al Jolson, you ain't seen nothing yet! And what you haven't seen yet is a surreal danceoff performance between Richard Simmons and a contortionist during a six hour Obamacare infomercial producedโ€ฆ
Pauley Shore looks like Richard Simmons these days.
Because nothing brings in the young people like Richard Simmons.
My current theory is that Vancouver's management has implemented mandatory "Richard Simmons Fitness Day" as a weekly thing, thus the exodus.
It must be the one Richard Simmons lost... It's a fitness guru thing:P
Dear youth of America: This is how little regard your president has for your intelligence.
yeah too few people are in the know so things won't change. Richard Simmons for president.
'Richard Simmons dancing, yeah, that'll get the young people going!' - said no sober person, ever
Doesn't make me want does make me wonder about the law re involutary psych. commitment. via
Also, your tax dollars at work RT: "This is your government on LSD
Are you responsible for this? This is what I could have been a part of?
I hat the word diet. Instead of "die-it", you should "live-it". That's what Richard Simmons says.
If you were looking for a reason to join I'm guessing Richard Simmons' interprative dance isn't it:
I find Richard Simmons hilarious and fun- and if he weren't connected with suddenly snobby young conservatives would too
[WATCH] If you thought Obamacare's marketing plan was lacking a Richard Simmons dance-off,โ€ฆ
"He's so sad he could depress Richard Simmons." I need to use this simile more often!
Watch Richard Simmons Perform a Bizarre Dance-Off to Get You to Sign Up for Obamacare via
Video: Who's up for an ObamaCare enrollment dance-off featuring Richard Simmons?
โ€œis your government on LSD Perfect occasion for eye bleach after seeing a pic of those 2 guys ๐Ÿ˜ต
YIs & Richard Simmons got cozy @ the Tell a Friend livestream event
"Well, that's a matter of opinion.!" I was amazed to find out Richard Simmons was still alive."
If you had a chance to give Richard Simmons a raspberry would you?
Richard Simmons as Janet Leigh in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho". Literally nothing can ruin this day.
All these new aerobic workouts out atm, insanity...tabata. Ill stick with old faithful Richard Simmons.
probz piper. i feel like piper would fit better bc "I'm not exactly trailer trash here! Richard Simmons is our NEIGHBOR!"
No way am I going to watch Fox News channel tonight if Bob Beckel and Richard Simmons are going to host the News Years Celebration coverage!!! I don't know if their choice of hosts is a fitting end to the year, or a precursor for the new one, but I'm not going for it either way!
Ever see Pauly Shore and Richard Simmons in the same room? Hmmm. Coincidence?
I didn't know my subconscious was F*in' with me til Hendrix showed up as Michael Winslow and played air guitar dressed as Richard Simmons.
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This is the time of year where most people decide to go back to the gym, hire a trainer, pick up the phone and order P90X, Insanity, or Richard Simmons. I think that's great because all of us can use some help. BUT let me be honest here, most of you will not reach the goals you set for yourself. Why? Because you don't want it bad enough. This slide show is a little piece of my fitness journey. I started lifting weights and taking my health serious over 8 years ago and there have been several ups and downs. There have been a ton of "fresh starts or start overs" over the years. This year alone I've transformed serval times. Years ago I did this with the help of some supplements, but after resetting and caring more for my internal health the last few years I have been completely supplement free minus some probiotics and enzymes that I experimented with a year or so ago. Anyway my point is this: you don't need xyz fat burners, or GET MUSCLE NOW protein and aminos to get the results that my clients and I have ...
Robin Roberts announcing that she is *** is not news. I knew this when she was on ESPN. It's like if Richard Simmons said he was *** .. and?
Why did we ever take work out advice from Richard Simmons? Didn't anyone notice he looked like Michael Cera and not Jean Claude Van Damme?
So Brian Boitano came out. I never realized he was "in". Is anyone surprised by this news? Next thing you know, they'll be claiming that Richard Simmons is *** ..
Check out my highlights on Hoopmixtape. Everyone says I have the court vision of Steve Nash and a jump shot like Richard Simmons.
Just saw Rosanna Arquette, Richard Simmons and Rosanne Barr in a span of 2 minutes. Guess which one was yelling "OH MY GOD THIS CHOCOLATE IS AMAZING!!"?
Richard Simmons on Whose Line Is It Anyways, is/was the greatest thing in the history of television.
I wonder if Richard Simmons would help me get bariatric surgery awareness surgery day off the ground!
Great job today from Richard Simmons and the team at CSC!
Made out with Richard Simmons tonight or maybe it was Russell. Same dif.
he wold make me to think that Richard Simmons and Pee Wee Herman were epitomies of manliness
Still answering your questions..Lori McAllester Schultz wrote in to ask: "Have you stopped wearing women's clothes?" Sigh, this is one of those moments that taken out of context will end up on my permanent record. So before that happens...let me clarify. I happened to be reading a book on leadership by J. Edgar Hoover: How To Boss People Around in A Size 6 Dress. His track record at the FBI along with his astute points in the book made logical sense so...out the dresses came. Much as rock n rollers today don black leather pants they join the pantheon (get it..."pant"heon) of past rockers from Elvis to Jim Morrison to Bono and more...I was happy to join the ranks of Klinger on MASH, Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies...and kinda Richard Simmons. Oh and it didn't work. When I showed up at the office I was instantly ridiculed. I was wearing last season's colours, the dress was far to risque and low-cut for the office, very distracting and finally the tartan clashed with my eyes, it was a complete failure. Thanks for ...
Today I am grateful that Mount Rushmore doesn't have Richard Simmons on it.
Connor Woodford makes Richard Simmons look like Hugh hefner.
It's so cold that Richard Simmons is wearing shorts that come to the half thigh region.
This hilarious moment with Chris, Natasha and Richard Simmons at Bust a Move 2013.
I do exercise , Sweating' to the oldies with Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons just posted this photo of himself as a young person . Just. Oh my god.
you remind me of my dear mentor, Mr. Richard Simmons...
Richard Simmons now traumatizes me. But I still love him. Ish. Maybe
I have been so lazy the last few days, they're going to need Richard Simmons and a crane to remove me from the house.
My dream job would be... Hosting my talk radio show, with Richard Simmons on as my featured guest! Happy Holidays Richard!
Seeing Richard Simmons buy christmas lights yesterday was like being touched by an aerobic angel/licking a hallucinogenic toad. Still high.
Is it me or does big toes look like little miniature Richard Simmons?
to when and I got to workout with Richard Simmons! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ƒ
A venom can make Brigid into Richard Simmons! It is strong
heard there is an off ramp called AABBCC on that drive and the worlds largest Richard Simmons statue. miss ya on radio
I know you got here at 5:30 am, but I just woke up and haven't had any caffeine, wanna take it down a notch Richard Simmons?
Are you up stretching for your new Fincher Richard Simmons movie?
dont make me go Richard Simmons on you.
Lots of guys and gals wearing cowboy hats, plaid and boots last night in Toronto. I fit in like Richard Simmons at a pie eating contest. Hi.
there really is no need for Richard Simmons to come out of the closet
Bo has announced that he'll be upgrading the strength and conditioning program from Sweatin to the Oldies w Richard Simmons to Body by Jake
Keshet made a shechiyanu in the House of Commons this week
Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies. It's a good laugh and gets you goin
And number three, you've got to squeeze your buns. That's my formula. -Richard Simmons
I hope Richard Simmons tells to never pose naked again
oh good point. Yea the app blows more dock than Richard Simmons. Too far? Lol
Who is the happiest person you know? โ€” My boy Richard Simmons
Man heater had to go off.shoot .sweating to the oldies n here.Richard Simmons...ain't got nothing on me...
he makes Grizz Wylie seem like Richard Simmons.
Welcome to your shock therapy session if you'd like to get seated comfortably we will start the Richard Simmons workout tapes.
How about my take on Richard Simmons for Halloween?
โ€œRichard Simmons (national treasure) just told me I was pretty in front of Koontz's Hardware for the win.โ€ I told u first!
This is going to be my new profile picture - lol - I LOVE RICHARD SIMMONS!
God gives us a bracelet. And we put the charms on it. And they're not all happy charms. - Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons doesn't need the added hilarity of riding a turtle to be completely ridiculous.
Day 243- Richard Simmons, carrot cake and maneuvering.
Can't wait to see pictures of Richard Simmons tomorrow.
My have confirmed that Richard Simmons is the love child from relationship between Elvis and Phyllis Diller.
I hear they are trying to be this years Still negotiating with Russell Wilson, Richard Simmons and Earl Thomas.
My dad has Richard Simmons on vinyl. He says he doesn't know where it came from. I don't trust him
Top 10 things I would rather do than book with Expedia. 4. Work out with Richard Simmons.
Join Olivia for a "Workout Through the Ages" 4th Annual (and maybe final) Saturday, December 7th Experience the history of exercise first hand! This class will start with the trends of 2013 and hit all the major eras of exercise including; step aerobics, kickboxing, hi-lo, jazzercise, zumba, pilates, and more. With choreography from the greats like Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons, this class is sure to be a blast . . . from the past! Leg warmers optional. No 9:15 step that day. 9:10-10:30 Studio C
me too! Lucy and Richard Simmons are hilarious!
so the Richard Simmons movie better become a thing. I was dying the entire time!
What did we learn today? Jared Leto really wants to show off his hairless crotch & should actually go thru with the Richard Simmons movie.
I liked a video from Richard Simmons Charity Fat Buster
Mom just said to me "When you grow up I could see you being either a Kermit Miller or a Richard Simmons."
I think if Richard Simmons was a dude would have a shot
I think I need a richard simmons tattoo. slimmons.
The motivational talk I have to give myself to get on a treadmill would rival Richard Simmons. Goodbye, outdoor running weather :(
"You look like Richard Simmons just crapped out a g- *** hobbit."
Is it possible that Richard Simmons is just a future Jedward?
Richard Simmons' Bizarre Macy's Parade Appearance~. Equally bizarre was his appearance on 's show. Watch htโ€ฆ
Guess who? Check out HILARIOUS interview with Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons on Australian TV: (I got left on the cutting room floor - oh well!)
Was just at Spandex World. I wish Prince, Richard Simmons and David Lee Roth were with me.
New blog post about dropping into Richard Simmons Slimmons Studio & Meeting Richard Simmons
I go richard simmons and stick out my tongue like KISS while im at the gym
I think opinion peices have been sharper since he had Richard Simmons on the show. A classic Cavuto moment.
.Neal, you are on today! You don't need no stinkin' Richard Simmons!
The best of Richard Simmons and your reaction!
"Astronomy" Bill: I am an Astronomy teacher, and I'm here to teach everyone about the planets of our solar system and those who reside there: Mercury: The closest planet to the sun and home to Freddie Mercury. Venus: Planet named after the Greek goddess of beauty and home to the Goombas and Koopas. Earth: The home of humans and Batman. Mars: The Red Planet and home to Marvin the Martian. Jupiter: The largest planet in our solar system and home to Peter Griffin. Saturn: The planet with rings and where the Sega console of the same name was made. Uranus: Comes after Saturn and is where Pokemon come from. Neptune: Santa is based here. Pluto: No longer a planet and Mickey Mouse's dog lives here. Planet X: The place Duck Dodgers once visited. Planet Hollywood: A fancy family casual dining restaurant that circles the Asteroid Belt and matching Purse. Planet Fitness: A planet where Richard Simmons lives. Planet Mobius: The planet Sonic the Hedgehog (comics) lives on. Planet Drool: Sharkboy and Lavagirl live here ...
TMZ reports Richard Simmons spontaneously combusted while dancing to the oldies. Publishes pic of headband & shorts in pile of ashes.
MT Richard Simmons "The Obamas totally rejected me. I canโ€™t believe they chose John Kerry for Secretary of State over me!โ€
From crying to crooning show tunes, Richard Simmons may have given Fox News its most awkward interview of all time.
re: Richard Simmons, from Dave Holmes a while back. The price to be paid for never coming out of the closet.
Found three bums on a park bench ;) Floats and balloons were so fun to watch! Marching bands, color guard, and other performances, Joan Jett, Miss America, Florida Georgia Line, Goo Goo Dolls, Richard Simmons, Jimmy Fallon...Bonus :) Heading home for dinner!!
I can't wait for Steve Gutenberg to star in the Richard Simmons biopic.
Today at the parade I sat in Jack Dawson like cold for three hours, I saw Joe Namath, Duck Dynasty, Jimmy Fallon, The Goo Goo Dolls, Fall Out Boy, Joan Jett, Florida Georgia Line, the great JMU Dukes all the great big balloons and finally the amazing Richard Simmons riding a try-circle in a one piece. But, most importantly I saw Santa. And, after the anticipation of more than five hours--Santa arrived...and the children went insane--as did I, and every parent, and everyone in the whole city, every cop, couple, and wealthy executive, every baker, waiter a store clerk. For a brief moment, this man was Santa. He looked as Santa looked, acted as Santa acts, everyone called out to him as Santa, everyone believed he was, and thus,he was--and it was magic. I'm thankful for that, for the opportunity to witness that, and to lead the life I lead. I'm thankful for my family, friends and all those that made that possible for me. For the love and acceptance I receive from those near and dear to me. You make my life tr ...
Random thought for the day: It's really sad when you're so old that the only celebrities in the Thanksgiving Day Parade whom you actually recognize are Richard Simmons and Joe Namath.
Add to the chorus of celebrities piling on the Obamas this Thanksgiving the fitness legend Richard Simmons. Speaking to HuffPost Live Wednesday afternoon, Simmons lamented that while he "loved" Michelle Obama, he had been "totally" rejected by the White House.
The most intelligent Fox News report I've ever seen. Let's all be thankful today for Richard Simmons. Why not?
Something great happened over at Fox News this Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Fitness guru Richard Simmons dropped by the Fox studios for what amounted t
They let Richard Simmons ride a turtle in the parade? Why is he there? Who's next? Bob Ross?
THANKSGIVING DAY INCREDIBLE NEWS STORY: Ariana Grande is engaged to Richard Simmons. This would be an impossible thing to imagine until you realize that Bruce Jenner was once Maria Gaglio & you do see the resemblance if you know.
Richard Simmons got burned with lighter fluid as a child, and ruined Neil Cavuto's stellar journalism career.
Thanksgiving is fun now thanks to Richard Simmons.. Boom..
You played it well tonight.It must be politically correct to "love" Richard Simmons; but I thought he was creepy tonight.
God bless Richard Simmons, for real. What a pure heart.
This is Richard Simmons. This is how I get bonus marks in English
just re-remembered that I stretched with Richard Simmons today, in all his bedazzled glory, and was psyched. And on that note, g'night tweep
I love Richard Simmons. I can't help it. I just want to give him a big hug.
Word in the garage is you& Richard Simmons will be sponsoring a car in the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cupโ€ฆ
Wait, wait, what on earth did I miss when Richard Simmons is namedropping Love this!!
Richard Simmons is to good for that lot. Maybe Ted Cruz or Paul Rand would fit the bill much better.
I want to be as crazy as Richard Simmons when I am his age!
Thx 4 You & Richard Simmons?! Didn't know if I should laugh, cry, run to the potty. Did all 3, unfortunately, Not in that order!
*** The HuffPo whine wasn't enough self-inflicted damage for ya, Richard? THIS is why POTUS & FLOTUS blew you off.
Roger Ailes should look at hiring Richard Simmons at He'll fit in perfect w/the cast of clowns on that network.
Men in spandex pants is not attractive. It never will be. And I'll compare you to Richard Simmons
Your relationship is cute and all, buuut you're gayer than Richard Simmons flying over a rainbow on a glitter-farting unicorn.
Those awkward moments when Richard this is hilarious! Simmons repeatedly hits on Neil Cavuto [video] -
If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet? โ€” richard simmons
Sometimes I wonder what's the bigger trainwreck, Richard Simmons or Obamacare.
"WATCH: Richard Simmons cries, A man with a really good heart on . .
Do yourself a favor and watch Richard Simmons&Cavuto FoxNews today Haven't laughed this hard in maybe years
Cavuto turns red as acts Makes passes at Cavuto - Nov 28 @ 12:07 AM ET
I like how You think, I wonder if we could fit Richard Simmons in there somewhere, since he calls under "ambiguous"?
WATCH: This Fox News interview with Richard Simmons is the greatest thing to ever happen on cable TV
Richard Simmons is eccentric self while appearing on Fox News with Neil Cavuto
Richard Simmons has gotten no love from the Obamas. When the fitness guru joined HuffPost Live on Wednesday to discuss his new single, "Hair Do," host Ricky Camilleri asked for his thoughts on Michelle Obama's work to fight childhood obesity.
Richard Simmons just killed it on Best TV segment I've seen all week.
Richard Simmons just said that Steve aoki is the number one DJ in the world ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Lord now The Obamas are guilty of rejecting Richard Simmons, funny I didn't see at Bush WH, Clinton WH, shall I go on?
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