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Richard Simmons

Milton Teagle Simmons (born July 12, 1948), known professionally as Richard Simmons, is an American fitness personality who promotes weight-loss programs, most famously through his Sweatin' to the Oldies line of aerobics videos and is known for his eccentric, outgoing and frequently personality.

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Dear Jovian thank you for exposing and
Don't forget to.. . Love yourself. Move your body, &. Watch your portions! ~ Richard Simmons
freedom, justice and equality. Are you for real?
help us protest refusal to run anti human shield campaign by nobel peace laureate Elie Wiesel. write to …
what rubbish are you talking? a staunch Zionist? Have you been listening to him the last week?
"The last day I'm gunna put on my USA one piece and do burpees and handstands so I look like Richard Simmons."
WOW!!! Richard Simmons actually responded to a comment I sent him. Unexpected and wonderful! I'm not deleting it from my e-mail. Ever!!!
I'm writing a love letter to Richard Simmons.
Clegg wants to suspend letting Israel have arms to defend itself, and refuses to discipline LibDem MP who says he'd fir…
Hey stop your revolting treatment of the Jewish Film Festival. I hope North London boycotts you forever.
Hi presumably you'll now refuse all UK govt funding, because our army has attacked several Middle East c…
Egypt to Hamas: Airport, seaport, and Rafah aren't open for discussion: RT
Appalled by Tricycle Theatre's refusal to host UK Jewish Film Festival. Will they care if I decide not to go to the Tricycle any…
The US isn't part of the ICC and I wish we were not.
Also worth saying we shouldn't even be part of the ICC let alone have a minister for it. Our own law should be all that b…
When Hamas uses houses in Gaza for terror activity, they may become legitimate military targets.
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Word of encouragement from Richard Simmons! Gotta put on that weight I lost
We saw Hamas assemble a rocket and fire it. Our exclusive report breaks on NDTV at 5pm.
thanks:) sometimes I can't tell if it's disco or Richard Simmons
Well -- I gave Richard Simmons amoeba -- b/c I would never live down giving him Chlamydia
I'm seeing a little bit of Richard Simmons in you here.
depends who is involved in the sex tape?. Richard Simmons?. Uh.
workout snaps are the most inspirational videos I have ever watched. Watch out Richard Simmons, there's a new sheriff in town!
.along those sample lines I gave Richard Simmons amoeba (but wanted to give him Chlamydia)
A young, overweight Richard Simmons as an uncredited extra in Fellini's Satyricon (1969)
It is he changes costumes like 5 times last year he was zz top, alf, rocky III, Richard Simmons & something else! It is funny!
you look like Richard Simmons best friend, Richard Simmons.
Here is an exclusive report by on how assembles and fires rockets How did other cha…
SUPERFOODS SUPERFOODS!! OOH LA LA!!! "actually this is more of a marketing ter" SUPERFOODS!!! [Richard Simmons appears] [fireworks]
maybe he could get into some richard Simmons videos. Make some cash and jazzercise that gunt off.
Here's a huge shoutout to an amazing cousin on her birthday! From dancing to Richard Simmons workout…
You can have as many surgeries you want but that Channing Tatum jaw line & Richard Simmons voice aren't fooling me man
Maybe they can get Adam Sandler or Richard Simmons to play the Jessie Ventura part when they make a Movie out of Chris Kyle's Book " American Sniper". Forget that those two Men are to Manly to play this girls part
zombie Richard Simmons creeper hanging out with 1/2 of 😱😥
The biggest little guy in the world! Richard Simmons is also back! Check him out on youtube.and've got to look good!
today I called Ryan Gosling Richard Simmons by accident. It's 3 am o'clock in the morning
Oprah Winfrey is Lola. Richard Simmons is Lola. Ronald McDonald is Lola. Lola is an idea. Lola is star dust. Lola is.
Simmons, Richard - Sweatin' to the Oldies 3: Simmons, Richard - Sweatin' to the Oldies 3 Format: VHS Tape...
it would of been awesome to see the Rock in a Richard Simmons work-out video!!
Jimmy looks a little like Richard Simmons
I'm sorry dude but that was gayer than Richard Simmons singing a duet with Elton John on a rainbow.
I love everything James Bond, but how great would it be if Q were a Richard Simmons-level *** man just sooo excited about new gAAAaadgets?
I put full blame on Richard Simmons
might just be the only person ever to snapchat and run at the same time.I can only imagine if Richard Simmons had an iPhone though
I thought I saw Richard Simmons power walking in my neighborhood, turns out it was just an older lady with a sweet, sweet perm.
Whenever I'm feeling down Richard Simmons always finds a way to put me back on track
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*** is the ultimate monument to human freedom." Richard E. Simmons
Richard Simmons played a very important role in building the now-unbreakable alliance between cisgay men and cishet women. Respect.
The dude I shot down after he called Richard Simmons a fruit tried to set up a date and I DID use the words "national treasure" in my reply.
*** like that could turn *** men straight. Even the totally reformed Richard Simmons type
Getting quite bored of this humidity now, sick of ending every day looking like Richard Simmons
He's gayer than Richard Simmons' fanny pack.
Deep conversations with krenee930 about Richard Simmons.
Even Richard Simmons is getting in on the
All I see when I look at the new album cover is Richard Simmons' Reach LP. (CC:
Also a popular onesie for Richard Simmons.
McDonald's is playing some of the old music I remember hearing on favorite Richard SImmons videos lol
Mama made me set up the old VHS so she can do Richard Simmons Workouts 😂 💪 "c'mon Judy!! It's workin your inner Thighs"
I was going for like Richard Simmons or s/t but yeah pretty much
Richard Simmons from his 20th Anniversay release of Sweatin
I remember when I was at daycare we were forced to workout with Richard Simmons lol
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Richard Simmons is still closer to what I wish Asdrubal was.
Back when Julia was in her Richard Simmons phase and fronted a Bon Jovi tribute.
I'm trying to find a VHS player so we can do Richard Simmons videos in the living room.
There's a kid who looks like Richard Simmons in the middle of The Ready Set's crowd. Oh.
Steve Simmons back pedals better and quicker than Richard Sherman.
Why are we treating Hamas terrorists in our hospitals?
Richard Simmons is a *** man trapped inside an even gayer man's body trapped inside a unicorn trapped inside Richard Simmons.
hot enough to make Richard Simmons get interested in a *** for more than a decorative floral arrangement in his living room
I would rather watch Richard Simmons sweating to the oldies than watch Obama, Reid, Pelosi , and Clinton !
Wanna see my impersonation of Richard Simmons?
Absolute scum! They're using the images of the murdered Fogel family as though they are from Gaza. Disgusting pigs
who can I contact please regarding some issues I had the other day when purchasing shirts?
IDF strikes 190 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza over past 24 hours
Given the events of yesterday, it’s no surprise that my dreams were of Palm Springs, Richard Simmons, Madonna and
Without starting an argument I am genuinely asking how is one meant to interpret 17:104 in the Quran?
you should do a portrait of Richard Simmons tbh...
I feel like Richard Simmons. Work it, people, work it!!!
Let me try again.. Who was Richard Simmons
"It's really hard to concentrate hearing Richard Simmons 'Gary.'" ~
aggred I need your Richard Simmons *** on me making me work out!💪👏
Nick looks like the love child of Richard Simmons and Dexter
remember when blamed Richard Simmons for Little Big Horn?
this' Ron Simmons meets Richard Simmons, go Google the difference 🔥
Happy birthday today to Bill Cosby, Milton Berle, Topher Grace, Michelle Rodriguez, Cheryl Ladd, Christine McVie and Richard Simmons!!
I'd rather watch Richard Simmons make out with Dan Rather than see Rosie O'Donnell count to 10 using math
your picture looks gayer then Richard Simmons
*** is going on with Richard seriously...?
Little known fact: Richard Simmons, maker of the chart topper "Sweatin to the Oldies" paved the way to today's P90x, Insanity, and Crossfit workouts. So those that use the above mentioned workouts should take a moment to thank Mr. Simmons with his permed out hair, and booty shorts.
I found out today that I am soul brother 3,739,382,290, just below Conan O'Brien, but above Richard Simmons.
And I'm not god damned Richard Simmons. Find the motivation. I'm not prancing in a rhinestone tank top and booty shorts. You have to do it.
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Who remembers when Richard Simmons came to UCR to host a workout at the Student Recreation Center? He came in through the main entrance and surprised this woman riding the bike, took hundreds of photos, then had the house rocking with a fitness party.
I predict Richard Simmons will dress a gerbil like Uncle Sam and put him into his *** while playing a John Phillip Sousa march
Richard Simmons replies to so much stuff on his fb page it's hilarious
RIchard Simmons is ready to serve you!
Richard Simmons spends more time on his makeup than I do.
Can you guys imagine what Richard Simmons' closet looks like? Like, his literal closet.
It's hot as *** today ladies and gents, so be ready to sweat more than john candy in a Richard Simmons video.
if u look closely u can observe that Richard Simmons is wearing fishnet stockings on only one leg
Richard Simmons: Sweatin' to the Oldies. Richard Simmons: Sweatin' to the OldiesRat...
Deep down, I know the difference btwn Richard Simmons & Gene Simmons. But even in a life or death scenario, I gotta pause & think for a sec.
So pageweight is on the rise Where are Richard Simmons + Weight Watchers when you need 'em
The media is like Richard Simmons:. Too much hype, too annoying, and too many bad outfits.
Richard Simmons sweats to the oldies. I keep it a little tamer and sweat to the humidity.
does her best Richard Simmons here:
I walk past the TV and Richard Burton and Jean Simmons are on + realise I don't get the same buzz from seeing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
Was it love at first sight for marketing analyst Richard Simmons, 43, and business developer Akua
Afternoon, folks! We've got an Oscar-winning Biblical epic up next at 1.55pm: The Robe, starring Richard Burton & Jean Simmons.
is it true you once robbed Richard Simmons at a kids restaurant using a bottle of ketchup?
What we need video of people doing at home - . Richard Simmons I love you
Was told by someone that I remind them of Richard Simmons. It must be the hair
Remember when I used to be obsessed with pictures of Richard Simmons? Well my new fav thing is pictures of Drew Carey on The Price is Right
discovered (via ) that Richard Simmons is on instagram. this makes me unfeasibly happy.
K-Fed, Honey Boo-Boo, Richard Simmons, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Dustin Diamond, Eamon and Frankee - your boys took one *** of a beating!
is the end boss of the Richard Simmons video game.
Trying to focus on summer school right now is like Richard SImmons trying to stand still for 5 seconds.
Please tell me y'all carry that Richard Simmons video on DVD
you're so bitter on here you make me look like Richard Simmons.
Ok, I think I saw Richard Simmons in a red, white & blue leotard go for that Home Run ball.
Richard Simmons is an American fitness expert and actor best known for his "Sweatin' to the Oldies" aerobics...
Ha! “Levi is wearing Richard Simmons' baby tee.
Levi is wearing Richard Simmons' baby tee.
Hey On your Huffpo Richard Simmons article, any chance you could make turn our site name into a link? - A fellow Brian
Richard Simmons from his 20th Anniversay release …:
Dear dude at the gym, the 80's called, they want those Richard Simmons dolphin shorts back and they asked you to...
- I can't see Nick as anything but a (very) slightly more macho Richard Simmons. Eeww!! Eeww! Double Eew!
This dude at wawas gayier than Richard Simmons trying to teach Clay Aiken how to do aerobics
Richard Simmons opens up about his eating disorder. Watch the
Richard Simmons has a workout studio in Los Angeles and classes are only $12
Richard Simmons is AWESOME! Check him out in his tutu in this candid interview on
“Since when did Beaker the Muppet, Frida Kahlo, and Richard Simmons have a love child?
Why'd that Belgian guy roll his shorts Richard Simmons level high?
Pretty sure I just saw Richard Simmons in the Belgium huddle.
I'm going to be Richard Simmons for Halloween, because he's fabulous and glittery.
What if the bunny is really Richard Simmons
I had no idea Richard Simmons was on Belgium's World Cup team.
I'm more sure than ever that Andy Kaufman is alive and has been Richard Simmons the whole time.
Republicans have Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis & Clint Eastwood. Liberals have Cher, Roseanne Barr and Richard Simmons
0bama workout weaker than Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons workout!
Here are my picks for Doctor Strange: Rip Taylor, Richard Simmons, Yaphet Kotto, and the guy who played The Creeper in Dolemite.
Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, and Richard Simmons walk into a bar... .I have no idea what the punch line to that would be.
Hawks "D" are as tough on opponents in their own crease as Richard Simmons is on geriatrics sweatin' to the oldies. Get a clue boys. They have the killer instinct that you lack.
Round 5 has seen University go down 25-16 to the unbeaten Harlequins at Uni, the visitors scoring a try in the final five minutes to win the match. A late injury to Nigel Chigwida saw Auguie Deplante called up to the wing whilst an under the weather Gareth Gerrard gave way for Richard Simmons at prop. A good crowd was on hand to watch a fantastic game of rugby. Quins came out of the blocks early, establishing an early dominance in the set piece however the Students' forwards composed themselves, led by lineout maestro Riley Burke, and drove into good position for Samuelu Lopa to slot a penalty goal. The visitors fired back with some slick backline moves but Nick Schmidt at fullback and birthday boy lock Aaron Zantuck combined to shut it down. Brutal defence from the Reds forced a loose pass which was snapped up by Sam Henry who raced 50 metres to score under the sticks. This snapped the defending premiers into gear and through strong wide play, scored two quick tries to even the game up. A 40 metre, long- ...
Vladimir Putin, you've done a Vlad Vlad thing. Get off the motorcycle, get off the horse, and put your *** shirt back on. We can see you're *** as Richard Simmons, but enough with the posturing. Russia has problems enough without you playing the ex-KGB tough guy with the West.
Some of the 90's had meaning. But Pauly Shore, Richard Simmons & Wind Breakers also existed & nobody could explain why.
Richard Simmons wanted to ask Gary Bettman why 1 PM playoff games but he couldn't find him.
Very rarely do I see a movie that is as good as the book and Enders Game is one of them. Follows the book as much as you can in 2 hours and has great special effects. Then you have one of my favorite authors Lee Child and his 13 or so books about a former Army MP that is 6'5 and 250lbs named Jack Reacher. So what actor do they use that is that large? 5'4 130lbs Tom Cruise! That's like casting Richard Simmons to play Rocky! One movie from a book done well and one completely ridiculous.
Okay, It's FAR FAR FAR BACK FRIDAY. What is the OLDEST workout you have ever done. Richard Simmons? Older? Jane Fonda? Older? I want to know!
.wins with & presentation referencing Gremlins, Hoarders, Alex P. Keaton, Richard Simmons & more.
what about Richard gere and Richard Nixon, or Richard Pryor, or Richard Simmons?
Not at all. Also can't stand Richard Simmons, Elton John, Jodie Foster, Melissa Etheridge. Ok?
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Good lord , how have I gone this long without following Richard Simmons
I'd rather watch Richard Simmons dancing to the Oldies
Id sentence Stirling to a ladder match against lebron shaq and dmx, Stirling can have Richard Simmons on his team if he wants
My son wanted to know if he could have a belly bag like UNCLE GRANDPA. UUHHH NO.Richard Simmons flashback.uugghh
Tuukka Rask is good at doing exactly two things: Stopping pucks and looking like Richard Simmons' cousin
I love how none of the colors match on any of my running gear. I look like a color blind Richard Simmons.
Richard Simmons on Whose Line is it Anyways... Oh my god I can't even 😂😂😂
if Richard Simmons and Michael jackson had a baby you'd be the *** that it grows into
Dave goes door to door in New Jersey (with Siskel and Ebert, with Richard Simmons, etc.)
Ian's buddy describing Alex "he reminds me of a young Richard Simmons."
"He reminds me of a young Richard Simmons"
Carly Simon's last words on her deathbed better be, "You're So Vain was about Warren Beatty/Cat Stevens/James Taylor/Richard Simmons"
Why is *** Molloy singing in a band with Richard Simmons and John Waters on the Good Friday Appeal show??
This is Ron Simmons meets Richard Simmons, go Google their differences...
Guests I want to see again on Letterman: Brian Williams, Howard Stern, Richard Simmons, Bill Murray, Joaquin Phoenix, JLaw, Ryan Adams...
I'm putting together an itinerary for my sister's visit in mid-May next month. So far we have food trucks, Richard Simmons class, Magic Mountain, Billy Joel concert, Thai massages & beach time. Anything else I should add to the weekend?
Richard Simmons reminds me of Bruce Jenner... a little
I think the US Department of the Treasury should put Richard Simmons' face on the three dollar bill. ...and be run by pirates!
Must be my week or something... first Lenny Kravitz buying my Frappuccino at Starbucks a few days ago and now a daisy Duke wearin' Richard Simmons looking guy who just paid my $137 dollar dry cleaning bill for me!!! . And that was with underwear and Slacks on too! Can you imagine what would happen if I were to go totally Rambo!?! The skies the limit!!! / - :
I dont know whats gayer, Richard Simmons or Delta Kappa Epsilon
Read about my experience at last year, including an interesting encounter with Richard Simmons.
Richard Simmons has more ball's than John Kerry but than again Obama could have sent his staff of muslims instead
Having our first BBQ of the year in the glorious sunshine with Paul Smith, Bethan Hunns, Jeremy Hunns, Richard Simmons, Jack Hunns & Olivia Hunns.
I am glad I have my brothers to beat up on. Richard Simmons and Michael Ortiz. I love you guys.
ah Steve Simmons, the Richard Simmons of hockey journalism and Damien Cox, his best friend.
Congratulations to Patrick Reed who just replaced Richard Simmons as the biggest *** bag in the history of sports! Think before words!!!
David Garcia tipped the scales at 402 lbs, lost 158 lbs after meeting Richard Simmons on the DeGeneres Show.
Accreditation reaffirmed for Auburn University flight school that workout guru Richard Simmons fought to save:
(Jeff) TOP FIVE THINGS TO CONSIDER GIVING UP FOR LENT 1. Observing Lent 2. Working out with Richard Simmons new "Twerking to the Oldies" 3. Carpooling with Justin Bieber 4. The Seattle Mariners (it's never too early) 5. Saying 'Do you know what day it is?' on Wednesdays
At wants to be the next Arnold But when I see him at the gym all I think is Richard Simmons 😂😂😂
I don't know who Dave Letterman bickers with better: Jack Hanna or Richard Simmons! LOL
This would be like putting Richard Simmons in charge of the boyscouts.They indoctrinate our young to believe this is normal.
Tonight I pop in an old workout videotape from the mid 80's and my friend sez it waz so cheesy and old school :-? Why do think I still have it with me. It gave me a good w/o :-) And no it wasn't Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons! Good night ya'll and happy dreams. Traveling - have a safe trip
Reviewing the list of filed candidates for the upcoming elections - I'll have both Michael Jackson and Richard Simmons on my ballot.
You better send Richard Simmons your *** condolences.
Those with big egos are not my amigos. -Richard Simmons 😙
This is almost as cool as my dream to win a work out with Richard Simmons
I miss this show. Richard Simmons as always is hilarious.
I'm sure would be happy 2 know I do Richard Simmons workouts 2-3x weekly w/ my student
It's Gunna be a Great Day ~~ I seen a Robin ! Yeah :) & I started my Sweating to the Oldies / Richard Simmons .. The winter has not been Good to my Waist Line ... I can do it ... Yes I can !!! :)
My 8 am professor throws random pictures of Richard Simmons into her PowerPoints to make sure we're paying attention.
just logged on at Work! I Can't Richard Simmons outfit Cha Cha Cha
One of my best friends just proudly told me she ordered a Richard Simmons workout video 😩lol
Started 80s workout day right with a Richard Simmons video in Mrs. Hardway's class
PSAs that sent the wrong message: PSAs that sent the wrong message, Richard Simmons’s spot raised eyebrows, and...
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Richard Simmons exercise videos are funny in a disturbing way.
Just worked out with my friend this morning (Richard Simmons), LOL. I got started and didn't want to stop but gotta get ready for work.Also 15 minutes on Bike. I'll have to do the rest of the DVD this evening after work. Workout went well and I feel pretty darn good this morning. Have a wonderful day everyone. Glad to be back!
Richard Simmons reluctantly bares a son Tony Little who uses his frightening hair and oversized legs to capture the throne.
Good Morning! I woke up to a freezing house again. It's 64 degrees in here. This is the third time this winter it has broken down. We plan on purchasing a new furnace and air conditioner unit this summer. I'm hoping Kenny can do his magic until it gets warmer. We have three more months of saving before that can happen so we don't have to go in debt for one. Its time for me to dig out my Richard Simmons DVD out so I can start exercising before work every day. Thanks for all of your encouragement. Have a great day.
You ever just want to give up end eat only junk...then you realize you'd be the next Richard Simmons special-to the oldies
Whose Line is it anyways with Richard Simmons
Wayne sings to Richard Simmons in the form of Disco in Songstyles!
So the *** Linebacker had a bad showing at the Combine? Better call richard Simmons & have him get u back in shape buddy.
No! I will not take a Zumba class. I refuse to think I look like Shakira when it's going to be more Richard Simmons
Things I want to do:. Go to the beach. Learn how to surf. Go mountain biking. Have a LOTR marathon. Go to Richard Simmons gym
remember when I walked in on you beatin it to richard simmons and promised not to tell anyone?
Enjoyed working out with Becca and them Richard Simmons kicked my booty!!!
read this as Richard Simmons at first and now I'm dying
looking for a boost anyway possible, if Richard Simmons can run the pick and roll, they'll take him
Richard Simmons Reports Live from Mardi Gras: via Still one of my favorite Mardi Gras videos! Hilarious!
Ol Richard Simmons was a good piece son
I look gayer than Richard Simmons in that picture
Replace the head with Richard Simmons smiling ear to ear lol
I have more energy right now than Richard Simmons on cocaine but my shorts are longer and he has a nicer tan
you're welcome boo thang. Google Richard Simmons if all else fails.
Feeling down? Here's rock's answer to Richard Simmons to bring a smile to your face & wonder *** was he thinking?
Just did 10 minutes of Richard Simmons' "boogie down the pounds" (my favorite Richard Simmons DVD). I haven't done any of this kind of exercise since injuring my ankle on Nov. 21, but my Physical therapist said it was OK to try it. So I decided to start slowly and see how the ankle reacts. It doesn't hurt but I'm icing it anyway. Big step forward! Tap dancing again soon! woohoo!
Hey remember when we all had to do Richard Simmons in 4th grade gym class?
I really miss the show Whose Line is it Anyways. Especially the episode that Richard Simmons was on.😂😂😂
I never liked whos line is it anyway but that episode with Richard Simmons had me dying! 😂
So Marissa Taylor I got moms sweatin it to the oldies with Richard Simmons. These things sure do bring back some memories! To bad your not around!
Went to the rec and hit the chesticles pretty hard!! Was gonna do some hip hop abs, but (YAWN) Shaun T im bored with you, I can only bust out sooo many sweet moves. So after work tomorrow im off to the mission mart to purchase a pair of nuthuggers and a vhs player to sweat with The Pioneer of workout videos, the KING, Mr or Mrs Richard Simmons. Sweating To The Oldies, eat your heart out ladies!
If I told you I was scared of Richard Simmons at 16 would you believe me?
Richard Simmons just lost his beloved Hattie. She was his Dalmatian daughter of over 17 years. So very sad.
This guy just thought me how to work out like Richard Simmons.
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If I could sport a Richard Simmons 'fro, I'd be all about the rantercizing!
Great job, Jeremy. You make piers look like richard simmons. without the exercise.
My beautiful, sweet daughter, Lisa, posted this for me because I have always admired Richard Simmons for his accomplishments in the fight against obesity. Thank you mija this was hilarious I needed the laugh!
This is the best episode of Who's line is it anyway... I love Richard Simmons.
I'm my sisters motivational guide during this workout 😂😂😂 I like to think of myself as a Richard Simmons in his prime on a good day👌😂
Lost 7 lbs and 6 inches since last month..Thank you Andrea Lewison for being my own lil Richard Simmons lol
Richard Simmons workouts are so fun!!
ha. I much prefer 80s. You know, my mom used to work for Richard Simmons back in the early 80s.
So, the NFL wants to become more politically correct by penalizing *** and racial slurs. Your kidding, right? If mommy didn't teach those 6'6", 350 pound monsters to be the toughest, nastiest *** on the block, they wouldn't be in the NFL. Maybe the NFL should get Richard Simmons to give exercise and sensitivity classes, "Come on girls, slim those tushies down!"
If you don't work out to Richard Simmons you're doing if wrong.
Yo mama is so fat, she makes richard simmons lose his enthusiasm.
tho, who's down to flash mob Richard Simmons workouts to Cyndi Lauper?
Very, very funny. Richard Simmons is a HOOT!
make a workout video like Richard Simmons
This had me crying with laughter! So hard my head hurts. Richard Simmons is too funny! Must WATCH and SHARE the laughs!
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How have I not been following Richard Simmons on instagram?
In his prime, Richard Simmons was, at best, in just okay shape...
Gary Millwood put on yu Richard Simmons shorts & come to da park.
Richard Simmons showing his true self on the greatest show ever
Long awaited debut single off our upcoming E.P. "Trials" Richard Simmons warm up! Lyrics I am a fool nothing but a coward Looking in the mirror to see a hear...
LOL Still laughing! This is one of my favorites with Richard Simmons as a guest player.
You can sleep with any woman you want but it's in a 3 way with Richard Simmons do you take the deal
I'm not afraid to face the fact that I'm literally gonna end up being like Richard Simmons when I'm older.
Just found 5 exercising videos with richard simmons in my house. Please.
I miss this show! I've never seen this episode and I'm laughing so hard right now. Richard Simmons really is a true comedian. Hilarious!
Idk what you guys think, but I say we all dress up like Richard Simmons for our drill team volleyball game. Swag
Richard Simmons' Instagram feed is the only Instagram feed you need to follow.
The man who became Joe Girardi in the deal is the man whose team had me traded from to last season, known to the Waldbaum's on 10th crowd as Skippy at times, he was Boston hater Showalter & he took a deal to become Anna Miskulin's son again knowing that Mary would be his sister & I was told how ironic (back then) because someone broke up the Chris & Gina rally around your sibling perfecta only to get a new one on top. Buck as Ariana got engaged to Miskulin's former cover son Don Trump Jr who is Richard Simmons a requirement from the money he earns to look a bit odd from time to time the way Longoria performs as a girl. This is how you know that none of this was written by a book author or editor. Showalter took the deal on the account that he is singer MARK WILLS.
At we might not have Richard Simmons but we do have a site that's enrolled millions, w/ 0 crashes.
Who needs Richard Simmons when you have a site that works? has enrolled millions, with zero crashes.
When you have no crash history and millions enrolled, you don't need Richard Simmons. it works!
I liked a video Whose Line is it anyway-richard simmons special!!
Today I started a magnesium citrate diet, already lost about 20 pounds and plan to lose more by the end of the day. Eat your heart out Richard Simmons.
Why,. why was I not following Richard Simmons' feed before?!.
OMg professor Easterbrooks brother is Richard Simmons everything makes sense now
I urge you to drop whatever you are doing immediately and follow Richard Simmons on Instagram:
It's that time of year again ladies. Two words: Richard Simmons.
You look like richard simmons just crapped out a hobbit lmfao
Im very Happy Today as the Richard Simmons workout Dvds I ordered finally arrived!!
Carrie is trying to do her Richard Simmons workout lol
Watch the video Failed PSAs on Yahoo News . There have been many headaches for the White House during the Obamacare rollout, but who would have guessed that one of them would be caused by Richard Simmons? In January, the fitness guru appeared in a live Internet web stream urging California residents...
I dont care how sick iam today but i just kicked richard simmons butt lol... ive lost 21 pounds so far... nothing is stopping me not even my stuffy head sinus pressure... now thats determination...
I regret to inform everyone that Richard Simmons is dead, again.
For Bob, Kevin, Gary, know.all the REAL Richard Simmons fans !
FirstNet, Public Safety's worst enemy. do we call Jenny Craig or Richard Simmons? Depends on how you look at it!
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"Obama has to be stern with Putin" like Richard Simmons dealing with Arnold Schwarzenegger 😳
Umm u know u r out of shape when u only make it half way through 1st Richard Simmons workout video sweatin to the oldies lol
I can't help but love Richard Simmons! Hysterical! They are all awesome!!
The first two pictures shows Robert's new hobby since retiring to Wy. That's right--- it's keeping the path to our house clear of the white stuff. Now I like white, don't get me wrong--isn't it the color of purity? But I will be glad to see some color other than white---oh no, what's that coming over the mountain? More snow all week : ( It Was So Snowy that Hitchhikers were holding up pictures of thumbs! Roosters were rushing into Kentucky Fried Chicken and begging to use the pressure cooker! When I dialed 911, a recorded message said to phone back in the spring! The optician was giving away free snow scrapers with every new pair of eyeglasses! Kids were using a new excuse to stay up late: "But Mom, my pajamas haven't thawed out yet!" Richard Simmons started wearing pants! Pickpockets were sticking their hands in strangers' pockets just to keep them warm! The squirrels in the park were throwing themselves at an electric fence! The dogs were wearing cats! We had to chop up the piano for firewood - but ...
Herbalife, ItWorks, Visalus, and other weight loss fads work. But none of them last. Stop taking the products, stop spending your money, and your results go away. What works and is permanent? Spending your money on a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and exercising. Jack Lelanne (sp) had it right all those years ago. Richard Simmons too. Only putting healthy foods into your body, and staying active. No miracle pills. No fad diets. Just hard work and the discipline to not eat junk food. I've lost weight by watching what I eat, and putting in the work. If it works for me, it will work for you. Turn off the TV, and get physical!!
Do you like Zumba? If so there is a free class put on tonight by RHA in the lower cc at 6. Followed by a free Richard Simmons class at 7. Hope to see you all there!
As much as I dislike Richard Simmons, this is hilarious!
I bet the Looney Tunes would have stood a better chance of winning against the Monstars if their training included more than halfway completing a Richard Simmons work out video.
Good Morning! Time to put on my Richard Simmons workout clothes for the stress test today! Wish me Luck! 😁😁😁
This is for John Champagne and the rest of hypocrites that were making fun of Richard Simmons. Are any of u that shallow to think everyone couldn't see what this was really all about. What wrong with u people? Are ur lives so pathetically miserable that the only way u can feel better about urselves is to criticize other human beings. Yeah that's walking with Jesus. Instead of talking the talk, u need to get off ur pedestals and walk the walk with Jesus. Jesus would never act like any of u. Have a nice day.
Well its time for my Sweatin to the Oldies workout with my man Richard Simmons lol I want to start "dating" Richard Simmons.but trying to figure out a good time.needs to be the same time everyday!! Any suggestions???
Good Morning FB. It may sound funny but I have a vcr so I bought some Richard Simmons exercise videos and can you say I feel the burn and sweat is dripping!!! Have a fabulous day!!!
Ok girls i'm back i think. Dancing to the oldies with Richard Simmons (with his funny self) this morning. And i'm gonna start watching the calories again starting TODAY!.
I just had an avocado for breakfast!! I'm feelin Richard Simmons healthy right now lmao
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
"When you're feeling down, sad, lonely, negative, you don't want to take care of yourself - and the weight problem and the diabetic problem and the heart attack and stroke problems and high cholesterol set in". Richard Simmons
*turning to the 'oldies' station and cranking the music up in the gym until it's bouncing off the walls, I mount the treadmill and after a quick warm up, start a pounding run until I become aware of mine brother, Vishous, behind me* “What’s doing, sister mine?” *In between measured breaths, I answer* “Sweating to the oldies, brother mine.” *I catch his wince and am puzzled at it* “What?” He merely shakes his head and replies cryptically. “Two words, Payne. Richard. Simmons.” *Still not illuminated, but seeing he is unlikely to elaborate, I shrug and go back to mine workout, and mine brother leaves me to exercise without audience. Howe’er, I do mentally file away the name for future investigation into just who or what a Richard Simmons might be*
Three words. Richard Simmons Cardio... Ohh yes!! This is happening. Live and in person. LA!! The city where dreams come true!
Check out the official music video for Richard Simmons' new single, "Hair Do"! Get the single on iTunes here: Subscribe to Ri...
Ok Day before yesterday I started the Richard Simmons Sweating to the oldies. I can only make it through 5 songs then have to stop. but I am loving them so far I have tried 1 and 3, like 1 the best so far.. I think they will go well with my weight watchers diet :)
Was sent to me today by my dear friend & Mentor =) Richard Simmons:" Jeanette, YOU are the best my dear! Much love right backatcha! XXX "
So my mom says I can't beat Richard Simmons in a race lmao he's not even in great shape & neither am I but I know I would win this bet
Wanna c Richard Simmons in the back of a pick up truck with a bottle of Bud
I just finished working out with a video with Richard simmons. I am going to try at least once a day . Need to loose some weight. It is difficult for me as I never had a weight problem till now. I could eat whatever I wanted. Now that is in the past.
Some laughs for your Sunday afternoon with Richard Simmons and the cast of Whos line is it anyway
Breaking: Obama is mobilizing the 1st PajamaBoy Brigade led by Gen Richard Simmons to put bedroom slippers on the ground in Ukraine
For everyone who is sad today, here is Richard Simmons being a cutie pie.
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