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Richard Simmons

Milton Teagle Simmons (born July 12, 1948), known professionally as Richard Simmons, is an American fitness personality who promotes weight-loss programs, most famously through his Sweatin' to the Oldies line of aerobics videos and is known for his eccentric, outgoing and frequently personality.

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'Missing' Richard Simmons speaks out as fitness guru is pictured for first time in three years via
Truly happy. Richard Simmons is everything that is right in this world: a compassionate individual trying to make t…
Richard Simmons returns home from hospital “in good spirits”
. Richard Simmons is slowly but surely returning to the public eye. This after being the unwillin……
What's the latest scoop on the appeal? Legal Siri fills us in on this week's podcast! https:/…
buddy definitely think the Richard Simmons idea will so wonders for you.
Richard Simmons has been located and I now FINALLY feel at peace.
Gayer than any Richard Simmons workout video.
"When I was 7 years old I wrote a letter to Richard Simmons and told him I supported his lifestyle choices." - Chelsea Clinton
At 7:27pm today Richard Simmons, age 68, woke up from a nap completely healthy. He made soup.
Richard Simmons was apparently hospitalized for "Indigestion" or something.
"Let’s take a minute and all be thankful for medical professionals," he wrote. --
Richard Simmons breaks silence after hospital stay, thanks cops and healthcare providers 🗣on
Richard Simmons gives shout out to hospital staff after health scare
Grateful star: Former fitness guru Richard Simmons, seen in 2014 before he withdrew from public…
Richard Simmons thanks hospital staff, police after stay - Richard Simmons is safe back at home after a brief h...
Richard Simmons 'in good spirits' after returning home from hospitalization via
Richard Simmons "in good spirits" after returning home from hospitalization.
Why isn't Tae Bo dude as important as Richard Simmons? Important question IMHO
Richard Simmons makes his 1st appearance in years … well, almost. TMZ 7:30pm on FOX 32.
Oh hey, I didn't know Richard Simmons has an aircraft carrier too!
Richard Simmons breaks his silence after recent hospitalization
OG Flamboyant Personal Trainer Richard Simmons Hospitalized For… Indigestion [Video]. Richard Simmons was missing, said to be coming back t…
They look like they going to Richard simmons workout party
Richard Simmons hospitalized in California via /r/news
Richard Simmons’ rep said the fitness guru is “feeling better” after seeking treatment for gastrointestinal issue…
Thoughts and prayers are with Richard Simmons, who has been going through a difficult couple of years. A celebrity…
Richard Simmons hospitalized for severe indigestion
"Richard Simmons was hospitalized on Monday at an undisclosed location in California," Mi…
“After a few days of battling severe indigestion and discomfort while eating," Simmons was hospitalized
Richard Simmons hospitalized in California, battling severe indigestion
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Richard Simmons was hospitalized for "severe indigestion."
Richard Simmons was hospitalized on Monday for severe indigestion, and is now doing better.
Richard Simmons hospitalized for 'severe indigestion' -
Richard Simmons hospitalized after suffering gastrointestinal issues
Richard Simmons was taken to the hospital yesterday.
Actor in hospital for gastrointestinal issues!
Richard Simmons was hospitalized after battling "severe indigestion."
UPI Latest News: Richard Simmons hospitalized for 'severe indigestion'
Simmons' manager says he was hospitalized after few days of "battling severe indigestion & discomfort while eating"
Ever heard of Richard Simmons. Ever heard of learning,and supporting It's not false and u r rude.…
Oh no!😥 has been hospitalized amid rumors he's being held hostage in his home—get the details:…
S-Town and Missing Richard Simmons were both great, enjoyable podcasts, that exploited men and judged their sexuality
There is a Richard Simmons exercise video on one of the live channels at work. Hypotizing...
I knew all along that Alex Jones was just a great character by the same guy who came up with Richard Simmons and Cher
THIS JUST IN: Alex Massari is Richard Simmons and Bob Ross' love child
John Mcenroe, Will "More Cowbell" Ferrell and Bob Ross. I originally was trying to make Richard Simmons but he ende…
Can we trade this dude for Richard Simmons? via
Richard Simmons signs new licensing deal
Richard Simmons signs new licensing deal -
It's incredibly gripping. Have you checked out Missing Richard Simmons?
On the bright side of the news this week, it looks like Richard Simmons might be making a comeback.
The weird world we live in. Podcast slammed for violating Simmons' privacy boosts his image + helps spur new $ deal.
Fitness icon Richard Simmons may be gearing up to make a comeback in the public eye with a new business deal.
Richard Simmons has signed with a licensing firm. Will a public appearance come next?
Richard Simmons has reportedly signed a massive licensing deal.
Reclusive Richard Simmons signs lucrative new global licensing deal
Maybe he isn't missing. Maybe we were all scammed.
yup...just like the queen of England is actually from outer space, and Richard Simmons is as straight as a ruler.
UPDATE: As of 9 PM (ET), Richard Simmons is still in the closet.
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Shocking news that Barry Manilow is *** At least I can be confident that Richard Simmons is straight.
REALLY enjoyed Missing Richard Simmons. Always been irrationally fascinated w. the man.
Always do your best and you will find that you never need to compare yourself to. others _ Richard Simmons
Thank God. Where the *** has he been? Should I put him on my MIA List with Richard Simmons?
One of my fave developments of 2017 so far was when every1 looked around and went "Wait where has Richard Simmons been fo…
NEWS: Richard Simmons may reemerge in public as part of new merchandise deal, reports via Simmons manager. h…
So I just finished listening to the Missing Richard Simmons podcast and it turns out Richard Simmons is not missing; the h…
I'm sure they will think it even's out because Richard Simmons disappeared from the public.
Better Body bootcamp: this ain't no Richard Simmons workout
That's a wrap on the Richard Simmons podcast. Time to roll the dice again. Next podcast will be... "Radiolab" but for "the praline industry"
please don't pull a Richard Simmons.
Finally listened to Missing Richard Simmons. What a great show. Such a testament to how important podcasts are as a medium.
New post (7 Times Richard Simmons Got Real About Staying Fit and Loving Yourself) has been published on Muscle ...…
Can the media just leave Richard Simmons in peace please?!
Must be related to other Husseins like Richard Simmons is to Gene. Paranoid?
Checking to see if John Travolta, Kevin Spacey, and Richard Simmons are ready.
If the Finding Richard Simmons podcast turns out to be an elaborate work I hope they win every WON Award this year.
Still. Protect Betty White, *** Van *** Richard Simmons, Julie Andrews, and Carol Burnett at all costs!
'Missing Richard Simmons' podcast comes to a quiet end one of the best podcast ever,thanks, it's a sad story
I wish I knew Richard Simmons. I feel like we could be friends . People always take him as a joke but I bet he's a kind man. Deep even.
Mike Pence is so low energy he makes Jeb! Bush look like Richard Simmons
Leroy Jenkins and Richard Simmons in one week? Jay Leno thinks you rip off Howard too often.
61 years ago tonight *** Wilson and Gene Roth in "Dangerous Shortcut" on 'Sgt. Preston of the Yukon' starring Richard Simmons on
Hi Dan, I may have some information about Richard Simmons. If you could send me a direct message, i'd like to keep it private.
do we need to do a missing Gary Tanguay podcast? Is Gary holed up with Richard Simmons?
In 1968 Richard Simmons found a note on his car: "Fat people die young. Please don’t die."
Missing Richard Simmons is so SO good. I remember dancing to my Grandma's Sweatin' to the Oldies VHS tapes when I was a kid WE MUST FIND HIM
The most important thing you need to know: new episode out TOMORROW.
Rep denies Richard Simmons is being controlled by housekeeper
Have no real point of reference for Richard Simmons but imagine it'd be like Mr Morivator going missing. (Thank the Good Lord he hasn't)
Listening to that podcast about Richard Simmons. It's actually quite interesting so far. The narrator is good at telling a story
Richard Simmons rep slams podcast, says star wants to 'live a more private life'
Everything you need to know about the 'Missing Richard Simmons' podcast
The current podcast, is created and hosted by Cornellian & alumnus Dan Taberski '95.
Richard Simmons' representative denies claims he is being held hostage
What the Heck is going on with Richard Simmons again in the News about his Team keeping him Captive! is he Looking 4 attention
Never would've guessed I'd spend the week worrying Richard Simmons was being held captive by a witch but here we are.
Friend says he's being held captive by housekeeper; rep says that's 'crap'
Where is Richard Simmons? Podcast dedicated to tracking him down says fitness guru hasn't been seen in 1,100 days: https:…
My main takeaway from the first episode of Missing Richard Simmons is: your theme song is the montage song from Swiss Army Man?!
Where is Richard Simmons? Team denies captivity claims despite new podcast
There are a lot of rumors out there about fitness guru Richard Simmons.
I need the orange tank with bling & a dove. Where can I find it? I must channel my inner Richard Simmons!
Where is Richard Simmons? The star missing for over 1,000 days as a popular podcast is on a mission to find him:
Strange story-Richard Simmons. Entitled 2 private life. Come fwd ,clear it up. Something's wrong.
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listening to the Richard Simmons podcast at work and am in tears? What is happening?!?!?!
Has Pauly Shore ever played Richard Simmons in anything? I've done no research.
It's not Serial, it's called Missing Richard Simmons. It's so good! It has 3 episodes out.
Richard Simmons rep shoots down latest hostage rumors as podcast dives into ...
Thank you for For those of us who grew loving Richard Simmons and care deeply for him, this is important work!
Really loving the podcast! As someone who used to write a zine about Richard Simmons, I think I am…
I feel like Russel Brand and Richard Simmons are connected in some intergalactic way.
It’s weird to think that there’s a cartoon out there where Richard Simmons, Ving Rhames, and John Waters all had recurring roles.
What if the Richard Simmons case ends up being like the Bernie Tiede/Margie Nugent case?!
Pulling out my Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda posters to my Oliva Newton -John! :-) — Exercising
So, watching the pre show. Mary asks, "is that Richard Simmons kid" I go, "no, that's Sam Roberts"
I came to the USA expecting to see people like Robert Redford&Demi Moore;shocked to see Richard Simmons and Whoopie…
post-Bama loss Bobby is as giddy as Richard Simmons at a fire station. Good grief.
When your roommates are actually Richard Simmons
Either Richard Simmons is upstairs or my neighbor is prancing.
I'm selling '9 Richard Simmons VHS tapes- Both New & Used' on Check it out at
and I'll bet you believe Richard Simmons was quite the ladies man. It has zero credible meaning
wow! That's absolutely atrocious. Especially with it deciding the dual.
Homer should ask if Burns still has his secret weapon "The Robotic Richard Simmons". Shake! Shake! Shake! Shake! Shake! Shake!
That GE commercial is the worst. . If that's what an idea looked like, I'd shoot it in the head. . (And run, screaming like Richard Simmons)
Ya'll don't know nothing about them 1983 red Richard Simmons Nike tracksuit pants. Lol lol.…
Now all they need is some Richard Simmons-like leg warmers in fuschia.
I wish I loved anything as much as Richard Simmons loves his bedazzler.
90% of my gym enjoyment comes from dressing like Richard Simmons in a sea of black workout gear. Today's leopard le…
medieval Richard Simmons playing footsies with lizard Richard Simmons?
you know what would make a good fish name? Fishard Swimmons... (Richard Simmons)
Thankfully Pepperdine doesn't play in the Richard Simmons Center
eat your heart out Richard Simmons lol
don't worry, I keep getting Gene Simmons, Richard Simmons, and Russell Simmons mixed up, and those are 3 VERY different people
I honestly thought this was Richard Simmons at first.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
. Richard Simmons. Always do your best.and never ever give up.on.YOU!!!
Here's the deal on Comey's comments on toad clinton. Richard Simmons threatened to moon him if he didn't - news at 11.
Click Here to Make Richard Simmons Proud - " />Need More Exercise. Like to go for a stroll after dinner. - Here...
Julio Jones is making Richard Sherman look like Richard Simmons.
"This has to be one handed or else it's me and Richard Simmons going to town." - Midsection quote
Richard Simmons before he bought the leotard
Richard Simmons is dead, I just know it.
headass, you look like the love child of Christopher Walken and Richard Simmons
he should have worn a curly whig and been Richard simmons
big hair is all that really matters. Dress like Richard Simmons
Really? you wanna compare me to Richard Simmons? Seriously? Okay Homer Simpson... And even he likes sports
that's a woman thought it was Richard Simmons
"Where has Richard Simmons been all my life?" . -
Lumbersexual poster child Richard Spencer enjoys more lavish mainstream media attention. I refuse to work with MSM. https…
Sorry, I only wear my cowboy boots, Richard Simmons shorts and helmet, for special occasions.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
At least Richard Simmons and Pee Wee Herman are still with us, right?
More old TV morbidity... Richard Simmons on Larry Sanders. If you don't know what's going on with him now, it's really weird and sad.
why is there a picture of Richard Simmons on the right? Was Bill Crosby schlonging that dude? Probably!
When you want to be Tony Robbins... & end up like Richard Simmons
If a Mount Rushmore of fitness were ever created, it has to include Jack Lalanne, Arnold, Jane Fonda & Richard Simmons.
Sam just called Richard Simmons the workout guy Richard Nixon 😂😂
Next year... I'll make the Halloween effort. Next year, expect the robotic Richard Simmons.
Richard Simmons may be closing his fitness studio but we will always have this moment.
I dont want to be a Richard Simmons look a like. Lol great line
Richard Simmons' exercise studio is closing. Tyler Perry is in talks to buy it due to all of the extra closet space.
I do not want any child in America to have my childhood because it w...
I can tell you love what you do. You are the Richard Simmons of news. You get so excited over everything. Lol
Richard Simmons is closing his iconic L.A. fitness studio
Richard Simmons is closing his iconic exercise studio in Los Angeles.
Richard Simmons closes down his famed exercise studio
Richard Simmons making an appearance at the race
Richard Simmons to close his iconic exercise studio in Los Angeles
Happy weekend! Can't decide if Teen Wolf or Richard Simmons is my favorite...
We overweight people, we say terrible things to ourselves. Oh, you w...
Richard Simmons -- Slimmons Studio Closing via wishing him well
Richard Simmons has really let himself go
Uff!! it caught ;-) Richard Simmons' Studio is Closing - TMZ.comRichard Simmo...
I want CarrotTop, Ron Jeremy, John Candy and Richard Simmons as my Supreme Court judges. Now that's justice.
Chad Gable looks like Richard Simmons had a child with Neville
Who NOT to invite to your man cave: Billy Bush, Tim Kaine, Bathhouse Barry Obama, Richard Simmons or Paul Ryan.
Cook Book - Richard Simmons' Farewell to Fat Cookbook : Homemade in the USA
Carlos Mencia, as in the bootleg version of successful comedians?!? I'd rather listen to Richard Simmons work out for an hour..
I just imagined Solaire of Astora if he were played by Richard Simmons.
I'd buy it. Can Shawn costar in it? If he's busy, I suggest we ask Richard Simmons.
Not going to lie I busted out laughing when you compared Tim Kaine to Richard Simmons and Mr. Rogers.
look at Cookie's pics. She's criticizing Katy? She's got the fashion sense of Richard Simmons
Just checked: Richard Simmons is still alive. Good for him.
In a perfect world the siren would be a recording of Richard Simmons yelling "GAR-E!".
The only person missing here is richard simmons...
He the black Richard Simmons now I'm sick lmfao
The media may have forgotten that Richard Simmons is still being held hostage by his house maid, but I will not!
Another fluff piece. You guys suck more *** than Richard Simmons.
In 1989, Provo had a shortage of Richard Simmons exercise VHS tapes.
Richard Simmons been working out his whole life and I ain't seen a muscle on him yet 🤔 don't trip
Karl, the Richard Simmons VHS tape made me LOL
I have a phone number that works too richard simmons tf
Richard Simmons: the till never gives the right change
Right now many schools have no recess. Most schools have no PE.
who needs a wake up call when you wake up to your 80 year old grandma doing Richard Simmons workout videos in the living room
I've been going to shopping malls since I was on General Hospital.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
When I go to teach, that's not my workout. It's my show. I'm 134 pounds - I'm a teeny thing
My parents still have VCR player in their bedroom, lots of tapes and ada like one Richard Simmons workout tape lel
Number one, like yourself. Number two, you have to eat healthy. And number three, you've got to squeeze your buns. Richard Simmons
I heard Richard Simmons will get you really hype if youre ever feeling down again
is your favourite skit the Richard Simmons Living scenery??
people are gonna think Richard Simmons owns it with how much glitter there is
oh okay my bad well then he probably jerks off all day watching Richard Simmons work out shows
Comedy, not screaming at someone, can make someone lift their legs higher. There is a way to
For the record, I have nothing at all against Richard Simmons. I think he's a good guy that does good work. Also, he was nice to my mom.
And biceps that would make Richard Simmons swoon
In order to help him exersize his demons Yasiel Puig has hired Richard Simmons
I woke up with Richard Simmons hair today.
He's about as manly as Richard Simmons.
I think this is just going to be a Richard Simmons fan account from now on. Sorry, everyone.
Every night at about 3 am I could swear my cat is out doing calisthenics with Richard Simmons in the living room.
I spent my childhood eating. The only exercise I got was trying to twist off the cap of a j
My God, Hillary Clinton picked Mr. Rogers mixed with Richard Simmons as her running mate. This is so bad.
Brian Powers has had OUTSTANDING results after using his Richard Simmons never say diet book.
Is it me or does Tim Kaine sound and look like a cross between Mister Rogers and Richard Simmons just saying
Apparently he's a genetic cross of Richard Simmons and Andrew Dice Clay; a deity of the cult.
Kinda looks like if Richard Simmons, John Stewart & Martin Short somehow made a baby, but didn't let it sleep for 50 years.
"I could be hit by a Sara Lee truck tomorrow. Which is not a bad way of going: ‘Richard Simmons..."
My childhood pos male influences: Mr. Rogers, the guys from Sesame Street, Bob Ross, & Richard Simmons. Thank you! I know Dad's day is gone
Gene Simmons, Richard Simmons and Bill Simmons have also declined to work out with the Sixers.
The National Enquirer is reporting that Richard Simmons is transitioning into a woman. I'd be more shocked if he trans…
I guess all Richard Simmons needs to do it to release a pic with a current newspaper in hand. That'll stop it.
On the Chicks' show today, Richard Simmons, Bobby Brown, Fatness, Whopperitos, and cover songs!
Report: Richard Simmons had sex change(Orlando news)
Richard Simmons is now 'living as a woman named Fiona' via Mike Benson SOL
Richard Simmons and Bobby Brown are in the news today. I didn't think I drove to work in a DeLorean today.
How is it that is just being hospitalized now for strange behaviour. Isn't Richard Simmons the spokesperson for
The uploader is pitiful. Dancing with richard simmons, sweating to the oldies! via
Man, Richard Simmons is SUCH A NICE GUY. Hope he's ok in that hospital in CA...Check out this old interview:
I was about to crack a joke, but this homie don't play tee-ball... via
Exclusive footage of Richard Simmons before being hospitalized for "bizarre behavior"
Richard Simmons has been hospitalized for "bizarre behavior". . Also, water is wet. Just in case you notice that 30 years to…
We all grew up with Richard Simmons, therefore you can understand our concern when they hospitalize him with "bizarre behavio…
Sending love, respect and well wishes to Richard Simmons . Take care friend!
I remember an infomercial where Richard Simmons was flying a pink biplane to weep at bedsides of the obese. When did thing…
"YMCA" came on and for the first time in his life Richard Simmons didn't feel like dancing to it and people think that's bizar…
What qualifies for bizarre behavior when it's Richard Simmons?? Kissing a woman?
I pray that Richard Simmons is going to be okay. He's a good person who has helped a lot of people get healthy.
I hope to one day have a body so fiiinnne, I can dress like Richard Simmons and feel no shame.
Love and light and sequins to Richard Simmons.
Just In: Richard Simmons hospitalized after "bizarre conduct"
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Richard Simmons was reportedly hospitalized for "bizarre" behavior:
Richard Simmons, ... PLEASE, please, please be okay!!!
1984 1st I saw Richard Simmons I was waiting @ NBC Commissary for meeting wRichard prancing frm tabletop to tabletop
Very bizarre article. Richard Simmons 'hospitalized for acting strangely'
Richard Simmons been spending the last few years of his life acting normal and people think that's bizarre.
"Richard Simmons" I hope you're okay! Mental health issues are NOT funny and should NOT be joked about. Unless it's Donald Trump.
I hope Richard Simmons is going to be okay.
Why's everyone so mean about Richard Simmons, he just wanted to help people lose weight and dance, jeez. Hope he's okay.
Fair. Richard Simmons is a decent guy. My bad.
Richard Simmons hospitalized for "strange behavior"... what exactly qualifies as strange behavior with Richard Simmons?!
Everyone is concerned about Richard Simmons bizarre behavior now meanwhile hes prob been Buffalo Bill'ing it for the last 35 years on the DL
"Richard Simmons hospitalized for bizarre behavior." The end. I can't make it funny.
Muhammad Ali dead. Richard Simmons hospitalized for acting "bizarrely". California is on fire. That's 3 of the 4 horseme…
Richard Simmons was just hospitalized for acting 'bizarre'. He must have been completely still, wearing pants, and not swe…
Richard Simmons is a trending topic and no, he's not dead, but apparently comedy is, because you're all making the same…
Richard Simmons reportedly hospitalized for "bizarre" behavior after two-year disappearance:
I'll make fun of almost anything, but I draw the line at mental health issues. My hugs, kisses, & best wishes to Richard…
Best wishes for good health to Richard Simmons.
Making fun of Richard Simmons is like making fun of Mr. Rogers. They're objectively good people and you end up looking lik…
Mental illness is *** Hoping Richard Simmons can get some peace and stability soon. ❤️
Richard Simmons for president, or suck my ***
How do you hospitalize Richard Simmons for bizarre behavior? That's like arresting Snoop Dogg for smoking a joint.
"Richard Simmons being hospitalized for 'bizarre conduct' is like hospitalizing for rapping." 😂
I think I might have caused Richard Simmons to come out of hiding after I ate a pizza burger from the vending machine at work.
listen trump used the laws to his advantage to get rich like JP Morgan and Richard Simmons
Just saw Melissa Harris-Perry on Jeopardy. Is there ANYONE more vapid and annoying? Where is Richard Simmons when you need him?
Macho man's ringtone goes off in - theme song... Full volume... Answers, in Richard Simmons' voice: "Hello Mother."
me being up this late is my fault I knew Richard Simmons reed college tour would take over
only Cole could make Richard Simmons with butterfly tattoos look kinda straight.
Top 3 celebs on game shows. Richard Simmons on "Wheel". Bruce Vilanch on "Squares". Charles Nelson Riley on "Match Game". This is not a joke.
If anyone was wondering what kind of day I'm having, I just somehow confused Richard Simmons and Gene Simmons.
great thoughts on Prince and drug abuse. Could this possibly be going on with Richard Simmons?
Got this neighbor that looks like a young Michael Clark Duncan dressed up like Richard Simmons. He's sang to me a few times in public.
I wonder how hard Jan Hammer would be to hold prisoner. Actual prisoner hard or Richard Simmons hard?
The democratic election is like Tyson vs Hollyfield, the winner fights Richard Simmons for the title.
All I know is George Carlin, Dane Cook, Robin Williams, Dennis Leary, back in the day what's his name Richard Simmons,
And as Jesus carried the cross, Richard Simmons showed up 2 encourage him! "Let's go Savior! Work those thighs!"
Sometimes I feel like I'm the gayest *** of all *** Like, I go from a closeted John Travolta to a super *** Richard Simmons in seconds 💁🏼🌈
- you be Billy Blanks and I'll be Richard Simmons.
Richard Simmons has turned into Stephen Rea, and I'm screaming forever internally
Loving GOP "holding the Supreme Court hostage like a Mexican housekeeper locking Richard Simmons up in the crawl space."
where is ? is he with Richard Simmons? is Bill Engvall holding them hostage>?
I read Russell Simmons but my brain registered Richard Simmons. Fun visual.
On the spectrum of humans, has there ever been a more evenly spaced trio than Russell Simmons, Gene Simmons and Richard Simmons?
Nothing better than watching Richard Simmons on David Letterman.
I'm like Clarence Thomas, Richard Simmons, and Gary Coleman rolled up into one person
But don't tell that to Miley Cyrus, Woody Harrelson and Richard Simmons. Let's say random people's names...
Mandy Moore, David Chappelle and other celebrities who have disappeared from the spotlight like Richard Simmons -…
With Hillary Clinton, OJ Simpson, Fuller House & Richard Simmons in the news, old guard Millennials (1/2)
Gene Simmons is in kiss Richard Simmons does workout tapes I don't know if I know who Jean Simmons is
This Ron Simmons meets Richard Simmons go google the difference
does anyone know anything about the lost Richard Simmons / Bruce Vilanch Broadway musical, POUNDS? not a joke.
Everyone calm down! Richard Simmons was not held hostage at . *Collective sigh of relief*
Richard Simmons does not answer door when Christmas carolers...
It ends in the Canadian tundra, Tina Fey attempting to hand Richard Simmons a "Sweatin to the Oldies" VHS. Cut to black.
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