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Richard Sherman

Richard Morton Sherman (born June 12, 1928) is an American songwriter who specialized in musical film with his brother Robert Bernard Sherman.

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Richard Sherman not a fan of Seahawks throwing from the 1-yard line last night: "We've already seen how that goes.” htt…
Todd Gurley had a few words for Jared Goff after the QB suffered a hit to the head from Seahawks CB Richard Sherman.
Richard Sherman is fed up with throwing from the goal line:
Richard Sherman is a poor man's Dion Sanders
Richard Sherman yelling at coaches. Jermichael Finley sounds off at 9:15 on "Air it Out."
Jason Sehorn > Richard Sherman and Deion Sanders if we being real
Richard Sherman just man-torpedo'd himself right into Goff's face
Richard Sherman just welcome'd Jared Goff to the NFL.
Jermichael Finley will always be my least hated Packer...guy just roasting Richard Sherman and I love it
Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, Marcus peters, Desmond trufant, Bradley roby, Malcom butler, Stephen Gilmore lol all better
Do my eyes deceive me or is that Richard Sherman getting manhandled?
Cunningham had a better arm that Culpepper, no? My 5 Dream Matchups | The Players' Tribune
Agree with Sherman 100%. The product on the field is a reflection ... Thurs. night games are awful.
Richard Sherman on Thurs games "Hypocritical. They make this huge stand about player safety, and then they put players in…
Richard Sherman on Thursday night games: "Poopfest, it's terrible. We got home like 1...
Check out this post from SVG Entertainment!
Agreed: Richard Sherman: Seahawks 'last ones to get the middle finger' from NFL - via App
Every time I watch this it ticks me off. Richard Sherman is a joke.
Richard Sherman said that the NFL shows little regard for player safety by continuing to schedule Thursday games. https…
I agree with Richard Sherman. Thursday night games are ridiculous.
Richard Sherman talking about player safety while taking a cheap shot on my boy? 🤔🤔🤔
Seattle’s Richard Sherman has strong words about Thursday games via
Richard Sherman saying "poopfest" is literally the FUNNIEST thing I've ever seen
Players posting up Draymond in crunch time is like Kap throwing towards Richard Sherman. Never ends up well.
Richard Sherman blasted the NFL on Tuesday for continuing to schedule Thursday night games.
Richard Sherman is one of my top 5 favorite players idc
I cannot stand Richard Sherman you're complaining because you played Monday night and then have to play Thursday night? Must be a rough life
Can't stand Richard Sherman whining about playing again on Thursday night. Got his butt kicked by the Packers Sunday and is complaining.
"Poopfest. It's terrible.". Richard Sherman blasts the NFL for continuing to schedule Thursday night games.
Richard Sherman calls Thursday games a 'poopfest' and a 'middle finger' from NFL
Richard Sherman: "They make this huge stance about player safety. Then you put the players in tremendous danger." https:/…
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Richard Sherman has some words about the NFL and TNF via
[Mashable] Richard Sherman thinks Thursday Night Football is an 'absolute poopfest'
Richard Sherman making clear again his feelings on Thursday night football, calling it an "absolute poopfest.''
Actually, not just white girls. My trash radar is unmatched. See: *** Newton, Keke Palmer, Richard Sherman. I told y'all EARLY.
players like Shabazz Napier and Richard Sherman talked about being hungry at not because they don't have time to get jobs like
And am I dumb for wanting to start Emmanuel Sanders over Jordy Nelson? Jordy going up against Richard Sherman in the snow...
Richard Sherman on Earl Thomas: He'll be missed on our defense
Cam Newton threw to the man Richard Sherman was covering just once in the 1st half. That pass was incomplete.
The moment I saw Richard Sherman drag Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take was the moment I realized he was a legendary shade…
Richard Sherman still mad at Cam for crumpling their flag? Lmao if anything he should be mad he left Greg Olsen wide open in the endzone😴
Seeing Mike Evans completely own Richard Sherman warms my heart in so many ways.
I'll yell ya what. Richard Sherman laid the wood on Dan Carpenter, man. That carpentry work right there should have been a…
Um did you happen to catch Richard Sherman smashing Dan Carpenter and the subsequent delay of game in
I'm Thankful for Frank Clark, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner for being the only people who wanna play defense today
Smh Dan Carpenter ruins everything. Richard Sherman should've finished the job and took out his knee
Richard Sherman should've hit Carpenter harder so we would've signed a new kicker. His inconsistency his absurd.
Mike Evans vs Richard Sherman. that's worth the ticket of admission...
Not sure who is more of a whine bag Josh Norman or Richard Sherman
The only other seahawk I know other than Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Hauschka is Luke Wilson and that's because he's hot
He better than that *** throwing picks to Richard Sherman and Alan Chancellor
Seahawks DBs Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor are tied for 2nd-most passes caught from Carson Wentz. (Eagles TE Zach Ertz ha…
Richard Sherman fired up on the Seahawks sideline following Julio Jones' TD.
Richard Sherman has covered Malcolm Mitchell, Matthew Slater, Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan the last four plays.
"Richard Sherman went to Stanford" should be the new Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard" 🙄🙄🙄
Richard Sherman reiterates call for simpler rule book
Fitzpatrick throws at Richard Sherman... Fitzpatrick gets PICKED by Richard Sherman.
Rex Ryan says he told Richard Sherman “You’re too good a player to act like an *** ”
mike just a quick heads up you wrote Richard Seymour instead of Richard Sherman
It looks like Richard Sherman knows the NFL Rules and the refs and ATH sportswriters (except Kate Fagan) don't.
Rome, totally agree. Richard Sherman is not a dirty player. Trust me, takes one to know one. . Freshly yours, Adam Morrison
Whoa...😳. Dan Carpenter's wife takes it a little too far after Richard Sherman's hit on her husband
Don't be mad at Richard Sherman because he knows the rules better than the referees via
Richard Sherman is the NFL's reincarnated, 2.0 version of Rashean Mathis.
Once again, an NFL referee crew looks so bad missing the obvious Richard Sherman roughing, then costing Bills a FG by…
Richard Sherman needs a personal foul. And Pete carol needs to be tied to a chair and beaten by Rex Ryan.
Richard Sherman was asked Thursday if he had a theory about why the NFL is experiencing declining TV ratings.
NFL star CB has bewitched the great into becoming a member of the 12th man…
Richard Sherman goes full Harry Potter in pre-Halloween press conference.
Did I really just see Richard Sherman complaining in an article about officiating? The guy who committed the MOST obvio…
It's Halloween &I'm at a Longhorn 🏈 presser &I'm hoping a player will be in costume like Seattle Seahawks cornerbac…
Happy Halloween! We all know music casts a spell, but here you see conductors in magical action. :)
Jamarcus King has a scary resemblance to Richard Sherman and I'm not just talking about his hair
locker-room video: Richard Sherman says officiating was "egregious." Offers examples, of course
What media (and Sherman) say about loss: Poor offensive play. A distinct disadvantage in th...
Richard Sherman called for holding. Be still my heart.
I for one will be happy when Richard Sherman just shuts the F up with his Julio mugging ***
Oh shut up crybaby. Just look last week when Richard Sherman held the recievers arm with no call. Seahawks have no room to talk
CB Sherman sounds off on 'egregious' officiating - ESPN
Richard Sherman plans to bring the same intensity he shows on the field to the business world.…
Seahawks fans: Richard Sherman gon LOCKDOWN the Saints receivers . . :
NFL stars Cam Newton, Josh Norman and Richard Sherman vent frustrations about officiating
Now post the one where Steve Smith fights Richard Sherman.
Josh Norman and Richard Sherman are considered the greatest because of their mouths and their cheating ability
Richard Sherman on today's officiating "the league makes sure they keep an impact and control of the game."
My favorite part of yesterdays games was Richard Sherman crying about the refs.
And remember...that's Richard Sherman he's stiff-arming, not, Corey White.
Richard Sherman crying bout the refs after they just got handed a win the other week bruh lmaooo nobody feels bad for you
Richard Sherman, Pete Carroll upset about officiating in Saints game.
Richard Sherman: Lack of penalties on Saints was "egregious"
What the media (and Richard Sherman) are saying about Seahawks loss to Saints
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Cam Newton, Josh Norman, and Richard Sherman all called out officials independent of each other today. Fines coming. Cha…
Seahawks player Richard Sherman dressed up as Harry Potter and people loved it
Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman dresses like confirms Quidditch is harder than football:
Richard Sherman wore a full Harry Potter costume to a press conference
Richard Sherman of Gryffindor took some questions today. 50 points for the
Richard Sherman on Bruce Arians saying Bobby Wagner's leap is bad for football."It's bad for his team,'' Sherman said.
Neither team got the W in a 6-6 tie, but Richard Sherman walked away a winner. by via
Derek Carr and Crabtree would burn Richard Sherman. Don't @ me.
Richard Sherman getting back at Larry Fitzgerald for destroying him on a block three years ago.
Dwight Freeney on if Richard Sherman should have been called for pass interference against Julio Jones last week...
Round-Up: listed as contenders; Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman make PFF's All-Decade squad.
Richard Sherman, who had a sideline altercation with teammates, just got away with an outrageous interference that cos…
My fantasy football team has Chris Kluwe, Colin Kaepernik, Marshawn Lynch, and Richard Sherman. Excited to see who I draft next!
The days of Richard Sherman aquib talib and Revis are over stop sleeping on Marcus peters man
Taking a look at Richard Sherman vs Brandon Marshall tomorrow on Stay tuned!!. https…
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Josh Norman & Richard Sherman will forever be my favorite corners in the game till they retire. The reason being is that I'm so much like...
"Off the field, I feel like I'm a very caring person. But on the field, I'm trying to destroy everything I see.". -Richard Sherman
Although I'm a niners fan and Richard Sherman has caused many tears to come out of my eyes, he's still my favorite cornerback
ok so I'm not just trippin 😂😂😂 Then I thought that was Richard Sherman rappin with him so I know I'm washed.
'Richard Sherman talks about day versus Brandon Marshall matchup'
Richard Sherman on pass interference penalties this year: "Honestly, I don't understand how they're calling…
"They came to the well one too many." Richard Sherman battles Brandon Marshall, picks Fitzpatrick off twice.
'Richard Sherman: Jets came to the well one too many times'
How is Richard Sherman not leading for defensive POTY? I'm fine with Von Miller in the conversation, but Norman? Really?!
I'm like Richard Sherman in the field jumpin routes! killed his new track.
'WATCH: Brandon Marshall once again burns Richard Sherman, finds the...' via
it's official, I'm sending you a Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman game jerseys! You'll grow to love 💚💙 them!
This guy is an *** neither is Richard Sherman or aquib talib this site is complete and total garbage .
By my count, Richard Sherman was targeted 12 times today. He allowed 89 yards, a TD, and got 2 INTs. That's a passer rati…
I'm like Richard Sherman in the field jumping routes
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Richard Sherman: "You keep throwing at me, I'm going to get one" got 2 today for at NYJ
'Richard Sherman gets first interception of the season'
we going to the field this week.. you throwing balls to your boy & I'm putting up Richard Sherman numbers
Another INT for Ryan Fitzpatrick. His 9th in the last 2 games. Richard Sherman has 2.
Fitzpatrick decides to test Richard Sherman. Again. . Fitzpatrick gets picked off by Richard Sherman. Again.
'WATCH: Richard Sherman sits on Marshall's route for easy pick of Fi...' via
"I'm not afraid of one-on-ones with Richard Sherman" . *Throws two picks to Richard Sherman*
Bilal Powell stiff armed Richard Sherman & Kam Chancellor at the same time 😭
Bilal Powell stiff arm with bad intentions on Richard Sherman.
Bilal Powell put Richard Sherman in the dirt lmao
That Bilal Powell stiff arm on Richard Sherman though...
this in no order but I say. Richard Sherman. Chris Harris Junior. Patrick Peterson . Aquib Talib. Darrell Revis
PPR WR: Mike Wallace at home against Oakland, or Brandon Marshall at home most likely against Richard Sherman? Thanks
Richard Sherman: We have no reason to trust the NFL
Richard Sherman: Players "really don't have reason to trust the NFL."
Phillip Gaines leads the way with two INTs, while Derrick Johnson and Richard Sherman also record INTs.
Richard Sherman on anthem protests: 'People are still missing the point'
Softy asked me easiest way to create Cap room for Joe Thomas- main answer is to restructure Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, or Earl Thomas
Cam Newton is not Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Richard Sherman, Michael Eric Dyson. So y ppl want him to say what they want him say
Sen. Chris Murphy threatens to ‘go all Richard Sherman on Republicans’
So very necessary. Richard Sherman addresses police killings of black men at presser, then walks out:.
Richard Sherman to Media: Black Fathers Can’t Be in the Home If Police Are…
Richard Sherman on recent shootings: "I'm saying it straight up. This is wrong and something needs to be done."
.defends NFL protests: "people are still missing the point."
Richard Sherman: ‘I stand by what I said that All Lives Matter’ | For The Win
Winning never gets old. Losing always *** But you have to treat those 2 impostors the same. https…
So Richard Sherman rethinking his position on "All Lives Matter".
Richard Sherman: 'I stand by what I said that All Lives Matter'
What if more players abstain from taking football questions during media availb ala Richard Sherman yest. & instea…
"And when you tell a kid, “When you’re dealing with police, just put your hands up and comply with everything,”...
'It's not right for people to get killed in the street': NFL stars Cam Newton and Richard Sherman speak out a...
What they're saying about the Seahawks: "That's cowardly." Richard Sherman on death threats to Colin Kaepernick.
Richard Sherman says 'people are still missing the point' about protests of police shootings via
Video: Richard Sherman takes no questions, sounds fed up with society today. Says statements being ignored. htt…
Richard Sherman/Cam Newton are good examples of this. In an attempt to appease folks that will hate them anyway, they sold us out.
How did handle his team's Week 2 loss? Let the CB explain:
Richard Sherman refuses to take questions, reads statement at press conference last night:
Wow— this is a must-watch. Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman addresses police killings of African American men at presse…
Richard Sherman: people are missing the point of NFL protests (via @ Seahawks)
Richard Sherman walked out of his press conference after a strong statement against police brutality
Richard Sherman: The deaths of Scott are exactly why players kneel
Seahawks CB Richard Sherman says, "When you tell a kid, 'When you're dealing with police, just pu... - via App
Richard Sherman did not take questions today. Instead made this statement:
Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman protests shootings by not taking questions at press conference
Richard Sherman uses his press conference time to make a statement about recent police shootings.
remember when Richard Sherman came to kelso
Richard Sherman in to field the punt (Tyler Lockett sidelined with knee injury)
over Chris Harris Jr and Richard Sherman..not Patrick Peterson only cause he's so young
I said Richard Sherman instead of Roger Sherman in my history review game 🙄
After National Anthem ended here Richard Sherman came over to sit next to/talk to Jeremy Lane, who sat throug our nation'…
Cam Newton, Jerry Rice, Richard Sherman, Rodney Harrison etc all show you the power WhitePeople and the wealth they control have over us.
It's crazy how we rode so hard for Cam and Richard Sherman when they were called thugs by the very same people they're…
Players Lounge with Gee Scott - Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril via
Shades of Ali: What LeBron James, Serena Williams and Richard Sherman tell us about Muhammad today
Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Trent Cole, Kyle Williams, are just a few 5th rounders that come to mind
I'll let it been know like Richard Sherman told Skip Bayless I'm better than you at life
but wasn't the same thing as Richard Sherman? Sherman had a great year started talking and still is good?
Josh Norman should stop pretending to be Richard Sherman.
Josh Norman has become the new Richard Sherman. Great corner with a lot of trash talk and controversy. Should be interesting this season
Few guys in the NFL are as intelligent and as thoughtful with their answers as Richard Sherman.
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Tired of seeing athletes with sub 2.5 GPAs share the Richard Sherman video about time. Dude graduated with a 3.8 at STANFORD
Revis 5 years ago, Richard Sherman 3 years ago, we're talking present day, J-No locked up the best of the best in 2015
Anyone else realize Josh Norman has become the new Richard Sherman ? Except Richard Sherman actually has the resume to backup his mouth
🔑 THIS is a must read for HS and College Athletes. Keep your hard work to yourself and let the Results Speak. 🔑.
Richard Sherman is like Bill gates and Norman is like a mentally retarded hobo if we are comparing
I now have champ Bailey and and a beautiful Richard Sherman corner backs are lockdown!
I feel bad for gase and his staff. They cant do what they wanna do cuz tannenbaum thinks tony lippett is richard sherman
Richard Sherman with one of the most accurate statements ever regarding student-athletes balancing school/sports.
My life skitz but im catching plays like Richard Sherman
"Richard Sherman is old and washed up" lol what a joke
Lmfaoo he said you look like a Richard Sherman they don't have direct tv
Doug Baldwin talks trash to Richard Sherman after fighting with him in practice
Doug Baldwin issues challenge to Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett after practice fight.
Doug Baldwin: Sherman was mad because 'we keep destroying him in practice'
"f the road to success were easy . . . Everyone would take it!" Sherman
Richard Sherman never beat up his sister and nephew. Hope Solo has. "Allegedly"
Hope Solo is the Richard Sherman of US women's soccer
Richard Sherman loves wings so much, he just opened his own branch of the Wingstop chain in West Seattle
For young Seahawks cornerbacks, Richard Sherman is here to help. explores:
Richard Sherman is opening a Wing Stop tomorrow in West Seattle at the Westwood Village shopping center.
Richard Sherman did his best Justin Bieber impersonation today at camp. . 📷's:
‘Because you have a black president doesn’t change the DNA of the country…’ He needs to talk to Richard Sherman.
Which player would have the most success in the WWE? JJ Watt, N. Suh, Richard Sherman, Rob Gronkowski, or Von Miller
House showing why Ted Thompson selected him ahead if Richard Sherman, who went a few picks after to Seattle!
if you think that those corners are better than Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson
Big corners that can jam and are great at reading QB eyes (think Norman, Richard Sherman, Marcus Trufant) but can also tackle
Richard Sherman's thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement (via
Just feel like it HAS to be some sort of gray area especially with Pokemon in it.. Like if I sold Richard Sherman gear it'd be sketch
From Marcus Peters to Richard Sherman, ranks the NFL’s best outside CBs
From Marcus Peters to Richard Sherman, ranks the NFL's best outside CBs:
Next year, Timofey Mozgov will make more than Richard Sherman, Aaron Rodgers, Julio Jones, Russell Wilson, Josh Norman, and Adr…
if Kyrie, Iverson, Randy Moss, Revis and Richard Sherman played soccer 16 hours/day, the US would never lose!
Now I wanna see Bron hit the buzzer beater on Sunday and get all Richard Sherman on Doris Burke during the postgame interview.
So umm I just met Richard Sherman aka the guy who wrote the Marry Poppins songs and most of the…
I just met Richard Sherman who wrote the Marry Poppins songs! I'm going to cry!
Richard Sherman is fed up with publicly funded stadiums:
In 20 minutes, we start my new 10 a.m. to 12 show in 710 ESPN Seattle. Scott Van Pelt and Richard Sherman are our first guests
Richard Sherman: 2015 was an ‘off year’ for Seahawks defense: Nothing short of being the best ...
Richard Sherman feels most would love having the Seahawks' 2015 defense
Richard Sherman isn’t lacking for confidence after “off year”: The Seahawks defense had a bit ...
Richard Sherman confirms first celebrity for charity game Shopping Gift Card:
Richard Sherman knows Seahawks defense is second to none: Did the Legion of Boom have an off year la...
Never forget when Richard Sherman humiliated Skip Bayless on his own show .
he has CTE from that time Richard Sherman head slapped him
According to Richard Sherman, don't count out Marshawn Lynch.
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Richard Sherman to Michael Robinson on Lynch staying retired: “I don’t put anything past him. He’s about as predictable as a…
The Saints welcome Richard Sherman to go opposite side of the field with Patrick Peterson..all we want to know is, where you going to pass?
I'd say Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, or Bobby Wagner, but I can't see the votes going to Seahawks.
Kam Chancellor? Earl Thomas? Michael Bennet? Richard Sherman? Bobby Wagner? Lol half of the D are sure to make the top 100
now he's maybe losing out to Blaine Gabbert. Maybe that Richard Sherman INT in the NFC championship broke him.
Woman on flight thinks is Richard Sherman 😂
Happy birthday to my boy , bro say he the next Richard Sherman 💯
Throwback to when Richard Sherman Rt'd me lol
It's a Small World by Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman. Don't hate... it's been one of those morni…
Playmaker. Dreads. Cornerback. If he isn't the next Richard Sherman, I don't know who is.
him on one side and tall *** Richard Sherman on the other would be crazy😂
Being physical is something I pride myself on.
Still can't believe Richard Sherman & Tyler Lockett were so cool last night... Verlander can take social media lessons from them! 😂
Skip Bayless is an *** Still the same *** that tested Stanford graduate Richard Sherman.
Richard Sherman goes undercover as Lyft driver in Seattle via
Richard Sherman aka keep it real, realizes the greatness of harrison barnes
Madden Curse died years ago. Drew Brees, Larry Fitz, Hillis, Calvin, Richard Sherman, OBJ all made it through a healthy season as the cover
Current Team King roster headlined by QB Russell Wilson, TE Jordan Reed, and DBs Richard Sherman and Josh Norman
Richard Sherman gives back, helps families celebrate holidays with special event - Q13 FOX
Richard Sherman says people don't really know the daily grind of student-athletes, and I think he's right
Levels of loudness:. 1. Meek Mill. 2. Richard Sherman. 3. black girls. 4. jet engine. 5. kush
VIDEO: Seahawks CB Richard Sherman went undercover as a Seattle Lyft driver and the end result was great:.
"I'm Richard s---.". The CB went undercover behind the wheel. WATCH:
VIDEO: Richard Sherman surprises passengers as an undercover Lyft driver 😂
Seattle Lyft passengers don't realize their driver is Richard Sherman:
wanna talk looking bad? You have Richard Sherman. You guys are prob the most egotistical team in the NFL
Kam Chancellor has other good players, Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman, that's why his stats like that
Richard Sherman suggests Waka Flocka play in his place for a game to see if anyone notices: htt…
I've gotten Ed Reed, Richard Sherman, Clay Matthews, Darnell Dockett, and Heath Miller so far. Now going for solder
she confused Waka Flocka for Richard Sherman lol
Richard Sherman got fired ehh? I must have missed that. But I remember when Trent Williams punched him in the face
Photo-op with Richard Sherman & Bobby Wagner at on Thursday. Look how tiny me and my mom…
Bobby Wagner and Richard Sherman get into via
So, might've interviewed one Richard Sherman for Field Gulls. Click on the thingy. via FieldGulls
Richard Sherman of Tata Consultancy Services will be presenting Digital Demand Management: Taming the Bullwhip Effect. Get your tickets now!
Richard Sherman still got me blocked since they lost to the Patriots in the super bowl smh lol
Among the items who block better than 98 Sharpe: S.Watkins, A.Cooper, A.Morris, D.Moncrief, Richard Sherman! + Boobie Dixon-70
Richard Sherman's don't get hurt Earl Thomas's don't get hurt Deion Sanders don't get hurt Mike Mayock's don't get hurt
Everyone was surprised with that free Antonio Brown For Mut, Also People Be Using That Free Richard Sherman Too Much
Richard Sherman laying out for the deflection!
maybe pat Pete and Richard Sherman. Put the badger at safety
Just like Richard Sherman. Jake Matthews was taken 1st overall. He *** too.
So I don't know what Josh Norman is thinking Gettleman is going to get him Darrelle Revis/Richard Sherman money. NO BUDDY
Richard Sherman Josh Norman considered top corners ran 4.67 4.70 howmuch does 40 matter Justin Gilbert 4.32 first round pick he is a bust.
I love when Richard Sherman is mic'd up😂   10% Off
I like my whopper angrier than Richard Sherman towards Michael Crabtree.
Richard sherman still the best cb in the league
It's true that in the beginning of my developing twelveness, that I first became familiar with Richard Sherman...
Richard Sherman is 6'3 burris is 6' according to your own CBS sports draft guide..measured same at combine..duhh
.tells that he hopes to be the next Richard Sherman. .
Richard Sherman is the NFL's ultimate ombudsman.
"That's triple coverage, it's like me being covered by Richard Sherman"
remove politics,Erin Andrews stuck a mic in Richard Sherman's face,he went of,not on her,the other team,yet she was the "victim"
Richard Sherman went after Roger Goodell and the NFL. Again
Brand new styles in from new unique designers!(This one featured by Richard Sherman UK).Call Joanna's to see more!
What about in the run game? Deion didn't like to tackle. Richard Sherman is excellent.
that's racist. Just cuz he's black doesn't mean he's Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman just casually stays at Villa La Estancia, no big deal. Just our condo... . *** Is life real
Janoris Jenkins has given up 22 TDs over the past 4 seasons. Richard Sherman has given up 10 over the last five, including pla…
Born on this date: Lomas Brown, Richard Sherman, Jammal Brown, Mike Tilleman... see more:
First thought when I watched Jalen Ramsey's tape: "Oh. They figured out a way to put Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor
Jaguars is still getting Antonio Brown,Antwon Blake,Michael Vick,Von Miller,Luke Kuechly, Dez Bryant & Richard Sherman in the NFLDraft2017
no you're not with your holding *** on every good receiver. You let Emmanuel Sanders beat you. Richard Sherman, all day.
Mike Pereira sides with Richard Sherman on proposed rule change
I'm glad Richard Sherman is taking shots at Roger Goodell, the NFL is changing the game too much.
Richard Sherman on Roger Goodell's proposal: 'He's just a suit'
Richard Sherman wasn't shy when asked his opinion on Roger Goodell's new rules proposal.
Richard Sherman needs to chill! Proposed new automatic ejection rule would have resulted in one ejection all of last season!
"He’s just a face. He’s just a suit. He never stepped foot on the field.". ICYMI: Richard Sherman on Roger Goodell.
Jonathan Joseph, Richard Sherman, Josh Norman, Marcus Peters, Revis, & this year add Trae Wayans to the list
Richard Sherman & retired QB Matt Hasselbeck on the committee.
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