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Richard Sherman

Richard Morton Sherman (born June 12, 1928) is an American songwriter who specialized in musical film with his brother Robert Bernard Sherman.

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Richard Sherman rips the NFL on injury reporting rules: "Our injury report is specifically to make sure the gamblers ge…
On the Pete Carroll Show, the coach provided updates on Jimmy Graham, Richard Sherman, Thomas Rawls & more
Richard Sherman can't believe Colin Kaepernick still isn't on an NFL roster.
Richard Sherman & Clay Matthews kick off campaign for pistachios
Insider: Richard Sherman's personal experiences on policing, racial profiling in America:
I got excited when one of you said we got Richard Sherman.when you meant to say Reggie Davis...…
Welp lost, 1-1, apparently Brice McCain is Richard Sherman and Deion sanders combined getting two interceptions over megatron
Breaking! Richard Sherman will no longer be allowed to play games in Atlanta bc General Sherman laid siege to the place once. Fair is fair.
Artie Burns could be Richard Sherman and it will not matter if Cockrell is on the other side.
Delano Hill big hit and Richard Sherman approves
Because I still don't understand why Terry Bradshaw confronted Richard Sherman after the Superb…
What do you think of the move? Will he beat out Griffin to start opposite Richard Sherman?
Gives the Seahawks a safety blanket with Shaq Griffin likely starting opposite Richard Sherman. Brock a good nickel…
Don't forget that time Steve Smith had a lil wrestling match with Richard Sherman and won.
I confused Shaw Griffin in pads for Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman rocking the Magic Johnson throwback at the WNBA ASG
Shaquill Griffin and Richard Sherman look like the same person on the field
The 5 CBs that I see making the team: Richard Sherman, Jeremy Lane, Shaq Griffin, DeAndre Elliott, and Neiko Thorpe.
Richard Sherman has long embraced the role of mentor to younger Seahawks CBs. Shaquill Griffin's his latest project. ht…
Richard Sherman said he's getting back to his ways. He's again schooling rookies, specifically Shaq Griffin.
Shaquille Griffin will start opposite Richard Sherman. Book it!
CB Richard Sherman makes impression on rookies Amara Darboh and Shaq Griffin // MORE:.
ICYMI: Richard Sherman likes what he sees in his latest CB understudy, rookie Shaquill Griffin.
Shaquill Griffin getting some reps opposite of Richard Sherman. My guess It'll be Sherman Griffin and Lane as the starting…
Seahawks rookie cornerback Shaquill Griffin has valuable mentor in Richard Sherman
She's probably the worst thing on ESPN, and that is saying a lot. Her interview with Richard Sherman was so cringe-worthy, I felt like she was trying to hit on him the entire time or something. As much as I like Sherman, I couldn't watch it.
I mean there must be a good reason why both Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman are outside t…
Everybody botches about Matthew's arrogance. Well, Lebron James, Steph Curry and Richard Sherman are too! And HUGE stars.
Richard Sherman doesn't hold back on Kap's situation.
Richard Sherman is dumbfounded Colin Kaepernick is unsigned while ‘whoever is starting for the Jets is terrible’ 
Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner getting a little 1v1 in at camp
Richard Sherman wants to clear a few things up about his off-season:
Richard Sherman: "I don't see anybody getting mad that Tom [Brady] isn't hanging out with Malcolm Butler."
Richard Sherman: "I don't hear media saying o hey Tom you don't hang out with Malcom Butler grr" on talks about him…
Took few minutes from vacation to participate in this poll. For players, I voted Tom Brady, Richard Sherman, J.J. W…
If hair was just so important, how does Richard Sherman still have a job? How about Troy Polomalu's hair?…
to the time Steve Smith destroyed Richard Sherman
Seems like Richard Sherman is Arya. He goes to sleep every night with his list of enemies…
literally the STUPIDEST Black man (and thats saying something) on Earth!Richard Sherman: If NFL players want NBA-siz
“...players have to be willing to strike.”. Richard Sherman delivers message to players that want higher wages
Warren Moon claims there’s no rift between Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman
Deion Sanders says Steelers should trade for Richard Sherman or Patrick Peterson. htt…
I don't think the Steelers need Richard Sherman's attitude. As for Patrick Peterson Steve Keim would demand a hefty return.
Your argument is like me saying 2013 rookie Rhodes was better than 2013 Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman is still questioning coaching in their loss to And then Devonta Freeman joins that line.
He could've made anyone like Xavier Rhodes, Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman but he goes with this nobody.
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Q and A with Richard Sherman on trade rumors, wanting to retire as a Seahawk, Russell Wilson, and more: Seahawks..
Richard Sherman for Malcolm Butler apparently is very close
Richard Sherman promised a HS senior he'd pay for her college if she made honor roll. She did,…
CB Richard Sherman promised a Va. HS student if she made honor roll, he'd fund her scholarship. So he did
Richard Sherman is sending a high school graduate to college 👏🏽.
Also on why Richard Sherman vs Dan Carpenter's wife.
So why was Richard Sherman ever dangled? Answer lies in the coach, the QB--and a dynasty thwarted at the 1 yd line. htt…
Richard Sherman blames Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll for not winning multiple Super Bowls, per https:…
Richard Sherman got labeled a "thug" and "animal" for screaming in the direction of Erin Andrews.
Amused by Shannon Sharpe says Richard Sherman to travel w Julio.
Now will Shannon Sharpe says Richard Sherman has openly defied Pete Carroll.
I want the Cowboys to trade their first-round pick (28th overall) for Richard Sherman and to sign Revis at their price.
The legendary Richard Sherman & his wife. Did you know he composed music for animated films like Mary Poppins.…
If the next season? NOW on his trade Kirk Cousins, Richard Sherman has always say hey, after Tues
Pete Carroll said Thursday that his relationship with Richard Sherman is "as good as it's ever been."
Richard Sherman is still a Seahawk, but the draft showed Seattle is preparing for life after the Legion of Boom https:/…
Dez Bryant is barely a top 10 WR, Josh Norman is not overrated at all, David Johnson > Zeke, Richard Sherman is the…
Draft weekend came and went with Seattle holding on to CB Richard Sherman and New England holding on to CB Malcolm Butler
So 49ers switch to Seahawks defensive scheme. 1st draft they get a Michael Bennett clone, a Bobby Wagner clone, and a Richard Sherman clone.
Michael Bennett - Solomon Thomas✔️. Bobby Wagner - Reuben Foster✔️. Richard Sherman - Kevin King???. We would need to trade back in RD 2.
Curran says Richard Sherman wants to be a Patriot
. Richard Sherman wants to leave . . he wants to be a New England Patriot -
you got Richard Sherman & Malcolm Butler on the table plus Brock & a few other secrete we d…
Seahawks GM John Schneider says he's "moved past" Richard Sherman trade; "If someone calls and goes crazy with something, we'll discuss it"
Stephon Gilmore and Richard Sherman on the same team playing for the New England Patriots it could go down you never k…
Could you imagine a Richard Sherman, Stephon Gilmore, and Malcolm Butler cornerback group for the Patriots?
how interesting would it be to see Sean Smith, Richard Sherman and Amerson as cb's? With Joseph and Nelson at S'?
Imagine getting Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman on the Pats 😭
Insider: Here's why the Colts are saying 'no' to Richard Sherman
Joining on to break down all things Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Desmond Trufant and more. Watch now 🏈
domain names
Apparently Malcolm Butler is not happy the Patriots gave Stephon Gilmore big deal, and also the rumor of wanting Richard Sherman in a trade
Richard Sherman to the Chargers? I could see it. Brandon Mebane's there. Their DC is Gus Bradley, Seattle Seahawks roots. it would work.
New Ringer NFL Show! and I chat Richard Sherman and and I break down this draft's QBs.
What if the Bears traded for Richard Sherman?
The list of suitors for Richard Sherman in a trade would be very long. A hypothetical proposal sent in by the Bears:
Huge trades are unlikely, but what if the Bears could land Richard Sherman? Proposing an offer: (
Steve infers that if Richard Sherman has worn out his welcome in the Seahawks locker room, a new team may be best.
NFL Report: Richard Sherman asked Seattle Seahawks to trade him
'No bad blood': Richard Sherman opens up about Seahawks trade rumors >>
You've got questions. has answers. Get the latest on Seahawks' Richard Sherman trade rumors here >>…
A no-win scenario? Richard Sherman, Seahawks in a tough spot | column >>
Stephon Gilmore says if Richard Sherman joined Patriots, sky would be the limit
Former Steeler Ryan Clark quitting ESPN if the Patriots get Richard Sherman
Things are spinning out of control in Seattle. Wouldn't be surprised if Richard Sherman is not on the seahawk roster this season.
Definitely would want Richard Sherman on the *** of an upgrade from Gilmore and no hard feeling now we got rid of Dusty Dan,right?😂
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Since entering the NFL in 2011, Richard Sherman has allowed a 48 comp. % and 50.3 passer rating. Both are best in the i…
The trade scenario in which land Richard Sherman, and get a player + high draft pick in return https:/…
Richard Sherman trade rumours have seemed just that - rumours - but GM John Schneider has just confirmed:
IYCMI: My article on the trade that would give the Richard Sherman and the a player + a Top 50 pick
During an interview on the radio, Seahawks GM John Schneider confirmed that the team has discussed a Richard Sherman tr…
Oakland wants Marshawn Lynch, a Seattle Seahawk. The Raiders need a cornerback and Richard Sherman is apparently on the market. Huh.
On a very very superficial level honestly how good does "Yeah, the Eagles have Torrey Smith, Alshon Jeffrey and Richard Sherman" sound??
Seahawks GM John Schneider on the Richard Sherman situation: 'What you've seen lately in the news is real; that's...
A Richard Sherman trade between the and could look like this
Stephon Gilmore says if Richard Sherman joined Patriots, 'sky would be the limit'
Imagine a secondary with Richard Sherman, Stephon Gilmore and Devin Mccourty
Richard Sherman told he doesn't expect to be traded and doesn't think Seattle sending him a message:
[MY Northwest] Clayton: While the talks are real, trading Richard Sherman wouldn’t be easy for the Seahawk
Someone else speaking for Richard Sherman, even his brother, the latest odd twist in the Sherman/trade saga:
Report: Patriots have expressed interest in Richard Sherman trade
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Speculated on F&M: Adrian Peterson and Richard Sherman have the same agent. If Pats are interested in Sherman, maybe doing agent a favor?
Patriots interested in trading for Richard Sherman, per
Richard Sherman for Cyrus Jones who says no
Wow- trade OL Tre' Jackson, CB Cyrus Jones, and 5th round pick to for CB Richard Sherman.
"The news is real.". Seahawks GM confirms Richard Sherman trade talk:
Richard Sherman will be a Seattle Seahawk in 2017.
NFL_Vikings247 Richard Sherman to the Minnesota Vikings? Let's make a deal.
Richard Sherman reacting to trade rumors news. Feels different than the laughing it off of last week.
Richard Sherman is convinced the NFL is punishing Kaepernick:
The NFL is blackballing Colin Kaepernick according to Richard Sherman:
Richard Sherman feels the NFL is punishing Colin Kaepernick
Nice! Bret sang for Leonard Maltin and Richard Sherman once. I would have fainted, but he was a professional. :)
Sheldon Richardson or Zach Brown or Johnathon Hankins ? Or a blockbuster ? Richard Sherman ?
Marshall last season beating Richard Sherman. Dude can still play:
I would like to see the raiders trade for Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch. Give up a first round for those 2.
What u guys think. Lure Lynch. Sign Zach Brown. A 2nd round pick for Richard Sherman. Move Amerson to the slot. Draft a DT in the 1st. Boom
Lombardi: I believe Seahawks would trade Richard Sherman ‘for the right deal’ via
Richard Sherman trade rumors should surprise no one. The sideline tantrum act is wearing thin with coaches
trade Sheldon Richardson and Calvin Pryor and a 3rd for Richard Sherman
Yes, it was Richard Sherman who made Patrick Willis, Justin Smith retire. Bowman tear an ACL, Baalke draft poorly &…
maybe for people like Richard Sherman. Don't act like you ain't scraping C's and partying all weekend.
Seahawks are open to trading Richard Sherman, per
Sheldon Richardson for Richard Sherman make it happen
My momma said I looked like Richard Sherman and Antwan Jamison and I almost called child services
If you want to talk abt Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman then compare them to what the are doing with Ca…
Someone compared McGee/Watson to Russell Wilson/Richard Sherman. Another wanted to spend all the money on FAs and not re-sign Carr.
Harvey Levin, talk to Richard Sherman & Floyd Norman, they'll educate you that Walt Disney was not prejudiced against anyone for any reason.
Christian McCaffrey is a heck of a lot more post-racial than Thomas Rawls or Richard Sherman or Michael Bennett. If that's
To choose between Pete Carroll and his philosphy or Richard Sherman, I pick Coach Carroll every day of the week.
Just 2 years ago, Revis was being debated with Richard Sherman as the league's best CB
CB Richard Sherman offers alternative facts on December run-in with reporter
Harder to say that about Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, say.
[SB Nation: Field Gulls] - PFF analysis has Richard Sherman as third-best CB at defending post and corner routes
Unfortunately, I doubt Brady will go Richard Sherman on Sheriff Roger.
Are we just gonna act like Alex "I got picked before Richard Sherman" Henery didn't get snubbed
I can't believe I picked Richard Sherman over this adorable man.
Good to see Richard Sherman & Michael Bennett in mid season form. Complaining to the refs during the
wait I thought Richard Sherman was the best cb 🤔
Richard Sherman and John Hekker in an Ad for Pokemon Sun & Moon
John Schneider clears the air on Richard Sherman controversy
See what John Schneider said about the leaving Richard Sherman off injury reports this season.
.GM John Schneider explained why Pete Carroll said Richard Sherman had a knee injury that wasn't reported.
John Schneider says Seahawks weren't malicious in not disclosing Richard Sherman injury
What John Schneider said about Richard Sherman's injury and what I think the Seahawks' defense will sound like.
Seahawks GM says there was no malice in not revealing Richard Sherman injury during season:
GM: Seahawks did nothing 'malicious' by failing to report Richard Sherman injury
Richard Sherman and Johnny Hekker go head to head in an epic battle! Get ready for Sun & Moon coming February 3!…
Mike Evans, Richard Sherman glad to be Pro Bowl teammates
Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman, K.J. Wright, and Bobby Wagner. Kam Chancellor should've made it and Earl Thomas. LOB ftw.
Logan Ryan is up there with Richard Sherman & Patrick Peterson.
Wait wait wait, like whatever can't Change it but you're allowed to hold when a quarterback breaks a pocket, Richard Sherman did it...
.video: Richard Sherman in locker room after loss at ATL. Michael Bennett goes in backgr…
Losing really brings out the worst in Michael Bennett. But man did it ever feel good to watch Richard Sherman complaining about no-calls.
Richard Sherman telling coach he can't cover Julio Jones like Ryan Gosling in Remember the Titans💀
Richard Sherman karma destroys the again. Branch swinging Sherman needs special gloves for NFL rules/dignity. War is coming
Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin need to take a peak at the score board. Yip yap yip yap
Julio Jones is making Richard Sherman look like Richard Simmons.
Somebody better get Richard Sherman some Campbell soup or Jones will eat his lunch.
but Josh Norman is better than Julio Jones. Therefore Josh Norman > Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman forgot to eat some Campbell's soup 😢
Little Giant Ladders
Julio Jones is 10x better than Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman, Pete Carroll and Bobby Wagner explain how the Seahawks hold each other to a higher standard.
Top 3 corners in league this season is by following. 1.Richard Sherman. 2.Jalen Ramsey . 3.Janoris Jenkins
3 Quarters into DET/SEA, and Matthew Stafford has still completely avoided the right side aka Richard Sherman's side. 0…
Janoris Jenkins the only better QBR against than Richard Sherman.
1 was Richard Sherman, 2 was Janoris Jenkins. Jenkins had a better season than all the big names but gets no recogn…
I wouldn't have Richard Sherman in my top three. Marcus Peters, Janoris Jenkins and Chris Harris had a better year.
Richard Sherman told an assembled group of local media that he won't talk to us this week - only a nat'l reporter from ESPN.
Richard Sherman who? Huge stop by Jordan Lewis on third down!!
I liked a video Sharpe on Richard Sherman: Give people money and power, they show who they really are
If the gold rush was in 1969 the 49ers would be the 69ers and why not call Richard Sherman ***
.on Richard Sherman (If you want to know who a person truly is, give them money, give them po…
"Difference between George Karl & Richard Sherman is knowing your role.". -
I liked a video Skip and Shannon Undisputed Full Show - Richard Sherman, Dak & Zeke, LeBron James or
Richard Sherman is the defensive version of Terrell Owens - via App
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Arizona Cardinals:. Patrick Peterson - Says he's better than Richard Sherman and is elite when he really isn't
"Take my game to a whole other level," Mills said. "Be that dominant guy. Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson, Josh...
Q - Do 40 times really matter? Richard Sherman ran down JJ Nelson yesterday.
Shareece Wright is the worst player on the *** team, he didn't juke Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman is going to set fire to an assistant coach at halftime
John Lynch before that 3rd down: "down Richard Sherman call this play?"
So...Richard Sherman is kind of melting down. Threatened to "ruin" a reporter's career over a question.
Everybody's talking about Richard Sherman's tense exchange with Jim Moore, but Moore calls it "hardly newsworthy."
Jim Moore's spat with Richard Sherman makes the Daily Mail complete with Jim in front of a Honey Bucket.
Market - Super Bowl> Richard Sherman apologizes after telling re =>
Are we? I've been muting Jim Moore since I was ten years old, but Richard Sherman threatened him. Moore's badness d…
So yeah, after Jim Moore (asked a couple of tough questions of Richard Sherman, Sherman threatened to ruin Jim's ca…
Willing to say today that I have even more respect for our own Jim Moore, and significantly less for Richard Sherman.
Richard Sherman making wise crack to reporter Jim Moore is NOT a story.
710 ESPN Seattle's Jim Moore (is LIVE with & talking about his interaction with Richard Sherman now!
Roger Goodell must take action against Richard Sherman for threatening a reporter by saying, I'll end your career. Sherman is gutless.
Clearly Jim Moore has bias against sherm that goes way back "Spare me the Richard Sherman circus" via
Richard Sherman tells Seattle host Jim Moore he'll ruin his career, regrets his actions afterwards.
What is up with Richard Sherman... Dude is losing his mind?
this is a great role model for kids, me, me, me- I'm Richard Sherman everybody, king Richard!. Hopefully 5 years he'll be gone.
Richard Sherman, Cliff Avril among four Seahawks to make the Pro Bowl: Richard Sherman, Cliff Avril among four…
Richard Sherman to Seattle radio host: "I'll ruin your career"
They call me Richard Sherman , it's a no Fly Zone over my way ! 💪🔥💀.
Richard Sherman has absolutely no chill😂
USA TODAY Sports: Richard Sherman got into a heated exchange with a radio host and threatened to end…
Sherman sorry for reporter snark, not TNF rant
Seahawks: Richard Sherman publicly apologizes for telling reporter "I'll ruin your career" after news conference (…
Richard Sherman is such a little spoiled punk. Tells a media member he's going to ruin his career. Just a terrible little smart ***
I love Richard Sherman. He's awesome. He's completely wrong with his sideways threatening of Athletes want a…
Richard Sherman confronts radio host: ‘I’ll ruin your career’
Richard Sherman apologizes after threatening to ‘ruin’ Seattle radio host’s career
Richard Sherman keeps everything interesting. Even press conferences.
Not a good look at all for Richard Sherman.
Seahawk Richard Sherman to Seattle media member: 'I'll ruin your career'
Richard Sherman tells local media member 'I'll ruin your career' after confrontation
David DeCastro and Richard Sherman selected to play in NFL Pro Bowl
Richard Sherman says to a Seattle radio host, "I'll ruin your career."
I like and respect Richard Sherman a lot. This is appreciated.
so happy Von Miller & Richard Sherman are going to the Pro Bowl 🙌🏼
Jim Moore/on Richard Sherman popping off at him & how frustration was behind it, NOW w/:
Richard "Stanford" Sherman is a loud mouthed *** Is anyone really surprised by this boorish behavior?
Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson, Janoris Jenkins, even my grandma can get these routes if she lined up in front of me‼️ ht…
Honest mistake for Richard Sherman with radio host Jim Moore. RS thinks he controls media, why wouldn't he think he controls credentials?
Richard Sherman threatens the career of a Seattle sports media member, apologizes afterwards.
Seahawks’ Richard Sherman thrives on the edge but goes too far this time
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I love you Richard Sherman! Say it. Say it say it. Media has NO stones. Won't ask PETE the hard questions.
You fine Richard Sherman for playing football, and everyone else for being happy, but he hops in a pot and it's "ok…
Richard Sherman been coming at Roger Goodell since the Seattle won a super bowl. Even before that
If I was Roger Goodell and Pete Carroll I'd tell Richard Sherman to know his place and keep his mouth shut
Richard Sherman not a fan of Seahawks throwing from the 1-yard line last night: "We've already seen how that goes.” htt…
Todd Gurley had a few words for Jared Goff after the QB suffered a hit to the head from Seahawks CB Richard Sherman.
Richard Sherman is fed up with throwing from the goal line:
Richard Sherman: 'If the NFL had its way, we would all be robots'.
Richard Sherman is a poor man's Dion Sanders
Richard Sherman yelling at coaches. Jermichael Finley sounds off at 9:15 on "Air it Out."
Jason Sehorn > Richard Sherman and Deion Sanders if we being real
Richard Sherman describing his hit on Jared Goff that he said was a tribute to Earl Thomas.
Richard Sherman just man-torpedo'd himself right into Goff's face
Richard Sherman just welcome'd Jared Goff to the NFL.
I think Richard Sherman was imagining Roger Goodell in rams gear on that hit
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Jermichael Finley will always be my least hated Packer...guy just roasting Richard Sherman and I love it
Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, Marcus peters, Desmond trufant, Bradley roby, Malcom butler, Stephen Gilmore lol all better
Do my eyes deceive me or is that Richard Sherman getting manhandled?
Cunningham had a better arm that Culpepper, no? My 5 Dream Matchups | The Players' Tribune
Agree with Sherman 100%. The product on the field is a reflection ... Thurs. night games are awful.
Richard Sherman on Thurs games "Hypocritical. They make this huge stand about player safety, and then they put players in…
Richard Sherman on Thursday night games: "Poopfest, it's terrible. We got home like 1...
Check out this post from SVG Entertainment!
Agreed: Richard Sherman: Seahawks 'last ones to get the middle finger' from NFL - via App
Every time I watch this it ticks me off. Richard Sherman is a joke.
Richard Sherman said that the NFL shows little regard for player safety by continuing to schedule Thursday games. https…
I agree with Richard Sherman. Thursday night games are ridiculous.
Richard Sherman talking about player safety while taking a cheap shot on my boy? 🤔🤔🤔
Seattle’s Richard Sherman has strong words about Thursday games via
Richard Sherman saying "poopfest" is literally the FUNNIEST thing I've ever seen
Players posting up Draymond in crunch time is like Kap throwing towards Richard Sherman. Never ends up well.
Richard Sherman blasted the NFL on Tuesday for continuing to schedule Thursday night games.
Richard Sherman is one of my top 5 favorite players idc
I cannot stand Richard Sherman you're complaining because you played Monday night and then have to play Thursday night? Must be a rough life
Can't stand Richard Sherman whining about playing again on Thursday night. Got his butt kicked by the Packers Sunday and is complaining.
"Poopfest. It's terrible.". Richard Sherman blasts the NFL for continuing to schedule Thursday night games.
Richard Sherman calls Thursday games a 'poopfest' and a 'middle finger' from NFL
Richard Sherman: "They make this huge stance about player safety. Then you put the players in tremendous danger." https:/…
Richard Sherman has some words about the NFL and TNF via
[Mashable] Richard Sherman thinks Thursday Night Football is an 'absolute poopfest'
Richard Sherman making clear again his feelings on Thursday night football, calling it an "absolute poopfest.''
Actually, not just white girls. My trash radar is unmatched. See: *** Newton, Keke Palmer, Richard Sherman. I told y'all EARLY.
players like Shabazz Napier and Richard Sherman talked about being hungry at not because they don't have time to get jobs like
And am I dumb for wanting to start Emmanuel Sanders over Jordy Nelson? Jordy going up against Richard Sherman in the snow...
Richard Sherman on Earl Thomas: He'll be missed on our defense
Cam Newton threw to the man Richard Sherman was covering just once in the 1st half. That pass was incomplete.
The moment I saw Richard Sherman drag Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take was the moment I realized he was a legendary shade…
Richard Sherman still mad at Cam for crumpling their flag? Lmao if anything he should be mad he left Greg Olsen wide open in the endzone😴
Seeing Mike Evans completely own Richard Sherman warms my heart in so many ways.
I'll yell ya what. Richard Sherman laid the wood on Dan Carpenter, man. That carpentry work right there should have been a…
Um did you happen to catch Richard Sherman smashing Dan Carpenter and the subsequent delay of game in
I'm Thankful for Frank Clark, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner for being the only people who wanna play defense today
Smh Dan Carpenter ruins everything. Richard Sherman should've finished the job and took out his knee
Richard Sherman should've hit Carpenter harder so we would've signed a new kicker. His inconsistency his absurd.
Mike Evans vs Richard Sherman. that's worth the ticket of admission...
Not sure who is more of a whine bag Josh Norman or Richard Sherman
The only other seahawk I know other than Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Hauschka is Luke Wilson and that's because he's hot
He better than that *** throwing picks to Richard Sherman and Alan Chancellor
Seahawks DBs Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor are tied for 2nd-most passes caught from Carson Wentz. (Eagles TE Zach Ertz ha…
Richard Sherman fired up on the Seahawks sideline following Julio Jones' TD.
Richard Sherman has covered Malcolm Mitchell, Matthew Slater, Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan the last four plays.
"Richard Sherman went to Stanford" should be the new Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard" 🙄🙄🙄
Richard Sherman reiterates call for simpler rule book
Fitzpatrick throws at Richard Sherman... Fitzpatrick gets PICKED by Richard Sherman.
Rex Ryan says he told Richard Sherman “You’re too good a player to act like an *** ”
mike just a quick heads up you wrote Richard Seymour instead of Richard Sherman
It looks like Richard Sherman knows the NFL Rules and the refs and ATH sportswriters (except Kate Fagan) don't.
Rome, totally agree. Richard Sherman is not a dirty player. Trust me, takes one to know one. . Freshly yours, Adam Morrison
Whoa...😳. Dan Carpenter's wife takes it a little too far after Richard Sherman's hit on her husband
Don't be mad at Richard Sherman because he knows the rules better than the referees via
Richard Sherman is the NFL's reincarnated, 2.0 version of Rashean Mathis.
Once again, an NFL referee crew looks so bad missing the obvious Richard Sherman roughing, then costing Bills a FG by…
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