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Richard Serra

Richard Serra (born November 2, 1939) is an American minimalist sculptor and video artist known for working with large-scale assemblies of sheet metal.

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Spirituality and art; Richard Serra's 7 sculpture is a must-see at Park
Seven (Provisional) Actions after Richard Serra, ink on paper, piano and film
"at ends this week on Saturday, April 16th...
I think this, I think basically I'm not interested in people following my w...
Nancy Holt and Richard Serra, Boomerang. Saw this for the first time yesterday. My new best thing.
Richard Serra inspired paper sculptures in 2nd grade!
Guggenheim Bilbao is one of the best 10 museums of the world. Richard Serra's sculpture were…
It's a cold, wet day in Chelsea to watch a Richard Serra install.…
Richard Serra's Te Tuhirangi Contour, at the Gibbs farm. Has to be seen to be believed.
the Richard Serra of street art in se27
Naw. Ellsworth Kelly, Paul Klee, Donald Judd, Richard Serra, etc. . I like what I like. :)
"There was no precedent for this work." Richard Serra on Ellsworth Kelly
"Snake Eyes and Box Cars" by Richard Serra. (One of six pairs total. Solid steel.) Oliver Ranch. Geyserville CA.
Style by Serra. Collect editions by instantly, now via
I love this Richard Serra sculpture at YYZ. Makes you wonder about walking under it when you know it's just balanced https:…
Richard Serra's 'Ramble Drawings' are on show at in Paris
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I’ll never forget seeing a Richard Serra piece at DIA in NY when I was just a little girl and feeling like such a t…
A portion of Richard Serra's sculpture ‘East-West/West-East’ in the Qatari desert, via Commissioned by...
I can time travel...but space is a mystery to me..interesting view from Richard Serra:.
Richard Serra does amazing things w/ warped planes in space
Looking up through the top of a favourite public art project in London, the Richard Serra sculpture at Broadgate. http…
DIY Richard Serra sculpture for coffee drinkers
The tricky task of moving a Richard Serra sculpture
I have a new infatuation w Richard Serra's artwork I NEED 2 DISCUSS
I think Richard Serra have been talking to a little too much .
Richard Serra, Between the Torus and the Sphere (Toruaren eta esferaren artean), weathering steel, 2003-2005
looks to contemporary artist Richard Serra for inspiration ►
Image from Blog post referenceing Richard Serra's work in Qatar.
I love how it all reminds me of Richard Serra. Here seen a few years ago at
Basically, what you really want to do is try to engage the viewer's body relatio...
Untitled from CAROLINE. Richard Serra, Keith Smith. Twelve soft ground aquatint and linoleum cut, printed in black
Richard Serra's "Rosa Parks" – The pursuit of equality continues w/ each of us.
Seems Richard Serra also wrote version of "if its free you are the product, not the consumer thing" in 1979 or so.
Richard Serra "East-West/West-East”, 2014 Doha. Four steel plates that are about 15m (49 feet). Span 1km
Work out of your work. Don't work out if anybody else's work. (Richard Serra).
📷 cocaine-nd-caviar: vulturehooligan:  Out of Round X Richard Serra 1999. Shop at VICEMODE Clothing and...
Have you seen our benefit auction yet? Featuring works by Deborah Kass, Alex Katz, Richard Serra, Sarah Sze & more!
At Liverpool st station the other day, stopped to look at Richard Serra's Fulcrum
Looks like a Richard Serra art piece.
I went to see Richard Serra's most striking sculpture, in the Qatari desert. https:/…
Can Richard Serra and collaborate on a musical skatepark plz ty Jesus
Miss Clifton loves Richard Serra models. But then again, who does not?
Edmund de Waal like Richard Serra who's responsible for my…
Richard Serra on his 320-ton sculpture "Equal," recently added to MoMA's collection.
Richard Serra's Reversal (III, IV, V, VI, VII) available for purchase on our website -…
Richard Serra's "Tilted Spheres" art installation at Toronto Pearson. This is an incredible…
Why make art?. Richard Serra might have an answer.
I think different people have different problems and different relations to the ...
Richard Walton has a show on 01/15/2016 at 08:00 PM @ Serra Brothers Pub in Eldersburg, MD
Richard Serra, the artist who defies gravity.
Excellent long profile of Richard Serra in the Wall Street Journal
How artists from Vivian Maier to Richard Serra subsidized their art:
I always get Michael Cera and Richard Serra mixed up. which one is the guy from Swans again??
Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain - The Matter of Time by Richard Serra.
Love, love, love outdoor sculptures. This is Richard Serra's 'Wake' which was meant to suggest…
The last picture of an amazing day at Bilbao. "The matter of time" by Richard Serra
Place new event arciphilia from TUMBLR, review it here:
Pondering the power of twisted steel by Richard Serra at Dia:Beacon - kaamorastreya's photo
The closest example that comes to mind are the works of Richard Serra. The pics do it no justice.
Ah, good for you. Have a wonderful time! The Carl Andre & Richard Serra stuff at the Reina Sofia is marvellous
"Everything we choose in life for its lightness soon reveals its unbearable weight." Richard Serra
Richard Serra. Gotta sell a lot of jeans to buy one of these. @ Gap Inc. HQ
The artist Richard Serra has created these amazing monoliths in the desert of Qatar. .
Richard Serra: the way of artist . raed:
Richard Serra: "Equal" is on view at David Zwirner Gallery in NYC through July 24.
You stuck your poster on a Richard Serra original artwork at Liverpool Street
Richard Serra molds matter into shape and landscape. Or vice versa?.
"Band" is among the most formally elegant and technically complex of Richard Serra's works.
Photo: Robert Smithson and Richard Serra, 1970 on the site of Spiral Jetty (Smithson), Salt Lake, Utah. 
Could you be the next Richard Serra? Some of the steel from the original Bay Bridge is going to artists! Check it out→
The unseen Richard Serra artwork in our (Toronto) backyard:
So lovely. Every airport should have a Richard Serra to greet weary travelers!
Richard Serra in Denmark defaced with tic tac toe stalemates. Into it!
Richard Serra, "The Matter of Time", installation of eight sculptures of steel sheets, 12-14 f... -
Inside Richard Serra's Sequence on a sunny Stanford afternoon in 2014. Sequence will now live in…
Wonder if the Spanish lady I tried helping found the Richard Serra statues yesterday in the end. Must look for them later.
Richard Serra's exhibition on 20th Street is a must-see installation!
"Language does not equal experience - it points to it" (Richard Serra)
Bridge like a Richard Serra sculpture jetting over peaceful Hudson River. you had me at Tot.
Extreme detail of Richard Serra's oil sick painting on paper now on view at David Zwirner Gallery on 20th Street.
The center of Richard Serra sculptures makes for great reverb.
Shouts to the Richard Serra outside the Orange County performing arts center tho
Richard Serra at David Zwerner gallery: "We knocked down the wall and dollied the pieces in."—a galleriste. Massive pieces, at that.
Visiting the Richard Serra statues in western Qatar.
Richard Serra’s East-West/West-East Rises in the Qatari Desert via - LOVE it, impressive work
Is it me or has Serra been watching too much East-West/West-East-RICHARD SERRA .
Richard Serra or metal scrap in a river basin, you decide.
At Lego Land in Grapevine the have a Lego complete with Richard Serra's Vortex.
The virtual world is not a substitute for the real world. Richard Serra at DIA Beacon
Check out Richard Serra's latest sculpture rising out of the Qatari desert: Images ©...
Step aside, Richard Serra. Nuanquan, China blacksmiths throw molten metal in the air for...
Richard serra at the Gagosian with my son today…
Learn how our conservators digitize video art in our collection, like this Richard Serra & Nancy Holt w…
Oh yes, I'll like that. The first steel sculpture I'd really seen was t the Guggenheim - Richard Serra. I'll check your link
Richard Serra opening and workshop tour
"charlie brown" 60 ft tall sculpture in the atrium of Gap HQ by minimalist sculptor Richard Serra…
reminder i got to see several Richard serra pieces irl
Photo: moma: June 2: Celebrate Kara Walker, Richard Serra, & David Rockefeller at our annual Party in the...
. Richard Serra through the trees at @ The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Staring at Richard Serra's "Equal" sculptures with fellow fashion killas. @ David Zwirner Gallery
See living legend Richard Serra's newest sculpture at the David Zwirner Gallery
. Richard Serra's 66-foot-tall "Connector," at Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa under...
mantra totes on a world tour. Location: Qatar w/ Richard Serra. Next stop,
I won't go to Beacon... I hate Richard Serra" ... My gf Christine.
watching Richard Serra's "Boomerang" after visiting one of his sculptures last week
A minimalist exhibit of the sculpture of Richard Serra at the light filled Renia Sofia Museum, Madrid.:
One of my favorites: Richard monumental Band at
Designed engineering precludes sculptural content, which should not rely on our physical reactions, but have its own.
Richard Serra prints translate the artist’s iconic sculptures to paper:
i can't get over how beautiful the new Waxahatchee album is. 1st track is sublime and disarming like chancing upon a Richard Serra sculpture
Ken Kaminski inherited a vision of the world from Pop-expressionistic artists like. Robert Rauschenberg and sculptors like Richard Serra.
Architecture in movement. "The Matter of Time by Richard Serra.
This picture is of a section of a sculpture at Stanford by Richard Serra. It reminded me how much I love metal.
Ben showing his appreciation of Richard Serra @ LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art
HBD Richard Serra, happy marathon day to all the runners, and happy final hour of our free exhibit
Albert Serra, The Story of My Death: intimate history and literary myth with a strangely long and haunting reach:
known about this for years but I'm coming forth now: the Richard Serra at Margulies is a fraud, it's bolted down and not held by friction
Watching The Maze Runner and all I can think of is Lol Richard Serra
Richard Serra at - makes all the young texture painters look like they have a lot of…
Find out more about Richard Serra's Fulcrum here:
In case you missed it — my talk from RoadMap conference on design and margins, dictionaries and Richard Serra:.
Knight Landesman & Sidney Felsen in front of Richard Serra's "Double Level III"
Lot 17 Richard Serra: $19,000 (fun fact: Richard Serra was the first artist to agree to participate in the auction!)
Odo plays the warm Vaseline Richard Serra throws
Happy 75th Birthday to Richard Serra! (photo by Sidney Felsen)
Richard Serra -'I was in analysis and I told my analyst I wanted to be the best sculptor in the world and he said: "Richard, calm down."
Richard Serra is an American minimalist sculptor known for working with large-scale assemblies of sheet metal.
Richard is hands down the worst though.
At -- This is Richard T.E.U.C.L.A (2006). In my first year of undergrad I took ...
On my To Do list: Richard Serra exhibition at the
Video: "To see is to think and drawings is another way of thinking" -Richard Serra Richard Serra on his...
Early in his career, the artist Richard Serra supported himself by founding a furniture-moving company, Low-Rate Movers. Number of trucks: 1
The artist Richard Serra spends which part of the year in Inverness, Nova Scotia: (1) summer (2) winter. Answer:.
Hide and seek among the Richard Serra's. @ Gagosian Gallery
Richard Serra celebrates the artist's sculptural http…
Planning a London adventure for Christmas time now that King Charles III has transferred to the west end. Also Turner Prize & Richard Serra.
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Robert Longo, Darren Almond, and Richard Serra. Am I at the MoMA OR parkhyattny!?! @ Park Hyatt New York
JJ wonders why Richard Tuttle rather than Richard Serra got to do Turbine Hall. Maybe Anselm Kiefer's towers one day?
knew that the island, perched like a huge lobster claw on Nova Scotia's norther tip, had kindled imaginations since Alexander Graham Bell called it his summer home, conducting his experiments there for 40 years. I knew that today the place was a haven for world-renowned artists including the great American photographer Robert Frank, composer Philip Glass, sculptor Richard Serra and pioneer performance artist Joan Jonas..." Great ZOOMER article on Cape Breton
Our workshop in Los Angeles is prepping some paintstik for one of Richard Serra's "Double Rift" editions
Rolled and Forged: Rolled and Forged Richard Serra (Author) 16 used & new from $82.76(Visit the Best Sellers i...
Richard Serra’s Market Distorted by Online Auctions, read full news report:
# RiCHARD SERRA. 1999. What a pen can get into. Grazi. Thank you
Fetching $905,000 recently, a Richard Serra drawing was one of the top-selling pieces in an online-only auction.
Richard Serra and Michael Cera, together at last.
I can imagine. Scale, reflection of the surroundings, etc. Like trying to photograph the weight of a Richard Serra piece.
“Richard Serra's market distorted by online auctions forever fascinated by the impact of internet auctions
The result of lack of transparency in online is that the mkt is getting distorted- like Richard Serra
Has Richard Serra's market been distorted by online auctions?
Are you Corso Serra di Cassano who knows Richard Michael Harris?
Richard action verbs as inspiration for his work
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Nothing like Richard Serra on an Iceland island
.will exhibit four monumental steel by opening Fri 10 Oct 6 - 8 pm
Taking the ferry to Videy Island today. I didn't realize there was a Richard Serra permanent "exhibition" on the island. So cool!
Richard Serra in the Qatari desert. Thank you.
Sculpture in the Desert inspired by Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa
Just UCSB students kickin' it with UCSB alum checkin' out UCSB alum Richard Serra artwork in Bilbao.
Free wifi at Airport Very cool thank you! And a Richard Serra in the main hall.
Never the Twain shall meet: a Richard Serra ironwork called Twain in St Louis with a homeless man sleeping.
A beautifully designed home that has a presence like a Richard Serra sculpture in the desert. The simple parti...
I really love the sculptor Richard Serra. His pieces are so dark and creepy.
Ekphrasis // Paul Williamson's poetic encounter with four Richard Serra works shown at Gagosian…
The conversation continues. Richard Serra seems to have unleashed a new cultural surge in the country, some that...
Super-excited about Richard Serra in London w/ : via
Serra is playing Larry some heavy metal this October
Four monumental steel sculptures from RICHARD SERRA coming to London
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Richard Serra was born in San Francisco in 1938. He studied at the University of California (Berkeley and Santa...
Richard Serra's "Ballast" in UCSF Mission Bay shades workers as they eat lunch.
it should sound like how a Richard Serra painting looks.
“Building contra Image,” an extensive interview with Richard Serra that Hal Foster includes in his recent collection of essays, focuses on the artist’s work and its relationship to space and architecture. Serra recounts how Romanesque churches in Europe have informed his sculpture and how Zen garden…
Now online: Video & Audio from Richard Serra's recent talk with Hal Foster at about his new book, Early Work
Walking the line. | Richard Serra sculpture at Storm King Art Center.
Abdul-Aziz Yousef discusses a sketch he did on 'East-West/West-East' by Richard Serra in 'I imagined UFOs visiting the piece in the future, thinking its a petrol station'.
Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani with Richard Serra at the unveiling…
In the presence of H.E Sh. Mayyasa Bint Hamad Al Thani, unveils an installation by Richard Serra at Brouq Nature Reserve.
Richard Serra is currently on view at Hiram Butler Gallery. If you did not have a chance to see it this weekend,...
Curious review of ny serra - and I can't say its entirely coherent. But on to something in all probability
Brave and utterly fantastic takedown of Richard Serra, whose "gigantism and spectacle is a perfect emblem of our age"
It was exciting to recently discover a Richard on the U campus, Palo Alto.
The Sculptor Richard Serra would say that Architecture is not Art, What say you
Shifting His Tectonic Plates: Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery - "modernism on steroids"
"You are still a mischievous little boy.". Charlie Rose in conversation with Richard Serra.
Good piece (excerpt weird use of word "successful") on the two Serra shows up right now that you should go see
Richard Serra (is quite brilliant, interviewed by (12/27)
“Like standing in the silent presence of another person.” Richard Serra at
Richard Serra explores the ways an artist's perception of the world can be impacted by their creative process, and vice-versa. See more videos at
▶ Richard Serra answers: Why make art? - YouTube |
I've seen his works in Dia Beacon, but at that time I inspired from other good artists for example Imi Knoebel, Richard Serra and more...
One of our most accomplished living artists, Richard Serra, discusses new work
Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery Interesting exhibit on 24th - recommend!
I want to see this show. come with me. Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery
The Charlie Rose/Richard Serra cemetery discussion is a strange one: It seems to have gotten away from both of them.
In my Richard Serra anxiety dream I was responding to the first Torqued Ellipses. “How can I do that?” is what I woke up thinking.
“...because they have to be there as the critical backbencher; they have to be there as the alternative.” - Richard Serra
In grad school I had a Richard Serra anxiety dream. I woke up having decided to work in polystyrene
"...Mr. Serra’s frenemy and contemporary, Frank Gehry." lol
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Thx for great review of our. shows at & Read & come in person.
' R.has succeeded by clinging to the precepts of modernism, but it is a modernism on steroids'
I'm too scared to go see Richard Serra pieces after that one artwork of his fell and killed a person :/
Richard Serra: Art, technology & entertainment, and emphasis on gigantism & spectacle, is a perfect emblem of our age
Am booking my plane ticket now.. Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery
I was raised by Richard Serra's pals. My dad's best friend? David Bradshaw. "Google him," baby. ;).
.serves up another concoction. This time inspired by minimalist Richard Serra:
Art Review: Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery: In his show “New Sculpture,” at the Gagosian...
AF vs. ML and Richard Serra, amazing. Sat next to/met Michelle Grabner at Creemaster 3 in nyc in 2002.
plan moves differently than elevation. Richard Serra via
Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery - NYT (love this review, wish Charlie Rose read it before his intv with RS)
Cheek to rust and absorbing the walls at Richard Serra's new territories
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of… Richard Serra exhibits… I wore my shorter navy blue coat of the season. Remember last week when we had 8+ inches of snow on the ground here in New York? Well yesterday, sans snow, I went for my shorter navy blue coat from Vince. Made of double-faced woo...
I was just talking about a Richard Serra retrospective I saw at Moma and here's a piece of his in Toronto's international terminal. A very good sign.
Artist Richard Serra discusses his sketches of a Le Corbusier building in Ronchamp, France, as an example of an architectural space that has inspired him.
Richard Serra: "Fernando Pessoa" (2007-2008). Texto de Alain de Botton: We're often intensely lonely in our suffering. In an upbeat world that worships success, our miseries feel shameful. We're not only sad, we're sad at being the only ones that seem to be so. We can't remove suffering from life, but we can learn to suffer more successfully – that is, with less of a sense of persecution or an impression that we have unfairly been singled out for punishment. Fernando Pessoa is a beautifully dark monumental work by Richard Serra, named after a Portuguese poet with a turn for lamentation ("Oh salty sea/ how much of your salt is tears from Portugal"). The work does not deny our sorrows, it does not tell us to cheer up or point us in a brighter direction. The large scale and monumental character of this sombre sculpture declare the normality and universality of grief. It is confident that we will recognise and respond to the legitimate place of solemn emotions in an ordinary life. Rather than leaving us alo ...
Charlie Rose talks to musician Jack White and Dean Blackwood, cofounder of Revenant Records, about their project to revive early 20th century blues recordings. Also, sculptor Richard Serra discusses his latest works
An hour conversation with sculptor Richard Serra about his exhibition at The Gagosian Gallery in New York City, his use of synthetic materials in art and his...
Over the holiday break, Richard Serra, who currently has a major exhibition at two of Gagosian Gallery's locations in New York, made an appearance...
Just saw one of my pieces hanging next to a Richard Serra print in a private collection. Cool company!
On "Charlie Rose," a conversation with Richard Serra. He is best known for his large-scale, abstract steel sculptures that push the medium to its limits. (Source: Bloomberg)
Richard Serra, Drawings for the Courtauld, Somerset House. A research on Mylar polymer and ''transparency''
One thing about being in the Village is that you get private teaching from N.Y.U. professors who may be frustrated, bored, ageing out, but are unbelievably brilliant in the history of their field. You also end up meeting professors from schools like Yale Architecture which is how I got mentored by my architect. You also meet people who bring you and themselves down by being scum bags instead of letting their art be their woman. Some of them, like Richard Serra and Julian Schnabel live these “name” lives without being seen and when they do, they know they are on a New York times quiz show like in the 1950’s and come up with terms like “a moniker” which Serra used to describe how the media can define an art work of his such as that it looks like “a cemetery,” and becomes known as “the cemetery,” rather than understanding what Serra was trying to do. Serra is in denial about what he was trying to do. He may have been playing a nasty power game with his successor, Lee Ufan, or to flip th ...
For his third-to-last show of 2013, professional interlocutor Charlie Rose brought on lapsed steelworker Richard Serra for a conversation about the artist's ongoing exhibition of new sculptures at ...
Chicago should have a city wide retrospective featuring the sculpture of Richard Serra. It should be a large, a very large exhibition.
This is a game to keep art alive. Click "like" and I will assign you an artist. It doesn't matter if you don't know their work; just look them up and choose an image of the one you like most, and post it on your wall with this message. I was assigned Jackie Winsor by Krista Genevieve Lynes. In 1979 Jackie Winsor was the first woman to be awarded a retrospective solo show at the MOMA since Georgia O'Keefe in 1946. She was born in St. John's, Newfoundland in 1941 but the books say she was born in Canada, (NL didn't join until 1949) "Jackie Winsor (American, born Canada 1941)" WC: How do you see your relationship to the minimalism of Judd, Andre and Richard Serra? JW: Richard is my peer, the others are slightly ahead of me. First off, they weren't the first abstractionists. I grew up with my dad building houses. My dad had aspirations to architecture and was an engineer, so the cube shape was very familiar. In Newfoundland, where I'm from, there were underground cellars, there were root cellars, so those w . ...
Sculptor Richard Serra’s latest exhibition New Sculpture is currently being featured at both Chelsea Gagosian Galleries in New York. Described as one of America’s greatest modern sculptors, the exhibition is set to run from October through January 2014 and plays a pivotal role in being an extension…
Killer show with some great friends at Caramici's tonight! Thank you all for coming...especially Vinny Alejandro, Jessie Sportsman Alejandro, Margaret Scaglione, Jakob Willoughby, Tina and Juan, and all the rest. What a way to ring in the new year! Special thanks to our best surf dancers Diane and Richard Serra!! You guys really rocked it!
Richard Serra on Charlie Rose has me in the studio pretending I'm good at stuff.
The Richard Serra steel sculpture in the Cantor Arts courtyard at Stanford University.
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Thomas Lail's TOP(almost )20 of 2013... No one asked me for my top picks this year, but I thought I'd list them anyway. Full disclosure-- Many of these are folks I know and admire. It's a small world after all... In no particular order: 1). An Armory Show at Opalka Gallery, Sage Colleges-- this sprawling, cacophonous salon orchestrated by Michael Oatman and Ken Ragsdale set a high water mark for future Upstate regional art surveys--- I was in this show, but that's not what made it a pick for me-- with 50+ artists it was crazy, packed, riotous and really good. 2). Ed Osborne at The Teaching Gallery, HV- RI based sound and video artist Osbourne shaped a beautiful and meditative space of slow moving boats and slower moving race cars. 3). Mike Watt at Valentines-- the real deal,himself-- The Man in The Van with a Bass in His Hand rolled into V'tines with his Missingmen to thunder through a massive reading of his masterpiece Hyphenated Man --uninterrupted -- except for two restarts due to broken strin ...
Photo: installator: "Instructions and diagram for a Richard Serra sculpture installation, 1969." (from the...
Miscellaneous Birthdays 11/2: * Hannah Hart -27- has a weekly YouTube series "My Drunk Kitchen." * David Brock -51- founder of Media Matters for America. * Richard Serra -74- American minimalist sculptor known for his grandiose art. *Pat Buchanan -75- conservative political commentator ran for U. S. Presidency on the Reform Party ticket in 2000. * Paul Johnson -85- British journalist and historian edited the New Statesman and penned over 40 works.
Richard Serra voted for himself in ‘Vanity Fair’s’ greatest living artist poll
Many travel to Europe to eperience the spiritual in the great cathederals...for a more contemporary experience look to Bilbao,and the Guggenheim museum. the magical experience is on the outside in its power and soaring and curving planes...and in the light filled spaces on the inside. Adding to the building,s beauty is the time/space conceptual art form by Richard Serra. I have never been a big fan of conceptual art,,but I realize now that it has to be experienced..not just viewed. The participant walks at his/her own pace through tall wooden curving spirals and structures. Encounters, light forms and sounds are random and individual. Meditation begins and the outer world does not exsist.
This baby is almost done :) inspired by Richard Serra, and Laurie Anderson
Take a look, nice group of artists, Agnes Martin, Richard Serra, Chuck Close and me!
I'm new to Greg Allen;s . Love this piece on David Hammonds/Richard Serra.
History of ARS Artists Rights Society (ARS) is the preeminent copyright, licensing, and monitoring organization for visual artists in the United States. Founded in 1987, ARS represents the intellectual property rights interests of over 50,000 visual artists and estates of visual artists from around the world (painters, sculptors, photographers, architects and others). ARS' membership derives from two sources. First, ARS represents American artists who become its direct adherents and it represents foreign artists who are members of affiliated arts organizations abroad. A complete list of ARS' American members is to be found in the “Artists Represented” section of this site; it includes such names as Milton Avery, Alexander Calder, Sam Francis, Arshile Gorky, Red Grooms, Robert Indiana, Sol LeWitt, Willem de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Barnett Newman, Bruce Nauman, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson *** Ad Reinhardt, Susan Rothenberg, Mark Rothko, Richard Serra, Frank Stella, Andy Warhol, Frank Lloyd Wright, and ...
Ira writes: "This outfit called the Academy of Arts and Letters gave me a medal last week. The Academy is supposedly made up of the 250 greatest writers, composers, artists and architects in the country. One has to die for another to join. It's been around since 1898. Its membership is a hilariously intimidating list of writers you read in school and iconic cultural figures you'd never think you could meet: Joan Didion, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, E.L. Doctorow, Paul Auster, Toni Morrison, Robert Coover, Elie Wiesel, Don DeLillo, Tom Wolfe, David McCullough, W.S. Merwin, Claus Oldenburg, I.M. Pei, Richard Serra, Chuck Close, Michael Graves, Red Grooms, Tony Kushner, Maya Lin, David Mamet. The medal I received — for Spoken Language — has these previous winners: Bill Clinton, Mario Cuomo, Paul Robeson, Claude Raines (you know, from Casablanca). Crazy, right? They award the thing on the stage of the vast clubhouse they have in New York, a building the size and general vibe of a museum. There's a room that loo ...
True story: Richard Serra in 1994 designed a monumental open-top sculpture to stand outside the Palace of the Legion of Honor. Then the Chronicle ran a photograph of the model and hoo boy, that was that. My new installment of "Hills of San Francisco" visits Lincoln Heights, one of those corners of the city where change is the final taboo.
*Best Amazon deals * Charlie Rose with Richard Serra (August 29, 2002): A rebroadcast of a conversation from D...
Richard Serra's Tilted Arc as a reference point
If you're in LA tomorrow night, don't miss the Richard Serra opening
Richard Serra exhibition opening at Gagosian Gallery tomorrow
Richard Serra: Early Work. If you haven't seen the new gallery building you need to go asap. @ David…
At this point, asking Richard Serra about Tilted Arc is like admitting you don't know how to read.
Tonight: Opening of Double Rifts, Richard Serra's new exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery (APRIL 17/JUNE 1)
“You call this art!! How ’bout a nice picture of a bowl of fruit—jerk-off!”
Richard Serra's "Double Rifts" exhibition opens at Gallery in Beverly Hills on April 17:
Richard Serra on the Blight of the Sold Out Show via
.& Dan Colen are taking over Richard Serra room on 4th floor 4/20 3-4 PM for reading of "A Real Bronx Cheer"
LOL. Dan Duray's account of meeting Richard Serra is hilarious and rings a familiar bell
read about the Richard Serra cookie controversy at SFMOMA Blue Bottle cafe -
Richard Serra said he began making sculpture in the 1950s with stuffed animals - long before Mike Kelley
The Richard Serra piece in the international departures lounge
Timothy Thompson giving on Apr 16th. Meanwhile let one of his tie you over
I want to pee on a Richard Serra sculpture. I mean, I like them, but I'd like to pee on one too.
Photo: Feel free to step over Richard Serra (at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA))
Photo: shihlun: Richard Serra throwing lead The New Avant-Garde: Issues for the Art of the Seventies (1972)
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Watch out Richard Serra, I am coming for you with my florist wire.
Band in front of Richard Serra. photo by
Confused to learn Richard Serra once ran a moving company that employed Chuck Close, Spalding Gray, and Philip Glass.
Matthew Barney, o maridinho da Bjork, !? Masonic references in the Cremaster Cycle In Cremaster 3, the last to be made, "New York’s Chrysler Building is a temple of verticality, a masonic power centre, a constellation of evil forces. " says Jonathan Jones in The Guardian for Wednesday October 16, 2002. "In Barney’s fantasy, it is the masterpiece of sinister architect and Freemason, Hiram Abiff, played by the American sculptor Richard Serra." Barney’s character is the Entered Apprentice. "Mormon religious beliefs, masonic initiation rites, the Celtic giant Fingal and his nemesis Finn MacCool, Irish Republicanism, the Man in Black, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, American football, Norman Mailer, Harry Houdini, the Great Salt Lake, satyrs and nymphs, grand opera, the Legs of Man: these and other tropes Barney wheels out and wheels away." "The Chrysler Building’s Cloud Club is a real place, though not attainable with ease; in Barney’s universe, it becomes a threshold between heaven and eart ...
According to the May issue of ArtNews magazine, in an article beginning on page 118, the ten most expensive artists, whose works consistently sell for multi-millions of USA dollars are, alphabetically: Lucian Freud, Jasper Johns, Jeff Koons, Brice Marden, Bruce Nauman, Robert Rauschenberg, Gerhard Richter, Richard Serra, Frank Stella, and last, but not least, Cy Twombly.
LACMA//LA//A few notes= I went to LACMA while in LA, and since I'm already well behind in writing reviews I'll condense a few notes on it into this here post. 1.A group of kids LOVED Richard Serra's works, almost as much as they loved Chris Burden's Metropolis II which is saying something; I have video evidence of this. 2.Walter De Maria's huge piece is so-so, made worse with the statistics about scale and weight in the wall text. 3.The Caravagio show... eh. While it is great to see the masterworks in person, the gallery was full of people standing a mile away from the works with the audio tour on. Just look at the work, get up close! What do you see? Lets talk about it! There is so much in even a single one of these works that several rooms of them felt awkward and blurry. 4.The collection show up now is incredible; tons of great pieces in there such as wonderful pieces by James Welling, Uta Barth, Frances Stark, Barbara Kasten to name a few. 5. Steve McQueen's 'Static', a view from a helicopter flying a ...
February 20, 2013 Since leaving San Sebastian, my trip has been looking at amazing art. First: the Guggenheim in Bilbao. Wow! Not only the amazing architecture by Frank Gehry with its interlocking shapes, combination of different materials such as blocks of limestone combined with curved and bent forms covered in titanium, and glass curtain walls, but the collection itself is amazing! Works by Jeff Koons (his Tulips, Bubbles, and Puppy, the latter composed by flowers, Richard Serra who created a variety of works specifically for the museum, enabling me to understand him better, and Claus Oldenberg, among others), provided a lot of information for my future lectures. And I stayed in a fabulous hotel that I would recommend to anyone—Meliã Bilbao. It was one of the most comfortable and luxurious hotels I have ever been in and located close to the Guggenheim. I had room service for dinner followed by a massage—which turned out to be a horrible message, but oh well . . . . I then left for Madrid. The weat ...
A short essay for small catalogue for Feb 7 exhbit at Rove Projects, 33-34 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NN The Kitchen Sink Abstractions of Helen A. Pritchard Imagine taking a Kurt Schwitters collage and pulling it through steel rollers used to torque a hefty Richard Serra sculpture. Once all the allusions to anything representational from 3D objects to text or recognizable imagery has been squished into neutrality or at least flatness, you are left with what would resemble a Helen Pritchard painting. The intimate scale of previous works has been abandoned in favor of a larger format, which rather than giving the shapes more room to spread out and breathe—like chickens in a new coop—the forms are now more congested and huddled together with a nervous, restless energy. They call to mind the paintings of noted German abstractionist Albert Oehlen, though with much less ceremony and affectation. The works of Pritchard are explorations, seemingly unsure of where they’re going, but content with the journey t ...
The lawsuit between the billionaire investor Ron Perelman and his former “friend”, mega-dealer Larry Gagosian, is turning very nasty. Last week Gagosian’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the suit in a New York state court, accusing Perelman of being a “deadbeat – and then a bully” and of using the proceedings “to take public swipes at Gagosian”.Perelman took Gagosian to court last year over a deal involving a $4m Koons “Popeye” sculpture. Perelman ordered it through Gagosian and also bought a $10.5m painting and a $12.5m sculpture, identified by the New York Times as being a Cy Twombly and a Richard Serra respectively. However the Koons was not delivered in time and Perelman “paid” for the Twombly and Serra by returning the rights to the Koons to Gagosian, plus giving other “unwanted” works of art to the dealer. Perelman claimed that he lost millions of dollars because Gagosian undervalued the exchange price of “Popeye”, and that there was a secret agreement with Koons fo ...
Yesterday on my desk: Michael Dannemann: Portraits. Excellent photographic portraits of artists, singers and dancers linke Richard Serra, Peter Lindbergh, Hans van Manen, Mario Montel, Isabella Rossellini, Helmut Newton, Julian Schnabel, Richard Avedon and and and. Texts in German and English by Werner Lippert, Ulrich Erben and Klaus Honnef. Published by Distanz Verlag, Berlin.
Free screening of "New Form at the Farm" (world premiere!) and "Seeing the Landscape: Richard Serra's Tuhirangi Contour" — tonight at the RISD Museum.
Sitting in the old town in Bilbao with the inevitable beer and tapas. The Guggenheim is astonishing. The contents can't really live up to the incredible building. Frank Gehry definite genius. Big exhibition by Claes Oldenberg. Usual mix of the obvious and the rather asbergers. Whatever. Lots of amazing Richard Serra though.
Richard Serra in a showdown with the Broad Collection
Fascinating questions over artist moral rights raised in this- Richard Serra threatens to remove work from collection:
Most artists, curators and collectors can agree on the importance of art conservation. But the politics of "reworking" an artwork, whether altering the surface or creating a new piece from an old concept, gets complicated.
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Jim serra gm of kplc just said on his hot topic that he is against name calling. That's really entertaining since he is the one that called me an opportunistic jerk!
Just watched richard serra pour seven sugars into his coffee on houston st
Richard Serra threatens to withdraw his work from the Eli Broad collection if not allowed to change it.
When its gone its gone. If you've sold it its done. As soon as it hits the gallery wall you're done. Serra let go >
Should an artist be allowed to disclaim or discredit a work of art after the fact?
Interesting issue. In Canada, we use the term "moral rights" to describe the artist's ongoing relationship with...
Do artists ultimately get creative claim over their works or should the owner have a say in what happens?
"The subject of the work is your experience, your walking," Richard Serra Hawk, 1983 Corten steel
Richard Serra allegedly threatens to withdraw work from Broad Collection
It seems Richard Serra threatened to withdraw one of his works from Broad collection if not allowed to rework it
Did you know SFMOMA is expanding? We're building our future, with a new expansion to open in early 2016. Open, engaging, welcoming, and embracing, the expans...
Richard Serra, the great minimalist sculptor!
Richard Serra ...big thanx to Giuseppe Galetta for reminding me of him :)
For the PM crowd: In the early 1970s, Richard Serra made three related outdoor works. Two deserve lots more luv:
Richard Serra worked thru one of his best idea in 3 works. One is endangered, one is unloved, little-known. The story:
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“There's a Richard Serra sculpture in some quiet corner of Pearson Airport; I've seen it once but haven't…”
I have a creeping suspicion that Richard Serra actually controls the physical universe. Our entire collective notion of volume, space, time, etc., *may* be entirely dependent on his whim.
ABOUT ASKLABS makes documentaries about people who discover, invent, explore and envision.
A man cannot give any more than what Ty Ziegal gave for America.
Richard Serra is for me, one of the most intriguing sculptors of our time. It is not because the scale of his works are like football fields, but because the steel and the shapes and most of all his life story. You know that has always been my “thing” so to speak, the history.
has Richard Serra Richard Serra Richard Serra Richard Serra just died or something else happened? quite a few people have posted things about or by him. websearch dœsn't yield anything recent or new.
TED talk on creativity focuses on Mira Nair, Richard Ford, Richard Serra and Joel Meyerowitz
Is marvelling at the Richard Serra sculpture outside Liverpool St station. It's so big people don't see it but they still react to it subconsciously as it provides shelter, direction and a meeting place. Integral and unseen.
Thanks for forwarding. Chuck reinvented the art of painting heads. He has been a major disruptive artist. IMHO Chuck is one of the seven most inventive print makers of all time: Duerer, Rembrandt, Goya, Whistler, Picasso, Richard Serra and Close.
TED Talks Radio host Julie Burstein talks with creative people for a living -- and shares four lessons about how to create in the face of challenge, self-doubt and loss. Hear insights from filmmaker Mira Nair, writer Richard Ford, sculptor Richard Serra and photographer Joel Meyerowitz.
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