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Richard Serra

Richard Serra (born November 2, 1939) is an American minimalist sculptor and video artist known for working with large-scale assemblies of sheet metal.

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"If it's free, you're the product" will always hold, unfortunately. Richard…
Came face to face w/ Monoliths & Dimensions sleeve art. Also known as Richard Serra's black paint…
- skin, lipstick, dress, and Band by Richard Serra
The height of these sculptures is unbelievable! Never realised they were over fourteen meters... ❗
Richard Serra is an old school sculptor and his public sculptures are just amazing but I wish they wo…
Now adding to board: nonprofit bringing America’s greatest artists into the classroom free of charge via the Inter…
New tumblr post: "iindex:. Richard Serra, Verb List Compilation: Actions to Relate to Oneself(1967-1968). to rollto..…
Richard Serra's installation at the Dia is always a comforting treat.
Border Crossings Issue 144 is out now! This issue features interviews with American icon Richard Serra and Montreal-based k…
Between the Torus and the Sphere by Richard Serra
My favorite sculpture in Seattle. Leading edge of “Wake,” by Richard Serra. Shot on
If you’re venturing out into the cold today, stop by the Pulitzer to experience Richard Serra’s “Joe.”. -. Photograph…
Days off can be a worst enemy for your truly but it'll allow me to catch Scott Cooper's HOSTILES, Jaume Collet-Serr…
By far this is the most shoot this weekend. This is called Richard Serra 7 monument…
I interviewed in 2007 when he curated his last MoMA show, of Richard Serra’s work. He was intimida…
regranned from - Richard Serra photographed by Hiroshi Sugimoto. .
Breast Cancer Awareness
Plate (page 14) from LA BREBIS GALANTE. Richard Serra, Robert Cumming. Cut-and-pasted printed in black
Richard Serra did the fifth element soundtrack and Richard prince did that show with the worm in the apple-copter.
Richard Serra scupture on the right?
Going to a screening in the Chrysler Building, which if I remember my Cremaster Cycle means I have to defeat Richard Serra in single combat.
Richard Serra meets Amy Schumer. Read my position on Lilliam Nieves' new body of work>>
Me and Richard Serra '7' sculpture in Museum of Islamic Art . italianinqatar.
Detail of the day: Richard Serra and Hans Scharoun, Philarmonie, Berlin.
The Matter of Time installation by Richard Serra at the Guggenheim, Bilbao is incredible. The acoustics of this spa…
I was excited enough for this movie even before Pinkerton's capsule review invoked Richard Fleischer, H…
“Few artists have pushed drawing to such sculptural and even architectural extremes as Richard Serra,” w…
“Play is a necessary ingredient in art because there is a kind of wonder that goes on when you play.” —Richard Serr…
I don't know about that Richard Serra retrospective
We did a full rewatch of all the Bonds building up to Skyfall and, while people rave about GoldenE…
In 2015 profiled the dedicated team that installed Richard Serra's massive sculptures at the gallery. An ex…
Solander box lining Figure. Richard Serra, Keith Smith. Etching and aquatint and illustrated book with five lithograph
Desert art in Impressive Richard Serra work surrounded by nothing but sand
(Title Page from page 57) from LA ROSE STALKS (plate, folio 15) from Hiob (Job). Richard Serra, Keith Sonnier. Watercolor and gimpe
Wandering in and out of the shadows at sfmoma. . . . . . Richard Serra's monumental steel…
A look at 'A Matter of Time' by Richard Serra at the Guggenheim Museum, Spain; Designed to transform your perceptio…
One of those images (upper right) is of the stadium seating above a Richard Serra sculpture at SFMOMA
In which Richard Serra appears in my research again.
On Joan Jonas's early video work & collaborations with Richard Serra: (Screening at…
Turn off the tube and watch Richard Serra's "Television Delivers People" on the Sleepy Jones journal:…
Popular entertainment is basically propaganda for the status quo - Richard Serra
Art at its finest, massive undulating beautiful chunks of corten steel!. Richard Serra's Sequence…
Students created mini-metalworks inspired by Richard Serra's sculptures in our October issue! Check it out:…
“The vulnerability of not knowing what you are doing is always more rewarding than knowing it.” - Richard Serra.
Gf: *gleefully wanders in and out of a Richard Serra sculpture*. Me: *has an art degree, knows story by how one of these killed smbdy* Nope.
Artistic & minimal...Richard Serra/Untitled from New York Collection for Stockholm, 1973
Is that a Richard Serra sculpture I'm seeing in the middle? Go Kenyon!
VIDEO: Investigating the interrelated nature of Serra’s drawings/sculpture, their physicality, emphasis on process
maybe we can get Richard Serra to do it as an art installation.
Lovely afternoon at Voorlinden - this was our favourite piece Open Ended by Richard Serra
Junipero Serra statue beheaded, splashed with red paint in Central California
Is that a Richard Serra sculpture behind them?
Arte e furacões: "We did not expect the Richard Serra to move".
Today was amazing. I saw Warhol, haring, Richard Serra, Lichtenstein and I got my visa wow
A nice Richard Serra sculpture at Toronto's Pearson Airport! I love his work... definitely one of my favorite artis…
We did not expect the Richard to move, or the de Kooning,” he said.
Tailpiece, page 142 from LHOMME, LA FEMME ET LES JEUX. Richard Serra, Keith Sonnier. Eight issues of paintings mounted in black
Serra 31 Club prayers today are for deacon candidates: Richard Earls; Chris Greer.
I added a video to a playlist Richard Serra: Equal | ARTIST PROFILES
Marta/Fingerprint Drawing for an exhibition. 1955. Walter Richard Serra. Portfolio of nineteen etchings
Richard Serra is a sculptor known for his large-scale metal sculptures. He expanded the…
Here's one of our smallest cranes setting up the big boys ready for Richard Serra's de-install at Gagosian...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Exploring the vast Richard Serra exhibition at the Mauro Guggenheim in Bilbao 💥🎨 @ Museo…
I was inside of a richard serra piece today omg.
How Richard Serra Shaped the Discourse about Public in the 20th Century via
- Richard Serra's Intersection ll (1992-93) demonstrates the elegant precision of lines and and a precarious ……
Still enjoying Philip Glass as I marvel with his friend Richard Serra.
Tilted Arc, Richard Serra. . Meant to disrupt your whole reason for entering the work place like a dro…
ICYMI, Cool architecture. Kind of like Richard Serra meets brutalism.
Cindy Sherman, Richard Serra, Dan Colen, and more in the Choice Works auction benefitting now on Artsy:…
Richard Serra at the Portland Art Museum for the win. .
Richard Serra. The 91st most over-rated Modernist artist of the 20th century.
Just one week left to see Richard Serra: Prints at the Nasher. Exhibition closes Sunday April, 30.…
Yeah, but to rival the cookie company they'd have to claim their product was inspired by Richard Serra, Derrida, and Beck.
Jane and I helped organize an art auction for Henry's public school. Art from Ragnar Kjartansson, Richard Serra, et…
Merci Richard Stallman pour votre soutien ! / Thank you Richard Stallman for your support ! https:…
… if Richard Serra's chosen medium was aluminum siding.
How Richard Serra Changed the Course of in the 20th Century via
From Simple to Complex...Explore the Evolution of 'The Matter of Time' ;-) Richard Serra…
Richard Serra's "Horizontal Reversals" editions are handmade w/ Paintstik on Japanese Kozo paper. See them up close before Ma…
Maybe they should ask Richard Serra to submit a design
Not only was I lucky enough to see one Richard Serra but two in a matter of days :)
Thanks to Richard Serra, I am learning to appreciate modern art a little more.
Love it! Will share at work (where we have a large 'Richard Serra - Work Comes Out of Work' on the wall 😉)
Open ended by Richard Serra For sure my favorite museum!
See the Richard Serra exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery, London and loose yourself in Art.
Richard Serra takes German steel to max dims in a labyrinth of paired reveals: \ \/ \\ // /\ or similar. Still on a…
It's time for Richard Serra to installed and showcase his grande NJ2 sculpture at Gagosian…
YEOHLEE | SERRA is open to the public today- see dresses by and prints by Richard Serra!
Some of the CCD team visited - "Richard Serra: NJ-2, Rounds:Equal Weight, Unequal Measure, Rotate"…
Urban-Corporate Richard Serra sculptures to be transported and repositioned as Mexican Border Wall:. h…
Richard Serra on the way to NCVO today.
you need to see a Richard Serra piece up close
Do you think Pres. Trump would let Richard Serra make the border wall? At least then we'd have sth nice to look at as we wait around to die.
When we say Art is for everyone, we mean it! Zubat loves Richard Serra, who knew.
At the Broad Art Center - this has gotta be a Richard Serra piece, right?
praises "Richard Serra: Prints" exhibition's large scale works at the
Photo of a Richard Serra sculpture from Leslie Earl Roberton's book, The Structure of Design, on sale April 25.…
E.g., PS, founded that blog, later sold it. Later in life wrote more about music.
How Richard Serra shaped the discourse about public art in the 20th century:
Check out the exhibition Richard Serra: Prints, now on view at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas!. "Serra...
They've also, the government's decided now, what sexual content is.
show of 3 large-scale steel sculptures at UK, has been extended thru Mar 10.
Check out one of my favorite sculptors, RIchard Serra
okay but I never realized that Richard Serra's Tilted Arc was created the same year as Maya Lin's Vietnam memorial?
Anyway I walked so far to see Richard Serra at the Gagosian & it was only 3 works but they were powerful and beautiful and visceral
Catch some lead with Richard Serra and I. A little harsh noise as antidote to all the political stupidity:
Looks to be a detail of a Richard Serra piece, quite possibly "Band" (2006) currently on view at LACMA but speculat…
Great article, the reality TV show strike could have some impact though!
A subject struggles to break free from a cord restraint in American artist Richard Serra's video work:… respect for or understanding of democracy itself, not to mention his strange relationship with Vladimir Putin"
Cindy Sherman, Richard Serra & Joan Jonas are calling for closures to protest a “normalization of Trumpism”:
A group of over 130 artists and critics, including Cindy Sherman, Richard Serra, and Joan Jonas, have signed a...
An art strike is just about the least effective idea for resisting Trump that I have heard. The American left is in…
Artists and Critics Call for Culture ‘Strike’ on Inauguration Day: Artists like Cindy Sherman, Richard Se…
History has chosen our generation to be tested. Save your strength – you will need it.
An art world strike on Inauguration Day, endorsed by Richard Serra, Cindy Sherman & more sparks debate.…
"From their safe citadel of artworld fame" - do artists live in Westeros? .
The 'art strike' against Trump is futile? Cultural elites cannot effect change? Debate!
Self-Portrait I Portrait in Bowler. Marco Zanuso, Richard Serra. Colored ink on color
The 'art critic' who told us comics and photography is not art tells us high-profile protesting is useless
.says The 'art strike' against Trump is futile – cultural elites cannot effect change:
Hamilton Collection
New York Times• From left, Cindy Sherman, Richard Serra and Joan Jonas are among those calling…
Artists including Richard Serra & Joan Jonas call for General Strike on inauguration day.
Meg Webster at Paula Cooper and Richard Serra at Gagosian make for a powerful juxtaposition on 21st St.
Unorthodox work by Richard Serra created over 3 nights w molten lead. A gift from Jasper Johns!
Back in my favourite museum room anywhere: Richard Serra Bilbao
Spirituality and art; Richard Serra's 7 sculpture is a must-see at Park
Seven (Provisional) Actions after Richard Serra, ink on paper, piano and film
"at ends this week on Saturday, April 16th...
I think this, I think basically I'm not interested in people following my w...
Nancy Holt and Richard Serra, Boomerang. Saw this for the first time yesterday. My new best thing.
Richard Serra inspired paper sculptures in 2nd grade!
Guggenheim Bilbao is one of the best 10 museums of the world. Richard Serra's sculpture were…
It's a cold, wet day in Chelsea to watch a Richard Serra install.…
Richard Serra's Te Tuhirangi Contour, at the Gibbs farm. Has to be seen to be believed.
the Richard Serra of street art in se27
Naw. Ellsworth Kelly, Paul Klee, Donald Judd, Richard Serra, etc. . I like what I like. :)
"There was no precedent for this work." Richard Serra on Ellsworth Kelly
"Snake Eyes and Box Cars" by Richard Serra. (One of six pairs total. Solid steel.) Oliver Ranch. Geyserville CA.
Style by Serra. Collect editions by instantly, now via
I love this Richard Serra sculpture at YYZ. Makes you wonder about walking under it when you know it's just balanced https:…
Richard Serra's 'Ramble Drawings' are on show at in Paris
I’ll never forget seeing a Richard Serra piece at DIA in NY when I was just a little girl and feeling like such a t…
A portion of Richard Serra's sculpture ‘East-West/West-East’ in the Qatari desert, via Commissioned by...
I can time travel...but space is a mystery to me..interesting view from Richard Serra:.
Richard Serra does amazing things w/ warped planes in space
Looking up through the top of a favourite public art project in London, the Richard Serra sculpture at Broadgate. http…
DIY Richard Serra sculpture for coffee drinkers
The tricky task of moving a Richard Serra sculpture
I have a new infatuation w Richard Serra's artwork I NEED 2 DISCUSS
I think Richard Serra have been talking to a little too much .
Richard Serra, Between the Torus and the Sphere (Toruaren eta esferaren artean), weathering steel, 2003-2005
looks to contemporary artist Richard Serra for inspiration ►
Image from Blog post referenceing Richard Serra's work in Qatar.
I love how it all reminds me of Richard Serra. Here seen a few years ago at
Basically, what you really want to do is try to engage the viewer's body relatio...
Untitled from CAROLINE. Richard Serra, Keith Smith. Twelve soft ground aquatint and linoleum cut, printed in black
Richard Serra's "Rosa Parks" – The pursuit of equality continues w/ each of us.
Seems Richard Serra also wrote version of "if its free you are the product, not the consumer thing" in 1979 or so.
Richard Serra "East-West/West-East”, 2014 Doha. Four steel plates that are about 15m (49 feet). Span 1km
Work out of your work. Don't work out if anybody else's work. (Richard Serra).
📷 cocaine-nd-caviar: vulturehooligan:  Out of Round X Richard Serra 1999. Shop at VICEMODE Clothing and...
Have you seen our benefit auction yet? Featuring works by Deborah Kass, Alex Katz, Richard Serra, Sarah Sze & more!
At Liverpool st station the other day, stopped to look at Richard Serra's Fulcrum
Looks like a Richard Serra art piece.
I went to see Richard Serra's most striking sculpture, in the Qatari desert. https:/…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Can Richard Serra and collaborate on a musical skatepark plz ty Jesus
Miss Clifton loves Richard Serra models. But then again, who does not?
Edmund de Waal like Richard Serra who's responsible for my…
Richard Serra on his 320-ton sculpture "Equal," recently added to MoMA's collection.
Richard Serra's Reversal (III, IV, V, VI, VII) available for purchase on our website -…
Richard Serra's "Tilted Spheres" art installation at Toronto Pearson. This is an incredible…
Why make art?. Richard Serra might have an answer.
I think different people have different problems and different relations to the ...
Richard Walton has a show on 01/15/2016 at 08:00 PM @ Serra Brothers Pub in Eldersburg, MD
Richard Serra, the artist who defies gravity.
Excellent long profile of Richard Serra in the Wall Street Journal
How artists from Vivian Maier to Richard Serra subsidized their art:
I always get Michael Cera and Richard Serra mixed up. which one is the guy from Swans again??
Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain - The Matter of Time by Richard Serra.
Love, love, love outdoor sculptures. This is Richard Serra's 'Wake' which was meant to suggest…
The last picture of an amazing day at Bilbao. "The matter of time" by Richard Serra
Place new event arciphilia from TUMBLR, review it here:
Pondering the power of twisted steel by Richard Serra at Dia:Beacon - kaamorastreya's photo
The closest example that comes to mind are the works of Richard Serra. The pics do it no justice.
Ah, good for you. Have a wonderful time! The Carl Andre & Richard Serra stuff at the Reina Sofia is marvellous
"Everything we choose in life for its lightness soon reveals its unbearable weight." Richard Serra
Richard Serra. Gotta sell a lot of jeans to buy one of these. @ Gap Inc. HQ
The artist Richard Serra has created these amazing monoliths in the desert of Qatar. .
Richard Serra: the way of artist . raed:
Richard Serra: "Equal" is on view at David Zwirner Gallery in NYC through July 24.
You stuck your poster on a Richard Serra original artwork at Liverpool Street
Richard Serra molds matter into shape and landscape. Or vice versa?.
"Band" is among the most formally elegant and technically complex of Richard Serra's works.
Photo: Robert Smithson and Richard Serra, 1970 on the site of Spiral Jetty (Smithson), Salt Lake, Utah. 
Could you be the next Richard Serra? Some of the steel from the original Bay Bridge is going to artists! Check it out→
The unseen Richard Serra artwork in our (Toronto) backyard:
So lovely. Every airport should have a Richard Serra to greet weary travelers!
Richard Serra in Denmark defaced with tic tac toe stalemates. Into it!
Richard Serra, "The Matter of Time", installation of eight sculptures of steel sheets, 12-14 f... -
Inside Richard Serra's Sequence on a sunny Stanford afternoon in 2014. Sequence will now live in…
Wonder if the Spanish lady I tried helping found the Richard Serra statues yesterday in the end. Must look for them later.
Richard Serra's exhibition on 20th Street is a must-see installation!
"Language does not equal experience - it points to it" (Richard Serra)
Bridge like a Richard Serra sculpture jetting over peaceful Hudson River. you had me at Tot.
Extreme detail of Richard Serra's oil sick painting on paper now on view at David Zwirner Gallery on 20th Street.
The center of Richard Serra sculptures makes for great reverb.
Shouts to the Richard Serra outside the Orange County performing arts center tho
Richard Serra at David Zwerner gallery: "We knocked down the wall and dollied the pieces in."—a galleriste. Massive pieces, at that.
Visiting the Richard Serra statues in western Qatar.
Richard Serra’s East-West/West-East Rises in the Qatari Desert via - LOVE it, impressive work
Is it me or has Serra been watching too much East-West/West-East-RICHARD SERRA .
Richard Serra or metal scrap in a river basin, you decide.
At Lego Land in Grapevine the have a Lego complete with Richard Serra's Vortex.
The virtual world is not a substitute for the real world. Richard Serra at DIA Beacon
Check out Richard Serra's latest sculpture rising out of the Qatari desert: Images ©...
Step aside, Richard Serra. Nuanquan, China blacksmiths throw molten metal in the air for...
Richard serra at the Gagosian with my son today…
Learn how our conservators digitize video art in our collection, like this Richard Serra & Nancy Holt w…
Oh yes, I'll like that. The first steel sculpture I'd really seen was t the Guggenheim - Richard Serra. I'll check your link
Richard Serra opening and workshop tour
"charlie brown" 60 ft tall sculpture in the atrium of Gap HQ by minimalist sculptor Richard Serra…
reminder i got to see several Richard serra pieces irl
Photo: moma: June 2: Celebrate Kara Walker, Richard Serra, & David Rockefeller at our annual Party in the...
. Richard Serra through the trees at @ The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Staring at Richard Serra's "Equal" sculptures with fellow fashion killas. @ David Zwirner Gallery
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
See living legend Richard Serra's newest sculpture at the David Zwirner Gallery
. Richard Serra's 66-foot-tall "Connector," at Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa under...
mantra totes on a world tour. Location: Qatar w/ Richard Serra. Next stop,
I won't go to Beacon... I hate Richard Serra" ... My gf Christine.
watching Richard Serra's "Boomerang" after visiting one of his sculptures last week
A minimalist exhibit of the sculpture of Richard Serra at the light filled Renia Sofia Museum, Madrid.:
One of my favorites: Richard monumental Band at
Designed engineering precludes sculptural content, which should not rely on our physical reactions, but have its own.
Richard Serra prints translate the artist’s iconic sculptures to paper:
i can't get over how beautiful the new Waxahatchee album is. 1st track is sublime and disarming like chancing upon a Richard Serra sculpture
Ken Kaminski inherited a vision of the world from Pop-expressionistic artists like. Robert Rauschenberg and sculptors like Richard Serra.
Architecture in movement. "The Matter of Time by Richard Serra.
This picture is of a section of a sculpture at Stanford by Richard Serra. It reminded me how much I love metal.
Ben showing his appreciation of Richard Serra @ LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art
HBD Richard Serra, happy marathon day to all the runners, and happy final hour of our free exhibit
Albert Serra, The Story of My Death: intimate history and literary myth with a strangely long and haunting reach:
known about this for years but I'm coming forth now: the Richard Serra at Margulies is a fraud, it's bolted down and not held by friction
Watching The Maze Runner and all I can think of is Lol Richard Serra
Richard Serra at - makes all the young texture painters look like they have a lot of…
Find out more about Richard Serra's Fulcrum here:
In case you missed it — my talk from RoadMap conference on design and margins, dictionaries and Richard Serra:.
Knight Landesman & Sidney Felsen in front of Richard Serra's "Double Level III"
Lot 17 Richard Serra: $19,000 (fun fact: Richard Serra was the first artist to agree to participate in the auction!)
Odo plays the warm Vaseline Richard Serra throws
Happy 75th Birthday to Richard Serra! (photo by Sidney Felsen)
Richard Serra -'I was in analysis and I told my analyst I wanted to be the best sculptor in the world and he said: "Richard, calm down."
Richard Serra is an American minimalist sculptor known for working with large-scale assemblies of sheet metal.
Richard is hands down the worst though.
At -- This is Richard T.E.U.C.L.A (2006). In my first year of undergrad I took ...
On my To Do list: Richard Serra exhibition at the
Video: "To see is to think and drawings is another way of thinking" -Richard Serra Richard Serra on his...
Early in his career, the artist Richard Serra supported himself by founding a furniture-moving company, Low-Rate Movers. Number of trucks: 1
The artist Richard Serra spends which part of the year in Inverness, Nova Scotia: (1) summer (2) winter. Answer:.
Hide and seek among the Richard Serra's. @ Gagosian Gallery
Richard Serra celebrates the artist's sculptural http…
Planning a London adventure for Christmas time now that King Charles III has transferred to the west end. Also Turner Prize & Richard Serra.
Robert Longo, Darren Almond, and Richard Serra. Am I at the MoMA OR parkhyattny!?! @ Park Hyatt New York
JJ wonders why Richard Tuttle rather than Richard Serra got to do Turbine Hall. Maybe Anselm Kiefer's towers one day?
knew that the island, perched like a huge lobster claw on Nova Scotia's norther tip, had kindled imaginations since Alexander Graham Bell called it his summer home, conducting his experiments there for 40 years. I knew that today the place was a haven for world-renowned artists including the great American photographer Robert Frank, composer Philip Glass, sculptor Richard Serra and pioneer performance artist Joan Jonas..." Great ZOOMER article on Cape Breton
Our workshop in Los Angeles is prepping some paintstik for one of Richard Serra's "Double Rift" editions
Rolled and Forged: Rolled and Forged Richard Serra (Author) 16 used & new from $82.76(Visit the Best Sellers i...
Richard Serra’s Market Distorted by Online Auctions, read full news report:
# RiCHARD SERRA. 1999. What a pen can get into. Grazi. Thank you
Fetching $905,000 recently, a Richard Serra drawing was one of the top-selling pieces in an online-only auction.
Richard Serra and Michael Cera, together at last.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
I can imagine. Scale, reflection of the surroundings, etc. Like trying to photograph the weight of a Richard Serra piece.
“Richard Serra's market distorted by online auctions forever fascinated by the impact of internet auctions
The result of lack of transparency in online is that the mkt is getting distorted- like Richard Serra
Has Richard Serra's market been distorted by online auctions?
Are you Corso Serra di Cassano who knows Richard Michael Harris?
Richard action verbs as inspiration for his work
Nothing like Richard Serra on an Iceland island
.will exhibit four monumental steel by opening Fri 10 Oct 6 - 8 pm
Taking the ferry to Videy Island today. I didn't realize there was a Richard Serra permanent "exhibition" on the island. So cool!
Richard Serra in the Qatari desert. Thank you.
Sculpture in the Desert inspired by Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa
Just UCSB students kickin' it with UCSB alum checkin' out UCSB alum Richard Serra artwork in Bilbao.
Free wifi at Airport Very cool thank you! And a Richard Serra in the main hall.
Never the Twain shall meet: a Richard Serra ironwork called Twain in St Louis with a homeless man sleeping.
A beautifully designed home that has a presence like a Richard Serra sculpture in the desert. The simple parti...
I really love the sculptor Richard Serra. His pieces are so dark and creepy.
Ekphrasis // Paul Williamson's poetic encounter with four Richard Serra works shown at Gagosian…
The conversation continues. Richard Serra seems to have unleashed a new cultural surge in the country, some that...
Super-excited about Richard Serra in London w/ : via
Serra is playing Larry some heavy metal this October
Four monumental steel sculptures from RICHARD SERRA coming to London
Richard Serra was born in San Francisco in 1938. He studied at the University of California (Berkeley and Santa...
Richard Serra's "Ballast" in UCSF Mission Bay shades workers as they eat lunch.
it should sound like how a Richard Serra painting looks.
“Building contra Image,” an extensive interview with Richard Serra that Hal Foster includes in his recent collection of essays, focuses on the artist’s work and its relationship to space and architecture. Serra recounts how Romanesque churches in Europe have informed his sculpture and how Zen garden…
Now online: Video & Audio from Richard Serra's recent talk with Hal Foster at about his new book, Early Work
Walking the line. | Richard Serra sculpture at Storm King Art Center.
Abdul-Aziz Yousef discusses a sketch he did on 'East-West/West-East' by Richard Serra in 'I imagined UFOs visiting the piece in the future, thinking its a petrol station'.
Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani with Richard Serra at the unveiling…
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