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Richard Roeper

Richard E. Roeper (born October 17, 1959) is an American columnist and film critic for The Chicago Sun-Times and now a co-host on The Roe Conn Show on WLS-AM.

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Richard Roeper just called It one of "the most impressively twisted horror movies of our time". 4 stars! 😮…
You guys are like Mike Jagger and Keith Richard.
Woke up to oomf slandering get out do I follow Richard Roeper
I'm definitely not a big fan of Richard Roeper's public persona on Fox32 Chicago news...
tracked down the movie Half Nelson and saw your rave review of it with Richard Roeper and can't wait to watch it now.
'Best Trilogy I've seen since Lord of the Rings...maybe better' - Mark Kemode. 'Thumbs up' - Richard Roeper
How did Richard Roeper give it 4 stars?!?
Our can't wait to see and more. Fall movie previe…
Fall movie preview 2017: 10 that Richard Roeper can't wait to see
Fall movie preview 2017: 10 that Richard Roeper can’t wait to see
Holy crap, Richard Roeper, take better care of yourself. A+ or 4 stars for Terminator 2 seems pretty obvious. I'd
I really needed to know what Richard Roeper thinks. Muh Empathy
“Living in the past is a Jethro Tull album, not a smart poker strategy. “ --- Richard Roeper
"Beer League. Richard Roeper gave it a “Thumbs Up,” and the readers of the New York Ti…
Richard Roeper just reported that 7% of adults in the US believe chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows!! these people vote
Admittedly, first thing I thought was, “Please let it be Richard Roeper.”
And Richard Roeper who loved OGF, was a lot more mixed on Neon Demon. Gave it two out of four stars.
Not being arrogant, I truly was ahead of the curve: seeing the world had gone terribly wrong when Richard Roeper was allowed to play critic.
We the chefs have a responsibility for anything. -Richard Roeper
Watch live at 1pm: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in conversation with Richard Roeper.
1 hour until Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is live in conversation with Chicago Sun-Times film critic, Richard Roeper.…
Richard Roeper "one of the worst replacements in showbiz"
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will discuss ʺCoach Wooden and Meʺ with Richard Roeper on June 11 at Printers Row Lit Fest
oh my god i know exactly what rich will look like when he gets older. Check out Richard roeper the movie guy from Chicago
Sounds like Richard Roeper got a nice check
Richard Roeper calls "one of the most memorable viewing experiences I’ve had in years." Tonight.
A.O. Scott, Richard Roeper, Matt Goldberg are few that come to mind.
I grew up in Dolton, just south of Chicago, about a 20-minute drive from old Comiskey Par
Richard Roeper Reviews "Ghostbusters" just in case you needed a rant about the new movie via
If you are ever about to read a film review by A.A. Dowd, Richard Roeper or Peter Travers, just ignore them, forge ahead and see the movie.
Watching 'Bridget Jones's Baby' made me punch myself in the head.
This pic was taken moments before Jeff the Drunk dropped a drink on me, Richard Roeper and Dr.Drew.
made, "Richard Roeper's year in movies and his Top 10 List." Check out the link below for the full list.
I can't tell you how excited I am about this trailer. No, I REALLY can't tell you.
I liked a video Richard Roeper Reviews *** or High Water"
Richard roeper,nytimes ,washingtonpost ,all still defending Hillary's comments
And the media types Richard roeper, Hollywood still love their Hillary
That's why I've always been appreciative of truly creative radio commercials.
Hillary poll numbers plunging but CNN,media Richard roeper n rest keep cheerleading like good lapdogs
don't u love liberal hypocrisy from Hillary,Richard roeper n media
I know yall value my movie reviews. Im the black Richard Roeper
Why you should see "Sully" even though you know how the story turns out:
There's a lot of vitriolic ranting out there, but there are literally hundreds of critics
Well, I think one of the reasons Chicago became so popular as a filmmaker location is bec
"much like Icarus, the plane in Sully flew too close to the sun. wait, i forgot the point i was trying to make." - Richard Roeper
"this is a stand-alone disaster" Richard Roeper on the new Ghostbusters movie
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
It's not often when Richard Roeper says a movie is a complete disaster..
When we root-root-root for the home team, we're rooting for our home as muc...
is "what the big-ticket summer movie experience is all about" Richard Roeper, Chi Sun-Times:
thanks for sharing Richard Roeper, have a great Thursday :) (Want this 🆓? >>
On first blush, Hold 'em seems like a ridiculously simple game.
You're not allowed to give yourself a nickname. This holds true in life as ...
It's possible and Paul Rudd DO have too much time on their hands:
When you can tell thinks a film is terrible because even . Richard Roeper even uses his same term...
"Sarandon’s performance is something to behold." - Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times:
ICYMI Richard Roeper's summer preview, updated with just-released trailer.
Best Living Movie Critics (in no order):. Mark Kermode. YMS. Richard Roeper. ...whoops...that's it…
I saw the critics' reviews and all the critics I respect gave it positive reviews. Kenneth Turan. Peter Travers. Richard Roeper. Mark Hughes
A little surprised how much Richard Roeper’s rave for ZOOTOPIA ramped up my anticipation. I guess I respect him?
Are you ready for the big reveal??? Our Fashion Without Borders emcee is Richard Roeper Fox 32 Chicago! Get your...
My recap of the annual Toast to Harry Caray:
The one and only is British but he is rapidly becoming an American treasure.
A quick 1,000 words on the biggest surprises, best moments and strangest happenings at the Oscar so far:
Last-minute predictions on what Chris Rock might do and how the telecast will go tonight:
Sometimes a 31 favorite loses. Thats why they call it gambling and thats why they keep flipping over the cards. Richard Roeper :-)
The boundless talents of Maggie Smith sometimes saying volumes by sitting very still, w/ a perfect expression on her face. -Richard Roeper
I win every time I copy Richard Roeper predictions. That guy is a tool and in touch with the old farts of the Academy.
Let the record show that Richard Roeper's review of MAGIC MIKE XXL spent an entire paragraph complaining about Channing Tatum wearing a hat.
I became addicted to the movie-going experience in the 1970s, when I attend...
The Night Manager. The hit upcoming mini-series where Loki either has to stop Richard Roeper from reviewing movies or Dr. House from ODing.
Richard ROPER is a horrible man. Richard ROEPER once sent me an email telling me not to give up on journalism.
Room is the most impressive piece of filmmaking & 1 of the best movies of the decade Richard Roeper, ChicagoSunTimes
To hear it go to podcast. Closure? Tell me. Also Richard Roeper on films & Emmys + Stuttering John. & Football talk!
Check out my buddy and the very funny from yesterday. We talk &
I had my kids listen to Take a Knee with Richard Roeper on the way to school today. Good Stuff!
What happened to the comedian Richard Roeper?
Fox :45 - Richard Roeper joins to give the a special award.
thanks for sharing Richard Roeper, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
"RGIII gets paid so much for doing nothing, I'm surprised his last name isn't Kardashian." Richard Roeper The Savage
Nice to see Richard Roeper (my favorite movie critic) getting some air time on FOX NFL Sunday.
"is one of the best movies of the year." - Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times
Richard Roeper gave it a B+ so there is one major critic who liked it
"is one of my favorite romantic comedies in recent memory." - Richard Roeper
How was having Richard Roeper on the show.
I liked a video Richard Roeper Reacts to Nicole Arbour's Fat-Shaming Video
Chicago native Richard Roeper has always known he was destined to write. While growing up in the south suburb of...
Pretty Cool...2 Thumbs up from a very respectable critic, Richard Roeper!
Pretty Cool, we received two thumbs up from a very respectable critic, Richard Roeper!...
replies, "Richard Roeper is a loser, so false & so phony. He's always got blood coming out of his whatever."
LTChicagoIL: Richard Roeper on WILD: "a nomination-worthy adaptation from the razor-sharp Nick Hornby" Read m...
I liked a video Kill the Messenger | Richard Roeper Reviews
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Was Roger Ebert married to Richard Roeper at one point?
If it's one film critic whose judgment I will NEVER trust it's Richard Roeper. He has never gotten it right.
Richard Roeper reviews KILL THE MESSENGER in the Chicago Sun-Times: Tickets available here:
Roe Conn confirms he and Richard Roeper are out and Steve Dahl is in as afternoon host at WLS-AM
I cannot believe the news! Longtime radio personality Roe Conn and Richard Roeper leaving hosting gig at WLS-AM
Big radio news day: FM News in Houston signs off; Steve Dahl rejoins WLS while Roe Conn & Richard Roeper exit.
Roe Conn and Richard Roeper fired without any notice...
WLS-AM axes Roe Conn and Richard Roeper in favor of Steve Dahl: It's over and out for Roe Conn and Richard Roe...
'We're off the air': Emotional Conn says he and WLS-AM co-host Richard Roeper are being taken off immediately
Roe and Roeper isn't even that great. Roe is a funny guy. I like Richard a lot but he's kind of dry on the show.
Richard Roeper says it's one of the best films he's ever seen. See ton, tom, & Thurs at
My mom's a saint, but she still called Richard Roeper "the new guy" a good five years after Siskel's death
Critic Richard Roeper called this movie "one of the most irritating, self-conscious & smug films of the year" -
Film critic Richard Roeper is ditching his swank River North duplex penthouse.
Funny people Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader get dramatic in their new movie, The Skeleton Twins. Should they stick to comedy? Find out in Richard Roeper's review.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
"Get On Up," the biographical film on the life of James Brown (and produced by *** Jagger), opened Friday to generally good reviews, especially for it's lead. Richard Roeper in the Chicago Sun-Times said it's, "the powerful, raw, energized performance by Chadwick Boseman that makes this film worth seeing... Boseman is astonishingly good, inhabiting the persona of a larger-than-life icon without ever delving into caricature or mere impersonation.
Between you, Richard Roeper and Jake Tapper, I won't have to watch this. Carry on!
I liked a video Guardians of the Galaxy | Richard Roeper Reviews
I'm watching this Oculus thing with my cousins. Richard Roeper gave it a good review but looks so meh like most horror movies.
Richard Roeper said THE WATCHER (2000) was "a superb thriller" and now I'll never trust him again.
A MOST WANTED MAN earned an A from RR calls it "one of the best spy thrillers in recent years."
Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times describes Kristen Wiig's performance as "so beautifully muted it takes a...
Richard Roeper HATED her new movie. I might wait on it.
is now playing Read Richard Roeper's 4 STAR review!
Check out this Richard Roeper A MOST WANTED MAN review: Tickets are available here:
'Lucy': The smarter she gets, the dumber the movie gets.: By RICHARD ROEPER Movie Columnist July 24, 2014 11:2...
The smarter 'Lucy' gets, the dumber the movie gets: Roeper: RICHARD ROEPER: Scarlett Johansson...
Movie 43 has been widely panned by critics, with Richard Roeper calling it "the Citizen Kane of awful"
Join us at City Winery Chicago on 6/26 for our annual music event benefiting Gilda's Club Chicago ! 3 great bands, and emcee Richard Roeper will be there to jam the night away!
Richard Roeper reviews the thriller Locke starring Tom Hardy.
These days, it seems like everyone's a critic. Except maybe Richard Roeper.
Richard Roeper gave it a 100. Come on.
Watch Richard Roeper's review that is how you properly review this movie you bias hypocrite.
It pulls heartstrings and jerks tears...but see why Richard Roeper thinks The Fault in Our Stars is a must-see movie.
It's Friday & Richard Roeper is telling us whether to spend or save on the Edge of Tomorrow and The Fault in Our Stars. Where do you think Richard will say save or spend?
And he also said "And he remains arguably the biggest movie star in the world for a reason. He brings it.” -Richard Roeper
Richard Roeper says. “Edge of Tomorrow is the ultimate metaphor about Tom Cruise’s career. You can’t kill this guy. He’ll just keep coming."
Seems like a well-adapted movie from the best-selling novel, The fault in our Stars.. Can't wait to watch this...
WOW! Richard Roeper gives 4 out of 4 stars, and says that Shai should be nominated for an Oscar. (I agree!) http:…
Richard Roeper runs down the recent Barbara Walters and Anderson Cooper televised interviews with V Stiviano and the Sterlings.
Richard Roeper runs down the top 2014 summer movies he's looking forward to.
Richard Roeper reflects on his long friendship and professional association with Roger Ebert.
Richard Roeper reviews the latest from the Captain America franchise. Go to to find REELZ in your area. Connect with other fans: http:/...
My big three obsessions all in one day. This was great article by his former colleague. I agree 100%.
That time Matthew McConaughey knocked on the door to chat with Roger Ebert and me:
All purpose parts banner
I'm with Richard Roeper on this one. I often wonder what Roger would think of a given movie.
Sun-Times: Richard Roeper tells two stories of parents behaving badly on this week's episod...
Wonderful sentiments from about the great I miss him too. One Year Later
Yes Richard, we certainly do miss him.
Roeper remembers Ebert and wishes, as we all do, for one more year with the man around. Beautiful stuff.
Chaz: RICHARD ROEPER shared the balcony with Roger after Gene. Here is a story from the Jay Leno show.
Thank you RICHARD ROEPER for being Roger's friend as well as his tv partner. Love this anecdote.
One Year Later: Richard Roeper on Roger: The scene: backstage at the. “Tonight Show.”. The time: the mid-2000s.
I say Richard Roeper should throw his name in the ring! Late Night With Richard Roeper has a nice ring to it!
Richard Roeper, the apprentice of the great Roger Ebert (who died a year ago tomorrow) is giving it an 88. it'll be good.
"We’re all nerds; some of us are just traveling down different aisles of the Library of the Geek Universe." . -Richard Roeper
Richard Roeper is kinda trash too but I enjoy his appearances on the Artie Lange show so I'll cut him some slack.
Tune In To WLS to hear me with Richard Roeper
I realized as I sent it. Hey, nothing funnier than getting fooled from Richard Roeper.
‘Non-Stop’: Liam Neeson earns his wings: . RICHARD ROEPER: Liam the Great ...
Richard Roeper calls "the best time I've had at the movies all year."
"Noah" is coming this Friday, April4th to Port for one week only! See the movie Richard Roeper calls "one of the...
"Women speak in estrogen and men listen in testosterone." Richard Roeper (not a resident of
Movie-yaks of the week... As I said, I don’t pretend to be Roger Ebert or Richard Roeper, nor do I want to be(come) them. Also, as a cheapskate, I go a cheap cinema that lies at the end of the new release line (4 this week – see below), which means I always end up seeing a new release after virtually all the meant-to-be trendy people have been at it. So, read this at your chosen leisure, if you wish. - While I am impressed with the cast line-up for American Hustle, the elements and the story leave me indifferent. How should I describe it? It is sordid yet smart. This kind of social milieu doesn’t attract me at all (well, it didn’t entice me back when – the scenario is based on real life events; and, nothing has changed). But, objectively, it is extremely well-done. Would I care to see it again? No. Oh, I did see a few beefy bros that look nice to me. - My favourite of the 4 movies of the week is The Monuments Men. As a trained historian and art historian, this movie feels warm for me. I love the ...
Richard Roeper offers his thoughts on the passing of Harold Ramis, who died Monday at the age of 69.
"I spilled maple syrup on my trousers" - Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times
Richard Roeper on Harold Ramis: Chicagos own funny man - Chicago Sun-Times..
The man behind Groundhog Day & Ghostbusters is dead. Films I know indirectly only - time to join 21st c.
"If they had a Cooperstown for comedic filmmakers, Harold Ramis would have been a first-ballot Hall of Famer"
Harold Ramis dead. The world is less funny today via
Nice memorial to Harold Ramis from Richard Roeper. He was a true, irreplaceable Chicago treasure.
Egon Spengler was me favourite Ghostbuster because we both wore glasses. "Chicago’s own funny man":
Richard Roeper on Harold Ramis: Chicago's own funny man - Chicago Sun-Times: Washington Post Richard Roeper on...
Richard Roeper on Harold Ramis: Chicago’s own funny man.
Thanks! Does this mean I can now say I've gotten a positive review from Richard Roeper?
Little Giant Ladders
The Academy Awards take place in March 2nd on ABC 7. WCL Movie Critic Richard Roeper kicks off our annual Out-Pick the Critic contest, where you have a chance to take home some amazing prizes if you correctly predict the winners at the Oscars.
Richard Roeper reviews this week's new DVD and Blu-ray releases For more news, interviews, showtimes, clips, and trailers go to: ...
"One of the most wholly original American movies ever made." - TIME Magazine "Uncompromising, intelligent and searing cinema." - EMPIRE "Filmmaking at the highest level." - Richard Roeper "A force beyond categories." - Roger Ebert The critics loved 'There Will Be Blood', we're sure you will too. There Will Be Blood on 35mm kicks off at 7:30pm on Tuesday (25th February) at the Phoenix Cinema! All members welcome! A drinks social will follow after the screening.
Debunked! Conspiracy Theories, Urban Legends, and Evil Plots of the 21st Century - Richard Roeper
"I came in like a wrecking ball, and then I was politely asked to leave." - Richard Roeper Sure. I get that Mr. Roeper. yet is there anything else you would like to tell us?
The Dark Knight is on. My daughter said 'Hey, I think I've eaten in that restaurant'. Looked up the details on filming. Forgot that it was filmed in Chicago. Now I have to go watch it again! :) See the following notes from Wikipedia... "Warner Bros. chose to film in Chicago for 13 weeks, because Nolan had a "truly remarkable experience" filming part of Batman Begins there. Instead of using the Chicago Board of Trade Building as the location for the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises, as Batman Begins did, The Dark Knight shows Wayne Enterprises as being headquartered in the Richard J. Daley Center. While filming in Chicago, the film was given the false title Rory's First Kiss to lower the visibility of production, but the local media eventually uncovered the ruse. Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times commented on the absurdity of the technique, "Is there a Bat-fan in the world that doesn't know Rory's First Kiss is actually The Dark Knight, which has been filming in Chicago for weeks?" Production of The ...
I liked a video Richard Roeper Reviews | 3 Days to Kill
I added a video to a playlist Richard Roeper Reviews | 3 Days to Kill
Richard Roeper gives the Good, the Bad & the Ugly for the week
Now, Here's Richard Roeper, Having a Blast with Costner's "3 Days to Kill." This is more like it!: Bottom of ...
With the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics half way through, Richard Roeper discusses some of the biggest talking points of the games thus far.
Richard Roeper: It's down to three for top Oscar - Chicago Sun-Times: Richard Roeper: It's do...
If you want to know my oscar picks, I agree with this
It’s down to three films for top Oscar, says Here are his picks to win:
Richard Roeper presents his predictions, in all 24 categories, for the 2014 Academy Awards
Breast Cancer Awareness
In this week's the Good, the Bad & the Ugly, Richard Roeper discusses Michael Sam's coming out annoucement, the recent 80s remakes, and Barbie taking the cov...
"About Last Night" MOVIE REMAKE - The original 1986 movie, which was filmed in Chicago, has now been re-made *** Style" TAGS: WLS-AM, Richard Roeper, Roe Conn, ABOUT LAST NIGHT, black version sequel
Richard Roeper reviews Seeking a Friend for the End of the World starring Steve Carell and Keira Knightley For more news, interviews, showtimes, clips, and t...
You have a better chance of winning the Powerball than the McDonald's Monopoly prize. "You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning while on your way home from purchasing a winning Lotto ticket with your wife, Jessica Alba, the first lady of the United States," Richard Roeper wrote in The Chicago Sun-Times about the 2006 McDonalds Monopoly game. In the 2013 Monopoly game, the odds of finding a winning game piece were 1 in 37,955,000. The odds of finding the exact two matching pieces worth $1 million were approximately 1 in 3,050,412,898! That means you are about 17 times more likely to win the Powerball—with usually a much higher payout than $1 million. Also, the McDonalds Monopoly prize of $1 Million is not paid out in a once-off lump sum payment. It is paid in chunks of $50,000 per year over a period of 20 years, without interest. To find game pieces, you could order any or, if you are desperate to find the rare two, all of the following items on the menu: Premium McWrap, Big Mac, 10 and 20 ...
This is a lovingly rendered, sweet film. -Richard Roeper
Richard Roeper discusses Jay Leno's final show and his own visits to the Tonight Show throughout the years.
Richard Roeper 44m Gotta give props. Looks like he enjoyed the *** out if the evening.
In a special edition of the Roeper Rundown, Richard Roeper runs down his favorite Philp Seymour Hoffman performances.
I think Richard Roeper sums up the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman best. "We're once again reminded of the terrible power of drug addiction when we learn that one of the world's great acting talents, with three young children, reportedly risked and lost everything, jamming a needle in his arm and never waking up again'. RIP PSH
God, I hate that movie. Richard Roeper said it best. "It is the Citizen Kane of awful."
If you can swallow the implausibilities of "Labor Day", perhaps you will like it a lot. Noted critic Rex Reed gave it a 4 of 4; and Richard Roeper chimed in with an A minus. But many, many more than they apparently cannot (it's at 38% on the rottentomatoes meter at the moment). And because I'm such a huge, huge fan of Kate Winslet I was able to digest this enormous pile of preposterousness involving a serious crime and a virtually impossible to believe perpetrator played by James Brolin. And it's my new of the year! But--surprise--gotcha! (I think) it's for 2014, out of two! (It was supposed to have been a Christmas release which bamboozled the Golden Globe folks into nominating it for 2013, but today is the day it actually hit theaters). My rating, 3.25, which would've put it at of 142 if it had been a 2013 release. If.
Three GOP members will respond to Obama's State of the Union, disguised as Roger Ebert, Gene Siskel and Richard Roeper.
I need to get this off of my chest. Out of an estimated 400 films I've seen this decade, I'm still befuddled of how so many people claim this to be one of the best films in existence. Richard Roeper, Peter Travers, Chris Stuckmann, Jordan Rowe and many others declare this as the best film of 2011. It holds a whopping 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Before, I was very eager to see it. Afterwards, I left thinking "what the *** is so great about that. it was decent to mediocre at best. That movie is "Drive". This is the most overrated film I have seen this decade. Seriously, I don't get the praise. According to most critics and film enthusiast, this is better than 50/50 or Rise of the Planet of the Apes for 2011... not by a long shot! They should've called this movie "Stare" because that's all they do. Don't get me wrong, there's some good sequences (LOVE the first 10 minutes or so and the soundtrack is freaking awesome!). Also a couple of performances, especially Albert Brooks were incredible but as a whole, it's . ...
Sure, you could throw your own dinner party tonight, but you wouldn't have guests as famous as Sun-Times movie critic Richard Roeper, entertainment as accomplished as rapper Dessa and Tributosaurus's Chris Neville, or food as delicious as Everest chef Jean Joho's escargot risotto. You also wouldn't ...
Richard Roeper runs all over Chicago to talk about the Oscar nominations.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Richard Roeper offered his running commentary on the Golden Globes, watch it all in once place on this Roeper Rundown.
Sun-Times: Are Downton Abbey and Sons of Anarchy really the same show? Richard Roeper think...
Richard Roeper discusses why the shows Downton Abbey and Sons of Anarchy may not be as different as they appear.
Your grinchily cheapskate cinema goer spent just $10 on Tuesday for four flicks. If you wish to know what I think of them, gather 'round. I don't pretend to be a film critic like Leonard Maltin or Richard Roeper (I don't want their jobs, frankly, as I am not interested in all films). These are just my takes. - Free Birds is another one of those flicks that all tree-huggers and vegans would wholeheartedly endorse, as the story is set around a renegade farm turkey named Reggie, and a muscle-bound-grunt named Jake, who is also a turkey. Together, in this buddy adventure *** comedy, the two set out to alter the American Thanksgiving. They used a time machine (a top secret contraption that they hijacked) to go back to the first American Thanksgiving. It's great fun. First-class animation work. Oh, I wasn't surprised that Owen Wilson is the voice behind Reggie, as his je ne sais quoi quality betrays him. ;) - About Time is at least as good as Hope Springs and Enough Said. If you are interested in positive life ...
In the first part of two, Richard Roeper runs down his top GOOFS of 2013. The nominees include Miley Cyrus, Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Hough, The Accidental...
FAME THAT ECLIPSES "OPRAH" - For those of you outside of Chicago, the ONLY celebrity to eclipse the stature of Oprah is Roe Conn and Richard Roeper's "Canarble Wagon" - which has appeared for decades on their WLS-AM Show on Friday afternoon at the 5 PM - 6:00 PM Hour.
We’re happy to be a sponsor of tomorrow’s Roe Conn and Richard Roeper live Holiday broadcast. Check it out!
Richard Roeper runs down the ten best Thanksgiving themed movies.
Richard Roeper's Reviews - This is the End via Thats what Im talkin about!
Concise alliteration and resounding adoration are featured prominently in “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” by Richard Roeper. The challenge presented to the author is a formidable one, considering the aura preceding it. However, he steps up to the task brilliantly, reaffirming his aptitude at concise l...
Sun-Times: 'The worst often brings out the best in people.' . Richard Roeper on the Washing...
Shouldn't you be fired for mentioning Richard Roeper? And Lloyd should also be fired for not answering the phone!
Wonder what Richard Roeper thought of my man's new movie? I know I saw him last night
ooo I love Richard Roeper, too. Ebert was big for me but sometimes he was a little too old school.
AO, Richard Roeper and Michael Wilmington (Chicago Tribune) are the three "Top 10 Lists" I check out each year to cover my bases
Even though we're a week and a half away from Thanksgiving, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. - Richard Roeper
Enjoy the best Richard Roeper Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Richard Roeper, American Critic, Born August 1, 1960. Share with your friends.
Chicago's Richard Roeper reviews The Best Man Holiday...and gives it a pretty good score. Check it out, audio clips included.
Just saw Richard Roeper at Superior liquors. Six-pac of Peroni, bottle of Veuve Cliquot, bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. That's how Mr. Roeper rolls on a Friday.
Tonight's 7th annual was an absolute blast! Hosted by Urban Prep Academies founder Richard Roeper, Alexi Giannoulias and the poker party was packed! I was thrilled 2 B the last "Celebrity Bounty" standing...I couldn't believe it and still don't! Much love and thanks to the hosts for this wonderful fundraiser for Urban Prep Academies! I was so honored to be included!
My number is 5: 1. I prefer talk radio to music. Bob and Tom, WLS - Roe Conn and Richard Roeper, Kim Kommando, etc. My husband doesn't understand this. 2. I have no first cousins on my mom's side of the family. 3. I can juggle. 4. I have a lot of talents that I learned from my dad. I can change the oil in cars. I can change out light fixtures (so far 4 at our house). And I have his sense of humor, sometimes it can be a little on the naughty side. 5. I love electronic gadgets - iPod and iPhone, but still old school enough to record my TV shows on a VCR. Like this post and I will give you a number.
Richard Roeper discusses all things Divvy including Mayor Rahm Emanuel's statement that Chicago will soon have the largest bike-sharing program in all of Nor...
Can't wait to participate in benefit for Urban Prep Academies on November 14 with Anna Davlantes, Jerry Azumah, Richard Roeper, Cheryl Scott, Rafer Weigel, and more! Hope you can make it!
Hearing Richard Roeper, Roe Conn, and Ron Magers bash Garry Meier on WLS today was a new dispicable low level of disgust for Chicago radio. Garry didn't thank Steve, and Steve didn't show up to thank Garry. So they're even. WLS's bashing of Garry was tasteless. Extremely tasteless.
Starting this Friday we have 12 Years a Slave starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Dano, Garret Dillahunt, Paul Giamatti, Brad Pitt. 12 Years a Slave has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 173 reviews. Richard Roeper gives the movie and A+. Based on reviews and word of mouth, 12 Years a Slave is sure to be one of the top contenders for this year's movie awards - especially the Academy Awards (Oscars).
Tron: Legacy, Little Fockers, and I Love You Phillip Morris - DVD Reviews. Richard Roeper reviews this week's new...
Richard Roeper runs down the varying reactions to his review of the new Ridley Scott film, The Counselor.
Saturday night's alright for movies. Get a little BIG-screen in. Saturday night's the night you like, you like. WE'RE THE MILLERS (R) 7:00pm, 9:15pm This is an aggressively funny comedy that takes a lot of chances, and connects just often enough. -Richard Roeper INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 (PG-13) 7:15pm, 9:25pm It offers a good dose of non-gory scares, tells a story of supernatural time travel that recalls elements of “Inception,” and pays homage to the genre Wan and Whannell love. -Chicago Sun-Times Head for the neon!
4 of 5 stars to Hollywood Urban Legends by Richard Roeper
I was listening to the Sack of Durbin, Senator from Illinois (he'd be funny except for his actually having power) on the Roe Conn Show with Richard Roeper (fine program on WLSAM 890 & I Heart app) basically tell me I'm an *** for not realizing how wonderful Obamacare is, that EVERYONE is going to love it & WANT to sign up, and borrowing more money is going to save our economy. What is wrong with you people in Illinois?
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It's National Nude Food Day and this brings a whole new meaning to playing with your food. If you're more timid it's also National Pasta Day. There are many fine places for pasta in Seattle. Shirts and shoes are required. National Hagfish Day is definitely not a food day. Take a look at the hagfish videos on YouTube to see what I mean. National Fossil Day is your chance to take that odd rock you found to your local natural history museum and have it identified. Spice up your wardrobe for Wear Something Gaudy Day. Do something over for National Mulligan Day. It's the Christian Feast Day of Saint Theophorus the patron saint of people eaten by lions. On this day in history in 1091 a F4 tornado hit London, in 1604 Kepler observed the first supernova, in 1771 Mozart's first opera premiered, in 1781 the American Revolutionary War ended, in 1814 the London Beer Flood happened, in 1860 the first British Golf Open was played, in 1888 Edison patented the movie, in 1904 Bank of America opened for business, in 1907 t ...
What do I have in common with Chris Kirkpatrick, Eminem, Richard Roeper, Margot Kidder and George Wendt? The same birthdate!
Born on this date: in 1959 film critic Richard Roeper, 1962 animator Mike Judge, 1963 comedian Norm Macdonald. Cheers.
Richard Roeper celebrates his 54th birthday today
Oct 17 - Happy birthday to Arthur Miller, Richard Roeper and Jimmy Breslin
Happy 54th Birthday to film critic and a former cohost of At the Movies, Richard Roeper!
This Day In History – October 17 October 17 is the 290th day of the year (291st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 75 days remaining until the end of the year. Events 539 BC – Cyrus the Great marches into the city of Babylon, releasing the Jews from almost 70 years of exile. Cyrus allows the Jews to return to Yehud Medinata and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. 456 – Battle of Placentia: Ricimer, supported by Majorian (comes domesticorum), defeats the Roman usurper Avitus near Piacenza (Northern Italy) . 1091 – London Tornado of 1091: A tornado thought to be of strength T8/F4 strikes the heart of London. 1346 – Battle of Neville’s Cross: King David II of Scotland is captured by Edward III of England near Durham, and imprisoned in the Tower of London for eleven years. 1448 – Second Battle of Kosovo, where the mainly Hungarian army led by John Hunyadi is defeated by an Ottoman army led by Sultan Murad II. 1456 – The University of Greifswald is established, making it the secon ...
If I could silence Richard Roeper and Peter Travers, I would.
WLS Radio: Bill Cosby joins Roe Conn and Richard Roeper today at 2:35pm on 89 WLS. Don't mi...
Speaking of wrong Richard Roeper was wrong about The Hobbit, it was very good, even the best movie reviewer walking the earth today can be..
Now, from critically acclaimed Director Mel Gibson: "The Passion of the Devin" "This is utterly appalling. It made me queasy." : Richard Roeper
Saturday's a BIG day for us. We start off with Mad Science live on stage at 1pm. See previous post for info. Plus, we have a Saturday filled with movies too... DISNEY'S PLANES (PG) 1:00pm, 4:55pm JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS (PG) 2:50pm In order to restore their dying safe haven, the son of Poseidon and his friends embark on a quest to the Sea of Monsters to find the mythical Golden Fleece while trying to stop an ancient evil from rising. BUTLER (PG-13) 4:00pm, 6:45pm, 9:20pm Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey GUNS (R) 7:00pm, 9:10pm Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington Wahlberg is terrific as a sharpshooting chatterbox, while Washington plays it ice-cold and yet charming as only Washington can. They’re great together -Richard Roeper all-new experience at the Farmington Civic Theater. Now, with digital projection and Dolby 7.1 surround sound. Wow!
Richard Roeper recounts the relationship between Rob Schneider and the late Roger Ebert.
Richard Roeper talks about the late Roger Ebert and the relationship he had with actor
Going live on 890 AM in 10 minutes to talk about my Molly drug investigation with Roe and Richard Roeper
Electronic Device Insurance
My crackdown on the new killer drug "Molly" is creating a buzz at schools and local campuses .. CBS2 tonight at -10pm !It's sad I have people writing me about kids in their families that have overdosed .. I just got asked to go on AM 890 to preview my CBS2 investigation with Roe Conn and Richard Roeper at 3:35pm
Movie Binge with Mom: "Twixt" by Francis Ford Coppola sucked, "Mama" was decent, and " Dead Man Down" was amazing. Now on to "Spring Breakers" to see if Richard Roeper was right about it being a good movie.
Oblivion is a decent sci-fi movie with a nice balance of action and plot. You've likely seen most of what this movie does already in other movies. Movie critic Richard Roeper made a great analogy by saying, "This is the sci-fi movie equivalent of a pretty *** good cover band." That pretty accurately summarizes my view; it is pretty good, but others have done the same thing a bit better.
Richard Roeper has announced his best movies of the year, so far, at through three quarters of 2013. Blue Jasmine, Lee Daniels' The Butler, Prisoners, The Spectacular Now, Mud, Black Rock, The Place Beyond The Pines, Short Term 12, and Disconnect. That and more, here:
Richard Roeper's third quarter report card for the year in movies.
Richard Roeper breaks down the highs and lows of the third quarter of this year in movies. —
Michael Smith shared this list from New City. There are a lot of vital people on the list, but the rankings are bizarrely random. How is Redbox a "gem" in any sense but cold dollars and crappy movie selections? And putting anyone from that company above all the great artists and programmers on the list seems obscene. And Richard Roeper...seriously? In a town overflowing with fine critics, how does he make the list? Not sure how Mayor Emanuel making it easier for "Transformers" to be filmed here gets him ranked so highly either. Well, there are others to nitpick about, but I am happy to see the invaluable programmers at the Northwest Chicago Film Society, Film Center at the Art Institute, Music Box, Block Cinema and others recognized, along with Olive Films (for still catering to DVD lovers properly), and fine filmmakers like Melika Bass and William Friedkin (anyone who thinks he's past his prime needs to see "Bug" and "Killler Joe" immediately).
Richard Roeper's reaction to the series finale of Breaking Bad.
Have something to talk about at work tomorrow. See one of the following tonight at the FCT. Blue Jasmine (PG-13) Richard Roeper gives it an A-. 9:30pm The Way Way Back (PG-13) 9:15pm Tickets just $4. Head to the neon!
Richard Roeper replacing Roger Ebert as ‘Chicago Sun-Times’ film critic - The Chicago Sun-Times says it will...
Richard Roeper to replace late famed movie critic Roger Ebert at Chicago Sun-Times
Richard Roeper replacing Roger Ebert as movie columnist via
VIDEO: takes a look at the list of best soundtracks and picks out some snubs:
Looky (and listen). Richard Roeper on hits and misses of best movie soundtrack list Thoughts
I have to admit enjoying Richard Roeper's reviews.
Front row with our feet up on the stage :) He was always so sweet and generous (Richard Roeper, not so much)
= so much cooler than I ever thought. with
oh, I also see Doug Walker, Black Nerd Comedy, Peter Travers and Richard Roeper.
Richard Roeper cuts the air with glow sticks. Peter Travers pops a molly. A hologram of Roger Ebert appears on stage. Critic…
WLS Radio: Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk joined Roe Conn & Richard Roeper to talk about the n...
Rumor: Richard Roeper doesn't wear underwear when he broadcasts.
I just saw Richard Roeper slam After Earth, smh. His critique was way off + that is a really good movie abt a father and son
It's a love-or-hate movie. Richard Roeper summed it up nicely:
Richard Roeper said this was one of the best movies of the year! FOH with that trash!!
Reelzchannel News Richard Roeper Takes On The Wolverine in His Latest Review: Is there more to The Wolverine t...
WLS Radio: Listen to Richard Roeper's review of "The Wolverine" at 4:50pm on 89 WLS!
"When Taylor Lautner is the funniest thing in a movie starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, were in Trouble" - Richard Roeper
i give richard roeper a C+, this guy does not know what a magnificent movie is (
Grae Drake, editor of Rotten Tomatoes on the critics general indifference of Man of Steel: “As much as I love and respect our critics at Rotten Tomatoes, I’ve got to say I am shocked. Listen, the movie’s not perfect but…I just cannot fathom it. It was a good movie, you guys.” Gee Grae, do you have stock in Time Warner or something? I thought you were supposed to be objective. Are they all wrong? First, it's good idea to go on Fox Business Channel and convince the most gullible television viewers that an average film is a great film. It might work. But if it doesn't involve a movement to make Sarah Palin Empress of the Universe or designate her the new God, they probably won't rally to your side. And nice job calling out your critics and putting them down for telling the truth. They'll love you for that. As much as I don't particularly care for someone like Richard Roeper, he's probably been doing this longer than you have. And also note Richard Corliss of Time Magazine (published by Time ...
As the sun slowly lowers in the Farmington sky, that's your alert for our prime-time movies. Early or later, it's your choice. Star Trek Into Darkness (PG-13) 6:55pm, 9:30pm Yes, this one is even better: funnier, brawnier and ingeniously constructed for appeal to both devoted fans and reluctant converts. -Tampa Bay Times Iron Man 3 (PG-13) 6:40pm, 9:15pm Thanks to Downey’s genius, Iron Man 3 is equally terrific, whether Tony’s fending off an army of villains or bantering with a kid in a shed on a cold, snowy night. -Richard Roeper Tickets just $4.
Richard Roeper says The Heat is one of the most entertaining movies of the year.
Chicago Poker Club is intended for the reading and posting pleasure of Chicago Poker enthusiasts. It is not intended to encourage gambling online or otherwise. Gambling for money or items of value is illegal in many U.S. states and in many countries. Check your local laws before playing poker, think...
Richard Roeper's 'White House Down' review is highly entertaining! Emmerich back with more trash. I hate him.
Well today I saw the movie Monsters University and many people are just immediately jumping to conclusions that this is going to be a terrible movie because it's a prequel, but turns out this movie was OK, yes it had predictable with most of the items in the story was going to, but at the same time the movie was unpredictable especially the ending of the movie. Pixar did a great job with this movie take place in a college setting and a prequel. Do you so called movie reviewers especially Richard Roeper have any idea how hard it is to make a decent prequel, but at the same time make a college movie child friendly and to make a college movie without making it raunchy? It's a difficult task. This movie isn't better than Monsters Inc., but at least it's funny and heartfelt. I give this movie 4 stars out of five the plot is decent, the characters are great and the jokes are funny because I understand as a college student myself, like on Finals week you see a student holding up three books and studying the page ...
but a commenter did call Richard Roeper a shallow pool of urine for his positive review
I went to see "White House Down" today. Very good film, I recommend it. Jamie was really good in this film, as were Channing Tatum, James Woods and Joey King. Go see it.
Fun listening for Midwestern radio fans this afternoon-- newsman Jim Johnson retiring today after 45 years with WLS--I've been listening to this guy since I was in junior high! Gonna miss his bloopers/ "Jimisms"--happy trails to him!
Last movie I'll watch for the first time in AZ. Haven't heard much about it, but hey, if Richard Roeper likes it...
RICHARD ROEPER: “White House Down,” the second POTUS-in-danger film in three months, is just a big, loud, popcorn movie from Roland Emmerich, director of “Independence Day.” But “Transformers 3” was subtle compared to this nonsense. Emmerich doesn’t flinch as he shamelessly borrows from better movie...
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