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Richard Quest

Richard Austin Quest (born 9 March 1962) is an English journalist and a CNN International anchor and reporter based in London.

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4 things you can learn from Richard Branson’s constant quest to keep close to his customers READ:
to quote from the WW..."The Quest for Civilisation Continues.." as you can see, it is kicking off over here.
U.S. Tech firms react to Travel ban: Companies tell workers on H-1B visas not to leave (country/CNN's Richard Quest)
Swear Richard quest be high asf always
CNN International is launching a new daily business show, presented by Richard Quest, live from the floor of the Ne…
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. CNN's Richard Quest caught with sex toy in Central Park:…
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I was hoping for a variation of Punch Quest featuring Richard Spencer as every single enemy, tbh
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Richard Quest looks like the perfect example of doing what you love as a career.
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Paean to Richard Stark's Parker books, about psycho criminal who's deeply moral: he wants what he's owed & no more. http…
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Richard Quest is quite dramatic. I like him.
Quest for health led him back to his dream
The Sorcerer's Code: Richard Stallman’s quest to save us from a web of spyware—and from ourselves.
My vote for most punchable face is Richard Quest. Once for every title CNN gives him.
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''Most of what we see that we call information doesn't inform, and most questions do not have a quest ''- Richard Saul Wurman
lol richard quest as a economy and plane crash expert lol CNN has to use same people over and ov…
Happy Friday, here's Richard Quest holding an avocado on teevee
Richard Quest on says that guac from Mexican avos will probably see a 20% price increase w/ Trump's tariff. This is important.
And Richard Quest is on CNN holding up avocados. The news in 2017, everyone.
in numbers: 4. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was filmed in Milton Keynes. Artist Richard DeDomenici reshot several sce…
Richard quest oh he's a expert on plane crashes now expert on trade lol 😂 what a joke
What the heck is Richard Quest smoking? More importantly where can I get some?
"In a week he has virtually destroyed the European relationship." CNN's Richard Quest. (btw, this is by design)
Richard Quest was giggling reporting it to Kathy & Anderson
Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper and Richard Quest celebrate New Year 2017 at Times Square. Kathy cuts the beard of a…
The world is Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin and I am Richard Quest.
Richard Quest making fun of Anderson and calling him “so butch” is my new favorite thing.
10 minutes into Anderson Cooper's IFB dies & he's navigating a convo btwn Kathy Griffin & Richard Quest but can only hear her. 🎉
Richard Quest is starting off crazy this year Anderson. You and Kathy...Happy New Year
Cooper and Richard Quest are gonna spit roast her and then Coooer will puke because she's a girl
People in Britain see Richard Quest as a kind of an offensive cartoon ...
I never knew Richard Quest and Anderson Cooper are both ***
. Ah. Baba kee. Flying officer. Son of Richard Quest. Ajala 1. Traveler Lo No. Traveling all over the world.
CNN> Ex BP CEO on Panama leak: Doesn't surprise me: Richard Quest talks to former BP CEO…
Richard Quest, Jane Ojukwu and Obinna Emelike at WTM, London 2010. I met him also at Indaba 2013 In Durban, S.Africa
Richard Quest did some cool map on the floor thing explaining countries involved in PP sometime ago
I will be on CNN International today (Friday) at 4:40 pm ET, with Richard Quest, speaking about the future of robots. Will they take over?
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Panama is not a country, it's business. Disse um dos entrevistados de Richard Quest.
Lol.! On the other hand Richard Quest is having a filled show with digitized graphs and arrows and things...
am watching Richard Quest.. aparently some ppl were using Panama to hide money from spouses lol. Its tough out there
"No doubt about it, Mossack Fonseca was doing this on an industrial scale." ~ Richard Quest CNN
Now Richard Quest is 's business correspondent before that aviation correspondent before that Royal baby & Royal wedding correspondent.
Ugh. CNN makes insufferable limey *** Richard Quest its Panama Papers lead, assuring no one will sit through his awful "reporting."
Hey, I’ve got another F360 dilemma on my quest to make a parametric model for :)
looks like a potentially great show! Is the PH’s Richard Quest?
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Richard Quest, one of CNN's biggest stars, talks us through the highlights ...
Richard Quest needs to clear his throat before he goes on air.
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Top CEOs reveal biggest fears on CNN's
Alongside "how is Trump winning" and "why is DTS a thing", one of life's great questions is "how the *** is Richard Quest famous."
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wah! Richard Quest is some competition man! So how are you? Anything happened lately?
And then there are all of the UNIX utilities that are part of GNU. The ultimate tragedy of Richard Stallman's quest for a Free (capital F)…
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See what Richard Quest did there on the Starwood that's why you can't hate on that Man
You think Richard Quest has a great job? Wait, You haven't met James Williams
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See Richard Price and Colm Tóibín on 4/27. Buy your tickets for PEN World Voices Literary Quest.
my heart sank when Richard Quest was dissecting the Nkandla upgrades the other night on CNN, and I'm not South African
Amazing Story! . This woman was interviewed by CNN's Richard Quest on Quest means business on…
A round-the-world, 12 city trip w. airfare under 2,400: how did it -
Appearing on the CNN International Richard Quest TV show tonight talking about security and need to protect citizens ht…
"Congratulations to on great interview with Richard Quest."
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Richard Quest's voice sounds like that of a Sesame Street character. 🙊
lived your CNN interview with Richard Quest
If someone like Richard Quest taught me Economics,I would have been a badass
Character Request for Crusader Quest: Three knights from Dover who are all brothers, named Thomas, Richard, and Laurence.
Congratulations to on great interview with Richard Quest.
Richard Quest goes round the world on
CNN's Richard Quest is traveling around the world in 8 days -- on low-cost airlines
MH370: Could a plane disappear from radar again?
Richard Quest goes round the world in 8 days
Follow Richard Quest as he goes round the world on low-cost
Richard Quest on MH370: It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since MH370 disappeared.    I've followed the s...
Neil deGrasse Tyson has joined Richard Dawkins in the quest to personally demonstrate the value of humanities & social science…
...CNN Correspondent, Richard Quest (new book "The Vanishing of Flight MH370" about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight)...
Richard Quest is never on his own show
I watch Quest Means Business and The Best of Quest for Richard Quest not for some person standing in. Ayi!
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also dammit Jim I'm a Realtor not a reporter. Where the *** is Richard Quest??
LAX vs LHR airport services between oneworld vs star alliance clashes of two culture make good business . Richard Quest your the best!!!
Then I have Richard Quest nightmares for weeks.
Richard Quest has the best job in world. 😀
Richard Quest is hailing a cab as we speak!
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Ongoing quest to find the best in continues - great effort from Diablo. Diner Fries were pretty boss too
00quest my name's quest. Richard quest
richard_conway: Eckert strikes back at Platini claims he couldn't defend himself. Says Fifa investigators quest…
Richard Quest& Barbara Starr: Taking names from CNN, she spreads saying "Barbara is Richard's sister in law".
If video games have taught me anything, this cat has a side quest to offer me.
Kaplan's Quest by Richard Steinitz The disappearance of his greatuncle Samuel during
RIP can't help Richard quest today. Gotta go to a wedding soon and when I'm back I gotta deal with all this HW
Things that remind me of quest:. Richard . The 'Yolanda' Hairstyle. D.O.L's. The Word Wampum. VeitMaNese. Dave getting in trouble everyday
Richard Quest breaks down the trials and tribulations of frequent traveling.
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Richard Quest was praising Lagarde to the rafters on CNN last night. Shocking given global econ mired deep
That boy next door and innocent look of shows how sincere he is on his quest. http:/…
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Good evening Christopher. Say hello to everyone in the studio. Isa Soares, Isha seasey, hala gorani & Richard Quest. Love u all
Richard Quest at UNWTO: Tourism and must be ballroom dancing together - eTurboNews
Fed Vice Chairman talks rate hike timing - Richard Quest talks to Stanley Fischer, Vice Chairman of the U.S. ...
Glorious evening of Shakespeare Richard II. in my quest.
Madam you are a genius. Your interview with Richard Quest was very good.
Yesterday on Quest means Business. Richard Quest: Are you enjoying being out of government?. Aunty Ngozi: Cant you see the smile on my face?
Richard Feynman's endless quest for knowledge - to understand the world - continues to inspire.
CNN Business Traveller - Travel Woes: Richard Quest breaks down the trials and tribulations…
Even Philippa Langley thought her quest to find Richard III was "bonkers." Today the Queen gave her an MBE.
So I was really looking forward to this pumpkin pie quest bar and in one bite I was severely let down..maybe it was a …
.Richard Gage has refused 2 answer many simple quest. doesn't know, care or more concern abt pushing his theory.
You just have to love Richard Quest. Makes me love business
Richard Quest kept cutting Nigeria's Ngozi off but he's star struck & fails to pose questions to Prez of world bank ☕️🐸
Okonjo Iweala in Peru live! She told Richard Quest she's relieved to be out of government and absolutely enjoying...
Just watched Dr Okonjo-Iweala's one-on-one interview with Richard Quest in Lima Peru... on CNN...That woman is a GENIUS!
Richard Quest interviewing our own Ngozi Okonjo Iweala right now on MEANS BUSINESS in far away Lima, Peru!
Happening now moderated by Richard Quest, on panel, Christine Lagarde, Mark Carney, Joaquim Levy.
Race for global connectivity: Richard Quest speaks with Ashish Thakkar, Founder of Mara…
Race for global connectivity: Ashish Thakkar, founder of Mara, speaks with Richard Quest…
Richard Quest adressing the Finance minister of Brazil: If you had time to accomodate your economy, why Brazil is in recession.
It must stink you'll never be as respected as Richard Quest.Scandal aside he still has more credibility than your entire career,
Richard Quest is being really loud at the IMF.Cartoon Englishman dominates international monetary architecture. Screw this.Let the AIIB win.
Starting soon: Debate on the Global Economy, moderated by Richard Quest: ….
Whistleblower's Dilemma: Snowden, Silkwood and their quest for Truth by Richard Rashke
The Carruthers...huge strides forward in quest to improve their sheep enterprise margins...
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Look out for today's secret agent 007s from Richard De Clare School Halstead, on their maths quest Gazette
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Shall we review political/pop idols w/ worse? JFK, Clinton(s), Frank, Polanski, Allen, Richard Quest...go on?
Quest, remember that 4G mobile phones leads to the development of many other sub sectors which eventually adds to GDP.
.nope, but I did find this on Richard Quest...4th pic is hilarious or disturbing, u pick...
My God is Richard Quest on drugs or are you competing with So You Think You Can Dance?
Anchor Tiffany with Richard Quest, CNN International Correspondent discussing the economy on CNN Indonesia Today
They keep Richard Quest chained to a desk at CNNI, then unleash him on special occasions. Like that dude in "The Road Warrior."
Can't Richard Quest speak in a normal tone? Of all CNN reporters, he needs a voice coach! LOL
How can 1 man Richard Quest be a expert on everything from airplane disasters to Iran and now the US Stock Market CNN Experts?
What the heck is going on with stocks?: CNN's Richard Quest explains the extreme volatility in the stock marke...
Curios if Richard Quest's market interpretation is on par with his analysis of MH370 during the many weeks used him as Aviation expert?
Just turned on CNN. Someone needs to hit Richard Quest with a tranquilizer dart. Yelling at the stock market won't make it go up.
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Richard Quest says there are concerns about perceptions of corruption in South Africa. This on most watched CNN programme not cool branding
Richard Quest says South Africa today stocks rallied but there are underlying fears of economy and concerns about Zuma remaining in power.
hawu.. Now choosing between Richard Quest and this ..unfair
Why does anyone listen to this freak?
You look incredible today! Plus love Richard Quest, passionate
-- "Richard Quest tell us how you feel." That was so subtle B -- I don't even think he picked up on it.
Richard Quest needs to go back to England he was wrong on The plane and wrong on the economy..go home
Hearing Richard Quest talk about the market makes me want to sell everything and live in a trailer
Chinese stocks plunge again on Monday: CNN's Richard Quest discusses the fact that the Dow closes 588 points l...
CNN's Richard Quest discusses how the emerging market currencies are hit by the selloff with Mauricio Cardenas...
Video Emerging market currencies hit by selloff: CNN's Richard Quest discusses how the emerging market cu...
Apparently, Richard Quest is CNN's resident expert on both airplane crashes and stock market crashes.
Richard quest is such a blow hard, know it all Brit. Couldn't we find an American to do that job?
I got a better name for it! . King Richard's Quest VS The Roman's Empire!
Richard quest said this Breaking: U.S. stocks jump at open as global markets rebound after China fall
I'm sorry but every time I hear Richard quest I have to change the channel. Please get rid of his over dramatic crumpet eating voice and him
Orlando offers more than just theme parks: CNN's Richard Quest speaks with mayor Buddy Dyer…
CNN's Richard Quest speaks to IMF Chief Economist Olivier Blanchard about the importance of debt relief when making a deal with Greece.
Anyone feel like they are watching Gilbert Gottfried when listening to Richard Quest delivering any news?
if Richard Quest becomes an evil super villain, we can't say we didn't see it coming. dude is a James Adomian impression waiting to happen.
Richard Quest, CNN international reporter and anchor, is being fitted up by Staff Sgt. Jose Ibarra…
Richard Quest and Brooke Baldwin are competing in the 70s edition of
Can CNN's Richard Quest really know as little about the UK election as he is giving the impression of?
This afternoon... *Ratings tick up for Summer Sanders. *Richard Quest to host ABC quiz show.
Frankly not usually a fan of Richard Quest but this question is SPOT ON. Investigators need time to work.
I always question Richard's integrity but I have no reason to quest. anymore
Richard Quest is nothing but an industry & corporate pimp! I trust your judgment!CNN should get rid of him!
Please give Richard Quest a day off. He's getting on my nerves.
About the kamikaze flight: Miles has a good point discount airlines, maybe Richard Quest should wear a badge: conservative
Doesnt Richard Quest, the CNN plane expert look and sound like the neighbor Bentley from the Jeffersons?
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# CNN what qualification does richard quest have?
I love when Miles O'Brien and Richard Quest disagree. An interesting debate here.
@ richard quest paramedics hv NO psych screening. Hv pts lives in their hands. No time requirements that allow us (1/5)
Tonight on Erin Burnett - Richard Quest will chew the inside of his own face off & Jeanne Moos will ramble about something from the internet
Richard Quest Self appointed news censor. Arrogance, thy name is Richard Quest.
lovely_foofie completed the Richard's Teachings quest
Richard Quest doesn't present facts the right way. Im getting tired of his insensitive attitude.
Richard quest is an absolute MUPPET. We have seen enough of those huge teeth and that fake accent. Shut up Ricky, shut up
Richard Quest is one crazy passionate dude
“BREAKING Travel industry *** licker Richard Quest of CNN forced to concede that everything might not be ducky at the airlines”
Finally .is competition for We've Richard Quest driving Miles crazy -Live!
Richard Quest glad you stress media not report rumors, say unconfirmed & back off later just for 24hr news cycle: CNN needs to take heed!
I adore you, Richard Quest! When they're speaking tosh you call 'em on it, and we viewers appreciate that.
Miles O'Brien to Richard Quest on CNN: "I kinda wish you'd stop making apologies for CEO's and start thinking like a journalist!" Bravo!
I agree w you!. Transparency for . Richard Quest is a lunatic & very CEO sided. 💰
Team in this weird catfight picked by Richard Quest
Miles OBrien and Richard Quest getting into it on re: reporting.
There's such weird chemistry between Miles O'Brien and Richard Quest and not in a good way.
Love watching Richard Quest on he's so passionate!
When did Richard Quest get a pilots license? He went from Princess Di 2 and expert on everything really@ milesobrien
How is Richard Quest an aviation expert? Is he a pilot? Or just a know-it-all?
I'm with you, Miles! What's with that Richard Quest, duh?
I think Richard Quest needs sleep. Dude is losing it.
CNN's Aviation Correspondent is named Richard Quest. I'll believe whatever he tells me.
Sure richard quest Is back on the meth.That or his bottom teeth are false and they move on their own
Richard Quest and Wolf Blitzer endlessly speculating and rehashing the same story angles for days is pretty much the worst of journalism.
Richard Quest is one of the greatest analysts on television
If you guys cant see richard quest is of his head you must be blind.Holy speed jaw moly.
Richard Quest knows no more about aviation than I can find on the web. His voice and horse teeth are repulsive.
Ilja Schulz, President of the German Airline Pilots' Association, speaks to Richard Quest about the differences between training pilots in
No, I just got worried. You can do better than Richard Quest!
Richard Quest is so mischievous! Teasing his Nigerian guest fmr central bank deputy gov on picking up appointment with the new govt. Lol
Richard Quest has brought out his big TV screen on top Buhari and Nigeria's matter
Richard Quest's voice is only good for reporting on sex scandal stories, hearing him on CNN on random topics is very offputting
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Will the evil assassins plan work? Will Wesley die before his quest is finished?
Up for a good deal? Check out Demon Quest on CD starring Tom Baker and Richard Franklin! via
Extraordinary. A mystery now solved because 1 woman wouldn't give up her quest
What if all the Zombie's in the Walking Dead are fans still on a quest for six. And they see all the living people as Richard Sherman
And you are doing just that without any training! Richard Quest: knowledgeable about comments are.
CNN's Richard Quest is the dumbest reporter in the history of television. Get him away from air crashes and send him back to England.
after all this news n u no be Amampour! then you be Richard Quest...
Mark Fields, President of Ford Motor Co., speaks to Richard Quest about why they've decided to revive the Lincoln Continental, a car some
"Mr. David Makali, would you say the same to Richard Quest? This life is to live boss! LoL! Hone…
Ngozi Okonjo Iwuala our Finance minister has dealt with Richard Quest of CNN in an interview granted to Mrs Ngoo. Weldon Madam u ar the best
Jurgen Stock, the new Secretary General of Interpol, joined Richard Quest at the World Economic Forum. He says his most important resource is information.
Richard Quest, Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper triumvirate is a riot
CNN Business Traveller July 2013 (Part 1): . Richard Quest receives a guided tour of one of Virgin Atlantic...
Revisiting 'Peer Gynt' by Henrik Ibsen: CNN’s Richard Quest speaks with Bjorn Kjos, CEO of Norwegian Air Shutt...
Me too. Make me mental. I get a Richard Quest / Piers Morgan annoyance itch too. Italian t/v he he.
I'm really convinced Becky Anderson is really Richard Quest in drag.
What stimulus move means?: Richard Quest explains the history of the Federal Reserve Bank's quantitative easin...
Business- 'Gamergate' school threat: CNN's Richard Quest speaks to video game designer Brianna Wu about how "gamergate"…
Christiane Amanpour of CNN, like Richard Quest, does not interview small fry. Global leaders only.
Tenzin Gyatso is interviewed by Richard Quest of CNN and admits he isn't the real 14th Dalai Lama.
Kenyatta felt brilliant saying to Richard Quest that he was reading Lee Kuan yew's book. Question. Is Lee a god or a mortal?
Even Richard Quest is *** ! Seems CNN has to become GNN *** News Network). Anderson Cooper and Richard Quest! :'( WHY???
0_0! Richard Quest too "So Anderson Cooper is *** wow! more people will soon start to confess but Anderson Cooper why? :'("
I still don't understand why Richard Quest is still skeptical about investing in Africa. If the likes of Jeffrey Immelt of GE, Jim Yong Kim, World Bank President and the Swedish foreign minister Anders Borg believes that's way to go, then pessimistic views should be jettisoned. Forget Ebola virus, forget Boko Haram and Al Shabab. Africa is the place to be. Join us.
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Just realising how much I miss Piers Morgan Live! They should scrap Richard Quest or Becky Anderson
CNN can not sack Richard Quest.lai lai...he is unique
Erin Burnett is making SO much fun of Richard Quest on CNN & I am enjoying it like there are NO WORDS
“OPINION, FACTS, EDITORIALS: REAL STUFF NEWS” Where is Malaysian Airlines? During the first weeks it went missing, I provided insight based on my experience and training. Last night the Malaysian government finally admitted to the insight many of us suggested. How true can the scenario be? No parts floating, no bodies on any shore, no oil streaks, nothing that suggests a crash. We cant count out a crash, but we cant count out a perfect hijack. This is where I require an employer, so I can fly to that area and add my airline experience, along with my investigation skills and search for answers. There are many stories, such as Amanda Knox and other major stories I have the capability to cover, using my contacts in each area, but no one is knocking on my door, unless they are selling something. I find it funny that CNNs Richard Quest is now an airline expert. Wasn't he the Royal Family expert? Business expert? LEAVING HOME, MISSING HOME. When you miss your home, at times, there are odors that confront yo ...
Ferret family photos! Check out Craig's Memorial Day photo montage now: Betty White, Richard Quest, and Jamestown Revival
stole a Brit chap from family guy as there aviation xpert. Richard Quest host of business traveler no aviation background
Beyonce & Jay Z's 'office relationship': Richard Quest speaks to relationship guru Bruce Feiler about whether it's a smart idea to mi...
I can only assume Richard Quest has compromising pictures of Jeff Zucker.
I'm really sick of hearing Richard Quest preaching about flight 370 on CNN. He's like Gilbert Gottfried except MORE ANNOYING!
CNN's Richard Quest speaks to Malaysian PM Najib Razak about some of the mistakes that were made in the ...
In an exclusive television interview with CNN’s Richard Quest (Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak says he’s prepared to release the preliminary report on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 next week, even though he refuses to declare the plane… [ 1586 more words. ]
PM: All we have are pings 'Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak talks to Richard Quest about Inmarsat data being ...'
Hey I just saw that CNN calls Richard Quest their "Aviation Consultant." I fear all air travel now.
Is CNN Richard Quest correct in that you stated MH370 preliminary report will be made public next week? Plz
Facing anger from families of Flight passengers, Malaysia's prime minister said today his government will release its preliminary report on the plane's disappearance. In a TV exclusive, Najib Razak told CNN the report will be available next week. "I have directed an internal investigation team of experts to look at the report, and there is a likelihood that next week we could release the report," Najib said. Later in the interview with CNN's Richard Quest, he gave a more definitive statement -- saying the report will be released next week. The report has already been sent to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the U.N. body for global aviation, but not made available to the public.
Breaking news: CNN's Richard Quest finds 50 excitable ways to describe interview with Malaysian PM that reveals no news on missing plane
the Malaysian Prime Minister deserve to be called prime minister not p.m. please replace Richard Quest know nothing of aviation
I am pleased Richard Quest was granted an interview with Malsian PM. At least CNN is still on the case.Unlike Sky News and BBC World.
Richard Quest 🙌👏 thanks for being fair to Malaysia and taking a neutral stance on the MH370 investigation
love Richard Quest, but his over the top delivery kinda cracks me up.
Richard Quest is a caricature of Richard Quest.
Richard Quest's assessment of the Malaysian governments' handling of MH370 disaster is right. They have not hidden a thing.
Seems like CNN's sanity got lost with MH370. Still covering it. . Richard Quest will now become an honorary aviation expert.
Sitting in Belle Tire having new rims put on my car due to frequent low/flat tires and they have Wolf Blitzer on discussing the the plane that went missing 48 days ago. Anyone familiar with one of his correspondents, Richard Quest? Is it just me or does he constantly have a look and sound of constipation on his face and in his voice?
That's great. It's not just about cycling. Its a bit in Richard's quest.Let me know what you think.
Malaysian PM Minister Najib Razak to Richard Quest: out of respect for the next of kin, he is not ready to declare lost.
CNN reports a report on Flight 370 will be released to passengers’ families, Malaysia’s PM tells CNN’s Richard Quest.
PM told CNN’s Richard Quest that he was shocked & found hard to believe that could end up half-way towards Antarctica.
BREAKING NEWS!. Richard Quest w/Malaysian PM Najib Razak:. "They were not sure it was so no jets sent up!
Gets paid 6 figures with this on his resume no wonder he is rough 2 listen 2
"Report on will be released to passengers' families, Malaysia's PM tells CNN's Richard Quest." via
I think Richard Quest is a big bag of wind and knows nothing about the Malaysia airline disappearance. He is loud, rude and condescending to the experts on aviation. Please send him back to England where he can televise all the english tea parties. Thanks A canadian Cnn Fan.
Richard Quest from CNN could be more annoying than Gilbert Godfried!
Does anyone else who watches CNN think that Richard Quest's voice sounds like Gilbert Godfries? It is really obnoxious!
***UPDATE***The New York Post reports on new, lurid details regarding the arrest of CNN reporter Richard Quest. CNN personality Richard Quest was busted in Central Park early yesterday with some drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his boot, law…
I LOVE Richard Quest... Not sure why... but I think it has to do with Crazy Teeth & The Young Ones.
While filming an upcoming episode of Business Traveller in Kuala Lumpur recently, CNN international business correspondent Richard Quest spoke exclusively to...
CNN`s Richard Quest is a fantastic reporter with an awesome British accent.but is it only me or does he get too theatrical and dramatic sometimes??
Hello CNN. Richard Quest is a useless moron. Please get rid of him and while you're at it dump Anderson 3POS
Families fear arrival of cranes: Richard Quest speaks to Captain John Noble about what the presence of c...
CNN coverage of missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 drinking game: Take a shot every time Richard Quest says, "jigsaw."
Actor Lundgren takes on 'Skin Trade': Richard Quest speaks to Dolph Lundgren about his efforts to fight human ...
Reading for Leading: Arne Sorenson: CNN's Richard Quest speaks to the CEO of Marriott Hotels about his love of...
Why did Anchor Richard Quest interview co-pilot weeks before disappearance?
The worst thing about touring is undoubtedly Richard Quest.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
do not poke with a fork. Richard Quest. Piers Morgan. Murdoch. Blair
Richard Quest now reporting from his own fuselage.
In case your forgot, Richard Quest is British.
Day 30: Richard Quest breaks down on live tv and screams,"I don't know anything!"
CNN having Richard Quest as an "aviation analyst" for is like having a clown urinate on the victims. Specifically, a British clown.
People complain about Al Sharpton but Richard Quest is just as shoutie.
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