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Richard Pryor

Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor (1 December 1940 – 10 December 2005) was an American stand-up comedian, actor, social critic, writer, and MC.

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Any list where Richard Pryor is not number one is fraudulent, I don't make the rules 😳
Richard Pryor would've been 75 today—Pop in your 🎧 & stream the legend's re-released classics.
I added a video to a playlist Richard Pryor Integrity, Having Creative Control & Positions of Power!!
Obviously Richard Pryor from Superman 3 would have topped the charts. 💻😎
Im literally fascinated with how Richard Pryor countered NBC. Makes me appreciate shows like HTGAWM Scandal Greenleaf Insecure much more. 💚
Saying vaguely witty things and being applauded isn't a job. Unless your Richard Pryor or Stewart Lee.
📷 mabellonghetti: Pam Grier and Richard Pryor photographed by Jadran Lazic in Paris, 1977
Nah nah nah it was ONE line and it was a quote from a Richard Pryor skit
Whole squad. Cabinets, shelves, doors. Just like when Richard Pryor got to the house in Moving. Everything gone.
Only cause it was a Richard Pryor joke reference 🙃
Thanks to photographer Leo Gabriels for sharing this great photo of blues man Richard "Rip Lee" Pryor, son of the legendary S…
Richard Pryor's white guy voice is the best thing that happened
I like Dave Chappelle, but Richard Pryor is the GOAT when it comes to comedy...
Judy Garland, Richard Pryor, David Bowie, The Eagles, N.W.A and more added to National Recording ... via
lol intermission Richard Pryor impression and they got too short instrumental Who in the house
David Bowie, Judy Garland, Richard Pryor, and more join the Library of Congress
Jennifer Lee Pryor on Richard Pryor's MS, Being a Caretaker, and the Rock Against MS Benefit
Or the kind of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor movie that wouldn't be allowed now.
Teri Hatcher & Kevin Sorbo throwing bubbles at like Richard Pryor & Robert Vaughn in
Yo, Dave. You crediting Richard Pryor or Nipsey Russell for being able to do stand-up at all? Don't see either of em in your credits.
Y'all *** wouldn't have found Richard Pryor, Bernie Mac or Eddie Murphy funny today. Y'all *** sensitive and built funn…
Y'all shocked by Richard Pryor... Go watch Bernie Mac during them King of Comedy stand ups 😂😂
I think Pryor wants $10-12 million a year minimum. I don't think they want to give him that for one year of production.
Richard Pryor changed the comedy game
Richard Pryor having flashbacks to his darkest drug-induced hallucinations about one minute in
He had 1,000 yards last year too. Pryor may be asking for too much. We don't know yet if he will resign or not.
Packers never do nuthin in offseasons. McCarthy reviewing the same playbook, AR-12 sumwhere wit the Richard Pryor mustache & Lacy @ a buffet
Wasn't all that frustrated with letting Pryor test the market given the uniqueness of his situation, but this move stinks.
Britt instead of Pryor? Bogus. Hope he works out, but not a good look for the "aggressive" FO
I had never seen Richard Pryor with Rod Hull & Emu before, what about you?
Now I gotta go find the SNL parody with Richard Pryor.
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That line was crazy when Richard Pryor said it biggie was brave af to use it again
That was a line from a Richard Pryor stand up special lol
No one's forgot Richard Pryor - except you, maybe, if you think Colin's tired *** joke in any way merits a comparison.
40 years ago listen to what Richard Pryor said about racism
||58C102D4TDSY|| e.f. hutton says richard pryor persuades the shifty kumquat and the rubber uzi. ||EOT||
Blazing Saddles is on Netflix now. Arguably the funniest movie ever. Writing just doesn't happen like Richard Pryor and Mel Brooks anymore.
Right, but I do a great Dave chapelle, Richard pryor, etc.. 😂
How do you argue with Richard Pryor and John Candy, two greats of comedic cinema?
It's like the late Richard Pryor said " who you gonna believe me or your lying eyes?"They see it and yet still take their word.
I be forgetting Richard Pryor was from Peoria 🐐
How do you combine journalism/comedy (Edward R. Murrow/Richard Pryor) for a dangerous Trump administration?
Get ready to watch part 2 of the documentary tomorrow night on
lol...dont know many others...but can quote George Carlin, jerry seinfeld, richard pryor.. lol
That Richard Pryor looking ref is the only one making all these calls against the Knicks
Moms Mabeley and Redd Fox and Pigmeat Markham party records if you can get ahold of them. Richard Pryor for sure.
What's the deal with the Richard Pryor movie with Mike Epps?
.. Bo = Richard Pryor. Hershel = George Carlin. Fournette = Eddie Murphy. Everyone else is just competing for (pre-rapist) Bill Cosby.
so I watched like all of Mel Brooks then everything Richard Pryor and Rodney Dangerfield, etc
Gene Wilder on working with Richard Pryor and Mel Brooks (1989)
Blazing Saddles...still one of the best movies ever made thanks to Richard Pryor and Mel Brooks!
Why didn't they cover Flip Wilson. He hired George Carlin and Richard Pryor as his writers and was their mentor.
"The yam brought it out of Richard Pryor, Manipulated Bill Clinton with desires"
I'd love George Carlin performing at this year. Honorable mentions: Richard Pryor & Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, Mitchell Hedberg, etc. Watch how they deal w/ hecklers. George stopped joking and got personal
Y'all arguing about George Lopez and Richard Pryor like my *** Bill Nye ain't back.
When you're at a stand up (Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Original Kings of Comedy, Eddie Murphy etc.), being politically corr…
Richard Pryor live at the sunset, Eddie Murphy raw, Chris Rock bigger and blacker, Louis ck at the beacon...
I've got Titanic, baby's day out and some Richard Pryor thing on a vhs with the original dawn of the dead
Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Robin Williams , the Hat Trick doing stand up comedy together
Richard Pryor just becoming a computer programmer from a book of matches is the least weird thing in Superman III
Willie McCovey was in prison? It's that Richard Pryor bit all over again.
I interviewed Margot Kidder recently and we talked about Richard Pryor thought you would be interested
This whole time I thought Richard Speck and Richard Pryor were the same person. Boy was I wrong
Reminds me of the Old School Classic with Richard Pryor and Richard Roundtree "Which Way is Up Shaft"!
The first time I heard Richard Pryor, I knew he would be a major fo...
Kevin Hart stole Richard Pryor's storming out the house without your keys joke 😂😂😂😂
Richard Pryor who. Eddie Murphy who. Dave Chappell who. Kevin Hart who . Orlando Brown is the G.O.A.T 😂😂😂
Richard Pryor, Bobbie Gentry, Melba Moore, Roy Clark, and Stanley Myron Handelman are all on Ed Sullivan Show tonight.
Agreed. I don't get all the Kevin Hart *** riding going on these days. He's no Richard Pryor.
WIP Concept: Richard Pryor recounts how he learned the King v Nelson MU
Jim Belushi, Bill Murray, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy.some of the greatest comedians to ever exist.
I'm at an event listening to a comedian that would make Brendan Grace look like Richard Pryor. Kill me now
One Night Stands - Richard Pryor - Subversive Sounds for Freaks of All Ages.
We used to have to leave the room if they played Millie, Richard Pryor or Redd Foxx albums lol "yall kids go to the back"
I'm sorry, hasn't Mo'Nique been cussing on stage for *** near 20 years? Beyond that, I KNOW you have Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx vinyls.
if just black ..Richard Pryor, Paul money, dave chapelle, Bernie Mac, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy ..them plenty
Can't be Might see if a rap replay of Redd Foxx or Richard Pryor using "N-word" would still be OK.
Harvey Keitel, Paul Schrader, Yaphet Kotto and Richard Pryor on the set of 'Blue Collar' (1978). Directed by Paul Schrader.…
Mature Dave Chappell. I'm here for it. And the N-word's lol He's up like like Martin Lawrence and Richard Pryor are in his soul
Christopher Reeve and Richard Pryor practicing for the flying scenes in Superman III.
yeah for me my top 3 is Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and Martin Lawrence
Richard Pryor, Christopher Reeve and now Robert Vaughn, Superman III's trio of male leads all gone. :(
Harlem Nights is a top star filled comedy..Della Reese, Redd Fox, Richard Pryor..they dnt make them like that any more ! One of my favorites
This a rare photo of Director Richard Lester, Richard Pryor and Christopher Reeve on the set of Superman 3 taken in…
Richard Pryor, Martin and others. Even Dave Chappell spoke on this on Oprah. It's like they won't us to lose our masculinity.
Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, and Bernie Mac just got shaded so hard.
Brewster's millions with Richard Pryor my have been on something!
"he'll not do a thing to call attention to himself, unless he's a complete and utter moron.". *Richard Pryor's Ferrari pulls up*
Remember movie The Toy, w/that spoiled brat who made his dad hire Richard Pryor as his 'toy' that had to lose every game?
Booty is just a ghetto expression, and I'm just a booty star.
I'm on fire like Richard Pryor .. yuh my price gettin higher
you excluding Richard Pryor? Cause if not he's gotta be on here
Have you watched "Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip"
I just caught fire like a young Richard Pryor with unforgettable quotes, they only care about a *** when he telling a joke...
The back cover has the movie poster for Radioactive Man III, where he's carrying Kristy like Richard Pryor.
Amy, you're a milquetoast liberal who tells stolen jokes about having promiscuous sex. You ain't exactly George Car…
RIP Gene Wilder a great man lost...Funny wi…
There's a thin line between to laugh with and to laugh at.
You do this to Richard Pryor and it's "Punish the field honky, punish the house honky. I deserve this." No you don't Richard.
You should have done like Richard Pryor supported none of the above
Omg . Please go watch Richard Pryor look up African jungle .. .. omg I'm bout to roll up n cuddle wit my babies
Im so silly i jus keep laughing . Her friend like what's so funny I'm like nothing girl . I'm bout to watch Richard Pryor stand up .
Wait pause . An African girl did my hair today. She was so nice but all i could think of was Richard Pryor n my ear ..on how they smell .
Exactamundo! Abby... Like Richard Pryor says in 'Brewsters Millions'. Vote for 'None of the Above'. :-)
richard pryor too. He was spittin truth. Who else? Paul Mooney, Chris Rock, *** Gregory.. but Carlin was something else..
I liked a video Richard Pryor as Obama...32 years ago
if Richard Pryor were alive today he would be out of business.
I urge you to ask yourself just how honorable it is to preside over th...
No way does Kevin Hart have the same level of competition Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Dice Clay…
is it just me or does Ben Carson sound a little like drunk Richard Pryor?
Richard Pryor described seeing people that complexion on his trip to Africa. "Black! Blue Black! ORIGINAL Black!"
Get to know cast member: "I’m inspired by big physical actors like Carol Burnett, Lucill…
Kevin Hart is the Richard Pryor of this generation legendary comedian
im gonna start playing the lottery so I can just pay you fulltime to hang out w me. Like Richard Pryor in The Toy
lol Richard Pryor was my second pick after James Brown
lmao. Richard Pryor was my favorite functional crackhead but Flava Flav has to be the best crackhead because he still crazy
Idc who you are if you don't think is funny you have something wrong with you. The man is the a modern day Richard Pryor
I know that if I wasn't scared, something's wrong, because the thrill ...
We would have loved to represent Richard Pryor if he ever tried to a drug charge.
I bet Richard Pryor and George Carlin are begging the great creator to send them back for one hour on HBO.Robin Williams is spinning I bet
We talk about the genius of Richard Pryor on this excerpt of Nothing's Sacred.
Richard Pryor nailed capitalism-racism link 40yrs ago. Failing to see what Pryor saw has kept systemic racism going. ht…
Wow Mike Epps playing richard pryor in a biopic
Legends like Richard Pryor paved the way for racial comedy.but people like Dave Chappelle changed the ways of racial comedy for good.
My dream role is Richard Pryor, no question about that. I'm a big Ric...
Watched Richard Pryor's first episode on SNL in class today so I GUESS you could say I chose the right major???
I have my own opinion Richard Pryor and Kevin Hart are really funny but Vic is just hilarious
He only uses his stand-up comic, Richard Pryor voice when he's trying to get down to the people's level.
watching Richard Pryor in class, shouts to my parents and grandma who held me back
Peoria, IL and the family of a young Richard Pryor: (ht Great story abou…
You can be funny and not dress up as a woman. Seriously have you seen Richard Pryor in a dress or wig acting like a woman?
I just don't want to die alone, that's all. That's not too much to ask...
Did anyone see anyone see Richard Pryor? Lennie Bruce? .
Montgomery Brewster 'vote none of the above' Richard Pryor classic film! )
Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy in one movie 😂😂😂
Meet Black Singles 300x250
no the greats like Richard Pryor,Redd Foxx,and the Wayans bros,and the show "In Living Color"
I just remember Richard Pryor,Redd Foxx,and all the great comedians that never had to worry about offending
Yes! With him and Richard Pryor. Very funny movie.
I never met anybody who said when they were a kid, I wanna grow up and be a critic.
I'm 38 and was introduced to him through the Richard Pryor films. LOL
Richard Pryor used to talk about getting caught in flagrante delicto: Are you gonna believe me or your lyin' eyes? . That's Trump!
you could just say Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder and everyone shuts up.
did you know Farrah Fawcett was a guest star on the partridge family as well as Richard Pryor
masses wanted to enjoy free comedy.they say laughter is the best medicine. Since Richard Pryor US lacked a good comedian
I've referenced Coming to America more than Harlem Nights, but can't beat Sunshine, Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor.
I can turn on an old Richard Pryor routine, watch Good Times, Samford and son, A different World, and hear about...
Key and Peele. Eddie and Richard Pryor. Jay Z and Kanye. Jordan and Pippen. Kobe and Shaq.
Someone should tell that Richard Porter () is not Richard Pryor.
When I found out 2 tickets for Knott's Scary farm was $248 all I could think of was the immortal words of Richard Pryor "Kiss my black ***
I'm promise this dude is NUTS! I'm about to start a campaign like Richard Pryor in…
Righting on the Wallz: The Late Great Richard Pryor - $1.50 cocaine
I can listen to Richard Pryor all day. 😂
Richard Pryor 40 years ago nails the connection between racism and capitalism.
Just realized Richard Pryor was from Peoria. He actually was famous w/out the internet unlike everyone lk Kim K n her sex…
Well that debate had me thinking back to this classic movie with Richard Pryor
Must watch! Absolutely.. keeps people separate so they don't notice what the real problem is: "greedy people"- Richar…
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson with host Richard Pryor on the best SNL episode then, now and forever!
Hi my name is Phillip Johnson-Richardson and I'll be doing a stand up piece by Richard Pryor 🙄
Jet magazine May 31, 1978, Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, should *** be banned?
Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Eddie Murphy, Redd Foxx, George Carlin and all the Blue Collar guys couldn't save that
Seriously, go listen to George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Don Rickles. Then, you'll get a glimpse of how I function and operate.
If there is one thing I love and its good comedy. I can listen to Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx over...
Plus this person obviously unaware Richard Pryor co-wrote it & 1 of the 2 leads is Cleavon Little. Maybe see it 1st b4 outrage?
MSNBC is getting very little right these days. . Shorter: . (The guy who compared POTUS to Richard Pryor. 🙄)
My favorite Gene Wilder movie were the ones with him and Richard Pryor what a team!
RIP Mr. Wonka. I'm sure you + Richard Pryor will be getting into all sorts of shenanigans in heaven. htt…
Rest in peace, Gene Wilder. Shown here with Catherine E. Coulson and Richard Pryor in “Another You” (1991).
I hope Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor are playing by the rules in heaven with Grossberger
all we can do is re-watch the movies he did w/Richard Pryor. So much talent gone again this year. Bowie was a huge loss to me.
Was an absolute legend especially his work with Richard Pryor
Rip Gene Wilder. So many iconic roles but i always loved the chemistry with Richard Pryor, master…
My fav has always been Stir Crazy w/Richard Pryor
see no evil...funniest film ever with Richard Pryor
I grew up watching your movies with my father, he loved you and Richard Pryor. Thanks for the laughs ❤️
funny bloke. must have wasted a lot of my life watching him. loved the chemistry with him and Richard Pryor. nowt like them now
Gene Wilder:. Haven’t seen many mentions of See No Evil Hear No Evil. Paired with Richard Pryor, the two were great together.
Rip Gene Wilder a true legend all so Richard Pryor aswel both will be missed. Got every film yous starred in together
Trying to decide the order to rewatch Wilder's films. Blazing Saddles, Producers, YF, then the Richard Pryor ones, I think.
In the 1980s we had Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, John Candy and John Belushi . Whither comedy?
Richard Pryor's daughter remembers Gene Wilder: "He was just so gentle of a soul and really loving"
A few fab scenes from one of the funniest films of all time. Stir Crazy - Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor
RIP In her darkest days, you & Richard Pryor made my mother feel so much happier. Cracked me up, too!
This year man. Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor were one if the best on screen pairs ever. He'll be missed.
Hopefully Gene Wilder is reunited somewhere with Gilda Radner and Richard Pryor. Thanks for the laughs.
Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are in heaven right now, making God laugh. R.I.P to a legend
Maybe Gene Wilder is back together with Richard Pryor? We don't know.
Rip Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka* :O Loved the movie he did with Richard Pryor called "See no Evil Hear no Evil"
his chemistry with Richard Pryor was genius
Blazing Saddles to Willy Wonka, his work with Richard Pryor and everything in between. Thank you Gene Wilder. RIP. https…
My fave movies were with that madman Richard Pryor. They worked so well together.
If there's an afterlife & in it Gene Wilder has managed to find Richard Pryor then a lot of angels are about to *** their…
With the passing of the great Gene Wilder, I'm imagining a screwball comedy where he and Richard Pryor are two ghosts fighting over a house
Watching Stir Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor what a classic
Hope you are wreaking in the next realm along with Richard Pryor! RIP Gene Wilder, condolences to all.
RIP Gene Wilder. The first film I saw with him in it was Silver Streak, with Richard Pryor.
no tell me it isn't so!! One of the greatest talents!! Loved him with Richard Pryor and their movies..
I loved Gene Wilder's face. The naughty smile and deadpan eyes. He and Richard Pryor made the 80s worth playing truant and w…
Blazing Saddles was one of the top 5 funniest films ever. And so was that one where he starred with Richard Pryor
Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor walking though heaven's gate like
I like to think Gene Wilder is up there now with Richard Pryor absolutely ripping it up. So so many great films.
Very sad the passing of Gene Wilder, one of my favourite all-time actors, his double act with Richard Pryor so funny
it's nice to think of Gene Wilder now back with his beloved Gilda Radner and his fellow genius Richard Pryor. RIP
Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor currently involved in some misunderstanding where they accidentally get locked outside of the…
Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and films with Richard Pryor. Hilarious. He will live on...
So saddened to hear that Gene Wilder has passed away. A comic genius, and like Richard Pryor, an underrated straight actor. R.I.P
A legend has left us... R.I.P Gene Wilder😢... Now he can join up whit his partner Richard Pryor again... and make the angels laugh😇😄
himself and Richard Pryor were fantastic together
We hope to help keep the memory alive of the great Gene Wilder with 2 of his collaborations with Richard Pryor on Blu-ray for the 1st time.
One of my childhood favourites! Loved Haunted Honeymoon and his movies with Richard Pryor, 😂😂. Sleep well Gene 💙😢
Gene Wilder was all kinds of awesome. Add Richard Pryor, and the awesomeness increased by eleventy billion.
When Richard Pryor shouts in Wilder's ear to "cure" his deafness in See No Evil he deadpans "I think it worked" RIP
Fun fact: Richard Pryor was supposed to play the Sheriff in Blazing Saddles but the studio felt he was too controversial.
Willy Wonka, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, See no Evil Hear no Evil (with awesome Richard Pryor) good memories. RIP Gene…
The cast of Silver Streak reunited in heaven. Jill Clayburgh, Richard Pryor, Scatman Crothers, and now Gene Wilder. & Thank U
.also the opening scenes with Richard Pryor lamenting his dope being mistaken for oregano by the cook. ROFL LMAO
Bruh. Jackie Gleason, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor and Red Foxx all back together again. That's going to be an AMAZING show.
research Paul Mooney and Richard Pryor if she's being racist
what else is gudd out there lately, besides the Richard Pryor Movie, Big Up to & I agree if nick not on Marlyn level yet
I been Watchin too much Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney ain't no mo simmer down
I'm telling a Richard Pryor story through me.
since when did wilson chandler morph into Richard Pryor
Trump is both bold & hilarious. Modernly only Lenny Bruce & Richard Pryor blazed more trails for Speech.
Have you watched BS yet? It's a comedic commentary on racism in America, & Richard Pryor wrote the jokes. Seriously, see it.
Icons of comedy, both Robin Williams & Richard Pryor were born in Illinois. http…
When is this Richard Pryor movie coming out??
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
TIL that after a muti-day free base cocaine bender, Richard Pryor poured 151-proof rum...
Richard Pryor and Muhammad Ali for a boxing benefit 😍
he resembles Richard Pryor. Sorry Richard no insult intended.
Richard Pryor breaks down capitalisms racism in this 80s era interview
Years ago, Bill Condon ("Dreamgirls") was attached to direct a Richard Pryor biopic, with Eddie Murphy starring.
Saw Richard Pryor's Critical Condition (1987) on Netflix. Not his best; starts slow, but then the plotlines fall into place. It's fun. B.
Comedy Legends Richard Pryor and Robin Williams were both born in Illinois. http…
I've never seen anyone more messed up over success than Richard Pryor. For him, it's a constant
Winnipeg reminds me of Peoria, Illinois, home of Richard Pryor, where I lived a year. Much the same in ways you mentioned.
Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Bernie Mac the greatest comedians of all time. Don't @ me.
While doing cocaine, comedian Richard Pryor once lit himself on fire and ran down Parthenia Street from his Los Angeles home.
It was the favourite film of stars Julie Andrews & James Garner. Hiller also made the best Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor movie, Silver Streak.
*** U must be that Super ONE Richard Pryor ws talkin about. The power 2 divide the *** country. Smh
Eddie Murphy is my 2nd favorite comedian, behind Richard Pryor of course lol . Martin up there too
to paraphrase Richard Pryor "when he's on fire and running down the street you get of his way"
It's this man at the 79th street redline who look like an albino Richard Pryor
I added a video to a playlist Mike Epps goes in on Nick Cannon’s Richard Pryor movie!!!
Mike Epps is playing Richard Pryor in this biopic *** yes
Good morning! treat for y'all. Sly stone on the set of The Mike Douglas Show with Richard Pryor. .
Richard Pryor, & Lenny Bruce all had free speech battles. Today, their daughters speak out (VIDEO):
Rain Pryor talks about comedy, Richard Pryor & her one-woman show on The Unwritable Rant:
Congressman Bobby Scott convention doing his best Richard Pryor impersonation
Is it me or does VA Congressman Bobby Scott sound like Richard Pryor's MudBone?
Close your eyes. Rep Bobby Scott kinda sounds like Richard Pryor. You can pretend Pryor is playing a Rep.
Representative Scott sounds like Richard Pryor and I can't help but giggle uncontrollably right now.
Bobby Scott sounds like Richard Pryor or is it just me?
Daniel tosh live is something else, you can't forget Richard Pryor and George Carlin !
The legendary Richard Pryor talking about dealing with police back in 1974. 42 YEARS AGO & still 100% relevant TODAY htt…
My father was funnier than me. My father was Richard Pryor-funny. I'm just a better busines...
If Sam, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce did stand-up today, snowflakes would need blankies and mommy
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Brian Williams said the Obama's speech was the "Richard Pryor delivery". Chuck Todd asked if Obama was too good at this. MSNBC…
. would be this generation's Moms Mabley, Richard Pryor and/or Redd Foxx (telling the truth in that special way)
drake might not write all of his own music but Paul Mooney wrote some material for Richard Pryor.
WOW thanks to .is back, Calling Obama’s speech a ‘Richard Pryor delivery’
Brian Williams hit with Internet wrath after calling Obama's speech a 'Richard Pryor...
I thought you black folks loved Richard Pryor. It should have been a compliment. But what do I know, I'm a privileged white.
I added a video to a playlist TIMOTHY JOHN as RICHARD PRYOR 2016! Richard Pryor biopic audition Lee
Richard Pryor tells how much he enjoyed watching "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy & Dan Aykroyd
Realized Tim Meadows got the Ladies Man from Richard Pryor's "Saturday Night" on "Supern*r". Lisp, fish sandwich and everything.
Richard Pryor no? 😢. Always cool asking comedians about top 5. Am a big fan of them all too. Also Whitney Cummings, Jay Pharaoh.
I find Richard Pryor and Dave Chappelle hilarious. Only they made me laugh until I cried and nearly suffocated 😂
Eddie Murphy was low ball biting Richard Pryor on Raw
I'm watching The Toy! I love this movie Richard Pryor, Jackie Gleason & Ned Beatty
I can't believe you forgot Chris Pratt snagging the Richard Pryor biopic. What a bold choice!
Lucille Clifton on Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor, excerpt of "from the wisdom of sister brown"
Watched bits of The Wiz for research: saw Richard Pryor, Michael Jackson; thought of Prince. Now look like this.
I liked a video from Richard Pryor and Jerry Lewis (Merv Griffin Show 1966)
Why hasn't anyone figured out that looks just like young Richard Pryor!
I liked a video Richard Pryor & Robin Williams at The Comedy Store in L.A.
Designs and color samples for a few of the uniforms for the Billy Dee Williams / Richard Pryor film "Bingo Long...
Brewster's Millions is a great movie. Richard Pryor and John Candy in one movie? Two of the greatest comedic geniuses of our time
I liked a video from Richard Pryor receives the first Mark Twain Award Robin Williams
Richard Pryor...and if you don't blink, a young Robin Williams lol
Biggie referenced a Richard Pryor joke word for word. Pac was real life a ballet dancer prior to Juice
Just an early appearance from Richard Pryor coming up? What about Hal Holbrook? One of the Brady kids? Shelly Winters?
for those viewers watching at home that's me w/ Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Mercedes Ruehl…
I randomly remember this girl on tumblr who reblogged Blazing Saddles and tagged Cleavon Little as Richard Pryor and didn't fix it lol
Scott scorch Richard Pryor red fox DMX the list is long you're going to have to keep an eye on him. but I can tell in her voice.
In Superman III, Richard Pryor does a great mixed impression of George C. Scott’s characters from Patton and Dr. Strangelove.
I'd like to officially endorse Mike Epp's as Uncle Buck. If he can pull that off and play Richard Pryor he'll start getting great roles.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Paul Schrader, Harvey Keitel, Yaphet Kotto, and Richard Pryor making BLUE COLLAR (1978), among the 70's best films.
Richard Pryor talking about Leon Spinks is my favorite thing this week.
Who's dorky-white-person voice is better: Eddie Murphy's, Dave Chappelle's, or Richard Pryor's?
Richard Pryor's hat. So trash it wouldn't show up in the photo
Way back when, Prince albums were legendary! In that just like Richard Pryor or Redd Foxx albums or that (cont)
Richard Pryor stole the show from Superman I thought
Richard Pryor w.s such an amazing actor/comedian. I could watch every movie or show he was ever apart of over and over.
Like you know is there a Steve Jobs in the works, or a Bill Gates, or Richard Pryor or LA Reid ?
The black groups that boycott certain films would do better to get the mone...
lol My two favorites were the Richard Pryor, and Chuck Berry 8 tracks behind the bar, I don't know how they didn't get worn out
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