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Richard Petty

Richard Lee Petty (born July 2, 1937) is a former NASCAR driver who raced in the Strictly Stock/Grand National Era and the NASCAR Winston Cup Series.

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Every race has a king. The Daytona 500 has Richard Petty, the Indianapolis 500 has AJ Foyt and the Snowball Derby h…
Caution on Lap 55. Thad Moffitt into the frontstretch wall. He stops in the corner of Turns 1 and 2. This has been…
You can't be petty wit a nonchalant *** .cuz I'm just gon be like, lmao ok
Not a banner day for Richard Petty's grandson, Thad Moffitt. Involved in a LCQ on Lap 10.
Oh, trust me, you will not be disappointed. 35 here today. Couple second an…
is also the third driver in Cup Series history to win eight races and the title -- first to do it…
We look back at our 2017 season and ahead to 2018. . Read more here:
In honor of Thanksgiving, we're throwing it back to Lee and Richard Petty' disagreement.
25 years ago today:. The Hooters 500 at . Alan Kulwicki won the championship, edging race-winner Bill Elliot…
Bill Gates, if you do not get that Joe Namath coat on your Richard Petty's hat in gear (now with 3-D Tri-…
Joining the ranks of Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty, and Michael Schumacher as seven-time motorsport…
"Move over Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson, because there's about to be a new 7 Time champ!"
On this day in 1978, Richard Petty scored his 1st career NASCAR Winston West Series win at
On this day in 1967, Richard Petty scored his 76th career NASCAR Grand National Series win at
When Richard Petty shows up at the party.
Richard Pitino on Alabama guard John Petty ("I think Petty -- now Sexton is an awesome player -- I th…
NASCAR champion joins elite company with Florida win.
Thank you “King” Richard Petty for your hospitality last night in Level Cross, NC. Great time at your place.
"I think Collin Sexton is an awesome player. I think Petty's a pro." Richard Pitino
Richard Pitino said a lot of people were talking about Collin Sexton and John Petty but Nate Mason 'is as good as any PG in the country."
What I love about this is Richard Petty can’t figure out how he wants to say ‘Emu’. I’ve watched this 736 times. .
Darrell Wallace Jr. to drive for Richard Petty in 2018
50 years ago this weekend, the 1967 Championship went to Richard Petty, Dale Inman and Maurice Petty.
Paul Menard had more Sprint Cup wins than Dale Earnhardt, The Allison's and Richard Petty combined.
Richard Petty's thoughts on passing of Robert Yates...our prayers are w Carol, Doug, Amy & Yates family.…
Richard Petty laughs at people who are surprised Keith Richards is still alive
Agreed. Alabama is the stupidest place in the USA. Their Messiahs are Richard Petty, Bear Bry…
Now I know that Richard Petty is a racist redneck that doesn't know free speech from his cousins p*ssy. My brothers name is Richard Lee. 😒
.icon Richard Petty, a current owner, said that he wouldn't accept any protest of our nation's colors.
Lee & Richard Petty crash out of the 1960 Old Dominion 500 @ Martinsville.
Impossible to make up a more stereotypical Richard Petty quote than the one he actually gave
Dale Earnhardt, Bill Elliott, Rusty Wallace, Darrell Waltrip and Richard Petty appear in this Goodyear ad from 1991
Cale Yarborough, Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt battle for the lead during the final laps of the 1982 Southern 500 at…
As part of Tuesday’s statement, Richard Petty confirmed will not return to the No. 43 car.
"We’ve been around since 1949, and we’ll be around a lot longer.”. Hear from Richard Petty on today's news:
Richard Petty gets black-flagged Sunday in Darlington. Yes, you read that correctly.
They can't get Richard Petty off the track 🤣
You ain't the boss of Richard Petty
Richard Petty's all smiles at He's driving the car he used to win 10 straight races in 1967! .
Did the officer say "Who do you think you are, Richard Petty?"
There was a kid at my high school named Adam Petty. I mean, also Richard Petty's grandson, RIP.
I got a fever, the only prescription is more Golladay. A mix of Mike Tyson/Jordan/Gretzky/Richard Petty/…
Who would win a race between Richard Petty, You, Dale Earnhardt Sr, and Junior Johnson, at Daytona? And you are all in pintos
Happy 80th Birthday to The King, Richard Petty!!! We are all so privileged to know you!!
Richard Petty was getting ready for lunch Sunday when, as writes, fans noticed the King near his castle.
The King will always be Richard Petty, but achieving 200 wins in this era would be one *** of an accomplishment as well.
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Thank you Richard Petty! My son was overly excited to meet The King.
Staff Sergeant Andrew Player and Trooper Aaron Richards with legend, the King, Richard Petty.
OK.I just got to shake the hand of the King.Richard Petty! Pretty cool!
My Uber driver's opening line: "So you know how Richard Petty is the king of NASCAR?"
The King is in the building. Love how Richard Petty still makes time for his fans!
I went from taking a picture with a wax figure of Richard Petty last week to interviewing The King yesterday. What…
Meet “The King” Richard Petty & grandson at our GT display in the Fan Zone at 10:30AM.
Aric Almirola to honor 200th win of ‘The King’, Richard Petty, with Darlington scheme.
Apparently VIR is fit for a king - THE King. Richard Petty named Grand Marshal for the GT Challenge ->
Nice.Credit of my love of Mopars goes to the King Richard Petty.. .My first car was a 68 Plymouth Satel…
In honor of “The King’s” 80th birthday, is offering a Richard Petty ticket offer for the 9/17 race
for a chance to win a hat signed by Richard Petty. We'll pick a winner at the start of the
Although you think you're Richard Petty or Kyle Bush, slow down when traveling empty. This is your most dangerous time driving.
Q: Who hopped in the No. 43 and relieved Richard Petty during the 1987 Miller High Life 500 at Firs…
On this date in 1975, Richard Petty won the Tuborg 400 at Riverside International Raceway.
On this day in 1975, Richard Petty scored his 171st career NASCAR Winston Cup Series win at Riverside International…
Jimmie Johnson has a vote as the defending champion. Former drivers Ned Jarrett, Richard Petty on panel. (Rudd, too…
Chief did get one thing from the conversation with Richard Petty he did say Carl Edwards might drive a few of the races 🏁
Give JH NEMECHEK a chance. He came from nothing. So did Richard Petty. Carl Edwards not a good choice. Try JH!!!
Richard Petty once used his own spleen as motor oil to win a race you sissy.
Richard Petty: Jeff Gordon represented an entire era - ...
Alan Kulwicki and Richard Petty pose for a picture together at the 1992 Winston Cup banquet.
Got to see Micheal Waltrip and Richard Petty up close and see Chase Elliot finish 3rd! Not a bad day at
Loving the videos! I did the Richard Petty driving experience about 5 years ago. I loved it! Have fun today!🏎️
Darrell Waltrip and Richard Petty pit during the 1980 Richmond 400.
I did the Richard Petty driving experience once. It was incredible and thrilling and SCARY!
S/o to Jeff Gordon, Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Jr for going fast
Richard Petty has seen brain injuries like Bobby Allison and Ernie irvan he is just looking out for Jr's health
Legendary NASCAR driver Richard Petty will make appearance at Gray-Daniels Ford in Brandon(topix)
There always exceptions you could point to, Richard Petty was 21 I think, Ricky Rudd and Bill Elliott around 20
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Jimmie Johnson ties Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty with 7 Championships 2016... -
Who is NASCAR’s greatest racer: Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt or Jimmie Johnson?
Seven. Richard Petty. Dale Earnhardt. maybe. Watch the Sprint Cup Championship today on NBC! http…
BREAKING: Jimmie Johnson wins 7th NASCAR championship tying Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty in the record books.
Richard Petty really going all-out here to praise Jimmie Johnson for tying his record 😂😂😂
Jimmie Johnson wins his 7th NASCAR Sprint Cup title, tying Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt for most all-time.
I can only assume that the petty family spends 1 episode at the racetrack see long-lost cousin Richard Petty
NASCAR | Chase | Jimmie Johnson chases Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty in quest for seventh championship
My all time top 5. 1. David Pearson . 2. Jimmie Johnson . 3. Richard Petty . 4. Dale Earnhardt. 5. Jeff Gordon. Sunday, this could change
Sorry, but even if Jimmie Johnson wins next week (doubtful), he will NEVER be Dale Sr or Richard Petty.
Just saw this on Amazon: Richard Petty 1960 Plymouth Fury 2015 C... by Plymouth for $52.95 via
How many championships does have? When he's got 6 & is in company of Dale Sr & Richard Petty he could comment on who is a King.
With today's win, has a chance to tie Richard Petty & Dale Earnhardt Sr with 7 championships!
Jimmie Johnson will be racing for his 7th Championship. If he wins he will tie Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty!
is going to where he will race to put his name next to Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt in the history books
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now has a chance at to tie Dale Sr. and Richard Petty with 7 championships! Let's go!
Jimmie Johnson is on his way to championship then he will tie 2 greats of NASCAR. Dale Earnhardt Sr. And Richard petty
will have his chance for championship number 7 and tie the greats of Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr.
Today's win for Jimmie Johnson gives him a chance to join the club of 7 Sprint Cup titles: Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr.
Great Jimmie Johnson most likely will tie Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty...legit hate this *** points format
Richard Petty waves the green flag, and gets the checkered for a chance to win his 7th championship...Coincidence?
Gordon now has 38 top 10 finishes at Martinsville as he breaks a tie with Richard Petty for the most all-time which was 37.
Another real billionaire exposes Trump for what he is: a petty, vindictive, dangerous man. .
Are you sure it was 50 laps ago? Maybe it was. Only 10 laps ago or 80. Scoring is so screwed up that t…
This race reminds me of the time Lee Petty protested Richard Petty's 1st win in 1959. what says yall?
And your new leader is ... Richard Petty.
And when he equals Richard Petty's 200 race wins, then he can be considered the GOAT. Right now, no.
You were beautiful and very assertive. Great job. I thrilled to see Richard Petty give the green flag.
Read this from Richard Branson+ tell me u think vindictive petty child shd have nuclear codes
is vindictive, petty + vengeful. Imagine what he'll do if Merkel insults him?
lol, when Richard Petty is Richard Petty, he's Dale Urn-Heart ok
And all the hacks that said give this clown another chance. Bryce Petty.. *** Richard Petty is a better option
Congrats to and Richard Petty Motorsports for winning the Ingersoll Rand Power Move Award!
Brian Scott is maKing Richard Petty role in his grave
Text BRIAN to 90999 to donate $10 to the Richard Petty Motorsports "44 Repairs" fund.
Green flag by the King Richard Petty, and first Caution caused by Ricky Stenhouse Jr. . Truex Jr.…
Richard Petty waved the green flag for today's event. That was pretty cool
I now have more wins at Martinsville than Richard Petty (sure in Heat Evolution) I think it counts.
The King Richard Petty waves the green flag. We're underway at Martinsville.
*** AND Richard Petty waving the green. This is how you start a race!
Richard Petty, the all-time Martinsville winner, waves the green flag.
It's so weird to see Richard Petty without his hat on. Lol.
Green flag! 500 laps of racing at Martinsville has begun with the King himself, Richard Petty waving the flag.
The Richard Petty museum is incredible. Got these 3 treasures for only $20. And yes, that is an original Adam Petty…
Jimmie Johnson eyes Martinsville victory, but shies away from title predictions.
So i rode in the elevator with Richard Petty, pretty successful day so far I'd say 😂
Oh how times have changed! No Winston, no Confederate flag, no Richard Petty without sunglasses/feathered hat.
Brian Scott gives Richard Petty team big boost with career-bes...
.pointed out during commercial, truck reminds him of Richard Petty. Pretty cool.…
Richard Petty Motorsports driver Brian Scott explains what made Monday special for him,... https:/…
Yep right next to Richard Petty's leftover blue paint and the 48's title chances
Our hostess at steak and shake was just bragging about her Richard Petty rookie card
Great to be with our friend Richard Petty, the at his home in North Carolina! https:/…
Dinner with Richard Petty looks like this. @ The Capital Grille
51 years ago today, Richard Petty won @ Old Dominion Speedway, Race of the 1965 Grand National Season.
On this day in 1965, Richard Petty scored his 40th career NASCAR Grand National win at Old Dominion Speedway
I will fight any VA Tech fan including Dale Jr and Richard Petty for doubting the Vols in their own state
Richard Petty seems to have taken his medicine with big gulps of moonshine. No other way he picks VT.
The only story that includes Junior Johnson, Randy Moss, Brian Piccolo and a pic of Richard Petty in shoulder pads.
Richard Petty with a Go Pro on his cowboy hat
Last year, had the handlebar mustache. This year, he has the Richard Petty afro.
Drunk Johnny Depp looks like Richard Petty doing an impersonation of Jack Torrance from The Shining
... Richard Petty had much to say in interview including Brian France & Danica:
NASCAR’s King speaks: Richard Petty on Danica, Donald Trump, Brian France and more via
Richard Petty sounds off on Brian France, Danica Patrick & more in interview.
Jeff Gordon and NASCAR HOF driver Richard Petty talk in the garage area via
Buddy Baker, Terry Labonte and Richard Petty row through the garage during a 1980 rain delay at https:/…
can't call right now, but Richard Petty or David Pearson. Both in there prime.
Do you guys remember when Bill Elliott won the 2002 Brickyard 400 driving for Richard Petty? Nope, me neither.
Got to meet Richard Petty today. Greatest stock car driver of all-time. What a rush to meet one of your heroes!
Before the start of the 1960 International 200 @ Bowman Gray. Front Row, Lee & Richard Petty. Glen Wood won the Race
On this day in 1969, Richard Petty wins the Mason-Dixon 300 held
Richard Petty's car at the Indianapolis 500 Museum six years ago!
No teleprompter at Trump Rally in Greensboro NC! Richard Petty just endorsed Trump on stage. WOW!
Richard Petty, Fittipaldi, Al Unser Jr.,Arie, Mears, Kyle Petty, Davey, Irvan were my first round of SPORTS heroes.
so the nascar king, Richard Petty, has custom built the car of my dreams with all the works & my dad said he would pay for half of it..
.Yes he did! Carroll Shelby, A.J. Foyt and the King (Richard Petty) himself were regulars as well. Met them all!
For sell Richard Petty's King Permier Mustang contact me for info
Richard Petty's King Permier Mustang For sale don't hesitate to contact me Christopher Catron
Richard Petty : Cars of the King by Bill Coulter and Tim Bongard 1997 Hardback
I didn't say the best, I said "The Greatest". That is his moniker, like Kobe is "Black Mamba" or Richard Petty "The King"
Best find in an L.A. consignment shop. The King, Richard Petty.
the King Richard Petty had won the most Daytona 500's
on that note I'd like to extend warm wishes to the king of domination Richard Petty.
Head to tomorrow for FAN DAY with Richard Petty & Wristbands for autographs are handed out at…
Great to have Tony Stewart back in a car. Here in conference w/ Richard Petty & Greg Biffle
You gotta put your shades on when you’re with Richard Petty. (fans know what we’re talkin’ about!)
Can someone tell Steve Davis he's not Richard Petty and looks stupid with those sunglasses
A drag car once raced by Richard Petty will be on display at the
are you sure you didn't take a wrong turn and end up on the old Richard Petty driving experience?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Richard Petty: The good old days weren't so good after all
Richard Petty: The good old days weren\'t so good after all(SPEEDonFOX)
it's like Hank Aaron to Barry Bonds...Richard Petty to Jeff Gordon...Arnold Palmer to Tiger Woods
At the gym 2day they had a NASCAR documentary on & I couldn't help but think Richard Petty modeled himself after Cal Naughton Jr
never been to Daytona. Always wanted to go. I want to see Bill Elliott and Richard Petty live. Are they still racing too?
Richard Petty, Dale Inman and Mechanic Murph talk about racing then & now in the Midway.
Colby did 18 laps at the Charlotte motor speedway. Richard Petty driving school. It was awesome!
Boss Elliott in the house! Chase is the next Jimmie Johnson and/or the King, Richard Petty!
Nice sunny morning here in Daytona. We r off to Richard petty driving experience
After quals, will start 9th in 2nd Duel race & starts 12th in 1st Duel.
Jeb Burton lands XFINITY Series ride for 2016 season
Richard Petty, others remember driver Lennie Pond, who passed away last week (
Richard petty accomplished quite a bit after 40, and 50.
Just locked for a full time ride in the XFINITY Series! Read here. http…
Jeb Burton lands XFINITY ride with RPM - Nascar
Jeb Burton will race for Richard Petty Motorsports in the NASCAR Xfinity Series as announced by the organization...
Ronald Reagan was the only President to attend while in office Richard Petty (THE KING) won race
still waiting for Danica Patrick to race Richard Petty...
Two hundred wins for Peyton Manning. How Richard Petty of him. 🏁
Jeff Gordon is the Richard Petty of this era and has been a very good asset for the sport.
I'm going to the Daytona 500. I can't wait to see Jeff Gordon take down Richard Petty and Helio Castroneves
Presley vs. Richard Petty: A tale of two Kings
So I'm thinking about buying tickets to do the Richard Petty driving experience.. anyone done this before?
remember when Gordon raced against Richard Petty in 1992 and Davey Allison and Alan Kulwicki in 1992 and 1993.
So! Did the king, Richard Petty just use that one dollar in a vending machine for a coke?
The King of stock car racing, Richard Petty retired from NASCAR competition after the1992 season his last was Gordon's first
… Did you see the special gifts Richard Petty gave .
Fit for a King: Richard Petty presents with special gifts
Richard Petty was the first autograph I ever got.
If Kyle Busch is champion, he would be first champion since Richard Petty in 1971 to not run every race(Petty missed 2)
Richard Petty: NASCAR got it right suspending Matt Kenseth -
"It needed to be done." Richard Petty says got it right by suspending Matt Kenseth» https:…
1st John force racing,then Richard Petty and now,an HScott motorsports trailer involved in accident/Fire
Eat that, Hellcat. Ford and NASCAR legend Richard Petty have built a 727bhp Mustang GT
So excited to announce NASCAR legend Richard Petty will be the 2015 Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade Grand Marshal!
Richard Petty to be Grand Marshall of the 2015 Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade -
One of my favorite all time songs is Mojo Nixon's "Richard Petty"
Found an estate sale selling "NASCAR toys" that has Richard Petty and Brett/Todd Bodine stuff and Al Unser diecasts. Can't wait to *** em
Richard Petty to appear at car show in Randolph County: LEVEL CROSS, N.C. – This year, the King himself, Richard…
Just "The King." Kinda like Richard Petty only more royal.
and 43 would be an awesome nod to the King, Richard Petty.
Ladies and gentlemen, the undisputed of (Also pictured Richard Petty)
Sweet, my mom and dad went through the Richard Petty experience at Las Vegas motor speedway!
Just realized two of my lifetime sports heroes are called "THE KING", Richard Petty and Arnold Palmer. Great Americans with character .
The King, Richard Petty joins from Waffle House and talks about 2016 plans and the idea of adding a...
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Does he wear 43 to be like Richard Petty the King of NASCAR?
King approved: Richard Petty likes mustache for Darlington:
… Richard Petty saw Fu Manchu. This is what the King thought of it: .
and, in hindsight Richard Petty stepped away and we got Gordon. That's a fair trade.
& their band hung out with the King, Richard Petty! Check out for MO!
When says she doesn't know who Richard Petty is
Richard Petty is awesome for a lot of reasons 1 is building SOW a charity car this year! Petty's Garage RPMotorsports
I showed up at the Auto Show, I had no idea until I saw a long line and asked... They told me Richard Petty was going to be there!
Oct 3rd Richard Petty will draw the winner for this car. Get your tickets at $10
[ NASCAR ] Open Question : What did Richard Petty do with his Martinsville clocks?: He won 15 Grandfather clocks. What did he do with them?
If guys don't respect themselves, they don't respect other people. – Richard Petty
Richard Petty just drove by and said hey to myself and
With his 170 laps led so far tonight, passes David Pearson for the 8th-most all-time at 7th all-tim…
(Me): They took down the Richard Petty Experience at WDW. (Dad): "How dare they!"
I know some of you fans don't remember,but Richard Petty had the same year in 1992.
Update your maps at Navteq
Son there ain't but three kings in this world. Budweiser,Elvis Presley,and Richard petty. King of beer, king of rock and roll ki…
It's honestly quite amazing that Richard Petty has had such a great NASCAR career after him and the Heartbreakers split.
Everyone but Richard Petty and David Pearson take the wave around
Do you have any photos of Richard Petty in victory lane for the 1969 Myers Brothers 250 @ Bowman Gray? Petty's 100th win.
FHP: That driving instructor's death at Richard Petty's driving experience at Disney: Wudn't have happened if .
I really want to do the Richard Petty driving experience.
They are taking away the cars from the Richard Petty driving experience today
In 1997 Benny Parsons held off Richard Petty by .45 seconds to win the at Pocono Raceway.
Martin Truex Jr clinches a spot in the Chase for the first time since Richard Petty did in 1969
Martin Truex Jr cuts a tire and finishes 25th at Watkins Glen for the first time since Richard Petty in 1969
Unfortunately never gonna be another Mario, Dan Gurney, Richard Petty, Jim Clark or A.J.Foyt, we're lucky..!
"Since when was Burt Reynolds your hero?" "Wh. Since ever!" "I thought that was Richard Petty" "Which doesn't even merit a response" lmao
winners on this date: Fred Lorenzen, Paul Lewis, Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon and Bill Elliott.
where amazing people grew up. CP3, Maya Angelou, Andy Griffith, Richard Petty etc. 🙌
Mhm. For those of you who boo also has the most career wins outside of Richard Petty&David Pearson..
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Setzer in '10, Edwards in '09 both at Dega; Geoff Bodine in '00 and Richard Petty in '88...
Richard Petty and Ricky Craven, those were the two I was thinking of, late 80s and mid 90s
have to laugh. They celebrate one win by Dale Sr. And by Darryl but fail to mention SEVEN by Richard Petty. Just saying.
Mechanics on after Curtis Turner and Richard Petty crash on 1st lap Compact Car race
Where could you go for lunch and see JYS, Richard Petty, Damon Hill and Giacomo Agostini? M…
The KIng, Richard Petty goes up the hill.
Just sent some TTM requests to Will Clark, Richard Petty and Cale Yarborough today. Sending one to Rob Manfred tomorrow.
If you ever wondered whether Richard Petty had a "batphone" installed in his house, the answer is here:
Check out this feature about Richard Petty, and the Petty family thanks to http:/…
would u put Steph over David Thompson, Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty? I think not, top 20 maybe
.has become first racer to score 14 top10's in first 15 races since Richard Petty, 46 years ago in 1969.…
I thought guests were going to be car racer Richard Petty and comedian Richard Prior in an episode called "My Two *** .
Had a fun chat with prior to the Pocono race. Great detail about his selfies with Mike Helton, Richard Petty and more.
Did a ride along at Kentucky Speedway today. Thanks to the workers at Richard Petty's driving experience
Where do you vape your ? We took ours to Richard Petty's Driving Experience!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Yeah, we look a little dorky, but it's not everyday you get to hang out with Richard Petty. @ Petty's…
Never forget watching Jackie Stewart interview Richard Petty years ago - polar ends of the same language
Richard Petty vs. David Pearson - The greatest rivals in the history of Nascar
history on this date April 30th winners: Junior Johnson, Richard Petty (4 times), Mark Martin, Jeremy Mayfield, and Kyle Busch.
Winners on this date: Ned Jarrett, Richard Petty (3 times), Rex White, Darrell Waltrip (2 times), Rusty Wallace, and Kurt Busch.
Getting this close to Richard Petty "The King" was pretty awesome.
Richard Petty's final race car will be on display at the Summit Racing Equipment Atlanta Motorama at April 18-19!
Barnes told me if he could have dinner with two people they'd be Billy Graham and Richard Petty
Richard Petty autographed ceramic figurine. Originally sold for $150. Blowout price of 30 bucks the autograph is...
In the last hour of the Best Of SiriusXM Speedway Legends you'll hear from Buddy Baker, Janet Guthrie, David Pearson & Richard Petty
Wait, there was a Richard Petty edition Pontiac Grand Prix?
don't follow nascar that much so don't know him. My nascar days date way back to Richard petty
Richard Petty Motorsports cars together on track. Almirola is 27th, Hornish is 28th after 60 of 312 laps.
Richard Petty won the MD cup in 08 Michael chefnor is a phony
.wishes would share more secrets for success»
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Help a man out ... wishes would share some secrets»
Charlotte, home of NASCAR. Might be an opportunity here... Gate to gate transport by Richard Petty ?
While waiting for the Cup race, check out the race report from yesterday's race.
"When you saw him coming, you braced yourself." Richard Petty
Richard Petty signed tribute car raffle for
Paint Scheme Preview: Check out the new 2015 and layouts» http:…
.400th career Cup start today in PHX. 6 drivers have won in 400th start: Johnson, Big E, Dave Marcis, Pearson, Richard/Lee Petty
This is funny. The Petty teams wants Penske to share. Seriously? Anyone remember when RP last shared information?
I just finished this commission 'Richard Petty' in polychromo pencil
I know I'm home when I see two different girls with Richard Petty in their Tinder photo's
Lol oomf got so mad she blocked me. Petty. Told y'all she cared more.
45 years ago today Richard Petty won the 1970 Savannah 200 at Savannah Speedway Grand National Race
What do biz think of Let's hear frm Chairman of Australian Chamber of Commerce HongKong http:/…
was at Daytona Sunday, everyone going crazy over him. I was more into watching Richard Petty at the bacon eating contest.
Dude's skinnier than Richard Petty. MT Watch this guy eat 182 strips of bacon.
Richard Petty Ford Mustang goes on sale - Fox News -
> teams up with Richard Petty to build a 627-hp Mustang GT:
Dang love the color and over 600 ponies to the rear = head snap!
Love Richard Petty? You'll love this 627hp Ford Mustang via
A Richard Petty built Mustang just seems like utter blasphemy to me... anyone else?
.teams up with legend Richard Petty to build stunning Mustang GT:
Ford teams up with Richard Petty to make 627-hp Mustang GT | FOX Sports
.teams up with Richard Petty to build 627-hp Mustang GT: |
Richard Petty helped us surprise the Sosa family with a year of free groceries
A lil message while I straighten up my area of the dojo. Ol Richard PETTY *** *** !!…
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