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Richard Osman

Richard Thomas Osman (born 28 November 1970) is an English television presenter, producer and director.

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I had a ticket to see Richard Osman at the Apple Store tonight but I went to the pub instead. Sorry Richard.
If time I'll ask Richard Osman what it's like to be probably related to William the Conqueror, given that statistically we probably all are.
"Your Mum goes in hard." Some serious banter from Richard Osman
saw you and Richard on the one show with Donnie Osman are you and Donnie really small or is Richard just huge?
Here's a question! Is the Richard Osman that exec produces the same that appears on
No, it's Grand Designs. Pointless is an early evening quiz show hosted by Alexander Armstrong and co-hosted by Richard Osman.
I so wish you had taken a photo of you with Richard Osman.
Accidentally turned on to the One Show but fortunately the screen was filled with Richard Osman, so everything was alright after all :)
Tomorrow: Special Event: Pointless, Join Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman at the Apple Store, Regent Street 7pm
You just know if you went for a coffee with Richard Osman you'd go home thinking 'I like him. Yeah, he's cool.'
Bloody *** that Richard Osman from Pointless is a giant!
Armstrong & Miller are dead, long live & Watching and Richard looks like he's been well proven
I know Richard Osman's tall but it looked like a Jeremy Kyle fairy tale special when he was sat next to Alexander Armstrong...
I've never seen Richard Osman next to another person before. He is an actual giant.
Richard Osman next to normal sized humans
Has Richard Osman been photoshopped or is he genuinely that big 😂
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Richard Osman is like a paedo Herman Munster
I'd literally buy a calendar with just pictures of Richard Osman in
I like seeing Richard Osman on TV because then I know how tall I would be in relation to other celebrities. He's like a fab tape measure
Richard Osman was dropped in the cauldron
Is Richard Osman some sort of giant. He looks massive sitting on the sofa beside Alexander Armstrong and Donny Osmond
Richard Osman has the biggest hands I have ever seen!
Alexander Armstrong sat next to Richard Osman on The 1 Show. This should never happen. Looks like Osman's ventriloquist dummy...
Richard Osman's hand is as big as Alexander Armstrong's head!
Jesus Christ, look at the size of Richard Osman's hand!
lookalike Richard Osman and the infamous 'dummy laptop' - is he the world's cleverest person?
Richard Osmond & Donny Osman on the One Show tomorrow. Are you in fact related?
I shall test it next week to see if similar feelings persist towards Richard Osman or Professor Kevin 'Dreamboat' Dutton... ;-)
Solution: a special 'Osman Hat Seat' (c) for people with the seat behind you. They sit on your head. Best view in the house
what about ? & I bet Richard Osman is a beanstalk somewhere ?? 😉
PT. Richard Osman, though he clearly holds very different opinions to Frankie Boyle, manages to get some very interesting answers.
If there's one reason for disliking Richard osman, it's that he's apparently one of the writers for 8 out of 10 cats
Just seen the advert for not going out and it has Richard osman in it! Yes!
I think I'm in love with Richard Osman from Pointless
Brilliant article from dispelling a tired cliche, and championing the quality of our daytime TV...
Christian you have to include Richard osman.. (Pointless) A 6"7 front man...
does Richard Osman know you've got his sandals?
Still brilliant - The 100 top things you honestly don't need to do before you die | Richard Osman
Who's clever idea was it to get Richard Osman from pointless to guest on the trombone? Sheer genius whoever it was
Literally was just in town and saw Richard Osman from pointless...
Life goal realised: Richard Osman and Xander Armstrong toe-tapping to Right Said Fred.
Ulrika Jonsson is incredibly rude, putting Richard Osman down on Pointless, she has really shown herself up to be as shallow as always.
Richard Osman raving with glow sticks in my new favourite thing
That 7 seconds of Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman on raving from their 90s special was utterly spectacular
17:30 Pointless Celebrities: Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present a 1990s edition of the quiz.
Marvellous! So between us, we have Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch & Richard Osman's movements covered..
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
John Barrowmans 'Pressure Pad' or Richard Osman 'Two Tribes' for tea-time quizzing?
Imagine a male version of Loose Women with Jeremy Vine, Alexander Armstrong, & Richard Osman, with Dara O'Briain at the helm. Immense.
Also first spot of the day went to Richard Osman of Pointless!
So embarrassing. At least my auntie Marina told richard osman how much I love him
Richard Osman was right. The Poundland in Brighton DOES have an escalator!!!
Christ, can see you and Richard Osman sitting there being chums.
Benedict Cumberbatch needs to keep winning at life. He will make an excellent Richard III.
I had.Moment when watching Pointless when a look from Richard Osman made hair on the back of my neck stand up. What a guy
So I went to see Ed Bryne, David Mitchell, Richard Osman, Henning Wehn and Hollie Walsh last night. I don't believe I was fully there either
Pointless presenters Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman book signing at bookshop Friday 10th October!
just sad to see our giant baby Richard Osman fly the nest I guess. (Thank u for your concern I will be OKAY xxx)
Ha yes - never realised how much he looks like Richard Osman and Nick Robinson.
today it was Henning Wein, Ed Byrne, Holly Walsh, and Richard Osman. Brilliant line up but not aired till January
Richard Osman!! Awesome, which questions did he do?
Missing and but this in Normandy almost makes up for it. Apart from Richard Osman, will miss him
Note to self: Need to book Richard Osman.
Richard Osman and Frankie Boyle: intelligent and thought provoking
I want to be best friends with Richard Osman
no spoilers though! I know Richard Osman and ed Byrne are on!
Watch what happens when broadcaster Gary Lineker and Richard Osman start talking
Any one know this couple, for crime against music, fans of Cliff Richard, Susan Boyle, Donny Osman.
now David Mitchell is off the scene, totally Richard Osman for me.
Richard Osman should always be seated. Like Davros.
Good morning! Here is my Sunday message which at this moment I think is very timely and applicable. I don't need...
Not really. Did you get it? Even Paul McCartney would be puzzled. And Richard Osman too canny a pop fan not to know that.
Richard Osman is getting a bit too full of himself for my liking
Would prob have a threesome with Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman 👉👌👈
Before Richard Osman found fame on Pointless he had a cameo in The Simpsons as the Very Tall Man
No 6. Mum saw that bloke off the telly big wi glasses off Pointless . Me Richard Osman?. Mum I don't know his name
I like almost everything about Richard Osman, starting with his brain and his SOH.
Me and Richard Osman are basically best friends, saw him at the station and just waved cos I see him all the time now.
Calling all pointless fans !! I have a signed copy by Richard Osman of their book (with Alexander ) to auction to...
. I love Two Tribes. I like Richard Osman and the banter. We share the same birthday! I also like Pointless and The Chase .
I even offered Richard Osman a role as my target man up top. "But Kevin, you're not in management at the moment.". "Please, I need this."
the big question is can Richard Osman bake. It's eating me alive.
Has anyone else found Richard Osman on Tinder? Asking for a friend.
It's all about Pointless! Richard Osman is funny. I miss not being able to watch that anymore :(
what a talented man you are Richard osman x
Osman Sow's penalty just landed in my garden in Paisley. True.
spent last five minutes looking for Richard Osman reaction gifs. dunno what the internet doesn't have
Richard Osman gets all the attention but it's Alexander Armstrong who quietly keeps the show ticking. Unappreciated and just as integral
That's no way to talk about Richard Osman.
Problem with Pointless is that Richard Osman now thinks he's bigger than the show. He'd be transfer listed if it was a football team
Just noticed Richard Osman has really nice hands. 👐
Kev McCloud, Richard Osman, Phil Allsop, Craig Doyle and Keith Lemon…what a mix!
aha that's funny because Mat Osman is in Suede but Richard Osman (his brother) is on BBC1's best quiz show Pointless aha!
Richard Osman game shows are terrible fair play. How the *** did he get on tv?
You weren't missing anything. Awful format, awful host. Richard Osman is at least an engaging host
Double Richard Osman when I get in from work, what a leg end
Just watching # pointless & Richard went off on a fabulous, lengthy fantasy. We think Richard Osman is the REAL Dr. Huge brain power ;-)
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman actually make my life
I'm trying to draw Kevin from Eggheads and at the moment he looks like Richard Osman crossed with an angry potato.
We're like teenage girls desperate to be asked out on dates by Richard Osman.
Still few free tickets left to see me Lee Mack Richard Osman Sean Locke playing darts with the pros for comic relief
why does richard osman talk to me but iwan doesnt HM?
Richard Osman seems like a decent chap!
.Ok, 'Linger' by The Cranberries now stuck in my head. Thanks Richard Osman!
Wednesday wondering: What would be like if Alexander Armstrong was played by Bernard Black and Richard Osman by Manny.
No!? There was a beautiful Hawaiian shirt on Two Tribes yesterday that Richard Osman figuratively ripped apart. It was beautiful
Still in shock about how much Richard Osman and Patrick Carney look alike, I will never get over it. NEVER EVER   10% Off
Really enjoying the BBC's new Richard Osman double bill.
Stop throwing shade at me richard osman
I appreciate the special treatment and I always play pointless, like I said I am Richard Osman of the west coast
Richard Osman is not as funny as he thinks he is...
for your darts name you could use Richard 'Pointless' Osman. It's the aim of the game and your claim to fame all in one.
My mate Ken says Richard "The reach Osman" and I say keep it simple with Richard "Big Os" Osman
Sorry I'm late to the party, but what about 'Richard (the nine dart) Osman' as your ?
Went to watch Gift Wrapped but it clashed with Pointless, I love Richard Osman and Pointless, what do I do?! x
only reason Richard osman stayet under his table is he was rock hard as the rock of Gibraltar
Tall, darts and handsome. Or Richard "too big for darts" Osman
I quite enjoy Two Tribes, but Richard Osman does spend more time explaining the final round than the round takes to play.
I want to be stuck in a lift with Richard Osman. Lovely.
love having a whole hour of Richard Osman!
A little bit in love with Richard Osman :)
Still really chuffed that I met richard osman
actually, yeh, Richard "The Reach" Osman has a good ring to it I reckon.
Richard "Long Arm" Osman? I'd use it myself but I'm only a shortarsed 6'4"...
you also need to be dicky osman not Richard whilst playing darts - dicky 'big finish' osman!
I thought that the doppelgänger for Richard Osman was Patrick Carney, the drummer with the Black Keys.Is he allowed more than one
Is there a shipping name for Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman?
You could ditch Alexander Armstrong for me. I prefer Richard Osman. Hooray for his recruitment!
I thought episode 1 of Richard Osman's quiz Two Tribes was boring.
Speakers are so bad on spare laptop, genuinely thought Richard Osman said. "2 of them are Heroin junkies" not "Adrenaline" on quiz Two Tribes
I like Richard Osman but Two Tribes is utter bobbins.
Had no idea that Richard Osman is an exec producer for loads of successful TV shows. Thought he was some regional news guy who got promoted
I like Two Tribes cos Richard Osman is an ace host. But the Tribe gimmick has zero relevance to the quiz so feels utterly, uh, pointless.
I thought as it was Richard Osman it would be something a bit special.
we watched it for the first time today. We wanted the tall blokey to stand next to Richard Osman
Front Row: Lisa Dwan; Lucy; Mark Ravenhill on Alan Turing; Richard Osman on TV quiz formats begins shortly on
Scarlett Johannsson/Luc Besson, Not I and Richard Osman on front row. Incredible.
Planning my meal times around Richard Osman
Why did bbc2 start this new Richard Osman show when ch4 started with classic Simpsons ffs
loving richard osman's new quiz thing. a bloke just said some bigoted stuff about the NHS. got a big laugh
Pointless would be pointless without Richard Osman
Just walked past Richard Osman and probably fangirled a little too much to be socially appropriate
Lovely to meet you today You walk tall in our estimation
Love Richard Osman, will defo be checking out his new show!
your one and only twin is Richard Osman ! looks and personality. That's exactly who your twin is 👬
For years he's toiled behind the scenes... but now has been given his own quiz show
22:35 Have I Got Old News For You: Paul Merton and Ian Hislop are joined by Richard Osman, Dan Snow and Mark Steel.
The best episode of "8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown" is with Richard Osman, Lee Mack, Jon Richardson, Stephen Mangan and Henning Wehn. 😂😂😂😂
Rob you were born on the exact same day as Richard Osman's daughter (I would be pleased if that was me)
The fact that is is from Richard Osman makes it even better
Richard who? (I hope it is either Richard Osman or Richard O'Brien).
Check Richard Osman's account for the 18 teams here that aren't proper countries in that case.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Tuvalu was created six years ago by Richard Osman to be an answer on Pointless.
Richard Osman watching this preparing Pointless answers
He looks like a young Richard Osman
Saw Richard Osman from Pointless on the way to the pie and mash shop. Great lunches of our time.
Go on, you argue that with Richard Osman then :)
Richard Osman and Rachel Riley, just... what a sublime room to be in.
had like 5 episodes to catch up on so I'm now finally watching. Richard Osman is much taller than I thought.
no one told me RICHARD OSMAN was on cats does countdown!
When the Chileans miners were trapped, Pointless introduced Richard Osman with a joke about being trapped down a mineshaft.
Patrick Carney and Richard Osman are twins though aren't they
Richard Osman was on a programme we were watching earlier and i thought of you
A thing I wrote in the Radio Times about the time I disagreed with a banker about who watches daytime TV
If Richard Ayoade, Richard Osman and Jon Ricardson were to ever be in the same room, then I think my life may just be complete.
As rants go, this is a pretty good one from
This column by about daytime television and it's criticisms is really rather good
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
.Britain is uniquely good at delivering intelligent and entertaining daytime TV
Richard Osman: How to create a hit television show:
Not sure if I could think of better guests on than Richard Osman and Bob Mortimer.
Can't believe how tall Richard Osman is, I thought my boyfriend was tall!
Jon Richardson and Richard Osman as a team is just brilliant :')
Watching 8 out of 10 cats does countdown and Richard Osman (pointless) appears freakishly large and to big for his own body
Richard Osman swearing!! I thought he was such a gentleman as well.
Jon Richardson looks hilariously tiny next to Richard Osman!
Two of my favourite people on the same show: Richard Osman and Rachel Riley.
On Jimmy Carr said Richard Osman's catchphrase is 'well done if you got that one at home' - this is wrong.
Jon Richardson n Richard Osman together on 8 out of 10 cats has literally made my life, 2 fave ppl have come together🔥
Jon Richardson and Richard Osman on the same team? I think we know who has won this...
TV doesn't do Richard Osman's hands justice!!
|| 'So you're a whole Jon Richardson shorter than Richard Osman' 'A certain part of Jon Richardson' 😂
please tell me you're watching Cats Does Countdown, with the Jon and Richard Osman banter.
Richard Osman on 8 Out of 10 Cats - every time I see him I think 'he was vile to '
Richard Osman is the result of Buddy Holly's mom shagging Godzilla
Jon Richardson and Richard Osman are on the same team on the same show. TV doesn't get better.
Keep thinking the Black Keys drummer is Richard Osman
The drummer for the Black Keys looks a little like Richard Osman
The Black Keys drummer looks like Richard Osman off Pointless.
Pat Carney and Richard Osman are my two favs
The Black Keys FT Richard Osman would allow me to die happy
It's great to see Richard Osman from Pointless behind the drums for The Black Keys
I didn't know Richard Osman was the drummer for The Black Keys!
Richard Osman coming up when you search The Black Keys is great
Richard Osman's timeline is amusing. Rarely have 2 people looked so alike. Poor sod must get sick of endlessly being told!
West Holts Stage to be renamed the 'Richard Osman Looks Like That Fella In The Black Keys Stage'.
Richard Osman from Pointless is the Black Keys drummer
Didn't know Richard Osman played the drums.
he thinks he's spotted Richard Osman
Convinced Patrick Carney and Richard Osman were separated at birth
Nice to see the Black Keys allowing Richard Osman to guest on the drums there.
: wonder if anyone's told Patrick Carney he looks like that Richard Osman off the telly!
And appear to have Richard Osman on drums.
The drummer in The Black Keys looks like Richard Osman.There.
I never knew Richard Osman was the Black Keys' drummer.
That fella from Pointless, Richard Osman can really play the drums for The Black Keys can't he...
I have said for AGES that Richard Osman and Pat Carney are practically twins, and that's people only just realising.
Had no idea Richard Osman played drums in The Black Keys.
I'm glad Ryan Gosling and Richard Osman are keeping busy
"Richard Osman keeping the best with Black Keys Oi Mortimer, already done!
The drummer for The Black Keys looks like a retarded Richard Osman
The lead singer of 'The Black Keys' looks like Roman Abramovich accompanied by Richard Osman from Pointless on drums
The Black Keys' drummer looks like Richard Osman, the stat man on Pointless.
Is that Richard Osman from Pointless playing drums for the Black Keys at Glastonbury?
Didn't know Richard Osman played drums for Black Keys
Ah they use this song on MLB12. That drummer does look like Richard Osman too Ha Ha Ha
Richard Osman drums for The Black Keys in his spare time. Not a lot of people know that.
No Richard Osman is not the drummer of the Black Keys.
and slightly like Richard Osman at the same time
Richard Osman and Z from Police Academy 2 smashing it at Glastonbury here
Lol the drummer in Black Keys is spitting image of Richard Osman 😂😂
Richard Osman seems to have replaced Patrick Carney in The Black Keys
The resemblance between the drummer of the Black Keys and Richard Osman from pointless is uncanny
The Richard osman jokes are so original !
Is Richard Osman the drummer for thr Black Keys?
The Black Keys - didn't know Roman Abramovich and Richard Osman off Pointless were in a band together?
Black Keys look like Roman Abramovich and Richard Osman from pointless so god *** much
Richard Osman is sexy because he's just so so so clever
Anyone made a "I didn't know Richard osman was the drummer in the Black Keys" joke yet?
Richard Osman keeping the best with the Black Keys
The drummer from the Black Keys looks slightly like Richard Osman
Drummer in the Black Keys looks like my boy Richard Osman
Is that Richard Osman playing drums for The Black Keys
The Black Keys are what happens when Richard Osman & Lee Nelson form a band
The drummer from The Black Keys looks like Richard Osman from Pointless.
The drummer in the Black Keys looks like Richard Osman.
some ace tunes. Richard Osman on the drums?! ;-)
Polly Mellen and Richard Avedon's please for help to Diana Vreeland's circa Grace Mirabella-era Vogue.
Friendly announced FC Porto at Goodison Sun 3rd Aug for Osman's testimonial. Who's in?
confirm Leon Osman's testimonial will take place on Sunday 3rd August. FC Porto will be the opposition for the 4pm KO at Goodison Park.
I wouldn't say a lot of the things I say if it was Richard Osman I was dealing with.
I bet you wouldn't say that to Richard Osman if you was wrong
I'm really happy for Richard Osman's success. I don't think it could've happened to a nicer bloke.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Richard Osman was on tonight too! He was lovely. And blushed as he talked about Xander. And then said that's not all he did
just remembered my fav 90's trivia. Mat from Suede & Richard Osman of the tv show Pointless are brothers.
"Virginia Woolf - who went onto star in Gladiators" easily sits in the top five Richard Osman zingers.
Aw, don't tread on Keithy's fame. Richard Osman off of Pointless. I for one want very much to touch Keithy now.
To celebrate the 2014 Arqiva British Academy Television awards, Richard Osman reveals what TV has done for him, and why Countryfile is a bigger...
Just watched that game ...hmmm but had fun at lees house with top comedians lee mack..milton jones and for the stats richard osman ...such a shame but good night...and lee had an ice cream van for half time ...which was nice
Dear from Pointless fame. Forget the football, has a Polish dog. What is the Polish for 'Walkies?'
If England don't want to b home from the World Cup b4 the postcards they need to bring on Richard Osman for the 2nd half
Today's conductor is the voice double of Richard Osman.
Off to a show recording... yay for richard osman!! @ BBC Riverside Studios, Hammersmith
Spent three and a half hours in a dark room watching a new tv show being filmed. Richard Osman what a guy!
I would prefer to meet you Victoria than either of the others or Richard Osman for that matter ( tho he is cute
or people who would love to meet Donny Osman(d) and people who would love to meet Richard Osman
Sporting Fact - Footballers have freedom of movement within the EU due to a ruling related to Richard Osman from Pointless.
Had a dream about Richard Osman. He had ridiculous sideburns. And a cat.
Who wouldn't want to see Richard Osman in tight lycra and a helicopter?!
thanks for having me on Thursdays Two Tribes. Nice to meet all of you. Shame I had a shocker!
Yesterday I went and saw new Richard Osman fronted BBC2 quiz Two Tribes, and this is what I thought:
IT'S YOUR LAST CHANCE to appear on Richard Osman's new BBC quiz show, Two Tribes. Apply NOW to twotribesplsRT
Did you hear Jon Culshaw doing a Richard Osman impression on the Now Show (Radio 4) yesterday?
Get the BBC to fund a documentary called, 'I'm Richard Osman and I'm a chocoholic' Then you could be paid to eat lots of it.
Richard "Pointless" Osman. Your nickname doesn't augur well for the fight.
Richard Osman, yet another impression John Culshaw can't do!
stares at grandma, *subtlety places paw on off button of remote control and watches Richard Osman disappear .Border stare*
Not sure why I'm only noticing it now, but Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, and Richard Osman from Pointless look quite alike, don't they?
Don't look now, but I think I'm sitting near Richard Osman. I said don't look!
theres just no soul in it. Pointless works because of Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman.
I swear Richard Osman is my dream man
got mine as soon as they came out! *does 'realises she can stalk Richard Osman' face*
Richard Osman is a knowledgeable, beautiful ***
I just bought: 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn because Richard Osman said it was good
Richard Osman said you were very cool, congratulations on this.
Watched for first time today, lugubrious chap Richard Osman called Cinques Ports "Sinks" Ports! Still chuckling!
Richard Osman Good to see Pointless back on tv - almost as good as "Draw it".
London delayed for an hour. How long before the BBC draft in Richard Osman in the search for ever more convoluted, obscure stats?
“Richard Keys has just presented Yaya Touré with a birthday cake live on air. Brilliant.”.
You know that Richard Osman from 'Pointless' is the brother of Mat?
That's brilliant! I didn't find out until recently Richard Osman's brother is the bassist in Suede!
Ivan Gazidis and Richard Law travelled to Spain to negotiate a deal with unidenfy player, is believed to be either Benzema or Khedira
Husband and I might have done a recast of the original trilogy... I think he's not Happy with Richard Osman..
Virgin launches glass-bottomed plane So this was an April Fools joke, but it would have been so cool if it was real!
Richard Osman from pointless is great
Richard Osman: 'My television has always taken me to worlds, and shown me moments, that I would never otherwise see'
Richard Osman seems like the type to be psephology-friendly...
*** Richard Osman mentioned Duck, Stepney, BoCo, Murdoch and Caroline?! Yet he missed out Bill from the SCC twins...
On the evening of Eurovision 2014, Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman performed a song which spoofs the Pet Shop Boys and the Human League amongst others.
I'm watching pointless now on BBC1 presented by Alexander Armstrong assisted by Richard Osman. ;)
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman's Pet Shop Boys / Human League mash-up is a thing of wonder.
might as well take Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
The research methods part of exams is more pointless than Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
With all due respect to Richard Osman, 'Television is utterly democratic' is utter balls.
I've seen Richard Osman and Stephen Fry and Alan Davies up close, but they don't have Russell's biceps.
Patrick Carney and Richard Osman look so similar!
Richard Osman appears to have crashed the site.
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