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Richard Osman

Richard Thomas Osman (born 28 November 1970) is an English television presenter, producer and director.

Alexander Armstrong Sue Perkins Lee MacK Barry Cryer George Michael Joe Wilkinson Martin Kemp

Some names I get to call my Pointless showbiz pals Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman but you don't: Sandy and Dickie.
Pointless is a British quiz show produced by Endemol UK for the BBC, hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
I once did that. Imagined a sitcom where Paul Sinha and Richard Osman were quizzers…
Steven Moffat, Stephen Frears, Hannah Tointon, Joe Thomas and Richard Osman come together for the annual gala in EC3 later.
host Alexander Armstrong left flustered as contestant makes THIS racy confession…
Only could consider that Chris Boardman is Richard Osman B. Henceforth you are Richard Osman A. Classy double act. 👍
If it doesn't, no sweat. You are Richard Osman.
Could use it afterwards to help make Richard Osman's trousers
I've never agreed with Richard Osman this much 🙌🏻
Made me think for the first time 'hey, maybe Richard Osman isn't just a huge lurch nonce'
Richard Osman would give a run for his money when bringing drinks to a table
Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, the pod caster, Richard Jefferson!
I have such a crush on Richard Osman
NEWS: 1st XV coach Richard Smith is in hospital after a robbery at his home on Tuesday night.
Richard Osman is probably still planning on making a Harlem Shake video
"Rorschach, today's jackpot is £2000. Our first category is.oh God! Why are you punching Richard Osman…
Richard Osman lands new BBC Two daytime vehicle
Shame that Joe Wilkinson was disallowed that just for nudging the edge, when Richard Osman basically walked across it.
Yes, I've been watching this one too. Did you also see the comedy fight about Phil Oakey between Richa…
"they might no more than Richard Osman's". NOT A THING
DISASTER: Alexander Armstrong forced to console team after THIS shock:
Richard Osman’s House of Games - Stripped across the week, this daytime show that will see celebrities test the...
Richard Osman needs to do a World Cup of Ice Lollies
Who knew Richard Osman had it in him?
Richard Osman having a 16 year old son is the biggest revelation of this month omg
BBC Two commissions Richard Osman's House of Games - follow on PI for updates
36.Richard Osman bury a Badger with the Banker from Deal or No Deal?.
Richard Osman's new quiz show House of Games is heading to BBC Two.
Regarding Theresa May, Richard Osman has summed up what what a lot of the country are thinking right now.
It's the funniest thing on telly G 😂 you seen Richard Osman and Martin Kemp ones ?
Fab start to this season. Richard Osman and Martin Kemp have had me in stitches, trying not to corpse..…
He does, he looks like richard osman and miles jupp had a baby
What a lovely thing to say. Love you Richard Osman
Richard Osman is an interesting cat - has he been on?
Good grief Richard Osman's on another planet today! Or is it a pumpkin?
What's doing on that laptop in ? Writing the next question? Playing a v.slow chess game with Richard Osman?
You meant to reply to Richard Osman, I think.
📷 dailyngo: Lee MacK, Barry Cryer, and Richard Osman at the Radio Times TV Festival. Source: (X)
Happy Birthday Mrs Osman... hope she has a lovely day Richard.
Oh crumbs, it's Richard Osman's World Cup of Biscuits . Charles has asked how his "Duchy Originals" are fairing.…
not only do i love angry restaurant reviews, but i also love Richard Osman references.
Wow who do you share a bath with, Richard Osman? They seem to like your new album though.
Richard Osman is honestly just so tragically unfunny in everything I've seen
where's Richard Osman when you need him
Something along the lines of you being like a female Richard Osman! Fairly complimentary I'd say!
Murder in Successville back on the 19th, Richard Osman first guest.
Update your maps at Navteq
Great fun Robert but I thought Richard Osman tried too hard to compete big error!. Cryer brilliant…
Did Richard Osman just spit a verse?
If Sergio can hold on I'm getting a pint from Richard Osman 🤣
Menus the height of Richard Osman, and thick carpet "to muffle the screams.". And it only gets worse from there.
The highlight of this session was Richard Osman referring to Smokers Wild as "like Mock the Week, but with more women in it"
Lee MacK, Barry Cryer and Richard Osman chewing the fat at
Dreamt last night that Richard Osman was chatting me up. I'll not be able to look him in the eye when I see him next.
Lee MacK, Richard Osman and the great, great Barry Cryer
Richard Osman is my favourite tall guy in tv rn
Good to see getting a name-check in brutal restaurant review “Menus the height of Richard Osman...”
"Menus the height of Richard Osman are brought. My female companion, who booked the table, is given one without pri…
🤣 "Menus the height of Richard Osman are brought."
Best review EVER. "With thick carpets to muffle the screams", "menus the height of Richard Osman" & "stale air with…
Bloody *** clumsy kecks. Might have to get in there before Richard Osman does!
"Menus the height of Richard Osman are brought" - Jay Rayner. they should just get you in sandwich board
Electronic Device Insurance
'Menus the height of Richard Osman are brought'
Hope you enjoy it. Richard Osman's going to be there as well isn't he?
TV writer Richard Osman says he wishes his sneezes didn't sound like coughs. He's lucky. My sneezes usually sound like cannon fire.
"Thick carpets to muffle the screams" and "menus the height of Richard osman" are brilliant lines
The World Cup of Gymnastics is on Sky Sports. I blame that Richard Osman.
Richard Osman shouting out Kendrick on Pointless lol
he sure does Richard is an enormous virgin
Richard Osman doing everything short of doctors.
fans amazed by THIS incredible moment on BBC quiz show .
You can see in Richard Osman's eyes that he hates that Greg Davies is just a little bit taller!
The country is in a sorry state when Richard Osman doing a "world cup of biscuits" isn't the worst thing that's happen…
Hopefully Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman will still be doing tonight despite the tokenism.
No wait, Richard Osman. Apologies to Richard Arnold, one time host of the magnificent Take It or Leave It.
Where is Richard Osman and his rubber lips?
looks good. Say hello to my good friend Richard Osman. He's in the stand to your left.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Richard Osman getting in on the debate!
If you lose, I'm fully expecting to see on the news a shirtless Richard Osman charging the away end. Proper old school
you know Fulham are tinpot when their celebrity fan is Richard Osman ffs
Cambridge-educated Richard Osman opposes grammar schools because some rich kids go to them. Umm..
You're half way to being an Approved Richard Osman School. (I am available for future dog sitting dutie…
it didn't. You need to recruit Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong.. they know lots about pointless things.
Why does Richard Osman look like a cartoon
You just can't avoid Richard Osman these days...
Richard look like your carer. A bit like that shot of you with Richard Osman.
Ive suggested to Richard Osman that he start a spin off of his show -'Pointless Managers' -first guests 2b Wenger & Allardyce
Ya man is going to be on TV next to Richard Osman
Pointless star Richard Osman created all these TV shows and we had no idea
Pointless star Richard Osman is behind all of these TV shows and we never knew
tonight i discovered that both Richard Osman & Vicky derbyshire were brave enough to speak out after your exit from BBCLeeds
So is responsible for Deal Or No Deal, Would I Lie To You and Survivor. Mind blown.
Pointless star Richard Osman is responsible for all your fave TV shows
star is responsible for basically all of your favourite TV shows
Marked as to-read: A Pointless History of the World by Richard Osman
My dad's account of meeting Richard Osman from Pointless is as star-studded as my life will get.
Richard Osman loves Stormzy, which is a surefire sign he's actually not that good
watching today's show and all I want is for Richard Osman to be my friend!! (notice I didn't @ him...🙁)
Richard Osman missed the killer question over the Nightly Show-"Have you watched the programme?"
No shouting!!!(if it's any consolation I think-media show ch4 -it was because Richard Osman has a very soft voice.)
Generally good, but I look like the love child of Richard Osman and Mark Williams The Snooker Player, if that were possible.
Pointless presenter Richard Osman has written a tribute to Wales and it's brilliant
I have a weird sexual TV fantasy where I have a threesome with Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman - it'll never…
Awww. Tribute to Wales by I must say, I would never want to be from anywhere else.
The only "pointless" person on this, is up his own *** flash know it all git Richard Osman!! 😈😈😈 pointless celebrities
I added a video to a playlist Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman from Pointless play Innuendo
I'd love to see Alexander Armstrong with Catherine Southron and Richard Osman with Ely's own Will Axon!
My leaving cert results will be Pointless starring Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
we had Richard Osman in November and December
Just realised that Richard Osman is Matt Osman from Suede's brother.
. Jobs you can do standing up. . A fluffer for Richard Osman. 😉
Ohh Richard Osman please don't call us Notts Forest!
I was appalled that Richard Osman allowed "The" Buzzcocks as an answer on Pointless earlier this week.
Richard osman and Alexander Armstrong touch kids
Richard Osman will be in the third series of Murder in Successville...
TWICE now I have bumped into Richard Osman in this place!
Albert King is the head of ScotXed and our excellent Technology workstream lead. He's Insight's very own 'tech' version of Richard Osman 😀
Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman from Pointless - They're a fab presenting double act. - Rachel on the A1
Wish Richard Osman worked for the chase rather than pointless. Would bring the chase up another level
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman aren't on the chase tho
Oh my, does that mean detective Richard Osman?
If Richard Osman thinks McFly are the most underrated band then it has to be true
I hope the vote on article 50 in the Scottish Parliament will be hosted by A…
What an awful woman you are.Ah well Richard Osman seems to like you.
I ❤️ richard osman and his informative banter
you should do a World Cup of cartoon characters, like Richard Osman does from time to time
worth it just to meet Richard Osman
Still think Richard Osman should've played the co-pilot though. Nice in-joke for the fans.
Richard Osman hasn't replied to my invitiation for a sesh in Romford. This makes me sad.
I need to see this with today's newspaper, a clock and Richard Osman pointing to the biscuit and nodding.
By which I mean the Dutch are the tallest people in the world, not that Richard Osman is tall. Though he is of course.
just watching you on BBC 2 what you think of Jon Richardson and Richard Osman
the name is Osman, Richard Osman licensed to entertain
Getting a Pointless answer in the jackpot round and waiting on Richard Osman to send me £1000
Richard Osman being from Billericay has given me a whole knew perspective on life
Theresa May: the proles bloody well won't let us implement full fascism. Richard Osman: my thoughts are with you at this difficult time
Why is it always Richard Osman there sympathising with the Right?
- Pointless presenter Richard Osman ‘changed’ after Romford stay
Pointless presenter Richard Osman said he felt 'changed’ after his stay
shock horror ,idve thought "does Richard Osman swear ?" would've been a pointless answer ,no jackpot won today
poor man's Richard Osman with your tournament based polls
.Richard Osman, your take has been rated:
Did you see the 1000th this week? Test your knowledge on the least known answers with our quiz books
I see you've bumped into Richard Osman. Rare to see him out of the greenhouse cafe. Cant blame him tho, Arjan serves the best
Richard Osman already setting up the World Cup of Bald Men in UK Racing
hold on a moment. Isn't that a photo of the crowd at the 1993 Richard Osman one man show?
Richard Osman is a liar, believe me folks, one of the most dishonest guys out there.
I love that Richard Osman absolutely shot him down on this.
Richard Osman just skewered you perfectly - take it and like it Sir.
11:00 Fighting Talk: Gabby is joined by Richard Osman, Rachel Brown-Finnis, Dougie Anderson and Mark Watson.
If we get split up I'll meet you over there by that incredibly tall... Richard Osman!
Bees fans - this is worth a watch. plays as Brentford on FIFA against the most stereotypical Fulha…
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman on how got to 1,000 shows
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman on how Pointless got to 1000 shows (Radio Times)
It's to tinker say Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
Pointless to tinker say Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman...
Day & Night: Pointless to tinker says Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman - -
Cheeky bit of flirting from Richard Osman on Pointless - Lucky Lass
"A koala, lovely but a koala the size of a tank... terrifying" - Richard Osman
Fabulous player lovely man but what is Richard Osman doing in the background?
Our Xmas gift 2u! Dragons' Den Weds 28th Dec 9pm on BBC2-and THEN Richard Osman asks who went from 'Pitches to Riches' N…
Following Richard Osman was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made
what would your darts nickname and walk on music be? Richard 'The Donnie' Osman?
So you were christened Richard van de Pas and Osman is just a stage name?
Richard Osman is a vast human being
Leon Osman? He's 35, we'd be better with Richard Osman... Both are pointless
Utterly fed up of end of year polls being run in the style Richard Osman. Humbug.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
DT Daniel Hannan: Richard Osman If we want to remain part of some common programmes, we'll obvio...
well it's better than the present you got me. Rhymes with muffin :(
Thank you. Honestly, you shouldn't have.
As a pub landlord I don't get to see much telly apart from sports . But pointless ! Richard Osman ? Dull and tellentless !
Just picked up my Xmas pressie off . Dreadful, I expected to be number 1
The guy was obviously getting some stick. Love the way he ran to Richard Osman for help
Group Three - World Cup of Richard Osman - voting closes when I finish all the cheese - top two thru to semi finals
Four Groups of Four - top two go through to semi-finals in the World Cup of Richard Osman
Coming Soon - World Cup of Richard Osman. All we need is some celebrity endorsement
Would have a highly narrow point if not intended to portray Scotland as a hop/skip/jump from Richard Osman's definition of a country.
I still think Richard Osman has Playstation 2 hair.
Oh My Dog!. I just read that twt & thought, . 'That sounds like something Richard Osman would say...'
If secretly phoned deal or no deal re a 15k payment to a woman, why didn't Richard Osman KEEP it secret??
Richard Osman has revealed that Samir Nasri anonymously donated 20k to a young man who needed a drip doctor prostitute etc
Quite fancy Richard Osman after watching him on I've always known I'd quite like a piece of Joe Wilkinson.
Richard Osman – who made the claim – was the exec producer of the show. He'd know.
George Michael When aDeal or NoDeal contestant said she needed £15k for IVF he secretly phoned in&gave her the money https…
Shamelessly ripping off Richard Osman as we look to define 2016's top PL player. All players nominated by WLB write…
more likely Richard Osman was. The banker role is similar to the role he plays in Pointless.
'Richard Osman's laptop is Pointless as it's revealed computer is prop that isn't even turned on' via
If you and Richard Osman teamed up you would surely destroy the universe... x.
Didn't Richard osman say he phoned her the next day? This is all a bit wierd.
Pointless host Richard Osman recalls the time George Michael paid £15k for Deal or No Deal woman’s IVF…
People have been sharing this memory of a secret good deed by George Michael, from quiz show presenter Richard Osman htt…
I liked a video Richard Osman's Homes Under the Hammer - Would I Lie to You? [HD]
When a Deal or No Deal contestant said she needed £15k for IVF, George Michael secretly phoned in and gave her it https:…
And now on BBC1, the quiz for people waiting at the bar to be served. . Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present 'Pi…
Who doesn't love a bit of Richard osman
I have the weirdest crush on Richard Osman. I'm not even surprised by this
We apologise for any inward fanboying, but Richard Osman is currently on the train platform. All customers are advised to remain calm.
You know when you watch pointless on the train then see Richard osman when you get off in the station yeah same
Richard Osman is the only one asking the real questions these days
...However, the one who writes the Richard Osman sketches needs sacking, they're just not funny.
My favourite is the Sarah Lancashire and Richard Osman puppets
the best puppets are Prince William and Richard Osman and Bill Clinton
Does Richard Osman actually make that noise?
Richard Osman sketches are always the best ones
DT Daniel Hannan: Richard Osman Has there ever been such a talented group in the first round?
Wakefield finally gets on Pointless!! The impossible answer according to Richard Osman..
Richard Osman actually made Wakefield sound kind of posh
Ok people, stop rt'ing and liking Richard osman! I don't want him on my feed
Bake Off: Richard Osman says replacing Mel and Sue will be 'hard work' Richard Osman says replacing Mel and Sue on… ht…
Richard Osman is a handsome and intelligent fellow
*Open Letter. Dear Mr. Richard Osman,. You really should get out more. Try going for a pint or two with Alexander.
Just got tickets to be in the audience for 'Insert name here' with Sue Perkins, Richard Osman and Josh Widdicombe!
I dreamt that I went to a pub and Richard Osman was pushing me around on a computer chair the entire time asking me questions about BMTH o k
he's actually a fictional character invented by Richard Osman in the mid 90s
. Richard Osman says it all the time on Pointless.
Fun's over pal. I ain't no Richard Osman.
What happens when I give my number to my flatmates and they see I have a puppy or richard osman smiling as my dp
never seen brand-new hyphenated before but because Richard Osman said it, it's right
Richard Osman's funniest ever Pointless moments - chuckling at this I realise how funny Pointless is!
I just hope Richard Osman is never arrested for telling everyone he pushed a man in a canal when nobody had noticed.
If it wasn't for Richard Osman, I would definitely watch pointless
Richard Osman: the man of one and a bit faces.
Can we not try and imagine the *ideal* presenting team, now there are vacancies? Richard Osman, Diane Morgan & Mary Beard, for eg
RICHARD OSMAN liven up your show & attract younger audience by adding an expletive every time you say the word effing pointless.
Paul and Mary split up. CJ from Eggheads arrested on suspicion of murder. What's next, Richard Osman caught pissing in letterboxes?
I do wish Richard Osman would take his TV producer hat off once in a while and see things from a viewer's perspective.
Wait. "Pointless Celebrities"? I wonder if Richard Osman realises that's a pun? 🤔
All purpose parts banner
Seriously considering a Richard Osman Warning for BF quizzes
Tonight's event with Nick Clegg has indeed been cancelled BUT! consider spending your refunded ticket money on this!
My philosophy & literature lecture consists of two lecturers, one of which is sat at a desk in the corner like Richard Osman on Pointless
GOAL!. Leon Osman levels it up for Everton v Norwich. 1-1
They think it's Moldova it is Chisinau. I do love how dorky Richard Osman is.
He's like a nationalist, malevolent Alexander Armstrong trying to get one over on Richard Osman, and failing miserably.
The lady on Go8Bit and Richard Osman would make a great couple... 😂😛❤
PointlessBlog in which everything is the same but it's Richard Osman.
Two tv people I love:. Richard osman. Aziz ansaris dad
Delve into the world of Pointless with hosts of hit TV quiz, with their take on history!
some fighting between Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman for Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster.Do they know its pointless?
Richard Osman sounds like your ideal husband
Richard Osman and Danny Baker really rate the moon. They express this in a witty fashion.
Can't wait for Osman, Hibbert, Richard Wright and Pistone to join Sunderland
We're doing dramatic readings of literary erotica. Highlights so far have been Alexander Armstrong/Richard Osman and God/Noah.
Contrary to what Richard Osman just said on Pointless, you can fly. Just throw yourself at the ground and miss. Easy.
Richard Osman just said nice things to me I am giddy (but oh god my notifications are on fire, and not in a good way)
Was it Richard Osman? Because clearly there are no other 6'7 men in the world.
tickets for Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman on sale to festival members now!
Richard Osman starting to go full Cunk...
I just realised Will Toledo looks like a young Richard Osman.
Can anyone give me a nice summary of Mat Osman? 'Tall bassist guy from Suede', ' 'Richard Osman's brother' are not acceptable btw
I liked a video Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast - with Richard Osman
that Richard Osman does go on, grates after a while
I like that Richard Osman. Funny and educational sometimes
offensive backfield is anything but settled. Reece suspended. Murray not standing out. Washington, Richard, Olewa…
That's why they like him. Richard with the return out to the 42-yard line.
How can know-it-all Richard Osman not know how to pronounce George Takei's name?
Why does Richard Osman look so much like Sue Perkins?
Richard Osman looks like Woody Allen doing an impression of Postman Pat.
'You're like a cross between Pris and Richard Osman' is probably the best thing anyone's ever said to me
Star studded train home. Simon Callow and Richard Osman both travelling south this afternoon.
Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong's chat on Pointless makes me feel sick
Endorse this. Who is the Australian version of Richard Osman, though?
How 'bout a Canadian version of Pointless starring as Xander Armstrong and as Richard Osman? Eh?
From Justin Bieber to Mrs Brown's Boys: hating them just isn't worth it | Richard Osman
Today I stared a little too long at Ian Rankin & then stood next to Richard Osman in queue to watch Joe Lycett. I love the Fringe.
LIVE on i think Richard Osman is stood behind me...
Richard osman saying 'The Arcade Fire' on pointless has knocked me sick.
All this fuss today about 'Mrs Brown's Boys' takes me back to a thing I wrote in The Guardian a couple of years ago. http…
Seriously does anyone else think that Sue Perkins is the female version of Richard Osman??
Just saw Richard Osman in the street. For a second it was almost like he's a real person. Weird.
Just saw richard osman with my own eyes in edinburgh dreams really do come true!!!
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are at the lit fest this year and I have genuinely never been more excited about anything in my life
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are coming to where I live and I'll be at uni
I once had a sex dream about Richard Osman that was so graphic I still feel a bit awkward when I see him on the telly
these are getting that obscure we'll have to get Richard Osman involved 😃
If they ever remake 'Allo 'Allo, and I accept that this is unlikely, Richard Osman would make a decent Officer Crabtree.
happy to go on Pointless just for the Richard Osman experience tbh
Plus Richard Osman is much more likeable!
"One of the most exciting things I've done on TV" - Richard Osman on Child Genius...
'One of the most exciting things I've done on TV', says on -
fulham fans including Richard Osman regularly say Ross was £6m and not £13m as reported.
the guy off 'Pointless', Richard Osman, pointed out that the 3 promoted teams, had the 3 best defences.
Rhea named Child Genius 2016 after nail biting final which host Richard Osman hailed as the ''greate: via
Ten-year-old Rhea has been named Child Genius 2016 in a nail-biting final that host Richard Osman hailed the...
dunna make me drag Richard Osman into…
Richard Osman is up there with my favourite people ever
And it's hosted by Richard Osman yayayayya
Richard Osman reveals why nystagmus has helped make him a star
Well done Rhea! And Saffy who was only just pipped to the post. Agree with Richard Osman best final to date!
It's brilliant that the . Trophy is so big they can't hold it. Richard Osman is immense on that show. Unlike some parents.
Richard Osman should've stopped question on GPS as soon as she buzzed in. Definitely gave unfair advantage by finishing the Q.
It's put me right off Richard Osman.
Look how tall Richard Osman is compared to them 😂
Once I opened a door for Richard Osman and he didn't say thanks.
Richard Osman just embarrasses himself on this...
Richard Osman shouldn't finish the question if she's not going to listen to it
How nice a manner does Richard Osman have? Perfect casting for
This is making me love Richard Osman, but nobody else.
Richard Osman asking these questions with a straight friggin face. Don't know what is more nuts 😱
exactly! 😂🙈 I lold watching Richard Osman trying to read the questions.. even he was like *** is this
I don't want any of these kids to win. Richard Osman for the title!!
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