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Richard Osman

Richard Thomas Osman (born 28 November 1970) is an English television presenter, producer and director.

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According to DNA research on Richard III's remains, the current English royal family may not have a legitimate claim to the …
all I see is Richard Osman and the subtitles are from it working yet?
Richard Osman will be especially pleased. It's been great sharing such an auspicious moment with you.
Yes, sorry about this Ryan. It's brought an unexpected new audience to Richard Osman - but we're working hard to fix.
I'm trying to watch 'Banished' on iplayer but a quiz show with Richard Osman keeps playing instead :/
If Richard Osman looked a bit more like a convict, I could understand
Was looking forward to watching "banished" on i player instead I get Richard Osman and some sodding quiz show sort it out.
when I click to watch Banished on iPlayer it is playing a program called Yes or No with Richard Osman?
Richard Osman is brilliant on Two Tribes, he should have been hosting Pointless this whole time!
This week 704 music by the new and an album special wit…
Richard Osman is funny in a different way, may no be great in a stage show, but fantastically quick witted and very warm
Is Richard Osman naturally tall or is it a well known TV trick of the trade?
Forever forgetting how tall Richard Osman is, imagine us standing together
Any idea how many times Richard Osman says 'Tribe' during his Two Tribes show? I can't watch it as it makes me want to kick the screen in.
I don't like how Richard Osman hosts 2 shoes, i feel like he's cheating on me
Richard Osman. England's top flight football league is not the Premiership, it's the Premier League. Has been for 10 years
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LMFAO RICHARD OSMAN:. "We got him" famously said in 2011 by Obama after they captured Justin Bieber
Richard Osman is my all time favourite quiz master!
The sooner I can get Richard Osman or Paul Sinha to join my pub quiz team the better
How about this as a category: I prefer Alexander Armstrong to Richard Osman!
Do you know when you see some people and they genuinely look like monkeys. Richard Osman off of pointless is one example 😂🐵
Pointless is the best quiz show purely because Richard Osman is on it.
Richard Osman: new voice of darts...? C'mon BBC, make dreams a reality!
I know! I love him. Maybe we will called the baby Richard Osman Doran.
I should also confess, I thought you might be Richard Osman's son during your first appearance...
I think Richard Osman is extremely charming. He's like a non-arrogant version of Stephen Fry.
The Osmans: TVs Richard Osman leads his similarly-named relatives in this tribute to 70s hitmakers The Osmonds. Tony says: no interval.
Thank you to Richard Osman for coming up with that idea best comic relief special in donkeys years
Tim Vine ❤ Richard Osman on finding darts even more nerve-wracking than working with # # # - Radio Times
Richard osman is my favourite character ever
why is the board the same height for men and women, and Richard Osman?
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not even the great Richard Osman can save that rubbish
is so much better when you imagine Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are being passive aggressive to each other
16:50 Pointless Celebrities: Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present a theatre edition of the quiz.
I used to run a successful Origami company but sadly i had to sell it on. Too much paperwork. (via richard osman)
JJ Barea, Richard Jefferson, and Rajon Rondo getting in some yoga in LA.
SHOWBIZ FACT: Richard Osman gained his superpowers when he was bitten by a radioactive operating system.
If Richard Osman watches it, I am allowed to get stupidly invested in a junk reality TV show and want to weep when true love fails
Being in the presence of Richard Osman himself would be more than enough glory for me
Just found out that the bassist from Suede is Richard Osman's brother. What a brilliant bit of celebrity trivia.
just seen Jason Tribe credited on the Richard Osman RHLSTP. He should've brought a relative along so there were Two Tribes.
I have made a decision. I'd like to marry Richard Osman
I just got the usual he-looks-like-Richard-Osman remarks. Braced for a Miss Piggy backlash on Monday, though.
Lee MacK, Tim Vine and Richard Osman have all been on it and all have won their matches.
I want to read my dads Pointless books by Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong now
“Can't wait to see Richard ashdown against in let's play darts for comic relief!”. Richard Osman!
dark horse! That can't be your nickname. Darts requires the obvious Richard lanky osman or Richard pointless osman
can't wait to see Bob Mortimer and Richard Osman in action
Step aside Richard Osman: here are 10 famous faces with unusual talents..
apparently Richard Osman is really, really good. I'm going to watch it again if only to see him play.
Richard Osman throwing darts. Easy for him,only as to reach over.
If Richard Osman doesn't win the weird crush of 2015 I'll be setting up a petition on cos he's certainly mine
Bullseye- Richard Osman and Bob Mortimer are two of the stars competing in for Comic Relief. Watch from 9pm on
Lee MacK, Tim Vine and Richard Osman are all on BBC 2 this week playing Darts.
Richard Osman on finding Darts more stressful than the Chuckle Brothers.
I've come to the conclusion that Richard Osman and Patrick Carney of Black Keys fame are related.
This chap looks like a mix between Richard Osman and Jimmy Car .
Hearts 10-0 Cowdenbeath. Osman Sow puts the score into double figures.
Richard Osman is now serving pints at
What do my mates (especially the females), think of Richard Osman of 'Pointless' and 'Two Tribes' fame winning...
Richard Osman's brother being the bassist in Suede will forever be one of my favourite facts.
Watching celebrities and Richard Osman just said animals can't be knighted Umm? What about the penguin sir Nils Olav of Norway?
The lighting on Richard Osman's new show is appalling. It makes everyone look awful especially Richard.
Yeah ... I meant Elgar, but I can only accept your first answer (Richard Osman voice)
And Richard Osman will have no problem continually getting double top.
Richard Osman is really dorky u know... Nice enough fella but my god he needs a new look!
Hi Richard Kingdom Osman - I don't think that sounds too good!
Chilling watching Pointless, here's a questin Is Alexander Armstrong a weird crush? Probably not as weird as Richard Osman!
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Richard Osman,...
And as for Brains... They've tried to make him look like Richard Osman. With bright blue bins.
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Steve and the team chat to Richard Osman, actress Julia Stiles and author Jo Mi…
I went to school with Richard Osman, thought you might like to see our end of year photo!
Aw my son has same condition as richard osman..good to see how well he has done with Nystagmus
Anybody ever seen Stephen Mannifield and Richard Osman in the same room...
Starting a campaign to get Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman to be a competing team on pointless
How about a nice romantic picture of Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman? Cheers - Dan
Pointless star Richard Osman questions if Marque building in Cambridge is ugliest in UK Cambridge News via
Richard Osman's two favourite things and
.asks if The Marque, Cambridge is 'ugliest new building in UK' Do you agree?
Teetotal Victoria Coren doing hilarious 'alcoholic' jokes on Only Connect: blackface for the Richard Osman generation?
Richard Osman is one of my favourite people.
Exactly! Richard Osman did mention the iPad incident as well.
Big shout from Richard Osman saying Empire State of Mind is the best song of the 21st century
Purely from tv, I'm guessing marcus brigstock doesn't like rhod Gilbert and Alan Davies doesn't like Richard osman
"Richard 'The Consumer' Osman" Too late for your comic relief darts nickname Richard .
you really are living the dream, Mr. Richard 'dear consumer' Osman. It's catchy, I like it!
Stood next to Richard Osman from pointless in the queue...too star struck to ask for a photo😍
Great appearance from Richard Osman on Fighting Talk this week. Here's to the next one
Really hope we win today simply for my random hatred of famous Fulham fan Richard Osman. Can't bear to think of him happy. The smug get.
The resemblance between Richard Carney from the Black Keys and Richard Osman from the Pointless tv quiz show is uncanny
Next few hours, you are no longer Richard Osman - wacky, strangely attractive quiz show host - YOU ARE THE ENEMY
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you said the golf should be on the BBC so its on free to air TV. The BBC isn't free to air - we are all forced to pay a fee!
11:00 Fighting Talk: Josh Widdicombe is joined by Richard Osman, Amanda Davies, Gethin Jones and Bob Mills.
Suggestions for next years Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman cos this series has been
*Thinks up symbol to represent Richard Osman*
Going to see a recording of Richard Osman's Two Tribes today, should be good, can't wait!
Richard Osman's in the back of that plane, checking the route on his laptop.
Why did you delete the abuse you sent to Richard Osman. The world should know, the *** Xx
We never actually see Alexander Armstrong's navigator but I like to think he was played by Richard Osman.
Recording Pointless so I can watch it when I come back from the doctors. I can't go without my daily dose of Richard Osman.
Daytime TV for the discerning viewer
Sylvia Siggers Hannah Siggers What possible physical resemblance to I have to Richard Osman from the TV quiz show...
Nearly jumped out of my chair when lanky Richard Osman said you were pointless,how dare he,or have I misunderstood the show
True, I'll let you sit on my lap at Richard Osman's then 😉
I've met Richard Osman twice now and both times he's genuinely been the loveliest person I've ever met, I can't get over how nice he is
You know what grinds my gears? Richard Osman trying to be so funny on NEWSFLASH for you, mate- you suck!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I like Ben Miller in the same way Richard Osman likes Xander.
Bob Mills and Richard Osman and it's Josh presenting, should be a good show.
Lets be honest, it's the *** love child of me, Richard Osman, Ed Milliband, innit?
Richard Osman and, erm...Michael Jackson? Your boys took one *** of a beating.
Just been to a recording of Two Tribes with Richard Osman. The vicar wowed him with his Latin. Very enjoyable.
I aspire to be richard osman off pointless
Richard Osman looks like the cockiest *** alive
“Richard Osman, is now trending in Oops.
Richard Osman with some sick banter
Richard Osman: Britain is uniquely good at delivering intelligent and entertaining daytime TV via
Richard Osman and Matt Berry are unconventionally attractive & I do find them good-looking, but Hugh Bonneville is downright handsome imo
Richard Osman and Richard O'Brien should form a band. Then do better than Suede just to outdo the other Osman.
If it's good enough for Richard Osman...
Hooray absolutely LOVED Two Tribes so glad it's won Best show in the Richard Osman is a far better solo host than we expected
for when you eventually meet Richard Osman you can really impress him ;)
another brilliant episode of Backchat last night with Richard Osman and McBusted, you dad should get a I Love MY SON tattoo
pair Kallum Higginbotham and Abdul Osman have turned down new contract offers. See today's …
Richard Osman is the saving grace for this episode😂
Backchat with McBusted and Richard Osman is the best😂
Richard Osman is always excellent on any programme he's on
hi Richard Osman, I've just started following you so thought I'd let on, if i didn't it could be misconstrued as stalking.
Seriously, Mcbusted and Richard Osman. It's like someone has gone in my brain. Bring out some Brioche and this is a hat trick
Richard Osman is so tall I am so confused
Never knew Richard Osman is an absolute giant
Richard osman is so tall mcbusted look like toddlers
So McBusted, Richard Osman and Jack Whitehall all on the same show tonight. It's a like perfect storm of *** heads.
22:00 Backchat with Jack Whitehall and His Dad: On the sofa this time are supergroup McBusted and Richard Osman, sta…
Or if you're Tony Blackburn or Richard Osman "triffic"
took a while to pick out Richard Osman
I feel Liverpool had the edge as they had a younger Richard Osman doppelganger on their team. And a musketeer.
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Richard Osman joins McBusted ... As the talented one
BBC2, 10pm: 'Backchat with Jack Whitehall and His Dad'. With Richard Osman and McBusted. So that's Pointless Celebrities; and Richard Osman.
Got priority tickets to watch Two Tribes at elstree studios next month thank you Richard osman
I'm seeking solace for tired eyes by gazing fondly at Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman. Soothing.
Imagine if Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman hosted Countryfile. 10m weekly right there.
One year ago, Richard Sherman told the world not try him with a "sorry receiver like Crabtree."
that is a clean interception my the one and general of coverage Richard Sherman. Ego fly low
lets see how badd is ARod... Richard Sherman is a Badd Mann
I did not know that: Pointless co-presenter Richard Osman & Suede's bass player Mat Osman are brothers. HT
And only someone as tall as Richard Osman could lean on the back support and manage to put their feet on the ground!
Do you know, I had no idea that Richard Osman is Mat Osman's brother? And, if you get that reference, we are probably already friends.
Richard Osman has such a long narrow shaped head
All signed up, Fingers crossed i get the chance to meet the legend that is Richard Osman!
good game but shame your coach (looks like Richard osman) was goading the fans! Bad sport. Best of luck for rest of season.
Xanman is the ship of Xander and Richard Osman. I thought you should know. — POINTLESS SHIP no pun intended
Stephen Fry and Richard Osman join cast of Danger Mouse
Richard Osman is the man. Enjoyed the recording of
I had no idea who Richard Osman was, or that Victoria Coren hosted a quiz show.
My love for Richard Osman on Pointless knows no bounds
The only fact on Pointless that's ever amazed me is that Richard Osman is married.
I'm always surprised at how funny Richard Osman can be
guess who's seeing Richard Osman on Monday 😁
I should be studying but instead I'm listening to Richard Osman making parrot sounds
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman should have a fight
Nononononono.Alexander Armstrong, with Richard Osman as the baddy. Ben Miller can be, I dunno, a henchman or something.
any truth in the rumour Alexandar Armstrong and Richard Osman are in charge of the team for Friday
Just got 8 pointless answers in one round! Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman would be proud :D
Pointless college? Is that like when Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman turn up?
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman must be worried.
20:40 In Touch: Pointless host Richard Osman joins Peter White and talks about his eye condition Nystagmus
But how are you on the Richard Osman game?
Someone asked if I had applied for any grad schemes I said no I have applied for season 2 of Richard Osman's quiz show Two Tribes though
Richard Osman cried at the end of The Damned United. I did not know I could love him more.
Richard osman has a daughter old enough to be doing gcses, wow
Now in a TV studio with Richard Osman,only a couple of things wrong; no Alexander Armstrong and no Pointless jackpot. Osman is BTSport guest
Oh, sorry, GMM was from the thing you posted, not the Richard Osman thing.
Have you seen Richard Osman's geeky wordplay quiz? Cash to charity as prizes. It's tough.
Have just realised that Richard Osman WASN'T the bloke in Suede.
In case you missed it earlier, Richard Osman has done one of his geeky quizzes
Anyone noticed that Richard Osman looks the spit of Herman Munster?
Took about 10 minutes for the first "Oh my god Richard Osman!" declaiming of your puns to happen
It makes me sad that I would never be able to complete Richard Osman's quiz 😥
Always feel immensely proud when Richard Osman says "well done if you got that at home and I did
Stephen Fry, Richard Osman join Alexander Armstrong in new Danger Mouse cast via +
Stephen Fry in new animated Danger Mouse as Colonel K, chinchilla & head of British Secret Service.
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From Justin Bieber to Mrs Brown's Boys: hating them just isn't worth it via
Danger Mouse reboot: Stephen Fry and Pointless star Richard Osman join Alexander Armstrong and Kevin Eldon in the CB…
Had a saucy dream about Richard Osman the other night, and now watching Pointless is making me feel really awkward :s
Just heard there's a new series of Dangermouse coming soon with Richard Osman and Stephen Fry. Brilliant
xander just gave a sly grin and wink at richard osman which lingered for an EXTENDED moment
What number is Richard 'according to Official Chart Company up to Sept2014' Osman?
Colonel K and Professor Strontium P Jellyfishowitz get voices in Danger Mouse!
Stephen Fry and Richard Osman join the voice cast of Danger Mouse
The reboot adds another couple of actors, including the great Stephen Fry
.and step up to save the world from oblivion as they join voice cast of Danger Mouse...
Look! At last! it's The Richard Osman Story, courtesy of
Stephen Fry and Richard Osman cast in Danger Mouse reboot
Hugh Dennis, Lee MacK, Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong all in one episode of
I would now a show in which Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong solve crimes
It's excellent isn't it? Richard Osman & Alexander Armstrong are such good sports.
I really hope Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman get married oneday
They might as well have had Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman commentating on Germany-Gibraltar,it was so pointless
Honestly, the day me and my dad have our application accepted is the day Richard Osman will TREMBLE.
Watching Pointless doesn't feel the same after last night's dream about Richard Osman being a robot controlled by a woman called Tick Tock.
if finding richard osman attractive is wrong then I don't want to be right
Richard! Have something which will interest you. Get in touch.
i know i say this a whole lot, but i REALLY love richard osman oh my god
To rob a Richard Osman joke, this fifa thing is like an investigation into Ant led by Dec.
I know someone who looks like Richard Osman and someone who looks like Peter Capaldi. My life is good, actually
Is the ginger 'Richard Osman off Pointless' look a big hit with the ladies, then?
Richard Osman might be my favourite person in the world.
- Thank you Mrs Osman for talking to Y4 about her memories of the Berlin Wall coming down.
Who can you bet on apart from her? 15-to-1 is a good price, but a bit of a long shot. Is someone like Richard Osman 4-to1?
What a legend!! Recognition at last from Richard Osman on Pointless tonight!
POINTLESS QUIZ SHOW: Richard Osman just referred to Simon Cowell as a Gluteus Maximus. . The gluteus maximus...
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Richard Osman's new BBC2 quiz show Two Tribes is looking for contestants to appear in the second series. Apply...
Richard Osman off of pointless has a new job at the train station!
Catching up with - I'm clearly Jo Brand's secret twin & I wish to marry Richard Osman, whether he likes it or not. Connected?
How can a man as intelligent as Richard Osman pronounce the word nuclear with two 'u's? It's NUCLEAR not nukular!
The Richard Osman Show. Come on BBC give him his own 1 hour primetime show :)
Osman What about a charity pointless with u&Zander at a podium! That's not bread, that's toast!!
BBC Quiz Show Hosted by Richard Osman Returns & is Looking for Contestants
Richard Osman - funniest living Briton surely after that performance!
Channel hopping & various people I like on tv Caroline Lucas, Victoria Coren, Richard Osman, Paul Merton -sadly Boy George Osbo also on
Be great if Richard Osman got pins & needles down his left arm during Pointless
Is it wrong to have a crush on Richard Osman?
I did watch it Friday, Richard Osman is too good to wait a weekend for. :)
Paul Chuckle and Richard Osman in the space 2 days after a barren 3 years
“paused screen nightmare raise you one Richard Osman.
Richard Osman is my unconventional ladyboner
New glasses got, feel like Eric Morecambe, look more like Richard Osman
Dad: "You look like across between Richard Osman and Alan Carr. And they're both *** No, one's *** and the other's a poof."
I see your paused screen nightmare fuel and raise you one Richard Osman.
isn't Richard Osman just lovely and supportive.
They're the biggest boyband in the world. Apart from the one formed by Richard Osman, Greg Davies and Stephen merchant.
Richard osman in Yates newcastle under Lyme
Richard Osman should continue speaking in a mockney accent.
Who would win in a "Clever-Off" between Stephen Fry and Richard Osman I wonder?
Sitting on the train with Richard from Pointless.
Pointless presenter Richard Osman said it was his BEST night ever at the Cottage when Fulham beat Juventus
Richard Osman is such a goody two shoes. Does he have to be on every panel show?!
was brilliant tonight, with Richard Osman towering over the show & Jo Brand cracking the Quizmaster's whip-I think she enjoyed that.
Richard Osman was very good on HIGNFY and everyone was very good on QI
Some great jokes from Richard Osman but 'misrepresenting a profit' joke was by far the best, genius.
Almost as good as Richard Osman on tonight.
Wonder if he's as good as Richard Osman on HIGNFY???
Richard Osman inspired on HIGNFY tonight. How about him for permanent presenter? Or ... how about him and Zoe Ball presenting ... anything?
Ain't got no Richard Osman or Pointless in this episode either which kept being advertised.
Richard Osman had been the absolute star of this week's
What went wrong at ? Did like it. Not any more. Caroline Lucas, Richard Osman + Jo Brand couldn't help this one
I'm sure Jo Brand introduced Richard Osman as Robert Osmond in Wouldn't the budget stretch to re-recording?
Jo Brand; Richard Osman; Caroline Lucas: possibly my ideal line-up. And on my birthday, too. Cheers, guys.
Richard osman to replace Paul merton please
I got news for you, Jo Brand called Richard Osman, Robert. Hmmm?
Richard Osman is always deliciously funny :)
“Did Jo Brand just call Richard Osman ROBERT or is it just me that heard it? was the punch line as part of his intro
Settled down to watch OH DEAR! Jo Brand and badger lover caroline lucus are on but Richard Osman saves the day
21:00 Have I Got News for You: Jo Brand hosts, with guest panellists Caroline Lucas and Richard Osman.
Mr Shaw you have lots of celebs following you eg Richard Osman, bear grills, and jimmy Carr
Richard Osman driving home from work (presumably) also one of my favourite Simpsons in-jokes
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Re M&S, Richard Osman (Pointless) is the brother of Matt, Suede bassist, so they could model together.
Emilia Wickstead, House of Holland, Mary Katrantzou, Osman, Richard Nicoll, all in receipt of the BFC Fashion Trust:
RICHARD OSMAN HAS JUST SAID "you're likr the young Benedict Cumberbatch" ON POINTLESS OMG COINCIDENCE?!
Richard Osman’s quiz show Two Tribes has been renewed for a second series.
Great to see former student Ruby Osman on debating the lowering of the voting age with Colin Brazier. Very proud.
no mate I don't read blogs, Richard Osman put it on here & I've heard it from a very good source.
Richard Osman might actually be bae
Richard Osman's Two Tribes renewed by BBC for second series
And good news for Richard Osman's mum who likes that kind of thing.
and already, like so often on Pointless, Richard Osman is proved correct.
I had an excellent time at tonight Richard Osman was proper funny, but Al Murray is very different when he's out of character.
Overcome with delight watching Richard Herring and Richard Osman talk about crisps at Leicester Square Theatre.
We have a new guest! will be joining me and Richard Osman!
Looking forward to this evening with Al Murray and Richard Osman a lot!
1 of my guests on RHLSTP on 17th November will be the delicious (tonight Al Murray and Richard Osman)
I got a few new followers because I bellowed my love of Jedward at Richard Osman, so...hi.
fairplay to Richard Osman for thinking if you're not on the tele you're views are pathetic.
A man is only as funny as his last joke, thus, Richard Osman is a reasonably funny man.
Why does this look like they photoshopped Capaldis face onto Richard Osman?
I look forward to Alexander regenerating into... ANOTHER RICHARD OSMAN!
Chorlton and the Wheelies was an answer on Pointless today. Richard Osman told me I was really good for getting it.
There's a guy in my house who looks just like Richard Osman
Hear that, researchers? Richard Osman wants on your programme. Please get on that.
Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong have been on it before too, can't be new.
Celebrity Pointless is just Alexander Armstrong fake laughing at the guests' jokes while Richard Osman silently judges everybody.
I want to be friends with Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
After that intro, I'm singing the Actual Cannibal song, but swapping every "Shia Le Beouf" to "Richard Osman".
'What is it with the revolving doors?' Richard Osman on Fighting Talk is the worst Jerry Seinfeld ever.
I want to be Richard Osman for the day
Richard Osman was 100 times better on the autocue, and he's partially sighted!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Listen: The Museum of Curiocity with Kevin Dutton, Richard Osman, hosted by John Lloyd
Friend to the stars Richard Osman :) any good ? (the film)
Notice how Richard Osman always has different greetings for the TV and Studio audience. nerd
i passed wagamama and thought of ur tragic MISencounter with richard osman
That's what makes it scary. A SHORT Richard Osman, like a tiny homonculus. Tiny compared to him, anyway.
I've listened to a couple things about the decline of TV, none of it on TV of course, both had Richard Osman in actually.
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