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Richard Osman

Richard Thomas Osman (born 28 November 1970) is an English television presenter, producer and director.

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Assorted people who annoy me. Richard Osman, Sean Penn, Nigel Owens.
20:00 Fighting Talk: Josh Widdicombe is joined by Richard Osman, Kath Merry, Greg Brady and Bob Mills.
I've made pastry today so short it'd make look like Richard Osman 😁
cos me and Richard Osman are having a right kerfuffle...
ol Richard Osman taking no kak from what is the most annoying celeb on Pointless ever. Worse than Jedward.
So Richard Osman's brother is the bass player in suede, I never knew that.
Dreamt last night that the only thing on any TV channel was a loop of Richard Osman explaining how to poach a salmon. Random.
Richard Osman, Hugh Grant, Lily Allen, Uri Geller and Michael Jackson…have a bit of that:
Just watched a couple of hours of TV without seeing Richard Osman.amazed.
merry Christmas in advance to Rahman Osman and Richard Dela Sky
Pity the talented Richard Osman has to tolerate hunt loving Alexander Armstrong.
Richard Osman is very quick witted.
Lovely response from Richard Osman to *** non celeb woman on "Oh no sorry, not the composer, the trombonist!"
Love the banter between Alexander Armstrong and richard osman on pointless
when Richard Osman, co-host of the quiz show Pointless, was a judge for the Costa Prize?
Finally back in Manchester after a busy few days filming with the Dragons' and the lovely Richard Osman 😊
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every message I get is so pointless my inbox is actually hosted by Richard Osman
Richard osman ruined it a few weeks ago now it's salmond's turn - have the BBC decided to axe it soon ??
Richard Osman must have left his script writers at home for this one
I refuse to believe richard osman doesn't pluck his eyebrows
I've never been as attracted to anybody as I am to Richard Osman
seen Alex Armstrong has got new album coming out, when's your album out? Richard Osman cover Britney Spears Greatest hits?
Dave ja to Richard Osman chatting up Jo Brand in German and getting knocked back
Opening for Richard Osman? Seems to be creatively directing everything SiCo can't get his mitts on (**hyperbole**).
Love watching the TVs series it's very like watching Cádiz v Real Madrid without the wit of Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
Nobody ever chose The Traveling Wilburys on Pointless, so category renamed Male Music Legends and its picked! Nice one Richard Osman.
My platonic valentine Sue Perkins and real-life Trivia Groot Richard Osman are heading up a new six-episode...
Sue Perkins to host new BBC quiz show: Our favourite cake expert will be joined by Richard Osman and Josh Widd...
Sue Perkins, Richard Osman & Josh Widdicombe star in new panel show:
Things nobody wants for Christmas - Richard Osman's 'Richard Osman Sings of Love and Things'
And Richard Osman is only one letter away from Richard Isman. So, think on.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
[Sunday Recap:] Sue Perkins, Richard Osman & Josh Widdicombe to star in new BBC panel show:
email just in - Richard Osman wins heavyweight title !!
45 today: Richard Osman, born on 28th November 1970, the co-presenter and creator of the BBC One quiz show Pointless
Richard Osman just made us all look stupid with these terms.
tell Richard Osman it's Nottingham forest not Notts Forest!
I think uni's need to follow through with the Richard Osman appreciation society, you'd be crazy not to go
13:00 Radcliffe and Maconie: Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie are joined by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman.
CBBC at 6pm your time. It’s Dave Lamb as narrator, with Stephen Fry, Alexander Armstrong, Richard Osman and others acting.
Danger mouse is back with Alexander Armstrong/Kevin Eldon/Stephen Fry/Dave Lamb/Richard Osman weekdays CBBC 6pm from tomorrow.
Take away a little of the icing from the cheeks and the left cake could easily become Richard Osman.
Doesn't start til October 2nd, but hope they cover this! Clarkson hosting, Richard Osman on the panel.
Oi, Richard Osman is cool AND from Warden Park, only celebrity I know who is.
Lovely fella. And of course - he launched the careers of Jo Wiley and Richard Osman. Sort of.
I love that Richard Osman also wrote the script for Total Wipeout!
only if it was Richard Osman in disguise
Few more - Marian Keyes, Sali Hughes, India Knight, Michael Hogan, Richard Osman. That lot should keep you entertained! X
A good one between Strictly's Caroline Flack and Pointless creator Richard Osman
"Pointless assistant host Richard Osman". BBC could have phrased that better?
What the bloody *** is going on with Richard Osman's quiff
Never fails to make me laugh when the media refers to Richard Osman as "Pointless assistant host". That is one harsh job title right there.
Its always the same person, Richard Osman revealed it previously.
Richard Osman: "who became queen of Egypt on the death of her father in 51BC?" Contestant: "Queen Elizabeth I" (Two Tribes, BBC2).
“Pointless assistant host Richard Osman will be one of the two guests joining Clarkson for the opening episode” Eh?
decent evening with Richard Osman eh?
Richard Osman is a very big man, isn't he?
Some quiz on BT Sport involving a bearded Clive Anderson and well fed Richard Osman. It appears to be the worst thing that ever happened.
Done Victoria Coren, Stuart Lee, Richard Osman and Mark Gattis this week. All good
Richard Osman wishes you a happy birthday!
Oh dear. Richard Osman's pronunciation of "GOB" from Arrested Development in last night's Pointless. Oh dear.
Alas "Richard Osman's Barmy Army" did not win the pub quiz this evening
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I'm hosting a great quiz during the amazing Radio Times festival. Everyone in the audience gets to play! Tickets here htt…
Richard Osman just completely mispronounced GOB from Arrested Development 😂😂
Richard Osman has never seen Arrested Development. "Gob" indeed.
Sep 09 - Sep 12 has published new team member: Richard Osman.
Don't know who Taye Diggs is but Richard Osman pronounced it "Tie" Diggs on Pointless a while back. Gives it a Northern Irish feel.
There's is no way Patrick Carney from the black keys isn't also Richard osman from pointless
We love Pointless' Richard Osman -. one of those many brainy sorts who pronounces 'nuclear' wrong. Probably Homer Simpson's fault.
It's uncanny how much Richard Osman from Pointless looks like Patrick Carney from The Black Keys.
my love for Richard Osman grows everyday
Richard Osman just confirmed that as a pointless answer.
thanks for sharing Richard Osman, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
Me? Harassing someone? I hadn’t been accused of that since I sent 29 letters to Richard Osman asking how much the Point…
Loved Basil Brush on I think he should be on every episode - a great double act with Richard Osman!
Richard Osman...still can't believe it...
should be sorted in the next week or so. Clive Anderson and Richard Osman on the first show
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Hi Richard, I had such high expectations flying with Virgin, however It turned to be an awful experience for my honeymoon
sign Aldon Smith 2 days before opener. Richard Seymour arrived 2 days before opener in 09 and had 2 sacks vs Char…
The light bouncing off of Richard Osman's hair makes it look like he has tramlines shaved into the side of his head.
Celebrity spots on streets of Edinburgh yesterday: Phil Jupitus, Alistair McGowan & Richard Osman
Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong have some cracking banter
If Richard Osman says Jeremy Vine is nice, then he IS!
Richard Osman is in Edinburgh and yesterday I vowed to stay away for the rest of the month. ***
The world seems a slightly more reliable place when you know Richard Osman's a Community fan.
the Bob Mortimer and Richard Osman ones are great too.
yeah I feel like you're good at what I'm bad at and vice versa, plus we can meet our one true love Richard Osman 😂
Pointless Celebrities today is too good. Richard Osman and his abacus, I'm in heaven.
it's not quite a Richard Osman RT, though. 😜
No that's on the BBC with Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
Didn't hear Rory Kinnear being introduced - thought Chris was talking to Richard Osman!! More awake now!!
Richard Osman ships xanman harder than I do
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Richard Osman is a bit of a bell end & his TV show is a bit crud.
yeah if I had been a contestant, would be in a heated argument with Richard Osman right now!
I fancy Alexander Armstrong and richard osman so much
Richard Osman ; I bet he spent his entire time at school having his head shoved down the loo :-)
I watched the Richard Osman thing again and like dude that's actually incredible how can anybody be so good at geography
yup, know that feeling well. . P.s I wish I was a love child of miles jupp and Richard osman.
My ideal man is a cross between Nev Schulman, Richard Osman and Passenger.
Richard osman wants to put telling him people he's tall into room 101. I very much sympathise.
Richard Osman is on just starting on Dave. The other guests are Dame Joan Bakewell and Roisin Conaty.
Richard Osman from 'Pointless' stood behind and a guy doing "Suits you Sir "
Richard Osman is an anagram of Cornish Drama. Just saying...
Someone I went to school with is Richard Osman's niece. Jealousy.
You chat to Richard Osman on whatsapp? That's ace!
Richard Osman wearing a pocket square, but no tie (one shirt button undone). Is this a thing? And yes, I'm watching Two Tribes. Get over it.
Richard Osman just expressed his love for UK grime
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Endemol Shine launches Two Tribes game: An animated Richard Osman has been created as part of an app based on ...
my hatred of Richard Osman is both irrational and deep. What a smugface.
If my banter ever gets as bad as Richard Osman's, I'm gonna book myself onto the next flight to Switzerland and top myself at Dignitas
thanks for sharing Richard Osman, have a great Monday :) (insight by
Cheers my dear. Written by Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman?!?!
Hehe, I like that Richard Osman says "innit" 😄
Can't get over how much Richard Osman looks like the bad guy off of Lazytown
Richard Osman saying WWE Guys' Names has to be my new Ringtone
I think everyone fancies Richard Osman a little bit, right?
Is this actually a story or click bait?! i look like Richard Osman - no story for me! ;-)
Me: Why is the same producer involved in every programme in the Postman Pat movie?. Ali: Maybe it's Richard Osman.
The banter between Richard Osman and Xander Armstrong is horrifically painfully poor 😓
"I'm Taller Than The Shard". Richard Osman, are you in the Yes tribe?:
Surely the question should have been " I am taller than Richard Osman? "
"Breaking News, Richard Osman is taller than the Shard" Watch TwoTribes on i player if you missed today's episode!
You'd think the goons in the Pointless crowd would lap up Richard Osman's terrible banter but there's nothing but tumbleweed
That 'Two Tribes' programme was surprisingly good. Didn't know whether Richard Osman would be a good presenter but he was good.
Richard Osman is so awkward in his new gameshow I was like 😬 all the way through
One of the nicest and (most probably) tallest men in telly, is going quiz solo:
Richard is going solo with Two Tribes via
If you missed Richard on Lorraine, catch up with him here!...
"I like being a sidekick... It's like throwing a dinner party by yourself" is going quiz-solo:
Pointless quiz master is here to talk about his new show Two Tribes:
Two Tribes: Richard Osman on going it alone and why there will never be a celebrity special
Head for Dave at 9 to see Richard Osman and Sadiq Khan guest on Jennifer Saunders hosts.
returns weekdays at 6pm & I recently caught up with to talk about his love for quiz shows...
Ladies Doubles. That one player sounds like she's shouting "Hiya" Where's Richard Osman, when he's needed?
if you haven't seen the Richard Osman hosted Two Tribes I recommend you do GREAT QUIZ it's back this Monday 6pm BBC2
loving the facts from on the tour so far, is he like the Richard osman of Eurosport??
Jim Tavare looks a bit like Richard Osman there.
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Richard on why he's teatime TV's unlikeliest star
Pointless co-host Richard Osman 'finds love with radio DJ E... |
Richard on why he's teatime TV's unlikeliest star...
.on why he's teatime TV's unlikeliest star
". Richard Osman on why he's teatime TV's unlikeliest star. " .
The 100 top things you honestly don't need to do before you die | Richard Osman
Who would Richard like to have on his tribe? Find out here.
Ooh Nik Kershaw and Joanna Lumley and Go West and Richard Osman all in the studio.
Stephen Fry and Richard Osman doing voices. "The animation style is 'much the same as the original'." I am dyyiinng
returns on Monday and I recently asked who would be on his tribe...
Saw the two tallest men in England yesterday, Richard Osman and Peter Crouch.
How much does Richard Osman look like Patrick Carney from The Black Keys? 😂
3 years since we spent the day with Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman and the evening with Brian…
Manics definitely are. If I know Richard Osman, he'll tell us what they scored at end of the round.
Donnie Osmond in the streets, Richard Osman in the sheets
London seems to be made mainly of selfie sticks. With a bit of Richard Osman thrown in. Not how I remember it.
thanks for sharing Richard Osman, have a great Saturday :) (insight by
hi do you have any idea when the Two Tribes app will be coming out please. Richard osman said it would be sometime soon.
Watching Mcintyre is like watching Richard Osman,the audience R laughing & i'm sat here blankly looking wondering if i'm on the right planet
Richard osman is so hilarious. Should deffo have his own show! I'm holding my sides watching QI
TV ideas. 'Pointless' Richard Osman & Alexander Armstrong travel to Switzerland after finding the reality of existence too painful
. Who'd wanna night out with Richard Osman? sounds pointless to me.
I don't care how sad this sounds- I got an pointless answer on the final question and I got a very well done from Richard Osman
need tae be right intae your obscure knowledge. And Richard Osman is a hoot
How nice to get a letter in the STimes Culture TV pages defending Paul Merton on against the abomination that is Richard Osman
Richard Osman from pointless is easily my fave tv personality
even more reason to hate Richard Osman than I did already.
As if Richard Osman's brother is in Suede, mind blown
I see that Richard Osman is sporting a new quiff on Pointless tonight
Wish I had the charisma of Richard Osman
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Richard Hendricks and the guys at Pied Piper take just as many L's as the characters from Game of Thrones 😔
Before tonight's programme about Rome, Richard Osman was the only person on earth to know that Alexander Armstrong has got a bald spot.
The audience in today's Pointless looked like it was 50% Richard Osman lookalikes :)
Listening to Richard Osman on pointless tonight, expounding his own talent at writing "on the hoof" the gag about...
when will the chase return, I'm getting upset at having to see Richard Osman's face
Unreal! Ysdy brain. Richard Osman followed me tipping. Shaun Murphy for . Now Jeremy Kyle joins us. Who else?
My mum stand Richard Osman so much it's cute n creepy at the same time
Did you hear Richard Osman is backing you for the title this year Shaun? :P
In other news. Richard Osman seems like a bit of a *** Especially when interviewing Frankie Boyle.
the only thing I ever do is look for Richard Osman's wisdom , so it's easy. Although I do have it tattooed on my hand.
Booby + I fluked our win on Celebritywhose brain Richard Osman copies me tipping. Shaun Murphy
Seems I have something in common with Richard Osman's mum! That round's all just words to me too.
watching Richard Osman play snooker is just like watching me play snooker, only slightly more awkward
Richard Hammond is bored as *** without Top Gear and he's letting everybody know about it... http:…
Are you referring to the show Pointless Celebrities with Richard Osman? Because that is awesome, take it back.
Stalking Richard Osman in St Pancreas was the highlight of the day!
Ben Miller or Richard Osman.if you had to which would you choose?
surely the news is "Nick Clegg is on Richard Osman's train" - you have more power over the British populace at the moment
Got to see the great Richard Osman this morning
Richard Osman and Barry Hearn currently being v funny on Radio 5 live, who knew?
I think Richard Osman's nicked my shirt, there.
11:00 Fighting Talk: Josh Widdicombe is joined by Barry Hearn, Richard Osman, Eleanor Oldroyd and Bob Mills.
Richard Osman is getting too full of himself.
OMG Jason Donovan and Richard Osman in Sheff at the same time. Too exciting. Welcome and enjoy.
surreal night, bumping into Richard Osman then seeing Drenge killing it
Richard Osman on Room 101 attempting to banish people who tell him he's tall. . He's got a point, you know.
Chris Evans seems to be morphing into Richard Osman.
"Noel Edmonds, Glen Hugill, Richard Osman... you've started the Deal or No Deal feature!"
Local Khadija Osman on covering King Richard III's reinterment for Radio
Richard Osman: My love affair with the quiz show
Remember Quiz Ball? Or brought them back to BBC iPlayer
Richard Osman has put together an AWSOME collection of classic quiz shows for the collection on IPlayer it's well worth a look
Richard Osman from Pointless walked passed me at the Ground last night, i didn't realise i'd caught him on a photo
Tempted to be one of roughly 4,000 people telling Richard Osman there is a book called Leviathan by someone called Hoare.
You can now watch Bob's Full House & many more classic gameshows on
You'll be able to listen to theme tune before the racism kicks in all over again...
Latest BBC Four Collection is live - hope you like these classic BBC Game Shows! Funny intro by Richard Osman!
puts classic game shows on with an intro by Richard Osman. Read more:
UK: Richard Osman brings Big Break and other classic gameshows back to BBC iPlayer /via
Love a classic gameshow? brought a whole host of 'em back on
*TV News: BBC puts classic gameshows on iPlayer
Just spotted it - part of Richard Osman's selection of classic gameshows for BBC4
BBC puts classic game shows on iPlayer with an intro by Richard Osman
Anyone else reckon mark ronson looks like a small skinny version of Richard osman off of pointless?
Just watched recording of "It's not what you know" with Miles Jupp, Nathan Caton and Richard Osman. Top show!
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U r the Alexander Armstrong to my Richard Osman, the romeo to my mercutio ♥♥♥
When Richard Osman is on QI is everything is right with the world
we can reach to youtube richard. There is no need for vpn...
Richard Osman has overtaken Anton Du Beke as my favourite person. There I said it.
7 days into NoTV April. Not missing it at all, nope. . *paints richard osman's face onto cardboard box*
Congrats to whoever lampooned me into thinking Leon Osman and Richard Osman from Pointless are brothers. Made a right *** of myself at pub.
Wait since when did I follow Richard Osman 😹
Ah yes, Ronnie vs Mikhail wrestling video. Now a quiz show hosted by Richard Osman, brother of musician Mat!
Richard Osman just called fans hipsters, I'm offended
Botley: he doesn't sound anything like him, but the guard on this train is the doppelganger for Richard Osman including glasses and height
Is it just me or does Patrick Carney from the black keys looks suspiciously like Richard osman from pointless
a pointless debate? there's an idea--have Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman handle the next one. Pointless Politicians.
"Watching the second 'Paintball' episode of Community. So brilliant." As if I needed another reason to adore Richard Osman
Richard Osman is like an uncle who thinks he is cool and tries to get down with the kids
Think I've found my spirit animal in the form of Richard Osman, he is sarcasm and game show goals💗
Richard Osman is so tall. also, this is brilliant.
I'm in under the proviso that Richard Osman gets the Kevin Bacon cameo role.
The sexual tension between Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman on Pointless is unreal.
is that Richard Osman in the background of your profile pic? ;).
Almost walked into this really tall man in town then when I looked up it was Richard Osman
Check out GEITF 2014 interview with Richard Osman. Maybe it's just me but I don't think so.
Dreamt last night that I met Richard Osman but we couldn't get decent photograph together because he was too tall
Also I'm waking up to Richard Osman's Smash Bros and it's pretty amazing.
Richard Osman has the right idea, the General Election should be decided by the 7 Party Leaders fighting on Super Smash Bros Wii U!
I like Richard Osman though. He's like a less good
Richard Osman has been very quiet tonight
Getting into this with Richard Osman & Liza Tarbuck. Gonna watch the whole series tonight. Loving all the banter & surprises.
There should be Richard Osman from pointless sat with the facts with the ability to buzz in to tell us what'a right
this debate could really do with Richard osman and Alexander Armstrong chairing it to inject some much needed banter
Is it presented by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman?
The banter between between Alexander Armstrong and Richard osman is very very good.
'African countries whose first vowel is A'. It's almost as if Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong knew I was watching.
BLOG: Khadija Osman talks about her work on the coverage of King Richard III's reinterment for
Seahawks' Richard Sherman pays surprise visit to Compton Dominguez High School, his alma mater
Richard Osman's rant on Room 101 about people telling him he's tall is my life summed up perfectly!
Bring on Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman - that was Pointless. Ducking the answers to 3 or 4 Qs is not accountability!
Richard Osman did query what is being taught in A Level art so it did not go unremarked.
Theres probably more chance of Strictly doing Richard Osman
Patrick Carney sorta reminds me of Richard Osman
Why, when I recorded Banished off of On Demand, did I end up with Richard Osman's new show & Eggheads!!
dancing with Lenny Henry to Plastic Bertrand with Richard Osman on the wheels of steel... Doesn't get better than this!😊
Lenny Henry and Dermot O'Leary dancing to Dancing Queen with Richard Osman on the decks... I love Red Nose Day
When did Richard Osman become a radio DJ?
Can't watch Dermot without dancing! Looking forward to Richard Osman disco at 11.
According to DNA research on Richard III's remains, the current English royal family may not have a legitimate claim to the …
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all I see is Richard Osman and the subtitles are from it working yet?
Richard Osman will be especially pleased. It's been great sharing such an auspicious moment with you.
Yes, sorry about this Ryan. It's brought an unexpected new audience to Richard Osman - but we're working hard to fix.
I'm trying to watch 'Banished' on iplayer but a quiz show with Richard Osman keeps playing instead :/
If Richard Osman looked a bit more like a convict, I could understand
Was looking forward to watching "banished" on i player instead I get Richard Osman and some sodding quiz show sort it out.
when I click to watch Banished on iPlayer it is playing a program called Yes or No with Richard Osman?
Richard Osman is brilliant on Two Tribes, he should have been hosting Pointless this whole time!
This week 704 music by the new and an album special wit…
Richard Osman is funny in a different way, may no be great in a stage show, but fantastically quick witted and very warm
Is Richard Osman naturally tall or is it a well known TV trick of the trade?
Forever forgetting how tall Richard Osman is, imagine us standing together
Any idea how many times Richard Osman says 'Tribe' during his Two Tribes show? I can't watch it as it makes me want to kick the screen in.
I don't like how Richard Osman hosts 2 shoes, i feel like he's cheating on me
Richard Osman. England's top flight football league is not the Premiership, it's the Premier League. Has been for 10 years
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
LMFAO RICHARD OSMAN:. "We got him" famously said in 2011 by Obama after they captured Justin Bieber
Richard Osman is my all time favourite quiz master!
The sooner I can get Richard Osman or Paul Sinha to join my pub quiz team the better
How about this as a category: I prefer Alexander Armstrong to Richard Osman!
Do you know when you see some people and they genuinely look like monkeys. Richard Osman off of pointless is one example 😂🐵
Pointless is the best quiz show purely because Richard Osman is on it.
Richard Osman: new voice of darts...? C'mon BBC, make dreams a reality!
I know! I love him. Maybe we will called the baby Richard Osman Doran.
I should also confess, I thought you might be Richard Osman's son during your first appearance...
I think Richard Osman is extremely charming. He's like a non-arrogant version of Stephen Fry.
The Osmans: TVs Richard Osman leads his similarly-named relatives in this tribute to 70s hitmakers The Osmonds. Tony says: no interval.
Thank you to Richard Osman for coming up with that idea best comic relief special in donkeys years
Tim Vine ❤ Richard Osman on finding darts even more nerve-wracking than working with # # # - Radio Times
Richard osman is my favourite character ever
why is the board the same height for men and women, and Richard Osman?
not even the great Richard Osman can save that rubbish
is so much better when you imagine Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are being passive aggressive to each other
16:50 Pointless Celebrities: Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present a theatre edition of the quiz.
I used to run a successful Origami company but sadly i had to sell it on. Too much paperwork. (via richard osman)
JJ Barea, Richard Jefferson, and Rajon Rondo getting in some yoga in LA.
SHOWBIZ FACT: Richard Osman gained his superpowers when he was bitten by a radioactive operating system.
If Richard Osman watches it, I am allowed to get stupidly invested in a junk reality TV show and want to weep when true love fails
Being in the presence of Richard Osman himself would be more than enough glory for me
Just found out that the bassist from Suede is Richard Osman's brother. What a brilliant bit of celebrity trivia.
just seen Jason Tribe credited on the Richard Osman RHLSTP. He should've brought a relative along so there were Two Tribes.
I have made a decision. I'd like to marry Richard Osman
I just got the usual he-looks-like-Richard-Osman remarks. Braced for a Miss Piggy backlash on Monday, though.
Lee Mack, Tim Vine and Richard Osman have all been on it and all have won their matches.
I want to read my dads Pointless books by Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong now
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