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Richard Osman

Richard Thomas Osman (born 28 November 1970) is an English television presenter, producer and director.

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I have the weirdest crush on Richard Osman. I'm not even surprised by this
We apologise for any inward fanboying, but Richard Osman is currently on the train platform. All customers are advised to remain calm.
You know when you watch pointless on the train then see Richard osman when you get off in the station yeah same
Richard Osman is the only one asking the real questions these days
...However, the one who writes the Richard Osman sketches needs sacking, they're just not funny.
My favourite is the Sarah Lancashire and Richard Osman puppets
the best puppets are Prince William and Richard Osman and Bill Clinton
Does Richard Osman actually make that noise?
Richard Osman sketches are always the best ones
DT Daniel Hannan: Richard Osman Has there ever been such a talented group in the first round?
Wakefield finally gets on Pointless!! The impossible answer according to Richard Osman..
Richard Osman actually made Wakefield sound kind of posh
Ok people, stop rt'ing and liking Richard osman! I don't want him on my feed
Bake Off: Richard Osman says replacing Mel and Sue will be 'hard work' Richard Osman says replacing Mel and Sue on… ht…
Richard Osman is a handsome and intelligent fellow
*Open Letter. Dear Mr. Richard Osman,. You really should get out more. Try going for a pint or two with Alexander.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Just got tickets to be in the audience for 'Insert name here' with Sue Perkins, Richard Osman and Josh Widdicombe!
I dreamt that I went to a pub and Richard Osman was pushing me around on a computer chair the entire time asking me questions about BMTH o k
he's actually a fictional character invented by Richard Osman in the mid 90s
. Richard Osman says it all the time on Pointless.
Fun's over pal. I ain't no Richard Osman.
What happens when I give my number to my flatmates and they see I have a puppy or richard osman smiling as my dp
never seen brand-new hyphenated before but because Richard Osman said it, it's right
Richard Osman's funniest ever Pointless moments - chuckling at this I realise how funny Pointless is!
I just hope Richard Osman is never arrested for telling everyone he pushed a man in a canal when nobody had noticed.
If it wasn't for Richard Osman, I would definitely watch pointless
Richard Osman: the man of one and a bit faces.
Can we not try and imagine the *ideal* presenting team, now there are vacancies? Richard Osman, Diane Morgan & Mary Beard, for eg
RICHARD OSMAN liven up your show & attract younger audience by adding an expletive every time you say the word effing pointless.
Paul and Mary split up. CJ from Eggheads arrested on suspicion of murder. What's next, Richard Osman caught pissing in letterboxes?
I do wish Richard Osman would take his TV producer hat off once in a while and see things from a viewer's perspective.
Wait. "Pointless Celebrities"? I wonder if Richard Osman realises that's a pun? 🤔
Seriously considering a Richard Osman Warning for BF quizzes
Tonight's event with Nick Clegg has indeed been cancelled BUT! consider spending your refunded ticket money on this!
My philosophy & literature lecture consists of two lecturers, one of which is sat at a desk in the corner like Richard Osman on Pointless
GOAL!. Leon Osman levels it up for Everton v Norwich. 1-1
They think it's Moldova it is Chisinau. I do love how dorky Richard Osman is.
He's like a nationalist, malevolent Alexander Armstrong trying to get one over on Richard Osman, and failing miserably.
The lady on Go8Bit and Richard Osman would make a great couple... 😂😛❤
PointlessBlog in which everything is the same but it's Richard Osman.
Two tv people I love:. Richard osman. Aziz ansaris dad
Delve into the world of Pointless with hosts of hit TV quiz, with their take on history!
some fighting between Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman for Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster.Do they know its pointless?
Richard Osman sounds like your ideal husband
Richard Osman and Danny Baker really rate the moon. They express this in a witty fashion.
Can't wait for Osman, Hibbert, Richard Wright and Pistone to join Sunderland
We're doing dramatic readings of literary erotica. Highlights so far have been Alexander Armstrong/Richard Osman and God/Noah.
Contrary to what Richard Osman just said on Pointless, you can fly. Just throw yourself at the ground and miss. Easy.
Richard Osman just said nice things to me I am giddy (but oh god my notifications are on fire, and not in a good way)
Was it Richard Osman? Because clearly there are no other 6'7 men in the world.
tickets for Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman on sale to festival members now!
Richard Osman starting to go full Cunk...
I just realised Will Toledo looks like a young Richard Osman.
Can anyone give me a nice summary of Mat Osman? 'Tall bassist guy from Suede', ' 'Richard Osman's brother' are not acceptable btw
I liked a video Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast - with Richard Osman
that Richard Osman does go on, grates after a while
I like that Richard Osman. Funny and educational sometimes
offensive backfield is anything but settled. Reece suspended. Murray not standing out. Washington, Richard, Olewa…
That's why they like him. Richard with the return out to the 42-yard line.
How can know-it-all Richard Osman not know how to pronounce George Takei's name?
Why does Richard Osman look so much like Sue Perkins?
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Richard Osman looks like Woody Allen doing an impression of Postman Pat.
'You're like a cross between Pris and Richard Osman' is probably the best thing anyone's ever said to me
Star studded train home. Simon Callow and Richard Osman both travelling south this afternoon.
Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong's chat on Pointless makes me feel sick
Endorse this. Who is the Australian version of Richard Osman, though?
How 'bout a Canadian version of Pointless starring as Xander Armstrong and as Richard Osman? Eh?
From Justin Bieber to Mrs Brown's Boys: hating them just isn't worth it | Richard Osman
Today I stared a little too long at Ian Rankin & then stood next to Richard Osman in queue to watch Joe Lycett. I love the Fringe.
LIVE on i think Richard Osman is stood behind me...
Richard osman saying 'The Arcade Fire' on pointless has knocked me sick.
All this fuss today about 'Mrs Brown's Boys' takes me back to a thing I wrote in The Guardian a couple of years ago. http…
Seriously does anyone else think that Sue Perkins is the female version of Richard Osman??
Just saw Richard Osman in the street. For a second it was almost like he's a real person. Weird.
Just saw richard osman with my own eyes in edinburgh dreams really do come true!!!
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are at the lit fest this year and I have genuinely never been more excited about anything in my life
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are coming to where I live and I'll be at uni
I once had a sex dream about Richard Osman that was so graphic I still feel a bit awkward when I see him on the telly
these are getting that obscure we'll have to get Richard Osman involved 😃
If they ever remake 'Allo 'Allo, and I accept that this is unlikely, Richard Osman would make a decent Officer Crabtree.
happy to go on Pointless just for the Richard Osman experience tbh
Plus Richard Osman is much more likeable!
"One of the most exciting things I've done on TV" - Richard Osman on Child Genius...
'One of the most exciting things I've done on TV', says on -
fulham fans including Richard Osman regularly say Ross was £6m and not £13m as reported.
the guy off 'Pointless', Richard Osman, pointed out that the 3 promoted teams, had the 3 best defences.
Rhea named Child Genius 2016 after nail biting final which host Richard Osman hailed as the ''greate: via
Ten-year-old Rhea has been named Child Genius 2016 in a nail-biting final that host Richard Osman hailed the...
dunna make me drag Richard Osman into…
Richard Osman is up there with my favourite people ever
And it's hosted by Richard Osman yayayayya
Richard Osman reveals why nystagmus has helped make him a star
Well done Rhea! And Saffy who was only just pipped to the post. Agree with Richard Osman best final to date!
It's brilliant that the . Trophy is so big they can't hold it. Richard Osman is immense on that show. Unlike some parents.
Richard Osman should've stopped question on GPS as soon as she buzzed in. Definitely gave unfair advantage by finishing the Q.
It's put me right off Richard Osman.
Look how tall Richard Osman is compared to them 😂
Once I opened a door for Richard Osman and he didn't say thanks.
Richard Osman just embarrasses himself on this...
Richard Osman shouldn't finish the question if she's not going to listen to it
How nice a manner does Richard Osman have? Perfect casting for
This is making me love Richard Osman, but nobody else.
Richard Osman asking these questions with a straight friggin face. Don't know what is more nuts 😱
exactly! 😂🙈 I lold watching Richard Osman trying to read the questions.. even he was like *** is this
I don't want any of these kids to win. Richard Osman for the title!!
I love Richard osman more than my family
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Richard Osman just beat Phil Taylor at darts on Pointless Slebs. Taylor called him a c**t after, walked off the stage & vowed to retire
Phil Taylor and Richard Osman playing a Darts match on Pointless
dunna make me drag Richard Osman into this...
NEWS: Do you agree with 's dubious honour for heath?!
Richard Osman: "They should do a celebrity version of that show [Pointless]". Jack Dee: "They keep trying.".
Only Richard Osman is as tall as RTD. Oh and The Beast from The Chase.
Is Richard Osman now a comedian? He's been on a lot of panelshows lateley. Has he got a standup routine?
17:10 Pointless Celebrities: Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present a kids' TV edition of the quiz.
Watching old episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway? & being surprised every time they say Richard Osman's name in the credits bit at the end.
Wait. So Mat Osman off of Suede is Richard Osman's brother? That's just blown my mind
You would say that, Richard Osman of the MEDIA
The August draw for the Robins 100 Club has been made. Congratulations to Nick Newman, Rene Osman & Richard Knight
Renee reminds me of Richard Osman. know what I mean?
Richard Osman's hair is very sculpted tonight. He looks like he's in Devo.
One pointless answer each in the final of both in darts. Richard Osman would be proud if he cared about us.
Just walked past your man Richard Osman at clapham junction. Not hard to miss tbh, he must be about 7 foot
I aspire to the banter level Alexander Armstrong is on with Richard Osman. The challenge channel is quite quality
I shook Richard Osman's hand today n it was like meeting a life idol 😳😂
Richard Osman and Jon Richardson gaffer-taping Alex Horne to a stool has kind of made my night.
Patatas left in a tree by CRUEL Richard Osman.
Go Mog and family! Richard Osman is a great bonus - lovely, calm & humorous to put the children at ease.
Hey Richard Osman and danny baker are having a chat
Depressing that Richard Osman is more fatherly to that Christopher kid than his actual Dad!
Im loving Richard Osman as the quizmaster this year
Catching up on on +1. Why has Simon Blair been replaced with Richard Osman? 😣💔
I'd say Richard Osman is a really nice guy.
If you missed Richard osman new show child genius you can catch it on channel 4 RIGHT NOW
Well Richard Osman is just lovely ain't he?
Richard Osman is very tall. And very annoying
Richard Osman great addition, positive and funny
Hamilton Collection
I don't know why, but I have such a crush on Richard Osman 🙈
I've never understood the "imagine everyone naked" idea. It'd make me more terrified. Bet Richard Osman is well hung!
# Child genius Richard osman pure class great for the kids
Apparently there's "complex arithmetic" on tonight, but I've only seen real numbers. I expect better from Richard Osman.
I really resent Richard Osman for being involved in this show
Yay is back!!! Love this show but competitive parents annoy me. Not sure they needed Richard Osman though. Fine as it was
Richard Osman brings a lot more humour and less pressure on
What has Richard Osman done to his lips?
Child Genius and Richard Osman is making me the happiest I've ever been.
presented by Richard Osman, what a treat 🙊
on channel 4 - trying to find the UKs brightest child. Richard Osman as quizmaster should make this watchable
Me whenever I see Richard Osman on TV: did you know his brother is in Suede? Did you know that there is a Mat Osman? Do you want a Suede CD?
richard Osman about to ruin the show ? . # didn't take long
The search for Britain?s brightest 8-12 year old is back with...TV. mastermind Richard Osman!!! YAAAS.
did Richard Osman have to duck to walk in the room? ^_^
Adam Hills: The Last Leg Series 7 Ep 1 Richard Osman: Adam Hills returns to the studio for a brand new season of The Last Leg, with A...
Richard Osman on why rubbish TV isn't completely pointless: The new Child Genius q...
Wearing make up for the first time for Pointless. The things I do for Richard Osman.
I'll wait for the day when Richard Osman finally notices my account . That will be fun 😂😂😂😂
Yep. Love Richard Osman . He and Xander are so good. Not so keen on the chaser 😉
Oh, even better for you, Richard Osman is the question master!
Bit like Richard Osman, on just about everything to point he's just become annoying.
Stuff John Cleese and his Leave voting. We've got Richard Osman now!!
Why is Pointless Celebrities so dumbed down? And who is this Richard Osman anyway?
can affect anyone. Richard Osman - Co-Presenter of pointless has nystagmus. This means his eyes...
. Dear Richard Osman, we've had little moths dan's le maison pour weeks. Is it the year of the moth instead of wasp?
'Aww I like Richard Osman he'd be so good in a crisis' - my mam, who values celebrities based on their ability to cope in emergencies
I don't call you Richard Osman - I call you 'I can't Believe It's Not Patrick Carney'
would Richard osman have been on at half time if it hadn't been pointless so far between France and Portugal
Richard Osman will be on at half time of the
How come I did not follow Richard Osman to this moment
Richard Osman and Doc Brown have to impress the Mayor of Chesham in Taskmaster:
well yes. The recent Richard Osman anecdote did cross my mind.
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman revealed Mary Berry was less than impressed by their colourful language when she appeared as a
"Pointless is a quiz show shown on BBC One, hosted by Alexander Armstrong, with Richard Osman as an assistant." - Kurt…
I only just read that Richard Osman was in Suede. How have I only just learned this? So many TV geeks with cool rock band history!
Richard Osman's wiki photo is the best thing ever
I still say you're a ginger Richard Osman
Briton on crashed Egypt flight named as Richard Osman
Thoughts are with family & friends of British national Richard Osman during this extremely difficult time
British victim of named as Richard Osman from
How's going to do pointless now Richard Osman has gone in that Egypt plane crash.
Richard Osman doing everything short of a single, return, or even an all day ticket.
I AM LOOKING AT I know this is weird and stalky but OH MY GOD IT IS RICHARD OSMAN
That Tinie Tempah performance was more pointless than the BBC quiz show hosted by Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman...
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You get it, right? No EgyptAir flight MS804: Welsh man Richard Osman on board plane
BBC News - EgyptAir flight MS804: Tribute to victim Richard Osman
I went on my break just as pointless was finishing I needed my Richard Osman fix and now it's gone
My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Richard Osman who died onboard the EgyptAir flight. My thoughts are w…
So my TL is full of Formula E and then there's Richard Osman talking about crumpets xD
Tributes pour in for EgyptAir crash victim Richard Osman from Carmarthen
FM Bishop confirmed that the only citizen aboard also held an passport. RIP Richard Osman (40) h…
Ppl died a horrific death bc of demonic Muslims & is butt hurt we say terrorism⁉️ ht…
Cockpit battle for life: 66 die after Flight MS804 crashes in sea as fears grow that hijakers fought crew
Richard Osman, 40. Briton. He leaves behind 2 daughter, one's a newborn. May his soul rest in peace.
Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Richard Osman (MCSM, 1998).
Australian killed on EgyptAir flight had newborn daughter via
TERRORISTS were last night feared to have overpowered crew in an EgyptAir jet cockpit, causing it to crash into...
Australian killed on EgyptAir flight had newborn daughter. pls leave poor guy's family alone. via
Why is every tragedy filled with conflicting information from official sources?. Manipulation is occurring.
British passenger on board flight named as father-of-two Richard Osman
Bit sad Richard Osman was reading the results - was waiting for again!
London calling. Richard Osman. We wanted Nigella Lawson again but she got drunk on the sherry this afternoon cooking a souffle
no.Richard Osman's doing it.Any time now!
This geezer on looks like the result of a matter transporter accident between Richard Osman and Michael MacIntyre.
Round on Pointless identifying statues. Guess which one Richard Osman really liked Matt? 󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴
Daniel Amartey, Matty James and Gokhan Inler, which will surprise Richard Osman because he's off of Napoli
05:30 The Unbelievable Truth: David Mitchell is joined by Joe Lycett, Sam Simmons, Richard Osman and Aisling Bea.
Also Play to the Whistle when Bradley Walsh and Richard Osman had argument "it's like when two Doctor Who's meet"
Watch Bradley Walsh's reaction as The Chase gets slated by comedian Richard Osman.
Good to see Play to the Whistle back. Bradley Walsh v Richard Osman was funny
2 New Series of Taskmaster coming to Dave. Series 2 : Jon Richardson, Richard Osman, Joe Wilkinson, Katherine Ryan and Doc Brown and 1/2
Richard Osman is a cheese merchant, a purveyor of bell cheese
how many appearances in the Brentford reserves do Alexander Armstrong or Richard Osman have? Exactly...
What's more pointless, third v fourth game at playoff's or a tv quiz featuring Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
Pointless is a British quiz show produced by Endemol UK for the BBC, hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman. Contestant
Loving the World Cup of crisps by Richard Osman!
. Enjoyed Dragons Den - Pitches to Riches hosted by Richard Osman . tonight!
to think that Richard Osman looks like Herman Munster without the neck bolts?
No matter how many times Alexander Armstrong introduces Richard Osman as his friend, I still laugh.
Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman take time out from recording their general knowledge quiz "Pointless" in 2012.
Alexander Armstrong 'critical' after disagreement with Richard Osman
Alexander Armstrong ‘critical’ after disagreement with Richard Osman
Alexander Armstrong ‘critical’ after disagreement with Richard Osman via
NEWS! Alexander Armstrong ‘critical’ after disagreement with Richard Osman
love it! Also love you're following Richard Osman.
Makes me chuckle every time I'm in sainsbury's (IOW) and they call for Richard Osman over the tannoy. Is moonlighting?
Not that the reference was pointless, it was on the show Pointless with Richard Osman again!
Richard Osman agrees with me. Case closed.
Mel & sue, graham Norton and Richard osman must have been busy   10% Off
Richard Osman to look back on classic Dragons' Den moments for BBC Two sure "Touchy" was a pointless answer on a Richard Osman show.
Assorted people who annoy me. Richard Osman, Sean Penn, Nigel Owens.
I'm watching Would I Lie to You? 8x06 "Gareth Malone OBE, Amanda Abbington, Richard Osman, Phill Jupitus and
why do I really really really really fancy richard osman this is weird but nice
it doesn't help that Richard Osman is smugly taking part.
Do Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman not get on? Every time they interact with each other its so awkward. Cringe.
Just asked Siri 'how much chocolate Richard Osman could safely eat?'She said,"Mormons can't have chocolate."
Please let the numbers Richard Osman joked would come out of the lottery draw tonight do come out. Imagine the furore
Richard Osman knows. The real Lottery numbers. Now we all do, ta. in the news
Is that anything to dowith Richard Osman?
Bit extreme.What's Richard Osman ever done to you
I'm now wondering whether Roger Daltry tells everyone round the pub that he lives one road away from Richard Osman.
There's two great reasons to watch right now (not Richard Osman or Alexander Armstrong, sorry lads)
How good would a Everton Liverpool final be! Gary would lose his head! Osman top down from the attic 👌
Update your maps at Navteq
Richard Osman: We're looking for countries that border the countries shown on the board. Dad: Iceland.
Richard Osman would make a very tall vampire hunter.
think I might have a thing for richard osman?? time to turn off pointless
Is there a bigger smart *** on TV than Richard Osman on Pointless?
I'm not sure I like the way that is turning into the Richard Osman Comedy Show.
Anyone else think looks like Richard Osman from Pointless?
It's all on Richard Osman's profile if you're interested! Might need to scroll back a few days. Apparently there's a crisp one.
Ironically, the two funniest people on it are Kate Williams and Richard Osman.
I can't believe Richard Osman has signed up to it. It's substandard even for Channel 4.
I do like Richard Osman but he has lips like a punched ***
On BBC2, a new panel show with team captains Josh Widdicombe and Richard Osman
Dunno about you but I'd love to punch Richard Osman square in the face. Smug ***
Bake Off's Sue Perkins is back with new panel show (yes, that's the name)
Started watching "Insert Name Here". Love but detest Richard Osman. Now watching the news
Watching BBC2 at 10pm 'Insert Name Here' new panel show by friend Hosted by Sue Perkins, with Richard Osman and Josh Widdecombe
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
My friend Will co-wrote a new panel show for BBC2 and it starts in 5 minutes. Featuring Sue Perkins, Richard Osman and Josh Widdicombe.
9 times out of 10 I’d rather be sitting listening to Richard Osman reading things from a list.
Bake Off legend kicks off her new panel show on BBC Two tonight
Richard Osman is the FUNNIEST person alive
Insert Name Here: Sue Perkins hosts new BBC Two panel show with Josh ...
Richard Osman just told a contestant on Pointless he looks like Harry Kane and he took it as a compliment 😂😂😂
I like the guy who plays Richard Osman. Hope they never recast him.
Oooh Richard Osman jut had a sly dig at Mitchell and Webb which has both annoyed me and reminded me Pep Show is the best TV show ever
why are you follow Richard osman if you don't like pointless? Isn't that in itself pointless?
The year 2019: a child from every family must compete to the death on Pointless. Richard Osman has become symbiotically mer…
have acquired forward Richard Panik from the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for forward Jeremy Morin.
Can't believe Richard Osman left the great British Tunnocks Teacake out of his world cup. Unbelievable.
Dairy Milk is crowned champion in Richard Osman's World Cup of Chocolate 2016
20:00 Fighting Talk: Josh Widdicombe is joined by Richard Osman, Kath Merry, Greg Brady and Bob Mills.
I've made pastry today so short it'd make look like Richard Osman 😁
All purpose parts banner
cos me and Richard Osman are having a right kerfuffle...
ol Richard Osman taking no kak from what is the most annoying celeb on Pointless ever. Worse than Jedward.
So Richard Osman's brother is the bass player in suede, I never knew that.
Dreamt last night that the only thing on any TV channel was a loop of Richard Osman explaining how to poach a salmon. Random.
Richard Osman, Hugh Grant, Lily Allen, Uri Geller and Michael Jackson…have a bit of that:
Just watched a couple of hours of TV without seeing Richard Osman.amazed.
merry Christmas in advance to Rahman Osman and Richard Dela Sky
Pity the talented Richard Osman has to tolerate hunt loving Alexander Armstrong.
Richard Osman is very quick witted.
Lovely response from Richard Osman to *** non celeb woman on "Oh no sorry, not the composer, the trombonist!"
Love the banter between Alexander Armstrong and richard osman on pointless
when Richard Osman, co-host of the quiz show Pointless, was a judge for the Costa Prize?
Finally back in Manchester after a busy few days filming with the Dragons' and the lovely Richard Osman 😊
every message I get is so pointless my inbox is actually hosted by Richard Osman
Richard osman ruined it a few weeks ago now it's salmond's turn - have the BBC decided to axe it soon ??
Richard Osman must have left his script writers at home for this one
I refuse to believe richard osman doesn't pluck his eyebrows
I've never been as attracted to anybody as I am to Richard Osman
seen Alex Armstrong has got new album coming out, when's your album out? Richard Osman cover Britney Spears Greatest hits?
Dave ja to Richard Osman chatting up Jo Brand in German and getting knocked back
Opening for Richard Osman? Seems to be creatively directing everything SiCo can't get his mitts on (**hyperbole**).
Love watching the TVs series it's very like watching Cádiz v Real Madrid without the wit of Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
Nobody ever chose The Traveling Wilburys on Pointless, so category renamed Male Music Legends and its picked! Nice one Richard Osman.
My platonic valentine Sue Perkins and real-life Trivia Groot Richard Osman are heading up a new six-episode...
Sue Perkins to host new BBC quiz show: Our favourite cake expert will be joined by Richard Osman and Josh Widd...
Sue Perkins, Richard Osman & Josh Widdicombe star in new panel show:
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