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Richard Nixon

Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994) was the 37th President of the United States, serving from 1969 to 1974. The only president to resign the office, Nixon had previously served as a US representative and senator from California and as the 36th Vice President of the United States from 1953 to 1961.

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I’m worse than Richard Nixon when it comes to enemies 😂
dirtiest White House I've ever seen and I'm sixty years old Trump has trumped Richard Nixon and it's less than a hundred days
John McCain has always been funded by criminal activity that's why he was pardoned by Richard Nixon
I just wanted you to know the only *** pics I'd ever sent you are of Richard Nixon and the original Dumbledore. I'm classy
No, it wasn't Jimmy, but I'm sure Richard Nixon's 👻 is living under your desk.
Do you realize the responsibility I carry? I'm the only person standing between Richard Nixon and the White House.
I am so ready for our so called Presidents' I'm not a crook - Richard Nixon speech. Put this impeachment on the fast track.
13. I'm related to Richard Nixon and Charlemagne, and am ethnically Basque (but if asked I wouldn't say so)
It gotta be around 1968 in Indy world now, so I'm guessing that the baddy will be Richard Nixon
not necessarily. Richard Nixon was never charged. Ted Kennedy. Anthony Weiner. If ur guilty doesn't mean yo…
The Unraveling - Our guest interlocutors are John Dean and Richard Nixon, speaking in the Oval Office on March ...
Richard Nixon's former lawyer warns Donald Trump over Russia cover-up..
In 1974, President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon. don't make the same mistake.
"Trump lies with a fluency and frequency that makes Richard Nixon seem like a pillar of rectitude."
Only reason he's giving another teleprompter speech on USS Gerald Ford is cause there ain't ever gonna be a USS Richard Nixon.🤔
RE: USS Gerald Ford. How ironic?. Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon after Nixon's. impeachment. Trump'll need a Ford in his future.
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Richard Nixon's former attorney sees 'echoes of Watergate' in Donald Trump's presidency
Via The last president to outright skip the was Richard Nixon in 1972
Nixon. . Richard Nixon. That was the last time a President flat out skipped this dinner. . Very very telling.
"Trump's attacks on the American press as enemies of the American people are more treacherous than Richard Nixon's"
4 Names 1 anonymous. I can see why our so-called president is nervous. . Carl Bernstein. Bob Woodward. Richard Nixon. Deep Throat
Breaking News: President Richard Nixon denounces Woodward and Bernstein reporting. Says it's fake news.
Richard Nixon did not believe in either. This will not end well for Trump.
Richard Nixon put Norman Lear on the enemies lists? I bet he was scared AF.
Hey guys remember when those enemies-of-the-state Woodward and Bernstein took down that hero Richard Nixon?
Richard Nixon had nothing on Donald Trump via
Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein says Donald Trump is more dangerous than Richard Nixon | The Independent
Just like Woodward and Bernstein were once accused of doing by Richard Nixon & his White House administration!
“No president, including Richard Nixon, has been so ignorant of fact...". --Carl Bernstein .
Never try to guess which way SCOTUS will go. Richard Nixon & Ken Starr learned that the hard way. Fun to watch!
Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein says is more dangerous than Richard Nixon.
The road to Watergate and the resignation of Richard Nixon began 3 months after his inauguration via
The EPA and the Clean Water Act were started and implemented by Richard Nixon.
Trump is the first Republican presidential candidate not to release his tax returns since Richard Nixon.
BREAKING: RELIX is now reporting that Moby Grape has evidence that Richard Nixon colluded with Russia.
John Dean was White House council to Richard Nixon during Watergate, warning him, "A cancer is growing on the presi…
Richard Nixon was a more decent person than Uncle Dolan.
Richard Nixon asked Terry Bradshaw to compare hands in Oval Office, April 1970:
But not since the rancorous days of Richard Nixon and Gough Whitlam has there been anything approaching this...
The last time US-Australia relations were this strained: Gough Whitlam vs Richard Nixon
During Sally Yates is like Richard Nixon firing Archibald Cox. Both Cox and Yates were upholding the Costitution. against illegal moves
Remember when Richard Nixon tried to fired Archibald Cox?.
Shades of Richard Nixon firing Archibald Cox... Now Trump fires AG who is standing up for the U.S. Constitution.
And now... Everybody is going to remember:. Archibald Cox. Elliot Richardson. William Ruckelshaus. And... Richard Nixon.
The similarities to Archibald Cox/Richard Nixon are glaring. Hopefully this ends same for Trump. But quicker.
Richard Nixon fired Archibald Cox. Things didn't go so well for him after that.
Takes me back to the Saturday Night Massacre when Richard Nixon fired Archibald Cox.
Richard Nixon resigned from the fallout from firing someone who defied him. Special prosecutor Archibald Cox. Interesting times.
This reminds me of the Saturday Night Massacre, when Richard Nixon sacked the special prosecutor, Archibald Cox, making Nixon a Cox-sacker.
Shades of Richard Nixon firing Cox so many years ago. Yates is my new heroine.
Trump gets his Richard Nixon firing Archibald Cox on.
History looks much more kindly to Archibald Cox than Richard Nixon
DYK? Richard Nixon set up EPA & signed Clean Air Act. Ronald Reagan ushered in Montreal Protocol, 1st treaty to protect the atmosphere.
On This Day. 1973: By proclamation, Richard Nixon urged a day of prayer and Thanksgiving to mark the end of the Vietnam…
Why do thinkpieces keep needing to compare Trump to foreign dictators instead of like, Andrew Johnson or Richard Nixon or George Wallace?
"Donald Trump is like Richard Nixon, but he's behaving like Spiro Agnew." - Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley on
you will join the ranks of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Or you also may resign as Richard Nixon did and save face now.
For all of those who say he is the president and we have to deal with it, I have four words, Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon...
is no longer the party of Teddy Roosevelt or even Richard Nixon. We're going to have to fight as hard as we can https:/…
the shredder was first brought into light by Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal?…
Trump is the love child of Richard Nixon & Bernie Sanders.
Tell me about it. Richard Nixon is condemned for the Watergate scandal, while Bill Clinton is let off the hook for raping.
Saw on ABC News with David Muir last night that Richard Nixon and his wife Pat told that if he ever ran for pres he'd win.
Richard Nixon appears in Fantastic Four 1972, by Stan Lee, John Buscema and Joe Sinnott.
The presidency and the nation will survive a president Trump. As it survived Andrew Jackson Warren G Harding, Lyndon Johnson & Richard Nixon
As I read the comments about NBC I keep hearing it in Richard Nixon's voice. So sad. Fake news. So sad.
- J Edgar Hoover, Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, and now Donald Trump -- Republican icons.
"I’d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada, to Justin Pierre Trudeau,” said Nixon.
"Obamacare is virtually the same privatized mandate plan it pushed for since President Richard Nixon first propose…
Not since Richard Nixon has the press been so determined to bring a US president down,they got Nixon,will get trump
" I love always hurt the ones you love " - David Frye, impersonating Richard Nixon
"I was under medication when I made the decision not to burn the tapes." -- President Richard Nixon
"Every elected president, dating back to Richard Nixon, has voluntarily released his tax returns each year"…
George W. Bush and Richard Nixon had all-time-lows of 25%. There is room to fall.
Am I the only one who didn't know Richard Nixon sabotaged Lyndon Johnson's peace negotiations between North & South Vietnam to get elected?
Richard Nixon knew this in 1972 but Congress had no political will.
to the American people.He must ensure that a Trump administration will not return us to the days of Richard M. Nixon, or, worse, the scandal
"America has a right to know if its President is a crook" Richard Nixon
Monica Crowley was an editorial advisor on Richard Nixon's last 2 books. The publisher of those books be like...
Trump is extremely anti-media and it reminds me of how much Richard Nixon that is of him.
That's correct they don't want us to know; just like their counterpart the late Richard M. Nixon.
Much like their counterpart the late Richard Nixon.
"Jane Fonda, Daniel Shore, Jack Anderson...hey! This is Richard Nixon's enemies list, you just crossed out his name…
The model here is Richard Nixon. When he lost a critical mass of Republicans in Congress, it was over.
The government paid the family of Richard Nixon $18 million for ...
I'd never heard of Floyd B. McKissick, a Black Republican with a dream for a new, majority Black town built w/help from HUD & Richard Nixon.
" I would not like to be a politician in Russa. They never know when they're being taped " - Richard Nixon
.Also, had Richard Nixon not sold his soul for votes of racially resentful white people, we might now have
If not for a pardon from President Richard Nixon, John McCain would have been court-martialed for treason.
Trump will last a year in office, he will be our generations Richard Nixon.
Richard Nixon confirmed as the founder of the movement!
So Richard Nixon had more of a sense of humor? Ouch.
Obamacare (the idea of it) is actually an idea of the Republicans. Richard Nixon proposed in 1974 the essence of the ACA.
In my mind, the re-election of Richard Nixon, compared with what ...
Seeing Martin Luther King in his casket changed Wilt Chamberlain's entire viewpoint on life, success and politcs
"That hunger and malnutrition should persist in a land such as ours is embarrassing and intolerable." - Richard Nixon,…
It was 48 years ago this week that Richard Nixon was inaugurated president after narrowly defeating Hubert...
A video dose of American history: The Richard Nixon presidency - for better & worse. Middle-schoolers & up
Monica Crowley to submit Richard Nixon’s resignation letter.
You know who really won in an electoral landslide? Richard Nixon.
Never read recent work now focus of plagiarism (&no desire to), but her two books on Richard Nixon were good.
Richard Nixon outdoor thermometer, Main Auction Galleries on 4th St. downtown. I love walking past this...…
She was the last person to work for Richard Nixon. And she is a crook.
A video dose of American history: Alger Hiss & Richard Nixon - prelude to the presidency. Middle-schoolers and up.…
Richard Nixon was evil, but at least he was intelligent and sane. Donald Trump is neither.
Both Richard Nixon and Senator Yarborough (who was in the car with Johnson) hinted that they believed Johnson did i…
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My fav presidents of all time, the first Ronald regan, Julius Nyerere, Obama and Richard Nixon
"Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.". -Richard Nixon
Great moments in broadcasting.the Berlin Wall coming down, Richard Nixon leaving the White House.and me...
Richard Nixon was morally bankrupt & corrupt. Trump makes Nixon's ghost scream in agony. The thumping heard is him spi…
Donald Trump will enter office with more corruption than Richard Nixon and less legitimacy than George W. Bush.
Roger Stone on InfoWars again reminding us how lucky we were to have such a successful president as Richard Nixon.
No one I know voted for Richard Nixon. No, wait, that was Pauline Kael.
Had a dream I had lunch with Lane Kiffin, Steve Harvey, Art Briles, Nick Saban, Richard Nixon, and my dad. Odd.
on October 10, 1973. Becoming president upon Richard Nixon's resignation in 1974. Prior to this she was born in Havana (2/3)
Im sorry, but there just isn't an adrenaline rush like being along side JFK, Richard Nixon, and Fidel Castro killing Nazi Zombies.
Carrie Fisher on meeting Richard Nixon with her mother Debbie Reynolds 😂
Teddy Hart is the Richard Nixon of pro wrestling. Pure BS
For those too young to remember, John Dean was Richard Nixon's White House counsel. He knows whereof he speaks.
Ahh, Nixon. Ol' Big *** Nixon, he was called that because of his size. Madman *** they called 'em... I know nothing about Richard Nixon.
She reminded me of Richard Nixon, & Humphrey Bogart's portrayal of Captain Queeg in Cain Mutiny. The eyes say it all.
Trump's first day in Oval: "Wow, can you believe it, I'm sitting in the same room as Warren G Harding and Richard Nixon. What an honor!"
Former adviser to Richard Nixon, Nixon used the "Madman Theory" sparingly
Is Trump emulating the so-called "Madman Theory" that fueled Richard Nixon's foreign policy? reports
Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon famously met on this day in 1970.
Hmm what kind of guy could come up with this stuff. Oh yeah Richard Nixon.
Fun Fact: Trump is the first person to be elected President while losing his home state since Richard Nixon in 1968 (also NY).
“Not since Richard Nixon have we had a president…less committed, or beholden, to a fixed ideological program.”
1961 President John F. Kennedy for defeating Richard Nixon is last year's election…
Who was the first U.S. President to be impeached?. D. Richard Nixon. E. Andrew Johnson. F. Andrew Jackson. G. Warren G Harding
Bernie Sanders is less transparent than *** Cheney and Richard Nixon put together.
"His body should have been burned in a trash bin." - Hunter S. Thompson, on Richard Nixon
Trump couold be the worst of the lot, up there with Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan, but he's in the company of monsters.
The Independent: Donald Trump is more 'ignorant of fact' than Richard Nixon, says Watergate reporter.
David Frost extracts apology from Richard Nixon in famed interview. Here we go again
Asking for *** pics and getting a picture of Richard Nixon.
The new bishop of Los Angeles used to work for Richard Nixon. Didn't see that one coming.
Best. Ever!. How to land on by 1982: a presentation to Richard Nixon by Wernher von Braun (1969). Nea…
Richard Nixon was a criminally insane Monster - Bill Clinton is a...
Richard Nixon, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and George Wallace all rolled into one, the turbo charged on steroids. Then…
Does Norm Kelly look like Richard Nixon, or is it just me?
Sam just called Richard Simmons the workout guy Richard Nixon 😂😂
And to be clear: the "guests" were the Marvel CEO, Don King, Richard Nixon's son, and Fabio. FABIO is advising. We're just…
That's Richard Nixon talking ie when he told David Frost that obstruction of justice isn't wrong if it's the president that does it
"Castro couldn't even go to the bathroom unless the Soviet Union put the nickel in the toilet." -Richard Nixon
Hillary Clinton makes Richard Nixon look like Noam Chomsky, yet the Guardian supports her. Wikileaks…
Arnold Schwarzenegger sits at a replica of Richard Nixon's desk at the Oval Office
Richard Nixon is a terrorist. Chistopher Columbus is a terrorist.
I'd walk over my own grandmother to re-elect Richard Nixon.
you sound like Richard Nixon with his 'jew-count' in the Labor Dept. Ethnic bean-counting.
New claims for jobless benefits, at 235,000, are the lowest since Richard Nixon was president. That's a long time.
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I would have to say that Richard Nixon is probably the most gifted an...
TRIVIA QUESTION: Who was Hubert Humphrey’s running mate in the 1968 election, which he lost to Richard Nixon?
Why the BORING Bill Clinton obsession? Why not John Kennedy, or James Garfield or Richard Nixon, etc.? Hillary is sparkling clean!
Meanwhile in international politics? . Elliott Erwitt, 1959, Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon, Mosc…
Trump will bring out the National Guard soon like Richard Nixon did to disperse and arrest these traitors.
let's play your game. Put HRC in jail...but first:. Oliver North. Scooter Libby. Richard Nixon (too late). *** Cheney
BBCWorld : Richard Nixon has some advice from beyond the grave for realDonaldTrump, the BBC's Paul Wood writes …
*** I'm expecting this interview, to be like some Richard Nixon and David Frost level of tension
Frost/Bite: David Frost climbs to the top of Mount Everest to interview Richard Nixon, dies.
Richard Nixon's view of Hillary Clinton in 1992. Another point in her favour
Yes Ford granted a full, unconditional pardon to Richard Nixon after Nixon quit, saving him from any & all imminent indictment
Jacqueline Kennedy backstage watching her husband during the first televised debate against Richard Nixon. http…
Incorrect.Richard Nixon pardoned by Ford...Nixon was never charged
Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon, and I don't believe he was convicted of anything.
I think you were wrong today on your radio show. I don't believe Richard Nixon was convicted of anything and Ford pardoned him?
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That is true. Remember, Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon after his resignation.
President Gerald Ford gave a blanket pardon to Richard Nixon for any crimes he may have committed. It was one of his first acts
A vote for Jill is a vote against Richard Nixon. I'm just being realistic.
-- Richard Nixon resigned and then Gerald Ford actually pardoned him for any and all crimes after the fact.
Sometimes we forget that Richard Nixon's name is on the moon.
I'm pretty sure we have not recovered from Richard Nixon.
Gerald Ford issued Proclamation 4311, which gave Richard Nixon a full and unconditional pardon for any crimes he might have committed.
Martin Luther King said of Richard Nixon, if he " is not sincere, he is the most dangerous man in America." Same for Trump.
Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon were right about Communist infilitration of our government. No one stopped them and now they…
Richard Nixon and John Connelly had the same idea in '73.
Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, the Dublin South West by-election. Finally someone has connected the dots. Illuminati, obviously.
When I get a puppy I'm going to name him Theodore or Douglas or maybe Richard Nixon that would be funny
Philip Baker Hall and Robert Altman team up for a stunning portrayal of Richard Nixon in Secret Honor:
chip Kelly has left a legacy that is comparable to the Richard Nixon.
Jackie Kennedy watching her husband debate Richard Nixon, 1960. Photograph by Paul Schutzer.
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Wonder who would win a three-way race between Trump, HRC, and Richard Nixon. Where's Jed Bartlet of "The Wing Wing"? Sigh.
This is sad...even for a reporter with the integrity and respect of Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon. not a family man. “tricky Dicky” boozed so heavily that top aides nicknamed him “Our Drunk”, reveals Fulsom White House corres
Richard Nixon, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, arguably all more corrupt
I asked Alli if she could identify a picture of Richard Nixon vs Jfk & she responded with "yeah Richard Nixon is black right" l…
(3/6) I also gave the example of Richard Nixon, who made anti-Jewish remarks in private – and then saved Israel’s life in…
"Obama is the WORST PRESIDENT". Okay but like: Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, Thomas Jefferson...?
makes Richard Nixon look nice, honest and transparent. Who'd have though that was possible?
Richard Nixon, Reagan, Bush Snr all hosted Mobutu Sese Seko despite the numerous murders he committed in Zaire just cos of his rich mines...
The steel arch dates back from the era of Richard Nixon, not Warren G. Harding.
Trading photography skills for travel stays keeps Richard Nixon on his toes socially & creatively. His unique story: h…
last guy to be pardoned before going to court was Richard Nixon
Described accurately by Alan Moore as a "disturbing Gothic drama". Richard Nixon as Norman Bates. Phillip Baker Hall possibly never better.
Richard Nixon was a far more sensible politician on his worst day that Donald Trump is on his best day. - Lawrence O'Donnell
as said last night. Richard Nixon released his taxes when he was under audit.
Jackie Robinson campaigning for Richard Nixon in New Jersey, today 1960:
Am I Florence Henderson? Am I in Richard Nixon's butt? Why is Luna Maya singing to my beehives?
The last time the GOP won the presidential election without either of the names "Richard Nixon" or "George Bush" on the tic…
William Rehnquist was originally appointed to the Supreme Court as an Associate Justice by Richard Nixon in 1972
This is an actual publishing company, folks. Their intellectual inspirations include Richard Nixon and Idi Amin Dad…
Hoaxing media wrote of Richard Nixon's appereance (sexist?) and health. Health only "off-limits" when it hurts Dems. https:/…
It's because he's so easy to despise he even ranks ahead of Richard Nixon and George Wallace (yes I am that old) o…
it's like a more liberal Richard Nixon vs Benito Mussolini
I'm a little amazed Lester Holt didn't say something like "are you actually running as George Wallace and Richard Nixon from 1972?"
By the way, Trump was sued by Richard Nixon's Department of Justice. Nixon.
Trump is the political heir to George Wallace and Richard Nixon. He embodies racial resentment, a racist who speaks…
Trump meet Richard Nixon. Law and Order when he speaks about race. You can't get more coded than that. George Wallace redux.
Richard Nixon released his tax records while under IRS and congressional audit:
Ahead of the debate, watch the first presidential debate ever televised, between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.
He looks like the evil love child of Richard Nixon and Ricky Ricardo!
Debates are imp, First debate of JohnF.kennedy cost Richard Nixon his seat it was narrow win & in 1986 Ronald Regan
The facts on Richard Nixon and Watergate. A Farce at Forty The best article on the subject
Political assassination is an historical fact. George Wallace was the fourth political opponent of Richard Nixon t…
The paper that backed Herbert Hoover twice, Barry Goldwater, and Richard Nixon twice thinks Trump is too corrupt an…
"Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain." - Richard Nixon
I want to hear Ray Lewis speak on the ills of the Black community like I want to hear Richard Nixon discuss normative ethic…
Cue Roger Goodell paraphrasing Richard Nixon: "When the Commissioner does it, that means that it is not illegal"
Kaine reminds folks Nixon released tax returns under audit: "if you cant beat the ethical standard of Richard Nixon, I m…
Abraham Lincoln was Republican. Warren Harding was Republican. Herbert Hoover was Republican. Richard Nixon was Republican. George W Bush was Re
.This is as bizarre as Sammy Davis Jr HUGGING Richard Nixon.
I'm little biased in their favor, my family's had season's tickets since Richard Nixon was President. ;)
I'm going to miss Joe! He has been my favorite all time Vice President and the first one I remember was Richard Nixon.
Tim Kaine on Trump: "Richard Nixon released his income taxes. If you can't get up to the ethical standards or Richard Nixon…
Richard Nixon is your favorite president, you're president of his fan club.
Today's invokes Richard Nixon in its criticism of President Reagan:
Looking back on history for a little help today...In the Presidential race of 1960 between JFK and Richard Nixon,...
Today I heard an old lady come out of a classroom saying "The last time I took this class Richard Nixon was president" simply incredible 😂
In 1929, a young Richard Nixon was the lead in a high school production of Virgil's Aeneid.
When Vince dies, I hope your obituary of him reads like Hunter S. Thompson's takedown of Richard Nixon.
William Jennings Bryan, Teddy Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon. I rly don't like Jackson, Bryan, or Nixon.
Presidents who have served in the John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter & George H.W. Bush.
Roger Ailes is basically Charles Foster Kane but with the politics of Richard Nixon, follow and read his book for more
It is my personal plan to assassinate by pistol either Richard Nixon or George Wallace.
''Well, I screwed it up real good, didn't I?'' Richard Nixon
get your Richard Nixon looking *** outta here .Do you seriously have nothing else better to do? Messing with a teenage girl🤔🙄
Also, people are right. Tommy Lee Jones currently looks like the love child of Richard Nixon and an old tree.
09.8.1974 – As a direct result of the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon becomes the first President of ...
42 years ago today The 37th President of The United States Richard Nixon becomes the first…
Resignation of Richard M. Nixon: Following the revelations stemming from the investigation of the Watergate...
ailes, an anti-Semite who worked for anti-Semite Richard Nixon, prepared a dossier accusing me of anti-Semitism
I don't think I'm telling tales out of school when I say Richard Nixon wasn't the most honest of fellows
Aug. 8, 1974 From the Oval Office, Richard Nixon announces his resignation "effective at noon tomorrow."
1974 - President Richard Nixon, in a nationwide TV address, announces his resignation from the office of President of…
Today in History:. In accordance with his statement of resignation the previous evening, Richard M. Nixon official…
Mary Malony of NBC said tonight list of Gop not voting for Trump,one was Richard Nixon? Am I missing something? Are there two?
Richard Nixon - "I'm not a crook" now Hillary cannot echo this with a straight face
Martha Stewart went to jail for lying-what Hillary has done is greater even of Richard Nixon- Congress &…
Is the Fear and Smear network and was devised by Roger Ailes, Richard Nixon's propaganda minister.
1968, Richard Nixon accepted the nomination of the Republican Party.
More about "Nuke" Hillary, the greatest danger to the country since Richard Nixon. Follow the money...
On This Day. 1974: Richard Nixon told VP Gerald Ford that he would resign - making Ford the 38th President
in 1974, President Richard Nixon resigned. Watch his resignation speech:
In other news, 50 top national security officials from Republican administrations dating back to Richard Nixon...
On this day 42 years ago, Pres. Richard Nixon announced his intention to resign.
Read "The Devil's Chess Board," re the Dulles bros 4 more on Richard Nixon. He was a piece of work from day 1.
in a televised address, President Richard M. Nixon announces his intention to become the first president in US history to resign.
On this day in 1974, Richard Nixon announced his resignation from the office of the President.
I'm pretty sure the USA I inhabited as a child was not as stupid as this one. And Richard Nixon was president! How bout that.
The policy of Realpolitik was formally introduced to the Richard Nixon White House by Henry Kissinger: Ie ignoring ethics for the elite. (1)
I have never been a quitter. To leave office before my term is completed is opposed to every
Richard Milhouse Nixon resigned from office 42 years ago today. . Still a better candidate than…
Yo shouts out to my mans lookin like a yung Richard Nixon in his avi 😍😍😍😍
1974: U.S. - Pres Richard M. Nixon announced his intention to resign with impeachment proceedings underway in the Wate…
Richard Nixon & John Connally, his new Treasury Secretary, with shotgun in Oval Office, February 1971: https:/…
now she a cross between a democrat Richard Nixon & Ronald Reagan.
On the anniversary of his resignation, here are some anti-Richard Nixon songs:
Anything changed since President Richard Nixon's break-ins and Nope- it's
Aug. 8, 1974 His last night at White House. Upstairs, Richard Nixon could hear protesters shout "Jail to the Chief!"
that happened a long time. I think the TnT came in the form of Richard Nixon.
On August 8, 1974, Richard M. Nixon announced he would resign as the 37th President of the United States
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Today in history, 1974: President Richard Nixon announces he will step down the following day.
The brought us Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, and to top the list, Donald…
So awkward and painful: like Richard Nixon or a character created by Martin Short. This is the Clinton I *love*.
The most famous Olympic political protest was Tommie Smith and John Carlos in 1968. Three weeks later Richard Nixon won the presidency.
the only thing that saved them was (1) An Irish Keynesian, Richard Nixon and (2) An Irish Film Actor/Al Smith Democrat, Reagan
Err... Somebody should probably tip-off that Richard Nixon died in 1994.
Donald Trump shoots off the meter when it comes to nimrods in politics, makes one pine even for the gravitas of Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon was audited and released his taxes, Trump should do they same, everyone knows he's stalling.
For presidents, I'd say John Quincy Adams, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon all edge her out. Candidates? Maybe Henry Clay.
ON THIS DATE 1960 Richard Nixon was nominated for president.
this is one of the stupider things you’ve ever said Richard. They don’t teach you that in Sunday school???
Papa Joe,Richard Nixon won on fear of communism. We need purge America of this fear!
Richard Nixon is a blast doing that. -Marsha Sinetar
After his wife and daughter were killed, Biden - just elected to the Senate - thought about quitting. Richard Nixon asked him not to
Candidates who've never succeeded by instilling fear into people? Well, there was Richard Nixon...
I thought "Tricky *** (Richard Nixon) was a slim ball. Trump follows and goes beyond the lies to real pathology.
"Young joe biden looked like richard nixon" -🙄
Richard Nixon got taken down by 2 reporters who actually INVESTIGATED him. Today there's NO ONE at the corp. media int…
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