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Richard Madden

Richard Madden (born 1986) is a Scottish stage, film, and television actor, known for his work in theatre and for his roles in both film and television.

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Most Stylish Men of the Week: suits up:
Sam Smith (shows you how it's done in this week's most stylish:
What happens after talks about life post-Red Wedding:
New picture of Rose and Richard Madden at the Glastonbury EE VIP Area a few days ago -
New cute picture of Rose & Richard Madden at the Glastonbury Festival ! (via
Rose was at the Glastonbury festival these past few days with Kit Harington and Richard Madden !
Richard Madden, the man, the myth, the legend.
I'm so late to the party, but is one of the best things I've seen. Richard Madden, Emilia Clarke are incredible actors (to name a few)
I mean Kit is hot but Richard Madden 👀👀👀👀
Not sure. Reynolds has really found his voice with Deadpool. I'm thinking Richard Madden (Robb Stark
I'm just gonna go marry Richard Madden. Screw you all.
This Amazon show Oasis is getting picked up, right? Because I could easily look at Richard Madden’s curls for an hour at a time.
I just wanna say that Richard Madden blessed my day, I don't need anything else in my life, I'm utterly happy and compl…
Good point sis! But Richard Madden and Jonathan Rhys are AUTHENTICALLY fine. But where are all the men over 45? I l…
Richard Madden and Michelle Fairly at the Comic Con 2012 and 2013. I miss these legends.
Richard madden is truly a beautiful man
Richard Madden is the boyfriend we all deserve
Emilia Clark, Kit Harrington, Alfie Allen and Richard Madden singing " we are family" at glastonbury🖤
Oasis Amazon Instant Video ~ Richard Madden .Will this be made into a series??
Compare kylie ren to Richard Madden's Prince Charming and you will never see your family again
|| Just. . .-> Love me over there. Richard Madden. Lily James.
I liked a video Cinderella 2015 Full movie Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden
I knew Dan from my fave Downton Abbey. I knew Richard Madden, the prince in Cinderella, from Game of Thrones.
Can we imagine how hot Margot Robbie as Sue Storm and Kit Harrington/Richard Madden as Reed would've been?!…
I've just found out Kit Harrington or Richard Madden could've been Reed and Margot Robbie could've been Sue in the…
[DailyBuzz] Richard Madden goes shirtless and shows off his sexy muscle body in Oasis S01E01.
Robb Stark lives! Here's our first look at Richard Madden's Amazon original series "Oasis".
That little gray curl that Richard Madden in sporting in Medici is staggeringly beautiful and I am wrecked.
Problematic, for me. aka Bastille Day with Idris Elba and Richard Madden. On Blu-ray -->
Kit Harrington & Richard Madden replacing Odell as my BG in honor of GoT returning soon 😋😍😍
|| Okay I watched pride and prejudice and zombies last night with Lily James in then recommended was a tv show with Richard Madden in!! 😂😭😱
Lily James is my favorite Cinderella and Richard Madden is my favorite Prince Charming.
More movies of Richard Madden doing prince roles pls bc hello he has a prince aura
I strongly believe there is no one better to play Prince Charming than Richard Madden. That man is art and perfection
Robb Stark and Richard Madden- i hate you starr but Richard since he's still alive. Can't save someone who's dead 😤
Richard Madden: ‘I don’t want to get up at 4am for something I don’t care about’
asta grows up to look like Richard Madden and he marries someone who looks like Lily James
Lily James and Richard Madden in Romeo and Juliet. Okay, I really wish I was…
this would be cool. I would love Richard Madden (Robb Stark). There's a rumour that Milo Ventimiglia was approached for a role.
Richard Madden is the best Robb Stark that is all 😌
✨best tv show's characters✨. 11. Richard Madden as Robb Stark (GOT)
you think that's bad, I couldn't refer to sexy as *** Richard Madden as Robb Stark cause I'm related to 3 of them.
Richard Madden as Robb Stark (the hair should be red though, but he was amazing)
📷 danielofthewolf: Richard Madden as Michael Mason in Bastille Day (2016) “It’s all about distraction.
See Kit Harington, Richard Madden and Alfie Allen shirtless in Games of Thrones
Richard Madden . - He's worth more than his role in GOT. . - Watch him in Bastille Day and A Promise. - He's amazing. htt…
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Oh no.. but understandable. I love Idris Elba and (Robb Stark) Richard Madden
The movie, which also stars "Game of Thrones" actor Richard Madden, centers around an effort to thwart a...
To be with Derek Jacobi and Stellan Skarsgard, it's a master class in acting every day.
Any news on who will play Romeo at the Garrick on Monday? Can we expect Richard Madden back on stage any time soon?
make Richard Madden your next sexiest man alive
One of the most beautiful things about 'Game of Thrones' is it's told from so many differ...
Like starting GOT I never once thought it would make me love someone as much as I love Richard Madden/ Robb Stark like he's my king
Richard Madden still looks like he's posing.😂
I forgot that Jenna Coleman was dating Richard Madden lmao
I swear that one of the main actors is always off when we see a show! No Richard Madden in Romeo and Juliet tonight 😢
I was always a bit old for my age, then suddenly I'm on set, working alongside the adults...
Sadly no Richard Madden as Romeo tonight - he's hurt his knee - but this is going to be amazing!…
Can we take a second to appreciate how fine Richard Madden is
I had a dream last night that I met Richard Madden and now I'm completely depressed that it's not true
Oh, I am not naturally gifted in dancing in any way! Stupidly, I didn't go to those class...
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(1) Robb Stark: Richard Madden. - daddy af. - goes from puppy to papi real quick. - just a gorgeous human being
At at the Garrick. Both Richard Madden and Lily James are out sick. GUTTED
jk a chance to be close to Kit Harington or Richard Madden would make my life complete.
Richard Madden and Ewan McGregor have the best accents. Can every guy talk like them please?
If TID were to be become a movie and/ or t.v. show adaption, would you consider Richard Madden as Will?
I'm dying to do something sci-fi! I would love to be on a spaceship an...
Richard Madden and Lily James are so precious:
Whatcha think if Richard Madden to be the next James Bond? Way too young?
That's one thing I like about the rumor. Need to be unconventional. I'd love Kit Harington or Richard Madden for instance.
dammit richard madden is such a bae in Game of Thrones like HOWWW?!?!?!??//
My friend doesn't think Richard Madden or Kit Harrington is hot. ***
I liked a video Live! With Kelly and Michael Interview RICHARD MADDEN upcoming movie Disney’s
I believe in love at first sight and hindsight.
Oh god that GOT recap was not easy to watch. Also I miss Richard Madden.
You have to be delicate with how you can portray characters other peop...
Kenneth Branagh directs Lily James & Richard Madden in 'Romeo and Juliet': Theater Review
Doing jobs that are completely different to the last thing I did pushe...
Richard Madden is another one. Can't get on board with Dyer - but tougher working class would work.
More of that freaking adorable laugh.
Idris Elba and Richard Madden mean business in our exclusive first poster for htt…
Richard Madden Fan Book - It’s almost May 31st, the deadline for the Fan Book I intend to try and hand to...
|| Someone be the Charming to my Cinderella. (Richard Madden & Lily James.)
not a problem, I hope you see him, also if you want to see Richard madden who is round the corner he comes out after the
I'm an actor and my job is to interpret.
Lily James and Richard Madden's Romeo and Juliet reunion is no Cinderella story ★★★ via
Prince or not, Richard Madden still look amazing😍💯
“To be honest I want a combination of Jon Snow and Daenerys on the Iron Throne.” - Richard Madden, in...
The costume affects your posture, affects your walk, how you hold your...
Our review of Cinderella stars Lily James and Richard Madden's reunion in Romeo & Juliet:.
Richard Madden blue eyes.. so mesmerizing i cant stop looking at it😍💘   10% Off
Lily James and Richard Madden just have to get married. 💕👌
I think it's good for an actor to bounce between stuff on camera and s...
Romeo and Juliet review – Lily James and Richard Madden in star-cross'd tragedy with a touch of la dolce vita
Lily James & Richard Madden as Juliet & her Romeo 😭 so so so good. Derek Jacobi as Mercutio was GENIUS.
Tickets booked to see Sir Derek Jacobi and Richard Madden in a Kenneth Branagh directed play next week *sque*
So last night I saw Richard Madden (Robb Stark)&Rose Leslie (Ygritte)enter the theatre to see Kit which was surreal https…
Vogue Culture Tip: Don’t miss Lily James and Richard Madden as Romeo and Juliet
Only started watching GOT and Rob Stark he die why how I love you Richard Madden :(
📷 jonsnows: Richard Madden photographed by Justin Campbell for Just Jared 2015
Richard Madden looks like he could be Michael Fassbender's younger brother and Sebastian Stan's twin brother
I watched "The Graham Norton Show" (19:5). Paul Hollywood and cakes. Richard Madden and Lily James on stage. Joan Collins reads in book.
Richard Madden and Lily James's leads May's Top 10 new London shows
Richard Madden probably has his phone off tonight lmao
I know I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight so I'm watching cinderella because richard madden makes me happy.
I remember when I beat Richard on madden
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Ew, and Richard Madden is an Arsenal fan, is full of dudes who make poor choices.
I can't watch but judging by my timeline Kit Harrington's career isn't doing the Richard Madden disappearing act.
although age wise it would be this guy: still hilarious, you need to get a chav to play Vardy 😂
w Richard Madden on The Graham Norton show-this was wild
Honestly think I'm in love with Richard Madden
📷 richard-madden: Lily James and Richard Madden on the Graham Norton show (x)
Thank you God for making someone as good looking as Richard Madden 😍❤️😭
Having been watching GoT for 20 minutes all I can think of is what a beautiful couple Kit Harrington and Richard Madden would make...
actually ive been dreading to read the books. I dont think i can handle Rob Stark aka Richard Madden (my love) dying again
Excited to see Richard Madden and Lily James in theatre 💫☺️
m beardy. KH is Jon Snow. Richard Madden is Robb Stark.
Watch the first trailer for Lily James and Richard Madden's Romeo and Juliet
I only have an awareness of what I'm trying to achieve as an actor and what...
Game of Thrones star Richard Madden was taught how to steal for his role in Bastille Day, alongside Idris Elba:
Richard Madden. Winter may be coming but he's still hella hot (Robb Stark lives) featured in NBC s Science of Love
best redhair ever, richard madden AKA Robb Stark
Oh that's good - Richard Madden! Don't know her but like her look a lot!
from what I saw he said its just rumors - I kinda want it to be a unknown actor - or Richard Madden would be good I think
Rember that time when richard madden and emilia clarke make pictures for tvguide sdcc
İ ship emilia clarke and richard madden so much they so beautiful together
Richard Surhoff still plays madden mobile
When I'm not working, I like to be comfortable. I do like to dress smart, b...
Lily James and Richard Madden show off their dance moves in first Romeo and Juliet trailer
VIDEO: Richard Madden Nude on Mr. Man - Video: The King of the...
Rebecca Hall and Richard Madden have a secret romance in Patrice Leconte's period drama A PROMISE, new to Netflix:
British Yummy Bowl - Match 6 - Michael Fassbender v. Richard Madden. First off, it looks like Aiden Turner had an...
Michelle fairley, Lena Headey, Kit Harrington, Richard Madden, in vacation in ibiza 💙 Mich…
Richard Madden is perfect - I really like his chemistry with Lily. And the colors of the coats he wears make his eyes so pretty lol
Some girl cheated on Richard Madden! How dare she?!
Just finished and it is Richard Madden. Not bad actually and he is Scottish!
Little Giant Ladders
I'm not sure how to process the idea that Richard Madden is the male equivalent of Saoirse Ronan.
Did no one think to tell me who good looking Richard Madden is!?
Blessing ur tl with Richard madden aka loml
Full casting announced for Romeo and Juliet starring Lily James & Richard Madden
Richard Madden aka Rob Stark is also the cutest thing ever so that helps
Richard Madden would play me in a movie. Take the test to find out who would play you?
Glenn Gronkowski better hope eating Doritos and playing Madden are events in the combine
Idris Elba and my husband Richard Madden are in that movie together. Looks so good.
honestly think Richard Madden is a beautiful being
I have a friend who adores Richard Madden, so I have to keep my mouth shut on that ; )
Lowkey in love with Richard Madden but highkey okay with it
Foi só "Richard Madden" well that's good enough, I'll take it
but HOW is Zac losing to Richard Madden?!?! How?!
📷 harinxtons: Richard Madden and Lily James as Romeo & Juliet ( x)
📷 robbmadden: Richard Madden and Lily James in Branagh’s Theatre Live trailer (x)
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You guys should see Bastille Day trailer. Idris Elba and Richard Madden ( Rob Stark).
I just realized that Richard Madden looks quite a bit like Nick Stahl... Well if Nick Stahl stopped doing all of the heroin...
Bastille Day, a generic action film starring Idris Alba and Richard Madden. I have the weirdest *** right now.
2. This smokin' photoset of Richard Madden, shot by Justin Campbell. What dem forearms do, tho.
Matt Smith:“We’ve all snogged!”and asking Douglas whether he or Richard Madden are better kissers - via
So if I'm going to be a princess does that mean Prince Charming will be Richard Madden???
Aww Cinderella was so beautiful 😍. Lily James and Richard Madden are so amazing 😍😍😍😍
Omg Kenneth Brannagh is directing a stage adaptation of Romeo and Juliet ! With Lily James and Richard Madden !
Richard Madden's pants got an Oscar nomination!
sometimes I just wanna be Richard Madden
I'm really proud to be part of this wonderful project Medici Masters of Florence and work with great Richard Madden
Matt Smith joins Lily James, Jenna Coleman, and Richard Madden at the Cinderella after party in Berlin awww
Jenna goes with Richard Madden aka Robb Stark who played the Prince in Cinderella with Lily James who is engaged to Matt
Connery, the Scots Porridge Oats guy, Gerard Butler, Kevin McKidd and Richard Madden for starters...
forgot how sexy Richard Madden was as King in the North!
actually did work as a live action film. Casting was spot on w/ Lily James, Richard Madden, Hayley Atwell & HBC
Richard Madden might be the next doctor who! Bye bye Capaldi Hello king of the north
Richard Madden can definitely be my Prince Charming
I'm more into the Elijah Woods/Daniel Radcliffe/Richard Madden and sometimes Chris Evans kinda guy
I want to thank Game of Thrones for introducing me to the amazing human beings that are Richard Madden and Emilia Clarke
Saber que estan considerando a Richard Madden (Robb Stark) para ser el 13th Doctor me hace sentir weird...I don't know about this one, guys.
Pls Richard Madden stop being so dreamy i will die
I ship Lily James and Richard Madden so hard. Don't even get me started
me watching cinderella: hope Richard madden is doin ok. Still thinkin abt him sometimes
If Richard Madden became the next Doctor I would scream and scream until I die (of happiness)
I'm so so so in love with Richard Madden
Am i the only person who would be happy if Richard Madden was the next Doctor??
Also to me it seems pure madness. (although, in a parallel universe, I would never say no to Richard Madden xD)
"Richard Madden and Michelle Keegan as next Doctor and companion". Nope. All the nope.
According to The Mirror, Peter is tired of playing the Doctor and will leave to be replaced by Richard Madden. Absolute crap.
I would go insane if Richard Madden became the new doctor! He's amazing! Loved him in Game of Thrones.
Would you like to see Michelle and Richard in an all new Doctor Who? I said "Obviously!". What do you think? via
Richard Madden likes Ed Sheeran extra reason why you should love him
And Apparently Richard Madden is the favourite for the next doctor. Absolutely nothing in both of them though
Michelle Keegan to join Richard Madden in all new Doctor Who? - Metro
+ = Twice The Winning. I also love how Cara stood up to that pathetic bully Richard Madden.
As Doctor Who loses 2.2m viewers, is Michelle Keegan set to join Richard Madden in a ... -
Cara Delevingne claps back at Richard Madden after he calls her "unprofessional" 👏👏👏
Judi Dench in The Winter's Tale and Richard Madden as Romeo ... looking forward to these very much
Cara is an ungrateful brat. Richard Madden is 100% right. Arrogant and obnoxious.
There is a rumor around Richard Madden's wanting to be I say yes, after Capaldi's done 5 series.
The actor who played one of the sons in Ricki and the Flash was like a taller Richard Madden which is only my life dream
Their feud is escalating! After Richard Madden called Cara Delevingne "ungrateful" and "unprofessional" in an interview with Style
"So I'm gonna say that, the Westeros's sexiest man . . . is Richard Madden."
People think Richard Madden will be the next Dr. Who and I am so down for that.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Richard Madden looking hot and sexy
Richard Madden was also pretty hot in it though.
Next Doctor Who could be Lady Chatterley hunk Richard Madden if Peter Capaldi ... : 33
Prince Charming/Richard Madden apologises to Cara Delevingne for calling her 'unprofessional' http:/…
Photoset: clarkalica: Richard Madden as Oliver Mellors in Lady Chatterly’s Lover (2015)
Swapped my lock/home screen pics over-ya know keep it fresh. Elizabeth Taylor out Jennifer Lawrence in and Al Pacino out Richard Madden in😏
Photoset: Richard Madden and Lily James in the theatre trailer for upcoming Romeo & Juliet
the next james bond should be one of these three, 1) Henry Cavill, 2) Richard Madden, 3) Dominic Cooper
Things in common with Poldark and Lady Chatterley's Lover: Both Aidan Turner and Richard Madden have lovely curly hair.
Best actors to replace Craig as 007 in my opinion. Tom Hardy, Richard Madden, Michael Fassbender, Jon Hamm and Henry Cavill
Richard Madden (portrays Robb Stark) is oh so sultry in Lady C's Lover. Those brown curls! 😍
would've been better if James Norton & Richard Madden had swapped roles. Grainger radiant. Robb Stark the weakest link
Richard Madden is ridiculously good looking. I'm starting to wonder if he is actually real...
Set Lady Chatterly's Lover to record cause it Richard Madden and Holliday Grainger!
Lady Chatterley\'s Lover trailer promises plenty of sex scenes with Richard Madden and
Prince Harry who? Jenna Coleman and on-off boyfriend Richard Madden spotted hand-in-hand
Does playing Mellors mean Richard Madden's Robb Stark in GoT is now "Rod Stark" as the Guardian seems to think?
Rob Brydon, Judi Dench, Zoe Wanamaker, and Richard Madden will star in the 2016 Plays at the Garrick season.
Working on a piece about the new Lady Chatterley's Lover drama. Madam has to choose between James Norton and Richard Madden. No sympathy.
Starring bright young things Holliday Grainger, Richard Madden and James Norton, the BBC's new drama, set to air in Septem…
Mt. Lebanon High School Library (named in honor of alumnus Richard Madden via
Three of my favourites - Holliday Graniger, Richard Madden and James Norton star in BBC's new adaptation of 'Lady...
I am a bit in awe of Richard Madden (aka Rob Stark 😭) as Kit the apprentice king!
Jenna Coleman and Richard Madden appear to be back on track! What will Prince Harry say?!
Jenna Coleman rekindles romance with Richard Madden after THOSE Prince Harry photos
Jenna Coleman has been spotted on a date with her ex Richard Madden, which refutes any story that she's romancing Prince…
Are Jenna Coleman and Richard Madden dating again? Spotted on 'London date'
Jenna Coleman and Richard Madden rekindle their romance?
Photoset: a-khaleesi: Jenna Coleman and Richard Madden out in London on August 23rd, 2015.
Richard Madden (the bloke who played Robb Stark in game of thrones) is playing the game keeper in "Lady Chatterly's Lover" 😍😍😍
Richard Madden will be at the Our cushion makes a cool souvineer!
Jenna Coleman broke up with Richard Madden!??!. For more, she's dating Prince Harry!?. Iba ka bes
Wait a sec. Jenna Coleman and Prince Harry? Didn't even know she and Richard Madden split up. Oh well. Moving on from this headline. 💁👸
On my way to Scotland! I hope to see David Tennant, Richard Madden and Gerard Butler. Fingers crossed!
Shoutout to Richard Madden for making Cinderella worth watching.
I want a new header but I love Lily James and Richard Madden
do u fancy Richard Madden? I think he's kinda cute could be my new love interest..
When I die, publish my previously unpublished novel that's just 100k words of me, Richard Madden and Sendhil Ramamurthy on a desert island.
Can't stop staring at Richard Madden's beautiful face.. . I really need a life.
ok. Do you know if she's still dating richard madden?
Richard Madden is so cute in Cinderella like he slays me in every role he plays
If louis doesn't dress like Richard madden did for the cinderella ball i will be thoroughly dissapointed
watch game of thrones for Kit Harrington and Richard Madden if nothing else
I can't believe Kit Harrington and Richard Madden exist
gurl, where u been? She's the Cinderella to Richard Madden's Prince Charming!!. OO NGA NOH. -./
now Richard Madden in the newest Cinderella, THAT'S a Prince Charming
but is Richard Madden starring in it? There are so many Prince Charmings in the Disney universe.
really see Richard Madden as a prince in Cinderella and he played the prince. So, yeah.
Richard Madden had better be signed on to do this Prince Charming biz, because, I mean
Michelle Fairley and Richard Madden - Emotional Red Wedding Commentary - Game of Thrones -
Derek Jacobi, who insists he still feels like a teenager, will join his fellow Cinderella film stars Lily James and Richard Madden on
For anyone who thinks that Richard Madden should be with Lily James instead of Matt Smith can suck on this photo
I'd like a BBC miniseries starring Richard Madden, Aidan Turner, and Santiago Cabrera so I could just die of British swoons 😍
Richard Madden is dating Doctor Who companion Jenna Louise Coleman in real life You might recognize her from Doctor Who.
I'm even more amazed David Tennant,James McAvoy,Billy Boyd,Richard Madden and Colin Morgan all went to RSAMD.
So Lily James is with Matt Smith and Richard Madden is with Jenna Coleman. I think I want to watch the movie now.
il mio standard è Richard Madden in game of thrones, Chace Crawford in gossip girl e Tom Wlaschiha.
...and Richard Madden is dating Jenna Louise Coleman. okay can they all just switch relationships? 😅
Photo: redformans: Lily James and Richard Madden attend the ‘Cinderella’ premiere at the El Capitan Theatre...
Richard madden in Cinderella is just😍
it really is. I also have Luke Evans and Richard madden but I can't bump anyone. It's so hard.
Lily James and Richard Madden are gifts from the Gods.
Lily James is the best actress . I think Cinderella is a great movie for the whole family . Lily James and Richard Mad…
Lily James is perfect and Richard Madden with Lily James is my otp
Lily James & on being the perfect NEW cast for --
".Richard Madden is a real-life prince and we have the proof: h…
In dire need of pictures of Richard Madden,. Either as a Stark or as Kit, . It's for class. Okay bye.
Like where has Richard Madden been all my life?!? 😍☁💕
Richard Madden who played Game of Thrones character Robb Stark in the Who is listening to MDP? 😂
Richard madden :( i miss him very much have you seen some clothes from Cinderella at kohl's they have some awesome stuff
parents took me out to watch Cinderella and I loved it ☺️ Richard Madden plays a lovely prince
Invite richard madden to my funeral so I can raise from the dead and slap him
when richard madden who plays Robb Stark in GoT is already dead :((
I just saw Cinderella and it was so cute but RICHARD MADDEN AH 😻😻
I can accept Henry Cavill's or the beautiful Scotish accent of Richard Madden... that is a sure turn on.
Richard Madden from Cinderella is my new celebrity crush like wow he's gorgeous!!! 🌷
Watched Cinderella. Omg Richard Madden was so charming 😍 funny cast too 😂
Hey richard madden are you aware you've ruined my life . Ily tho
Lily James and Richard Madden in Disney's live action adaptation of Cinderella.
Okay, but Richard Madden and Lily James are two of the most beautiful people I've ever seen.
literally so excited to see Richard Madden in the new Cinderella movie bae times a million and four
Richard Madden is so worth watching Cinderella
Richard Madden and Jenna Coleman are too attractive a couple, like please share please
it's so good! I went to see it as soon as it came out lmao, I only wanted to watch it for Richard Madden ha
Lily James talks about fashion, Cinderella and Richard Madden
I seen someone who looked like Richard Madden and I nearly died
Richard Madden was the perfect Prince and his eyes are my new obsession
Can't believe Richard Madden was in it
Richard Madden has a hella good booty
If I was a guy, I'd want Richard Madden's thighs
If there is a god, I'll see more Richard Madden for the rest of forever.
Will Cinderella still be showing next week I wanna contribute to Richard Madden's career
Why does Richard Madden have to be so effing gorgeous?
Richard Madden is the definition of totally Charming in the new Cinderella Movie. Totally adorable 😍❤️
Richard Madden and Jenna Louise Coleman are just perfect together
Photoset: Richard Madden and Jenna-Louise Coleman attend the UK Premiere of ‘Cinderella’ at Odeon Leicester...
Paying homage to Hugh Grant in Notting Hill while asking Richard Madden about "intimate" scenes
My question is...why didn't they let Richard Madden use his lovely Scottish accent as the Prince?
Richard Madden aka Prince Kit! 😍 I could stare at him all day everyday 😍😘😍
Kit! Richard Madden is perfect as the Prince.
absolutely bae^-^ I need my prince where's Richard Madden roleplay?.no
Richard Madden totally nailed it. Can't think of another actor who could perfectly bring "Prince Charming" to life.
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