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Richard Lugar

Richard Green Lugar (born April 4, 1932) is the senior United States Senator from Indiana and a member of the Republican Party.

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Denison hosted former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta last night thanks to the Richard Lugar ('54) Lecture Series…
In D.C. - Actress Angelina Jolie greets a Capitol Hill staffer from the office of Sen. Richard Lugar
I grew up in Indiana. I've been holding Richard Lugar up as a moderate Republican, who worked in in bipartisan...
I had great respect for some. Richard Lugar, for example. When I saw HIM being trashed by this ver…
Richard Lugar earned my vote every time he ran - solid, thoughtful, knowledgeable. For him to speak out against a…
Richard Lugar on Trump foreign policy: "Simplistic, prosaic and reactive.selfish, inward looking...motivated by fear." About sums it up.
New post (Former U.S. Senator, Indy mayor Richard Lugar criticizes President Trump's ...) has been published on -…
Former Sen. Richard Lugar is a wise leader, a principled, level-headed voice on affairs foreign and domestic, and a…
truer words... Richard Lugar was one of the last real statesmen.
While Senator, Richard Lugar was a Reaganite who was for gun control, against Cuba embargo. His speech on Trump 🔥.
No current GOP member of Congress can match RIchard Lugar for rational patriotism. A strong reminder of our real in…
"The following is an excerpt from an address presented Tuesday by former U.S. Sen. Richard G. Lugar, R-Indiana.
This is why he was voted out of office. . Former U.S. Sen. Lugar criticizes Trump's policy -
Lugar calls Trump foreign policy 'simplistic, reactive' I miss people like Richard Lugar in the Senate.
Thank goodness under Senator Richard Lugar Indianapolis went Unigov in the 1970s
Base has. The politicians simply met the base where they were. Witness *** Lugar being primaried by Richard Mourdock
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“a selfish, inward-looking nation that is being motivated by fear..."-Former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar.
.reports on FPA lecture with former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar.
Former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar on Donald Trump's foreign policy: "We cannot bomb our way to security." .
Sen. Richard Lugar: Trump foreign policy goals are "simplistic, prosaic, and reactive."
I know he’s just a globalist cuck, but these comments by ex-Sen. Richard Lugar are something .
In the span of 4 years, Indiana voters toss out Richard Lugar and reject Evan Bayh. Wow.
Elected in 1976, Richard Lugar served 36 yrs in the Senate making him the longest-serving US Senator in state history
Never forget when Halperin dished that Richard Lugar was Obama's VP choice:
"Ideology cannot be a substitute for a determination to think for yourself..." - Sen. Richard Lugar (2012)
Grandchildren have taught me how important the future is. I try to look thr...
Unsung Heroes Dep’t.: DoD names room for the work of Sens. Richard Lugar and Sam Nunn in securing loose nukes.
I am convinced that the majority of American people do understand that we h...
Check out photos from last week's with Sen. Richard Lugar and Rep. Lee Hamilton:
The beginning of my political career was not promising. I ran for junior cl...
My thinking mattered when my father worked for Mayor Richard Lugar in - It's 10 PM where your parents are
It's very unlikely that we're going to send more troops to Iraq. We are goi...
There are no shortcuts to victory. We must commit ourselves to the slow, pa...
Three excellent leaders: Matt Gutwein, Richard Lugar and Lee Hamilton at
Don't miss the final of the season with civic leaders Lee Hamilton & Richard Lugar, May 3 http…
Richard Lugar: Hillary Clinton was warned on foundation gifts via
Highlight of this afternoon, panel with at w/Lee Hamilton, Richard Lugar, James Morris:
"Civility in American politics" speaker Richard Lugar wasn't always so civil.
Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) on to rate and rank all members of Congress - it's the 2015 Bipart…
Hoosier Hall of Fame: Home and Abroad with Richard Lugar and Lee Hamilton
Just out an interview with Sen. Richard Lugar and Rep. Lee Hamilton conducted here at SGIS:
Former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar visited SRS on Thursday, throwing his support behind the funding of the project.
can you please find old school moderate GOP? Richard Lugar? Sam Nunn? If I want m. Steele i can watch debates
Despite elections and the experience of post-Soviet personal freedoms by the Rus...
FRI| on the on the & Richard Lugar on the Bipartisan Index rankings
I wonder, how the world would look like today if we did not have Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar working together?
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Sam Nunn, Des Browne & Richard Lugar laid out their recommendations for securing nuclear material in November:
Just got word that I received the Richard G. Lugar scholarship from UIndy...I'm so blessed.
partner meet today. Hon Sen Richard Lugar perspective challenges.
Former Senator Richard Lugar speaking to AGree Advisory Committee members and guests @ Galludett University
Sen Richard Lugar speaks @ AGree mtg in DC on global food security
Applications for the Richard G. Lugar Minority Scholarship are available in Family Connection and in…
"Lugar de votacion"? That was the place the prototype RINO Richard Lugar got voted out of office. National shrine.
The danger of mothballing the MOX, by former Sen. Richard Lugar
Former Sen. Richard Lugar: Obama's decision to mothball a key facility for dismantling nukes is a big mistake
Soviet bioweapons program was going strong until the final days, 1265 km is short for C130. Richard Lugar center for a reason.
Richard Lugar in The danger of mothballing the
"Former Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) says he saw 'very little substance' on display at Wednesday night’s...
"Very little substance in terms of what candidates are prepared to do for this country." - Richard Lugar
Support who supports us. Word to Go check the video and check their Blog!. https:…
Colin Powell, Richard Lugar, Brent Scowcroft, John Warner are not liberals, so that's obviously …
hey Joe I guess General Colin Powell and sender from Indiana and the best statement Richard Lugar were wrong
former chairman of foreign relations committee,Richard Lugar, former senator John Warner from Virginia
Former Senator and foreign policy expert Richard Lugar endorses
Ex-senators Richard Lugar and J. Bennett Johnston: Why we disagree with Chuck Schumer on the Iran deal.
Voice of Reason: Good on former Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) for giving the back of his hand to Gov. Ge...
Happy birthday to politician and writer Richard Lugar (April 4,1932), author of “Letters to the Next President” (1988).
Quote of the Day: ”There are no shortcuts to victory." US Senator Richard *** Green Lugar, born on April 4, 1932.
Remember when the Indiana Republicans ousted Richard Lugar? They CHOSE to get rid of the best politician in the state. Step 1 to
Among the Indiana Republicans to come out against the state's is former Senator Richard Lugar.
Naturally Mike Pence was a Democrat when he was a young man. Ever heard of Birch Bayh, and Richard Lugar?
Richard Lugar, former GOP senator from IN who voted for federal RFRA, urges fix to IN's RFRA: Other GOPers join him
Richard Lugar: “I would not have passed this to begin with”
Following RU army invasion of Sen. Richard Lugan calls for "diplomatic offensive" on Kremlin on Mar.10 2014
In Sept.2001 Sen. Richard Lugar explained the $175M invested in UA nuke disarmament in 1992 was the end game for UA
Richard Lugar looks like an old Anderson Cooper in person and that's very admirable.
CSS 2014 Exam Preparation General Knowledge Mcqs CSS 2014 Exam Preparation General Knowledge Mcqs 1. Tapaimukh Dam issue is between India & Bangladesh. 2. Foreign Minister of Bangladesh is Dipu Moni. 3. PM of Bangladesh Shaikh Haseena of Awami League elected in December, 29,2008. 4. Mongolia has world’s 6% of Uranium reserves. 5. The Bofors case led to Congress defeat in 1989 Lok Sabha polls. Ottavio Quattrocchi, an Italian businessman, took bribes to sale Bofors howitzers to India in 1986. 6. Mao movement is connected with Naxalites. 7. Black Widow is a rebellious gang in Assam. 8. US intends to deploy US interceptor Missiles in Poland and radar in Czech Republic to protect Europe from Iranian missiles. 9. Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel belongs to conservative party. 10. OECD has 30 members and does ot include China. 11. US special representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan is Richard Halbroke. 12. Senator John Kerry and Richard Lugar put forward Kerry-Lugar Bill. 13. G-20 Summit was held at Pitt ...
Tune in to WFYI tomorrow at 7pm to catch Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, Sen. Richard Lugar talking about reducing the threat of nuclear weapons. Then make sure you have your tickets (to hear him speak live at Inspire!
Anyone remember when Richard Lugar was mayor, and he would bring rock concerts to Garfield park? I remember seeing the Guess Who there at least twice.
Heritage Foundation (1992) was the architect of Obamacare. Republican Sen. John Chafee of Rhode Island was the point man. The bill he introduced, Health Equity and Access Reform Today, (yes, that spells HEART) had a list of 20 co-sponsors that was a who’s who of Republican leadership. There was Minority Leader Bob Dole, R- Kan., Sens. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, Richard Lugar, R-Ind., and many others. There also were two Democratic co-sponsors. Among other features, the Chafee bill included: An individual mandate; Creation of purchasing pools; Standardized benefits; Vouchers for the poor to buy insurance; A ban on denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition.
William Wells Former Senator Richard Lugar, longtime US senator from Indiana, is endorsing the Democrat in the contest to replace the retiring US senator from Georgia, Saxby Chamblis. This kind of brilliance by Lugar may have been a contributing factor in his loss of the long-held seat. I understand that Michelle Nunn, daughter of Sam Nunn, is a respected contestant in the upcoming election, but with the strength of Tea Party groups operating in Georgia, Lugar's endorsement could prove to be a negative factor for Nunn.
Early in Obama's first term, Mitt Romney urged the President to enact healthcare legislation similar to that which he signed into law in Massachusetts. The Affordable Care Act has been compared to health care legislation co-sponsored by 19 Republican Senators in 1993, including current Republican Senators Chuck Grassley, Orrin Hatch and Richard Lugar. Mitt Romney supported this legislation. The 1993 Republican bill called for government subsidies to low-income individuals and families to help them purchase their own health coverage, and included a requirement for individuals to purchase health insurance. Both of these provisions are supported by 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich. Said former Republican Senator from Minnesota David Durenberger soon after the Affordable Care Act passed, “the legislation which President Obama signed is the best we can do as a nation… right now. It is historic. The commitment to universal access to health care through universal insurance coverage is the ...
Just had to share this truth from Robert...I agree the Republican Party isn't the GOP anymore. Robert Shepherd shared Occupy Democrats's photo. Head in the sand? Some Republicans woke up. (I was one) Yes, I am a lifelong Republican, but now vote all Democrat. Have I shifted liberal? Hey even Sarah Palin blasted the male chauvinists and rape-excusers. They have driven out Olympia Snowe and Jim Jeffords and Richard Lugar and Jim Leach and the late Arlen Specter. And just look at all the former Republicans who now went for Obama, Colin Powell and Larry Pressler and Charlie Crist of Florida, Ron Reagan, Lincoln Chafee and Chuck Hagel, Ray Lahood and Robert Gates. Then there's Ed Rendell and the evangelical Frank Schaeffer. Bob Dole said not even REAGAN himself would make it into today's Republican Party. Jon Huntsman said Republicans had better change or they'll be extinct. Republican governor Bobby Jindal said he wishes the Republicans would quit being the party of stupid. Personally, I wish they would pass ...
Georgia Democrat Michelle Nunn is getting some cross-party love from former Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.). Lugar’s political action committee, the 19th Star PAC, donated $5,000 to Nunn’s Senate campaign in early December, according to the group’s latest Federal Election Commission report. Lugar and Nunn’s father, former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.), worked together closely on nuclear nonproliferation issues while both were in the Senate. This isn’t the first time one of Nunn’s former GOP colleagues has donated to his daughter — former Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) also gave $500 to her campaign and attended a fundraiser for her, The Washington Post reported last month. Nunn, who’s running as a centrist, has raised an impressive $3.3 million in the first five months of her Senate campaign. She’ll face the winner of a crowded GOP primary that has a number of candidates running for the Tea Party mantle.
FYI! The only aspect of Obamacare that Republican voters dislike is the individual mandate. But I’m sure they’d feel differently if they were informed that Republicans invented the mandate. Richard Nixon, in his 1974 “Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan,” proposed to make it mandatory for businesses to provide health insurance for all full-time employees. In 1989, a document called “Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans” was drafted by Stuart Butler. In it, Butler proposed the idea of an individual mandate. I should note that Butler was a Distinguished Fellow and Director for the Center for Policy Innovation at the conservative Heritage Foundation. In the early 1990s, Republicans such as Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassley, Richard Lugar and Alan Simpson proposed a counter-measure to Hillary Clinton’s healthcare proposal. The GOP legislation contained an individual mandate and government subsidies.
You and Dr. Bill Frist and Richard Lugar should have stayed in the Senate.
I think both caucuses look at Joe Lieberman & Richard Lugar & fear primaries
Now you can primary ppl like Robert Bennett and Richard Lugar, while Orrin Hatch and John Cornyn have to protect right flank.
Amazing article in this months Rotarian about Richard Lugar!
fits Tea Party pattern. Rand Paul, Richard Lugar, Rubio, Cruz, etc... were all down in the polls at the start.
Shorter WaPo: Lamar is a GOP establishment insider; no one dares challenge his liberal record.
I have always, during an electoral season, listened to the arguments of the individuals who sought my vote, without regard to party. Valid and heartfelt arguments have been made on both sides, and sincere and open minded political discourse should always take into account the sincere and honest opinions of those with whom we disagree. The first vote I ever cast was for Mr. Reagan. The last presidential vote I cast was for Mr. Obama. In between, I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996, and John McCain in the 2000 primary, and always supported Richard Lugar. I believe in a a progressive society guided by common sense, goodness, and the Constitution of the United States. When I look at Washington today, I see absolutely nothing-Nothing-which displays either a desire to make progress for our common welfare, or promoting domestic tranquility. As Benjamin Franklin remarked, "Either we all hang together, or we shall most assuredly hang separately." We need to come together as One People, and rediscover the "be ...
PEOPLE WHO’VE ATTAINED THINGS WORTH HAVING IN THIS WORLD HAVE WORKED WHILE OTHERS HAVE IDLED, HAVE PERSEVERED WHILE OTHERS GAVE UP IN DESPAIR, AND HAVE PRACTICED EARLY IN LIFE THE VALUABLE HABITS OF SELF-DENIAL, INDUSTRY, AND SINGLENESS OF PURPOSE.   UNIVERSE.  The Cassini-Huygens spacecraft has caught sight of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. The probe, which is expected to enter into orbit around Saturn on July 1 and begin a four-year mission of exploration, has taken its first images of Titan, which is thought to support oily lakes and seas.  Over the next two months, the cameras on Cassini will take more detailed pictures of a surface that is shrouded by one of the thickest atmospheres in the solar system. WORLD.  World Bank corruption may exceed $100 billion and while the institution has moved to combat the problem, more must be done, said the chairman of the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week.  Sen. Richard Lugar charged that “in its starkest terms, cor-ruption has co ...
Former Senator Richard Lugar and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright are among the guests annual gala.
If you live in the South, then you immediately recognize that there is another player involved in this Jesse Helms-William Weld-Richard Lugar struggle over the soul of the Republican Party. That
Local orchards are getting different results this spring. Also, Richard Lugar talks about his life after politics -Wednesday's Goshen News.
Germany to present former Senator Richard Lugar with highest honor - The Grand Cross of the Order of Merit on Wednes
Former Senator Richard Lugar was here today supporting the Children's Museum Guild's Haunted House 50th anniversary!
Lugar selected to join arts and sciences academy: Former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar has been electe...
Target prices? How that works? I know quite a bit about farm policy. I come from Indiana, which is a farm state. Deficiency payments -- which are the key -- that is what gets money into the farmer's hands. We got loan, uh, rates, we got target, uh, prices, uh, I have worked very closely with my senior colleague, (Indiana Sen.) Richard Lugar, making sure that the farmers of Indiana are taken care of." -- Vice President Dan Quayle on being asked to define the term `target prices'. Quayle's press secretary then cut short the press conference, after two minutes and 30 seconds.
Brenda Johnson, Dean of IU Libraries: The IU Libraries are deeply honored to receive the congressional papers from Senator Richard Lugar.
Former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar apparently will have a role with a third university. Indiana University Bloomington...
WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE? nI believe this is a line from a song by The Byrds(1960'). Sen. Howard Baker, Sen. John J. Sparkman, Rep. Hale Boggs (Cokie Roberts of ABC NEWS father), Sen. Richard Lugar, Sen. Richard Byrd, Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, Rep. Everett Dirksen, Sen. Richard Russell, Sen. James Eastland, and Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson. I was thinking this morning about THE TIME WHEN WASHINGTON DID WORK. The above group came to mind, and by no means is comprehensive. It is comprised both of Dwmocrats and Republicans. I admire them all BECAUSE PARTY LABEL WAS NOT IMPORTANT; THE WELFARE OF AMERICA WAS ALL IMPORTANT. I challenge you to read a biography about any of these and you, too, will see why they are giants.
The 10 Biggest Political Debacles of 2012 By John Hawkins 1/5/13 10) Richard Mourdock's Campaign: After defeating Richard Lugar, he should have been able to easily retain the GOP’s Senate seat in a state that Mitt Romney won by 10 points. He PROBABLY would have pulled it off, too -- if, in a display of tone deafness comparable to the Democrats turning Paul Wellstone's memorial into a campaign rally, he hadn't decided to weigh in on abortion and rape after Todd Akin made the issue nuclear. "I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize life is that gift from God. And I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen." Barack Obama could spend an entire eulogy talking about himself; so why can't candidates like Richard Mourdock figure out how to artfully dodge a question about a sensitive topic? 9) Gallup and Rasmussen Reports Cause a Conservative Pundit Election Prediction Implosion: Before the election, most liberal pun ...
As all of you know, at the Convention in Budapest we received the news that the globally recognized Discovery Channel (in Asia) has a 45 minutes program devoted to the revolutionary discovery that it is possible to identify and reactivate genes.
Indiana Sen. Richard to join German Marshall Fund of the – The Courier
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By Margarita Assenova United States Senator Richard Lugar has urged the Obama administration to break Russia&# ...
May the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ bring us all peace, love and hope. Let us focus on the positive and ignore all that is negative. :-)
NEWS: Senator Richard Lugar Wins the 2012 Commitment to Development Award via &
More than 80 members of Congress, including a dozen senators, are leaving office at the end of this term. Many have served the country well. But two stand out for their commitment to American leadership in the world and to bipartisan cooperation at home: Republican Sen. Richard G. Lugar of ...
“I am looking forward to devoting deeper attention to a number of issues that have been a part of my Senate service and working with students and future leaders on how we can solve the world’s most complex problems," said Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) about his new role at Georgetown.
Richard Lugar comes to Georgetown after 36 years in the SenateThe Georgetown Voice (blog)Mourdock lost in the general election to Rep.
Longtime Indiana senator coming to Georgetown Public Policy Institute in the spring
NTI sends a heartfelt thanks to Sen. Richard Lugar for his leadership on WMD issues, as he closes his Senate career
Senators Richard G. Lugar of Indiana and Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut ... - Plain Dealer
A blow to bipartisanship The Senate will be a lesser place with the retirement of Joe Lieberman and Richard Lugar.
The Washington Post editorial board priases out-going Indiana Senator Richard Lugar for his bipartisan approach.
Much being made about Republicans Scott Brown and Richard Lugar supporting an assault weapons ban. But both of them are on their way out...
During those primaries they played in the process but damaged their cause. Example: Richard Murdock *** Lugar.
Outstanding! RTDelighted that will join GMF when his term ends in January!
Lugar to join German Marshall Fund: Defeated six-term Sen. Richard Lugar will now be tasked with improving relat...
Andrea Neal: Richard Lugar has been visionary leader
Following the death of Sen. Daniel Inouye and departure of Sen. Richard Lugar, will be the 5th most senior senator in January
Washington D.C. (– Senior U.S. Senator from Indiana, Richard Lugar was honored on the Senate...
It had been a week of laud and honor for Sen. Richard Lugar, and Sunday night in Marian University's Civic Theatre was no exception. After Lugar smiled through a nearly three-minute standing ovation before he said a word, even I, a British journalist, was left in no doubt at what this individual m...
TONIGHT at 7pm: Richard Lugar's last Global Studies address as a sitting US senator. "America and the World: Reflections from Senator Lugar." Marian University Theatre. Free and open to the public. For ONLINE REGISTRATION, see the link below. First-come seating and parking, so arrive early!
Mitch Daniels at Purdue, Richard Lugar at UINDY. Come on, it's Ball State's turn!
Current Dr. Rob Manuel addresses audience at today's press conference for Sen. Richard Lugar.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta spoke at the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Symposium and recongnized the gathering's namesakes, former U.S. Senators Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar, for their contributions to defense policy. Available in high definition.
WASHINGTON — Here’s how U.S. Reps. Joe Donnelly and Peter Visclosky, Democrats, and U.S. Sens. Richard Lugar and...
The reactionary, reptilian Club for Growth cost Richard Lugar his Senate seat. If they want to go after Shelley Moore Capito, let them.
Supporters of Keystone XL regardless of what it will do to the environment: 18 U.S. Senators Happy to Risk the Planet The White House has not yet responded to the letter from 18 Senators urging the President to approve the Keystone pipeline as soon as possible. The nine Democrats (left) and nine Republicans are mostly from oil states: Max Baucus (D-Mont.) John Hoeven (R-N.D.) Jon Tester (D-Mont.) Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) Mary Landrieu (D-LA) Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) David Vitter (R-La.) Jim Webb (D-VA) John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) Mark Begich (D-Alaska) Mike Johanns (R-Neb. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) Rob Portman (R-Ohio) Despite on the climate science available to them today, whether they’ve looked at it or not, they’ve decided that it’s in the best interest of the United States to ask the President to commit a crime against humanity.
frank rich: For the good of the country, it’s time to fetch a butterfly net for McCain. At a moment when the Middle East is on fire, you have a United States Senator threatening to hold our State Department hostage for no coherent reasons other than to exercise his temper and to satisfy his insatiable desire for television coverage. It’s a measure of the fallen state of the GOP that this bitter, ever-more-incoherent hothead is now the party’s only elected official with a voice on foreign affairs — unless you count his boot-licking Sancho Panza, Lindsey Graham. (The saner Republican foreign policy hand in the Senate, Richard Lugar, was defrocked earlier this year when the crackpot Richard Mourdock, the now-vanquished tea-party favorite, ousted him in Indiana’s Republican primary.) McCain is so out of it that he even suggested that Bill Clinton be sent to the Middle East to broker negotiations — apparently forgetting that there actually is another Clinton in place in the cabinet to do that job.
We are forever grateful to Alice, The Mad Hatter, and the March Hare :) "Some credit for the passage of the Affordable Care Act goes to the Tea Party. Harry Reid would likely have lost his majority — and his seat — in 2010 if the Tea Party hadn’t successfully knocked out top-tier challengers in Delaware, Colorado and Nevada and replaced them with more extreme conservatives. Senate Republicans would have been much likelier to retake the Senate if Richard Lugar and Sarah Steelman were running rather than Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin. But it’s not just that the Tea Party has been instrumental in helping Senate Democrats hold the majority necessary to protect the Affordable Care Act. It was the primary challenge against the late Senator Arlen Specter that pushed the Pennsylvanian to switch parties, thus providing Democrats with the crucial 60th vote needed to break the Republican filibuster and pass health reform."
My political thought of the day is that President Obama should reach out to the GOP by offering them a key cabinet position. I've heard that they're considering Chuck Hagel for Defense, and I was going to suggest that an even better choice, might be Richard Lugar (former Senator of Indiana) for the State Department, assuming Ms Clinton steps down as she has indicated. But I just looked up Lugar's age and he is 80, about ten years old than I had thought, so offering him State would probably be making him an offer he couldn't accept. There's talk about John Kerry for that position, but I'm not a big Kerry fan -- and it would open his Massachusetts senate seat up, and Republican Scott Brown would probably be a formidable candidate to take the seat. So perhaps Lugar as Ambasssador to the UN (which would involve much less travel and much less work) would be a more suitable position. Susan Harris is getting a lot of heat about the Libya situation anyway. He probably wouldn't accept it, but I think it would ...
Election results: The GOP lost because it got hijacked by the Tea Party and moved far to the right. In this election, only 4 of 16 Tea Party backed Senate candidates won and 10 of the 12 Tea Party House members elected in 2010 lost. The GOP lost the youth, women, and Hispanic vote by a large margin. Despite much more redistricting by the GOP than the Democrats, the GOP didn't gain in the House and lost seats in the Senate. It needs to move to the center and be an inclusive party. Voters in Indiana voted in Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock over influential and GOP moderate Richard Lugar only to see Mourdock lose. It needs to recognize that the US is becoming less "white." It needs to jettison the Tea Party mentality of no compromise and extremist ideology like Ron Paul. It would do well to not nominate people like Todd Akin or Mourdock and distance themselves from nuts like Donald Trump. The US needs a strong GOP because opposing parties create checks and balances. However, unless the GOP changes, it w ...   10% Off
For years now the Republican Party has turned its back on the concept of governance. I believe Americans deserve and expect better. Presumably, we cast our votes for folks we believe will bring their judgement to bear on the issues. But, when candidates sign away that judgement in a pledge of fealty to a "no taxes" doctrine, when their party exercises a no tolerance posture toward those in their ranks who choose to act out of conscience (see Richard Lugar, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Charles Grassley, etc.), then Governance has been tossed aside. In it's stead we have demagoguery and hubris. As long as the Mount Rushmore of Conservatism contains faces like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Grover Norquist, Carl Rove, and Donald Trump, Governance will be in short supply. Too bad.
Big difference in acceptance speeches. Our new senator spoke of working with Dan Coats and spoke well of Richard Lugar and other Repbulicans. Our new governor spoke well of Tony Bennett and Richard Murdock, his Republican friends who lost, and then finally mentioned working together. We'll see. And Richard Murdock? In his concession speech he showed the lack of character that got him beat. I urge them all, do what we do. The election is over, we sit down with our friends of both parties and play cards, we share dinner, play golf together, help each other through loss and help each other celebrate joys. We do not want to do better by making their life worse. We want you, regardless of party affiliation, to help us all do better. And to those few of you who have insinuated that we democrats are lazy, or most of us are on welfare and other aid and don't want to do a decent day's work I urge you to wake up, grow up, and put those insulting comments away. Oh.if you do believe that come on over to my h ...
Maybe Is Was Stupid For The Tea Party To Go After That RINO Longtime Senator Richard Lugar. Mourdock Republican Senate Defeat In Indiana Has Roots In Super PAC Spending The Republican attempt to win control of the Senate is in serious jeopardy after Indiana Republican candidate Richard Mourdock went down in defeat to Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly. The loss of the seat will almost certainly be blamed on Mourdock's controversial comments about rape and abortion. But months before that, Mourdock was carried to an upset primary win over incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar by millions of dollars in super PAC spending. In the primary race, Mourdock was boosted by $3 million in super PAC spending, mostly from the conservative free market groups the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks, to $1.7 million in support of Lugar, according to Federal Election Commission records. Lugar had been targeted by Tea Party and conservative groups for defeat for conservative apostasy including voting for the bank bailout, co-sponsoring the ...
The Tea Party costs the Republicans another Senate seat. Richard Lugar was the incumbant Republican Senator and a good one at that, but he was defeated in the Republican primary by a Tea Party candidate. His crime was he had the audacity to compromise and reach across the isle to get things done. A "no-no" for the Tea Party.
I know that many of you are staunch Republicans and will be voting for Mitt Romney tomorrow. Although I am a staunch supporter of Obama I do not think that Romney would be a bad president. I don't worry about him. What really worries me is the Tea Party branch of the Republican Party. I strongly urge you to vote Democrat for Congress. Richard Murdoch has repeatedly proven himself to be an inept and radical politician. It is insane that primary voters elected him rather than Richard Lugar who was one of the greatest senators in the entire Congress and possibly the greatest center of the Indiana has ever seen. If you could write in his name I would do so. If you don't want to vote for Donnelly that's okay. Just do not vote for Murdoch. Andre Carson has been a good representative for our area. I especially want to point out to all my poker playing friends that he supports legalization and regulation of online poker. If you are a poker player that is reason enough to vote for Mr. Carson. Even if you don't tak ...
Richard Lugar of Indiana faced an effortless reelection, but was challenged in the primary by a far right Tea Party candidate and lost.
I wish I could vote for Richard Lugar this election... Oh wait, I forgot the Republican Party shames their best politicians.
Recent polling suggests the Republicans may drop the Senate seat in Indiana. Richard Lugar must be smiling right now.
Indiana's longest-serving U.S. senator will ride off into the sunset come January, as the state elects his replacement this month. His accomplishments are many, and his recognitions innumerable.
Okay, I wouldn't care if Richard Mourdock were a perfect match politically with *** Lugar, he says "Warshington" and that is unacceptable.
Somewhere Richard Lugar is sitting in a basement in one of his homes and laughing his *** off.
Wow. Mourdock 11 points down. The Hon. Richard Lugar (Not Insane) never looked so good.
Indiana Republicans could be running *** Lugar, but they chose Richard "God Let You Get Raped and Made You Pregnant" Mourdock instead.
William J Bill Ruppel This was posted by a friend of mine It is worth posting so as to cut through all the negative ads and confusion. In the Indiana Senate race, who is most like Senators Lugar and Coats? According to the Amer. Conservative Union, Lugar's voting record is 77% conservative 21% liberal, Sen. Coats 90% conservative 10% liberal. . . Donnelly is just 29% conservative and 71% liberal, virtually the exact opposite the votes of Richard Lugar. Actual "moderates" like Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Ben Nelson are right at 49 to 51%. . . Donnelly is no moderate, he votes as a liberal 7 out of 10 times.
That raspy noise you're hearing all day today is Richard Lugar laughing his *** off.
Son, word to Richard Lugar, Richard Mourdock gave away the easiest seat in the senate.
Donnelly will be better for Indiana than Richard Lugar was, though I must say, Lugar was one of VERY FEW republicans I ever liked.
Richard Lugar supports Mourdock, for Lugar supporters who intend to write in Lugar, just vote for Donnelly.
When Hillary Clinton leaves Dept of State, I think Sen Richard Lugar would be a great choice - a patriot who got screwed over by Tea Bags!
I guess Richard Lugar may still have the last laugh.
Richard Lugar, who held the seat before he was primaried by Mourdock, had won his last four elections with an average of 72.25% of the vote.
This is perfect Tea Baggers tossing out the respectable conservative Richard Lugar and keep them from winning Senate.
Hey Grow UP. How much "charm" has *** Lugar been showing in the last year? Or here>
Colin Powell, Chris Christie, & Michael Bloomberg, the last remaining sensible Rs (or former Rs). Will Richard Lugar join them in backing O?
I take umbrage to John Sunuuununnnuuu's recent insinuation that the esteemed Gen. Colin Powell endorsed the president because of race. That is stereotype 101! While that may be Sununu's reality, the black folk I know are far more intelligent than that, voting for Rep and Dem candidates. By no means the community is monolithic in all strata. They would rather spend a year with Bill Clinton than 10 minutes with Clarence Thomas. They would prefer to shoot hoops with former NJ senator Bill Bradley than get on the grid iron with JC Watts. They would eat a slice of pizza and sip a pint anyday with NY's Senator Schumer than Herman Cain. They would overwhelmingly vote for Hillary Clinton than Condoleezza Rice. And Florida's Congressman Alan West would be no match for the late Ted Kennedy in turning out the black votes. Alan Keys would be an also-ran if he were to share the black votes with former Indiana's Senator Richard Lugar. These are just a few of the examples Mr. Sununu that would readily debunk your thesis ...
The Tea Party's remarkable victory in the House.
To Senator Richard Lugar. I apologize for not voting for you in the primary. At the time I thought you were too old. I now realize I should have chosen age over stupidity.
Could we have a write in for Richard Lugar.
Vote out any politician who thinks they are smarter than a doctor. What gives a politician any right to imply he or she knows what is best for us. According to the Super-Pacs who fill our airwaves with political ads , we shouldn't vote for anybody. Could we be misfortunate enough to get rid of one problem (Richard Lugar) and replace him with someone much, much worse. (Murdock) Someone who thinks GOD allows women to be abused because it is in GODS higher plan... What a crock of S***. It is zealots like this that give religion and its true meaning a bad name.
Could we have Richard Lugar and/or Evan Bayh back as senators so Indiana could have at least one legitimate Senator representing Indiana in Washington? Or at least a third party option? I can't bring myself to vote for Mourdock or Donnelly.
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you can really see, feel how good our president is, TRUST is very important to a leadership, no matter what he is,he does good any way... even if his no perfect. cheers!
When the far right wing ideologues known as the tea-party hijacked the Republican Party 3 years ago,they rendered the GOP to be a minority party. These extremists defeated their own moderate fellow Republicans in primaries. They nominated the likes of Mourdoch,and Akins over mainstream, Republicans like the highly respected Richard Lugar. With a little luck, their ALL OR NOTHING doctrine will result in the latter!
Every day, communities and governments struggle to care for millions of orphans, trying to replace the most fundamental of human connections: a family. Colliding with cultural identity, human rights and international politics is the complex yet permanent solution for children: international adoption...
Romney versus Obama on foreign aid...not a topic I actually planned to address but have received a number of FB messages so here goes. On some level, an election may not make all that much difference. Romney has his "prosperity pacts" and Obama has his "partnerships for growth." Both seem committed to policy reform, especially in countries where the governments are serious about reform. Both are committed to PEPFAR. And while Obama's strong commitment to food security probably would change in its structure, it's quite likely such assistance would continue even under a Romney Administration. Regardless of who wins, the players at the top will very likely change. We know Hillary plans to exit soon, so even an Obama win would likely involve some new players. Humanitarian assistance, maternal child health programs and girls education certainly won't exit the stage if Romney wins. And certain external factors will exist regardless of who wins. For example, Congress will be looking at deficits in 2013 ...
Well Mourdock sticks his foot in his big mouth again! I just wish that people would of thought twice before pushing the button to support this *** and voted for out esteem statesman Sen Richard Lugar!
United States Senator Richard Lugar, the ranking Republican in the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, will visit the Philippines from October 28 to 31 and meet with President Benigno Aquino III, the US embassy in Manila said.
"After defeating longtime incumbent Richard Lugar in the GOP primary, Mourdock’s hubris (arrogance) was on display in national TV interviews. If this is the way Mourdock communicates with the potential voters he hopes to win over, consider what he will say – how he will speak for Indiana – if he is elected to a six-year term." Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Whatever happens in this election, it is finally the end of the psychotic and vicious American rightist movement as a political force. This is the real reason the sulfurous movement conservatives have been going nuts. Think about it.they would easily have controlled the senate after 2010 if their criminally insane movement.The low-brow, brownshirt talk radio party.had not insisted on lunatics like Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell as their senate candidates in lieu of a little less fanatically rightist snakes. And they would have padded that senate majority much further this year had not once again low-brow, brownshirt talk radio insisted on displacing one of the most respected men in the senate, Richard Lugar, with an out and out psycho Christianist Kook like Richard Mourdock, and a similarly preserved in amber *** such as Todd Akin ! There are 3 or 4 other Dominionist brownshirt psychotics also especially selected by the low brow, brownshirt talk radio rulers of the GOP, thereby insuring a rob ...
Honoring Sen. Richard Lugar at the Exodus fundraiser for his work with the immigrant community
There may be some justice after all. Tea Party darling Richard Mourdock defeated Richard Lugar in the Indiana Republican Senate Primary. Lugar was widely believed to be a shoo in in the general election but he was just too liberal for the Tea Partiers. Now after, Mourdock's reprehensible comments, Democrat Joe Donnely has a real chance to win. By the way, Todd Akin is a Tea Party star also.
WASHINGTON -- After initially keeping Richard Mourdock at arm's length for his assertion that pregnancies produced by rape are intended by God, prominent Republicans rallied around the embattled Indiana Senate candidate. Top among them was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), whose chance...
This year will be the first year in many I haven't voted for Richard Lugar sure going to miss his experience. I still think he would have made a great President. Where this Mourdock guy came from I'll never know.
They couldve had richard lugar who wouldve won in a landslide, and now they are stuck with the rape is Gods will guy
Hmmm. What does the Good Book say about crying tears of self-pity, eh? Aw. [Sad An emotional Richard Mourdock told fellow ...
this came up when Emanuel was running for mayor of Chicago, and (for Indiana) earlier this year for Richard Lugar.
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Jim Jontz had the little red truck in his Senate race against Richard Lugar.
Just what the GOP wanted: More about the
Richard Lugar for Oh wait, never mind. The "head in the sand" guy got picked by ***
The Tea Party throws a ton of money at Richard Mourdock so he can defeat 30+ year veteran CONSERVATIVE Senator Richard Lugar in the Indiana Republican primary. Mourdock's pitch was Lugar was "too reasonable". The party platform(as well as it's Vice President's stance) is NO abortion for any reason punishable by law(Personhood Ammendment which Romney has always (till this month) said he is in favor of and would be "delighted to sign."). Why is anyone surprised by statements like Mourdock's or Todd Akin's. The new world Republican order is extreme to the max on moral issues. We all need to decide how important this is to each of us and what this in turn says about our society. We founded this country as a haven to avoid religious persecution and set up a careful seperation of Church and State. This election will truly decide what life will be like for the next generation as far as what their rights will be.
Richard Lugar is sitting right now in one of his houses and laughing his *** off.
How much is your party missing Richard Lugar right now?
Those who insist on voting Republicans are giving power to the Tea Party loonies. 1. Despite protestations to the contrary, some Republicans are de facto Tea Party advocates with statements of paranoid delusional assumptions devoid of factual content. 2. Most Republicans suffer from romnesia, a malady akin to Alzheimers. Knowingly or otherwise they constantly mouth and propagate Tea Party kaka with no attempt to conceal it by feigning anti-Tea Party sentiment. 3. These are merely two sides of a counterfeit coin. 4. There are literally millions of Republicans and Tea Party people posing as Republicans, all of whom are empty vessels imbued with the power that outrageous lies, ignorance, and prejudice fosters. 5. These facts inevitably lead to a logical conclusion that the GOP cause is lost because its reputation and rhetoric has been compromised by the Tea Party and must for now at least be known as the GOTP. 6. If you don't believe me, ask Richard Lugar.
A GOP Senate candidate says he's sorry if he offended anyone for saying pregnancies from rape are something "God intended to happen."
Teabaggers thought Richard Lugar was 2 reasonable in Remember him? Same likes
So Richard Mourdock is the loon that beat Richard Lugar???
Sen. John McCain saw a fellow Republican, Sen. Richard Lugar, get ousted because he wasn't far enough to the right ...
Richard Lugar got thrown overboard for this guy?
It is impossible to look at the G.O.P.’s behavior in the last four years — from its unwillingness to consider Obama’s jobs bill, which was praised by independent economists, to the unwillingness of its presidential candidates to consider a $1 increase in taxes for $10 of spending cuts, to the time it spent on sheer lunacy such as questioning the president’s birth certificate — and not conclude that many in the party just wanted Obama to fail in the hope that they could pick up the pieces. Too many Republicans, particularly moderate business types, don’t want to admit how much their party has been led around of late, not by traditional conservatives, but by a radical Tea Party base that has driven decent, smart conservatives — like Bob Bennett of Utah, Bob Inglis of South Carolina, Richard Lugar of Indiana and Olympia Snowe of Maine — out of office. What I’d say about Obama’s domestic and Middle East policies is that, given the messes and political constraints he inherited in both arena ...
This is what you get when you allow the extremism of Tea Party to assume control of Republican Party. The biggest mistake was selecting Mourdock in the primaries. (Should've stayed with the honorable Senator Richard Lugar) Hoosiers may be conservative, but they also pragmatic.
Obviously some god wants this dork to lose the election. I bet Lugar threw a zombie curse at him. In a strange way ...
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Janay Brownlow liked Richard Lugar: Not a Tea Partier, but not a moderate, either: Geoffrey Kabaservice, author of a…
I would like to thank the Tea Party for handing the Democrats Senate seat after Senate seat. Here in Indiana they're giving us the Senate seat Richard Lugar had a hammer lock on for 36 years.
Congrats Indiana Republicans. You turned your back on one of the most reasonable and sensible Republicans in Richard Lugar and decided to go with someone who says that a pregnancy from a rape s part of gods plan. Hey.Indiania Reps.go ahead and punch yourselves in the genitals.
If the Tea Party thought Sen. Richard Lugar was friendly to President Obama, wait until they see Sen. Joe Donnelly.
Thx! MT "Tea Partiers cheered when defeated Sen. Richard Lugar in the primary."
."Tea Partiers cheered when Richard defeated Sen. Richard Lugar in the primary."
Richard Lugar was aok. Too bad the "snakers" have ransacked the party.
Anyone else think Richard Lugar is sitting home & screaming REAP WHAT YOU SOW MOTHER F+^*ERS
Richard Lugar would have never made such a laughing stock of Indiana.
I keep seeing this Mourdock guy from Indiana on tv. How did this heathen beat Richard Lugar? I met Mr. Lugar a couple times when I was a bartender at the old Holiday Inn of Marion. He was a conservative and I often disagreed with his policies. BUT, he was a good man and always served Indiana with dignity. This Mourdock guy is a disgrace. Why would you kick a decent man out of office and replace him with a sicko? Please keep him out of the Senate.
We go from Richard Lugar to this guy? Thank you Jim DeMint, etc.
Serious Q - Will Richard Lugar turn his back on GOP & endorse Donnelly in IN Senate race? Would be "statesman" thing to do, no?
completely crazy the good people of indiana gave up RICHARD LUGAR 4 nut job murdock. luger 2 far right 4 me, but murdock ridiculous
Somewhere tonight, Sen. Richard Lugar is trying to keep himself from repeatedly breaking out into gales of laughter.
I have to believe that Richard Mourdock really did "speak from the heart" because no "crafty" politician would EVER have uttered what he did during the Senate debate. This is a man who is so buried in ideology that he has lost recognition of right and wrong. This may indeed be what he believes in his heart--that pregnancy resulting from rape is God's Will--but his heart is in a very dark and dangerous place. I can only ask Richard Lugar: do you STILL believe we should vote Republican just so your buddy Mitch McConnell can be Senate majority leader? And Mr Romney Why haven't you DEMANDED the ads with you supporting Mourdock be pulled? Apparently you only diasgree with what he said a little bit. . .
Richard Earl Mourdock (born October 8, 1951) is the 53rd treasurer of the state of Indiana, serving since February 10, 2007. A Tea Party favorite, he won Republican nomination to run in the November 2012 U.S. Senate election in Indiana after defeating incumbent U.S. Senator Richard Lugar in the May 2012 primary. Mourdock will face the current U. S. Representative from Indiana's 2nd congressional district, Democrat Joe Donnelly, in the general election.
In Indiana, Mourdock's upset of veteran Republican Sen. Richard Lugar in the May primary created an opening for Democrats looking to fight for what would have otherwise been a safe GOP seat. The surprisingly close race between Mourdock and Democrat Joe Donnelly has spurred national Republicans to send more money and national stars to Indiana recently in an attempt to hold the seat. Even when last Wednesday Mourdock told Hoosiers, that God intented the conception of child when the women was raped.
Let me get this straight, the Tea Party turned out Richard Lugar for this moron, Mourdock . Way to embarrass all of Indiana and the country.
so glad when I was raped the ER doctor didn't feel this way.and gave me the "morning after" pill.
Ginned-up outrage by desperate Obama shills.
An open letter to Senator Richard Lugar, If I made and sent you a t-shirt that said, "Be careful what you wish for," would you wear it? Your fan, Derek
Sorry, but I can't believe it's God's will if a rape victim becomes pregnant. Making that victim a criminal if she aborts the monster's fetus is beyond insane! Richard Mourdock has no business representing Americans. Hard to believe he beat the reasonable Richard Lugar in the republican primary.
Oh great. Thanks Indiana Tea Partiers. We lost a real statesman, Richard Lugar and got this guy, another Todd Akin!
Where is Indiana's moderate Senator Richard Lugar to vote for? Richard Mourdock confirmed last night that he is an extreme Tea Party zealot. He's said our social safety nets of Medicare and Social Security are unconstitutional. And now he thinks God intended the impregnation of women who are raped. What happened to compromise and reason - that's what we were taught in our civics class, right?
Really sad to see Mourdock butchering his race because of another idiotic, unfactual comment on abortion. Cant believe hes the gop nominee over Richard Lugar
Just think, the Ind. GOP dumped Richard Lugar for this moron!
Unbelievable! This man defeated an excellent moderate Republican, Richard Lugar in the primary. The Senate has 100 people representing all of us--I sure do not want this man to be one of them.
Hey Indiana, you got rid of an A plus Senator, Richard Lugar, for this miserable man. Please tell us it's just an Ashton Kutcher punk.
Indiana voters wondering who to vote for in the U.S. Senate race should have no doubts after Tuesday's spectacular implosion on the abortion issue by Republican candidate Richard Mourdock.
Frank Lautenberg, Daniel Inouye, Daniel Akaka, Richard Lugar, Dianne "gobbler neck" Feinstein. ALL Senators that are 80 or MUCH older. I imagine they spend most of their time changing each other's DEPENDS. BOTH Hawaii Senators are almost 89 freaking years old. IS THIS THE BEST WE CAN DO??? Someone needs to get these ossified fossils OUT of the Senate and over to the nearest GLUE FACTORY. Hey NEW JERSEY How is your ALMOST 90 YEAR OLD Senator working out for you??? Probably spends most of his time drooling on himself. TWO TERMS AND GET THE *** OUT AND GET A REAL FJOB YOU PARASITES!!!
Richard Mourdock is a good example of the transformation of the Republican Party. Mourdock was supported by the Tea Party and he defeated the moderate Republican, Richard Lugar. The Republican Party has become the "Teapublican Party".
Richard Mourdock and Mike Pence are cut from the same Tea Party cloth as Michelle Bachmann, Rick Scott, Alan West, and all the rest of their regressive uncompromising ignorant ilk. As Hoosiers, we should all of us-- man, women, and children-- just shoot ourselves in the foot rather than contribute to the nightmare gridlock horror show that is Washington DC by sending them another fully functioning monster like Richard Mourdock. Better we suffer ourselves than to allow this *** to inflict damage on the entire country. I can't BELIEVE that Indiana Republicans chose this man over Richard Lugar! Indiana DESERVES to be laughed at by the rest of America.
Reading the paper this am, I was disturbed by R. Mourdouck comments on rape victims and it being God's will if a pregnancy resulted. Do we have Todd Aiken's evil twin running in Indiana? This man is no Richard Lugar whom he hopes to replace.
Richard Mourdock, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Indiana, said in a debate on Tuesday that
I won't go into detail about the Senate debate, but just one comment. Indiana had/has one of if not the finest Senators in the U.S. Richard Lugar is brilliant, respected Nationally, and internationally. For the Republican Party he was a "safe" seat. I mean, his reelection was a shoe in. So, what does the party do.actually, the establishment party is going nuts, but the lunatic fringe do.The nominate some clown, that can and may be defeated.If he is it w will be because he shot himself in the foot. If he wins, we (Indiana) will go from brilliance to butthead in one swoop.
The Tea Party worked to oust Richard Lugar, one of the Republican Party's most experienced foreign policy experts, for THIS GUY. This is yet another clear sign of where we're headed if Romney's elected. WAKE UP PEOPLE!
He didn't come to these views just now, writes Charles P. Pierce. He held them before, during, and after Romney endorsed him.
The Tea Party wanted the Good Richard Lugar out because he was "too liberal" and this is what you get! I didn't leave the Republican Party, it left me!
And tell me how a bunch of *** pushed Richard Lugar out to make him the Senatorial candidate? His views are far from mainstream and do not lend result in governing for all of the people he would be representing... A HUGE NO vote from me!!!
repubs: only God can create a rape.and this is the guy that beat Richard Lugar.When will the sane Republicans step forward and reclaim their party? (I speak fluent oxymoronic).
John Gregg and Vi Simpson released statements condemning Richard Mourdock's offensive comments that rape can be
The new thing we learned today our possible new senator Richard Murdoch definitely isn't like our retiring Senator Richard Lugar !!!
My God is not a rapist. Although sometimes he does have an odd sense of humor which is why he deserts Richard Lugar and brings us a Tea Party *** like Mourdock.
Here's an example of the kind of two-step Romney is attempting these days: He cut an ad in Indiana for Richard Mourdock, the ultra-conservative senatorial candidate who beat Richard Lugar in the primary. Then Mourdock was caught saying that a baby conceived by rape was part of God's plan. The Romney campaign quickly tried to distance itself from the comments. It's tough to fake being a moderate in today's GOP.
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The Senate used to have some great minds. Now, pedantic fanatics are being systematically put in office by Conservative pacs. Murdoch in Indiana thinks a woman being raped and impregnated is gods will, so she should have the baby. Contrast this moron with my learned cousin, Richard Lugar who served Indiana with distinction for many years.
Spokeswoman: Romney disagrees with rape and pregnancy comments by Senate candidate Mourdock
In the final Indiana Senatorial debate the Republican stated that women who are raped must have the child because God gave her the life, and then denied his Democratic opponents contention that he must therefore believe that God intended the woman to be raped. Note: This is not from The Onion. Question: On a scale of 1-10 how insane are these people (Be kind, one of them will replace Richard Lugar in the United States Senate.)
The slack-jawed knuckledragger who defeated the honest conservative Richard Lugar in Indiana said tonight that he cannot support abortion in cases of rape or incest because those pregnancies "are God's will." You got that? God watches over the paternal rights of rapists. What gender gap?
One comment. Its one of those day you miss Richard Lugar.
Obama should have mentioned Republicans are so concerned with social policy they kicked their finest foreign policy mind out of the Senate.(Sen. Richard Lugar)
I was just realizing today how much I miss working for the Obama campaign on the ground like I did in 2008. I still feel proud about helping, along with all the other Indiana volunteers, turn my state blue for the first time since 1964. At the same time I'm saddened by how far right Indiana has gone since 2008. Ousting one of the most accomplished Senators in the country in Richard Lugar, polling nearly 60/40 for Romney, and about to elect a Tea Party Governor. At least I'll always be able to look back at that 2008 map and see Indiana blue.
Indiana's Republican Senate candidate, Richard Mourdock, is backing away from the Tea Party rhetoric that helped him knock off veteran Sen. Richard Lugar in the GOP primary as he tries to woo moderate voters.
Senator Arnold,I have been thinking about what you told me about your views on the Tea Party. This is what we stand for "dedicated to defend, support and work to restore the principles and values of the Constitut ion, individual liberty and limited government on which the United States of America was founded.To restore limited government, fiscal responsibility and accountable representation through citizen activism and education". What part of this do you not agree with? Does this mean you are apposed of fiscal responsibility? Are you apposed of our Constitution? Are you for big government? Why should any Tea Party member vote for you? we have many Democrats and Independents. If you feel your job is secure JUST because you are a "Statesman",Take a look at how that worked for Richard Lugar and he was a Republican. The Tea Party is strong in Indiana,you might want to start taking them seriously. I was a little insulted with your insinuation that you didn't want your time wasted talking with Tea Party mem ...
For 36 years, Jim Rice was a loyal supporter of Richard Lugar, the six-term Republican Senator from Indiana with a reputation for compromise and stature in Washington. Now, Rice says he will vote for a Democrat.
Legal Insurrection firstbecame interestedin Richard Mourdock in November 2011, long before others thought he had a chance of defeating Richard Lugar in the primary, andendorsed himon February 28.
Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) won’t be returning to the Senate next year, but he’s not a forgotten man in the race to...
Two quotes that will follow Richard Mourdock for the rest of his political career: "I certainly think that bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of view" and "To me the highlight of politics frankly is to inflict my opinion on someone else". Generally, I lean slightly toward the right but this guy is ridiculous. This is what Congress is turning into -- a bunch of ambitious, partisan newbies who don't really know the definition of the word "bipartisanship". I blame the Tea Party and the Republican constituency in general for losing my vote in this race by putting up this guy instead of a responsible politician like Richard Lugar.
It seems like the only Republican Senator not in Indiana to campaign for Richard Mourdock is Richard Lugar
Richard Lugar not campaigning for Richard Mourdock speaks volumes to me.
I got this in the mail and was shocked to see the honorable Richard Lugar associated with Mourdock.
Sen. Richard Lugar distancing himself from mailer that says he backs Richard Mourdock to replace him
Richard Lugar was rankled by a pro-Mourdock group's mailer. That, McCain and Graham, and the air war, all here:
If you are in Indiana, pay attention. Tea Party candidate Mourdock (who is trying to replace Richard Lugar, one of the best Republican Senators in congress) is reminding us of why we should not vote for his opponent, Joe Donnelly. Joe Donnelly voted to save the auto industry. Mourdock took it to the Supreme Court to try to block the auto loans which saved the industry. Is that really a reason to vote for Mourdock? Not in my opinion.
I am watching the Indiana Senate Race debate. I hope all that read this will not drink the Tea of the Indiana Tea Party (formerly the Indiana Republican Party) and stand up for the friend of the veteran, Richard Lugar, and vote for Joe Donnelly or Andrew Horning. Please DO NOT send Mourdock to the U.S. Senate.
End of an Era: Last Living Moderate Republican Dies After years of public service and struggles with cancer -- and occasional forays into stand-up comedy, 82-year-old former Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania died Sunday. His death represents the end of a species -- the moderate, common-sense, non-ideologue Republican -- which was at one time politically influential. Never a large group, in recent years, it suffered a precipitous decline in numbers from the successive waves of, first, conservative, then ultra-conservative, then ultra-ultra-conservative and finally Tea Party Republicans. In 2005, political scientists declared the species unsustainable, so Specter's like may never be seen again. Political scientists are now working to harvest the political DNA of Richard Lugar and Sam Nunn so that their conservative -- but not ultra-conservative -- line might be saved as the Republican Party drifts yet further and further to the right.
May Arlen Specter rest in peace. Is there any room anymore for moderates in the Republican Party? He was one of the last, along with Richard Lugar, Bob Dole among others, those who reached across the aisle and worked to compromise. Very, very rare these days.
I hate that Richard Lugar was defeated by Tea Party exremist mourdock, Lugar was one of VERY few republicans I respected!
Russia Will Not Renew Arms Deal With US by VOA News October 11, 2012 Russia says it will not renew a two-decade-old agreement with the United States aimed at securing nuclear and chemical weapons in the former Soviet Union. Russia's Foreign Ministry said it will not accept a U.S. proposal to extend the deal without a major overhaul. A ministry statement said U.S. officials know their proposal does not meet Russia's ideas of further cooperation on the program. It said Russia needs a different and more modern legal framework. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, U.S. Senators Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar sponsored the legislation that launched the program. A White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, said President Barack Obama believes the program is still valuable and beneficial to U.S. national security program. The spokesman said the United States is willing to work with the Russians to update the program. The U.S.-financed program is set to expire next year. It is credited with eliminating stock ...
Clinton praises man Mourdock defeated, Sen. Richard Lugar, as "bona fide conservative."
Exie Seneca liked Congressional Pensions: Long time lawmakers Sen. Richard Lugar and Rep. Dan Burton will be getting…
Down Town Brown gets endorsements from Bob Cousy and Richard Lugar, and oh yeah, David Gregory who gave him 5 more min to speak than Warren
she says the senator she can work with is Richard Lugar. Lmao
Lugar Backs Obama on Iran; Says *** to Pay' With Attack: Senator Richard Lugar, the leading ...
Nice to see that one GOP Senator - Richard Lugar - still has some commonsense left. Of course, having some...
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Mourdock has a Republican problem. Mourdock only picks up 60% of voters who supported Sen. Richard Lugar in the Ma ...
Sen. Richard Lugar refuses to campaign for Mourdock How sad is that
Sen. Richard Lugar speaks to supporters Tuesday, May 8, 2012, in Indianapolis. Lugar lost his Republican Senate...
Depressing to think foreign policy expert Richard Lugar won't be in US Senate next year, cld be replaced by an *** like Richard Mourdock.
Well the king of mis-leading attack ads, Karl Rove, has put 1 million dollars into Murdochs campaign. Why, they are in jepordy of losing. New ad, like a lot of the GOP house and senate members running has his Dad saying he is not against social security even though he wants to get rid of it and has been quoted as saying it's unconstitutional. Of course he attacks The Affordable Care Act(that is currently helping millions of Americans) and also attacks the Stimulus bill even though that bill has helped President Obama CREATE 4.2 million jobs and give 98% of ameicans a huge tax cut. It just amazes me that Indiana middle class citizens vote against their own interest. Dems would not have a chance at the seat had th Indiana GOP re-nominated Richard Lugar. Thanks so much. Oh well it has been this way for years and it won't change.
Remember Dwight Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller, Jacob Javits, Mark Hatfield, Olympia Snowe, Lincoln Chafee, Norm Coleman, Gordon Smith, Ted Stevens, Pete Domenici, Arlen Specter and Richard Lugar? They were the respected stalwarts of the GOP whether or not we agreed with them on any given issue. What happened to their legacy? How did the Republican Party morph into the cacophony of the voices of Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Darrel Issa. Peter King, Jan Brewer, Jim DeMint, Eric Cantor, Todd Akin, Joe Arpaio, Grover Norquist and Rush Limbaugh? Most savvy pundits agree that even Ronald Regan, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, George Romney and the first President Bush would not be welcomed candidates by current party criteria. The American public would be better served by a healthy two-party government working together for them. Barring an unforeseen calamity, President Obama is likely to be re-elected. Despite the demonizing rhetoric to the contrary, he is a moderate centrist in many ways simil ...
Today's state is Indiana. It will fall into Mitt Romney's column, but there are a couple of key races here. U.S. Rep. Mike Pence, a devout Christian, is favored to succeed Mitch Daniels as governor. Republican Richard Mourdock has a narrow lead in the Senate race to succeed Richard Lugar, and there are a couple of House races that are close as well.
Lugar comment stirs up Senate race: A statement by Sen. Richard Lugar that he will not campaign for fellow...
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