Richard Jefferson & Stephen Jackson

Richard Allen Jefferson (born June 21, 1980 in Los Angeles, California) is a 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m) American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association. Stephen Jesse Jackson (born April 5, 1978) is an American professional basketball player who plays for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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(2003) Stephen Jackson, Luke Walton, Malik Rose, and Richard Jefferson sippin' at the Playboy Mansion.
Fun NBA fact: Josh Smith, David West, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson & Richard Jefferson all have more career pts than Chris Paul.
When they trade Richard Jefferson for Stephen Jackson and later on pick up Patty Mills and Boris Diaw. This Spurs are ready, it seems.
Who knew that Richard Jefferson would play a bigger role in a Spurs postseason comeback than Stephen Jackson?
Bogut and Stephen Jackson, then they flipped Jackson for Richard Jefferson
Stephen Jackson dosen't make enough money to be flexin like he does ... lol at least Richard Jefferson knew he role cc
Richard Jefferson for Stephen Jackson trade looks like the smartest trade the Spurs ever made right now.
Stephen Jackson is so gangsta. To think that they traded that heartless Richard Jefferson for him. Underrated swindle.
Honestly Richard Jefferson wouldn't be doing what Stephen Jackson is doing this series or playoffs.
So how's that Richard Jefferson for Stephen Jackson trade working out?
traded away Richard Jefferson for Stephen Jackson. Brought in Boris Diaw and Danny Green plus Kawhi Leonard now the starting wings
Hmmm.Spurs are 29-3 since trading Richard Jefferson. I don't think this is being talked about enough. He got a bad rap during his stint in SA for not becoming what Spurs fans wanted him to be (you know, Richard Jefferson circa 2003/04) but he just simply wasn't a good FIT. Not bad player/guy, just not a good fit. Danny Green, who has since taken Jefferson's minutes (not Stephen Jackson who the Spurs traded Jefferson to get) and is a 147% better FIT. If RJ is still a Spur they ARE NOT reeling off a run like this.
ginobili was hurt and team was a bit different Kawhi > George Hill, and Stephen Jackson over Richard Jefferson n better Splitter
Stephen Jackson was a big pickup for the Spurs because Richard Jefferson dont have no heart
Getting rid of Richard Jefferson for Stephen Jackson was the best the did this season
made a terrific decision to trade Richard Jefferson for Stephen Jackson SJ has been way more productive than RJ
Isn't it weird the Spurs would trade Richard Jefferson for Stephen Jackson? The SPURS??
Stephen Jackson has made more of an impact in a few months than Richard Jefferson did in a few years. Glad he's back.
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