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Richard Jefferson

Richard Allen Jefferson (born June 21, 1980 in Los Angeles, California) is a 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m) American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association.

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Kevin Love on tonight's victory and Richard Jefferson's impact off the bench. https:/…
need to trade JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Richard Jefferson, and Channing Frye for Carmelo Anthony.
Cavs had Richard Jefferson on KD in some stretches, then subbed Tristan Thompson in with a 2 pt lead and KD went off on a…
Richard Jefferson leads the Cavs on to the court for warmups. Steph Curry leads the Warriors out. Advantage Golden State.
Kyle Korver, Deron Williams, and Richard Jefferson needto be replaced with Russ, Greek Freak, and D-Wade.
I remember when Richard Jefferson played on the Nets in the Finals. I was in elementary school. I am now 49 years old
Somebody said Richard Jefferson sounds like Kevin Hart when he's impersonating a white guy and now I can't hear anything e…
Richard Jefferson been playing since I was in elementary school. Crazy
Javale McGee, Deron Williams, Richard Jefferson, and Iman Shumpert all sharing the court in the NBA Finals.
Richard Jefferson has appeared in 17 games, as many as Walt Frazier or Hakeem Olajuwon…
Richard Jefferson is a true slave master, lapdog and bronsexuals than any of the oth…
Hall of Fame solid or on way players in the Finals Curry Klay KD Draymond Lebron Kyrie Love Iggy Deron Williams & maybe Richard Jefferson
LeBron James on Richard Jefferson's Snapchat story after passing Michael Jordan in postseason points: "I'm just a passer…
Richard Jefferson the last New Jersey Nets legend left.
Darren Williams and Richard Jefferson are a combined 257 years old and playing better than any Celtic
They've been saving Richard Jefferson all season for the ECF and the Warriors
Richard Jefferson calls out Draymond Green for criticism about Cavs opponents. Says Warriors haven't played vs. tough com…
"Richard Jefferson to Draymond: Warriors Beat a Bunch of Hurt Teams to Win Title" {by Black Adam Schefter} On May …
"Richard Jefferson just successfully did something that nobody has done before, which is shut Draymond Green down." https…
Vince Carter & Richard Jefferson destroyed a basketball hoop in this classic Nike commercial
As a Spurs fan, there are only a handful of players I didn't like... George hill, Richard Jefferson, Kurt Thomas & now Lamarcus Aldridge.
Richard Jefferson , Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin and Kerry Kittles got more buckets then anybody on the cavs
Kevin Love, Frye, and Richard Jefferson are drinking wine and watching the Raptors/Bucks game. . The Cavs>>>>
You tell me Jason Kidd played for any team before the Nets with Kerry Kittles and Richard Jefferson (NBA Live 2003), and I won't believe you
Who would've thought Joe Johnson, Richard Jefferson, Jason Terry, Paul Pierce and Vince Carter would be playing in the
Richard Jefferson got the worst tat since Mike Miller
Familiar names on this list include Sean Elliott, Mike Bibby, Richard Jefferson, Jerryd Bayless.
Jason Kidd made the Finals with Kerry Kittles and Richard Jefferson lol
This Cavs team on the court currently is am All Early 2000's team. Richard Jefferson, Devon Williams, Kyle Korver, JR Smith, and Kevin Love.
LMFAO @ Richard Jefferson laughing as Paul Milsap hit the shot to send it to OT
Half of the east coast media assembled waiting for LeBron to come out and Richard Jefferson announces the Sox won on a walk off.
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Tell me Richard Jefferson doesn't sound EXACTLY like Alex Rodriguez
Here is Richard Jefferson accidentally slapping Juan Hernangomez right in the face:.
Love this 1st hand accout by Richard Jefferson of LeBron's Game 7 block vs. Golden State
hey Klay Thompson real men don't get dunked on by a 36yr old Richard Jefferson
DAAYYYUM!. Blake Griffin's nasty putback jam over Tristan Thompson and Richard Jefferson after DeAndre Jordan's...
Richard Jefferson look like he should be rockin' the Mr. Burns bald eagle cut w/ the hair on the sides, and bald on the top...
Mans brought a "LeBron is a *** shirt to the game and Richard Jefferson wasn't having it
Imagine if Mike Miller/Shawn Marion in the '15 season was Richard Jefferson/more minutes for James Jones
Richard Jefferson screaming "HELP HIM UP HELP HIM UP" is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time 😂😂😂
so what you're saying is thunder should trade for Richard Jefferson?
Okay so Cory Booker and Richard Jefferson look like the same person to me. And not just because they are black and…
Richard Jefferson looks so much like Cory Booker.
Richard Jefferson running into Livingston and the refs giving him the call when he throws up garbage is far worse than the flagrant call
Richard Jefferson looks so much like Cory Booker
If Andre had ran into Richard Jefferson any chance they call that a flagrant?
Got my All Star votes in! All Aussies and of course King James and Richard Jefferson! Here's hoping for a All Star appearance
Kay Felder, Jordan McRae and Richard Jefferson are the reason the Cavs are playing at this level. Helps that Bron is the MVP so far.
Richard Jefferson gifted Klay Thompson coal this Christmas Day 🎄 (Vine by
And to think Richard Jefferson was going to retire...
Spending my NYE at the Hornets-Cavs game... Pretty crazy being in the same building as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Richard Jefferson
CLEAR foul by Richard Jefferson on KD at the end of the game
The year is 2431. The earth has become inhospitable due to surging temperatures and famine. Richard Jefferson had 7 poin…
Richard Jefferson might mess around and get Solomon Hill money
LeBron James defends hanging on the rim, Richard Jefferson's 'foul' vs. Warriors -
Richard Jefferson would 21 jordan in a 1v1 game
Richard Jefferson channeled his inner Kevin Hart (& Dennis Rodman) by tossing his jersey into crowd after ejection. https…
Kyrie Irving vowed to pay Richard Jefferson's fine for winking at Kevin Durant after dunking on him
NBA stated Richard Jefferson should have been called for a foul on Kevin Durant during final play of Christmas game htt…
The King took to Instagram to give Richard Jefferson some high praise for his poster dunk over Klay Thompson on Christmas…
NBA says Richard Jefferson fouled Kevin Durant at end of epic Christmas Day clash
Lineup note: Richard Jefferson will start in place of LeBron James on Monday.
Richard Jefferson posterizes Klay Thompson at the age 36! 😨🔥
The dunk contest I want to see. Zach Levine . Aaron Gordon. Russel Westbrook . Lebron James. And Richard Jefferson
Who's the best dunker in the Michael Jordan? LeBron James? Kobe Bryant or "Richard Jefferson"?
Rip replay button for that poster dunk of Richard Jefferson and LeBron James
Kyrie offers to pay Richard Jefferson's fine for taunting technical foul after winking at KD.
My grandma really doesn't like LeBron James or Richard Jefferson. Didn't know she had that kind of hatred inside of her.
Richard Jefferson with the dunk and stare down on KD!.
Klay Thompson said they gave the Cavs that win as a gift?. Well Richard Jefferson gave him a gift with that posterize!!
PSA: it's not too late to include Richard Jefferson on your "who had the best 2016" list
Did You Know: Richard Jefferson is the first Civil War Veteran in NBA history to dunk twice in the same game
100 year old Richard Jefferson dunked on Kevin Durant 😧. by via
For Christmas Richard Jefferson was gifted jumping ability
Not what you're talking about, but we've all been Richard Jefferson in this clip.
36 year old Richard Jefferson really caught two bodies on the same night. RIP Klay and KD.
This photo was taken opening night. Richard Jefferson resurrected his hops on Christmas Day. Coincidence?
I liked a video from Kyrie Irving Game Winner vs Warriors Christmas! Richard Jefferson
So Richard Jefferson stepping on KD wasn't a foul. And Lebron hanging on the rim for an hour wasn't a technical. But Dray ru…
Richard Jefferson was really catching bodies today 😭😭
Richard Jefferson giving out posters for Christmas.
Richard Jefferson is to go to trial December 29th 2016 for the 1st degree murder of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant
VIDEO: Richard Jefferson gets technical foul for dunking on, winking at Kevin Durant
Remember when Richard Jefferson said he was retiring? Good thing he didn’t!
Don't let Richard Jefferson dunking on Klay Thompson distract you from the fact that Richard Jefferson dunked on KD.
36 year old Richard Jefferson dunks on Kevin Durant, celebrates for a second, and the refs call a TECH?!?! Man I hate pro spo…
Klay "the PBS logo" Thompson getting baptized by a 57 year old Richard Jefferson. 2016 is wild
NBA - Richard Jefferson giving out posters for Christmas.
Richard Jefferson got a tech for winking at KD...
I need to get myself a Richard Jefferson jersey because this man dunked on Kevin Durant and then winked at him on live te…
Pretty sure its GSW who decided to let Richard Jefferson cook them in the 4th and Kyrie Irving who made a ridiculous shot to win
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Well KD is in his prime, He is suppose to dunk on people but Richard Jefferson came out retirement to dunk on two o…
Durant thought he was fouled by Richard Jefferson on final play. "We all think we’re fouled on every play in every singl…
Nike has to mystery drop Richard Jefferson's HyperRevs.
Richard Jefferson didn't foul Kevin Durant he just played good defense
Klay and KD both got yammed on.. in the SAME GAME...BY Richard Jefferson...who is 36... and ON CHRISTMAS...
so Richard Jefferson locked him down?😂
Richard Jefferson is now my 2nd favorite player only behind Jameer Nelson
Richard Jefferson has TWO posters tonight. NO, this is not a .
Richard Jefferson rising out of the Lazarus Pit out here on these young boys
Richard Jefferson has either found the Lazarus Pit or Fountain of Youth.
Tim Duncan is looking at Richard Jefferson like... 😳
Richard Jefferson turning into Shawn Kemp has been a nice addition for the Cavs.
Richard Jefferson apparently got new legs for Christmas and is going to dunk everyone through the rim
Richard Jefferson is posterizing anyone he feels like posterizing.
Martian manhunter /Richard Jefferson still has ups geez🔥
Throwback to the Richard Jefferson on the nets
Richard Jefferson just got a tech for WINKING at Durant? That is so wrong.
Richard Jefferson just dunked on Kevin Durant is a real, actual sentence in 2016
Richard Jefferson reveals some good advice for young basketball players if your shots aren't falling.
Richard Jefferson's line of the night after CLE almost blew a 22-pt lead: "Maybe we can have (Andrew) Miller come in and be OUR…
Coco Crisp has upgraded from Mo Williams to Richard Jefferson on this Indians team.
Richard Jefferson's snapchat shows the Cavs' ring will forever remind them they came back from a 3-1 deficit.
Richard Jefferson and Channing hall of famers?
I think if Richard Jefferson could be on snapchat while he's on the court playing he definitely would
JR at all the off the court activities in Cleveland. Richard Jefferson be documenting it on snapchat lol
LeBron James, Tristan Thompson, Richard Jefferson and Dahntay Jones were there, but they missed this!.
These *** was smoking *** when they said Richard Jefferson is better than Jamal Crawford
if you're excited to have Richard Jefferson back for another season.
Ben Simmons participates in workout with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade & Richard Jefferson: via
305 = the number of postseason games for James Jones, Richard Jefferson & Channing Frye combined. SEASON IN REVIEW:
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64. Shaun Livingston throws it down on Richard Jefferson.
Richard Jefferson's snapchat has given me a totally different perspective on him
Richard Jefferson and Kenyon Martin once got into a fistfight while on the New Jersey Nets http…
Harrison Barnes is the 2004 Richard Jefferson of this team
Richard Jefferson looks like a NBA 2K16 "Create-a-Player" that someone lost interest in finishing
Richard Jefferson announces his retirement to on Live postgame. STREAM: https:/…
Lolol they kept pushing Richard Jefferson away from the mic 😭
Richard Jefferson announced his new contract on Snapchat. Back in the day, he declared for the draft via the Pony Express.
Man bring back my New Jersey Nets wit Jason Kidd and Vince Carter Richard Jefferson my big 3
Nah Vince Carter, Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson started all this.. The real big three at one point
Richard Jefferson is throwing water balloons at Alex Mack's house party; he is definitely the King of Snapchat 👑😂
Now that J-Kidd and Richard Jefferson have rings, Vince is next. I'm telling you now Grizz taking it all next year
Report: Richard Jefferson may play two to three more years - Sports Illustrated
BREAKING NEWS: Richard Jefferson announces he will RETURN to the Cleveland Cavaliers and play ONE MORE YEAR!!!
Na vice carter Richard Jefferson and Jason Kidd use to kill the Knicks when they were all on nets
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i love Richard Jefferson, and him kidd and Vince Carter are the reason im a nets fan
Richard Jefferson retired and unretired while probably hammered out of his gourd. Isn't that just incredible?
Crowd chants '1 more year," Richard Jefferson says 'If you guys want me to play 1 more year, I'll play 1 more year."
What if David griffin doesn't want Richard Jefferson back? 😂
Richard Jefferson might've just unretire: "If you guys want me to play one more year, I'll play one more year."
Opinion of the day: Vince Carter shouldn't retire and instead join the Cavs to replace the Richard Jefferson void and have a farewell season
Still blown away that Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson have rings and Vince Carter doesn't.
Richard Jefferson retires immediately after winning first NBA championship...
JR and Richard Jefferson getting one before Melo and Vince Carter is a cruel joke .
First Jason Kidd retires, then Richard Jefferson apparently is retiring ... If Vince Carter retires this years I will cry.
Richard Jefferson won the title with the Cavs, they should get Vince Carter now
JR doing what he does best,look at Richard Jefferson tho. Spittin that game (via )
My man Richard Jefferson is retiring.I'm happy guys like KG, Vince Carter, and Jason Terry are still around to root for.
S/O to Richard Jefferson on getting a title. *** shame that '06 Nets team didn't get one. Vince Carter is the only one still ringless..😳
Richard Jefferson should thank both them ***
Who would've thought that nets team with JKidd and Vince Carter would never win and this is how Richard Jefferson would end up winning.
It just hit me Richard Jefferson got a ring before Vince Carter 😕
As a kid i witnessed some of the nastiest and most historic dunks by Vince Carter but also Richard Jefferson when...
Richard Jefferson has a ring. Jason Kidd has a ring. Someone PLEASE get Vince Carter a ring now.
I can now sleep at night knowing Dirk, Jason Kidd, and now Richard Jefferson have rings. Now if only Vince Carter got one too...
Richard Jefferson in the video talking to the girl like "you are a beautiful woman but I have a wife and 4 kids"
Amid the celebration in the Cavs locker room, Richard Jefferson said he is retiring, according to multiple reports. https…
Like father, like son... playing against Richard Jefferson.
Richard Jefferson is way better than love
Richard Jefferson's message to fans before the biggest game (6) in history
This isn't a comparison of Richard Jefferson to Ray Allen, though you are free to draw it if it be to his glory
LeBron tells Sager how happy he is that Craig finally gets a Finals game, gets videobombed by Richard Jefferson
Richard Jefferson on why everyone should appreciate LeBron is pretty great:
Richard Jefferson has never lost a game 7 in the finals against golden state
TMZ confirms that Dahntay Jones will be playing Richard Jefferson in the upcoming Richard Jefferson biopic, directed by Brett Ratner
Tristan Thompson and Richard Jefferson been essential for the Cavs...
The last time Richard Jefferson was in the the Internet was abuzz with casting rumors about who would play Doc Oc in Spider-Man 2
I swear this man Richard Jefferson looks just like Ray Allen 😂
Richard Jefferson is old enough to be Kyrie's dad but he's still got that old man strength
Richard Jefferson on Klay Thompson: . "If it's a man's game, shut up about Mozgov’s screen."
Shaun Livington putting Richard Jefferson on a poster!
Is it really Richard Jefferson or could it be Gerald Henderson
did Richard Jefferson just make Harrison Barnes look like Tony Snell?!?
Please, Ty Lue, do not play Kevin Love more than Richard Jefferson tonight.
Ty Lue blew it playing Kevin Love 25 minutes and disrupting the chemistry and intensity Richard Jefferson brought to t…
After that Tristan Thompson interview there's no doubt in my mind I want to date Richard Jefferson.
Ain't seen Richard Jefferson do that dunk since Jason Gardner was throwin him lobs at Arizona
please someone GIF what Richard Jefferson just did with his shorts
Last time Richard Jefferson got this much face time he was playing at Arizona with Gilbert Arenas & Loren Woods.
Id pay to hear commentary of Gilbert Arenas when his Zona buddy Richard Jefferson makes a bucket in these Finals, Need more than IG hashtags
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Richard Jefferson is starting an 2016.
Dan Gilbert might have to seriously consider giving Richard Jefferson a max contract this summer
Just a friendly reminder that Richard Jefferson was once dealt for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons.
In 2008,the New Jersey Nets traded Richard Jefferson for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons. In 2016, Richard Jefferson is starting in the finals
Last time Richard Jefferson started in the finals, he started alongside Jason Collins and Kerry Kittles
The last time Richard Jefferson started in an NBA Finals game, . he faced Steve Kerr, who was playing for the Spurs. https…
luke, lil zane, don't know, Gilbert Arenas, Richard Jefferson, dude from key and peele, and fab
"Fam why does Richard Jefferson have more points than you?!"
Richard Jefferson is the Cavs 2nd leading scorer... In other, yet related news, the Cavs are losing.
Since the Cavaliers are playing Richard Jefferson, The Warriors should put in John Salley.
Richard Jefferson look like tucker Bryant 20 years down the road
no excuses. they were awful tonight. When its 2016 and Richard Jefferson is your best player in a basketball game, youre in trouble
On the road back home, so can somebody explain how Richard Jefferson has played 24 mins to Frye's 4?
It's 2016 and Richard Jefferson is LeBron's most productive teammate. What universe are we in? Love and Irving = nonexistent.
Richard Jefferson has been the Cavs second best player in the series.
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When is Dan Gilbert gonna give Richard Jefferson the help he needs to deliver the Cavs a title?
[sees Richard Jefferson cut to the basket again]. I'll have what he's having. [waiter comes back with PEDs]
Richard Jefferson look like he wearing a pair of Dad New Balances
Richard Jefferson was traded in a draft deal for the late Eddie Griffin ... A long, long time ago.
Never forget that Richard Jefferson was traded for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons
Richard Jefferson is working harder than everyone else on the Cavs - not a great sign for LeBron and company.
I'm sorry Tyrone Lue but this is the NBA finals you can't win playing Richard Jefferson
Garbage time in has a 2013-14 Jazz feel to it ... Mo Williams, Richard Jefferson, Brandon Rush, Ian Clark ... where's Ty Corbin?
Richard Jefferson is the last dinosaur from pre-historic era. Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles all extinct
The only thing more surprising than Richard Jefferson playing right now would be if Keith Van Horn came in and knocked down a three.
The Stanley Cup equivalent of Richard Jefferson on the Cavs in the Finals is Matt Cullen on the Pens.
I can't believe how much Richard Jefferson has been in this game. Somewhere Keith Van Horn is softly weeping into his knee socks
Richard Jefferson ties record for longest time between NBA Finals appearances, returning for 1st time since 2003. https:/…
Richard Jefferson 1st rd pick of rockets in 2001.. 13th overall. Been better off with Tony Parker
All the former Jazzmen in the Finals! Ian Clark, Mo Williams, Richard Jefferson and Brandon Rush.
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Should Warriors start Iguodala and let Barnes match up with Frye off the bench? Maybe use Brandon Rush vs Richard Jefferson
Richard Jefferson and Lil Kev having fun at drake's expense on snapchat right now
The "new" J.R. Smith and Richard Jefferson are the only reasons I like any part of the cavs
Feels like Richard Jefferson has been around forever. Like Carrot Top or Will Smith.
my biggest beef about is that Richard Jefferson didn't get a technical for getting into JV's face
All of these Richard Jefferson jokes are great until I remember he's eight years older than I am and could probably kill me still.
Richard Jefferson: 'if we play our game we're the dominant team'
The most unstoppable play in NBA history involves Matthew Dellavedova and Richard Jefferson.
The Empire Strikes Back topped the box office on the day Richard Jefferson was born.
It's a bad night when Richard Jefferson is slapping the backboard on you 😂
Richard Jefferson last played in the Finals for the East on a team with Jason Kidd and Dikembe Mutombo.
53-year old Richard Jefferson is catching oops and slapping backboards on the Raptors' necks just end the game now http…
Richard Jefferson is still pretty good for a guy who played at Arizona with Steve Kerr.
Richard Jefferson went to high school with Perry Ellis.
Richard Jefferson and Perry Ellis were AAU teammates in 1997.
Richard Jefferson has been emboldened by the strong play of his son Perry Ellis at Kansas
Richard Jefferson the NBA equivalent of Perry Ellis. Those *** are 75 and won't retire 😒
Richard Jefferson deserve Kevin Love minutes w/ moves like that smh
Richard Jefferson is the one being referred to when we say "Whose mans?"
Richard Jefferson plays for the cavs? They pick him up during the buyout?
FYI - Richard Jefferson has spent 6 of last 7 years on Spurs, Warriors, Mavs, and Cavs yet has not made the finals…bad timing
Richard Jefferson seems like the whitest black dude
Richard Jefferson is still in the NBA? How? And who let him near the media? For that matter why would the media interview him? It's not 2003
Richard Jefferson's snapchat is funny as ***
Richard Jefferson does not age. This was him in 2003 vs. this season...13 years.
try Channing Frye or Richard jefferson
Cavs' Richard Jefferson: 'We the South are going to be OK'
Richard Jefferson on Charles Barkley picking to win...
Richard Jefferson's voice always makes me laugh 😂
Video: Cleveland Cavs Richard Jefferson - We're trying to win every single game we play -
Richard Jefferson's opening statement today: "We The South are Ok. We're gonna be just fine."
In case you missed it, Richard Jefferson got angry at Channing Frye for zoning out, and scared LeBron in the process ht…
Richard Jefferson reveals how LeBron gets ready 😂
Richard Jefferson talking as though he's relevant
Richard Jefferson is the perfect example of. Bench players talking like starters I hate it.
Richard Jefferson is the *** of the NBA fr, out of 30 teams in the league, hes probably played for 12-15 of em
.Richard Jefferson: 'If your only goal is not to get swept, I don't know why you're playing'
Richard Jefferson opens up with a tongue-in-cheek statement to the press: "We the South are going to be OK. We're going to be ju…
Richard Jefferson: "We the South are going to be just fine."
Richard Jefferson with light weight jabs. Strategic. Love it
Why is Richard Jefferson trending. *** played for like 10 teams and is coming off the bench for Cavs.
In all honesty, my Richard Jefferson age jokes are just warmups for when Perry Ellis enters the NBA next season. CAN'T. WAIT.
Richard Jefferson looks like a raw hot dog.
Am I the only one who thinks Richard Jefferson is a total dad?
I like that the Finals is very plausibly going to come down to a 3-point shoot-out between Richard Jefferson and Harrison Barnes.
Curry, Klay, Richard Jefferson, David Lee, Nate Robinson, Monta Ellis. Yes if you're an NBA fan ;)
Richard Jefferson been in the league since Thomas Jefferson was president.
Man if Richard Jefferson dunked that it's an auto advance
You look like Richard Jefferson trying to do that trick pass.
Richard Jefferson is 80 years old. He was on the same team as Thomas Jefferson
cp3 made Tyson chandler a lot better. J Kidd did the same for Kenyon Martin and Richard Jefferson
Those Nets teams with Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin & Richard Jefferson were so fun to watch.
Richard Jefferson has given us video proof LeBron drives a Kia: "You come home, 8 straight and he rocking the Kia" 😂 https…
Former alum Richard Jefferson says he talked to fellow Wildcat Stanley Johnson after he talked smack about
Watch: LeBron hits Richard Jefferson in stride with bounce pass
Richard Jefferson just roasted AL Horford in his snapchat story.
How is it possible Richard Jefferson is only 35? He entered the league the same year as Tom Chambers
Y'all remember when Richard Jefferson was supposed the be the next elite player? Dude was buns without Jason Kidd
Richard Jefferson has played with Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Steph Curry, and LeBro…
yeah but when they Richard Jefferson and Kerry Kittles and mogs like that it ain't no guarantees it's going in lmao
Jr smith, delly, and Richard Jefferson put in work against y'all
Richard Jefferson getting Mike Miller & Shawn Marion minutes is like a god send this year.
Richard Jefferson is getting playoff minutes on the team predicted to rep the east in the finals. The east is getting swept in the finals.
Richard Jefferson has already done more in the playoffs than Mike Miller and Shawn Marion combined last year.
I forgot he was still in the league. Ditto for Steve Blake, Jordan Farmar, and Richard Jefferson.
They have never forgiven the Grizzlies (or Richard Jefferson, or maybe even Grant Hill) for 2011. The Spurs are petty as ***
Jordan McRae with a career-high 36 points for the Cavs, Richard Jefferson with 16 points,...
Jordan McRae is definitely a better jump shooter than Richard Jefferson.
I'm not saying Jordan McRae should make the playoff roster, but I am saying, hey, how much do we need Richard Jefferson, exactly?
Matthew Dellavedova, Jordan McRae, Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye and Tristan Thompson will start against the Pistons on ...
Richard Jefferson is looking more like Shawn Marion every day...
Richard Jefferson is this year's Shawn Marion. Empty minutes.
Richard Jefferson trash and like 45. Lebron older than Deng and more minutes but Deng the "aging vet"
"You can never get bored w/ excellence. We are definitely not bored." - Richard Jefferson (says team feels they need to lo…
Richard Jefferson's snap chat of LeBron mocking the media is hilarious
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Said Richard Jefferson looks like Handsome squidward lmao
When you force the switch and now the futile Richard Jefferson is guarding you in the East semis
Nah Simmons and Ingram have way more talent. Hield ceiling is Richard Jefferson
A shame that a great player like Richard Jefferson has become the Human Victory Cigar.
NBA. Richard Jefferson just got a rebound
I can't believe Richard Jefferson is still in the - I thought Perry Ellis went to High School with him
oh yeah I know it's just that his voice doesn't match him at all... It's like Richard Jefferson with his high pitched voice. 😂
did Richard Jefferson once kill a man with an alley oop pass or something
Watching Richard Jefferson gingerly lay one in down the baseline instead of punishing the rim makes me feel old.
Richard Jefferson got the best baldy I've seen outta baldies
Trade Melo, Kyle O'Quinn and José for K Love and Richard Jefferson please fam this offseason
Very insightful interview here from Richard Jefferson on Arizona and the 2001 team he was on:
updates Richard Jefferson for games 65 to 66
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